1. In the days of the print and electronic media Governments were able to exercise some control through licensing and laws. Liberal people condemn these controls because they deny freedom of the press. Freedom of the press is one of the fundamentals of democracy.

2. Then came the alternative media via the Internet. Governments not only find themselves almost incapable of controlling but the belief now rejects any attempt at control by the authorities. Actually there was always control by the owners, editors and even sub-editors.

3. In the alternative media just about anyone can put anything they like to say on the internet directly, with no managers, editors or sub-editors changing any of the contents. The freedom is almost total. This is the essence of democracy?

4. The first people to exercise this freedom are the purveyors of pornography. They promote their dirty pictures and blue films in the most explicit way. There is no censorship. And so children and young people now have access to this filth.

5. The effect is to undermine their moral completely. There can be no doubt that the increase in sex crimes such as rapes, child abuse, extramarital sex among young people, pregnancies, and illegal abortions, getting rid of unwanted babies by dumping them in rubbish heaps are partly due to access to pornography.

6. An unmarried couple put on the you-tube video clips of them having sex. They feel so proud of their shameful act. The Internet is also used to threaten ex-girlfriends with nude pictures of them.

7. Abusive language and racist remarks have also caused increased tension within society. Allegations of all kinds are made without any bases.

8. Now we are seeing doctored video clips being put on You Tube. A short video clip recently showed the PM asking the audience in Penang whether they were ready for the BN. They were loud cries of “No” from the crowd.

9. Now it has been found that this was engineered by bringing a group into the crowd, equipping them with video camera and microphones. When the PM asked “are you ready for BN” this group shouted “No” in response. It seem that the whole audience shouted “No”. Actually only the special group shouted “No” into their microphones. The “Yes from the big crowd was not recorded and not included in the video on You Tube.

10. Immediately this particular recording was put on You Tube and it went viral even though the video recording by others showing the crowd raising their hands and saying “Yes” was later put on You Tube, many do not bother to see it. They continue to believe in the fake video clips.

11. This is the direct result of the freedom offered by the alternative media. Lies can be made to seem to be the truth.

12. But the truth can also be made to look like lies. After an opposition leader was shown with a girl obviously having some kind of sexual relations, it was made to be a lie by showing how a video clip can be doctored.

13. A picture of President Obama is shown speaking at some kind of press conference. After finishing he was shown to walk off and he kicked violently at the door to open it.

14. Then a picture is shown of Obama speaking and then he walked off the stage through a door, which opened, without his kicking it. This was what really happened.

15. The purpose is to show how video clips can be altered. Therefore the opposition leader can claim that the pictures of him with the girl was actually not what happened, that it was doctored.

16. Thus truth can be made to look like a lie.

17. The new software available can alter movies and still pictures in any way one wants to. In the movie the “Life of Pi” there were numerous scenes of a fierce tiger on a small boat in the ocean with Pi.

18. Pi was real but the tiger was created through the magic of computer animation. It looks very real, growling and roaring and threatening the man. If one is not told one must be amazed at the scenes shown on the movies. Of course the picture “Avatar” is all computer animation, as are all the cartoons and the human/animal or human/caricature interactions.

19. While the alternative media gives everyone freedom to publicise whatever, the hackers and others can also block out the entrees of whomever they chose to. So far I have to change five sites for my blogs as somehow or other they were tampered with. People could not access my blog and effectively I was silenced. I lost the freedom of the media even more than when Government could deprive me of my freedom.

20. Frankly I would rather have the Government censoring me. The Government of this country is elected. If I don’t like what the Government is doing I can work for the rejection of the party which forms the Government. But there is nothing I can do to stop people who may wish to deprive me of my freedom through the alternative media.


  1. sudin's Gravatar sudin
    February 27, 2013    


    It was noted some incapable guy who can’t write on his own, has twice posted the same low-class reporting by an amateur writer to help put in some viable negative comment in chedet!
    (refer “How Malaysia Press Ignored ‘Gangnam Style’ Pratfall Ahead of Elections)

    Since most of the comments given by Anwar’s “he can fool all of them all of the time” supporters in chedet are basically the same repetitive trash for the past umpteen years (even after those slanderous garbage have all been proven wrong time and again), this invisible guy thought he has added some credibility on negative remarks about PM Najib/chedet with this rubbish reporting!!

    Bah, just like that macai ‘apanama?’ amnm earlier use of youngsters’ truancy shouting “nay” to PM Najib’s call, this guy quickly tells the world all Malaysians rejected Najib!!!

    Very typical of Anwar the maniac “can be fooled all of them all of the time” supporters!!

  2. wajaperak's Gravatar wajaperak
    February 22, 2013    

    Terima kasih Tun kerana ruangan..
    Dr Jafri..
    Saya ingin menyentuh sedikit tentang ‘Herd Effect’.
    People who are not vaccinated against a particular disease are sheltered from it by virtue of of being surrounded by people who have been vaccinated.
    I believe we can safely say’s that this applied too to education,application,religious matter and last but not least the life style and food consumption..
    Meaning there is not much to tangle the untangible but ‘the not worth mentioned’ suffer’s the..


    Terima kasih Tun.

  3. Dr Jafri's Gravatar Dr Jafri
    February 22, 2013    

    Membaca tukilan Tired, balance, wajaperak, Tun Tuah, HBT456 membuat saya rasa terpanggil untuk tinggalkan sedikit komen seputar isu pemerintah di Pulau Pinang.

    Saya harap pandangan saya ini tidak disalahtafsir, kerana saya lebih kepada seorang realist dan bukannya seorang rasis.

    Semua penduduk Cina di Malaysia pada asalnya adalah kelompok pelarian dari tanah besar Cina yang, sebelum abad ke-20, masih berada di bawah Ketuanan Manchu. Walaupun merupakan kaum majoriti, mereka dianggap warga kelas dua oleh pemerintahan Manchu. Kelompok pelarian ini mencari jajahan baru yang boleh mereka jadikan Cina Kecil, untuk hidup dalam budaya mereka tanpa kekangan politik, di mana pemimpin mereka tidak lagi tunduk kepada naungan bangsa lain. Lantaran itu, mereka lari ke Tanah Melayu. Hijrah mereka turut disertai ahli Kongsi Gelap yang berfungsi sebagai bouncer ekonomi dan penguatkuasa cukai, dagangan, judi, candu dan pelacuran.

    Semasa saya muda dulu, tinggal di Pulau Pinang, saya sering dengar ungkapan “Malai Kwai” yang menjadi sebutan di bibir orang Cina bila merujuk kepada seorang Melayu. Seorang sahabat Cina memberitahu saya bahawa ianya adalah satu panggilan biadap dan bahasa kasar yang bermakna “Malay Devil” yang sekaligus memberi gambaran betapa asingnya makhluk Melayu dari perspektif seorang nationalis Cina. Saya tak perlu terlalu terkejut atau ambil hati kalau nanti ada sahabat lama saya yang menegur, “Hey dude, where the devil have you been?”

    Secara logika, adalah mustahil untuk mendesak mereka untuk menerima Ketuanan Melayu – dan sebab itulah kita lihat Ibrahim Ali menerima 100% undi benci dan keji dari mereka. To the nasionalist Chinese, Ibrahim Ali is the personification of the devil they know and conversely Najib is the angel they dont know. So, Tun’s often quoted devil analogy towards PAS in this context would seem perversely unsuitable to the Chinese nationalist electorates in the PRU13, and will have a very condemning and twisted outcome as its effects. However, despite their collective animosity towards Tun, it was during Tun’s tenure as PM, that the Malaysian Chinese economies prospered the most. You can say that Tun has enriched and empowered the Malaysian Chinese economy at the expense of Malay hegemony.

    Sekarang ini, semua mata dan hati penduduk Cina tertumpu kepada DAP sebagai satu-satunya gerakan nasionalis Cina yang berjaya menghidupkan kembali aspirasi pelarian Cina – yang didokong sepanjang zaman Koumintang, Malayan Communist Party dan PAP – untuk membina satu koloni yang kalaupun buat masa ini tidak di tahap Ketuanan Cina, namun adalah satu pembayang maksud yang perlu di kaji dari satu anjakan perspektif, yang merancang jauh ke hadapan, yang pastinya akan turut merubah lanskap perlembagaan negara. Saya nampak banyak kali gertakan yang dikeluarkan oleh HBT456 yang menjurus ke arah penguatkuasaan melalui saluran perundangan sekular yang kita warisi dari British.

    Kita jangan lupa, dengan kekalahan Jepun pada 1945, sesungguhnya Malayan Communist Party pernah menjadi Kerajaan Alternatif memerintah bersama British Military Admistration (BMA), di mana MCP menguasai 70% Tanah Melayu pada masa itu. Ianya adalah satu mercutanda kuasa politik dan Ketuanan Cina di Tanah Melayu, dan menjadi satu tugu peringatan yang nostalgik bagi nasionalis Cina yang menjadi tonggak keunggulan DAP.

    Mungkin lepas ini, kita boleh cerita pasal Ketuanan Islam yang cuba dipelopori PAS, dan apa pula pandangan orang non-muslim dan nasionalis Cina terhadap Ketuanan Islam pula.

  4. amin tan's Gravatar amin tan
    February 22, 2013    

    Salam Tun,

    Izinkan saya berbicara dengan Saudara Sibotak,

    1. Kemiskinan wujud di kalangan semua kaum di dunia. Di England, Amerika ramai orang2 putih miskin, homeless dan mengemis di pintu2 supermarket meminta small change daripada orang2 lalulalang. Cina2 di Singapore dan Johore dahulunya memberi anak2 perempuan kepada keluarga Melayu untuk dibela semata2 kerana kemiskinan
    2. Islam menganjurkan yang mampu membayar zakat, bersedekah, infak, wakaf dan amal jariah. Duit daripada baitumal yang diterima tahunan wajib diguna untuk disedekah kepada fakir miskin, bukan untuk membina bangunan cangih mencakar langit, berperabot dan permaidani mahal serta hawa dingin yang amat sejuk.
    3. Surah alfalaq melarang kita hasad dengki
    4. Jangan kita salah menuding telunjuk sehingga menjadi Pak Pandir, hilang punca dan kewarasan diri.

    amin tan

  5. sibotak's Gravatar sibotak
    February 22, 2013    











  6. amin tan's Gravatar amin tan
    February 22, 2013    

    Salam Tun
    Izinkan saya berbicara dengan Saudara Sibotak, petikan tulisan beliau seperti di bawah,


    Saudara Sibotak,
    Saya kesian kepada saudara yang menganjurkan kemiskinan dan kemunduran demi menjaga maruah bangsa, demi hasad dengki kepada bangsa lain yang telah maju ke tahap teknologi satellite, GPS, BULLET TRAIN, MRT bawah tanah dan lain2 . Blog ini terdedah kepada seluruh pelusuk dunia, di Israel, Australia, di England atau pun di Nigeria kita boleh berkomunikasi. Johor tu kecil sahaja bahkan dalam peta dunia, tidak nampak pun. Kita masih lagi banyak tanah terbiar.
    Pemimpi kita cukup insaf and bijak pandai membawa kepakaran, teknologi, peluang pekerjaan dan rezeki yang halal ke dalam negara.
    Sebaliknya jika dibandingkan dengan Nepal, Filipina dan Bangladesh, anak2 muda mereka terpaksa merantau mengemis pekerjaan di bumi asing ribu2 batu dari kampong halaman, sanak saudara, rakan kaulan dan sahabat handai. Mereka yang merantau ini tentu terasa sedih dan sepi mengenang kepada nasib malang orang2 di perantauan.
    Alhamdulillah. Bershukurlah kita dapat membawa pelaburan asing ke tanah air kita dan anak2 muda kita tidak perlu berhijrah merantau mencari pekerjaan di luar persisiran.

    amin tan

  7. sibotak's Gravatar sibotak
    February 22, 2013    







  8. tuan tanah's Gravatar tuan tanah
    February 21, 2013    

    Salam Tun,
    Episod China doll belum selsai.
    Episod Saiful pun belum selesai.
    Bahkan Umi Hafilda pun telah kembali ke gelanggang memberi hujah yang tak terjawab oleh Anwar dan Azizah.
    Jangan tak tengok youtube YB Datuk Zulkifli Nordin, lagi best.
    Tak tengok YB Datuk Zulkifli Nordin punya youtube rugi besar.
    Maklumat yang di berikan berasas dan bernas tanpa ragu2.
    Nah sekarang datang episod mereka yang rapat dan akrab dengan Anwar untok memberitahu kepada seluroh negara siapa si Anwar Ibrahim sebenarnya.
    Meraka sangat rapat dengan Anwar satu ketika dulu.
    Ramai tekah bongkar tipu helah Anwar dengan penuh detail.
    Itupun masih ada yang masih sokong pada si Anwar ni.
    Mereka yang rapat kat Anwar ni pun bukan percaya kat si Anwar, cuma frust kat UMNO aje.
    Cuba lihat berapa ramai yang dulu jadi orang kuat Anwar, tapi sekarang sudah undor diri setelah sedar siapa si Anwar ni rupanya.
    Bagi orang luar, ALHAMDULILLAH, dengan ada nya Alternatif Media, dapat lah kita ikut segala perkembangan hingga ke bilik hotel sekalipun. Terima Kasih ALTERNATIF MEDIA.
    Alternatif Media memang ada baik nya juga.
    Terima Kasih Tun Dr Mahathir.

