(Versi Bahasa Malaysia di akhir artikel ini)

1. The Malaysian Government appears not to be perturbed by what is happening in the world.

2. It appears to be convinced that it can isolate and insulate itself from whatever is happening to the world.

3. It seems to be confident that it will be left untouched.

4. It merely reacts to situations as they arise one by one.

5. The mainstream media hardly ever mention the turmoil that the world is facing. Certainly no in-depth analysis has been made. Only Malaysian Business has asked whether we are prepared for the worldwide catastrophe that must bring chaos and problems to our economy, finance, politics and social life. The rest seemed blithely unconcerned. Certainly the people are not being prepared for the inevitable.

6. We are admittedly more fortunate than many other countries. When costs are rising and manufactured exports are shrinking, our commodities have come to our aid. Our export earnings from petroleum and gas, palm oil, rubber and tin have increased many times over.

7. The rise in the price of petrol and products has begun to affect our lives, our living standards and our complacency.

8. We produce about 650,000 barrels a day, consume 400,000 and export roughly 250,000 barrels. We used to earn 30 US Dollar per barrel; today we earn 140 US Dollar, almost all profit. Work out the revenue from 250,000 barrels per day for one year.

9. Besides, we produce 900,000 barrels equivalent of gas, mostly exported. There is no need to take notice of the petrol we produce in Sudan and elsewhere, all selling at 100 US Dollar plus.

10. But we also earn more, much more from palm oil. It used to cost us RM600 per ton to produce. It must be slightly more now. But one ton of palm oil used to sell for RM800 before. Now it sells for more than RM3,000. The palm oil plantation companies are laughing all the way to the bank.

11. But the prices of rubber and even tin have also increased tremendously.

12. For the Government it must mean a great increase in revenue. The profits from petroleum accrue 100% to the Government. I believe in 2006 when oil price was about 70 US Dollar Petronas made a profit before tax of 60 billion Ringgit.

13. Whereas the tax on corporate incomes of the manufacturing companies is minimal, corporate tax revenue from companies producing and exporting palm oil, rubber and tin is very high. If we care to look at the profits of companies today many make well over a billion a year, some more than three billion.

14. So the Government should be flushed with money. But companies not involved in the production of raw material cannot be doing so well. Their imported raw materials including oil and components have all increased in price. They have to increase their export and domestic prices but profits may be less.

15. The construction companies have few contracts to share among themselves. The big Government projects have not materialised. The sub-contractors and building material suppliers are not doing well either.

16. The big construction companies have gone abroad. Some are doing quite well but they cannot help Malaysian subcontractors as the local subcontractors are entitled to get the contracts.

17. Malaysian investors are also not investing in the country. They have a good choice for making money investing in such countries as China and Vietnam. They will pay taxes in these countries.

18. In the meantime the world is undergoing a traumatic economic and financial turmoil. It began with the devaluation of the US Dollar. I do not know how much US Dollar bonds are held by Malaysia. I remember telling the Governor of Bank Negara to reduce our dollar holdings before I stepped down. I hope she has done so. Otherwise we would lose 80 Malaysian sen for every US Dollar we hold. When we hold 30 or 40 billion US Dollar the loss can be considerable.

19. We may make some money from the other currencies which have appreciated against our Ringgit.

20. The US Dollar is going to go down further due to unwise playing around with money. Sub-prime lending was considered profitable before but now the market has collapsed. The loan papers had been readily bought by institutions but now the papers are worthless because no one wants to buy them. And the borrowers are not paying simply because they have no money.

21. The US which condemned us so righteously for bailing out companies now approves massive bailouts by Institutions and the Federal Reserve Bank. These are not small amounts. They are talking about US200 – US400 billion dollars.

22. Bear Stearns sale is a classic case but other banks are faring no better. They will have to sell at fire-sale prices like the banks of Southeast Asia had to do after currency traders bankrupted these banks. A taste of their own medicine should have a salutary effect on the arrogance of the big money people, and their countries.

23. The financial problems of the United States have spilled over to the European countries. They too had been involved in sub-prime lending, either directly or indirectly.

24. The US dollar is going to shrink further as countries unload their dollar holdings, refuse to buy US Dollar bonds, and use other currencies for trading. Oil producers may demand to be paid in their own currencies. The international financial regime will then collapse.

25. The US Dollar is not backed by anything. It sustains its value because it is used as a trading currency. When countries start using other currencies for trading and quickly dispose off the US Dollar in favour of Euro or Yen; when the US Dollar is no longer used for the reserves of the rich countries, then the US Dollar will not be worth the paper on which it is printed.

26. The United States already suffers from twin deficits. When the dollar becomes useless the United States will go into deep recession. Printing more money by the Federal Reserve Bank (which incidentally is not owned by the Government but by other banks) will only result in its devaluation and inflation in the United States.

27. The United States must surely go into severe recession (I am sure the United States will do something illegal in order to prevent this from happening). But whatever, United States recession will affect the whole world.

28. Unprecedentedly the world is experiencing food shortages, something which it had not seen for decades.

29. I will not say anything about the world as everyone knows and I know I am not an economist or a financial expert. But I will try and guess what would happen to Malaysia.

30. Twenty percent of our export goes to the United States. Obviously this market would not be able to absorb what we have to sell to them. We will not lose all but quite a substantial sum will be lost.

31. The economies of the developed countries will also suffer, maybe less than the United States. But our export to them would shrink also.

32. With the money form our petroleum export and revenue from other raw materials we had been able to subsidise for some time. But the prices of fuel and other goods will all increase far beyond the percentage of the increase in oil prices after the subsidy was withdrawn. This is aggravated by the actual increase in prices of foodstuff and food grains, building materials, and assorted imported goods. Even the items produced within the country will increase in price because of imported contents.

33. But the Government is still talking about 5%-7% inflation. This is quite meaningless to lower and middle-income people who must pay 40% more for petrol and 100% more for rice. Other necessities too have increased in price by well over 5%-7%. Stopping price control in the belief that the market will determine prices is imprudent.

34. One of the reasons why Malaysia’s inflation rates had remained low compared to other developing countries and even some developed countries is the control over prices of essential goods. Without control there will always be profiteering. And profiteering will result in a high rate of inflation.

35. Today wage earners in particular are suffering. Wages have not increased to compensate for increased cost of living. While chasing prices with increases in wages can cause a wage/price spiral, but judicious increases to cushion off the rising costs would reduce the impact of inflation on the lower income people.

36. Malaysia must give up the idea of competing on the basis of low cost labour. Against China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia we just cannot win. We must provide other elements attractive to investors.

37. Confidence in the consistency of Government policies and political stability would be among the factors attractive to business. There can be a lot of other things that can be provided to offset the rise in wages. After all we must remember that many developed countries have very high wages. Even if we double the salaries and wages paid in Malaysia we would still be far lower than wages in developed countries.

38. We had planned to go hi-tech in order to increase income. But there is not much moving in the implementation of this policy. Instead we want to be an agricultural country again. Planting food crops on the side tables of roads may increase food production but it will not help fight inflation on the scale needed for overcoming the turmoil in the world.



1. Kerajaan Malaysia nampak seolah-olah tidak risau dengan keadaan dunia yang tidak menentu.

2. Kerajaan nampak begitu yakin bahawa ia dapat mengasingkan dan mempertahankan negara daripada apa sahaja kejadian yang berlaku di dunia.

3. Kerajaan nampak yakin yang negara tidak akan merasai apa-apa kesan.

4. Kerajaan hanya bertindak terhadap apa jua situasi yang bangkit berasingan dan satu persatu.

5. Media arus perdana tidak menyentuh kekusutan yang dihadapi dunia. Jauh sekali analisa yang mendalam dibuat. Hanya Malaysian Business pernah bertanya apakah kita bersedia menghadapi kekucaran yang sudah tentu akan membawa kerosakan dan masalah kepada ekonomi, kewangan politik dan kehidupan sosial kita. Yang lain-lain nampaknya tidak sikitpun merasa khuatir. Jelas sekali rakyat tidak disediakan untuk menghadapi apa-apa kemungkinan.

6. Benarlah nasib kita jauh lebih baik berbanding banyak lagi negara lain. Apabila kos meningkat dan eksport barang buatan merosot, komoditi kita menyelamatkan kita. Pendapatan daripada eksport daripada petroliam dan gas, minyak kelapa sawit, getah dan timah telah jauh meningkat.

6. Kenaikan harga petrol dan barangan telah membawa kesan kepada kehidupan kita dan taraf hidup kita.

7. Kita keluarkan lebih kurang 650,000 tong (minyak mentah) sehari, menggunapakai 400,000 dan eksport lebih kurang 250,000 tong. Dulu kita menjual pada kadar 30 Dollar Amerika satu tong; hari ini kita memperoleh 140 Dollar Amerika, hampir semuanya keuntungan. Cubalah kira perolehan daripada 250,000 tong sehari untuk setahun.

8. Selain itu kita juga keluarkan gas bersamaan 900,000 tong yang kebanyakannya di eksport. Tak perlu kita ambil kira minyak yang dikeluarkan di Sudan dan lain-lain tempat yang dijual pada kadar lebih 100 Dollar Amerika.

9. Tetapi kita juga memperoleh pulangan yang lebih banyak daripada minyak kelapa sawit. Dulu kos pengeluaran RM600 setiap tan. Mungkin ianya telah naik sedikit. Tetapi satu tan minyak kelapa sawit dulu dijual dengan harga RM800. Sekarang ianya dijual lebih RM3,000. Sudah tentu syarikat-syarikat perladangan membuat duit yang banyak. Mereka ketawa besar meluru ke bank.

10. Tetapi harga getah dan bijih timah juga telah naik mendadak.

11. Bagi Kerajaan ianya bermakna kenaikan pendapatan cukai yang tinggi. Keuntungan daripada petroleum adalah 100% hak Kerajaan. Pada tahun 2006 apabila harga minyak sekitar 70 Dollar Amerika keuntungan sebelum cukai Petronas berjumlah 60 billion Ringgit.

12. Walaupun cukai pendapatan korporat syarikat pembuatan adalah minimal, pendapatan cukai korporat daripada syarikat-syarikat pengeluar dan pengeksport minyak kelapa sawit, getah dan timah amat tinggi. Jika kita lihat keuntungan syarikat-syarikat hari ini, banyak yang mencatat lebih satu bilion setahun, sesetengah mencecah lebih tiga bilion.

13. Oleh itu Kerajaan seharusnya mempunyai banyak wang. Tetapi syarikat-syarikat yang tidak terlibat dalam pengeluaran bahan mentah tidak mungkin begitu berjaya. Bahan mentah yang diimport termasuk minyak dan komponen kesemuanya mengalami peningkatan harga. Mereka terpaksa menaikkan harga export serta harga dalam negeri tetapi keuntungan mungkin kurang.

14. Syarikat-syarikat pembinaan terpaksa berkongsi hanya beberapa kontrak di antara mereka. Projek-projek besar Kerajaan tidak berjalan. Sub-kontraktor dan pembekal bahan binaan juga tidak begitu maju.

15. Syarikat-syarikat pembinaan yang besar telah berhijrah ke luar negara. Sesetengahnya berjaya tetapi mereka tidak boleh membantu sub-kontraktor Malaysia kerana sub-kontraktor tempatan lebih layak mendapat kontrak.

16. Pelabur Malaysia juga tidak melabur dalam negara. Mereka punyai pilihan baik untuk mengaut untung dengan melabur di negara-negara seperti China dan Vietnam. Mereka akan bayar cukai di negara-negara ini.

17. Sementara itu dunia sedang berhadapan kelembapan ekonomi dan kewangan. Ianya bermula dengan penyusutan nilai Dollar Amerika. Saya tidak tahu berapa banyak bon Dollar Amerika yang dipegang Malaysia. Saya ingat yang saya telah memberitahu Gabenor Bank Negara supaya dikurangkan pegangan Dolar Amerika sebelum saya bersara. Saya harap dianya telah berbuat demikian. Jika tidak kita akan kerugian 80 sen Malaysia untuk setiap satu Dollar Amerika yang kita pegang. Dan apabila kita pegang 30 atau 40 billion Dollar Amerika kerugian boleh jadi agak besar.

18. Kita mungkin akan dapat keuntungan daripada pegangan matawang lain yang telah meningkat berbanding Ringgit.

19. Dollar Amerika akan susut lagi disebabkan tindakan dan permainan wang yang tidak sihat. Pinjaman sub-prima dulu dianggap menguntungkan tetapi sekarang ini penjualan kertas pinjaman sudah jatuh. Kertas pinjaman yang biasanya dibeli institusi-institusi kini tidak lagi berharga kerana tidak ada pihak yang ingin beli. Dan peminjam tidak dapat bayar kerana mereka tidak ada duit.

20. Amerika Syarikat yang dahulunya mengutuk kita kerana menyelamatkan syarikat-syarikat kita sekarang ini membenarkan “bail-out” secara besar-besaran oleh Institusi dan Bank Simpanan Persekutuan yang melibatkan jumlah di antara US200 bilion hingga US400 billion.

21. Penjualan Bear Stearns menakjubkan, tetapi bank-bank lain juga tidak punyai prestasi yang baik. Mereka akan terpaksa jual lelong sebagaimana bank-bank di Asia Tenggara terpaksa dijual setelah dibankrapkan penyangak matawang. Meludah ke langit terkena muka sendiri! Seharusnya ini memberi kesan kepada orang kaya dan negara-negara kaya yang bongkak.

22. Masalah kewangan Amerika Syarikat telah melimpah ke Eropah. Mereka juga terlibat dalam pinjaman sub-prima, secara langsung atau tidak langsung.

23. Dolar Amerika akan susut lagi apabila negara-negara lain menjual simpanan Dolar mereka, menolak pembelian bon Dolar Amerika dan menggunakan matawang lain bagi urusan perdagangan. Pengeluar minyak mungkin akan menuntut dibayar dalam matawang mereka sendiri. Ini akan menyebabkan rejim kewangan antarabangsa lumpuh.

24. Dollar Amerika tidak disokong oleh apa-apa. Ia mempunyai nilai hanya kerana ianya digunakan sebagai matawang dagangan. Apabila negara-negara menggunakan matawang lain bagi urusan dagangan dan melepaskan pegangan Dollar Amerika dan diganti dengan Euro atau Yen; apabila Dollar Amerika tidak lagi digunakan sebagai matawang simpanan negara-negara kaya, maka Dolar Amerika tidak akan bernilai sama sekali.

25. Amerika Syarikat kini menghadapi defisit berkembar. Apabila Dollar tidak lagi bernilai Amerika Syarikat akan menghadapi kemelesetan ekonomi. Percetakan berlebihan duit oleh Bank Simpanan Persekutuan (yang tidakpun dimiliki oleh Kerajaan tetapi oleh Bank-bank lain) hanya akan menyebabkan penyusutan nilai serta inflasi di Amerika Syarikat.

26. Amerika Syarikat akan alami kemelesetan ekonomi yang teruk (Saya pasti yang Amerika Syarikat akan lakukan sesuatu yang menyalahi aturan peraturan untuk mengelak daripada ini berlaku). Apapun, kemelesetan ekonomi Amerika Syarikat akan dirasai seluruh dunia.

27. Satu lagi yang tidak pernah berlaku untuk jangkamasa yang amat lama ialah dunia sedang mengalami kekurangan makanan.

28. Saya tidak akan berkata apa-apa tentang dunia kerana semua orang tahu dan saya juga tahu yang saya ini bukanlah pakar ekonomi atau kewangan. Tetapi saya akan cuba teka apa yang akan terjadi kepada Malaysia.

29. Dua puluh empat peratus eksport negara kita adalah ke Amerika Syarikat. Sudah tentu pasaran ini tidak mungkin dapat menerima semua yang kita hendak jual kepada mereka. Kita tidak akan kehilangan semua tetapi kita akan kehilangan jumlah yang agak besar.

30. Ekonomi negara-negara maju juga akan turut alami kemelesetan, mungkin kurang daripada Amerika Syarikat. Tetapi eksport kepada mereka juga akan susut.

31. Dengan sumber kewangan daripada eksport minyak dan pendapatan daripada lain-lain bahan mentah kita telah berjaya mengekalkan subsidi untuk seberapa lama. Tetapi harga bahan api dan barangan lain akan meningkat jauh lebih tinggi daripada peratusan kenaikan harga minyak selepas ditarik balik subsidi. Ini akan menjadi lebih teruk dengan kenaikan harga barang makanan, bijirin, bahan binaan dan pelbagai barangan import lain. Begitu juga dengan harga barangan buatan tempatan yang akan meningkat kerana mengandungi bahan-bahan yang diimport.

31. Tetapi Kerajaan masih lagi bercakap tentang kadar inflasi 5%-7%. Ini tidak membawa apa-apa makna kepada golongan yang berpendapatan rendah dan sederhana yang terpaksa bayar 40% lebih tinggi untuk minyak dan 100% lebih tinggi untuk beras. Harga lain-lain keperluan juga telah meningkat lebih 5%-7%. Menghentikan kawalan harga kerana percaya yang pasaran akan menentukan harga adalah tidak bijak.

32. Salah satu sebab kenapa kadar inflasi Malaysia kekal rendah berbanding lain-lain negara membangun dan sesetengah negara maju ialah kerana kawalan harga ke atas barangan keperluan. Tanpa kawalan harga akan terdapat pengambilan untung yang berlebihan. Dan pengambilan untung berlebihan akan menyebabkan kadar inflasi naik tinggi.

33. Hari ini mereka yang makan gaji terutamanya terpaksa tanggung beban. Gaji tidak bertambah untuk mengimbang kenaikan kos sara hidup. Mengejar harga barang dengan menaikkan gaji akan menghasilkan peningkatan inflasi yang teruk, tetapi kenaikan yang beransur-ansur untuk mengimbang peningkatan kos akan mengurangkan kesan inflasi ke atas rakyat berpendapatan rendah.

34. Malaysia tidak boleh bertanding di atas landasan harga tenaga kerja yang rendah. Kita tidak boleh bersaing dengan China, Vietnam, Thailand dan Indonesia. Kita mesti sediakan elemen-elemen lain untuk menarik pelabur.

35. Keyakinan dengan polisi Kerajaan yang tidak bertukar-tukar dan kestabilan politik adalah antara faktor yang menarik pelaburan. Ada banyak lagi yang boleh ditawar untuk mengimbang kenaikan kadar gaji. Kita mesti ingat yang banyak negara maju mempunyai kadar gaji yang amat tinggi. Jika kita gandakan gaji dan upah di Malaysia, ianya masih lagi jauh lebih rendah berbanding negara maju.

36. Kita telah merancang untuk menuju ke arah teknologi tinggi untuk meningkatkan pendapatan. Tetapi tidak banyak yang berubah di dalam mengimplimentasikan polisi ini. Malahan kita ingin berbalik kepada negara pertanian. Bercucuk tanam di tepi jalan mungkin akan tingkatkan pengeluaran makanan tetapi tidak akan membantu memerangi inflasi pada kadar yang kita perlukan untuk menangani kecelaruan di dunia.


  1. Fres Aug 27,2008 3:00 PM

    A’kum, TDM..
    i’m among many msian tht salute Tun’s leadership.sometimes,me n my family really miss Tun’s ruling days (sory 4 inappropriate words) & sometimes we wish time can go back where there was less political turmoil screaming everywhere in the medias.
    what i would request may not related to the current situation of the political scene. i’m not an expert (still studying) but still aware of the storming news around our country.
    i am currently on a project sponsored by the Japan Foreign Trade Council & i would really appreciate if Tun would specify the name of the book I was looking for. i am searching for the “look at east policy” full content that was Tun’s ideas back in 1982. it would be helpful reference as the project is quite related to the economic relationship btwn Japan n Msia.
    i do apologize if my comments here not related at all with the above topic.
    anyway, i wish Tun a best of health & big thanks to Tun for the ideas that change our country in the eyes of the world. Happy 51th Independence Day…Wassalam…

  2. suzain Jul 19,2008 3:47 PM

    dear ayahanda, happy belated birthday to you and bonda.even though i’m the last i still love you man. keep on giving us the info. u rock man.
    miss both of you muuuuuuuuah. to antimamak watchout man another tun diehard fan is here. to pak lah and the gang or whatever names people give you……. malas nak komen dah. penatlah… sen no use

  3. Alkahest Jul 10,2008 10:15 PM

    I’ve looked up to you, and your leadership, in the past, and even now.
    Please have a look at this…
    The real issues surpasses beyond our country’s limited perspective.

  4. Case Tho Jul 9,2008 7:52 PM…eh…semua orang, we have to find a way to mend our fences lah… We are so introverted nowadays, fighting with ourselves, fighting among ourselves, fighting among races, fighting among political parties, fighting with our house neighours, fighting with the gangsters…and what-have-you.
    From centuries until now, when we fight, the Europeans will look at us and smirked: “Hei, let’s take sides and make the division bigger! Hahahahahaha”.
    For centuries, that’s how the Europeans can control the other parts of the world. Not that they are clever, but we are DAMNED STUPID. We people here, the non-Europeans don’t make ships and sail to lands far away and FOUND THIS ISLAND, FOUND THAT COUNTRY, whatever.
    We people here, the non-Europeans don’t think of making money out of whole countries. We don’t mind people’s business in the other world.
    So our non-European attitude is actually PEACEFUL AND MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS…. BUT THE TROUBLE is the Europeans will MIND OUR BUSINESS.
    If you don’t know what I am getting it: Let me try again. IF WE HAVE TO QUARREL, DON’T QUARREL IN FRONT OF A EUROPEAN.
    But you will say, “How not to quarrel in front of European, when there is the newspaper to report this and that, the busybody to report this and that, the rumour-mongering people who bring the fire from here to there, and bring the fire from there to here.
    Eh… actually the point is this brass tack. Most parts of the world are actually waiting to fall into a trap, to be colonised, to be controlled, to be used, to be exploited, etc…
    Wait, before you say I am a doomsday prophet, STOP AND READ ON. I like to use this simile. When someone with a very sharp knife beheads a chicken running around, the chicken will still run eventhough the head is already gone…. but the chicken’s running pace will slowly reduce and it will walk and then finally grinds to a halt, and drops dead.
    The economies around the world is just like that. Most economies are actually heading towards ‘death’, but this is not visible because the ploys are so subtle, the media is so clever, the heads of governments are so stupid, the economic vultures are wearing sheepskin, the unscrupulous traders are pulling wool over our eyes….
    C’mon, just think about it. The juggernaut of destruction set into motion by some FACELESS individuals who forms a team to hegemonize the world is moving like clockwork.
    And here we are quarreling, bickering, scolding, and talking nonsense in Parliament…..
    LOOK AT THE WORLD…. WE WILL BE ONE OF THE DOOMED COUNTRIES if we keep an introverted behaviour. We have to look outside and become extroverted.

  5. sontokarim Jul 9,2008 5:00 PM

    congrate TUN!
    What a true man we still have until today…
    we all Malaysians should be glad…
    well, with all problems and crises arising now or maybe created with purposes by some party..
    we all Malays should always be ‘wake up’ since our journey lies far away ahead…
    should never forgotten our PERJUANGAN BELUM SELESAI!!!
    We really need a body like Tun, a thinker like him whose thoughts are hardly found useful by many people…
    only those who have vision 50years ahead could get it!

  6. kp Jul 9,2008 9:39 AM

    The iminent future this country is heading forward is apparently gloomy which i believe is the work of a group incapable and naive leaders holding the helm of this nation. What we not normally heard of in the mainstream media is the strategies by leaders on how on earth they are going to tackle this ensuing calamity but all that are heard of is their self-centred, retarded words and comments on their own politics. the best thing i’ve ever heard of from our current dear PM is ” rakyat-rakyat harus berjimat untuk mengatasi inflasi” my gosh, where does the statement come from? Is our dear PM for real or just for showcase, does he even have substant? does he even understand the fundamentals of economics which is essential for managing a country. These people who are steering our country must do something mature and please think twice before taking any drastic action. I found statements from the leaders are all the times too childish, full of rhetoric that even my 8 years old cousin sis would know how to say. Don’t tell us things we already know please. Well if they can’t manage the country well, please just do the right thing, step down and let more capable people to take over, at least your name would not rot in the history book. Not unless that is your wish to. I still have a year on my degree with a public university before joining the working society, and now I’m already contemplating the option of migrating due to the constant sense of insecurity. Leaders should do what’s best for their people and if the status quo persist, i wonder would the same happened to Ferdinand Marcos in the mid 80s takes place on this very soil we so proudly called Malaysia?

  7. einstein Jul 8,2008 3:17 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Jikalau Tun masih kekal PM sampai sekarang, semua beban ekonomi yg sedang dan akan dihadapi oleh rakyat di negara ini sekarang tidak akan timbul!..
    Saat ini, keadaan disebaliknya sedang berlaku dgn dashyatnya dan telah memberikan impak ekonomi/sosial yg sgt menyakitkan kpd raakyat..malaysia
    Dahulunya Tun telah meletakkan kepercayaan Tun kpd TPM, tetapi PM Malaysia yg ujud pd abad ini tidak ambil kisah saranan Tun supaya dia letak jawatan..Dia tk kisah langsung!
    Tun dah keluar parti UMNO, pun dia masih tk kisah. Kuncu-kuncunya pun tak kisah langsung.
    Harap blog Tun ini akan akan menjadi pembuka mata kpd rakyat jelata n strusnya merevolusikan minda raakyat supaya tidak lagi tersalah langkah di masa-masa hadapan apabila memilih pemerintah.
    ..Pemerintahan sesebuah negara bukanlah perkara yang main-main!
    Hari ini kerajaan cakap gaji pekerja dibayar 2x…
    Esk pula kerajaan tarik balik kenyataan!! What is this??
    thank you
    have a nice day..TUN

  8. norcintayang Jul 8,2008 12:09 AM

    dear Tun,as you are the adviser but no longer advising petronas,i need you to advice me as logistic land transport subcontractor for company started to serve petronas since grass root time of Tan Sri Basir.those days where work don t mix with politic.thats 20 years ago(1988)me and husband build up transport from five tankers with god grace at present 35 tankers.along the way we were put under Konsortium Logistic with the promise of umbrella concept without any choice we became the sub contractor.this mean lower income as KLB take % and control payment which is normally late with excuse that Petronas did not pay yet.things got worse for my company when offer letter to inject8 units of tanker by KLB was denied by petronas reason being no prior approval from cost of RM3.8 M in 2004 where the units are idle is a big problem till today but we continue to serve petronas.recently we were inform by petronas dated jan 2008 that KLB had pull out from contract and contractor like me were put under MISC intergrated Logistic Sdn Bhd(MILS)the same stories repeats where we were paid late and to some extend to 90 days .same reason petronas do not pay us yet we cannot pay contractors.recently two of my trucks were involved in accidents like any other contractors.but here is the ‘good news’.MILS suspended our entire company operation letter dated 13 june.of course we make an appeal but on 4 july we were told by petronas and MILS that in order to lift suspension we have to scrap our already installed GPS systems to their recommended system…which we do not agree as this is a big ‘pembaziran’.second shock is requirement to park our fleet at MILS central parking of course with parking fees when we have our own parking.we bought a land for parking within 10 km from terminal!apart from that implementation of salary scheme which can be review if payment is fast or with higher freight income.refresher training for drivers (drivers were trained by petronas and we paid highly to petronas and its not free).my company is on the brink of bankruptcy so please advice dear Tun.wassallam

  9. hasnuddin Jul 7,2008 11:17 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I pray so that Allah gives you strength to guide us..
    May ALLAH bless you.

  10. Iki Liew Jul 7,2008 8:18 PM

    With a worldwide economy crisis looming, our outstanding local politicians are still busy with their personal agenda and demonstration campaigns, driving current and potential foreign investors away. The last thing we need in the midst of this trying times is the latest Boleh-wood drama, again….

  11. lancerlot Jul 7,2008 7:52 PM

    asalam….tun…asya disini lagi sekali ingin mengatakan bahawa saya akan terus menyokong terus usaha yang telah tun buat demi untuk memajukan negara malaysia yang kita sama2 cintai ini…teruskan tun usaha….

  12. amir aziz Jul 7,2008 1:48 PM

    assalamualaikum tun,
    Berharap agar tun dapat memberikan pandangan yang lebih praktikal bagi rakyat membuat tindakan yang lebih bernas bagi mengubah keadaan sekarang… Selain dari PRU13 or Demonstrasi or ….. bagi menyedarkan Pak LAh,konco2 dan kaki2 bodeknye….

  13. tukang karut Jul 7,2008 11:46 AM

    hmm daripada analisis dan penerangan tun saya mmg yakin kenapa ayah saya menaruh harapantinggi pada tun semasa zaman pemerintahan tun 22 tahun dulu..

  14. kedah youngster Jul 6,2008 9:45 PM

    Tahniah Tun…
    Analisis ini telah membuktikan bahawa Tun adalah PAKAR EKONOMI. Sebab itulah di zaman pemerintahan Tun, Malaysia gah dari segi ekonomi di kalangan negara membangun.
    Saya yakin, Paklah tidak tahu langsung mengenai Ekonomi. Dari kedaifan paklah inilah yang menyebabkan Malaysia jadi LINTANG PUKANG dari segi EKONIMI, POLITIK DAN SOSIAL.

  15. cblim Jul 6,2008 6:01 PM

    Dear TDM,
    I may be singing to the tune of music here. This great nation of ours is slowly sliding into a downward spiral. The country continue to move in teh past 4 years with the momentum build-up over the past 20 years of progressive growth, but this is running out of steam. teh current administration (they are call administartion because they only trying to keep up with current reality and never paint a future. ONly thing they can talk about is vision 2020 which is a brainchild of TDM. President Ma of Taiwan paint a picture of taiwan being a wifi city of the future when he opened teh Taipei Computex and the whole world is revolved around Taiwan for teh wifi/wimax technology. Vietnam thou with teh current financial crisis knows where they are heading and very soon they will be overtaking Malaysia. Does our government knows how much mony is pouring into Vietnam (not to mention CHina) and how many science park (the size of Penang Island) is in the making. The world will leave us behind and progress forward while we bickering about freedom Here and there and the dirty politics. I don’t see any visionary leaders in the line up (both BN and opposition). and therefore the administartion need to get help and advice from visionary leaders like TDM, like TUN Lim CHong Eu (sorry that this is the only two that i can think off, the rest is trying hard to manage the current reality).
    ABout Freedom , i am not saying freedom is not good , but freedom without control will be a disaster in he making in our country and irresponsible. Don’t take for grunted the racial harmony. we are not there and therefore we need to take all the care.
    TDM, please help.. i know the current administration has fallen deaf. But i am sure you can influence people close to the current administration to make a differences. They need to pull themselves and our country out of this downward spiral. Ignore all the accusation and move forward (therir job is not to please everyone, their job is to move the country forward so we, our next generations, future generation have a great future). the people is fed-up and wants a direction.

  16. Kampong Boy Jul 6,2008 1:18 PM

    Comments from Sherry on July 4, 2008:
    Nicely said and put based on your comments and arguments on these matters.
    It so obvious that dudes like NEILL and ABI are not having facts at all to substantiate their arguments and comments. Their comments are purely based on their whims and fancies just to discredit others. Their hatred has now allowed them to think rationally.
    They completely shut their brains despite some of the good things that they have enjoyed and experienced before. Surely not all are bad at all and they just try to make it look bad without facts and substance.
    Kampong Boy

  17. anneliew Jul 6,2008 12:59 PM

    Dear Dr. Mahathir,
    Congratulations on reaching 3 million hits on your blog! Thank you for giving an excellent analysis that the Malaysian need.
    Yes, the world is in turmoil, but what are we doing about it?
    Everyone is already complaining about inflation, price has been increasing even without increasing the petrol price. Haven’t the citizens of Malaysia suffered enough? The increase is too much, and in the end, it is the consumer who suffers!
    While the Government would have an extra funds, there are many ways of utilizing this huge fund, the main objective of utilizing this fund is to plough into implementing policies to improve infrastructure, implement programs and projects that will help encourage, enhance creativity and entrepreneurship of the nation.
    Please tell us more positively/ solutions about our future instead of economic problems.
    Thanks and take care

  18. azimills Jul 6,2008 12:30 PM

    can you become our PM again and please help us to get the good goverment as the present was really mad with thier own political agenda rather than managing the country. i do remember your days when some personal issues arised regards to any menteri, you will handle it faster and stay focus in the economic and managing the country well. but now everyone is bickering and all we have in present is PAKBODOLAHBODOWI. bosan la baca paper or tengok berita. semua dok merapu tak habis-habis. makin gaji buta saja

  19. anak degil Jul 6,2008 2:03 AM

    Askum Tun..
    Tq for the information Tun.Klo skrg ni Tun masih mnjadi PM tentu rakyat tidak akan sensara sperti hari apa bleh buat itu dh kptsn Tun,Tun pn ade hak.Bg saye DSAAB mmg x reti utk menjana ekonomi negara,duit kerajaan dihabiskan kerana membayar ganti rugi kepada kontraktor akibat pembatatalan projek jambatan ke Singapura.Ini adalah kesilapan plg besar dlm kepimpinan DSAAB.Pembatalan tersebut telah disertakan dengan alasan budak usia 7 thn,dengan menyatakan bahawa singapura mahukan pasir dan ruang udara Johor.Logikah alasan ini padahal projek telah dimulakn dlm pemerintahan TDM lg.Sbagai rakyat Johor saya sangat marah apabila projek jambatan ini dibatalkan maka terbantutlah ekonomi org melayu johor dan skrg digantikan dengan projek Iskandar Malaysia yang pada hemat saya hanya menguntungkan Rakyat negara jiran dan bangsa
    bkn Melayu di Johor kerana bg saya apabila ada satu2 pembangunan secara besa2ran byk tanah yang diambil (kebanyakannya mungkin milik org Melayu) dan dibayar dengan gantirugi yang mungkin bernilai RM 80 000++,tp bila projek dh siap,setiap unit rumah akan dijual pada harga munkin RM100 000++(harga dibandaraya metropolitan?) mmpukah org melayu memilikinya?Sekiranya org Melayu tidak mmpu membelinya dimanakah org Melayu akan tgl?(mungkin dalam gua kot).Kita lihat kptsn PRU ke 12 di negeri Johor,berapa kawasan telah ditakluk oleh pembangkang?Kalau dahulunya saya boleh boleh berbangga kerana Johor dikenali sebagai kubu kuat BN,tp kini keadaan mnjadi sebaliknya.Tidakkah DSAAB nmpk betapa mrhnye rakyat pada pemimpin dan kerajaan yg sedia ada?Rakyat skrg sudah bijak mengunakan proses demokrasi untuk memberontak.Tidak mustahil 1 hari nnti kalau UMNO yg diasaskan oleh Dato Onn(Orang Johor tu) tidak mempunyai pengaruh dinegeri Johor.Dan kalau Allahyarham Dato Onn masih hidup skrg tentu beliau akan menangis melihat pemimpin2 UMNO kini berjuang hanya untuk kepentingan peribadi.Come on Pak Lah..wake up man…zzzzzzz
    Kepada Tun teruskan bersuara untuk kepentingan rakyat.
    ♥anak degil♥

  20. ainaa Jul 5,2008 4:36 PM

    Tun.. salam,
    saya risau dgn keadaan ekonomi kita sekarang. whet have all the leaders been doing. election dah beberapa bulan berlalu tapi saya rasa byk lagi yg kerja yg tak jalan. Sejak habis election sampai sekarang tak habih habih dgn masalah politik. sudah sudahla tu…
    Paklah and semua menteri mcm tak sempat nak buat keja memajukan negara, selesai masalah ekonomi yg kita hadapi sekarang, bawa masuk pelaburan asing, pergi ke luar negara bawa trade mission. hari hari depa kena hadapi mcm2 karenah politik. come on lah semua time to get back to work. masa semakin singkat..takut nanti kita tak sempat…
    kawan2 saya yg keja kat oversea ramai dah hilang minat nak balik sini. depa kata tiap2 hari baca paper online they got the impression yg negara sekarang ni tgh “bercelaru”. tiap2 hari ada saja cerita sensasi politik terbaru dan depa dah muak baca. my friends kata “kalau mcm ni nak balik mcm mana? negara seolah “kucar kacir” sekarang ni. biarlah depa yg dok kat oversea ni tinggal lama skit kat sini. they have a good life there” kawan i kata.
    which i rasa mmg benar… look like the grass is actually greener on the other side.

  21. Danial Hassan Jul 5,2008 3:54 PM

    Thank u Tun.One of your gifts has always been to make a complex subject easy to understand.For Anwar , it is the opposite – he always makes a simple matter pompous & difficult to understand.
    For Pak Lah,sorry to say, he simply doesnt undersatand!

  22. Rezuan Asrah Jul 5,2008 8:29 AM

    Tun sebut dalam artikel ini, point nombor lapan :-
    8. We produce about 650,000 barrels a day, consume 400,000 and export roughly 250,000 barrels. We used to earn 30 US Dollar per barrel; today we earn 140 US Dollar, almost all profit. Work out the revenue from 250,000 barrels per day for one year.
    Soalan saya :-
    1. Apa maksud Tun bila kata kita guna 400,000 untuk kegunaan harian?
    2. Adakah 400,000 barrel minyak ini digunakan untuk kenderaan penumpang dan untuk pasaran tempatan?
    3. Bukankah kita mengimport minyak dari luar negara untuk kegunaan kenderaan penumpang di negara kita ?
    Mintak Tun tolong jelaskan kekeliruan ini.

  23. nama Jul 4,2008 11:22 PM

    analisis yang sangat baik dan menyeluruh. sesiapa membaca artikel ini akan memberi gambaran atau pandangan lain.
    saya yakin tun, sememangnya bekerja keras semasa menjadi pm dulu. dan yang paling penting sekali tun sentiasa belajar daripada setiap perkara yang berlaku. sebab itu, sehingga sekarang tun masih boleh memberikan pandangan2 yang jauh kedepan.
    tapi pandangan2 tun hanya tinggal pandangan, tun hanya memberikan pandangan tetapi tidak memberikan strategi-strategi untuk mencapai pandangan tun itu. walau pun saya tahu sebenarnya tun sudah memberikannya semasa tun menjadi pm. tapi apa salahnya tun mengulang kembali. kerana semasa tun menjadi pm, ramai rakyat dan pemimpin yang tidak memahami apa yang ingin dilaksanakan oleh tun. kebanyakan mereka memberikan tentangan ke atas usaha2 yang tun buat. tapi bila dalam kesusahan baru mereka sedar. tapi masih ada yang tidak sedar diri lagi…

  24. phone04 Jul 4,2008 10:38 PM

    salam tun,
    saya setuju benar-benar kalau depa nak tun jadi penasihat pentadbiran malaysia. sejak lima tahun kebelakangan ini Malaysia berada didalam kemelut kejatuhan ,kacau-bilau, perpecahan orang-orang melayu dan banyak lagi. selain dari itu kami rakyat tertekan. memang kata-kata Tun betul, “Melayu Mudah Lupa”. memang depa dah lupa terhadap apa yang Tun perjuangkan selama 20 tahun lebih. kita tengok Malysia dah sampai ke tahap mana? wahai Melayu bukalah mata dan minda hampa. Tengok sekeliling apa dah jadi dan apa akan jadi kepada anak-anak dan cucu-cicit kita nanti…..saya harap kerajaan kita hari ini bukak mata sikit, lihat macamana tangani segala masalah yang mendatang. lakukan bukan untuk keuntungan jangka pendek, tetapi buatlah untuk jangka panjang. melayu terkini minda depa tertutup, duduk dalam kotak berfikiran tak terbuka. politik yang depa nampak dan perjuangkan hanyalah untuk individu dan bermotifkan dendam bukan untuk rakyat cam dulu-dulu. baik PAS, UMNO, PKR dan lagi-lagi DAP. Saya ni tak pandai berpolitik tetapi sya tau menilai yang mana baik dan yang mana buruk, yang mana intan dan yang mana batu tajam di jalan. tiada lagi kah ahli politik yang ‘pure hearted’ untuk Malaysia????

  25. abdooleziz Al-Anbar Jul 4,2008 9:56 PM

    Salam Tun…
    Entah lah Tun apa nak jadi dengan negara kita ne Tun…
    Dulu masa Anwar jadi Menteri kewangan hampir nak tergadai negara kita. Nasib baik lah dengan kebijaksanaan Tun negara kita di selamatkan.
    Kalau masa tu saya percaya Anwar di framekan oleh Tun sebab negara dah macam jadi satu kapal dua nakhoda. Tapi saya agak tuduhan terhadap Anwar sudah di ketahui oleh Tun dari pegawai penyiasat pada masa tu, iaitu KPN sekarang tapi Tun jugak tak percaya, di sebabkan kesempatan yang ada dan di sebabkan oleh keadaan yang tak menentu itu tuduhan itu mesti di dakwa ke mahkamah.
    Masa tu lebih kurang macam la ne lah, tak menentu sehinggakan budak tadika pun bergaduh sesama sendiri pilih Tun atau Anwar sebab satu keluarga cerita pasal politik semasa.
    Yang pedih sekarang ne Tun orang macam saya ne dah tak makan gaji, buat business susah cari makan. Harga minyak naik, harga barang naik, harga elektrik naik…dan semua pun ikut nak naik.
    Government pada masa ini saya lihat dalam keadaan inflasi ni membuat sesuatu yang akan menjadi stagflasi dan kalau di biarkan lama-lama boleh jadi deflasi.
    Goverment tidak boleh tidak berbelanja pada keadaan hasil mahsul negara mendapat permintaan harga yang tinggi seperti ulasan Tun diatas itu. Tarik budget, tak de keraian dan sebagai nya. Kalau pihak swasta follow sut lingkup negara kita.
    Tak de usaha bersungguh-sungguh kepimpinan sekarang ne nak cuba atasi masaalah ini. Menyalahkan harga minyak dunia atas semua massaalah ini senang lah tapi mereka tak boleh fikir ke macam Tun dulu walaupun menyalahkan penyanggak matawang tapi cuba buat yang lain dari yang lain.
    Sehingga kan so called expert in economy pun tak terkata. Kalau kita flash back apa yang analyst kata masa tu nak ketawa pun ada..
    Itu lah kelebihan Tun yang tak nampak pun siapa-siapa pengganti sekarang boleh atau nak buat..
    Tolong lah para pemimpin kalu baca tulisan-tulisan kami ne. Buat lah sesuatu yang cekal dan drastik untuk mengurangkan beban rakyat ne…Jangan lah asyik nak bergaduh je,….

  26. premierservice Jul 4,2008 5:28 PM

    Sila komen tentang cadangan Kerajaan Negeri Kedah untuk menebang balak di kawasan Ulu Muda yg telah diwartakan sebagai kawasan tadahan air..Dahulunya Kerajaan Persekutuan telah bersetuju utk membayar pampasan. Kenapa tidak dibayar kepada Kedah yg antara negeri termiskin di Malaysia?

