This article appeared in the New Straits Times of April 28, 2013

1. The DAP’s Kit Siang has learnt a lot from Anwar Ibrahim, the PKR leader. When unable to counter a critic, silence him by threatening to take libel action in court if the statement is not withdrawn. A long drawn hearing in the court with many postponements, will relieve Kit Siang from having to answer his critic.

2. Now he wants to sue me for calling him a racist. I have been called a racist and an ultra hundreds of times. I never sued anyone. I am a politician and ours is a democratic nation. I believe in free speech. If my political opponents call me names, I can reply or I can do something to prove them wrong.

3. I was called a Malay ultra when I became the Deputy Prime Minister. Yet in the 1999 Elections the Malays did not support me. It was Chinese votes which gave me a two-thirds majority. Incidentally Kit Siang and Karpal Singh, the loudest in calling me a Malay racist, lost in that election.

4. I reiterate that Kit Siang is racist when using the Malaysian Malaysia slogan and calling for meritocracy.

5. In an article by Lee Hwa Beng states “This shows MCA won mainly in mixed seats where there are fewer Chinese voters while it lost in the Chinese majority seats.

6. One can deduce therefore, that the MCA won with the support of Malay rather than Chinese votes.” It is all about race and it belies the claim that race and religion are no longer issues in Malaysian politics.

7. The conclusion of the writer is that the DAP won only where the Chinese are in the majority.

8. The MCA is not racial because it is supported by Chinese, Malays and Indians. If the DAP does not play on its Chineseness, it cannot win. That is why Kit Siang chooses Gelang Patah where 53% of the voters are Chinese. By contesting there, Ghani is going to prove that Johore Chinese care for the friendship with the Malays. This was so in the past, when the Barisan Nastional won in that constituency, when Johore scored 100% victories.

9. Kit Siang’s article claims that Gelang Patah is a microcosm of Malaysian society, because it has 53% Chinese, 33% Malay and 12% Indian. Does this really represent a microcosm of Malaysian society? Gelang Patah is in fact not even the norm in Johore, much less in Malaysia. If he had said it is a microcosm of the urban society, I would agree, certainly not the racial mix and distribution in Malaysia.

10. In another of article by Sakmongkol, the heading speaks for itself.

11. It says “Lim’s return to Johore emboldens the Chinese.”

12. Again the emphasis is on race, the Chineseness of Gelang Patah which causes Kit Siang to choose Gelang Patah. The writer went on to say that “We (Kit Siang is DAP”) have a chance to wipe out the MCA (a Chinese party which believes in kongsi with other races of the Barisan Nasional). Further it averred that the DAP does so to replace the MCA as the party of choice for the Chinese. Again the emphasis is racial, on the choice of the Chinese alone and not on Malaysians. MCA is pictured as the lackey of the Malays. What is the DAP going to be in Pakatan, the kingmaker, the master. In Malaysia no one race can rule this multiracial country, by proxy or otherwise.

13. Further on it says, “Kit Siang’s return to Johore is giving meaning and purpose to the Malaysian Chinese.”

14. What about other Malaysians? Don’t they count? Aren’t they deserving of a share in the power and the wealth of this multiracial nation?

15. In everything written about Kit Siang, there will always be reference to Chinese racial issues. Malay issues such as their poverty, their need to be more involved in the economy of the country, merit no analysis and support from Kit Siang.

16. That is why I called him a racist. I will not be intimidated by his threat to sue me. I know it is cheap for him. When Anwar lost in his RM100 million suit against me, he had only to pay cost of RM70,000. Had I lost I may be bankrupted.

17. Karpal knows this very well and knows about delays in court proceedings. The prospect of silencing me must look very attractive and politically smart. But I will not be silenced. If politicians fear being painted in their true colour, then take up some less challenging jobs.

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  1. RA May 28,2013 7:24 PM

    Assalamaualaikum WBT Yg Bhg Tun,

    PRU ke 13 dah selesai dilaksanakan dengan jayanya oleh SPR, BN menang majoriti mudah dan membentuk kerajaan. YAB Dato’ Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak dengan perkenan DYMM Yang Dipertuan Agong dilantik sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia buat penggal kedua. Kabinet baru juga telah dibentuk. Pakatan Pembangkang khususnya PKR dan DAP tidak menerima kenyataan bahawa BN telah menang di peringkat Federal dan mendakwa mereka menang atas undi popular. Semenjak MERDEKA Malaysia menggunapakai sistem demokrasi berpalimen yang memperuntukkan parti yang menang majoriti kerusi Parlimen akan membentuk kerajaan selepas mana-mana PRU yang dibuat dalam tempoh lima tahun sekali. Pakatan pembangkang (DAP & PKR) meneruskan bantahan dengan mengadakan beberapa siri demonstrasi memprovokasi rakyat supaya menolak keputusan PRU ke 13 yang memihak kepada BN untuk membentuk kerajaan. Demonstrasi yang dianjurkan oleh PKR dan DAP dengan tujuan membantah keputusan PRU ke 13 yang memihak kepada BN amatlah tidak wajar dan bercanggah dengan perlembagaan negara yang menetapkan dalam mana-mana PRU parti yang mendapat majoriti kerusi Parlimen akan secara automatik layak membentuk kerajaan secara mutlak. Demonatrasi bagi membantah keputusan PRU ke 13 yang memihak kepada BN tidak membawa apa-apa erti dan sebarang kebaikan bagi negara Malaysia, malah jika ianya diteruskan boleh menjejaskan ketenteraman awam, menyusahkan kehidupan rakyat seharian, negara menjadi tidak aman dan tenteram. Adakah PKR dan DAP berhasrat menghuruharakan negara, melemahkan kerajaan BN yang dipilih oleh rakyat supaya mereka dapat mengembil alih kuasa dan membentuk kerajaan? Pakatan pembangkang khususnya PKR dan DAP menunjukkan bahawa mereka amat kecewa kerana telah gagal mengambil alih kuasa dari genggaman BN melalui PRU ke 13 yang telah dilaksanakan dengan adil dan saksama oleh SPR. Kita angkat topi pendirian Pas kerana menolak sebarang usaha secara kekerasan untuk meraih kuasa seperti yang dilakukan oleh rakan sekutu politiknya PKR dan DAP. Pas seharusnya menilai semula gabungannya dengan PKR dan DAP demi masa depan politik Pas itu sendiri jika Pas benar-benar berjuang atas landasan Islam sebenar. Tindakan PKR dan DAP membuat bantahan melalui cara yang tidak Islamik dan bercanggah dengan perlembagaan negara hendaklah diambil kira secara serius oleh PAS dalam membuat penilaian semula kedudukan Pas dalam gabungan Pakataqn Rakyat.

    Sekian, terima kasih dan Wassalam.

  2. mubarakchan May 23,2013 1:37 AM


    For Commentator who commented on May 16 8.42 a.m. Sorry to say you are just a patronising and sanctimonous fool who should not try to ask others to suck eggs when you do not know how.

    THE FACT IS THE VERY CHINESE DAP, THE VERY RICH PKR, THE VERY PIOUS PAS LOST BIG IN THE 13TH GENERAL ELECTIONS. See at the 14th General Elections if you survive that long !

  3. HBT456 May 16,2013 9:18 AM

    c. Politicians with tainted image should move to the back stage for revival to avoid domino effect.

    d. Politicians with good education background, trust, skills, professionalism is a MUST to move a head.

    To my disappointment, BN as usual beundur ke tempat lain yang lebih selamat kepada mereka base on ideologi, bukan kuasa ekonomi.

    If BN losses out more in urban area that lay eggs, is there any area safe enough for BN to win in next general election?

    When people are poor, they tend to be easily rasuah atau lobi.

    When people are highly educated and have more economic power, they will work harder to sustain their lifestyle since they have paid advance for their meritocracy.

    BN suka cantas mencantas sesuka hati untuk mendapat kuasa pemerintahan tanpa peduli adakah mereka ini dah ready or not dengan memperkasakan Bahasa Melayu.

    Apakah perasaan itu apabila rakyat mencantas MP dan WR dengan Pakatan Rakyat?

    The more you want non-Malays to master your language and religion, the more non-Malays will stay with MB and PR in the times of uncertainties, opportunities, challenges and risks in the next 5 years.

    What BN does not want to do, but PR can do willingly janji mereka menang kuasa pemerintah, and of course, kuasa ekonomi dunia.

  4. HBT456 May 16,2013 8:42 AM

    Mubarak Chan,

    I understand you guys in the past are only interested to sit in the Cabinet to acquire power to exploit and squeeze Chinese community dry in order to rich BN cronies when Chinese community is afraid of change, do not dare to take risks nor challenges to move out of comfort zone.

    By the end of the day, MCA and Gerakan needs Bumi, Indian and of course UMNO votes + manipulation + abuse of power to stay in power.

    General election has sentimental values to preserve our traditions, religion, eating habits and cultures to transform us to the next level.

    Ask yourself, Mubarak Chan these 2 questions since so much income of the country has spent in this BN campaign which BN members have enough income to sustain for 12 months:-

    a. Is BN needs votes to form new Federal Government via political coalition power?

    b. Are voters needs PR to form new Federal Government via people’s power?

    Tricky, but depends on the trend of the world and also Malaysians in general to decide which coalition suits them.

  5. amin tan May 13,2013 10:47 AM

    Dear Tun,

    1. Personally as a muslim I strongly disagree and vehemently object to the usage of indelible ink on the finger because it may cause ablution to be invalid. The type used by the SPR is approved by the council of ulama. No one should ever cast aspersion or insinuate dishonest intention on any party.