  9. wajaperak's Gravatar wajaperak
    February 21, 2013    

    Terima kasih Tun kerana ruangan..
    Tun Tuah is correct and rightly so in his comment.
    Unfortunately we are dealing with a personality that is suffering from OCD ( Obssesive Compulsive Disorder ).
    I would like to suggest Tun Tuah and to whom it may conscience to read TAG ( Treshold Assesment Grid ) for this personalities that not worth mentioning.
    People of the masses seem to forget that there is numerous ‘misguided’ people who abuse the naming convention. e.g
    If you go to certain health clinic, you will find to certain extend of amusement that the patient call the Penolong Pegawai Perubatan as a doctor.It is a compliment really and most of the time the PPP will not make the patient realizes it as warmth their heart and the stake holder does not think this seriously until the ‘creatures’ stepped out from their shadow and act erroneously as a real doctor!..
    It is a shame for a Pembantu Perawatan Kesihatan masquerading as a doctor.
    So we have to go out all the way to ‘correct’ them.
    And what we do have here in Tun blog that resembles this?..
    A sick creatures who claimed that he is an imam..
    And another sick creatures who keep repeating lies that she want to sign off permanently from Tun blog but keep coming back!!..
    This is a pathological sick liar…
    Pseudologia fantastica, mythomania, or pathological lying are three of several terms applied by psychiatrists to the behavior of habitual or compulsive lying.[1][2] It was first described in the medical literature in 1891 by Anton Delbrueck.[2] Although it is a controversial topic,[2] pathological lying has been defined as “falsification entirely disproportionate to any discernible end in view, may be extensive and very complicated, and may manifest over a period of years or even a lifetime”.[1] The individual may be aware they are lying, or may believe they are telling the truth, being unaware that they are relating fantasies…
    Are we condoning this liar..and any liar in Tun blog no less?….:)

    Terima kasih Tun Tuah.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  10. balance's Gravatar balance
    February 21, 2013    


    How come you dont used the idiot word anymore. Love the word but strong words would be better. (more fire)

    I would strongly suggest that you become Malaysian Malays Consultant (MMC) so that you can help them better and Malaysia will become developed nation by 2019.

    Have a nice day

  11. Tuntuah's Gravatar Tuntuah
    February 21, 2013    

    You allowed you husband to have mistress i.e chinadoll. It is my concern because we are going to have a nation full of bastards. Its a shame.

    LGBT definitely no go. Allah killed them very long time ago. Now they are back and we should fight against them. In the name of Allah, i will against them until i die.

    You should be grateful because by giving u ic, u are no longer dibawah cengkaman mao zedong. It is unfortunate that now you like to be mao zedong on other peoples land.

    Nothing wrong umno become rich because the land are theirs. But something wrong u become rich and not allow umno to be rich.

    The owner of this blog is ultra malays. An extremist malay. U said u hate extremist but u still posting here. Looks like u r xtremist too isn,t it?

    We always asked people to walk the talk. What i know u are not the one who walk the talk. Ask wajaperak if i m wrong.


  12. Tired's Gravatar Tired
    February 21, 2013    

    Salam Tun.

    Tumpang lalu; terima kasih, Tun!


    1. Welcome back! You sound cheery today for someone who’s grumpy yesterday, Alhamdulillah.

    2. When one’s join the Military, he’s ready to die for the Country!
    But, “I’m just a Consultant,” unlike you, a ‘Militant’!

    3. Hence, upon taking advice from my lawyers (on ‘Pro Bono’) I would not be responding to you further. Besides, we Malays believe, “if you’re in someone’s home, one should not quarrel but behave oneself in respect of the Owner.” ^_^ Moreover, “I’m a lover, not a fighter!”

    4. Btw, talking about lawyers: “Upon reaching the Gate of Heave, this loving couple told St Peter excitedly, “we fell in love along the way, and we would like to be married before we enter heaven!” St Peter, upon hearing their request, nodded his head approvingly, and smilingly told the couple, “I shall return with a Priest, shortly!” After six months he returns with a Priest in tow ready to marry off the loving couple. Suddenly, the lady said, “but before we could get married, we would like to enter into a pre-Nuptial Agreement; do you think you could help us with a lawyer?” Bewildered, St Peter told the lady, “it took me six months just to look for a Priest! Do you bl@#dy h@ll know how long it would take me to find a lawyer?!….”

    5. I hope you’ve a wonderful day today, balance!

    Sekian, Tun. Wassalam.


    Thank you, for agreeing with me!

  13. balance's Gravatar balance
    February 21, 2013    


    Thank you are your beautiful comment and i hope you are fully awake too. It is good that you have those thinking and hopefully you continue to think this way as it will surely benefit, help or upgrade those “Penang Malays being displaced from their homes systematically”

    I hope the Penang Malays will listen or use your Philosophy as it is the “best”

    The 1st best way is “to pull down the best to the worst level” and then everything will be fair, good and halal”

    The 2nd best way is to “stop growth and advancement so that the the slow and incapable can catch-up”

    The 3rd best way “ask the world to wait as we are still learning”

    May the “best” be with you

  14. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 21, 2013    

    One last thing Tuntuah, if you use China doll and LGBT as the way to oppress the people in the name of “Allah” to rich your UMNO cronies, I believe there is no way for UMNOputras to lead BN kerana Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan.

    Therefore, no matter how much you pay me, I will say “NO” to extremist leader like you to be the PM.

  15. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 21, 2013    

    One more thing, I do not want Tuntuah to be ended as Mao Zedong at old due to his greed for political power to put Communists above the people.

  16. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 21, 2013    

    I don’t hate you, Tuntuah.

    What was done, that’s nothing we can do.

    But what we learned today, we will be wiser, smarter and more mature in dealing with democracy.

    My votes are for BN and PM Najib in GE13th, GE14th, GE15th and many years to come for the next successors.

    Will President Perkasa Ali Ibrahim be jailed for uttering craps?

    If those who were jailed under ISA still wanted him to be jailed, then, they are not fit to rule multi-racial country like Malaysia.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai and all the best to you.

  17. hajar's Gravatar hajar
    February 20, 2013    

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. I totally agree that the alternative media (Internet) is now causing a lot of problems because anyone can make/post any remarks/video/audio/images and at the same time choose NOT to believe the TRUTH and can also choose to believe LIES.

    2. We need knowlegeble people/experts to guide us & we also need to have proper knowlege in deciding whether or not the materials presented in the Internet are original or fake.

    3. A few computer ”EXPERTS” already verified that the video clip involving Anwar Ibrahim was 99.99% original/real, but amazingly there are many who would rather believe the ”fatwa” given by PAS leaders regarding this matter – PAS leaders are not experts in determining the originality of the video clip. Regardless of whether or not one wants to believe in Anwar’s sex scandals, he/she must think ten times before voting PR in the PRU-13, especially for Muslim voters.

    4. Kita kena memilih pemimpin yang tidak bergelumang dengan skandal seks. Tidak mungkin terlalu ramai orang yang tampil menuduh pemimpin ini dengan tuduhan-tuduhan yang lebih-kurang sama jika tidak ada sedikitpun kebenaran tentang salah-laku moral beliau. Ramai bekas kawan-kawan rapat beliau sudah mendedahkan aktiviti-aktiviti salah-laku seks beliau. Jadi fikir-fikirkanlah. Jangan nanti kita semua dilaknat ALLAH SWT kerana memilih pemimpin yang bermoral rendah.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  18. February 20, 2013    


    I agree with Tired on his apprehension towards western media.The western media are biased in their reporting, as an example their writings on freedom fighters in Iraq that are being label as insurgents or terrorist.
    It is a known fact that if we were to read the writing of their columnist on the Middle East, their article is usually biased and are more favorable towards the Israelis.
    During the 1973 Middle East war, pictures of destroyed Arabs tanks and dead Arabs soldiers were displayed lavishly in their newspapers and magazines compared to the Israelis.
    And the western media have their rich bosses to please too. These rich bosses can dictate what the editors can be publish and what they could not.
    A VIP with good a connection with this media moguls could keep their skeletons safe in the closet for a long time.
    So there is no such thing as freedom of the press at all even in the so call free world in the western countries.
    There is nothing to be proud of with the western media press freedom which is full of hipocracy.
    To those that want to emulate the so call western media press freedom please bare in mind that our country is a multi racial country.
    Without self restrain and self cencorship by a responsible editors especially on race and religions whicih is now happening in the alternative media will later lead this country to anarchy.

  19. Tired's Gravatar Tired
    February 20, 2013    

    Salam Tun.

    Tumpang lalu; terima kasih, Tun!


    1. I got you, and thank you, for replying.

    2. But if you were a foreigner, I would say you were patronizing us. Since, you’re one of us, I’m cool; though I cannot agree with your view on ‘Bersih’, as I beg to differ. But its another story…

    3. I’d like to share with you my apprehension towards western media. Besides those rubbish reporting on the ‘Arab Conflicts’, I’ve witnessed events first-hand that were reported completely different from the actual events. Two such instances were the ‘Tienanmen Square’ PRC and ‘Polo Field’ Pakistan. The convergence of crowds at the Square happens every Sundays without any untoward incidences; but on that fateful Sunday, “Time” happens to be there, and as they say, “the rest is history…” So was what happened at the Polo Field in Lahore Pakistan. At the height of the ‘civil unrest’, granted they were unrest, but it was not as how it was depicted. It appears to me that the crowds were urged on to behave crazily by those foreign cameras and reporters; perhaps only those ‘actions’ then only they could sell their stories? I leave that for you to guest…Those were my point of views that promoted my thinking of westerners today. Again, we might defer in our opinions. Hence, lets leave it like that. Anyway, I hope we are cool now! Its just perceptions; different people sees different things…Peace, nicksmith!

    Sekian, Tun. Wassalam.

  20. Tuntuah's Gravatar Tuntuah
    February 20, 2013    


    Whats the different between u n people of the mainland?

    Only ic. Other things are all the same.

    So why u hate me so much?

    I Just said the facts. Why so hard to accept it?

    You are too smart for this. So just accept it. Period.

  21. mgpunya's Gravatar mgpunya
    February 20, 2013    

    YABhg Tun,

    Every Tom, Dick & Harry is demanding something from the govt, what’s stopping that guy & group who says he is the heir of sultan Sulu to demand something from the Msian govt too.So you are right..hello suluk!
    In a multi racial party you can no longer high light your greviences, issues based on racial lines. If you are Chinese, a Malay can do it for you and vice versa. Whether he can do a better job at that remain to be seen.
    The question is……are we ready??
    By the look of it, the kadazans are not ready for DSAI to be their paramount leader or Huguan Siou.

  22. nicksmith's Gravatar nicksmith
    February 20, 2013    

    Dear tired,

    I am glad you read my remarks and just to clear your misinterpretation, I am a Malaysian of Eurasian decent. So while my name may sound English or “foreign” to you I am in fact born and bred in this nation and hence, I have every rights to comment about the state of the media as much as you do.

    As for the first confusion you have, where you said i contradicted myself. I am just trying to say that the alternative media gives a counter perspective. With two different views, Malaysians would then be more capable of discerning between true and false. I did not judge either media as being a bearer of the truth of false. All i meant by my conclusive remark was Malaysians no longer need to rely on mainstream media as the only source or the ultimate truth and the role of the alternative media would be to provide a balanced opinion. In the end, ultimately, the onus in on Malaysians themselves to decide between whats true and false.

    And i apologise for not being clear by my definition of mainstream media. The mainstream media i meant was local media (e.g. TV3, Star, Utusan Malaysia, NST). And i believe our discussions are primarily focused on the local context.

    And as for evidence of the lies of mainstream media i believe the recent Bersih rally coverage by local news agencies could serve as a prime example. The evidence of police violence were clearly shown in foreign news channels but the event was denied by local news agencies. I dont have to be inclined with any political parties to voice comments about the denial or misreporting by the media. I believe it is my right as a member of the public to know the truth and hence even if my viewpoints coincides with that of PR do not take it to mean that I am a PR follower (answering your third question). And just for your information, Tired, Malaysian media is ranked 122nd in the Press Freedom Index. Although we have improved from an abysmal 144th the current standings are not a good picture or portrayal of a progressive Malaysian society. The disappointing ratings only prove how closed and oppressed the Malaysian mainstream media is, hence, justifying the need for an alternative media to provide a differing viewpoint for Malaysians.
    So thank you very much Mr.Tired. But one thing before i leave, the last statement or reply of yours are not representative of all proud malaysians as you claim it to be because not all Malaysians would be afraid or so defensive of criticisms even if it were to come from foreigners. I am sure many would be welcome to criticism from anywhere so long as it comes in a good spirit to ensure the progress of this beautiful nation. thank you, mr.tired.

