(This statement was issued yesterday, June 26, 2008 in response to Judge Ian Chin’s allegations towards Dr Mahathir) 

1. On June 10, The Borneo Post reported Judge Ian Chin’s “explosive judicial disclosure”, about how judges were threatened and sent to Boot Camps by the former Prime Minister.

2. He made these revelations prior to hearing a case, apparently to avoid being accused of bias.

3. What he did not reveal is that there is a police report against him for breaches of Judge’s Code of Ethics in hearing a case in which he has a personal interest. He presided on a case involving Dato Syed Kechik without revealing that he believed Syed Kechik was responsible for detaining his father and brother 20 years before.

4. Chin joined Party Berjaya and lost twice.  One of the objectives listed in Party Berjaya’s manifesto was to expel Syed Kechik from Sabah.  (Syed Kechik akan dikeluarkan dari Sabah).  As a party member he must know Berjaya’s hatred for Syed Kechik.  This alone should have resulted in him excusing himself from hearing the case. 

5. However, both the Claimants and Defendants in the hearing in 1999 did not seek to change the judge, believing that his being a Party Berjaya candidate would not affect his judgement.

6. It was only later that the defendants learnt about the detentions of his father and brother by the Tun Mustafa Government and that Ian Chin believed Syed Kechik was instrumental in getting his father and brother arrested.  

7. John
R Cherryman Q.C., lawyer for Dato Syed Kechik (DSK) in a written opinion after
Chin J’s ruling of September 2, 2004, said inter
“Looking at these matters in retrospect there emerges a pattern
redolent of bias”.

8. Cherryman went on to say; “Knowing what we do now, the inference was that the Judge (Chin J) was throughout determined to have revenge against DSK (and corporate Defendants) for his (Dato Syed Kechik’s) alleged part in the detention of his family members.

9. When Party Berjaya won the State elections in April 1976, the Berjaya Government cancelled Syarikat Banita’s (belonging to Syed Kechik) timber license and on 1st October 1976 published Gazette Notification No 671 on compulsory acquisition of the whole of Zara Project Land of 2,452.74 acres also belonging to Syed Kechik.

10. On 7th September 1977 Banita filed a civil suit against the State Government and on 28th September 1977 Zara filed for the adjudication of compensation claim in respect of compulsory acquisition of its land for “public purpose”.

11. The Sabah Government through the Sabah Foundation, Suiswan Sdn Bhd and Seranum Sdn Bhd filed counter claims against DSK, Zara Sdn Bhd and Banita Sdn Bhd.

12. For about 20 years the Plaintiffs and their Solicitors went to “sleep”.  No court action was taken.

13. Then on October 29th 1996 Justice Tee Ah Siang heard the case involving Originating Summons No 69 of 1977.  The judge ordered the payment of RM40,920,011.00 in capital compensation by the State Government to Zara Sdn Bhd with 6 % per annum interest from 20th December 1976 to date of settlement.

14. Then on 6th January 1997, Chin J granted ex-parte Mareva Injunction Orders against the Defendants in suit 351 and 352 in response to the Plaintiffs (Sabah Government) application.

15. The very next day Chin J instructed Registrar to set hearing of Suit 351 on 9th January 1997, i.e. three days after he granted injunction against the Defendants.

16. On 9th April 1997 he delivered judgement on Strike Out Actions, refusing to grant order in favour of Defendants (Zara Sdn Bhd).

17. On 5th February 1999 a joint hearing of Suits 351 and 352 was held before Chin J at the Kota Kinabalu High Court.  On 6th September 1999 Chin J delivered his judgement in which he stated on pgs 122-125:
 “Yes, DSK was from West Malaysia sent to Sabah supposedly to help Sabah politically.  Unfortunately, he introduced to Sabah, especially to the then politicians of Sabah, a way to get rich, very rich at that, quickly by way which I have already concluded are wrong in law.”

18. Chin J also said in his judgement that “DSK wielded too much power for anyone to believe that any bureaucrat would oppose him”. He concluded with dismissing with cost the application of the 2nd Defendant to strike out the injunction.

19. It became obvious that Chin J was biased against DSK. Yet he did not reveal his father’s and brother’s arrest during the time of Tun Mustafa’s Government and his belief that Syed Kechik who was adviser to Tun Mustafa was responsible for this arrest when hearing the case concerned.

20. Following this a police report was made by Pengarah, Zara Sdn Bhd on June 16, 2005 on “Salahlaku Hakim Datuk Ian Chin Hon Chong”. (refer to salinan report and 1st page of police report)

21. The report went from Police to Chief Justice Malaysia to Ministers, to the Anti Corruption Agency, to Suhakam (Human Rights Commission) and even to the Prime Minister. No action was taken by any of them.

22. In the meanwhile the cases (DSK, Zara and Banita) went to the Federal Court and a judgement was made on March 25, 2008 and this is what the Federal Court has to say of Chin J’s High Court judgement in the Zara and Banita suits.

23.  “Without evidence or justification, the learned Judge wrongly held that DSK made these decisions. We find that the learned Judge’s findings were based on unjustified inferences, speculation, his own preconceived impressions and prejudice…” and;

“We find the learned Judge’s attack on the credbility of SSA (Syed Salem Al-Bukhary , the younger brother of DSK – who represented his incapacitated brother) as unwarranted and does not stand up to examination having regard to the extremely prejudiced view he held about SSA’s conduct as apparent in his judgment.”

24.  This Federal Court judgement is likely to come in support of the alleged “Salahlaku” by Chin J in the Police Report by Zara Sdn Bhd.

25. Action is now more likely to be taken against Chin J for breach of the ethical code of judges when he did not reveal his personal interest in the case he was hearing and not recuse himself.

26. His “explosive judicial disclosures” of June 7, 2008 came shortly after the Federal Courts judgment on Mar 25th 2008 and appears to be a desperate attempt ro deflect the legitimate complain against him by the Defendants of Civil Suits Nos 351 and 352 of 1979 which the Federal Courts’ decision seem to support.

27. The reference to the threats by the former Prime Minister and his being sent to a Boot Camp had nothing to do with the case he was about to hear or his previous hearing of a case in which he had personal interest. Refer to statement by Tan Sri Abu Talib Othman, former Attorney-General and current chairman of Suhakam.

28. It looks as if he was trying to curry favour with the Government by demonising the previous Prime Minister whom everyone knows is the bete noir  of the present Government.

29. And he was quite right because Government Ministers and the Prime Minister rushed to accept his story as absolutely true. But other judges had refused to endorse his statement about threats by the Prime Minister casting doubt on its veracity. He now “slams a fellow judge in court” but he has not been able to condemn the other judges who also disagreed with him. The Boot Camp was of course not a Boot Camp at all. It was Kursus Tata Negara which had been attended by thousands of civil servants, business executives and politicians, without any complaints.

30. It will be interesting to see whether the Government would set up a tribunal to examine the charges against Ian Chin J.

31. I suspect that it will not. And so this judge who obviously breached The Judges Code of Ethics by “being a judge in his own cause” will simply get away with his unethical behaviour while presiding over a case.

32. The public should question how a person such as Ian Chin J should have been recommended to become a judge. I cannot remember recommending him. He is a disgrace to the judiciary and to the legal profession.

33.  Now Chin has changed his accusation of “veiled threat” to “the former premier did not say he would remove judges through a tribunal in those exact words but conveyed the threat by “dropping words to that effect here and there”. I wonder what the words are. He will now be thinking and cooking up more stories.

34. This reflects the character of the man who presides over our courts and dispenses “justice”.  He makes use of his position as a judge and the courts to take revenge for alleged actions against members of his family.


  1. dal Sep 3,2008 12:47 AM

    Waw ….
    Another attempt to fix you eh … Tun? But the plan seems to backfire. What? It backfired already? In the public’s eyes … yes. If no action is taken against him, then that proves that the judicial system is “incredible” also.
    Just like the system that awarded our piece of land to an international crony in the south.

  2. syedkl Jul 7,2008 10:39 PM

    kepada pekerja blog che det yang mulia….
    tolong bagi no.handphone si ian ching kalau ada,saya nak ajar sikit dgn orang yang kurang ajar ni…pandai pandai nak kutuk Tun

  3. syedkl Jul 7,2008 10:29 PM

    kami sekeluarga tetap setia dgn perjuangan Tun walaupun apa yang berlaku kerana Tun telah menjadikan Malaysia yang ada pada hari ini bukannya si Ian Ching yang bodoh tak boleh di ajar,cerdik tak boleh tumpang tuu….anak miau-miau saya lagi cerdik daripada dia,nama pun tak cukup columm,…pasal jahil sangat…kalau saya jumpa si ian ching ni..saya nak jemput dia untuk tolong menghakimi pembicaraan bapak angkat saya yang dituduh meliwat budak pejabat dia.kesian kat bapak angkat saya tu…walaupun kami tahu dia tu gay tapi takanlah budak pejabat sendiri pun nak liwat.

  4. DK1 Jul 6,2008 9:14 PM


  5. supporter Jul 6,2008 2:51 AM

    Tun adalah yg terbaik utk Malaysia

  6. thebigdipper Jul 4,2008 9:50 PM

    Aslmkm Tun,
    Now the Prime Minister has lost his tongue.
    The smug de facto Minister of Justice is mute.
    Ambiga the de facto leader of HINDRAF and the BAR Council is shamed and worst of all Ian Chin can’t claw out of his own filth.

  7. komeng Jul 4,2008 5:38 AM


  8. anak-biduanda Jul 3,2008 12:04 PM

    salam YB Tun,
    Saya berasa amat sedih atas senario baru dalam politik masa kini.adakah pemilihan zaid ini berdasarkan kepimpinan beliau atau ada udang di sebalik batu.
    mana mungkin seseorang yang telah disabitkan genjala rasuah politik kini tiba-tiba muncul menjadi hero dan bercerita bab-bab perundangan. (seperti yg dikatakan oleh mukriz)Ini sudah terbalik. malah, zaid bukan dipilih oleh rakyat yang rata-rata tidak bersetujud engan perangai sombongnya, ianya dipilih oleh PakLah, dan budak tkt 4.
    Jika dahulu orang berkata, Tun mempunya barisan kabinet yang makn rasuah, keronisme dan apa-apa lagi ntah, tapi kini terang lagi bersuluh.
    Saya cukup tidak bersetuju, tindakan Zaid yang cuba menjadi Hero, Lantas membelakangkan DYMM Yang Dipertuan Agong. Chin bukah lah dipecat oleh Tun, Tapi dipecat oleh DYMM Yang dipertuan AGong atas nasihat Tun. Ini kena Faham. Jika Zaid membuat perkara ini, maka memang terang-terangan dia menentang kuasa dan mempertikaikan tindakan DYMM Yang Dipertuan Agong. Mana Pak Lah Letak Mata dan Telinga.?Saya berpendapat elok sajalah Pak Lah bagi kat KJ aje jawatan PM tu, abis cerita tak payah nk pening2. semua dah tahu, dari tindakan penamaan calon hinggalah merebut BOD Petronas, dan menakluki empayar Media Prima serta FAM hingga YM Tunku Abdulah merajuk membawa diri.Pernahkah Pak Lah terfikir apa yg menyebabkan kekalahan beliau dalam PRU-12? Tanya lah KJ beliau lebih tahu dan mengerti apa yang berlaku.
    Sebenarnya banyak lagi perkara yang zaid boleh ambil peduli, ini macam nak balas dendam ngan Tun aje..Pulak tu nak bunuh sekor lebah tapi terjolok sarang Lebah pulak. Ini isu dah menderhaka kebawah Duli.
    Harap pihak-pihak yang berkenaan bukalah mata dan pintu hati untuk melihat sebarang isu sensitif tidak berbangkit kembali.

  9. anakiban Jul 2,2008 11:12 AM

    “KERA jaan sekarang memang mudah lupa…. daratan”

  10. Beeshawal Jul 1,2008 3:31 PM

    saya akan tetap menyokong Tun sampai bila-bila bagi saya Hanya Tun seorang pemimpin yang mampu menerajui Negara Malaysia dengan jayanya..saya agak kecewa dengan pemimpin UMNO sekarang ibarat katak dalam tempurung tidak berkembang seperti mana semasa Tun menjadi PM malaysia dulu.alangkah baiknya kalau dulu sampai bila-bila Tun menerajui Negara Malaysia pasti malaysia semakin dihormati malahan negara-negara luar akan terus menghormati malaysia,tidak seperti sekarang segalanya berubah negera luar cuba mencampuri urusan negara malaysia malahan pulau batu putih pun terlepas pada singapura ini semua kerana pemimpin UMNO sekarang lemah,lembab,tamak.kalau pulau batu putih terlepas ditangan singapura tidak mustail suatu hari nanti malaysia pulak terlepas ditangan penjajah era baru.Tun teruskan perjuanganmu untuk mempertahankan negara malaysia yang tercinta tanpamu hilang sudah kegemilangan malaysia dimata dunia

  11. pakbelalang Jul 1,2008 2:01 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Below is an article which I pick up from the internet for the convenience of others to appreciate the term “Social Contract” in Malaysia.
    The social contract in Malaysia refers to the agreement made by the country’s founding fathers in the Constitution. The social contract usually refers to a quid pro quo trade-off through Articles 14–18 of the Constitution, pertaining to the granting of citizenship to the non-Malay people of Malaysia, and Article 153, which grants the Malays special rights and privileges. The term has also been used occasionally to refer to other portions of the Constitution, such as the Article stating that Malaysia is a secular state.
    In its typical context related to race relations, the social contract has been heavily criticised by many, including politicians from the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition, who contend that constant harping on the non-Malays’ debt to the Malays for citizenship has alienated them from the country. Such criticisms have met with opposition from the Malay media and the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), the largest political party in Barisan Nasional. Many Malays, typically from UMNO, have used the social contract to defend the principle of Ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy).
    Contractual terms
    The Constitution does not explicitly refer to a “social contract” (in terms of citizenship rights and privileges), and no act of law or document has ever fully set out the social contract’s terms. Its defenders often refer to the Constitution as setting out the social contract, and the Malaysian founding fathers having agreed to it, although no reference to a “social contract” appears in the Constitution. Instead, the social contract is typically taken to mean a quid pro quo agreement that provides the non-Malay and other non-indigenous peoples of Malaysia (mostly the Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indian) with citizenship, in return for their granting special privileges to the Malays and indigenous people of Malaysia, collectively referred to as the Bumiputra (sons of the soil).
    A higher education Malaysian studies textbook conforming to the government syllabus states: “Since the Malay leaders agreed to relax the conditions for citizenship, the leaders of the Chinese and Indian communities accepted the special position of the Malays as indigenous people of Malaya. With the establishment of Malaysia, the special position status was extended to include the indigenous communities of Sabah and Sarawak.”
    Another description of the social contract declares it to be an agreement that “Malay entitlement to political and administrative authority should be accepted unchallenged, at least for the time being, in return for non-interference in Chinese control of the economy”.
    The Constitution explicitly grants the Bumiputra reservations of land, quotas in the civil service, public scholarships and public education, quotas for trade licences, and the permission to monopolise certain industries if the government permits. In reality, however, especially after the advent of the Malaysian New Economic Policy (NEP) due to the racial riots of the May 13 Incident which occurred in 1969 when Malays held only 4% of the Malaysian economy, Bumiputra privileges have extended to other areas; quotas are set for Bumiputra equity in publicly traded corporations, and discounts for them on automobiles and real estate ranging from 5% to 15% are mandated.
    The Constitution also included elements of Malay tradition as part of the Malaysian national identity. The Malay rulers were preserved, with the head of state, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, drawn from their ranks. Islam would be the national religion, and the Malay language would be the national language. These provisions, along with the economic privileges accorded by Article 153 of the Constitution, made up one half of the bargain, and have been referred to as the Malay Agenda. The nature of these provisions is disputed; although many Malays refer to them as “rights” – a term common in UMNO rhetoric – critics have argued that the Constitution never refers to special rights for the Malays:
    “ There is no such thing as a racial “right” to be given special treatment. And that is not me being argumentative, it’s the Constitution. You won’t find “Malay rights” in the supreme law of our land, instead, you will find terms such as “special position” of Malays. The difference is more than semantics. A right implies something inalienable. A privilege on the other hand is a benefit, presumably given to those who need it. ”
    Such critics have used this basis to argue that the social contract was meant “to protect the Malays from being overwhelmed economically, administratively and politically from the immigrant ethnic groups of the time”, instead of granting particular special rights to the Malays.
    Some suggest that this bias towards Malays in education and politics is, in part, a response to the ability of the Malaysian Chinese to secure most of the country’s wealth. The Indian Malaysians, as with the Indian Singaporeans, can make a case for being those that lose out the most, although this may be disputed.[citation needed]
    The government did roll back the quota system for entry to public universities in 2003 and introduced a policy of “meritocracy”. However, this new system was widely criticised by the non-Bumiputras as benefiting the Bumiputras by streaming them into a matriculation programme that featured relatively easy coursework while the non-Bumiputras were forced to sit for the Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM, or Malaysia Higher School Certificate). Although in theory non-Bumiputras may enter the matriculation stream, and Bumiputras may sit for the STPM, this rarely occurs in reality. Meritocracy was also criticised by some quarters in UMNO as being discriminatory, as it caused the rural and less-prepared Malays to fall behind in university entrance rates.
    The Reid Commission which prepared the framework for the Constitution stated in its report that Article 153, the backbone of the social contract, would be temporary only, and recommended that it be reviewed 15 years after independence. The Commission also said that the article and its provisions would only be necessary to avoid sudden unfair disadvantage to the Malays in competing with other members of Malaysian society, and that the privileges accorded the Malays by the article should be gradually reduced and eventually eliminated. Due to the May 13 Incident, after which a state of emergency was declared, however, 1972, the year that Article 153 was due to be reviewed, passed without incident.
    According to the social contract’s proponents, in return for the enactment of these originally temporary provisions, non-Malay Malaysians are accorded citizenship under Chapter 1 of Part III of the Constitution. Except for the Bumiputra privileges, non-Bumiputras are otherwise generally regarded as equal to their Bumiputra counterparts, and are accorded all the rights of citizenship as under Part II of the Constitution. In recent years, some have sought to provide Malay citizens with more political rights as per the ketuanan Melayu philosophy. However, most of these ketuanan Melayu proponents argue that their additional rights are already written as law and thus only seek to “defend” them from their opponents.
    When he assumed the Presidency of UMNO, Tunku Abdul Rahman (later the first Prime Minister of Malaysia) stated that “…when we (the Malays) fought against the Malayan Union (which upset the position of the Malays’ rights) the others took no part in it because they said this is purely a Malay concern, and not theirs. They also indicate that they owe their loyalty to their countries of origin, and for that reason they oppose the Barnes Report to make Malay the national language. If we were to hand over the Malays to these so-called Malayans when their nationality has not been defined there will be a lot of problems ahead of us.” However, he continued that “For those who love and feel they owe undivided loyalty to this country, we will welcome them as Malayans. They must truly be Malayans, and they will have the same rights and privileges as the Malays.”
    Early criticism
    Article 153, and thus by extension the social contract, has been a source of controversy since the early days of Malaysia. Singaporean politician Lee Kuan Yew (later the first Prime Minister of Singapore) of the People’s Action Party (PAP; its Malaysian branch would later become the Democratic Action Party or DAP) publicly questioned the need for Article 153 in Parliament, and called for a “Malaysian Malaysia”. Questioning the social contract, Lee stated: “According to history, Malays began to migrate to Malaysia in noticeable numbers only about 700 years ago. Of the 39 percent Malays in Malaysia today, about one-third are comparatively new immigrants like the secretary-general of UMNO, Dato’ Syed Ja’afar Albar, who came to Malaya from Indonesia just before the war at the age of more than thirty. Therefore it is wrong and illogical for a particular racial group to think that they are more justified to be called Malaysians and that the others can become Malaysian only through their favour.”
    Lee criticised the government’s policies by stating that “[t]hey, the Malay, have the right as Malaysian citizens to go up to the level of training and education that the more competitive societies, the non-Malay society, has produced. That is what must be done, isn’t it? Not to feed them with this obscurantist doctrine that all they have got to do is to get Malay rights for the few special Malays and their problem has been resolved.” He also lamented, “Malaysia — to whom does it belong? To Malaysians. But who are Malaysians? I hope I am, Mr Speaker, Sir. But sometimes, sitting in this chamber, I doubt whether I am allowed to be a Malaysian.”
    Lee’s statements upset many, especially politicians from the Alliance, Barisan Nasional’s predecessor. Then Finance Minister Tan Siew Sin of the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) called Lee the “greatest, disruptive force in the entire history of Malaysia and Malaya.” Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first Prime Minister of Malaysia, considered Lee to be too extremist in his views, while other UMNO politicians thought Lee was simply taking advantage of the situation to pander to the Malaysian Chinese.
    PAP-UMNO relations were chilled further by the PAP running several candidates in elections on the Malay peninsula, with UMNO retaliating by trying to run candidates on its ticket in Singapore. Eventually, the Tunku decided to ask Singapore, through Lee and some of his closest confidantes, to secede from Malaysia. Eventually, Lee agreed to do so, and Singapore became an independent nation in 1965. The Constitution of Singapore contains an article, Article 152, that names the Malays as “indigenous people” of Singapore and therefore requiring special safeguarding of their rights and privileges as such. However, the article specifies no policies for such safeguarding, and no reference to a “social contract” has ever been made by the political establishment in Singapore.
    Present debate
    Hishamuddin Hussein threatened the non-Malays not to question the social contract, ketuanan Melayu or “Malay rights” at the UMNO Annual General Meeting in 2005.
    In 2005, the social contract was brought up by Lim Keng Yaik of the Gerakan party in Barisan Nasional. Lim, a Minister in the government, asked for a re-examination of the social contract so that a “Bangsa Malaysia” (literally Malay for a Malaysian race or Malaysian nation) could be achieved. Lim was severely criticised by many Malay politicians, including Khairy Jamaluddin who is Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s son-in-law and Deputy Chairman of the UMNO Youth wing, and Ahmad Shabery Cheek, a prominent Malay Member of Parliament from the state of Terengganu. The Malay press (most of which is owned by UMNO) also ran articles condemning the questioning of the social contract. Lim was adamant, asking in an interview “How do you expect non-Malays to pour their hearts and souls into the country, and to one day die for it if you keep harping on this? Flag-waving and singing the Negaraku (the national anthem) are rituals, while true love for the nation lies in the heart.”
    A year earlier, Abdullah had given a speech where he mentioned the most “significant aspect” of the social contract as “the agreement by the indigenous peoples to grant citizenship to the immigrant Chinese and Indians”. However, Abdullah went on to state that “the character of the nation” changed to “one that Chinese and Indian citizens could also call their own”. However, the speech went largely unremarked.
    In the end, Lim stated that the Malay press had blown his comments out of proportion and misquoted him. The issue ended with UMNO Youth chief and Education Minister Hishamuddin Hussein warning people not to “bring up the issue again as it has been agreed upon, appreciated, understood and endorsed by the Constitution.”
    Earlier that year, Hishamuddin had waved the keris (traditional Malay dagger) at the UMNO Annual General Meeting, warning non-Malays not to threaten “Malay rights” and to question the social contract. This was applauded by the UMNO delegates, but widely ridiculed in the Malaysian blogosphere.
    Other politicians, mostly from opposition parties, have also criticised the NEP and its provisions, but refrained from directly criticising the social contract or Article 153 of the Constitution. Former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim of the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) promised he would roll back the NEP if he ever gained power, and many from the Democratic Action Party (DAP) have also spoken out against the NEP. They criticised the NEP as benefiting only a small portion of Malays, mostly well-connected and urban, while ignoring the rural and poor Malays, and noted that the NEP’s avowed goal was to give the Malays a 30% share in the country’s economic equity, regardless of whether only a few or many Malays held this share. The DAP has been particular in arguing it does not question Article 153 or the social contract, but merely seeks to abolish inequitable policies such as the NEP.
    Article 10 (4) of the Constitution permits the government to ban the questioning of Article 153, and thus the social contract; indeed, the Sedition Act does illegalise such questioning. The Internal Security Act (ISA) also permits the government to detain anybody it desires for practically an infinite period of time, and many, including politicians from the DAP such as Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh have been held under the ISA; it is widely believed this was because of their vehement criticism of Malay privileges.
    More recently, some commentators have remarked on younger Malaysians chafing at the terms of the social contract. One wrote that “half a century on, younger non-Malays especially feel they were not parties to deals and contracts (at the time of independence) and should not be beholden to them.” In 2006, several non-Malay parties in the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition called for a reexamination of the social contract; Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s refusal to do so reportedly triggered “much consternation”. Abdullah was quoted in the Malay media as saying: “If we change this balance and if we are forced to meet all over again on the rights of every group, it will not be the same as now. It would be far from satisfactory. Whatever the new formula, it will not succeed because the old formula is enough, is already maximum. As everyone had agreed to this before, why do we want to disturb this and meet again?”
    That year, at the UMNO General Assembly, several delegates criticised other members of the government coalition for criticising the social contract and ketuanan Melayu. One stated that “If they question our rights, then we should question theirs. So far we have not heard the Malays questioning their right to citizenship when they came in droves from other countries. Others argued that the Bumiputra communities continued to lag behind the rest of the country economically, and called for stronger measures in line with the social contract. One delegate, Hashim Suboh, made headlines when he asked Hishammuddin, who had brandished the kris again, “Datuk Hisham has unsheathed his keris, waved his keris, kissed his keris. We want to ask Datuk Hisham when is he going to use it?” Hashim said that “force must be used against those who refused to abide by the social contract”, provoking criticism from the DAP, which accused him of sedition.
    In response to what it termed “[t]he veiled threat of violence … made explicit during last year’s UMNO conference”, The Economist criticised the social contract, calling it “absurd and unjust to tell the children of families that have lived in Malaysia for generations that, in effect, they are lucky not to be deported and will have to put up with second-class treatment for the rest of their lives, in the name of ‘racial harmony'”, and called policies based on the social contract “official racism”.
    Usage in other contexts
    The social contract has also occasionally been referred to in a context other than that involving race relations. In the 2004 general election, the DAP ran on a platform of defending the “social contract” by combatting an Islamic theocracy, which the Constitution forbids, but was endorsed by former Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad, Lim Keng Yaik and by PAS, the second-largest Malay-based political party in the country.

  12. ARbAK Jul 1,2008 11:47 AM

    Assalamualaikum Yg Dikasihi Tun, Tun Siti & Semua Rakan Seperjuangan

  13. GOGA Jul 1,2008 9:12 AM

    1. Brother Tun yg saya sanjungi dan kasihi. ASWBT
    Pada awal2nya saya berdoa dan merayu pada ASWT agar YAB Tun dipanajngkan umur dan d kekalkan kesihatan yang baik selamanya.Amin
    Only sometimes in a peoples history does ASWT give them a gift which they can treasure.For the Malays and the people of Malaysia u r the GIFT Tun!! Only the imbecile,the blind and morons will deny that.The silent majority pines for you,Alas if only you can b younger we will put u back on that pedestial!
    I have been witnessing in pain all the indignities and profanities these present batch of minions are hurling at u Tun.I just cannot comprehend how these one time worshippers of you have taken a 180degree turn!But the people who enjoyed a good 22 yrs of peace&.prosperity under you love you more n more with each passing day of this cursed administration which keeps bringing more n more misery to the people,
    Ian Chin”s “revelation”only heaps redicule on him because he proves himself to b spineless,irresponsible,self serving,opportunistic and having no conscience at all.If he was coerced into giving his judgements against his wishes and conscience the most honourable thing 4 him to do was to resign and let justice b done.But he chose to warm his seat and keep his purse at d xenpence of justice!How deplorable and Satanic!!He could have earned more outside the bench as a lawyer.Who will believe this liar!Is he lying now to please the presnt administration so that he can be elevated to a higher postion in the judiciary!? And they blame you for the sorry state of the judiciary!!Morons!
    Brother Tun .The truth is all lawyers by the nature of their profession are trained to lie,defend lies,defend criminals and murderers!And from among them are made judges.As judges they think and act evil too.Habits die hard!! The also have emotions and scores to settle gainst other people.Not only that; they too are humans albeit lesser humans;and are also corruptible and prone to threats from criminals and triads against themselves and their loved ones.Their judgement may be tainted!Remember there was one more judge who vented his anger in Kota Kinabalu High Court,because his child did not get a scholarship!!I can list numerous other cases where money,power and position taints their judgements,It is wrong to put them on a higher pedestial than the common man.
    Brother u were right to keep them in check!These judges are no Gods or demigods.Because of their personal beleifs,emotions and political inclinations they cannot be allowed to hold the nation and rakyat to ransom.They must b made accountable for their judgements!The presnt minions dont seem to understand that, in their quest for cheap popularity.The lawyers(liarrs) are taking them for a ride!
    They keep referring to western justice,privy council etc.But conveniently forgetting that these “fountais” of justice have hanged the innocent,only to absolve them much later.Numerous cases of rape convictions for instance were released after they had served a better part of their life,with the advent of DNA testing!
    Political justice from the west leaves much to be desired!The Chief Justice of England gave the go ahead for the Iraq war on no evidence only to please the politicians so he could keep his job!Privy Counil Justice eh!
    George Bush Jr became president on the pleas of his father to the judges he had appointed earlier!
    One thing Brother u will be vindicated for your actions Insya Allah,because you did it in the interest of Malaysia and its people and not for personal gain!
    You keep your head high and cool .Victory will be yours in the end.Remember .You have never lost a fight before because you are on the right.ASWT will vindicate your actions!!
    Karpal labels you a gutter politician and not a statesman.By God if the likes of you fit the bill of a gutter politician I pray that all politicians turn into gutter politicians and let karpal take the mantle of a statesman.
    Brother take care of your health,dont let these minor irritants bother you.Allah is with you.I want to keep writing,but may be I will continue again at a later date.
    I have been waiting to communicate with you since I was in Form 3,that is when I started reading newspapers and read about your “battles”in parliament.And prophesised that you will definitely become PM of Malaysia one day!The rest is history as they say,Wsslm Allah bless you and your family.

  14. sherry Jul 1,2008 2:17 AM

    Zaid Ibrahim Menteri Undang2 konco Abdullah Badawi dengan jelas menunjukkan sifat beliau yang prejudis dan hipokrit, berlagak sombong dan angkuh, kaki pembodek dan kaki ????
    Mengapa demikian:-
    1. Zaid dituduh korup politik wang dan dijatuhi hukuman gantung dari politik oleh Abdullah Badawi.
    2. Apabila BN kalah teruk PRU12, ironi dan anehnya, Zaid dilantik oleh Abdullah sebagai senator dan seterusnya sebagai Menteri Undang2. Jadilah Zaid sebagai menteri korup yang tidak dilantik oleh rakyat. Malah, dibawah kerajaan Abdullah, nak jadi menteri tak perlu menang PRU.
    3. Zaid cuba menutup mulut Mukriz dan Abd Rahman yang lantang mengkritik Abdullah, sedangkan hak Mukriz dan Abd Rahman bersuara kerana dipilih oleh rakyat sebagai ahli parlimen.
    4. Zaid cuba menjatuhkan Tun Mahathir melalui kes Video Linggam yang dibuat begitu terburu2. Peliknya, sehingga kini cabaran Tun supaya didakwa di mahkamah dilengah2kan oleh Zaid kerana dia sedar banyak kepincangan rumusan Suruhanjaya Diraja yang pasti menemui kegagalan di mahkamah kelak.
    5. Zaid melantik dirinya sebagai Hakim dengan membuat rumusan janggal (membelakangkan prosidur undang2 negara) bahawa Tribunal lantikan DYMM Agung telah salah dalam isu pemecatan bekas ketua hakim negara Tun Salleh Abas. Ini merupakan penyalahgunaan kuasa bidang perundangan yang amat nyata. Reformasi kehakiman atau hiprokrasi tak siuman.
    6. Zaid melantik dirinya sebagai Poslaju menghantar sendiri pampasan ex-gratia wang rakyat kepada hakim2 yang dipecat. Zaid dengan bongkak cuba merahsiakan dari rakyat pembayar cukai amaun ex-gratia yang dibayar (dengar kata RM1.5juta x 3 hakim = RM4.5juta) atas alasan nak jaga hati hakim2 ini. Wang rakyat diperlaku oleh Zaid seolah2 wang Ibrahim, duit bapa aku suka hati aku le berapa aku nak bagi pun, kamu semua rakyat bodoh jangan le pandai2 nak tanya. Betapa angkuh dan takbur Zaid HP6 ini.
    7. Zaid mahu minta maaf kepada Hakim2 ini atas “kesilapan” DYMM Agung yakni, Tribunal tersebut. Who does he think he is to say that the Tribunal and the Agung was wrong? Anyway, hiprocracy is the name of the game, dan Zaid mendapat sanjungan Majlis Peguam, Karpal Singh, DAP, Ambiga, Param Curu, Anwar Ibrahim dan lain2 lagi Anti Ketuanan Melayu. Zaid akan celebrate di ‘pub’….minum air sejuk saja kot.
    8. Tuduhan2 verbal tanpa fakta oleh hakim2 Chin CJ dan Azmi terhadap Tun Mahathir diterima bulat2 oleh Menteri Zaid, Ambiga, Karpal,dll. tetapi apabila Tun Mahathir memberi penjelasan terperinci serta mendedahkan salahlaku Chin CJ, Zaid dengan sifat hipokritnya mengelak dari melakukan siasatan keatas hakim berkenaan. Reformasi Kehakiman Penipuan Zaid terserlah, manakala Ambiga, Param dan Majlis Peguam, DAP, PKR jadi bisu, Karpal pulak terhantuk kepala terpaksa kembali kepada realiti.
    9. Zaid, where is your integrity and credibility? You are trully a kaki pembodek, kaki minum air sejuk, kaki hakim songsang, kaki korup dan menteri kaki lima.
    10. Akhir sekali, Zaid seorang sahaja yang mengaku bersalah dan mohon maaf kepada Tun Salleh Abas. Ini kes paling pelik dan aneh dalam sejarah perundangan negara. Saya mohon Zaid menjatuhkan hukuman sekarang juga ke atas Anwar Ibrahim, kerana reformasi kehakiman Zaid membolehkan Kerajaan Abdullah Badawi dan Menteri Zaid membuat keputusan penghakiman tanpa perlu melalui prosedur undang2.

  15. shawnshams Jul 1,2008 2:01 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    I am admired of your political life ever since I am 18 years. I am not a Malaysian. I am Made in Singapore and live there for almost 40 years of my life. Any News about you or your articles’ which i never give a miss because I like the way you put your words and been a mentor in my life being firm in whatever you do and also a self confidence person which no one can destroy it even through i went thick and thin of my life. Seen the millions and penny of my life but always have this policy i learn from you NEVER GIVE UP! YOU CAN FINISH THE RACE SOME DAY! I have a questions always wanted to asked you. Maybe this day it will make it possible for me to ask you. Do you believe Personally whether Anwar could have done “The Sodomy Act”. I believe it take a long time and pain to train someone in those days to be succession you as the Prime Minister after you retire from Politic. Evidence can be fabricated by anyone if there are in Top Level. Looking at the story now about him, my thoughts run back to back late 90’s. The same story line. Looking at the current administration and also looking at your administration there is a lot different. Today what is Malaysia is because of your 22 years of firm and hard core maintaining the policy and also creating what most Malaysian enjoying today. You can’t pleased everyone, but for the Good of the Country you have to be sometime selfish in deciding what is Good for Malaysia. Even now in my Business I practice being firm for the Good of the Company not for the people working in it. and to be frank it is starting to grow. Okay Tun, my questions about Anwar? I am not a real fan of him but I was merely have curious questions to ask since I regards you as my mentor in secrets. . Let me bring some capsules from Yahoo News..”I was assaulted to near death before and my family and friends told me not to take things for granted,” Anwar said. “I have every reason to suspect that it may recur again because they are more desperate now compared to 1998.” I believe you have choose a right guy to lead Malaysia but I believe Anwar became too greedy or impatient for his turn to be Prime Minister. He became too egotists and his ambitious took control of him before he can be a Prime Minister. And so he started to listen to the American instead of you if I am not wrong, because politic is dirty there are always hidden agenda like business. Everyone has their own agenda in their sleeves but knowing being a Person who forgive a person who accept their mistakes and move on with their life. I seen numbers of Politician you have forgiven and let them go with lighted punishment. Now you choose the people have turn back against you even thought you are the one build UMNO to be strong for 22 years. I just believe the when you retire from Politics and hand over to Pak Lak, the victory is yours not his to claim but the current last election is truly belong Pak Lak not yours yet people blame here and there.
    I just believe if you take your intelligence to study into this matter what actually happen in 1998 and now seem to be similar. I had this thought rushing my mind. You know Anwar was know to be stylist Minister back then, yet you had the believe he would succeed you one day but he was overthrow by his own personal pride, but looking at the sodomy issue, just feel that the people behind this could be the same as 1998? The people could have blind you in 1998 and now they can’t because you are outside the box, you can think superiorly that what I believe. Even the last election you were saying UMNO will lose at least 30 to 40% of its seat even before the election results was announce. So I believe you are still the super superior person who have the power to make things happen for fellow Malaysian believe in you. Even thought I am not a Malaysian I do have a lot of good Malaysian Friend who always talk about good things of you. I believe God gives us a heart to forgive and forget and accepting a person as human as he forgive himself first and then learn to forgive others. I hope Anwar will make the same approach to forgive and forget. You are always his Mentor that is a facts that no one can change it. Why don’t give him a chance to listen from his deep voice of sorrows? That why I ask you whether you personally believe Anwar conduct himself in this act of sodomy? That is a price too expensive for anyone to behave or act. Too expensive for a person to ruin his career and his life for just for XXXX? I don’t think anyone would risk everything he build for such a stupid thing. Everyone has different way of handling and behaving, I believe if you give him a chance to listen his real story, I think he would be better Prime Minister who can follow and build what your legacy has left behind and I believe he is right person who will continue your legacy by you. You need a person who is strong to believe Malaysian Boleh Legacy!!!! I believe he is the chosen one, by faith I shall write this message to you My Honorable Mentor Tun. Thank you. May God Bless you with Many more beautiful years and great wisdoms Sir. Regards, Shawn

  16. Kampong Boy Jul 1,2008 1:49 AM

    Comments from Kampong Boy based on comments from Onlooker:
    Well, I have to give credit on your overall comments on our judiciary independence issues. Obviously you have expressed your perception and views on our “judiciary independence” especially during the previous administration.
    Frankly I am not from the law school. Obviously I am just a kampong boy which lack of knowledge in issues such as this. I did not realize at all that the ISA and judicial independence are linked together. Thought that they are totally independence from one another. Like you said, if you are caught under ISA you do not have to go through the court at all. Similarly if you are caught for other reasons then you will have to go through the normal court. Please enlighten me on this matter since I am just a kampong boy.
    At the same time, I do remember that you may also be sent for free holidays in some other countries as well. They can also send you away under the pretext of something like “ISA” in their own version. You should know better since I am not fully expose to the rest of the world in comparison to you. You could enlighten some of us if something similar to ISA does exist in some other countries. Appreciate if you could share this with us.
    At the same time, give me some time to get back to you based on your comments on the perception that we are one of the countries which are “lack of judicial independence”. Personally this is too heavy for kampong boy like me to give comment now. However, in due time I will do my best to find some information on judicial independence.
    First I have to understand what it means by “judicial independence” in comparison to other countries such as US apart from some of the comments that you had already highlighted.
    Once again, really appreciate your views and believe me I do gain a lot from reading some of your comments.
    Salam and take care Onlooker
    Kampong Boy

  17. TechTitan Jul 1,2008 1:47 AM

    How is it possible for a judge to preside a case that he/she has personal interest in it? Nowadays people talk about judiciary reformation and how our judicial system needs to be more transparent with less inteference from government. But if the integrity of a judge himself/herself is questionable then I suppose our judges also need to be “reformed” or better still send them to a real Boot Camp in Kamunting.

  18. firdausUTM Jul 1,2008 1:37 AM

    assalamualaikum tun
    moga diberi keihatan yang baik dan berada di bawah rahmat illahi..alhamdulillah sy membaca apa yg di cukup risau sekiranya kerajaan pak lah berbuat sesuatu yg tidak baik terhadap tun..
    sebagai rakyat malaysia yg sudah tidak mampu lg berada dibawah pimpinan pak lah, kami semua meminta tun formula yang bole menyelesaikan setiap perkara yg tidak disenangi masa sekarang..
    pasal budak aras 4 tu, ape yg kita bole lakukan kepada die??semakin ari semakin menjadi2..norza zakaria, reezal??buat la sesuatu tun..kami akan bertindak bersama2 tun..kami mahukan tun menyelesaikan kepincangan yg berlaku..
    ape2 pun, kami rakyat malaysia sentiasa bersama2 tun..
    may God bless u..

  19. semaon Jul 1,2008 1:17 AM


  20. ahh Jun 30,2008 11:24 PM

    Askum TDM,
    Untuk saudara antimamak jika saudara banyak membuat kajian dan pandai mencari apakah kesalahan yang TDM kononnya lakukan maka saya rasa saudara pasti tahu Apakah kebaikan disebalik fakta di blog saudara berkaitan 22 perkara jika fakta tersebut benar.Jika saudara tidak mendapat jawapannya maka fakta tersebut bolehlah dikatakan tidak benar sama sekali.Lagi satu cuba saudara buat kajian pula tentang perkara yang TDM telah laksanakan selama 22 tahun yang telah terbukti menjurus kearah kebaikan.Baru lah ada ‘balance’ didalam fakta tersebut.Saya fikir mungkin saudara tidak akan jadi antimamak lagi jika saudara mengetahui perkara sebenar.

  21. cek Jun 30,2008 5:02 PM


  22. Baju Putih Jun 30,2008 4:17 PM

    assalamualaikum ayahanda tun…
    semoga ayanhanda dipanjangkan umur dan di kurniakan kesihatan yg baik

  23. magninominisumbra Jun 30,2008 3:51 PM

    ATLIT merupakan mereka yang BEKERJA untuk negara, sama seperti semua rakyat di Malaysia,masing2 ada kerja mereka tersendiri dalam membantu negara, tak kira pekerjaan, semua menyumbang kepada negara, apabila PEKERJA2 ini mendapat KEJAYAAN bukan semua mendapat GANJARAN, segelintir saja yang dapat iaitu mereka yang digelar ATLIT, bukan sikit SEJUTA nak dibagi……… adakah kita bekerja untuk ganjaran atau untuk negara………
    CERITA 1: “saya seorang artis terkenal Malaysia, saya berusaha keras dalam bidang nyanyian, latihan tiap2 hari, bekorban masa dan jiwa saya selama 5 tahun persediaan untuk ke pertandingan nyanyian peringkat antarabangsa di Beijing, China, saya telah menang pertandingan itu dan mengharumkan nama negara di peringkat dunia……. adakah saya akan mendapat RM 1,000,000.00?”
    CERITA 2:”saya merupakan profesor dari universiti tempatan, saya terlibat dalam kajian untuk menghasilkan baka pokok durian yang boleh menghasilkan buah dalam masa 1 tahun selepas ditanam dari anak biji benih, saya korbankan masa dan diri saya dalam menjayakan kajian ini selama 15 tahun, kajian saya ini telah memenangi tempat pertama dalam pertandingan yang dijalankan di Beijing, china dan telah mengharumkan nama negara di peringkat dunia…… adakah saya akan mendapat RM 1,000,000.00?”
    CERITA 3:”saya merupakan atlit negara, saya telah menghabiskan masa saya selama 3 tahun dalam memantapkan persediaan diri untuk ke sukan olympik di Beijing, china, saya telah memenangi pingat EMAS dan mengharumkan nama negara di peringkat dunia…… adakah saya akan mendapat RM 1,000,000.00?”
    Diantara Cerita-cerita berikut, yang mana akan mendapat GANJARAN RM 1,000,000.00?
    Apakah perbezaan individu2 ini dalam mengharumkan nama negara di peringkat dunia?

  24. SonGoku Jun 30,2008 3:44 PM

    Setuju untuk pakai riben putih…………Mari semua kita bersama sama menunjuk kan perpaduan sebenar…..

  25. kak ani Jun 30,2008 3:40 PM

    1) Why didn’t DSAI turn up to the scheduled press briefing and meet the press and look at them in their eyes and explain his case?
    2) Why did he pre-emp his arrest by hiding at some foreign embassy as if he knew he’s going to be arrested? How does he know police may have a case against him?
    3) How come suddenly he’s received a death threat? why didn’t he make a police report about the death threat?
    4) Why didn’t he let police completes the investigation first rather than trying to prevent it?
    Just wondering….

  26. malan3395 Jun 30,2008 3:17 PM

    Dear Tun…,
    La ni dh mcm2 hal belaku. Citer2 lm mcm diungkit blik dan diulang tayg smula. Ni sume psl pemimpin la ni lembik la tk kuat mcm Tun dlu.
    Sume phak dh naik tocang. Kmi yg kt bwh ni sapa mau bela…
    Tun buat comeback smula nk prbtulkn keadaan sj. Pastu dh ok passing kt org yg berwibawa. Jgn bg kt PLah plk nnti pimai2 tangtu gak.
    Slain dpt stabilkn keadaan, nm Tun jg msuk rekod dunia –> pemimpin
    dh undur naik blk. Lg terknal la Malaysia.
    Klau nk naik jgn tkut, halo je kitaorg support baik punya..

  27. ashhassimoto Jun 30,2008 3:06 PM

    To antimamak,
    From my observation on your comments/remarks in this entry, and also in previous postings and elsewhere, I can’t help noticing that what you have said are nothing new……I mean there is no originality at all. This is exactly what DAP, PAS, PKR, Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today, and Tun’s detractors have been saying all along in their hate mails/campaigns/propagandas against Tun….in fact you are just repeating what they were saying….like parrots.
    Parrots are exotic tropical bird that listen, memorise and repeat phrases taught by HIS MASTER.
    When you think you know too much, actually you know nothing……just like empty vessel.
    “I am antimamak, I am no smarter than than a fifth grader” ….this exactly what you would have said if you were to appear in the programme Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader on Channel 711 Astro.

  28. naliazana Jun 30,2008 3:00 PM

    Rasulullah SAW bersabda:
    “Perumpamaan orang-orang yang berpegang kepada kebenaran dan orang-orang yang melakukan kesalahan adalah seumpama penumpang-penumpang di atas sebuah kapal yang besar. Sebahagian penumpang berada di atas kapal dan sebahagian berada di dalam perut kapal. Sekiranya orang-orang yang berada di bawah ingin mengambil air dan mereka malas untuk mengambilnya daripada bahagian atas kapal sebaliknya mereka menebuk dinding kapal dan mendapatkan air terus daripada lautan. Sekiranya orang yang berada di atas hanya melihat sahaja (tindakan menebuk dinding kapal), maka lambat laun seluruh kapal tersebut akan tenggelam, tetapi sekiranya mereka menegur dan mencegah perbuatan tersebut maka semua penumpang kapal tersebut selamat (kapal tidak karam)” (riwayat al Bukhari).
    Daripada hadith ini, terserlah suatu pengajaran yang amat bermakna; budaya saling nasihat-menasihati dan sentiasa memperbaiki kelemahan diri dan rakan sepasukan akan menyumbang kepada kejayaan sesebuah organisasi. Analogi yang dibuat dalam hadith di atas sangat accurate .
    Sebuah kapal yang besar sekalipun, akan karam sekiranya ada antara anak kapal tersebut yang menebuk dinding kapal untuk mendapatkan air. Mungkin yang melakukan perbuatan tersebut hanya 10 orang daripada 5000 anak kapal, tetapi sekiranya 4990 orang hanya melihat perbuatan yang dilakukan oleh 10 orang tersebut akhirnya semua anak kapal berkemungkinan mati lemas.
    Dalam membudayakan sifat memberi dan menerima dalam konteks memajukan diri dan organisasi, ada dua sudut yang perlu dilihat.
    PERTAMA : orang yang menegur atau menasihati dan KEDUA : orang yang ditegur atau dinasihati.
    Orang yang menegur hendaklah sentiasa ikhlas dalam menegur atau menasihati sesiapa. Janganlah teguran ini disebabkan konflik peribadi. Ingat, teguran bukan HENTAMAN. Teguran yang ikhlas dari hati, pasti akan memberikan kesan yang membekas di hati, insha Allah. Orang yang menegur juga sebaik mungkin mencari jalan yang terbaik untuk menasihati orang yang hendak dinasihatinya supaya nasihat itu dapat disampaikan dengan berkesan.
    Bagi orang yang ditegur, terima sesuatu teguran dan nasihat secara positif dan konstruktif. Analisalah setiap teguran dan nasihat yang diterima. Percayalah, kita tidak rugi sesenpun sekiranya berubah untuk memajukan sendiri. Cuma kadang-kadang ubat yang mujarab biasanya agak pahit, tetapi kesannya SUPERB!
    Bagi seorang Muslim, teguran jujur dan baik yang diterima oleh seseorang itu adalah tanda kasih sayang Allah. Janganlah berdendam kepada orang yang menegur dan menasihati kita dan sekiranya teguran tersebut dirasakan tidak betul, anggaplah orang yang menegur itu punya niat yang baik walaupun tersalah.
    Hakikatnya kita manusia sentiasa perlu di tegur….
    Semoga Allah memanjang usia Tun & Keluarga…

  29. ISTERI ANTIMAMAK Jun 30,2008 2:50 PM

    TUN yang di hormati,
    Saya dah dapatkan “action plan” untuk projek tunjuk sokong pada TUN turunkan Pak Lah. “Bantahan aman dan senyap suara hati rakyat”
    Besok kita dah nak mula pakai ribbon dan kibar bendera.
    cepat email kat ashar :
    dari dapur isteri antimamak

  30. Fazrulls Jun 30,2008 2:46 PM

    Hmmm yang akan mendapat ganjaran hanyalah mereka dan keluarga mereka…. ish..ish.. ish.. bukan setakat satu juta.. berjuta2 dan berbillion2.. dan triliion..
    Banyakkan dan pandaikan mereka menghabiskan wang rakyat di mana wang tersebut bukan dari wang bapa mereka…
    Fikir2lah sebelum membuat sesuatu keputusan…
    Tak gitu…

  31. anak merdeka Jun 30,2008 2:28 PM

    assalamulaikum TUN & semua kwn2 di blod ini yg pro TUN…….
    nasihat saya cuma satu sahaja…..kepada yg menghina,mencerca,mefitnah TUN adalah makhluk Tuhan yg mmg xkenal budi…..very simple,sy percaya semua yg anti TUN hidup dlm keadaan yg selesa skrg tp hasil usaha siapa….paklah,zaid atau kj…..tlg jwb…..even kpd anti TUN you all kenal it pun krn TUN tau yg membawa teknologi it ke malaysia,so kalau nak mengata org pk sedlm-dlmnya…ko org mmg buat org meluat jeeeeeeee,aku kalau nak ckp bernanah telinga ko org nt….so cara yg baik aku nasihatkan ko jgn nak menyibuk kat blog ini sekadar ckp yg xde faedah………
    kepada Ayahanda….
    walauapapun jg lah kesihatan baik2…doa kami rakyat yg sentiasa diblkg TUN,sungguhpun TUN tidak berceramah diluar tetapi penulisan,pendedahan TUn di blog kami terus harapkan,seperti kata pepatah melayu’mata pen lebih tajam drpd pedang’segala info drpd TUN adalah satu penyatuan kpd rakyat yg ingin melihat pemimpin yg baik di masa hdpn,allahukbar………sy sekeluarga akan sentiasa mendoakan TUN serta keluarga

  32. sarip Jun 30,2008 1:48 PM

    kalau hakim2 rasa dia dah above the law, so sapa yang akan kontrol hakim2? hakim2 pun manusia biasa jugak diaorang tak maksum, jadi tendency untuk buat kesilapan tu masih ada. mmg patut ada certain body yang able to control our judiciary system. awam harus faham yang hakim2 are also not the smartest person in the world. dia emosi, nafsu etc macam orang biasa jugak. tapi bagi large sum of ex-gratia??? mana dapat ilham tuuu. smell somethin’ cookin’.