    2. On the issue of using banglas to vote in favour of BN to increase the number of votes cast, it is the most preposterous and foolish claim by the Opposition. It is absolute rubbish and nonsense. We have safe guards against this form of cheating. The voting is absolutely transparent. There is no way a bangla non citizen can queue up to vote, go into a voting room, to be read his name out loud by the officer before being given a serial numbered voting slip, being counter checked by representatives from the contending candidates, then only he casts his vote. The whole process is so transparent and there should be no doubts or uncertainty about it.
    On the issue of discovery of illegal ballot boxes, if it is not a false allegation, it must be planted by the crooks or storm troopers from the Opposition PR. They seem to know every thing about the modus operandi of election cheating. Why don’t they make police report if there is blatant cheating, unless they themselves are the culprits and blame it on others.
    On the issue of popular votes, it is not the law. Those who harp on the issue of popular votes to ask BN to hand power to PR are indeed looking for trouble and face serious threat of detention for subversion and provocation. Our popular vote is based on each constituency individually and not based on total popular votes of all constituencies. YB Lim Kit Siang and YB Karpal Singh, both of whom are lawyers should know better, should advise the Chinese supporters from DAP to stop all the unlawful instigation and provocation. Similarly, American presidential candidate Al Gore won the popular votes against Mr Bush Junior but lost on constituencies.
    In conclusion, the just concluded PRU 13, is most transparent, free and fair contest of one man one vote of each constituency individually and not the summation of all individual votes to decide on the winner. The SPR has done an excellent job according to the election law of Malaysia. The Opposition can dispute the election results through legal and proper channel namely through petition in the Malaysian court of law. Street demonstration is unlawful, disruptive and subversive to civil society. I blame the authority and the police for being hesitant and lack of courage and imagination to defeat the brigands and hoodlums and the super rich tycoons who bankroll, encourage and participate in the illicit nocturnal gathering across the country.

    amin tan

  6. HBT456 May 11,2013 1:37 PM

    sentinel 3May 10, 2013 at 9:46 PM

    I felt great to see Malaysians of all young races supporting the PAS, DAP and PKR holding flags to show road users like me in the middle of the night before polling day in front of Petaling Street, KL.

    They were enjoying themselves which I personally felt it’s great for them to voice out they unhappiness in such united spirit.

    I have came to real life situation in the place that I live, the Chinese father slapped his young boy in front of the penziarah Melayu entah dari kampung mana because his boy was naughty in playing with their bikes.

    After the situation, I asked why did you slap your boy?

    He said, if he does not do it, his boy might be dipukulkan by the these visitors.

    Black-out will only make bond looses more money in the long run since the PM has created so much hatred and insecurity iwithin inter-state n Malaysia economic landscape.

    Since Mukhriz has sworn as the MB, good luck to him.

    Can he do it since his father is the master mind of the project IC to make Malaysia an Islamic country by changing our history books to fulfill his ideology of Putrajaya?

    If Najib can’t do it, I doubt hecan do it.

    Change is inevitable.

    2 party system is here to stay for the next 5 years.

    My state and national obligations are to vote state parliament for Menteri Beasar, and Malaysia for PM.

    You have hurt us too deeply in order to cover your mis-calculation.

    You put the blame on Chinese voters.

    NO to Racism.

    NO to Money Politics.

    NO to Katak Lompat.

    NO to illegal manipulators of the top echelons.

    You worked for 70 years to build what you have, but because you can’t accept defeat, you loose everything in this general election.

    You loose the trust of the people, the most expensive gift in this world.

  7. farz May 10,2013 12:37 PM

    Assalamualaikum, .
    To Rahman2012, what popular votes? never heard of popular votes exist in Malaysia except US. But even over there popular votes is not a conclusive reflection on the people’s choice. Myself, my friends, my staffs, my family, none of us ever vote in this popular votes. Rubbish!

  8. sheridan May 8,2013 10:07 PM

    Salam Tun i hope the Malays will wake up and be united like the chinese as shown in their voting. For BN i hope rule with fairness and show that the govt is fair n just while safeguarding the bumiputras.

  9. keepcalm May 7,2013 12:25 PM

    salam Tun
    I don’t know whether you will read my comment or not. but never mind. at least I can wrote down a few things that i feel. Tun, I’ve grown up looking up on you as my role-model. you ‘are’ a great leader. I use are because today, you are still a great leader. even the world recognised you as one. unfortunately, some people do not.

    I went to a religious school in my secondary years. and that was the time where I had to face lots of sneering just because I adore you, Tun. Most of the students came from families that support Parti Islam Semalaysia. they hate you because of the hudud issue. my anger boiled up and I had hit a student in my class. noted that I did that not only because of what they said about you, but that boy claimed that my family is ‘kafir’. who is he to say so? his tok guru is no god. my dad was so furious when he found out the incident. he told me that no matter what people say, keep calm and do not sway with emotion because we are civilised people.

    and now, being a college student, the situation is way different. the students are too brave to show which party they support. ‘undi itu rahsia’ is no longer work. I keep my mouth shut and pretend that I heard nothing whenever my classmates or roommates talking about political issue. I do acknowledge what is going on in our country but I feel there is no need to talk about it in public. we are still young. asasi pun tak habis lagi.

    tun, seeing what had happened during PRU13, I think there is a need to review the manifesto. why people no longer support BN? BN caters the need of the lower class but what about us? the middle class? how long we can use money to gain support? dah lama pakai umpan yang sama, baik tukar umpan baru. nanti ikan pun naik muak.

    malay people Tun, depends too much on the government. if we give too much, they will become lazy. I heard one woman said this ” alah… buat ape keje susah2 mamat oii. nanti masuk lagi duit dalam poket. BN kan menang.”

    even in Terengganu, where they gave notebooks to 5th grade students. what did the students use them for? playing games Tun. such a waste of money. orang melayu ni kena ajar hidup susah baru diorang pandai nak menghargai.

    Benarlah ini rumah kita, Makan la isi, Jangan hanya hirup kuahnya. at first I did not understand the real meaning behind the lyrics of Rumah Kita. but after my dad explained it, i can see what the song trying to convey. Tun, our youths still do not realise that. they are too obsessed with the promises made by the opposition party -free education and so on. i hope BN will do something fast to overcome this. and lastly tun, i think you should know that even the lectures are trying to instigate their students to support the opposition party. young people is easy to be influenced. please noted that.

  10. Rahman 2012 May 7,2013 9:55 AM

    Chinese Tsumani or Rakyat Tusmani?

    Although BN won the election, BN lost by popular votes.

    PR captured 5,557,993 votes or 50.39%
    BN captured 5,137,133 votes or 46.57%

    Over half of eligible Malaysian voters chose PR.
    Chinese is just a minority; they alone can’t pull this off.

    Scapegoating the Chinese seems like an easy way out.
    Shall we throw our anger at them with full fledge oppression?

    Or sit back and reflect?

  11. Pelangi Butler May 7,2013 4:19 AM

    …..salam, Tun dan semua blogger, baik yang burok mahupun yang cantek….

    Approx. 65% of the Rakyat Malaysia or dulu dinamakan Semenanjung Tanah MELAYU.. ialah orang MELAYU, yang masih menghuni dan bertungkus lumus membawa kemakmuran….& sejumlah ramai yang bersabong nyawa mempertahankan keamanan negara agar semua rakyat nya hidup tenteram dan aman….termasuk ‘rakyat’ CINA, yang tak akan berpeluang kaya kalau masih di CHINA…..jangan kata nak kaya, bercakap lebih sikit pun kena tembak…

    kalau 10% sahaja orang melayu masih mundur, miskin…..ramai tu. Orang Melayu tak pernah marah atau halang orang Cina jadi kaya, tak cemburu pun, kalau kerajaan BN nak tolong puak Bumiputera ini utk boleh ke sekolah, dapat rawatan percuma, subsidi baja dan benih, apasalahnya….mengapa cemburu wahai kawan2 Cina.

    ….hakikatnya memang depa marah…kononnya mereka aje yang cari duit untuk negara tapi diperabih kan oleh orang Melayu….engkau kaya orang tak kacau… aje lah jangan tamak, dah kaya, dah berpelajaran tinggi sebab bapak pun kaya, lupa nak beri balik sikit dan cakap terima kasih pada pemerintah dan pada Duli-Duli Yang Maha mulia raja-Raja Melayu….

    Siapa Raja-raja & pemerintah melayu…..wa orang Cina wa cuma tabik pemerintah Cina macam LKY…wa disini cuma mahu cari untung, sebab org melayu tak tahu bikin untung.

    Sekarang wa ingat wa dah kaya dan pandai….cuma 1 kurang…KUASA! Wa susah lah ini orang melayu tak kasi wa perintah ini TANAH MELAYU,,,,,ini sudah perkauman….

    Kepala otak depa ni…..tu pak menakan koran LKY kat SINGA-PURA tu….nama dulu Temasik hak orang Melayu, kesian dan baik hati punya pasal diberikan Singapura pada lu orang, tapi lu orang sudah tukar jafi SINGAPORE.. (mengapa tak dinamakan LIONPORE?)….orang melayu disana, ada keutamaan macam orang Cina disinikah….!

    ////////…..bersambong dilain siaran…mengantok!!

  12. sudin May 6,2013 12:33 PM

    Salam Tun.

    BN leaders must learn from the DAP the hypocrisy in politics. If possible to do better than the DAP at that game!

    PM Najib has announced to do his utmost best for the reconciliation of Malaysians from all races. Now, that’s a grand statement to kick-off BN’s own truly hypocritic game!

  13. SadButTrue May 6,2013 11:33 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Never before and there will never be a Malay Leader like you. You are respected and known world wide. You have brought Malaysia from a Third World Country to a world renowned country it is today! You have proven your critics and doubters wrong and show to the world that Malays can indeed lead!!! Kudos Sir.

    Even as a Singaporean Malay, I feel proud to know that there is a great leader amongst us. It’s sad that some Malaysian Malays were blinded by blatant lies by the opposition parties.

  14. HBT456 May 2,2013 1:32 PM


    If that’s the case, if UMNO looses to PAS and PKR, will Dragniz let the power of transition to be passed peacefully.

    As for the Chinese community, I am very sure they will vote DAP this time.

    As for MIC, Hindraft and PSM will take care of that.

    DAP does not mind sharing power with PAS and PKR just like what UMNO did in the past.

    Dargniz should worry more if foreign Muslims have decided to become the permanent residence here.

    PAP almost lost due to high in flow of PRC immigrants in Singapore.

    That was why both Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Mr Goh Chok Dong resigned all their posts right after the last election.

    Like what Tuntuah said, hang with your religion, gua with my religion.