  23. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 20, 2013    

    Oh by the way, if the properties assigned to Bumiputra quota cannot be sold within a certain period, the ruling government should let these Bumiputra lots to be sold to Malaysians.

    It’s ugly to let developers to absorb losses just to make Bumiputra feel pampered in order to vote BN assuming Malaysians are nobody.

    After being loyal to Proton since day 1 they launched under Bumiputra status, I won’t buy anymore.

    PKFZ losses so much money because Bumiputra VVIPs are more interested to be served by just yelling others as pendatang.

    I am signing out, and I agree to Sir Mubarak Chan on his instinct in investment as DIY (Do It Yourself).

    Good Luck to Wakil Rakyat and MPs in this GE13th.

  24. Tired's Gravatar Tired
    February 20, 2013    

    Salam Tun.

    Tumpang lalu; terima kasih, Tun!

    You said, “February 20, 2013 at 9:59 AM “The Alternative Media”
    Amongst others, selectively:
    a) “Private land owners can do whatever they can make money and most of the Malays related project or land are led or developed by GLC or UMNO related companies and if there are cheating then report to Polis and MACC.”
    b) “One of the most successful Malay led company is Tunis Muda and they are successful because they are business minded.”
    c) “Why everyone keep talking about affordable home and keep blaming the Govt?”
    d) “So dont blame anyone but looking into ourselves and find the answer. The answer will surely be the image that you see on the mirror.”

    1. Good Morning! Did you just wake up? Did you have a good sleep? Did you have a nice dream? Or did you have a bad dream? Relax. Do not get excited; you might widow your wife soon, and blame it on me…Relax!
    2. Btw, are you addressing me or responding to my conversation with HBT456? If yes to the former, at least addressed me, as I cannot remember ever inviting you to the conversation. A VERY RUDE PERSON INDEED, YOU ARE! And if you are the latter, WHO IS ASKING/SOLICITING FOR YOUR OPINION? MEMANG DASAR MUKA TAK TAU MALU!!!
    3. Anyway, since I am presuming that you are addressing me, I would respond to your selective remarks (statements?). Selective? Yes, very selective! What happened to those “Malay Traders?” issue? Did not know about them, did you? Or you would rather just choose to ignore it, as it would not support your conjecture, right?
    4. Firstly, my conversation with HBT456 was in relation to my comment to “Sdr Shaik” in “The Alternative Media” about PR (viz. PKR, PAS, & those idiotic Malays in DAP) have not and would not be helping those oppressed Malays on the Penang Island. Never did I ever mention who owns what or whatever. I could not care less if Boon Siew owns all of Penang!
    5. Were you referring to ‘Tunas Muda (not ‘TUNIS Muda, you idiot!) as one of the most successful Malay led company? “Well…? I am just a Consultant!” I do not want to be sued by anybody for breaching “P&C” matters. But if you own a construction/property development company, you would not be able to develop/construct those ‘completed projects’ that it is claiming to have completed (Kindly refer to, for details, esp. if you could get their Audited Accounts to verify my remark (not statement, as I do not have the money to engage a Lawyer to defend me, UNLIKE someone that I know off!). Unless the Company has ‘a Jinn’ hidden somewhere in their vicinity, you would surely would not to able to perform those miracles! You would seek “Ali BABA & the 40 thieves” help to perform them, surely…Nevertheless, are you familiar with “Bayan City?” Did I not see the JV was ‘SEALed’ with some other company that was not a Malay company? But again, I might be mistaken or making an error, which I apologize sincerely hereof. Anyway, again, as I had mentioned earlier, I do not give a hoot about ‘who eats who’ as long as I could feed my own family with resources that is ‘halal.’ No more. No less.
    6. Who is talking about affordable houses? I was talking about Penang Malays being displaced from their homes systematically, who could not even afford a new home let alone >RM60,000 ‘affordable houses!’ (I hope you have woken up by now…^_^). And which govt are you referring to? Plse make up your mind once you have freshened up and ‘cooled down’, and come back here, you hear?
    7. I looked at myself in the mirror every time to make sure that I do not look like sh@t; like how you are looking now reading my replies to your comments from ‘eavesdropping’ my conversation with HBT456! Anyway, ‘don’t call me, I’ll call you!’

    Sekian, Tun. Wassalam. Have to go submit my proposal lest my family and I would be eating plain rice with kicap soon…


    1. Sdr Tuan Tanah,
    Bersabar. Bykkan beristigfar. Allah SWT sentiasa bersama-sama dgn org2 yg penyabar, Insyallah.

    2. Dr Jafri,
    Big ‘Aye’ to that, Doc! Btw, I’m still learning on how to pose comments like you; short and sweet! I’ll learn, Insyallah. ‘Dr J Rocks!!!’

  25. amin tan's Gravatar amin tan
    February 20, 2013    

    Dear Tun,
    My personal and honest opinions on alternative media like, print and electronic media, Harakah, Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today and a number of blogs by individuals, are listed below

    1. There is No value for money in the alternative media. There is very little news of value or no news at all, simply because such media has limited budget. Their revenue is almost wholly funded by the political party. They do not have income from advertisement. With limited budget, they have to cut corners in almost every department, including quality.

    2. The writers for alternative media are normally refugees, outcasts or dropouts from the main stream media and their views and writings are more extreme, bombastic and emotional. They are normally anti establishment and their views are skewed and lopsided. Like their political masters, they are losers and find refuge in the alternative media to write rubbish and nonsensical falsehood and exaggeration.

    3. The opposition politicians claim that the main stream media are biased and cannot be trusted. The truth is the other way around. Alternative media are the ones that spread preposterous and outlandish falsehood and utter lies. Only school children and frustrated adults and failed politicians read the the crooked jokes and junks in the alternative media. Main stream media spend their time and money visiting real events and happening. Alternative media spend their time and no money fabricating stories and concocting half truths to make their opposition politicians employer grin and happy. Only serious people read main stream media. While communists, anti social and frustrated folks waste their time on false news and sensational defamation of legitimate government ministers.

    amin tan

  26. Dr Jafri's Gravatar Dr Jafri
    February 20, 2013    

    Sdr Makhluk Halus,

    I fully concur with your keen observation. It is so unfortunate that the Information Ministry/SKMM, with all their resources and might, seems to have been beaten pants down in the Internet War by the Pakatan cyber hooligans who roll over them almost as if they have Rais Yatim’s nod of approval. I am not suggesting mens rea on Rais inaction, although Rais being a Semangat 46 general, but to lose the internet battle without a genuine fight, I can only sense an ambivalence of purpose of his current position in the BN govt as the minister in charge of internet. Is there a Plan B that we may not be aware of?

    Winning or losing the PRU13 is in the hands of the internet experts. And Rais is no expert nor appearing learning to be one.

    Let me give you a real-time example. This guy at [ ] sells WiFi decoders that will hack into your signal to get FREE (hacked) internet connection, all at your hard-earned expense. Clear crispy criminality. Now, he is also a Pakatan supporter and has been distributing anti-govt articles to his fans. The last I saw on his facebook account, he had 38,000 likes! He has been happily doing this for many years now like its fully legit. We may want to know, where are the invisible hands of SKMM? Of course you cant see them, silly of me to ask.

    Crime-oriented Pakatan operatives and businesses seem to enjoy Alternative Media the most, thanks to Rais impotence, and as insidiously hinted recently by Anwar they will churn even more daring criminal acts when they lose the election. Even the ex Army Generals now are hopping on Anwar’s premeditated wagon, throttling hoarse and husky with the itch to engage in some carnal acts of defiance and insanity.

    Be prepared and be scared for an Apocalypse. I’m no alarmist, am not even a Horseman, but a long holiday somewhere in a 3-bedroom flat in a foreign land would not be a bad idea, after all as the Malay saying goes, it is so close to home in describing this predicament, “Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri” .. honest to goodness, it would be rather foolish to be stoned to death in your own backyard. No?

    Sdr Tired,
    I’m gonna take ‘rap’ lessons to replace the boring-to-death one-liners.
    A friend suggest that I listen to rap classic ‘Me So Horny’ by 2-Live-Crew
    cos according to him that is the intelligence level of Pakatan cyber troopers.

  27. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 20, 2013    


    I am not mad at Bumiputra status at all.

    It’s up to the ruling government and the heads of the Bumiputra/GLC of the day to decide what they want to do with this status.

    Kalau betul2 mahu kira, Chinese settlement has started since Ming Dynasty.

    Therefore, stop barking at me by yelling me as pendatang to make yourself look stupid and tarak manner in this blog.

  28. Praxis's Gravatar Praxis
    February 20, 2013    

    1. What do mean by liberal? With your support for democracy and free enterprise, I would rate you as a liberal.
    2. Why call it alternative media. The internet or cyberspace is part of the media.
    3. Believe we have laws to cover this media.
    4. Again we have laws but maybe not the bureaucracy to enforce it here. Controls have to be at the in our end, i.e. closer supervision or control by parents.
    5. Yes, but wouldn’t those with criminal dispositions be tempted, whatever he media?
    6. Yes, but can’t we ignore it?
    7. Such allegations have been a problem, internet or no internet.
    8-11. such abuse was there even without internet. We have to simply counter according to media type used.
    12. Good use of the new media.
    13-14 We will leave it to the Americans to resolve their problems.
    15-16. Believe police here have capability to assess truth and form conclusions, which technology should be fully exploited.
    17-18 we can’t avoid this and have to be more sophisticated, which I believe was your objective in opening up the MSC.
    19. Nobody said it is going to be easy. We join you in the struggle for freedom, peace and equality!
    20. I am Ok with current democratic government censoring me but not an authoritarian Pakatan government in office!

  29. Tuntuah's Gravatar Tuntuah
    February 20, 2013    


    Are you mad? No mo previlege to the bumiputra?
    If you dont like it, go back to the mainland. Or you can stay in singapore.

    If you like to stay, accept it. It is not your business anyway.
    Remember project ic? U are part of it. So syukur and shut up.

    I told imam malaysia that not to be be like anjing. Tolong, dier jelir lidah, tak tolong pun, dier jelir lidah. U like to be one of it?. U are too smart for that. So be wise.

  30. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 20, 2013    

    Thanks for telling me that, Tired.

    If I need taxi rides in Penang, whatever price good taxi drivers offer verbally before I get in, I will take it without questioning kerana aku ini anak Malaysia.

    I wish all your wishes are blessed for many generations to come since you have repented when you found that was sinful.

    Balance, the deep-rooted culture of Malaysian is we will work hard to own a property, that’s why property investment is always up and never come down.

    The rest of the Penang story, I will leave it for Penang voters to decide.

  31. balance's Gravatar balance
    February 20, 2013    

    You only see and hear half of the story in Penang, alot of the land in Penang are owned by Chinese and Boon Siew is one of those biggest land owners. Any land not owned by Chinese are sold to Chinese by Malays and other race. The deal is willing buyer willing seller there is not arm twisting and no one should be blame just a pure money deal. The Local Govt (BN or DAP) cannot and should not control or stop development as it is purely a business deal and human evolution.

    Private land owners can do whatever they can make money and most of the Malays related project or land are led or developed by GLC or UMNO related companies and if there are cheating then report to Polis and MACC.

    One of the most successful Malay led company is Tunis Muda and they are successful because they are business minded.

    Why everyone keep talking about affordable home and keep blaming the Govt?
    Why dont they look at themselves and blame themselves for not working hard and innovate to earn more or better living.
    IT is the Govt job to pay for everything and the rakyat dont have to work for a living?
    Penang is unique and no one can change that.
    Why not looking into why some can buy house and why some cannot buy?
    Why not looking into those people that can afford to buy houses in Penang life in detail, you will find that they work double hard and maybe triple hard for the money and those who cannot afford just dont bothered to work more.

    There are also Chinese that cannot afford to buy those luxury homes not only Malays cannot buy. Why not look into why too.

    So dont blame anyone but looking into ourselves and find the answer. The answer will surely be the image that you see on the mirror.

  32. Tired's Gravatar Tired
    February 20, 2013    

    Salam Tun.

    Tumpang lalu; terima kasih, Tun!

    You said, “HBT456 February 20, 2013 at 2:52 AM “The Alternative Media” — Tired is a Mamak too.”

    No, I’m not a Mamak. I was working in Penang for a while. I had witnessed first-hand what had became of once proud Penang Malays there. They have been systematically chased-out of their respective homes (similar to that that have taken place in our neighbouring country, exactly), all under the guise of cleverly worded ‘redevelopment projects for rakyats’ motto. Alas, those projects would only be affordable to ‘those rakyats’ who could afford to dish-out few hundred thousand RM to own them. For those who couldn’t afford (and you know who lar!) would merempat even on tanah wakaf (land meant for burial grounds or places of worships for Muslims). And for those Malay traders, they would be harass by the Local Council with all sorts of acts and by laws to vacate their premises of businesses. Once vacated, of course you would know who would take over those vacancies…As they say, ‘the rest is history…Anyway, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m Malay as much as you’re a Chinese; but we’re surely two very proud Malaysians! ^_^

    Sekian, Tun. Wassalam.