  33. magninominisumbra Jun 30,2008 1:28 PM

    ATLIT merupakan mereka yang BEKERJA untuk negara, sama seperti semua rakyat di Malaysia,masing2 ada kerja mereka tersendiri dalam membantu negara, tak kira pekerjaan, semua menyumbang kepada negara, apabila PEKERJA2 ini mendapat KEJAYAAN bukan semua mendapat GANJARAN, segelintir saja yang dapat iaitu mereka yang digelar ATLIT, bukan sikit SEJUTA nak dibagi……… adakah kita bekerja untuk ganjaran atau untuk negara………
    CERITA 1: “saya seorang artis terkenal Malaysia, saya berusaha keras dalam bidang nyanyian, latihan tiap2 hari, bekorban masa dan jiwa sa ya selama 5 tahun untuk ke pertandingan nyanyian peringkat antarabangsa di Beijing, China, saya telah menang pertandingan itu dan mengharumkan nama negara di peringkat dunia……. adakah saya akan mendapat RM 1,000,000.00?”
    CERITA 2:”saya merupakan profesor dari universiti tempatan, saya terlibat dalam kajian untuk menghasilkan baka pokok durian yang boleh menghasilkan buah dalam masa 1 tahun selepas ditanam dari anak biji benih, saya korbankan masa dan diri saya dalam menjayakan kajian ini selama 15 tahun, kajian saya ini telah memenangi tempat pertama dalam pertandingan yang dijalankan di Beijing, china dan telah mengharumkan nama negara di peringkat dunia…… adakah saya akan mendapat RM 1,000,000.00?”
    CERITA 3:”saya merupakan atlit negara, saya telah menghabiskan masa saya selama 3 tahun dalam memantapkan persediaan diri untuk ke sukan olympik di Beijing, china, saya telah memenangi pingat EMAS dan mengharumkan nama negara di peringkat dunia…… adakah saya akan mendapat RM 1,000,000.00?”
    Diantara Cerita-cerita berikut, yang mana akan mendapat GANJARAN RM 1,000,000.00?
    Apakah perbezaan individu2 ini dalam mengharumkan nama negara di peringkat dunia?

  34. Anak Kedah Jun 30,2008 12:33 PM

    saya ingin mencadangkan agar blog ini di tambah pengisiannya bukan sekadar artikel tetapi koleksi gmbar, aktiviti dan sebagainya mengenai Tun seharian. Kerana kami rakyat malaysia amat rindukan Tun berdua kerana jarang-jarang kali Tun disiarkan di mana-mana media. Saya faham dimedia Tun memang di GAM (macam artis lak yg dihukum setelah melakukan kesalahan). Saya difahamkan setiap hari Tun dikunjungi oleh pelbagai golongan dalam dan luar negeri. Dengan pendedahan seperti ini, kami rakyat akan lebih mengetahui perkembangan Tun dan dapatlah melepaskan rindu pada Tun. Saya berharaplah sangat sekirannya cadangan saya diterima kerana saya berkata bagi harapan rakyat yang lain. Sekian sahaja cadangan dan pengharapan saya.. Sampaikan salam sayang saya pada Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Mohamad Ali. Wasalam… Kau Perjuangan Selama aku Dilahirkan…

  35. Yunos Jun 30,2008 12:30 PM

    These people are just selfish tak kenal antara Intan dan Kacha nanti tersepit baru tahu. Sayang lah negri kamu nanti jadi macham negri Indon baru tahu, tu gam dah lambat.Nanti di tepok tangan oleh negri giran.. Mereka dah jauh meningal kan Malaysia tak sadah ke lagi asek siok sendiri.

  36. ikanbilismoh Jun 30,2008 12:23 PM

    Tak sangka TUN mempunyai rekod-rekod mengenai peguam ini..adakah rekod-rekod ini di simpan TUN ..atau ada yg membantu TUN dalam hal ini…
    TUN kenapa tiada aturcara dalam laman blog ini..jadi sukar untuk saya untuk mengetahui di mana TUN akan berucap lagi…supaya saya mudah turut serta mendengar ucapan TUN….
    Seperti yang dijangka oleh TUN….menteri peguam iaitu Zaid terus menyatakan tiada tribunal nak diwujudkan…memang sah mereka nie lah perosak bangsa…nak memburukkan orang sahaja…
    Sekian…..mana tribunal untuk salah laku peguam hah…..

  37. maksulong Jun 30,2008 12:00 PM

    Askm Tun,
    melihat dan mendengar apa yang telak berlaku pada tahun ini jelas menunjukkan Kerajaan sekarang enuh dengan korupsi,berat sebelah,tidak adil dan mementingkan kroni masing2.tak faham macamana pemimpin yang ada pada masa ni jenis ‘yes man”.rasanya kalu dia suap taik ke dalam mulut pun mereka akan nganga.kalau dilihat dlm coretan blog tun jelas menunjukkan ramai yang tidak tahan dan meluat dengan pimpinan AAB…diharapkan Tun dapat melakukan sesuatu.

  38. ARbAK Jun 30,2008 11:55 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun, Tun Siti dan Semua Rakan Seperjuangan,
    Judge Ian Chin, Salleh Abas, Zaid Ibrahim dan ramai lagi the soo call “Yang Ariff” adalah MANUSIA-MANUSIA HINA di sisi Allah swt.
    Kadang kala saya dapati Seorang PENYAPU SAMPAH bahkan seekor Anjing Kurap (anjing kurap itupun Allah yang sama itu juga jadikan nya)lebih mulia di sisi Allah daripada sebilangan Judge dan Lawyer yang ramai ini. Begitu juga dengan sebilangan besar Ahli Politik pada masa ini.
    Allah tentang SIAPA SEBENARNYA PAK LAH, KJ, ANUAR IBRAHIM,SALLEH ABAS, ZAHID IBRAHIM,IAN CHIN dan ramai lagi HYPOCRITE ini. Masakan boleh bangkai gajah ditutup dengan nyiru???? Semua mereka ini hendak menentang kuasa Allah swt MANA BOLEH!!!!
    Kepada Semua Rakan Seperjuangan, mari kita sama-sama memerangi
    kezaliman yang diamalkan ole Pak Lah dan khadam2 nya.
    Kepada penyokong2,pengampu2,talibarut2 dan Yes Man2, Tuan2 juga mempunyai HARGA DIRI di sisi Allah swt,biarpun di dunia ini kita papa kedana. JANGANLAH DIGADAIKAN HARGA HARGA DIRI ITU untuk keuntungan yang sedikit.
    Semoga moga Allah swt melimpahkan taufik dan hidayah-Nya kepada Yang Dikasihi Tun, Tun Siti dan Semua Rakan Seperjuangan.Amin

  39. maestro63 Jun 30,2008 11:43 AM

    Cite pasal DSAI ni wayang dia dgn AAB kot??? Nak kan simpati rakyat. Nak tunjuk BN & UMNO ni trlampau kotor, sanggup go to this extend nak jatuh kan DSAI (kononnye).
    Pandainye kaum2 ni main wayang.Wa dah x percaya pada wayang AAB, KJ, DZI & KS tu…. Taktik basi(decoy)nak alih pandangan rakyat ke issue-issue yang lebih relevent. Issue KJ dapat komisen Pos Malaysia, minyak naik, derita rakyat dan Petronasblom selesai lagi. Dah kuar cite laen pulak…. Amat lah bijak…
    Esok kite kuar ramai tunjuk ABB and his barua, that their days are almost over and rakyat don’t as the PM anymore.
    DSNTR, be smart… proof you got your own stand. Listen to your heart. Insyallah you will see the light. Challange if you see fit. Don’t you see AAB is handing over the premiership to DSAI? Think, my man. One more thing, don’t listen to Rosmah. Be a man for once. Save the rakyat like your father did…..
    DMukriz, I’ll back anytime for the Youth post. TSMY and DSRY, go for the VP sits. Peduli apa dgn barua2 AAB tu.
    Its time for ayahanda to propose a short term solution. Quitely lah…nanti kena ISA lak kite semua..New UMNO could or maybe a solution… you hint very discretely, without saying too much… very nicely done. That is why my family loves you…. till now.

  40. blueoceon Jun 30,2008 11:36 AM

    Salam Che Det,
    You are always in my prayer. I wish you well.
    Please continue with your crusade to clean up your name. You have many enemies who would like it very much to see you fall from grace but if your “nawaitu” is pure, Allah will always with you.
    I am very sick with the pemimpin who are greedy, one camp is desperate to retain power, the other camp is desperate to get the power. Nobody is really interested to work for the country. The political situation is now a big joke but unfortunately nobody is laughing.
    I miss you and your leadership. Long ago when malay, chinese and indian all can carik makan. It was not easy but I feel SECURE because I BELIEVE the government will do what is best for the people. That is what we need. Not a pemimpin who seek refuge in other country’s embassy because takut dengan bayang-bayang sendiri. If he really feel unsafe in this country, by all means please leave.
    Till then, take care.

  41. Melayu Nusantara Jun 30,2008 11:32 AM

    Saudara antimamak,
    Saya selaku orang Melayu merasa malu melihat orang melayu bergaduh sesama sendiri. Kutuk mengutuk antara satu sama lain dan Sindir menyindir. Yang amat dahsyat tuduh menuduh yakni ‘fitnah’. Saudara fahamkah apa yang dikatakan fitnah?
    Saudara antimamak
    Seperti yang saudara katakan, memberikan komen membangun itu baik dan boleh membuka minda.Tapi saudara juga lupa yang saudara pun menyindir dan mengutuk di dalam blog chedet. Al maklumlah, pasti ramai yang marah. Rasanya semua mamak roti canai di Malaysia pun marah dengan sidiran dan kutukan saudara. Mungkin itu yang saudara inginkan.
    Saudara antimamak
    Adalah satu berbuatan yang salah dan bacul bagi saudara memuat turunkan gambar saudara Azhar Abdullah dan mengaku ianya diri saudara dan menyuruh orang meludahnya, atas alasan gambar saudara. Rasanya saudara adalah seorang yang tak bertanggun jawab.
    Mohon maaf anakanda tumpang sekejap,
    Saudara antimamak
    Saya berasa malu teramat sangat akan perbuatan saudara itu. Walaupun dalam blog saudara ini nampaknya saudara memanglah orang yang boleh di katakan berpelajaran dan berilmu, sampai berani mencabar TUN.
    Tapi nampaknya dengan apa yang berlaku di sini, saya berani katakana saudara adalah seorang yang benar pengecut,:baling batu sembunyi tangan dengan mengkambing hitamkan saudara Azhar Abdullah.
    Kepada rakan bloger,
    takpayahlah layan orang macam antimamak ini.
    Semuga saudara antimamak sedar akan kesalahan saudara….Amien
    salam perjuangan
    M. Amirul

  42. aziz g Jun 30,2008 11:29 AM

    salam Tun,
    As usual our ‘beloved’ PM & Gang think by using all sorts of dumb & dumber they can fool the people into thinking and believing that Tun are the worst person to have as PM, well as days went by more and more been revealed to Malaysian that – LAH and Gang days are numbered and all their dirty deeds been exposed!
    Well we are more than ready to PUNISH those LAH and Fools!

  43. sktan Jun 30,2008 11:27 AM

    Dearest Ayahanda Tun,:yang digelar BAPAK*** MALAYSIA. BAPAK is the only word that l’m concern, and*** not important. Once a BAPAK, always a BAPAK.
    Kindly enlighten us on this::Can sombody instruct payment of ex-gratia payment without consulting the Rakyat? if so who has the authority and AMOUNT? Did he/she went through proper chanels? Can RAKYAT oppose? If so how? Ex-Gratia payments=Rakyat’s hard earned money, and we want our money back, for better use.
    Is it correct to THROW money here, THROW money there as he pleases and also oops into the ‘Longkang’ too in this case EX-GRATIA.
    Nowonder ian c so desperate to speak up only after seeing this.
    And heh who knows mine (exgratia payments) is on the way too. Maybe a big LADDER comes with it.(Dont worry this kind of action,surely wont be accompany by a BROOM, at least).
    Take very good care Tun and Family.

  44. ikanbilismoh Jun 30,2008 11:21 AM

    Kenapa tak de artikel-artikel lagi…dah 3 hari menunggu nie…
    saya berharap TUN dapat tulis artikel mengenai ISKANDAR MALAYSIA..supaya rakyat Johor dan rakyat Malaysia yg lain tahu akan kepimpinan sekarang sedang menjual tanah kepada negara jiran kita iaitu Singapura….
    Setahu saya rakyat kita tak akan mampu beli tanah atau property yg akan dijual di sana…harganya mencecah ratusan ribu ringgit…yg mampu beli adalah rakyat singapura sahaja…
    Bila tanah di sana telah dibeli maka akan menjadi milik kekal mereka dan tentu status tanah menjadi tanah mereka iaitu rakyat singapura…
    harap TUN dapat mengupas hal ini untuk tatapan umum…walaupun kerajaan kata tanah itu hanya untuk disewa dengan perjanjian beberapa tahun…tapi secara logiknya adakah orang nak membeli property yang di sewa tanahnya..kemudian perjanjian tamat mereka kena usir…saya rasa tak de yang akan mahu membelinya kecuali diberikan hak milik kekal selama-lamanya..
    Harap TUN dapat ulaskan perkara ini dgn lebih lanjut lagi…
    Sekian…orang Johor sedarlah tanah anda sedang dijual kepada Singapura…

  45. nelly Jun 30,2008 11:20 AM

    Dear Tun,
    from the details, consistency and frequency of your writing I can conclude that you are telling the truth. Kalau Tun jenis penipu dan tak buat kerje mcm AAB dan pembodek2, sure Tun akan timbulkan isu orang tak respect Tun apatah lagi dengan jasa2 Tun selama ini. Dah tak ada modal, so mereka akan guna taktik yg sama la, tak respect, tak loyal kepada pemerintah, dah tu ada saja lah tindakan yang kita tau hanya untuk menutup isu sebenar. But you are not like them. I don’t see you have any motives for not telling the truth.
    This is what we need to open our eyes. As much as I hate knowing the truth, I don’t like we can live ignoring the truth and let these people ruin the potentials that our country can be.

  46. tatih Jun 30,2008 11:11 AM

    1.saya bukan mamak.saya juga bukan nak defend mamak.tapi saudara antimamak, awak memang nampak sangat tak tau nak manage kerja atau kehidupan awak.ingat senang ke nak jadi pemimpin??? kalau semua pemimpin ni buat kerja sorang diri, alamat nak buang air pun tak sempat.TDM adalah pemimpin sejati,sudah tentulah beliau ada tulang belakang yang menyokong segala urusan beliau!!
    2.pemimpin yang baik adalah pemimpin yang tau menggunakan ‘resources’ yang baik dengan tepat pada ketika yang perlu.
    3.ayahanda tun.teruskan usaha mu yang murni.ketahuilah di akar umbi,jarang sangat kedengaran mereka yang memuji AAB lagi.
    we luv u always..

  47. thesau Jun 30,2008 10:51 AM

    Pada pendapat saya,berkenaan kes anwar ibrahim baru-baru ini adalah lebih sesuainya merujuk kepada Kerajaan Pak Lah..Rasanya merekalah yang tau apa sebenarnya berlaku. Saya berharap Tun DM akan terus memberi komen-komen ke atas apa-apa pun yang Tun rasa perlu.
    Saya sentiasa sokong Tun!!! “ALL THE BEST AND TAKE K, TUN”

  48. tigress Jun 30,2008 10:39 AM

    Salam to my revered Tun and your family,
    In your quasi presence those who love you continue to speak to you and share ideas with you in your blog.Never before have I seen so much admiration and agreement for your opinions and ideas. I am one of them, and will be with you always,come rain or shine.Like they say, I’ve got your back.
    I love you Tun, and please take care of yourself and health.
    I am priveleged to be born and grow up at a time when you were my leader.

  49. ibumimi Jun 30,2008 9:56 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun
    Semoga allah sentiasa merahmati dan memelihara Tun dan keluarga.
    Saya sentiasa doakan seluruh rakyat kembali menyanjungi Tun dan melihat kebenaran dlam isu DSAI.
    Saya amt percaya yang Tun tidak bersalah kerana teori saya yang tersendiri…yang saya kumpul secara tidak langsung sejak dari tahun 1995 lagi.
    Saya bukanlah politician atau menyukai politik cuma saya benci orang yang bermuka2.
    Tun, saya selalu doakan kesejahteraan Tun especially semasa tahun 1998 (di Makkah)dan setiap doa saya sentiasa saya doakan “the truth will prevail” dan saya harap ianya akan dimakbulkan diwaktu Tun masih sihat.

  50. thaiso Jun 30,2008 9:51 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    😉 Tun cerita la pengalaman-pengalaman menarik Tun sepanjang perjalanan hidup Tun.
    Kalau dah masuk blog politik ni,nak bercampur ngan rakyat biasa pun dah tak boleh dah.Kita cakap lain,rakyat biasa paham lagu lain.Boring la tak boleh nak berkawan ngan melayu,cina,india.Sebab bercakap pun macam main politik.
    Saya buka perniagaan atas bantuan sorang cina tu.Saya apply,kemudian dia kata bukalah.Bayar separuh dulu,baru set up buka.Tiada perjanjian bertulis tapi atas dasar prinsip percaya semata-mata.
    Sekarang dia dah ‘pergi’.Sebelum ‘pergi’ dia sempat lagi suruh saya cari tempat niaga lain banyak-banyak.Entahkan betul atau tidak tapi at least dia sempat lagi say hello pada saya sebelum dia ‘pergi’ dan sebenarnya saya sendiri tidak tahu pun dia nak ‘pergi’.Just Say Hello.
    Biar la depa sendiri selesaikan apa yang patut.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  51. kuthe2 Jun 30,2008 9:35 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Dan juga kepada bloggers sekalian…
    Sooo Wahai rakyat jelata…
    MEH kita SEMUA.. PROTEST..!!!
    NOW JOM..!!!
    1 Julai esok aja..
    JADI KA.???
    Teruskan perjuangan. Saya doakan kita semua dalam keadaan selamat dan sejahtera..
    Salam.. and Salutations to All MALAYsian..

  52. lordmusan Jun 30,2008 9:29 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Today kecoh kes anwar liwat orang lagi.I pening kepala bila baca news dalam papertapi yang paling i takut adalah akan berlaku lagi demonstrasi di jalanan tentang perkara ni dan akan berlak perkara buruk.Tun rasa angkara siapakah ini?Nak kata Tun jugak yang buat,Tun dah bukan PM!Ini menunjukkan orang-orang yang berkonspirasi menjatuhkan anwar dulu masih berada di dalam kerajaan.Yang peliknya..cerita pasal bini Najib tentang Altantuya dah tak jadi news lagi!!Heran kan?

  53. Fazrulls Jun 30,2008 9:23 AM

    Kes DSAI, kisah dah lapuk, TUn patut banggun sebelum sesuatu yang buruk berlaku, mainan politik beliau amat berkesan….
    Saya doakan agar Malaysia tidak terjebak dalam kancah politik seperti negara-negara lain..
    Jadi apa yang perlu kami buat???? tunggu dan lihat? atau bertindak sebelum terlambat….
    Salam mesra,

  54. hajiman ibrahim Jun 30,2008 9:05 AM

    Ybgh Tun,
    Kebanyakkan tindakan kerajaan sekarang seolah-olah menyerang Tun, hingga banyak masa Tun, terbuang membeladiri dari serangan itu. Tun kesuntukan masa untuk menganalisa tindakan kerajaan kebelakangan ini.
    Isu ketuanan melayu, amoun ex garatia hakim (Rasuah), Geran tanah di perak, kandang babi diselangor, ada bermacam lagi, semua ni berlaku kerana DSAAB. Kelemahan beliau akibatnya semua hancur.
    Kembalilah Ybgh Tun. Mohon Allah kurnia kesejahteraan dan kebahgian untuk Ybgh Tun & Fly. Terimakasih.

  55. Pulau Jun 30,2008 8:58 AM

    Yang dihormati Tun Dr. Mahathir
    The posting by merongwangsa on June 29, 2008 5:32 AM in respond to ABI is well written. I agree with you Pakbelalang, that it’s an itellectual view.
    Appropriate conclusion on the great wall of China. It remind me that “The World are devided into people that read, people that write, people that think and finally fox hunters”
    Keep on posting merongwangsa, I am reading your comments.
    Have a good day to Tun & Family and all bloggers & surfers.
    Tanjung Bunga.

  56. leo Jun 30,2008 8:34 AM

    Good morning Tun,
    Teruskan perjuangan yang mulia demi kepentingan rakyat.

  57. penukul Jun 30,2008 8:23 AM

    Dear all,
    drama anwar part II dah start.
    dunia dah akhir zaman..macam macam..
    sepandai pandai tupai melompat akhirnya jatuh ketanah juga.
    Persoalannya siapa yg akan jatuh ketanah?? tungguuuuu…..

  58. iamagoodmalaysian Jun 30,2008 7:32 AM

    Tun, you are the one and only person that i can believe on right now!
    I realy appreciate if you can comment on DSAI new case! Tun, you are the one who started the ‘hot’ issue back in 1998, so plz do tell Malaysian the truth! Sometimes i feel like it just a slander againts DSAI BUT i still support your decission back in 1998 when you fired him for the sake of Malaysia security!
    So, Tun…
    come on and tell us about all of this shits between you, DSAI and the recent gov!

  59. kak ani Jun 30,2008 6:25 AM

    Just wondering….
    Ref: new police report against DSAI:
    1) He is really guilty?
    2) Just to distract people from the rising cost?
    3) A ploy to gain sympathy again?
    Whatever it is- I am still suffering from the results of petrol hike , so are thousands of other peniaga kecil with families to support.

  60. ahh Jun 30,2008 2:52 AM

    Askum TDM,
    Saya harap comment ini tidak disiarkan.
    saya berpendapat ada gerakan yang cuba untuk memporak perandakan negara dengan cuba menimbulkan balik kisah video anwar ibrahim di youtube yang dibuat oleh foreign corresponden.Saya berfikir anwar ibrahim cuba untuk meraih kembali sokongan pengikutnya dengan mempublishkan video tersebut kerana memikirkan semasa kes liwatnya dahulu dia menyedari ramai yang menjadi penyokongnya dan kini dia ingin meraih semula.Yang saya tak puas hati pemberita ni cuba nak menyalahkan TDM.Saya takut sekarang nie pun ada yang cuba untuk menjatuhkan kredibiliti TDM.Saya berdoa agar ini tidak berlaku.jika TDM ingin melihatnya lihatlah di youtube dan search untuk anwar’s trial ada 7 bab kesemuanya.Bagi saya kalau dia betul2 benar mengapa mesti menggunakan kuasa luar untuk buat video tuh dan semua orang yang ditemuramah semuanya penyokong kuat anwar.saya cuma mengambil peranan memberitahu TDM tapi saya percaya TDM lebih cepat mengetahuinya.Saya cukup berharap yang anwar nie bukan rakyat malaysia.:)
    Saya doakan agar TDM sihat disamping keluarga dan memikirkan sesuatu untuk anwar ni dan kalau boleh kembalilah ke UMNO.-sekian-

  61. ahh Jun 30,2008 2:51 AM

    Saya doakan agar TDM sihat disamping keluarga dan kalau boleh kembalilah ke UMNO.-sekian-

  62. wak Dojer Jun 30,2008 2:31 AM

    To elyong,abi,neil & co.
    1. Kebanyakkan provokasi anda terhadap Tun adalah sekitar isu “Prosiding Linggam” yang mana anda semua rujuk sebagai sindrom “hilang ingatan sementara (temporary lapse of memory)”.
    2. Tidak seperti 5 yang lain, Tun memutuskan untuk tidak membuat “judicial review”.
    3. Sebaliknya Tun mencabar pihak-pihak yang berkenaan untuk membawa perkara ini ke Mahkamah Undang-Undang.
    4. Di situ, dan hanya di situ Tun akan memberi testimoni yang penuh.
    5. Adalah wajar dari anda semua mem’provokosi’ Tun akan isu “Prosiding Linggam” hampir di setiap artikelnya, lebih baik anda semua menggesa Kerajaan Datuk Seri PM untuk menyegerakan laporan-siasat (di bawah pejabat Peguam Negara) sama ada untuk mengambil tindakan Undang-Undang terhadap Tun atau sebaliknya.
    p/s: Wak dah naik ‘boring’ dengan komen-komen yang sama dari pihak yang tidak senang dengan Tun.
    p/s lagi: Wak nak minta tolong antimamak ‘barter-trade’ jet dengan kapal layar lah. Amacam?

  63. zaman Jun 30,2008 1:36 AM

    Tun Semoga Tun dan keluarga sihat sentiasa.
    Tun, Kam sangatsangat menantikan kedatangan mu semula,
    betulkan lah dan perbaiki lah keadaan yang bercelaru ini.
    Kami sangat sangat berpendapat tiada seorang pun berani saperti Tun untuk memperbetulkan keadaan.
    Saya memohon kepada bloggers supaya membuat satu perhimpunan besar
    besaran buat Tun.

  64. boymungkal Jun 30,2008 1:20 AM

    Thank you to jamilmalik for posting the article written by Tan Sri Nor. Indeed coming from a technochratic non-politician further proves to the nay-sayers on the many talent our extremely hardworking TDM has.It further demonstrates how many other very intelligent professionals, leaders in their own fields,think very highly of TDM.
    Kepada pembaca2 yang marah sangat dengan ABI(OL)atau Antimamak, tolong lah jangan layan sangat.I just skip their comments nowadays,they are in this blog simply to irritate many readers.Jangan kasi peluang,just IGNORE them.Memang kadang2 susah,but try lah.They are just like your busy-nobody jealous neighbours.I actually enjoy reading their angry comments! Tak tahan sangat agaknya tengok ramai sangat genuine TDM supporters.
    Following the current development,looks like boyfriend si ABI dan Antimamak is in the limelight again.I am just curious what these people will say now.Nak tuduh siapa pulak lagi lepas ni?
    Your take on this Tun,please.
    Thank you

  65. ashhassimoto Jun 30,2008 12:02 AM

    To antimamak,
    From my observation, whatever you have commented here and in the previous postings and also elsewhere, I see nothing new. No originality at all. This is exactly what DAP, PAS, PKR, Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today, has been saying all along in their hate mails/campaigns/propagandas against Tun….in fact you are just repeating what they were saying….like parrots.
    Parrots are exotic tropical bird that listen, memorise and repeat phrases taught by HIS MASTER.
    When you think you know too much, actually you know nothing… are just empty vessel.
    “I am antimamak, I am no smarter than than a fifth grader” ….this exactly what you would have said if you were to appear in the programme Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader on Channel 711 Astro.

  66. Omry Jun 30,2008 12:01 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Saya sanjung Tun, saya faham apa yang Tun lakukan dahulu semasa jadi PM dan kini masih lagi berjuang adalah kerana demi negara yang tercinta. Perjuangan Tun adalah ihklas sehingga Malaysia terkenal dimata dunia dan menjadi contoh. Untuk mereka yang berniat memburuk-burukkan Tun adalah mereka yang tidak mengenang budi seorang pemimpin yang banyak berjasa seperti Ian jing tu….biasala hakim ni, hanya pandai menghukum orang je…
    Semoga Allah sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga.

  67. lancerlot Jun 29,2008 11:57 PM

    Anwar Ibrahim liwat lagi???… kah..kah..kah.. aku dah agak dah.. Dulu masa zaman Tun sume kata “Tun kesayangan aku” ni aniaya dia.. sekarang “Tun kesayangan aku” dah tak de berkuasa dah… takkan nak aniaya dia lagi.. fikir-fikirkan lah…

  68. elyong Jun 29,2008 11:39 PM

    Dear Tun, if only you had such clarity of mind and vivid memory to recall what transpired during the Lingam proceedings I salute you!
    A temporary lapse of memory perhaps?

  69. Mohamed Jack Jun 29,2008 11:30 PM

    Hey bro bro tak payahlah nak kita sibuk2kan si kurang ajor tu ZI. Anggap je dia tak ujud.
    Senang je kita minta TUN atau MP Mukriz atau sape2 aje pun boleh, kirim satu surat kepada DYMM Agong komplen pasal tingkah laku ZahidChin dan bekas hakim2 yang telah melimparkan tuduhan liar kepada bekas Pemimpin Agong kita.
    Tengok aje apa DYMM Agong jawab.
    TUN kita semua beriman pada ALLAH dan RASUL. Our faith is Islam.
    Pancaindra yang ALLAH beri pada kita, kita dapat lihat dan mengenal yang baik dan buruk.
    Melainkan sipenyakit dendam dan dengki (syaitan dan Iblis) je tak akan nampak walau sedikit kebaikan pun. ABU LAHAB katakan!
    TUN kita takle lawan ah.. syaitan dan Iblis dengan politik cuma baca je Surah An Nas Dan Alfalaq. Leave it to Almighty Allah to handle. Sure kena bakar nya….
    As we vehemently love and staunchly support You we never disembark ourselves from faith and prayers.
    Being humble you always and several times had reminded us ALL PRAISES BE TO ALLAH.
    This indirectly also had discarded hidden bad intentions and those Pembodek2 (hypocrites) when they preluded their opening speeches in praise of You at UMNO AGMs. We know who they were..
    By always remembering ALLAH and RASUL, this embodied us with Tripartite Guidance that is ALLAH-RASUL-You Our Leader in pursuant to our kehidupan.
    We sincerely hope to become real and justified Malaysian for year 2020, however that yet to come.
    But under this current political situation and leadership I believe we are heading to NOWHERE near to achieve that target set in the vision as You know our people have lost their appetite and spirit due to lost of direction and guidance.
    Undeniably within 22 years of your rule we have gained so much of experiences and knowledge, that of course can never be disputed by everyday passing by at the developments that You built.
    We also enjoyed the momentum and progress.
    TUN we know how much your heart and brain dedications for the country and rakyat.
    Unless is fated, we at the moment cant afford to lose You.
    TUN meanwhile encountering those unscrupulous IDIOTS may I suggest TUN to full heartedly reveal or disclose whats In Your Mind about FUTURE OF Malaysia and The People Within & Beyond 2020, by conducting four days (Thursday-Sunday) workshop (macam Boot Camp la TUN) at Langkawi or at your convenience.
    Supaya hasil workshop tu dapat melahirkan pewaris kesinambungan pemikiran TUN. Senang cakap macam Clone la TUN.
    Saya pasti banyak sukarelawan nak sponsor dan organize workshop tu. SamuraiMelayu ada TUN…
    May God Bless You and Family, Sihat Walafiat.

  70. Onlooker Jun 29,2008 11:17 PM

    I am confused by the comment from Kampong Boy that ‘personally this (judicial independence) does not benefit the rest of us.’
    The case of G.W. Bush vs. Al Gore of the US may sometimes be cited as an irony of American judicial independence. Generally speaking, the judgement of this case is just the result of a simple majority of grand jury making a court decision which reflects the electoral situation of the contemporary American politics. No matter what, this example can be viewed as a few rotten branches dropping from the dead tree which stands in the big jungle. If American judicial independence can be analogous to a big jungle, then I would be happy to appreciate the beauty of this jungle from the whole perspective of a green canopy instead of focusing only on the ugliness of one or two dead trees.
    If true judicial independence is allowed to exist in Malaysia, I believe those former ISA detainees of 1987’s Op Lallang Arrest would stand a good chance to get even with the federal government and might be granted a favourable court ruling which requires a handsome amount of compensation be paid by the federal government to the former ISA detainees. Only a judiciary system which works independently free of interference or intimidation from the Executive Branch will have the total integrity to allow the former ISA detainees to take the federal government to court for a case of wrongful arrest. As a matter of fact, the happening of ISA arrest in Op Lallang was deemed by many as a plot of Tun Dr. Mahathir in the capacity of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. I hope Tun Dr. Mahathir will spare some of his valuable time to tell us about his side of story of Op Lallang.
    I believe that all men are born equal before law. If the federal government has to resort to the bitter way for purpose of restoring peacefulness to the society during a racial tension situation by temporary taking away the personal freedom of the ISA detainees in the name of greater good of the society, then the ISA detainees should also be given the opportunity to redress their grievances by taking the federal government to the court of law for a fair trial in due process of law.
    In Malaysia the chances for an ordinary citizen (inclusive of Kampong Boy) to be wrongfully arrested by the police are always there for questioning. When such case of wrongful arrest by police has to happen on anyone of us, the only effective way to take the corrective measure is relying on the independent court of law which comes along with the existence of judicial independence. This is one example of how the judicial independence can benefit the ordinary people of Malaysia.
    Let’s be firm in taking up the position for defending the time-proven principle of judicial independence whenever we involve ourselves in a poltical movement for reformation, for judicial independence is the only reliable path towards a universal justice.
    By Kampong Boy on June 29, 2008 2:27 AM
    Comments from Onlooker
    … The Prime Minister as the head of Executive Branch will usually be reluctant to grant full judicial independence to the Judicial Branch. Therefore, in my personal opinion, a thorough judicial reform in Malaysia seems to be impossible before a thorough political reform can be made happen to the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch. The dream of Judicial Reform in Malaysia will only come true when the initiative of reform is coming directly from both the salary dispenser (Executive Branch) and the law-maker (Legislative Branch). This initiative may imply that Malaysia needs great courage and strong willingness to accept big changes by approving major overhaul in the Federal Constitution to make it resemble the Constitution of the United States.”
    To Onlooker:
    Do we the mass population really care about this issue (judicial independence). The way we look at it is just political games played by politician that will only benefit them. Personally this does not benefit the rest of us.
    Must we always follow the country such as US. They only preach and they do not practice. Please help all of us understand more in the case of Bush and Al Gore and perhaps many others?
    Kampong Boy

  71. Sheikh Jun 29,2008 11:11 PM

    Mempersoalkan apa yang telah Tun buat pada era Tun dulu bukan suatu perkara yang bijak. Saya sendiri juga ada tidak berpuas hati dengan Tun pada masa itu. Sedang nabi Muahammad sendiri penghulu nabi nabi dan manusia yang terbaik juga masih mempunyai musuh maka ketidakpuasan hati itu adalah normal.
    Lagi pun jika di fikirkan, kata bidalan nasi telah menjadi bubur. Sekali pun ada mereka mereka mempersoalkan kesilapan melantik AAB. Ianya telah berlaku. Persoalannya bagaimana kita hendak mengatasi masaalah sekarang?
    Apa yang sangat amat penting sekali ialah suasana politik kini memerlukan satu tindakan atau suara untuk mengubah arah tujunya supaya negara kita stabil dan melayu terpelihara.
    Tidak ada orang lain yang boleh bersuara lantang dan mempunyai ketokohan yang perlu selain dari Tun.
    Keadaan politik sekarang ialah pihak pembangkang sangat suka sekiranya AAB berterusan menjadi PM supaya ianya semakin lemah. Keadaan ekonomi dunia termasuk kenaikan harga minyak dan barangan keperluan membantu pihak pembangkang dalam hal ini kerana rakyat pasti tidak berpuashati dan menyalahkan kerajaan.
    Keutuhan keistimewaan melayu mula di cabar. “Kawan serumah” sudah mula memikirkan untuk mendapatkan hak menjadi “tuan rumah”. Inilah yang teramat penting.
    Ada sebahagian dari kita sudah melupakan hak keistimewaan orang melayu semata mata kerana agenda politik.
    Betul keistimewaan itu tidak dapat kita gunakan pada masa lalu kerana telah di salah gunakan oleh mereka yang berkuasa tapi kalau hak sebgai ‘tuan rumah’ sudah sama dengan “kawan serumah” ini saya rasa melampau. Betul kita telah di perbodohkan oleh “kawan serumah”. Mereka umpama serigala serigala yang hendak merampas hak kita.
    Ini adalah agenda kedua yang sangat halus bukan saja oleh musang berbulu ayam (melayu sendiri) begitu juga yang benar benar musang. Bukan kita tidak tahu bidalan “umpama belanda minta tanah”.
    Sampaikan kita tidak boleh memperkatakan mengenai bangsa kita sendiri dan di tuduh racist! Adakah dengan itu segala yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan itu mengenai hak orang melayu bersifat racist pula oleh perlembagaan yang kita junjung tinggi sebagai rakyat malaysia?
    Tidak kira apa yang Tun lakukan di masa lampau tetapi banyak juga kebaikan yang telah Tun curahkan.
    Cuma Tun saja selama masih ada hayat Tun lagi yang dapat menjadi tulang belakang memperbetulkan kekecohan ini semua. Ini telah menjadi tugas ‘wajib’ Tun dan yang lain lain untuk menyelesaikannya kerana telah tiba masanya tanggungjawab ugama di perjuangkan. Umpama perkataan “Demi bangsa, negara dan ugama”.
    Sesiapa yang mengeji Tun di sini hanya membuang masa saja atau mereka adalah musang berbulu ayam yang tidak mengerti tindakan mereka hanya mencapaikan cita cita musang sebenar.
    Kita perlu memperjuangkan supaya negara ini setabil, hak melayu dan hak rakyat malaysia lainnya seperti sepatutnya.
    Kejatuhan Melaka adalah kerana orang melayu sendiri. Jangan lah sejarah berulang lagi..

  72. Malaysian Future Jun 29,2008 11:09 PM

    Paklah should reveal his medical checkup report as US President candidates John Mc Cain & Obama did. We want to make sure our PM is in good shape phisically & mentally.

  73. kak ani Jun 29,2008 10:50 PM

    Dear Tun Mahathir, please come back- we need you to sort out the mess we are in now.

  74. wasdi Jun 29,2008 10:48 PM

    Salam Tun
    We admire you as you are very knowledgeble. You produced a substantial number of published articles before you became PM and this surely reflect your true self- the intelect. The critic by the character _Antimamak_ is unwelcoming.
    We support Tun’s view because of his knowledge & facts not on emosion or “bodek” because Tun do not know us.

  75. Mat Cincang Jun 29,2008 10:45 PM

    Ian Chin, if there is any dignity at all left in you, resign lah.
    Zaid Ibrahim, you immediately supported Ian Chin’s allegation on Tun, you also have no dignity, resign also lah. Afterall jadi menteri pun atas teket Senator saja.
    Antimamak, someday someone’ll get you.

  76. abdooleziz Al-Anbar Jun 29,2008 10:28 PM

    Salam Tun dan Famili,
    Hari ini kita mendengar tentang DSAI telah menyembunyikan dirinya di kedutaan Turki sebab telah mendapat ancaman keatas keselamatan nya. Bunyi nya agek pelik sedikit. Di sini saya ingin memberi 3 teori kemungkinan. Rakyat di minta bertenang untuk menghadapi isu terbaru ini. Kita tidak tahu sejauh mana kah kebenaran setiap apa yang kita dengar. Biarkan lah pihak-pihak berwajib menjalankan tugas masing-masing.
    Teori pertama:-
    Mungkin ada kebenaran konsperasi untuk melenyapkan karier politik nya. Seperti yang di dakwa DSAI dalam laporan akhbar, “he is about to make a police report against IGP and AG on evidence of fabrication charged on him in 1998”.
    Oleh itu orang-orang tertentu telah “mengupah” si pengadu membuat aduan terhadp DSAI. Dan akhirnya beliau boleh di tangkap dan di sabitkan kesalahan tersebut. Tiada lah cubaan untuk mendedahkan cerita atau bukti tentang pemerintah atau bakal pengganti pemerintah yang di wawarkan sekarang. Ini termasuk pengakuan bersumpah oleh Raja Petra.
    Teori kedua:-
    Si pengadu sebenarnya telah di upah oleh DSAI atau konco-konco nya untuk membuat aduan tentang perkara yang tidak berlaku. DSAI akan menafikannya, menyembunyikan diri dan mengaku dirinya di ancam. Rakyat akan menjadi marah dan memberontak. Voilance on the street (Nauzibillah) dan akhirnya kerajaan bertukar tangan. Kita amat gerun mendengar seperti pengakuan Lim Kit Siang “He(DSAI)is expected a worst to come….”
    Pengadu mungkin di sabitkan kesalahan membuat aduan palsu dan di penjara untuk beberapa tahun. Keluar dari penjara dalam usia yang sudah tentu masih muda dengan janji kekayaan menantinya.
    Ini boleh berlaku hanya jika kesemua pihak berwajib seperti polis, AG dan Kehakiman di bawah penguasaan beliau kelak.
    Teori Ketiga:-
    DSAI memang melakukan nya. Beliau sekarang terperangkap. Menggunakan beberapa helah dan tektik untuk melepaskan dirinya. Pengadu telah membuat laporan polis bahawa beliau telah di liwat. Yang menarikanya pengadu telah membuat aduan dalam tempoh yang singkat iaitu dalam tempoh 2-3 hari. Oleh itu bukti mungkin masih ada terpalit atau telekat di tempat-tempat tertentu.
    Ujian DNA, termasuk ujian terhadap DNA DSAI, masih saya kira boleh di buktikan.
    Beliau dalam keadaan kelam kabut tidak hadir sidang akhbar nya sendiri dengan alasan maksud keselamatan dan sebagainya. Beliau sudah tentu mengatur strategi untuk mempengaruhi rakyat untuk mempercayai nya dari pengadu.
    Apa kata Ayahanda Tun? Mana satu yang dipilih? atau Tun ada teori lain?
    Walau apa pun saya sangat berharap ini bukan lah satu konsperasi dari mana-mana pihak termasuk polis. Kadang-kadang saya fikir agak sukar untuk membabitkan ramai pihak untuk melahirkan satu konperasi kecuali memang anda ada kuasa, sudah lama berkuasa dan ada access kepada semua agensi-agensi yang terbabit iaitu, polis, hospital, doktor, AG, Mahkamah dan lain-lain.
    Kalau ada pun kita harap ada “a few good men” seperti dalam filem lakonan mamat handsome (tak leh ingat-sebab tak ada interest sesama kaum) dan Demi Moore (ini saya ingat laa)he..hee.. yang boleh menyelamatkan kebenaran.
    Saya sedih dan gentar apa akan terjadi kepada negara yang sama-sama kita cintai selepas ini…
    Saya tahu tidak semua yang Tun lalui elok-elok belaka dalam zaman pemerintahan Tun. Tapi Tun telah berjaya melalui semua halangan-halangan tersebut. Tun terpaksa melalui apa yang di namakan demokrasi zaman Tun. Tun bukan malaikat atau manusia bersifat maksum. Kadang-kadang I wish kalu Tun dapat buat seperti Lee Kuan Yew. Persetan kan semua yang lain, chop out semua penetang dasar Tun, tumpukan kepada pembangunan tapi dengan cara Tun sendiri.Lepas tu jadi Gol keeper untuk negara. Sebenarnya bagi saya, Tun lebih STRONG dari beliau.
    Kalau kita baca sejarah zaman dahulu siapa-siapa yang menentang pemerintah, samada zaman feaudal atau hatta zaman khulafa Rashidin pun sudah lama kepala nya di penggal. Tapi tun telah berjaya mengatasi semua kemelut zaman Tun yang bagi saya boleh di terima di zaman Tun. Mungkin satu hari ia di anggap sebaliknya.
    Tun telah berjaya mengatasi naik turun pilihanraya, yang boleh dikatakan bebas, mengatasi masaalah politik dalaman parti termasuk bekas timbalan-timbalan TUN, UMNO di haramkan dan sebagainya. Yang paling menarik bagi saya, Tun mengatasi masaalah krisis ekonomi dalam tahun 1998, kerana pada masa itu saya bekerja di sebuah bank tempatan dan melihat bagaimana interest rate di lonjak dan banyak syarikat-syarikat gulung tikar.
    P.S. Tun, kini saya adalah salah seorang usahawan yang di bentuk dibawah skim yang Tun mem peloporinya selepas dari krisis ekonomi tersebut. Malahan saya adalah sub-commitee yang pernah duduk untuk mewujudkan beberapa skim-skim yang di wujudkan dahulu.
    Rupa-rupa nya sukar mengharungi alam perniagaan ini. Ada jatuh bangun nya. Bila melalui zaman “downturn” nya ini terasa amat perit. Saya tidak tahu sejauh mana kerajaan yang ada sekarang akan mengatasi masaalah yang telah, akan dan terus timbul kesan dari kenaikan harga minyak. Menyalahkan kenaikan harga minyak dunia bagi saya bukan jalan penyelesainya dengan menaikan harga minyak pasaran tempatan pula.
    Harga barangan telah naik sebelum harga minyak naik lagi..sesudah harga minyak naik, harga barangan terus ikut naik. Itu lah realiti nya di Malaysia yang sepatutnya di tangani dahulu.
    Saya sangat berharap adanya orang-orang seperti Tun atau mungkin Tun return sekejap untuk menjadi Gol keeper sekurang-kurang nya dan ada strong planning untuk anak cucu kita…
    Just to release some tension…ha..ha..
    TerimaKasih TUN semuga sihat selalu….

  77. pakbelalang Jun 29,2008 10:26 PM

    Dear Tun,
    UMNO dah keluarkan BUKU MERAH mengenai peraturan etika berkempen untuk pemilihan jawatan dalam persidangan UMNO akan datang.
    Nampak gayanya UMNO dah nak jadi parti ala parti kominis dizaman Mao Ze Tung.
    Apa tujuannya ini semua? Ini memperlihatkan bagaimana rakusnya setengah pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO yang tidak sedar diri untuk cuba mempertahankan kedudukan mereka yang telah goncang. Berbagai helah cuba dilakukan supaya kedudukan mereka tidak tergugat.
    Mereka ini tersilap langkah. BUKU MERAH yang di usahakan itu akan memakan diri mereka sendiri dan ini telah menampakkan tanda-tanda kelemahan mereka sendiri untuk terus mendapatkan sokongan dari ahli-ahli akar umbi.Mereka sudah merasakan kehangatannya bahawa suasana diperinkat bawahan tidak lagi memihak kapada mereka terutama sekali Pak Lah.
    Hampir semua 80% Bahagian UMNO telah pun mengambil keputusan untuk memberi laluan kapada pemimpin lain bertanding ke jawatan Presiden dan Timbalan Presiden. Matalamat mereka telah sepadu untuk memberi Pak Lah isyarat yang jelas untuk berundur sebagai Presiden demi untuk memperkukuhkan UMNO semula secepat mungkin sebelum pilihan raya akan datang. Ahli-ahli akar umbi UMNO telah pun sependapat bahawa Pak Lah tidak berkemampuan untuk menerajui UMNO dengan berkesan terutamanya untuk pemulihan UMNO.
    Inilah strategi terakhir Pak Lah dan kuncu-kuncunya, dengan harapan kononnya apabila diedarkan BUKU MERAH yang dicipta mereka akan menyelamatkan mereka dari dipecat didalam pemilihan pucuk pimpinan yang akan datang. Mereka tidak sedar bahawa reaksi dari kalangan ahli-ahli telah pun melaungkan kemarahan mereka tentang BUKU MERAH ini. Jika mereka tidak membuat sesuatu untuk menarik balik BUKU MERAH ini maka sudah tentu mereka akan tempunan dan melopong untuk mempertahan kedudukan mereka masing-masing. Pak Lah memang sudah tentunya tidak akan dipilih semula walaupun ada atau tidak adanya BUKU MERAH. Pak Lah dah dikira ITEK TEMPANG hanya menunggu “disembelihkan” !!

  78. libzim Jun 29,2008 9:40 PM

    In the STAR today,Zaid Ibrahim said, he didn’t understand the fuss about the ex-gratia payment.
    The fuss is the ex-gratia payment is unjustified and send the wrong message. He is selective about what he wants to understand.How can you serve the people when you dont understand the people.

  79. Oumono Jun 29,2008 9:39 PM

    alamak tun…
    takkan blog ni pn kena repot spam kot..
    lambat plak tun pnya posting..
    ‘dahaga’ artikel tun saya skarang ni..

  80. ujana12a Jun 29,2008 9:28 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,
    Semoga sihat walafiat..
    Buat rakan-rakan CheDet’s Club (kecuali antimamak & the gang).. apa kata kalau di tubuhkan PARTI PERPADUAN – Pengerusi confirm la Tun Dr Hj Mahathir Bin Mohammad.
    Rasanya inilah satu-satunya alternatif untuk menyelesaikan masalah Malaysia sekarang, tak payah tunggu PRU13 la, kalau nak tubuhkan pun..
    or at least jom buat Kelab Perpaduan Malaysia.. kita tunjuk pengaruh Ayahanda Tun M masih power lagi

  81. deadvalley Jun 29,2008 8:59 PM

    sejarah berulang kembali……esk…esk…Perpatah melayu adakata ” Anjing kalau dah rasa tahi macam mana pun kena jilat juga” heeee konpirasi lagi…macam lah orang dah tak ada kerja lain….perhakiman era pak lah ni kan bebas …kenapa nak takut kalau tak bersalah…suruh ian chin jadi hakim…kah kah kah
    salam buat semua
    TUHAN SENTIASA ADIL pada umatnya

  82. rossi Jun 29,2008 8:53 PM

    Salam TUN, tumpang bagi pendapat,
    Rasa-rasanya pasal kes baru DSAI.
    1. Sidang Media diadakan pukul 2 pagi. —–>Desperate attempt of a “guilty” person? Kalau tak salah nak buat aper terburu-buru.
    2. DSAI tak hadir. —–> The “guilty” face will show and he will rampling during response to media questions.
    3. DSAI will remain in hiding. —-> Citing bad treatment from police if arrested as he previously experienced.
    4. Fanatic supporters will go on rampage reformasi 2—-> Blaming government trying to stop his political comeback.
    5. DSAI will seek political refuge oversea giving reason of unfair trial he will be getting in Malaysia.
    6. Fanatic supporters will continue on rampage.
    7. Saiful Bahari will be in danger.

  83. ray77light Jun 29,2008 7:53 PM

    Sokong Tun (cadangan Ashar)
    SELASA 1 JULY 2008
    – di baju, pakai pin bereben PUTIH
    – di kenderaan, lekat bendera PUTIH
    – di rumah, pasang bendera besar PUTIH
    – di pejabat, letak bendera kecil PUTIH

  84. danish Jun 29,2008 7:50 PM

    Kepada Ayahanda Pak lah..carilah jalan yang terbaik.Tun Mahathir adalah IDOLA kami,Ajarkan lah kami cara menghormati orang-orang tua dan terdahulu…Kami sudah pening sekarang…Macamana Melayu nak bersatu kalau pemimpin tak sehaluan dan sependapat..Orang kampung macam kami pernah hidup dizaman TUN dan tidak merasa tekanan dalam hidup yang kritikal..Orang melayu hanya ada kuasa politik saja diMALAYSIA ni..nanti anak cucu kita semua akan kata kita bangsa yang bodoh kerana tak pandai jaga ketuanan kita..Kita belajar sejarah tapi kita tak menghayati sejarah..HAYATI LAH LAGU “SEROJA” dengan hati yang ikhlas…ikut hati mati,ikut rasa binasa,ikut orang kita jadi arang….Danisik(Anak Warisan)

  85. Sinatra_Z Jun 29,2008 7:46 PM

    ada kisah baru tentang DSAI.
    Tun tak nak komen ke?