  15. Tun Perak May 2,2013 11:22 AM

    Salam everyone,

    Actually LKS is a racist with “dynastic” inclination. Much so, when LKS grabbed a parliament seat , his son, daughter in-law also grab the ADUN seats in their respective areas.

    Due to his dynastic inclination, LKS and his son were expelled by DAP Melaka to Ipoh and Penang. Now, he has decided to go back to his original birth state Johor to continue the LKS dynasty within the DAP, by jumping around all over the places.

    When one jumps-around, his job of conning the people is easier. His performance at a particular location is never being evaluated and measured through garnering people votes at the second attempt at a similar location. At the first attempt, a seasoned may talk and win once through verbalising rhetoric. But at the second attempt, the reality of his talk and performance matters to the people. Now, all are not properly evaluated because he moves from Ipoh to Gelang Patah.

    I am sure , he could probably hoodwink the Chinese at Gelang Patah. He is accussing MCA as being the lackey of UMNO whereas he tries to hide that DAP is a lackey to PAS. Of course, now DAP could be called PAS-putra because they promote the chinese to vote for PAS for the general election. After all, DAP sure to lose the power even if Pakatan wins the GE because their number of parliamentary seats are less than PAS and PKR altogether.

    LKS chauvanistic called are always being remembered as racist by the Malay. He will try to provoke the “racial sentiment” as being the saviour or protector of the chinese interest in Johor. But he forgets, in Johor, the scenario is different. In the past, a Chinese ADUN or MP are supported by the Malay , in most cases, that ensures BN win the elction.

    So, if LKS managed to psycho the “mental” of the Chinese in Johor this time around, I believe that will spell the end of the “tolerance” mentality of the Malay in Johor.

  16. mubarakchan May 2,2013 11:19 AM


    For all Bloggers. HockBengTeoh456, the naked Opposition blogger accuses me of ranting about Lee Kuan Yew. Here are the true facts again culled from Singaporean and foreign sources. No rantings.


    1. Money was used as an instrument of Singapore’s Foreign Policy which killed innocent men, women and children. Our beloved Malaysia has no such blood on her hands. Vide. Thaksin and ASEAN Regional News.
    2. The dysfunctional meritocratic pyramid of ‘yes’ men with the smartest fellow on top lost US$108 Billions (RM350 Billions) of the Singaporeans Trust money in October 2008 on Wall Street. Without regard to standards, propriety, ethics, sovereignty, national interest, self-esteem. There was an abdication of powers to the riff-raff of Wall Street which were later proved to be riff-raff. The ‘yes’ men wrote beautifully crafted ‘yes’ papers to the Boss because they could say ‘no’ as they were paid World Class wages. Financial Times London. Gillian Tett. ‘Singapore’s Harvard Investment Model’ April 2010. Singapore a world class sovereign State copied a small university’s investment model. This must be the 1st country in the World to do so. All Singaporean Blogs 2009-2013. The Star. Seah Chiang Nee. Saturdays.
    3. The 2 child family Policy of the 1970s and the 1980s. This is the killer. Vide. Singapore Government White Paper Policy on Population 2013. In 1959, Lee Kuan Yew took power. Indigenous population. 100%. 2013. 62%. 2030, 45%. Apart from Hitler, no other leader screwed down his own supporters and people like this !
    4. Humanity and Multiculturalism were never practised. In the early 1970s, so many places of worship were taken down that someone had to tell the Boss. Vide. Channelnewsasia. The Curry Smell Tribunal. 188 bus drivers strike. The toilet fights. etc.

    5. A perfunctory Judiciary which is well known world-wide. Vide. Admiral Canaris was stripped naked by Hitler to demean him and hung him naked with thin piano wires. The unfortunate and fortunate Mr Chee. The unfortunate and unfortunate Tan Koon Suan. The Australian and German drug mules. Dr Woffles Wu. Shaw (if the Police stopped at 1, he would not be in trouble. But they stopped at 51. Poor girl !).
    6. 5,000 pigs are imported daily. The flower nurseries contracts. The sale of Kim Eng Securities to Maybank. etc. etc.
    7. The creation of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP in 1966 and for 47 long years their slogan ‘Malaysia for Malaysian’ was utterly divisive which cause the non-Chinese to be suspicious of the loyal, innocent and hard-working Chinese. Recently, the Singaporean Trojan DAP said,’Malaysian Politics is Malay-based.’- a 180 degree turn. THE SINGAPOREAN TROJAN HORSE DAP HAS BEEN ACTIVATED TO CRUSH THE BN AS LED BY THE UMNO WITH THE 14 COMPONENT PARTIES AND CONQUER OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA SO THAT THE BRILLIANT LEE KUAN YEW WITH HIS 8 FAILED POLICIES save his reputation and legacy for the Singaporeans.
    8. Lee Kuan Yew has been in power since 1959 to 2013 – 55 years. During this period, our beloved Malaysia has had 6 democratically elected Prime Ministers.

    The above-mentioned factual informations on HockBengTeoh456’s hero, idol, etc the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 8 failed policies are what HockBengTeoh456 wanted me to SUPPRESS and leave it in the failed State of Singapore. These HockBengTeoh456 calls my “rantings’.

    Vote BN. All Malaysians. Please note that the Opposition troublemakers on this Blog are off-key and do not know how to respond. See how dangerous HockBengTeoh456 is, dividing us Malaysians through religion, race and rubbish. THIS BRAINWASHED ROBOT IS NOW NAKED !

  17. mubarakchan May 2,2013 10:40 AM


    For all Bloggers and yusof69, mnmn, sexikurma, HockBengTeoh456, the Age…etc who will leave us after 5 May 2013.

    Hear this ! Hear This ! In Europe, if you buy beefburger you may get horseburger or porkburger. Sounds familiar is it not ?

    In our beloved Malaysia, we are told by the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, if you vote DAP you will get PAS, if you vote PAS you will get DAP and if you vote PKR you get nothiing.
    In Europe, we are told it is not CHEATING, it is only MISLABELLING. This is a good one !

    Vote BN. All Malaysians. You vote BN you will get BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties which had delivered the goodies as promised for over 55 years and will do the same and more for the next 55 years. The BN does not deliver horseburgers or porkburgers ! That’s for sure !

  18. Dragniz May 2,2013 10:23 AM

    Dear HBT,

    That can be change inside BN itself and no need other ‘BS’ party like DAP & PKR to choose for.

    Besides DAP & PKR leaders already show their ‘FK’ weakness through a history. History in moral, decision making, government and etc.

    They were a failed politicians..

    Example, who is the 1st person said that he was not confident that Penang bridge can be build in Penang Island? The answer is LKS. Now all the Chinese in Penang were using this bridge to cross the island. I know LKS is confident but through his racist nature, he state that he wasn’t. Then do this racist leader with its party can help all Malaysian? I’m ‘FK’ doubt that.

    Second, we all know in 1998 world economy crisis, who is the person that ask for IMF help that would put our country in ‘FK’ terrible debt if he succeed. Luckily it is our national hero Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad that save us of our misery. The answer is Anwar Ibrahim. Now all Malaysians were live happily with their love ones and get enough food and drinks and other necessity items to live for without feeling a burden effects of IMF debt. Tell me, do we need a leader that only thinking about himself? no we not need that kind of monster.

    And one last thing you said about, ‘The Malays are living in hell, they do not feed one another.’ Do I misheard you? or do I hear like ‘The Malays are living hell because some of the racist chinese don’t even ‘FK’ care about them but we were in comfort zone because the Malays still not abandon us although we do the same to them’.

    Then, if you’re not a racist Chinese HBT, please do not hurt with my statements.

  19. HBT456 May 2,2013 9:16 AM

    Of course, Dr Chua perceived his rival supporters intimidated him.

    But these supporters are civilians, entrepreneurs, mereka tak pakai uniform BN, property tax payers and EPF contributors who have the rights to express their hope for the new government.

    But, Dr Chua makan pencen.

    Presidents come and go, Dr Chua is no exception when democracy is maturing to avoid conflict of interests.

    His boy can stay.

  20. HBT456 May 2,2013 8:23 AM

    terong pipit,

    I think you have forgotten that each state has their own Sultan, therefore, we have Menteri Besar.

    You are Malay and Muslim, but do you know that Malay and Bumiputra do not have the right not to obey their Sultan under Keluhuran dan Perlembagaan Rukun Prinsip # 4?

    The Malays are living in hell, they do not feed one another.

    I certainly hope that UMNO will not be terrorized and made the wrong decision emotionally as general election will be held in every 5 years.

    Mereka makan pencen, mereka tidak contribute EPF.

    If UMNO is not careful with this, our fiscal cliff will climb higher that would pushed inflation higher in order to stimulate economic activities.

    If PRC civil government can abolished the afternoon nap today, it means PRC is ready to march forward.

    If Indians can be united in standing up to punish police and rapist via common law, nothing is impossible.

    What about Putrajaya?

    Scare investors away by shouting for nationalism like what UMNO did in 1998?

  21. terong pipit May 2,2013 7:24 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun, semoga Tun senantiasa dikurniakan Allah kesihatan yang baik. Saya ingin menyuarakan pendapat saya agar dipertimbangkan dengan sebaik-baiknya. Saya yakin dengan izin Allah swt BN akan menang besar dalam PRU13 ini.
    Saya amat marah dan kecewa melihat sebilangan peniaga-peniaga yang mendapat projek daripada kerajaan tapi langsung tidak bersyukur dan berterimakasih malah membantu pembangkang untuk menjatuhkan kerajaan yang ada.
    Oleh itu saya mencadangkan agar UMNO membuka katering di setiap kawasan-kawasan agar wang dan hasil tidak jatuh ke tangan pembangkang. Mereka yang menyokong pembangkang dan secara terang-terangan harus diajar dan diberi kesedaran untuk bersyukur kepada Allah dan berterima kasih kepada kerajaan yang ada.