  33. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 20, 2013

    An Aceh woman can be sentenced to such heavy sentence after she has admitted her sin without taking into the consideration of her shoes?

    I am not a lawyer nor judge, but it’s sad to see judges and lawyers acted bias and prejudice against the poor people.

    Memang menyakitkan hati of cakap tak serupa bikin.

  34. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 20, 2013    

    Tired is a Mamak too.

  35. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 20, 2013    

    Therefore, why Kakak Sharizat made a fool out of herself?

    PKR is campaigning very hard on NFL issue, sure will get votes in KL one.

  36. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 20, 2013    

    N9 mesti nak punya.

  37. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 20, 2013    

    Selangor (PKR dan BN including Bukit Lanjan) want to be part of speed train project.

    Pahang (PAS dan BN) pun nak.

    Kelantan (PAS) pun nak.

    Perlis (BN) tak nak?

    Perak (Mamak BN) pun nak one.

    Kedah dan Melaka, tak nak tapa, masuk Pekan dulu.

    Terengganu (PAS) pun nak.

    DAP dan PKR sudah sapu semua territories in KL.

    Kampung Baru KL adalah pribumi PAS, mesti nak punya.

    Putrajaya and Cyberjaya mesti nak punya untuk menaikan value properties.

  38. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 20, 2013    

    Macam mana UMNO/BN mahu menang?

    Satu komponen parti cakap salah, UMNO/BN diseluruh negara akan dijadikan sasaran pembangkang.

    Therefore, don’t show mgpunya’s stupidity in this blog that made Tun Dr MM looks stupid and lame.

    After GE13th, there are GE14th, GE15th, GE16 and so on…

  39. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 20, 2013    

    Belum start campaign lagi, sudah tunduk kebodohan Wanita UMNO.

  40. Makhluk Halus's Gravatar Makhluk Halus
    February 20, 2013    

    Tun and Bloggers,

    I think your website has been infected with virus, again. It doesn’t work properly since yesterday. I couldn’t see who is commenting. Could be somebody is trying to silence you, again. so much of freedom of speech huh.

    There is a lot of slander done by the opposition on the internet. They showed a bad superimpose picture of DSN with Altantuya, they edited the headlines of Utusan Malaysia saying that DS Rosmah admit saving from child to buy diamond ring, they spread rumours that DS Rosmah once married to Farid Ismeth, they edited pictures in Indonesia showing poverty as if it was in Malaysia, they hacked the government websites spreading lies about DS Najib resignation, they twisted facts about pictures which is not representing the true occasion, they edited youtube showing Pak Lah admitted himself as stupid, they made jokes about certain individuals, the list go on and on and on. They are really an expert people when it comes to lies especially using cheap computer editing tricks. As if their political survival is greatly dependent on internet lies and propaganda. A lot of people tend to like these and it goes viral. After sometimes it was taken as the truth.

    When it comes to the vivid video showing sex scenes with China dolls they said it was fake. Despite a lot of suing, this one is an exception. He will not win the case.

    People minds were brainwashed, indoctrinated, blinded and they turned obsessively emotional and one sided. Truth no longer matters. It was a war on perception.

    The problem is that BN seem to be lacking in countering all these lies. It is spreading actively in the internet. While the opposition like to use the court whenever they saw chances, BN never want to do so in fear of being labelled as anti free speech. The result is damaging. Hatred was spread.

    Internet is like drugs. It tends to be easily abused and people will get addicted. Compared to drugs the internet has never been regulated. Even kids can watch porno as easy as ABC with a simple click on a button.

  41. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 19, 2013    

    Now, mgpunya can take Kedah all by yourself.

    Mukhriz can be the MB there to show BN what he has first before he is allowed to contest for deputy minister, how about that?

  42. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 19, 2013    


    What about hello suluk community, bye bye mamak?

  43. tuan tanah's Gravatar tuan tanah
    February 19, 2013    

    Salam Tun yang di kasihi.
    Video china doll bukan di buat oleh Tun, bukan UMNO, bukan BN, bukan polis Malaysia, bukan Datuk Eskay, bukan Rahim Tambychik dan tentu bukan Datok Seri Najib.
    Sudah mashor siapa yang membuat rakaman itu.
    Wikileak telah melaporkan bahawasanya Lee Kuan Yew ada menyatakan, iaitu pihak intelligent dari Singapura dan Australia ada bukti menunjokan Anwar Ibrahim telah masok perangkap yang mereka sediakan.
    Nah inilah perangkap yang di maksudkan.
    Ini untok di gunakan sebagai Blackmail apabila andaikata si Anwar berjaya jadi PM, Na’uzubillah.
    Masih tak percaya juga.?
    Minta Wan Azizah tunjokan jam omega Anwar.
    Suroh Anwar cabar sumpah laknat oleh Datuk Eskay.
    Anwar tak berani. Penakut, Penipu.
    Ada juga mengatakan video ini di Doctored.
    Yang tak tengok pun beri alasan serupa juga.
    Tengok jangan tak tengok, rugi kalau tak tengok.
    Terima Kasih Tun.

  44. mgpunya's Gravatar mgpunya
    February 19, 2013    

    YABhg Tun,

    PKR is a multi racial party. That makes DSAI the leader of all the races in Malaysia.That’s why I’m not at all surprised that he was bestowed the ” Huguan Siou ” title. That is why he will never be on the side of the Malays in the “Allah” issues. He speaks for all the races. The party represents all races. The Malay leader have a say in Indian or Chinese matters vice versa so does their Indian or Chinese leaders in the party. So we better be prepared for others to interfere in our affairs.
    You punya hal saya punya hal juga. Saya boleh masuk you punya rumah, you pun boleh masuk gua punya rumah. Bye bye Indians, Malays, Chinese, Kadazans, Ibans. …..
    Hello Malaysians,,,!!!


  45. February 19, 2013    


    Mohon beri ruang lagi untuk memberi komen terhadap S. Vell Paari

    Dear Vell Paari, it amused me to read your threat that you have made in the alternative media to the Home Minister to act on a remarks made by a Muslim academic or face the repercussions.

    It is said that you would put forth a proposal to MIC’s all-powerful Central Working Committee (CWC) on this issue.

    And if the proposal is rejected, you as the MIC strategy director is prepared to quit MIC and even call on the Indians to vote for Pakatan Rakyat in the next polls.

    You were also quoted saying “If the CWC disagrees, then I would resign and take it to the members directly. Don’t underestimate my influence in the party”.

    Wow, your treat sounds similiar like those that was uttered by a former MIC Presiden that is well known for his temper and blowing hot air.

    It looks like eventhou your father is no longer the MIC president, you are running the MIC and not Palanivel’s.

    Well by all means, you should quit MIC and join the oppositions, no one will miss you. You are a libility to the MIC and BN.

    You should be gratefull if not because of MIC, your father and you will be what you are today.

    And please dont try to play the racial card in this country. If you can do it, others too can play the same game.

    After all it takes two to tango. If you are sensitive to others making derogatory remarks on your race and religion, then you should stop making similiar remarks in the first place.

    I am not an UMNO member but you should be gratefull being a minority group in this country UMNO gives your father a place to contest in the general elections.

    And Malays voters were told to vote an Indian as their representative to Parlimen eventhou they can vote their own ethnic groups as their representatives.

    I agrees with Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, that the patience of Muslims has limits”

    Salam Tun.

  46. February 19, 2013    

    Alternative media also has the power of the large and faster
    to influence, because many people use it nowadays … wwW

  47. sibotak's Gravatar sibotak
    February 19, 2013    



  48. Tired's Gravatar Tired
    February 19, 2013    

    Salam Tun.

    Tumpang lalu; terima kasih, Tun!


    U said,
    “nicksmith February 19, 2013 at 7:24 PM “The Alternative Media”

    a) “In the end, it is up to the individuals themselves to discern and choose which fact they would believe in. Hence, i strongly believe that the alternative media is very important and relevant to Malaysians.”

    b) “While i agree our utilization of this platform has been very inappropriate in many instances the best way to deal with it is by educating the public and not by politicizing the issue of alternative media (which has helped Malaysians in deciding between truth and false in politics after decades of lie in the mainstream media).”

    1. You started off well with your opinion (“a”), then, you contradicted it signing off (“b”)! Why?

    2. “Decades of lie in the mainstream media.” Could you elaborate with facts?

    3. Are you a parrot of the PR? Using the same rallying cry that they have been promoting, in perpetuity? Is this a coincidence, may I ask!

    4. Which mainstream media should Malaysians believe? The Australian? The Observers? CNN? Al Jazeera? Bloomberg? WSJ? Time? What?!!!

    5. If you’re a foreigner, as your name had suggested (or that was how you would want us to believe…), keep your views, opinions, ideas, what not’s to yourself! Nobody’s asking for it! Though we’ve only became independent just over 57 years ago, we’re smarter and more intelligence than you bunch of cowards!

    6. Most of us proud Malaysians do not need your ‘smart alec’ remarks, opinions, etc. unlike some fools! DO NOT PATRONIZE US!!!

    Sekian, Tun. Wassalam.

  49. tuan tanah's Gravatar tuan tanah
    February 19, 2013    

    Salam Tun.
    To sentinel3,
    I take off my hat to you for telling off S Vell Paari in very clear term, only if he understand.
    hindraf are a gangster group.
    The govt should not listen to hindraf.
    They show no respect at all for the nation leaders.
    If possible they should be banished from Malaysia together with Ambiga.
    You are right sentinel3 when you said that they should be grateful that they living in Malaysia.
    Someone should remind them of this fact.
    Instead they turn to gangsterism and hooliganism.
    What Ibrahim Ali says is nothing compare to what hindraf has done.
    Thanks TUN.

  50. nicksmith's Gravatar nicksmith
    February 19, 2013    

    Dear Sir,

    I read this article of your with much profit. That said, however, there are several disagreements I have with the views put forth.

    Firstly, as much as the flaws you mentioned about the “alternative” media is true, you have, in my humble opinion, overlooked the merits of this useful channel. The alternative media has provided Malaysians with a differing perspective on local news and politics. As we all know, the mainstream media is heavily polarized and presents a rather one-sided argument on many issues. The alternative media steps in to address this issue and brings about an opposing perspective that is more often than not censored or deliberately hid from the public eye. While, I concur, that some of the opinions that are presented on the alternative media is extremely biased and false on some occasions, the presence of a counter-argument or a counter-perspective provides Malaysians with a much needed balance. In the end, it is up to the individuals themselves to discern and choose which fact they would believe in. Hence, i strongly believe that the alternative media is very important and relevant to Malaysians.

    Secondly, the misuse of alternative media must not be blamed on the platform itself but the upbringing of the user. You cannot blame the knife for a stabbing and the same applies in this case. Instead of lamenting about the presence of the alternative media we should be dismayed by the behavior of irresponsible individuals who resort to racial abuses and defamatory insults on the alternative platform. The outrageous comments or posts online that are becoming ubiquitous in the cyberspace as time passes reflects the poor mentality of the Malaysians (alas) and the failure of the education system and parental upbringing, and is not to be blamed on the alternative media whose presence has benefiitted the Malaysian public greatly ever since its inception.

    Dear Sir, before i end, i hope you understand that this alternative platform you referred has become an inextricable part of modern Malaysians. While i agree our utilization of this platform has been very inappropriate in many instances the best way to deal with it is by educating the public and not by politicizing the issue of alternative media (which has helped Malaysians in deciding between truth and false in politics after decades of lie in the mainstream media).

  51. February 19, 2013    


    I think there is somthing wrong with this MIC’s strategy director, S Vell Paari.
    I found its funny when reading his comments like why we deported Australian senator Nick Xenophon whereas our leaders like Tun’s have also been critical of foreign countries were not deported from Australia.
    Surely Vell Paari’s have a simple mind and did not deserve to be holiding his post as MICs strategy director.
    To Vell Paari, please used your head that first of all we do not need any foreign observer or an Australia Senator to meddle in our internal affairs or to teach us how to runs our election or country.
    Vell Paari also mention on critical statements made by Tun against the US and Hilary Clinton, may i ask Vell Paari what is wrong for our leaders to be critical on the US or Hilary Clinton?
    It is a known fact that the US and its leaders have been making critical statements on our leaders and our countries all this while.
    Are our leaders did not have the right to be critical or to reply similiar in kind to the US and its leaders including the Australians?
    Maybe Vell Paari have this strategic thingking of only the US and its leaders can be critical on the leaders of other countries?
    And isnt it stupid of him to ask quote ” when Tun went to Australia to receive an award, he was not deported for being an enemy of the state”.
    Hello dey, please used your head and do not be confuse with the different situations here which are not similiar.
    Tun is not a mere Senator but a leader and a stateman of this country, surely you could see the different here and Tun did not have the time to waste to observe and told the Australians how to hold their elections or to run their country.
    On the Bersih rallies, you should heed Tunku Aziz adivice that if not because of the Malaysian police profesionalism in handling the rallies it could turn into a chaotic incident and a nighmare to this country.
    And please dont belittle the Home Ministry on how to solve the problems on the 100 rebel fighters from the Philippines landed in Sabah fully armed. Let them do they work which i have confidence they will able to sovle them without bloodshed.
    Mr Vell Paari, any simpletons knows the reason of the delay to sovle the problems is that our security forces want the crisis to be solve without any bloodshed.
    And Mr Vell Paari, i beg to differ from you on your statement quote “the greatest security threat to Malaysia is Ibrahim Ali”.
    He is not an “enemy of the state” but his words as you claims that are racial is merely replying similiar in kind to those that made racial statement like Hindraf.
    You should tell this Hindraf guys that they should be gratefull living in Malaysia and stop making racial statements.
    If in India, they would only be a poor lawyer like their brethen there.