  86. Penghulu Jun 29,2008 7:37 PM

    Akum.. Tun..
    Teruskan perjuangan, banyak lagi rahsia yang TAK PERLU dirahsiakan lagi, tak kiralah ianya Anwar Ibrahim ke, pemimpin UMNO sekarang ke atau “antimamak” yang kecewa akibat “kehendaknya yang tidak tercapai” semasa zaman pemerintahan TUN. Kebenaran adalah perlu supaya ianya akan menjadi pengajaran, sempadan dan sejarah yang berguna kepada generasi akan datang.
    ‘Cucucicit Penghulu Dol Said & Penghulu Saadon’

  87. nama Jun 29,2008 6:00 PM

    salam tun.
    ada orang kata, masalah yang kita hadapi pada hari ini akibat daripada semasa pemerintahan tun. tapi kita jangan lupa. dulu, semasa tun dilantik menjadi pm, negara kita bukan dalam keadaan yang baik, terutama bidang ekonomi. tapi negara kita, dsaab dilantik menjadi pm, negara kita dalam keadaan baik. dsaab sepatutnya mengekalkan keadaan tersebut, atau menambahbaik sekiranya mampu.
    harus ingat juga, semasa pemerintahan tun, bukan sahaja masalah luar, tetapi masalah dalam juga tun dapat hadapi dengan kemas, termasuk kegawatan, musa dan anuar dll. dan masalah2 tersebut sentiasa berulang dan dapat dihadapi dengan jayanya. masalah ini juga telah berulang pada masa sekarang, dan dsaab kurang berjaya menengani masalah walaupun mendapat sokongan padu rakyat. strategi lemah dan tindakan kurang berkesan, akhirnya rakyat pedap, dan pilihanraya lalu jadi tanda protes kurang puas hati rakyat. malangnya dsaab masih belum sedar dan belum ada pun tindakan menengani masalah tersebut. termasuk masalah dalam umno itu sendiri. apa yang jelas.. belum ada halatuju. asyik2 cerita pasal subsidi.
    saya lebih suka dengan, apa yang kita lakukan pada hari akan memberi kesan pada masa akan datang, berbanding, apa yang berlaku pada hari ini adalah akibat masa lalu. seumpama, seperti si anak miskin berusaha pada hari ini kerana ingin kaya pada masa akan datang, berbanding, si anak miskin asyik menyalahkan ibubapanya kerana lahir dalam keadaan miskin.
    saya akui, saya suka dengan islam hadari yang diutarakan oleh dsaab(kerana saya mendapat pendedahan dan pemahaman yang baik tentangnya), sama dengan wawasan2020. malah saya lebih suka dengan islam hadari kerana berlandaskan kepada ajaran islam. tapi malangnya ia setakat blue print saja. tiada pelaksanaan yang saya nampak untuk mencapai.
    saya masih bersekolah semasa wawasan2020 dilahirkan. semasa itu juga saya ada melihat satu lukisan menunjukan bayangan pelukis tersebut tentang malaysia 2020. saya terpikir pada masa tersebut.. bolehkah malaysia menjadi seperti dalam gambar itu pada tahun 2020 nanti. apa yang saya lihat, tun memang mahu membawa malaysia bersungguh-sungguh seperti dalam gambar yang saya nampak pada masa lalu itu. malangnya ramai rakyat dan pemimpin kurang faham tentang apa yang tun fikirkan. barangkali semua fikir, pada tahun 2020 nanti tetiba saja bangunan2 tinggi pencakar langit muncul, tetiba saja tiada masalah keseskan jalan raya, tetiba saja kita ada keretapi laju macam di jepun yang mungkin perjalanan dari utara ke selatan hanya mengambil 2 jam, kereta yang hanya menggunakan air bla.. bla. tak tau la.
    semasa perlantikan dsaab sebagai pm menggantikan tun, saya sangat bersetuju kerana pada masa tu kalau lantik N (masa tu) memang saya tidak setuju langsung. saya berpendapat perlantikan dsaab adalah sangat tepat untuk mengekalkan keharmonian negara kita malaysia tercinta. tun mesti setuju dengan saya.
    tapi saya tak setuju tun kembali dalam bidang politik dan memerintah, saya berpendapat, apa yang tun buat sekarang juga sudah memadai, memberi nasihat kepada rakyat untuk lebih berpendidikan dan bijak memilih pemimpin kelak. selain dsaab, a, N, My, kita ada calon yang baik juga untuk memerintah kerajaan ini iaitu ydp agong.
    saya sebenarnya kagum dengan tun, dengan purata rakyat yang hanya membaca 4 muka surat setahun, tun dapat memerintah malaysia ini dengan jayanya seperti kejayaan amerika mengambil masa 100 tahun dan jepun 50 tahun.
    salam untuk tun dan isteri, semoga sihat selalu.
    terima kasih tun.

  88. pakbelalang Jun 29,2008 5:47 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Very interesting article to read written by Aspan Alias at
    Pemimpin MCA lebih bermaruah
    Presiden MCA baru sahaja mengumumkan hasratnya untuk tidak mempertahankan jawatannya dalam pemilihan parti itu pada penghujung tahun ini.
    Hasrat Ong Ka Ting dituruti oleh timbalannya, Chan Kong Choy yang juga mengambil keputusan untuk tidak mempertahankan jawatannya.
    Tentunya keputusan kedua-dua pemimpin parti kedua terbesar ini adalah disebabkan rasa tanggungjawab atas kekalahan teruk MCA dalam pilihanraya umum baru-baru ini.
    Sebenarnya itulah tindakan seorang pemimpin demokratik tulen yang menampakkan sifat ‘gentleman’ dan mempunyai ‘finesse’ yang tinggi.
    Mereka memikul tanggungjawab atas kekalahan MCA dan BN di banyak kerusi dalam pilihanraya umum baru-baru ini.
    Bagaimana pula dengan Abdullah Badawi dan Najib Razak?
    Abdullah adalah Perdana Menteri dan Najib pula adalah pengarah pilihanraya BN dalam PU12 baru-baru ini.
    Kalau kita mengikuti rentetan peristiwa selepas PU12 yang lalu, begitu ramai pihak meminta pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO untuk meletakkan jawatan, sedangkan kita tidak pernah pun mendengar ahli-ahli MCA berbuat demikian terhadap pemimpin-pemimpin mereka.
    Hasilnya, pemimpin-pemimpin MCA berhenti secara sukarela tetapi pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO masih hendak berada pada jawatan masing-masing walaupun banyak pihak meminta kepimpinan meletakkan jawatan serta berundur secara terhormat.
    Mereka masih enggan meletakkan jawatan sehingga hari ini.
    Sifat bebal pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO ini sangat memalukan kita kerana mereka jugalah yang kononnya merupakan pemimpin-pemimpin bermoral yang sentiasa memikirkan hal rakyat terutamanya yang berpendapatan rendah.
    Bagi menghindari timbulnya tentangan, UMNO telah memperkenalkan kod etika pemilihan baru yang begitu ketat dan ini adalah refleksi mentaliti pemimpin-pemimpin kita yang gila kuasa.
    Sepatutnya, Abdullah dan Najib meletakkan jawatan sejurus selepas pilihanraya yang lalu kerana rakyat telah menolak mereka secara jelas tetapi sebaliknya mereka membuat keputusan sesama mereka dengan merancang peralihan kuasa daripada Abdullah kepada Najib, yang kedua-duanya merupakan pemimpin-pemimpin ‘reject’.
    Pada masa yang sama, kedua-dua pemimpin ini sedang berhadapan dengan isu peribadi yang begitu besar, dan jika mereka adalah pemimpin di negara lain pasti sudah lama mereka diketepikan oleh rakyat melalui berbagai-bagai cara.
    Sekarang ini, yang membezakan Abdullah/Najib dengan Robert Mugabe dari Zimbabwe hanyalah warna kulit mereka.
    Yang lainnya semuanya sama dan akhirnya nanti keadaan negara kita pun akan menghadapi keadaan yang sama seperti di Zimbabwe.
    Jangan kita menyangka apa yang berlaku di Zimbabwe tidak akan berlaku pada kita.
    Kita selalunya lalai, dan tidak pernah berfikir secara serius dan tidak bersedia untuk melakukan perubahan, sedangkan yang akan menjadi mangsanya ialah kita sendiri.
    Mereka yang menjahanamkan negara dan kita semua hidup bersama anak isteri serta menantu dan kroni-kroni mereka dalam keadaan mewah di luar negara.
    Kita hanya dipergunakan seperti beruk dan monyet untuk memanjat kelapa untuk mereka: sesudah mendapat kelapa yang banyak kita hanya diberi makan dalam tempurung sambil ditambat pada pokok atau tiang rumah.
    Jika kita masih ingin berbangga menjadi beruk dan monyet kepada pemimpin yang rakus ini teruskanlah sokongan kepada mereka, tetapi jika kita mahu dipandang dan dihormati kita tiada pilihan lain selain daripada menukar kepimpinan parti.
    Hamba abdi secara rasminya telah dihapuskan lebih 200 tahun dahulu. Kenapa pula kita mahu menghidupkan kembali peramalan itu?
    Kita mesti keluar daripada terus diperhambakan sebegini hina oleh pemimpin-pemimpin kita yang tidak langsung teringat untuk berbudi secara tulus kepada rakyat dan tidak dapat mengorbankan diri untuk kepentingan negara.
    Hanya kita sahaja yang berkorban untuk mereka.
    Sekarang sampai sudah masanya kita harus berdiri untuk kebenaran serta menjamin keharmonian hidup dalam masyarakat majmuk ini tanpa dibelenggu oleh budaya burung balam yang sentiasa mengangguk semasa setuju atau sebaliknya.
    Akar umbi perlu bertindak untuk kebenaran hakiki.
    Pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO sekarang tidak mungkin berkemampuan untuk bersifat ‘gentleman’ seperti Ong Ka Ting atau pun Chan Kong Choy.

  89. Zubli Zainordin Jun 29,2008 5:08 PM

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, bidang kehakimah di Malaysia sungguh menarik. Pertama kali saya berkunjung ke mahkamah ialah pada tahun 1979 bersama rakan Mahasiswa dan Pensyarah. Kemudian sebagai pelatih amali. Seterusnya sebagai orang dewasa.
    Bidang ini tidak terlepas dari kemanusiaan. Lalu berbagai cerita dan kisah yang dikaitkan dengan bidang ini, perihal hakim, dan kehakiman.
    Pun begitu, manusia akan berlaku adil dan mendapatkan keadilan bila mahkamah berpegang kepada prinsip kebenaran.
    Sebagai Menteri Undang-udang pertama di Malaysia, tentulah Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mahu melihat aturan dalam bidang ini. Apa yang telah dimulakan, kemudian diteruskan oleh beberapa Menteri Kanan kemudiannya.
    Di bawah pentadbiran Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, selepas PRU 12, muncullah Zaid Ibrahim memegang port-folio ini.
    Semenjak itu, walaupun usahanya merupakan reformasi bidang kehakiman. Namun sehingga kini, belum nampak buah-butirnya, dengan penundaan, maka jauhlah bidang ini daripada meyakinkan orang ramai setakat ini, perihal pemurnian bidang kehakiman.
    Permulaan yang mengelirukan kelakuan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dan Zaid Ibrahim ialah pembayaran ex-gratia kepada bekas hakim berkenaan.
    Sehingga kini pembayaran ini masih misteri dan wujud kekeliruan.
    Setiap langkah yang telah diatur, oleh Zaid Ibrahim nampak begitu bias, dan prejudis kepada hak seseorang untuk mendapatkan keadilan.
    Tiada kelihatan satu sistem yang sepadu dan seluruh, malah nampak kelam-kabut dalam menentukan apakah keutamaan pembentukan sesebuah suruhanjaya atau tribunal.
    Jawapan dan sanggahan yang diberikan oleh Zaid Ibrahim tidak menampakan kematangan dan jauh sekali kebijaksanaan.
    Jika tingkah laku seperti Ian Chin, boleh dirujuk, dan usaha Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad sendiri telah ditidakkan oleh orang seperti Zaid Ibrahim, apatah nanti seorang biasa dari kalangan masyarakat Malaysia?
    Walaupun tiada tribunal, tiada suruhanjaya, tiada pengadilan berlangsung, namun Zaid Ibrahim dengan sendirinya mengambil kesempatan luas dan telah pun membuat kenyataan yang memihak kepada Ian Chin, dan mengiakan tuduhan Ian Chin terhadap Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
    Hairan dan pelek.
    Ini tidak adil!

  90. Hajar Jun 29,2008 5:01 PM

    Dearest Yg Berbahgia Tun,
    As always, you gave a very comprehensive explanation. Well said Tun! I support you. Please continue revealing all the wrongdoings of the judges who think that they are above the law. Those arrogant judges must be punished accordingly – by right more severely. They keep on blaming others for their own wrongdoings.
    And, sadly, DSAAB & Co are too BLIND and DEAF to be able to see the TRUTH.
    Teruskan usaha Tun untuk mendesak DSAAB supaya meletak jawatan. Beliau perosak agama, bangsa dan negara.
    Semoga Tun & keluarga sentiasa dirahmati Allah SWT. Terima kasih Tun.

  91. aman2b Jun 29,2008 4:56 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun yg dikasihi,
    Satu pendedahan yg berwibawa – cukup sifat dan buktinya. Tapi sayang kita masih dibwh kerajaan “denial” & pilih kasih. (Karpal Singh pun blh buat rayuan agar kerajaan layan Tun sebagaimamana rakyat sepatutnya dilayan).
    Confirm tak ada tribunal khas kata zaid (yg peliknya kes video klip lingam yang tak cukup sifat -rakaman yg diteliti tak penuh cuma 30% shj kata budak yg rakam tu – blh lak buat tribunal)
    Selama 22 tahun berada dibawah kepimpinan Tun, tidak pernah kami merasa gelisah dan resah dengan keadaan politik, ekonomi, sosial dan agama seperti keadaan dihari ini. Walaupun tak semuanya cantik dizaman Tun, tapi kami rasa selamat, dan berjiwa kebangsaan/patriotik, boleh megah dengan bangsa & negara sendiri. Tapi sekarang semua pemimpin politik kerajaan dan pembangkang lebih mementingkan kelompok masing-masing. Tiada lagi sifat “negarawan” tulen dihati mereka. Resah memikirkan nasib anak cucu bangsa.
    @ Moga Allah sentiasa memelihara dan memberi RahmatNya kpd Tun. Teruskan perjuangan yg belum selesai…….

  92. pakbelalang Jun 29,2008 4:37 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Bar Council is having Forum on Social Contract. So lets have another big forum nationwide on Ketuanan Melayu and Social Contract. Lets have road show.
    What is their hidden agenda of having social contract forum. We know their agenda. It is just to put pressure on a lame duck Prime Minister to satisfy their demands.

  93. Freddie Kevin Jun 29,2008 4:33 PM

    Dearest Tun,
    Allow me to tumpang your blog to include your achivements as much as I can. Because as I have commented before for those who refuse or care not to remember.
    1.General System of Preferences (GSP):
    Year in and year out the mighty USA thru various trade alliances had tried to blackmail our country into seeing things ‘their way’ until one day your goodself said enough is enough and go to hell (my choice of words).To my knowledge no other leader of a democracy has ever stood up to this superpower for interfering in its internal affairs by threats of trade disfavour.

  94. annesse Jun 29,2008 4:17 PM

    salam Tun.
    wow,what a revelation!
    Be extra careful Tun..these people can cause you harm.
    “Drowning man clutches at straws”:o)

  95. pakbelalang Jun 29,2008 4:14 PM

    Dear Tun,
    It is rather shocking to hear that a police report had been lodged alleging that Anwar sodomised his 23 year old aide.
    When you are being cornered the best option is to declare that it is being fabricated. Anyway, lets see what is the outcome of the investigation by the police. The truth will prevail at the end of the day.Very interesting development indeed. If it is found to have basis in the report then I think Anwar has got no other alternative but to reliquish his political career for good. Sayonara !!!

  96. pakbelalang Jun 29,2008 4:01 PM

    What cock and bull story from Jeffrey Ketingan regarding Petronas!! This is a case of somebody trying to discredit Petronas for their own hidden agenda. Nothing more than that. Why only now they create all this cock and bull story? They know this is the most ideal time to squeeze the balls of a lame duck Prime Minister who is having GROUND ZERO ideas how to counter all these stupid allegations.I think Anwar is the culprit behind all this nonsense trying to take advantage of the price hike of fuel by instigating the Sabahans to go against the BN government. Anwar’s objective is to create political instability so that he will finally achieve his objective of wanting to wrest control of BN govt. and become the Prime Minister. I tell you, Anwar is the most hypocrite character who is having split personality.You can judge his political background during his younger days when he was controling Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM) . He just cannot be trusted. If ever he becomes a prime minister he will treat this country like a SCAVENGER and I can assure you he will control and manipulate the minds of the people in order to hold power until the rest of his life. !!People are so mesmerized by his good oratorial skills until they don’t realize that they are being cheated by his sweet talk. As far as I am concerned, he is only good to be a saleman at the back lane of Masjid India selling “expired medicinal pills”.
    Subject: Article by Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan
    > >
    > > In view of the shocking developments as inevitable results
    > > of the sudden oil
    > > price hike, I woul like to raise several issues with
    > > regards to the
    > > situation in Petronas which I believe most people are not
    > > aware of. This is
    > > especially pertinent in the face of several revelations,
    > > such as the fact
    > > that the oil wells in Sabah will dry up six years from now.
    > > The issue has
    > > also been raised that Petronas “could go bust in
    > > 2018”, forcing us to ask:
    > > Where have all the huge amounts of Petronas money gone to?
    > >
    > > Had Petronas been managed so badly that despite it being
    > > the nation’s biggest money earner, it is now facing the possibility of
    > > going bust (bankrupt)?
    > >
    > > The first problem with Petronas is the fact that it was
    > > designed to be a
    > > secretive organisation. The Petronas agreements have been
    > > claissified
    > > secret. Why? What clauses are in the agreement that the
    > > people should know?
    > > This secrecy also include the secrecy of Petronas’
    > > detailed annual report
    > > which is shielded from public scrutiny, making it an
    > > organization without
    > > public accountibility.
    > >
    > > The other shocking revelation that had came to my knowledge
    > > is that 80% of
    > > the oil produced by Petronas is not sold directly to the
    > > world market but is
    > > channelled through six ‘option holders’ who obtain
    > > the supply from Petronas
    > > below market prices. These option holder agents are the
    > > ones reaping the
    > > benefits in the oil price hikes. Who are these people? Why
    > > are there in the
    > > first place? Whty had such a system been created for
    > > Petronas? Are these
    > > people in fact representing certain private interests?
    > >
    > > It is also understood that this supply through the option
    > > holders is sold by
    > > contracts with a binding agreement for 20 or 30 years,
    > > causing huge losses
    > > for Petronas when oil price increases, as Petronas would
    > > then have to
    > > continue selling at the old agreed price. Only 20% of
    > > Petronas’s supply is
    > > sold through direct open bidding.
    > >
    > > Because of these arrangements, Petronas is sadly not
    > > maximising its revenue
    > > by dealing direct with the open world market. Instead it
    > > has been incurring
    > > inculculable losses for the nation and for the people. How
    > > much this
    > > monstrous loss is, we will never know.
    > >
    > > The Members of Parliament and the state government should
    > > boldly raise up
    > > this very important issue in Parliament or directly with
    > > the federal
    > > government for the benefit of the oil-producing states.
    > >
    > > As soon as possible, leaders of the oil producing states
    > > should seek for a
    > > review of the oil royalty rate and push for a
    > > differentiation of prices and
    > > benefits for the oil-producing states and the
    > > non-oil-producing states.
    > >
    > > This review is being offered by the alternative government
    > > which is
    > > committed to giving the oil-producing states at least 20%
    > > oil royalty. This
    > > is a window of opportunity for all of us to demand for a
    > > review of the
    > > Petronas agreements, and to make Petronas more open and
    > > transparent.
    > >
    > > Parti Keadilan Rakyat also demands that the system of
    > > having the six option
    > > holders be abolished. A new system should be created in
    > > which the three
    > > oil-producing states are in control of the marketing arm of
    > > Petronas, to
    > > make make Petronas trade directly in the world market with
    > > the aim of
    > > maximising revenue for the benefit of the nation.
    > >
    > > Obviously, Petronas is a huge business organisation which
    > > is not
    > > accountable, secretive, and has been open to a lot of
    > > abuses, including the
    > > decision to use its revenue to bails out various
    > > individuals who faced
    > > bankruptcy as results of the Asian economic crisis ten
    > > years ago. It the
    > > federal government truly wants to be responsible and
    > > accountable to the
    > > people as it claims it wants to be, it can begin to prove
    > > its sincerity for
    > > excellent governance by looking into the problems with
    > > Petronas.
    > >

  97. kaizer Jun 29,2008 3:33 PM

    Salam Sejahtera Ayahanda Tun,
    Hari ini sekali lagi berita tergempar mengenai DSAI. Kes liwat…Saya tertanya-tanya samaada sekali lagi DSAI memainkan peranannya. Kadangkala terfikir untuk mendapat popularitinya dimana ramai rakyat Malaysia termasuk penyokong-penyokongnya masih menganggap DSAI dianiayai selama hari ini..Adakah ini salah satu permainannya untuk meraih simpati….Sahamnya akan melonjak naik…Rata-rata pendapat akan berkata ini permainan politik di masa kini.Sekiranya benar perkara ini(liwat) adakah masih ramai orang percaya… Itulah persoalannya…
    Ayahanda Tun,
    Saya masih ingat apa yang ayahanda Tun berkata “Akan mengambil masa yang lama untuk rakyat mengetahui kebenarannya” Memang tak di nafikan DSAI pandai berlakon dan hebat politiknya sehinggakan hari ini dia muncul semula dgn imej yang bergitu gah didalam senario politik Malaysia. Saya rasa sudah sampai masanya Tun dedahkan segala-galanya apa yang tersurat dan tersirat. Kita tidak mahu negara kita tergadai dengan permainan politik DSAI ini.Sekiranya saudara Ezam mengikuti blog ini, saya menyeru lakukan sesuatu untuk kebenaran.Demi agama, bangsa dan negara ini….Anda orang yang paling rapat dan saya percaya ada sebab-sebab tertentu mengapa saudara Ezam keluar untuk tidak bersama-sama lagi dgn DSAI.Rahsia-rahsia tertentu ada bersama-sama saudara Ezam.
    Saya yakin perbuatan yang dilaknat oleh ALLAH S.W.T. ini, macammana sekali kita cuba menutupi kebenarannya.. pembalasan tetap ada…Perkara ini bukan boleh di permain-mainkan.

  98. Pulau Jun 29,2008 3:23 PM

    Yang dihormati Tun Dr. Mahathir
    Anwar Ibrahim does it again. Tauhu Sumbat. What goes around comes around. This time he blamed the IGP & AG for reason known to him alone. He’s looking for more scape goat. UMNO, BN etc…maybe Najib for conspiring him from politic.
    Whatever he has got to say, now it’s proven that “old habit die hard”. Not sure how Wan Azizah and family is going to react to this episode.
    One thing for sure, that “Justice comes in many way”. In 1997, he accused you of fabricating the sodomy issue. We all know that he’s a crooked. Appear in public as religeous and an islamic scholar. In reality, Anwar Ibrahim is the greatest of all satan and devil that existed in the atmosphere.
    Weldone Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. You did it the second time. Syabas and Goodbye.

  99. SkiLL Jun 29,2008 2:28 PM

    The fact that Chin made his allegations under the protective immunity of the court will simply nullify the substance of his claims.
    Added to the mix, is the manner in which Zaid offhandedly dismiss any judicial review in the conduct Chin in such a short period of time after Tun made his challenge.
    This lends credence to the possibility that the whole parody was concocted to silence Tun.
    When Tun responded with a detailed explanation of Chin’s past, most reckoned that Tun had checkmated this particular line of attack by his detractors.
    One expects this whole episode will now slowly fade away…as Chin’s usefulness has ran out its time.

  100. Bumiputrakelas2 Jun 29,2008 2:23 PM

    Chin should be happy to undergo such a camp. For us in the private sector, such camp is not unusual. That’s how we understand how it feels to be humilated or bullied , or in other words ‘Empathy’, so that we won’t humilate or bully others in the future , or we will understand others better.
    As a judge , Chin should focus on being a judge. We understand that judges are not god. So somewhere somehow.. their decision is always influence by the surroundings.. either for justice or bad judgement. I don’t think Chin is the perfect person who does not sin.
    If Chin is willing to be a politician, why not. Resign today , stand for an election, and perhaps become a YB and then voice your mind in parlimen. PKR would be a good base for him.
    But I don’t think Chin has the balls! He is thinking more about his salary , play golf , go holidays.. than to really care about the rakyat. Why should you bring matters which has already been stale!
    For Tun, Keep on talking what is right. Without you, Malaysia is not what it is today.
    For Pak Lah , the city is so beautiful now,thanks to Tun Mahathir, so its your turn to beautify and upgrade the rural side. We will salute you for that.

  101. pakbelalang Jun 29,2008 2:11 PM

    Kapada moronwangsa,
    Pandangan saudara sungguh tepat sekali. Very intellectual. Bagaimana pun kita harus menerima hakikat memang ada suara sumbang dikalangan kita yang sampai kiamat pun akan menafikan khidmat cemerlang Tun M ketika menjadi Perdana Menteri. Mereka akan terus cuba memberi pandanga negatif terhadap Tun M. Itulah manusia yang mungkin tidak sunyi digoda oleh perasaan “dengki dan irihati”. Atau mungkin mereka merasa “inferiority complex” pada diri mereka dan cuba untuk berlindung dari perasaan ini mereka sedaya upaya akan terus memberikan hujah-hujah yang kononnya merekalah yang lebeh bijak.

  102. Kesha Syam Jun 29,2008 2:00 PM

    YAB Tun,
    I believe I am one of the thousands in Malaysia who have great admiration for what you have done for the country.Your leadership made us proud to be Malaysians. Whenever I travelled overseas, even to many remote countries, the people there knew Malaysia and knew it because of “Mahathir”.
    Your reputation preceeded you and I was proud that Malaysia had made its mark in the international scene. Even during the Asian financial crisis, you proved your critics wrong.You saved the economy and the country. It is politics and race that has kept Malaysians apart. With your qualities and brain power I am sure that you could find a solution to keep Malaysians together and create a better nation for the future.
    Besides what you are doing now to change the political climate, your current objective and mission should include this aspect of nation building.
    Yours Sincerely…

  103. mgpunya Jun 29,2008 1:44 PM

    Assalamualaikum YAM Tun,
    See…like I’ve said early on..the Judiciary is untouchable. Any suggestion that the government is going to initiate or for that matter take any action against Datuk Ian Chin received as expected a pre emptive strike from Dato Zaid Ibrahim.

  104. ketam Jun 29,2008 1:17 PM

    Assalamualaikum TDM and dear readers
    Jamilmalik, thank you for attaching the write up of what Mohammad Nor Yaakob said about our dearest ex-PM 29th June 2.25am. Many of us has forgotten how we were very fortunate that we had a saviour in the form of Tun during that time. He has managed to steer us out of the turbulence and wow… It was when reformasi was brewing and at the same time our economy was under attack. Even then, we rakyat were still happy and not moaning about our cost of living (except of course friends who involved in shares tradinglah). The joke was that the composite index keep going down but the API reading (haze) was keep going up. I miss during that time when we had an intelligent PM. Now…. taktaulah nak cakap apa lagi. Tun, we still need you. Even if you do not have power now, the rakyat will be behind you. First of all, we have to group ourselves. Your management style is needed more than ever.Once we are formed, Pak Lah and the gang will surely panas punggung punya. You cannot be alone in doing this. We need you. Once the new party formed, we will ask the small group of menteris in UMNO to join us. I am sure they don’t want to resign from UMNO now as they have no where to go. I am sure many will follow. We just need to be organized. Tun, we are the people who cares about the country and we are behind you. We are not the people who went to see you when you were in power because we know that you were doing your work for us in Sri Perdana/Putrajaya. We are not asking for contracts or position here… we are just asking that you to be our leader again… against this dangerous people who are playing around with our next generation’s future. We need somebody that can be trusted and at the same time have the intelligence that many people envy . I know that this is much too much to ask but whats harm in trying . I just wish there is something we the common rakyat can do than to accept the garbage that is thrown to us by Pak Lah and the gang .

  105. wokyoh Jun 29,2008 1:00 PM

    salam Tun …dan teman-teman yang lain
    wokyoh dah agak doh…siapa yang terlibat dengan liwat tu…ermmmm.
    dulu…walaupun dah 9 peguam tersohor(land barons) termasuk karpala singh…dia didapati bersalah jugak…(tun ada bukti dan fakta semua kes ni…cuma masanya belum tiba untuk didedahkan…)
    tapi manusia …susah nak percaya ni…apatah lagi orang yang dituduh tu nampak alim,boleh jadi imam dan pandai berkata-kata dan menyebut ayat-ayat al-quran pula….. logik akal…kalau kerajaan ada konspirasi…sudah tentu bukan dari paklah @ KJ…sebab mereka inilah orangnya yang membebaskan si tertuduh dulu…siap bagi pasport lagi…
    tun …wokyoh rasa tun ada simpan satu lagi nuclear bomb untuk diletupkan teristimewa buat paklah…teringat dulu…masa mula mula ada krisis dgn paklah..masa tun jumpa dia…tun ada rakam perbualan tu…apa isinya tun???? kami nak tahu!!!!…dengar kata..waktu tun jumpa dia…paklah jadi macam budak sekolah dihadapan guru besar@guru disiplin..kerjanya…tulis je apa yang tun cakap…tak berani pun nak tentang mata tun..ha.ha.ha…macam orang salah..tun, dia terkencing tak waktu tu??….rupa-rupanya paklah sudah pandai berlakon waktu tu…..”daripada aku bertikam lidah @berhujah dengan tun yang bijak bestari ni…baik aku menulis…menulis jer…nanti kalau tun letih..dia berhenti lah sendiri…”kata hati kecilnya..
    lepas tu…apa yang ditulisnya entah kemana…janji tinggal janji..munafik la tu…buat perabih beras jah pelihara pokloh ni…
    kalaulah si mangsa dibayar pula…..tentulah jumlahnya agak banyak melebi ex-gratia kut…
    1)orang yg dituduh bukan org sembarangan….bakal PM tu !!!….
    2)akan tanggung risiko tinggi..punggungnya sudah pasti
    pasti menjadi sasaran mat gay selepas ini…bukan dari mat
    gay keadilan saja…tapi dari berbagai bangsa.DAP,PAS…kalau
    yang tak berminat pun..mungkin yang sudah lumpuh dan berkerusi
    roda saja…
    3)maruah diri ternoda dan harga diri tergadai…
    4)buasir yang tak sudah-sudah…
    5)kena banyak-banyak bertobat nasuha ni…
    cuma nasihat wokyoh kalu nak buat pemeriksaan perubatan…suruhlah pegawai perubatan yang bertanggungjawab(dulu suruh pakar yang pro-pemangsa..jadi laporannya tak aci..)…kena tengok anal tone nya…ada ke tak ada..lepas tu tengok kalau-kalau ada laceration wound or abrassion wound ke tidak..dan kalu buleh buat juga ujian kepada pasangan@isteri pemangsa…atau boleh bincang perkara ini di parlimen saja…..jange marah ye…nanti kena jual….
    dulu iblis sangat alim dan kuat sangat beramal di sisi tuhan…selalu mendoakan agar malaikat dan makhluk lain taat dan patuh segala suruhan tuhan…tapi dia terlupa untuk mendoakan dirinya sendiri kerana berasa dirinya cukup alim dan sempurna…lalu..akhirnya iblis dilaknat oleh Allah dan neraka adalah penyudahnya…
    wokyoh minta diri dulu deh….terima kasih.

  106. Freddie Kevin Jun 29,2008 12:59 PM

    Dearest Tun,
    I know that my comment has nothing to do with this topic but I just want to recall what you had said that you feel something fishy going on regarding the cordial relationship with AAB and the oppostion. I most certainly agree and latest events developing will prove that you are right. I am also of the opinion that there is a real threat that insiders within UMNO are out to destroy the party.God bless you and your family.

  107. Helmi Asyraf Abdullah Jun 29,2008 12:43 PM

    Ramai slalu kate Tun slalu buat salah….pasal judiciary la,human rights la….bla…bla….bla….
    Tapi kenapa nak sangat jadi negative….diorg x tgk ke ape yg tun dah buat….saya bangge ngan projek2 tun yang banyak memberi peluang pekerjaan baru kat malaysia ni….tun dah jadikan langkawi yang dulu x seberapa menjdi 1 destinasi yang lengkap….
    Kesimpulannya..walau apapun telah tun buat…..on the positive site…tun tetap memberi sumbangan yang tenilai pada malaysia….
    Pm mane yang brani kritik Israel + its proxies….Pm mane yang dipuji oleh pemimpin negara2 dunia ketiga…pemimpin negara2 yang ditindas i.e. Palestin kerana kelantangan berhujah dan membela islam…..saya pernah ada kawan yang memberitahu kat london ….ade yang wut public speaking….die kate pemimpin islam xde yang kuat walau dari middle east skali pon…melainkan tinggal seorng je kat dunia ni….iaitu Tun Dr Mhathir….
    Klu kita nk tgk positive side AAB…ape yang positive…cegah rasuah?tetap banyak….byk kes2 yang naek adela…islam hadhari? dah senyap dad…isalm hadhari ape klu lagu die kat RTK 2 ynag menyantikan penyanyi yang x pakai tudung….pelik..pelik…xkn x fikir kot….kenapa AAB nak carik kelemahan tun +pembangkang untuk tunjuk kerajaan kuat …..kenapa x tunjuk kekuatan kerajaan…ape yang kerajaan mampu buat….be positive….
    Klu Anwar Ibrahim….no komen…lagi2 ade kes baru yang naik…tp saya jangkakn xkn berjaya menjatuhkan pembangkan …ini kerana keraajaan dalam keadaan lemah…rakyat akan lebih bersimpati kepadanya daripada menyokong kerajaan dan kerajaan akan dituduh menjadi dalang….
    Ini sering dilakukan di barat.contohnya di….Gen Pinochet untuk didakwa dengan tax evasion charge ..menyorokkan sebanyak $8 mil…some say it is just a way yang digunakan oleh banyk kerajaan untuk menjatuhkan seseorang….cthnya pinochet….dijatuhkan kepimpimnn diktatornya yg selama 17 tahun kerana charge ini akan menyebabkan beliau dipenjarakan….cuba bygkan xknla xde buisnesman yg x bayar cukai yg berlipat kali ganda lebih tinggi dari 8 mil is just 8 mil…cubalah fikirkan..
    Be positive…left the negative side…left the dark side of our view
    If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt; if you know Heaven and know Earth, you may make your victory complete. [Sun Tzu]

  108. ISTERI ANTIMAMAK Jun 29,2008 12:32 PM

    PASAI APA..?
    Yahoo! ID
    Yahoo! Mail address

  109. azhar abdullah Jun 29,2008 12:09 PM

    Buat Tun,
    Tahniah kerana salurkan maklumat yang tepat kepada kami…
    Buat Chin,
    U mess with the wrong guy…
    Saya ada tinggal komen pada blog anda supaya anda buang gambar saya yang anda edit pada blog anda tersebut…saya harap anda dapat melakukannya secara baik..itu gambar saya…diri saya..

  110. observer Jun 29,2008 11:59 AM

    To ABI – you must be a lawyer i think looking at your writing and one of those anti-Tun. Well not everyone is perfect except God. You and i are far from perfect. Tun was destined to be our PM for that long. In your life, i am sure there were moments you respected and admired Tun. However for a reason you seems to dislike him now. Give Tun a break please.

  111. fawz Jun 29,2008 11:57 AM

    Kepada semua yang saya hormati,
    Sekiranya kita semua benar2 menghormati Tun, harap kawal lah emosi kita, jangan gunakan bahasa kasar dan sebagai-nya. Kita jangan layan orang2 seperti ABI, Antimamak, Neil dan sebagainaya , “just ignore them”. Mereka2 nih memang bencikan Tun… entah apa pasal? jadi mereka tidak akan nampak kebaikan Tun samasekali.

  112. kamar Jun 29,2008 11:49 AM

    To Pangait,
    It is a little amazement that you is reading the blog..until the end and even register yourself to draw a little bit out of context comment. Kalau tak TDM yang bersuara siapa lagi yang boleh? You? Siapa you and siapa nak dengar cakap you?
    We have something in common, we want to see Malaysia to be respected by the world and we both want the current PM outaa here..
    I thank you for all the contribution, mintak halal segala sumbangan TDM.

  113. jojo51 Jun 29,2008 11:35 AM

    The real devil Chin is exposed!!! Now we know why Chin made his allegations in court. That’s the only way he can escape from legal actions and defamation suit. Blatant misuse of judiciary immunity. And he has suckers around him, flip flop Pak Lah, money politician Zaid, kaki ampu Ambiga.

  114. Pangait Jun 29,2008 11:32 AM

    The details you provided is no little amazement considering in your era as PM you had maintained many individual profiles ready for exposure in the event these individuals fell out of favour. You are a vindictive person, unbecoming of a senior retired statesman. You should have just retired peacefully and write down memoirs of those you have in your diaries and make a little money for your holiday.

  115. koroknguh Jun 29,2008 10:16 AM

    salam Tun
    Zaid tentu tak berani nak buat tribunal khas….sbb pak lah tak suruh….kalau gitu beritau laa jumlah bayaran ex-gratia tu…. hehe

  116. Dr. Ghaz Jun 29,2008 10:05 AM

    YABhg Tun,
    Saya amat bersyukur ke hadhrat Illahi kerana telah melahirkan seorang pemimpin yang memiliki kebijaksanaan yang tinggi buat seluruh rakyat Malaysia.
    Saya berterima kasih kepada YABhg Tun yang telah mencurahkan `segala-galanya’ kepada Malaysia selama YABhg Tun menjadi PM.
    Kini, YABhg Tun terpakasa `berjuang’ lagi demi untuk menyempurnakan `perjuangan yang belum selesai’. Dahulu YABhg Tun memiliki bala tentera yang begitu besar, tapi kini YABhg Tun bagaikan keseorangan mengharungi gelombang dan gelora. Tapi, yakinilah bahawa YABhg Tun tidak keseorangan …… Hati anak-anak Malaysia masih berpihak kepada YABhg Tun. Masakan tidak, YABhg Tun adalah `Ayahanda’ kepada anak-anak Malaysia.
    YABhg Tun bersara dengan impian untuk menikmati detik-detik kehidupan yang menggembirakan. Namun, YABhg Tun sedar bahawa sumbangan bakti YABHg Tun masih diperlukan. Justeru, YABHg Tun terus beristiqamah di dalam perjuangan kerana saya yakin hanya dengan menyumbang bakti sedemikian, YABhg Tun akan memperolehi kegembiraan. Ini dapat disaksikan dengan komitmen YABhg Tun bergerak ke sana-sini untuk menyampaiakn pandangan YABHg Tun kepada rakyat jelata. YABHg Tun adalah contoh teladan yang amat baik untuk mengungkapkan kata-kata komitmen/iltizam. Tahniah dan Syabas YABhg Tun.
    YABhg Tun, jadikanlah corat-coret kami ini sebagai perangsang kepada potensi YABHg Tun yang `infinite’, kerana kami juga jadikan tulisan-tulisan YABHg Tun sebagai pembakar semangat kami bukan sahaja di dalam poiltik tetapi meliputi seluruh spektrum kehidupan. Sesungguhnya, kalau YABhg Tun ingin tahu, ramai yang membaca tulisan YABHg Tun dan komen para blogger yang lain dengan tangisan yang mengharuykan. Ini bukan fanatik, tetapi bukti bahawa `connection’ terhadap nilai-nilai sejagat yang satu, yang tidak pernah berubah. Dan, nilai sejagat yang ada pada YABHg Tun itulah
    yang telah menghubungkan `kita’ semua.
    Untuk pengetahuan YABhg Tun, saya pernah mengahdiri majlis ceramah YABHg Tun baru-baru ini. Saya dapati majlis tersebut mempunyai `aura positif’ yang amat kuat sekalai. Ramai di kalangan rakyat Malaysia, tidak kira kaum mengalirkan air mata tidak hentio-henti sejak dari saat diumumkan ketibaan YABhg Tun. Begitu `connected’ nya kita semua YABhg Tun. YABhg adalah seorang yang meiliki personaliti dan karektor yang amat kuat berlandaskan prinsip sejagat yang luhur.
    Sekian, jumpa lagi YAbhg Tun ~ sebab ada `gangguan’.

  117. abdul Jun 29,2008 8:54 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Even Karpal S., the lethal Senior Solicitor cum DAP leader has come to his sense.
    Though he has labelled Tun as ‘loose cannon”, I smell that he is trying to fix it (the cannon) now.
    Watch out friends! Better take your position now.

  118. cyberdroxxx Jun 29,2008 8:43 AM

    Salam TDM
    I have never for once undermined your wisdom since the day you took office until today. You brought fame for this country to the whole world. The way you solve all sorts of issues and problems that arise are flawless. You will always have the right solutions. You are the person that always did your homework very well as proven in your article here to rebut the lame accusation thrown at you.
    How I wished you still make decisions for the benefits of the people especially in difficult times.
    You are still my hero, a truely malay hero.

  119. GOMO Jun 29,2008 6:51 AM

    Asalammualikum buat Tun dan Isteri semoga sihat hendakNya
    By ashar on June 26, 2008 4:30 PM
    DARI POSTED DI SNIPPET/corat coret
    Sebagai menunjukan sokongan rakyat ,
    terhadap TUN agar Pak Lah mengundurkan diri.
    Mulai 1 julai 2008 kita lakukan “bantahan senyap untuk Pak Lah” dengan:
    1) Memakai pin ribbon warna putih , atau
    2) Menaikan bendera putih di kereta, di motor depan rumah, depan kedai dan pejabat dll
    Marilah kita sama-sama sokong dan bertindak dengan TUN.
    Macam mana pendapat Tun mengenai cadangan Ansar???
    Tun setuju tak???
    Kalau ok harap Tun bagi GREEN LIGHT supaya kami rakyat dapat menjalankan cadangan oleh Ansar!!!
    semoga Tun bersama-sama kami berjuang menghapuskan Pak lah NGOK dan keroni-keroni KAYU API NI!!!

  120. GOMO Jun 29,2008 6:15 AM

    GO TO HELL….

  121. merongwangsa Jun 29,2008 5:32 AM

    Kepada manusia yg pakai nama ABI,
    Kami bukanlah membabi buta menyokong Tun. Memanglah Tun pernah membuat kesilapan kerana beliau juga manusia biasa dan bukan maksum. Tapi kesilapan beliau ibarat bermain bola kekadang tersilap percaturan dan kesilapan teknikal & taktikal yg boleh diperbaiki. Masih dlm kategori minor error & tidak memudaratkan sgt kerosakannya. Majoriti rakyat selesa. Yg penting rakyat!. Tapi PM yg ada sekarang ni nak dikatakan silap teknikal tak boleh, asas leadership pun lintang pukang. Mcm asas menyepak bola pun tak tau, mcm mana jurulatih nak atur strategi. Takkan main bola 10 org nak defend lubang gol. Statiklah permainan. Penonton bayar tiket masuk nak tengok game yg ada klas. PM kita ckp pun mcm org dah pencen mcm mana nak doktrin pemikiran rakyat. Hari2 kita boleh dgr atuk kita membebel dirumah mcm nasihat beliau kpd rakyat.
    Untuk mencari keadilan, Tun bukanlah yg terbaik, beliau sendiri pun saya yakin taknak mengaku beliau yg terbaik. Entah2 pujian2 rakyat pun beliau tidak berapa galakkan. Pernah org mengucap mukadimah mcm ni semasa beliau masih jd PM dulu sewaktu nak memberi ucapan dimajlis- …..Yg amat berhormat Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamed yg kita kasihi. Telah diucapkan oleh salah seorang Menteri beliau. Keesokannya beliau dgn sinis memberi kenyataan bahawa beliau bukan mahu dipuji, takut nanti satu hari beliau dikeji. Mmg betul pun yg memuji tu sekarang mengeji.
    Tanyalah hati kecil sdr. adakah sdra perlu seorang PM yg tidak jelas arah tujuannya. Saya fakir ABI dlm kategori intelektual yg berpelajaran. Kemana hala kapal yg hendak dilayari sebagai nakhoda. Adakah sdra jelas? Kalau sdra jelas saya meminta kemaafan kerana skeptikal terhadap sdr & PM yg sdr sokong itu.
    Menjadi pemimpin bukan mudah. Ada seninya dan tidak ada pelajaran dimana2 universiti hatta Havard sekali pun. Sudah diriwayatkan kisah Nabi Hidir dan Nabi Musa. Nabi Hidir telah membunuh seorang kanak2 yg tidak berdosa. Nabi Musa terperanjat dan marah kerana dosa yg amat besar membunuh org yg tidak berdosa apatah lg kanak2. Nabi Hidir telah merungkai dgn terperinci kpd Nabi Musa bahawa beliau terpaksa membunuh kanak2 itu, kerana bila dewasa kelak kanak2 itu akan membuat kerosakan. Allhualam.
    Berapa ramai pemimpin yg ada instinct untk membaca bukan saja yg tersurat & tersirat tapi yg tertanam? Ada 2 sistem popular-Kapitalis & Komunis. Kita adalah kapitalis. Sistem Demokrasi Berpelembagaan. Ada tiga pilihan untuk memerintah, Diktator, autokrasi atau liberal. Mmg diktator bukan pilihan, tapi kekadang autokrasi efektif utk diamalkan lbh2 di Malaysia am nya & bangsa Melayu khasnya. Singapura maju kerana autokrasi. Sdr bayangkanlah kalau nak buat sesuatu projek mega yg memberi keuntungan jangka panjang kpd rakyat & sdr bentangkan dlm mesyuarat & minta pandangan semua yg ada. Kalau 40 org sdr akan dgr 40 pendapat. Akhirnya bila bnyk sgt pendapat, sudahnya jadi retorik. Akhirnya projek hanya setakt blueprint.
    Sebagi rakyat saya faham PM perlu ada kuasa eksekutif penuh kerana dibahu beliau dibebani tanggungjawab & harapan rakyat yg amat berat. Jika Hakim pun ada kuasa eksekutif selari dgn kuasa PM. Dikhuatiri ada 2 nakhoda dlm 1 kapal. Hakim akan melihat dari definasi perundangan dgn bahasa mudah follow the book and rules Tapi disatu pihak melihat dari sudut wawasan demi keunggulan Malaysia & kesinambungan bangasa ditanah airnya. Adakah kita perlu rujuk kitab bila kita hendak bunuh org yg bakal membunuh anak & isteri kita didepan mata walhal itu adalah utk mempertahankan diri? Kalau lah Hakim2 yg kononnya Tun patahkan tajinya, maka mulialah Tun kerana sanggup ‘bersalah’ demi rakayat. Sekarang ada kecenderongan kerajaan sekarang kembali kpd system sebelum 1988. Tapi Tun sudah dpt membaca yg tertanam apa yg akan berlaku dihari muka. Bukan salah beliau lg. Jd tolonglah sdr ABI. Jgn cap kami menyokong pendosa besar. Jelas terbukti asas2 yg kuat kenapa Tun adalah PEMIMPIN AGUNG yg pernah Malaysia lahirkan.
    Tembok Besar China dibina dgn korban ribuan buruh. Hari ini apalah China tanpa Great Wall of China. KLCC?

  122. samuraimelayu Jun 29,2008 5:31 AM

    Kepada Sdr.’Jamilmalik’,
    kami diajak kawan pergi ke Quality Hotel jam 12.15pagi tadi untuk melihat drama yang diwarwarkan beraksi.
    Kami dah jangkakan ada perkara yang tidak kena.
    Penulis skrip yang menggunakan tajuk liwat untuk kali kedua adalah karya pengarang yang ketandusan idea. Pengarang lupa perusuh jalanan reformasi kini dah 10 tahun lebih tua dan sudah tidak segagah dahulu.
    Hanya terdengar suara sumbang melaungkan ‘Reformasi’!
    Apa yang kami risaukan adalah strategi itu akan menaikan kemarahan anak2 muda kerna anggapan mereka bahawa kerajaan hari ini menggunakan kuasa sewenang2 nya untuk menangkap pemimpin2 pembangkang itu.
    Persoalan nya. Adakah tindakan yang direncanakan itu untuk meningkatkan populariti orang tersebut atau hendak mencabar kesabaran rakyat dengan menghidupkan kembali gerakan perusuh jalanan? Jika apa yang dirancang berlaku, adakah tindakan yang lebih drastik termasuk undang2 dharurat akan digunakan?
    Kami mohon saudara2 di KDN terutama Polis DiRaja Malaysia fikirlah dalam2 dan berastafagar lah banyak2 kerna anda tahu akan akibat nya kepada anak bangsa yang sekiblat dengan kita…nauzubillah!
    Ya Allah swt, Kami hamba yang lemah memohon kepada Mu, limpahilah keatas kami umat Muhammad saw dengan Zat penuh KASIH dan SAYANG Mu
    kerna hanya dengan Zat tersebut dapat kami dijauhi dari kemusnahan!
    Alfatihah, Amin.

  123. speedbird Jun 29,2008 5:11 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Do tell us more about these leeches: DS Nazri Aziz & Zaid Ibrahim. What could be done to supress them?

  124. ISTERI ANTIMAMAK Jun 29,2008 4:58 AM

    “” By ABI on June 29, 2008 1:02 AM
    Khas untuk Isteri Antimamak:
    Anda dah mabuk dengan kata-kata orang yang buat dosa terhadap negara yang kita sayangi! Dah hilang akal? Tak waras lagi? Dah jadi berserk? orang macam anda perlu dihapuskan dari muka bumi ini kerana dah hilang fikiran yang waras. Lebih baik anda tidak lahir! Jangan kutuk dan bidas orang tanpa berfikir dan tidak ada alasan yang kukuh! Anda memang tolol! “””
    La awat hang ni ABI ooooiii,
    baru sikit kena dah sakit kaa….
    Kalau sakit taka pa….orang kedah kata BAGUIH.
    TUN tak pernah pun sakit hati pun dengan apa yang hang pa dok fitnah pasai dia. Dia okey aja….sikit pun tak terasa macam hang..ABI.
    Hang sapa ABI oooii, nak cakap pasai dosa TUN ni….
    hang tau ka apa yang tersurat dan tersirat kat hati TUN.
    Bukan hang punya kerja tu ABI oooi… Ishh sapa yang ajak hang mengaji ..ustad mana yang ajak hang suruh berdengki ni…habaq dengan aku bagi…..
    Memang betoi lah hang ni kurang di ajak….
    Nak aku ajak bolih….mai lah rumah.
    Nasihat aku,
    Hang kawin aja ABI dengan suami aku antimamak,
    2 x 5 = 5 x 2,
    sama sama
    T O L O L = B A N G A N G
    nak alamat umah…..tanya suami aku: antimamak

  125. umnodu Jun 29,2008 4:17 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Police report lodged against DSAI by his aide alleging sodomy.
    1. If it is false, who will gain most from it?
    2. A government who is already losing the trust of the people, or a person desperately trying to re-ignite Reformasi 2?
    Dedahkan kisah semua Tun. Lupakan Pak Lah sekejap.Musuh lagi besar mula bertindak.
    Kalau Sekali Mungkin Konspirasi…

  126. DatOK ZeQ Jun 29,2008 4:01 AM

    Mohon maaf , Tumpang lalu Tun
    Betul ke Saiful Bahari dah buat report?. Ini kes berat. Kalau betul harapan DSAI nak menjadi Perdana Menteri hanya tinggl “Mimpi Mat Jenin” sahajalah. Apa hal, dah lama tak “Pekena” kot? Rasa nya inilah saki baki kaum Lut, susah lah nak diangkat menjadi pemimpin, kan itu Tun? Jadi ramalan aku Wan Azizah mungkin jadi PM mungkin betul? (Kalau lah 30 MP tu join PKR).
    Jadi Tun, peluang kita masih cerah, bila nak mulakan langkah pulak?
    asyik berblog aje, takkan kemana kita nanti !
    Biar “hot” lagi antimamak?
    DatOK ZeQ
    Kelana Jaya, Selangor

  127. pakbelalang Jun 29,2008 3:54 AM

    Dear Tun,
    I sometimes wonder whether Pak Lah really needs a Law Minister. And of all the person he appointed Zaid through “backdoor”. Is he really a good lawyer. How successful is he as a lawyer.
    I am of the opinion he is a redundant Minister.I don’t think we need at all a Minister of Law. To me he is just an IMPRESSIONIST and a waste of public money to maintain a Minister of Law. No big deal!! Unproductive set up.