  22. manolito May 2,2013 3:34 AM

    It will be good if you post this article in Bahasa Malaysia too
    I think this issue is due the chauvinist culture of being greedy, winner-takes-all and selfish mentality. They want to control all – economy, politics, social. Little do they care that if a minority group in a country control all major aspects/pillars of a country, there will be resentment from the majority group, and hence will cause instability.
    It will be good if the government can be a catalyst to help the majority group in this country to progress in SME industries, to break the monopolies/cartels of the dominant group in certain businesses like retail. The Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia is a good model, just extend this model to other businesses like hardware shops, car repair shops, food distribution etc

  23. seasons21 May 2,2013 2:17 AM

    Back in 1998, you knew that Anwar was coming for you after he had crushed Tun Ghafar Baba. I don’t know to what extend you know of what’s happening then. I’m pretty much clueless as to what happened behind the scene. I guess you knew anwar had the financial power to go for the PM post and his previous post as Finance Minister was enabling him to move large funds in and out without the “control” of Bank Negara. After all, he is the chief anyway when it comes to Financial stuff in Malaysia back then. He was amassing wealth ever since the beginning. So many banks, with invisibility and connections…he was filthy rich. But he needed more. He wants the top post. He wants you out. You saw that, and decided to act before it’s too late. I admire you. Your tactics in politics. It was not perfect, but it was good enough for us to prosper.

    I never was interested but I guess it’s time that I do my fair share in Politics. I’m in the medical field, and the evidence-based medicine has taught me to act based on evidence. I tried to find the connections of it all, but I guess someone inside the circle of what happened would be a good start. Even without trying, the evidence about Anwar is already worrying enough for me to have a good night sleep for the upcoming PRU13.

    like you, I don’t know much of economics and finance. I’m not the best but I believe I am good enough. I wish you the best of health.

    Ps : Would love to have a chat with you.

  24. Age_of_Enlightenment May 1,2013 11:28 PM

    Salam Tun,

    1. Mubarak Chan

    Mubarak Chan says
    “For yusof69, sexikurma, mnmn, HockBengTeoh456, the Age…etc who will leave us after 5th May 2013.”

    I am leaving this blog after 5th May ? Well, MC, that is news to me. I never knew i would be leaving this blog after that date, but since your crystal ball says so you must be right then, as like in so many other things.

    The thing is MC, Malay voters do not care much for Singapore. What goes on in Singapore stays in Singapore. I feel sorry for you as if you are talking just to yourself with the many LKY rants. Maybe Malaysian Chinese can identify with you, i however doubt it very much. Out of 10 of my Chinese friends, only 1 still with BN.

    2. Rumah Allah

    The recent BN advert of “Rumah Allah” is to me a very good one, it sure scares the hell out of Malay voters, especially rural Peninsular voters !

    However it can backfire. Religious Malays might run en massse to PAS ! i.e. they become more religious and leave the sins of BN behind them.

    I do not agree with the Churches complaining. It is BNs democratic right to use religion to get votes. And there is nothing much to complain about either, what are you guys complaining about ?, it is just a picture of a Church for Christ’s sake !

    Thank You Tun

  25. mubarakchan May 1,2013 8:43 PM


    For yusof69, sexikurma, mnmn, HockBengTeoh456, the Age…etc who will leave us after 5th May 2013.



    Not only did the PAP Government of Singapore lost this horrific amount of money being US$108 Billions (RM350 Billions), it breached the norms of proper governance eg. NO TRANSPARENCY, STANDARDS, PROPRIETY, ETHICS, SOVEREIGNTY, NATIONAL INTEREST, SELF-ESTEEM . etc.

    Vote BN. All Malaysians. Your future and your money for yourselves, families, and friends will be in safe hands. This is no joke.

  26. Tuntuah May 1,2013 5:26 PM

    Orang mesia ni bodoh belaka.
    they never think that air mani tu bukan boleh buat kat dapar mcm bancuh teh, horlick

    Nak dapat air mani kene ade ransangan.
    ni jumper air mani dalam dubur saiful pun masih tak percaya. Depa kata suntik dlm dubur la.

    They never ask where the air mani coming from?

    Mmg bodoh org mesia ni

    Saam bodoh macam hbt, kit siang, kapal sign

    Mng bodoh!!!!!! Lol

  27. Hera May 1,2013 5:06 PM

    Hello Malaysia Malay, beware of DAP they are same as PAP in Singapore, they are brothers.
    Singapore government in reality does in what ever cost to delete the “Malayu” names in any history related to “Singapura”. The last they menage to delete the “Melayu” word in Singapura history is “Kerataapi Tanah Melayu” (KTM). It is gone for even now and the Singapore Malay can never claim that they are the origin of “Temasek”, so please Malaysia Malay be 1 Malaysian to protect our belove land so call “Tanah Melayu” Vote for UMNO / BN

  28. DatukManis May 1,2013 3:01 PM

    Asmkm YBhg Tun

    My prayer for your good-health and many blessing from Allah, insylh

    LKS is a product of communist upbringing from S’pore. Communist S’pore tried many times to take over M’sia after World War II ended. S’pore totalitarian state will one day collapse with internal revolution and violence. For Johorean, prepare yourself for this event to happen, spare no evil but rule with patriotic commonsense.

    Betul ke>


    Communism: PAS, PAP, DAP, PKR, apa yg sama (logo, ideology, pendekatan, vision .…..)

    A nice idea (Everyone is equal, everything is shared, Negara Kebajikan like S’pore totalitarian state) but one that falls to bits when greedy humans get in the way.
    True communism has never been achieved on any significant scale in known history.

    Pendokong fahaman komunis, logo bulat:

    (1) PAS people action society, Persatuan Tindakan Rakyat, formed in 1951, under secret iniitiative by communist S’pore using ‘Islam’ for the Malays during Malay uprising after World War II, caused sectarian riot in 1977, Kelantan.

    (2) PAP people action party, Parti Tindakan Rakyat, formed 1954, banned in M’sia in 1966, caused racial riot between Malays & Chinese in 1964, S’pore.

    (3) DAP democratic action party, Parti Tindakan Demokratik, formed 1966 by PAP, caused racial riot between Malays & Chinese in 1969, M’sia. Using symbol rocket mortar during guerilla warfare with M’sian security forces

    (4) PKR people justice party, Parti Keadilan Rakyat, formed 1998, caused serious widespread communism via internet and alternative media

    The truth of communist totalitarian movement against solidarity of UMNO, MCA, MIC is now appearing after many years of silence. Kenalilah kawan2 kita yg menjadi pendokong ini…..

  29. sudin May 1,2013 1:40 PM

    Salam Tun.

    Anwar kaki peliwat. Demikianlah yang sebenar2nya!!!
    Bacalah pengakuan berikut, dan banyak lagi berita berkaitan akan disiarkan dalam masa terdekat:

    [[…..Bekas Timbalan Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR),Dr. Chandra Muzaffar mendedahkan salah satu sebab utama beliau meninggalkan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim pada Februari 2001 adalah kerana tabiat seks Ketua Pembangkang itu.Chandra berkata,walaupun pernah mempertahankan Ketua Pembangkang sewaktu pertuduhan liwat pada 1997,kepercayaannya lebur selepas dua pegawai kanan diplomatik mendedahkan Singapura sudah lama menyimpan bukti aktiviti homoseksual Anwar.

    “Bekas Perdana Menteri Singapura,Lee Kuan Yew dalam satu mesyuarat dengan pegawai kanan diplomatik Malaysia pada 1993 memberitahu beliau pelik kenapa Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed tidak memecat Anwar kerana perisikan Singapura mempunyai bukti Anwar homoseksual,” katanya.

    Beliau berkata demikian ketika berucap sebagai ahli panel pada Forum Nasional : Pakatan Tak Sepakat – Apa Kata Mereka anjuran Majlis Perundingan Melayu (MPM) di Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia di sini hari ini.Pada 2010,sebuah akhbar Australia yang memperoleh maklumat sulit WikiLeaks mendedahkan,Kuan Yew pernah memberitahu agensi Risikan Kebangsaan Australia (ONA) bahawa beliau mempercayai Anwar melakukan aktiviti liwat bersama seorang pembantu lelakinya,Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.Maklumat yang diperoleh daripada kabel Jabatan Negara Amerika Syarikat bertarikh November 2008 turut mendedahkan agensi perisikan Singapura mempercayai Anwar terlibat dalam aktiviti homoseksual berasaskan bukti risikan teknikal, yang dilakukan agensi itu, dipercayai melalui kaedah pintasan komunikasi.

    Dalam perkembangan yang sama, bekas Naib Presiden PKR,Datin Saidatil Badru Tun Said Keruak berkata,beliau secara peribadi percaya dan yakin Anwar seorang yang ‘berpenyakit’.Sehubungan itu beliau meminta Presiden PKR dan juga isteri Anwar,Datin Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail tidak lagi bersubahat dengan individu seperti itu.Sepatutnya beliau berkata,Anwar diberikan nasihat dan dalam masa sama Penasihat PKR itu perlu meminta maaf kepada semua pihak.”Saya ketika dahulu tidak yakin dengan tuduhan yang dilemparkan kepada Anwar tetapi kini saya yakin bahawa Anwar sangat berbahaya.Saya minta Anwar meminta maaf kerana beliau mempunyai ‘penyakit’.Tidak guna kita bersubahat dengan individu sebegini.Saya juga kasihan terhadap apa yang menimpa sahabat saya. Kita jangan beri peluang kepada Anwar dan bagaimana kita boleh seorang ketua yang ‘berpenyakit’ sebegini?,” ujarnya.

    Sementara itu, Profesor Pendidikan Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia,Prof. Datuk Dr. Sidek Baba mengulangi kenyataannya sebelum ini yang bertindak meninggalkan Anwar selepas menyiasat dan menemu bual 28 individu yang mempunyai kaitan dengan pemimpin pembangkang tersebut. Bermula dengan bekas Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan sehingga kepada Datuk Zulkifli Noordin dan Senator Mohamad Ezam Mohd. Noor yang turut ‘membuang’ Anwar,semuanya memiliki alasan tersendiri mengapa mereka berbuat tindakan sedemikian.”Selepas siasatan itu, saya mengambil keputusan untuk meninggalkan Anwar. Selama 30 tahun saya berkawan dengan beliau dan saya tinggalkan beliau kerana masalah integriti moral serta hubungannya dengan pelobi asing.Pakar rujuk saya adalah Dr. Chandra. “Masih terakam dalam hansard Parlimen pada 1997, Karpal Singh kata Anwar seorang peliwat.Tetapi kini Pengerusi DAP itu pula kata Anwar layak menjadi Perdana Menteri. Itu belum lagi soal kalimah Allah yang menyaksikan Anwar bersekongkol dengan pakatan pembangkang dan inilah sebabnya saya harus menolak Anwar,” tegasnya…..]]