  27. samaritan Jul 4,2008 5:08 PM

    YABhg Tun,
    I am inspired by your boldness, zeal and honesty. Through knowing this I have faith and inspired of your destiny none other then in fulfilling the United Nation obligation into a full absolute authority to govern the worldly system at present and end Babylon the great [False religions] to non existences. This then the peace and security will emerge. With God grace he will use you as his instrument just like Alexander the great…

  28. zul Jul 4,2008 4:45 PM

    Salam Tun Dr M & Sahabat semua
    Saya merasakan Komen kali begitu bernas ( mungkin ada yg kurang tepat )bukankah Tun Sudah mengatakan dia bukan pakar ekonomi @ kewangan.

  29. JimmyHillhead Jul 4,2008 4:14 PM

    Salam Tun,
    I know you had found a new fame in blogging but don’t forget, you have a greater mission to accomplish. Your vision 2020.
    Please activate it now as we only have less than 11 years to achieve it.
    Please make a comeback, be active, be the Mandate & Trustee. I am sure that ALL THE KINGS in this country will agree to appoint you to become the trustee. Please continue with your works. We will support you.
    I am with you Tun. May ALLAH bless you with excellent health and wisdom to lead us.

  30. Mehomelanau Jul 4,2008 3:26 PM

    Salam Tun & all bloggers,
    It’s look like our Malaysian leaders and politicians today are more interested in discussing and pursuing petty domestic matters and personal agendas rather than looking at the more bigger picture and tackling more important issues that the larger population are facing now. For us in Sabah & Sarawak, we don’t care who kill Altantuya, who else can Anwar sodomise after this, if Najib & wife are really involved, etc…etc…
    What we want to know from the PM, the DPM and all those MPs and YB we elected to office are
    1) WHAT they have in store for us to improve our lives
    2) WHEN can they deliver their promises. We need good roads, our kampungs need electricity and clean pipe water.
    3) HOW fast can they deliver
    4) WHY they cannot deliver
    5) WHO else can do their job if they are so inefficient
    As it is now, everyone in the Parliament House prefer to WASTE TIME & RAKYAT’S MONEY arguing and quarelling over those things mentioned above, and attacking personalities.
    Are they only good at these things and nothing else? What next after the Altantuya & the 2nd sodomy case? The world is heading for a recession. Are Malaysians aware of this or are they more engrossed in the news and stories of those personal tussle between their leaders and politicians of the day?
    Just wait and see, but be prepared for the worst case scenario.
    Good Day.

  31. khairuddin Jul 4,2008 2:09 PM

    YABhg Tun,
    Salam hormat. Allow me to continue with my earlier comments dated 3rd July, posted at 9.00 pm. As I said earlier, leaders and politicians should read and write. They should think,write and talk intelectually. Great leaders are not merely experienced politicians, but should be abled to lead.
    Kita mahu pemimpin kita membawa negara ke arah kemajuan dan kemakmuran. Kita mahu pemimpin2 dan negara kita disanjung dan dihormati. Tetapi apa yang berlaku sekarang, pemimpin2 kita gagal memberi keyakinan dan harapan kepada kita semua. People on the street, in the clubhouses, hotel lobbies and coffe-shops..anywhere, talk bad about the present leadership. Where do we go from here..One man is not willing to step down and another, is going to take over the present government. Now were going backward. Kalau lah pemimpin ini berkuasa, saya percaya Malaysia akan menjadi negara yang tunduk kepada telunjuk negera besar. Apa yang berlaku kepada negeri negeri Melayu dahulu. Kerana kita lemah, dan pemimpin yang lemah, negeri negeri tersebut meminta pelindungan dari Siam, Majapahit, China dan selepas itu negera negara Eropah. Untuk mendapatkan perlindungan, terpaksa membayar ufti, bunga emas dsb.nya.
    Therefore, we need great leader who can think, talk and deliver. In short, leaders should be able to talk economics, history, etc. Apa yang YABhg Tun lakukan selama ini perlu dicontohi. Banyak membaca dan menulis. Apa yang ditulis akan kekal sepanjang masa. Pemimpin yang hanya bercakap, hilang begitu saja apa yang dicakap.
    Terima kasih.

  32. joehenry Jul 4,2008 1:37 PM

    Tun, one day before the last general election, I was busy helping a friend of mine campaigning for his election. I remember I worked till around 11.00pm that night when some of my friends asked me to go to SS2 in PJ to listen to the speeches by some prominent politicians. At first I tried not to go because I was actually campaigning for a person who was not from the party of the speakers and also because I knew the speech would most likely stop by 12.00pm, being the latest time by when any campaigning might continue. However, curiosity got better of me and I went. By the time I reached the site of the speech, it was already almost 12.00pm when I heard some speakers shouting some Indian slogans to mark the end of the campaign. Then, I decided to call my friends to adjourn our rendezvous to somewhere else for coffee in SS2 and all my friends duly obliged.
    During the coffee session, I remember I asked my friends whether they would support the pro-establishment political culture or vote for changes. Nine out of ten of them said they would vote for changes. I was doing my last bit of campaigning for my friend but found it tough to persuade my friends to change their stand. It was then that I realised that the pro-establishment political party especialy the ethnical component parties would lose big to the benefit of the opposition parties and I warned my friends that we might be seeing a repeat of what went through in Taiwan for the last eight years when Taiwan degenerated from one of the richest “country” to one enjoying the least growth in terms of economic expansion in Asia because of the immense waste of time and money spent by their citizens in political activities that had curtailed the vigorous economic growth they used to enjoy since the opposition party replaced the Komintang and formed the governemnt eight years ago. I even warned my friends that that moment (the time I warned them i.e. at around 1.00am on 8th March 2008, seven hours before the 12th general election) could be the finest moment in Malaysia in terms of economy when we could still enjoy good food and chat with each other without much impact on our finances and that after that we might be seeing lots of unproductive political upheavals. All my friends dismissed this notion as mere speculation. they felt the coalition party would still be strong enough to ward off any onslaught by the opposition but they felt that a stronger opposition would in fact be better to act as a watchdog aganist any malpractices of the coalition party. with that conclusion, we parted.
    What happened after that was already history. I would not want to claim that my prediction that day on our nation going through what went on in Taiwan is correct but with the flurry of political manoeuvres lately where giants are at daggers drawn against each other, it will not be long before our economy will suffer especially now when prices of all raw materials, food and energy have gone up multifolds and yet the government is clueless as to how to formulate any policies to mitigate against this imminent threats since the government is fighting for its very own survival.
    What we are now witnessing is no longer simple political soap opera, we have now a slew of allegations of murder, sodomy, abuse of power, corruption, etc not only against the highest echelon of power or power to be but also the leaders of the opposition parties, the highest institutions of the government, the police’s highest post, the IGP, the Attorney General, etc. These people are no longer fighting for their own political or career survival, they are also fighting against the crimes they are alleged to have committed and problems such as these are not easily resolved by any one of them stepping down. So, we can see this long protracted disputes to permanently weaken our economy and our competitiveness.

  33. Sweetblack Jul 4,2008 1:14 PM

    Yb Bhg Tun,
    Satu analisis dari sudut ekonomi secara global yang cukup berinformasi dan harus di ketahui semua lapisan rakyat Malaysia.
    Tun adalah merupakan seorang penganalisis ekonomi dan politik yang cukup hebat.
    Terima kasih.

  34. oldedwardian Jul 4,2008 1:08 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Saya minta tumpang lalu, boleh saya berguridam, untuk kita kulit sawa matang, jangan marah hanya nasihat dan pandangan,
    Sekian salam perjuangan,

  35. zaiton Jul 4,2008 1:08 PM

    Dearest Tun and all,
    I totally agree with Biskitani……….
    What grudges have u against Tun? Hasn’t he developed Malaysia enough? He is internationally recognized regardless of what ‘misdeed’ he had done. You must understand his standing / thinking / obligation as a professional doctor i.e eliminate the source @ cause of disease in order to save life. That is noble! Only a man pure at heart is willing to shoulder this responsibility and accept consequences.
    Agree that Tun is not all angel but he is no devil either becoz no matter what he had done during his premiership, we never suffer like what we’ve suffered in the last 4 years.
    I daresay that you must have been one of those ’cause’ eliminated during Tun’s era. Muhasabah urself please.

  36. redzuank Jul 4,2008 12:29 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    I assume you have answer my request in this article.
    The request to put some suggestion on Financial Policy.
    I am sure the United States will do something illegal in order to prevent them from collapse with their own medicine.
    As we know they are condemning Iran for the hike oil price. And find nuclear reason to invade. And not many of us know that Iran has changed its oil currency in EURO. This policy however should be supported by OPEC & all oil exporter country so this arrogance of the big money people and country will no futher invade other nation & made up any ridiculous policy which only favoring them.
    Not many of us know that Iraq before being invaded had changed its oil currency to EURO then the US invade & occupy Iraq to control oil and policy. They will find any reason to safe their unsuccesful economics policy.
    When the certain country change the policy not in favor to US they will provoke the country as radical, undemocratic and attemp for revolutionary.
    REVOLUTION for overcome failure policy should be supported for long term effect. We cannot depend on present policy which will destroy the whole world economically.
    For instance money backed by nothing is definitely ridiculous. The
    final way to solve existing problems is to establish a justice-based political and economic system as suggested by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
    We should think over it. It is REVOLUTION on policy is radical?

  37. azrein Jul 4,2008 12:29 PM

    Salam Tun Dr.M and all bloggers,
    Our friend ABI (one of the blogger) had commented that Tun had used up much of Petronas profits (petro dollars) on prestigious projects like Putrajaya, Petronas tower, etc and these so called “mega project” did not bring benefit at all to the rakyat at large. He further commented that Tun’s administration is autocratic.
    All I need to say is that just imagine M’sia today without KLIA or Petronas Twin Tower (KLCC)or Putrajaya, how do you all like it. I’m sure some M’sian can’t even imagine it. So ABI think about it. If you are not proud of what we have here in M’sia, when even foreigners view of country’s development as commendable, please go and bullshit elsewhere as the rest of us here are proud with our country.
    p/s Kempen Putih to all

  38. Hussein Ismail Jul 4,2008 12:18 PM

    Yg Bhg Tun,
    Tahniah atas pandangan yang cukup bernas daripada tulisan Tun ini, tetapi…….
    Renungkanlah apa yang Allahyarham Tun razak tinggal….dengan dasar pertaniannya seperti Felda dan sebagainya, telah terbukti memperkukuhkan kedudukan ekonomi dan politik negara kita……. MELAYU seperti Tun sememangnya amat mudah LUPA…

  39. maksulong Jul 4,2008 12:10 PM

    Salam Tun,
    kalau dilihat semenjak dua menjak ni pak lah n co dok sibuk dgn isu-isu yang tak mendatangkan faedah.sikit2 dok cakap pertambahan ekonomi kita bla..bala…yang mana pertambahannya…inflasi kita ditahap terkawal bala…bla.kata2 pak lah yang retorik itu menyebabkan rakyat dok menyampah.saya mmg geram sampai tunjuk @3%$$&*^ saya kat dia.geram betul.kita pulak yang disuruh berfikir bagaimana nak menyelesaikan masalah…bertanam sayur la…cari kerja part time la.bukankah ini kerja pak menteri2 yg bijaklaksana..rasanya kita ni dah dok tgk blkng plk…pasai apa hang badewi nak kami jadi org macam zaman batu ka….hat mana paleolitik ka mesolitik ka….punya org tak respectnye kat pak lah sampai ckp2 dia pun tarak blh pakai…wallahualam

  40. Biskitani Jul 4,2008 11:50 AM

    To ABI..from UMMI Solehah wa Fatanah..asyik2 putrajaya..tu simbol pemerintahan negara..US buat white house leh pulak korg tak komen malah siap sign g tu simbol kuasa US or western..kita nak buat macam tu malah buat cam masjid g korg komen habis2 konon AAB sms mmrnth apa dia buat?..malah putrajaya tu la sll org g sana nak begambar n jadi satu icon utk pelancong..dulu KL ada apa?..skrg leh lak jadi icon utk pelancongan..ada KL tower..ada KLCC..erm napala korg ni..duit tu di buat projek supaya ada pusingan ekonomi..kontraktor n sub kontraktor jalan..ageng barang n berkaitan ngan tu jalan..electrician n engineering jalan..malah syarikat botani ntah apa nama bahagian bunga2 ada projek..malah pnddkn n kshtn ttp dapat budget sama tiap lbh duit buat projek lain..ko nak simpan smpi berapa bilion gak klu ko memerintah?..aku faham banyak bnd lain boleh buat n tu msg2 punya usaha..krjn kuasanya terhad..n stp org terhad sbb tu kene sama2 jalankan kerja..sdgkn guru besar ada penolong..apatah lagi kerajaan..Tun tu seorg je..manalah dia leh backup semua rakyat yg 20 juta(dulula)..aku rasa ko nak samakan cam Umar abd aziz ni..erm banding Tun..ada g ke pemimpin islam yg sempurna cam Umar abd aziz kat dunia ni..cuba cakap?

  41. gohhoehoe Jul 4,2008 11:44 AM

    Selamat sejahtera Tun Doctor Mahatir.
    1-5 Apa yang saya faham dari suratkhabar ,kerajaan ada perancangan untuk
    mengatasi krisis ekonomi dunia, misal nya menbuka jelapang padi di sarawak ,
    tetapi adakah ini dilaksanakan cepat saya tidak pasti.Yang saya tahu waktu Tun
    sebagai PM tindakan diambil segera.Apa yang merumitkan keadaan ialah PAKATAN
    RAKYAT tidak henti merancang untuk rampas kuasa , menjadikan kita tidak dapat
    tumpukan perhatian untuk menyelesaikan masaalah ekonomi.
    Pertambahan pendapatan akibat daripada kenaikan harga minyak untuk Malaysia
    adalah lebih kurang 1.337 *10^9 ataupun 133billion setelah mengambil kira
    jumlah petroluem yang diimpot tetapi belum mengambil kira kinaikan kos operasi
    Kalau kata benar kerajaan adalah dilimpah dengan wang , maka wang itu bukan
    sahaja mesti diberikan sebagai subsidi ,tetapi juga mesti dilabur semula untuk
    membantu mendirikan industri yang berasakan teknologi moden, memajukan
    pertanian atau pembinaaan infrastructur yang boleh menambahkan peluang
    pekerjaan kepada rakyat dan memberikan manafat kepada negara kepada jangka masa
    panjang.Cara ini juga satu cara untuk menghalang wang mengalir ke luar negeri.
    Kaedah adalah jauh lebih baik daripada pelaburan dalam bentuk bond US Dollar yang
    dahulunya dianggap sebagai satu cara untuk mengurangkan risko.
    18Jangan ikut Amerika Syarikat secara membabi buta kerana sisem mereka juga
    mempunyai banyak kelemahan ,subprime lendingg adalah satu contohnya. Amerika lah
    yang mengamalkan DOUBLE STANDARD, sementara mengizinkan langkah untuk
    menyelamatkan syarikat AMerika , mengasa Malaysia atas tindakan bagi menyelanatkan
    industri yang penting dari segi strategik bagi Malaysia.Langkah untuk
    menyelamatkan syarikat perkapalan adalah langkah yang sangat bijak ,kerana kita
    mesti ada sistem perkapalan untuk menghantar hasil keluar negeri untuk diekspot.
    Pergantungan sepenuh kepada perkapalan negara asing akan meletakan Malaysia dalam
    keadaan yang bahaya dan kurang selesa.Susutan Nilai matawang Amerika Syarikat dan
    kemelesetan ekonomi Amerika Syarikat amat membinbangkan,diharap Pihak Kerajaan
    dapat mengambil langkah yang bijaksana dengan segera.Adakah perlunya bagi kita
    untuk menerima Hard Currency yang lain selain dari US dollar dalam perdangangan
    antarabangsa, baiklah bagi pakar Ekonomi dan pihak untuk menjawab swoalan itu.
    30-32 Usaha mesti diambil bukan oleh pihak kerajaan tetapi syarikat swasta
    untuk mempelbagaikan kegiatan perniagan sebagai satu langkah untuk mengurangkan
    impak yang disebakan oleh kemelesetan ekonomi. Perlu bagi pihak pihak yang
    terlibat untuk mengadakan brainstorming session.
    Keperluan untuk melindung petani , pengeluar bahan binaan tempatan untuk
    mengekalkan kestabilan semakin jadi nyata.Rules of game yang dikenakan oleh orang
    yang mepeluri globalisati harus diubal.Kenaikan gaji haru dikaitkan dengan daya
    pengeluaran,salah satu cara untuk mencapai matlamat adalah melalui pengunaan
    teknologi Moden.Kta harus lah hidup berasakan kenyataan supaya kita dapat
    berkembang secara berterusan.
    Terima kasih kerana mendirikan semula Blog TUN yang menarik perhatian itu telah membuka minda kepada saya
    yang selaunya malas baca surat khabar.
    Yang ikhlas

  42. Encik Nasir Jul 4,2008 11:42 AM

    Young People is either going to get a hell of a scare or they are going to leap and bounce to other country after reading this article.
    Anyway, I feel the older generation has left Malaysia in a mess due to their obsolete social contract agreement and all of those raw deals economic mismanagement that were carried out by the older generation and left for the young to shoulder the burden.
    The young nowadays are kept busy with unemployment and(unsuccessful)job interviews, low wages, vices (couldn’t afford marriages) due to the old selling their young at hefty price in the name of custom and tradition, drugs under (unemployed) peer pressure, rock n roll, media blitz and confusion, force to hear adults slandering on TV, crime (to make ends meet), lack of education (Just how many people could afford higher education nowadays).
    I believe, this were the track of dissatisfaction that the 1970s Pol Pot regime harnessed when they turned the uneducated and forsaken young against the old (the so-called professional plunderer), transformed Cambodia into Agrarian Society and triggers Genocides.
    Remember that I am also getting old and don’t want to end up in ‘Killing Fields’camp run by young with guns.
    I really feel for the young, what more with the world in turmoil rendering bleak future for the young. Isn’t it time to stop the rot and do something better for the young people.
    Encik Nasir

  43. orbee007 Jul 4,2008 11:20 AM

    Salam Tun,
    I do not know what else to say, reading your blogs make all of us ordinary people much wiser. Why waste money buying newspaper that do not publish all good knowledge but rubbish. ( BTW, I read the SUN free ma. Reading your blog sharpen the brain to think ourselves ways how to survive the current problem. Do not believe the present goverment will help us much. Government as well as opposition leaders have personal problems in their hands. That is their priority. Government – how to hold to power. Opposittion – how to topple the government. Raakyat? – who cares.
    May Allah bless you Tun & family

  44. lisa Jul 4,2008 11:19 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Terharu saya, sedihpun ada dengan segala apa yang Tun tuliskan ini.. Tun memang pakar ekonomi yang amat saya kagumi.. Pandangan Tun ini amat bernilai dan seluruh rakyat Malaysia terutama pemimpin negara Malaysia patut mengambil kira pandangan ini.. Semoga negara Malaysia akan kekal makmur dan semoga tiada kekacauan yang akan berlaku di kemudian nanti.
    Tun sentiasa di hati saya, dan kami semua amat menyayangimu.. Semoga Allah membahagiakan mu di dunia dan di akhirat..

  45. Captain Jul 4,2008 11:15 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,
    Banyak yang hendak diperkatakan kepada tetapi bila saja saya nak menaip tak tau nak mula dari mana, saya amat mengkagumi cara Tun handle Malaysia, no one ever can beat that.
    Saya sangat sedih sekarang ni Tun kerana keadaan politik di negara kita dah kucar kacir dah….Saya dah naik menyampah tengok semua yang ada sekarang ni baik BN atau PR…..semua gila kuasa, yang satu nak pertahan kuasa, yang satu lagi dok buat drama swasta nak rampas kuasa konon, kuat belit betul depa ni….
    Kepada Rakyat Malaysia dan Bloggers:
    Saya nak cakap sikit yang dah terbuku di hati sejak dari tahun 1998 lagi di masa Anwar kena pecat dulu, bagaimana segelintir rakyat malaysia yang menghina dan mencaci Tun hatta ada yang meludah di atas gambar Tun sambil menyuruh sanak saudara semua berbuat demikian…..kerna apa? Kerna Anwar bukan…..yalah orang kita kalau nampak seseorang tu warak dan alim sikit kita percaya habis…macam Anwar memang nampak alim…tapi hakikatnya tuhan saja yang tahu…cerita yang saya sebut tadi adalah kenyataan. Bila kenangkan kembali detik2 itu yang pernah saya nampak sendiri di SOGO atau lebih tepat lagi di Jln Tuanku Abd Rahman pada zaman reformasi dulu…Saya sedih dan kecewa sangat dengan sikap orang kita yang tak usul periksa tau tau je terus melompat memaki hamun Tun, saya tau Tun tak bersalah dalam hal ini…berkat kesabaran Tun akhirnya semuanya dapat di atasi…..I LOVE U TUN…..I WISH TO MEET YOU IN PERSON….SAYA NAK CIUM TANGAN TUN…(mungkin org anggap saya ni fanatik…lantaklah….saya tau Tun siapa)

  46. Aku Pening Jul 4,2008 11:12 AM

    Asslammualaikum Tun,
    I have always admire your way of thinking and very grateful of what you have done for Malaysia. Because of you, I’m doing my own business and getting help from PUNB to expend my business as I’m one of few bumiputra in the telecommunication industry. We face stiff competition as the industry is dominated by non bumi and alhamdullilah now we have 10 outlet under siswazah programme and soon the outlet will expend to 20 by year end.
    Pak Lah don’t have your vision, you would forsee and prepare our nation for future challanges. Pak Lah have no clue on what will happen when the rest of the country are worried about the future.
    End – Aku Pening

  47. Mentel Jul 4,2008 11:09 AM

    To ABI..from UMMI Solehah wa Fatanah..,
    Icon zaman Pak Lah adalah;
    1. Eye on Malaysia – lease setahun jer. lepas 31 August dah kena dismantle dari Tasik Titiwangsa
    2. ACJ319 – Corporate Jet untuk berfoya-foya
    3. Kapal Layar Mewah – Untuk berfoya-foya dengan ehem ehem
    Saya bersependapat dengan By Biskitani on July 4, 2008 9:35 AM kerana apa yang saya lihat ikon-ikon yang TDM dah ujudkan (Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan, Putrajaya, LRT, KLIA, Menara Berkembar Petronas – Menara Berkembar Tertinggi Didunia Buat Selama-Salamnya) dapat merancak kan lagi aktiviti ekonomi dan pelancungan.
    Pak Lah buat projek koridor (SJER—>WPI—>Iskandar Malaysia) untuk Singapore. Ada Pulau Batu Putih diserahkan kepada Singapore..
    Saya masih ingat Tun Dr. Mahathir pernah mengajar simple ekonomi bila beliau merujuk semasa beliau bersekolah, beliau berjaya untuk menambah-nilai duit belanja yang ayahanda beliau beri dengan “melabur” dan berniaga. Walau kecil nilai pendapatan, tetapi amat besar dari segi nilai disiplin dan hasilnya.
    Juga saya masih terdengar kata-kata Tun Dr.Mahathir semasa ditemuramah bila membuat keputusan untuk melaksanakan “Capital Control” dalam tahun 1998…
    ….apabila ditanya pemberita Tun menjawab..
    ….”saya ada juga teori ekonomi saya, ada dalam kepala, untuk itu kita (Kerajaan) bersetuju untuk melaksanakan kawalan modal”..”cuma buat masa ini saya tak da masa nak tulis teori saya dan jika saya tulis maka ia akan menjadi ‘teori ekonomi mahathir’ sebagaimana Adam Smith buat buku mengenai pasaran bebas”…
    Buat Tun Dr. Mahathir, Tun selalu berkata Melayu Mudah Lupa…itulah dia nya mereka-mereka seperti ABI, UMMI Solehah wa Fatanah…

  48. mat jawi peranakan Jul 4,2008 11:04 AM

    You r absolutely right. Even though there is some joker out there (even here) disagree with your view.
    My reasoning is simple. Dollar is just paper money. Its value and “priced” is based on currency trading and holding usage.The more people use it, the value it will be. But, its need to be controlled under certain circumstances. Free market determine the value ?, WTF, that is nonsense. Speculator impacts the value ?. I would say yes, but it is just for a short term period. The most important thing is to study the economic “fundamental”. I repeat again, lets look at the “fundamental”. Even though the speculators try to manipulate, it works in a short term period but the fundamental will still prevail.
    Import/Export, FDI Investment etc, will directly or indirectly requires currency trading. Who is the biggest mover in this beast market ? ; banks, hedgefund, etc and the main culprit is ?, its monetary manipulator such is FED, ECB, BOJ, among others. Even g. soros is just micky mouse in this arena.
    Lets put aside fundamental and speculator story (even in single day
    writing abt this, it won’t end). Now, Why dollar is losing its value over time and causes an inflations in a longer term
    1. continuous current account deficit

  49. suhainin suhaibol Jul 4,2008 10:35 AM

    Dahulu saya pernah berkata
    “Wang Kertas Bukanlah wang
    sebenar”,rakan-rakan hanya
    ketawa dan berkata”Kalau bukan
    wang sebenar kenapa boleh
    membeli belah dengannya”
    saya kata wang kertas adalah
    suatu penipuan terbesar
    abad ini….nyata…rakyat
    buta tentang hakikat bahawa
    wang kertas sebenarnya
    tidak mempunyai apa-apa
    nilai kecuali ianya di sandarkan
    kepada sesuatu yang berharga
    seperti emas….
    Kita perlu menyediakan rakyat
    untuk menghadapi kemungkinan-
    kemungkinan itu supaya nanti tidak
    terjadi seperti anak-anak ayam
    kehilangan ibunya.
    Kerajaan malaysia terlalu “Relax”
    dan seperti beranggapan bahawa
    Malaysia kebal daripada kemungkinan
    kemungkinan itu.Bangunlah!!!

  50. amirul Jul 4,2008 10:30 AM

    Salam Tun, dan Warga blogger’s sekalian.
    Saya sanjung tinggi dan berterima kasih dengan cara pemikiran tun. Namun masih adakah pemimpin hari ini yang mempunyai tahap pemikiran seperti tun?
    Peruntukan tambahan RM6 billion untuk majukan koridor. Apakah peruntukan RM30 billion sebelum ini masih tidak mencukupi? Mula-mula RM200 billion kemudian RM230b ini tambahan lagi RM6b. apa semua ini? ATAUPUN TAMBAHAN DUIT POKET UNTUK KRONI?
    Tak cukup lagi tu! masih nak sogokan atlit dengan ganjaran RM1b pulak? Senang je nak belanja RM yang berbillion2. Kami yang makan gaji setiap bulan dah tak mampu nak survive hidup. Apa kata pak lah hulurkan berbillion untuk kami sebagai tanda terima kasih kerana TERUNDI anda di PRU12 lepas?
    Kepada warga blogger’s sekalian, apa tindakan kita selanjutnya? Takan berblog saja? Kalau berblog saja dan tidak ada tindakan tak berkesan juga.
    Apa kata kita kumpul ramai2 buat demontrasi secara aman meminta pak lah turun secara hormat?
    Sekian terima kasih.
    P/S:- Tun jage kesihatan no?

  51. hajiman ibrahim Jul 4,2008 9:52 AM

    Assalamualaikum YAM Tun,
    Membaca dan memahami cetusan pemikiran dan saranan Tun memberi banyak pengetahuan dan ilmu. Tapi bila kita baca komen dari pembaca blog Tun, terdapat sebilangan yang mengambil kesempatan menghina dan kurang sopan, apa jenis mereka ni ? Bukan kah sepatutnya kita menghargai usaha seseorang, atau jika kita ingin meluahkan sebarang hujah membalas .biarlah secara berhemah.
    Belajarlah cara bersopan jadi orang budiman.
    Senantiasa mendoakan kesejahteraan dan kebahagian Tun. Tkasih

  52. Ezri Jul 4,2008 9:35 AM

    Dear Sir,
    I hate to agree with you (this does not mean I do not respect you), but despite your other things, you have a heck of an economic sense.
    Ezri KL

  53. Biskitani Jul 4,2008 9:35 AM

    To ABI..from UMMI Solehah wa Fatanah..asyik2 putrajaya..tu simbol pemerintahan negara..US buat white house leh pulak korg tak komen malah siap sign g tu simbol kuasa US or western..kita nak buat macam tu malah buat cam masjid g korg komen habis2 konon AAB sms mmrnth apa dia buat?..malah putrajaya tu la sll org g sana nak begambar n jadi satu icon utk pelancong..dulu KL ada apa?..skrg leh lak jadi icon utk pelancongan..ada KL tower..ada KLCC..erm napala korg ni..duit tu di buat projek supaya ada pusingan ekonomi..kontraktor n sub kontraktor jalan..ageng barang n berkaitan ngan tu jalan..electrician n engineering jalan..malah syarikat botani ntah apa nama bahagian bunga2 ada projek..malah pnddkn n kshtn ttp dapat budget sama tiap lbh duit buat projek lain..ko nak simpan smpi berapa bilion gak klu ko memerintah?..aku faham banyak bnd lain boleh buat n tu msg2 punya usaha..krjn kuasanya terhad..n stp org terhad sbb tu kene sama2 jalankan kerja..sdgkn guru besar ada penolong..apatah lagi kerajaan..Tun tu seorg je..manalah dia leh backup semua rakyat yg 20 juta(dulula)..aku rasa ko nak samakan cam Umar abd aziz ni..erm banding Tun..ada g ke pemimpin islam yg sempurna cam Umar abd aziz kat dunia ni..cuba cakap?

  54. LOH Jul 4,2008 9:26 AM

    Dear Tun and all viewer,
    This oil speculator really tarnish our economy. How good if oil producer country can work together and fix ceiling price for oil for certain period. Same approach Tun used to handle 1997 crisis.
    By doing this, let say at USD 80 per barrel. I believe, the speculator futures paper for oil commodity will be come useless paper.
    Long life TUN.

  55. LOH Jul 4,2008 9:23 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Throughout the period, I am truly admire Tun. I always watch Tun performing speech on our yearly Budgetary but now, I miss on this good old days.Now, I seldom watch because for me, it seems to be waste of my time
    I hope and pray Tun can form a new political party to bring back our glory and our mission 2020.
    I believe many people will join Tun party. Malaysia need Tuncome back. So do I. I will immediately join Tun and campaining for Tun.We miss Tun administration very much.
    For me, a good leader is flexible and consistent. Why I cant see it right now. Not like Tun era, Tun is very confidence and humour which is Malaysian proud in every decision and direction Tun makes.It makes all of us know Tun mission and action well and work hard for Tun to achieve our mission.
    Tun not only able proof despite Malaysia is small but strong, but Tun able to make the MIF (Monetary International Fund) comment Tun handling 1997 crisis is success.
    We truly proud of Malaysia when the government administration are under Tun. Some issue that I seriously would like to comment. Human talent in Malaysia is no longer interested to stay in Malaysia and foreign fund is exiting from Malaysia. To make people united, we need a leader that can lead us.
    As a Malaysian and I believe as a whole, we pray to god for Tun long life.
    Why cant the current government form a special team for Malaysia economy planning for every decision makes before implementation. By doing this, our decision is based on expertise rational rather than influence by certain individual for their own stake.
    Example, the oil subsidies. If possible, I had use our Mycard rather than complication route. The subsidy is based on taxable income of an individual which means that all Malaysian will need to submit tax return. Individual who is retired and owning a car will enjoy full subsidy for certain litre oil purchase and above than that, the rate will be same. By doing this, Company will invest more on plant and machineries rather than motor vehicle. The subsidy will auto deducted when we slot our Mycard. As the petrol machine allow for credit card using, i believe it will not be so complicated to adjust the system for our Mycard. Besides, we can monitor individual oil consumption and tackle any smuggling activity.
    A simple thing,we make it so complicate. People rushing to post office. We are wasting people time. Post office have to prepare the cash payment and etc. By approaching above recommendation, we are using system and reduce administrative work.
    Think before we do and not do then see the impact and adjust. Government should have yearly ISO assessment that is. Do it right at the first time.
    Long life Tun.

  56. Biskitani Jul 4,2008 9:21 AM

    Pada mereka yg kata Tun kuar umno still no effection to gov..tu adalah sign bahawa Tun berani..sbb nak tunjuk protes kepimpinan AAB..dia cakap n buat..tapi kita nak dia buat lebih dr tu..kapasiti dia sbgi rakyat course tu je mampu dia buat..klbhn yg dia ada hanya klu kita ikut dia tentu akan impak pada buat spt yg d cakap..x perlu nak tubuh parti n kempen baru..bila semua melayu kuar..apa jadi pada UMNO?..still tak nampak tak apa Tun nak gtau..semua org tau dia lantang n berani..semua tindakan dia bukan tindakan melulu saja…
    to ABI..mmg la ada kekurangan Tun..n ada g yg copy idea mana or ape jela..wlu apapun semuanya utk kebaikan Malaysia..daripada previous PM n current..who is the best or u still refer the great leader of singapore or anyone who rulling the country on this world?..who still acceptable? off course u have one?
    p/s: napala manusia ni suka berkokok tentang yg remeh..nak tau pemimpin2 islam lain kat arab tu tak leh lawan macam kejayaan Tun bawa Malaysia!!! stop talking rubbish n what do u get?..kami admire n adore Tun sbb kepimpinan dia bawa ko sokong AAB yg hanya bawa slogan batik selama 5 thn dia memerintah? bukan sembah dia..just kagum ngan kepimpinan dia bawa Malaysia ke arah yg baik!!! bila sorg fokus major n sorg2 ni just fokus minor je..mmgla tak ngam!!!

  57. Khairul Azni Bin Zainol Jul 4,2008 9:14 AM

    Terima kasih banyak-banyak Tun.

  58. ashar Jul 4,2008 9:11 AM

    New World Oder(NOW) oleh masyarakat elite yang dipanggil Secret Socicety merancang apa yang berlaku di dunia sekarang.??
    Kenaikan harga minyak, masalah makanan dan “pengganas palsu” adalah satu agenda Secret society yang juga di kuasai oleh Zionist dan freemanson??
    Dari konspirasi NWO, permasalah di atas menjuruskan kepada pembentukan North American Union(NAU) diantara Canada, Amerikan dan Mexico. Matlamat akhir dan jangka panjang mereka adalah pembentukan “One World Government” dan menguasai keuangan dunia.
    Siapa mereka ini, Secret Society dan Freemanson?
    Apa NWO ini dengan Amerika?
    Kalau benar konspirasi kejatuhan dollar Amerika ini, dunia akan merasakan kesan yang dahsyat dengan kejatuhan nilai USD. Semua jual beli komoditi dan transaksi bank dunia akan melumpuh.
    Kenapa ini di biarkan berlaku?
    Kenapa Amerika membiarkannya?
    Apa kesan dari kejatuhan dollar ini?
    Tujuan mereka adalah untuk membentuk matawang baru “Amero” bagi Negara NAU tadi untuk western Hemespire seperti Euro di Eropah. Kekeuatan Euro dan Amero ini akan digabungkan satu masa nanti dengan satu matawang dunia, apabila matlamat satu kerajaan dunia mereka tercapai.
    Apapun jika ujud konspirasi ini, apakah Malaysia bersedia dengan kejatuhan USD ini.?
    Apa kah alternatif kerajaan Malaysia dalam transaksi bankingnya?
    Salam perjuangan

  59. azman abdul aziz Jul 4,2008 9:03 AM

    Yang Amat Dihormati Tun,
    No words can describe your brilliant and superb intellectuality. Having said that the Government should be flushed with money, do you think the Government should waive or reduce some of the taxes? Looking at the present Government I’m not sure whether Pak Lah & Co can stand or already standby with some strategies to encounter the worldwide catastrophe eventually
    Honestly, Tun you are the ONLY ONE can overcome all these messes.
    May Allah bless Tun and the Malaysian.

  60. mgpunya Jul 4,2008 8:48 AM

    Assalamualaikum YAM Tun,
    Planting..reasonable doubt on the public’s mind..that’s what Dato Anwar Ibrahim is currently doing..
    i. Taking refuge at the Turkish embassy
    ii. Poice report on the Attorney – General
    iii. Police report on the IGP
    iv. Political Conspiracy by BN

  61. noriyati Jul 4,2008 8:47 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Sy amat2 berharap agar adalah org2 kerajaan yg membaca posting ini serta mengambil iktibar & panduan agar mjadi lebih bijak utk menerajui negara & mengambil tindakan segera yg betul.
    I love u Tun.. keep educating us through your blog..

  62. ABI Jul 4,2008 8:40 AM

    My dear friend Pakbelalang (Lalang??)
    You appear to be an ignoramus of the first order! You call people attending public rallies as “moron”, “gullible”, “naive” and so son and so forth! What stupidity! Aren’t you as a blind follower of Tun M (a spent force!)heaping praises and encomium on him- just because you like him (a subjective thing!). Some of the greenstick bloggers simply adore him without knowing his background or his past record. Take, for example, his privatization policy. His cronies were shown lot of favours. On account of his policy (copied from Maggie Thatcher!, today we are paying a high price for toll, etc. He had used up much of Petronas profits (petro dollars) on prestigious projects like Putrajaya ( please note many countries have abandoned their projects to shift their administrative centres on account of their austerity drive), Petronas tower, etc .. they bring no benefit at all to the rakyat at large. As a socio-political analyst, I do not think much of his autocratic manner of administration! Go ahead, buddy, continue paying obeisance and homage to him! Tun M is obfuscating national issues.. he is confusing people. The unfortunate thing about this is that people regard Tun M as a demi-god as is clearly reflected in their blind allegiance to him on this blog. What a deplorable state of affairs! Where are we heading, my country men? may God bless and take care of this great nation of ours!

  63. Biskitani Jul 4,2008 8:29 AM

    sy dah baca berapa artikel ko n nampak sama sekali amat negatif dgn DR M baik d sini ataupun d blog Tun..mmg sy sll perati komen ko d blog Tun n semuanya negatif samada bentuk fakta(komen secara ilmiah) ataupun sekadar memusing ayat dari maksud istilah, pemahaman ayat, kefahaman biasa n sebalik ayat.
    bagi saya..klu dah hati tu mmg anti Tun walau bersembunyi d sebalik nama antiMAMAK=konon muak ngan konspirasi malaysia ntah sy pun tak ingat..(kot kot ni pun d jadikan modal kata sy tak berkelayakan nak komen sbb tak ingat fakta..hehe asyik pusing ayat saja..mmg ko pun boleh jadi ahli politik) macam mana pun Tun buat ttp membangkang je..
    tntg kes tumbuk anwar pun leh d jadikan modal meraih sokongan nasional konon d mana kredibiliti polis negara..semua manusia ni x dapat buat macam nabi..kata baginda n sikap baginda yg tulen d jadikan panduan..klu macam tu negara lain lebih dahsyat menyeksa tahanan..bukan sy mempertahankan bnd yg salah..cuma d sini nampak d jadikan modal bagi anda n org kuat DSAI (walau tak ngaku konon) untuk menghentam negara bertopengkan keadilan..hehehe anda pun sbnrnya buta secara tulin antara mereka yg di kaburi oleh DSAI untuk mempertahankan agenda tersembunyi mereka..manatau!
    last sekali..toksah la main ayat konon berdiri atas fakta, bersopan, bertanggungjawab n ntah apalagi mainan kata yg sedap2..klu org tua kampung mungkin leh tabik n respek..just nak straight je kami sokong Tun sbb kepimpinan dia..kami bukan beriman or menyembah dia!!!
    p/s: klu ko jadi PM..ko leh buat 100 peratus clean tak dalam pemerintahan ko?..ko leh jaga berjuta2 pegawai bawah ko?..jahat2 Tun dia tak abaikan Malaysia..jgn la jadi minyak utk bakarkan smngt gaduh2 ni..ko pertahankan benda kecik..Tun pertahankan benda yg penting n besar..sama je pun!!!
    p/s: pada member2 yg lain..jagnla layan sgt antimamak ni..provokasi yg dia utarakan tu nak jerat korg je supaya layan dia..nak masukkan idea n nak promosi apa dia nak..wlu dia ikhlas n xdpt ganjaran dari mana2 atas nama keadilan..kebebasan..
    contoh bermain ayat dr antimamak:
    – Segala usaha Tun menjadikan Malaysia sebagai negari industri nampaknya berkecai bagai roti canai dikoyak mamak. Hilanglah garing enaknya. Jangan kata apa apa hi tech, sekarang nak cari lembu untuk buat sawah pun susah, hilang kerbau ! Impain tun hanya sekadar dipinggiran, Impian Tun hanya memberikan kami rakyat bermimpi selama 22 tahun. Akhirnya kita bangkit dan segala telah hilang.
    – Lagi lagi Tun telah menghabiskan senayak 100 billions US dollar dalam waktu pemerintahan Tun, Tun telah bina projek gajah putih, ini sajalah rakyat dapat menikmati dengan mata, nasib baik gajah putih pun tak mengapa , lebih baik dari tiada langsung Tambahan kerajaan sekarang asyik sibuk dengan Isu bontot, Najid pun main bontot Altantunya, jadi Tun macam mana nak dapat pemimpin yang baik?
    – Kesimpulannya, mamak berusaha kerja rajin, mengumpul harta, tiba tiba gerai dibakar jadi rata, maka segala impian tidak tercapai, terpaksa lah mamak berusaha menanam padi, jadi petani, menangkap ikan jadi nelayan. Apa boleh buat??
    -impian tun bukan ilusi atau bermimpi..Tun sediakan stronghold..salah AAB tak teruskan kepimpinan yg teguh utk meneraju masa depan negara..bnd kck ni pun ko nak komen?..patut pun Tun snyp je sbb idea ko ni just level org borak2 d kedai kopi..bende remeh temeh
    -menghabiskan USD100 bilion..dalam masa 22 tahun sbrnya tak ckp..lagipun bnd ko cakap gajah putih ni macam bunyi membazir je..ko tgk bangunan dia je ke atau ko x observe kesan n kebaikan dia?..patut pun Tun snyp je..Tun faham mgkn ko x nampak g kebaikan d sebalik semua pembangunan mega Tun ni..aku sndr leh faham n malas layan la..
    -dah elok2 Tun nak tingkatkan khdpn Melayu..AAB pulak buat jahanam..(nanti mst anda cakap ni salah Tun amik AAB nanti pjg bejela lak nak jawab soalan ko ni..pusing2 ayat je sbnrnya..last2 ikut quran sunnah gak hujungnya!!!)
    p/s: member2 jangan d manipulasi oleh kata2nya yg bertaraf 5 bintang bahkan mengalahkan Tun yg Tun hanya straight n mudah d fahami..