  128. FirdausMelayu2008 Jun 29,2008 3:51 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun..Saya penyokong kuat Tun disini saya cuma ingin berkongsi dengan Tun tentang pendapat saya sebagai rakyat malaysia dan apa yang saya tahu :
    Dato Syed Kechik adalah seorang ahli politik terkenal pada thn sekitar 60an.beliau ditugaskan oleh arwah Tunku Abdul Rahman utk menolong Tun Mustapha membina kekuatan politiknya dlm United Sabah Nation Organisation (UNSO).Dato Syed Kechik memainkan peranan penting dalam kemenangan Tun Mustapha pada pilihanraya 1967.pada tahun 1976 (UNSO) kalah kepada Parti Berjaya yg juga disebut Tun,Ian Chin ada kepentingan persaudaraan dgn ahli Parti Berjaya.
    Pada thn 1967 Kumpulan Tabung Sabah Ditubuhkan (Sabah Foundation)dan Pengarah yang pertama adalah Dato Syed Kechik.Tabung ini pada permulaanya ditubuhkan untuk pembangunan taraf hidup bumiputra Sabah dan Biasiswa pendidikan Bumiputra Sabah tetapi disebaliknya ia digunakan sebagai penyaluran kepentingan untuk keutamaan parti politik oleh Tun Mustapha.pada tahun 1970 hingga 1974 Sabah Foundation meraih keuntungan dari penjualan balak sebanyak US$167.3 juta dollar pada tahun itu dari laporan akhbar NST pada tarikh 26-6-1976.
    Pada sekitar 70an Dato Syed Kechik diberi kepentingan dalam tiga syarikat balak oleh Dato Salam iaitu adik Tun Mustapha.kemudian pada pilihanraya 1976 Tun Mustapha tewas kepada parti yang baru ditubuhkan yang bernama Parti Berjaya (iaitu parti yang dimana Ian Chin ada kepentingan persauadaraan) disebabkan rasuah dan pemerintahan diktator.parti Berjaya yang dimana mengambil alih pemerintahan membuat langkah yang pertama menghalau Dato Syed Kechik dari Sabah.Apabila Dato Syed Kechik kembali ke Malaysia beliau berjaya memulakan hidup dengan sedikit hasil duit di Sabah yang ditukarkan kepada pegangan saham dan hartanah di Malaysia daripada hasil pembekuan total aset US$200 juta dolar di Sabah.Dato Syead Kechik yang memulakan perniagaan dengan dana itu dan ditambah dengan pinjaman bank yang telah memulakan kerjaya sebagai ahli perniagaaan dengan pembangunan kekuatan profil diri dan syarikat didalam lebih 40 syarikat.Salah satu kejayaan beliau ialah apabila beliau terlibat dalam pembinaan bangunan-bangunan besar di Malaysia dimana di waktu itu mendiang Tun HS Lee iaitu Menteri Kewangan Malaysia yang Pertama dan juga pada waktu itu bermulanya Dasar Ekonomi Baru(DEB).Ini Salah satu Contoh orang Melayu yang pertama bekerjasama denga orang Cina tempatan dalam pembahagian hasil bumi tanah malaysia dengan orang bumiputra.
    Tidak guna saya cerita panjang tentang ini tapi siapa yang tidak tahu dan berminat hendak tahu lebih lanjut boleh email kepada saya kembali.
    Cuma saya ingin menyatakan iaitu semua orang ada kesilapan.Tiada siapa terlepas dari melakukan kesilapan meskipun saya,Tun atau Ian Chin kita semua pernah melakukan kesilapan.Mungkin kita terpaksa melakukan kekejaman demi kepentingan negara dan rakyat.Mungkin kita silap menilai orang dalam sesuatu pengadilan jadi kita sebagai manusia perlu menegur sesama kita sekiranya ada berlaku kesilapan dan cuba untuk perbetulkan keadaan tetapi kita tidak perlu lihat kesalahan setiap orang pada waktu yang dahulu tetapi kita perlu melihat dan cuba menilai kesalahan seseorang pemimpin negara pada zaman sekarang supaya apa yang beliau dan kroni beliau lakukan tidak merosakkan dan menyusahkan kepentingan rakyat supaya ia dapat diperbaiki dan rakyat dapat hidup dengan selesa.jika kita menceritakan masalah pada masa dahulu apa yang kita dapat??mestilah sebagai contoh baik yang dapat diteruskan dan contoh buruk yang perlu dielakkan di masa hadapan jadi bagi saya ttg Ian Chin dan tuduhan beliau itu tidak penting kerana kita (Rakyat Malysia) sengsara dengan taraf kehidupan yang semakin meningkat. Jadi saya cuma cadangkan kepada Tun yang saya amat kasihi dan sanjungi tolonglah kembalikan kegemilang Tun di masa dahulu iaitu satu contoh kepimpinan yang dihormati di serata dunia yang membangunkan Malaysia di mata dunia dalam masa yang amat singkat.
    Kepimpinan dan kebijaksanaan Tun dlm membangunkan dan menangani semua masalah rakyat Malaysia walaupun beberapa kali berlaku kegawatan ekonomi dengan pengenalan Inflasi Sifar yang membuatkan Malaysia terkenal dengan kebijaksanaan dan kepimpinan Tun.Tun saya berharap Tun dapat mencari pengganti seperti Tun dan saya juga berharap dapat berjumpa dengan Tun jika Tun membenarkan saya menemui Tun.sebab saya 100% menyokong Tun dari belakang.
    Saya berdoa kepada tuhan supaya Tun dan seisi keluarga Tun akan sentiasa dalam keadaan sihat walfiat.Kebijaksanaan Tun amat diperlukan lagi supaya impian mendapat taraf negara maju iaitu WAWASAN 2020 pada tahun 2020 dapat berjaya.
    yahoo mesengger or email me :

  129. merongwangsa Jun 29,2008 3:33 AM

    Ingatan kpd pelanggan tetap blog Tun. Sebagai manusia yg ada etika, saya nasihatkan jgn sesekali click webblog antimamak tu. Saya secara tak tersengaja terklik. Menyesal tak sudah. Hilang selera hidup melihat wajahnya. Tak baik kita mempersendakan wajah manusia ciptaan Allah swt. Hudoh ke hensem ke, sama sahaja disisi NYA. Berdosa kalau pisikal menjadi ukuran untuk kita menyukai seseorang sesama manusia.Tapi dlm kes antimamak ni, saya rela berdosa dan dihumban kedlm api neraka jahanam sekali pun kalau lah saya ni berdosa terhadap beliau.
    Saya ni bukanlah pakar saikologi, tapi beliau sepatutnya tengok dulu wajahnya dicermin sebelum muat turun gambarnya. Dari rupa paras beliau, saya rasa beliau dari golongan org yg cacat otak (bahasa manislah) atau bahasa kasarnya org sakit mental. Kalau dia ada isteri saya akan menangis bg pihak isterinya kenapalah kawin dgn spesis manusia mcm ni. Kalau sayalah anak kandungnya, saya akan berkhalwat digunung Tahan mengenang nasib malang berbapakan antimamak. Tetapi bila saya amati betul2, saya kurang yakin itu gmbr beliau yg sebenar. Mcm gmbr tu di touch-up. Kulit licin mcm pakai botok.- MAAF YA MAK kalau saya terkasar. Seperkara yg nyata saya was was adakah beliau yg tulis artikel mengutip dgn detail segala keburukan Tun dlm bahasa inggeris yg grammer nya minimum. Bombastic lg. Kot kot beliau menjadi kambing kelabu bg pihak pembodek tetap DSAAB. Tengok pada rupa parasnya mcm SRP pun tak layak lulus. Entah2 bouncer rumah urut di Bukit Bintang kot.
    Awas, beliau sedang mencari publisiti murah dgn mengiklankan laman blog beliau disini. Pelanggannya baru mencecah seribu lebih. Mgkn baru cecah sbb iklan beliau diblog ini. Sebelumnya pelawat zero..
    Satu trend rakyat mengundi calon bukan parti pada PRU12 yg lepas. Katalah beliau masuk bertanding atas tiket UMNO dan ditakdirkan menjadi Menteri, maka sayalah org yg pertama akan berhijrah kenegara lain hatta ke Myanmar pun saya tak kisah. Tak rela saya menjadi warganegara Malaysia kalau org yg mcm beliau menjadi Menteri dlm barisan kabinet Malaysia.

  130. amantubillah Jun 29,2008 3:24 AM

    Salam buat Ayahanda Tun serta all Bloggers
    Anakanda minta lalu sat.
    To ABi, …aBI or whatever who you are. Aku memamg BODOH orang putih tak macam hang. Educated. Sepatutnya orang yang educated macam hang ni lah, menjadi orang yang lebih baik daripada aku. Bersopan santun dan berbudi bahasa. Belajarlah…….. kenang jasa orang sama. Kalau tak dak jasa Ayahanda Tun yang hang nak kenang pon, duduk diam-diam sudah lah. Masuk rumah orang……belajar – belajar lah… bagi salam. Ada tetamu-tetamu lain…….. hormatlah.
    Aku nak bagi tau kat hang, didalam blog ini bukan tempat untuk orang semacam hang atau yang sama waktu dengan nya, senanag-senang nak lepaih geram kat Ayahanda Tun dan bloggers lain. Hang tak puaih hati,..hang kira nak bantai saja. Ini yang dikatakan BIADAP, KURANG AJAR. Pantang tok nenek aku bila orang melayu bernama ISLAM itu biadap sesama ISLAM. Aku nak tanya hang satu. Hang ni siapa????? Sampai boleh tentukan dosa dan pahala orang. Untuk pengetahuan hang, kot-kot hang MELAYU SUDAH LUPA. ALLAH sahaja yang maha mengetahui dosa dan pahala kita. Yang menentukan dosa seseorang itu bukannya kita yang bernama manusia….
    Kalau hang berani CABAR ISTERI ANTIMAMAK…..
    AKU…. ATAS NAMA ISLAM CABAR HANG…… Kalau hang anak jantan, bagitau alamat hang kat mana hang duduk, aku akan sampai.
    Be gentleman… la bro….. Setakat blog kosong…. berani cakap besaq la…..JANGAN JADI PENGECUT….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. pakbelalang Jun 29,2008 2:59 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Menteri Undang Undang “masuk dari belakang” , Zaid meminta semua pihak menghentikan desakan meminta kerajaan mendedahkan jumlah sebenar bayaran exgratia yang diberikan kepada beberapa hakim sebelum ini.
    Beliau berkata kerajaan sebenarnya bukan tidak mahu mendedahkan jumlah bayaran itu tetapi berbuat demikian sebagai menghormati permintaan penerima dan keluarga mereka supaya jumlahnya tidak didedahkan.
    “Kerajaan kena menghormati permintaan mereka selain pembayaran ini sendiri diberi bukan kerana ada tuntutan atau rundingan. Cukupcukuplah, hentikan isu ini dan kerajaan sendiri mahu menyelesaikan isu ini secara baik,” katanya.
    What a very stupid backdoor Minister of Law he is !! Now, will you listen, Zaid. Ask me this very simple UPSR question. The ex-gratia money comes from whose pocket? The answer is so simple which a standard six UPSR schoolboy will answer very confidently that it comes from my father’s income tax. It is the money derive from hard earned income from the taxpayers.
    So how could you, Zaid, blatantly say that the government has to respect the wishes of the ex-judges not to declare the amount to the public. It is NOT your bloody father’s money. It is the rakyat’s money, man!! You must also give respect to the rakyat. What is so special in giving respect to the already guilty ex-judges. Why give them the respect? For what? To enhance your image as a defender of justice. Bullshit!It is totally unacceptable, unethical and immoral act of injustice to the rakyat.
    The rakyat will continue to press for the disclosure of ex-gratia amount sampai ke lobang cacin or until doomsday!! Make no mistake about it.

  132. ketam Jun 29,2008 2:33 AM

    Asssalamualaikum Tun,
    Tun, tak taulah kenapa saya suka sangat masuk blog ni. Mungkin sebab saya dah tak percaya langsung kat berita kot. Saya rasa pembaca berita kita pun rasa menyampah bila kena baca berita yang diaorang tau tak benar kot. Tambah saya suka baca komen komen kawan kawan yang sayangkan negara ni macam saya sayang .
    Tun, boleh saya bagi satu idea yang saya yang tak cerdik ni rasa cerdik. Tun buat satu lagi parti. Sure ramai orang nak jadi ahli. Tun suruhlah orang India masuk parti Kaeveas, yang kaum India masuk MCA. Nanti, suruhlah parti ni keluar BN dan bersatu dengan parti baru nanti. Kalau Tun jadi leader sure diaorang pun suka sebab kaum India dan Cina yang lain pun tahu Tun ni adil walaupun Tun bukan dari kalangan diaorang. Nanti BN tentu dah rapuh dan kemudian suruh Agong kita Sultan Mizan tolong jaga negara kita kejap sebelum pilihanraya yang baru dibuat semula. PKR tu bukannya kuat tapi orang menyampah kat UMNO sebenarnya. Anwar Ibrahim tu pandai cakap saja Tun. Tun pun tau kan. Macamanapun tu idea dari saya yang kurang cerdik .
    Tak taulah Tun baca ke tidak semua komen kami tapi percayalah yang Tun sangat relevan untuk masa depan kami dan generasi seterusnya.

  133. malaysianlover Jun 29,2008 2:31 AM

    What a bunch of disgraceful lawmen we have:
    1) Tun Salleh Abas
    2) Param
    3) Zaid Ibrahim
    4) Ian Chin
    more to come…
    May God help us…

  134. Kampong Boy Jun 29,2008 2:27 AM

    Comments from Onlooker
    “Please allow me to drop a few words here in response to the comment by Hai on June 27, 2008 9:14 PM in this blog.
    The article posted by Hai is a good and knowledge-nourishing discussion on Judicial Independence. However, readers are advised to read it within the scope of certain judiciary system which requires the judges to be elected by the registered voters. In most countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, judges are not elected by the ordinary people who have the voting rights. In Malaysia, judges are usually being appointed by the Paramount Ruler, Yang Dipertuan Agong, based on the recommendations of the Prime Minister and the Chief Justice. The Chief Justice of Malaysia is appointed by the Paramount Ruler with the recommendation of the Prime Minister.
    Therefore, the freedom of campaigning on judicial independence is severely restricted by the undemocratic system of appointment. The Prime Minister as the head of Executive Branch will usually be reluctant to grant full judicial independence to the Judicial Branch. Therefore, in my personal opinion, a thorough judicial reform in Malaysia seems to be impossible before a thorough political reform can be made happen to the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch. The dream of Judicial Reform in Malaysia will only come true when the initiative of reform is coming directly from both the salary dispenser (Executive Branch) and the law-maker (Legislative Branch). This initiative may imply that Malaysia needs great courage and strong willingness to accept big changes by approving major overhaul in the Federal Constitution to make it resemble the Constitution of the United States.”
    To Onlooker:
    Do we the mass population really care about this issue. The way we look at it is just political games played by politician that will only benefit them. Personally this does not benefit the rest of us.
    Must we alway follow the country such as US. They only preach and they do not practice. Please help all of us understand more in the case of Bush and Al Gore and perhaps many others?
    Kampong Boy

  135. jamilmalik Jun 29,2008 2:25 AM

    By Nor Mohamed Yakcop
    A moment comes, which rarely comes in a lifetime, when a particular event redefines a person’s life and changes the course permanently. For me, the meeting with Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on the evening of October 3, 1997 was such an event. It enabled me to devote the next 6 years of my life working for Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, meeting him almost daily. In the process, it enabled me to see, at very close range, the abilities of this great man.
    The combination of many noble qualities in one person is rare, and it is this unique combination that has enabled Dr. Mahathir Mohamad to transform Malaysia from an otherwise typical third world country into a thriving and vibrant nation, well on the way to become a developed nation. It is also this combination of qualities that enabled Dr. Mahathir Mohamad to save Malaysia from becoming another IMF nation during the financial crisis of 1997 – 1998.
    I am often asked about my involvement in the recovery plan implemented on September 1, 1998. It began on September 29, 1997, when I received a telephone call from the office of Dr Mahathir Mohamad informing me that the Prime Minister wanted to see me. The PM was in Cuba at that time, and I asked (in jest) if I was to meet the Prime Minister in Cuba !
    I was told (not in jest) that he will be arriving in Buenos Aires on October 3, 1997 and I was to make sure I was in Buenos Aires at least a day before he arrived. I packed my bags and left for Buenos Aires, and arrived in Buenos Aires on October 2.
    The PM arrived the following day at 5 pm and we met immediately at his suite. He informed me that he had asked many people to explain to him what was causing the financial crisis but no one was able to give him a satisfactory reply. He asked me whether I could explain to him what exactly was happening.
    I asked him how much time he had, and he said two hours. I explained to him how the forex market works, about short positions and long positions, about hedging and how currencies are borrowed and sold, the difference between “bid” and “offer” and how funds can be transferred from one country to another at the click of a button. I also explained how the equity market works and the relationship between the forex market and the equity market. Dr. Mahathir hardly said anything, asked one or two questions, and listened intently.
    After two hours, he had to end the meeting to get ready to go for an official dinner. He asked me about my plans for the night and I said I had been invited for the same dinner. Dr. Mahathir said to me: You go back to your room and write down all that you have been telling me for the last two hours, and see me at 7 am tomorrow. I went back to my room, skipped dinner, and wrote it all down, finishing at about 6 am.
    I saw him the next morning at 7 am and gave him the report. He asked me to take a rest and come back again at 2 pm. When I returned, he told me that he had read the report and that he now understands what was happening in the financial markets. We started discussing various methods of overcoming the crisis, and our discussions continued when we returned to Malaysia. I met him almost daily for discussion, sometimes at his house and sometimes at his office. We tried a few mechanisms to overcome the crisis, some of which worked initially, but the hedge funds were so strong that it was difficult to proceed successfully with these mechanisms.
    In early 1998, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad asked me to explore the idea of imposing an exchange control regime to overcome the crisis. I remember preparing voluminous notes on this subject. Dr. Mahathir went through the notes carefully, and kept asking for more and more details. We went through many rounds of discussion, until he was finally convinced both with the concept as well as the proposed mechanism. The rest, I guess, is history.
    Dr. Mahathir also asked me to prepare a paper on how to put an end to Malaysian shares traded in CLOB (Central Limit Order Book) in Singapore. Dr. Mahathir was of the view that an important reason for the falling stock market was the short-selling of Malaysian stocks in CLOB. I prepared the report and Dr. Mahathir understood, for the first time, how exactly CLOB operates. The report, which was also implemented on September 1, 1998, put to an end the trading of Malaysian shares in CLOB.
    I should add that the exchange control measures were crafted in such a way as to minimize the control aspects and maximize the outcome. The Prime Minister went through the proposed mechanism many times to make sure that the control elements were as few as possible, but adequate enough to ensure a positive outcome. There were no bureaucratic elements in these measures, such as requiring importers to obtain Bank Negara’s permission to import. The Ringgit was also pegged at a level where it was not overvalued. In almost every other country, which imposes exchange control measures and pegs its currency, there would, almost by definition, be numerous bureaucratic controls, and the currency would also be pegged at an overvalued rate.
    It is often assumed that the system of exchange control (including fixed exchange rate) that we implemented on September 1, 1998 saved the country. The measures of September 1, 1998 were undoubtedly a necessary condition, but it was not a sufficient condition to overcome the crisis. Malaysia was saved, not by exchange control measures per se, but by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.
    Let me explain. Any other developing country, facing a similar crisis, if it had introduced the measures that we introduced in September 1998, the measures would probably have failed. The fact that in Malaysia these measures succeeded is due to the ability and character of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. The economy and the financial system, under Dr. Mahathir’s leadership, was in a very healthy state–healthy enough for the exchange control measures to be implemented without negative consequences. Moreover, the Prime Minister’s hands-on management style enabled quick and timely decisions to be made, which was vital under the new exchange control regime.
    Dr. Mahathir, as Prime Minister, had ensured that the Malaysian economy was fundamentally strong. Ringgit was strong and stable. On the back of the currency stability (at RM2.50 against the US dollar) Malaysia was doing very well. At the end of 1996, real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew at almost 8.5 per cent and the growth was expected to continue for many more years. The government was enjoying a fiscal surplus. The external debt was low, at 40 per cent of the Gross National Product (GNP). The current account of the balance of payments had narrowed from a deficit of 10 per cent to 5 per cent of GNP, and was expected to improve further. Inflation was at its lowest at 2.1 percent. We had steady growth of over 8 per cent for a major part of that period. And this fundamental strength of Malaysia was a critical factor that enabled the exchange control measures to succeed.
    For a period of more than a year after the measures of September 1, 1998 were implemented, the Prime Minister met with a small group of us everyday – 6 days a week – for at least 2 hours to go through various economic data, including data on loan growth, exports, imports, property overhang etc. This enabled the Prime Minister to take quick actions, whenever required. I remember one morning when we were going through the property figures, he looked at me and directed that I should organize a property fair to clear the overhang of properties. I did, and property worth more than RM 3 billion was sold. Even after the crisis was over, Dr. Mahathir continued to meet with the group regularly, though no longer on a daily basis. And Dr. Mahathir continued to go through all the economic data with a sharp pencil.
    No other Prime Minister in the world, either in developed or developing countries, employs such a hands-on approach in managing the economy. We can see, therefore, that it was not the exchange control measures per se that saved the country but the man — Dr. Mahathir Mohamad — himself.
    The period 1997 – 1998 was, to paraphrase Charles Dickens, the worst of times, but it was also the best of times. The worst conditions brought out the best in Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. There is a saying that a good leader is like good tea – you only know the true quality when he is in hot water !
    Throughout the crisis, the Prime Minister was focussed on resolving the crisis. Day and night, he thought of nothing else but the crisis. He read all he could on finance; he kept asking me to prepare notes on various technical issues. Sometimes he was sick with bad flu and cough, but he did not take time off to rest. He was convinced that he had to understand the issues before he could work out the solutions. His native intelligence and ability to focus on core issues were there throughout the crisis. He did not show any sign of fear even at the worst of time, only concern at the fast deteriorating state of the economy. He was, at all times, confident that he would prevail in the end.
    I would like to add two additional points related to the financial crisis. The first is that, in implementing the measures of September 1, 1998, Dr. Mahathir not only saved Malaysia but the neighbouring countries as well. Let me explain. When Malaysia imposed its exchange control measures on September 1, 1998, the currency speculators realised that the other affected countries (Thailand, Indonesia and South Korea) could also impose similar controls, and they, therefore, stopped their activities in its track. The speculators backed off. They bought back the currencies that they had sold. This is resulted in the regional currencies appreciating. Moreover, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was not happy with what Malaysia had done, particularly since, after implementing the measures, we did exactly the opposite of what the IMF wanted us to do, i.e. we lowered our interest rates and injected liquidity into the system. The IMF, therefore, started relaxing conditions in other countries and allowed them to lower their interest rates and allowed them to inject liquidity to stimulate their economies so that Malaysia would not outperform the IMF countries. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that Dr. Mahathir Mohamad not only saved Malaysia, but the other affected countries in the region as well – Thailand, Indonesia and South Korea.
    My second point is regarding what would have happened if the exchange control measures were not implemented. If the measures were not implemented, many of corporations in Malaysia would have gone under, due to the high interest rates. When the corporations fall like dominos, banks would have faced severe liquidity and solvency problems due to the ballooning NPLs. The problems of the banks would have resulted in a credit squeeze, which would have led to another round of corporate failures. The Government’s revenue would have fallen drastically as fewer firms would be paying corporate taxes, thereby reducing the Government’s ability to stimulate the economy through fiscal policy measures. As a result of the problems faced by corporations and banks, unemployment would have increased substantially, leading to a second round of problems. This is the classic vicious cycle, which could have, in the end, destroyed the social and political stability of the country. This was a scenario that was waiting to happen. It did not happen because of the decisiveness and guts of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who decided to take the path less travelled.
    We owe Dr. Mahathir much gratitude for what he has done for Malaysia over the last 22 years. Solving the financial crisis of 1997 – 1998 was just one, albeit perhaps the most important, of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s many contributions to the nation.
    On a personal note, over the last 6 years, I have come to admire this great man for his abilities, his high moral values and, most of all, for his sincerity. Certainly, a man like Dr. Mahathir Mohamad is not born everyday.
    (23rd. October, 2003)

  136. Kampong Boy Jun 29,2008 2:18 AM

    Commeents from Abi
    “Apa yang Tun tulis itu adalah cerita Hong Kong yang juga di tiru oleh Studio Merdeka suatu masa dulu,Plot ceritanya selalu bermula dengan ibubapa atau adik hero dia aniaya atau di bunuh (Lagi teruk lagi bagus) di depan mata hero kita.
    Hero kita pula dalam keadaan kelam kabut masa peristiwa pembunuhan itu berlaku mempunyai otak yang photographic memory. Bijak memahami insiden ibu dan ayahnya telah di aniaya. Percaya bahawa ibubapanya benar (Mungkin ibubapa dia membuat benda salah yang tidak di ketahuinya). Boleh mencari si pembunuh walaupun peristiwa ini berlaku semasa dia kecil. Macam lah orang itu awet muda.
    Terfikir juga kalau penjahat meninggal dunia kerana kencing manis atau sakit jantung. Kena jumpa pakar saikologi nampaknya hero kita itu kerana tekanan perasaan yang amat sangat akibat dari “dendam tersekat”. Ini kalau dia biarkan boleh membawa gila.
    Hero kita akan menyimpan dendam yang akan di bawa hingga keakhir hayatnya tetapi cerita kita sempat lihat hingga dia berjaya membalas dendam sahaja.
    Dalam cerita begini membalas dendam adalah satu sikap yang baik. Harus di tanamkan dari kecil lagi.
    Ini di akui sendiri oleh Studio Merdeka pada masa itu. Hidup si pembalas dendam berkisar kepada membalas dendam sepanjang saat.
    Kesimpulannya apa yang Tun itu adalah skrip filem Hong Kong. Saya seolah olah membaca sinopsis nya di akbar.”
    Dear Abi: Did you realise how low is your IQ by relating to this type of movies. Cheer up and please provide much better comments in the future. Looking forward to seeing your comments in the near future.
    Kampong Boy

  137. como Jun 29,2008 2:18 AM

    Hi Dr. Mahathir, defensive/offensive from the side might as well ‘drop-it and move on’, otherwise be the candidate for PM again so that you can do something different like giving thoughts on alternatives to future sources of energy (or innovatives that do not require oil to function), how the government can reduce their own costs/expenses so that the common people would not be burdened, teach the common people stay afloat amid the recent array of price increase over basic life-sustaining staple food, how to set laws to reduce the burden (instead of increasing).
    By the way Dr., why restrict yourself to Malaysia? Live behind your legacy for the young! At your age, retired and nothing to loose, please comment/advice/give your views… about other political bodies of Asean countries, their actions and views (globalization?)? We need your wisdom!

  138. Halem Hamed Jun 29,2008 2:13 AM

    Assalam mulaikum.
    Yang Amat Berbahgia Tun, sehat-sehat hendak nya.
    In your statement no 29, ie “…. And he( Ian Chin J) was quite right because Government Ministers and the Prime Minister rushed to accept his story as absolutely true…”
    Correct me if I am wrong, from the statement, you are implying that the Present Prime Minister do not know anything about Chin J story beforehand. I believed it is not true.
    Other Government Ministers might be yes, but not Pak Lah and Zaid Ibrahim thou.
    The learned judge and being a politician himself, he must have discussed all matter with Zaid Ibrahim, including on how to clean up his name on a police report made against him by Pengarah, Zara Sdn Bhd, titled “Salahlaku Hakim Datuk Ian Chin Hon Chong”.
    Zaid’s only duty at the moment is to find all avenues to make his current boss look good and his former boss (Tun) look bad.
    When Chin J approached Zaid on the above matter, Zaid would have said that the present Government would not forget on what he is going to endovour and hopefully succeeded.
    The standard norm for any politician to say is “Kerajaan tidak akan lupa jasa-jasa yang akan di lakukan demi kestabilan politik negara”. Now, Chin J went ahead as planned.
    This is a big task and Zaid definitely reports to his big boss. Soo, Zaid, Pak Lah and Chin J himself were the master plotter.
    And it is a plot against Tun, no doubt about it.
    Hopefully Tun is ready with all documents and evident on the ‘rasuah’ given to Tun Salleh Abbas recently.
    If Tun succeeded on the Tun Salleh case, Zaid Ibrahim will be out of his job and rendered useless.
    On tonight news, see that how Zaid is washing his hand by saying that the Government is not going to interfere with this case.
    And folks, do remember that he is the one who started it all and masterminding the whole scenario.
    Zaid is softening and chickening out. Good for him because Tun is compiling a lorry load of documents against him.
    Bravo Tun, another score for you.
    The list keeps getting longer. This are the people that you already silenced and turn to dust.
    1. Tun Musa
    2. Shahril
    3. Nazri
    4. DS Samy
    5. Chin J
    6. Zaid Ibrahim
    7. Who’s next. !!!
    Fr Halem Hamed
    Pekan Rabu
    ps. Bila Che Det nak mai jengok Pekan Rabu.

  139. Halem Hamed Jun 29,2008 2:11 AM

    Assalam mualaikum,
    Yang Berbahagia Tun, sehat-sehat hendaknya.
    To All those who are waiting and would like to see Tun Mahathir be
    dragged to court or even have a slightess inkling that he will be
    thrown to jail, well folks you will be in for a big surprise.
    All Reports at Tun’s Disposal.
    As a former Prime Minister, all Reports are at his disposal, so does
    the present Prime Minister.You name it. Special branch reports, be
    it Police or Military, are all ready to be use, as when and where
    necessary. Some will be use in the name of national interest.In
    Tun’s case, I will call it in the name of Malay and Malaysian
    See how Tun silence all opponents. For the pass couple of months, if
    one care to observe that the following happened :-
    1. Tun Musa and Shahril.
    They were both kept silent when Tun expose on how Tun Musa’s sister
    went to see him (Tun Mahathir) “pagi-pagi”, it should be read
    as “pagi-pagi buta”, and begged Tun Mahathir for his approval to
    help Shahril gain entry to UMNO. And more will be exposed latter by
    Tun if they try to belittle him in any manner, for the Rakyat to
    know the whole story of their doing. After the event both of them
    are no longer seen to be “kurang sopan”
    2. Parlimen Lobby Guard.
    Remember how Tun silence the man who look after the Parlimen lobby,
    I think that is his actual position. After Tun repeatedly saying
    that the Guard’s boss allows him to be the way he is now, so to
    speak “kurang sopan”, then a long silence until today.
    3. DS Samy’s Folly.
    Remember how Tun turn DS Samy Vellu into a “dust”, after Tun
    threaten to expose more on how DS Samy manipulate the Indian
    community. Palanavial was bribe into saying something that Tun was
    from Southern India. Out of courtesy to DS Samy, Palanavial obliged
    hoping he could replace DS Samy one of this days.
    4. Chin J Case.
    Now this case. I would say, hard luck to those hoping that Tun will
    be shaken and silenced, since all the hard evidence is at his disposal.
    Dato Syed Kecik(DSK) is closedly related, I mean very very close
    indeed, and beloved to one of the most prominent businessman in
    Malaysia, which happen to be Tun’s very loyal former “General”.
    Fr Halem Hamed
    Restoran Bunga Tanjung

  140. RIP Jun 29,2008 2:05 AM

    Salam TDM,
    Begitulah adatnya dunia. Biar apa pun sekali bersabit dengan Hakim ini, semuanya berlaku semasa zaman Tun dulu. Erti kata semasa pemerintahan Tun selama 22 tahun, memang para Hakim bermasaalah samada dengan Tun sendiri atau masaalah dengan diri mereka. Dan Hakim-hakim ini baru hari ini berani bersuara. Mereka tidak berani menyatakan kebenaran semasa zaman Tun kerana mereka takut dengan cara Tun memerintah negara ini, yang mereka tahu mereka akan menerima padah yang buruk jika berani bersuara.
    Maksudnya Tun sendiri mesti sedar bahwa dasar-dasar pemerintahan Tun dulu juga tidak memperbaiki rakyat dan negara ini ke tahap mana. Saya minta maaf bahwa saya ingin berterus terang bahwa dasar-dasar Tun selama 22 tahun itulah yang menjadikan negara ini, UMNO dan BN saperti apa yang kita lihat sekarang ini.
    Saya akui bahwa ianya adalah kerana kelemahan Pimpinan yang ada sekarang tetapi kelemahan itu tidak wujud dengan cara tiba-tiba. Setiap kelemahan wujud melalui proses-proses dalam masa tertentu. Kelemahan-kelemahan yang sedang berlaku adalah hasil dari kerja-kerja Tun sendiri, samada secara sedar atau pun tidak oleh Tun sendiri pada masa itu.
    Tun membina negara ini oleh Tun seorang diri dan Tun tidak memimpin pimpinan yang lain kepada untuk menggantikan Tun. Dimana apabila tiba masa Tun harus bersara, tiba-tiba didapati tidak ada seorang pun selayak Tun untuk memerintah negara ini. Lalu Tun main tangkap sesiapa saja yang disangka oleh Tun sebagai layak dan setanding. Tetapi akhirnya setelah bersara barulah Tun tersentak akan kesilapan yang telah dilakukan.
    Adalah difahami bahwa Tun sekarang ini cuba memperbaiki kesilapan, akan tetapi ianya mungkin sudah lewat. Tidak banyak lagi yang dapat dan sempat Tun lakukan.
    Walau Pak Lah diganti sekarang ini, saya rasa tidak akan ada juga pengganti yang akan Tun berpuas hati dan melakukan saperti mana Tun harapkan. Maksud saya pengganti dikalangan Pimpinan UMNO sendiri.
    Oleh itu eloklah Negara Malaysia yang disayangi ini diberi peluang kepada bukan UMNO dan BN pula menerajuinya. UMNO dan BN masih boleh memainkan peranan yang besar dalam mengimbangi kuasa Pemerintahan baru.

  141. Wisely Dr Nasir Jun 29,2008 2:04 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Saya syorkan Zaid Ibrahim (menteri tegar arak)membayar bayaran ex-gratia kepada Hakim Ian Chin selain daripada ex-gratia yang dibayar kepada Hakim-hakim `S—‘ kerana menfitnah Tun dan secara tidak langsung menghetam Tun.
    Saya agak baru lepas minum `A–K’ dan umumkan tiada TRIBUNAL terhadap Hakim Ian Chin.

  142. jamilmalik Jun 29,2008 1:44 AM

    Laporan polis terhadap Anwar atas dakwaan liwat
    Jun 28, 08 11:53pm
    Satu laporan polis telah dibuat terhadap Ketua Umum PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim kerana didakwa telah meliwat seorang pembantunya.
    Laporan tersebut dibuat oleh mangsa yang berusia 23 tahun di balai polis Jalan Travers jam 6 petang tadi.
    Ketua Polis Kuala Lumpur, Datuk Muhammad Sabtu Osman mengesahkan laporan tersebut dibuat.
    Difahamkan Anwar telah menemui beberapa pemimpin parti dalam satu mesyuarat tergempar lewat malam ini.
    PKR telah menghantar SMS mengatakan bahawa polis telah menahan pembantu Anwar, Saiful Bahari petang tadi dan memaksanya membuat laporan polis yang dia diliwat oleh Anwar.
    Ia menambah, polis dijangka menangkap Anwar tidak lama lagi.
    Sementara itu, Anwar dijangka membuat komen mengenai krisis tersebut dalam satu sidang akhbar esok.
    Sidang akhbar itu dijangka diadakan selepas Anwar menemui semua ahli Parlimen dan Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) PKR esok.
    Anwar, bekas timbalan perdana menteri dan menteri kewangan, dipecat dari kerajaan pada 1997 kerana didakwa menyalahguna kuasa atau terbabit dalam perbuatan liwat.
    Pada 1999, beliau dijatuhkan hukuman penjara enam tahun atas tuduhan salahguna kuasa dan pada tahun 2000, dijatuhkan hukuman sembilan tahun penjara atas tuduhan liwat.
    Bagaimanapun, pada 2004, Mahkamah Persekutuan telah membatalkan sabitan hukuman tersebut dan membebaskan Anwar.
    Anwar mendakwa tuduhan terhadapnya itu merupakan satu konspirasi politik terhadapnya, tetapi kerajaan menafikannya.

  143. ABI Jun 29,2008 1:02 AM

    Khas untuk Isteri Antimamak:
    Anda dah mabuk dengan kata-kata orang yang buat dosa terhadap negara yang kita sayangi! Dah hilang akal? Tak waras lagi? Dah jadi berserk? orang macam anda perlu dihapuskan dari muka bumi ini kerana dah hilang fikiran yang waras. Lebih baik anda tidak lahir! Jangan kutuk dan bidas orang tanpa berfikir dan tidak ada alasan yang kukuh! Anda memang tolol!

  144. Ujang Jun 29,2008 12:27 AM

    Salam Tun;
    Those who still support & defend for Zaid, Karpal especially Ambiga, then this is the right time to make full turnaround!
    Karpal, don’t try to be smart in dealing with this issue! How about your police report? Stupid fool, shame of you & your colleague (Bar Council)!
    All this while, Bar Council has take opportunities from the politic situation in this country while you should focus on certain work that required your attention! Judges & politician (Zaid)..please stop all this cahoot!!!
    Kudos Tun!

  145. Anak Sarawak Jun 29,2008 12:04 AM

    Assalamualikum YBhg Ayahanda Tun,
    Saya amat tertarik dengan beberapa luahan hati Tun di dalam blog ini. Sebagai anak jati Sarawak, kami ingin melihat agar kepimpinan di Semenanjung dapat menunjuk satu contoh teladan kepimpinan yang baik bagi kami di Sarawak dan Sabah amnya. Di Sarawak dibawah kepimpinan YAB Pehin Sri Ketua Menteri yang amat kami kasihi telah dapat mentadbir Sarawak selama hampir suku abad tanpa apa apa masalah. Ini adalah oleh kerana cara beliau memimpin dengan penuh berhati hati ketika meyelesaikan masalah rakyat yang berbilang kaum. Oleh itu, saya berharap agar kepimpinan BN Nasional dan khasnya UMNO dapat diantar berkursus 6 bulan bersama BN Sarawak. Moga lepas ini, tiada lagi timbul masaalah kepimpinan. Hidup Taib Mahmud

  146. antimamak Jun 28,2008 11:44 PM

    Press statement ini agak mengelirukan kita, kita orang mudah bagaimana hendak faham apa sejarah tun yang pernah lakukan, tapi bagi saya , walaupun tun dengan statement tersendiri, mesti ada cerita yang terselindung, kenapakah tun tak nak naik mahkamah dan ambilkan tindakan undang undang terhadap Ian Chin,??

    Selamat dating ke antimamak blog,

  147. maestro63 Jun 28,2008 11:39 PM

    Assalammualaikum YgBerbahgia TDM and to all bloggers,
    1. Does anyone suspect antimamak is DZI orDSNA??? Or one of the cronies from 4th floor/PEKIDA assigned to monitor this blog??
    2. Does anyone suspect Niel is KJ himself?
    3. Both Niel and antimamak seemed to ridicule TDM for remembering Judge Ian Chin’s case. These two jokers have yet to realize that TDM will always check on his facts and figures before uttering a word or comment. This event which had occurred 20++ years ago needed time to be recall. In TDM tenure as PM, I’m sure that he has many things come under his responsibility. To answer question on any important event especially on corrupt/vengeful judge will definite takes time to recall. A less thoughtful and a less intelligent (thus a hypocrite) individual like Niel or Antimamak will make statements like they always did. They will never change because they are bias SOB and they will always think that they above everyone else (meaning that they will act like god and judge at the same time, and by the way there are many such individuals out there).
    4. Nepotism??? Now, who is guilty????
    5. DSNTR could be a good (not great) PM (if elected???), provided that he listen less to his wife and listen more to his think tank. I believe he has a good team but he got no balls to challenge AAB for UMNO presidency. Or maybe AAB has already squeeze DSNTR balls on Mongolia issues??? DSNTR has many scandals in the years as cabinet minister. To let AAB unchallenged is sad for UMNO.
    6. I think Yg Di Pertuan Agong and Sultan could use their executive power to safe their rakyat, and change the government.
    7. KJ now is pursuing to become Petronas chairman. Wow??? After Pos Malaysia, now Petronas. Scomi and AAB will definitely the beneficial party!!!! Family business oriented. Someone need to stop this craziness!!! His arrogance makes me sick. He lost Rembau in EG12. AAB helped him. Everyone knows this is a fact. So, KJ don’t be so cocky. Only ass kisser and less intelligent people will vote for you. Orang kampong kat Rembau pun dah pandai…
    8. Loser will be DSNTR, because he will not taste the premiership due change of government.. Other losers will be TSMY and DSRY. No where to go and be left to linger because they have UMNO in their heart. These ass kissers, DZI & DSNA will end up look as morons due to their turbo fanning.
    9. Ultimate winner will be DSAI. Money and people in the bank. Other winners will be KJ, AAB and SCOMI.
    10. Ultimate loser will be the “Rakyat Malaysia”. Serve us right. AAB, DSAI will be smiling all the way to the bank. Maybe AAB will be DPM to PM DSAI???? Something to ponder, guys!!!
    11. My opinion –
    a. AAB is a revengeful individual hiding behind his father’s good name.
    b. AAB, KJ, Kamaruddin never taste hardship like TDM. That is why the greed is there, runs in the AAB family.
    c. UMNO is not in his heart. Thinks of his family for personal gain.
    d. AAB want to kill off UMNO, thus BN. He acts like a fool, but actually he is not.. He had planned this carefully for years after he reenter UMNO under TDM.
    e. AAB is using BN to collect humongous wealth. Maybe for a new government under DSAI?
    f. Since AAB is an uncle to DSAI, there might be a conspiracy to kill UMNO for good, thus to hurt TDM for eternity. KJ and DSAI did study from the same institution (Malay College). Emm???? Ada wayang kot???
    g. BN will lose in GE13 because of AAB, which he had already planned.
    h. Before he resigns as PM, he will bankrupt UMNO. No chance for UMNO to resurrect. AAB will siphon all the wealth from BN government and Petronas to DSAI or PKR account.
    i. DSAI will use the wealth to form new government, cut expenses, give the wealth stolen from previous and hailed as savior of the country. Don’t be fool by the theatrical perform by DSAI and AAB. Both have hatred for TDM during UMNO split.
    j. AAB uses his dogs to do his dirty job (i.e. DZI & DSNA). AAB always portray himself as innocent. HE IS THE BIGGEST HYPOCRITE OF ALL. May god show the light and truth soon!!!
    12. TDM please come up short term solution, medium term solution and long term planning to help the next generation of Malaysians. Form a new party and JV with TSMY & DSRY for EG13 before its too late. TDM, be mentor & advisor in the new party with decision making power. New party will adopt the old UMNO policies with new inputs and adjustments to benefit all Malaysians.
    13. Lastly, Niel & Antimamak are product of TDM era but they seem failed to appreciate TDM. My opinion these 2 jokers need to listen to their hearts, because they are not honest to themselves, let to other people. Whether you 2 jokers come from different religious background, still be honest to yourselves. Don’t be god and judge for that matter. I wish you luck and all the best with your pitiful lives.
    14. Some people say that TDM should retire and shut up. I, for once don’t agree. TDM is sharp as ever, tenacious, ferocious as ever, and witty, knows his facts and figures and loved by more rakyat than rakyat who loves AAB, KJ, DSAI put together.

  148. rossi Jun 28,2008 11:23 PM

    Salam TUN, tumpang lalu jap…
    To ABI,
    please tell AAB and the rest of the goons, jerks and morons friend of yours to step down. We dont like them.
    …and your full name please. Takkan tak berani kut! Sesiapa pun berani merapu kalau setakat pakai ABI jer…baik letak B kat depan ABI tu!
    salam Tun, kasar skit.
    wish you the best of health so that we can fight these ssssholes.

  149. speedbird Jun 28,2008 11:21 PM

    Tun I have been your biggest fan. Always have and will always be.
    Wherever I am from any part of this world when I travel, I never fail to log on to your blog. It’s one of the best thing you could have done to disseminate valuable information since attempts to shut you down by AAB and his henchmen.
    Probably you should disclose the misdeeds of the de factor law minister and Nazri aziz. They are men of no principle and pride.

  150. alfyaj Jun 28,2008 10:55 PM

    Hi Abi,
    Are you refering your comment towards TDM?
    Strange….you seem to be the only one being critical towards him.
    I am sure the rest of the bloggers agree that “he (TDM) has the moral right to comment on a judge”. Cos Chin has slandered in his alleged accusation towards TDM in a court on which Chin is residing…and it is a serious allegation. GET it!!
    I have been, and will always be, SUPPORTing TDM’s meddling with the judiciary….
    Oh by the way, who was/were the “international jurist” that lambasted TDM for all his transgressions in the past”? Must be the Americans and British lah…the usual goons!!
    – hamba Allah, from across

  151. HanNeeSah Jun 28,2008 10:47 PM

    Wahai rakyat Malaysia!
    Satu perkara yang mungkin tidak difahami oleh kita semua adalah prinsip yang dipegang oleh YABhg Ayahanda Tun Dr Mahathir, bahawa kita mestilah memahami latar belakang sesuatu perkara sebelum kita bergerak ke hadapan. Hanya dengan berbuat demikian, barulah kita boleh bergerak ke hadapan di dalam keadaan mengetahui destinasi kita yang sebenarnya.Maksudnya di sini, sekiranya rakyat Malaysia mahu bergerak ke hadapan dan sampai ke destinasinya, hendaklah kita semua memahami dan mengerti latar belakang ataupun sejarah negara kita.
    Adalah suatu yang merugikan sekiranya kita beranggapan bahawa kita bergerak ke hadapan, tetapi sebenarnya risiko utk kita sampai ke destinasi adalah terlalu tinggi.
    Kenyataan ini bukanalh bermakna kita anti-perubahan ataupun kita berfahaman politik ortodoks yang sudak lapuk. Ini adalah kerana perubahan yang dicanangkan oleh kebanyakan orang sekarang ini adalah perubahan yang sebenarnya menjadikan kita semua `directionless’, tiada hala tuju yang jelas.
    Fahamilah sejarah Tanah Melayu, sejarah kebangkitan Melayu menentang Malayan Union, sejarah kebangkitan bangsa Melayu bersama-sama dengan kaum-kaum lain menuntut kemerdekaan, sejarah penubuhan Malaysia dll.
    Pemimpin-pemimpin yang terdahulu bersusah payah menggariskan agenda yang amat bernas demi untuk menzahirkan masa depan yang gemilang untuk anak bangsa. Khususnya, YABhg Ayahanda Tun Dr Mahathir, beliau telah berjuang selama 62 tahun di dalam UMNO untuk mengeluarkan bangsa yang dikasihinya dari `dilemma’ yang mencengkam, tetapi beliau kini keseorangan untuk menyedarkan bangsanya yang mereka sekali lagi sedang dibawa kembali ke belakang utnuk hidup di dalam `dilemma’ yang lebih kompleks.
    Bukan sahaja Melayu, bahkan bangsa-bangsa lain juga berada di dalam keadaan dilemma. Setelah lebih 50 tahun merdeka, kita sepatutnya bersyukur dengan pencapaian kita selama ini. Kita sepatutnya sudah berada di dalam keadaan yang amat stabil. Namun, pada masa ini `bangsa Malaysia’ sedang diracuni untuk kembali ke tahap `experiment’ ataupun pendekatan `trial and error’, satu tahap yang tidak diperlukan kita, satu tahap yang akan merugikan segala sumber yang ada pada kita. Terlalu banyak idea-idea ataupun gagasan-gagasan yang hendak diuji ke atas kita semua. Sekiranya kita tidak berhati-hati, kita semua akan terperangkap di dalam ujian tersebut, dan musnahlah segala harapan untuk menyaksikan Malaysia yang maju, aman dan makmur.
    Wahai rakyat Malaysia,
    Kembalilah ke pangkal jalan ………

  152. melayu_85 Jun 28,2008 10:44 PM

    assalamualaikum wbt kepada Tun dan keluarga…
    moga2 Tun & keluarga sihat sentiasa…
    Tun… saya memang hormat Tun.. atas segala yang Tun telah
    lakukan selama 22 tahun ni…

    banyak yang telah Tun buat selama ini…
    daripada kereta Nasional sehinggalah KLCC…
    Tun juga telah memperkenalkan Malaysia di seluruh dunia pada masa itu… Tun telah menunjukkan kepada mereka yang Rakyat Malaysia berupaya untuk menjadi salah satu negara membangun, yang bakal menjadi maju pada tahun 2020 ini…
    saya tetap akan menyokong Tun…
    walaupun segala tohmahan yang telah dilemparkan oleh orang2 yang dulunya menyokong perjuangan Tun…
    Pelik… kenapa mereka2 ini tidak menghargai & menghormati Negarawan kita ini? adakah mereka ingin membalas dendam terhadap Tun (mungkin disebabkan oleh apa yang berlaku pada zaman 80an-90an dulu-percanggahan pendapat)? ataupun mereka ada sebab2 peribadi?
    tapi apa yang saya nak daripada mereka ini… yang lepas tu sudahlah.. jangan fikir ego mereka je… mereka tidak fikir kesannya dimasa akan datang… kita ni bangsa MELAYU.. penuh dengan adat-resam & budaya yang tersendiri… sepatutnya mereka menghormati Tun… janganlah jadi seperti Anak tidak menghormati Kedua Ibu Bapa mereka…
    Melayu sekarang ni pun sudah berpecah-belah.. hmmm… kita tengoklah keputusan PRU13 ini nanti… bagaimana keputusannya pulak?
    selepas PRU12 baru2 ini, saya tengok banyak pembangunan & perancangan ekonomi yang dirancang… (salah satu faktornya mungkin pengurangan subsidi yang telah dilakukan oleh AAB baru2 ini?) harap2 projeknya berjalan… cuma yang saya bimbangkan nanti kesannya selepas pembangunan itu siap… sosioekonomi nya nanti bagaimana?
    baru2 ini saya telah pergi ke laman wikipedia, baca fakta2 sejarah Malaysia dalam tu… terutama sekali Tun… yang saya terkejut dalam laman itu ialah gambar Tan Sri Noh Muhamad Yakop bergambar bersama George Soros?

    walau apa pun yang mereka lontarkan terhadap Tun, saya tetap akan sokong Tun,
    Melayu85 tidak akan lupa
    apa yang Tun telah buat kepada negara selama ini…

  153. Firstborn Jun 28,2008 10:34 PM

    “A word to the wise ain’t necessary, it’s the stupid ones who need the advice.”
    Wow, I noticed that some people here actually “ada hati” to give advice (these are always free anyway) to Tun. Long-winded ramblings about failure, humility, hatred and whatnots. Basically, criticizing Tun without basis, as usual. I just skimmed through, can’t bear to read their drivel. Tsk, tsk, tsk.
    Criticism, or perhaps, feedback is a better word, can be good if it is honest and has substance. Otherwise, it’ll just sound stupid.
    Is it just me, or does anyone else also thinks that running a country – multi-racial and multi IQ – is a tad bit tough? It’s easy to criticize and be holier-than-thou. Try to imagine being in Tun’s shoes. I thought so. A big shoe to fill isn’t it?
    YABhg Tun is a doer. A non-doer is well…..I’d better quote somebody cleverer than me:
    “A non-doer is very often a critic – that is, someone who sits back and watches doers, and then waxes philosophically about how the doers are doing. It’s easy to be a critic, but being a doer requires effort, risk, and change.” – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
    …….and courage, I might add. The courage to fail, to make mistakes ……. and be endlessly criticised for it!

  154. wanmin Jun 28,2008 10:33 PM

    Why dont you guys accept the fact TDM is no pushover,you guys are all worried about article 121,the rakyat is not effected at all by the amendment,its you guy that get all excited because the holier than thou attitude of a group of judges with some egocentric difficiency to maintain,the judicial community always have the impression they make a good administrator/leader of a country,so when one doctor from kedah outshine them it is a hard reality to swallowed.
    When the judiciary got it chance during the umno case in th 80’s they outlawed umno and more than that they are even disrespectfull of the DYMM Agong.Out of the incidence it is obvious they need to be organize in a more resposible manner,thus the 121 amendment.
    Amnesia is part of the game TDM participate in a kangaroo/political royal commission,your guys are outshine again! mind you,that is after two major operation and at 84 years old!
    Legal community should be familiar with the saying ‘the truth on most occasion is bitter’

  155. zairudin Jun 28,2008 10:13 PM

    Ayahanda Tun,
    We love you.