  30. HBT456 May 1,2013 1:22 PM

    If BN has utilized their political campaign fund by giving the priority to the employees first, we will not see foreign workers doing the job of setting up by these foreign labors.

    PM makan pencen, PM tak contribute EPF.

    PM kuat pakai duit rakyat M’sia since Mahathir, and now Najib.

    Hanya kasi duit rakyat kepada parti BN.

    That’s why anak2 Malaysia kita mahu UBAH, Ini Kalilah.

  31. mubarakchan May 1,2013 12:42 PM


    All Bloggers. Fellow compatriots. Hear this ! Hear thia !


    No sensible citizen of our beloved Malaysia should VOTE such a selfish individual into the HIGHEST OFFICE IN THE LAND.

    Vote BN. All Malaysians. Unted we must stop these very rich men and those more very rich men to buy and grab the power to rule over us. AFTER ALL THEY ARE ALL VERY VERY RICH AND YET THEY ARE SO GREEDY AS TO SEEK POWER TO RULE OVER US. Enjoy yourself very rich men and leave us alone in our beloved Malaysia.

  32. 1Msia_Ali May 1,2013 12:37 PM

    Dear Mutley,
    Thank you for your info. It was eye opening to see the analysis done by Jebat Must Die. Definitely bring a different perspective of the May 13 riot. Allah will only know the truth.

    It is also worth noting that besides DAP, Gerakan was also an instigator of the riot. I wonder why BN never highlight that, but focusing on attacking DAP. Also, the analysis didn’t seem to suggest Lim Kit Siang was involved. So, Lim may be correct that he was in Sabah during the whole time.

    Thank you for your help. Signing out.

  33. Tuntuah May 1,2013 11:29 AM

    I have told this so many times. Chinese like kit siang is racist n the chinese will help it race wat ever happen because they are racist people number one.

    Kit siang is not happy when mca pass the gelang patah seat to umno. Why? Because if he wins then it is a prove that chinese are racist people. Dap is racist party. And he is racist bastard.

    If ghani or umno lost at gelang patah it is show that the chinese dont like 1malaysia at all. The like 1 chinese. They will show the world that they are racist. This cannot be deny even hbt456 cannot deny it at all because the chinese are racist master.

    I have told u that my grand pa defended the chinese before this but i will not do the same. I dont like 1malaysia so hbt if u feel bad, i am sorry about it. Ur kaum started it and we just follow, i just following the tide. I really hope the tide becoming tsunami.

    I can mingle with any kaum but if the kaum try to be mao zedong, try to rule this tanah melayu, watch out. I dont care if the world label me racist, as long i can help my race to usir the pendatang that try to rule our land like kit siang, hbt or else.

    Definitely i vote umno, umnoputra or wat ever u like to call it.

  34. sibotak May 1,2013 9:16 AM









  35. amin tan May 1,2013 5:11 AM

    Dear Tun,

    As a Kelantanese, I have never failed to attend nomination day in Jeli since 1995, the year my sixth form classmate, Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohammed, first took part in the General Election to elect members of parliament and people’s representative for the State legislative assembly across the country. At 9 am Sunday, 20th April 2013, I was in the front role among thousands of supporters wearing the red t-shirt of ‘gelombang merah’ (red tidal wave to change the Kelantan state government).
    In 1995, Jeli was a god forsaken faraway hamlet of a few houses located in virgin jungle. After almost 20 years, Datuk Pa has brought real and tangible development to Jeli in Kelantan. Today, we witness the establishment of a full fledge university located on a 300 acres of scenic site, a MRSM, a GIAT mara, a well equipped 20 bed clinic, Primary and secondary schools well built and well equipped, a fully boarded Quran school and a modern central mosque for the town of Jeli. Jeli has good roads and adequate infrastructure raising the standards of living of Jeli folks.
    People of Jeli are fortunate to have Datuk Pa, a hard working and responsible parliamentarian. Datuk Pa scored a First Class Honours in Economics from Melbourne University in Australia and has a Master degree in Development Economics from Boston University in America in 1982.
    Datuk Pa has bequeathed to the people of Jeli a good infrastructure to uplift the standard of living of the local voters. The rural folks of Jeli are fortunate to have such brilliant and responsible federal Minister who is visionary, selfless and dedicated to be their representative in the Malaysian Parliament. Datuk Pa is a man of scant or few words but of hard work and dedication towards duty.

    In this PRU 13 , the federal government has appointed Datuk Pa to lead and spearhead Barisan Nasional to capture Kelantan from the Opposition, PAS. Datuk Pa is the most fitting personality for the job as he is the epitome of the exact opposite of the PAS government which has plenty of eloquent rhetoric, spin and propaganda and no tangible and physical development or work done. Kelantan still has congested roads, no new investment therefore employment of work force since 20 years ago when Kelantan was first administered by the theocratic regime of PAS.
    Now is the time, with the new Prime Minister of Datuk Seri Najib working closely with Datuk Pa, Kelantanese should grab the opportunity to partake in the new beginning or renaissance of tangible physical development for the next 5 years and beyond. Otherwise, Kelantanese would forever live in the rural dreamland of paradise in the hereafter as promised by the ulama of PAS. Hidup dalam khayalan syurga di akhirat nanti tetapi serambi mekah mundur duniawi, jalan sempit berdebu dan kereta usang.

    amin tan

  36. Mutley May 1,2013 2:25 AM

    To 1Msia_Ali,
    Let try to help Tun
    The Regent of Perak put to task people who write destructive political books in order to satisfy their own selfish agenda. His Majesty had commented on something that is very crucial in highlighting the despicable act of rewriting our history to fit a certain ulterior motive. What more, all the so-called facts presented in the books are highly presumptuous, misguided and intended only to achieve a divisive propaganda.
    One such book that I would like to highlight is the book by Dr Kua Kia Soong entitled : Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969″.
    From reading the book, readers will ultimately come to three conclusions:
    1) Tun Abdul Razak masterminded the May 13 racial riots as a form of coup d’etat from Tunku Abdul Rahman
    2) Datuk Harun Idris led Umno Youths to spontaneously launched an unprovoked attack towards the chinese people
    3) The racial riots were not the fault of the racist opposition or the subversive communist movement
    These are the conclusions the author of the said book would like his readers to believe. He strengthened his thesis by providing several dockets of ‘declassified documents’ in his book.
    Now, from the term ‘declassified document’, what does a layman normally associate it with?
    It must have been a top secret document sanctioned by the government to be kept as classified and confidential from the eyes of the public. It must have been documents with valid and unshakable truths that are so damning, it would have been prudent to be kept as a secret. Correct?
    But as you read the book, these ‘declassified documents’ were nothing more than articles taken from the now defunct Far Eastern Economic Review magazine. Its writer, a journalist named Bob Reece communicated directly with the FEER’s HQ in London and British High Commission.
    These documents were ‘obtained’ by Kua Kia Soong from the Public Records Office in Kew Gardens, London – and so he stated in his book.
    In fact, these were the documents deemed by Kua Kia Soong as the priceless ‘declassified documents’. They have no intrinsic value and were not data laden with factual analyses except to notify the readers that the documents were actually, only a personal opinion of a British journalist!
    Kua Kia Soong rubbished all the investigative research and study of the White Paper of the NOC on what actually had happened. He relied mainly on Bob Reece’s writings and dispatches between foreign correspondents.
    If he thinks that his book is a thorough research and also the definitive version of what had really happened 40 years ago, then he is gravely mistaken.
    This book can safely be classified as a highly prejudice book vent on achieving a specific propaganda which is detrimental to the nation’s social harmony. Why do I say that? Please refer to the three lies conclusions above.
    This article came about from what Raja Nazrin had said three weeks ago:
    If this trend continues to grow, I fear that it will create an unhealthy writing culture, a writing culture which nurtures lies, a writing culture which is unethical and ready to ignore fact, and one that will have a negative influence on the development of the people’s minds.
    And this article will try its best to straighten and debunk the propaganda which had been swimming within the minds of the ignorant racists.
    Now in order to ascertain what really happened that day, we need to study it holistically. Kua Kia Soong had purposely left out vital events preceding May 13. I would have thought a research director with a doctorate would have been more diligent in espousing his hypothesis. One must always begin with the root cause, the trigger, the reaction and finally the aftermath. In a historical event of this magnitude, one must evaluate every event that took place in chronological order before we can decide on the conclusion. One must know the historical background of the mood of the people on that day.
    Instead, he concluded them before making the research and work on it backwards. That is why the book was written in a manner which denigrated Tun Abdul Razak as a chinese killer and a usurper of Tunku Abdul Rahman. After making this conclusion, he then proceeded in cherry picking excerpts from the so-called ‘declassified’ documents (which were nothing but mere telegrams and wired news) of British field reporters to justify his conclusion.
    That is a flawed approach and it does not work that way.
    Extracted from THE 13TH MAY 1969 RACIAL RIOTS
    The True and Fair View Analysis by:
    Jebat Must Die
    If you want read more download it here

  37. sudin May 1,2013 2:24 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Allow me to give a matter-of-facts response to ‘Ahmad the Cina bukit’, who even cowed to use his rightful Chinese name.
    Thus another warga emas Cina bukit in an identical mould as the ‘late’ ecompute!
    At least the latter has the decency of not using & hiding under a Malay name.

    ‘Ahmad’ the warga emas Cina bukit who seems to be in complete ignorance of happenings but somehow chose to contradictorily create amateurish slanderous garbages meant for all visitors of chedet to laugh out loud!!

    Do you know that Vincent Tan was once Anwar’s favourite bapak ayam, in the same league as Nalla? Anwar the finance minister then rewarded them well, not by Dr. M!!
    Whenever Anwar’s “desire” became uncontrollable Vincent Tan was ever ready to help out! Anwar is a sex maniac!!
    Of course ‘Ahmad the Cina bukit’ never heard kit siang was then continually questioning “why is Anwar so close with Vincent Tan?”. Same thing when Kapal Sink announced to having proof of Anwar’s liwat!!