  64. Jue Jul 4,2008 8:28 AM

    Good Day Tun, fellow bloggers & visitors,
    I want to quote a statement made by Alan Greenspan in his book “The Age of Turbulence”. He said …….”when i visited Dr. Mahathir at Blair House (Washington’s official guest house for heads of state and other visiting dignitaries) in May 2002, I found him less fiery than I had expected. In fact, he appeared both thoughtful and interesting so long as I put out of mind his jailing of Anwar Ibrahim……”(page 312)..
    Keep on writing Tun…

  65. mgpunya Jul 4,2008 8:17 AM

    Assalamualaikum YAM Tun,
    Communism is gone……
    And, with the current situation, is it writing on the wall….are we witnessing the gradual demise of Capitalism too……
    Food for thought.

  66. Zubli Zainordin Jul 4,2008 7:55 AM

    Dear Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, I have joined a fan club, yours, at Facebook.
    I hope we can organized something to carry forward from the point you feed us from your wisdom almost daily.
    Please benefit from our togetherness.
    May The God guide us, in this our Malaysia facing World turmoil.
    I thank you.

  67. Alang Mat Yasin Jul 4,2008 7:46 AM

    Hanya Jauhari mengenal manikam…

  68. zaidi suhaimi gilong Jul 4,2008 7:44 AM

    Sepatutnya bercakap tentang pembelaan rakyat dan bukannya bercakap tentang serangan peribadi.
    Bukan budak tadika bah…
    Tahu bezakan yang mana betul atau salah.
    Mengingati 5 PM dulu dan kini lebih berfaedah dari mengingati Anwar Sodomy. $_$!

  69. tyn Jul 4,2008 7:21 AM

    dear tun,
    I will support u until the end. Bless u all.

  70. little_mike Jul 4,2008 6:34 AM

    Salam Tun,
    apa lagi yang hendak saya katakan. Semakin saya mengikuti setiap tulisan Tun dalam blog ini, semakin saya tertanya-tanya gerangan siapakah Tun ini. Saya membesar dalam zaman Tun menjadi PM. Maaf Tun kerana saya pernah kritikal terhadap kepimpinan Tun semasa menjadi PM dulu. Bagaimana pun saya tetap kagum dengan visi yang sangat jauh daripada Tun memacu Malaysia di mata dunia. Ketika itu saya tidak dapat nafikan betapa Tun seorang yang sangat dinamik, pemikir hala tuju Malaysia. Itu saya melihat dari segi luaran.
    Bila Tun melibatkan diri dalam dunia blogger, Tun menulis dari minda Tun. Kami para pembaca mula mendekati sesuatu dalam benak Tun. Ilmu yang tersimpan di dalam pemikiran Tun ibarat ubat yang sentiasa menyembuhkan luka. Pada peringkat ini, terus terang saya tertanya-tanya Tun ini ada otak bionik ka? Ada cip pintar ka? Kekuatan tulisan Tun dan kredibiliti artikel membuatkan saya terpaksa berulang-ulang fikir ‘KENAPA TUN BERSARA???
    Dulu Tun pernah selamatkan UMNO dengan menubuhkan UMNO baru. waktu itu Tun saya masih budak hingusan lagi. Apa salahnya sekali lagi Tun lakukan perjuangan yang sama dan kembali memimpin Malaysia. Bila melihat senyuman Tun dalam Akhbar The Star, raut wajah Tun adalah raut wajah yang gagah untuk 5-10 tahun untuk MALAYSIA!!!
    Tun pernah selamatkan Malaysia semasa krisis ekonomi tahun 1997. Tun bersuara lagi tentang krisis terkini dan ternyata pemikiran kritis Tun amat responsif dengan kemelut yang pada pendapat saya peringkat inipun sudah ‘memeningkan’ barisan kabinet di bawah kepimpinan Pak Lah.
    Maafkan saya Tun kerana tadinya saya ‘berseloroh’ mengenai kewibawaan pemikiran Tun dengan otak bionik atau cip pintar. Minda Tun lebih daripada itu. Biarlah saya sudahkan tanggapan peribadi saya dengan satu kenyataan bahawa ‘KEWIBAWAAN, KARISMA, DINAMIKA dan INTELEKTUAL TUN ADALAH SATU ANUGERAH ILAHI UNTUK MALAYSIA’
    Saudara ABI – kenapa kelihatan gelisah dengan tulisan Tun?? Kenapa meminta Tun untuk berehat sedangkan Tun memang pun menikmati waktu-waktu terluang selepas bersara dengan cuma blogging. Tun cuma menulis artikel. Tun tidak pun sibuk meninjau-ninjau kerusi lama Tun di Putrajaya tu. Saudara bercakap tentang ‘biarkan kerajaan sekarang melakukan apa yang boleh’. Melakukan apa yang boleh?? Tidakkah saudara melihat bahawa tulisan Tun bukan setakat seperti ‘cuba melakukan apa yang boleh’ sebagaimana yang CUBA dilakukan oleh kerajaan. Baca baik-baik tulisan Tun. Artikel Tun bukan baru hendak ‘MENCUBA-CUBA APAKAH YANG HENDAK DILAKUKAN UNTUK MALAYSIA’ tapi sudahpun mengariskan idea yang sememangnya sudah MEMBOLEHKAN MALAYSIA TERLEPAS DARI KRISIS KETIDAKTENTNTUAN EKONOMI skarang!. Nak tunggu sampai bila ada orang boleh berfikir seperti Tun? sabar je la.. Kasihan bila memikirkan kerajaan masih ‘struggle’ mencuba sesuatu apa yang boleh….. Bagi saya, Tun tidak seperti cuba kelihatan macam orang yang bijak. Tun memang bijak pun.
    Saudara antimamak- roti canai berkecai? kenapa tepung naik harga?? Tanya la tuan kedai macam mana harga tepung boleh naik.. kasian antimamak. berpeluang makan roti canai tapi terkapar-kapar mencari nikmat erti bersyukur. Boleh tanam padi pula tu. Nelayan pun bleh. Tak syukur-syukur lagi ke? Ada niat mengata Najib pula tu. Hati-hati kerana ini kes polis.
    Boleh pula ABI dan antimamak bersusah payah nak register dan sign in ke Kalau nak kritik Tun, boleh. kritik la kalau tidak setuju kerajaan mengurangkan kebergantungan kepada dollar US dalam urusniaga. Nyatakan idea… kritik la kalau tidak bersetuju tentang kawalan harga.. beri idea. Beri pendapat kalau suka gaji tidak naik untuk mengimbangi kos hidup.. kritik la jika tidak suka Tun dapat menjangka apa yang terbaik untuk Malaysia.. baru la anda dilihat sebagai pengkritik. Itupun kalau kritikan dapat mencambahkan idea dan mampu memberi kesan kepada kebaikan masa depan Malaysia..
    always with u Tun..

  71. sitinur Jul 4,2008 6:15 AM

    pak det..pak det…maaf lari dr topik…
    pg tadi berite terkini mengatakan aab nak panggil balik
    rakyat m’sia yg kejer kat luar negara…
    dulu pun pak det gak kan na…
    tapi ader ker aab fikir naper org m’sia rame2 p kejer kat luar nu…
    aab buat negara muflis..ajak org m’sia bertani tp perancangan utk pemasaran mcm maner…sedangkan pelam perlis pun penah tak terjual..
    abis takkan nak pasarkan kat psr mlm ni psr tani pun tak dgr dah…
    la ni pulak ader satu perumpamaan..
    hujan emas di negara sendrik..
    hujan batu di negara org..
    baik pilih ujan batu
    dr pilih ujan emas palsu…
    saper lah gamaknyer yg sambut seruan aab tuh eh…
    aab sendrik lebih suker abiskan maser dier kat aust..
    pastu ader hati panggil org balik kejer kt m’sia lah pulak…
    terima kasih pakdet….

  72. Bebas Jul 4,2008 5:39 AM

    you are so clever because you decided to leave UMNO.
    UMNO=”Useless Malaysian National Organisation”.
    All Malaysians are really fed up with the BN government.
    BN=”Big Nonsense”

  73. ZMR Jul 4,2008 5:21 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun dan Warga pembaca blog chedet..juga salam sejahtera kepada yg bukan muslim.
    Alhamdulillah dan bersyukur saya diberi kesempatan sekali lg utk membaca blog Tun.
    Terima kasih pada Tun yg berpenat lelah memberi informasi dan panduan kepada rakyat Malaysia. Walaupun saya bukan penyokong setia Tun (saya minta maaf) tapi saya amat berterima kasih atas ilmu2 yg telah Tun sampaikan.Moga Allah saja dapat membalas jasa baik dan keikhlasan Tun.
    Tak terlintas utk saya memberi comments utk tajuk diatas sebab saya merasakan penyampaian Tun amat bernas dan very informative..tak perlu ditokok tambah.Namun saya amat berbangga dengan beberapa comments pembaca blog chedet nih yg saya anggap amat baik dan amat melambangkan mentaliti rakyat yg terbuka dan bijak pandai. Terima kasih Tun kerana sekali lagi membuka minda rakyat Malaysia utk sama2 memikirkan masa depan negara kita yg tercinta.
    Maaf Tun kalau saya off topic, tapi izinkan saya menegur rakan pembaca blog ini, saudara cloud..
    pertama sekali saya amat sedih dengan keadaan Malaysia sekarang..bukan disebabkan oleh keadaan ekonomi yg lembab atau kenaikan harga minyak yg mendadak kerana saya sedar dengan kejatuhan dollar amerika, ekonomi dunia akan terjejas dan lambat laun tempiasnya akan terasa juga. Akan tetapi saya amat sedih dgn kebanyakan rakyat Malaysia, terutamanya golongan rakyat yg tiada “sense of belonging” pada tanahair Malaysia. Kenapa kita boleh jadi lemah sedemikian rupa?..walaupun ekonomi kita semakin bergoyah tapi kalau rakyat tak punyai rasa bangga menjadi rakyat Malaysia, saya rasa kesannya lebih buruk. Betul kata org tua2, kerana duit setengah org sanggup buat apa saja, hatta menggadaikan bangsa dan negara. I’m sorry my dear cloud but i must say i’m totally against your comments. You should not be shame to be a Malaysian despite what is going on around you. It is our responsibility to regain and work hard for the success of our beloved country.
    Sedih kalau ditakdirkan Malaysia mancapai tahap negara maju tetapi rakyatnya berbangga menjadi warganegara hanya kerana kemewahan negara..bukan berbangga menjadi rakyat Malaysia seadanya.

  74. sherry Jul 4,2008 4:22 AM

    Anwar said he will take over Government by 16th September!
    What a pathetic insane sick man this Anwar is? A so called ‘prime minister in waiting’ who ran and hide in ‘Turkey’, screamed ‘wolf wolf wolf’ and reported to Uncle Sam America for ‘help’ when a kid made a police report against him, crying that BN killer was going to ASSassinate him (ironically, not the kid) and bomb his family and supporters…
    Suddenly and coincidently everything else is happening around him…hired killer, 10-year story against IGP Musa & Gani Patail, 10-year story against Rahim Nor, conspiracy story, BY-ELECTION, 4 MPs joining PR, I will be PM by 16 Sept,Road Show….ALL & EVERYTHING ELSE EXCEPT HIS SODOMY CASE !!!!!
    Nice try to divert all attention from SODOMY CASE, Anwar. You are so sleek brother. And now you are going on Road Shows to claim your innocence!!!
    Brother Anwar, your case is about SODOMY, SODOMY & SODOMY, period. full stop.
    Hired Killer, Rahim Noor, BN Lompat….apa ni brother? Nampak sangat you are so mengelabah and panic when faced with a small issue. Imagine if this country is being attacked, huh… you would probably be the first on the earliest flight to America!!!

  75. DatOK ZeQ Jul 4,2008 4:16 AM

    YAB Tun
    Maaf, saya nak berseloka sikit. Saya sibuk lama tak datang sini !
    Kalau benar apa dikata
    Bertambah susah rakyat jelata
    Pelawat Blog Tun dah 3 juta
    Mari kita bersiap sedia
    Ada ajak nak pakai bendera
    Pada saya nak buat apa
    Buang duit buang masa
    Duduk rumah lagi selesa
    Kalau rakyat nak tunjuk kuasa
    Ramai ramai jangan pergi kerja
    Bukan lama 3 hari, satu masa
    Tengok Pak Lah nak kata apa
    Jangan isi minyak kereta
    Naik bas, dan LRT sahaja
    Jangan fikir lagi nak bergaya
    Kejap saja kita rasa derita
    Kalau semua sudah sekata
    Bagi tau saja, nak buat bila?
    Aku awal awal dah bersedia
    Tapi ramai sangat, yang muka muka
    Kat blog chedet beria ia
    Nak buat macam macam gaya
    Pada aku jangan cakap2 sahaja
    Bila diajak buat2 lupa
    Kepada Pak Lah saya nak kata
    Jangan buat rakyat kecewa
    Bila semua bangkit semula
    Reformasi ala chedet kali kedua
    Tun mengajak berblog saja
    Tubuh parti baru dah tak kuasa
    Kami ni nak tunggu sampai bila?
    Makan bubur semangkok berkongsi dua?
    Aku dah malas nak berseloka
    Sekarang dah naik macam2 benda
    Hati geram dah sampai kepala
    Tapi tak kan kita nak tunguuuuuu aje ?
    DatOK ZeQ
    Kelana Jaya, Selangor

  76. GOMO Jul 4,2008 4:13 AM


  77. lavender Jul 4,2008 2:40 AM

    My dear Tun,
    What an enlightening article…I wish you were still our PM to spearhead Malaysia into this world of turmoil.
    Do you think DSAAB and his 4th floor advisers have any inkling of what’s going on..they might ,after secretly reading this article, they will cedok all your ideas and claim them to be theirs. But at the same time too egoistic to formally elect you as adviser to the govt.Bodoh sombong is the word.
    So how are we going to face all these outside threats when threats from inside are greater..
    This article yet again reaffirms how farsighted, alert and brilliant you are…beyond ,beyond comparison to you know who..again I wish you were still our PM..
    So many requests already about your comment on DSAI…would like to hear your views…or is it just too clear and obvious?
    Lastly, congrats for more than 3 million hits — another amazing feat from an octagenarian..we are so proud of you!!
    Take care Tun.
    To all the ladies – to support the WHITE campaign, senang aje, just tie a white ribbon around your handbag strap.

  78. muschemun Jul 4,2008 2:39 AM

    Assalamu’alaikum Tun serta keluarga.
    Assalamu’alaikum juga kepada muslimin muslimat yang menyayangi TDM.
    Bayangkan bagaimana seorang bapa yang berpendapatan rendah bersusah payah untuk menghantar anaknya belajar IT di Universiti. Apabila mendapat ijazah, siBadwi menyarankan agar mereka membela kambing.
    Ibubapa nya tinggal ditingkat 4 flet murah yang hanya mampu mereka sewa, nak bela kambing dimana?
    SiBadwi juga menasihatkan kita menanam sayur2an. Tinggal di flet, nak tanam sayur2an di mana?
    Begitulah tingginya tahap pemikiran Pak Lah yang mempunyai sekeping ijazah dari sebuah universiti!
    Cubalah bandingkan dengan tulisan2 Tun yang amat bernas di blog ini, bezanya ibarat langit dengan bumi
    Apakah yang kita ada untuk sama2 bertindak?
    Sama2 kita pakai riben putih, lis songkok putih, bendera putih
    Dah meluat nak tengok atau dengar berita di tv/radio sebab menyampah dengan siBadwi & suku sakat pembodeknya

  79. sitinur Jul 4,2008 2:38 AM

    ceq rasa lah na pak det na…
    aab tak akan pikiaq mende2 mcm ni nih…
    pasai apa ceq kata lagu ni…
    pasai dia nak gaji ja..bkn nak pikoi tanggungjawab…
    mende2 berat mcm ni dia bg memanda2 menteri dia pikiaq…
    memanda2 menteri pulak suruh timbalan2 depa pikiaq n seterusnya…
    yg dapat bala kita org bawah lah na…
    jasa2 aab…
    1)bincang masalah negara dgn s’pore sambil main golf(kalu slh tlg betoikan)
    2)turut serta iklan golf tournament ( dgn penuh gaya n muka berseri2 banyak kut dapat bayaran)
    3)rasmikan butik anak nantu dia…
    4)menghadiri anugerah seni
    5)rasmi restoran nasi kandar kat aust…(sama mcm najib)
    apa g eh…
    jadi mari pakcik makcik kakak abang adik aunti uncle tailoh ceceh muimui sailo kiter kibarkan bendera putih…
    takde duit takpe..ada kain putih yg tak pakai tuh buat lah bendera
    plastik putih pun boleh kertas putih pun boleh jgn tunggu lagik..
    jgn duk minta pak det buat sesuatu tp kita masih tertunggu2…
    tiba masa aab turun kita lantik pak det jd penasihat pm…
    najib hishamudin nazri mohamad taib shahrir apa nama menteri de facto tuh lupa tolak depa perabis boreh yo…si najib tuh tak pandai bimbing isteri ganer nak pimpin 27juta org m’sia…
    P/S ceq ingat blog pak det kena sekat lg….
    paneh pungkoq ceq..bukak katup bukak katup…
    huh..legaaaaaaaaaa……terima kasih tak terhingga atas bimbingan
    tunjuk ajar nasihat pak det selama nih….
    p/s2 masa ceq p umrah dulu..peniaga kat madinah n mekah bila dgr m’sia ooo..mahathir..subhanaallah masaallah syukran2 depa kata…
    ada gak yg kenal aab tp sbb name dia badawi n dr kaum badwi sorg tu ja lah yg kenai pun…
    p/s3 terima kasih kerana pak det m’sia mewangi di dunia..ceq tak heran kalo ada yg dakwa pak det ada berbillion malah kalo ada trillion rm pun ceq tak heran n tak kisah sbb itu bonos pak det membawa m’sia ke puncak dunia…n walo 1sen pun yg aab terambil ceq tak akan halai dunia akhirat n seluruh keturunan dia yg mkn sbb dia buat ceq rasa mcm pengemis di negara ceq sendrik…
    p/s4 maaf na pak det na kalo terkasar bahasa…
    terima kasih tak terhingga utk mami hasmah yg jaga pak det dgn sesempurna mungkin…luval…

  80. manhakim Jul 4,2008 2:03 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun;
    Bukalah parti baru yang Tun teraju atau jadi penasihat dan kami akan sokong jadi ahli terus.
    Bawah Paklah , Malaysia semua kebawah , harga barang je yang naik.
    Kalau Anwar jadi PM Malaysia takkan move “forward” banyak masalah “Backward” .
    Tak heran kalau Amerika dah banyak campur tangan dalam negara kita. Saya pernah berdebat dengan seorang penyokong kuat pembangkang sebab saya tak setuju kalau Malaysia ambil IMF package dan akan gadai masa depan kita pada mereka .Terpaksa buka dan serahkan rumah kita sendiri untuk mereka yang tentukan semuanya. Apa dia kata ialah AMERIKA SYARIKAT maksudnya “AMER” MEREKA dan Syarikat. Jadi tuhan dah tentukan Amerika yang patut jadi Amir /tadbir mereka-mereka atau kita-kita semua dan juga syarikat-syarikat. Taksub …..amat taksub dan bahaya negara kita sekarang ni Tun.
    Malaysia adalah negara yang sangat kaya dan banyak sumber pendapaan cuma hancur dengan cara management yang salah.
    Saya ingin tahu berapa banyak Paklah kasi ex-gratia payment untuk bekas judges tu . Kalau gaji RM 10,000 satu bulan, satu tahun dan RM120,000 dan kalau bayar untuk 20 tahun gaji dah dapat RM 2.4 juta seorang. Patutlah taknak umumkan kat public. Apa jasa judges tu yang Paklah baru ni je sanggup habiskan duit rakyat sedemikian banyak . Apakah majority rakyat akan suka kalau tahu berapa sebenar yang dibayar???
    Harap Tun sihat dan teruskan perjuangan.

  81. pat Jul 4,2008 1:54 AM

    Dear Tun,
    I, on the other hand, think that investing in or developing agriculture has its merit. Our country is resourceful, unlike Singapore, Hong Kong, and others. However, there is still room for improvement in the way we produce our crops. By enhancing agricutural productivity and efficiency, we are better guarded against external supply shocks. At the same time, we also increase our competitiveness in international food supply markets which attractiveness has never been more apparent against a backdrop of looming food crisis. What is more important is, before a nation is asked to toil for a better future, the nation shall be assured of food security first.
    Also, we shall not let our economy go heavily lopsided. We need a balanced economy so that everyone, regardless of education level and background, has the oppportunity to claim a stake in our economy. Agriculture provides ample opportunity for many disadvantaged groups to practise entrepreneurship, whereas these people may only be able to qualify themselves as a factory worker, if we only have manufacturing jobs. Besides, every field/industry has a place for high-tech, but having an assortment of career choices is just as important.
    It is rather premature to dismiss the present government efforts to encourage economic growth as ineffective or inefficient as the effects may probably be seen after several years. However, insufficient is probably a description everyone would agree with. Having to embroil itself in the current political turmoil, I seriously doubt the present administration can still keep the economy in perspective. Election results and party/racial interests seem to dominate or take precedence over the more important national well-being.
    In this unprecedented trying situation, we need a great leader more than ever. There would be little contention to say that Tun’s leadership skills are more superior than those of your hand-picked successor, our PM. But again, who do you think, among UMNO leaders, has better leadership than Tun? It is not easy to find one. Therefore, we shall not discount Pak Lah on the basis of lack of show of leadership and shall let his actions speak for him. For instance, his campaign to promote greater transparency and efficiency had exhibited just another side of great leadership and had won the hearts of many. Unfortunately, allegations of his putting in place a family-run government has ripped the very trust we placed in him in the 2004GE.
    The people of Malaysia are crying for a leader who is competent, visionary, fair, and having high integrity. At present, who, within UMNO or the bumiputra oppositions, has such qualities? The DPM hasn’t cleared his name of homicide or connection to it, at least in the public eyes. The advisor to PKR hasn’t cleared his name of sodomy, punishable by law. And, our PM has almost lost his grip on politics and people’s confidence in his stewardship. The people’s confidence in the government must be restored following a change of leadership. If a change of leadership is not expected to restore public confidence, why change? If we ourselves are not even confident of our own country, what can be expected of foreign investors?
    Tun, we are only slightly more than 2 terms away from the year 2020. Our dream will be in jeopardy if we have a wrong leader for the 1st term; and doomed if we have another wrong leader for the 2nd term. I hope Tun can continue to help the people of Malaysia in your capacity. You will be dearly loved and remembered as the nation’s HERO.
    Best regards.

  82. Mohammad Mubashar Jul 4,2008 1:46 AM

    Quote for cloud:
    Dear Tun,
    Do you think Malaysia still got hope and future can stand?
    Will Malaysia Citizen will be proud to become Malaysian?
    to will be shame to be?
    to be honest, Now i feel shame to be Malaysian after all what the minister done for this country…

    No offence my brother, but there is still more to be proud of to be Malaysian. I have been to real poor countries like Pakistan and India where poverty is everywhere. I would say, be thankful for being a Malaysian. There definitely are countries which were never even blessed with evolution and until today suffer for every second they breathe. To me, I am still proud by saying “I am a Malaysian” because what Tun has done for us, is sufficient to take the mark of the country to any point in this world. So, be proud of our country 🙂
    With full respects,
    Mohammad Mubashar

  83. Ah Tech @ Mamad Jul 4,2008 1:45 AM

    Salam Tun, Madam Tun & all,
    There seems to be quite few of Malaysian working in Singapore that subscribe to
    I’m actually one of u guys out there.
    If u permit Sir, with your permission may I enclosed here my email address for fellow Malaysians in Singapore so hopefully we could get in touch with each other and share some thoughts about whats been discussed here in
    Your consideration is highly appreciated Sir!
    To my fellow Malaysians pls feel free to email to me. Hopefully we could share some thought about whats been happening in our beloved country Malaysia. Thanks
    My email :

  84. Mohammad Mubashar Jul 4,2008 1:41 AM

    Heads up with some calculation:
    8. We produce about 650,000 barrels a day, consume 400,000 and export roughly 250,000 barrels. We used to earn 30 US Dollar per barrel; today we earn 140 US Dollar, almost all profit. Work out the revenue from 250,000 barrels per day for one year.
    Revenues calculations for Export:
    per day = 250,000 barrels
    per barrel price = $140 USD
    per year calculation:
    = (250,000 barrels) x 356 days
    = 912,50000 barrels
    per year income:
    = (912,50000 barrels) x ($140 USD)
    = $12775000000 USD
    which is also equivalent to:
    = RM 40,880,000,000.00 (with conversion rate of RM3.2 per USD)
    In words, that is “Forty billion, eight hundred and eighty million Ringgit”.
    With full respects,
    Mohammad Mubashar

  85. drMFAN Jul 4,2008 1:35 AM

    Assalamualaikom Ybh Tun Dr.Mahathir,
    salam Hortmat dan tahniah diatas kejayaan blog Tun menjangkau kepelawat yang ke3juta.Syabas Tun !! ini membuktikan Tun masih disayangi,disenangi dan dihormati oleh rakyat Malaysia.Tun adalah idola saya sejak tahun 1982 lagi dan setiap statement atau keratan akhbar mengenai Tun baik di media cetak atau eletronik sentiasa saya ikuti dan apa yg saya selalu lihat apa yg selalu Tun ramal atau perkatakan mesti jadi kenyataan walaupun kekadang tak seratus peratus tetapi kebanyakan 80% memang tepat dan saya amat kagum dgn cara Tun memberi ucapan dikhalayak ramai atau pun press conference memang ada thrill dan meresap kedalam minda saya tetapi sejak Tun dah tak jadi PM ni kami rakyat Malaysai terasa kehilangan sesuatu tempat perhatian yg boleh diharapkan.Saya amat2 berharap kalau boleh Tun tubuhkan satu parti baru yg dapat orang melayu dan seluruh rakyat Malaysia menyokong untuk mengantikan kerajaan yang ada sekarang,saya yakin ramai rakyat Malaysia tak kira kaum termasuk jugak yg dulu anti Tun akan kembali menyokong Parti yg diasaskan oleh Tun nanti.Saya yakin ramai rakyat Malaysia sekarang dah benci,meluat dan bosan dgn pemimpin2 UMNO,PKR,DAP,PAS yg ada sekarang semua tak boleh diharapkan kebanyakan berkepentingan diri sendiri,gila kuasa dan asyik nak berangan2 nak jadi PM aje dan cakap tak serupa bikin.Lagi pun sekarang saya lihat dalam BN dah mula ada kecoh sesama parti begitu juga dgn Pakatan Rakyat tidak semsas zaman Tun dulu kalau ada pun tak saterok hari ini.Saya harap Tun dapat kembali memimpin kami rakyat malaysia walaupun setahun dua sabelum mencari pengganti Tun yg berkaliber dan boleh diharap.Akhir sekali saya harap Tun dalam sehat waalafiat dan selamat berjuang…

  86. cloud Jul 4,2008 1:20 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Do you think Malaysia still got hope and future can stand?
    Will Malaysia Citizen will be proud to become Malaysian?
    to will be shame to be?
    to be honest, Now i feel shame to be Malaysian after all what the minister done for this country…

  87. anak negeri Jul 4,2008 1:12 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Semoga Tun & keluarga di rahmati Allah. Jutaan terima kasih kerana memberi info yg sangat berguna buat kami.
    Mungkin telah sampai masanya utk dunia beralih arah daripada pergantungan USD dlm world trading ataupun mengguna pakai benchmark mereka sebagai penentu harga dunia.
    Segala analisa yg telah Tun utarakan menunjukkan kepimpinan sekarang tiada hala tuju. Rakyat sering di”Gula2kan” dengan berita yg enak2 sedangkan persediaan untuk menghadapi krisis ekonomi dunia tidak diambil kira.
    AAB & The Geng seringkali hilang arah & tiada halatuju utk membawa Malaysia mengharungi semua kemelut ini, hanya sokong membabi buta. Itulah kerajaan Hadhari yg digembar gemburkan, akhirnya segala beban & derita ditanggung oleh Rakyat.
    Harap2 Tun dapat menyampaikan segala ilmu yg Tun fikirkan sesuai utk Rakyat Malaysia. Kami tiada PM hanya Tun sahaja yg kami ada untuk membantu Malaysia bangkit semula.

  88. Ah Tech @ Mamad Jul 4,2008 1:11 AM

    Salam Tun, Madam Tun & all,
    Semuga Tun dalam keadaan sihat sejahtera disamping yg tersayang.
    Bila ‘kegawatan Amerika & dunia’ berlaku sekarang, semua idea2 bernas Tun dahulu menjadi logik; make sense. Contohnya :-
    – untuk negara2 Asia Pasific / Asean mempunyai matawang sendiri
    – untuk negara2 ini mula berdagang dengan matawang seragam sesama negara2 Asean /Asia Pacific
    – untuk urusan perdagangan di dunia menggunakan matawang yg bersandarkan kpd satu ‘komoditi’ yg realiti seperti Dinar Emas
    – Tun menjalin kerjasama baik dengan negara2 dunia ke-3 terutama negara2 Afrika yg mempunyai sumber komoditi & sumber alam yg banyak melalui Langkawi International Dialogue
    – Tun rapat dng kuasa dunia yg ‘under dog’, yg mempunyai potensi besar spt Russia & bukan dng kuasa besar itu sendiri spt Amerika
    Saya rasa Tun sudah nampak yg suatu hari nanti perkara spt sekarang (Kegawatan Amerika & dunia) akan berlaku.
    Kegawatan dunia yg disebabkan kebergantungan yg terlalu tinggi (highly dependent) pada Amerika yg dicipta oleh Amerika itu sendiri. Cuma mungkin tak sesiapa menyangka yg ia berlaku di waktu sekarang.
    If only current government can at least, follow the steps created by Tun; can at least continue the same policy by Tun & carried out the same standard thats been proven do nothing harmful to the people & the country; we will surely suffer less
    (Kalaulah kerajaan skrg boleh sekurang2nya, ikut jejak langkah yg dimulakan Tun; boleh sekurang2nya menyambung polisi oleh Tun & melaksanakan piawai yg sama yg jelas terbukti tidak mendatangkan keburukan pada rakyat & negara; kita pasti akan kurang sengsara daripada sekarang)
    And they will surely save a lot of their energy to have to think all this as its all had been done by Tun.
    (Kerajaan sekarang pasti tidak perlu memenatkan otak untuk berfikir ini semua kerana ia telah dibuat oleh Tun)
    But yet again, we will surely suffer much more if current PM refuse to withdraw from his office….
    (Tetapi yg tentunya, kita pasti akan lebih sengsara lagi jika PM sekarang tak setuju meletakkan jawatannya….)

  89. ANAK-DAMIT Jul 4,2008 1:06 AM


  90. stealth Jul 4,2008 12:46 AM

    Salam Tun & all bloggers
    First of all, congratulation on the 3 million hits. This is certainly a record of some sort. It shows how much influence you have on us and how insatiable we are for your wisdom and thoughts.
    You are an extraordinary person with great visions and fantastic ideas yet you are so humble.
    Your analysis of the world economics was excellent but your empathy for our plights now and the near future really touches my heart.
    Wassalam…may Allah bless Tun and Malaysia. Amin.

  91. chekgunab Jul 4,2008 12:45 AM

    Alhamdulillah dpt jugak masok n antar komen kt blog Tun yg saya kagumi ni. Semoga panjang umor dan dapat kita sama pertahankan negara tercinta ini dari anasir2 dan manusia2 hipokrit yg begitu rakus memerintah sekarang…hingga terlupa asal usul.
    Hidup Tun

  92. Herman Jul 4,2008 12:33 AM

    Assalamualaikum Yang Berbahagia Tun,
    You are an inspiration to me, my family and I believe, all others who appreciate your thoughts and contributions to the global community.
    It has been my lifelong dream to meet you even for a minute in my life.
    “Malaysia & the World in Turmoil” effectively provides an excellent analysis and insight to the unevitable challenges that faces not only Malaysia and the whole world at large but most importantly how the current situation affects the man in the streets.
    May Allah Bless you and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah with good health and longevity. Amin.
    Herman dari Temasek

  93. sherry Jul 4,2008 12:31 AM

    Dearest Tun Mahathir,
    To ABI,
    You commented that “during your (Tun’s) administration, the world economy wasn’t that chaotic as it is today”.
    I guess your are still a school kid or you must be totally ignorant of what happened during the 1982-88 recession and the 1997-1998 economic turmoil, or you must be a plain BALATANT LIAR, a CONSPIRACY ECONOMIST or a ANWAR BIN IBRAHIM (ABI)’s I M ALWAYS DAMN RIGHT, OTHERS R ALWAYS DAMN STUPID.
    Where are your facts and comparisons? As always, the best you could offer is giving comments without substance or details. Brother, anyone can do that, unfortunately this blog is not fit for anyone who wish to critise Tun but could not substantiate his claims.
    I graduated in 1984 and my salary as a branch manager of a reputable consultant firm went down from RM1,700 in 1984 to RM900 in 1987 due to recession, bad business environments and tight money situation. Yet I could still afford to get married, organized two Malay wedding ceremonies for my wedding, drive a small car, and raise a small family during that challenging period. Because, the cost of living were still affordable then courtesy of Tun’s governance.
    I am not an economist, and do not know much about running a country either. I am 48 years old (how old are you ABI? 47?), and runs a small business since 1994 till now, thanks to the vision and assistance of the then Prime Minister Tun Mahathir, in particular the Franchise Development Programme and the Skim Pinjaman Tabung Usahawan Baru, among others. And I operate a small retail outlet in Suria KLCC since 1998 till now. Thank you Tun Mahathir for your vision in the building of the Petronas Twin Towers. (Now land values surrounding KLCC Twin Towers have spiralled to over RM1,500 psf, and many have benefited from spill-over of this Mega projects, including foreign investors and businesses).
    Coming back to the economic scene, I believed and has little doubt that 1997-98 was the worst ever economic turmoil faced by Asian countries and perhaps the worst ever political instability in Malaysia’s history.
    1. Most Asian economics tigers faced severed economic slowdown due to acute currency devaluation caused by Western currency speculators, manipulators (Soros & gang) and money laundry. Thailand, South Korea and Indonesia were technically bankrupt when their currency fell by 50% to 400% within months. In Indonesia, Rupiah fell from Rp2500 to Rp12500 to a US dollar and its government collapsed, banks and companies gone busted or sold at fire-sale value to American and Western countries, and its people rioted with thousands killed or injured. Suharto was disgracefully forced to resigned in front of IMF Chairman. In Thailand and South Korea too, major banks and companies were hijacked by westerns at probably 10% of their actual value. Even in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, the downside affects were insurmountable. Less developed countries in other parts of Asia and Africa were not spared the worst.
    2. During that time, Anwar Ibrahim was the Finance Minister of Malaysia and I remember him telling the country that Malaysia’s economic were fundamentally strong and would not be affected by the turmoil. SOON AFTER, in early 1998 Malaysia faced the currency manipulators attack (remember George Soros telling Tun Mahathir
    ” see you at (RM) 5)” and then Ringgit fell to RM4.30 to a US dollar. Shares market began to collapse, losing by RM400billion in value. Even the resailent unit trust markets were not spared, felling by 70 – 90% of its value and affecting most Malaysian till now. My ASM Unit Trust fell from RM 1.13 to 26sen per unit, or loss of 75%. Then came Tun Mahathir, he sacked Anwar, formed MTEN and resorted to orthodox anti-IMF and anti-World Bank’s prescription that was forced Thailand, South Korea and Indonesia. Tun’s economic packaged was immediated condemned by IMF, World Bank and Anwar Ibrahim himself, and belittled by most super world economists and international institutions like Moody’s as absurd, backward or bound to fail within days. Tun was labelled ” crazy” by them for by pegging the ringgit to RM3.80 per dollar and going against economic norms as found in Western economic books. The rest were history. I, like most Malaysians at that time, felt like we have just won the World War III.
    3. Contrary to item (2) above, ABI’s and Neil’s beloved Anwar Ibrahim meanwhile were flying to and fro to the IMF and World Bank Headquarters in Washington in 1997 and 1998, red-carpeted and gun-saluted welcome by the American Government, appointed as Chairman or whatever of one of IMF’s programme, and coming back to Malaysia proudly pescribing the IMF medicines to the poor Malaysians. He had increased bank interest rates on term loans to 11-12% pa (I too borrowed from Citibank at that time), car loans to 13-16% flat, restrict car financing to 70% thus killing the car retail industry and Proton sales, squeezing credit cards terms, allowing businesses to go down under and pursuing more similar to current Abdullah Badawi’s burdening policies. During an international economic conference in Hong Kong in 1997, I remember most of the world economists praising Anwar Ibrahim and ushering him as the Next PM of Malaysia, whilst Tun Mahathir was being sidelined.
    4. Then the POLITICAL BOMBSHELL (in March 1998 i think), Tun sacked Anwar and reversed all Anwar’s ailing and failed IMF prescriptions that could have caused chaos and bankrupt our country, ransacked by Anwar’s western powers and left the people poor. Obviously, Anwar’s agenda was to ensure Tun’s economy would collapse, forcing Tun to resign in disgrace just like Suharto, and he would then become the new prime minister. But God is Great.
    5. Tun Mahathir introduced MTEN (comprising the nation’s best economic and political think tank, from various political parties) to monitor the economy, lowered interest rates and breathing space for loans payments, bank rebates on bad performing loans, instructed all banks to help businesses and home borrowers, established Danaharta & Danamodal (later copied by the American and Western), created new business loan packages and giving out small, medium and big projects etc. for all level of people. Tun even dragged the private sectors and GLCs to give out jobs and projects. Tun Mahathir had saved the nation from Anwar’s naivety in pursuing his ambition to gain power at any cost. Anwar would have sold the country. Anwar Ibrahim would have sold the Malaysian people just to grab power.
    6. If Anwar were to gain power today, everybody’s guess is he will be flying to and fro again to Washington. Indeed, immediately after his release from prison, his health recovery was phenomenal, and he resided in Boston America for about 1 year. He was chairman of America’s Foundation for Future (FFF) established by IMF (or World Bank?) Chairman Wolfowitz (former secretary of defense? USA)who initiated war in Iraq and appointed his girlfriend into IMF’s on lucrative payroll (she later joined Anwar’s Foundation at Anwar’s invitation). So, Anwar’s talking about lowering petrol prices and other things is sheer rubbish, or hiprocracy at minimum face value. And has anyone in Malaysia benefited from FFF?
    7. During the 1997-98 economic turmoil, oil prices were only US$30 per barrel, oil palm at RM600 per tonne, rubber at RM1.80 per kilo and tin at RM5000 per tonne (correct me if I am wrong). Today, oil is US$140/barrel, oil palm RM3,600 /tonne, rubber RM9.00/kilo and tin RM24,000/tonne. So ABI, any tom dick, harry, neil and abi will tell you that the current Abdullah Government will have far far more money and resources to plan, prepare and insulate our country’s economy and the people’s wellbeing in the event of another economic turmoil or recession than the previous Government.
    8. This year, Petronas will make over RM120 billion profit, Income Tax Dept. will collect over RM80 billion people tax money, Customs another RM15 billion, and the list of income for Abdullah Government goes on and on. But he has NO MONEY NOW for relatively “smaller mega projects” compared with Tun’s mega projects, his Corridors Projects are nothing but theatrette (wayang), and he is squeezing the rakyat with high oil prices while his wife, son, daughter and his richest unemployed son-in-law are robbing our country’s wealth at rampant speed. Even after selling Avenue Cap to ECM Libra (RM600 million loss), Pantai Holdings & MAS to Singapore’s Temasek, and AV Augusta (at RM4.50 nett, tunaaaiii), Abdullah’s government still has no money eccept to build Istana Negara at RM450 million (ask KJ who is Maya Maju who secure the job), to organise CYC Youth Cup (RM17 mil), Monsoon Cup (RM400 mil), compensation of Crooked Bridge (RM300-400 million), sale of Pulau Batu Putih to Singapore, Ex-Gratia payment to Sacked Judges, RM1million for a piece of Olympic gold medal, and the clumsy pathetic list goes on and on…makan ubi kayu included.
    9. In contrast, Tun Mahathir, despite all the disadvantages, handicapped and accused by Abdullah as “finishing the country coffin” compared to Abdullah’s wealth stated under item (8) above, had not only managed to ride the turmoil (remember the TV3 ad showing a bunch of Malaysian sailing the Naga (dragon) boat from East Malaysia to West Malaysia), but went on to develope the country with roads, highways, bridges, public utilities, PutraJaya, Twin Towers, KLIA, AirAsia, Khazanah (now being robbed by KJ and his 4th Floor), Petronas’s overseas venture in 36 countries, and hand over the leadership country to Abdullah (the Destroyer) in healthy state.
    Alas, ABI and his Anwar’s reformasi (reformasi apa dong!) friends, if you want to condemn Tun, please substantiate your claims. Otherwise, you will be as smart and brilliant as our stupid, soft and arrogant (bodoh, lembik & sombong) sleepy prime minister Abdullah and the super ego, super arrogant and super sleeky (licik) forever in waiting prime minister Anwar.
    TODAY, the Ringgit is falling and needs Bank Negara’s intervention for the first time, the KLSE share market is declining rapidly, the factories are beginning to close down (NIKKO Industries, etc), the retail businesses are shrinking (please ask any shops around), and the Prices of Goods are beginning to show its effect on the people. YET, Abdullah & his Ministers In Waiting (to be forced out of) are still SLEEPING….ZZZZZZZZZZZZ
    To Neil (Pro Reformasi Anwar Ibrahim) now staying in United Kingdom, you must be damn rich enjoying your wine & steak at posh condo, oops posh London pub proudly with your “bangsa2 asing yang rata2 menyokong Anwar Ibrahim” as you confessed in Anwar’s blog: What do you know the hardship of we Malaysians now living in our tanahair TANAH MELAYU MALAYSIA? itu wine sama favorite brand of de facto Zaid Ibrahim’s choice? I mean JACK CHIN (new blend of Jack Daniel’s).
    Case dismissed.
    Syabas Tun,
    3,000,000 YA 3 JUTA hits in just 2 months,
    Lets go for 30 JUTA hits by end 2008.
    Please compare with Anwar’s or KJ or Shahrir’s blog, theirs are pathetic.
    Tun Mahathir as President of Parti Melayu Baru and Chairman of Barisan Malaysia Baru….any name will do Tun.