  156. eddy Jun 28,2008 10:02 PM

    Salam Hormat Tun, the loony Zaid who are all for judicial reform has given a statement that there is no need for a tribunal in the so obvious judicial misconduct of judge Chin. Apparently he is quite happy with Chin as he does not need to give exgratia payment to Chin before Chin proceeded to character assasinate you unlike the sacked and unsacked judges previously. So obviously this judicial reform is just one of the jokes thought by the ungrateful Abdullah and loony Zaid after UMNO/BN PRU12 debacle. Anyway its interesting what your nemesis YB Karpal has to say about the spat started by judge chin in bernama below:
    (Bernama) — DAP chairman Karpal Singh today called on the government to take action against Sibu High Court judge Datuk Ian Chin if Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s allegations against the judge have merit.
    He said Dr Mahathir should be given every opportunity to defend himself over the allegations made by Chin that the former prime minister had threatened judges in 1997 to rule in favour of the government and that he had sent judges to boot camp.
    “Chin should not abuse the court process to make disclosures condemning Dr Mahathir and should be brave enough to make statements against Dr Mahathir bereft of the cloak of absolute immunity to give him (Dr Mahathir) an opportunity to take him on in a court of law,” he said in a statement.
    Must thank YB Karpal this time, don’t you think Tun?

  157. Herotamil Jun 28,2008 9:52 PM

    Salamsejahtera TUN serta keluarga,
    Apa yang dilakukan ialah usaha mengalihkan tumpuan rakyat dari kelemahan kepimpinan sekarang.
    Setiap kali teguran TUN kepada ke”RAJA”an AAB, maka mereka akan CUBA mengungkit apa sahaja yang mereka dapat. No matter what!
    And for U dear ABI,
    Wahh… Congratulations!! I guess you are one of those gifted few that have great memories, remembering EVERYTHING that you do for the past ten years and remembering EVERYONE you met where and when for the past ten years..!!
    Aaahhh!!…. But most of need to refer to our records or notes. We cant just answer at the spurs of the moment!!
    oooooo!! Undang-undang…the constitution..
    But..this is what CJ Tun Hamid has to say..”We should not unconsciously submit ourselves to judicial colonisation after we have successfully ended the political colonisation,” he said at the launch of a book entitled Documents of Destiny – The Constitution of the Federation of Malaysia.
    The 800-page book, written by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia law lecturer Professor Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi, covered all aspects of the Malaysian Constitution.
    Abdul Hamid said in interpreting the Constitution, one should do so in the spirit in which the document was promulgated and “we respect the principles of constitutional interpretation, the universal human values, human rights and obligations and views of judges from other jurisdictions”.
    “But we should not forget our own history and local circumstances,” he added.
    Abdul Hamid said it was not for the court to rewrite the Constitution under the pretext of interpreting it and that this was a matter for the Parliament.
    “Just as the people had spoken through their political leaders at the time when the Constitution was being drafted, at any point of time the people may do the same again, leading to changes. That is what democracy is about.”
    hmmmm…. i luv the term…”THIS WAS A MATTER FOR THE PARLIAMENT”.
    But then…. i might understand it wrong, and your comprehend of ENglish and the Law is better then mine.
    Care to explain what CJ Tun Hamid meant by that??
    Salam sejahtera buat TUN sekeluarga,
    Take good care of your health.
    You are needed, still!!

  158. oldedwardian Jun 28,2008 9:46 PM

    As’kum to Tun n family
    This Judge Ian Chin is very obvious trying to apple polish the present regime especially de-facto law minister Zaid Ibrahim. Hoping that he will be uplifted to the higher bench. He is making statement at a wrong place n at the wrong time for a wrong reason. I hope u make a police report against him. Carry on Tun, u really make our day n tell the rakyat what is really happening with the Pak Lah flip-flop government who is been advised by KJ n his 4th floor team n full of bunch ‘bodek’ cabinets.

  159. Freddie Kevin Jun 28,2008 9:15 PM

    To ABI,
    Where and when did our beloved Tun meddled with the judiciary? Can one person arbitarily pass or amend laws in Parliarment? You and your ilk keep on suggesting that the judiciary are subject to control of the executive but I most strenously point that members of the judiciary must carry out their duties without fear or favour. Do not accept any position or resign with integrity as demanded with the oath of office. Please do not accept and complain later on. Who is the hypocrite here? I agree with you on one point ours is a great country. IT WAS MADE GREAT BY OUR BELOVED TUN.

  160. Firstborn Jun 28,2008 9:03 PM

    I have always been an ardent admirer of YABhg Tun Dr. Mahathir and have never wavered in my support. Never.
    Tun is a phenomenal leader – visionary, inspiring, courageous, highly intellectual, articulate – with a sharp wit and mind. Tun has lead Malaysia with passion and great vision for 22 years through good and bad times. Who else has a profound grasp of Malaysia’s past and current political issues? Who else can give such invaluable insights and observations about the political state of Malaysia today? Who else has his wisdom?
    As is evident from his blog, Tun’s passion is as intense as ever and his mind still sharp. Isn’t it heartening to see that Tun has not lost his enthusiasm and love for this country? Tun’s blog not only provokes thought and inspires discussion, it is also extremely informative and enlightening, especially for those who are politically-challenged like me.
    I feel absolutely privileged to be able to read and comment on the blog of this extraordinary man. To be able to read his comments, get his insights and leave a comment, is a privilege I will not take for granted or abuse. Tun is, and forever will be, a legendary leader, by any standards. No one can ever take that away from him, no matter what happens. InsyaAllah.
    Dear readers; people of all walks of life and IQ level read this blog, including idiots who “contribute” insults to Tun, as if their comments are clever. When those half-wits give a piece of their minds, don’t dignify that crap by responding, or even worse, by actually visiting their blogs or websites that they’ve been flogging. They are shamelessly trying to piggy back on the popularity of this blog and get other readers to go to their otherwise unvisited and guaranteed-to-be intellectually barren blogs. So when their names come up, promptly ignore them and scroll through. Don’t waste your time. They are pathetic losers!
    To those blithering idiots who do nothing but contaminate this blog with their stupidity, I say, piss off!
    They are living proof that manure can grow fingers and type.
    Oh, in case some people don’t know what a blithering idiot is, here is a definition:
    A blithering idiot is someone so devoid of intelligence and wit that they run around screaming their inane little thoughts until you just can’t take it anymore and must do away with them.
    If the above description is not enough, there are more choice words: blundering idiot, complete idiot, idiot convention, moron, simpleton, fool, ass, chowder head, imbecile, nincompoop, sop, dullard, oaf, dunderhead, noodle head, numbskull, and halfwit.

  161. FAUDZI Jun 28,2008 9:00 PM

    Akum TUN
    Dollah badawi, zaid ibrahin dan nazri aziz dalah manusia yang tak de maruah, justeru itu sesiapa saja yang boleh jadi puppet atau penyokong kepada beliau, maka beliau akan pertahankan.
    Dollah badawi akan cari sesiapa saja yang sanggup jadi tukang pukul bagi pihak dia, sbb itu saja kebolehan yang dia ada. Yang lain semua bebal dan ZZZZZZZ itu dia tahu la.

  162. Onlooker Jun 28,2008 8:44 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Please allow me to drop a few words here in response to the comment by Hai on June 27, 2008 9:14 PM in this blog.
    The article posted by Hai is a good and knowledge-nourishing discussion on Judicial Independence. However, readers are advised to read it within the scope of certain judiciary system which requires the judges to be elected by the registered voters. In most countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, judges are not elected by the ordinary people who have the voting rights. In Malaysia, judges are usually being appointed by the Paramount Ruler, Yang Dipertuan Agong, based on the recommendations of the Prime Minister and the Chief Justice. The Chief Justice of Malaysia is appointed by the Paramount Ruler with the recommendation of the Prime Minister. Therefore, the freedom of campaigning on judicial independence is severely restricted by the undemocratic system of appointment. The Prime Minister as the head of Executive Branch will usually be reluctant to grant full judicial independence to the Judicial Branch. Therefore, in my personal opinion, a thorough judicial reform in Malaysia seems to be impossible before a thorough political reform can be made happen to the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch. The dream of Judicial Reform in Malaysia will only come true when the initiative of reform is coming directly from both the salary dispenser (Executive Branch) and the law-maker (Legislative Branch). This initiative may imply that Malaysia needs great courage and strong willingness to accept big changes by approving major overhaul in the Federal Constitution to make it resemble the Constitution of the United States.

  163. ANAK-DAMIT Jun 28,2008 8:41 PM

    tunjukkan kerajaan suara rakyat sebenarnya!!!!…

  164. isahbiazhar Jun 28,2008 8:36 PM

    We are reading Mahathir’s version.Let us also hear from the other side.Nowadays one should not believe anything without waiting and confirming.Raj Petra made a sworn statement but now looks shaky!

  165. ozeir Jun 28,2008 8:18 PM

    My dearest Tun,
    Below is something taken from Dr Khir Toyo’s blog.
    (“Pendedahan saudara Ezam Mohd Noor mengenai usaha pembebasan Datuk seri Anwar membabitkan Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dan menantu beliau, Khairy Jamaluddin membawa satu lagi persoalan baru kepada orang ramai khususnya pemimpin politik UMNO. Saya biarkanlah ia menjadi tanda tanya kita semua.”)……..
    Please “strike” the hammer! I believe most Malaysians want to know about that especially ex-UMNO like myself.

  166. zack Jun 28,2008 8:08 PM

    As’kum Tun,
    Tun memang merupakan pemimpin yang saya suka, walaupun diakui bukanlah sempurna kerana kita ini manusia biasa. Tun pada saya adalah “anugerah” kepada negara.
    Membaca blog Tun adalah satu pengalaman yang menarik dan tidak pernah termimpi selama ini untuk berkomunikasi secara terus dengan Tun, apatah lagi untuk membaca buah fikiran Tun secara terus begini.
    Tun, saya dapati Tun akan menulis dalam bahasa inggeris pada topik yang nampak elit dan menulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia pada topik yang biasa-biasa saja yang melibatkan orang Melayu dan umno.
    Harapan saya Tun utamakanlah BM dan adakan terjemahan dalam BI itu lebih manis pada pandangan saya. Bukan sebaliknya.

  167. ozeir Jun 28,2008 8:03 PM

    You’ve slammed the justice hammer down!
    …….and justice for all.

  168. nikdublin.. Jun 28,2008 7:20 PM

    Dah baca statement dari si zaid ni. Sakitnya hati saya. Tolong la letup kepala dia. Kurang ajar sgt dan cuba nak bodoh2 kan orang pulak tu.Ingat orang bodoh macam dia agaknya.
    Salam hormat.
    Zaid: Tidak perlu tribunal khas siasat Hakim Ian Chin
    28-06-2008 06:21:18 PM
    KOTA BHARU: Tribunal khas bagi menyiasat Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi Sibu Datuk Ian Chin Hong Chong yang didakwa melanggar tataetika badan kehakiman oleh bekas Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad adalah tidak perlu kerana kerajaan berpendapat dakwaan itu tidak mempunyai asas.
    Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Zaid Ibrahim berkata sekiranya Dr Mahathir atau manamana pihak mempunyai bukti kukuh, mereka boleh membuat laporan polis atau melaporkannya kepada Ketua Hakim Negara.
    “Kerajaan tidak boleh mengadakan tribunal kerana mendengar cakap sematamata dan untuk itu kita tidak boleh melayan sesuka hati untuk berbuat demikian (mengadakan tribunal),” katanya kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan Persidangan Perwakilan Tahunan Ke-40 Persatuan Bekas Tentera Malaysia di sini, hari ini.
    Dua hari lepas, Dr Mahathir bertanya sama ada kerajaan akan menubuhkan tribunal bagi menyiasat Chin atas dakwaan melanggar tatetika badan kehakiman kerana tidak mendedahkan mengenai laporan polis yang dibuat terhadapnya kerana mendengar kes yang beliau mempunyai kepentingan peribadi.
    Pada 11 Jun lepas, Chin semasa mendengar kes pertikaian terhadap keputusan pada pilihan raya umum 8 Mac lepas di Sarawak, mendedahkan Dr Mahathir pernah mengugut akan menggunakan tribunal khas untuk menyingkirkan hakim yang membuat keputusan tidak menyebelahi kerajaan ketika satu persidangan hakim pada 1997.
    Zaid berkata untuk rekod Chin telah menjalankan tangunggjawabnya sebagai hakim dengan baik dan kerajaan sama sekali tidak mahu campur tangan mengenai masalah yang ditimbulkan antara keduadua belah pihak itu.
    “Tetapi jika ada pihak yang tidak berpuas hati atau ada bukti, laporkanlah kepada polis atau kepada Ketua Hakim Negara untuk tindakan selanjutnya,” katanya.
    Sementara itu Zaid meminta semua pihak menghentikan desakan meminta kerajaan mendedahkan jumlah sebenar bayaran exgratia yang diberikan kepada beberapa hakim sebelum ini.
    Beliau berkata kerajaan sebenarnya bukan tidak mahu mendedahkan jumlah bayaran itu tetapi berbuat demikian sebagai menghormati permintaan penerima dan keluarga mereka supaya jumlahnya tidak didedahkan.
    “Kerajaan kena menghormati permintaan mereka selain pembayaran ini sendiri diberi bukan kerana ada tuntutan atau rundingan. Cukupcukuplah, hentikan isu ini dan kerajaan sendiri mahu menyelesaikan isu ini secara baik,” katanya.
    Pada 18 April lepas, Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi mengumumkan bayaran exgratia kepada bekas Ketua Hakim Negara, Tun Mohd Salleh Abas dan bekas Hakim Mahkamah Agung iaitu Datuk George Seah dan Tan Sri Suleiman Pawanteh yang dipecat daripada jawatan, 20 tahun lepas.
    Bayaran ex-gratia itu juga dibayar kepada Tan Sri Eusoffe Abdoolcader, Tan Sri Azmi Kamaruddin dan Tan Sri Wan Hamzah Mohamed Salleh. BERNAMA

  169. dubai Jun 28,2008 7:04 PM

    Baca tentang PM yang dikasihi rakyat jelata, baik warganegara sendiri mahupun warga asing yang menumpang

  170. samuraimelayu Jun 28,2008 7:00 PM

    Akhir2 ini Pak Longlai dan jemaah menteri mahmai seronok benar kerana usul mereka mendapat sokongan dan diluluskan oleh parlimen. Senyum paklah panjangnya dari telinga kiri hingga kekanan, kononya telah dapat kepercayaan rakyat kembali.
    Kami tidak diajar memaki tetapi memadai berkata ‘Hilang akal ke engkau ni? Engkau telah menyusahkan rakyat dengan keputusan ‘flip-flop’ hingga naik turun darah rakyat lepas tu kata rakyat dah percaya kepada pentadbiran engkau.
    Assalamualaikum pemimpin2 dan ahli UMNO sekelian, kami nak katakan disini bahawasanya rumah UMNO yang telah menjadi tiang seri bangsa melayu selama ini akan dimakan oleh anai-anai yang dibiakkan oleh Pak Long(kang) dan pengikut (Atas(kepala) Ada Batu).
    Percaya lah dan lakukan lah perubahan pada Perhimpunan Agung nanti.
    Jika tidak kami berani katakan pada PRU 13, Party PEMANGKU atau BOMB akan berkuasa. Setelah dibersihkan Rumah UMNO dari anai-anai dan pembiaknya, Pemangku akan diubah nama UMNO MALAYSIA RAYA.!
    Anakanda2 rakyat sekelian, bersiap sedialah dari sekarang!
    Kita buka lambaran baru atas landasan Ayahanda seperti dipasak dalam puisi Tutur Penghargaan Bangsa.Antara kandungan nya..
    Wawasan 2020 bukan titik penentu, bagi generasi mendatang ia bermula
    Melayu tak hilang didunia bukan dendangan tetapi landasan perjuangan
    namamu mekar segar,
    seperti mawar dititis embun pagi
    manis dikata,
    hilangmu ku cari
    pergimu ku nanti
    pulangmu ku tunggu.
    Kau layak menerima anugerah, rimbun pelindung untuk semua
    AYAHANDA RAKYAT tutur penghargaan bangsa
    BONDA RAKYAT pada isteri tercinta
    Salam kasih kami Ayahanda Tun Dr. Mahathir
    Salam kasih kami Bonda Tun Siti Hasmah
    Alfatihah, Amin

  171. ujana12a Jun 28,2008 6:48 PM

    Salam bahagia Tun,
    semoga Tun sentiasa dipeliharakan Allah, amin..

  172. pakbelalang Jun 28,2008 6:46 PM

    Dear Tun,
    It is stupidity of a lame duck Prime Minister who is really “fearful” of The Bar Council and the opposition parties who keep on instigating the government, as if the judiciary under your premiership was really corrupted and wanting the judiciary to be reformed totally.I think Pak Lah is the greatest fool of all to buy everything “log ,stock and barrel” whatever the “backdoor” Law Minister, the Bar Council and the opposition parties say. The reason is very simple, he is not smart and intelligent enough and too weak to absorb and digest the implications of these “blokes” who demand for reform to the judiciary system, to the extent that he can even sell his “maruah” to these hypocrite blokes from the legal fratenity and the oppositions opportunists.
    I can easily draw into conclusion that Pak Lah is now like “a cow having a rope tied to its nose” and being pulled by these blokes among the legal fraternity and also by his newly appointed “backdoor” Law Minister whatever they want him to do. If they want Pak Lah to jump into the “longkang” he will do it happily without having second thoughts of the consequences as long as he can gain immediate political mileage at the expense of UMNO’s dignity. That is the quality of a desperate ITEK TEMPANG Pak Lah,whom some UMNO leaders are still tolerating him, all because of position,power and greed. But they never realise that they are going to fall like “HUMPTY DUMPTY HAD A GREAT FALL”in a matter of time.

  173. merongwangsa Jun 28,2008 6:36 PM

    Salam sejahtera Tun,
    Akhir2 ini blog Tun seakan2 menjadi tempat rakyat Malaysia mengadu hal tentang virus politik tanahair. Tun menjelma menjadi satu fenomena hebat…lebih hebat mertabatnya semasa Tun masih Perdana Menteri dulu…blog Tun menjadi seakan2 tempat melepaskan beban kelangsungan hidup yg sedang kita tempuhi. Seolah2 mcm Tun mempunyai lampu aladin utk mengubah keadaan perit ini. Dgn erti kata lain, seolah2 Tun boleh mengubag miracle. Saya amat kesian pada Tun, disaat umur dan khudrat Tun masakini, sepatutnya Tun menghabiskan sisa2 usia Tun dgn menulis buku2 tentang pengalaman2 hidup Tun untuk tatapan generasi akan datang atau memenuhkan waktu dgn hobi kegemaran Tun disamping bermain dgn cucu2 tanpa diganggu gugat.
    Tapi apakan daya…Malaysia seolah2 Tun dan Tun itu adalah Malaysia. Hanya Tun satu2nya pemimpin yg kami anggap relevan utk mengubah keadaan THE MALAYSIAN DILEMMA hari ini. Dulu Tun menulis buku THE MALAY DILEMMA, boleh tak selepas ini Tun tulis buku pasal THE DOLLAH DILEMMA pula? Tentu hangat dan panas.

  174. ray77light Jun 28,2008 6:29 PM

    Kerana mu Pak Lah
    Malaysian M’sia yang dikandung mungkin dilahirkan
    Maka dengan itu …
    Azan akan sunyi sepi
    Raja hilang kedaulatan
    Kampong Melayu hanya dilukisan
    Pak Tani, Nelayan dan Peladang akan terus menjadi kuli
    ditanah air sendiri

  175. Anak Malaysia Jun 28,2008 6:29 PM

    tahniah kepada YAB TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD yang amat saya kagumi dan hormati….

  176. tanakwagu Jun 28,2008 6:20 PM

    Dear Abi,
    You seem to be so emotional everytime you write nonsense about Tun Dr. Mahathir. All of your points are merely points, may I say just hearsay. And by the way, nobody is super perfect in this world. Name me on earth someone who doesn’t sin or who has never done mistake.
    The fact is always fact, can we deny it? Some people may deny (including you Abi, indeed…) that Tun Dr Mahathir is a great leader but you can’t change the history. Surely lots of people will throw variety of unfounded accusations for certain personal reason but we need proof. That’s it. And can you deny that he had lead Malaysia for 22 years? If he wasn’t a good Prime Minister then why had he been given mandate to lead us by ‘rakyat’ for such a long period of time? Why did he manage to run the country for 22 years? And can’t you see the development he brought up during his tenure of office which we all now enjoy?
    A good leader wouldn’t take so much time to impress ‘rakyat’. Even a mediocre leader will get continuous and at least increased support but what say you if the support from ‘rakyat’ is dwindling down? What does it imply? What does it suppose to mean? What’s wrong with that leader then? Is it so complicated to understand?
    Thank you.

  177. cariidea Jun 28,2008 6:02 PM

    Rakyat sekarang bijak, bukan lagi bodoh dan tidak bersekolah. Sekarang zaman internet. Kenapa pemerintah suka memperbodohkan rakyat ? Kenapa pemerintah suka menipu rakyat ? Merompak hak rakyat ? Bandingkan harga minyak Malaysia dengan Thailand, tapi soal tol, harga kereta yang murah di sana mereka tidak bandingkan. Kenapa duit untung minyak tidak beli lebuhraya ? Sekurang – kurang nya kadar tol boleh dikurangkan. Bila minyk naik kita bagi tau rakyat sebab keadaan global, tapi tentang tol lebuhraya yang tidak ada faktor globalpun kita naikan tiap 3 tahun.
    Pantun baru

  178. Halid Jun 28,2008 5:54 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun
    You are marvelous. I believe that what ever you did during your tenure as a PM, either right or wrong are for the sake of the country and the people of Malaysia. We really missed the midas touch of your brain that brought us forward, harmony and prosperous.

  179. samuraimelayu Jun 28,2008 5:45 PM

    Kami perhatikan ramai daripada anakanda2 rakyat meminta Ayahanda Tun menubuh satu party sementara jika UMNO terkucir menjelang PRU 13.
    Telah pun bersedia satu cadangan menubuh party dinamakan Party Melayu Nusantara atau Pemangku dan keahliannya khas orang melayu, mengamal budaya hidup melayu dan menganut ugama Islam. Jika party ini dianggap ‘racist’ oleh orang Indian dan Cina so be it! This is Tanah Melayu.
    Tetapi jika hendak dipanjangkan kepada kaum Bumiputera yang lain terutamanya diSabah dan Sarawak, maka kita boleh mengubah nama party kepada Party Buat Orang Melayu Bumiputera atau BOMB!
    Apa pula pendapat anakanda2 lain? Pilih PEMANGKU ATAU BOMB
    Apa jua pun selera kita, kami cadangkan menjemput YB Datuk Seri Utama Rais Yatim Phd membantu meggubal perlembagaan nya.
    Bak kata Mamanda Pagar Ruyung, Terkurung biar diluar, terhimpit biar diatas dan kalau berdua biar ditengah…berinduk bak ayam, rumpun bak serai..
    Bukan hendak menentang tetapi memangku sahaja!
    Adinda Mukhriz dan warikh kami di N. Sembilan, kami akan bersabar hingga ke Perhimpunan Agung sahaja.
    Ya Allah Suhanahuwataala, mohon kami gerak Engkau adalah gerak kami anak watan bangsa!
    Alfatihah, Amin

  180. Dotsolo Jun 28,2008 5:42 PM

    Kepada AntiMamak.
    Kenapalah kau suka sangat mempersoalkan siapa sebenarnya yang tulis statement ini. kalau tak percaya yang staement in di tulis oleh YAB Tun sendiri , sudahlah. Pada aku siapa tulis tak penting,. Yang penting isi / fakta nya. kau tahu tak, Dr. Mahathir tu belajar sains. Pelajar sains dari awal lagi di latih menulis fakta. Dia tulis experimental procedure pun guna ayat pasive seperti “the reading was recorded ” , menunjukkan siapa buat atau rekod tu tak penting. Yang penting data nya. kalau kau hebat, cuba kau nafikan fakta fakta yang di nyatakan oleh Tun.
    Kau tak ada fakta nak patahakan hujah Tun, kau cuba alih perhatian pada perkara remeh. Samal lah seperti paklah suruh pakai baju batik. Dia ingat dengan pakai baju batik orang boleh bekerja lebih cekap dan hasil nya meningkat.
    Semuga Tun Dr. M dan keluarga selamat dan sihat sentiasa.

  181. samuraimelayu Jun 28,2008 5:41 PM

    Kami perhatikan ramai daripada anakanda2 rakyat meminta Ayahanda Tun menubuh satu party sementara jika UMNO terkucir menjelang PRU 13.
    Telah pun bersedia satu cadangan menubuh party dinamakan Party Melayu Nusantara atau Pemangku dan keahliannya khas orang melayu, mengamal budaya hidup melayu dan menganut ugama Islam. Jika party ini dianggap ‘racist’ oleh orang Indian dan Cina so be it! This is Tanah Melayu.
    Tetapi jika hendak dipanjangkan kepada kaum Bumipuera yang lain terutamanya diSabah dan Sarawak, maka kita boleh mengubah nama party kepada Party Buat Orang Melayu Bumiputera atau BOMB!
    Apa pula pendapat anakanda2 lain? Pilih PEMANGKU ATAU BOMB
    Apa jua pun selera kita, kami cadangkan menjemput YB Datuk Seri Utama Rais Yatim Phd membantu meggubal perlembagaan nya.
    Bak kata Mamanda Pagar Ruyung, Terkurung biar diluar, terhimpit biar diatas dan kalau berdua biar ditengah…berinduk bak ayam, rumpun bak serai..
    Bukan hendak menentang tetapi memangku sahaja!
    Adinda Mukhriz dan warikh kami di N. Sembilan, kami akan bersabar hingga ke Perhimpunan Agung sahaja.
    Ya Allah Suhanahuwataala, mohon kami gerak Engkau adalah gerak kami anak watan bangsa!
    Alfatihah, Amin

  182. Wisely Dr Nasir Jun 28,2008 5:23 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Seperti yang Tun ramalkan, Menteri Kehakiman (menteri tegar arak menurut Sang Kembalai) berkata Tribunal untuk kes Hakim Ian Chin tidak ada keperluaan.
    Malahan beliau berkata rekod perkhidmatan Hakim Ian Chin amat baik.
    Karpal Singh yang anti Tun pun meminta Hakim tersebut disiasat dan Tun diberikan kesempatan membela diri.
    Inilah kerajaan telus terajuan PakLah dan Geng

  183. samuraimelayu Jun 28,2008 4:54 PM

    Setelah mengkaji lebih mendalam apa muslihat ‘ABI’ selama ini maka dapat kami kupaskan nawaitu dia bagaimana jua dia mengupas nawaitu Ayahanda Tun. Maka fahamlah kami iaitu orang cerdik pandai ‘ABI’ sebenarnya ‘marahkan anak, sindir menantu’
    Yang ditujukan ‘ABI’kata2 nasihatnya adalah seperti berikut;
    Pak Lah(lok),
    Ponder over all these and repent so that your life is peaceful, meaningful and happy. I pray that the Almighty God will help you to get rid of your unjustified anger, envy, arrogance, vengeance; your hatred for people and your despicable “holier than thou” attitude.
    ‘ABI’, we hope there are more people like you around to appeal to Pak Lah to repent. Its more appropriate that you advise the government of the day and not to the government of yesteryears.
    Meanwhile, we advise you to repent too so that your life is peaceful, meaningful and happy. We pray that the Almighty Allah swt(not God lah)will help you…
    Pulang paku buah keras… hehehe

  184. ray77light Jun 28,2008 4:50 PM

    Poor ABI
    He’s actually describing himself – unjustified anger, envy, arrogance, vengeance, hatred.
    Compare his argument with Tun.
    His is a general “axe to grind” kind of argument wildly throwing accusations with no evidence backed by details.
    Whereas Tun’s argument is guided by facts as revealed by the REPORT not through memory.
    No one is expected to remember such lengthy details. Lawyers themselves need to refer to written documents.
    Poor ABI may get sickened with all that pent-up anger.

  185. asam jawa Jun 28,2008 4:25 PM

    Assalamualaikum YABhg. Tun.
    Maklum balas daripada menteri kehakiman dalam berita jam 4pm, 28 Jun 2008 kononnya tiada asas. Inilah bukti kerajaan telah hilang integriti. Bertepatan dengan ramalan saya pada 27 jun; 4.38 dalam blog ini.
    Karpal Singh dalam The Star hari ini; 28 Jun 2008 menyarankan YABhg. Tun patut diberi peluang walaupun sebelum ini dia membuat laporan polis mengenai ugutan terhadap hakim.
    Nampaknya tiada siapa akan membela Melayu. PM pun pilih isteri bukan Melayu.
    Semoga Allah memberkati dan memberi kekuatan kepada perjuangan YABhg. Tun.

  186. Ujang Jun 28,2008 4:17 PM

    Salam Sejahtera Tun;
    it’s quite clear that for every allegation made should come with fact & evidence & from what Tun has disclosed proven that those guys should responsible for allegation they made!
    As usual Zaid Ibrahim will defend his judge & for sure there will be no tribunal.
    I believe those bad guy will trying to set another story on Tun!
    Keep blogging Tun.

  187. orang_kepala_bataih Jun 28,2008 3:59 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I guess the courtroom situation might have befuddled you, and thus your memory then, of what happened during judiciary appointments while you were the PM, wasn’t as vivid and graphic (to use one of commentators’ words) as this time, at your revelation of the true identity of Chin J.
    On the blog we are more composed and have the extra time to recollect all our memories, and therefore to claim that you have had amnesiac episodes in the courtroom is uncalled for.
    Please stay vivid and graphic all the time, Tun, as we await your further revelations day-to-day with much anxiousness.
    No one can decide if somebody is a living disgrace except the Almighty God Himself. Carry on, Tun!

  188. samuraimelayu Jun 28,2008 3:50 PM

    It appears that some of your critics claimed themselves super beings coz they cud analyse your thoughts and intents with references to the books and the Gods.
    We must admit that they have they are knowledgeable but lack the spiritual faculties and guides from Almighty Allah swt.
    If they were muslims, then I wud advised that they look for Ilmu Zat Sempurna so that they wud be able to understand the jahid of a muslim Khalifah with references to the al-quran and hadiths and not books and theories created or written by orang putih KAFIRIN.
    Carilah jalan mengenal ‘hamba’ dalam diri anda sebelum menyatakan atau mengutuk perbuatan seorang yang lebih tua dari segi umur dan ilmu pengetahuan dari anda yang masih sesat diperjalanan hidup, jika di lihat daripada cara dan budi pekerti anda ‘project’ diri anda selama ini dalam blog yang tidak memilih(censor) ‘postings’ yang diterima..itu namanya orang diatas landasan yang benar!
    Kalau ‘ ABI/PJ’ dan ‘Antimamak’dan mereka yang setongkang tidak mahu berubah sikap kurang sihat anda sekelian, tunggu sajalah bab ‘musibah’ yang akan melanda hidup anda. Bukan ugutan tetapi kami telah lihat sendiri apa yang telah berlaku kepada mereka yang terdahulu bersifat buruk dan berhasat seperti anda…
    Kalau anda cerdik dan pandai…??
    Alfatihah, Amin.

  189. Aku Pening Jun 28,2008 3:46 PM

    Assalammualaikum Tun,
    Diharap Tun sekeluarga berada didalam keadaan sihat wal-afiat.
    Saya rasa kesal dengan apa yang terjadi kepada Tun sejak kebelakangan ini dan terus terang ingin menyatakan bahawa saya dan sekeluarga menyokong penuh dengan apa jua tindakan Tun.
    Sekiranya salah laku Tun mahu dibongkar dan diputar belitkan faktanya sehingga “Royal Tribunal” di adakan untuk mencari kesahihan perbualan “Linggam” kenapa tidak pula tribunal yang sama diadakan untuk menyiasat:
    1. Dakwaan Hakim Chin
    2. Pembinaan Masjid Kristal
    3. Pembatalan Jambatan “Bengkok”
    4. Urusniaga Scomi
    5. Urusniaga ECM Libra dan anak syarikatnya
    6. Duit Ehsan Terengganj
    7. Zahid Ibrahim
    8. Jualan pasir di Johor
    9. Pencabulan projek Iskandariah oleh Singapura
    10.Pulau Batu Puteh
    11.Projek UN “Oil for food”
    12.Kenyataan Samy mengenai ketindasan kaum india semasa perintahan Tun
    13. Pulau Batu Puteh
    Saya rasa banyak kes yang perlu diumumkan secara terbuka. Saya juga ingin membaca ulasa Tun mengenai perkara-perkara diatas.

  190. ISTERI ANTIMAMAK Jun 28,2008 3:27 PM


  191. HakoonaMatata Jun 28,2008 3:20 PM

    Formidable commentaire!, Tu n’es plus une bête noire.

  192. ISTERI ANTIMAMAK Jun 28,2008 3:20 PM

    Setuju sangat lah dengan idea en. ashar,
    Pakai ribbon putih dan kibarkan bendera putih..
    hahaha….hari 31hb ogos dah dekat ni, kena lah pada waktunya.
    Bendera Putih;
    1. simbolik Pak Lah undur diri.
    2. simbolik ‘bersih’, bersihkan kepimpinan sekarang.
    3. simbolik ‘suci’ , rakyat mahukan pimpinan yang ikhlas dan jujur perjuangkan rakyat dan negara.
    4. simbolik ‘baru’, rakyat mahu hidup baru,jelas dan yakin pucuk pimpinan negara.
    Semoga TUN diberkati tuhan dengan cetusan minda TUN, memperjuangkan agama bangsa dan negara
    Salam dari dapur,
    isteri antimamak

  193. ashar Jun 28,2008 3:12 PM

    Kepada semua teman bloger,
    Mulai 1 julai 2008 kita lakukan “Bantahan Senyap Untuk Pak Lah” sampai 31hb Ogos 2008 kemuncaknya dengan:
    1) Memakai pin ribbon warna putih , atau
    2) Menaikan bendera putih di kereta, di motor depan rumah, depan kedai dan pejabat dll
    ( Ribbon putih 1 meter Rm1.50 = dapat 20 ribon. Kain Putih 1 meter Rm3.00 dapat 25 bendera kecil. Kalau berkonsi modal, BERKORBAN tak sampai Rm1.00 seorang )
    Marilah kita sama-sama sokong dan bertindak untuk TUN.
    Lakukan segera, Mulakan hari ini, kalau boleh sekarang juga.
    Buktikan suara rakyat boleh berkuasa: Malaysia Boleh..!!!!
    Inilah sumbangan kita kepada agama bangsa dan Negara.
    Jangan macam “anjing menyalak bukit aja“ tak bawakita ke mana….
    Keadaan sudah parah :
    Bak kata Telur Hujung Tanduk dan Retak menungu Belah…
    Salam dari perantau
    _ashar_3;12_ 28 june 2008
    YM : ashar_abdullah
    Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara
    By ashar on June 25, 2008 7:51 PM
    By ashar on June 26, 2008 4:30 PM

  194. kaizer Jun 28,2008 3:11 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Memang menakjubkan artikel Tun mengenai I.Chin.Rasa-rasanya apa yang difikirkan oleh Menteri Kehakiman kita yang bijak pandai tu.Memang kita terfikir memang selama ini Zaid Ibrahim cuba berlagak seperti Hero Hindustan. Harus di ingat hari ini sekiranya apa-apat terjadi di negara kita, saudara Zaid Ibrahim bertanggung-jawab sepenuhnya. Untuk mengukuhkan karier politiknya sanggup buat apa sahaja tanpa melihat kebenaran yang sebenarnya tapi hanya tahu membodek Pak Lah sahaja.Hari ini dalam kerajaan kita terlalu ramai kaki membodek dan berita terbaru akan ada satu debat antara Menteri Penerangan dan DSAI. Boleh kah dia berdebat sedangkan orang yang paling layak saya rasa yang rambut putih tu. Pandai cakap dan kelentong rakyat Malaysia. Senyumnya pun nampak tak ikhlas.Pandangan saya Pak Lah lah yang harus berdebat sebagai PM Malaysia. Tapi apa nak buat hanya tahu baca teks yang di sediakan oleh pembodek-pembodek beliau.kalau tiada teks dia pun terketar-ketar nak jawab sebab dia tak tahu langsung apa yang nak di bicarakan.Memalukan dan memualkan rakyat Malaysia. Yang dia tahu satu perkataan “Saya Perdana Menteri…..”dengan riak yang sombong dan bongkak.Saya rasa sudah sampai masanya Pak Lah & the Gang meletak jawatan untuk menyelamatkan rakyat Malaysia dari menghadapi kesusahan dan kesengsaraan yang teruk sekali.
    Teruskan perjuanganmu dan saya yakin ramai rakyat Malaysia yang masih perlu khidmat Tun demi untuk negara yang kita cintai ini.

  195. joehenry Jun 28,2008 2:57 PM

    Tun, congratulations to you. Even Kapal Singh is agreeable to set up a tribunal to prosecute Ian Chin. I think it is about time the Government should do something to remove Ian Chin from the judiciary.

  196. Tinta Kinabalu Jun 28,2008 2:36 PM

    ABI….awak ni terlalu emosionallah…..rasional lah sikit….janganlah terlalu ikut perasaan…..nanti awak jadi sekadar”anjing menyalak bukit” je….sama dengan ian chit tu jga lah…..awak kecewa sangat bila TDM bagi IC Jge tu TKO kan,,,,heheheh.Itulah, awak dan kumpulan awak berada di kelas yang jauh lebih rendah di bawah…awak cakap 1, TDM jawab 10……setiap kali awak cakap hidup awak susah di zaman TDM maka ada 100 ribu orang lagi yang amat bersyukur semasa zaman TDM jadi PM. Kalaupun awak dan kelompok awak tak dapat mengalahkan TDM punya kebijaksanaan, janganlah emosi sangat, kawal diri dan bersabarlah….nanti-nanti akan muncul juga seteru awak yang se kelas dengan awak. To be frank with u, rakyat biasa peduli apakah jadah tentang perubahan perlembagaan tu, tak ada hal nya dengan rakyat…rakyat nak hidup senang, taka ada isu politik, kerajaan stabil,jika muncul api perkauman ada pemimppin yg mampu padam awal2, ekonomi ok, kos hidup rendah..dll ini yang majority rakyat mahu…rakyat biasa tak peduli kejadah apahal dengan mahkamah kah, hakim kah. jubur kah, atau apa2 yang bermain difikiran segelintir kumpulan manusia yang rakus mahu hak kebebasan mereka bercakap dsbnya tapi kumpulan ini sendiri tak tau (termasuk awaklah) menghormati hak orang lain. TDM dah buat apa yang terbaik dizaman dia, so apa yang betul utk masa itu mungkin tak sesuai sekarang dan sebaliknyha apa yang baik utk sekarang tak semestinya baik dizaman TDM. Macam Ketua Hakim cakaplah, selagi perubahan atas perlembagaan dibuat melalui Parlimen maka ianya ok tak ada masalah and kalau perlembagaan perlu diubah lagi ubah sajalah utk sesuaikan dengan keadaan sekarang…ok. So awak kenalah rasional sikit. hanya TDM punya blog ni saja awak dapat memaki hamun TDM sebab TDM ni “jantan” tapi di blog lain kalau awak nak kritik bloger tersebut, komen awak tak akan disiarkan tau…tapi mereka ni dan awak juga pun sama adalah orang yang mendakwa pejuang demokrasi dan kekebasan bersuara. K, bawalah bersabar…kalau boleh awak bawalah sama si Zahid, Ian Chit dan ambiga, cuba kamu bincang tengok macam mana nak pekena TDM lagi satu round, kita tengok macam mana….OK ABI harap you lebih waras dan rasional dan jangan terlalu emosi….tenang macam TDM…kalau awak atau keluarga awak atau rakan awak ada teraniaya dan ada buktinya berlaku dizaman TDM u bawa ja ke mahkamah si Zahid tu, awak pasti menang…dengan syarat ambiga jadi peguam awak dan hakim nya si Ian chit tu lah…ok. You are welcome to maki-maki ke blog ni and kami juga akan maki-maki awak. Ingatlah, kalau awak terlalu mengikut perasaan nanti fikiran dan tindak tanduk awak akan bertanduk seperti iblis dan syaitan….please Sabar ya…..Salam berdebat dari Ranau………..
    Tun, salam dari kami. Relax….ramai yang akan membantu dan menjawap bagi pihak tun, pasal tun ni susah nak guna bahasa kasar terlalu sentimentel…biaq kami yang jawab untuk mereka yang emotional sangat tu…k.

  197. amantubillah Jun 28,2008 2:32 PM

    Salam Ayahanda Tun sekeluarga serta all bloggers.
    Merangkak punya merangkak, baca sampai habih jugak……
    Betoi ka……tak Betoi ka…….., tak tau lah…..
    BRAVO……BRAVO……. Ayahanda Tun.
    Jangan bagi chan kat depa ni……bantai balik kalu depa dok bunyi jugak lagi.
    Padan muka hang Chin J……. Tak malu ka bila semua orang tau cerita busuk hang….
    Yang hang gatai sangat nak pi cucuk sarang tebuan tu, buat apa????? La….hang dapat habuan lah……!!!! Padan muka…..
    Lepaih ni sapa pulak…….
    KJ, KaJ KURANG aJAR pulak ??????? La ni budak tingkat4 ni, dok tengah dok cari akai nak hijack blog ni pulak kot ??????
    Ka dok tengah cari akai nak keluarkan Ayanhanda Tun dari Petronas????
    Budak kanyiak, tak sedaq diri.
    Hai NEIL bro.
    Baca ni…. Orang hat tak pandai orang putih pulak nak tulih…..
    All the Best Ayahanda Tun, Love You Ayahanda Tun, We always support
    you Ayahanda Tun,NOW AND FOREVER
    You want to hear some more NEIL bro………..???????
    I think you better go to school and learn how to respect to other people. You Mom and Dad never teach you that ka…….Ha…??????
    Good FUCK to you……!
    Go and fly kite another place la…….
    P/S to(BLOGSPOT)Blogger yang menggunakan nama Mekyam….
    MEKYAM…… Oooo.. MEKYAM
    TAK DAK PON……………

  198. vendeta Jun 28,2008 2:31 PM

    BE BRAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ………..

  199. amir aziz Jun 28,2008 2:21 PM

    Assalamualaikum TUN,
    Tahniah dan terima kasih diatas segala yang telah diberikan kepada kami (saya) disepanjang pemerintahan 22 thn anda. Ini adalah kerana kami (saya) membesar dengan setiap tindakan dan keputusan TUN. Tidak pernah sekalipun kami (saya) membantah walaupun dengan penyinkiran TPM Anwar. Malahan tindakan tersebut dikaji dan terbukti ianya adalah yang terbaik dan tepat.Kini harapan kami (saya) agar TUN terus memberikan komen2 yang bernas bagi memelihara segala yang telah dilakukan dan terbukti terbaik agar kami (saya) dapat terus menikmatinya. Pendapat peribadi saya mengatakan, sesuatu perubahan itu adalah perlu dilakukan agar keadaan akan menjadi lebih baik TETAPI pendekatan yang dibuat perlulah selari dengan apa yang telah TUN gariskan selama ini. TUN, yang benar2 kami (saya) harapkan ialah bantulah dengan seberapa upaya untuk meletakkan keadaan kini diatas landasannya semula…

  200. mzzainal Jun 28,2008 2:12 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Chin loves to cook his stories however in the end he boiled himself to the extreme.
    It seems the Govt is desperate in supporting people who loves to distract the rakyat from the real issues and concerns of the nation.
    Unless someone can pujuk dear Chin to roast up a story of PakLah or Najib.

  201. samuraimelayu Jun 28,2008 2:10 PM

    Khas kepada anakanda2 rakyat yang sekiblat dengan kami,
    Ada ketikanya kita boleh bertoleransi dan ada ketikanya kita jadi ‘RACIST’. Sejarah May 13 adalah contoh.
    Kami nyatakan bahawa penjuangan Ayahanda Tun akhir2 ini bukan sengaja hendak menyuruh AAB(Atas(kepala) Ada Batu)turun dari pucuk kepimpinan dan takut kepada tindakan2 yang mungkin diambil terhadap beliau tetapi takut jika negara tercinta ini DIJAJAH semula oleh KUASA luar.
    Lihat lah apa dah terjadi kepada Iraq. Atas nama demokrasi ala Amerika, rakyat Iraq yang tidak berdosa hidup dalam derita untuk selama2nya dan Saddam Hussien yang berdekad lama nya memerintah Iraq
    dan antara pemimpin Arab yang berani menentang Zionist dan Imperial dikorbankan.
    Kami akui Saddam kuku besi tetapi adakan dengan terhapusnya Saddam rakyat Iraq kini lebih aman dan bebas dari dahulu?
    Pak Lah and the rest of the leaders, beware of big SAM and her agents of ‘wars’. They are everywhere, never sleep and are waiting for the right moment to bury the Melayu in their own land!if all you think ofhis to satisfy the socalled freedom adn justice.
    Kami seru kepada anak watan bangsa ‘ biar berputih tulang, jangan berputih mata’
    Allahumassolli’ala Saiyidddina Muhammad, wa’ala alihi wassallim…
    Alfatihah, Amin.

  202. fawz Jun 28,2008 2:07 PM

    By azly on June 27, 2008 5:07 PM
    What happen to the Bar Council? Why no news from them? Scared or feel guilty? Anyway, we all know that most of malaysian lawyers are nothing more than hooligan by covering their skin.
    With regards to the above entry, I just wish to tell a joke about lawyers. The story goes like this;
    A woman asked her doctor whether it is ok to have anal sex, the doctor replied, it is ok as long as you are comfortable with it, but do one thing, try not to get pregnant! puzzled the woman replied, you mean I can get pregnant from having anal sex??? the doctor replied… hmmm.. well madam, where do you think lawyers come from???
    Don’t know if the administrator will allow this entry! cheers…

  203. sktan Jun 28,2008 1:54 PM

    ABI, if not our Dearest Tun, than who is? Just name us 1 (ONE) will do. Tun earned it,and it’s every bit of it. Again no others.
    Hope you are not the ambi from ‘BAR’,who chooses what she deem fit to her only, then comment. Double Standard is no Justice.

  204. thebigdipper Jun 28,2008 1:52 PM

    Aslmkm Tun, Alhamdullilah and thank you. I have been waiting anxiously for your response to that fool of a judge accusation against you. Your press statement is very enlightening. Now it has made an even bigger idiot of him and the ministers who were so eager to dance with him. What a parody of fools! I am ashamed and I’m certain all right thinking Malaysians are ashamed and disgusted with the lengths to which AAB and his cohorts go to in order to tarnish your good self and the great deeds you have done for this country and its people. I should think if all the ministers in the cabinet (except for one or two) and all the level four goons were to put their heads together, they will not be able to match your wisdom, integrity, and courage. Even if it were to take them a hundred years. I pray Allah keep you safe.

  205. wokyoh Jun 28,2008 1:44 PM

    Salam perjuangan buat Tun yang dikasihi….
    Tun…nampaknya…perjuangan makin mencabar..
    izinkan sekali lagi wokyoh memberi komen disini…
    1) Tun..untuk menjadi seorang doktor seperti tun ia memerlukan seorang yang bijak,IQ yang tinggi,daya ingatan yang kuat,semangat juang dan tahap kesabaran yang tinggi.Inilah antara ciri ciri seorang doktor.namun yang paling penting ialah keupayaannya membuat keputusan disaat paling sukar pesakit iaitu ketika pesakit berhadapan dengan maut..bukan bermakna ajalmaut ditangan doktor.pada saat krikal ini seorang doktor akan menggunakan segala ilmunya untuk berfikir,men integrasikan segala ilmu perubatan yang ada demi menyelamatkan satu nyawa dengan izin Allah.Itulah sebabnya doktor itu dianggap Second God di eropah..suatu waktu dahulu.Itulah sebabnya seorang doktor tidak akan dibunuh dimedan perang dalam perjanjian perang geneva…kalau dulu untuk dipilih melanjutkan pengajian di bidang ini biasanya dari golongan the cream of society….
    Tun mempunyai ciri-ciri diatas…tapi bila Tun menjadi pemimpin..sikap dan wibawa Tun jelas tidak berubah…cara pentadbiran tun dengan motto “bersih cekap dan amanah” begitu dalam maknanya jika kita betul betul menghayatinya…bersih..adalah sangat dituntut dalam islam..bersih diri,makanan dan bersih hati…adalah persediaan rohani yang amat penting untuk pembangunan insan rabbani..malah hadis nabi menegaskan..bersih itu sebahagian dari iman. Cekap pula…maknanya cukup luas..cekap dari segi pemikiran dan penyelesaian masalah,cekap dari segi pentadbiran,tidak menangguhkan kerja kerana mengikut firman Allah yang bersumpah dengan masa..demi masa..sesungguhnya manusia dalam kerugian..amanah pula..adalah satu sifat kenabian..selain sidiq,tabligh,fathonah.jika rakyat beramanah..nescaya amanlah negara..bebas dari rasuah,kerja dengan penuh tanggungjawab.
    Sebagaimana yang kita ketahui..Tun adalah seorang insan yang amat menepati masa,sentiasa berfikiran jauh dan sentiasa berwawasan.Setiap perancangan Tun adalah begitu teliti untuk kepentingan rakyat,tidak mahu rakyat hidup susah….umpama menyelamatkan satu nyawa..
    Walaupun begitu sebagai insan biasa yang bukan maksum,Tun juga tidak terlepas drp melakukan kesilapan.tapi kesilapan kecil kalau dibandingkan dengan apa yang tun dah buat untuk negara selama 22 tahun,jasa tun tidak boleh dinafikan.
    Sekarang ini…Tun semakin disisihkan..pendapat Tun dibuang dan dipersenda…..namun percayalah tun..hanya jauhari yang mengenal maknikam…yang mana intan yang mana kaca..rakyat boleh menilainya…
    Manusia yang banyak jasa ini kalau boleh…mahu dilanyak,diaibkan, dibicarakan ,disumbat kedalam penjara atau ditahan dibawah ISA…barulah puas hati mereka.namun percayalah..sepandai-pandai mereka membuat tipu daya..kebenaran akan pasti mengalahkan kebenaran dan kebenaran itu makin hari makin terang lagi bersuluh…
    adakah mereka tahu dengan siapa mereka beradu sekarang…tahukah mereka insan yang bernama dr mahathir ini kuat dan kental semangat juangnya!!!tapi satu perkara lagi mereka lupa…insan ini juga bijak membaca strategi lawan dan bijak pula mengatur strategi untuk menang,malah berfikiran jauh kedepan pula!!! siapa kata semakin tua semakin nyanyuk??? lihat apa yang beliau tulis diatas…amat memukau dan membanggakan….
    2)mari kita baca sejarah pula…pernahkah anda dengar perkataan sophistry?.sophistry adalah sejenis falsafah yang menyatakan tidak wujud apa-apa kebenaran mutlak di dunia ini,berlawanan dengan ajaran agama langit bahawa kebenaran mutlak ataupun ilmu yang haq wujud disisi tuhan.ia bermula pertengahan abad 400 sebelum masihi di bandar greek atau yunani iaitu 2500 tahun dahulu.Pengamal falsafah ini dipanggil sophist.menurut penganut ini…kebenaran adalah apa yang dapat dibuktikan dengan kata-kata.atau kesaksian melalui 5 pancaindera badan dan logik akal sehingga tidak dapat disanggah lagi.Natijahnya,siapa lebih pandai bercakap dan mengemukan “bukti”yang “kukuh” sehingga tidak dapat ditandingi lawan,dialah yang benar.natijah seterusnya..kebenaran boleh dibeli..asalkan kena harganya..kalau nak tahu..itulah asal usul prinsip guaman yang menggalakkan kepandaian berkata-kata dan bermain dengan barang bukti untuk memenangkan hujah sehingga berjaya menegakkan benang yang basah…sebab itu pemikir agung yunani plato menyebut gurunya socrates menentang sophist kerana ajarannya boleh menghancurkan masyarakat..tetapi socrates pula disalahkan dan dia sendiri dibunuh…sejarawan barat ada yang beranggapan golongan sophist ini dipelopori oleh masyarakat Arcadia yang wujud 1000 tahun sebelum masihi.siapa mereka sebenarnya????
    mereka adalah terdiri dari satu puak yahudi@zionis yang lari membawa diri dari jurusalem.mereka inilah proksi yang menumbangkan sistem beraja di eropah sehingga wujudnya magna carta dan pecah lagi…pada pertengahan abad ke 14,parlimen dipecahkan kpd House of lords untuk bangsawan sejati dan House of commons utk wakil rakyat kebanyakan dan wakil rakyat palsu dan mata duitan.kebanyakan dari wakil inilah muncul bangsawan palsu dan mata duitan yang merupakan pemilik hartanah luas ataupun “Land barons” yang kononnya mewakili suara rakyat yang kebanyakannya bekerja dengan mereka atau sekitar tanah-tanah mereka yang luas itu.pengaruh mereka berleluasa bila bangsawan sejati mudah dibeli dan mula mempengaruhi house of lord pula.Cengkaman dan rancangan zionis ini lebih ketara dengan kejayaan mereka menubuhkan Federal reserve iaitu bank pusat amerika dan bank of england di britain.cengkaman ini berterusan sehingga tertubuhnya IMF…ingat dulu..sewaktu beberapa negara jiran kita terpaksa berserah diri kepada IMF..negara kita…yang dipimpin oleh TUN(bangsawan sejati) yang sudah kenal benar agenda yahudi zionis ini tidak meminjam dari IMF…inilah saat kritikal menyelamatkan rakyat seumpama menyelamatkan satu nyawa…dimana waktu itu anwar ibrahim yang nampak islamik hampir-hampir terjerat oleh tipu daya yahudi ini…
    maka atas nama perdagangan…komplot menganut fahaman yahudi ini datang ke nusantara dan berjaya mewujudkan sistem residen…dan raja berpelembagaan.ketuanan dan peranan istana semakin kecil dan hanya bertanggungjawab atas urusan agama dan adat istiadat sahaja…atas nama demokrasi..yang menyatakan undi terbanyak adalah majoriti suara rakyat..padahal suara terbanyak belum tentu dipihak yang benar!!!!!
    3)Berbalik kita pada situasi di negara kita kebanyakan “land barons” atau bangsawan palsu dan mata duitan inilah nampaknya agak berkuasa di parlimen kita…ambil contoh mudah…kebanyakan wakil rakyat pembangkang adalah peguam…peguam inilah yang sebenarnya merosakkan nama dan integriti kehakiman itu sendiri..kununnya…atas prinsip keadilan.Hakim atau YB ini sungguh biadap didewan rakyat kerana mereka percaya kepada prinsip sophistry ini…apatah lagi persidangan itu dirakam dan dipersembahkan kepada khalayak…hakim yang menganut fahaman sophystry inilah yang sanggup menghantar surat kepada raja kerana tidak boleh tidur malam kerana bising dengan kerja-kerja pembinaan istana….maka wajarkah hakim ini diberi ex-gratia nilaian berjuta??? Ian chin juga adalah contoh seorang peguam yang berkepentingan dan berhati busuk serta pendendam.
    4) Antimamak pula adalah contoh insan yang mungkin mempunyai fahaman sophistry ini….tengoklah hujah-hujahnya….bila tun menyatakan bukti dan membuat kenyataan akhbar..beliau pula tidak menyangkal apakah bukti tun itu betul atau salah…sebaliknya sibuk pula menuduh itu bukan tulisan tun yang sebenar…untuk menegakkan benangnya yang basah itu..nampaknya antimamak ini mempunyai Delusion….dan halusinasi antimamak .keyakinan dan kepercayaan yang kuat bahawa tun tetap bersalah dan amat kejam..ciri-ciri ini adalah unsur psikosis dan kalau dibiarkan lama akan menjadi paranoid dan seterusnya schizophrenia…sama seperti raja petra dan bloggers lain yang mengecam tun.nampaknya tun sudah boleh memberi sejenis ubat antipsikosis seperti risperdal atau haloperidol kepada mereka ini supaya jiwa mereka tenang,rasional dan kembali kealam nyata dari dunia halusinasi ciptaan mereka sendiri…kalau ubat itu tidak menjadi..tun beri saja..diazepam..sejenis ubat tidur supaya antimamak dan kuncu-kuncunya tertidur kerana tidur itu lebih baik dari memberi komen-komen yang bertaraf tong sampah di ruangan ini..
    sekian dulu untuk kali ini…wokyoh minta diri dulu.
    5)oleh itu..wahai bangsaku…bangkit lah berjuang bersama tun(bangsawan sejati ini) demi menegakkan kebenaran….!!!