    Do you know that YTL (syarikat pembinaan yang nak bankrup, as told by the all-knowing ‘Ahmad Cina bukit’) bought over Yeoh Cheng Liam, their biggest competitor then, just to kill off the latter’s business and hence competition? Such drastic action by a near bankrupt company??

    Do you know TRI, Tajudin’s flagship that controls listed Malaysian Helicopter, Celcom, etc borrowed US$billions?
    Of course ‘Ahmad Cina bukit’ never knew Anwar allowed Soros & gang to manipulate the Malaysian Ringgit that was made to depreciate from RM2.4 @ US$1 to become RM4.2 @ US$1, and this caused borrowings by TRI/Tajudin to almost doubled in RM.
    Tajudin, Halim Saad of Renong, and many others MUST SELL!!
    Jadi saham2 mereka to terpaksa dijual, bukan dipaksa.

    ‘Ahmad Cina bukit’, the next time you write do yourself a favour: DO NOT EXPOSE YOUR IGNORANCE TO THE WORLD!!!
    Kenapalah warga emas ‘Ahmad the Cina bukit’ ni bongok sangat!
    Dah tu pulak, kalau ajak berbicara nak explain dengan lebih mendalam mesti takut nak jumpa.

  38. Age_of_Enlightenment May 1,2013 12:41 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Tidak betul kata Ahmad “Tamrin berkata Tan Sri Ghazali Shafie yang memberitahu kapada dia.” Yang Tamrin kata “ini telah di beritahu oleh bapak saya sendiri, sebelum dia mati”.

    Tapi bapak dia, Ghaffar Baba, pun telah meninggal dunia juga. Jadi sekali lagi semua memandang ke arah Tun, dan saya echo kata2 Ahmad, Apa komen Tun ?

    Mengikut Tamrin, dan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, ia adalah “mini-coo” yang di rancang oleh UMNO.

    Saya tidak peduli siapa yang mulakan 13 May, akan tetapi saya ingin tahu sejarah sebenarnya, dari sudut pandangan orang atas, sebab saya orang bawah waktu itu dan masih orang bawah sekarang, dan saya serta keluarga telah di serang dengan tak pasal.

    Jadi saya nak lah tahu, walau pun dah banyak saya baca, kerana dari “horses’ mouth” saya tidak pernah dapat tahu.

    Cerita dan pandangan dari bawah tak payah saya ceritakan lagi, sebab semua kawan UMNO/Perkasa saya akan mengambil kesempatan melompat menuduh macam2 pada orang Cina, dan mengertak saya dengan pelbagai cara. 13 May adalah titik hitam di dalam sejarah Malaysia, dan saya ingin ia kekal sebagai sejarah.

    Terima Kasih Tun

  39. hajar May 1,2013 12:34 AM

    Salam YAB & diKasihi Tun,

    DAP ialah ANAK DIDIK PAP…Untuk senyapkan/lenyapkan musuh politik, mereka akan saman sampai bankrupt…

    Karpal kata beliau akan tangkap dan hadapkan Tun ke mahkamah jika PR menang pada PRU-13 nanti. Tapi, saya percaya Karpal kena LANGKAH dulu banyak ”mayat” penyokong & rakyat yang akan berusaha untuk mempertahan/membela Tun jika beliau cuba buat perkara bodoh tersebut. Takkanlah kerana Tun kata Kit Siang rasis, Tun patut ditangkap dan didakwa. Memang tidak masuk akal betul. Yang peliknya mereka boleh pula tuduh orang lain rasis walaupun mereka yang sebenarnya rasis.

    Lagi satu kenapa Karpal tidak teruskan niat beliau untuk ambil tindakan ke atas Tun selepas 3 hari dia beri kata-dua supaya Tun mohon maaf? Dia ingat Tun akan ”takut & kecut perut” dengan ugutan beliau, lalu terus memohon maaf…Saya bangga & kagum dengan cara Tun yang berani untuk menegakkan kebenaran dalam apa juga situasi – BERANI KERANA BENAR.

    Tun, si ”Ahmad” sebenarnya sedang MENGHASUT orang Melayu supaya membenci Tun dengan memburuk-burukkan Tun – cara ini sudah lapok. Jika tidak kerana kesungguhan Kerajaan pimpinan Tun dan PM yang lain-lain membantu bangsa Melayu, maka tiadalah ramai profesional Melayu pada masa sekarang. Mungkin saya sendiri yang berasal dari kampong masih lagi meneruskan kerja-kerja kampong yang pendapatannya tidak seberapa; masa kecil pun kena buat kerja dan saya tahu betapa susah untuk dapatkan duit dengan melakukan kerja di kampong; kena membanting tulang. Sekarang boleh hidup senang walaupun bukan ”billlionairre” sebab saya pun bukan mata duitan.

    Saya yakin BN akan menang dengan majoriti dua pertiga pada PRU-13.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT lindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  40. OssO May 1,2013 12:29 AM

    Para penyokong PKR sakit mental dan jiwa..sindrom Anwar LGBT

    Para penyokong PAS sakit ilmu insim yg sesat dan buta, pekak..

    Para penyokong DAP ..khas sekali Cina ada muslihat mau taluki Tanah Melayu..

    Para penyokong India.HINDRAF byk putar belit..mcm lalang mana angin tiup ikut.. Kiri kanan depan belakang.. Dulu sokong kuat PR..bila kena buihkan. Skrng nak bodek BN ..Hahahahaha..hehehehehe

  41. sibotak May 1,2013 12:29 AM




  42. 1Msia_Ali May 1,2013 12:13 AM

    Salam Tun,
    I read news that Mohd Tamrin Abdul Ghafar, the son of Tun Ghafar Baba and the former Batu Berendam MP, said that May 13, 1969 riots was the outcome of a “mini coup” orchestrated by Umno leaders including Tun.

    The claim was actually supported by an academician Kua Kia Soong that the racial clash in 1969 was the result of a coup d’état by then deputy premier Abdul Razak Hussein against the Tunku, and that Tun supported it.

    Tun, can you please explain the claims above? You’re my beloved leader and I would like you to clear this claim.

    It will be really sadden if the incidents are true.

  43. zahar01 May 1,2013 12:05 AM

    En. Ahmad, saya rasa awak ni kecewa, tak dapat apa yang awak mau dari Tun, jangan marah nyamuk , kelambu dibakar, cuba berfikir secara rasional, buka minda, buka mata dan hati, jangan cakap macam ilmu tu dah terlalu tinggi, nama nama yang terjunam dan naik yang awak sebut tu, terlalu kecil untuk dijadikan rujukan, nama yang awak sebut yang memberi maklumat kejadian 13/5/69 pun berkajang masalah sendiri, cuba cakap betul betul, apa yang awak mau ni! Jangan jual maruah dan negara kerana segengam nasi…..

  44. Wong Apr 30,2013 11:38 PM

    Salam Semua. Tumpang Lalu … Jika anda Rakyat Malaysia sila jawab soalan mudah berikut yang bertajuk Tanpa NEW ORDER dan TANPA CAMPUR TANGAN ASING Untuk Menghancurkan Malaysia. Di … Terima Kasih.

  45. ahmad Apr 30,2013 10:46 PM

    Kapada pedang Allah dan Sudin.

    Kenapa marah kapada saya.Dari tulisan saudara,nampaknya saudara maseh muda.

    Saya kenal Tun sejak tahun 1969 lagi.Rumah saya di Jitra dan rumah Tun di Titi Gajah.Rumah batu paling besar tersergam di tepi jalan.Tun mempunyai MAHA klinik di Alor Star.Naik kereta Holden .Tun yang terkenal sabagai ultra Melayu di tahun 70 han keana tindakan nya mengkritik Tengku yang katanya amat pro Cina.,telah menjadi Saoang yang merosakkan bangsa Melayu sejak ia menjadi PM tahun 1981.
    Daripada saoang yang Anti Cina menjadi saang yang Pro Cina.Sekarang ini satelah berhenti menjadi PM,mahu kembali menjadi saorang yang anti Cina dan ultra Melayu.
    Tun taknusah nak temberang la.Orang Melayu tak mudah lupa.

    Cuba kita lihat apa sumbangan Tun dalam ekonomi Orang Melayu samasa Tun menjadi PM

    Tan Sri Vincent Tan,dari saorang broker a dan agen insurance menjadi Billionair.Kerja siapa.Tun Mahathir.
    Yeo Tiang Lay (YTL) dari sabuah yarikat pembinaan yang hendak bankrup pada tahun 1994, ‘menjadi Billionair kerana TUN Mahathir memberikan kapadanya lesen power plant di Paka dengan kadar yang tinggi.Cuba tanya Aini Arope,Pengerusi TNB.
    Ananda Krisnan,dari broker minyak,menjadi billionair kerana di beri lesen telekom,Astro,Powerplant,dan project Twin tower petronas.Siapa yang memberi lesen ini.Tun Mahathir.
    Kenapa PNB,Kooperasi Polis,Moccis,Kooperasi Tentera,tidak menjadi pemegangbsaham syarikat ini.

    Apa yang terjadi dengan peniaga Melayu.Tan Sri Tajuddin,anak kedah,telah di paksa menjual saham CELCOM nya kapada Telekom.Sekarang Tajuddin menjadi papa kedana.

    Tan Sri Halim Saad,orang Perlis.Tun memaksa ia menjual empire businessnya kapada Khazanah Nasional.Sekarang Halim Saad menjadi papa dari bilkionair.

    Saya tidak faham kenapa Tun melakukan tindakan demikian.
    SekarangbTun hendak menjadi hero Melayu pula.