  94. farah Jul 4,2008 12:28 AM

    U d man, Dr. M! U always have been!
    Oh, how we miss you. I grew up during your tenureship and what you have brought to us is priceless. I wish my children could have the same experience and pride I had for the country when I was growing up.
    Your insights and opinions have always and still remain invaluable to us, sir. Your blog’s the first thing to be checked on everyday for me. So refreshing compared to the stuff we have to stomach in the media nowadays.
    Keep it up, sir. Take care and may He always keep you in His care.

  95. muslimah_262 Jul 4,2008 12:28 AM

    The US$ is destined (planned) to crash. It was planned that way (many years ago) to do so, by the very “entities” that created the “paper money” that (wrongfully ) replaced the gold as the trade currency of the time.
    The supporters of World Bank and IMF which encourage ‘debt-linked’ , ‘interest (RIBA)-linked’ loans to desperate countries will be last supporters of This Gold system for obvious reasons.
    Further references:
    1. LECTURE (as VCD) by Sheikh Imran N. Hosein: title” SEMINAR ON ISLAM AND MONEY-SESSION 1″
    2. book: THE GOLD DINAR AND SILVER DIRHAM, author: Sheikh Imran N. Hosein.
    I hope chedet will bring up the topic of GOLD Dinar as the currency to replace US$. Israeli,not surprisingly, is dead against the Gold Dinar.Why is PAKLAH’s govt. SO complacent? DO SOMETHING about replacing the US$ as a currency.FAST!!Before the nations suffers.

  96. Denny Jul 4,2008 12:19 AM

    Dr. Mahathir et al.
    Thank you for creating this blog and for making what Malaysia is today. I am proud to be a Malaysian.
    I would like to share with you my dream and opinions in response to your posting on 3rd June on Multi-racial Malaysia. It is clear that the ethnic related issues are close to the heart of any Malaysian. On one hand it is one of Malaysia’s unique selling proposition (USP)/strengths and on the other hand it is a weaknesses; could be a threat if not managed well.
    In my opinion, Malaysia needs to continue building the country and to create one common Malaysia identity/culture across the different ethnic where each individual should firstly feel that they are Malaysian before being a Malay, Chinese, Indian or Dayak. I like to think that my generation is the one that actually starting to ‘realise’/feel this…
    As in today’s competitive world to keep and attract the best people, it is not sufficient to have an adequate policies but rather a set of high performance policies that speaks to one’s rationale and also emotions.
    I have a dream, I dream of the day when the Prime Minister of Malaysia is selected based on merits and not ethnic/origins. It is only then we achieve a full cycle as a multi-ethnic nation to harness the true power of diversity..
    What is the likelihood of this happening, given the current political ecosystem in Malaysia? What can we do about it, for the sake of Malaysia’s future?
    Yours respectfully,

  97. ibnuyusof Jul 4,2008 12:15 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Terima kasih kerana sudi menulis analisa ini. Saya anggap ia maklumat yang amat berguna untuk kita semua merancang masa depan dengan lebih hati-hati. Malaysia perlukan pemimpin yang cukup bijaksana bagi menangani masalah global yang melanda Malaysia pada masa sekarang. Bahangnya sudah terasa semakin panas dan makin ramai rakyat sudah merasa bimbang.

  98. Hjebat Jul 4,2008 12:11 AM

    Dear Tun Dr Mahathir,
    1. I completely disagree with you, Sir.
    2. The current world commodities rally started by fundamentals but later on driven purely by speculation, just like any stock market rally. A rally or in this case a ‘super bull’ run cannot be planned; it triggers when certain set of conditions presented themselves at the right time in the right environment. But at the end speculation rules.
    3. Some even could argue that there was no fundamental reason at all involved. There has been no shortage of supply. Shell’s no. 1 man said the other day that we don’t see people queing to buy fuel. So, what shortage and what demand ? The same goes for gold, copper, corn, palm oil, rice, food, etc. Nothing has been rationed. It is purely a speculative rally.
    4. Time and again, a market rally can’t be stopped. It will stop by itself. Any rally will abruptly end when its price-time chart reaches a parabolic curve. All the commodities charts have reached this parabolic state. Sharp price drop is imminent followed by a gradual crawl downwards.
    5. A weak US dollar has not triggered the world economies to abandon it. It is a fact that surprised quite a few wishful thinkers. It should have happened but it did not. Once the end of commodities rally is in place, which is imminent, the US dollar will strengthen in initial knee jerk reaction, followed by a slow climb upwards.
    6. Once the commodities rally is over, oil price will initially experience a sharp drop but will be no where near the initial USD 30/barrel of its baseline when the rally started. The same thing will happen to price of goods affected by the oil/fuel price increase. But eventually, in a space of 2 to 3 years or so, the drop in all would be significant.
    7. The middle and upper class of Malaysian population, which constitutes around 80% of the population, will cut down on monthly savings and entertainment spending but this will only be in the region of 5 to 10 % of their household income, which after some initial adjustment, will be a life as usual thing. The perception and emotion are mostly in play but the reality tells a different story.
    8. Take fuel for instance; the middle and upper class people in Klang Valley spend around RM300 per month on fuel to commute to work. 40% increase works out to be RM120. Grocery = RM500/month. 15% increase = RM75. Daily meals for 20 days = RM300. 10% increase = RM30. Electricity = RM200/month. 10% increase = RM20. These are the 4 majors affected by price hikes. The RM120, RM75, RM30 & RM20, in percentage wise will be 10% max for those with take home income of RM2,500 to RM10,000 per month, who form the middle & upper class wage earners.
    9. Yes. The lower class will feel the pain and burden but it will not be enough to derail the economy of countries. The government & private sectors should seriously consider raising income for those with take home income of less than RM2,500 per month. This would be a far better action than giving rebate to car owners.
    10. The winfall of commodities companies and the pain of manufacturing and construction companies will not last. Proven again and again throughout history a parabolic curve of price increase is not sustainable. We should be worry if the price increase took a gradual climb in a non-parabolic way.
    11. In any open market bid and ask regime like commodities and stock markets, the fear, and fear alone, can take our imagination far way into winterland thinking the world is about to come to an end.

  99. Onlooker Jul 4,2008 12:03 AM

    Dear Tun,
    I suddenly see the twilight of a major economic change which may be a dawn of ending the Crude Crisis. Somebody has finally concluded that recession is coming and there will be no more reason for Crude price to go up further again! The following is a message forwarded to me by a friend of mine and I wish to share it with you:
    “Recession is coming … make your own judgment, don’t panic !!
    Do what is wise.
    The recession looks very eminent. It is really time to take proactive steps to avoid a painful time in the next two years, which is how long the recession is expected to last.
    1. Don’t take any loans, buy homes, properties with loans, or even cash. Keep as much cash as possible.
    2. Pay off as much of personal loans, private loans, as debt collection will be hastened.
    3. Sell any stocks you can even at lower prices.
    4. Take money off from Trust Funds.
    5. Don’t believe in huge sales forecast from customers, be extremely prudent, lowest inventories, reduce liabilities.
    6. Don’t invest in new capital.
    7. If you are selling homes/ properties/ cars , do it now, when you can get good prices, they are going to fall.
    8. Don’t invest in new business proposals.
    9. Cancel holiday plans using credit cards.
    10. Don’t change jobs, as companies will retrench based on ‘last
    in first out’.
    Stay cool, wait, and if you took all of the above actions and
    more, you probably will be better off than many.
    This is not a rumor. Bear Stearns is the first of many banking
    and financial institutions that will start falling in the not
    too future. If Bear Stearns can fall, so can JP Morgan,
    Citibank, HSBC, and the whole world.
    US economy falls, the rest will crumble. India and all those
    self-sufficient economies will be the most protected, but not gullible.
    Europe may be a little stronger, but not China , another giant!
    Malaysia will see significant impact.
    However, recession is probably the only way to build up a downward momentum for the movement of fuel cost, and bankruptcy is the universal justice for punishing the fund managers who have imprudent heavy financial exposure to the forward buying contracts in Crude.”

  100. zaidi.ali Jul 4,2008 12:02 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Rakan saya Sdr. Hadhari ada buat lawak:
    “New Dictionary Word”
    There are possible plans underway to apply to the Oxford and Webster to include a new word for their 2009 dictionary:
    badawi [baa-daa-wee] (noun): To start something full of promise but end in disappointment, failure and/or disaster.
    ‘I’m trusting you to perform this task well; don’t do a badawi, ok?’
    ‘Whatever I do, I will always find a way to badawise it.’
    France badawied their Euro 2008 campaign. England pre-badawied theirs, while Italy were guilty of over-badawification.
    Semoga Tun sentiasa sihat Wal Afiat…Wasallam.

  101. sangsetia Jul 3,2008 11:52 PM

    Salam Tun,
    What do you think of this current situation in this country – Anwar was planning to take over the current govt by 16 September – do you think that the new allegation against him was a beginning of a plot for him to do so – Anwar was ready with all the weapons – attacking Najib and the law enforcement agencies like AG and Police while Najib has nothing.
    May Allah protect us from Anwar – the greatest liar in the world – to let him to rule this country is like to let Dajjal to destroy our country.
    Ya Allah – pls help Your humble servants. We need Your Mercy and Protection.

  102. tyn Jul 3,2008 11:45 PM

    Yang amat Berhormat Tun .
    Saya seorang pelajar Universiti yg sentiasa mengikut isu semasa blog ini. Saya amat kagum dengan isi komen Tun selama ini. Pemikiran Tun memang tiada tandingannya. kalau tiada Tun sebelum ni , tidak wujudlah proton , tidak wujudlah KLCC , Sepang Circuit dan sebagainya. Malaysia dikenali diseluruh Dunia atas Jasa Tun.Saya pernah sekali melancong di perancis, dan ditanya saya berasal dr mana.Saya sebut malaysia ,lalu dia sebut Dr mahatir. Sdh Terbuktilah org asing , mengenali Malaysia kerana Tun.
    Negara kita sekarang dilanda masalah besar. krisis makanan , harga minyak naik dan Umno mula hilang sokongan drpd rakyat.
    Saya ingin mengutarakan pendapat saya ,
    1) Jadikan Tun sebagai Penasihat Negara yg diutamakan.
    2) Terbitkan Buku tentang Usaha-usaha Tun selama menjadi PM.

  103. umm muhammad Jul 3,2008 11:39 PM

    Assalamualaikum to Yang Di Hormati Tun and fellow bloggers
    Since I’m reading this in the US, I usually spent about two hours each morning reading most comments. I’m sure writing on this blog has taken lots of hours, so my thanks to all for your time and thinking.
    To the naysayers and negative commentors, your anger and negativity is eating and killing you from the inside. Life is too short to be living in such a way.
    So, I’ll follow Tun’s example of itemizing for easy reading:
    1. Tun, thank you for your usual outstanding article.
    2. Per Ashar’s suggestion, we’ve planted white flag and wear white ribbon. Now when we see each other, we know we are fellow Che.det blog reader and supporter.
    3. Rather than urging Tun to start a party or make a come back, why not one of us start one. Someone has started a club, a more proactive approach is to start a political party. We can ask Tun to be our advisor. We have enough time to do this before the next election. I bet half of UMNO members will join us. I’m still thinking/debating whether it should be multicultural, since I’m very much into following the example of Rasullullah (saw) in his governance of Medina (which is multi-religion).
    4. Tun, your lasting legacy will be to
    1) write your autobiography for present and future
    2)create your own leadership training/seminar to train future
    5. I agree with zaki77 about investing in solar energy generation.
    Since it is sunny most of time in Malaysia, I bet houses with
    solar panels can even provide electricity to the power grid and
    receive credit on his/her account.
    7. We know in our lifetime that Communism doesn’t work (Russia), Capitalism (America), the only way for us to follow is Islamic Way. And MALAYSIA is a leader in Islamic Banking (I’m positive this is another one of your brilliant ideas) and with less noise in our political arena we can compete against Dubai to be THE CENTER.
    My two cents.

  104. pink lady Jul 3,2008 11:36 PM

    Tun Yang Disanjungi,
    Kalaulah PM kita memilik pemikiran macam TUN, Malaysia akan selamat. Tetapi nampaknya PM tidak memiliki walaupun 1/4 pemikiran Tun ! Mengapalah Tun tak pikir masak-masak sebelum memilih PM sekarang ? Kadang2 saya rasa marah sama TUN. Tetapi Tun telah banyak berjasa kepada rakyat Malaysia dan biasalah manusia kadang2 silap kira. TUN masih mampu pergi jauh lagi mentadbir negara. Pemimpin yang ada sekarang tak nampakpun ada yang berkaliber. Orang kampung lebih pandai fikir daripada mereka yang asyik main politik saja tak habis2, nak selalu dipuja tak sanggup ditegur sikitpun ! PM dan konco-konconya menangani masalah negara cara reaktif dan bukan proaktif. Tak ada idea dan wawasan langsung. Saya rasa sangat bimbang terhadap cara kerajaan kita mentadbir negara !!!
    Jaga kesihatan TUN elok2. Jangan lupa makan ginseng. All the best to u TUN. Terima kasih atas segala pengorbanan TUN. We love you.

  105. Koh Lipe Jul 3,2008 11:35 PM

    Can’t even buy a 50sen Nasi lemak nowadays. Even the Roticanai is getting smaller in my kampung.
    Eat less to save the country. That was what been said by the goverment. Each spoon of rice we eat is subsidised by the goverment.
    Wonder what my late father would say if he is still alive????
    Eat ubi kayu then.
    Kam Nan

  106. leo seven Jul 3,2008 11:34 PM

    Tun Mahathir,
    Salam dengan penuh hormat,
    Ini adalah kali kedua saya memberi comment di laman web Tun.
    Didalam comment saya yang pertama berkaitan dengan Ian Chin dan Kehakiman, saya akhiri dengan kata “kalau mau untung misti berani tipu “.
    Melihat kembali,dan,jika dikaitkan kepada keadaan ekonomi dunia yang Tun telah bayangkan, mungkin kata kata “kalau mau untung misti berani tipu” ada kebenarannya. Walau pun phrase itu kasar dan tidak beratika tetapi saya percaya dalam prisip business,”untung” adalah objective utama dan apa yang harus dilakukan,perlu dalakukan untuk mencapai objective tersebut.
    Begitu juga saya berharap kepada Kerajaan AAB boleh memikirkan dan bertidak sebaik munkin untuk mengelakan Negara terjerumus kekancah kemudaratan.
    Tindakan Tun menghadapi kegawatan 97 telah membuka mata seluruh dunia terutama sekali Negara Negara dan Pesonnelities yang ada hubung kait dengan keruntuhan tersebut, termasuk saudara saudara kita senagara yang menyokong negara barat dan para Capitalist laknat ini.
    Tun telah membuktikan bahawa setiap masalah bolih diatasi dengan cara berfikir dan bertanya kepada yang lebih arif dan bertindak dengan semangat Natinolisma. Setiap langkah adalah untuk kepentingan Negara dan Rakyat.
    Saya benar benar berharap kepada AAB untuk memohon laluan dan berjumpa dengan Tun dan meminta nasihat dan tujuk ajar dari Tun.
    Saya juga berharap agar Tun, sebagai saorang “Statesmen” sedia menerimanya dan membantu sekadar mana yang boleh untuk menyelamatkan Negara yang tercinta ini.
    Jika AAB tidak bolih melakukanya,tidak salah jika saya mengaggap AAB
    adalah “wolf” yang berbulu kambing. Saya ingin meneliti dengan lebih dekat lagi lain kali jika ada terikat tali di hidungnya dan ingin tahu siapa pula yang menarik tali tersebut dan membawanya ke padang gersang.
    Ketajaman pemikiran Tun telah termashor, keberanian Tun telah menjadi contoh kepada Negara ketiga.Segala langkah dan perlaksaan tindakan Tun mendahului dari apa rakyat boleh fikirkan termasuk musuh musuh yang bersekutu untuk menjatuhkan Tun dari mercu kejayan sebagai Pemimpin.
    Ketelitian dan ketajaman pemikiran Tun telah saya rasai awal awal lagi. Kalau tak salah, lewat tahun tujuhpoluhan. Ini cerita lama.
    Saya minta izin diberi sedikit ruang lagi untuk menceritakannya.
    Pada suatu petang,jam lewat dari 7 malam, saya dihubungi oleh pengawal kilang memberi tahu Pengarah Syarikat ingin menhubungi saya.Dalam perbualan,saya dimaklumkan Tun telah menerima Laporan
    untuk Mesuarat Pengarah Pengarah tetapi didalam Mesuarat Pengarah kesokan hari Tun telah memberi arahan tidak perlu membuang masa untuk membinchankan keseluruhan laporan tersebut.Tun hanya mahu setiapa Syarikat memberi ketrangan khusus kepada Pencapaipian berbanding Forecast untuk tempuh lapuran berkenaan.Maksudnya, penerangan hanya munggunakan sekeping kertas sahaja.
    Saya terasa sangat tertekan merima berita ini tetapi tidak panic.
    Saya memikirkan langkah langkan yang perlu diambil.
    Tidakan Pertama.
    1. Saya menyemak salinan Laporan Pengarah yang ada dalam simpanan saya untuk mempastikan bahagian tertentu yang perlu di extract untuk di translate kan keatas sekeping kertas.
    2. Saya menalifon Setiausaha Pengarah saya untuk mendapatkan bantuan tetapi talifonnya tidak berjawab. Munking dia telah keluarah bersama keluarga untuk makan malam.(Pada zaman itu kita masih belum ada kemudahan teltfon bimbit.)
    3. Saya meminta Pengawal Keselamatan untuk membuka pejabat Pengarah bagi laluan kemeje Setiausaha supaya dapat menggunakan typewriter dan membuat sekeping Transperecy untuk persembahan laporan menggunakan Overhead Projector. Malangnya,semua cabinet berkunci (Security/Setiauasaha yang baik?).Typewriter pulak baru ditukar kepada jenis elektrict, saya hanya biasa menggunakan jenis manual.
    Saya mula terasa sedikit panic.
    4.Saya menifon balik ke Kuala Lumpur dan memaklumkan keadaan kepada Pengarah saya.Saya anticipate yang Pengarah saya akan turut panic dan mencadangkan kepadanya untuk saya salin keatas kertas dan membentangkan laporan tersebut menggunakan Flipboard.Dalam keadaan terdesak, Pengarah saya berseteju. Saya juaga memohon Pengarah saya untuk meminta Company Secretary menysun Ageda Mesyuarat untuk meliwat (oops….. maaf melewatkan)pembentangan laporan supaya didahului oleh Syaraikat lain yang berlokasi di sekitar Kuala Lumpur.Ini akan memberi sedikit masa untuk saya sampai di Kuala Lumpur.
    Tidakan Kedua.
    1.Saya telah pergi ke bahagian Graphics yang beropasi mengikut susunanan kerja 3 Shifts memberi arahan untuk menyalin bahan bahan untuk laporan berkenaan ketas sekeping kertas sebasar/sesuai untuk
    2.Saya telah menalifon saorang kenalan yang bertugas dengan MAS di
    airport Pulau Pinang untuk memastikan,dengan apacara pun saya perlu dapat satu seat untuk flight pertama ke Kuala Lumpur.MAS menyediakan
    cheap flight, fisrt flight Png/Kl jam 6.30 pagi harga kalau taksalah RM 68.
    Pada masa itu Vergin Air masih belum di tubuhkan…oops..salah lagi,maksud saya AIR ASIA.Kurang pasti samada Tony Fenandes masih menyanyi ataupun menguruskan penyanyi penyanyi Tanah Air ketika itu.
    3.Jam lebih kurang 11.00 malam semua tugasan beres. Saya menyemak kertas laporang yang baru siap ditulis dalam 2 salinan dan meminta rakan kerja dibahagian Graphics menyediakan satu kelonsong untuk menyimpan kertas laporan dengan kemas dan mudah dibawa besama di dalam pesawat.
    1.Awal lagi saya telah menalifon rakan di Airport Pulau Pinang dan
    saya di beritahu semuanya telah diatur. Saya dapat satu seat Class Pertama. Saya diberi tahu oleh kawan ini iaitu MAS biasanya mengosongkan 2 seat kesaat akhir untuk VVIP. Begitulah pentingnya mempunyai kawan. Disaat kita memerlukan bantuan ada yang boleh dan sedia membantu. (Harap AAB,Menteri Undang2,Karpal Singh tidah menganggap ini sebagai rasuah.Ini cerita sudah lebih 30 tahun)
    2.Saya sampai di Ibu Pejabat lebih kurang 9.30 pagi dan Musuarat Pengarah Pengarah telah pun bermula. Saya meminta bantuan Setiausaha kepada M.D (CEO belum digunakan lagi) untuk memaklukan kepada Pengarah saya yang saya telah sampai dan ingin menyerahkan bahan yang saya sediakan untuk mesyarat pagi itu.
    3.Pengarah saya telah meneliti bahan yang saya sediakan dan di raut wajahnya saya tahu yang ia terasa tidak begitu puas hati kerana bahan ditulis dengan tangan dan terpaksa di rentang di atas Flipboard mungkin ia terasa satu tahap redah dari lain lain syarikat kerana mereka semuanya menggunakan Overhead Projector.Saya memahami Pengarah saya dia gusar bukan kerana bahan dan cara persembahan tetapi kerana tidak dapat meneliti dan memahami fakta fakta yang telah saya rinkaskan kedalam sekeping kertas.Untuk mengimbagi kegusaran nya, saya bertanya boleh kah saya yang membuat
    briefing dalam mesyurat Pengarah tersebut.Pengarah saya cepat bersetuju dan beritahu supaya saya tuggu diluar dan dia akan panggil apabila giliran Syrikat kami untuk memberi laporan.
    3.Semasa menuggu saya pula yang merasa gusar. Ini lah peluang pertama saya dapat masuk dan membuat satu briefing dihapan Lembaga Pengarah yang di Pengerusikan oleh YB Dr. Mahathir ( Menteri…apa?..maaf dah lupa.)
    Saya Dipanggil Masuk ke Bilik Mesyuarat.
    Setiausaha Syarikat yang juga Setausaha Mesyuarat Jemaah Pengrah telah menjemput saya masuk.Saya masuk dam memberi salam dan meperkenalkan diri.
    Saya mengeluarkan kertas laporan untuk derentang diatas flipboard dan meneruskan penerangan. Saya rasa saya begitu lancar dan menjelaskan pencapaian pengeluaran dan jualan dan sector sector pasaran baru yang telah diperolihi dan lain lain masalah oporasi dan tidakan yang telah diabil dan tidakan susulan yang perlu di ambil.
    Beberapa soalan telah di bangkitkan olih Pengerusi dan juga beberapa Ahli Lembaga Pengarah yang lain.Kebanyakannya di jawab olih Boss saya.
    Semasa jangkaan saya tugas telah selesai dan ingin menurunkan ketas rentang. Pada ketika itu,saya lihat Tuan Pengerusi melihat kearah saya dan bertanya,..”ni, apa punya average unit price, berapa ?
    Hati saya melonjak, baru rasa takut, tetapi saya menjawab dengan terang bahawa average unit price sekian sekaian dan bergantung kepada component jualan dimana marginnya lebih baik akan membawa impak kepada revenue dan returns seperti yang dilaporkan dalam kertas edaran kepada Lembaga Pengarah.
    Tuan Pengerusi bertanya lagi, ” ya saya tau, tapi, there’s something something wrong with your sales volume !. Saya mula “ketak”,saya dengak kotak mancis dalam seluak bunyi marakas.Tekan kotak mancis dekat bibiak meja, kut kut orang tak dengak, lutut pulak hentam kaki meja.(dulu, disposable lighter belum ada lagi.Lighter yang ada banyak pakai minyak, berjelaga.Lighter pakai gas ada tapi bila habis gas,kena cucuk buntut (lighter).Saya lebih suka pakai manchis teruata yang di buat dekat Kelantan. Sekarang ni, tak tau samada Kelantan masih membuat manchis.
    Berbalik kepada Majlis penerangan untuk Ahli Lembaga Pengarah,apabila di sergah Olih Pengerusi,saya terpinga pinga.Saya tidak nampak dimana kesilapan yang telah berlaku.Begitu juga dengan lain lain Ahli Lembaga Pengarah masing masing saolah olah tadak tahu apakah yang dimaksudkan dalam porsoalan olih Pengerusi
    Apabila saya semak balik kertas rentang dan bandingkan dengan angka sales volume dalam kertas laporan Pengarah adalah sama dan teringat mengapa Pengerusi bertanya tentang average unit price,saya telah faham dan meneliti setiap pechahan jualan yang tertulis diatas kertas rentang dan saya dapati terdapat satu pecahan jualan dimana
    angkanya telah tertambah satu sifar .Unit sebenar adalah 50,000 tetapi tertulis 50,0000.
    Saya cepat cepat memalomkan keabaian dari pihak saya,membetulkan yang salah dan meminta maaf.
    Satelah saya keluar dari bilek mesyurat, saya cari tempat duduk dan termenung buat beberapa ketika. Saya berfikir sendirian , mengapa tiada saorang pun yang nampak, mengapa Tun Mahathir saja yang nampak ?

  107. reza aljunaid post Jul 3,2008 11:31 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Tulisan Tun tentang masa depan Malaysia dan dunia kini yang tidak menentu banyak kebenarannya.
    Mengenai Malaysia, Tun kata, hasil eksport negara seperti minyak, minyak sawit, getah, timah meningkat banyak sekali berganda-ganda. Malaysia kini dilimpahi wang yang sangat banyak…!!!!!
    Namun oleh sebab Malaysia berdagang masih menggunakan dolar us, sedangkan dolar us semakin lemah, Malaysia dalam dilema..
    Dilemma Malaysia kesan penggunaan dolar us ini tidak baik. Dilema kedua sikap kerajaan sekarang yang begitu selesa dan tidak ambil kisah serta ambil mudah.
    Keselamatan ekonomi Malaysia kini sangat luas terdedah kepada serangan penyangak matawang. Dasar baru harga minyak kerajaan sekarang yang berdasarkan harga global masih kabur hala tujuannya.
    Kemudian harga minyak dunia yang naik seperti roket menimbulkan misteri. Ini kerana kos carigali minyak bagi negara pengeluar minyak sudah melepasi tahap lebih daripada balik modal.
    Sebab itu harga minyak patut turun atau stabil. Misteri…sungguh misteri….
    Malaysia perlu menyediakan langkah kepada rakyat untuk menghadapi masalah kekurangan minyak kelak. Malaysia tidak boleh selamanya bergantung kepada minyak. Persediaan ke arah kesulitan mesti dibentangkan oleh kerajaan.
    Rakyat perlu tahu supaya mental mereka cukup bersedia. Tanggungjawab kerajaan ialah mendidik rakyat dengan penuh hikmah dan berhemah.
    Nampaknya, perkara ini diabaikan oleh kerajaan sekarang..segala keputusan dibuat tanpa diberi peluang rakyat bersedia dari segi mental dan fizikal. Contohnya macam kenaikan harga minyak secara mendadak dan tiba-tiba macam lagak tsunami….
    Rakyat terkapar-kapar dilambung “tsunami harga minyak” yang datang secara tiba-tiba….
    Ok Tun…byeeeee…!!

  108. dragonfly88 Jul 3,2008 11:29 PM

    Dear Sir,
    You left UMNO just to “inspire” some Malays to follow your step, but did they ? How many of them ? But after your many articles, I can see you convince some Malays, even to most of the Malaysians.
    But, Tun, I feel like we are just shouting inside a room. Some may hear us, but what the action is. we just like NATO, No Action Talking Only. We need some actions, more actions. Many read your articles here, they agree with you, saying their past good experience on you, once proud to be Malaysian, but what else ? Pak Lah still standing still there, Does he care ? He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care what we wrote here. Khairy must have read this, but does he care ? He doesn’t care.
    Tun, tell us what we can do more. We need some actions, action to bring Pak Lah down. After he is down, then only I will sit down and continue reading your articles.
    Tun, why not you return ? Please form a party, let us join you, let the BN MPs coming over to you. Let’s do it, even before Sept 16. Let us make you our proud Prime Minister Of Malaysia again.
    You say it, Sir. I am in.

  109. umnomuda Jul 3,2008 11:28 PM

    Rindu dengan buah fikiran dan idea bernas Tun dalam mentadbir negara! Saya doakan agar Tun sihat dan dipanjangkan umur. Saya amat menghormati Tun sejak kecil lagi. Tun idola rakyat Malaysia!

  110. samilsuh Jul 3,2008 11:28 PM

    Ayahanda tun,
    Bravo from grade e in economic to a plus know how in econ, any way just to ponder, where will the malays be in the economic uncertainties
    *Di mana boleh cari ramai Melayu?*
    Di mana boleh cari ramai Melayu
    Pastinya di Kelantan dan Terengganu
    Dan juga di pasar malam dan pasar minggu
    Di Akademi Fantasia dan Pesta Lagu
    Di Jom Heboh orang Melayu berpusu-pusu
    Di Sungai Buloh, pusat pemuilihan, dulu di Pudu
    Dan di jalan, lumba haram, rempit tak berlampu
    Dan di selekoh duit rasuah depa pun sapu
    Di pusat serenti akibat ketagih dadah dan chandu
    Di malam kemerdekaan dan malam tahun baru
    Terkinja-kinja best giler menari macam hantu
    Apa hobi orang Melayu
    Terkenal dengan budaya malas dan lesu
    Berlepak buang masa tak jemu-jemu
    Atau baca majalah Mastika, Metro pasal cerita hantu
    Tengok telenovela dari Filipina dan Peru
    Berpusu-pusu pergi tengok pamiran hantu
    Sambil makan junk food, kuaci dan muruku
    Sibuk bercerita tentang Datuk K dapat bini baru
    Apa pakaian Siti nak pakai itu yang nak tahu
    Mana tak gendut berpenyakit selalu
    Kalau nak berlagak melayu masih nombor satu
    Asal bergaya sanggup makan nasi dan toyu
    Boleh tak jumpa mereka di kedai buku
    Atau di perpustakaan dan majlis ilmu
    Atau ambil kelas kemahiran di hujung minggu
    Ada tapi kurang sangat mereka di situ
    Kenapa melayu jadi begitu
    Nak salahkan siapa ibubapa atau guru
    Pemimpin negara atau raja dulu-dulu
    Ayat lazim di mulut ialah Melayu malas selalu
    Nak harap Kerajaan saja membantu
    Terutama sekali kontraktor kelas satu
    Tak habis-habis gaduh nak jatuh siapa dulu
    pasal jambatan senget atau siapa dia penghulu
    Dan suka sangat dengan budaya ampu mengampu
    Sampai bila kita nak tunggu
    Bangsa Melayu jadi bangsa yang maju
    BOleh! dengan beberapa syarat tertentu
    Pertama dengan banyak menguasai ilmu
    Kata nabi ikutlah Quran dan sunnah ku
    AlQuran yang diturunkan 1400 tahun dahulu
    tapi apa yang kita tahu, cuma baca bila nak halau hantu

  111. samurai Jul 3,2008 11:25 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Tun lah my Idola. Saya tahu apa yang Tun lakukan semuanya adalah untuk rakyat dan negara, bukan untuk diri sendiri. Tapi pemimpin yang ada sekarang hanya pentingkan diri dan rakyatnya hanyalah kakitangan awam sahaja. apa saja diminta diberikan. Kakitangan swasta diabaikan. Jurang yang dibuat ini akan memakan dirinya sendiri, sedangkan segala sumbangan untuk negara adalah juga datang dari kakitangan swasta. Kakitangan swasta langsung tidak dihargai. Bukan semua kakitangan swasta yang mempunyai gaji yang tinggi. Saya dari syarikat GLC sendiri pun kenaikan gaji hanya lah 1%, minyak naik 40%, beras naik 100%, barang barang pun naik, bayangkan lah Tun betapa daifnya kami, tapi Pak Lah boleh kata ” Swasta Piketlah 100 kali pun dia tak bagi…apa la punya pemimpin. Macam manapun saya tetap sanjung Tun…Tolonglah kami…

  112. MalaysiaDigest Jul 3,2008 11:24 PM

    Ask how Singapore manage their economy …
    Malaysia Digest

  113. Jebat08 Jul 3,2008 11:18 PM

    As”kum Tun…
    Buat sahabat-sahabat semua, saya nak berkongsi cerita yang berlaku di seberang tambak sana (s’pore).. Kita punya ambassador (DATUK PARAMESWARAN) kat sana dok marah media massa singapura kerana menyiarkan artikel pertuduhan Anwar ke atas TPM serta isterinya.. masuk dalam NST lagi.. cara cakap nak mempertahankan TPM dan isteri lah kononnya.. (PEMBODEK!! krn nak mintak sambung lagilah…) Kalau depan Menteri-menteri, pijak semut pun tak mati… belakang dihinanya, Bodolah apalah..
    Kalau nak tau, si mangkok ayun ni lagi jahanam!!! Apa keje yang dia buat?? Macam mana bleh jadi ambassador pun saya tak tau…Semua nak tau apa yang dilakukannya?
    Menggunakan kenderaan siap dengan pemandu pejabat skali untuk kegunaan peribadi.(hantar mana je girlfriend dia nak pegi…)
    Tapi yang menghairankan dalam ‘Log Book’ driver catat ‘KEGUNAAN RASMI’..
    Dia paling benci dengan orang MALAYSIA terutama bangsa MELAYU. Dah berapa banyak orang melayu dibuang kerja tanpa alasan-alasan yang kukuh.
    Semua hak istimewa untuk pekerja ditahannya. Contoh yang paling amat memeritkan adalah semua kakitangan ambilan tempatan wargenegara Malaysia di KECUALI kan dari membayar SGD20 bagi yang memandu kerendaan masuk ke Singapura. Tapi si mangkok ayun ni taknak bagi!! Bayangkanlah… Satu Hari SGD20, sebulan dah brapa… (dah lah minyak naik… kenaikan gaji pada tahun lepas pun tak dapat-dapat lagi..)
    Suka maki hamun pekerja-pekerja tak kiralah depan siapa. BUSTARD, BABI, SIAL dan macam-macam lagi…
    Adalah sorang driver office ni bawa sejadah letak dalam boot keta, Dimaki hamunnya driver ni suruh keluarkan sejadah tu!! (ANTI ISLAM!!!!)
    Diberi tekanan kerja. Pekerja yang dibuang tak pernah berganti. Bayangkanlah macam mana nak buat kerja kalau dah hampir 10 kekosongan yang belum diganti.
    Pembaca nak tau pukul berapa mangkok ayun ni masuk keje, 7.00mlm!! Lepas tu marahkan orang lain knapa semuanya balik cepat. Dia buat office tu dah macam mak bapak dia punya.. Cerita diatas bukanlah rekaan semata-mata. Kalau kurang yakin, tanyalah sendiri PA, Driver atau tanyalah sendiri pekerja-pekerja ambilan tempatan yang bekerja disana.. JANGAN sesekali bertanyakan kepada para pegawai-pegawai kerana mereka pun sama je.. jaga periuk nasi sendiri!! yang memalukan 90% pegawai adalah orang melayu. JAHANAM!!

  114. mzzainal Jul 3,2008 11:16 PM

    Excellent highlights, Tun!
    You have always been a great financial expert to our country. Its a pity that PakLah does not have your expertise and foresight. Whats worse is that he is unable to properly manage the Ministry of Finance. Half baked ideas are thrown to the public and then withdrawn due to the lack of confidence of baiting the public.
    Yes, many are suffering from the extraordinary increase of the cost of living. Many more would not be able to taste the fruits of their labour. After all, many are already working two jobs (ie. driving cabs, selling health products, selling burgers, etc) or working incredible hours to supplement their basic needs. To what end? Get the elites richer at the expense of the majority? Life is tough however this seems overly impossible for the average man/woman to meet their needs.
    As a Malaysian, I am hurt to see the great social and economical impact on our people. The price to pay is incredible and I see a bleak future for many of us, unless one happens to be in the Govt or kin to a certain politician.
    Hard work would not solve the concerns. Nor would we overcome this shortcoming with creative wishful thinking. The Govt must do more for society, whether in healthcare, education, security, career and the issues of young people (ie. finding stable jobs).
    Malaysia seems to be in a gradual decline towards social & economical suicide. Thus I am worried.

  115. Shaifulizans Jul 3,2008 11:15 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Saya yang lahir tahun 1981 tak pernah rasa miskin semasa era pemerintahan Tun. Ekonomi merudum pun, tapi rakyat tak rasa teruk macam ni. Nasib baik bekerja dengan syarikat petroleum di S’pura, dengan ekonomi macam ni memang tak boleh nak hidup kerja di M’sia. Perbezaan gaji memang ketara. Bayangkan lepasan ijazah dengan pengalaman tak sampai 2 tahun, saya boleh dapat 6k-7k termasuk o.t. Di M’sia, biasanya basic yang dapat pun 2k, paling tinggi 2.5k. Dengan semua kos hidup yang makin meningkat, tapi gaji yang tak berubah, memang sengsara.

  116. Pulau Jul 3,2008 11:06 PM

    Yang dihormati Tun Dr. Mahathir
    I refer to the posting by Halem Hamed on July 3, 2008 9:21 PM and according to Halem, there has been a closure of two factories in Penang within a week.
    It is wise if Halem can subtantiate his statement specifically to the name of these factories in reference. No harm.
    “On a fine day, Tanjung Bunga has great view of Kedah Peak”

  117. waei Jul 3,2008 11:01 PM

    Aslmkm TUN….
    Bebanyak cerita dan kejadian berlaku semejak dua menjak ini. Saya pun amat menyokong Tun keluar dari Umno. saya pun dah bertekad keluar juga dari umno walau saya hanyalah ahli biasa. pertama saya amat berbangga kerana mempunyai mantan PM yang masih lagi mempunyai idea-idea sepeti MALAYSIA DAN DUNIA YANG TIDAK MENENTU yang boleh di guna pakai walaupun tidak di ambil pakai oleh (orang) yang memerlukan, mungkin malu atau saja nak tunjuk pandai pada benda yang tak pandai ‘berfikirlah sebelum terlambat wahai AAB’. Pengalaman saya pada awal tahun 2000 semasa berada di dlm Kuwait Airlines dari Uk ke Malaysia, saya telah bercerita dengan seorg warga Iraq yg dah menetap di Kuwait, Katanya saya bertuah kerana mempunyai seorg PM seperti Tun dan jika ianya berada di Iraq mungkin ianya akan menjadi kuasa besar, mungkin macam US. Bermula dari situ saya mula menilai kebenaran kata-kata itu dan saya guna pakai dalam pentadbiran Tun kat malaysia. Alhamdulilah ianya betul dari segi kawalan keewangan negara, hubungan luar, dan sebagainya. Sampailah pada waktu dan ketika ini dapat saya simpulkan tiada yang ‘naik kepala’ semasa Tun memerintah dulu di bandingkan pada zaman 2008….. jauh sekali untuk saya memilih PKR yang tak nampak penghujungnya.
    Terus kan menulis wahai ayahda Tun. Kami akan terus menyokong.

  118. anak merdeka Jul 3,2008 10:58 PM

    assalamulaikum TUN….moga Allah akan terus merahmati TUN sekeluarga.
    pada sy ia sungguh mudah,current PM tak faham apa yg TUN sampaikan,erti kata lain bodoh sombong,maaf kalau kasar tetapi inilah kenyataannya……
    pertama kali sy komen sy telah katakan yg TUN mmg GENIUS,skrg TUN buktikan sekali lg,we very proud of you….
    semua projek TUN dilingkupkannya,tp masa TUN ambil alih tampuk pemerintahan ada TUN batalkan pelan pembangunan perdana menteri terdahulu…tidakkan…lihat felda sekarang,menjadi konglomerat yg besar,itu krn TUN faham agenda untuk anak bangsa…..tetapi skrg perdana menteri sibuk nak berjimat,apa definasi berjimat sungguh mengelirukan…ada tambahan lg…mengarut…
    harapan sy agar TUN perlu lakukan sesuatu yg tanahair ini tidak menjadi spt PALESTIN,menjadi pelarian di negara sendiri
    sy aka terus mendoakan agar TUN sekeluarga sihat selalu,insyaAllah

  119. amaze Jul 3,2008 10:54 PM

    Good evening TUN,
    Although you have resigned but each time you appears either in our local news, newspaper or television, something automatically set in within our mind that you are still our PM which is still ruling this country.
    TUN, our country still need a leader like you. We gain knowledge from your article, please continue to write more.
    Wish you in good health always.

  120. Pulau Jul 3,2008 10:52 PM

    Yang dihormati Tun Dr. Mahathir
    Sorry Tun, my comments is definitely out of the topic today. However, your page has become a bridge and connection with others. Thanks to you for that. You’ve been a great motivator to many Malaysian and I am definitely one of them.
    I am attracted by the idea of Dotsolo on July 3, 2008 9:25 PM with regards to generating electricity using windpower or windmill. I am not an engineer neither an expert in the related field, but like making windmill as a hobby and has made some study on producing electricity through this formula. Still working on this currently. Once successfull, will announce it. DIY concept. Hopefully, this project will be able to light up my garden soon. In many European country, windpower is a source of energy. I am not buying their technology. But I am learning how to produce it using local material and blending it with our environment.
    Dotsolo has some good idea about turning left over paddy stalk or Jerami into gas for stove. This is a great idea, and hope that Dotsolo will experiment it and make it happen, eventually.
    Dotsolo, do not underestimate your power of creativity. Nature are with us. Learn wisely. We only need some effort and determination to make it successfull. I support your idea.
    Meanwhile, Dotsolo, forget about TNB. Their priority is not enhancing power supply at the lowest cost, but stuffing their pocket full. Heartless, and victimised the rakyat. The Management is certainly a bunch of idiot and kaki bodek.
    Tanjung Bunga has great view of Kedah Peak. Remind me of home.

  121. wokyoh Jul 3,2008 10:46 PM

    salam perjuangan buat tun….
    terima kasih atas penulisan yang berfakta,analitik dan pandangan yang menarik….
    Pemimpin sejati memang sentiasa berfikir begitu…
    memang kerajaan paklah nampak relaks dalam menghadapi situasi yang tun paparkan disini…keyakinan yang tinggi tanpa kaedah dan persiapan yang rapi untuk menghadapinya…..knee-jerk of thought…flip-flop…panca sitara….tra kuca-kuca,tra kuca-kuca…
    mereka rasa selamat….tidak terancam…dan lena diulit mimpi di siang hari…tidak takut inflasi…tidak tahu apa itu globalisasi…seperti katak dibawah tempurung….inikah melayu glokal minda kelas pertama yang diwar-warkan?????
    perdana menteri yang lembab merangkap menteri ekonomi berfikiran orang kampung ini jika dibiarkan lama akan mencelakakan kita dan anak cucu kita….dikala kita tersepit dengan isu remeh temeh,bersengketa sesama kita… bangsa lain mengambil kesempatan
    dengan meminta paha ketika diberi betis….timbulkan isu kontrak sosial….luluskan hakmilik tanah kekal 999 tahun .tanah yang ada diberi kepada orang, pasir yang ada dijual kenegeri orang,pulau yang ada jatuh ketangan orang…….bila terdesak minta perlindungan dan simpati zionis laknatullah…pelihara babi cara beradab…apa ini semua??????
    Tun..selagi hayat dikandung badan…ajarlah kami anak-anak bangsa erti sebuah perjuangan….terima kasih..