  206. samuraimelayu Jun 28,2008 1:39 PM

    To ‘Abi/PJ’and melayu in the same boat,
    You may be right in some of your assumptions and Ayahanda Tun is no super being.
    But may I asked you, did all the socalled ‘unwarranted meddling with the judiciary’ by Tun have brought the kind of sufferings that the Rakyat are facing now over the 22 years years he ruled?
    Kalau anda betul2 darah melayu kami ingin ingatkan,
    Al fatihah, Amin.

  207. abdul Jun 28,2008 1:28 PM

    Dear Tun,
    If we have judges; like Ian Chin who wears both hats of politics and justice, concocts devilish stories on other fellow judges and even passed devilish judgements on others saved himself with the court’s immunity, and also a few others who long for free overseas holidays with family, and with a few others too who pass cut-and- paste judgements, I for one believe it’s not a shameful act for a visionary and far sighted leader like Tun to lent a hand wherever and whenever justifiable to ‘discipline’ those on the bench.
    Tun’s 22 years tenure has never been akin to Idi Amin’s regime or any other worldly regimes, for it’s Tun’s talent, vision and wisdom that have brought Malaysians to where we are today, but now in the wrong hands of Dolah.
    Tun’s style of governance is far comparable to the modern Bush the warrior who ‘terrorise’ the world in the name of democratic ideals and the survival of the jews.
    Man created laws are neither sacred nor sacrosanct. Man made laws must be made lively according to times and situations.

  208. LoveMahathir Jun 28,2008 1:26 PM

    We will always support u Tun. We love you. Take care!

  209. samuraimelayu Jun 28,2008 1:23 PM

    Kepada Anakanda2 yang sayangkan Ayahanda Tun,
    Kami sungguh gembira melihat semakin ramai sudah mula menghormati Ayahanda Rakyat Tun sebagai ayah pada kita sekelian. Manis diucapkan!
    Kepada mereka2 yang sudah dicop sebagai pelacur dikepala dan telah dikasi oleh pembahas2 blog ini, kami minta maaf je lah kerna tidak mahu menegur orang berpenyakit ‘siplis’ dalam benak mereka lagi!
    Jika kutukan dari Al Gore dan Albright satu ketika dulu, Ayahanda boleh ‘cool’ menerimanya dan hanya suruh ‘ketua wanita samurainya’ saja melibas kepala mereka, anda2 yang mencuba diblog ini jangan harap dapat tindak balas dari Ayahanda SHOGUN!Bersyukurlah kami mahu beri nasihat dan nasihat kami agar mereka yang berpenyakit ‘terminal’ dikepala2 kamu, pergilah merawatkan nya sebelum terlambat.( beyond redemption).
    Al fatihah, Amin

  210. mustazam aron Jun 28,2008 1:02 PM

    Assalamualaikum TUN Dulu ramai yang mendesak Tun meletakan jawatan PM semasa Tun kuasa. Konon kepinpinan Tun ni diktator nyayuklah kuku besilah dan berbagai lagi. Tun walaupun berat hati untuk melepaskan kerna perjuangan orang2 melayu belum selesai tapi akur kehendak rakyat takut di tuduh gila kuasa.tengok sekarang dapat kira nya anda2 sekelian dapat bezakan .

  211. ISTERI ANTIMAMAK Jun 28,2008 12:57 PM


  212. samuraimelayu Jun 28,2008 12:53 PM

    kedatangan mu kami tunggu,
    Sungguh memalukan dan menghampakan, Ayahanda terpaksa membuka satu persatu ‘ file’ sulit pesakit2 jiwa yang dibiarkan Pak Long(kang) merapu tak berasas. Kami pun dah jangka walau satu encyclopidia sekalipun bukti2 serta rujukan yang Ayahanda kemukakan, Pak long (Atas(kepala)Ada Batu) akan terus lena tidur dari mengambil tindakan sewajarnya.
    Sebenarnya yang menggerakkan pentadbirannya adalah ‘Junior Prime Minister nya’ yang merasakan his ‘oxfordship’ tu cukup nak berdepan dengan doktor lepasan U. Singapore.
    Kalau kail panjang sejengkal.. pi main jauh2, ajak gang little rascals, dan anti mamak, PJ, Neil, Ravi dan kutu2 lain yang tidak senang dengan Blog ini gi mancing kat kolam kura kura dulu.
    Kamu sekelian belum sampai tahap hendak mencabar Ayahanda Tun kerna ukuran pemikiran nya jika dibanding dari sudut atas/bawah, kiri/kanan dan depan/belakang >1000 tiang TNB jauhnya dari keupayaan
    kamu sekelian di gabung untuk berfikir!
    What you see is what you get coz you asked for it!
    Alfatihah, Amin

  213. kroolaznizam Jun 28,2008 12:28 PM

    Salam TokDet…
    Teringin nak dengar komen Tok pasal si Padang Rengas yang nampak sombong sangat…

  214. Koh Lipe Jun 28,2008 12:18 PM

    “A champion may not produce another champion instead a villain emerged forgoting its share and purposes on this common ground. As long as he never discovers the mirror, he will appear as a giant of his weird dreams and the dwarf of his fears.”
    Kam Nan

  215. Mentel Jun 28,2008 11:47 AM

    Remember the literature on “The Emperor’s New Cloth (TENC)” ? There should be a new outlet at Pavillion by “someone” to be called “THE JUDGE NEW CLOTH”.

  216. antimamak Jun 28,2008 11:46 AM

    Tun Saman saja lah, naik mahkamah bersihkan nama, buat apa press statement, takut orang tak percaya Tun kah? Rakyat ada otak lah Tun, tahu buat penilaian sendiri.
    Tun semua kandongan blog tun mesti tidak kecuali dari Pak Lah..
    Lihat Lah sendiri Nama Mahathir itu apa maksud.
    MAHATHIR…” stands for:
    M = Must..
    A = Always..
    H = Hantam..
    A = Abdullah..
    T = Till..
    H = He..
    I = Is..
    R = Removed.
    Dari jauh besebelahan sudah terbaunya roti canai nyaring, itu lah kepandaiaan mamak buat roti canai. Rakyat malaysia hidup hangus akibat dari 22 tahun Tun memerintah Malaysia.

  217. Zahari Zainan Jun 28,2008 11:43 AM

    Alhamdulillah, dapat juga membaca ulasan Ayahnda Tun berkaitan tindak tanduk penjawat awam yang berpangkat tinggi seperti hakim-hakim macam Ian Jin dan Tun Saleh Abas ni.
    Tak sempat tunggu di padang Mahsyar, Allah S.W.T telah bongkar semasa didunia lagi. supaya rakyat Malaysia tengok sendiri kerja mereka yang berselindung disebalik pangkat yang di sandang.

  218. zaman Jun 28,2008 11:14 AM

    Tun shabas
    mind boggling its 3 million!!!
    such short time.
    simply unbeatable
    Teruskan perjuangan mu kami menyokong

  219. ABI Jun 28,2008 11:03 AM

    Dear Tun:
    Your account of the Ian Chin episode appears to be vivid, but I don’t know if your account is “varnished” (to use a Shakespearean expression). There is a lot of ballyhoo and hypocrisy about your so-called “expose.” Your memory concerning this matter seems to be phenomenal and graphic! But why was your memory selective and faded during the Royal Commission of Inquiry hearing? You were suffering from amnesia then!You could not remember anything about the brokering of judicial appointments by your cronies during the hearing! Now your memory has become fantastic all of a sudden!
    Where have all your religious and ethical values gone? Gone with the wind? You say Ian Chin is a disgrace to the judiciary! What about your goodself? Your unwarranted meddling with the judiciary; your usurpation of judicial powers have denigrated the reputation of the country. International jurists had lambasted you for all your transgressions in the past.. still your evil deeds have been the topic of discussion throughout the world! The Royal Commission has also called into question your decisions on the appointments of judges during your rule. You are in fact a living disgrace- to the nation! What moral right have you to comment on a judge when you yourself as a prominent leader, a PM of a great nation, had committed grave and unforgivable sins? You had arrogated to yourself the powers of the judiciary by arbitrarily amending the original wording of Article 121 (1)of our sacred, sacrosanct constitution! Where on earth, in a democratic country, do you see the judiciary being subject to the control of the Executive? Isn’t that a blatant violation of the time-honoured principle of the independence of the judiciary? Isn’t that a stigma,Tun?
    Ponder over all these and repent so that your life is peaceful, meaningful and happy. I pray that the Almighty God will help you to get rid of your unjustified anger, envy, arrogance, vengeance; your hatred for people and your despicable “holier than thou” attitude.
    You seem to think that only Mahathir is right in everything; is capable of decision-making; is a super human being!

  220. sktan Jun 28,2008 10:56 AM

    Dearest Tun, What has happened to our tried to be herion and her so called ‘Bar Council’, which @ first gave us the impression that it’s a ‘Chamber’ for justice?
    It is a sad sad day for our country, even those we pay to defend us is as l would consider bias. Why comment ‘part politics’ and so so looped sided? Are they not suppose to be looked to be fair atleast?
    Ambi and Council, say somting, we are waiting. You will lost creditbility, at least to me. Remember,yours not a badminton court where you can play tactics, in this case a political one, you are in our eyes justice us then.
    Take very good care Tun.

  221. C-bOk Jun 28,2008 10:48 AM

    Interesting to know what is BAR Malaysia and Karpal Singh view on this. Will they made the same statement and police report similar to their action after the so call “Ian China revealing statement”.

  222. Jejaka Sulong Jun 28,2008 10:41 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Hebat sungguh Tun, satu kurniaan ALLAH pada hambanya dan Malaysia amat bertuah mempunyai seorang pemimpin seperti Tun.
    Saya salah seorang Ahli pemuda UMNO Parit Sulong, sedang dan terus berusaha memberi penerangan kepada rakan-rakan sebaya agar kembali semula ke pangkuan UMNO, dengan menjelaskan bahawa semua ini bukan salah parti tetapi atas kepentingan individu sehingga melupakan perjuangan asal parti dan berjuang untuk memastikan Pak Lah meletakkan Jawatan.
    Sekiranya Pak Lah memerintah lagi dipenghujung tahun ini, PRU13 berkemungkinan besar UMNO akan tumbang dalam sejarah Malaysia dan Negara bertambah kucar kacir rusuhan kaum pasti akan berlaku. Untuk itu saya mencadangkan TUN tubuh satu parti sementara sebagai langkah awal PRU13, Parti ini penting sekiranya Pak Lah masih Gagal ditumbangkan pada penghujung tahun ini.
    Untuk keahliannya terbuka kepada rakyat malaysia, kerana pengaruh Tun disenangi oleh semua kaum di Malaysia ini. Parti ini akan dibubarkan sebaik sahaja Pak Lah meletakkan jawatan dan kembali semula ke UMNO, MCA dan MIC DLL mengikut kaum.
    Saya rasa ini saja cara yang terbaik yang saya fikirkan Tun. Sebagai orang awam yang sayangkan negara rampasan kuasa secara kekerasan atau demonstrasi jalanan bukan budaya kita dan kurang berkesan.

  223. College boy Jun 28,2008 10:39 AM


  224. abdul Jun 28,2008 10:31 AM

    Dear Tun,
    It’s the anger which keeps calling me to post yet another comments on this ‘learned’ J. I Chin who is privileged to pass devilish judgement on others as ‘devil incarnate’ but saved himself.
    The hallmark of the day is the sheer stupidity, folly and arrogance of Dolah and his generals, who have stooped so low in buying J. I Chin’s story.
    Had this incident happened in another civilized democratic country, the ruling goverment could no longer face the world morally,and the entire cabinet has no other options but to resign, full stop.

  225. wak Dojer Jun 28,2008 10:28 AM

    Salam kepada Tun dan semua.
    Some say that “golden hand-shake” means prosperous life after retirement practice mostly by modern civilized country. Wak rather says it as an indemnity against any procedural in court of law.
    p/s: sudah-sudahlah tu nak ‘tarnish’ reputasi Tun.

  226. satebiru Jun 28,2008 10:10 AM

    assalamualaikum ?
    Tun,kami menderita atas kesalahan Tun melantik Pak lah sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia,saya dilahirkan dibawah pemerintahan Tun sakit hati saya bila mereka menuduh Tun bukan-bukan.Tun berdosa dengan rakyat malaysia,Tun kami terlalu sayang dengan Tun.Untuk menebus dosa Tun kembali .kami sebagai Rakyat sedia besama Tun dengan apa jua idea yang Tun beri.Tun diwaktu ada segelitir rakyat tak suka Tun tetapi mereka tak cakap Tun bodoh cuma mereka cakap jahat,tetapi dengan apa yang berlaku sekarang mana yang anti Tun dah kembali menyokong Tun,itu kenyataan.Demi Allah saya dari dulu hingga kini dan selamanya sentiasa menyokong Tun .Saya hanya rakyat biasa dan gaji cukup makan, tetapi tak perlulah disogok untuk menyokong tun kerana perjuangan Tun ikhlas demi bangsa dan negara.
    Tun jaga kesihatan elok-elok makan ubat.dan beri tunjuk ajar pada mukriz untuk menentang anasir2 jahat yang bermaharaja lela sekarang.Pak lah hanya ada menteri kabinet dan ahli parlimen tetapi Tun ada penyokong yang kuat iaitu rakyat malaysia.TUN JANGAN UNDUR SELAGI KAMI MENDERITA.

  227. hablat Jun 28,2008 10:07 AM

    tahniah Tun,
    Berjuanglah dengan idea yang tak pernah luput dek zaman

  228. joehoney Jun 28,2008 10:05 AM

    Salam Tun dan Keluarga
    You are the BEST!

  229. overview Jun 28,2008 9:56 AM

    I think this case is only untuk mengalihkan perhatian daripada masalah rakyat dengan ekonomi.. So timbulkan isu-isu untuk menjatuhkan Tun,kerana Tun masih relevan di hati rakyat.Maybe rakyat akan prihatin dan lupa seketika kegawatan ekonomi yang mereka hadapi..Sebenarnya setiap isu politik baru yg dikemukakan akan membuat kita lalai akan penderitaan sebenar…So di harap kita semua tidak akan lupa tujuan sebenar kerajaan dan media menimbulkan isu-isu yang bertentangan dengan masalah rakyat…masalah politik memang juga masalah kita tapi tanggungjawab kita telah dilaksanakan semasa Pru12..n kita vote agar mereka memperjuangkan hak kita mempertingkatkan ekonomi kita ,dan membangunkan rakyat dari segi ekonomi, akademik, taraf hidup dan permodenan…Bukan kita vote untuk mereka cuba menumbangkan orang lain,, memburukkan satu sama lain,,mencari kesalahan pimpinan yang lepas seperti Tun. I really disappointed sebab mendaftar jadi pemilih dan mula mengundi tahun ini kalau pemimpin yang saya pilih hanya memperjuangkan kepentingan diri..dan mengaburi mata rakyat dari kepentingang rakyat.

  230. baniADAM Jun 28,2008 9:45 AM

    Assalammualaikum Tun,
    Looks like some people are throwing anger with fire to you, but as usual Tun, your brilliant approached, countering them with utmost wisdom and that makes you a genuine statesmen. Hail to Tun Mahathir !!!!!

  231. annasamat Jun 28,2008 9:34 AM

    saya dah sampai pun di The Loaf emm best.. every month i will go there..always support you.

  232. penukul Jun 28,2008 9:18 AM

    assalammualaikum Tun,
    Syabassss… TUN..satu pukulan TKO utk Hakim yg suka berbohong.Kami ingat Para Hakim adil dan jujur rupanya…Hampehh..
    Kalau ilmu tak penuh didada janganlah cuba nak lawan TUN.
    Mereka tak tahu ke TUN adalah seorang pemimpin yang bertaraf DUNIA di ulang WORLD CLASS.Bukan nak puji tapi inilah kebenarannya.Bukan cakap kosong lihatlah track rekodnya.Sebetulnya TUN adalah insan cermelang,gemilang dan terbilang
    Ini baru betul tak macam Pak Dol & Co.
    dari penukul cari pahat.
    ***gandingan najib dan mohideen nampak sesuai***

  233. koroknguh Jun 28,2008 9:06 AM

    Salam Tun
    Hehehe… kalau aku lah yang jadi Justice Chin tu dah lama aku letak jawatan…tak ade freedom…dlm buat judgement.

  234. Sheikh Jun 28,2008 9:02 AM

    Apa yang Tun tulis itu adalah cerita Hong Kong yang juga di tiru oleh Studio Merdeka suatu masa dulu,
    Plot ceritanya selalu bermula dengan ibubapa atau adik hero dia aniaya atau di bunuh (Lagi teruk lagi bagus) di depan mata hero kita.
    Hero kita pula dalam keadaan kelam kabut masa peristiwa pembunuhan itu berlaku mempunyai otak yang photographic memory. Bijak memahami insiden ibu dan ayahnya telah di aniaya. Percaya bahawa ibubapanya benar (Mungkin ibubapa dia membuat benda salah yang tidak di ketahuinya). Boleh mencari si pembunuh walaupun peristiwa ini berlaku semasa dia kecil. Macam lah orang itu awet muda.
    Terfikir juga kalau penjahat meninggal dunia kerana kencing manis atau sakit jantung. Kena jumpa pakar saikologi nampaknya hero kita itu kerana tekanan perasaan yang amat sangat akibat dari “dendam tersekat”. Ini kalau dia biarkan boleh membawa gila.
    Hero kita akan menyimpan dendam yang akan di bawa hingga keakhir hayatnya tetapi cerita kita sempat lihat hingga dia berjaya membalas dendam sahaja.
    Dalam cerita begini membalas dendam adalah satu sikap yang baik. Harus di tanamkan dari kecil lagi.
    Ini di akui sendiri oleh Studio Merdeka pada masa itu.
    HIdup si pembalas dendam berkisar kepada membalas dendam sepanjang saat.
    Kesimpulannya apa yang Tun itu adalah skrip filem Hong Kong
    Saya seolah olah membaca sinopsis nya di akbar.

  235. Sahabat dari Chicago Jun 28,2008 8:53 AM

    Yang Bhg. Tun: Please re-join UMNO and go for a second round to lead this nation. I’ll fly thousand miles across the ocean to vote for you again.

  236. Tamingsari Jun 28,2008 8:19 AM

    Dear Tun
    If all our high court judges and leaders are like this….why should we(the rakyat) have respect for the law.

  237. malan3395 Jun 28,2008 7:52 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Rakyat : Haloo..! awak dgr ke tak dgr ni?
    PLah : Halo..! sy tk dgr, sy tdur.
    Rakyat : Tidur!… xpa2 mlm ni ko dgr blk statement Tun tu.
    Dgr jgn tk dgr.
    PLah : Eh msti psl sy ada pwer rut.

  238. SwitchBlade Jun 28,2008 7:06 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun…
    1. Di Doakan Ayahanda Tun dalam keadaan Afiat setelah menjalani liku-liku yang menyakitkan setelah berhempas-pulas selama lebih 50 TAHUN menaikan martabat bangsa Melayu di Tanah Melayu kita ini.. Namun kebanyakan hanya menyedari tempoh yang sangat singkat iaitu 22 Tahun itu sahaja.. Kasihan sungguh saya melihat Ayahanda difitnah dan dimalukan dihadapan JUTAAN anak-anak ayahanda.. Si Ayahanda yang telah berjuang dari MALAYA hinggalah ke MALAYSIA.. Cuba kita semua tanya pada Ayahanda Tun jikalau waktu itu Ayahanda Tun sebagai Perdana Menteri, apakah akan diubah kepada MALAYSIA seperti hari ini atau dikekalkan saja nama MALAYA itu…
    MALAYSIA = MALAYSIANS : seperti yang semua orang nakkan sangat wakyu ini…
    MALAYA = MALAYAN : dok lagu tu gak bunyinya.. macam bertuan je rasanya tanah ini… so tak boleh la cakap suka-suka, ludah suka-suka, maki suka-suka atau buat suka-suka sebab group ni terkenal dengan agama,ahlak, budi bahasa, adat resam dan sifat inginkan keharmonian.. Itulah orang Melayu bukan Jerman@Hitler dengan Yahudi.. Jadi tak perlulah ada soal racist-macist dalam blog Ayahanda ni..
    2. Andainya Duli Yang Maha Mulia Yang DiPertuan Agung melihat sejenak ke Blog Ayahanda ini saya rasa Baginda tahu apa yang patut Baginda lakukan.. Kami hamba rakyat dah umpama seperti di Negara Gajah Putih.. Kami berlindung dalam keesaan Allah SWT, dalam keDaulatan Baginda Tuanku Agung dan dalam kebijaksanaan Ayahanda…
    3. Kepada akhbar-akhbar harian yang dah semakin kurang jumlah pembacanya, korang akan jadi repoter yang dipangkah oleh kami diblog ini dan kamu jugalah yang menyebabkan kompeni korang bungkus satu hari nanti.. Jumlah jualan suratkabo korang ada ke macam visitors ke ni… Makin banyak nampak tersusun berikat nak tunggu return kat supplier bila ada kat mana-mana.. Contoh seperti 7Eleven, pam-pam minyak, kiosk majalah dll.. Kompeni-kompeni besar nak ke lagi iklan bila dah makin kurang orang baca suratkabo.. Aku sendiri pun dulu hari-hari mesti tiga keping aku beli.. Sekarang ni satu pun aku tak beli.. Baik beli minyak… Lagi ada pekdah..
    4. Ayahanda Tun, apa anakanda nak buat ni.. Kami dah bosan sesangat ni.. Berikanlah kami anakanda-anakanda Ayahanda suatu permainan untuk kami mainkan mengikut rentak dan lenggok Ayahanda.. Kami asyik duduk depan skrin je dengan Ayahanda… Kami pun nak bermain dilaman bersama-sama Ayahanda.. Bukankah Ayahanda telah melengkapkan kami anak-anak Ayahanda dengan segala macam ilmu.. Bukan sedikit yang akan mengikut arahan Ayahanda nanti..
    5. Dekat atau hampir dengan 3 juta pengunjung dalam masa 2 bulan.. Punya la ramai.. Agaknya Pak Lah and the gang satu hari berapa kali dia bukak blog ni.. Ke tak pernah tutup.. Satu hari nanti, kami anak-anak Mahathir akan bergabung dan bangkit untuk membuat perhitungan dengan korang yang tamak dan gila kuasa.. Ingatlah dengan pepatah Melayu.. “KERIS MAKAN TUAN”…
    “Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid”
    Collective Soul 1994 (Atlantic Records)
    …for some words are best to be kept unsaid..
    Shawshank Redemption…

  239. GOMO Jun 28,2008 5:57 AM


  240. abg_dino Jun 28,2008 4:53 AM

    Simple and powerful statement…I believe in your word. The true will never die and able to override
    You are my inspiration and will always be on your side, just give a direction ……….we are waiting to go with action

  241. DatOK ZeQ Jun 28,2008 4:08 AM

    Teach Chin J a lesson, take him to court ! he is still upset because you didn’t promote him. Expensive Lawyer fees? I can contribute a bit and I will get all the bloggers too. You don’t have to worry about money. I have some balance from the petrol’s subsidy ! give me your account number !
    He is trying to tarnish your good name and I am sure someone is behind him ! But who?
    DatOK ZeQ
    Kelana Jaya, Selangor
    P.S Your press statement is excellent !

  242. pink lady Jun 28,2008 2:25 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Why did u retire ? U really made a BIG mistake ! Our PM is only good as a ketua kampung. He can never look after a country. We need u to be our PM again. U are such a great leader TUN. I really miss u. May GOD bless u n family. Take care.

  243. shukor Jun 28,2008 1:40 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.
    Sebenarnya kurang paham apa yang sebenarnya berlaku pasal kes nii. Tak perlu jelaskan lagi….Cuma heran kan situasi yang berlaku ini.
    Mengapa sekarang semua orang ingin bersuara cerita lama? Ia nya bukan sejarah dunia yang perlu di kenang semasa susah. Mungkin terlupa diwaktu senang….dan disanjung ramai. Itu yang membuatkan saya rasa pelik sedikit…..Pandangan saya…mungkin wayang kulit di layar hitam….
    wasalam tun..

  244. cclow Jun 28,2008 1:35 AM

    Dear Tun,
    You must be wondering by now,WOW !, i must be so POPULAR
    with all the positive comments versus the onced in a
    bluemoon criticism.
    You are wrong Tun , you are the BEST we ever had and
    we hope you are ready for a political comeback because
    you can influence or pass down information to us but
    without a leader on the ground, what can ppl do?

  245. muschemun Jun 28,2008 1:33 AM

    Assalamu’alaikum Tun dan keluarga
    Sesiapa saja yang memberi pendapat negatif terhadap Tun adalah benar. Kita lihatlah bagaimana si badwi dan kuncu2 nya bersandiwara. Tok Siak memimpin negara?
    Yang ada kini hanyalah sebuah kampung yang bernama Malaysia di ketuai oleh seorang Tok Siak
    Biarkan luncai terjun dengan labu2 nya
    Biarkan kacang yang lupakan kulit
    Teruskan perjuangan Tun.
    Kami doakan kesejahteraan Tun sekeluarga yang telah banyak berbakti kepada agama, nusa dan bangsa

  246. premerdeka Jun 28,2008 1:15 AM

    Hanya mereka2 yang bermata satu dan yang mementingkan diri sendiri sahaja yang terus menafikan kelebihan yang dianugerahkan oleh Allah kepada Tun dan Tun pula adalah anugerah Allah kepada Malaysia. Golongan2 ini menampilkan diri mereka sebagai penyelamat, tapi pada hakikatnya mereka adalah perosak negara. Sayangnya rakyat Malaysia pada amnya (sama ada Melayu, Cina atau India) mudah percaya dengan cerita dan lakonan mereka. Tun pula menjadi penghalang kepada cita2 mereka, sebab itulah Tun terus menerima kecaman dan hentaman dari mereka. Saya berharap agar penulisan2 Tun dapat membuka mata hati rakyat2 Malaysia yang selama ini telah dinodai oleh golongan perosak2 ini.

  247. MataHatiJohor Jun 28,2008 1:10 AM

    22 tahun memerintah negara. Melepaskan Jawatan Perdana Menteri dengan sukarela. Membawa kemajuan yang tidak pernah terfikirkan oleh sesiapa pun. Berperwatakan seperti seorang yang sungguh pemalu walaupun memegang jawatan tertinggi negara. Setiap katanya dibuktikan dengan tindakan dan kejayaan. Ketika di Parlimen, Lim Kit Siang & Karpal Singh pun kelihatan kecut. Dikenali sebagai pemimpin yang tegas tetapi sebenarnya sungguh baik hati dan bertimbang rasa. Menerima utusan dari musuh walaupun pada waktu pagi-pagi buta.
    Kelemahannya :Tidak berprasangka dan sanggup menerima musuh menjadi rakan semula sehingga sering dikhianati sehingga menyusahkan politiknya.
    Silap besarlah si Ian Chin…. YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad bukan Serupa Abdullah Badawi lahhh.
    Kepada Datuk Ibrahim Ali, tebuslah kesilapan Datuk terhadap Tun selama ini. Ini waktu yang sesuai sebab Datuk sudah tidak berada dalam UMNO lagi. Saya percaya jiwa pejuang Datuk akan memberontak melihat cara kepimpinan Abdullah Badawi dalam UMNO walaupun Datuk sudah terkeluar dari UMNO. Insya Allah, Abdullah tersingkir – Datuk akan diterima semula masuk UMNO.

  248. ataspagardotcom Jun 28,2008 1:01 AM

    Salam, Tun
    Senario ini membukti mengapa mengasingkan badan kehakiman daripada badan eksekutif adalah salah. Hakim akan bertindak mengikut cita rasa mereka. Teruskan Tun….

  249. belemoih Jun 28,2008 12:57 AM

    YG Di Kasihi TDM.
    I know that i can always rely on you. Jangan bimbang, yang benar tetap benar.
    Hidup Sejahtera….TUN.

  250. Mohamed Jack Jun 28,2008 12:51 AM

    Pelik bin Melik.
    Bila nak tribunalkan orang cari DYMM Agong.
    Mengaku sebagai pemimpin yang Tulus, tapi pat bayar ex gratia pada bekas hakim2 jumlahnya dirahsiakan.
    Kalau dah Agong pun tak boleh tahu mungkin dianggap None of His Majesty business, apatah lagi rakyat biasa.
    Minta budi baik TUN supaya mengadap DYMM untuk menanyakan tentang jumlah WANG MISTRI ini dan komplen sekali tentang hakim ChinJ dan kenyataan yang dibuat oleh bekas hakim Azmi. Kena jolok je dengan WANG MISTRI mulut dia pun jadi cerepet dah mula limpah cat kat orang yang dia dendam dah lama.
    Politikus(menteri peguam) pembuka pekong, Hakim pendendam, Hakim mata duitan, Hakim gila pangkat, Hakim mulut busuk.
    Mampoi Negara Mampoi Rakyat.
    May God Bless Tun & Family.

  251. suraksakh Jun 28,2008 12:47 AM

    Hi Tun,
    Saya percaya suatu perubahan yang mendadak akan berlaku dalam dunia politik negara pada masa yang singkat ini sekiranya Abdullah terus dengan cita-citanya. Perubahan tersebut sedang berlaku di bawah selimut, dan akhirnya BN akan hancur. Perubahan yang bukan disebabkan oleh pembangkang, sebaliknya daripada mereka yang selama ini terpendam, tidak bersuara tetapi bersemangat. Semangat mereka ini malah melebihi pembangkang dan lebih ikhlas. Mungkin Tun mengenali mereka-mereka ini. Sekiranya Tun dapat bekerjasama dengan mereka-mereka ini, Abdullah akan mengalah dengan sendirinya. Saya kurang pasti samada siapakah yang layak menjadi PM selain Tun, tetapi sekiranya UMNO masih bersikap seperti hari ini, maka tiada seorang pun yang layak. Mungkinkah PM yang akan datang bukan dari UMNO? Mungkinkah PM yang akan datang bukan Melayu? Saya percaya sekiranya ia menjadi kenyataan, ini akan menjadi mimpi ngeri kepada kaum Melayu, kerana minda Melayu belum cukup bersedia menghadapi kebenaran dan persaingan.

  252. sherry Jun 28,2008 12:46 AM

    Teruskan pendedahan terhadap Hakim Ian Chin ini. Teruskan tekanan terhadap isu Video Lingam. Nampaknya Abdullah Badawi, Zaid Ibrahim & konco2 sedang mengelabah dan terus membisu apabila menerima tembakan-tembakan tepat dari Tun Mahathir.
    Abdullah tidak memberi sebarang reaksi atau penjelasan berhubung kes-kes ini kerana beliau kekeringan idea untuk menangani isu-isu yang menyepit Kerajaan dan politik beliau yang semakin layu.
    Benarlah bak kata Tun bahawa Abdullah Badawi merupakan seorang perdana menteri yang tidak bercakap apa2…. Tun, dia tak tahu apa nak cakap sebab dia tak akan faham apa yang dia sendiri cakap.
    Bila menggulung ucapan penutup Presiden UMNO dua tiga tahun lalu, dia pernah membaca sajak atau puisi kira2 separuh dari teks ucapan beliau, sebab dia tak tahu apa lagi nak cakap… begini lah kualiti PM kita…no quality no class.
    Abdullah Badawi, please step down immediately!!!!

  253. warna-shanas Jun 28,2008 12:44 AM

    ian chin looks like an idiot now.

  254. SG dude Jun 28,2008 12:34 AM

    I’m from across the Causeway. I’m in my late 30s. I’ve been following the events in Malaysia since my school days. What triggers my fascination about M’sia and it’s politics is your goodself,Tun. I read your books, the news articles about you and listen to your speeches. As I grew up and become more mature, I learnt to appreciate your views and consider you a great statesman of world standing.
    I think Malaysia urgetly need a savior who is the like of you, albeit a younger version. I’m not a racist but I think the concept of Ketuanan Melayu should be uphold as the Malays are the originator of the land. It will ensure that the Malay culture withstand the test of time. At the same time, the Malays themselves must be forward thinking, progressive and strong to earn the respect of the world. The Malay citizen from other countries need Malaysia to have that image so that they we have a model to look up to.
    The current state of affairs in M’sia really concerns me. As an outsider, I understand its not right for me to meddle in M’sian politics. But I just want the Malays in Malaysia to know that their influece are being eroded day by day. PM Abdullah, please listen to the voices of your citizen who demand for change. Those in Umno with Tun Dr Mahathir calibre, please rise to the challenge, your country needs you at this critical time.
    May Allah bless you all.

  255. Lady in Red Jun 28,2008 12:33 AM

    Salam Hormat dan Salam Bahagia buat Tun sekeluarga yang disayangi…
    Now I rise my case..hehehee
    Sebenarnye kami rakyat semua dah bosan dan menyampah habis gan pak lah ni…ape kate kte rakyat sume wat mcm Thailand…street demonstration, wat undi x caya kat pm mcm depa buat(thailand)…mesti telucut seluak gan baju2 dia sekali..
    Saya masih ingat semasa mula2 beliau mengantikan tun, harga minyak dinaikan sebanyak 10sen sekaligus, sedangkan semasa tun memegang jawatan x pernah pun meningkat melebihi 3sen…dan seterusnya la 20sen, 30sen n now 78sen..wonderful right? so what say u my dearest one..

  256. Tinta Kinabalu Jun 28,2008 12:32 AM

    SYABAS TUN……….

  257. abdul Jun 28,2008 12:28 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Well, I must say this is the mother of all judgements passed in cybercourt by none other than the learned and visionary leader & great statesman Malaysia has ever seen.
    J.Ian Chin must have mistaken himself for hiding behind the immunity of the law of court, and thinking only learned judges like himself are privileged to pass judgements on others in their law of courts.

  258. stealth Jun 28,2008 12:21 AM

    Bravo Tun, what a smack… you hit him right under the Chin. I guess it’s a TKO if not down right knockout blow. I suppose his next promotion would be as president of a kangaroo court. That would suit him really well…
    Take care and may Allah bless you always.

  259. hajizek Jun 28,2008 12:18 AM

    Y.Bhg Tun,
    Saya seperti juga majotity pembaca blog Tun mengucapkan tahniah.
    Saya jangkakan, jika Allyarham Tun Hussien Onn masih hidup dan komen kepimpinan Pak Lah maka mereka akan menoleh lebih jauh ke belakang.
    Persoalannya kenapa mereka jadi begini. Jawapannya mudah sahaja.. iaitu bila mereka sendiri membuat perbandingan EMPAT TAHUN zaman awal Tun memerintah dengan 4 Tahun Zaman awal Pak Lah. Maka mereka mendapat jawapan empat tahun zaman Tun jauh lebih baik dari zaman Pak Lah maka mereka tidak terdaya untuk mencipta kehebatan di tahun-tahun mendatang. Alasannya hanya satu iaitu HARGA MINYAK NAIK. Oleh yang demikian lebih mudah mereka berusaha memadam atau mempersoalkan kehebatan zaman Tun dari mencipta kehebatan sendiri. Tidak ada satu negara dalam dunia yang asyik membiarkan rakyatnya disogok dengan perkara-perkara lama… Kepada saya semua ini TIDAK LAIN DARIPADA MAHU MENGALIH PERHATIAN RAKYAT DARIPADA MENYAKSIKAN KELEMAHAN KEPIMPINAN YANG ADA dengan menimbulkan suasana bahawa kelemahan juga ada di masa dulu.
    Kalau CORIDOR di sana sinipun pun tidak siap lagi, janganlah buang masa rakyat untuk jadi hakim kepada perkara yang lalu.
    Kepada PAK LAH.. janganlah buang masa, kurangkan tidur.. do somthing yang lebih baik. Tidak Cemerlang pun tak apa, tidak gemilang pun tidak apa, sebab rakyat dah jemu membilang hari menanti PAK LAH do something better.

  260. kedah youngster Jun 28,2008 12:16 AM

    Ayahanda Tun yang dihormati…
    Satu lagi pendedahan Tun yang amat saya kagumi.
    Saya yakin, Paklah pun tak tahu-menahu mengenai kes ini. Ini kerana, orang-orang yang membangkitkan hal-hal ini adalah semuanya dari pengaruh KJ tingkat 4.
    Paklah hanya Tidooor saje, biar menantu yang uruskan kerja-kerja MENGKHIANATI negara.
    Tun, teruskan usahamu dengan mendedahkan lagi PENGKHIANATAN yang dilakukan oleh Paklah & family.

  261. observer Jun 28,2008 12:07 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Excellent reply. There are so many people behind you Tun. This should be given due consideration if they do want to lose more votes. The way i look at it some people openly dislike and disrespect you. But are they forgetting that you were our PM for 22 years and has brought in so much developments for the country. Your opinion and comments should be taken positively and handled carefully. May be the current government should appoint you as their Advisor.

  262. cempaka Jun 28,2008 12:00 AM

    hello Ian Chin…any comment? orang Penang kata…baru ada akai..orang putih kata serve you right!
    Haa Zaid…takkan nak diam?
    Pak Lah..tunggu apa lagi?

  263. umnodu Jun 27,2008 11:58 PM

    Salam Tun,
    1. Petanda awal keruntuhan sistem kerajaan
    2. Tata etika UMNO menyekat kebebasan
    3. Nasib rakyat terus tergadai
    Manakah arah tujuan tanah air tercinta?

  264. boz Jun 27,2008 11:15 PM

    Wow ! 20 years of hatred, bitterness and a plan of revenge. That’s an awfully long time. Other than the issue of illegal immigrants, ACA might want to look into the way budget is spent in Sabah. Rumours have it that it is very easy to make money there. Why is it so easy is anybody’s guess. Anyway, you have defended yourself.

  265. badukang Jun 27,2008 11:14 PM

    Asalamualaikum Tun… sekali lagi Tun telah membuka mata kami. Begitu pula ceritanya ya.. Hentam Tun.. jangan undur.. kami sentiasa di belakang Tun.. walau apa jua sekalipun….. TENTUNYA DEMI KEBENARAN DAN KEADILAN TUN YANG DI KSAIHI…

  266. zaki_77 Jun 27,2008 11:11 PM

    Bendahara, I think the very reason what Ian Chin brought this up now may be to do with AAB, since he wants to silence Tun and wants to hold onto power.

  267. arjuna Jun 27,2008 11:08 PM

    ada dalam news paper ke press statement ni??… apesal aku tak jumpa pun.. huhuhu..
    bravo tun!you’re amazing!!

  268. kfs Jun 27,2008 11:04 PM

    This Ian Chin thinks he is facing a declawed cat. Well Ian Chin this is no cat, it is also not a tiger nor lion. He may talk softly but don’t attack him. Ian Chin for your information and, while I’m at it, for anyone who is thinking a long the same line as you, this is a full grown matured fire breathing DRAGON ! You, Ian Chin, is going to be burn.

  269. Halem Hamed Jun 27,2008 11:01 PM

    Assalam mualaikum,
    Yang Berbahagia Tun, sehat-sehat hendaknya.
    To All those who are waiting and would like to see Tun be dragged to court or even have a slightess inkling that he will
    be thrown to jail, well folks you will be in for a big surprise.
    All Reports at Tun’s Disposal
    As a former Prime Minister, all Reports are at his disposal, so does the present Prime Minister.You name it. Special
    branch reports, be it Police or Military, are all ready to be use, as when and where necessary. Some will be use in the
    name of national interest. In Tun’s case, I will call it in the name of Malay and Malaysian interest.
    See how Tun silence all opponents. For the pass couple of months, if one care to observe that the following happened :-
    1. Tun Musa and Shahril
    They were both kept silent when Tun expose on how Tun Musa’s sister went to see him (Tun Mahathir) “pagi-pagi”, it should be read as “pagi-pagi buta”, and begged Tun Mahathir for his approval to help Shahril gain entry to UMNO. And more will be exposed latter by Tun if they try to belittle him in any manner, for the Rakyat to know the
    whole story of their doing. After the event both of them are no longer seen to be “kurang ajar”
    2. Parlimen Lobby Guard
    Remember how Tun silence the man who look after the Parlimen lobby, I think that is his actual position. After Tun repeatedly saying that the Guard’s boss allows him to be the way he is now, so to speak “kurang ajar”, then a long silence until today.
    3. DS Samy’s Folly
    Remember how Tun turn DS Samy Vellu into a “dust” after Tun threaten to expose more on how DS Samy manipulate the Indian community.Palanavial was bribe into saying something that Tun was from Southern India. Out of courtesy to DS Samy, Palanavial obliged hoping he could replace DS Samy one of this days.
    4. Chin J Case
    Now this case. I would say, hard luck to those hoping that Tun will be shaken and silenced, since all the hard evidence is at his disposal.
    Dato Syed Kecik(DSK) is closedly related, I mean very very close indeed, and beloved to one of the most prominent businessman in Malaysia, which happen to be Tun’s very loyal former “General”.
    Fr Halem Hamed
    Restoran Bunga Tanjung

  270. lex Jun 27,2008 10:28 PM

    Dr M,
    Why don’t you sue Ian Chin in court, the way Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew does? You should protect your reputation. If what he says is untrue, it will be exposed in court and you will be vindicated.

  271. mustafa aziz Jun 27,2008 10:26 PM


  272. ArmyGuy4TDM Jun 27,2008 10:25 PM

    Dear Beloved Tun,
    You’re truly a man will fight hard for the interests of malaysia than si lembek pak lah who only care for his rights do whatever he like PM and president of UMNO.
    Comparatively si lembek tu is a leader who don even takes people where they want to go but screw them up to enrich his family and cronies. Unlike u Tun, u r a great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go but ought to be.
    As a sarawakian i salute u… no where can a great grand leader like u ever again. not najib not mahyuddin not anwar.

  273. mustafa aziz Jun 27,2008 10:14 PM

    mustafa aziz, melaka.
    This is a story about a drunked@double standard lawyer who at one time condemned the Lord President & the Bar council and now wants to defend the former Lord President. This big nasty mouth lawyer is involved in money politics and supported the opposition in the last PRU 12 and now MADE THE YES MINISTER….. by THE STUPID PRIME MINISTER/PRIME MOVER. GUESS WHO ????????? ZAIDLAH…….

  274. Wisely Dr Nasir Jun 27,2008 10:11 PM

    Salam sejahtera Tun sekeluarga,
    Saya menghormati perlembagaan negara dan undang-undang negara tetapi tidak Menteri Kehakiman sekarang,segelintir Ketua Hakim dan -hakim yang tidak adil khasnya Ian Chin.
    Mereka manusia biasa tidak terlepas daripada melakukan kesilapan, cemburu, melakukan `rasuah kehakiman’ dan pendendam orangnya.
    Ada Hakim berlagak dalam kamar dan mahkamahnya. Mereka suka melambatkan kes, lambat masuk kerja, suka marah-marah, tanggoh kes seweneng-wenengnya, dan banyak tauladan yang buruk.
    Saya tertarik dengan perincian Tun dalam setiap kes yang ditimbulkan. Alasan yang diberikan oleh Tun meyakinkan saya bahawa Tun seorang yang berdislipin dan bertimbangrasa dan berobjektif dalam setiap keputusan.
    Saya harap Tun senantiasa makan ubat dan jaga kesihatan.

  275. nefuhrer Jun 27,2008 10:08 PM

    Dear Tun
    Political Biased Cheap Fraud Judge
    Here what Ian chin replied to Tun : A Devil Incarnate
    A devil incarnate? This statement made by him is very unbecoming of a High Court judge. I read Tun reply to Ian Chin’s accusations last week and not one word in that article could justify the use of such derogatory words as ‘devil incarnate’. People might say that he was only doing the ‘right thing’ and only ‘highlighting his personal grievances’. But that’s just it. He is not a common man with ordinary standing. He is a High Court Judge. A judge of all people, should be above anyone upmanship. Why didn’t he just make a police report? Or maybe even *gasp* a statutory declaration? This how arrogant judge does under present arrogant weak government.
    When at least 3 highly distinguished judges have come out in the open to deny ever hearing Tun issued out threats to judges and also even DSAI couldn’t remember ever attending the closing ceremony of judges’ conference, Ian Chin’s reputation was beginning to be at stake. So there is no wonder that Ian Chin would do something any normal, desperate people would do when backed up to the wall; continue attacking while side stepping the original issue. What was the original issue brought forth by Ian Chin himself? That Tun had issued out a ‘thinly veiled’ threat to judges, which Tun had denied in his blog. But has Ian Chin rebuked it with any other proof of evidence? From his latest salvo, no. To me, Ian Chin’s revelation is beginning to sound like a CHEAP FRAUD… Instead of giving us some more evidence, he lamented on how demeaning for a judge of his stature to endure such embarrassing moments during that course. What is it with judges in Malaysia? They are way above their heads sometimes. Have they forgotten the word ’humility’? When even a prime minister can wash his own plates and attend all the necessary itinerary of that course, Ian Chin felt he is too high class to suffer this ‘demeaning’ activity.
    Ian Chin also took offence with Tun in stating that there was a police report made against the judge for hiding his past when hearing a certain case in Sibu as :
    “Dr Mahathir, by waving the supposed police report the way he did, lent support to the general held view that this prime minister kept a docket on everyone useful but with a skeleton in their cupboard so that he can manipulate then on pain of disclosing the skeleton,” he said in a lengthy defence against the ex-PM’s remarks.
    In my view, he is trying to exploit this general belief to wave that supposed police report to get the public to believe that I have committed something unlawful which he is privy to and which the public is not unaware so that my integrity could be put under suspicion to make what I have revealed unbelievable.
    Wow. Okay then, why afraid of a police report? It wasn’t even TDM who made the police report. He was merely stating a fact that if Ian Chin is having a ‘holier than thou’ attitude and accusing the former prime minister with unsubstantiated (and still is) fact, then he should be prepared with all the proof and evidence. And, to strengthen his defense, Tun included a fact in his blog that Judge Ian Chin is not free of any perceived misdeeds as well (with the existence of the police report). Making allegations based on opinions is TOO EASY. Anyone can do that. But making a public accusations without any proof is highly risky. Even a judge should know that! What a cheap way to use present politic in weak government to gain Heroic reputation by slashing Tun.
    Therefore, Ian Chin, in saying Tun lied to the whole world, made another accusation without researching the true story. A judge making judgments without seeking further truth? Now that is SCARY indeed. And for him to require sympathy from the public by saying Tun exposed the police report made against him is so petty. Does he think the public must never know about a police report made against him?
    This where the March 25, 2008 judgment made by the Federal Court against Ian Chin’s High Court judgement in the Zara Sdn Bhd and Benita Sdn Bhd suits.
    “Without evidence or justification, the learned Judge wrongly held that DSK made these decisions. We find that the learned Judge’s findings were based on unjustified inferences, speculation, his own preconceived impressions and prejudice.
    “We find the learned Judge’s attack on the credibility of SSA (Syed Salem Bukhary, the younger brother of DSK – who represented his incapacitated brother) as unwarranted and does not stand up to examination having regard to the extremely prejudiced view he held about SSA’s conduct as apparent in his judgment.”
    From Ian chin enter politic in party Berjaya tell he had motive personal agenda to fight for, after lost 2 time as contested. he later promoted to high court judge seem unfit to rehear the above case, now he trying to favor AAB new shape up juristically policy to regain it integrity tarnished of police report filed against him.We may never know the true intention of Ian Chin’s original revelation. But in the absence of any substantive evidence from him, this accusation will only be another ploy to smear Tun reputation. Alas, it would just be another poor attempt to discredit him. Remember folks, no evidence, don’t say much. However, don’t let this judge make use politic favor influence to rebuke his name and integrity cover up for his personal agenda using Tun as scapegoat on his present Sibu politic case.