    Hindu kata ‘POOOrah’

  46. shahrulnizam Apr 30,2013 8:38 PM

    like it so much…”If politicians fear being painted in their true colour, then take up some less challenging jobs.”

    hope it will a good lesson for both PR & BN candidates, for example BN candidate in hulu selangor who built a 4 storey house in low cost area… similar to Datuk “Z” case…

    please, we know…

  47. sudin Apr 30,2013 6:38 PM


    Kepada mr. apanama ‘Ahmad’,

    Awat hang syok sakan menyamaq pakai nama Melayu?
    Yang hang berletiaq tak habih tu dok berharap sangat kot2 depa yang dok taksub kat Anwaq pungkoq tu boleh terima hang join kelab balun BN!
    Hang gheti ka baca iqtifaq? Mudah aja kan? Tulih iqtifaq pun mesti hang boleh nuu….
    Cina bukit macam hang biasalah, semua boleh buat nuu….., asaikan depa tak perasan.

    Hang ni mesti bongok macam apek sayok yang suka guna nama ada “age” tu, middleage lah, age of light lah. Seghupa jugok lah macam hang, syok sakan mengaku dan menyamak dighi tu Melayu dan Islam.

    Bah! Manusia bangsat!

  48. mubarakchan Apr 30,2013 6:26 PM


    The Malaysians have finally woken up. The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP. It is so obvious to find a political party which is not interested in power for 47 long years but contemplated its navel for 47 long years and shouted the divisive PAP slogan ‘Malaysia for Malaysians’ for 47 long years so that the non-Chinese became suspicious of the loyal, hard-working and innocent Chinese for 47 long years. DON’T YOU THINK IT IS CRUEL TO USE POWER LIKE THIS ?
    Suddenly, the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP recently said, ‘ Malaysian Politics is Malay-based’ after 47 long years of mischief. The non-Malay political parties or the BN were called all sorts of names for recognising this vital fact since 1955 – 58 years. Is there a reward for loyalty ?
    Speak up HockBengTeoh456 or TeohBengHock654 now that you are exposed naked !

    Vote BN. All Malaysians. Unite and vote out all those who divided us so that we can now progress faster and achieve Vision 2020.

  49. Pedang Allah Apr 30,2013 5:39 PM

    Salam Tun…

    MAAF terlupa satu lagi

    ENCIK Ahmad…….

    Yang TAkut pada Allah adalah kebanyakkannya dari menteri menteri umno….. menteri menteri UMNO tak berani nak cakap orang islam lain itu Kafir atau sembahyang orang islam selain pengikut pas tak diterima Allah….

    yang jela stak takut Allah adalah org-org PAS….. sehingga takbur dan bongkak serta berani berkata sembahyang orang selain penyokong atau org PAS….. Tak undi PAs masuk Neraka…. orang islam Umno orang kafir…..

    itu lah pendirian org PAS yang jelas tak takut ALLAH…. Nauzubillahminzalik

    Apa bukti menteri menteri UMNO makan Rasuah…… selain Allah yang tahu hanya orang yang memberi rasuah yang tahu…. Adakah encik Ahmad pemberi Rasuah tersebut kepada menteri menteri UMNo tersebut????!!!!

    sendiri mau ingat lah

  50. Age_of_Enlightenment Apr 30,2013 5:38 PM

    Salam Tun,

    I admit i have forgotten the name Tamrin Ghaffar. He now speaks up against you for LKY.

    I think as one who personally went through 13 May ( while pissing in my trousers, praying for my life to be spared ). It is indeed ugly racism at its peak. I do not care who started it, i don’t like voilence. I repeat, i don’t care who started 13 May.

    My point is, Malays were unable to accept Chinese leadership and that is why the 13 May happened. I think you were partly wrong in accusing the Tunku Abdul Rahman gave too much face to the Chinese. I think the enforcement of the law was too laxed, causing the breakdown in law and order. The rule of law is compromised. Peace was restored only when the Military took over.

    Racist Chinese or Malays or Indians will not be able to say much to a good man who does a good job. But a fanatical racist person sees no reason anymore, no any good at all and will run amok. There is no point debating or arguing with a sick mind.

    I am rather glad D.S. Najib assures us a peaceful transition of power, but i also know the fanatical racists will not listen to him.

    I do not want to extend this logic Tun, i think your readers are smart enough to interpolate on their own.

    Thank You Tun

  51. ahmad Apr 30,2013 5:31 PM

    Tamrin Ghafar berkata di Gelang Patah,pemimpin UMNO yang bertanggong jawab mencetuskan peristiwa 13 Mei kerana hendak merampas kuasa dari Tungku Abdul Rahman.Tamrin berkata Tan Sri Ghazali Shafie yang memberitahu kapada dia.

    Apa koment Tun.Tan Sri Ghazali telah mati.

  52. Pedang Allah Apr 30,2013 5:26 PM

    Salam Tun….

    Kepada encik Ahmad…..

    Kenyataan awak cakap ramai orang kedah, perlis ka sabah ramai marah pada TUN M??!!!!

    kesian la dgn kenyataan kau nie……… kau hanya pandang pada yang marah je kononnya… iaitu sebilangan segelintir kecil …… tetapi jauh lebih ramai yang sayang, suka, dan sanjung TUN Mahathir kenapa kau tak cakap plak???!!

    Nabi Muhammad tu pun ramai tak suka…… tapi lebih jauh ramai orang suka. TUn Mahathir itu manusia biasa seperti kita bukan Nabi atau Rasul… pasti ada yang suka dan tak suka padanya. Yang tak suka padanya adalah org-org yg tak tahu bersyukur dan musuh TUN macam kamu.

    Dengan kenyataan kamu ini… pasti jauh lebih ramai orang kedah… dari perlis ke Sabah yang marah pada kamu berbanding jumlah yang marah pada TUN M.

    Salah satu orang yang MARAH pada kamu adalah AKU. Cermin dulu muka kamu kalau nak dibandingkan dgn TUN M wahai encik ahmad.

    adoi nama bagus…. nama Nabi du Syurga Ahmad…… tapi akal dan perangai kamu tak sesuai dgn nama.

    Apa jasa kamu pada Agama, Bangsa dan Negara jika nak dibandingkan dgn Jasa TUN M??!!!!!!!

    renung-renung… dan fikir-fikirkan la…..

    sendiri mau ingat

  53. Age_of_Enlightenment Apr 30,2013 5:06 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Several years ago i witnessed a small car accident in Bangsar. A car came out of the mosque without stopping and looking and so was hit by an oncoming car.

    The driver if the car from the mosque came out angrily screaming “saya orang Islam, saya baru lepas sembahyang, kenapa awak langgar ! Bodoh !” . The driver of the oncoming car went out and said “tak payah lah cerita agama dengan saya, ini bukan pasal agama, ini kemalangan, kenapa awak keluar ke jalan tiba2 ?”

    Orang agama tadi marah amat sangat dan hendak bertumbuk dengan pemandu lagi satu.

    Ya, Tun, ini bukan pasal bangsa, ini semua sebenarnya pasal cari duit. Cari duit boleh melalui bangsa, atau melalui idea yang baik. Itu beza BN dan PR.

    Melaui bangsa senang, tunjuk sahaja warna kulit, boleh dapat projek. Tetapi dengan idea susah sikit, nak kena tulis, nak kena beri penjelasan ( presentation ), nak kena buat kira2. Susah lah nak buat semua nih kalau dulu kat sekolah ponteng dan tidur. Jadinya, cara mudah ialah tunjuk kulit, dan laungkan “hak melayu”.

    Ini satu video hadiah kepada Tun dan Pembaca2, sebab sekarang zaman politik video.

    Terima Kasih Tun

  54. ahmad Apr 30,2013 4:54 PM

    Saya hairan kenapa Tun bagitu ghairah hendak berkempen kali ini.Dengan Umor Tun yang sudah lanjut,sapatutnya Tun berehat sahaja dan menikmati hasil kerja Tun sabagai PM.
    Saeloeloknya Tun minta Anada Krisnan chartered Satu Yatch di Medditeren dan pergi menekmati udara nyaman di sana.

    Saya dapat merasa angin perubahan bertiup bagitu kenchang dari Perlis sampai ka Sabah.Orang Sabah amat marah sekali kapada Tun kerana masa Tun menjadi PM banyak sekali Ic malaysia di beri kapada warga negara philipine.dan Indonesia.

    Orang orang Kedah ,tempak lahir Tun amat marah sekali dengan TUN kerana mencampori politik Kedah.,Johari Baharum,Basha,ketua Perhubongan Kedah,dan Mahathir Khalid akan berkempen sacara senyap senyap untok menjatohkan Mukriz.
    Sokongan Tun kapada Ibrahim Ali dan Zulkifli Nordin,dari Pekasa juga akan menyebabkan ramai penggundi India dan Cina marah.

    Saya hanya boleh mendoakan supaya Tun akan diberi umor yang lanjut untok melihat perubahan dalam kerajaan Malaysia.Jangan lah takut,Lim Kit Siang,Karpal Singh.Mereka hanya boleh bercakap.Orang orang Melayu maseh boleh menguasai politik Malaysia kerana jumlah pendudok Melayu maseh lebeh banyak dari Pendudok Cina.
    Umor Party PAS hanpir sama dengan unor UMNO.PAS merupakan party yang majority ahli ahlinya orang Melayu Islam.Mereka ini semuanya Takut kapada Allah dan tidak akan berani makan wang rasuah saperti mentei menteri UMNO.

  55. ulmanno Apr 30,2013 4:40 PM

    Salam Tun, Apa khabar?

    1) Saya ingin mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih di atas perjuangan Tun dan pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO serta Barisan Nasional yang mana telah menyediakan perkhidmatan yang terbaik di dunia yang mana di negara lain tidak pasti akan merasakan nikmatnya seperti di Malaysia.


    3) Semoga selepas 5 MEI 2013, saya akan hi

    Saya yakin pada UMNO dan Barisan Nasional sepenuh jiwa & raga.

    Terima Kasih Tun.

  56. Laila D Takzim Biz. Apr 30,2013 3:11 PM

    Assalamuaalaikum Tun, smoga Allah panjangkan umur Tun,

    Saya dari sekolah lagi sememangnya membesar dgn pentadbiran Tun, semakin saya meningkat dewasa saya dpt rasakan kredibiilty Tun, saya berlajar dari Tun, buat ajer apa yang kita rasa betul selagi tidak menindas orang lain. ,,,akhirnya kebenaran akan terlihat. Saya tabik hormat atas usaha penat lelah Tun selama ini. so, pedulikan laahh org yang nak tangkap ker, nak kata apa kat kita kerr…itu adalah kata kata orang yang tewas dgn diri sendiri… saya tak heran DAP (kata asal BIA”DAP”) ke PAS (kata asal MELE”PAS”) ke apa ke nak rampas Johor, sebab UMNO itu sendiri tertubuhnya di Johor..disini bumi dipijak, disini langit kami junjung, so fikir fikirkan laa dan selamat beramal..