  122. Nazra Z. Jul 3,2008 10:40 PM

    we still need you.

  123. Hassan Ismail Jul 3,2008 10:31 PM

    Assalammulaikum wr wb Tun,
    Kini, kita berada dilandasan yang tidak selesa. Kita memerlukan seorang pemimpin yang berkualiti untuk melaksanakan dasar-dasar yang dipersetujui bersama untuk menjadikan Malaysia sebagai negara maju dalam tahun 2020 yang tinggal 11 tahun. Kalau kita lihat sepanjang lima tahun ini tiada sebarang petunjuk yang akan memboleh kita akan menuju ke arah negara maju seperti yang dirancang kerana semua perancangan yang dirancang tidak dilaksanakan sebagaimana yang tercatit dalam analisa yang cemerlang Tun sebelum ini.
    pemimpin boleh berubah tetapi dasar negara yang telah dipersetujui bersama tidak sepatutnya diubah sewenang-wenangnya kerana ia memberikan kesan yang buruk kepada visi negara.

  124. merdeka5000 Jul 3,2008 10:25 PM

    Yg. Berbahagia Tun.
    Satu artikel yang amat menarik sekali untuk di tatap bersama.
    Saya harap saya akan faham walaupun saya bukan ahli ekonomi dan hanyalah seorang yang makan gaji dengan kos yang meningkat begitu ketara sekali.
    Teruskan menulis.
    Terima Kasih.

  125. (MFMS)d Jul 3,2008 10:21 PM

    Keadaan di Malaysia begitu meruncing dengan suasana persekitaran politik yang tidak menentu, selain daripada kenaikan harga barang akibat daripada kenaikan harga minyak serta kekurangan bekalan. Keadaan ekonomi Malaysia seakan tepu, tiadanya kecairan modal kerana masing-masing tidak berani hendak berbelanja dan ingin mengubah gaya hidup seperti dilaung-laungkan oleh DSAB itu.
    Amat sukar rasanya hendak meneruskan kehidupan di kurun ke 20 ini. Tetapi, inilah tanda akan kehancuran negara samseng dan zalim – Amerika Syarikat. Tidak perlu berperang dengan senjata nuklear, cukup sekadar dengan ekonomi akibat perbuatan tamak haloba mereka. Makan diri sendirik akhirnya bak tupai jatuh ke tanah jua.
    Pernah terdengar bahawa negara zalim akan dihancurkan, kemudiannya akan muncul negara lain yang kuat pula – barangkali negara China. Itu sudah peraturan. Sama-sama kita saksikan.

  126. wokyoh Jul 3,2008 10:19 PM

    Salam perjuangan buat TUN yang dikasihi…
    salam buat teman yang lain.
    izinkan wokyoh sekali lagi ….
    TUN..bangsawan sejati,pemimpin yang bijak dan berfikiran jauh ke depan….engkaulah pejuang sejati….Tun dengan izin…u are our respected general…..
    1. Sun Tzu said: The art of war is of vital importance to the State.
    2. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected.
    3. The art of war, then, is governed by five constant factors, to be taken into account in one’s deliberations, when seeking to determine the conditions obtaining in the field.
    4. These are: (1) The Moral Law; (2) Heaven; (3) Earth; (4) The Commander; (5) Method and discipline.
    5,6. The Moral Law causes the people to be in complete accord with their ruler, so that they will follow him regardless of their lives, undismayed by any danger.
    7. Heaven signifies night and day, cold and heat, times and seasons.
    8. Earth comprises distances, great and small; danger and security; open ground and narrow passes; the chances of life and death.
    9. The Commander stands for the virtues of wisdom, sincerely, benevolence, courage and strictness.
    10. By method and discipline are to be understood the marshaling of the army in its proper subdivisions, the graduations of rank among the officers, the maintenance of roads by which supplies may reach the army, and the control of military expenditure.
    11. These five heads should be familiar to every general: he who knows them will be victorious; he who knows them not will fail.
    12. Therefore, in your deliberations, when seeking to determine the military conditions, let them be made the basis of a comparison, in this wise:–
    13. (1) Which of the two sovereigns is imbued with the Moral law? (2) Which of the two generals has most ability? (3) With whom lie the advantages derived from Heaven and Earth? (4) On which side is discipline most rigorously enforced? (5) Which army is stronger? (6) On which side are officers and men more highly trained? (7) In which army is there the greater constancy both in reward and punishment?
    14. By means of these seven considerations I can forecast victory or defeat.
    15. The general that hearkens to my counsel and acts upon it, will conquer: let such a one be retained in command! The general that hearkens not to my counsel nor acts upon it, will suffer defeat:–let such a one be dismissed!
    16. While heading the profit of my counsel, avail yourself also of any helpful circumstances over and beyond the ordinary rules.
    17. According as circumstances are favorable, one should modify one’s plans.
    18. All warfare is based on deception.
    19. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.
    20. Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.
    21. If he is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him.
    22. If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.
    23. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them.
    24. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.
    25. These military devices, leading to victory, must not be divulged beforehand.
    26. Now the general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple ere the battle is fought. The general who loses a battle makes but few calculations beforehand. Thus do many calculations lead to victory, and few calculations to defeat: how much more no calculation at all! It is by attention to this point that I can foresee who is likely to win or lose.
    Fahami betul-betul apa yang tersirat di sebalik kata-kata tun dibawah…
    1. The Malaysian Government appears not to be perturbed by what is happening in the world.
    2. It appears to be convinced that it can isolate and insulate itself from whatever is happening to the world.
    3. It seems to be confident that it will be left untouched.
    4. It merely reacts to situations as they arise one by one.
    Dengan kata lain…Tun kata…wahai kerajaan paklah…berpijaklah dibumi yang nyata,janganlah asyik bermimpi disiang hari…terimalah hakikat negara dalam keadaan yang amat kritikal waktu ini…dalam menghadapi era globalisasi dan inflasi ini…kita mungkin dijajah sekali lagi…janganlah dok menyibuk dengan isu yang remeh temeh dengan mengabaikan tanggungjawab kepada agama,bangsa dan tanahair
    sekiranya ada menteri-menteri kabinet atau pemimpin-pemimpin kerajaan…baca dan hayatilah idea,analisis dan pandangan orang tua mulia ini yang sepatutnya sekarang ini berada disamping anak-cucu dalam meniti usia emasnya…namun sentiasa berfikir dan mengambil berat masa depan anak bangsa……kalaupun benci dengan tun sekalipun….jgn ambil tahu siapa yang menulis..tapi baca dan fikir apa yang ditulisnya….orang tua ini telah berjuang dengan penanya melebihi setengah abad….kamu pula????????
    tengok apa yang ditulis dalam preface blognya ini…
    “Welcome to my Weblog. This site is dedicated to publishing my writings as and when I am able to pen my thoughts and opinions.”
    nampak begitu ikhlas…setiap patah perkataan dan tulisannya dari hati dan mindanya ,jadi tidak hairanlah mengapa blognya telah cecah hit 3 juta…..dan fikirkan apa jadi sekira orang tua yang berjasa ini pergi meninggalkan kita…..kita akan kehilangan seorang negarawan ulung…..
    semoga TUN sihat dan ceria selalu….jangan lupa makan ubat tu ayahanda…..

  127. optimist Jul 3,2008 10:14 PM

    salam tun,
    saya juga begitu,hairan dengan pak lah dan orang2nya yang tidak cerdik bila membuat sesuatu keputusan seperti menaikan harga minyak terlampau,tiada kawalan harga keatas barangan keperluan,menaikan umur persaraan dll. Yang akan susah adalah kami pekerja swasta yang gaji tidak naik, yang tiada COLA, elaun perumahan, elaun khidmat awam yang tidak siapapun peduli.Apa yang saya tengok pak lah tidak perihatin pada pekerja-perja swasta seperti pekerja swasta bukan rakyatnya. Nak dikata nak jadi negara pertanian tidak juga, tiada beras juga, import beras juga dan harga beras naik 100%. Saya tengok segala tindakan pak lah kesemuanya akan menjadikan negara ini tidak seimbang dan rosak.

  128. Mumbo Jumbo Jul 3,2008 10:04 PM

    Salam TDM,
    As you quite correctly pointed out, there appears to be lack of concern among the present leaders to formulate some form of strategy to counter the adverse economic environment that the world is facing now. Unfortunately what we witness today are ad hoc piecemeal solutions being dished out. The worse part is the contradicting statements issued by different people in the government!
    Shall we just clasped our hands together for doa and wait for divine intervention? Maybe this is the foundation on which Islam Hadhari is built?! I don’t know as I am neither a pious person nor am I an economist!

  129. Faiz Al-Kelantani Jul 3,2008 10:04 PM

    Tun… you are the one… the one who can lead Malays and others to fight the incoming NEW WORLD ORDER…

  130. swotworld Jul 3,2008 10:03 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    I must say that this is byfar the best article that I’ve read from your blog. No wonder why some country would love to borrow you even for one month. Your observation skill and your forecasting ability are still sharp and inspiring.
    It does not need to be an expert to tell what will happen to this country in the next few years if the current situation does not change. Even a 12 years old can give you an answer. Thats why I could not understand why Pak Lah couldn’t see it like you do and that is why you get a clamourous standing ovation from Robert Mugabe and his friends in LID ’07 instead of Pak Lah.
    The media that should give the ‘rakyat’ a clear view about what would going to happen currently busy with a ‘drop-out’ boy with 1.60 CGPA that claimed his chastity has been torn by your ex-deputy.
    I must admit. You’re the best..kudos to you, Tun.

  131. Swanz Itam Jul 3,2008 9:35 PM

    Salam Tun.
    Terima kasih kerana masih sentiasa berfikir untuk kesejahteraan rakyat.
    Tapi Tun, kami rakyat sekarang sangat malang kerana `kitchen’ kabinet yang ada sekarang malas nak guna otak. Buat keputusan ikut sedap mulut dan tak malu jilat ludah sendiri. Masih boleh senyum dan buat muka `sardin’ waktu `jilat ludah’. Depa ingat rakyat lupa apa yang depa dah cakap dan janji. Depa ingat rakyat sekarang bodoh dan tak tahu fikir. Depa ingat bila canang berita dan puji-pujian dalam media, semua rakyat akan ternganga kagum dan angguk. Zaman tu semua dah lama berlalu.
    Kami rakyat sangat malang sekarang. Setiap kali harga dinaikkan, depa suruh rakyat bandingkan dengan negara2 luar dan suruh rakyat bersyukur kerana harga yang dinaikkan tu tak tinggi sangat, kata mereka. Satu pemikiran yang bodoh. Kami rakyat Malaysia, peduli apa dengan harga dekat negara orang. Yang kami kisah, berapa ringgit yang kami kena bayar untuk hidup sekarang dan untuk hidup anak2 di masa depan.
    Kami rakyat sekarang sangat malang. `Kitchen’ kabinet sibuk dok uruskan masalah sendiri. Banyak pulak tu. Hampir tiap-tiap hari ada saja masalah diri sendiri yang timbul. Jadi kami rakyat terfikir, mereka ni ada masa kah untuk fikir pasal masalah kami. Kalau mereka fikir, adakah mereka fikir betul2 atau main hentam saja. Asalkan ada keputusan, ada arahan. Entah boleh pakai atau tidak keputusan tu, rasanya depa sendiri pun tak tau. Asalkan ada. Macam melepaskan batuk di tangga.
    Malang sangat kami sekarang, dalam keadaan macam ni Tun dah tak lagi jadi PM. Cakap Tun depa dah tak mahu dengar. Kami dah tak ada lagi pemimpin yang sanggup perah otak untuk lebih memikirkan masalah rakyat dari masalah diri sendiri.
    Selamat Tun, semoga dipanjangkan umur untuk agama, bangsa dan Malaysia.

  132. BengkangBengkok Jul 3,2008 9:33 PM

    Mathias Chang wrote in his book that the global financial structure will soon crumble. What would u suggest the everyday normal Malaysian to do with their hard earned money, Tun, in the face of possible recession? Slowly withdraw money out of the stock markets? Invest in more stable commodity like gold? We are, to quote an old cliche, up the creek without a paddle. Some advice to the common man would be greatly appreciated.

  133. mangkukhayun Jul 3,2008 9:31 PM

    Aslmkm TUN….
    kehadiran tun di bumi bertuah ni sebenarnya adalah anugerah Allah kpd rakyat malaysia… kadang2 saya takut utk teruskn hdp di bumi bertuah ni sbb pemimpin yg ada tidak punya keikhlasan….
    bakat sebagai pemimpin adalah anugerah Allah….
    nak jadi ketua amat mudah yg penting ada RM!!!…
    inilah balasan bila kita tersalah pilih….
    yang patut jd pemimpin tak layak…
    yang tak patut jd pemimpin jd layak….
    bila bab mengurus@mentadbir negara… hncur!!!

  134. Dotsolo Jul 3,2008 9:25 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Di negeri Kedah ada banay k jerami dan sekam padi. Di negeri negeri lain juga tentu ada banayk bahan buangan dari sumber organic dan sumber biology lain. Kita patut beralih kepada penggunaan biogas untuk kegunaqan domestik. Sisa sisa bio ini, seperti jerami dansekam padi, boleh di remdam dalam air sehingga masam dan reput, Ianya menghasilkan gas metane (Kalau tak salah saya) iaitu sejenis gas hydrocarbon yang boleh terbakar seperti gas hydrogen. Penjanaan nya jga tidak memerlukan kos yang tinggi. Sebuah kolam kecil di belakang rumah rasanya mencukupi. masukakn air dan jerami dan sekam kedalamnya. kemudian tutup dengqan tong dram atau bekas lain yang sesuai, yang di pasangkan paip di bahagina bawahnya bagi menyalurkan gas yang terhasil ke dapur masak dalam rumah. Konsepnya Sama seperti pelita kabat. Sekurang kurnagnya kita dapat mengurangkan pergantungan kita pada gas asli.
    Selain dari itu kita juga boleh mempromosikan dapur parabola yang memfokus kan cahaya matahari untuk tujuan memasak.
    Generating electricity from the sun is good, However the initial cost is quit hight. We can also use small wind mill to generate electricity. It can be utilise to light our home. At least we can reduce the electricity bill.
    To me, TNB is not very friendly to it’s customers. When I buy rambutans or some other thing s , they always give me discounts. The more I buy the more discounts I get. But for electricity, the rate is geting higher as the amount comsume is greater.

  135. johndoe Jul 3,2008 9:25 PM

    saya setuju dgn pendapat bahawa kerajaan ini agak reactive

  136. Halem Hamed Jul 3,2008 9:21 PM

    Assalam mualaikum.
    Yang Amat Berbahgia Tun, sehat-sehat hendaknya.
    To all men and ladies who like to rock the boat.
    We shall look at a tell tale sign on what is happening to the Malaysian economy and I would already agreed on what Tun is saying.
    Just look at the closure of the factories in Penang, two closure within a week. Now, there might be a few reasons on why that happened.
    1. Disagreement between the state and federal government on all matters. Changes in state government policies. This frighten them and will be never ending. The best policy is to cut lost.
    2. Their forcast and forsee on what will happened to the world economy. They run for cover while they still can. Are they doing it now already?
    When the US is in bad shape, we will feel the pintch in 8 months to a years time, economist know it best.
    During Tun’s era, Malaysia manage to shelter herself from outside effects due to the goverment prudent in managing the economy. Malaysian are complecant due to this.
    Then came the George Soros attack, I still believe he is part to blame due to his opportunist nature, we are still covered, again due to our former government best kept policies and insulate ourself, despite receiving worldwide critics.
    Due to those two events Malaysian are again complecant and we still strut our stuff and kept ourself busy with the current DS Anuar and DS Najib affairs, forgetting that the world economic tsunami is just around the corner.
    Soo, folks watch out for another factory closure.
    Prepare to run for cover.
    Fr Halem Hamed
    Lorong Ayaq Puteh

  137. Jamal Jul 3,2008 9:18 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I have always been told, in order to succeed we must read and learn from people who had succeeded. Read their autobiography and their memoirs.
    However, I am very fortunate that I am able to learn about great leadership, statesmenship and farsightness right here in you blog sir.
    Thank you sir.
    You are the greatest Malay Statesment who ever lived. May A new one be born from amongst your blog readers. To lead the Malays to be Allah’s leading Khalifa in this World.

  138. koceh Jul 3,2008 9:17 PM


  139. Dracomalfoy Jul 3,2008 9:08 PM

    Benar apa yang TUN kata.
    Saya puji kebijaksanaan TUN menganalisis. Sedangkan TUN bleh nampak, Naper Pak Lah x boleh.
    TUN memang hebat.

  140. jebat2020 Jul 3,2008 9:04 PM

    Salam Tun
    You mentioned that you are not financial expert but you act like one.
    I’m a financial expert in London & I’m quite surprise with your understanding of world economy & global market. I believe with your age & experience & your exposure to the world economy make you able to give such good comments on the current situation.
    Just wonder what Pak Lah & budak tingkat 4 knows about the current situation. Budak mentah walaupun grad dari Oxford tetap mentah. We don’t learn reality in the classroom but through experience & understanding.
    Tun M, I know you work very hard plus you are gifted. That’s why you can make such comments. Kalau Pak Lah tidur je lah yang dia tau…apa pun tak tahu. If I see Pak Lah here, I will “boo” him.
    Tun M, I wish you a good health.

  141. khairuddin Jul 3,2008 9:00 PM

    YABhg Tun,
    Salam hormat.
    Penerangan YABhg Tun mengenai isu isu,perkembangan dan pergolakan ekonomi semasa patut difahami oleh pemimpin-pemimpin yang mentadbir negara kita sekarang. Saya tidak nampak mereka yang dalam Kerajaan bercakap kepada rakyat mengenai perkara ini. Samada mereka kurang membaca atau lebih banyak bercakap politik. Cakap cakap pemimpin Kerajaan termasuk pemimpin pemimpin pembangkang sekarang seperti bualan politik di kedai kopi. Mentaliti pemimpin pemimpin politik masih di takuk lama. Mereka sepatutnya bercakap secara intelektual, melihat isu-isu dan masalah lebih mendalam. Menteri-menteri kita sekarang lebih banyak bercakap isu isu politik yang remeh temeh. Saya berharap mereka lebih banyak membaca, bercakap dan menulis perkara perkara yang membuka minda dan fikiran rakyat. Saya amat tertarik kepada kewibawaan YABhg. Tun yang banyak ,membaca dan menulis, seperti juga Almarhum Tengku yang banyak menulis. Kita ada menteri menteri dan bekas menteri (yang juga bekas pensyarah) tidak menulis dan menyumbangkan idea-idea mereka. Malang sekali, mereka pandai cakap, kadangkala sedap didengar, tapi kebiasaanya masuk telinga kiri, keluar telinga kanan. Alangkah bagusnya mereka menulis
    YABhg Tun, teruskan menulis….
    Terima Kasih.

  142. ynwa1976 Jul 3,2008 8:56 PM

    Congratulations on reaching 3 million hits on your blog.
    Yes, the world is in turmoil, but what are we doing about it?
    Re your comment on the economy and the katak bawah tempurung attitude of the current leadership, I have to disagree a bit even though I dont know much abt the workings in govt.
    Reducing the subsidy is quite visionary, in a way because the govt was trying to reduce people’s use of the commodity by increasing its retail price. Maybe the implementation/ execution is a bit amateurish -like you said earlier, maybe this could have been done in a more gradual manner.
    The increase in oil price is quite well documented in the financial news – investors and speculators have been shifting their capital away from USD, into oil and Euro. This will continue until after US is on the way up again, so the flows will reverse from oil and euro back into USD.
    I think BNM did invest quite heavily in Euro when it was launched. They maintained quite a diversified basket of currencies, so I dont think they would ditch USD entirely. They must have some USD, on the expectation that it will rise again. Yes, US is suffering now until God knows when, but there will be time when it will bounce back, maybe after Obama moves into office.
    I know big corporations like Petronas, big banks, even BNM, conduct its own strategic / scenario planning sessions, some of them even have special dept to coordinate. This will help the directors prepare against eventualities – eg China meltdown etc. The question is whether these ideas are captured by the right people. BNM Governor needs them to advise the govt. The big banks need them to plan their acquisitions, expansions etc. But I dont think rakyat knows much about these goings-on behind the scene.
    Lelong and capital injection by the US and European banks, yes, this is happening. But sovereign funds like Dubai and GIC are taking advantage of this by buying a stake. Of course rakyat will be angry and question why spend on these foreign companies when rakyat has no money to buy rice, but the future dividends is good for the survival of Malaysia in the long term.
    re going back to agro economy, well, even Japan the most industrialised nation, has its own thriving rice economy. Maybe Malaysia can learn from them in terms of the seed technology and getting the most out of limited acreage. Someone commented on being self-reliant – I agree with that, but we shouldnt become too specialised into agro like NZ, that is too risky. I think agro is a good policy for enhancing the lives of rural Malaysia. However, when you speak to rural people, agriculture is still not as attractive as working in an office. Melayu malas. Even peneroka Felda – lepas pokok sawit dah tua, bukan nak tanam semula. Pikir nak jual tanah je. Banyak duit sikit, bukan nak simpan, pikir nak kawin lagi satu, or beli BMW. This is sick mentality.
    Just my 2 sen.

  143. BC Jul 3,2008 8:54 PM

    I would like to address you as Dr. Mahatir. Reason, I am of the opinion it is the Title that has been too freely bestowed upon one person and the other that has caused the arrogance of the present Gomen. I wonder, sometimes, why it is necessary, for a man to be addressed as Dato Seri, Dato, Tun , Tan Sri other than his or her own name, other than the academic excellence that one has achieved in his life, like yours Dr. Mahatir.
    So much about that, I wish to commend you for the clarity of things and the way you write and speak.
    But, that does not mean all that what Dr. Mahatir is saying is all correct.
    First of all, the amount of wealth and the exploration of oil that Petronas has gone far to undertake in various friendly countries has enabled us as a country via Petronas to bring about a sustainable oil supply. Afterall , Malaysia as a country do not require much of the oil like China or US being the 2 largest consumers of oil in the world. Compared to them, we are just a little fraction of their intake. So much so, it surely makes a lot of sense that we can always refine the oil of that potion that is required in the country at Cost and sell it at retail to the Malaysian public based on Cost Plus. The rest of the oil can be traded for profits for which Petronas has been doing all this while. On top, it is well known all Oil Companies will enter into the Paper Trade in form of Hedging and ofcourse some level of speculation. A Professional in the field of Oil Trade would easily tell you , how the Hedging Paper Trade would bring in more cash flow / profits compared to the physicals. Hence, it is imperative for the country to know of this and we can easily manage the Oil Trade without the need of such a subsidy of what the Gomen has always been advocating.
    Simply put. If a man manufacture a 1000 pieces of cake at Cost. And he consumes say 100 pieces of that cake, what he has consumed is at Cost not of the market value that he can sell. The balance of it of 900 pieces can then be sold in the Open market value.
    I hope this explanation will bring to light many of the hoo hah of what so called professionals are trying to explain away for which the layman will find it completely complicated and will never understand what they are saying. so much so, causing havoc and confusion to a simple idea.

  144. Zubli Zainordin Jul 3,2008 8:52 PM

    Dear Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, I thank you for this eye-opening post. I have learned a great deal here.

  145. Maverick Jul 3,2008 8:43 PM

    Salam hormat buat Tun dan keluarga serta seluruh warga,
    Dengan akuan bersumpah daripada penyiasat peribadi Razak Baginda terhadap DS Najib sememangnya satu lagi senario yg tidak bermanafaat kepada negara kita dan menampakkan kelemahan dalam pentadbiran negara. Sememangnya perkara ini amat serius memandangkan orang yg dituduh merupakan TPM Malaysia. Benar ataupun tidak akuan tersebut hanya dapat ditentukan setelah siasatan daripada Polis dibuat dengan telus. Apa pun keputusannya hendaklah diterima. Namun bagaimanakah kita sebagai rakyat negara ini mahu berhadapan dengan dunia setelah keadaan negara kita berkecamuk hanya kerana ahli2 politik negara ini masing2 mahu berlaga tentang fahaman politik mereka semata-mata? Seingat saya sewaktu hari pembuangan undi PRU12 berlangsung, cuaca pada masa itu dalam keadaan hujan lebat ditempat saya membuang undi. Namun saya tetap menjalankan kewajiban saya kepada negara debgan harapan bahawa parti yg saya pilih (BN) akan melakukan tanggungjawab mereka dengan telus, amanah dan berwawasan. Tapi apabila melihat keadaan hari ini dengan perselisihan kaum, tuduhan terhadap orang No.2 negara, harga minyak, kenaikan harga barang, rintihan rakyat, dll saya rasa seperti tidak berbaloi saya pergi mengundi pada hari itu.
    Saya pasti ramai lagi berpendapat seperti saya dimana menyesal dengan undi yg diberi itu tidak dihargai oleh barisan pemimpin yg ada sekarang. Mereka sanggup bermain politik dengan taruhan ke atas negara dibuat seperti barang permainan. Adakah harga undi rakyat itu begitu murah sehinggakan mereka ini tidak menjalankan tugas mereka dengan bersih, cekap dan amanah? Adakah negara ini sudah tidak bernilai sehinggakan mesyuarat di dewan rakyat dibuat seperti pentas perdebatan dan menunjukkan kekuatan masing2? Dimanakah tempat rakyat dihati pemimpin2 ini. Apabila saya katakan pemimpin2, ianya merangkumi semua pemimpin2 daripada BN dan juga PR. Dua2 pun sama sahaja.
    Sekiranya saya meneliti, dalam hal ini rakyatlah yg berkuasa kerana memilih mereka memimpin dan rakyat jugalah yg berkuasa untuk menurunkan mereka daripada “kerusi” yg mereka duduk sekarang ini. Pemimpin2 ini seperti sudah lupa bahawa rakyat yg memilih mereka dan memberikan mereka kuasa untuk mewakili rakyat dalam dewan dan membawa suara rakyat supaya dapat diberitahu dalam dewan perihal penderitaan mereka. Tapi rata2 saya melihat mereka ini seperti tidak tahu apa fungsi mereka sebenarnya. Mereka datang ke dewan sememangnya telah bersedia dengan hujah2 mereka. Tapi bukan hujah mengenai masalah rakyat, tapi hujah untuk berdebat dengan lawan mereka dan dewan mereka gunakan sebagai gelanggang untuk membuktikan siapa yg jaguh. Tolonglah wahai ahli parlimen dan dewan undangan negeri. Rakyat menderita siapa yg ambil peduli kalau bukan kamu. Harapan rakyat ialah mahu melihat perubahan dalam kehidupan mereka melalui wakil yg mereka pilih. Jadi, jalankanlah tugas kamu.
    Kita sebagai rakyat mesti mengetahui kuasa kita dalam hal ini dan tahu menggunakan kuasa itu untuk tujuan yg mendatangkan kebaikkan kepada seluruh masyarakat yg lain. Harus diingat juga kuasa memilih ini boleh mendatangkan kebaikan dan juga keburukan kepada negara. memilih dengan bijak, itu saranan saya.
    Memilih dengan bijak dengan mengambil kira tentang kesannya kepada AGAMA, BANGSA dan NEGARA dan memilihlah dengan jujur kerana ALLAH sentiasa melihat dan sentiasa tahu akan perbuatan umatNya.

  146. Onlooker Jul 3,2008 8:42 PM

    YABhg Tun,
    Do you feel regret for having the Official Secret Act (OSA) tabled and passed in Parliament during your tenure of the PM’s office?
    If there is no OSA, I believe Tun shall be set free now to disclose to the Malaysians somemore secrets about the foreign debt burden of the Malaysian government. So far, Tun only tells us about the projected income which the government is estimated to earn. However, we are still not able to judge on which decision to be chosen that can help to effectively overcome the current economic problems without knowing much about the information on the government’s financial burden.
    “18. In the meantime the world is undergoing a traumatic economic and financial turmoil. It began with the devaluation of the US Dollar. I do not know how much US Dollar bonds are held by Malaysia. I remember telling the Governor of Bank Negara to reduce our dollar holdings before I stepped down. I hope she has done so. Otherwise we would lose 80 Malaysian sen for every US Dollar we hold. When we hold 30 or 40 billion US Dollar the loss can be considerable.”
    By saying that “I do not know how much US Dollar bonds are held by Malaysia”, Tun is indirectly suggesting that Bank Negara could have made a lot of paper loss in book value of the dollar holdings. However, this loss by right should have already been reflected in Bank Negara’s monthly declaration on the holdings of International Reserves. Is Tun trying to hint us that Bank Negara’s disclosure may be hiding something from the eyes of the Public?
    “19. We may make some money from the other currencies which have appreciated against our Ringgit.”
    With clause 19, Tun’s motive is quite sceptical. Is Tun trying to encourage attack on Ringgit by swapping Ringgit with other appreciating foreign currencies? Is Tun trying to act like George Soros in this round of attack?
    Please, Tun! Please spare the Malaysians from another round of currency attack and do have mercy on us! Please talk more positively about our future and talk less negatively about our economic problems!

  147. ChuaM Jul 3,2008 8:41 PM

    Moving forward to find a right candidate to lead the country going to be very important at this moment. Tun’s have gave and shared all the good solutions and actions to all readers to be the next leader in years to come. Hoping that we will find a few good & capable leaders which have such knowledgeable intellectual to be the next PM & MPs. We might not get now but what Tun’s have share with us today will be for the future of the new generation not to repeat what will be happen soon in this year of 2008. I wish all the Malaysian readers to start and develop a good leadership from today for the future of tomorrow.
    Tun, thank you for your guidance and do continue to share your view to all soon to be the new leaders for Future of Malaysia!

  148. badukang Jul 3,2008 8:39 PM

    excellent analysis by our beloved Tun.. semoga Negara kita akan selamat dari sebarang masaalah

  149. anti antimamak Jul 3,2008 8:19 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun dan warga blog
    Keputusan undian terkini di
    1) Kempen bantahan senyap dengan memakai riben dan bendera putih.
    – Undian terkini : 123 undi (97% – Setuju /3% – Tidak setuju)
    2) Warna riben & bendera yang sesuai digunakan untuk kempen tersebut.
    – Undian terkini : 115 undi (67% – Putih /33% – Merah)
    3) Cadangan agar TDM menubuhkan parti baru.
    – Undian terkini : 117 undi (72% – Setuju / 28% – Tidak setuju)
    Topik undian seterusnya dibuka kepada rakan-rakan blogger semua untuk cadangkan di
    Sekian, wassalam.

  150. JaYbOnE Jul 3,2008 8:16 PM

    To all who might want to know the differences between the educational background of the Ministers of Malaysia and Singapore…(For reference only…Comes form from unknown and doubtful source)…With the permission of TUN to be publicised..
    Singapore Cabinet
    PM Lee Hsien Loong
    Cambridge University – First Class Honours (1974)
    Harvard University – Masters (1980)
    SM Goh Chok Tong
    University of Singapore – First Class Honours (1964)
    Williams College, USA – Masters (1967)
    MM Lee Kuan Yew
    Cambridge University – First Class Honours (1949)
    Minister for Law Prof. S Jayakumar
    University of Singapore – Bachelor of Law Honours (1963)
    Yale Univerity – Masters (1966)
    Minister for Home Affairs Wong Kan Seng
    University of Singapore – Bachelor of Arts & Business Admin (1977)
    London Business School – Masters (1979)
    Minister for Foreign Affairs BG George Yeo
    Cambridge University – Double First Class Honours (1976)
    Harvard Business School – MBA w/ Distinction (1985)
    Minister for Trade and Industry Lim Hng Kiang
    Cambridge University – First Class Honours w/ Distinction (1976)
    Harvard University – Masters (1986)
    Minister for Defence Teo Chee Hean
    University of Manchester – First Class Honours (1976)
    Imperial College, London – Masters w/ Distinction (1977)
    Minister for Education Tharman Shanmugaratnam
    London School of Economics – Bachelor of Arts
    Cambridge University – Masters
    Harvard University – Masters
    Malaysia Cabinet
    PM Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi
    University of Malaya – Bachelor of Arts Honours (1964)
    Deputy PM Dato’ Sri Najib Razak
    University of Nottingham – Bachelor of Arts Honours (1974)
    Minister of Foregn Affairs Syed Hamid Albar
    (can someone tell me his univeristy? )- Bachelor of Arts
    Ministry of Works- Dato’ Seri Samy Vellu
    (Education Unknown)
    Ministry of International Trade & Industry Rafidah binti Aziz
    Universiti Malaya – Bachelor of Arts Honours
    Minister of Agriculture Muhyiddin Yassin
    (Education Unknown)
    Ministry of Domestic Trade Shafie Apdal
    (Education Unknown)
    Minister of Education Hishammuddin Hussein
    (Education Unknown)
    Minister of Home Affairs Radzi bin Sheikh Ahmad
    (Education Unknown)
    **That is why they are so desperate to get Khairy Jamaluddin up so fast, because he is from Cambridge . God knows how he got in….

  151. Rude D Jul 3,2008 8:15 PM

    Hello! Visit if you’re a fan of che Det’s. Thanks!

  152. Conspiracy Theorist Jul 3,2008 8:13 PM

    Dear Tun Dr.M,
    Congratulation again on achieving d 3 million hits..duh..ur a legend in ur own way.. for dat dis lyrics is a tribute to you Tun Dr.Daddy M..
    A Tribute to Tun & His Way..
    My Way
    And now, the end is near
    And so I face the final curtain.
    My friend, I’ll say it clear,
    I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain.
    I’ve lived a life that’s full.
    I travelled each and ev’ry highway
    And more, much more than this,
    I did it my way.
    Regrets, I’ve had a few
    But then again, too few to mention.
    I did what I had to do
    And saw it through without exemption.
    I planned each charted course
    Each careful step along the byway,
    And more, much more than this,
    I did it my way.
    Yes, there were times, I’m sure you knew
    When I bit off more than I could chew.
    But through it all, when there was doubt,
    I ate it up and spit it out
    I faced it all and I stood tall
    And did it my way.
    I’ve loved, I’ve laughed and cried.
    I’ve had my fill, my share of losing.
    And now, as tears subside,
    I find it all so amusing.
    To think I did all that
    And may I say – not in a shy way,
    “Oh no, oh no not me,
    I did it my way”.
    For what is a man, what has he got?
    If not himself, then he has naught
    To say the things he truly feels
    And not the words of one who kneels.
    The record shows I took the blows
    And did it my way!
    SAY NO TO AnWar!!

  153. pemuda berjiwa bangsa Jul 3,2008 8:11 PM

    sungguh jelas dan nyata huraian tun ni. walaupun saya tak paham 100% statement yg TUN berikan ni. tapi bagi saya, ianya sudah cukup jelas untuk saya berfikir sejenak akan keadaan ekonomi negara akan datang kalau pendapat tun ni tidak diambil peduli.. saya juga amat bersetuju tentang pendapat TUN di perenggan 4 & 5 diatas. itulah salah satu sikap pemimpin2 sekarang ni. ibarat terhantuk sekali, sedar pun sekali, terhantuk lagi sekali, sedar lagi sekali”. dan lagi satu saya sebagai rakyat MALAYSIA, memang tak rasa ada pendedahan dari kerajaan bahawa negara akan mengalami kegawatan ekonomi pada masa hadapan. dan mungkin kerana itu, kemungkinan besar hampir separuh rakyat MALAYSIA tidak bersiap sedia untuk menghadapi ancaman ini. yang saya perasan sekarang ni, cuma kerajaan asyik dok cakap, kita akan kaji semula bajet utk projek RMK 9, dan menteri kewangan kedua dok khabaq yang mungkin defisit negara akan berubah bila perbentangan bajet pada bulan 8 ni nanti. harap TUN dapat memperjuangkan buah fikiran(pendapat) TUN ini sehingga kerajaan sedar, serta mengguna pakainya demi negara tercinta. saya tak sanggup melihat negara kembali ke tahun 1997.

  154. Nor Jul 3,2008 8:06 PM

    Absolutely agree. Pak Lah is a lucky guy. I know even you can’t doubt that. Regardless of his unefficiency, he is somehow blessed with our commodities that generate our core revenues that had quadraple at least during your tenure. Thus, his weakness is mostly covered up by the country’s wealth.
    I am particularly glad that you mention about the middle class earning. So far, we had been side-lined by most if not all of the government incentive ( I don’t consider road tax reduction, talk about reduce income tax and fuel subsidy incentive have significant impact)and all the negative effect from our government policies just make a bigger hole in our pocket.
    I think your direct influence on the policy has been totally eliminated. But you are still the advisor of Petronas and Proton. Why don’t you start with this two companies. I am sure if you talk about labour cost and hi-tech, both of this company is heavily involve with that. Perhaps by you advising for good pay middle-class earning and push for more hi-tech application of these two companies would create a chain effect on the private sectors and uplift the standard of living for Malaysian to overcome the rising cost of living. More earning of this group would also mean more spending that generate micro and macro economic growth and also will increase tax revenue for the government. I wonder what will happen after all kind of tax being cut on the name of ‘reducing the public burden’ if the commodities that we are depending on are down-trending.

  155. ataspagardotcom Jul 3,2008 8:03 PM

    mengimbangi kenaikkan barang dengan kenaikkan gaji adalah cara paling berkesan mengurangkan beban rakyat. Pemakan gaji biasanya bersikap berbelanja kesemua wang gaji mereka dan jika dengan kenaikkan gaji ia akan menggalakkan lagi kerancakkan aktiviti ekonomi domestik. Penjaja, penjual ikan, pemborong semuanya mendapat keuntungan.
    Sepatutnya kerajaan menaikkan sedikit gaji kakitangan awam selaras dengan kenaikkan harga minyak dan ia mengurangkan kenaikkan harga barang secara berganda.(naik minyak, barangan naik,….naik gaji (upah) barangan naik).
    Saya amat menyokong permintaan kesatuan kerja supaya elaun kola dinaikkan sebanyak RM500

  156. zaki_77 Jul 3,2008 7:57 PM

    Malaysia have a unique advantage to weather the looming global clouds of recession and turmoil; yet we see a pathetic government preparing nothing for it and continuing to hoard and plunder at the same time, the precious gifts that Allah have blessed Malaysia with.
    I personally would strongly recommend that the government invest heavily in Solar Technology. Malaysia has the year-round sunshine and it is a very effective (but expensive) way of reducing it’s reliance on fossil fuels.
    Tun, please push for this.

  157. anak_malaysia Jul 3,2008 7:51 PM

    Asalamualaikum Tun,
    Tenaga adalah sumber penggerak kpd kegiatan ekonomi, lori, bas, pickup, adalah pengangkutan yg membawa barang dan hasil keluaran pertanian seperti kelapa sawit. sebagai langkah bijak maka saya mengambil inisiatif utk cuba menghasilkan biodiesel buatan sendiri, utk permulaan saya akn guna sdiri dulu. mana tau suatu hari nanti kalau harga minyak terus melambung tinggi dan kos penghasilan biodiesel lebih murah maka ini satu peluang ekonomi. biar rakyat sendiri yg menjana ekonomi negara dgn mengeluarkan biodiesel utk kegunaan syarikat pengangkutan dan kargo.
    bila memikirkan masa depan, jgn terlalu bergantung sgt lagi pd syarikat minyak tak kira shell ke, petronas ke, kerana rakyat Malaysia kini boleh memanfaatkan ilmu yg boleh dicapai dgn mudah menerusi internet. Inilah sumbangan terbesar Tun dahulu, menghubungkan Malaysia dan rakyat Malaysia dgn dunia menerusi jaringan internet. Terima kasih dunia krn telah membuka minda rakyat Malaysia ke satu tahap yg tinggi.
    sila kunjungi blog saya ( )utk melihat hasil biodiesel buatan saya sdiri. Langkah pertama bermula dgn langkah yg kecil…langkah yg lebih besar pasti akan menyusul.

  158. hai Jul 3,2008 7:37 PM

    Are we aware of all the challenges and can we mitigate the risks and address the challenges?
    Do we have the leadership capabilities that able to see the opportunities in the world to address the challenges and guaranteed the future of our citizens through the current advantage of our more fortunate than many other countries?
    We are admittedly more fortunate than many other countries. When costs are rising and manufactured exports are shrinking, our commodities have come to our aid. Our export earnings from petroleum and gas, palm oil, rubber and tin have increased many times over. Our government with flushed of money must be purturbed with what is happening in the world and should hightened our sense of urgency on in depth analysis to be done in order to avoid the worldwide catastrophe that must bring chaos and problems to our economy, finance, politics and social life. Of course the government, business and civil society must engage each other to find effective approaches to the most pressing issues. Particular emphasis on the citizens, the principle that companies must be involved in addressing the major challenges we face today, aligning their engagement in society with their business goals. This commitment is at the core for what an effective collaborative leadership and governance stands for.
    In such times of stress and disquiet, we truly understand the value of the national spirit of inclusiveness, openness and commitment to improving the state of the citizens. The Power of Collaborative Innovation is a most apt theme. It served to underline the need for new and imaginative ways to mitigate global risks and the importance of achieving tangible results or value for the citizens. We must never discard our positive attitude for irrational pessimism. We should be neither paralyzed by despair nor casual in our concern.
    This is a time for sincere pragmatism and a new brand of collaborative leadership to address the
    many priorities for our economy, finance, politics and social life on the national agenda.
    We need stronger and stronger collaborative political leadership. If we are interconnected and the nation is interconnected, the only way for the nation to work is to have a set of common values. We have no option but to work together.