  276. Anak Kedah Jun 27,2008 10:07 PM

    Saya anak yang dilahirkan dibawah pemerintahan Tun yakin Tun tidak keseorangan kerana Pak Lah hanya mendapat sokongan MT dan Kabinet sahaja. Tapi Tun masih ada lebih ramai penyokong bukan MT ataupun Kabinet. Saya tahu bertapa kecewa Tun kerana UMNO yang ada sekarang adalah UMNO yang Tun lahirkan, saya sendiri anak yang melihat kelahiran UMNO ini. Cekalkan hati dan tabah menghadapi kecaman dan penipuan ini. Saya dan rakyat tidak bodoh seperti yang disangkakan Pak Lah dan geng. Kami tahu mana benar dan mana palsu. Takkan seorang yang begitu payah memajukan negara mahu negara ini hancur, kami bersama Tun dalam mempertahankan negara ini dari dihancurkan oleh Pak Lah dan Geng..

  277. zaki_77 Jun 27,2008 10:04 PM

    ssr, the the letter in Malaysiakini that you refer to is an opinion and NOT fact and Batman is entitled to have his opinions and share them with others. The so-called ’22 fiascos’ you speak of are neither proven nor can you substantiate them with hard evidence.
    If you feel that this blog is deceptive, then please provide your evidence and we will judge accordingly.
    Most Malaysians feel that far from “destroying the fabric of the society”, Tun took it out of the stagnant rut it was in and gave it the dynamism so that society within Malaysia can be recognised and developed towards an economic giant in the world. It is people like you who ignore the progress that Malaysia has made under Tun and get sucked into opposition propaganda.
    Race relations in Malaysia are coming to a head now under AAB’s pathetic government because there seems to be a no-holds barred mentality to disparage each others race and religion openly. This is the reason why ‘democracy’ is not a system that suits every country as it has to be moulded to national needs and social demography. There is not a single nation in the world that has a harmonious ethnic, racial and religious balance and tolerance (where the native majority have given so much to welcome the minorities) as has Malaysia.
    I think you have been brought under the illusion of western liberalism and capitalism’s exploitations. Be grateful for what you have and work towards a better Malaysia because it is only when you lose something do you value it’s worth.

  278. Bendahara Din Jun 27,2008 9:47 PM

    Salam Tun,
    My view is simple. Directly to Justice Ian Chin, “Just shut up!”
    To me and maybe most Malaysians, Ian Chin is a coward…. he should have brought up his grievances, if any, at the earliest opportunity but he did not. Why wait now? There must be some “udang sebalik batu” and maybe he wants to be famous during Pak Lah era.

  279. Zubli Zainordin Jun 27,2008 9:37 PM

    Dear Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, thank you for this detailed post. Sometimes I wonder what is the basis for the law enforcement agency to decide a case of priority.
    There is now a police report lodge on this Ian Chin.
    Let us see as to whether it is given a priority…

  280. sidi Jun 27,2008 9:36 PM

    Akum TDM…
    We will support u

  281. ppperdana Jun 27,2008 9:36 PM

    Dipetik dari 27, 08 4:48pm
    Karpal: Beri Dr M peluang bela diri
    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad harus diberi peluang untuk membela diri terhadap dakwaan Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi, Datuk Ian Chin, bahawa beliau telah mengugut hakim-hakim pada 1997 supaya membuat keputusan yang memihak kepada kerajaan dan menghantar mereka ke kem pemulihan, kata Pengerusi DAP, Karpal Singh.
    Katanya, Chin membuat dakwaan yang serius itu terhadap mantan perdana menteri sewaktu perbicaraan satu kes petisyen pilihanraya di Sibu.
    Bagaimanapun, katanya, semua tuduhan tersebut dibuat oleh hakim berkenaan di bawah perlindungan imuniti mahkamah.
    Sehubungan itu, Karpal yang juga seorang peguam berkata, Chin tidak harus menyalahgunakan proses mahkamah untuk membuat pendedahan mengecam Dr Mahathir.
    Sebaliknya, kata beliau, Chin harus mempunyai keberanian untuk membuat dakwaan terhadap Dr Mahathir tanpa perlindungan imuniti tersebut.
    Langkah tersebut, kata Karpal, akan memberi peluang kepada Dr Mahathir untuk membawanya ke mahkamah.
    Katanya lagi, Dr Mahathir telah membuat dakwaan tertentu terhadap Chin dan menggesa supaya ditubuhkan sebuah tribunal untuk menyiasat dakwaan salahlaku kehakiman terhadapnya (Chin).
    “Jika dakwaan Dr Mahathir itu ada meritnya, maka tindakan perlu harus diambil terhadap Ian Chin,” katanya sambil menambah bahawa Dr Mahathir mempunyai setiap hak untuk berbuat demikian.
    Kerajaan juga, tegas Karpal, tidak seharusnya, dalam apa cara sekalipun, memberi persepsi kepada rakyat bahawa Dr Mahathir tidak lagi mempunyai hak seorang rakyat untuk menuntut keadilan.

  282. Zahari S Jun 27,2008 9:32 PM

    Assalammualaikum Tun,
    Thank you for providing us with further explanation as you promised.
    Based on what is happening in the judiciary, both lawyers and judges think they are above the law. Such notion is supported by the current government with their unilateral decision to award an ex-gratia payment to five retired and expelled judges.
    As you said, when Cin J opened his mouth and said in open court that you had issued a “veiled” threat to judges, Zaid Ibrahim and Ambiga took it on face value and demand an investigation. However, when there were statements from a serving and retired judges that said that they were together with Chin during the “boot camp”, both Zaid and Ambiga did not make any attempt to retract their statements, let alone apologise to you.
    As some have already comment that judges are human after all and no human is perfect. However, judges should remain to be a judge and not taking the law into their own hands by making selected statements or judgements for their own benefits.
    Shah Alam

  283. Tinta Kinabalu Jun 27,2008 9:29 PM

    Assllkm YBH Tun,
    hahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahah………lucu….antara ras seronok membaca serangan balas Tun berserta dengan fakta dan kronologi peristiwa yang berlaku…….dengan membayangkan muka ian chin, datuk ambiga, zahid dan pak lah yang terkemut-kemut membaca ulasan Tun ni….Seingat saya pertama kali c babal Ian Chit ni fitnah Tun, bukan main bangga lagi minachi ambiga(maj. pguam) puji ian chin dia kata ian chit jujur dan cekap dan bla-bla-bla, C zahid tu pula senyum melebar…dengan muka macam “kegutan”(bahasa dusun) dalam melayunya muka macam tengah “high” todilah mendakwa macam pernah dengar hala-hal yang ian chit ceritalah….depa ni memang pendek akal……..yang seronoknya jawapan Tun yang bersahaja ni menampakan seperti mamat zahid, minachi ambiga dan ian chit ni bebudak tak cukup akal, padang permainan mereka tak setarap dengan padang permainan tun (dalam kelas yang berbeza lah tu…heheheh)
    Saya ada baca kenyataan Karpal Sing….si mamat ni “play save” dia kata mesti beri peluang dan hak kpd TDM pertahankan diri dan Ian Chit mesti berani buat kenyataan di mluar dan jangan gunakan imunity mahkamah membuat tuduhan….heheheh…karpal mungkin dah nampak kot….so playsafe lah dia………
    Tun, sesungguhnya semua orang yang menyokong tun sekarang adalah orang yang menyokong dengan jujur dan tulin…..yang duk senyap atau mencerca tun tu faham-fahamlah…nak jaga periuk nasi dan mereka ni memang tak boleh diharap sebab mereka umpama “sokong membawa rebah”.
    Bravo!!!!!!!cara tun ni baru lah cara jantan yang sejati… kita tengoklah mamat Zahid tu nak buat tribunal kah utk si Ian chit tu…………atau dalam diam nantia dia bawa pula “Cek ex-gratia” suruh tun tutup mulut…..kalau dia datang tun hambat dia dengan botol kicap…k.
    Syabass tun……..and family….from Ranau with love….wassallam.

  284. heicalmy Jun 27,2008 9:25 PM

    Salam TUN,
    Kesian Sunggoh TUN ni, agaknya berapa susah hendak dapatkan maklumat detail ini bagi cantas dakwaan mereka.
    Kalau dulu jadi Doktor kan bagus,takpayah susah susah macam ini.
    Kalau org.dah dengki ,macam macam dia orang buat.
    Sekejap tembak ikut kanan sekejap ikut kiri ,bawah ,atas.
    Tapi apa nak kata Inilah Politik.
    Berani lambung Ombak buatlah rumah tepi pantai.
    Tetapi kadang kadang orang suka di lambung Ombak.

  285. Yunus Alias Jun 27,2008 9:22 PM

    Assalamualakum YBhg Tun
    The people are waiting for this, n congrats for the statements which revealed the truth of Justice Ian. Thank you to Datuk Ibrahim Ali for the police report made.
    What say u Zaid Ibrahim? Will u insists the Tribunal Commission to investigate the wrongdoings of Ian Chin to be set up? You really hates our beloved Tun don’t you?
    Karpal Singh, will you lodge a police report pertaining to the wrongdoings of Ian? Awak lah orang yang pertama membangkitkan isu Anwar AlJuburi(AAJ) di Parlimen dan disokong oleh PAS Clown Mat Sabu Allawaki. Bila AAJ dihadapkan di mahkamah, awaklah salah seorang dari barisan peguam yang membela AAJ, tak malu ke? Sepatutnya awak ni ditarik balik kerakyatan negara ni dan dibuang jauh-jauh. Mungkin Tun boleh rekomen beliau dibuang ke South Pole…. duduk dengan beruang hehehe. Sikap anti Islam awak sungguh menebal…serupa dengan Bush the Chief Terrorist.
    What say u Ambiga the Great President of Bar Council? I challenge u to take up this case and insist your beloved Pak Lah to set up the tribunal…only then i will respect u.
    Ayahnda Tun,
    Saya percaya Tun menyimpan banyak “personal file” on the present and ex Ministers. Simpan “peluru-peluru” tu Tun. Saya percaya “Budak Biadap” Nazri Aziz (yang kata Tun bukan pemimpin negara lagi and who cares for him ! or to that effect dalam wawancara di TV) tak akan berani mencabar Tun. Cakap banyak atau tuduh Tun yang bukan-bukan, minta Tun “tembak dengan peluru peluru tu” londehkan seluar dia “bior nampak anu dia yang kecut tu” hehehehe.
    Kami tetap menyokong Ayahnda Tun, kami perlukan pimpinan Tun, pimpinlah kami sepertimana Tun pimpin selama 22 tahun tu.
    Panggil kami untuk berhimpun dan beritahu kami cara mana strategi Tun untuk menumbangkan PM Munafik tu. Kami akan turuti. Ahli-ahli Parlimen BN yang lembik tengok tu tak boleh diharap.
    Jagalah diri Tun sebaik mungkin, saya dan rakyat jelata sentiasa mendoakan kehadrat Illahi agar Tun dipanjang umor dengan kesihatan yang sempurna.

  286. reza aljunaid post Jun 27,2008 9:22 PM

    Kerajaan sekarang yang didokong oleh orang seperti Zaid ibrahim yang dilantik oleh Abdullah sebagai Menteri Kehakiman Jabatan Perdana Menteri walaupun Tun Mahathir sudah mendedahkan salahlaku Hakim Ian Chin dengan segala bukti, saya yakin, kerajaan pimpinan Abdullah, akan buat-buat buta dan pekak, kerana mereka kini sudah berada dalam zon lupa diri, lupa asal-usul, dan yang nyatanya,,…mereka lupa bahawa Tun Dr. Mahathir yang mereka musuhi itu adalah bekas Perdana Menteri Malaysia 22 tahun yang ke lima….
    Mereka lupa…Tun Mahathirlah yang melantik dan memilih Abdullah sebagai penggantinya….dengan niat supaya penggantinya itu dengan latarbelakang agamanya boleh memimpin menurut hukum syarak….
    Tapi kini…Abdullah memimpin mengikut hukum nafsu serakah, kepentingan bangsa diketepikan, kepentingan negara diabaikan.
    Hakim yang sudah dipecat kerana salahlaku oleh tribunal Hakim pun dibayar ex-gratia (rasuah moden khas untuk hakim). Bayaran itu tidak didedahkan. Tun Mahathir sudah jelaskan, sebab Tun salleh dipecat antaranya tidak lagi mendapat perkenan Yang Dipertuan Agong waktu itu…sebab hakim ini dianggap biadap terhadap baginda..
    Persoalannya kenapa dibayar ex-gratia kepada hakim itu dengan jumlah yang tidak didedahkan…????? Kenapa bayarannya tidak mengikut prosedur..??? Kenapa Mahkamah tidak putuskan bentuk dan jumlah bayaran itu..??? Tidakkah ini menunjuk, bahawa kerajaan sekaranglah yang merosak dan membelakang fungsi mahkamah untuk putuskan hukuman salahlaku hakim..? Apa daaaa…..
    Sejarah hakim itu adalah dari sejarah kerajaan …. Zaman Nabi Muhammad…nabi sendiri jadi Ketua negara, Ketua hakim….kemudian, zaman Khulafa ar Rasyidin….khalifah masih menjadi ketua hakim, hakim…tetapi apabila kes jenayah semakin besar, khalifah telah menurunkan kuasanya kepada wakil-wakilnya yang digelar hakim,kadi dan sebagainya…apabila penjajahan…pennjajah cipta jawatan peguam, dan sebagainya…
    Kesimpulannya, sejarah kewujudan hakim itu adalah dari sejarah kewujudan kerajaan …..manakala kerajaan itu wujud setelah Allah menurunkan wahyunya …
    Jadi,…. pikiaq la sendiri noo….

  287. cucumatkilau Jun 27,2008 9:14 PM

    Setingi-tinggi rahmat Allah s.w.t keatas bangsa Melayu dan Bumi Malaysia yang tercinta ini adalah dengan lahirnya seorang insan yang bernama MAHATHIR BIN MOHAMAD …..
    Tun, kami rakyat jelata masih memerlukan Tun untuk menjadi Pemimpin kami.
    Kembalilah memimpin kami..
    ” Ya Allah yang maha besar lagi maha berkuasa, kami memohon padamu berikan kesihatan dan hidayah pada Tun, bukakan hati beliau untuk keluar semula memimpin kami, kami masih memerlukan beliau untuk terus menjaga bangsa kami dan Agama mu. Amin.. Ya rabball allamin .”

  288. hai Jun 27,2008 9:14 PM

    Judicial Independence as a Campaign Platform
    Issues, such as protecting judicial independence, improving interbranch relations, and expanding outreach to the people.
    Improving Judicial Selection and “Call to Action” as a blueprint for judicial election reform.
    “Good judging is good politics . . . the people will support judges whom they perceive as independent even if they do not agree with particular decisions. But judges have to talk about judicial independence and make it a campaign issue.
    Judges base their decisions on the facts and law presented in each individual case, not on their personal viewpoints on policy issues. Unlike other candidates, judges cannot campaign by making promises about how they’ll decide issues. Constraints are placed upon judicial candidates in all states by canons of judicial conduct, and limits are placed on a judge’s ability to sit on a case if the judge “decides” the case during a campaign. Judicial conduct also limit the political activities of judges.
    The traditional view is that if a judge comments on a pending or impending case, the comments will reduce the litigants’ and the public’s confidence in the impartiality and fairness of our courts.
    A “candidate for a judicial office, including an incumbent judge” shall not “announce his or her views on disputed legal or political issues.
    Judges and judicial candidates can and should speak on the issue of judicial independence.
    Free to Speak on Judicial Independence
    Judges and candidates are legally and ethically free to speak about the critical importance of judicial independence. In any judicial-selection system, the best way to ensure judicial independence is to develop the public’s understanding of, and respect for, the concept of judicial independence. Lawyers and judges must educate the public on judicial roles and duties. Educational efforts should not be restricted to elections or times of crisis. Judges and lawyers must be community educators using a variety of tools to reach the public, the media, and the executive and legislative branches of government. Public outreach efforts promote judicial independence because they enable citizens to evaluate critical attacks on judges and to value judicial independence.
    The points that should be addressed in this education effort are:
    • What is judicial independence?
    • Why is judicial independence important to you, the citizen?
    • What are the threats to judicial independence? and
    • How can judicial independence be protected?
    What is judicial independence?
    “The law makes a promise — neutrality. If the promise gets broken, the law as we know it ceases to exist.”
    Judicial independence means that judges decide cases fairly and impartially, relying only on the facts and the law. Individual judges and the judicial branch as a whole should work free of ideological influence. Although all judges do not reason alike or necessarily reach the same decision, decisions should be based on determinations of the evidence and the law, not on public opinion polls; personal whim; prejudice or fear; or interference from the legislative or the executive branches, or private citizens or groups.
    There are two types of judicial independence: decisional independence and institutional independence (sometimes called branch independence). Decisional independence refers to a judge’s ability to render decisions free from political or popular influence; decisions should be based solely on the facts of the individual case and the applicable law. Institutional independence describes the judicial branch as a separate and co-equal branch of government with the executive and legislative branches.
    Any discussion of judicial independence needs, however, to be joined with a discussion of accountability.It is not only ensures the protection of rights, but also enforces responsibilities. The rule of law holds government officials accountable to those in whose name they govern to prevent abuse of power, and the judiciary is not exempt from accountability. Judges are accountable to the public to work hard, keep their dockets current, educate themselves about changes in the law, and treat each person with respect and dignity. Judges are accountable to represent the judicial branch before the public and other branches of government, and to advocate for court reform.
    Why is judicial independence important to you, the citizen?
    Judicial independence is a means to an end — the end is due process, a fair trial according to law. Judicial independence thus protects the litigants in court and all the people of the nation.
    What are the threats to judicial independence?
    Historically, threats to judicial independence have come from the legislative and executive branches. Executive and legislative leaders have at times tried to influence judicial outcomes.
    Governmental threats to an independent judiciary are:
    • Poor interbranch relationships among the judiciary, the legislature, and the executive, marked by a lack of communication;
    • Legislative limits on or curtailment of judicial jurisdiction;
    • Legislative refusal to increase judicial salaries; and
    • Chronic underfunding of the judicial branch and increasing workload.
    More recently, nongovernmental groups have threatened judicial independence using political, social, and economic resources to influence the selection and retention of judges.The danger is that when individuals or groups are highly organized, ideologically driven, and well funded, their self-interest in winning cases overcomes their interest in an independent judiciary.
    More specific threats to judicial independence by nongovernmental groups include:
    • Inappropriate threats of impeachment prompted by particular judicial decisions;
    • Political threats intended to influence a judge’s decision in an individual case; and
    • Misleading criticism of individual decisions.
    The best judges are those who resist threats to judicial independence and actively advocate judicial independence. The basic, underlying safeguard for judicial independence is popular support of the concept.
    How can judicial independence be protected?
    Public education efforts about judicial independence and judicial selection face a number of challenges, including limited public knowledge of courts and judges, and limited resources to reach a broad public audience.
    If judges include judicial independence as a campaign issue in their election and retention campaigns, the public will respond with an eagerness to learn more. The public’s appreciation of, and respect for, judicial independence is the best way to ensure that the judiciary will remain independent. Campaigning on judicial independence can educate both judges and the electorate on the importance of protecting fair and impartial courts.

  289. Yunus Alias Jun 27,2008 9:09 PM

    Assalamualakum YBhg Tun
    The people are waiting for this, n congrats for the statements which revealed the truth of Justice Ian. Thank you to Datuk Ibrahim Ali for the police report made.
    What say u Zaid Ibrahim? Will u insists the Tribunal Commission to investigate the wrongdoings of Ian Chin to be set up? You really hates our beloved Tun don’t you?
    Karpal Singh, will you lodge a police report pertaining to the wrongdoings of Ian? Awak lah orang yang pertama membangkitkan isu Anwar AlJuburi(AAJ) di Parlimen dan disokong oleh PAS Clown Mat Sabu Allawaki. Bila AAJ dihadapkan di mahkamah, awaklah salah seorang dari barisan peguam yang membela AAJ, tak malu ke? Sepatutnya awak ni ditarik balik kerakyatan negara ni dan dibuang jauh-jauh. Mungkin Tun boleh rekomen beliau dibuang ke South Pole…. duduk dengan beruang hehehe. Sikap anti Islam awak sungguh menebal…serupa dengan Bush the Chief Terrorist.
    What say u Ambiga the Great President of Bar Council? I challenge u to take up this case and insist your beloved Pak Lah to set up the tribunal…only then i will respect u.
    Ayahnda Tun,
    Saya percaya Tun menyimpan banyak “personal file” on the present and ex Ministers. Simpan “peluru-peluru” tu Tun. Saya percaya “Budak Biadap” Nazri Aziz (yang kata Tun bukan pemimpin negara lagi and who cares for him ! or to that effect dalam wawancara di TV) tak akan berani mencabar Tun. Cakap banyak atau tuduh Tun yang bukan-bukan, minta Tun “tembak dengan peluru peluru tu” londehkan seluar dia “bior nampak anu dia yang kecut tu” hehehehe.
    Kami tetap menyokong Ayahnda Tun, kami perlukan pimpinan Tun, pimpinlah kami sepertimana Tun pimpin selama 22 tahun tu.
    Panggil kami untuk berhimpun dan beritahu kami cara mana strategi Tun untuk menumbangkan PM Munafik tu. Kami akan turuti. Ahli-ahli Parlimen BN yang lembik tengok tu tak boleh diharap.
    Jagalah diri Tun sebaik mungkin, saya dan rakyat jelata sentiasa mendoakan kehadrat Illahi agar Tun dipanjang umor dengan kesihatan yang sempurna.

  290. ayeharis Jun 27,2008 9:00 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Simply powerful statement…I believe in you,people believe in you…ayeharis

  291. ray77light Jun 27,2008 8:55 PM

    To ssr
    Why don’t you reveal who Batman is? If he/she has the guts state his/her real identity.
    We chose to show our thanks and support to Tun and you have a problem with that?

  292. permatasabah Jun 27,2008 8:47 PM

    siap!! ian chin kena kung fu oleh Tun…ni tak sabar nak dengar dan tengok apa jenis kung fu yang digunakan oleh dollah dan geng-gengnya nak guna untuk balas Tun punya statment!!! silap-silap kung fu kulut..hehehe kalau tak pun kung fu mabuk..hehehe
    apa pun tahniah kepada Tun atas pendedahan ini..teruskan usaha Tun.. kami sentiasa berdiri teguh di belakang Tun (macam pernah dengar aje ayat tu..)

  293. SHAZ Jun 27,2008 8:46 PM

    With respect Tun,
    Ian Chin,
    Where are you?…..
    Care to comment?
    Next time better watch your back before opening your fat mouth ahhh… Make sure you’re clean, then whatever your claim will be taken into consideration (this goes to all you chorus singers too!)
    My dearest Tun Mahathir has got all his bullets. Should wear better shield next time Judge!

  294. akitekinchina Jun 27,2008 8:44 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Great going! As said by many before me, Chin J must be pissing in his pants right now. Yeah, I was educated in Blighty too, for like 6+2 years but I never subscribed to be more British than the Brits themselves as this bloke that goes by the name and title of ‘Justice ian Chin’…..Man…he’s way off base and such a dumbass to be carrying a knife, yet starting the gunfight! Once again, kudos to you Sir!
    Antimamak : Tun Dr.Mahathir is a scholar amongst other things. He’s not just a Prime Minister,Doctor, Statesman and a politician per se. He’s more than the sum of his parts and with the experiences he has managing a country such as Malaysia for 22 bloody years, it’s of no surprise to me and most other folks here that he can speak and/or write like any litigator/advocate or solicitor if and when he wants to. Unlike you,my dear how do pronounce or An-tee something; from the stupid and senseless and/or baseless arguments and/or postings whether it be here or on your blogsite which gives us the impression that you don’t have any substance in synaptic cerebrum and cerebellum corellation whatsoever…Just refrain from posting here and instead spend your time and energy into championing the causes and/or rhetorics of DSAAB or worse still, DSAI. Wassalam.

  295. rossi Jun 27,2008 8:41 PM

    Salam TUN, tumpang lalu…
    To blogger SSR,
    I like what i read here, go somewhere else to promote malaysiakini!
    If you don’t like what u read here, go somewhere else.
    I love
    Salam TUN, thanks.

  296. cariidea Jun 27,2008 8:40 PM

    Apa kata lepas ni kita buat kelab penyokong Tun Mahathir. Kita buat uniform khas dan pada hari tertentu kita pakai dan tunjuk bahawa Tun mempunyai ramai penyokong yang setia berdiri di belakang Tun. Sapa yang ada kemahiran IT boleh buat dalam website, kita pakat – pakat register online pastu buat gathering dan pakat fikir apa yang patut kita buat untuk membetulkan keadaan yang maha kelam kabut sekarang ni. Bila kita bersatu baru kita kuat, kita jangan cakap, tapi kita buat. Kalau kita dok bertekak tanpa tunjuk taring tak boleh ubah keadaan. Nak ubah cara berhemah kena tunggu 4 tahun lagi. Bila ada kelab kita boleh rancang macam macam aktiviti. Ramai bloggers dekat sini yang profesional dan mempunyai banyak kemahiran cuma kita tidak bersatu dan menggerakkan power kita. Dah banyak kita maki hamun,cerca,tapi tak boleh betulkan keadaan sebab dia tau Melayu Mudah Lupa.
    Ayoh..teruskan perjuangan kita…
    Hidup Tun…

  297. abdul Jun 27,2008 8:34 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I was initially amazed when J. Ian Chin coined the words in his attempt to slam his fellow judge, who planted a seat behind Tun’s seat for the group picture, and who also obediently acknowledged to Tun “I would always be behind you, sir”.
    It was a marvellous description of the whole scenario, and probably Shakespeare would have fallen off from his seat on reading J. I Chin’s remarks.
    Whilst, at the same time J. I Chin did not realise that he was making ‘an invitation to treat” of his story about the ‘boot camp” for Dolah and his generals who were then in Sarawak.
    It is nice to potray one’s independence but at the same time trying to be dependent. In this case I would rather coin as ” I would always be with you, sir”

  298. Koh Lipe Jun 27,2008 8:32 PM

    Salam Ayahanda yang disayangi,
    Teruskanlah perjuangan menegakkan keadilan demi pembangunan dan kesejahteraan negara.
    Keadaan negara kini ke arus kemusnahan yang dilakukan oleh beberapa pemimpin yang rakus haruslah dihapuskan dan tindakan Ayahanda ini amatlah dihargai seluruh warganegara.
    Kam Nan

  299. jamesmiely_S2 Jun 27,2008 8:29 PM

    salam tun&family
    dn`t give face to em tun, belasah em all till shutup.
    semoga sihat sokmo2.

  300. Pak Joko Jun 27,2008 8:28 PM

    Kami sokong Tun Mahathir.
    Sekali lagi mereka akan terperanjat beruk akan tindak balas dari TUN.

  301. Onlooker Jun 27,2008 8:21 PM

    YABhg Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    I refer to your press statement dated June 26, 2008 in response to Judge Ian Chin’s allegations towards Dr Mahathir.
    ’19. It became obvious that Chin J was biased against DSK. Yet he did not reveal his father’s and brother’s arrest during the time of Tun Mustafa’s Government and his belief that Syed Kechik who was adviser to Tun Mustafa was responsible for this arrest when hearing the case concerned.’
    Thank you for telling us in the above sentence that Tun Mustafa’s Government (a Barisan Nasional Government during early 1970s) allowed a businessman from Peninsular Malaysia, Dato Syed Kechik, to be responsible for the arrest of the father and the brother of Judge Ian Chin. Your confirmation that a businessman was allowed to intervene in the government’s decision on a police arrest had really enlightened us. This clearly showed that cronyism in Barisan Nasional Government could be dated back to the days before Tun had become a cabinet member. Therefore Tun should not be blamed for starting cronyism in Malaysia since Tun just followed the tradition of Barisan Nasional that had been passed down from Tun’s predecessor in the Government Administration of Malaysia.
    If Tun still have time to write addtional blogs, I would appreciate it if Tun could kindly write something on the pros and cons of cronyism so that the younger generations could also be further enlightened and taught to adopt an acceptable cronyism for a better effective government administration.
    ’34. This reflects the character of the man who presides over our courts and dispenses “justice”. He makes use of his position as a judge and the courts to take revenge for alleged actions against members of his family.’
    The above sentence indicates that Tun has made a serious accusation on Judge Ian Chin. I wish to advise Tun that by accusing Judge Ian Chin for making ‘use of his position as a judge and the courts to take revenge for alleged actions against members of his family,’ Tun can actually call for yourself a small trouble if you are being sued in the court for libel or slander.
    ’19. It became obvious that Chin J was biased against DSK. Yet he did not reveal his father’s and brother’s arrest during the time of Tun Mustafa’s Government and his belief that Syed Kechik who was adviser to Tun Mustafa was responsible for this arrest when hearing the case concerned.’
    The above sentence showed that Tun had made use of personal judgement to conclude that Judge Chin ‘was biased against Dato Syed Kechik.’ As a matter of fact, many people would not simply believe in one side story that Dato Syed Kechik could have so much influence on Tun Mustafa that could further lead to Tun Mustafa’s appointing Dato Syed Kechik to hold responsibility for the arrest of Judge Chin’s father and brother. Likewise, many people would also not simply believe in one side story that Tun’s decision in making the candidate choice of Chief Justice had strongly been influenced by the business tycoon Tan Sri Vincent Tan, who also happened to be the good friend of Tun.
    Most Malaysians understood that Tun Mustafa could be made an analogy to Tun Dr. Mahathir: both were political strong men who were capable to impose their strong will on many others within their circle of life. No matter how politically strong Tun was in the past, those days of big political power had already become history in the sweet memoir and those glorious days would never come back to Tun again. If Tun still prefers to live in the past, then I would rather advise Tun that it would be much wiser not to use your vilest tongue to pass poisonous remark on others, lest Tun might become a tough question for Allah someday in the future on whether a decision should be made to send Tun for punishment with tongue cut-off in the purgatory in the last bereavement of Tun.

  302. ANAK-DAMIT Jun 27,2008 8:20 PM

    Rakyat Malaysia !! tunjukkan undi tidak percaya anda kepada paklah…
    buktikan suara rakyat sudah tidak percaya terhadap pak lah !!

  303. ketam Jun 27,2008 8:14 PM

    SSR, the blog writer is our beloved ex Prime Minister who has been modernising our beloved country for 22 years. It was the like of you that have always wanted change for the country because for the sake of Change. Reformasi konon. Now it is reformed to one of the worse country in South East Asia by Pak Lah .Even if Anwar is on the realm the same thing will apply because he only think of himself. Do you like it. Or the Malaysia Kini are afraid that we the common people shifted our blog readings to instead of the nonsense put forward by your likes. I’ve made a comment to Malaysia Kini before and nothing came out. See… they are a coward and afraid of critisme.

  304. tunman Jun 27,2008 8:12 PM

    Inilah kes songkok pesok dek lonjak awak. The government really have to take action against him to make their transparency policy transparent.
    It will be more transparent if the judge receive his ex-gratia or whatever.

  305. sangsetia Jun 27,2008 8:02 PM

    Salam Tun,
    My do’a for Tun, may Allah bless you always and be prepared to face tha attacks from your enemies. May Allah protects you always.
    Ian Chin lepas ni mungkin akan cuba counter attack – so be prepared always.

  306. nikdublin.. Jun 27,2008 7:58 PM

    To my surprised and I am sure that you are too with Mr.Karpal’s statement today. He can be a monster and an angel at one time. Anyway, thank God for the statement from him that might give more pressure on Ian Chin and Paklala…especially that ‘tunggul’ zaid!
    salam hormat.

  307. surah Jun 27,2008 7:57 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Nampak sangat la sekarang ini perjuangan adalah lebih kepada perjuangan kepentingan individu/kroni.Semua orang akan mengambil kesempatan di atas kelemahan perdana menteri sekarang yang agak kurang akalnya.Nescaya NEGARA akan huru hara kiranya pemimpin sekarang mengamalkan dasar yang kabur dan pentingkan diri/kroni tanpa mengambil kira kesengsaraan rakyat.
    i salute u Tun..i respect u… take care

  308. zali lampai Jun 27,2008 7:56 PM

    By Neil on June 27, 2008 5:13 PM
    Tun,Now you can remember.
    Awat tak tengok ker sidang media tu?? Kan Tun cakap dia dapat dokumen tu. Pihak kerajaan pun dapat dokumen tu. So, ini bukanlah soal ingat atau lupa tapi mendapat bukti dari sumber-sumber lain.
    By antimamak on June 27, 2008 6:56 PM
    Tapi saya terkejut bila membaca article tun ni, semata mata Tun sebagai penguam yang berkelayakan, cara penyampaiannya sebagai penguam tinggi, saya menyesyaki betulkah article ini ditulis tun sendiri? macam lain bau nya!
    Kan atas tu Press Statement. So, kenalah ada bantuan dari pihak guaman yang mana ianya berkenaan hal undang-undang. Pikiaq lah sikit.

  309. nasirizal Jun 27,2008 7:51 PM

    assalamualaikum …..
    bagi saya semua2 pemberi2 komen yang di atas dan sebelum ni datang dari hati yang ikhlas memandangkan tun sekarang dah takde apa2 jawatan pun dalam kerajaan. kita orang ni la muka2 yang bermaruah saya rasa. sokong dengan keikhlasan dan sokong takde keikhlasan bezanya menentukan tahap maruah seseorang itu. jadi marilah insan2 bermaruah semua kita sokong tun agar dapat menumpaskan kerajaan yang tak bermaruah sekarang ni…..insya’allah.

  310. anak merdeka Jun 27,2008 7:51 PM

    assalamualikum TUN………
    isu perundangan menjadi sensasi sejak akhir2 ni,hakim dpt ex-gratia tanpa sebab,perbicaraan klip lingam dan lawyer2 pun sibuk bg statement mengatakan TUN mencampuri urusan mereka……kenapa semua ini timbul secara tiba2 shj…tentu ada udang disebalik batu…kalau tidak masakan semua ni terkeluar…pd hemat sy ada seorg menggunakan pengaruh menghasut golongan yg dianggap sbg intelektual ini mengetuk gendang terhadap TUN…supaya TUN melatah BUT kita org tahu u’re not like that…….cara TUN menangani satu demi satu tuduhan serta cara TUN membalasnya menunjukkan betapa matangnya TUN….
    hakim yg menghina Agong pun dpt duit,mn letak prinsip rukunegara kita,yg kita selalu bc dr sekolah rendah sampai menengah”kEPERCAYAAN KPD RAJA DAN SULTAN”……
    sy percaya hakim2 yg hidup dlm kemewahan ini lupa semua itu sehingga sanggup membelakangkan ketua negara(more detail bc apa yg TUN tulis sebab pemecatan ketua hakim yg tak sedar diri itu)
    TUN,sy amat yakin selepas ini ada lg golongan profesional yg akan melemparkan tuduhan buta tuli kepada TUN…….namun TUN tahu untuk mematahkannya…..kan,he…..he
    kami,rakyat yg tak cerdik pun hairan,siapa yg pilih anggota suruhanjaya diraja yg menyiasat kes video klip lingam….kenapa tidak dibuat inkuiri terbuka walaupun kes ini berprofile tinggi
    bg kami apa saja yg berkaitan dgn negara biarlah telus perbicaraannya
    apa yg dapat sy katakan,pemrintah memainkan sentimen drpd golongan profesional ini untuk MERACUNI pemikiran rakyat,yg mengatakan pemimpin terdahulu bersalah mencampuri urusan peringkat eksekutif negara,KONFRANTASI MUNGKIN TERJADI SEKIRANYA PEMIMPIN SEKARANG TERUS MEWUJUDKAN PENGANIAYAAN KPD TUN……SY RELA MENJADI PENGEBOM BERANI MATI UNTUK TUN,DEMI BANGSA DAN NEGARA

  311. ssr Jun 27,2008 7:46 PM

    I wish the blog writer and the regular patrons of this blog will read the latest letter in Malaysiakini by Batman titled ’22 fiascos in 22 years’. It writes very respectfully about all that was wrong in the years preceding the present leadership.
    The self righteous statements that are repeated time and again in this blog is pure nauseating stuff. For a start the writer probably should explain all these fiascos and stop diverting issues with his usual cunningness and deception.
    Someone who had destroyed the fabric of the society and took us through a downward spiralling journey in terms of race relations and many other aspects of our life does not have the right to wage this self righteous war on others.

  312. tee kay pee Jun 27,2008 7:44 PM


  313. man79 Jun 27,2008 7:43 PM

    Assalamualaikum……..Teruskan usaha murni,kami akan sentiasa menyokong Tun dari belakang.JASA MU TETAP DI KENANG….

  314. kamal ahmad Jun 27,2008 7:41 PM

    Salam Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun dan Toh Puan. Many times in your PM tenure-ship you defended us from external and internal malevolence, you believed in us even when we don’t believe in our selves. You pushed us into shiny examples for the whole world to see and we stood tall under your stewardship of this blessed land. Do those who today freely throw all these misguided charges at you- for a second- for an honest blink- think that we the public actually buy it? Think again is my advice to them. Look at the followers of your blog both within the country and outside the country, look at the figures- you are still our leader Tun. Once upon a time, many of us who had established ourselves overseas were summoned home by a great man. To come home and to help build this country into the prominence it is today. We embraced your pioneering vision and left our comfy plush existence to return home and toil in our Motherland. You made us proud then and you make us even prouder today Tun. Keep on the struggle, you are never alone and you will never walk alone. We are your silent majority. Always have and always will be. You are father to us.

  315. zaki_77 Jun 27,2008 7:37 PM

    If anyone thinks that AAB will initiate a tribunal is mistaken. It is not in AAB’s interest to be seen to be influenced by Tun, he is an incompetent fool who wants to make his own ‘mark’ on the judiciary and the so-called reforms which he recites as a mantra nowadays.
    It should not even surprise anyone if AAB alreay knows about Chin’s misdemeanours but simply ignores them because he does not want another headache with all the other problems he is trying to deal with.
    On the same note, I must say that Najib also does not fill me with confidence and I don’t think he will make a good PM. Where AAB is incompetent, NR is lethargic and does not inspire confidence in others.

  316. zaman Jun 27,2008 7:35 PM

    Tun just asking,
    Will ian chinn received ex-gratia???

  317. Mohamed Jack Jun 27,2008 7:34 PM

    BRAVO!BRAVO! WELL DONE TUN Rentap TUN Rentaappp, whack the burger whaaack…
    Wherre arrre u Karrpal. Arrre u goroing tor PORlis Stersyen?
    May Allah Bless You & Family, Sihat Walafiat

  318. GOMO Jun 27,2008 7:27 PM

    Asalammualaikum buat Tun dan Isteri tercinta. semoga sihat hendakNya.
    Tun memang BEST!!! saya tak nampak buat masa sekarang ni penganti yang betul-betul BERKALIBER untuk menganti Tun sebagai seorang PEJUANG!!!
    Rasanya hendak sangat Tun kembali semula ke kancah politik.
    Tapi bila saya fikir balik dengan waras, saya rasa Tun perlu menumpukan perhatian kepada keluarga dan yang paling penting kesihatan Tun!!!
    Takpa sekarang ni Tun BALUN DAN PULUN dieorang cukup-cukup!!!
    bongkar segala yang pak lah NGOK dan menantu IBLIS serta keroni-keroni kayu api tu. Biar panas punggung IBLIS DAN SYAITAN tu!!!
    Dan saya amat berharap sangat kiranya Tun dapat memberikan kami rakyat cara yang paling berkesan untuk SINGKIRKAN PAK LAH NGOK DAN KERONI-KERONINYA!!!
    sesungguhnya kami rakyat akan sentiasa mendoakan Tun,Isteri dan keluarga agar sihat hendakNya!!!

  319. joehenry Jun 27,2008 7:26 PM

    Tun, scum like Ian Chin should be removed from not only the judiciary but also this country. He is like a monkey under the cloak of a human being. Not only did he bring disrepute to the judiciary, he also brought shame to his own country and the worse is that he never felt ashame of it and even attempted to shift the blame to you by making use of the opportunity now when everybody’s mind was poisoned by the Lingam’s video’s findings that linked you to the so-called judiciary scandal purportedly started as far back as 1988. I recall Justice NH Chan’s remark in one of his landmark cases where he described the state of our judiciary “in the rotten state of Denmark”. I cannot find a more apt and telling remark to describe the current state of affair involving Ian Chin and the judiciary.

  320. RinggitMalaysia Jun 27,2008 7:24 PM

    Yb Tun,
    I always respect your comments and all the rebutting to allegations that were made to you. I’m not just blindly admire with the words you putting on but the facts that you have given on all your comments. Eventhough I never went thoroughly all the facts but it does make sense and there are basis to all the answers.
    Logic and supported with facts will definately guide me to judge person or ‘s and this in case you’re the one. I did consider the facts given and try to put things related to all the accusation that made to you, but the timing, purposes and the commonsense are just not in place, it became doubtful. To me all those accusations to you more towards defending rather than attacking. Acctually your rivals had loose the war before even they started it. It’s just they are save (at least for now) by the status of being ruler and just waiting to fall apart.
    What I’m concern more is about the country future, our country. Planning and decissions making by the present ruler are too undemanding, effortless, seems they are not interested in solving problems or just to try find the easiest way to run the country economy without having the thought of consequences that will jeoperdise our country. They have mention about borrowings and this must be done due to the shortage of fund in the country. Shortage of funds? From whom the borrowings wiil be, I’m not sure (Please not the IMF)and to the borrowers,its oppurnity. If this happens, Malaysia will not be Malaysia ever after.
    To YB Tun, semoga Allah bersama-sama orang yang benar.

  321. Alang Mat Yasin Jun 27,2008 7:24 PM

    Teruskan Tun.Berani kerana benar.Musuh-musuh Tun cuba menggunakan segala peluang dan orang-orang bodoh yang berkepentingan peribadi untuk menghancurkan Tun.Muga Allah menyelamatkan Tun dan Malaysia.

  322. takretibodek Jun 27,2008 7:12 PM

    Salam Ayhnda…
    and all bloggers..
    Dah namanya manusia..x kira sapa pun (kecuali mereka yg terpilih olehNYA) ttp punya perasaan utk mmbalas dendam..hati2 semua..tengok kiri, kanan, atas, bawah, tepi, sipi…ingat hari ni dia baik esok dia boleh jadi musuh ketat anda… berpada2 dalam mmberi kpercayaan..
    Doktor?..majistret?..mentri mentra?..suma cerita dalam poket Ayhda..sapa brani mariii…jgan ingat kita nih terlalu bersih dan jujur..
    salam buat smua..
    p/s. Ayhda..take care of yrself..

  323. Jun 27,2008 7:08 PM

    As I have posted elsewhere when the first salvo was fired,there is more in this explosive episode, and now, Tun, you have done the right thing by making this disclosure.
    There’s a saying “those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” that perfectly applies here. The “learned” judge has to learn some more.
    Please don’t stop here, Tun. We want to see where all this will take us. The trail may lead to powerful doors. We also want to see who blinks first.

  324. awetmuda Jun 27,2008 7:06 PM

    Ulil Amri tersayang:
    Been a long time since I last wrote to you.
    Bravo!! You are still the greatest leader in the world. What we want to know now is how to get rid of the present PM, the one that you have wrongly chosen. Please let us know. We will follow. This is what we want most from you, before its toooooo late. Its important.
    Last but not least, jaga diri baik-baik dan senyum selalu. Minta halalkan segala penatlelah dan jasabaik yang telah disumbangkan selama ini untuk kami.
    Salam sayang juga untuk serikandi Siti Hasmah. We love you a lot.

  325. HighFlyer Jun 27,2008 7:01 PM

    Dearest Tun;
    Saya amat bersetuju dengan merongwangsa yang merasa amat kagum dengan kesetiaan Datuk Paduka Ibrahim Ali yang sentiasa berada di pihak Tun dalam apa keadaan pun. I would also like to add that I also believe that the people who are on your side now are really sincere because they are very well aware that you are not in a position to reward them in any way. Their loyalty to you is genuine. I am sure most of the politicians in power at present are envious of you because I am sure they know (I hope) that the people around them who declare their undivided loyalty are only fighting for their political survival!
    Tun, you are my inspiration and I am damn lucky to live throughout your premiership. I cried when you announced that you were going to step down.

  326. abdul Jun 27,2008 6:57 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Thank you for your revealation of the true colour of J. Ian Chin. I almost got carried away by J. Ian Chin’s confession that he is as clean as a whistle. Well if one is a whisle, it needs someone else to blow that whistle!
    Although aging in age, one can see Tun is still a heavy weight, and it is not easy for anyone to brush him off “as an old man who is nyanyok”.
    I propose that Tun, besides being adviser to Petronas, Proton, Langkawi Development, it is timely that Tun also be made advisor to the Malaysian Judiaciary.
    I think we could have won the Pulau Batu had Tun been part of our delegate to the World Court.

  327. antimamak Jun 27,2008 6:56 PM

    Tun ibaratkan sebagai helai kain yang putih, telah dinodai oleh titik hitam. Baguslah, kalau boleh tun cuba memperbetulkan sistem kehakiman dengan adil dan saksama. Tub haruslah menarik Ian Chin masuk ke mahkamah dan menonjolkan diri di makamah, biarlah rakyat dapat dengar cerita yang benar.
    Tapi saya terkejut bila membaca article tun ni, semata mata Tun sebagai penguam yang berkelayakan, cara penyampaiannya sebagai penguam tinggi, saya menyesyaki betulkah article ini ditulis tun sendiri? macam lain bau nya!
    Biarlah perjuangan Tun untuk membuktikan kerajaan sedang memperburukkan nama Tun, biarlah tun memperjuangkan untuk kesaksamaan sistem kehakiman yang lama luput oleh tun.

  328. megatPanjiAlam Jun 27,2008 6:55 PM

    Salam YBerbahgia TDM sekeluarga
    Saya sebenarnya kagum dengan pemikiran jauh YBG TDM, saya sangat yakin setiap tindakan YBG TDM dibuat setelah difikir dengan mendalam dan tujuannya adalah untuk rakyat Malaysia. Kalau Nabi sangat kasihkan umatnya, saya rasakan begitulah YBG TDM sangat kasihkan bangsanya,tetapi apakan daya, mereka tidak dapat memahaminya.
    Saya berdoa semuga YBG akan tetap sabar melayani segala tohmahan mendatang dan mengambil msasa yang mencukupi untuk menjawab segala tuduhan yang dilemparkan.
    Akhirnya, semuga YBG TDM sentiasa dalam lindungan Allah selalu hendaknya. amin..

  329. zulkarnain Jun 27,2008 6:49 PM

    Welldone Tun. Very detailed info. I pity the fool Joker Chin who think he can smear Tun name and get away with it. How can such immoral nitwit get to be a judge? He must have buy his way in.
    Take care of your health Tun. You are Malaysia’s hope to a better future. You had done it once. We know you can do it again.

  330. haidaan Jun 27,2008 6:48 PM

    Dearest Tun,
    Hats off Tun,very clear and precise cronologies.Your foes are trying
    every little minute things to pin you down.
    Ian Chin is the flip flop judge just like the leader.Today he says
    something the next day he say different things.
    Plse the Umno people save the Malays for the future generations.
    Many had been said about Tun for not been Malay,well Tun is much more
    concerned for the Malays than the pure Malays themselves.
    Please Tun do anything to help us the Malays,I am behind you Tun for
    my children future..
    Keep on blogging.
    Ya Allah panjangkan umur dan berilah kesihatan yang baik kepada Tun
    dan keluarga supaya beliau boleh menolong menyelamatkan Malaysia dari
    segala kepincangan kerajaan sekarang.

  331. aaj Jun 27,2008 6:46 PM

    Judges now also claim themselves as “bangsawan”. Orang bangsawan mana ada buat salah. geng pak lah, zaid, nazri aziz semua ni bangsawan, rakyat biasa ni digelar ‘rakyat jelata’.

  332. cakkuncak Jun 27,2008 6:44 PM

    YAB Tun,
    Thank you for the explanation. The judge mentioned deserves it.
    It will be interesting to see the what the self appointed “Justiceman”(Zaid Ibrahim) will say and do now to ‘cover’ for this Judge ‘humiliation’…ex-gratia payment?
    Thanks Tun !! I feel GOOD!!

  333. nookvillage Jun 27,2008 6:36 PM

    If Justice Chin claims he could be influenced by you or any other persons, in the first place he is not fit and proper to be a Judge.He should not be allowed to hear any other cases.Better still for the interest of the judicial system he should quit.

  334. anak_malaysia Jun 27,2008 6:35 PM

    Asalamualaikum Tun,
    saya percaya dan saya yakin, apa yg Tun kata dan apa yg Tun buat sblm, semasa dan selepas mjd PM, Tun tidak main hentam kromo saja. Tun seorg pemikir dan semestinya apabila Tun nak kata atau buat apa2, Tun akan ambil kira jugak tentang masa depan. Pastinya bila org ungkit balik dan org tuduh mcm2 kat Tun selepas mjd PM tentang apa yg Tun telah buat, Tun pasti dipihak yg benar dan bg mereka itu pasti Tun akn buka pekung mereka yg akn mendedahkan agenda mereka.
    sebagai pemikir dan pelaksana yg tegas langkah dan tindakan Tun tak akn nampak sumbang. kita juga tau bhw di kalangan org barat, mereka memang hormat dan takut dgn Tun sbb bila mereka menghentam Tun pastinya Tun juga akn buka tembelang mereka. sebagaimana dulunya Tun pernah mengkritik USA mjd proksi Israel atau zionis yahudi, lalu barat dan yahudi mengecam Tun namun kecaman mereka itu tidak mampu menggugat kedudukan Tun dan negara kerana saya percaya sebagai seorg pemikir pastinya rahsia dan sejarah silam yahudi serta pakatan US-yahudi ini bila2 masa saja Tun boleh dedahkan pd dunia. dan sbgai rakyat negara ini kita tahu bahawa Malaysia dibwh Tun mjdkn negara ini contoh serta dihormati oleh negara2 Islam, negara membangun dan negara dunia ke-3. pastinya barat tidak berani menjolok sarang tebuan tp mereka sudah tau bila2 masa Tun pasti berundur, jd mereka biarkn saja krn hanya masa yg akn mjatuhkan kedudukan serta kelantangan Malaysia apabila diambilalih oleh PM yg lembik dan lembab yg boleh dicucuk hidung mcm lembu sprti skrg ini.

  335. fatamorgana Jun 27,2008 6:25 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Ingat kata2 Hang Jebat Tun,
    Semuga sentiasa diberkati dan dilindungi ALLAH.

  336. Yunus Alias Jun 27,2008 6:22 PM

    Assalamualaikum YABhg Tun Dr Haji Mahathir,
    Alhamdullillah Tun telah patahkan salah satu serangan yang dibuat untuk memburukkan Tun.
    Sekarang kita lihat apa kata:
    Zaid Ibrahim (orang yang tersangat benci terhadap Tun dan memang tak layak jadi menteri).
    Bagaimana dengan Karpal Singh ?? tak mahu buat repot Polis ke terhadap Ian Chin ? atau nak tarik balik repot polis yang dibuat menuduh Tun? Malulah sikit, nama saje peguam yang berkelibar, tapi yang sebenarnya tidak langsung berkelibar.
    Karpal Singh adalah opportunist yang paling jahat di muka bumi ini(Di samping George Bush yang anti Islam sama lah mereka berdua ni). Beliau adalah orang yang pertama membawa perkara Anwar Al Juburi (AAJ) di Parlimen dan disokong oleh Pak Lawak PAS Mat Sabu menuntut Tun ambil tindakan terhadap Anwar, apabila (AAJ) dituduh di mahkamah, Karpal Singh adalah salah seorang dari bilangan peguam yang membela AAJ. Chit busuk punya loyar. Boleh tak kita tuntut agar DYMM SPB YDA melucut kerakyatan Karpal Singh dan hantar di balik ke Punjab tengok di boleh hidup ke di sana.
    Majlis Peguam Ambiga? – Tidak kah anda rasa malu menuduh Tun secara melulu? Tidak kah Majlis Peguam hendak menuntut agar Pak Lah & Co tubuh Suruhanjaya Tribunal untuk menyiasat kes ini?
    Kami mendesak agar Suruhanjaya Tribunal ditubuhkan untuk menyiasat Hakim yang tidak bertanggungjawab ini.
    Saya rasa kini banyak lagi fail-fail “persendirian” surbordinate Tun yang di simpan oleh Tun sebagai “peluru”. Adakah lagi Ministers atau ex Ministers yang berani menuduh Tun? Cubalah terutama nya Nazri Aziz (Ketua Samseng BN). Nak tunggu Tun londeh dan tembak pasal dia pulak. Dia ingat usia Tun melepasi 80 tahun dah nyanyok kut tak boleh mengingati peristiwa lampau…… cubalah Nazri cuba kalau berani. Budak ni Memang budak biadap.
    seperti kata Nazri Aziz dalam wawancara di TV Tun bukan pemimpin negara ini lagi so who cares (or to that effect)!
    Ayahnda Tun,
    Senaraikan tindakan yang perlu rakyat jelata ambil untuk menjatuhkan Perdana Menteri Munafik ini. Kami sedia menurutinya.
    Hamba rakyat mendoakan agar Tun dapat kembali memimpin kami. Kami perlukan Tun, Tun masih relevan.