    Salam, Tun.

  52. Polo's Gravatar Polo
    February 19, 2013    

    Aalaahh.. syok sendiri. Your Datuk-T lagi best kan? That time u kat belakang kata “bagus” kan? Nak buat suci pula.

  53. dyn's Gravatar dyn
    February 19, 2013    

    “9. Now it has been found that this was engineered by bringing a group into the crowd, equipping them with video camera and microphones. When the PM asked “are you ready for BN” this group shouted “No” in response. It seem that the whole audience shouted “No”. Actually only the special group shouted “No” into their microphones. The “Yes from the big crowd was not recorded and not included in the video on You Tube. ”

    sangat setuju dengan Tun untuk statement diatas.

  54. thaiso's Gravatar thaiso
    February 19, 2013    

    Saya pernah tengok dalam you tube yang Tun hanya memandang sebiji laptop sambil menunding jari dengan rasa amat terbatas dalam meneruskan kebebasan bersuara ketika menjawab soalan orang yang bertanya…siapa sangka blog dan alam maya begitu hebatkan?

    Blog dan alam maya boleh juga dikatogerikan sebagai sebahagian daripada alam ghaib.

    Tiada siapa akan memberitahu samada anda salah atau betul dari segi etika penulisan,moral,akidah,pengetahuan,pengalaman dll….kecuali diri sendiri dan asas kekuatan agama yang anda ada.

  55. thaiso's Gravatar thaiso
    February 19, 2013    

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Memang pun baru baru ni saya memang berhajat menulis bahawa saya sanggup cap jari yang Tun sanggup mengaku bahawa main blog ni lebih best dari Tun duk cakap cakap kat luar sana…

  56. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 19, 2013    

    Even Bush Junior invaded Iraq in the name of American sovereign wealth and international security, did you see Democrat or Republican send him to court?

    Therefore, how justice is done depends on judges being assigned to court such cases.

    Due to blind worship, judges can be induced to do anything to satisfy their political masters.

    My votes will go to BN, bukan wajaperak.

    It was a shock to Mr Jiang Zemin when his golden boy, Mr Hu Jintao, resigned voluntarily as the head of Military defense to liberalize PRC and her economy for the People’s Republic of China.

    wajaperak dares to take this step to make Najib stands on his own to win this GE13th?

  57. Tired's Gravatar Tired
    February 19, 2013    

    Salam Tun.

    Tumpang lalu; terima kasih, Tun!


    1. Yo, Bro? What’s the beef? (Oops, sorry; u don’t eat beef!)

    2. Are u for or against Dr M? Are u fren or foe to Dr M? Pls state ur stand clearly. Tq!

    3. Last I heard, Vell Paari (“VP”) is Sammy Velu’s son, who was MIC Chairman and an ally of BN. So? Are u his errant donkey or VP has become a PKR Member? Which is which? Pls clarify. Tq!

    4. If u r a fren, you’re always welcome here to exchange views, but if you’re foe, you’re in a wrong place. If I’m not mistaken, Tun Dr Mahathir retired as PM and concurrently, from politics in 2003, i.e. almost 10 years ago. Hello? Hv u just awaken from ur slumber? Or just returning from Perth?

    5. However, if u wish to vent ur frustration on ur political immaturity and naivety, pls do so by visiting BN or DSN’s Blogs; not here! Why? Are u scared of Tun’s ghost? Then u’ll hv to wait, as Tun’s not dead yet…

    6. Do me a favour by answering this simple equation, as it wud help determines whether I wud stay alive or dead: “If I’m caught between u and a venomous snake, whom do I run away from?” Thank you! (Anyway, come back here when u’ve made up ur mind…Tq!)

    Sekian, Tun. Got to go; dateline for submitting my proposal is approaching fast…

    Sdr Polo (“Pasti Orang Lemah Otak”),

    Yo Tambi? Ada mabuk kar? Itu Dr Mahathir bkn PM lagi lar. “Gila Talak” kot? Skrg Najib lar PM! Ngape? Takut kena bom ker kalo caci DNS? Atau lu takut sama hantu Dr M kar? Atau lu takut sendiri hantu? Mcm budak2! Kalo berani, pie lar cuit muka Dr M masa beliau berjalan2 di KLCC! Mmg dasar pengecut! Dari jauh berani lar kot? Pie main jauh2! LOL

  58. krish's Gravatar krish
    February 19, 2013    


    RAIS YATIM MEMUJI RTM-Kalau dengar dari RTM, jangan katakan lain bunyi, langsung tak berbunyi…

  59. krish's Gravatar krish
    February 19, 2013    

    By S Vell Paari

    When I arrived in Kuala Lumpur from Perth two days ago, the first SMS that I received upon switching on my mobile phone was that Australian senator Nick Xenophon had been detained at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) and was awaiting deportation for allegedly being an “enemy of the state”.

    The enemy of the state claim, to me, was bewildering.

    Setting aside his scheduled meetings with Anwar Ibrahim and certain NGOs, wasn’t he and the delegation representing all the political parties in Australia scheduled to meet with the Election Commission and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz as well?

    When a senior federal minister of Malaysia and the Election Commission could see fit to schedule a meeting with Senator Xenophon, where is this security treat?

    Let’s be frank, Senator Xenophon is not an independent observer, he is aligned to Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat but have not our leaders like Xenophon been critical of foreign countries and their policies. Were this leaders considered a security threat and deported when they arrived in those countries?

    Dr Mahathir Mohamad during his tenure as prime minister made various threats against the US and Australia, was he ever deported during any of his visits there? Even recently he made statements against the US and Hilary Clinton but when he went there to receive an award, he was not deported for being an enemy of the state.

    It took three Bersih rallies before we realised that it is best to give an approval in the case of the Himpunan Rakyat, where everything proceeded peacefully and with praise for the police.

    Similarly, we should have just allowed Senator Xenophon together with the delegation to carry out their visit, hold their meetings, state their views and return back to Australia, without drama.

    By choosing to deport him, we have turned him into a hero. By deporting him, we have given the world an impression that we have something to hide.

    Just two weeks ago we had a similar group from Europe who came to look into the government’s control over the mainstream media and their statement was not favorable to the government, which was aired by certain mainstream TV channels and online media.

    The real security threat

    What about George Soros? He visited Malaysia to launch his book. This man was accused of attempting to destroy the Malaysian economy and to bring Malaysia to its knees to beg IMF’s help. But was he deported as an enemy of state?

    It is these sort of double standard approaches that brew disaster for Barisan Nasional.

    For example, recently about a 100 rebel fighters from the Philippines landed in Sabah fully armed. And the Home Ministry is still figuring out how to deal with them. Is this not a major security treat? Were they deported?

    I think it must have been Xenophon’s V-neck T Shirt which is the cause for the security threat.

    The greatest security threat to Malaysia is Ibrahim Ali. All his racial rants are targeted to stir racial tension and violence. But no action has been taken.

    Ibrahim fits the tag of being an “enemy of the state.”

    We are dealing with a new generation of Malaysians who are well aware of their democratic and constitutional rights and are exercising it. So either we learn to engage Malaysians or be prepared to be disengaged by Malaysians from Putrajaya.

    While we preach to the rest of the world about sensitivity, tolerance, freedom and democratic maturity, we must first learn to heed our own advice and show to the world and especially to the true citizen of Malaysia that our country does not only possess first world infrastructure but also first world mentality.

    Let us not become our own enemies of the state.

    S Vell Paari is MIC’s strategy director.

  60. krish's Gravatar krish
    February 19, 2013    


    Dr Mahathir Mohamad during his tenure as prime minister made various threats against the US and Australia, was he ever deported during any of his visits there? Even recently he made statements against the US and Hilary Clinton but when he went there to receive an award, he was not deported for being an enemy of the state.
    By S.Vell paari

  61. krish's Gravatar krish
    February 19, 2013    


    Malaysia kini sampai Sekarang tak dak yang bawa ke makamah untuk saman,Utusan adalah
    Kalah beratus kes dan bayar Berjuta juta pada yang di fitnah…Utusan kan lebih kepada kerajaan…
    Time Tun Pak Lah, Dr mahathir kata tak di beri peluang di main stream media, Tun pun beralih ke Internet serang pak lah… Haih double standard pulak sekarang!!!

  62. krish's Gravatar krish
    February 19, 2013    


    Apa pendapat Tun tentang tentera sulu yang Akan di hantar Balik tanpa hukuman,
    Memali di serang walaupun mereka hanya dengan kayu n parang.. Dibunuh tanpa bincang, almaunah
    Pun di hukum gantung,, apa special nya dengan tentera sulu… Adakah sama Akan di lakukan jika ia
    LTTE Tamil Tiger Dari Sri Lanka, Vietcong Dari Vietnam ??????

  63. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 19, 2013    

    RM2.1 billion untuk siapa?

    RM2.1 billion adalah untuk menjanakan ekonomi Malaysia.

    RM2.1 billion bukan untuk menyarakan hidup kaum Melayu saja.

    It’s time to end the Bumiputra status.


    If not, kaum bersikap pessimistic ayahchor ini ingat non-Bumiputra yang memiskinkan mereka.

  64. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 19, 2013

    Road tax from year 2000 to 2005 for 1.3 cc is RM179.60.

    When Mahathir and his Cabinet step down and passed the baton to Pak Lah, road tax in 2006 is RM89.00.

    From year 2007 onward until today, road tax is fixed at RM70.

    Who is responsible for the losses of PKTZ?

  65. February 18, 2013    

    YABhg Tun,

    Dengan hormatnya, saya ingin menarik perhatian Tun bukan bersabit dengan alternative media, tetapi berkait dengan penerbitan buku. Saya
    kira ada sedikit releven dengan posting Tun Siapa tipu Siapa. Tetapi ini bukan penipuan dalam politik tetapi penipuan dalam penerbitan buku.

    Tun pernah menyatakan banyak kali bahawa kita kekurangan buku pengajian tinggi terutama sains dan teknologi dan kita mengharapkan terjemahan buku Inggeris. Jasa baik Tun dalam hal ini mungkin dapat mengatasi masalah ini, setelah membaca tulisan saya ini

    Semasa melancarkan buku Najib Razak, A Sense of Mission pada 31 Match, 2010 Menteri Penerangan, Komunikasi dan Kebudayaan, Datuk Sri Dr Rais Yatim menimbulkan issue mengapa penulis kita tidak boleh menyara hidup dengan menulis buku, pada hal penjualan buku mencapai sejumlah RM2.1 bilion

    Mengikut Menteri berkenaan juga terdapat kira-kira 5150 penulis dan pengarang berbanding dengan 8,184 syarikat penerbitan di Malaysia. Ini bermakna lebih banyak syarikat penerbitan daripada penulis atau pengarang. Melihat kepada jumlah jualan buku sebanyak RM2.1 bilion, syarikat-syarakit penerbitan buat duit agak banyak. Kita tidak tahu berapa banyak pula syarikat-syarikat pencetakan. Kita percaya syarikat-syarikat pencetak juga buat duit yang banyak. Penulis atau pengarang pula biasanya bergantung atas belas kasihan penerbit.

    Prosedur menerbitkan buku, penulis atau pengarang biasanya menyerahkan manuskripnya kepada penerbit. Penerbit akan menilai manuskrip tentang potensi pasaran. Jika potensi pasaran menguntungkan, satu perjanjian dibuat antara penulis dan penerbit. Dalam perjanjian ini akan ditetap royalti, jumlah nashkah, harga dan lain-lain mengikut Akta Hak Cipta atau Copy Right. Ini hanyalah formaliti sahaja.

    Syarikat penerbit dan syarikat pencetak biasanya akan bersekongkol menerbit dan mencetak lebih banyak naskhah daripada yang ditetapkan dalam perjanjian, seterusnya menjual nashkah ini secara formal atau tak formal. Jumlah naskhah saperti yang ditetapkan dalam perjanjian tidak terjual dan tersimpan dalam setor. Oleh kerana naskhah yang ditetapkan itu tidak terjual, penulis atau pengarang tidak mendapat royalti sepenuhnya. Selepas beberapa tahun buku-buku ini dijual dengan harga yang rendah sehingga 70%..