  159. thaiso Jul 3,2008 7:26 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Rakyat tidak diberikan banyak maklumat yang tepat untuk menghadapi perkara-perkara yang mendatang.Tiada diskusi pasal keadaan ekonomi dunia luar secara asasnya.Yang ada hanyalah tentang hiburan.Tentang hiburan semuanya.
    Kerajaan mengambil langkah satu persatu untuk menghadapi situasi yang berasingan walhal berkemungkinan ia boleh diselesaikan dalam satu keputusan sahaja.
    Semua orang dalam kerajaan tahu apa yang tak kena dalam implementasi perancangan dan pembangunan ekonomi Malaysia.Tapi kenapa tidak menyuarakan?Tiada sesiapa menyuarakan.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  160. hamaz Jul 3,2008 7:18 PM

    Assalamualaikun yg berbahagia tu,
    sy trasa ada beberapa org dungu yg slalu mmberi respon yg negatif pd tun.contohnya tokmisai.wahai tokmisai yg misainya dh tebai brgulung2 smpai mnutup otaknya,knpa respon anda bgitu negatif?tun teruskan mnulis artikel sbb dia ‘corcerned’ la bahlul!!!at least tun masih berjuang utk membuka mata rakyat malaysia utk mgetahui apa pandangan tun slaku ex-PM yg telah 22thn brsusah pyh mmbangunkan malaysia.mmg la stiap org ada buat ksalahn.mana ada org yg perfect dlm dunia ni ,”sengal (especially for antimamak n tokmisai)”.lg satu antimamak.x pyh la sibuk2 nk beri komen klu komen 2 sntiasanya negatif n sentiasa mnyakitkn hati org.2 la pepatah mlayu ckp,kuman d seberang laut nmpk,gajah yg depan bulu idung pn x least hargai la apa jasa tun selama hgpa jd rakyat malaysia ni.tlg la cermin diri dulu sblm mgata org,jgn kata dulang paku serpih.

  161. Abdul Hayee Jul 3,2008 7:13 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Congratulation Tun on achieving 3 million hits at your blog today.
    After reading your article I realise that you are special Tun. Rakyat Malaysia should be thankful for having you as our 4th Prime Minister. Under your leadership from 1981 until 2003 (22 years) our country Malaysia prospered tremendously.
    Not only that, Malaysia earn the respect from many countries in Asia, Europe dan the middle east. You brought in the OIC and NAAM to our country hoping that your successor will do something for the member countries. Unfortunately not much was done and they feel disappointed. Now its too late. The leadership of OIC and NAAM have changed hands. We have not taken the initiative to do something
    constructive for the member countries during our tenure as Chairman of OIC and NAAM.
    What a pity!

  162. kochebin Jul 3,2008 6:59 PM

    Salam Bahagia TUN,
    Congratulation on achieving 3million visitor.Your articles has always been the most anxious waiting time.What you have just said is true.Looks like we are more concentrating on the power struggle rather than emphasising on the economic activity of the nation.
    Please do something TUN,looks like the country is going to be bankrupt in just another 6 months if something drastic is not done.RM9 mid term review does not show anything except his piece of paper to parliament.
    Do take care of your health and regards to Ibu Hasmah

  163. Khushairi Jul 3,2008 6:57 PM

    I wonder why you let someone who only has only Islamic Studies as his Academic background be the Malaysian Prime Minister. When i read your article, you at least show that you know how economy runs around the world. I mean at least you know how US economics runs. Actually, thanks to you, the world refers Malaysia as the Modern Malaysia because our economy had change significantly within 51 years. That is what I notice studying in US.
    Seriously I was wondering why you let him be our prime minister if you don’t have the confident at all. October 2005, Indonesia government decreased the fuels subsidies by increasing the price of kerosene by 185 percent. Kerosene is used as cooking fuel in Indonesia. The government also increase the price of petrol by 85%. Well.. The Indonesian had riots, protest, violence and demonstration. Guess what, Mr Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono who raised the price is still their Prime Minister. Their economy grows stronger than Malaysia even though their corruption is horrible .
    My personal opinion, we need to believe in market because the markets is the nature of human behavior. We, the Malaysian depends too much in petroleum. If we want your dream come true, to be a developed country by 2020, we need to reduce our oil consumption by letting the price goes with the market. Let our people know how important to find substitutes or alternative for petroleum. I believe that the increase of price is a huge boost to motivate the Malaysian to find the alternative resources.
    Our prime Minister is having difficult time. Everyone does including you. Every prime minister has their own challenge including you when UMNO was abolished. Tun Razak and Tun Hussein also had serious issues with The Malaysian unity and economy. But you and other prime ministers had did well. Now, it is time for Mr. Abdullah to step up. Let him settle the problem in his own way. I was shocked when he rised oil price because he acting like how an economist will do. I was underestimating him and I believe we all does. Let gives him more time to show us how good he is and proves that we all wrong.

  164. musa Jul 3,2008 6:56 PM

    Akum, Tun,
    Terimakasih dengan pandangan Tun yang ‘far-sighted’ ini. Kadang-kala terlintas di kepala ambo akan keadaan gawat ini hampir serupa dengan keadaan dunia di ambang Peperangan Dunia Pertama dan Kedua dulu!
    Apakah ini satu petanda ???
    p/s : Apa sudah jadi dengan Blog si SU-KJ ?

  165. JaYbOnE Jul 3,2008 6:52 PM

    I was once graduated from southern college and seeking for a job(s) under the present of 1997 turmoil…I’ve seen the the “hard day” looking for one…A degree mech. graduated freshie like me was jobless for quite a while….after graduation….no jobs…non was willing to take me for even a technician post….That was the impact of the ECONOMIC CRISIS!!
    1-Lucikly after a year of ‘Planting ANGGUR’..I managed to get a job…getting pay of RM1.5k without benifits…That was a miracle…I was in the safest ever Industry in the Market at that time…PALM OIL MILL…while the others starts to gulung tikar…
    2-Just wanna share my thinking with the others…I m not worried about the impact to me nor to my family …but this industry itself!! For everyone’s info, this industries have been here since the colonial occupation of our country…it structure itself was somewhat generated by human forces…Imagine…How much this industry pays for the general workforce to work nowadays?
    A workers was just paid a daily basic of RM 17.50( MAPA Agreement) and comes with Price Bonus and Mill Differentiation…which much dependent on the price of the CPO (Crude Palm Oil)..
    They’ were just earning around RM22/day….is that enough?
    Isn’t that being thought and review by the goverment? What are their plan to save the industry?
    What if this industry wil no more contribute to Malaysia?
    Even the Goverment has put a new TAXING to us called LEVI UNTUNG LUAR BIASA-Undersigned by JABATAN KASTAM?…What is this taxing FOR?
    Isn’t AAB and KJ have had enough? What happened to the saved subsidy for the last increment of the petrol price before?
    3-For that reason we have to seek for FOREIGN WORKFORCE…the local were just to choosy…they aint working in this industry no more….we were just tired…the phenomenon was also experienced by the estates…the have to import…LOMBOKS….(that’s why the rating of the CRIMINAL in this country rising like DAP)
    4-We have no more back-up industry that will create saviour to be used to the next century…What are their plans?..What is the BACK UP PLAN for the people?….
    5-We ve suffered a lot during the mis-leadership of this AAB….we want to topple him down…help us…
    A Good Leader Like You will be 1 in a Trillion…
    A Good leader is sometimes A Good Manager …but A Manager (AAB + 3 BERANAK) would’t be a Good Leader..He’s a burden to the country…and to the nation….
    p/s: Oil Palm has gone to the highest price of up to RM3500-4000/ton…this is an opportunity For the AAB and 3 beranak to collect more?….anybody notice?…anybody from the industry here?

  166. MyMode Network Jul 3,2008 6:47 PM

    To Mr Belimbing,
    I have read the article as well as your comment there (bravo!). I strongly believe that that such claim is another blatant way to demean the former Prime Minister. It is another funny claim from the opposition party especially PKR, led by the de facto opportunist Anwar.
    For all Malaysians, do take some time to watch video clips about politics in Malaysia at either Youtube, Google Video, or probably from other places as well. Look specifically for names like Anwar and Mahathir.
    You can clearly see distinct characters between two of them.
    One is old (but very healthy!) and each word came out from his mouth is true to the fact and so eloquent.
    While the other fellow, he is young (but looks like he is very sick!) and each word came out from his mouth sounded like the truth, and most of the time he spoke in an angry and fierce mood.
    And most of the time the words from him are vague.
    People tend to rely more on vague statement because they sounded nice and attractive.
    Peole hate eloquent and articulate statement because they are fact.
    People hate facts.
    And that’s why we have these mischievous political scenarios in Malaysia.
    Thanks to Abdullah & Anwar.
    Malaysians should continue expelling Tun Dr Mahathir from the picture, since he only brings in facts and the truth.
    We hate facts.
    We hate the truth.
    That’s why we hate Tun Dr Mahathir.

  167. ashar Jul 3,2008 6:42 PM

    TUN yang saya sanjungi dan sayangi,
    Maaf ayahanda TUN nak tumpang lalu.
    Buat BANGSAKU yang anakanda sayangi.
    ======================” BANGSAKU “==================================
    Jika seandainya ada,…..bangsa yang jadi aman dan sejahtera, dengan cakar cakaran dan hasad dengki………
    Maka yang pertama mencapainya, adalah bangsaku tersayang ini
    Dan seandainya boleh … menjadi bangsa yang berjaya dan dihormati dengan hanya berdiam diri tanpa jati diri…….
    Sudah pasti, juaranya adalah bangsaku ini
    Silih dari ucap cacian
    Berganti pula ucap pujian,
    Bersemilah sebuah permusuhan, membawa kerugian
    Bila kitakan ketujuan…
    Bila hanya menunggu penyelesaian
    Bila hanya menunggu arahan
    Bila kita pandai berdebat, bodoh muafakat
    Walhal bangsaku boleh sepakat
    Muafakat membawa berkat
    Pemimpin kini tak berakar
    Pemimpin kini tak berbuah
    Pemimpin kini tak berbatang
    Pemimpin kini tak berbau
    Ingatlah Pemimpin Bangsaku
    Mengakar dulu kebumi
    Barukau menjulang tinggi
    Bungamu harum mewangi
    Buahmu kau bagi bagi
    Tak perlu angkat bakul sendiri
    Negara dan dunia akan memuji
    Pemimpin kini akan lebih berguna ……bila engkau tiada..!!!
    Bangsaku masih tak punya satu haluan Bangsaku masih tak tahu berkat perpaduan Bangsaku masih taida keyakinan Bangsaku masih mengharapkan bantuan Bangsaku masih tiada tindakan
    Bangsaku, sahutlah seruan……
    Bendera dan Ribbon Putih punya pukulan
    tercatat sejarah dalam perjuangan
    menurunkan pucuk pimpinan.
    Ym : ashar_abdullah

  168. keydam Jul 3,2008 6:37 PM

    Assalamualaikum TDM,
    May Allah bless you with longevity.
    Your quote, “I am not an economist or a financial expert…” is being humble. I am an Economist by training and have been in finance all my working life. Firstly, I would like to say that understanding the subprime crisis is no easy feat. And for you to summarise that in para 20 is so… beautiful. Para 25 is also a nice way to explain what fiat money is. Brilliant!
    You talked about inflation, wage/price spiral… amazing!
    I remember when you came to my university in the UK during your extended holiday just before the Asian crisis. The hall was so full not just with Malaysian students but with students from many other countries. There was this guy who said to me, ‘I need to talk to your PM. I want him to help solve problems in my country’. That made me proud being a Malaysian. Mere association with Dr. M made us students walk with pride in the UK.
    When I came back, I was only at work for 15 days before we introduced capital controls. That was the gutsiest move to be made and from what I heard, it was your own idea. In one fell swoop, the MYR was no longer available for hedge funds to speculate on. In Economics, there is something called the Monetary Policy Holy Trinity… Exchange rate, interest rate and capital mobility. Rule of thumb, u can choose 2 but not all at the same time. Cut off capital mobility, and you can use interest rates and exchange rates at your fancy to promote growth in any economy.
    You sure you didn’t do an economics degree?
    Your analysis is not only good, it shows how learned you are and the effort you took to learn. There was this story I heard during your official launch of the Bukit Kayu Hitam border checkpoint. You looked up and asked the structural engineer, “How much water can this roof take?”. The guy was stumped. It was a flat roof design and given our climate, the rate of which it collects water and disperses water is crucial to its integrity during heavy rainfall.
    You made us realise that learning is everything. To be a leader, you need to know what your country needs even before they do. This is what you did. Not wait around until a problem arise. Anticipate it and tackle the issue before it becomes an issue.
    Like I said in my blog. I have no faith in the current leaders nor are there anybody worthy replacing them….
    I salute you, Tun. I propose a national holiday on your birthday!

  169. emville Jul 3,2008 6:33 PM

    Telah lama saya nantikan analisa2 yg sebegini. Telah lama juga saya nantikan cerita2 mengenai ekonomi, bagaimana nak menjana pendapatan, bagaimana nak kawal selia pentadbiran. Tun mmg bijak mengupas apa2 isu, tambahan pula mengenai ekonomi dalaman dan luar negara.
    Malangnya apa yg didengari sekarang dari pentadbiran Pak Lah ialah mengenai org tu kena tuduh rasuah, org ni kena liwat, org tu letup org, nak bagi gaji 2 kali sebulan, org2 ini nak lompat parti, terjerit2 dlm Parlimen, nak tambah peruntukan, dsbnya. Semuanya isu2 remeh, kecil, dan tidak membantu dlm perkembangan ekonomi negara. Klu asyik berperang sesama sendiri dlm negara, alamatnya nanti bila dah terjaga, kita akan dapati negara2 lain dah maju dan lebih berdaya saing dari negara kita.
    Harap Tun cepat2 dpt realisasikan perancangan Tun utk jatuhkan Pak Lah dan sekutu2 nya. Saya dah naik muak dan bosan dgn sandiwara politik Pak Lah ni.

  170. heicalmy Jul 3,2008 6:23 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Antimamak bila kritik Tun bukan main kuat lagi , tapi bila saya kritik sikit saja ,cepat cepat dia delete ,marah pula tu .
    Tak demokarasi betullah dia tu .Tahu baling batu saja bila orang baling batu dekat dia lari menyorok bawah katil.

  171. lzm Jul 3,2008 6:22 PM

    Dearest Tun,
    Financial Expert & Economist = “Plant & Machineries” equivalent in the factory. They themselves will not operate and generate goods for the owner.
    Without the “smart and full hearted operators” , eventhough , the Plant & Machineries start producing goods, it will not bring Net Profit to the owner.
    Very good example are Tun Daim & Tan Sri Nor Yaacob. Why Tan Sri suddenly becomes blank?
    Malaysia Government should pay you RM100million a month “Appreciation Allowance” as “Smart & Full Hearted Operator” for the 22 years.
    Very Tough to get one replacement.

  172. azmany Jul 3,2008 6:21 PM

    The main point here is that things will get worse – due to factors outside of our country. Are you ready for that? When the customers of Malaysian economy is having trouble, Malaysian economy will soon be in trouble and so – Malaysian workers will be in trouble thereafter. Be prepared…
    We Malaysians have this bad habit of looking up to the Government to have answers to all their problems. Every problem, the solution would be “Government should do this or that…”. We’ve been blessed with leaders in the past that put the people interest above their political interest and have steered a backward country (that no one outside of ASEAN can point to on the map) to a country that is widely known in sports, economy and politics in 51 years.
    Unfortunately, clearly the leader of the Government of today cannot be relied upon any more … they can’t even think properly whether they should pay their staff’s salary once or twice a month. This is pathetic and unnecessary as Malaysia now possess professionals among us who are highly capable and can stand as tall as anybody from the four corners of the world. But if all these resources are not used, opinions not heard nor trusted – instead rely on 1 or 3 smart-ass who think they know all – finish lah…
    We Malaysians should learn to depend on less on the politicians and learn to depend on ourselves to make decisions for ourselves rather than depend on Putrajaya. That, in my opinion, is one trait of a developed country – where the people are developed enough to think for themselves.
    This call I make especially to the majority Malays – the 13 million something who should get active in protecting their next generations in face of a turbulent world. Wake up and do the right thing. Are you going to be the one that rise from the ashes or the one that turned to ash?

  173. marakarma Jul 3,2008 6:17 PM


  174. antimamak Jul 3,2008 6:13 PM

    – Segala usaha Tun menjadikan Malaysia sebagai negari industri nampaknya berkecai bagai roti canai dikoyak mamak. Hilanglah garing enaknya. Jangan kata apa apa hi tech, sekarang nak cari lembu untuk buat sawah pun susah, hilang kerbau ! Impain tun hanya sekadar dipinggiran, Impian Tun hanya memberikan kami rakyat bermimpi selama 22 tahun. Akhirnya kita bangkit dan segala telah hilang.
    – Lagi lagi Tun telah menghabiskan senayak 100 billions US dollar dalam waktu pemerintahan Tun, Tun telah bina projek gajah putih, ini sajalah rakyat dapat menikmati dengan mata, nasib baik gajah putih pun tak mengapa , lebih baik dari tiada langsung Tambahan kerajaan sekarang asyik sibuk dengan Isu bontot, Najid pun main bontot Altantunya, jadi Tun macam mana nak dapat pemimpin yang baik?
    – Kesimpulannya, mamak berusaha kerja rajin, mengumpul harta, tiba tiba gerai dibakar jadi rata, maka segala impian tidak tercapai, terpaksa lah mamak berusaha menanam padi, jadi petani, menangkap ikan jadi nelayan. Apa boleh buat??

  175. RAR Jul 3,2008 6:11 PM


  176. MJ Jul 3,2008 6:08 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    I have visiting your blog since day 1, but today is my first comment. I hope current government pay more attention to your analysis. They should debate this in parliament. Semoga Tun dan keluarga sihat dan dilindungi Allah.

  177. Hajar Jul 3,2008 6:04 PM

    Salam Yg Dikasihi Tun,
    As always, SUPERB ANALYSIS!
    I believe only you can help Malaysia to overcome whatever turmoil that we are facing. Please make a come back Tun. I know it is very selfish of us to ask you to be the PM again. Here you are trying to educate us and inform us about a lot of things. In my opinion, this is the PM’s job & responsibility, not you. So, might as well you become our PM again or become Adviser to the YDP Agung.
    DSAAB is really hopeless. He cannot even solve a simple problem and keeps on creating more and more problems; we need a problem solver, not a problem creator as our PM. DSAAB, please STEP DOWN.
    Please DO something drastic Tun before it’s too late.
    Thanks Tun. May Allah SWT bless Tun and family. I support you.

  178. Syahir Jul 3,2008 6:01 PM

    NOTED!! Dollah Badawi tidak dapat memahami hasrat rakyat serta faham akan ekonomi dunia. ini amat merbahaya jika kita teruskan dasar pertanian yang merugikan kita. Saya harap Tun jadi pentadbir semula. Jika darurat berlaku, sudah tentu Agong akan letak negara ini dalam kawalan. Maka, saya seru agar Agong lantik TUN jadi pemimpin kita semula! Suara Tun suara keramat!

  179. zaman Jul 3,2008 5:54 PM

    Tun Salam sejahtera kepada Tun dan keluarga
    Marvellous comment,compact,excellent and yet Tun you are a very down to earth person.
    In the article you stated that you are not economist or financial expert,but finally the world over praised you in dealing with the financial crisis when you are the custodian of Malaysia. sheer humble.
    Surat khabar Singapura The straits time muka hadapan head line “Turmoil in Kl” seolah olah memburuk buruk kan KL. Saya ingat lagi waktu Tun menjadi PM surat khabar asing takut dan berhati hati
    jika ingin memberi komen tentang Malaysia, tetapi sekarang sangat berbeza.Ada kebenaran nya apabila Tun berkata yang apa bila kerajaan tak kuat perkara perkara sebegini akan belaku.
    Saya rasa Pak Lah sekarang tak ada lagi kewibawaan untuk meminpin Malaysia lagi.Saya merasakan memang benar Kata Tun dia hendak lah melepaskan jawatan nya sebagai PM.
    Tapi siapa pengganti nya???,sekarang dalam keadaan yang bercelaru ini.
    Kalau kita mengikut track record saya sangat sangat merasakan Tun lah yang selayak layak nya, Sekira nya Tun tak sudi pun saya rasa Tun kembali lah pada jangka masa yang pendek untuk membetulkan keadaan.
    saya rasa perkara begini boleh di bincangkan. Kita perlu ingat Malaysia ada lah bukan milik individu atau segolongan manusia.Rakyat juga mempunyai hak mengenegah kan perkara sebegini.
    Tun Kembali lah pulih kan Malaysia.
    kami mendoakan untuk mu,

  180. lampu basikal Jul 3,2008 5:50 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun
    Excellent analysis Tun. Bravo Tun, you have done it again, Tun.
    I think this is a wakeup call for the government. I really hope that pak lah and his bunch of cabinet ministers combined have 1/2 the brain as you have but they only have not even 1/32 compared to yours Tun.
    The problem of todays government is that they will only react one by one when the problem arise.
    If you are the PM of Malaysia today tun, I think it would be much different in term of our socio economics, our pride, dignity and also the political scenario. We would be better of today and Malaysia would be more united rather than what is happening today. I just hope you could make a comeback in politics.
    Tun you are one in a trillion. The government can say anything bad about you but one thing for sure is that they cannot take our love and trust in you

  181. kroolaznizam Jul 3,2008 5:50 PM

    CIS! DIA TIDO LAGI!!!!!!

  182. jadi Jul 3,2008 5:44 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir
    The Government used to tell the Rakyat that they shouldnt be blamed on the increased of fuel price and other related matter. The Government main reason was the world is facing the same problem and then we cannot do anything about it.
    Your writings today Sir made the difference.
    The Government can do something about it and to our much surprised they failed to live to the expectation It seems that under the present leadership, Malaysia has no quality in analyzing the current world economic turmoil.
    Malaysia has becoming the followers and act in line of the situation. We have not contribute any idea or have our own formula to overturn this decreased economic situation.
    I always remember Sir, your magic touch during the currency speculation which Malaysia has its own way of overcome the grave situation. Malaysia; by that point of time was very proud with your team handling the turmoil. We feel very sad when we look at our Pak Suharto/Pak Habibie in Indonesia has to bow down to the IMF.
    Allah SWT knows what will be next impact to Malaysia since the versus read ” Takkan berubah nasib sesuatu kaum itu melainkan kaum itu sendiri yang mengubahnya”
    If the present leadership has not come up with good solution, they will soon find their wayout from this Government. We are against to the Premier and his Cabinet who know how to enjoy on Petronas money only but let the rakyat suffering. To the Cabinet, find other sources of income for the Country. Dont just sit like a lame duck and ask the people to “tanam sayur, ubi, chillys” or asked us to change our lifestyle. We are not like the rich and famous like you the Malaysia Cabinet Minister. We are just rakyat who need to have monthly budget on the income. And with rise of petrol and other goods, we are broke ! Wake up Prime Minister and do something or pass the baton to other qualified or better than you.

  183. ABI Jul 3,2008 5:42 PM

    There you go again, Tun! During your administration, the world economy wasn’t that chaotic as it is today! You seem to opine that had you been in office now, you’d manage the nation well! Wishful thinking!
    leave it to the current leaders, they are doing what they could! We should not try to be a smart alec and know-all and condemn the others. This is highly unethical! You are not affected in any way… because you get free money monthly from Petronas by being just a “post office.” The man in the street suffers.In my view, your time will be better spent by taking rest and enjoying your life with your loved ones. May God bless you!

  184. Hawk Tan Jul 3,2008 5:41 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Artikel, analysis dan pendapat yang amat logik dan berpengetahuan. Apa yang menghairankan saya, kenapa Pihak Kerajaan, sehingga kini masih mendiamkan diri. MENGAPA SUNYI TANPA BERITA?
    Apakah dengan mendiamkan diri, menandakan tanda SETUJU ataupun pihak Kerajaan berpendapat Tun hanya cakap dan tulis yang bukan bukan. Mungkin MALAS NAK LAYAN!
    Walau apa pun, saya berharap pihak Kerajaan dapat menberi pengesahan, komen komen dan pendapat kepada artikel artikel Tun.
    Seandainya tiada penjelasan dan respon dari pihak Kerajaan, maka terbuktilah memang benar dan munasabah apa yang diketarakan oleh Tun.

  185. Shamsulfahmi Shamsudin Jul 3,2008 5:36 PM

    Dear TDM,
    I would like to share interesting quotes with you and the suporters of these blogs. The quotes are from the movie , “V for Vendetta” which was released in the year 2005 starring the lovely and intelligent Natalie Portman. I think it is a good movie to watch.
    Quotes I:
    V: …A building is a symbol, as is the act of destroying it. Symbols are given power by people. A symbol, in and of itself is powerless, but with enough people behind it, blowing up a building can change the world.
    Quotes II:
    Evey Hammond: That the world needs more than just a building right now. It needs hope.
    Quotes III:
    V: Good evening, London. Allow me first to apologize for this interruption. I do, like many of you, appreciate the comforts of every day routine- the security of the familiar, the tranquility of repetition. I enjoy them as much as any bloke. But in the spirit of commemoration, thereby those important events of the past usually associated with someone’s death or the end of some awful bloody struggle, a celebration of a nice holiday, I thought we could mark this November the 5th, a day that is sadly no longer remembered, by taking some time out of our daily lives to sit down and have a little chat. There are of course those who do not want us to speak. I suspect even now, orders are being shouted into telephones, and men with guns will soon be on their way. Why? Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn’t there? Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression. And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who’s to blame? Well certainly there are those more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable, but again truth be told, if you’re looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror. I know why you did it. I know you were afraid. Who wouldn’t be? War, terror, disease. There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense. Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now high chancellor, Adam Sutler. He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent. Last night I sought to end that silence. Last night I destroyed the Old Bailey, to remind this country of what it has forgotten. More than four hundred years ago a great citizen wished to embed the fifth of November forever in our memory. His hope was to remind the world that fairness, justice, and freedom are more than words, they are perspectives. So if you’ve seen nothing, if the crimes of this government remain unknown to you then I would suggest you allow the fifth of November to pass unmarked. But if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me one year from tonight, outside the gates of Parliament, and together we shall give them a fifth of November that shall never, ever be forgot.
    Quotes IV:
    Evey Hammond: [voiceover] Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot. I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot… But what of the man? I know his name was Guy Fawkes and I know, in 1605, he attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament. But who was he really? What was he like? We are told to remember the idea, not the man, because a man can fail. He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten, but 400 years later, an idea can still change the world. I’ve witnessed first hand the power of ideas, I’ve seen people kill in the name of them, and die defending them… but you cannot kiss an idea, cannot touch it, or hold it… ideas do not bleed, they do not feel pain, they do not love… And it is not an idea that I miss, it is a man… A man that made me remember the Fifth of November. A man that I will never forget.”
    Quotes V:
    [after a hail of gunfire doesn’t stop V]
    Creedy: Die! Die! Why won’t you die?… Why won’t you die?
    V: Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.
    Please do not get any ideas that I am promoting that we should blow up our Parliament House with this entry to the blog.

  186. TechTitan Jul 3,2008 5:32 PM

    Hello again Tun,
    Your writing today probably the best article I’ve read since the launch of I hope you will be able to continue writing more excellent articles for us to digest. I’m also happy to see the comments from the readers are now getting more intellectual and critical.
    First and foremost, the current administration must stop thinking we malaysian are stupid. We are no longer in the 80’s where information in Malaysia is limited whatever being printed in local newspapers and aired in government owned television. Today we can access latest information about anything with just a few mouse clicks. We basically know US is facing an economic downturn. I’m no economist either but from what I read, the US economy will go into full recession in a few months time. This is going to be very bad. As we all know, US economy affects global economy. Stock market worldwide is starting to feel the effect. Even our Bursa Malaysia is traded lower recently. So my question is will we be able to cushion the impact? Tun, you managed to do it before but I doubt the current government will be able to deal with it considering recent fuel hikes, rise in inflation and global food shortage.
    I wish to compare one particular action that you did during 1997-1998 economic crisis with what the current government is doing now. Back then you defied IMF by lowering the interest rates and encourage public to spend instead of saving. This was to stimulate domestic economic activities in order reduce the recession impact. It also helped many businesses from going into bankcruptcy. However, the current ones encourage small businesses (sme) to go into bankcruptcy. For example, the recent announcement to cut down government spending especially on IT equipments will result local small contractors/vendors will no longer able to sustain their business. Even hotels now are complaining about the decision to do all government seminar/events at PICC. I am yet to hear any package to stimulate domestic economic announced by the current administration. They only came up with growing vegetables at our own backyard.

  187. belajar seo Jul 3,2008 5:32 PM

    Apa yang saya lihat yang paling bahaya adalah si NAJIB dan si ROSMAH. Pak Lah dikawal oleh Najib sepenuhnya. Sebab itu beliau tidak kisah walaupun duduk di no.2.
    Saya rela negara di ambil alih oleh tentera berbanding si Najib kerana pengaruh Rosmah mampu menggadaikan negara.
    belajar seo

  188. kuthe2 Jul 3,2008 5:32 PM

    CEPAT..!!! RIBBON PUTIH dah habis dijual kat Kedai2.? Kalo tak caya cuba pi beli tengok..
    Ayat tu…
    Salams.. and cepat cepat pi beli RIBBON PUTIH…

  189. trulymalaysian Jul 3,2008 5:30 PM

    when BODOWI increase his 200 billion budget for his projects to 230billion, he said its becoz of rising costs..but when we asked our gaji to be increased, he ask us to change lifestyle
    We still need u , Tun Dr Mahathir..i noticed u never addressed your self as TUN…just Dr mahathir, it shows how humble u r
    I have a dream, to be able to see u in person shake hand with you, tell u how suffer the rakyat now and a picture with u….

  190. lanadv28 Jul 3,2008 5:29 PM

    Assalammualaikum Tun dan keluarga
    For sure, another brilliant analysis of the current situation facing our beloved country.
    Tun, you can look at the bigger picture and break it down to minute details so that laymen like us can understand. If AAB and team can’t, than we are in deep shit…
    As you said, above, the govt only look and try to solve a problem as it comes along, thus the flip-flop decision (VERY OBVIOUS)… they don’t have the brain or capacity to look at the bigger picture.
    As for the current issue of DSAI… Ooops, he does it again!… typical… he will sell the country to big brother US and he won’t give a shit for Malaysia… imaging spinning another conspiracy theory to divert attention from his predicaments… will wait for the police to bring him to court.
    Yang benar akan tetap benar.
    Hamba ALLAH ini mendoakan Tun berada dlm sihat dan selamat bersama keluarga Tun.

  191. Sukdershan Jul 3,2008 5:28 PM

    Very well written article Tun. Keep up the GOOD work Sir.

  192. Mrs Ravi Jul 3,2008 5:27 PM

    Excellent Tun. I have gained so much info from this. Keep educating us. Thank you.

  193. kuthe2 Jul 3,2008 5:24 PM

    and Salutations to Tun..
    To all Bloggers.. Kempen Putih Camnoo eh..?
    1st My compliments to Tun.. You tell it as though you feel it..
    You have put it into words what is Malaysia heading to.. Yes.. It could be our destruction.
    Failure to Act now will cause many grieve… We now have a sleepy government..
    After the Tsunami, they are still not cautioned..
    Now I think you have all of our attention..
    As you said the developed countries will feel the effect but they are strong countries and they will survive.. How do we put ourselves in that catagory. The way I see it the country will be UPSET by what Bedollah is doing. Its a race for survival.. And we are in IT.
    Ampun Beribu ribu Ampun..
    Sembah Kuthe2 harap di Ampun..!
    Today dengan semangatnya.. Gua pun Taruk Kain putih and Drive laa.. Around Town..
    3hb laa Katakan….
    Bad Idea… It rain heavily…. Basah daaa…
    Dah jadi selendang la pulak..!!
    So En Ashar and Vendeta.. Wa salute you.!
    Kempen Putih mesti pakai RIBBON jee…
    Semua kena pi beli RIBBON PUTIH jee… Tak yah la dok pasang bendera PUTIH.. Itu kita tunggu 31hb Ogos.. Semua Bendera Kita Naikkan on that Day…
    Lebih Feminin and tak nampak GANAS wooo….
    Semua mampu beli….
    Ikat je laa Ribbon tu kat mana- mana yang YOU ALL SUKA..!!!!!
    Kat tangan kah..? Kat bahu kah..? Kat kepala kah..? Kat Kaki Kah..? Moto, Kereta, Basikal and Lori kah.?
    Tapi BEWARE.. make sure ribbon PUTIH…
    Ku rasa yang makcik2 tu pun akan ikut serta..!!!
    Kat kereta pun pasang la ribbon habuan panjang 2 depa…
    Cun sangat bila dok atas jalan raya.. macam ekog layang- layang…
    Kenapa..? Tak percaya.. ? Cuba LAAAA….
    So dah beli RIBBON PUTIH..?
    I dah… Nak P pasang laa nii…
    Kalo dok takbuat apa then ITU MENGANAIYA DIRI tuh… Yang akan kena SEMUA…
    ADA Bran..??? Kalo ada Cepat..!!! Pi beli RIBBON PUTIH..
    Ampon Tun,,
    Minta diri dulu, Nak kena pi Main Sepak Raga.. Permainan Tradisi Dahulu Kala..
    Ampon dan Maaf saya pohonkan.. Kepada Semua Saya Doakan..
    Semoga kita Sihat dan Selamat, Membuat keputusan dengan BIJAK dan TEPAT.
    Alif Ba Ta..

  194. Zarina Jul 3,2008 5:20 PM

    Salam Tun M,
    Tahniah Tun M….Saya harapkan Tun jaga kesihatan diri… Itu yang penting….Saya tahu apa yang berlaku dan kenapa perkara ini berlaku…..Kami masih memerlukan seorang pemimpin yang tegas,disegani dan dihormati BUKAN seorang pemimpin yang disayangi dan dikasihani.
    teruskan perjuangan ini. Kami amat memerlukan ‘suara’ yang tegas dan kuat. Suara kami tak sekuat mana walaupun rakyat telah menunjjukkan belangnya semasa hari pilihanraya yang lepas…..
    Kami susah cari makan sekarang nie..Semua pelabur dah lari.Orang kaya semakin kaya & lari luar negara…Semua barang & perhidmatan dah mahal. Projek susah dapat. Rasuah semakin berleluasa. Setiap langkah perlukan duit…
    Minta tolong sangat….macam mana kita nak mengatasi masalah ini?

  195. husins Jul 3,2008 5:17 PM


  196. ZM Jul 3,2008 5:16 PM

    NICE say. The current problem is the government does not know where the problem lies. So, we are basically overcoming this and that without going straight to the source. Malaysia is like a spoiled child. We are too lazy to think and comprehend the problems in the real world… and eventually we just choose to ignore them.
    There are too many rooms for improvement in our state. Wake up! Will yah oo my beloved Malaysians? Our resources will not last forever. The truth hurts I know, but it’s a hard truth which we must accept. The fact remains that we still have lots more work to be done and accomplished. So, do wake up for the sake of your motherland. Together, we can figure out something to curb the economic, financial and social problem one at a time.
    AND if you are ever in doubt of what I have just said… Never hesitate to take out your blue-coloured MyKad and check whether your KEWARGANEGARAAN is in fact Malaysia. Besides that, I don’t think the China or India government will be grateful to accept the Chinese and Indians from Malaysia. This is our country and we are Malaysians. Remember this… We are who we are.

  197. kulaan Jul 3,2008 5:16 PM

    YBhg Tun & Rakan-rakan.
    Apa nak jadi dengan Negara kita sekarang?
    1. Seorang , masih menganggap dia dapat mandat walaupun hilang beberapa negeri dan asyik nak pindahkan beban pemerintahan kepada rakyat.Pada masa yang sama asyik hendak tubuhkan suruhanjaya kehakiman kepada pihak yang tak selaras pemikiran dengan dia. Sedangkan penyalahgunaan kuasa hakim terang-terang tak nak diambil tindakan pula.
    2. Seorang lagi…play safe aje…kena serang bertubi..tubi ..Tak pandai menangani persepsi dikalangan umum.
    3. Satu golongan lagi.. asyik-asyik tuduh orang berkonspirasi dan sebagainya….dan jadi tukang report kat USA
    4. Satu lagi asyik nak tebang balak aje……
    5. Satu golongan lagi.. asyik fokus demonstrari pasal konsert…salahkan Tun pasal isu janggut & serban. Tapi….. membisu bila laungan azan dihina..sultan dihina… cadangan gunakan wang zakat selangor untuk church ,kuil dan lain-lain…
    6. Satu lagi… akur cadangan untuk bagi hak pemilikan tanah untuk satu kaum(bukan bumi) sampai 999 tahun,..tapi untuk kaum bumi ..hanya 99 tahun…? ada akai ka?
    Sedangkan sepatutnya kerajaan sekarang dapat menilai cadangan Tun di atas untuk menambahbaik. Bukannya disebabkan cadangan Tun..semua tak boleh…Itu tak profesional namanya.
    Persoalannya..kami sekarang nak sokong sapa? Tiada organisasi yang kami nak bergantung. Saya cadangkan agar Tun memberi sokongan terbuka kepada sapa-sapa dikalangan pemimpin UMNO untuk bertanding pada PAU UMNO akan datang sebagai petunjuk Presiden & Naib Presiden, so kami semua akan pakat-pakat berkempen ke arah itu. Kalau tak berjaya juga(kalau pemimpin sekarang pakai taktik kotor)..kita pikir cara lain pula..

  198. UMNO JUNIOR Jul 3,2008 5:15 PM

    Tahniah Tun….
    Saya generasi muda rasa tertipu dengan UMNO kini… Kami sudah muak dengan sandiwara politik yang mementingkan pangkat untuk mengejar kemewahan tanpa memikirkan AGAMA,BANGSA,NEGARA. Kami mempunyai kelulusan akademi dan kami telah dicantas dari peringkat tertinggi (Cawangan mahupun Bahagian) mereka takut jawatan mereka akan diambil oleh kami yang mempunyai kelulusan.
    TUN Bantulah kami generasi muda yang ingin menabur jasa dan bakti terhadap bangsa, agama, negara. Kami Ikhlas.
    Biarkanlah Paklah mencipta sejarah buruknya sendiri… generasi akan datang akan mengatakan Paklah zaman kejatuhan kegemilangan Malaysia… Rakus membiarkan orang-orangnya mencipta kekayaan sendiri, Rakyat menjadi mangsa… Ingatlah Zaman Kejatuhan Kegemilangan MELAKA.. Sejarah mungkin berulang…

  199. asam jawa Jul 3,2008 5:15 PM

    Assalamualaikum YABhg. Tun,
    Terima kasih diatas penganalisaan YABhg Tun terhadap kelangsungan ekonomi dunia.
    Saranan YABhg. Tun diwujudkan Dinar Emas sebagai medium pertukaran dagangan antarabangsa patut diteruskan. Kebergantungan terhadap USD, kertas kosong yang tiada sokongan emas patut dihapuskan. Negara-negara Islam sepatutnya mendokongi serta menerajui penggunaan Dinar Emas sebelum kehabisan Emas Hitam.
    Kerajaan perlu menambah nilai keuntungan jualan komoditi. Kenaikan harga komoditi perlu dilabor semula kedalam ekonomi bagi melancarkan lagi halaju pusingan wang yang seterusnya menjana kemakmuran. Bukan disimpan bagi mengkayakan individu tertentu. Belanja boros umpama bayar Mercedec untuk Kancil sehingga menghancurkan ekonomi.
    Peralihan tumpuan kerajaan kearah sektor pertanian mengakibatkan pelabor sektor perkilangan beralih kenegara lain. Pengangguran bertambah kerana sektor pertanian tidak mampu menyerap mereka. Ini diburukkan lagi oleh pertambahan pelajar yang tamat pengajian dan limpahan pekerja asing yang tidak terkawal.
    Negara-negara yang dulunya negara pertanian menjadi tumpuan pelaburan asing mendapat pasaran buruh yang murah. Mereka tidak lagi perlu mengimport barangan dari kita. Manakala kos pengeluaran pertanian kita lebih mahal berbanding import. Nanti kita tersepit diantara kos pertanian yang tinggi berbanding import dan pengeluaran sektor perkilangan yang menguncup.
    YABhg Tun telah berjaya meningkatkan bidang pendidikan yang melahirkan tenaga mahir. Kini, sektor ekonomi berteknologi tinggi perlu diperbanyakkan bagi menyediakan peluang pekerjaan kepada mereka. R & D sektor termaju perlu di pertingkatkan.
    Kerajan perlu pastikan kehendak asas rakyat berada diparas harga yang rendah. Pastikan semua gred beras, gula, tepung, susu dan sumber protein berharga murah. Bukan hanya makanan berkualiti rendah yang tiada dikedai ditonjolkan. Barulah rakyat tak memberontak.
    Semoga YABhg. Tun sekeluarga dirahmati Allah.

  200. R2D2 Jul 3,2008 5:15 PM

    Salams Tun who never fails to impress me with your thoughts and far sight,
    I used to say this to my friends, but this time round, I just want to put it up in here so I can share it with the world :
    “Tun Dr M dah elok2 dah develop the country into one of the most respectable country on this part of the world, dari penuh dengan pokok getah dan hutan, laa ni kita nampak kilang2 tumbuh macam cendawan sana sini, syarikat2 mat salleh dan jepun berduyun2 bukak ofis dan kilang2 kat sini, creating jobs for the orang2 kampung, naikkan taraf hidup rakyat, all these lead to harmony among the different races and walks of life … simply becos everybody is having a good life. Tup-tup … mari sorang ni .. suruh orang pi balik jaga lembu !”. Apaa laa … !

  201. cakkuncak Jul 3,2008 5:14 PM

    YAB Tun,
    The problem with Malaysia now is not the world economic turmoil but the people who are suppose to ‘steer’ the country in this turmoil.
    The leaders that we have now are simply arrogant without any basis. The Government can demonstrate a very stupid action (eg the decision to pay salary 2 times a month have been reverted to the normal once a month) and yet they do not feel as if they are responsible for this stupidity. It is a very clear and simple example of what sort of people we have in the so-called elected establishment at the moment.
    The people have a reason to be restless and worried.
    Having said that, the current PM will have to go gracefully or harshly. This is not the time to sit and consent to morons running the country.
    In all honesty the solution is quiet clear. However, stubbornness, arrogance and personal agenda seems to rule the day.
    The current Government have failed yet again to gain the confidence of the people. Despite denial to that fact, we can witness it ourselves that this confidence is eroding very fast day by day.
    The last GE was and indicator. The next one will be a clear message. If UMNO and BN choose to be stubborn, I for one already know what message I will give them. Just give me the chance.

  202. straycat's strut Jul 3,2008 5:12 PM

    Tun, the way I see it, we are just going nowhere. We have a bad ship in a turbulent sea and a dungu as a captain. They are fighting amongst themselves and they dont even care that this ship is sinking.
    They dont have a plan for the rakyat. Just plans for themselves.
    When we are hurt, they threw us sweets.
    The dont act. They react. Stupidly at that too.
    Tun, we are angry. We are frustrated and honestly, I would drag you out of retirement kicking and screaming if I have to. Well, if I have that choice anyway.
    Tun, you and all of us know that when the recession hit our shore, we are going to drown under this government. I know that you are not just going to watch….
    p/s Tun, if u notice, your blog is turning into a place the so-called “tempat mengadu.” Sorry Tun, who else can we turn to. People will always turn to their parent for comfort.