  337. delCapo Jun 27,2008 6:21 PM

    Well written!
    Over to you, Ian Chin… you started the fire & kept coming.. now lets see your blaze of glory!
    Tun, I may not always agree with everything you have done politically… but the personal admiration of your character, your wit & your aura is unquestioned.
    Keep shooting ’em down!

  338. Dr Novandri Hasan Basri Jun 27,2008 6:21 PM

    Salam Tun,
    In your press statement in September 2006, you’ve said,
    “Removal of a judge requires a decision by his peers as required by the Constitution, so we have to abide by the Constitution. The Agong thought that it was just a matter of dismissal by me.”
    “I don’t have the power to dismiss anybody, any judge.”
    You’ve clearly mentioned your stand and procedure. And they don’t have any ground to accuse you.

  339. Mohd Naim Jun 27,2008 6:21 PM

    Yg Bhg. Tun,
    Syabas!! You have once again upright the truth. I feel so relief by this revelation and proud of you as the true peoples’ Hero. Age aside, you’re better by the day and at your best when cornered. A quality of a True Champion. They should know better than to mess with you.

  340. Dr Novandri Hasan Basri Jun 27,2008 6:20 PM

    Salam Tun,
    In your press statement in September 2006, you’ve said,
    “Removal of a judge requires a decision by his peers as required by the Constitution, so we have to abide by the Constitution. The Agong thought that it was just a matter of dismissal by me.”
    “I don’t have the power to dismiss anybody, any judge.”
    You’ve clearly mentioned your stand and procedure. And they don’t have any ground to accuse you.

  341. fajar Jun 27,2008 6:16 PM

    Teruskan menulis Tun kalau boleh hari-hari ada perkara baru, Saya baca dan buka blog Tun tiap hari.
    Kelmarin tu tak ada artikel baru, saya rasa rindu pulak..

  342. bob Jun 27,2008 6:10 PM

    Dear Tun,
    You made my day! Congratulations for putting up a clearer perspective. A spade is still a spade then.

  343. cucuajiakil Jun 27,2008 6:06 PM

    You are so right YM Tun. It sure smacks of a personal grudge and the sheer timing, given the current turn of event, certainly cloaks something more sinister. From the outset I sensed there was more to it than meets the eye.Your blog has certainly served in providing an alternative source of information, a constant reminder to take what you read these days with a pinch of salt.

  344. Azlan Abd Aziz Jun 27,2008 6:02 PM

    Yeeha! Love to read your articles! Take care Tun! We support you!

  345. Melayu Nusantara Jun 27,2008 5:58 PM

    By ashar on June 25, 2008 7:51 PM
    TUN yang di hormati dan sayangi,
    Salam buat semua.
    PERPADUAN dalam ertikata menurunkan Pak Lah.
    PERPADUAN dalam ertikata mengantikan kepimpinan yang telah merosakkan negara.
    PERPADUAN dalam ertikata suara rakyat boleh menukar kepimpinan yang lemah.
    Sekarang apakah peranan kita semua yang menyokong PERPADUAN yang dikatakan TUN, agar Pak Lah mengundurkan diri.
    Inilah tindakan yang kita perlu lakukan, walaupun nampak kecil namun kesannya adalah amat besar sekali.
    Kepada ahli UMNO tunjukkan kuasa ahli anda dalam merubah kepimpinan. Pada bloger yang ahli UMNO dan bukan ahli, kita tunjukan sokongan kita pada TUN dengan mencari pengaruh sebanyak mungkin terutama pada orang terdekat kita.
    Suara rakyat amat berharga sekali, kalau majority rakyat dah bersuara Pak Lah tiada pilihan lain lagi. Kita tunjukan suara rakyat berharga. Rakyat tidak akan bersuara tanpa ada kebenaran terhadap apa yang berlaku.
    a. Dalam kajian saya dalam blog TUN bulan lepas, sehari dengan purata 40,000 pengunjung, dan dalam bulan ini baru 22 hari purata pengunjung 65,000 pengunjung sehari. Ini akan bertambah lagi dalam masa terdekat ini.
    b. Dengan menambah baikkan blog TUN dengan apa yang mungkin, blog TUN akan berjaya mengantikan media yang ada, insyallah boleh mencapai ke 200,000 perhari. Pengaruhnya akan luar biasa.
    c. Muatkan who online: akan kelihatan seluruh dunia mengeksess ke blog TUN, popularity blog TUN akan bertambah globally. Pengaruhnya juga akan jadi luar biasa.
    d. Adakan poll terhadap apa isu semasa atau fanclub untuk kaji selidik.
    e. Pada yang celik IT, emailakan nama blog pada semua teman dan rakan. Perjelaskan kebenaran yang ada semoga semua tahu, terutama pada family kita sendiri.
    f. Pada bloger yang faham akan isu semasa ini berani berdebat dengan mereka yang sudah,“Tersesat“ agar kembali ke jalur yang betul secara online.
    a. Setiap seorang kita yang menyokong TUN, memaklumkan kebenaran yang kita tahu dalam blog ini kepada 2 orang saja sehari yang kita jumpa, sebulan 60 orang.
    b. Dengan purata 60,000 orang pengunjung setia TUN setiap hari kini: 60 x 60,000 = 3,600,000 orang sebulan mendapat maklumat kita. Ini sudah melebihi jumlah ahli UMNO.
    c. Gunakan photocopy atau ajarkan mereka yang tak tahu ke internet. Pastikan orang kampung yang selalu di gulakan oleh pihak tertentu mendapat message TUN ini. Insyallah pengaruh offline ini juga akan menjadi luar biasa.TUN akan mendapat sokongn yang luar biasa, sudah pasti.
    d. Pada yang berkemampuan dan berkebolehan, menyertai perkumpulan TUN seperti yayasan perdana dan sebagainya. Menyalurkjan idea-idea TUN melalui saluran mereka sendiri. Mengunakan kepakaran mereka, at no cost kalau boleh, backing idea dan tindakan TUN demi agama bangsa dan Negara.
    e. Pada ahli dan pemimpin UMNO yang sayangkan parti, bertindaklah mencari pengaruh dalam parti agar menukar pemimpin yang ada. Beranilah membuat keputusan demi agama bangsa dan Negara.
    Marilah kita sama-sama bertindak dengan TUN. Lakukan sesuatu walaupun nampak kecil namun lebih baik dari tak melakukan apa seperti born loser aja. Inilah sumbangan kita kepada agama bangsa dan Negara.
    Keadaan sudah parah :
    Bak kata Telur Hujung Tanduk dan Retak menungu Pecah.
    Salam dari Pulau Tujuh. Indonesia.
    _ashar_7;50_ 25 june 2008
    YM : ashar_abdullah
    By ashar on June 26, 2008 4:30 PM
    DARI POSTED DI SNIPPET/corat coret
    Sebagai menunjukan sokongan rakyat ,
    terhadap TUN agar Pak Lah mengundurkan diri.
    Mulai 1 julai 2008 kita lakukan “bantahan senyap untuk Pak Lah” dengan:
    1) Memakai pin ribbon warna putih , atau
    2) Menaikan bendera putih di kereta, di motor depan rumah, depan kedai dan pejabat dll
    Marilah kita sama-sama sokong dan bertindak dengan TUN.
    Lakukan segera, cari pengaruh sebanyaknya, seperti dalam komen saya dalam article PERPADUAN.
    Mulakan hari ini, kalau boleh sekarang juga.
    Buktikan suara rakyat boleh berkuasa: Malaysia Boleh..!!!!
    Inilah sumbangan kita kepada agama bangsa dan Negara.
    Keadaan sudah parah :
    Bak kata Telur Hujung Tanduk dan Retak menungu Belah…
    Salam dari perantau
    _ashar_4;29_ 26 june 2008
    YM : ashar_abdullah
    Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara

  346. Kak Jayn Jun 27,2008 5:57 PM

    Such a coincedence….rupa-rupanya ada niat c ian ni nak minta cover dgn paklah….patutlah melalak cam……. The Naked Judge adalah nama baru yang sesuai. Nak mengenakan orang dengan niat yang jahat itulah balasannya….

  347. Koh Lipe Jun 27,2008 5:49 PM

    My heartfull congratualtions to Ayahanda.You are talking with facts and figures unlike to that cheapskate judge who is getting some emotional support from some of the so-called HAPRAK BN ministers.
    Keep it up Ayahanda and I am sure you also have some other files for some of the so-called HAPRAK BN ministers.
    Keep coming to Langkawi Ayahanda and you are part of this legendary island.
    Note: Wondering where are those big political guys in the island whenever you are here???? Dulu masa ayahanda jadi PM depa lah paling hebat dan di depan sekali.
    Syabas Ayahanda for your excellent leadership qualities.
    Kam Nan,Koh Lipe

  348. malan3395 Jun 27,2008 5:48 PM

    Dear Tun…,,
    Sy ada tgk kt TV bl Tun buat press confrence psl hal ni.
    Nk tegelak pn ada psl time tu la sy byngkn muka Chin tu mesti mrah padam. Tabik spring la Tun. Lg 1 Tun ada srang lg hakim yg dh dpt
    duit ex-gratia trus dia kta Tun mcm ditaktor. Cb Tun bg brg sbji 2
    kt dia. Time sy tlis ni pn sy msih nk tegelak lg ni mengenangkan Chin ni. Kuang kuang kuang…

  349. sktan Jun 27,2008 5:45 PM

    Dearest Tun, with such a dirty mindset, childish for using wrong platform, and unsound mind, He is actually hoping for a promotion from the hand that feed and understand the whole senario.
    God please help this poor fellow, who is not even fit to teach kindergaden, get his wish. He is a laughing stock to the judiciary.
    And to neil(Kneel the sound my dogs would obey to), take these: DEAREST AYAHANDA TUN, me and my family will always: LOVE,RESPECT,ADORE AND PRAY FOR YOUR GOOD HEALTH.

  350. Mentel Jun 27,2008 5:45 PM

    Dear Tun,
    COOL. Btw I guess Chin J will not only be thinking and cooking up more stories curry favour, he will be experiencing pissing here and there too !!

  351. malan3395 Jun 27,2008 5:37 PM

    Dear Tun…,,
    Dia dh kna kapur la.
    Salah tempat mau tunjuk samseng.
    Dh kta jgn jolok srang tebuan, ni kau jlok gak.

  352. cariidea Jun 27,2008 5:36 PM

    Dalam kes ni ada penyangak yang dok defence dia..penyangak haram jadah tu tak lain Zaid serabut tu la. Berapa komisen dia dapat tah la yang dia dok sibuk defence hakim – hakim ni. Tak nampak satu pun kenyataan dia yang dok bela rakyat. PM bengong ni entah mimpi apa boleh p lantik dia p dok dalam parlimen. Haghu betoi. Baguih tengok cara Tun bagi penjelasan dalam berita, nampak rilek dan bersahaja. Tengok muka Tun bagi penerangan pun saya dah rasa ceria dan power. Baru padan muka dia, dia ingat Tun tak simpan fakta kot. Ajaq sama dia Tun…harap pasni Tun ajar Nazri botak tu sikit..samseng sangat dia ni..pastu pangge org lain samseng pulak. Kalau mai Aloq Staq nanti aku terbe ( lastik) kepala botak hang baru tau.

  353. ray77light Jun 27,2008 5:34 PM

    Dearest Tun
    Truth always prevail.
    It is NOW apparent that the AAB govt has some explanation to do.
    Silence could mean “guilty as charged”.
    Way to go Tun …
    Those who know you, will always be on your side.
    Semoga kesehatan Tun berpanjangan dan sentiasa dilindungi Allah.

  354. wanmin Jun 27,2008 5:34 PM

    With this kind of characters as judges are the government sure the judiciary should be independence
    These KIND OF CHARACTERS could bring down a democratically elected government overnight.It happen before,just because two party division is not registered the whole rulling party is declared illegal and a democratically elected leader is remove.
    There must be a better check and balance system in running the country judiciary,a complete independance is vulnerable to abuse.H.J Chin case is the living proof.

  355. rakusman Jun 27,2008 5:34 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Buat YB Zaid,
    Betapa angkuhnya YB ketika membuat statement di TV dulu takkala Ian Chin membuat tuduhan bahawa Tun ugut hakim. Nah sekarang YB Zaid terpaksa telan kata kata sendir yg bongkak dan angkuh. Tak malukah keluarga YB Zaid mendapat perangai saudara yg macam ini? Kalau padamlah YB sekarang sempatkah minta maaf dgn Tun? Kalau hati dah busuk inilah akibatnya. Apa lagi yang nak ditukar dgn perlembagaan? Kalau nak ucap terima kasih kat Pak Lah dan menantunya kerana dilantik jadi Menteri bukan begini caranya YB. Tak fikirkah bahawa keluarga YB pun mendapat malu.Sepatutnya cermin diri dulu ye.
    Saya juga ingin mencadangkan supaya diujudkan suruhanjaya bebas untuk menyiasat GLC yg ujud sekarang macamana GLC ini mengagihkan cadangan cadangan,projek projek besar mahu pun kecil kepada syarikat syarikat yang entah datang dari mana tiba tiba GLC bersetuju sahaja? Sebabnya kami rakyat juga ada peratusnya di dalam GLC tersebut. Kalau tak telus saya haramkan mereka memakan bahagian saya jika mereka ini berugama Islam.
    Tun , kebenaran itu selalunya pahit bagi mereka yang tahu ianya benar samaada dipahak Tun mahu pun lawan. Teruskan Tun…sejarah akan menetukan kebenaran Tun.

  356. hamdanTeluk Intan Jun 27,2008 5:32 PM

    Salam Tun.
    Saya rindu zaman kegemilangan dibawah pemerintahan Tun..ada satu dua yg saya tak setuju tetapi keseluruhannya saya rasa selamat, aman dan makmur.
    Zaid Ibrahim dan paklah cakap tak guna otak di kepala tetapi di kepala lutut. Apa saja yg merosakkan musuh..mereka sokong tanpa fikirkan betul atau tidak..

  357. kamimelayubaru Jun 27,2008 5:26 PM

    Salam Tun,
    It was outstanding Tun….Brilliant!!!!! The best part is, it was “your own” statement….Not like the so called “smart judge” who is smart in copying and pasting other judgement….
    What an outstanding stand, even you were not in judiciary or have very detail law background….but, that was the brilliant judgement and very good statement….Well, well Ian chin…What say you?
    P/S: Tun, i feel relieve by your statement…No doubt that you are Amazing ex-PM!!!

  358. Basree Rakijan Jun 27,2008 5:26 PM

    YABhg Tun,
    Saya mengambil masa agak lama nak menulis komen ni. Tak tau apa nak cakap. Saya kagum dengan kekuatan dan kebolehan Tun mempertahankan diri. Saya doakan Tun sentiasa beroleh Rahmat dan terus meluahkan buah fikiran untuk dikongsi bersama. Terima kasih.

  359. abdooleziz Al-Anbar Jun 27,2008 5:26 PM

    It seems that everbody hv their owned stories; the judicial, the bar, the executive, the legislature…more interesting stories to come…Anyway Tun you have done a lot to our nation…I wonder wheater we can be able to sustain and maintain the growth, the harmony and peacefull of our nation in years to come.
    We must have strong leaders to lead us.
    Minyak naik…harga barang naik…kos of living pun naik..Jenayah pun naik…kolar putih ke biru ke hitam ke….
    Open up to civil servant to do business, so after this you akan dengar more white kolor crime le..semua business bagi se sama mereka atau family mereka. You sell 2 me I sell to u lah…
    Leaders by example lah…suruh jimat….sendiri pun macam tak de ubah…susah…sush..susah…
    Make a come back Tun buat some adjusment…

  360. snowbite8281 Jun 27,2008 5:25 PM

    Dear Tun:-
    What an iron casted chronological of events!
    Yes! Way to go….
    My point ….
    1. Veiled(Perceived) threat – this is under PERCEPTION of MBA program’s Organization Behaviour. This means that there is NOTHING SPECIFICALLY SAID/ACTION. It is only the person’s own mind to derive that perception by himself. It is a conclusion colored by his psychological, physiological and mental state of mind at that point of time. Probably other attendees at the said boot camp received the same words of TDM as a ‘PERCEIVED MOTIVATION’ instead. Gee, I recommend Judge Ian and the Fed-Govt go grab a book on Organization Behaviour, read, understand then decide what’s Perception and if Ian’s ‘Veiled (Perceived) Threat’ carries weight.
    2 I am now housewife. When I was working in MNC, I have to attend the periodical boot camps where I was being drilled on VISION and MISSION of the Company. As senior managers, we have to align our thoughts and deeds to the VISION and MISSION of the organization. Some missions may not be up to my liking but sometimes I need to carry out certain missions in order to ensure the organization’s visions are upheld. I bet a lot of MNC and Big Local Companies have this kind of boot camps. Does that mean a lot of MNC and Big Local Companies are ‘brainwashing’ their middle and senior managers? Why does everybody go ‘ga ga’ over this?
    Tun and all supporters of Tun: Please read NST‘s Letters to the Editor today’s copy (Pg 29). Titled ‘ Such an unfair judgement’ by M.B.A (Ipoh). He so eloquently put what I thought on papers. I will try get a soft copy and post it into for sharing!!!!

  361. kamimelayubaru Jun 27,2008 5:25 PM

    Salam Tun,
    It was outstanding Tun….Brilliant!!!!! The best part is, it was “your own” statement….Not like the so called “smart judge” who is smart in copying and pasting other judgement….
    What an outstanding stand, even you were not in judiciary or have very detail law background….but, that was the brilliant judgement and very good statement….Well, well Ian chin…What say you?
    P/S: Tun, i feel relieve by your statement…No doubt that you are Amazing ex-PM!!!

  362. nikdublin.. Jun 27,2008 5:22 PM

    One more thing that strikes my mind today. How could they allow Ketuanan Melayu to be debated whether it is a just a social contract or not? I wonder if we can have the same kind of debate about all other races? I bet not.
    Salam hormat.

  363. Bosbesi Jun 27,2008 5:21 PM

    Salam Tun,
    What kind’a person are u?…..semua Tun tau!An architect,a doctor…u name it!Maybe u’re the choosen one.Moga dipanjangkan usia utk memperbetulkan Malaysiaku….I respect you!TAHNIAH

  364. Bongek Jun 27,2008 5:19 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Saya teringatkan kata-kata Nik Aziz apabila wartawan cuba mendapatkan komennya berkenaan tindakan Tun keluar parti BN. Dia amat gembira jika sekiranya Tun menyertai parti PAS kerana padanya Tun mempunyai fikiran yang amat tajam dan seorang yang tahu membuat sesuatu keputusan dengan baik dan berhemah. Tapi Pak Lah sendiri BODOH SOMBONG menafikan kredibiliti Tun yang telah kenal inti pati serta asam garam pentadbiran negara selama 22 tahun. Pah Lah .. hang buta mata ka cik oiiii … parti pembangkang berebut-rebut nak kan TDM .. hang nie betui ler bodoh sombong. Hang kalau tak dak otak .. hang bagi ler orang yang ada otak untuk memerintah.

  365. lanadv28 Jun 27,2008 5:17 PM

    Assalammualaikum Tun dan keluarga,
    Yang benar akan Tetap Benar…

  366. Neil Jun 27,2008 5:13 PM

    Tun,Now you can remember.

  367. abus Jun 27,2008 5:12 PM

    Dear Tun
    This is beautiful on your part.
    I think that a responsible BPR should start working things out if they are truly independant and not ruled from the 4th floor.
    A royal enquiry has to be carried out. Otherwise the people in Sibu Sarawak High Court is exposed to an unethical judge. Who might just be passing the verdict with his own interest in mind.
    Ian Chin should be condemed by the Bar Council. Let us see if they are really true to themself.
    Allah Panjangkan Umur Tun

  368. anakjitra Jun 27,2008 5:11 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I wonder what will happen without you around. Take care Tun we all LOVE U.

  369. TokUban Jun 27,2008 5:11 PM

    My parents thought me not to talk too much because the more you talk the less you think. In Ian Chin case I think this is a classic case of blabber mouth. He should just keep his mouth before he makes a fool of himself (if he is not already is). A learned judge should have known better than to rely on false accusations. Any accusation must be back by solid evidence. So far it’s all wild accusations with no concrete evidence.
    From what I’ve read on his comment about the so called “Boot Camp” I believe Ian Chin feels that he is above ordinary people. The way he remark is as if he is as good as King of England and all of us must wipe the walk of him.
    I have been at one of the “Boot Camp” myself in PD, NS. There were pictures of Tun washing his own plates. We were told to change our role with our staff and of course been given an egg to be carried with us everywhere all the time. There is a reason to the change of role and carrying an egg for the entire duration of the course. The purpose is to teach us to understand our charged better and to guard our responsibility with our life. We have been given a responsibility and that responsibility affects the people under our care. It is to make us humble and humane. What is it so demeaning to be humble and humane? I really can’t understand how he thinks. This kind of thinking only exists during the colonial era. But those people are long dead.
    Being high and mighty he couldn’t understand this. Either he has never been to any hardship or he has forgotten where he came from.
    Equating TDM with the Stasi in East Germany is way too much. If that is the case I believe Ian Chin should be among the first to go because of his obvious miss conduct. I have never heard judges been assassinated by the government let alone thousands in numbers. Can’t he see the more he talks the deeper he get.
    Let us all pressure the current government to set a tribunal to examine the charges against Ian Chin. The charges are not base on possibility so it’s true. It’s all fact.
    Dearest Tun, keep up with it. Don’t let it just be. Make sure the tribunal is set up on this matter then the world will see the truth. Else people will keep on bashing you with no end.
    Let’s see if Ian Chin can spin this .. deny he might but the grave is already dug.
    Best of regards from me and my family..

  370. flashkidz Jun 27,2008 5:11 PM

    Salam Sejahtera Tun,
    Saya adalah salah satu daripada berjuta rakyat bersyukur semasa pemerintahan Tun. Tun juga menjadi idola saya sejak dari kecil. Saya bukannya nak membodek, tapi ini adalah kenyataan. Pemerintah hari ini, tidak lagi seperti dahulu, ikut suka hati dia, dah lupa daratan. Asalkan dia dan kroni-kroni dia senang, maka rakyat yg menerima kesan. Isu minyak sangat sensitif untuk saya, sebab ia akan diikuti dengan kenaikan harga barang. Sekarang dah rasa kesannya dan pasti akan naik lagi. Saya sangat kecewa dengan Pemerintah sekarang.
    Tun seorang negarawan yang banyak membawa kemakmuran, sekarang… telah dibinasakan oleh mereka yang lupa daratan.. benar kata Tun, Melayu Mudah Lupa…
    Saya dah rasa negara ini menuju ke arah zaman kejatuhan…
    Tolong kami Tun….

  371. damah Jun 27,2008 5:09 PM

    At last, the truth!!!
    My God bless you Tun…

  372. NiMa Jun 27,2008 5:07 PM

    terima kasih sbb Tun adalah antara ahli politik yg saya respect.
    sbb Tun berani memberitahu perkara yg benar n jelas.terus terang saya katakan waktu Tun memilih Pak Lah sbgai PM.dlm hati sy,sy nmpak Pak Lah xder kredibiliti sbgai pemimpin. x reti nak berckap dgn wartawan n x tau apa yg kementerian bwh dia buat.
    sy rasa agak sedih jgak sbb ahli2 umno n BN boleh lyn Tun mcm anjing mula2 buka mata apabila Tun dtg ke univ. tekn petronas.Tun bg ceramah pasal perlu nya rakyat bijak memilih pemimpin n bahaya rasuah.
    sy harap Tun sihat walafiat n dapat dtg ke utp lg memberi ceramah tun kepada student utp n dpt la sampai degree pd senior yg akan graduate sem july nie.
    berbolak balik pasal politik..
    saya rasa kenapa rakyat makin mrh kepada kerajaan adalah sbb kerajaan x pandai guna kementerian penerangan n rtm.
    mksud nyer..cth wk2 minyak mula2 naik dulu 30 sen.kerajaan kata dulu duit rm 4 billion akan digunakan utk sektor pengangkutan awam.
    so,sepatut nyer kerajaan kena lah citer apa jdik dgn 4 billion tu.betul ker digunakan utk sektor pengangkutan awam.
    bila minyak naik sepatut nye kerajaan tidak la membandingkan harga minyak malaysia ngan negara rantau asia sepatut nya bndingkan la dgn harga negara pengeluar minyak cth egypt,sudan,brunei dll.
    sy geram sgt bila undi x percaya dikemukakan pada hari isnin yg lepas.pak lah n da geng dgn bongkak kata xde undi x percaya dikemukan.padahal ahli parlimen sapp diugut keselamatan diri.
    lgpun pasal undi menentang kenaikan minyak yg pihak pembangkang rasa x guna jgak.sbb minyak dah naik.lain lah kalu usul kenaikan minyak tu baru di peringkat cadangan n baru nak dibahaskan di parlimen..
    terima kasih lg kepada Tun kerana membuka minda saya dan kwn2 sy.
    harap Tun dpt dtg lg ke UTP.kami amat mengalu2kan kedatangan tun.

  373. azly Jun 27,2008 5:07 PM

    What happen to the Bar Council? Why no news from them? Scared or feel guilty? Anyway, we all know that most of malaysian lawyers are nothing more than hooligan by covering their skin.
    Good work, Tun.
    We always know you will not disgrace the people who believe and support you.
    We still believe in you know and FOREVER….

  374. AlHaj ibn Ibrahim Asy-Sarawaky Jun 27,2008 5:05 PM

    Assalamu ‘alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
    If my legal training has any bearing and looking at what you have written, the government will be having hard time charging you in court pursuance to the royal commission findings over the Lingam video report, and the AG office has to think twice before taking action against you. I believe you have already a team of competent lawyers preparing for any eventuality. Who could your lawyers be?
    If the de facto law minister wishes to go on with the commission findings on you, it must be prepared too with arsenal of lawyers!
    You say you don’t want to seek judicial review (as few others did) over the commission findings on you and you rather be charged in court. This press statement is it another show of how ferocious you could be fighting back to prove your innocent?
    Should not have the government conceal the commission findings in the first place until it has seek advice from the AG office and all wise parties?
    The commission findings against you now, as I see it, if it stops short of being brought to court will have an adverse effect on the credibility of the government of the day. Or will it just be shelved like the Penang’s monorail and ring road projects?
    I observed, by following your writings in your blog, you are actually an indirect or to use Ian Chin phrase a “veiled” de facto adviser to the Barisan Nasional government of the day. They verily badly indeed in need of your advice. And you never lost you touch as a shrewd politician as once you are.
    Thank you.

  375. junkopile Jun 27,2008 5:04 PM

    Beloved Tun
    just to suggest probably u should write WARKAH UNTUK PM.mb ada reply
    anyway luv u

  376. dospenang Jun 27,2008 5:01 PM

    Salam TUN,
    Finally ….
    1. The truth spoken…
    2. Apapun TUN saya ingin cadangkan TUN adakan petition online dr mana-mana website samaada website ini atau mana-manapun untuk MENGUNDI MENOLAK PAK LAH MENJADI PM atau MENGUNDI MEMINTA PAK LAH LETAK JAWATAN SEGERA….
    3. Mungkin juga TUN boleh kemukakan cadangan ini kepada Pemuda UMNO supaya PETITION ONLINE diadakan di website PEMUDA UMNO, biar mereka tahu berapa ramai rakyat Malaysia yang mahu melihat PAK LAH TURUN..
    4. HARAP cadangan saya diberi perhatian TUN untuk dilaksanakan secepat mungkin sebelum PAK LAH terus membuat kesilapan.
    5. …..
    TUN : HANG DOLAH, lebih baik kau turun sebelum Sultan yang dah jatuh murka akan kau hantar ‘TULAH’ pulak kot atas….
    PAK LAH : Ni, HANG TUN boleh rileks sat tak, seluar aku pun dah basah niii….
    banyak lagi akaun tak wat ‘CLOSING’ aku dah tutup semua akaun, dah CLEAR baru boleh cauu….

  377. Hookamania Jun 27,2008 5:00 PM

    Salam sejahtera YAB Tun,
    Kes ini memang menarik disebabkan kekuatan pengaruh politik akan dicampurkan dengan intergriti perundangan… yang selalunya dikaitkan dengan kelas atasan sahaja dan ini bermakna tiada kaitan dengan orang bawahan.
    Perlunya satu rumusan oleh badan eksekutif negara bagi menetapkan bahawa sama ada orang perundangan tersebut boleh dinilai dalam bentuk Suruhanjaya Bebas ataupun siasatan Pihak Berkuasa sebagaimana orang awam di Malaysia.
    Dan sekiranya cerita apa yang dimaksudkan ini banyak cabang mungkin terdapat pengaruh daripada politik semasa era YB Tun dan juga Perdana Menteri terkini. Ini kerana, jarang-jarang hakim buat Press Conference… Gambar pun tak boleh diambil di dalam Mahkamah…
    Apa yang memungkinkan, maka terjadilah bertambah satu lagi cerita panjang di dalam akhbar berhubung kes-kes penghakiman yang nyata membosankan di mana cerita permulaan dan pertengahan sahaja yang menarik tetapi diakhirnya tiada apa-apa…
    Sebagaimana kes Raja Petra yang seperlunya dan sepatutnya tidak perlu dilayan dan dibalas di dalam ruangan utama media massa kerana sesiapapun boleh membuat Akuan Bersumpah cuma ditambah sahaja di depan dan belakangnya Akta dan 1960… selagi yang membuat kenyataan tersebut adalah dirinya sendiri serta mengikut prosedur maka dia berhak menyatakan apa sahaja…
    Pelbagai reaksi segera yang diterima sama ada daripada Perdana Menteri, Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Ahli Parlimen tersebut. Cuma kadang-kadang cerita Raja Petra tersebut terdapat persamaan dengan cerita kelakar seorang Jutawan daripada Lubnan yang mahu membeli Malaysia dahulu… Itulah media massa kita…
    Semoga YB Tun terhibur dengan cerita politik sekarang…

  378. aiwguy Jun 27,2008 4:58 PM

    Salam bahagia Tun,
    Saya sangat kagum dengan kebolehan Tun mematahkan serangan Chin J dengan fakta yang tepat dan bernas dan disusun satu persatu. Jarang sangat ada orang yang berkebolehan sebegini.
    Mereka akan cuba juga menegakkan benang yang basah bagi melindungi kesalahan mereka. Namun kebenaran akan terserlah juga akhirnya.
    Saya berharap Tun akan terus tabah dan tenang melawan arus ini. Kami akan sentiasa menyokong Tun. Saya doakan Tun sentiasa dalam perlindungan Allah.
    Teruskan berjuang.

  379. MyMode Network Jun 27,2008 4:56 PM

    There is no need to be clarified or explained anymore since it is as clear as crystal that the actual bete noire of the rakyat is DSAAB.
    “Mana mungkin disorok bangkai gajah di bawah nyiru…”

  380. cintasangratu Jun 27,2008 4:54 PM

    What can i say….

  381. amirul Jun 27,2008 4:52 PM

    Salam tun dan blogger’s sekalian,
    Kagum dengan keberanian tun. Berani kerana benar takut kerana salah.
    I’m admire u. Teruskan perjuangan tun. Serang habis-habisan. Saya sokong tun.
    p/s: jaga kesihatan.

  382. aishah Jun 27,2008 4:52 PM

    Tun, you’re truly remarkable!!!!!

  383. karlor~hiuno Jun 27,2008 4:49 PM

    kenapa zaid ibrahim begitu bersungguh2 bangkitkkan isu lapok yg dah selesai. kenapa tiba2 ian chin baru hari ni nak bersuara. samalah dengan beberapa org bekas hakim yg dapat habuan ex-gratia tu…?

  384. Perantauan Jun 27,2008 4:49 PM

    Salam Ayahda Tun
    Dengan penerangan Tun melalui web ini, tiada siapa yang berani lagi membuat tuduhan palsu pada Tun.
    Semoga Allah sentiasa memberikan kesihatan yang baik pada Tun.
    Teruskan perjuangan. Ramai orang2 di akar umbi ini yang sayang dan sentiasa menyokong Tun.

  385. agalbttr Jun 27,2008 4:45 PM

    Assalamamualikum YABHG Tun
    Saya ucapkan syabas atas pendedahan ini. Tepat sekali. Sungguh lega bila saya membacanya.
    BTY kalau tak silap saya nama syarikat Suiswan Sdn Bhd sepatutnya
    Sinsuran Sdn Bhd.???

  386. zali lampai Jun 27,2008 4:45 PM

    28. It looks as if he was trying to curry favour with the Government by demonising the previous Prime Minister whom everyone knows is the bete noir of the present Government.
    29. And he was quite right because Government Ministers and the Prime Minister rushed to accept his story as absolutely true…
    33. Now Chin has changed his accusation of “veiled threat” to “the former premier did not say he would remove judges through a tribunal in those exact words but conveyed the threat by “dropping words to that effect here and there”. I wonder what the words are. He will now be thinking and cooking up more stories.
    P/S:- Kasihan Pulau Pinang… projek yang menguntungkan rakyat ditangguhkan. Macamana mereka nak kembali sokong BN lagi kalau kerajaan asyik bersikap balas dendam??

  387. ayusri74 Jun 27,2008 4:44 PM

    Buat TDM yang dikasihi,Saya amat kagum dengan cara TUN menghadapi sesuatu masalah dan tekanan.Saya yakin bahawa Tun berani Kerana Benar..
    Teruskan perjuangan…

  388. tanakwagu Jun 27,2008 4:44 PM

    Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Thumbs up!!
    You can be a lawyer, a doctor, a writer, a businessman and most importantly a great great leader. Just name it, you’re so capable and knowledgeable in almost all aspects if not all. I’m so, so… proud of you. We Malaysian still need you. And to be a bit selfish, you’re too young to have stepped down, even more to retire.

  389. Oumono Jun 27,2008 4:41 PM

    semua rakyat malaysia bete noir kepada kerajaan sekarang..klo tak mesti pak lah dah amek berat pasal rakyat..
    justice ian chin should be changed to ‘unjustice’ ian chin..what a shame that these kind of people could just walk away untouched just because in favors of pak lah..
    god doomed this type of person.
    Moga Tun panjang umur da murah rezeki.

  390. nikdublin.. Jun 27,2008 4:41 PM

    One more thing that strikes my mind today. How could they allow Ketuanan Melayu to be debated whether it is a just a social contract or not? I wonder if we can have the same kind of debate about all other races? I bet not.
    Salam hormat.

  391. matrix Jun 27,2008 4:41 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Reading from what Tun has revealed,it seem like J Chin is more interested to be a politician rather than a judge, if that is the case, definitely he is ocuppying a wrong chair! i wonder would any of the existing MPs who are not so “capable”, keeping their mouth shut throughout the current parliament proceeding be kind enough to make way for J Chin to become a politician.

  392. lampu basikal Jun 27,2008 4:41 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun
    Well said tun. One thing that I learned here is that no matter what happened, you just take law in your own hand. Anything that we do today may effect other in the future, make we wonder sometimes is “attack is the best form of defence” applied here really work? Well I get not because sooner or later the skeleton and also the dirty laundries in the closet will prevail. Keep up the good work tun, we love and also support you…..
    Ps: the truth is out already…….may god bless you and Malaysia
    WAsalam tun…..

  393. zaiton Jun 27,2008 4:40 PM

    Dearest Tun,
    Bravo……..let see what he has got to say now! No doubt he had something up his sleeves earlier. Keep on posting coz eventually all the skeletons in the closet will be exposed and the man behind all this will be disclosed. May GOD give u all the strength u need to fight these ungrateful brats…….

  394. seridewi Jun 27,2008 4:40 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir ,
    Bravo ! Bravo ! Now, what the Bar Council will comment on this?
    After Judge Ian Chin made a press statement, they’re among the first who were seemed to conquer with him .
    Mua!Ha!Ha!Go Tun!Go Tun! Go!

  395. nikdublin.. Jun 27,2008 4:38 PM

    Congrats for coming back at Ian Chin. And you have my respect for doing such a great homework. A true leader doesn’t throw empty and stupid accusations without having the facts right and double check whether it is correct or not. I wish Paklala and all other ministers have 40% of your brains. May be then we won’t be in this situations. I wonder how you managed to tolerate their stupidity for 22 years. Keep it up Tun!
    Salam hormat!

  396. asam jawa Jun 27,2008 4:38 PM

    Assalamualaikum Y Bhg. Tun
    Pendedahan Y. Bhg. Tun amatlah memeranjatkan saya. Dimanakah keadilan untuk orang Melayu jika institusi kehakiman masih dibelenggu perkauman. Hakim berkepentingan menyelahguna kuasa.
    Dengan izin Y. Bhg. Tun; merujuk kepada perkara 12, apakah yang dilakukan oleh PM, Polis Suhakam.
    Saya teringat peristiwa ketuk ketampi di lokap PJ. Kecoh satu Malaysia dan Parlimen kononnya yang didera bangsa Cina sampai menteri pergi ke China untuk memohon maaf. Hasil siasatan rupanya “GADIS MELAYU “. Lantas reaksi selanjutnya ialah ” TIADA MAAF TERHADAP GADIS MELAYU “.
    Institusi kehakiman kecoh dengan Video Linggam sehingga ditubuhkan Suruhanjaya Diraja. Kita tengok reaksi pihak yang memperjuangkan kebebasan dan ketelusan kehakiman terhadap bukti jejas pencabulan kewibawaan institusi tersebut. Jika tiada apa-apa tindakan terhadap hakim yang menyeleweng maka jelas kerajaan sudah tiada integriti.
    Saya sekeluarga mendoakan kesejahteraan Y. Bhg. Tun sekeluarga.

  397. pumen Jun 27,2008 4:36 PM

    Salute you Tun!
    To whoever out there trying to defame TDM, be sure you are “clean” before launching any attack.

  398. mhh Jun 27,2008 4:35 PM

    Dear Tun,
    We all support you!Dun forget drink fresh milk!
    All the Best.

  399. mlss Jun 27,2008 4:35 PM

    Good evening Tun,
    A wonderful homework done by Tun and finally managed to reveal his true colour.
    We proud to have Tun in this country.
    Everytime i read your article, it’s really inspire me to work harder and more committed in whatever I do..
    Please keep inspire us through your articles..

  400. azman abdul aziz Jun 27,2008 4:35 PM

    Your press statement will wake up those who always against you include Zaid Ibrahim. He should learn more from Tun.
    Well done Tun. Semoga Allah bersama hambanya yang benar.

  401. kulaan Jun 27,2008 4:33 PM

    Amat menyedihkan apabila Menteri dan Perdana Menteri seolah-olah dicucuk hidung oleh pembangkang yang dibayangi oleh Majlis Peguam. Mereka (majlis berkenaa)jelas mempunyai niat tak baik kepada UMNO dan BN. Tetapi PM dan menterinya lebih mempercayai mereka daripada ahli-ahli dan bekas Pemimpin mereka yang terbukti berkesan dalam menguruskan pelbagai masalah negara sebelum ini.
    Kami..rata-rata rakyat dan penyokong selama ini amat hampa dengan kepimpinan sekarang.

  402. antimamak Jun 27,2008 4:33 PM

    Kalau siapa percaya article ini ditulis oleh Tun, maka dia patut terima anugerah pak bodoh!
    Kalau lah siapa yang mengganggap article ini ditulis oleh Tun, maka dialah pembodek yang tak berotak!
    Hantu pun tak percaya lah!! nampaknya Tun pun guna orang punya idea bohong sama kita!

  403. Kudapan Jun 27,2008 4:33 PM

    Tun, I am very impressed with your detailed revealation of the case. Knowing you, I am quite confident that you would be able to to overcome this little “irritation”. Yes, all matters so far that had been brought to the open are just to irritate you. They still know little about you – a man with a far-sighted vision that not many Malaysian understand and appreciate, a man who maintains a healthy body and mind at your age that for most of them already senile.Keep it up and may Allah be with you who can speak the truth. We hope more “smart” people can irritate you so that we all can hear and learn the truth from you. Because I or many of us by now cannot trust our learned judges.

  404. ikanbilismoh Jun 27,2008 4:32 PM

    Assalamualaikum TUN….
    syabas dan tahniah TUN telah mematahkan segala tuduhan-tuduhan berunsur fitnah terhadap TUN….
    Lihat betapa hebatnta TUN dapat mengeluarkan fakta-fakta yang amat bernas dan tepat….tidak seperti pemimpin sekarang ini…baru ditanyakan masalah…terkapar-kapar untuk menjawabnya…
    Kami semua yang melayari laman blog TUN amat terharu dan amat menyanjung tinggi akan keberanian TUN dan kebijaksanaan TUN menjawab semua persoalan yg cuba memburuk-burukkan TUN…
    Tahniah TUN sekali lagi…tapi sayang kami semua amat merindui akan kepimpinan TUN yang amat mulia daripada pemimpin-pemimpin yang ada sekarang ini yang kaki-kaki pembodek dan pengampu tetapi buat kerja tak seberapa aje…
    TUN tolonglah kembali kearena politik semua…kalu TUN tak dapat mentadbir lama pun dapat setahun pun kami akan cukup merasai kegembiraan semula berbanding sekarang ini…
    Tolonglah TUN fikir-fikirkan semula…insyaallah kami semua rakyat dibawah ini akan membantu TUN dapar merealisasikannya…
    Tolooooongglah TUN fikir-fikirkan semula untuk mentadbir negara yang semakin punah ranah ditadbir orang-orang tidak bertanggungjawab ini…
    Harap semua pelayar blog TUN pun turut sama merayu kepada beliau…

  405. antimamak Jun 27,2008 4:30 PM

    Hairan, hairan!! Betulkah article ini ditulis oleh Tun?? nampaknya bau roti canai sudah hilang.. article ini ditulis oleh pengemuan mana mana kot??
    Metthais Chang atau VK Lingam kah?
    Tun, ramai rakaayat amat memarahai Paklah pandai bohong, jangan jangan Blog ini ditulis oleh orang lain, macam tu TUN bohong kita bulat bulat saja lah!
    Hairan… waktu kes royal comisiion , Tun mudah jawap, lupa..tapi sekarang, Fullamak, detail, clear, clean sahaja.
    Kesimpulannya Kalaulah roti canai sudah habis dijual. cakap saja lah terang terang, jangan pijam roti canai dari mamak lain, tentu baunya berbeza !!
    Kalau nak marah di sini ok?? sini lagi best, tiada pengampu, pembodek punya blog.

  406. vision2020 Jun 27,2008 4:29 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Me represent all my family and my fellow colleague have full support on you !!! Ian personality is in question ? he is a person with no integrity and is a pure hypocrites !!! His behaviour is like a loser, and he just want to divert people attention to cover all his prejudice judgement !!! he is shameful to all sabahan and i think he should not qualify as a judge !!!

  407. Mentel Jun 27,2008 4:28 PM

    Abdullah Badawi
    We demand Royal Commission or Tribunal to investigate Ian Chin’s behaviour.

  408. ashar Jun 27,2008 4:26 PM

    By Melayu Nusantara on June 27, 2008 3:41 AM

  409. tayadiH maysiA Jun 27,2008 4:25 PM

    Dia dah buat silap, nak “jilat” PM flip flop supaya tak dikenakan tindakan. mudah sangat congak dan kira-kiranya.

  410. Closteriopsis Jun 27,2008 4:25 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Kalau kta berkhidmat secara ikhlas, tidak ada satu pun percubaan untuk memburukkan nama kta akan berjaya. Sebab kta sentiasa ada alasan yang kukuh untuk mempertahankan perbuatan kta. Betul tak Tun..Akhirnya Ian Chin “membuka pekung di dada”..niat tak baik memakan diri sendiri…
    Semoga Tun Sihat Wal Afiat.

  411. Maverick Jun 27,2008 4:23 PM

    Assalamulaikun Tun & Family…
    At last… u’ve answer the sensational accusation by Ian Chin. We do need to know the truth behind this all. Wall, I hope you can tell us more about this… in court or in your blog. Thanks…

  412. emville Jun 27,2008 4:23 PM

    Saya teramat la respek Tun punya daya ingatan. Memang excellent. I wish I have that ability.
    Skrg ni tengok siapa pulak yg panas. Dia orang ni ingat boleh main2 dgn Tun.
    Hidup Tun M!

  413. mistikana Jun 27,2008 4:23 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    I like the style you point your cronology of memory. Now he got a sleepless night. Beware he will sure fight you back!
    Good luck Tun!

  414. merongwangsa Jun 27,2008 4:22 PM

    Salam sejahtera Tun,
    Go on Tun. Fight back. Saya respect Datuk Paduka Ibrahim Ali kerana dgn beraninya membuat lapuran polis terhadap kes ini. Inilah yg dinamakan kesetiaan, walau dlm keadaan apa pun beliau tetap dipihak Tun.

  415. metal13 Jun 27,2008 4:22 PM cite mahkamah ni…objection your honour!

  416. Syahir Jun 27,2008 4:19 PM

    Kerajaan Rejim Dollah diminta buat tribunal khas kesalahan Hakim! Jangan ingat semua Hakim ni maksum, mereka manusia juga. Ada di antara mereka membuat skandal. Saya sokong tindakan Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad untuk mendedahkan skandal Hakim kurang ajar ini dan saya harap Tun dedahkan pekong mereka semua! Ex-Gratia merupakan korupsi yang nyata! Itu duit rakyaat! Bukan duit keluarga Dollah!
    Hidop, Tun! Hidop TUN!!!

  417. nazimshah Jun 27,2008 4:17 PM

    tun bangga dengan mu….

  418. Tamingsari Jun 27,2008 4:16 PM

    Dear Tun,
    If all what Tun say’s is true…I am sure it is….then Judge Ian Chin is a disgrace of the highest order to this country.

  419. ashar Jun 27,2008 4:14 PM


  420. JaYbOnE Jun 27,2008 4:11 PM

    Yes Sir..
    This current goverment will do nothing….none at all…their ego is writing checks their body cant cash!!! STUPID IDIOT!

  421. Ezri Jun 27,2008 4:10 PM

    Excellent. Fight fire with fire.
    You just attacked his character, but you did not deny his allegations.

  422. debupapa Jun 27,2008 4:08 PM

    Salam TUN,
    I got your back 🙂

  423. rossi Jun 27,2008 4:05 PM

    Dear Tun,
    NOW you talking!
    However, please Tun, save the best for last. Don’t waste the bullet for people like this.
    luv u TUN.

  424. kzso Jun 27,2008 4:04 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I doubt that ydp pm will call for a tribunal on this case. He and the hp6 de facto law minister don’t dare to call for a tribunal knowingly it’ll backfire on them. The hp6 de facto law minister has shown enough stupidity but who knows (when you’re already hp6) they’ll do another stupid thing.

  425. zaman Jun 27,2008 4:04 PM

    Tun Womderful job.
    Just powerful.
    Tun jangan lupa kembali lah menegakkan keadilan.
    I simply SALUTE YOU the one and only

  426. sham Jun 27,2008 4:04 PM

    You make a mistake Ian Chin…

  427. zad Jun 27,2008 4:03 PM

    Salam sejahtera TDM & Family
    Semoga TDM dilimpahi kesihatan yang baik selalu dariNya;
    Teruskan menulis TDM, agar mereka-mereka yang berkepentingan ini sedar dari kesilapan mereka …
    Semoga semua tahu akan kebenaran yang sebenar di sebalik kisah yang di war-warkan
    Kami sentiasa di belakang Tun

  428. Melayu Nusantara Jun 27,2008 3:59 PM

    Very nice move…..from TUN.
    well Ian Chin …CHECKMATE.
    Salam perjuangan.

  429. nid Jun 27,2008 3:59 PM

    Salam Tun.
    So thats what happened…

  430. sintaro08 Jun 27,2008 3:59 PM

    Cantik laa Tun balas balik pada I.Chin tuu…
    sekurang2nya kami rakyat Malaysia tak terpinga2 di perbodohkan oleh media perdana goblok di bawah kawalan Pak Lah yang lembab…
    memang kita boleh jangka tidak akan ada siasatan ke atas hakim mangkok tuu… pak lah n co mengharap sesuatu yang buruk akan berlaku dengan keterangan hakim mangkok tuu…
    apa pun Tun… rakyat semua sedar apa yang nak di putar belitkan oleh kerajaan… rakyat sekarang dah matang… bukan lagi duduk bawah tempurung… yang duduk bawah tempurung adalah pemimpin dan penyokong UMNO yang pro pak zzzz tu saja…
    Tambah lagi Tun… bagi kami suntikan lagi… sekarang ni pun dah menyampah tahap gila babi pada UMNO/BN… Tuan tambah lagi… kita orang sudi membaca dan terus membaca dan pastikan hujah Tun sampai ke peringkat bawah… free of charge…

  431. nadzri Jun 27,2008 3:56 PM

    Izinkan saya berpantun:
    Pulau Pandan Jauh ke tengah,
    KLCC bercabang dua;
    KLIA bercabang tiga;
    Walau apapun yang New Straits Times kata,
    Jasa Tun tetap kami kenang jua.

  432. jimmybong Jun 27,2008 3:55 PM

    Yeah Tun, nail these suckers….
    These are the kinds of nonsense in the judiciary that AAB, Zaid, Ambiga and Bar Council need to deal with immediately just as they dealt with the Lingam case. I wonder what they have to say now that this has been revealed? From the look of it, they will keep their big mouth shut! Hypocrites…..!!

  433. Offshore Representative Jun 27,2008 3:54 PM

    Judge Ian Chin is a flip-forward judge ???
    Similiar to Pak Lah …?

  434. pakbelalang Jun 27,2008 3:54 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Now I want to hear what Bar Council and the “backdoor” Minister of Law will have to say . Lets see.

  435. abramosa Jun 27,2008 3:54 PM

    Semoga bersungguh-sungguh lagi untuk menjatuhkan KERAJAAN LANGIT PAK LAH INI…

  436. ketam Jun 27,2008 3:54 PM

    Salam TDM, a very good statement from you. Well, all of your statement have always been interesting. With you, reporters are happy and the people are happy as well. Why oh why do you have to step down. You are a true statesman , and I believe history will put your name on the same line as Sultan Mansur Shah, except that he was a Malacca Sultan. I hope that Sultan Mizan and you are in good terms as only the two of you combined can do something to oust the present Prime Minister. Please keep it up, your name and my parents name are always in my prayer.

  437. kupang Jun 27,2008 3:54 PM

    what a statement!!
    takes time for me to comprehend..
    what say you Ian ..?

  438. zaman Jun 27,2008 3:49 PM

    Tun terus kan perjuanganmu
    Kami tetap menyokong

  439. umi aisyah Jun 27,2008 3:44 PM

    Ya Allah datangkanlah segera penyelamat yang telah Engkau janjikan…….

  440. TokUban Jun 27,2008 3:43 PM

    Hakim juga adalah manusia biasa maka mereka juga tertakluk kepada melakukan kesilapan. Tiada sebab untuk mereka merasa bahawa mereka adalah lebih mulia daripada orang lain. Tanggungjawab yang diberkan adalah satu amanah bukan untuk mengangkat darjat mereka.

  441. karlor~hiuno Jun 27,2008 3:43 PM

    we all love u tun.

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