    Biasanya royalty hanya sebanyak 12% daripada harga jualan buku. Jumlah nashkah yang dijanjikan biasanya minima sahaja. (Sebenar akan mencetak lebih banyak nashkah hingga berganda-ganda bersekongkol dengan pencetak). Jika penerbit mempunyai sedikit belas kasehan akan memberi sedikit pendahuluan kepada penulis biasa 10% daripada jumlah royalti yang dijantikan. Selepas itu tunggulah jumlah nashkah yang terjual bagi mendapatkan royalti. Penerbit biasanya memberi excuse kononnya buku tak laris dijualKemudiannya buku-buku akhir dijual dengan harga yang murah.

    Royalti sebanyak 12% tidak boleh langsung untuk menyara hidup. Jumlah ini juga tidak berbaloi dengan kos kertas, computer, pencetak, gambar dan sebagainya. Hal ini barulah kita tahu mengapa kita tidak mempunyai jumlah penerbitan buku ilmiah pengajaian tinggi dalam bahasa Melayu. Ya kita import lebih banyak buku dari luar Negara dan jumlahnya sehingga RM2.1 billion.. untuk siapa?

  66. jrihan's Gravatar jrihan
    February 18, 2013    

    Self censoring still the best but to some people who are not ‘matured’ enough, then others might impose their censorship…

  67. Dr Jafri's Gravatar Dr Jafri
    February 18, 2013    

    “No Mate !” – Australia pun takut dengan orientasi Anwar

    Permintaan Anwar untuk camputangan kerajaan Australia dalam PRU13 mendapat sambutan dingin, malahan Greg Sheridon editor The Australian, menganggap ianya adalah satu idea yang ‘stupid and impractical’, bodoh dan tak munasabah yang tak perlu dilayan. Menurut Greg lagi, Malaysia adalah salah satu negara pengamal demokrasi terbaik dan bebas di dunia.

    Sebelum ini, cubaan Anwar yang menagih simpati Menteri Luar, Bob Carr, juga tidak dilayan kerana Carr percaya sistem pilihanraya Malaysia adalah bersih dan negara luar tidak ada urusan untuk campurtangan dalam PRU13.

    Nampaknya sudah tak ada lagi pintu belakang untuk Anwar pujuk di Australia.

    Seperti kata Karpal tak lama dulu, “Anwar perlu bertaubat” dan saya suka menambah, “Ikutlah pintu depan, ianya lebih afdal dan budiman … “

  68. Tired's Gravatar Tired
    February 18, 2013    

    Salam Tun.

    Tumpang lalu; terima kasih.

    M’salam Sdr Shaik,

    1. Mohon maaf jikalau kenyataan saya yg berikutnya mengecewakan Sdr: Saya memilih Allah SWT. Bukan ‘Baucher’ ataupun ‘Teksi.’ Sebabnya? Yang saya tahu berkaitan ‘teksi’ hanyalah apabila saya menyewanya. Terakhir, dari KLIA ke rumah selepas menghadiri mesyuarat di Singapura baru-baru ini.

    2. Tujuan saya ‘menjadi Pemandu Teksi’ adalah selaku sindiran terhadap perlakuan salah seorang saudara saya disini. Anyway, saya dah mengampunkan dosa beliau, dan saya harap beliau juga telah mengampunkan dosa saya, Amin.

    3. Sdr mempunyai penamprilan seorang yg berpelajaran tinggi dan munasabah. Buat apa kita nak bergaduh sesama sendiri? ‘Perjuangan kita belum selesai…’ Selepas PR13 selesai nanti, apa yg Sdr harapkan? Membalas dendam? Atau Sdr seorang polikus yg mengharapkan ganjaran besar? Buat saya, yg penting, sesiapa sahaja yg akan bakal memimpin, beliau MESTI MEMBERI JAMINAN kpd saya dan seluruh umat Islam di Negara ini bahawasanya kami akan dibenarkan utk menjalani ibadah harian kami tanpa sebarang sekatan yg tak munasabah!

    4. Saya pasti Sdr sedar bahawa disepanjang-panjang kawasan ‘Orchard Road’ di Singapura cuma terdapat sebuah sahaja Masjid, iaitu, Masjid Al Furqan, tak salah saya. Tidak ada tempat ibadat lain selain itu termasuk dihotel2 atau dipusat2 membeli-belah. Disini, sebelah tandas awampun terdapat ‘Surau!’ Tak payah lar kita bincang pasal bandaraya2 besar lain spt Jakarta (ya, Jakarta!), Bangkok, Manila, dlll, sbbnya. Mmg tiada masjid atau tmpt umat Islam beribadah disana; tetapi utk agama2 lain beribadah, banyak…

    5. Apa salahnya kalau kita berbaik2 dan bukannya bermusuhan? Musuh2 kita bertepuk tangan dan ketawa terbahak2 menyaksikan perlakuan kita yg tak faham2 bahasa dan tak celik sejarah! Cuba? Lupakan semua tipu helah org2 kafir dan Islam yg menyeleweng. Fikir2kan masa hadapan anak cucu cicit kita. Adakah mereka akan menikmati Rahmat Allah SWT sama spt yg telah kita kecapi sekian lama? Wallahualam. Tapi yg pasti, ABI, NA, HA, dan ekstremis2 PAS yg lain tidak akan mampu melakukannya kerana Allah SWT tidak akan meredhakanNya. Kalaupun PR menang di dlm PR13 akan dtg, Nauzubillah Min Zalikq, Allah SWT akan menimpakan bala bencana ke atas kita semua sama spt yg telah berlaku selepas ‘Arab Springs’, Tsunami di Aceh, dsbnya. Fikirkanlah. Sbg insan biasa, kita cuma merancang; Allah SWT yg menentukan segala2nya.

    6. Apa yg ABI, PKR, dan PAS telah lakukan utk membantu org2 Melayu yg tertindas di Pulau Pinang? NOTHING!

    Sekian, Tun. Wassalam.

    1. Kesemua fakta2 yg terdpt di dlm komen2 saya benar belaka Cuma ‘situasi2nya’ di ubahsuai utk melindungi identiti saya. Saya tidak sanggup didiskriminasikan kerana status saya. Sepatutnya kebolehan saya yg menjadi penentu bknnya sbb musabab yg lain!

    2. Minta maaf nak ckp; tetapi kalau saya diberi pilihan utk memilih GF mana utk dijadikan isteri-isteri no. 2, 3, dan 4, saya tahu yg mana nak pilih, Insyallah. Hahaha!!!

  69. Polo's Gravatar Polo
    February 18, 2013    

    Aiya dey, . If the crowd shouted “YESSSS”, then u will say tulen. If shout “NOOO” then u complain is doctored.Cry here and there. Mcam mcam patern ada jugak u. Apa apa tak syok u kata doctored. U syok, then u kata itu real punya. Siapa x tau?

  70. PAShit's Gravatar PAShit
    February 18, 2013    

    Salam Tun,

    moron alert! moron alert! morons in the vicinity! and one of anwar’s gay lovers also in the vicinity!


  71. shaik mohd shaszari's Gravatar shaik mohd shaszari
    February 18, 2013    

    `Surat terbuka Deepak kepada Tun Mahathir`

    Sedutan ; `Mengapa setelah begitu banyak bukti yg dikemukakan secara terang-terangan & mengikut saluran, sehingga kini masih tiada siasatan yg dibuat terhadap DS Rosmah, DS Najib / Datuk Nazim? Adakah keadaan ini melibatkan “dakwaan untuk individu terpilih” atau siasatan di peringkat yg berbeza untuk org yg berlainan taraf`?

  72. shaik mohd shaszari's Gravatar shaik mohd shaszari
    February 18, 2013    

    Assalam Dr Jafri,

    `Petikan seorang bergelar Dr` – Saya fikir kerajaan BN sejak zaman Pak Lah lagi telah tidak bertindak tegas dan pro-aktif sehinggakan internet menjadi BONUS kepada anasir subversif, yang memutar banyak pembohongan dan fitnah, tanpa batasan, hingga melemahkan keyakinan rakyat terhadap kerajaan. Contoh terbaik ialah laporan portal Malaysiakini, yang ternyata sangat bias dan bongkak`- Dr Jafri

    Biar betul Malaysiakini Bias & Bongkak, boleh saman jika mana2 pihak yg terkena dakwaan Malaysiakini berunsur Fitnah ! terbaru artikel Fitnah: Utusan diarah mohon maaf, bayar pampasan kepada Azan Nak senaraikan brapa kali Utusan kalah saman fitnah, saya pun xingat? Harap Dr berhujah guna fakta bukan emosi…Hosni Mubarak jatuh disebabkan apa Dr Jafri ? Pedang, Matematik, Peluru sesat, ISA or Internet ?

  73. shaik mohd shaszari's Gravatar shaik mohd shaszari
    February 18, 2013    

    Assalam En Tired,

    Antara Bantuan Baucer Tayar vs Permit Teksi Individu kpd pemandu teksi, yg mana anda lebih pilih ?

  74. Tired's Gravatar Tired
    February 18, 2013    

    Salam Tun.

    Singgah sat; Teksi meragam lagi…Btw, mohon maaf sbb komen smlm/kelmarin tak sentuh langsung pasal ‘The Alternative Media.’ Saya tgh ‘angin’ masa tu sbb ada tiga org Hamba Allah anak beranak (bapa, mak & anak lelaki 30han) sedang menaiki Teksi seronok sgt mengutuk BN/UMNO/Org2 Melayu (dlm BI) seolah-olah saya tak wujud sama sekali!!!

    1. Anyway, back to your topic, as I’ve commented before, the Govt/BN got ‘suckered’ by the seduction games acted by the Opposition and their sympathisers (Bar Council, especially!). But again, “bird of feathers, fly together…” The only difference? One sits on the opposite side (except for Pak Lah, of course. Since he sleeps all the time, when he does awaken, he said ‘yes’ to just about anything that were directed at him esp. if they were from KJ!)

    2. During my ‘jahiliah days’ (I never said I was an Angel? Checked!), my MO for getting my partner to b@d was to seduce them by saying,” don’t worry, I won’t take advantage on you…!” (For the benefits of young readers, as they say, ”the rest is history…”).

    3. Once I got what I wanted, “next change!” (This comment is not meant to hurt or belittle anybody but to use it as an illustration ‘to drive my point across.’ Exactly! Anyway, Alhamdulillah, I’ve repented since. It was sinful. I didn’t want what I had done to those partners being done to my sisters, nieces, and even my late mother then!)

    4. This is EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW WITH THE GOVT/BN! The Govt. has “stripped herself naked”, and fell to ‘the seducer!’ What can you do now? You brought the problem upon yourself. This is 21st Century. This is DEMOCRACY. This is ‘freedom of speech and expression (but I’ve my band of lawyers with me; be careful of what you do or say against me!)’

    5. I’ll say, ”what is done, is done” and “you can’t cry over spilt milk!” Let’s move on. Let’s get a life. For when you’ve led a happy life, no one’s going to be bothered with all things nonsense except to learn from it…” Let’s focus on something productive. If you’ve chosen to ignore it, it’ll go away, eventually. Truth be told? By the end of the day, what could I bring home today to feed my family! Not DNS. Not ABI. Not Psy! If where I leave I could raise my family peacefully, I’ll support whoever. After all, as a Muslim, I believe in Allah SWT, unequivocally. Man proposes. God disposes.

    Sekian, Tun. Terima kasih. Wassalam.


    I always wanted to comment very little ala Dr Jafri; somehow rather, I ended up commenting lengthily. But I hate ‘one liner!’ They reflected a personality of someone who’s arrogant with an ‘I know it all’ attitude.

    Btw, I still have a few GFs, as I still have quotas to fill. Insyallah, once my Taxi’s functioning well, I’ll do what’s right…Got to go; ada penumpang!!!

  75. balance's Gravatar balance
    February 18, 2013    

    i agree with Age_of_Enlightenment that dont blame the media or/and alternative media it is the human that read it makes the difference.

    What so wrong of having an alternative other than those assigned by the Govt. Read both and make a decision that suit you.

    How sure are you that those news make by BN or BN supported media are true and real. Sure they (BN) dont use propaganda and they are all saints or make-in-heaven or more pure ??? Come-on open up your mind and see with you real eyes not what others tell you or believe without using your own mind, eyes and ear.

    How many actually go to the concert and then comment?

    Penang people go to watch Psy not Najib and the same happen when LGE give talk in other dinner party people also ask him to shut-up or talk less political subject but eat the dinner and have fun and that does not represent that people of Penang is pro-DAP or anti-DAP. Not all people are political like many here. There are time for other things not everything have to be related to BN / DAP / PKR or XYZ or religion. There is something called “FUN” and “HAPPY” and “OUTING” too.