  203. tif Jul 3,2008 5:04 PM

    Salam TDM,semoga sihat dan di lindungi allah.
    Harapan saya semoga tun dapat menubuhkan satu parti baru untuk rakyat malaysia. Kalau cakap pasal pak dol dah tak guna satu sen..nak harapkan anak dan menantu dia lg tak guna… hari ini saya memakai baju putih pergi kerja..
    Tun jaga kesihatan begitu juga tun siti..

  204. Mohd Naim Jul 3,2008 5:04 PM

    Yg. Bhg. Tun,
    The world knew that the US economy is one big bubble but nobody dared to do anything about it or had the ability to correct it. Their estimated budget deficit is a humongous US$ 13 Trillion and is growing. The whole world is their creditor either as depositors or derivatives beneficiaries in financing these deficits. The multiplier effects of these derivatives are astonishing and lest the bubble is preserved, many countries especially the rich and developed ones will go bankrupt. The sub-prime folly is just an opener to a larger beast that is still on leash by the bubble. Should all the beneficiaries made the call for their funds, US would be the poorest nation on this planet! But that’s only fiction. The truth is, the US economy is so large that the whole world stand to lose if it collapse and as such they will do anything and everything including anything unlawful and even their military might to ensure the bubble stays healthy.
    What we should avoid is being the scapegoat or victim of the US and their cronies when they move to prop up their economies and of course, when the bubble finally burst which must come one day. I am not sure Malaysia is ready for that. These derivatives are trading our children and their children’s future, now. So what future are we talking about?

  205. ketam Jul 3,2008 4:56 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    For you at the age of 84 manage to analyse the country’s macro and microeconomics aspects is phenomenal. And these people who has peanut size brain are saying that you nyanyuk. Ha ha ha. Today, oil is $145 per barrel and dollar is shrinking… its going to be very very gloomy ahead. If you are the PM now, I can almost imagine that you will take unconventional step towards creating a shell to protect us the people from feeling the pinch as you did in 1999.It is my assumption that Pak Lah does not know what is a spiral effect. Dia tak faham pun ekonomi.
    At least Pak Lah could do is having a contingency planning against this major recession. Malaysia is so blessed with having the natural resources as well as being an industrialised country. During your year, you made the cake bigger so that all of us had our own share. Now, the cake is getting smaller and only some group are enjoying a large chunk of it (Pak Lah and familylah).
    Tun, just want to inform you that when I was a student in UK (1997) a form to be an UMNO member was given to each one of us. Many did so because they said that being an UMNO member will bring a lot of advantage. I did not as I don’t have an extra 2 pound to spare for its membership fee . And these people are the first to be behind Anwar during his sodomy case. I have never been an UMNO member but during election, I always vote for BN . This year I did not vote. I am one of the silent majority . Definitely don’t want Pak Lah mismanagement and Anwar Drama anymore. We want only you as our leader.
    Tun, please create a new party. You are a brand itself. Superbrand.

  206. chesom Jul 3,2008 4:55 PM

    assalamualaikum TUN.
    Terima kasih dengan artikel hari ni. Harap-harap kerajaan sekarang sedar akan kekurangan mereka dan insaf. Yang lama tu masih berguna juga kan.
    Semoga TUN dan keluarga sihat dan di lindungi Allah swt selalu.
    Love U.

  207. Putera Bunian Jul 3,2008 4:54 PM

    Dalam dunia ini ada 2 jenis orang yang tak boleh pakai.
    Orang BODOH yang tak mahu belajar untuk jadi pandai.
    Istilah lain ialah, seseorang yang BODOH tetapi dia ingat dia pandai!
    Orang SOMBONG. Orang yang ingat dia bagus sangat sedangkan dia selalu diherdik kerana sikap dia dimana orang lain tak suka.
    Malang sekali, kerana orang ini ialah PM kita.
    Sayang sekali, kerana orang ini tak tahu malu.
    Hebat sekali, kerana orang ini sanggup pentingkan dirinya bukan rakyat.
    Dah Lah BODOH, SOMBONG pulak!
    Dah Lah Pak Lah, turun la…..kami tak mahu hang.

  208. keyzeta Jul 3,2008 4:54 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Good comment… Can you make comeback?????

  209. Zahari S Jul 3,2008 4:47 PM

    Assalammualaikum YBhg Tun,
    For a person who admit that he is not an economist, you can get an economic degree or even a phd for your analysisi of the current economic situation in Malaysia.
    It is true that the governemt is playing a game of hide and seek with regards to what we are facing and they are quite clueless on what is actually going on. This is very true when the government decide to do away with the petroleum subsidy which caused the price of petrol and diesel to increase by 40% and 60% respectively.
    After that, the domestic trade minister made a statement that there should not be an increase in prices of other goods and services when asked to comment about the cost of transportation as transportation companies are given a fleet card to purchase diesel at a subsidised price. What the minister forgot to mentioned was that each fleet card has a limit and the limit is set to about 70% of the estimated monthly requirements of the transpotation companies.
    In addition, we did not see any action taken by any of the ministries when the association of transportation service providers increased the their price by 40%.
    Tun, this is the true meaning of an inept minister. Somehow, to the government, the cost of petrol and diesel is independent of other cost in business and our daily lives. Don’t they know that when the rakyat have to spend more on petrol then there would be less money for other essentials things in live like food and shelter.
    Somehow, they thought that they can address the potential meltdown by giving back rebate of RM625 per vehicle, initially the minister said the rebate is not limited to the total number of cars, but it was limited to five. On this note, what kind of rakyat have more than one car? Or maybe two cars? Only the working class who have to work hard day and night to raise their family. The rebate actually subsidising the rich people that have five cars because with five cars they can claim RM3,125.00 per year. So, the poor people is actually subsidising the rich folk.
    On the US economy and USD, the currency has been depreciating steadily since the sub-prime crisis and it would have been much lower had it not for the spiraling cost of crude oil which is traded in USD. I still remembered that Tun did suggest that OPEC should move away from USD and to trade oil in EURO. Had the trading of oil is in EURO, the US economy would have been destroyed.
    One last note for this comment is that the US criticised Tun and Malaysia when Tun established the Danaharta to save Malaysian companies from being devoured by foreign fund managers during the aftermath of the currency crisis ten years ago. Now, the US is putting in USD400 billion to ensure that its economy is not blown into oblivion.
    Syabas to Tun.

  210. RAR Jul 3,2008 4:45 PM


  211. joehoney Jul 3,2008 4:42 PM

    Salam Tun dan keluarga,
    Ingin sangat sangat nak berjumpa dengan Tun.
    Hidup Tun!

  212. SkiLL Jul 3,2008 4:39 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Many financial analysts, local and abroad had wishfully thought the global economy is able to withstand the shocks originating from the US. The word ‘decoupling’ was coined to illustrate that despite the slowdown in the US, demand from countries like India and China will be able the sustain the economy through the American slump.
    Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. The twin effects of high crude and food prices is affecting everybody globally especially those of low to middle-income wage earners.
    Despite the record revenue, Malaysia must have earned from the commodity boom, we have yet to see any of this monies used for ‘real’ developments.
    The illusion that a country is able to be developed via the agricultural pathway is simply that. An illusion.
    Countries like New Zealand, Taiwan and Japan boasts a strong and efficient agricultural component to its economy.
    However, New Zealand for example, agriculture contributes about 5% to the GDP while industry and services at 28% each.
    Having a substantial agricultural based economy simply puts us in the commodity-type trade where generally price is determined not by the producing country but by the purchaser.
    Of course there are exceptions to this rule.
    However if we were to value-add the nation’s economy in our established manufacturing industries, service industries such finances and banking, IT etc we will have moved forward to a higher playing field. Instead of selling vegetables to Japan, we may be selling them our machineries and automobiles.
    But in reality, the reverse is true.
    In an intellectual-based economy, we will be able to withstand the shocks of any economic turmoil that the world could throw at us.
    This is because the services and products we offer will be unique and not easily manufactured/offered in any place else in the world which makes it necessary for others to purchase them from us.
    We will have created a nice economic niche for Malaysia.
    At this stage of the game, we will be the ones determining the price of our goods and services.
    The financial benefits to the people is evidenced by countries that have succeeded in going through this pathway.
    But alas, after making the first few baby steps into a new, better economic playing field, we were taken ten steps back into the Stone Age.
    The commodity boom we are experiencing may help us weather the storm but for how long.
    Despite being a net exporter of crude, our government still finds it necessary to remove the fuel subsidy abruptly.
    One can only hope this was done genuinely for the good of the people.

  213. Yunos Jul 3,2008 4:39 PM

    My Dear Tun,
    With your age you should be retiring peacefully, but how can you do it the country is having problems one after another. All the effort you put in may be gone not only that, instead of recognising your good job they are now critisising you. You made a mistake Tun by giving up just like that. You see Dato Lee Kuan Yew still make sure
    all his effort is not gone. He even said ” I will wake-up from my grave to defend Singapore if he can”.
    Anyway I hope they will realise the situation is bad and they should seek your exellent advise.
    All the best to you Tun
    what to do

  214. jimmybong Jul 3,2008 4:38 PM

    Dear Tun, greetings. Wish that you are there… leading our country in this difficult time. You have shown us the characteristics of a true leader, a PM that is. Visionary, problem-solving, new ideas, wise decisions… NOT, “saya tak pasti”, “bukan urusan saya”, “nanti saya bincang dengan…”, ZZzzz…..

  215. Shamsulfahmi Shamsudin Jul 3,2008 4:36 PM

    Dear TDM
    My Allah blesses you with health and happiness so you can continue deep thoughts and insights.
    Knowing that you are the Man who have led Malaysian out of a lot of major internal and global crisis, Pak Lah should have consider plans to get you involved in his decisions at the start of his tenor as PM.
    Progress is slow and sometimes backward during Pak Lah’s time. If he want to go Agro based make it hi-tech Agro / large scale not ask people to tanam sayur tepi jalan/ belakang rumah. Macamlah dia tanam sayur / pelihara sayur sendiri kat belakang umah dia. In the 1st place what if both are hubby and wifey working, stay in flats, no land, no time. I don’t know what goes through his mind when giving stupid ideas like that.
    Maybe the above is written out of anger or simply because I missed the Man and his SUPER BIG ideas.
    Many thanks and regards.

  216. jamilmalik88 Jul 3,2008 4:32 PM


  217. penukul Jul 3,2008 4:31 PM

    dear all,
    Memang diakui TDM adalah yg.terbaik dan berpandangan jauh.Kita sepatutnya jgn terlalu mengharap TDM.Kita mesti belajar cara cara TDM berfikir dan mengeluarkan buah fikiran.Sepatutnya UMNO lantik beliau sebagai penasihat selagi hayat dikandung badan.Masih belum terlambat.
    dari penukul mencari permata yg hilang

  218. yeop Jul 3,2008 4:28 PM

    Dear Tun,
    What kind of turmoil are you talking about?
    In Malaysia we are ok. Well except these few important issues:
    1. The liwat case on Anwar al-Juburi (once bitten twice shy). You still owe us explanation on why he is damned by your administration
    2. The first-lady-in-waiting at the murder scene SD
    3. Payment of blood-money (rakyat’s hard earn) in millions to the convicted ex-judges
    4. The good-for nothing Bar Council discussion on Social Contract in Malaysia
    5. The oil-for-food scandal by Pak Lala SIL, which he as always pretends of not knowing. To the rest of us, don’t underestimate the folly of a fool. They are quit sharp on those illicit things.
    6. Etc
    We, the majority of Malaysian are very upset, angry, desperate on what’s going on now in Malaysia.
    Dear Tun,
    Please tell us (the masses) what to do. We shall follow your way. For 22 years we have followed your guidance. We have worked hard. We have gained respect by others.
    Please do not abandon us. Please don’t let this unclean dork lead us to hell. We are beginning to lose even our self respect.
    Now, even Singapore looks bigger than us. Even Karpal & Kit Siang speech can make sense.

  219. Capt Md Ismail Md Noor Jul 3,2008 4:21 PM

    Penerangan tentang kemelut inflasi yang sedang melanda dunia dan negara kita adalah amat dihargai. Sepatutnya kerajaan sudah bertindak dengan menyediakan pelbagai pelan atau pakej persiapan untuk mengharungi gelombang inflasi yang sudah mulai dirasai.
    Penyaluran wang yang berjumlah berbillion – billion entah kemana hilangnya tanpa penerangan yang sewajarnya patut diberi perhatian serius oleh semua pihak. Sekurang – kurangnya pendapatan yang berbillion ini dapat digunakan untuk kemajuan rakyat.

  220. matsabu Jul 3,2008 4:19 PM

    A’kum Tun…
    harap2 paklah baca blog Tun ni…klu ada menteri2 kabinet dok baca artikel tun ni..forward2lah kat paklah drpd dok YM benda2 yang tak faedah tu…sy tau ada 2,3 orang menteri yang dok baca blog tun ni…tp depa malu nak mengaku….

  221. sarip Jul 3,2008 4:18 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Hope you are always in good health. Very nice reviews. Hopefully your successor will realize what to do with our economy. This current situations have pushed middle and low income people to the corner. Bold actions and decisions need to be done by the government as soon as possible. If not if will affect a lot of people and contributing to bigger social problem. Advisors to the government have to wake up and do something for the sake of the people. Not only raking nations wealth for their own benefit.

  222. ARbAK Jul 3,2008 4:18 PM

    Assalamuakikum YDK Tun, Tun Siti & Semua Rakan Seperjuangan,
    What can I say??? Alhamdulillah, BRAVO Tun, as always a resposible,
    committed and dedicated citizen of Malaysia.
    Now let us see DSAAB position:
    1. Prime Minister of Malaysia
    2. Finance Minister of Malaysia
    3. Chairman of Barisan National (The Ruling Party)
    4. President of UMNO ( If possible for life )
    What does He do?? ” I don’t know, Idon’t care, I think so!, Ya kah? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  223. dreadrasta Jul 3,2008 4:17 PM

    Great job. Please comment on Anwars Case

  224. fawz Jul 3,2008 4:13 PM

    Dear Respected Tun, Assalamualaikum.
    I am not suprised that Pak Lah and his cabinet ministers are out of touch with what is happening in Malaysia and the World. This is so because they are all not capable.
    During your tenure as PM, you lead them, you showed them the way, you know what to do, you gave them instructions and they simply carried out their duties. You have made their job easy. You are like the driver and they are just your crew and passengers (they will refute this! but that’s what I belive) Without you they are like lost sheeps, they don’t know what to do, i.e. govern a country (that is why the opposition like them, sebab semuanya bodoh nak mampus!) So now they do the things that they are good at, i.e. making themselves rich, fool around, behaving like Kings and decieve the people.
    We must make the people know about all that is happening in the world today; so that people can be mentally prepared for the worst, we cannot depend on this government.
    Thank you, wassalam.

  225. autaman Jul 3,2008 4:12 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Precisely said especially on item no 4.Our current government is merely reacts to situations as they arise one by one.No proper long term planning and that’s why all decision are flip and flop.
    I am really worried on Malaysia future. The curent PM and it’s batch of minister do not care at all.They just let the situation arise and push all the responsibility to the citizens. No efforts are taken to cushion the impact on the real world crisis of higher food price , inflation , security etc. What they care are their pocket money.
    Agreed precisely on the current situation , the one which are going to be hit hard with the increased in petrol price is the low to middle wage earners. This group of people are consumers and have no other source of income to offset with higher cost of living.Businessman still can pass on the cost increase to the consumers and also includes thier increase in their living cost in the product they sell.
    I think I know why Tun are called a “dictactor” during your time.This is because of the incompetencies of majority of the ministers ( as can be seen clearly now )in helping to give ideas on any issues. At the end , Tun have to make a decision based on your own judgement and analysis of the issues involved.Because of this , they termed you as a ” dictactor ” as most of the decision come from your brilliant ideas. The same goes to the decision when you decide to fixed the USd currency rate as opposed to others which prefer to make borrowing from the IMF.
    Another big income especially to the Malaysian goverment only is the excise duty imposed on imported cars.I think this is part of your decision too if I am not mistaken.Just imagine we need to pay almost 40% higher the price of an imported cars in Malaysia because of the excise duty . Take for example , a toyota vios excise duty per car is almost Rm 30,000. This is as good as paying the goverment outright the fuel subsidy when we purchase the car .Taking an average sale of 1000 unit per month , the duties collected from the goverment are 360 million per year!This is only one model.Imagine if we take other models in our calculation. The figures will be in billions.We have been slapped with an exorbitant excise duty when purchasing imported cars compared to other countries but this has not been brought up by the goverment when they argue that they are still subsidying our fuel.At least under Tun administration , the fuel price is still very low when we need to pay these excise duty.Now everything also high. High car price , high petrol price , high road toll , high parking rate etc.
    I really hope Tun can comeback to lead our country . At this moment , no one can do a better job than Tun.I know it’s unfair for us to tell Tun to comeback ( as Tun should be enjoying your retirement now ) but we have no choice already.

  226. haa33 Jul 3,2008 4:09 PM

    great. tak pernah jemu saya membaca tulisan tun yg penuh dgn idea2 yg hebat.
    on pak lah, i used to say it here supaya tun tubuhkan parti baru dan pastinya ramai yg akan bersama tun. from there kita turunkan pak lah. i believed ramai yg dok tunggu parti baru tun ni.
    take good care of goodself.

  227. ashar Jul 3,2008 3:59 PM

    Bendera putih membawa pengertian yang berbeda sepanjang sejarah dan bergantung pada pengertian setempat.
    Bendera menyerah diri atau gencatan senjata semasa perang:
    Bendera putih juga merupakan simbol international yang dihormati semasa perang sebagai gencatan senjata( truce atau ceasefire) dan permintaan untuk berbincang. Ia juga merupakan simbol menyerah, biasanya pihak tentera lemah yang memohon untuk berbincang. Pembawa bendera putih menunjukkan kedatangan untuk berbincang tanpa bersenjata, dengan niat untuk menyerah atau ingin berbincang. Mereka yang membawa bendera putih ini tidak boleh menembak atau pun ditembak.
    Kempen ini bermula 1hb julai 2008 hingga 31hb Ogos 2008. Semasa kempen ini, rakyat akan memakai ribbon putih di baju dan mengibarkan bendera putih pada kenderaan, tempat kediaman atau perniagan sebagai sokongan mereka(telah dijelaskan sebelumnya).
    Pada pengertian kita, kempen Putih ini membawakan maksud yang tersendiri. Kita memilih putih kerana putih itu bermaksud suci , bersih dan tanpa cemar atau kotoran. Sokongan kepada kempen ini bermaksud ;Sokongan kepada perjuangan suci TUN dan sokongan kepada Pak Lah untuk berundur, bersihkan kepimpinan yang lemah.
    Kain putih dan ribbon putih mudah di perolehi, dan murah harganya. Kalau tiada kain kertas putih pun boleh di jadikan alternatifnya.
    Salam perjuangan.
    penjelasan & tindakan lanjut:
    email: ashar_abdullah@yahoo,com

  228. tupailompat Jul 3,2008 3:51 PM

    Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun,
    It is such a great pity that the relationship between the present leadership in the government and your good self Tun are in such an acromonious state, otherwise you are in the best position to give wise and sound advice to the present PM and his cabinet for the benefit and betterment of the nation. Instead a lot of the energy on both sides are being spent on time-wasting political bickering.
    In my humble opinion when you were still holding the nation’s helm you should have made the move to be appointed the nation’s senior adviser to continue to provide the nation and its current leadership the advice,comments and opinions that they so badly need, especially at the present state od political,economic and social upheavel. What a waste!

  229. adishah Jul 3,2008 3:51 PM

    salam Tun,
    congrates for hitting on paramount issues right at the nose!
    (and congrates too for hitting 3 megahits (millionhits)
    you have brought light to our darkest time.
    many thanks

  230. Onlooker Jul 3,2008 3:49 PM

    YABhg Tun,
    “36. Malaysia must give up the idea of competing on the basis of low cost labour. Against China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia we just cannot win. We must provide other elements attractive to investors.”
    Comment by Onlooker: To give up competing on the basis of cheap labour, the government must be willing to abandone the affirmative action policy and turn to meritocracy policy in hiring the talented people in the administration of the Government Offices and the amanagement of the Government Linked Corporations. Otherwise, the best talents can always find a better pay job in neighbouring countries and in the private sector. The end-result will be an inefficient government bureaucracy being operated by some half-past-six government chief officers.
    “37. Confidence in the consistency of Government policies and political stability would be among the factors attractive to business. There can be a lot of other things that can be provided to offset the rise in wages. After all we must remember that many developed countries have very high wages. Even if we double the salaries and wages paid in Malaysia we would still be far lower than wages in developed countries.”
    Comment by Onlooker: Tun Dr. Mahathir has been viewed by many analysts as the most critical factor which attempts to destabilize or has destabilized the political stability of contemporary Malaysia. The sincerity of Tun in relation to the above sentences is a bit questionable. No wonder some bloggers like to name-call Tun as a “hypocrite.”
    “38. We had planned to go hi-tech in order to increase income. But there is not much moving in the implementation of this policy. Instead we want to be an agricultural country again. Planting food crops on the side tables of roads may increase food production but it will not help fight inflation on the scale needed for overcoming the turmoil in the world.”
    Comment by Onlooker: Tun Dr. Mahathir had about 22 years’ chances to go hi-tech in Proton Automobile Engines. However, why were there many Proton Cars which still had to be powered by Mitsubishi Engines for running on the road? “Hi-Tech Nation” is indeed a whimsy easy to dream of than to put into practical implementation.
    To increase food production for purpose of better national food security is a political consideration rather than an economic consideration. Even though the policy of the late Tun Abdul Razak, the so-called “Racangan Buku Hijau”, was deemed as a temporary measure for curbing the imported inflation during mid 1970s, it did manage to help some poor farmers to obtain cultivable lands from the government in order to achieve a better self-sufficiency in food production for the whole nation and meanwhile helped to eradicate some poverty on a subsistence level.
    Many economists are in the opinion that the US Economy will not collapse no matter what has to happened to the currency value of the US Dollars. The United States is basically an giant agricultural country and Americans have already achieved self-sufficiency in food production for a few hundred years. Even though the US economy has to go down to the drain like Tun predicts, Americans will still be able to survive by relying on the last resort, that is to adopt the Closed Door Policy and Protectionism in International Trade. However, Protectionism is usually not the best choice for a capitalist country like the US which champions the ideology of Laissez-Faire, therefore there are still rooms for the most brilliant economists to attempt to develop a viable Political Economic Theory that will eventually help to resolve the current economic issues such as fuel shortage, food shortage, land shortage and confidence crisis on international currency, based on the natural human response of instant spontaneity.

  231. nadzri Jul 3,2008 3:47 PM

    Multimedia Super Corridor vs Pak Lah’s Agricultural Policy

  232. malan3395 Jul 3,2008 3:38 PM

    Dear Tun…,
    What a such damn good explaination,formula,fact,data analysis that you given. I (or some of us) also cannot come out this information unless we find it through experinced or some study matter.
    It very sadness people who get paid only RM15000 for his brilliant brain. BTW keep in touch. We expected more from you.
    Damn..! you’re so good.

  233. Zairani Jul 3,2008 3:34 PM


  234. Sheikh Jul 3,2008 3:32 PM

    Malaysia adalah rakan perdagangan ke 10 kepada Amerika dan Amerika pula adalah rakan perdangan nombor satu bagi Malaysia.
    Sudah tentu kita akan merasa kesan terus dari ekonomi Amerika.
    Penerangan yang Tun beri seolah olah Tun ada segala jentera kerajaan di belakang Tun.
    Kerajaan sekarang tidak mengeluarkan maklumat menarik terperinci dan mencabar minda sebagaimana Tun tulis.
    Penerangan Tun ini juga menunjukkan Tun sayang kepada Malaysia. Tun tidak mahu melihatnya jatuh. Bererti juga Tun sayang kepada rakyat Malaysia. Tak perlu kibar bendera dan terjerit jerit.
    Ianya tersemat di hati.
    Penerangan Tun macam beri tips pula pada kerajaan sekarang supaya berhati hati. Walau orang pernah tuduh Tun yang kalau Malaysia huru hara Tun akan lari ke Jepun.
    Jadi boleh lah orang faham yang Tun tidak mengkritik AAB atas dasar peribadi tetapi atas dasar dia sebagai PM dan Presiden UMNO.
    Jelas sekali di sini Tun tidak emosional dan orang yang mengenali Tun tahu mengenai itu.

  235. GOMO Jul 3,2008 3:31 PM


  236. ultraboy Jul 3,2008 3:31 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    What a big mistake to appoint AAB as your successor. Just wondering why did you chose him in the 1st place.
    Menangis air mata darah pun dah tak guna sekarang ni.

  237. lordmusan Jul 3,2008 3:28 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Bergenang airmata saya..bukan sebab apa tapi sebab mengenangkan apa yang Tun katakan di atas dan apabila memikirkan PM yang kita ada sekarang ni.Sedih sebab nak mintak Tun jadi PM balik mungkin tak dapat dan sedih mengenangkan kasa Tun yang amat banyak tetapi sekarang terpaksa memberi pendapat dalam blog!
    Sedih yang teramat sangat sebab bangsa Melayu akan hancur disebabkan oleh Pak Lah.Terus-terang dari hati sekarang ni saya dah tak tau nak buat macammana lagi utk survive.Dengan anak 3 yang sedang membesar saya dah jadi golongan orang miskin.
    Tak bolehkah Tun lakukan sesuatu untuk pulihkan kembali zaman kegemilangan Malaysia seperti dulu?
    Saya rayu Tun ntuk bertindak segera dan saya dan saya peraya ramia lagi yang akan menyokong tindakan drastik Tun.Tolong dan bantulah kami Tun.Hanya Tun harapan terkahir bangsa Melayu dan rakyat Malaysia.

  238. pakbelalang Jul 3,2008 3:27 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I think the government is now being distracted by the latest issue of Anwar’s sodomy case. Its leaders are now focusing more about the latest affair and now it looks like they are putting the current volatile economic crisis at the backseat rather than moving forward to find the best solution to counter this serious threat the rakyat are facing now. Politically, the situation is very fragile and there is an element of uncertainty as to what will be in store for the rakyat to hold on in the next months to come. The stock market is dragging downward at a faster rate and the cost of living is increasing practically by the day. It is very frightening indeed.
    Last two days we saw Anwar had a political rally at the Shah Alam stadium.There was a big crowd attending to the rally listening to what Anwar had to say about the whole affair. His ardent followers are so naive and gullible so much so he is making them completely “deaf, blind and dumb” !! Make no mistake about it. Anyway, what do we expect of Anwar resembling like a seasoned “quack doctor” who had been seeing plying his trade selling expired medicinal products behind the backlane of Masjid India for umpteen years. His credibility is GROUND ZERO and I just could not imagine if he were to be our Prime Minister? You can be rest assured he will become a dictator. He can manipulate the minds and hearts of the rakyat by applying his oratorial prowess to the maximum until the rakyat become MORON so that he could rule this country with his hand in a velvet glove.All the stadiums in the country will be at his disposal to have continuous ceramah to brainwash the rakyat, nothing else. At the end of the day there will be no economic development and our country will be doomed to become a “pariah” state.

  239. Dr_Lee Jul 3,2008 3:26 PM

    Tun Dr. M,
    I am a Malaysian currently residing in Europe. I was really disappointed that the Rakyat chose to trust a person alike Anwar Ibrahim during the last General Elections. Many of those who voted for PKR were blinded with anger against Barisan National and Anwar twisted this anger to his advantage.
    What I do not understand is the Rakyat’s way of thinking. It has been very clear from the beginning Anwar became Deputy Prime Minister that he has clearly lots of fans and brothers in the US.
    He was on the run and hiding in the Turkish Embassy for reports of crime he apparently “did not commit” and reporting this “injustice” to Washington hoping some of his big brothers will bail him out.
    He has also repeatedly insisted on his innocence to CNN and the US with the supporting report that “Several embassies offered to shelter him but Anwar chose the Turkish mission because of his close ties with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan” which we all know to be deception by now. No one had ever invited him so why tell otherwise?
    There has been also reports of Anwar’s dream to be Prime Minister by September 2008.
    Do the Rakyat wisely think that any benefit will come out from this?
    As Tun mentioned – “The Malaysian government appears to be convinced that it can isolate itself from whatever is happening to the world.”
    When Anwar the Prime Minister opens our doors, our Bank Negara and Petronas to his US allies and brothers, what will happen to our country and its’ economy?
    When his US brothers with Anwar at their tails control the country and its’ economy, will his brothers give any thought on “Bumiputera Rights and Favoritism”?
    When his US brothers with Anwar at their tails control the country and its’ economy, will the Chinese get “more” favouritism?
    My opinion to all these questions above – the Rakyat will be second-class people and suffer from Anwar’s reign. The Americans have only looked at the Muslim as terrorists and the Chinese as slaves. The Rakyat should all take a trip to the US and witness for themselves how the America’s effective city and urban-planning that seperates the Chinese to Chinatown and the Muslims to their own ghettos. Not only will 13 May 1969 reoccur as a result; we may even see the colonial times again.
    Do not be blinded and seduced by the forked tongue and its double-head. The Rakyat do not deserve a leader whom they fear, the Rakyat needs a leader who loves them above all other. I fear that neither Anwar nor Abdullah Badawi was ever best choice for the Rakyat.

  240. wywy Jul 3,2008 3:24 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I have been following your blog for quite some times and glad that you continued to contribute ideas and opinions. It is sad that your great ideas fell unto deaf ears. I am getting sick of the political happenings in this country. Our politicians does nothing constructive for rakyat other than making fools of themselves in the Parliament for the sake of being popular. I am ashamed of the vulgarities of our politicians which no way fit to be uttered by any gentleman.
    It is very enlightening to have access and be in contact with you online. I and my family missed you being around taking care of this beloved country. Wish all we might, we can never turn back time. Hope is all we can and pray for, for somebody of a sound and brilliant mind to continue your legacy.
    p/s: Salam to our beloved Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah. My 16 years old Down Syndrome son whenever saw your picture, will excitedly tell me “Ma.., Dr. Mahathir”

  241. Just A Tot.... Jul 3,2008 3:18 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Whats the point of indepth and detailed , complicated calculations like the one you gave , when obviously the current administration wont be able to understand it ?Youre giving them headache Tun , for they surely have to search for dictionary know .Maybe they’ll find one in Harvard.
    Or becareful Tun , should u be arrested under ISA , for youre telling people HOW to calculate , when its seems that they dont want rakyat to know whats going on.
    And these are among the things were facing due to ineffective leaders.
    Anytime Tun , we are ready .
    Jus a thot .

  242. abdullahaj Jul 3,2008 3:18 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Strongly agree with you on the current turmoil face by countries around the world. The best will survise and others will suffer like the rest. Sad to say, our country has not done enough. It might just a begining but matter of time things will get worst economically and socially.
    TO add salt to the wound, the malaysia politic is in dissasterious state at the moment as it was not tackled amicably right after last election. It seems that political turmoil over shadowed the economy’s.
    Dearest Tun,
    Strongly agree with you on the current turmoil face by countries around the world. The best will survive and others will suffer like the rest. Sad to say, our country has not done enough to mitigate this catastrophe. To add salt to the wound, Malaysia politic is in disastrous state at the moment as it was not tackled amicably right after last election. It seems that political turmoil has over shadowed the economy’s.
    Political stability is very important as it sphere-head the prosperous and security of the country. Here, leaders and commoners are spending too much time talking on politics compared to strengthening the economy, security and well being of the people.
    A five to ten years planning need to draw up to handle the effect of high oil price as to get back at US$40 per barrel level might not happen within this short term. Viable projects/developments are to go ahead and implement else there will be no growth in the economy. We need to move forward and face the challenges and not backward.
    We need a hero/ heroes to bite the bullet to reform the political scenario at this tiring moment be it within the ruling party or the oppositions. Once the government is stabled than reformation on the economy will take place with ease.
    Abdullah AJ

  243. nookvillage Jul 3,2008 3:14 PM

    I am not an economist but you can look at ordinary people shares ASN dropping down day by day.We are going to repeat the 1987, 1997 economic crises if the Government could not have a strong grip over the situation. Tun, we need your kind advisory help urgently to sail through this coming hardships.TQ

  244. aishayunos Jul 3,2008 3:13 PM

    Slm Tun,
    Nukilan yang amat tepat dan padat..susah nak cari pemimpin yang boleh berfikir mcm Tun..
    i learned a lot from your blog Tun,reading your view and thought and bloggers comments…dlm tak sedar,my english is also improving..
    i wish you still our PM…
    take care and a lot of people love you…

  245. kedai-kopiku Jul 3,2008 3:04 PM

    I think Pak Lah purposely change from industrial country to agro country coz he wants to cover his family target. Since our country ada banyak resources, maka dengan mudahnya Pak Lah and family nak pilih source yang cepat kaya.
    La ni nampak Pak Lah sedang mengunakan authority beliau as PM before kena kick.
    Huhu.. dulu Tun suruh kita belajar, sekarang ni ilmu tu bantu kita menilai antara permata dan kaca.

  246. Hawk Tan Jul 3,2008 3:02 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Artikel, analysis dan pendapat yang amat logik dan berpegetahuan. Apa yang menghairankan saya kenapa Pihak Kerajaan, sehingga kini masih mendiamkan diri. MENGAPA SUNYI TANPA BERITA?
    Apakah dengan mendiamkan diri, meanandakan tanda SETUJU ataupun pihak Kerajaan berpendapat Tun hanya cakap dan tulis yang bukan bukan? Mungkin MALAS NAK LAYAN!
    Walau apa pun, saya berharap pihak Kerajaan dapat menberi pengesahan dan pendapat kepada artikel artikel Tun.
    Seandainya tiada penjelasan dan respon dari pihak Kerajaan, maka memang benar dan munasabah apa yang diketarakan oleh TUN.

  247. tunku Jul 3,2008 2:53 PM

    this is very brilliant analysis. the government main priority now is to save pak lah rather than saving the country.
    we pray that malaysia will sustain thru bad time like it was sustaining during your time.

  248. Jan Jul 3,2008 2:45 PM

    Dear Tun,
    You are one of the best leader that Malaysia has ever had. Unfortunately, your successor, Bodowi cannot imitate your ideas, visions and credibility. Our current PM asked us to cultivate more plants or vegetables around our house in order to help us economically. What a stup.d idea. This will not help us. Our stup.d PM wants Malaysia to be known as agriculture country. As far as I know, non of the developed countries in the world are agriculture based. All of them are industrial based. Oh PM, pls open up your small world to the reality of a much bigger world. If you can’t, then might as well you quit..

  249. sktan Jul 3,2008 2:44 PM

    Dearest Tun, We really salute you. Once again a very big THANK YOU for this superb enlightenment.
    An incident still fresh in my mind though : “ini bermakna rakyat sokong kami” said by this Doll-Lah during his TV appearence (and that almost made me VOMIT), after the vote of BN (barang naik) was tabled.
    Honourable Tun how actually shall we deal with these type of shamless, incompetent and useless Jokers up there PLEASE?
    Salam Tun and Family.

  250. HasJebat Jul 3,2008 2:41 PM

    Assakamu’alikum Tun Mahadhir,
    I was in Berlin in 2004 to have my art exhibition there for 3 weeks. I met many people, German, Turks, Palestinians, Lebanese, Russian and etc. on the street. They asked me where I came from. Malaysia, I told them. Mahadhir, they responded spontaneously. You and the country I love were synonymous. You were great and I was so proud to be a Malaysian then. But now Sir, I feel so embarrassed to be a Malaysian under AAB. I presume nobody bothers to know him.
    May Allah Bless upon You.

  251. kamal ahmad Jul 3,2008 2:40 PM

    Salam Ayahanda Tun. When the present Prime Minister went out loud saying much goodness on our present state of economy, little of this makes much sense to the rakyat in the “real world”. What would 5, 6 or 7% inflation means to a taxi driver who has 6 mouths to feed? What would minimal deficit means to a clerk whose take home pay is barely RM1, 500 a month with rents and loan payments to keep up with? Nothing I say. All this numbers failed to impress when just about everything on the market went double or triple and even 100% over the price it used to be. Profiteering as mentioned by Tun is another perturbing issue that actually defines our general economic span here in Malaysia these days. I somehow believe that it’s not the market forces that’s the prime benchmark in pricing, but its greed forces that actually does the job. The government has countless of mechanisms and organizations at their disposal to address this matter drastically, but they seem to be keeping complacent about things as it is, moreover should preventive mechanism such as price control be removed, it would send profiteers smiling all the way to the banks and leaving the rakyat to suffer the worst. On another note, I strongly believe now to be the right of time to push for global gold-dinar trading instead of just USD as once suggested by Tun.

  252. ming Jul 3,2008 2:34 PM

    Tun you are not suppose to retired so soon, Malaysia future will seem so bright if still under ur hand compared with nowadays our country by conquer by evil pride dictator Barisan.. Those pride dictator now still behave like they are king of king, good their mistake and wrongdoing we nation have to paid the price thanks to those who vote for Barisan Pak Lah and Family cronies!!
    Let us all face the critical that are coming soon bcos Malaysia will going to face economy crisis soon even now those minister still can pridely said they are to strong government fund is strong by all this incoming profit..
    Under ruling of UMNO nows its impossible for those corruption and non-wisdom minister will able to handle this matter well compare to TUN at last time..
    UMNO really pride pride pride this will lead they fall soon and history will prove to us..

  253. Noor Faiza Jul 3,2008 2:28 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Why Pak Lah is so stupid and greedy? Why must he play a dirty trick to stop Najib from contesting for the No.1 post?
    Pak Lah trying hard to divert the attention from the real problem that is the rising cost of food and fuel and its effect in the near future.
    Please step down. I have very little patience left with me. We Malaysian are really fed up with Pak Lah. TURUNLAH PAK LAH

  254. HasJebat Jul 3,2008 2:25 PM

    I was in Berlin in 2004 to have my art exhibition there for 3 weeks. I met many people, German, Turks, Palestinian, Lebanese, Russian and etc. on the street. They asked me where I came from. Malaysia, I told them. Mahadhir, they responded spontaneously. You and the country I love were synonymous. You were great and I was so proud to be a Malaysian then. But now Sir, I feel so embarrassed to be a Malaysian under AAB. I presume nobody bothers to know him.

  255. RAR Jul 3,2008 2:18 PM


  256. Maverick Jul 3,2008 2:17 PM

    Kehadapan YAB Tun dan keluarga,
    Membaca article Tun pada kali ini membuatkan saya berasa takut untuk melihat apa yg akan berlaku pada negara ini di masa hadapan sekiranya kerajaan tidak membuat plan tindakan untuk berhadapan dengan segala kemungkinan yg bakal kita hadapi ini. Kerajaan sekarang sepatutnya lebih effektif dalam menangani masalah dalaman negara dan menyelesaikannya dengan opsyen yg terbaik. Namun yg kita lihat sekarang ini amat mengecewakan. Keadaan ekonomi negara walaupun pada masa ini kerajaan mengatakan ianya dalam keadaan stabil dan terkawal, tapi kita dapat rasakan bahawa ekonomi negara juga dalam keadaan berkecamuk dan terumbang-ambing dengan masa hadapannya. Dengan kenaikkan harga minyak yg mendadak dan disusuli dengan kenaikkan harga keperluan asas yg lain akibat daripada peningkatan kos operasi pengeluar… disulami dengan kenaikkan harga makanan ruji masyarakat dan sekaligus peningkatan kos sara hidup yg membebankan kepada masyarakat yg berpendapatan rendah dan sederhana. Tapi tidak pula disudahi dengan kenaikkan gaji dalam sektor awam mahupun sektor swasta. Bagaimana rakyat mahu berhadapan dengan semua permasalahan ini? Bukannya kita mahukan kerajaan kita jatuh tersungkur, kita cuma mahukan kerajaan can come up with something brilliant that can minimize the rakyat burden.
    Dengan permasalahan dalam sektor ekomomi yg membebankan rakyat, kita juga berhadapan dengan suasana keretakkan kaum yg sememangnya melemaskan dan tidak mendatangkan apa-apa faedah kepada negara. Dimanakah kempen kita selama 46 tahun ini untuk mengeratkan perpaduan kaum yg hancur dalam masa 5 tahun sahaja? Perpaduan kaum negara ini merupakan contoh kepada negara-negara berbilang kaum yg lain dimana kita dapat hidup bersama tanpa ada ketegangan kaum serta dapat hidup dalam satu suasana harmoni. Permuafakatan masyarakat dalam Malaysia begitu utuh sehinggakan ada negara luar yg datang ke negara kita hanya mahu mengkaji formula, stretegi dan teknik yg kita gunakan untuk mengekalkan perpaduan kaum. Perpaduan kaum juga merupakan identiti negara ini suatu masa dahulu dan sekarang. Namun apa yg kita lihat sekarang, perselisihan faham diantara kaum semakin menjadi-jadi dan dimarakkan lagi dengan forum yg dijalankan baru-baru ini. Kenapakah kita mahu melihat dan memikirkan tentang negara lain sedangkan Malaysia mempunyai identitinya sendiri dan disanjungi diseluruh dunia suatu masa dahulu. Apa yg patut kita lakukan ialah mengekalkan perpaduan ini seerat-eratnya supaya kita dapat bersama-sama menjaga dan mempertahankan negara kita ini. Mahukah kita melihat timbul lagi tregedi 13 Mei yg menjadi satu sejarah hitam pada kita dahulu? Sudah tentu kita tidak mahu kembali ke zaman itu dan cara yg paling baik ialah keep looking and moving forward.
    Apa yg dapat kita lihat sekarang dalam sistem pemerintahan negara kita ialah terlalu ramai yg berpolitik dan kurang yg benar-benar menjalankan tugas, sangat kurang jumlahya yg memikirkan tentang nasib rakyat. Sehinggakan dalam mesyuarat dewan parlimen juga kita dapat lihat perkara-perkara yg remeh-temeh pulak yg mendapat sambutan dan membuatkan dewan riuh seperti suasana di pasar ikan. Ada juga diantaranya meggunakan kedudukan mereka untuk mempromosi diri sedangkan kerja yg dibuat tidak seberapa. Kita mahukan barisan pemimpin dan kabinet yg berkemampuan dalam menjalankan tugas dan berwawasan jauh untuk membawa negara ke tahap yg lebih baik dan maju. Kerajaan sekarang ini kalau dilihat, masih melakukan tugas mereka namun agak lembab dan bercelaru. Ada baiknya kalau dibuat rombakan atau pemilihan barisan bertindak yg lebih baik untuk membawa negara ke arah yg lebih dinamik.
    Marilah kita bersatu dan berjuang untuk memelihara AGAMA, BANGSA dan NEGARA agar kita tidak dijajah semula dan memohon agar perjuangan ini direstui oleh ALLAH SWT. Amin.