  57. OssO Apr 30,2013 2:28 PM

    The DAP receives support from the Malaysian Chinese because they want to create Malaysia similar to Singapore as Chinese diaspora central.

  58. damha Apr 30,2013 2:13 PM

    Salam Perjuangan kepada TM,

    Saya lihat perbuatan2 melampau sebahagian kaum2 cina terutamanya berpunca apabila kita telah memberikan hak mengundi kepada mereka. Sebenarnya, tiada salahnya jika hak mengundi itu tidak diberikan kepada mereka. Hak mengundi adalah hak mutlak bumiputera. Saya tidak pasti mcm mana kesilapan ini boleh berlaku tapi kita masih belum terlambat. Didalam sejarah islam, seorang khalifah dipilih drp golongan islam oleh kaum muslimin. Allah telah menjadikan negara China utk bangsa cina, negara India utk bangsa india. Kenapakah kita hendak mengubah kejadian ini. Bukankah bila mengubah kejadian ini mendatangkan kemurkaan Allah.

    Kesilapan kita lagi ialah bila membenarkan kaum pendatang memiliki tanah di tanah air kita. Kesilapan yg besar. Adakah peristiwa 13 mei akan berlaku? Kalau kaum bumiputera terus kehilangan hak mereka, saya dpt merasakan peristiwa yg lebih dahsyat drp 13 mei pasti berlaku. Yg peliknya, pihak kerajaan seolah2 tiada kuasa untuk menyekat golongan pengkhianat ini. Apa guna jadi kerajaan kalau tiada kuasa? Inilah yg berlaku bila badan kehakiman mempunyai kuasa lebih drp kerajaan.

  59. sudin Apr 30,2013 12:56 PM

    Salam Tun.

    If kit siang is not a Chinese chauvinist and a hardcore Cina bukit racist, he is a nobody in DAP.
    kit siang personally instigated the Chinese masses with all kinds of racist slurs that you can blurt out against the Malays prior to the 13 May 1969 incident, and he was the single biggest culprit that brought about the racial riots then!!!

    At last, most Indians have finally noticed kit siang’s and DAP’s hypocrisy and are leaving the party.

    Not a single of DAP’s Chinese candidates in West Malaysia have ever won an election outside a non-Chinese majority seat!!
    It just proves to all of Malaysia’s other races the DAP is a Cina bukit racist party, and very cunning with the ability to hoodwink the non-Cina bukit voters to vote for them!

  60. Pedang Allah Apr 30,2013 12:16 PM

    maaf (sorry) ini copy and paste dari article sebelum sebab berkaitan.

    mula mula sekali aku nak minta maaf kalau ada sesiapa yang tersinggung apa yang nak dikatakan ini… tetapi perlu diktakan kerana ianya adalah benar.

    Terus terang aku cakap…. memang LKS rasis… perkauman tak ubah macam komunis atau Lee Kuan Yew laknatullah. Yang Jelas pembenci Islam, Melayu, pemimpin melayu, ketuanan melayu, Raja-raja melayu.

    Kenapa LKS tak nak bertanding di parlimen Pulai kenapa mesti Gelang patah???!!… sebab dia dari awal lagi dulu hanya menang berdasarkan kemenang atas pilihan Rasis. Minta maaf lah bukan semua orang cina begitu tetapi sebilangan besar orang cina memang rasis. Orang cina rasis dan tidak happy selagi bukan orang dia yang jadi pemimpin.

    orang melayu dan kerajaan melayu Malaysia sangat bertolenransi dan bertimbang rasa terhadap semua kaum tetapi orang cina kebanyakannya “menghitamkan hati” bersikap rasis.

    Baiknya kerajaan Bn sehingga dari dulu membenarkan adaknya Sekolah Jenis kebangsaan tamil atau cina. Tapi SJK Tamil tidak begitu ketara tetapi SJK Cina jelas ketara. Maaf katalah… SJK Cina banyak dapat bantuan dari kerajaan Melayu tetapi CINA_CINA yang sikap RASIS kebanyakannya adalah dari CINA yang keluar dari sekolah SJK CINA. CINA dari sinilah yg rasis ramainya. Kerana apa???!!! Mereka dari kecil sekolah tidak biasa bercampur dengan Masyaraky kaum lain maka dari kecil lagi telah tertanam dlm fikiran mereka hanya bangsa mereka sahaja … Rasis. Itu kenyataan… jangan lah sesiapa nak nafikan.

    Berharap orang-orang Cina Johor Gelang Patah buktikan yang Mereka bukan Rasis dengan bagi kemenangan terhadap Ghani Othman bukan LKS. TOLONG BUKTIKAN!!!… kita lihat apa kebenarannya. Bukan sahaja di Gelang Patah juga ditempat lain.

    mulia dan telusnya hati orang melayu islam… kalau BN letak calon Bangsa Tiongwha (CINA) di kawasan Melayu pun tetap selalu menang. Itu jelas melayu adil tetapi bukan kebanyakkannya dari bangsa CINA. Kenyataan aku ini pasti ramai akan katakan aku macam macam termasuk Rasis…. terpulang lah… ini tetap dikatakan selagi Orang Cina sendir tak ubah menajdi tak rasis.

    Kalau Aku jadi PM, pasti aku akan bubarkan SJK Cina kalau Mereka masih berfikiran dan bersikap Rasis kerana Mereka Rasis bermula dari SINI. TAK PERCAYA????? Tanya orang bangsa CINA yang telah masuk/memeluk agama islam… tanay mereka apa pandangan sebenar dan agenda sebenar kebanyakan… diulang bukan semua tetapi kebanykan / sebilangan besar orang cina terhadap melayu islam dan negara ini. Tanay lah mereka… anda pasti akan dapat jawabannya.

    Dalam tempat aku kerja pun sama…. Kalau Cina gaji lebih besar dari bangsa lain terutama melayu walaupun kebolehan dan pendidiakn lebih rendah… Seluruh Malaysia company aku ada lebih 30 Managers dan Operation Manager setiap Branches dan department….. Hanya 1 Melayu, 3 India yang lain CINA. Walaupun ada banyak lagi Melayu lebih layak. CINA kuat Politik dalam kerja menjatuhkan orang Melayu. Itu hakikatnya. Dan Hakikatnya DAP juga Ada agenda Jahat menjatuhkan orang malayu islam di Malaysia…. Yang sedihnya ada Melayu dal;am PKR dan PAS tak sedar diri dipergunakan.


    Kenyataan Karpal Sigh mengatakan kalau pakatan jadi pemerintah nak tahan Tun dan dakwa TUN….. sangat Kurang ajar dan satu ugutan melampau

    dah cukup bagus kerajaan sekarang tak tahan kau Karpal a pusing sial. Kalau Itu Terjadi, aku sanggup bergadai nyawa pertahankan TUN yang terlalu banyak jasanya dan kemuliaanya terhadap Agama, Bangsa dan negara.

    Biar kalau terjadinya “13 Mei sekali lagi”… kerana Karpal a pusing tu….. termasuk dalam senari antara orang-orang pertama yang harus disembelih. FISABILLAH

    KARPAL a PUSING… jangan sedap cakap je ok….. sungguh biadap
    Satu lagi contoh. dalam sukan…. Orang melayu badminton walaupun tak ada wakil orang melayu pun tetap sokong ketika berlawan untuk negara atau negeri tanpa berbelah bagi. Bila lagu kebangsaan negaraku dinyanyikan berdiri tegak dan bernyanyi.

    sukan bola… disebabkan tak ramai orang cina yang main…. tengok stadium???!! ada bangsa cina nak datang bagi sokongan??!!! tak ada. jelas sokongan atas dasar kaum untuk orang cina.. mereka begitu Rasis.

    perhatikan elok elok… kalau lagu negara ku di mainkan….. boleh dikatakan hanya orang melayu dan sebahagian besar orang India sahaja yang menyanyikan….. orang CINA tidak.. mereka hanya berdiri sahaja…. berdiri pun dalam keadaan “Terpaksa” kerana orang lain berdiri. Kerana apa… antara bait-bait dalam lagu negara ku adalah….. Tanah tumpahnya darahku…. Bagi orang cina ini bukan tanah tumpah darah mereka…. ini tanah cari harta makan sahaja

    “raja kita selamat bertahta”…. bagi mereka itu bukan raja dan pemimpim mereka selagi raja atau pemimpin di Malaysia bukan dikalangan bangsa mereka…. itu lah mereka kebanyakannya… R A S I S

    satu lagi…. Harap TUN Mahathir dan Pemimpin Malaysia bersuara tegas terhadap Kerajaan Myanmar yang jelas sudah melampau… berita terkini… mereka boikot orang islam di sana seluruh negara Myanmar. Teksi orang islam tak dibenarkan naik, Barangan tak benarkan orang islam menjual beli, rumah tak benarkan juga sewa beli dan sebagainya semuanya tekanan terhadap orang islam di Myanmar.

    Maka kita wajib bersuara tentang kezaliman ini…… kalau boleh kita wajib BOIKOT sukan SEA akan datang. PULAUKAN sukan SEA tersebut sepertiman kita pernah pulaukan Sukan Olimpik Di rusia suatu ketika dulu.

  61. dar Apr 30,2013 11:46 AM

    Salam Tun,
    I notice that DAP will only got the economically rich or where the money is areas in their quest. They leave the poor ones to the Malay to fight out. They are more interested in Penang, Selangor, Johor., Sabah, Sarawak . Places like Kedah Perlis, Kelantan, Pahang just leave it to Malays to fight it out among themselves. PKR will just take back seat without realising.

  62. cmho Apr 30,2013 11:20 AM

    Lupakan sejarah itu lah, ia tidak akan berulang lagi Tun

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