    Only some thinks that everything in Malaysia must be related to him, UMNO, BN, “BN led by UMNO” or LKY or history of his version of Malaysia or Supremacy of one race. ha ha ha ha


  76. shaik mohd shaszari's Gravatar shaik mohd shaszari
    February 18, 2013    

    ‘I Love New PM’ sambut Anwar di majlis Dong Zong, Sinar Harian – Ini jelas menghina Dato Seri Najib Razak & jika ditakdirkan Allah Swt, Anwar menjadi PM kelak, para pemimpin Umno patut siapkan diri, jika anda `BERSIH` alhamdulillah, sekiranya anda2 `KOTOR` pernah salahguna kuasa, korup di masa lalu, anda juga patut persiapkan diri, siap2kan packing barang, bawa yg penting2 saja…Moga Allah lindungi kita semua…

  77. shaik mohd shaszari's Gravatar shaik mohd shaszari
    February 18, 2013
    17 February 2013 – [VIDEO] Najib Tak Berani Tegur Mahathir, Tak Berani Tegur Perkasa – Anwar Ibrahim

  78. Polo's Gravatar Polo
    February 18, 2013    

    Tambi, u really syok sendiri kaw kaw. Since u also tambi, why not u help hindraf say something? Your origin neh. U lupa d?

  79. junior's Gravatar junior
    February 18, 2013    

    im not at all influence with that cheap trill video. I think its distasteful to cheat in that manner. They will not get my vote.

  80. mgpunya's Gravatar mgpunya
    February 18, 2013    

    YABhg Tun,

    …a case in point, Malaysiakini….cursing the devil, they’ve turn into the very devil they’re cursing……. themselves.

  81. Dr Jafri's Gravatar Dr Jafri
    February 18, 2013    

    The internet works on a simple cybernetics principle, RIRO, rubbish in rubbish out.

    A PAS supporter sees the value of the word ‘CheDet’ and quickly opens a twitter account under that username.

    Thus as per the link on this blog will take us to the twitter page that is promoting PAS and lambasting UMNO and the BN govt. A double whammy indeed !

    Tun’s blog is most probably on auto-mode or the admin is on sleeping mode :)

    Either ways, it is a fine example of how we need to deal with the internet.

  82. mgpunya's Gravatar mgpunya
    February 18, 2013    

    YABhg Tun,

    …..medium maybe much more sophicated now but the human
    infront of the screen have never changed and will never change. Even another thousand years…they’ll still tell lies…cheat…….you name it!!

    I say, read at your own peril……

  83. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 18, 2013    


    The opposition is not smart nor professional.

    If junior is a strong will, confident and humble guy, you can never be influenced by them.

    Hindraf said that if Pakatan does not support them, they will loose 25 MPs just because they are Indian lawyers?

    Professional lawyers are good in money laundering and land matters.

    Karpal Singh’s son can politicized the death of thief under police custody just because he was an Indian, what has he got as lawyer whereby my car was stolen in Subang Jaya that required automobile insurance to pay off?

    If Lim Kit Siang can politicized the death of THB that cause the ex-head of MACC’s for not installing CCTV due to jimat kos for his son, Guan Eng, what has got as a politician?

    Mr Lee Kuan Yew was hospitalized but Sir Mubarak Chan still badmouth him, what he got as a man of honour?

    Krisis air di Selangor berlaku adalah kerana ego MB TS Khalid Ibrahim.

    Siapakah yang sengsara?

    Rakyat kita.

  84. junior's Gravatar junior
    February 18, 2013    

    I watch the video over again and I agree with you Tun to the fullest that it was doctored and planed to embarrassed the PM by the Opposition. There were thousands of people there and the amateurish video man who only captured the people around him( opposition supporters ) with a non professional low cost camera. It was indeed planed but sadly the damage has somehow done to BN in someway especially to PM. It was a smart trick which BN or PM became the victim. Likewise, if the camera was placed in front of stage or close to the stage were there were BN supporter there who shouted YES to the PM call, then the message would had been the reverse but this is not done. In this video, I think the opposition was “smart” to cheat by producing such low quality video to embarrassed the PM and BN. Its was a cheep trick which got all their supporters excited. A cheap trill indeed which BN was the target.

  85. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 18, 2013    


    No one lied to you.

    Yang tipu sibotak adalah egomu.

  86. sibotak's Gravatar sibotak
    February 18, 2013    








  87. Age_of_Enlightenment's Gravatar Age_of_Enlightenment
    February 18, 2013    

    Salam Tun,

    1. It is not, to my mind, the alternative media that is the devil, but more of the culture of the Malays, whereby nothing can be questioned, everything must be obeyed without much question, even if asking in pure sincerity in search of true answers.

    2. This sort of culture, when provided with alternatives ( via alternative media ) begin to crumble and leads to many confusion and anger, having lived in the vacuum and heaven of misinformation and government propaganda for so very long, over 50 long years.

    3. Thus now Malays need to begin to widen their scope of thinking and horizon beyond stale and old religious percepts, beyond belief in mystics and bomohs and jins, beyond racial hatred, into the realm of true pristine religious values ( regardless of which religion, all major religions teaches good values ), and into much reading and learning, so that Malays can and will stand tall and strong as a respected race, very capable, and contributing to human advance, as had been achieved in the glory days of early Islamic Philosophy.

    4. Although i will admit it is all much easier written than done !

    Thank You Tun

  88. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 18, 2013    

    What kind of truth do you want to know, Xtream?

    That’s Sahabat Felda 17’s question under UMNO Bumiputra status.

    If Sabah CM with Bumiputra status says it’s okay to accept these militants with this status, why not?

    I am sure, as militants, they can develop this Felda land as petani in the hope that their children can be our Malaysian children like what my grandpa and grandma did in the past via naturalization law which is still active until today.

  89. xtream's Gravatar xtream
    February 18, 2013    

    No more truth to prevail?

  90. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 18, 2013

    How do I perceived this piece of news?

    Mr Xenophon is an Independent Senator cum Aussie Lawmaker.

    That’s no doubt, he was invited by DSAI.

    To write new set of laws when DSAI becomes the 7th PM in GE13th?

    That’s why Hadi Awang, PAS President, made the official statement that if PAS cannot win Malay and Muslim votes, PAS will pull out from PR?

    If PAS and DAP could merge, they have done long time ago jor, why wait until today neh?

    How to settle immigrants of militants in Sabah?

    This question, let Sabah Chief Minister answer, not Tun Dr MM, Pak Lah or DS Najib.

    If I am Tun Dr MM, I won’t says things like this as the influential state man in Malaysia.

    It will send wrong message that Malaysian Government in Putrajaya does not respect basic human rights.

  91. azrulshahreen's Gravatar azrulshahreen
    February 18, 2013    

    Salam Tun & fellow bloggers,

    Nowadays, everyone is linked via internet… facebook, tweeters, myspace and all sort of social media website to stay connected. This is fully utilised by the opposition as well. So much so, the PM used facebook/tweeter to stay connected with Malaysian Public. I watched the youtube video showing BN being humiliated by the huge ‘NO’ by the crowd. The best part it was suggested to me by a Malaysian friend (a PhD student) in Seoul. How embarrassing it is to be informed by a colleague outside Malaysia. KDN and it minister need to be firm and be in control.

    Referring to Tired’s comment, at some point there is truth in it. BN now have to work harder than before. UMNO have to buck and start doing something, gain confidence of the people, do work instead of focusing of getting publicity. Get the job done, make sure what’s promised is fulfilled. People are now tired of promises. With high cost of living, low wages, houses can’t afford to buy… YES, Malaysian want changes, so UMNO and BN have to change as well to help accommodate the need of the people.

  92. shahrulnizam's Gravatar shahrulnizam
    February 17, 2013    

    must use wisely the alternate medias..

  93. HBT456's Gravatar HBT456
    February 17, 2013    

    How we view alternate news depends on how we look at things.

    If we are optimistic, positive, progressive, not calculative, not self-centered, do home work and willing to understand and team-up, alternate news may provide some answers that we may want to know to tackle some issues.

    Nothing is impossible if there is will.

    Is our MYR printed by Australian Company in Australia to avoid fake MYR being circulated in Malaysia in the past?

    I believe, today, Malaysian company also can take this partial of this printing if only Malaysians with highest responsibility and integrity are allowed to such opportunity and challenges.

  94. Idea's Gravatar Idea
    February 17, 2013    

    Dear Tun,

    May you always be in good health.

    1. I would like to note that your twitter link on this blog leads to a twitter page created by PAS supporters.

    2. The public now have more access to information. But together with this freedom comes a task. They have to check whether or not the information is accurate and reliable. Surely, it consumes time.

    3. On the internet, irresponsible parties could feed misleading information. The affected parties, in trying to correct the matter, have to tell their side of the story. This also consumes time.

    4. When there are too many bogus issues, there will be too much time wasted. That amount of time could be well spent in increasing our country’s productivity.

  95. February 17, 2013    

    Disebabkan apa yang Tun tulis di ruangan ini ada persamaan dengan apa yang Tun tulis di ruangan Anwar’s Promise, saya ulangi komen saya mengenai isu pita video seks dan isu superimpose.


    Let me comment on BLee statement quote “ There is one thing one admire about DSAI is almost no one believe he is the person in the sex video or sex scandals”.

    This guy can be anybody that the public wants to belief him to be whether as a pious person, a liberal, a moderate, etc, etc as long that his agendas and ambitions are fufill.

    He can be a tok imam in the morning wearing a ketayap and giving Friday sermons from the pulpit and at night wearing a tuxedo suit dancing with beautiful women throughout the night.

    To the tok gurus, a video tape is just a plastik box that is immaterial whether the tape is full with DSAI workout exercise scene with a china doll.

    A film in a video tape to these tok gurus can be superimposed or duplicate so that the actor in the film looks like their friend.

    Afterall, this chameleon is a ex ABIM leader who looks pious and a role islamic leader to the youth of this country.

    Surely a pious man could do no wrong much more so involving in a sex video or sex with anyone.

    If only the tok gurus and the public at large have an open mind and do a little homework like surfing the internet on a similiar case that befalls on a former Speaker of Dewan Rakyat. (See PP VS D.P Vijandran).

    In the court case, an expert witness told the court that it is almost impossible to superimposed another man face on an actor in a running video tape.

    It is not an easy task if anyone were asked to superimposed another man face on an actor in even a short stretch of length of the film.

    And what if the tape runs for an hour or two hours?It is just mind boggling to do so.

    Salam Tun.

  96. Tired's Gravatar Tired
    February 17, 2013    

    Salam Tun,

    1. Last I heard, no one (my siblings & their spouses; my friends & their spouses; my colleagues & their spouses; their in-laws & their children, etc., etc.,) would vote ‘BN’. They are just tired with all those rhetoric and ‘initiatives’ that insult their intelligence. And to boot, those additional electorates that have just registered esp. in those states held by PR, they are not voting BN as well, definately.

    2. My observation (not opinion, for fear someone would jump on me with, “whose soliciting your opinion, blah,blah,blah…?!), BN would retain the Govt but merely surviving it. It would be worse than GE12. However, DSN could win those ‘fence-sitters’ over if:-
    a) STOP INSULTING PEOPLE’S INTELLIGENCE! My 10 year old son could sing Negara Ku in Mandarin. Who cares? What so special about his son being able to speak Mandarin? That was cheap!!! Or was it, “Hello World?”
    b) Be prepared to lose Sabah and half of Sarawak in addition to those states already under PR. Consolidate BN supports in those states that are friendly to BN. Reinforce their loyalty and allegiance by improving their living conditions! Don’t resurface the road only when election is upon the horizon! Show them that BN loves them and appreciate their continuous support! You would think that those hostile to BN would vote BN because BN gave them RM100, RM500, PRiMA, KR1M (Mydin jugak yg kaya, and barang2 dia masih beli kat towkay2 Cina; takde Cina M’sia, Cina PRC!!!), etc., etc.? No way!
    c) DNS must accept the fact that BN has lost the support of majorities of Chinese, Indian, dlll.
    d) DNS must accept the fact that Malays are divided into 3 factions. While it forms as majority, they are useless when divided (DAP knows this fact!). Focus on bringing Malays together! No more. No less.
    e) Get rid of those baggage (read LIABILITIES!) like Nazri, Rais, MNY, KSK, CSL, and those Ministers that were brought-in by Pak Lah (KJ); those ministers that were left behind by Sammy Vellu, and few of those from Tun’s era (except MY, AZH, HH, & MM)! There are not relevant anymore. They do win him the Govt. but would cause BN to lose its government, definitely. Bring-in YOUNGER, TRUSTWORTHY, and HONEST professionals! They are so many out there who are ready to serve the Country. BN needs new blood! The voters hate those baggage and their rhetoric (read BULL SHI@!)
    f) Strive he MUST to unite Malays if he wants to consolidate his support. He MUST show sincerity with those moderate PAS leaders. Once he has shown his humility, he would win over many friends. Don’t bother converting voters whose NOT GOING to vote BN, no matter what!
    g) DSN MUST show Malaysia who is the Boss! No more. No less.

    Sekian, Tun. Terima kasih. Wasallam.


    “cherrina February 17, 2013 at 1:19 AM
    I am just a banker…but i am aware so much what will happen to the Malays if DAP take over the country. THIS fact really freaking me out…and i dont know what else to do to ‘help’ those Malays that i knew….they are blind and stupid and am sorry for them. we are not angels so we are not perfect…but my love is always with BN”

    Take heart. This upcoming GE13 is a battle that would define BN. The BN has to use all its resources to win over ‘fence sitters’, as there is nothing much that you and I could do except to continue our support to BN. But DO NOT pick a fight with anybody; you would look silly and foolish, Stay calm. Pray to Allah SWT to give strength to DSN to lead us into battle, and comes out victoriously, Insyallah. Amin.