  257. Redhuan D. Oon Jul 3,2008 2:16 PM

    Today is a truly challenging age. In order to survive it is not enough just to have an education. It has to be lifelong education and on as wide a plateau as possible.
    Today’s government is made of people who either has the education or they do not. The chances are they could not afford to. Either they came up in politics due to old party manner or due to cronysm.
    The smart and expert professionals hardly get a chance to be heard among the inner and higher circles. If by chance they happen to have a minute with the PM as the man who matters, they still have a long way to go before their ideas finally make sense.
    The government machinery is supposed to filter great ideas and know how to the top for it to become workable policies. That takes a long time if it ever gets through.
    We have to open up the governmental process and cut out red tape. We have to use the interactive web for people to reach the right spots and that means a very flatten government. There should be electronic polling on ideas and discussions. The government must lead the way.
    There is lots more to do before there is true transparency and facilitation of the right ideas to the places. People do matter but only as a people but not as a government. The ruling elite must be removed and in its place a set of mecahnistic policies.
    Politics and governence must not be about personalities anymore. It must be about service and delivery of service.
    Redhuan D. Oon

  258. Liew Jul 3,2008 2:07 PM

    What happen to Malaysia now is due to wrong selection of leaders. These leaders are not qualified and are not thinking man like you. They are more concern about holding to their job or position more then running the country. If you read or watch in TV what the CEO of Petronas conflicting himself about Malaysia been a net exporter of petroleum comment is a good example of pure stupidity. We need new leaders with Tun as mastermind again.
    Long live Malaysia

  259. TanpaNama Jul 3,2008 2:05 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun and all,
    I believe, Pak Lah already realized this reality. However, out of his ignorance, he refused to accept the fact that his reign is dooming us all. Instead, he keeps on doing baseless and useless acts just to make his own mark in Malaysia’s history and not following Tun’s footsteps/way of thinking. One thing’s for sure, Malaysian will always remember how Pak Lah’s family benefited from his post as PM, and how he has made Malaysia doomed. Bapa Kemusnahan Malaysia!
    p/s: very amusing to see how DSAI handled his case. even if he is innocent(unlikely), he shouldn’t have fled and seek refuge from other country’s vicinity. it shows how unfit he is to become PM, a coward, a snitch, etc. perhaps this is one of his way to be back in prison, where he can have more amusing activities, surrounded with more men…

  260. azuar Jul 3,2008 1:56 PM

    Asm Tun,
    Preparing for the worst is good because the worst always happen sooner or later. The present administrators don’t seem to be able to lay the foundation for the next ‘economic wave’. When the old practice of generating national income cannot work anymore, the defence economic mechanism will be exposed to the various threats. In the age of ‘fragile economy’, the resilience need to be built and defended by the government. Resilience can be built by investing in new technology, knowledge, expertise and investing in various emerging countries and not solely dependent on any fragile factor.
    The present admin doesn’t seem to be able to manage current situation, let alone think ahead for the betterment of people. The basics also in chaos. In such situation, one can only think of oneself only.

  261. anti antimamak Jul 3,2008 1:55 PM

    Assalmualaikum Tun,
    Berdasarkan kepada keterangan Tun ini, adalah tidak wajar sama sekali kerajaan menaikkan harga minyak yang amat membebankan rakyat.
    Alasan kerajaan terpaksa menanggung subsidi yang tinggi hanya relevan digunakan kepada mereka yang tidak membaca blog Tun. Kesian mereka..ya Tun..selalu terpedaya dengan alasan ‘rubbish'(sekadar memimjam kata-kata seorang ahli politik di kaca tv baru-baru ini).
    Kepada blogger2 yang sentiasa melayari blog Tun, anda adalah antara yang bertuah termasuklah juga Antimamak.
    Undian terhadap 3 isu utama sedang dijalankan di blog (blog khas diwujudkan hanya untuk membuat undian terhadap isu-isu yang dibangkitkan di blog Tun ini) iaitu :-
    1) Kempen riben dan bendera putih
    2) Warna riben dan bendera
    3) Penubuhan parti baru oleh TDM
    Untuk blogger2 yang menyokong dan sentiasa dibelakang Tun, sila buat undian anda dan keputusan undian akan dimaklumkan kepada Tun disini.

  262. rakusman Jul 3,2008 1:53 PM

    Bravo Tun,
    Tepat,rengkas,padat dan penuh dengan lojik yang mudah diterima akal bagi yang berakal. Kalau DSAI yg bercita cita besar nak jadi PM bolih ke buat home work macam ini? Itulah kalau nafsu dah tak terkawal semua orang yang dipersalahkan,tak ada dalam fikiran nak memajukan Malaysia tapi asyik nak mengaitkan semua orang bersalah.Fikir fikirkanlah wahai rakyat Malaysia. Paklah..apa macam?ada nampak kah? Buka hati sikit YAB Paklah..jangan malu,tak bolih cakap tak bolih,kami faham.Undurlah dengan cara terhormat,kami faham.
    Cara Tun menyampaikan message ini patut juga dikaji dan diedarkan kepada student kita baik di dalam mahu pun diluar agar akan ujud `Mahathir` second generation pewaris pemikir agong melayu.

  263. Mentel Jul 3,2008 1:52 PM

    Tun always think economy in macro way, sadly Abdullah always think (if he does) economy in a microscopic way i.e. only for his son, son-in-law way.
    Be prepared for the worst, but Abdullah, Kamaluddin and Khairy are preparing to migrate… guess which country?

  264. TokUban Jul 3,2008 1:51 PM

    I wouldn’t say that the current government is confident of our economic situation, it probably just that our Prime Minister is sleeping during all the meetings. When he is not sleeping he is busy flip-flopping and play politicking with his SIL or his three badut. I also doubt that the present government will take heed to anything that you said so far. They would rather destroy the country and make the rakyat suffer than to admit help from you. That’s how ego they are.
    Moving backward to agricultural country is Pak Lah’s way of showing the people that he can do better than you. The one that suffer the most from this stupid move is the younger generation. They will be deprived of the global change towards technological advancement. Those graduated in technological skill will find it hard to get a job because no new opportunities being created since the government is promoting agricultural development.
    As a result, no real development being done in the last five years since Pak Lah take over Premiership from you. And frankly I don’t see any brilliant plan being formularise that would benefit the general people. All the development plans the current government promote only benefit certain people. These people will not be affected by the coming economic turmoil. Their purse is fat no matter what.
    What I am concern is that the people are being blanketed from what is coming. The general is not aware of the seriousness of the coming economic episode. How bad would it be? We have had a bad case before ten years back. Even then when other countries were in a state of panic, the situation does not affect us much. We have a strong economic growth history. Why should it be different this time? But we must not forget last time we have you at the helm string, now we have the lame sleepy Pak Lah the flip-flop. It would be different this time. The people will get their first hand experience of how bad the situation really is. I wish that you will still be there to help us overcoming the hardship. I read the writing of Nor Mohamed Yakcob of how you overcome the 1997-98 financial crisis. You sir have my uttermost respect.
    My family and I would like to thank you for what you have done during your premiership. Without you we would probably still be riding bicycle and tanam sayur (like Pak Lah ask us to do).

  265. oldedwardian Jul 3,2008 1:48 PM

    Salam to Tun and all supporter of Chedet,
    I sincelly hope that Pak Lah and his Cabinet colleague including the economic planner of this country take note and take time to do indepth study on the comment by Tun Dr Mathir . Take this as “seminar paper” and do discuss among yourself. he has given you all a free lesson and coming from very experiance Prime Minister with good track recort and proven his capabality beyond doubt and because he has no vested interes except for his love and care of this “bumi bertuah” and very concern the way this country is going to the dog.Nothing wrong , please have a discussion dont be inferior if you need to change do so. Do something before it get worse. Is good to remind each other .Berpesan pesan antara satu dengan lain adalah di tuntut dalam Islam. Good luck to the implimantor.
    Thank Tun and please make more comment on the current situation for the good of this country, but what ever it is Pak Lah must go and then KJ will also goes and the 4th Floor goes aswell, than we can at least hope for a better goverment who does not flip flop, and sleep at his job.
    Ya Allah yang maha pengasihn lagi maha penyang peliharalah Negara kami yang tercinta, dan demi masa depan anak cucu kami. Amin ya rabill alamin.
    Tun take good care of yourself n Allah bless you.

  266. kancil putih Jul 3,2008 1:45 PM

    Assalamualaikum tun,
    penjelasan yang bernas seperti biasa. saya kagum dengan cara tun berfikir, mendalam dan berpandangan jauh. tun sering berfikir bagaimana sesuatu keadaan itu boleh menjadi tersangat buruk. sehinggakan dulu, negara dapat bersedia dalam apa keadaan yang bakal berlaku sekalipun.
    sekarang ahli politik sibuk dengan politik mereka. lepas satu isu, isu yang lain pulak timbul. dewan rakyat bukan lagi jadi tempat untuk membincangkan masalah rakyat tetapi sudah menjadi tempat perdebatan politik. yang bn mengatakan pr salah, yang pr mengatakan bn salah. jadi siapa yang salah sebenarnya? tapi sesungguhnya bukan tugas mereka untuk menilai siapa yang salah bila sesuatu masalah itu timbul, tempat yang harus dilakukan adalah mencari penyelesaian bersama untuk masalah yang berlaku.
    pak lah dan kabinetnya pulak, asyik memberikan penyelesaian ‘jangka pendek’ kepada rakyat. tidak pernah dipikirkan perancangan yang betul2 kukuh.sebagai contoh menggalakkan pemasangan ngv, tapi bukankah ngv itu lebih mahal sebenarnya. gaji 2 bulan sekali, adakah itu lebih bermanfaat untuk rakyat atau lebih bermanfaat untuk kerajaan? sekarang pulak menggalakkan pertanian di halaman rumah, memang itu bagus tapi itu seperti kembali ke mentalti orang melayu yang dahulu dengan ekonomi sara dirinya. kakitangan kerajaan pulak boleh bekerja sambilan, bukankah ini dapat menurunkan prestasi kerja mereka?
    saya betul2 berharap pihak kerajaan dapat mengambil input dari apa yang tun katakan untuk membangun ekonomi negara kita. janganlah kerajaan menjadi seperti pepatah melayu ‘sudah tersesat jalan, malu pulak bertanya arah’. janganlah kerajaan berterusan dengan ego mereka yang sentiasa menganggap diri mereka benar. cubalah tanya pendapat dengan orang yang sudah berpengalaman.
    apepun saya harap, tun teruskanlah menulis. cara pemikiran tun memang tiada tolok bandingnya.saya doakan tun sekeluarga sihat walafiat dan dipanjangkan umur.May Allah bless you.
    ~La Motion C’Est La Vie~

  267. Omry Jul 3,2008 1:45 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Saya anggap Tun juga adalah ahli ekonomi. Malahan pada krisis kewangan yang lalu, malaysia telah dapat mengatasinya dengan selesa…. kita orang semua happy tau……
    Tapi pemimpin yang ada hari ini seakan melupakan zaman kecemerlangan Tun memimpin malaysia. Mereka da sombong dan angkuh dengan slogan kosong cemerlang, gemilang, terbilang yang tidak membawa maksud makna apa-apa…. Allah sahaja satu-satuNya yang terbilang….. Pada PRU12 mereka telah diturunkan bala kerana angkuh, mereka patut bertaubat dan meletak jawatan kerana dosa mereka.
    Apa cara kita bertindak untuk menukar keadaan ini? kami sentiasa sokong Tun, semoga Tun sentiasa sihat.

  268. RyscheClyde Jul 3,2008 1:43 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Excellent article!! You’ve a very SHARP MIND..its very rare to have someone like you-to be able to write something informative to share with others, eventhough you are not an economist- but perhaps better than our government’s economist.
    Sometime I wonder, how to achieve such level as yours? Anyway, regarding about our current economy situation- I must admit that Ive no argument with you TUN. What you have said, its a true FACTS. And people cannot deny it..
    But sadly our current government still in the state of denial. Maybe they knew what you said is right, but due to their EGO characteristic- they choose to be in denial mode. Same goes to the so call PAKATAN RAKYAT. None of the PAKATAN administration has the capability like you do. Well maybe there are some that are good- but not to the extand of your level TUN.
    From my personal view, I think Malaysia should now focus on developing technology and infrastucture. And at the same time enhance our agricultural product also, as we are good at it too. Building up human capital (as what AAB introduced) can benefit the country- provided we change our attitude.
    UMNO should now realised, and start to work their *** out in order to retain in power. People do still believe in Barisan, I dont think PAKATAN can gurantee peaceful and happy country. I think PAKATAN will be the one that causes RACISM!! When i read their blog is all not informative- is all baseless allegations- and they try to implement/influence hatred towards the Malay in legal way.
    Should PAKATAN win..then only the ALL MIGHTY that can help us. Should Barisan retain with the current leader- then May our Great Lord(ALLAH) have mercy on us too.
    BARISAN really need good/dinamic/young/capable people to run the government(Msia). Im pretty sure there are many good people in BARISAN..please reveal yourself..step up and construct better government!!

  269. ray77light Jul 3,2008 1:43 PM

    Tahniah kepada
    Ashar – kempen PUTIH – sokong Tun
    Malayjessyjames – surat pada Raja – siasat kerajaan
    MAJ (B) RAHMAN M.A – parti baru – dipimpin oleh Tun
    Semoga cadangan2 yang dihasilkan merupakan langkah kehadapan

  270. kamimelayubaru Jul 3,2008 1:42 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Yesterday news was a shock where one of Japanese Company (was 19 years operated in Malaysia) had shut down their operation from Malaysia….One of the sign that Malaysian will lose support from Japan and Korea…if these continues to happen then Malaysian Economics become Zero……and no more 2020 vision…

  271. kewell Jul 3,2008 1:41 PM

    A’kum Tun,
    pendapat tun mmg bernas skali, u r such a great leader for us…compare to now…too much different…hope u can help us to fix it back…!!!

  272. chokie3200 Jul 3,2008 1:41 PM

    Salam Sejahtera Tun..
    Diharap Tun dapat memberi komen tentang kes Anwar Ibrahim dahulu dan sekarang. (KES LIWAT)
    Thanks & Regards.

  273. jaguar Jul 3,2008 1:39 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I have been reading your articles for quiet sometime. But today’s article is very interesting and most important to me is that I feel that I am in one of your high profile cabinet meeting discussing about the current problem of our beloved country Malaysia. I supposed if you are still PM the rakyat can’t have this thought freely of for free. Today I started signing for your blog and can’t resist to read your view and make minute praise or comment.
    Hope Tun can give more of your view and thought to us Malaysian.
    Anyone agree with me? Thanks Tun.

  274. myreed Jul 3,2008 1:37 PM

    Thanks for the info Tun..Hopefully, more will take your advice to help us all enjoy this country for a long long time.

  275. bzz Jul 3,2008 1:36 PM

    I wish you still my PM.

  276. tigress Jul 3,2008 1:35 PM

    Salam my dearest Tun,
    Take a breather from this endless wordly bother. This song by Oasis I would like to dedicate to you as the song is you.Enjoy.
    Today is gonna be the day
    That they’re gonna throw it back to you
    By now you should’ve somehow
    Realized what you gotta do
    I don’t believe that anybody
    Feels the way I do about you now
    Backbeat the word was on the street
    That the fire in your heart is out
    I’m sure you’ve heard it all before
    But you never really had a doubt
    I don’t believe that anybody feels
    The way I do about you now
    And all the roads we have to walk along are winding
    And all the lights that lead us there are blinding
    There are many things that I would
    Like to say to you
    I don’t know how
    Because maybe
    You’re gonna be the one who saves me ?
    And after all
    You’re my wonderwall
    Today was gonna be the day?
    But they’ll never throw it back to you
    By now you should’ve somehow
    Realized what you’re not to do
    I don’t believe that anybody
    Feels the way I do
    About you now
    And all the roads that lead you there were winding
    And all the lights that light the way are blinding
    There are many things that I would like to say to you
    I don’t know how
    I said maybe
    You’re gonna be the one who saves me ?
    And after all
    You’re my wonderwall
    I said maybe
    You’re gonna be the one who saves me ?
    And after an
    You’re my wonderwall
    Said maybe
    You’re gonna be the one that saves me
    You’re gonna be the one that saves me
    You’re gonna be the one that saves me
    And For AAB : The song I Don’t Love You by MCR I dedicate..

  277. Mozafar Jul 3,2008 1:34 PM

    Very informative. Keep up sir.

  278. razak_bch Jul 3,2008 1:32 PM

    askm Tun
    When i was performing haj in Makkah in 2005 i had a fellow haj from Pakistan who happen to be one of the Pakistan government officer. During our lengthy discussion on regional and our respective country economic performances he was all awe about Malaysia progress and wish that Tun is their leader instead of H.E. Musharraf. Recently i had a chance to meet an old banker friend from Indonesia and he likens our current rakyat difficulties with that of Indonesia.That whats happen when the country is run by politically incompetent person according to him.I totally agreed.
    Wish you were still there helming MALAYSIA eventhough you had your share of the blame in the past. But this Pak Lah is totally nuts.. !

  279. ubi kayu Jul 3,2008 1:28 PM

    salam ayahanda Tun,
    selamat tengahari,
    satu lagi tulisan drpd ayahanda tun yang dapat serba sedikit menjadi suapan minda kita semua.
    amat mengkagumkan ayahanda tun masih memandang jauh kehadapan arah tuju negara yang tercinta!
    seperti Visi 2020, ayahanda tun masih menyumbang kepada nusa dan bangsa!
    semoga ayahanda tun sihat dan dimurahkan rezeki.

  280. ch Jul 3,2008 1:25 PM

    Thank you for giving an excellent analysis that the Malaysian need. I have always salute you on your knowledge and opinion. We really hope that the current govt could be in good term with you and advise the current govt on the current M’sia economic situation to them.
    May god bless you and do take care of your health.

  281. Amanpeace Jul 3,2008 1:18 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    This topic subject is very fascinating. But for me I think that going for agricultural sectors is not a bad idea because in agricultural sectors we can be self-reliance since we have all the natural resources and the required resources for the sectors to be developed except the lack of technologies and applications for the low-income farmers in our country. Hi-tech sector is indeed good because we can attract foreign investors and business operations and industries to be created for more job opportunities with generating more profits by rolling the currencies of their money in our country.
    Our country is full all the the resources which other developed countries do not even possess (China, US, Britain, etc.). By diversifying our country into agricultural sectors, our country have more opportunity in increasing the food production of our country which indeed is never seen to fulfill the requirement in our country during decades ago. We still need to rely on import products to fulfill the citizens needs. But on the other side, more job vacancies is available and more business opportunity can be created, foreign companies which involved in food production and agriculture might put their interest in generating their profits in our country. From this the government could ask for tax paying and also royalty payment which will be beneficial.
    Confidence in the consistency of Government policies and political stability would be among the factors attractive to business and investment in our country. But with today’s political stand in our country which is a little bit destabilize causing the local investors to make profit in foreign countries instead in roling their money in the country.
    However, I do believe that current government decision in focusing to develop agricultural sectors is not bad as this could increase the income in alternative ways either. Of course for the previous leadership high-tech is focused. Diversifying the country in agricultural sectors is going to benefit the country in the long term. Perhaps someday our country could someday become big producers of food production in meat productions like New Zealand and; why not in high value commercial commodities like oil palm plantation, rubber plantation, cocos and coconut in the coming future.
    Splendid views and opinion Tun. I would like to hear from you some other new posting soon.

  282. gohhoehoe Jul 3,2008 1:18 PM

    Selamat Petang
    Alangkah baiknya kalau Tun boleh kembali sebagai wakil rakyat ,
    sungguh pun Tun sepatut nya retired dan enjoy. Tapi demi kebaikan
    negara saya berharap Tun akan kembali supaya dapat berganting bahu
    dengan rakyat untuk menyelesaikan masaalah yang kita hadapi dan
    mengekalkan prestasi ekonomi Malaysia.
    Tentang pertanian , saya berpendapat bahawa usaha untuk membekal
    bekalan makanan sampai 100% adalah penting dari segi strategik.Lihat
    lah apa yang negara jepun bikin, mereka kekal mahu mengekalkan bekan
    seratus peratus untuk beras walau pada kos yang sangat tinggi. Ada kala kos
    perakaunan bukan lah hanya satu faktor dalam pengurusan Negara.
    Menyelamatkan Syarikat Pekapalan adalah juga satu langkah yang bijak
    dari segi strategi.Kalau kita ada pengakutan sendiri nescaya negara
    tidak akan banyak bergantung kepada pengakutan negara
    asing.Bergantung kepada pengakutan negara asing , akan
    mempeletakan negara kita pada satu keadaan yang tak selamat ,misalnya pekerja
    luar negeri mogol , hasil petroluem pun tak boleh dihanta
    r untuk eksport.Tun bijak sangat kerana ada menyediakan payung
    sebelum hujan dan tidak mengorek perigi hanya pada saat rasa daharga.
    Tidak diperdaya oleh interntanational Money Fund.
    Saya tersangat yakin yang Tun masih dapat memberi sumbangan besar
    dalam memajukan ekonomi Malaysia.
    Sekian terima kasih

  283. dospenang Jul 3,2008 1:17 PM

    1. Sekilas pandang sudah 5 tahun Pak Lah memerintah.
    2. Dan sepanjang itulah juga tidak ada satu pembangunan yang nampak di mata kasar kita semua. Mana pergi perbelanjaan berbillion ringgit kerajaan Pak Lah.
    3. Perbelanjaan RMK-9 sahaja RM200 billion,(minta tambahan pulak RM30billion)tetapi satu pun kita tidak nampak atau tidak ada yang boleh disebut seingat saya. Cuba anda fikirkan satu pembangunan sahaja…………………………Tidak ada pun..
    Saya rasa rakan2 sekalian juga sependapat saya.
    4. Kalau TUN dapat bina EMPAYAR PETRONAS, Proton, bangunan KLCC, KL Tower, KLIA, LITAR SEPANG, bangunan pentadbiran PUTRAJAYA, PICC, LIMA, STAR dan PUTRA LRT (sekarang kepunyaan RAPID), MONOREL dan bermacam lagi yang boleh disebut dan tulis di sini dalam 22 tahun pentadbiran.
    5. Tiada satu pun yang saya boleh tulis hasil perbelanjaan Pak Lah dalam 5 tahun. Dari situ pun dah nampak kelemahan terbesar Pak Lah.
    6. Setelah kesilapan demi kesilapan yang dilakukan oleh pentadbiran kerajaan sekarang, tibalah masanya Pak Lah letak jawatan.
    Harap anda semua dapat tandatangan petition online “Petition Online Meminta PM Malaysia Pak Lah Untuk Meletak Jawatan” dianjurkan dari laman web, petition online tersebut percuma di:

  284. kroolaznizam Jul 3,2008 1:15 PM

    Salam Tok Det…
    para pemimpin yang ada sekarang ni semua duk pikir macam mana nak memenuhkan kocek mereka, anak-beranak dan keturunan suku-sakat mereka semata-mata, mana ada masa nak pikir masalah rakyat yang semakin terhimpit..

  285. peter_ums Jul 3,2008 1:11 PM

    Dear Dr M and Readers,
    I am a Malaysian born and bred here. I received tertiary education in a local university and strived hard for success, and in the end I acheived 1st Class honours, exempting me from paying PTPTN. (I am the last batch of students exempted under Mahathir Rule). Currently I am an engineer working in an MNC and I am still in Malaysia and I pay my taxes on time.
    However, the recent stand of the goverment in increasing petrol prices has really taken its toll to the working class ppl especially graduates like me. How are we suppose to buy a house and raise a family if we could not even earn enough to pay for petrol, food, an other necessities?
    There are times I wonder what is it to be a Malaysian. I could have just gone to Singapore and work there earning double or even triple the pay. And I don’t mind at all paying taxes to the Singapore goverment, at least they take care of us by giving back in terms of safety, ease of transportation and better living standards. In short, the Brain Drain phenomena in Malaysia is not going to change unless the Government steps up to do something for the youths and its future generations.
    The reason I am still here is that I hope Malaysia can really become a first world country with first class mentality citizens. I really hope that Malaysia is being steered that way. I hope Malaysia can protect me, while I contribute back to Malaysia with my knowledge and skill.
    If not I believe young Malaysians like me will cease to call themselves Malaysians. I really hope the current government stops its “wayang”, and focus more on pertinent issues plaguing the society, for I fear we will forever be a third world country being ‘Yes Men” to the world superpowers if the current socioeconomic and political situation are left unchecked.
    Thank you Dr. M, for your leadership and steering us in the right direction all this while. I pray for your good health and continued well being.

  286. Radzian Jul 3,2008 1:03 PM

    In addition to my previous comment, though Malaysia’s export to US is 20%, but inflation is not restricted to US alone. We are facing global inflation.
    This means, eventually global demand will reduce, and Malaysia’s export in term of “quantity” to the rest of the world will reduce. We may lose a lot of information if we take into account only the total value of export (because inflation increase value of export of agricultural and oil and gas produce). Losing information will not help in seeing the problems of other sectors in Malaysia. Just like looking only at aggregate CPI will blindfold us from the problem in food related CPI.
    This is a case scenario where winner takes all. The winner is natural resource producer. The loser is the rest other than natural resource producer – construction, manufacturing and the rest.
    Next question that may prop up – Can this scenario be sustained by the other industrial sector ?

  287. antuport Jul 3,2008 12:59 PM

    A very good analysis from you, Tun.
    Indeed, the country is facing a very difficult challenge now. The government of Malaysia just cannot and should not handle things on adhoc basis if the country is going to make it safely through the world economic turmoil.
    In my point of view, they need excellent thinkers, not politicians who always act like they know what to do when they don’t really know what they are doing.
    I repeat, not politicians who always act like they know what to do when they don’t really know what they are doing.
    Thinkers like you, Alhamdulillah, is a gift from Allah to those who are willing to appreciate.
    Oh government of Malaysia, please stop being so arrogant. This country is not your plaything. It is not yours alone either. Acknowledge those with intelligence, experience, and expertise and seek advises from them.
    Allah takkan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum melainkan kaum itu sendiri yang mengubahnya. Ya Allah, please save my country from selfish and cruel leaders.

  288. ray77light Jul 3,2008 12:58 PM

    Dearest Dearest Tun
    We sorely miss your leadership.
    Doa kami untuk Tun terus sehat sejahtera disamping keluarga dan teman.

  289. dennis7 Jul 3,2008 12:56 PM

    Salam terhormat buat ayahanda Tun,
    Setiap kali saya melawat ke blog ini maka semakin kagum saya dengan kebolehan Tun. Moga Allah kekalkan kelebihan ini disamping memanjangkan usia Tun dalam kesihatan.
    Saya membesar dan mendapat pendidikan dizaman kepimpinan Tun dan berasa bangga dan bersyukur atas kepimpinan dan ketokohan yang Allah kurniakan kepada bangsa Malaysia melalui Tun. Dan hari ini, saya percaya bahawa atas dasar kepimpinan inilah yang membuatkan Tun undur dari jawatan PM. Sedih buat rakyat tetapi saya yakin dengan bantuan Allah, Tun akan berjaya memastikan Malaysia sampai ke wawasannya pada tahun 2020.
    Satu kegusaran saya, kemanakah pelapis pemimpin rakyat malaysia? Kemanakah lagi orang yg berwawasan jauh seperti Tun sendiri? Apakah tiada usaha untuk melahirkan pemimpin ini? Harap Tun dapat memberi satu dua nasihat agar bangsa Malaysia dapat pegang demi untuk menjadi bangsa yang memimpin dunia.
    salam kasih buat ayahanda Tun.

  290. Dr. Ghaz Jul 3,2008 12:56 PM

    YAbgh Tun,
    I remember a quote saying:
    Small people talk about things,
    Average people talk about other people,
    Great people talk about idea.
    So, it’s very clear that they are not as great as you. You have been talking about ideas. They are now busy talking about `rubbish’. They are not strong enough to `divert’ the focus of rakyat from just politics to the world’s reality. The reality should be our main concern now. We should prepare ourselves for the worse. We must be able to exploit the opportunities in hands. But, unforntunately, they are just damn incompetent.

  291. siam kedah Jul 3,2008 12:55 PM

    Dear Tun,
    A very simple and clear explanations indeed. We malaysian are missing Prime Minister with clear brain like you Sir,
    But Sir, I beg to disagree with you that the USD will depreciate further. I am of the view that as of now the Euro is seriously overvalued and it will have to come down lower than 1.60 to the usd in the next 6 months to 1 year.
    The world currency speculators are not going to push the Euro higher as that would be irrational exuberance. Even Soros in his interview recently said that the Euro is seriously overvalued.
    Euro/USD was 0.85 in 2002 and 6 years later the rate is double.
    What it means is that in a short period of 6 years the Euro is stronger by 100 percent. As the currency is the barometer of each country economic strength We are sure Euro Zone had not moving faster than the US by 100 percent in the last 6 years.
    Therefore, I beg to differ with you on these subject but I 100 percent agreed that Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi and his Cabinet are not catching up with the world scenario. And the worst act is to take the money from the men on the streets by reducing so called subsidy while in reality they are putting the money in the pockets of their cronies. As you said Sir, they have more money to bribe their supporters now. I saw 10 lorry load of them at Legend hotel last weekend. Dollah must go Sir. Otherwise, Jahanam Negara Kita Tun.
    With Respect and highest regards to you Sir, Sawatdikrap.

  292. Raja Stokin Jul 3,2008 12:54 PM

    I hope that Malaysia prospers. Kesian rakyat yang miskin.
    Raja Stokin

  293. ashar Jul 3,2008 12:54 PM

    TUN yang di hormati dan di sayangi,
    Satu kajian yang begitu baik dan bernas.
    Memanglah kerajaan Malaysia sekarang ini seolah tidak berasa risau terhadap apa yang berlaku di dunia sekarang ini. Masalah ekonomi dan keuangan dunia.
    Seolah kita dapat mengasingkan diri dari masalah yang menimpa dunia, seolah kita tidak akan mendapat keasan yang dashyat dari masalah dunia ini.
    Ini kerana pemimpin kita masih tido, dengan limpahan rezki dari hasil bumi dan asset negara.
    Dengan apa yang berlaku, Amerika akan mempertahankan apa yang dikatakan New World Oder(NWO)nya , juga apa yang di milikinya dengan apa cara sekali pun, dengan cara sedar atau tanpa disedari.
    Kita harus berhati hati dengan kesan yang akan kita hadapi agar kerajaan tidak salah membuat keputusan yang merugikan rakyat dan negara. Jadi kerajaan harus memahami dan mengkaji apa sebenarnya yang sedang berlaku dan dipercaturkan oleh Amerika dan sekutunya. Salah percaturan, negara akan masuk perangkap mereka, rakyat yang akan menanggung akibat buruknya, pemimpin akan bertukar ganti, tapi kesannya tak tertanggung oleh rakyat hingga ke anak cucu.
    Salam perjuanagan dari

  294. anakabah Jul 3,2008 12:54 PM

    Tun..tak takut ke komen-komen pedas pasai US, nanti dia orang sue kan susah….
    Keep on writting and prevail the truth to the public.

  295. ashar Jul 3,2008 12:53 PM

    TUN yang di hormati dan di sayangi,
    Satu kajian yang begitu baik dan bernas.
    Memanglah kerajaan Malaysia sekarang ini seolah tidak berasa risau terhadap apa yang berlaku di dunia sekarang ini. Masalah ekonomi dan keuangan dunia.
    Seolah kita dapat mengasingkan diri dari masalah yang menimpa dunia, seolah kita tidak akan mendapat keasan yang dashyat dari masalah dunia ini.
    Ini kerana pemimpin kita masih tido, dengan limpahan rezki dari hasil bumi dan asset negara.
    Dengan apa yang berlaku, Amerika akan mempertahankan apa yang dikatakan New World Oder(NWO)nya , juga apa yang di milikinya dengan apa cara sekali pun, dengan cara sedar atau tanpa disedari.
    Kita harus berhati hati dengan kesan yang akan kita hadapi agar kerajaan tidak salah membuat keputusan yang merugikan rakyat dan negara. Jadi kerajaan harus memahami dan mengkaji apa sebenarnya yang sedang berlaku dan dipercaturkan oleh Amerika dan sekutunya. Salah percaturan, negara akan masuk perangkap mereka, rakyat yang akan menanggung akibat buruknya, pemimpin akan bertukar ganti, tapi kesannya tak tertanggung oleh rakyat hingga ke anak cucu.
    Salam perjuanagan dari

  296. Rahman Jaafar Jul 3,2008 12:52 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Alway enjoy your thoughts.
    After browsing the newspaper every morning your comments/thought process is a “must read” for me.
    Please keep it up. What ever they are our best PRIME MINISTER. We remember…immediately you become PM you are in action synchronise the TIME for East & west Malaysia.
    Badawi….3 year nothing happen…only songket. Then 4th year nearly loose the government.
    Thank You

  297. Oumono Jul 3,2008 12:50 PM

    Excellent explanation. This is very true, though I’m glad the US economy going down so that we wont cling on them too much but still poor government administration makes the country drive straight into the chaos instead of steering away from it.
    Bravo Tun. This country blessed by having you as a Malaysian.
    Salam sejahtera kepada Tun sekeluarga. Moga rahmat Tuhan tak putus diberi kepada Tun.

  298. pakbelalang Jul 3,2008 12:50 PM

    Dear Tun,
    We can simply deduce that Pak Lah just doesn’t have the mental capacity to think outside the box. In this period of time when everybody is struggling to make ends meet, Pak Lah should be able to create something more constructive to reduce the burden of the rakyat in their daily life. Instead, we observe he is more or less at a lost how to counter or cushion the adverse effect of price escalation and higher cost of living to an almost unbearable situation for the rakyat. All his statements thus far were very superficial and not very convincing indeed. This is really a reflection of his lacking in leadership quality. To test whether a leader is dynamic is during the time of serious crisis. Now we are facing major economic and political crisis and it is proven that Pak Lah has failed in his responsibility to manage this crisis well. Such being the case, I think it is only fair for the rakyat to demand him to step down.
    He is really a liability to the rakyat and he must admit this reality. He simply cannot carry on with his “flip flop” policies which are damaging the whole fabric of our political and economic standing. My sincere advice to Pak Lah is not to overstay his welcome and gracefully resign. That will be the most respectable thing to do instead of continuing to be a dreamer and in a state of denial, as if he could still turnaround his dwindling fate to be popular again. The time for him to “feel good” and to claim a “Mr Clean” image is over. The writing is clearly written on the wall that his handling of the current economic and political crisis is just haprak and HP6 !! Make no mistake about it.

  299. zali lampai Jul 3,2008 12:43 PM


  300. Radzian Jul 3,2008 12:42 PM

    Salam Tun,
    This time around America memang betul-betul sudah kena. Malaysia should disassociate itself from USD because it is bringing difficulties to rakyat.
    For the rakyat, this difficulties has provoked or induced cash saving mentality. Less spending and stop buy properties due to missmatch between income and expenses. Rakyat may think that the worst is not over and should sediakan payung sebelum hujan or prepare a life boat when the ship is about to sink.
    Will history repeat itself or will it just rhythms ? In 1980s the effect of recession proves that properties prices will tumble and developer have difficulties to sell and price will then adjust itself to an acceptable level and missmatch between wages and expenses is gradually neutralised. But one element is still missing – in late 1970s – a scenario of very high interest rates dominate US. So, perhaps this time around – history does not repeat itself. It just rhythms along the path.

  301. T.Iza Jul 3,2008 12:42 PM

    Askum Ayahanda…
    good information for us… Now Pak Lah know to burn the rakyat’s money flying here n there….worse can to be worse….

  302. Jinggo Jul 3,2008 12:40 PM

    Dear TUN,
    Good presentation on wide perpective of economic. That’s why rakyat should understand and learn of our country fiscal policies.
    For the coming election i wish that all our MPs wil debate on economic policy of the country as what has been done by rich countries. Thus it will enable us to understand better our country. As usual during our election campaign we keep pinning each other on scandals to win voters.
    -Jinggo Rock-

  303. Bendahara Jul 3,2008 12:33 PM

    salam Tun,
    as usual a very detail, precise and fair judgment from you…
    the current adminstration is what i like to summarise into a pantun below
    kalau ada duit sekupang,
    boleh beli cuka mentahun;
    habis padi burung terbang,
    ulat tidak kenangkan daun.

  304. Mr Belimbing Jul 3,2008 12:31 PM

    Salam Tun,
    “I do not know how much US Dollar bonds are held by Malaysia. I remember telling the Governor of Bank Negara to reduce our dollar holdings before I stepped down. I hope she has done so. Otherwise we would lose 80 Malaysian sen for every US Dollar we hold. When we hold 30 or 40 billion US Dollar the loss can be considerable.”
    I doubt she has done it. Up till now she’s been silent and just harping on the said 5%-7% inflation.
    Anyway, I read this article “”, the author mentioned about Tun confession about wrongly jailed Anwar in 1998.
    “Former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad said the parties and the people should let the government handle the case since it is a new accusation against Anwar. During the electoral campaign in March 2008 Mahathir said, in a video statement addressing a crowd, that Anwar was jailed in 1998 for no apparent reasons. He added that it was a time when he was Prime Minister and he had the power to just grab Anwar and throw him in jail.”
    p.s. How about your bakery shops going? Saya tanya pemilik kedai mamak, dia ckp harga tepung ckp RRP tak guna, sbb retailers taknak jual harga RRP. Tp, dia terpaksa terima sbb kalau tak dia nak buat roti canai pakai apa? Hehe…

  305. Conspiracy Theorist Jul 3,2008 12:30 PM

    Dear Tun Dr.M,
    Thnx for d insight..Appreciate ur view as usual..ur d ‘ONE’..wat can I say…heheh..(,”)

  306. tokmisai Jul 3,2008 12:28 PM

    “I will not say anything about the world as everyone knows and I know I am not an economist or a financial expert. But I will try and guess what would happen to Malaysia.”
    Ironic isn’t it. Ada orang yang tak tahu malu tu asyik dok jual keliling kampong, akulah PM.

  307. aaj Jul 3,2008 12:27 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I’m not an economist too, but i really understand what you had said. Thanks to Tun Razak for establishing FELDA. I can assure the ‘peneroka’ now can make at least RM 8,000.00 per month. Much better than the bank officer or even the personal asisstant to the PKR leader.
    I dont know how are we going to attract foreign investors in the current political situations. Wish somebody like Muhyiddin could take over the PM post ASAP. Or wish you are still there.

  308. mushu Jul 3,2008 12:24 PM

    I do agreed with some of the “wrongdoings” that everyone try to point at your 22 years leadership or that you might be racist.
    However, one thing I cannot deny is that you are the best Prime Minister we ever have.
    From your above article, you are still the best Prime Minister we ever have.
    Thank you.
    P/S: I wish someone like you can help us in the near future as I have no confidence in current PM, DPM and BN since you are gone.

  309. Kaizer Jul 3,2008 12:24 PM

    Hi hi hi hi
    “BADAWI HADARI” BERMAKSUD ORG JAHILLIAH YG HIDUP BERPINDAH RANDAH DI SEMENANJUNG TANAH ARAB-SELAK TAMADUN ISLAM BAB 4-IQRA!!!!, Islam dibawa RASUL S.A.W telah dijamin ALLAH S.A.W mengikut zaman, tak payah nak moderate2nyer. Menantu Khairy Jamalul Bahlul, Pak Le Lah dan Angkatan2nya mmg BoDo BaNGang, WOI RAKYAT MALAYSIA SEDARLAH anda sedang diJAHILkan utk kepentingan MEREKA!!!!!!

  310. musafir akli Jul 3,2008 12:22 PM

    jasa tun amat banyak untuk negara kita ini,…
    terima kasih tun.

  311. Closteriopsis Jul 3,2008 12:20 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Tidak kah pemimpin yang ada sekarang ni berfikiran seperti Tun?..berpandangan jauh, tidak hanya mengikut laporan orang lain, dan sentiasa bersedia dengan apa yang bakal berlaku…???
    Semoga Tun Sentiasa Sihat Wal Afiat..

  312. mistikana Jul 3,2008 12:18 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Saya rasa kerajaan sepatutnya tidak GIVE-UP untuk menjadikan Tun sebagai penasihat. Mereka tidak sepatutnya mengatakan ‘Kita dah offer dah, tapi Tun yang tak mau..’ Mereka takut Tun overshadow Pak Lah le tu. La ni, rakyat yang sokong Pak Lah pun rasa susah jugak, alangkah bodohnya. Esok anak cucu mereka juga yang susah.Hairan mengapa pada zaman Tun memerintah, ada negara yang ingin menjadikan Tun sebagai President mereka, tetapi di negara kita sendiri Tun ibarat dilupakan. Bukan tak tahu menilai intan dan permata, tapi saja bodoh sombong.
    Jaga kesihatan Tun baik-baik, jangan makan roti canai banyak sgt…

  313. Roy Jul 3,2008 12:18 PM

    Excellent analysis Sir. How we all wish you are still our PM.
    We are begging to the current administration to at least be in a good term with you so that you can advise the government on how to manage the country. Our country is lost now. I’m really scared. Many share the same sentiment. Someone please step up to govern the country. Enough of politiking. The people are really fed-up with the politicians who are now really makan gaji buta. Please work for the people. Think of how to manage this country. Even a retiree like Tun M could come-up with such a brilliant ideas and analysis. Where is our government?

  314. hml Jul 3,2008 12:16 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun
    Just wondering whether the current premier thinks as you are
    anyway, very good points and discussion

  315. axass Jul 3,2008 12:16 PM

    Teruskan gigih untuk kami, rakyat Malaysia!
    Semoga Tun Sihat senantiasa.

  316. june Jul 3,2008 12:13 PM

    Our country is moving backward in this globalisation world. Does our leaders have any forward thinking? Sad to see our country being left behind under current goverment.

  317. d'soul Jul 3,2008 12:12 PM

    Salam Tun…
    Thanks for an excellent analysis Tun!
    Kenapa PAK LAHap tiada pemikiran sehebat Tun..
    We all need you Tun…
    May Allah bless u always..

  318. tembel Jul 3,2008 12:05 PM

    Berminat menjadi ahli Kelab Malaysia?
    Email ke

  319. chrisx Jul 3,2008 12:04 PM

    Dear TUN
    Thanks for all the info you have provided, I just hope our present government would wake up and smell the roses and take heed of what you have said, as we can all see with clarity, our country the term we should use is going to the dogs.
    Take care TUN and looking forward to your daily post …

  320. apanama Jul 3,2008 12:00 PM

    Excellent analysis Sir!
    Badawi’s VISION is for us to return to pre-historic days … everyone must change their lifestyle and run around with just a handkerchief covering their loins.

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