  97. February 17, 2013    


    Disebabkan apa yang Tun tulis pada ruangan ini ada persamaan dengan komen saya pada ruangan Anwar’s Promise, saya ulangi tulisan saya di ruangan ini mengenai pita video seks dan isu superimpose.


    Let me comment on BLee statement quote “ There is one thing one admire about DSAI is almost no one believe he is the person in the sex video or sex scandals”.

    This guy can be anybody that the public wants to belief him to be whether as a pious person, a liberal, a moderate, etc, etc as long that his agendas and ambitions are fufill.

    He can be a tok imam in the morning wearing a ketayap and giving Friday sermons from the pulpit and at night wearing a tuxedo suit dancing with beautiful women throughout the night.

    To the tok gurus, a video tape is just a plastik box that is immaterial whether the tape is full with DSAI workout exercise scene with a china doll.

    A film in a video tape to these tok gurus can be superimposed or duplicate so that the actor in the film looks like their friend.

    Afterall, this chameleon is a ex ABIM leader who looks pious and a role islamic leader to the youth of this country.

    Surely a pious man could do no wrong much more so involving in a sex video or sex with anyone.

    If only the tok gurus and the public at large have an open mind and do a little homework like surfing the internet on a similiar case that befalls on a former Speaker of Dewan Rakyat. (See PP VS D.P Vijandran).

    In the court case, an expert witness told the court that it is almost impossible to superimposed another man face on an actor in a running video tape.

    It is not an easy task if anyone were asked to superimposed another man face on an actor in even a short stretch of length of the film.

    And what if the tape runs for an hour or two hours?It is just mind boggling to do so.

    Salam Tun.

  98. PAShit's Gravatar PAShit
    February 17, 2013    

    Salam Tun,

    We must never let the public forget the sheer stupidity of Malaysiakini in trying to defend Anwar by coming out with a ridiculous statement when referring to the infamous Chinadoll video.

    “Petikan dari Malaysiakini:

    “Bagaimanapun, pakaian kedua-dua lelaki dalam CCTV itu, tidak kelihatan sepadan dengan kedua-dua lelaki yang ditunjukkan dalam video seks berkenaan.

    Dalam CCTV itu, lelaki yang dikatakan Eskay memakai pakaian yang berwarna gelap, manakala dalam video seks, lelaki yang ditunjukkan, berbaju dan berseluar cerah (kanan).

    Lelaki itu yang dikatakan Anwar juga berseluar gelap dalam rakaman CCTV itu, tetapi seluar dalam video seks itu kelihatan cerah.”




    Now let’s read a detailed translation report from forensic experts on the Chinadoll issue (minus the scary photos). Taken from MyMassa. For scary photos please check out MyMassa and several others on the net.

    (A) Penilaian secara Teknikal:

    1- Tarikh video dirakamkan adalah pada 21-02-2011.
    2- Waktu ianya mula dirakamkan – bermula pada 22:23 bersamaan 10.23 malam.
    3- Waktu ianya selesai dirakamkan adalah pada 22:45 bersamaan 10.45 malam.
    4- Saiz Fail yang dirakamkan adalah – hanya 6.5MB
    5- Dipercayai kamera yang digunakan untuk merakam aksi dalam video ini adalah dari jenis “web camera”.
    6- Ini adalah disebabkan ianya mempunyai bukaan ruang rakaman 18mm-34mm.
    7- Selain itu kejelasan gambar hanya boleh dibandingkan secara pemerhatian 100% mode pada tahap 54Kbps (Kilobits per second).
    8- “Kbps” (Kilobits per second) adalah suatu indeks dan sistem untuk mengukur kelajuan rakaman serta kualiti atau resolusi sesuatu gambar dan video.
    “K” is expressed in binary bits as “01001011.” In traditional usage, 1,024 bits of data equals a kilobit, while 1,024 bytes equals a kilobyte. Kbps always refers to kilobits, while the designation of KB/sec refers to kilobytes.
    1024 bits = 1 kilobit
    1024 bytes = 1 kilobyte = 8 kilobits
    1024 kilobytes = 1 megabyte = 8,192 kilobits
    • Written By: R. Kayne
    • Edited By: Niki Foster
    • Copyright Protected:
    2003-2012 Conjecture Corporation

    Kanta atau lensa kamera

    Gambar 1 – Video dinilai pada saiz pemerhatian 100% dan FLV 54Kbps

    Gambar 2 – Perbandingan kanta (lens) yang digunakan pada ‘Webcam’

    9. Dari segi penggunaan kanta atau lensa kamera, kita dapat lihat dengan jelas perbandingan bentuk ruang lensa yang digunakan. Parameter saiz ruang kanta adalah didalam lingkungan 18mm hingga 34mm.

    10. Ini dapat dilihat dengan jelas pada lekok seperti dalam gambar rajah di atas.

    11. Perkaitan huraian teknikal ini sekaligus menyangkal bahawa sebelum ini terdapat kenyataan bahawa saiz badan di bahagian perut adalah tidak sama. Jika mengikut penilaian teknikal ianya pasti akan berlaku sedikit “distortion” atau lengkung pada paparan gambar kerana kesan daripada penggunaan kanta atau lensa kamera. Atas dasar itu, penelitian terperinci telah dilakukkan dan menunjukkan persamaan yang jelas antara individu di dalam video ini dan rupa paras fizikal Dato’ Seri Anuar Ibrahim adalah dua individu yang sama.

    12. Percanggahan pendapat yang menyatakan bahawa saiz perut Anwar Ibrahim tidak sama, sepatutnya tidak timbul dan sememangnya ianya merupakan Anwar Ibrahim. Berikut dilampirkan imej-imej yang menunjukkan bahawa individu yang dinyatakan dalam video in dan Dato’ Seri Anuar Ibrahim adalah dua individu yang sama.

    Gambar 3: Imej yang menunjukkan persamaan yang sangat jelas kedua-dua rupa. Penilaian imej ini dijalankan berdasarkan perbandingan dari pandangan sisi serta cara belahan rambut yang sama.

    Gambar 4: Imej ini juga menunjukkan pandangan sisi. Gaya potongan rambut yang sama serta rangka bentuk muka yang sangat serupa dapat dilihat di sini.

    Gambar 5: Imej ini menunjukkan keluasan dahi Anwar Ibrahim. Selain itu, komposisi, ruang lekuk pada pipi, serta sudut pandangan Anwar Ibrahim juga sama dalm gambar ini.

    Gambar 6: Persaman iras muka serta ekspressi yang sama dapat
    dilihat dengan jelas pada imej ini.

    Gambar 7: Persamaan dari aspek perut yang menonjol ke
    depan secara perbandingan asas adalah sama.

    Gambar 8: Iras muka yang sememangnya merupakan Anwar Ibrahim

    Gambar 9 : Rangka muka serta bentuk badan yang sememangnya adalah Anwar Ibrahim dapat dilihat dengan jelas dalam imej ini.

    Gambar 10 : Rangka muka serta bentuk badan yang sememangnya adalah Anwar Ibrahim dapat dilihat dengan jelas dalam imej ini. Kali ini imej ini dirakamkan pada jarak pandangan yang sedikit jauh bagi memudahkan penilaian persamaan dilakukan.

    Gambar 11 – Persamaan jenis kanta yang digunakan untuk merakam video ini hasil perbandingan fakta teknikal pada Gambar 2

    Night Vision

    i. Sepanjang pemerhatian penilai, model kamera juga menunjukkan yang aksi didalam video ini dirakamkan dengan menggunakan “Night vision Mode”.
    “Night vision is the ability to see in low light conditions. Whether by biological or technological means, night vision is made possible by a combination of two approaches: sufficient spectral range, and sufficient intensity range.
    By: Philip Gibbs 1996 (Can Human See a single Photon?)

    ii. Penggunaan “Night vision” adalah bertujuan untuk merakamkan sesuatu aktiviti didalam gelap dengan lebih terang dan jelas. Ini adalah disebabkan kemampuan pemerhatian mata manusia sangat terhad untuk melihat didalam sesuatu keadaan yang gelap jika hendak dibandingkan dengan haiwan-haiwan. Selain itu, “mode” bagi rakam menggunakan “night vision” adalah hitam putih. Ini adalah kerana kualiti “sensor” pada masa ini lebih berkesan dengan penghasilan warna hitam dan putih. Belum ada alat atau kamera lagi yang mampu merakam gambar berwarna pada ketika suasana yang gelap pada tahap kejelasan yang ditanyang dalam video ini. Ini adalah sebab utama mengapa video ini dirakamkan dalam bentuk dan hasil hitam putih.

    Gambar 12 – Contoh penggambaran menggunakan kamera “Night Vision latest Model 2012”

    iii. Selain itu, secara teknikal juga, keseluruhan gambar yang ditayangkan tidak mempunyai unsur manipulasi atau penambahbaikan semula kepada video ini. Proses suntingan atau “editing” yang dilakukan hanyalah terlalu sedikit iaitu, mengemaskini tempoh masa video itu dirakamkan sahaja. Ini bermaksud rakaman ini hanya memainkan adegan penting dan tidak ditunjukkan adegan mula dan akhir.

    iv. Jika kita perhatikan pada tempoh masa yang dimainkan sepanjang 22 minit penting iaitu adegan ketika Anwar Ibrahim masuk ke dalam bilik dan hinggalah beliau keluar dari bilik tersebut. Dapat dilihat pada jam waktu yang bergerak, ianya selaras dan sememangnya jika ianya di manipulasikan (edit and adjust), tempoh masa yang ditunjukkan pada gambar 12 pasti akan tidak selari (pasti akan berlaku “distortion” dari segi masa pada video ini).

    v. Jika proses manipulasi dilakukan pada video ini, pasti akan mempunyai kesan manipulasi pada bahagian tempoh masa yang tercatat disebelah kanan video ini.

    Gambar 13 – Indikator kukuh membuktikan bahawa masa adalah bukti utama video ini dirakam dan tidak dimanipulasi.


    (A) ‘Sudah terang lagi bersuluh’, berdasarkan daripada penilaian penilai, rakaman yang dilakukan ini secara teknikalnya adalah tulen dan tiada unsur manipulasi dilakukan oleh mana-mana pihak. Dari segi individu yang terlibat dalam rakam ini 100% merujuk kepada rupa paras Anwar Ibrahim. Ini dapat dilihat dengan jelas pada setiap sudut rakam ini dilakukan serta individu-individu yang terlibat.

    (B) Penilai membuat penilaian secara telus tanpa ada sebarang unsur tokok tambah atau kepentingan peribadi. Aspek yang dinilai adalah dari segala segi iaitu, rangka muka, cengkung pipi, penggayaan serta potongan rambut, rangka badan, alat yang digunakan untuk merakam, komen dari maklumat pihak professional di luar negara yang telah dinyatakan didalam buletin 8.oo malam, perbandingan gambar dalam video dan gambar fotografi di luar dan juga jarak pandangan, dekat, sederhana dekat dan juga jauh. Selain itu, rujukan buku-buku yang menunjukkan indeks persamaan teknikal video kamera juga dinilai dan diperhalusi.

    (C) Hasil dari semua aspek penilai yang dinyatakan di atas, keputusannya menjurus kepada kebenaran, bahawa Anwar Ibrahim merupakan individu yang berada di dalam rakaman video ini yang bertarikh 21 Feb 2011.



  99. Dr Jafri's Gravatar Dr Jafri
    February 17, 2013    

    Baru pagi tadi saya tulis komen [ ] perihal bahaya Anasir Subversif yang guna internet untuk cetus kekacauan secara bebas dan leluasa.

    Saya fikir kerajaan BN sejak zaman Pak Lah lagi telah tidak bertindak tegas dan pro-aktif sehinggakan internet menjadi BONUS kepada anasir subversif, yang memutar banyak pembohongan dan fitnah, tanpa batasan, hingga melemahkan keyakinan rakyat terhadap kerajaan. Contoh terbaik ialah laporan portal Malaysiakini, yang ternyata sangat bias dan bongkak.

    Suatu masa dulu, ada diedarkan secara meluas di internet sepucuk surat palsu kunun dari Tun kepada PM Israel. Bagi mereka yang tidak tahu ianya palsu, mungkin akan berpandangan serong pada Tun. Ianya mula dianggap benar kerana terlalu banyak blog pro-pembangkang yang mempamerkannya tanpa sekatan oleh pihak Kementerian Penerangan atau SKMM.

    Penipuan anasir subversif yang dibiarkan berlanjutan, telah mendorong mereka untuk buat lagi banyak pekerjaan Dajjal di internet seolah-olah tiada kuasa yang akan menyekat perbuatan jahat mereka itu.

    Saya tak pasti apa tindakan yang diambil kerajaan terhadap mereka yang menyebar fitnah itu. Mungkin tak ada langsung.

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