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SANCTIONS 1. At a forum in UKM recently, Dr Chandra Muzaffar raised the matter of sanctions in international affairs and suggested that sanction is war by other means. Therefore it should be made a crime and that the campaign to make war a crime should include sanctions.2. I fully agree with Dr Muzaffar that sanction […]


1. Marcellus in Shakespeare’s Hamlet remarked that “something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” Perhaps from the complaints being made by Malaysians about Malaysia one might say there is something rotten in the state of Malaysia. 2. Many of these complaints reach me. I hope I am permitted to detail them here in my […]


1. I am surprised at the report in The Star that some bloggers are attacking the critics of 1MDB. I am surprised not at the bloggers doing this. I have known about their activities for some time now. 2. These bloggers were once the critics of the Government. But for some greatly unknown reason they […]


1. We were poor before. In those days we talked of millions of Ringgit. Now we are much richer and we talk of billions of Ringgit. It is difficult to comprehend what billions of Ringgit mean. Even when a few millions are lost we hardly notice it. 2. I read in the paper someone suggesting […]


1. I am against war. I am against killing people. I don’t think it is Islamic. So I join the French people in mourning the death of twelve members of the staff of Charlie Hebdo. 2. I condemn the killings. But I condemn also the killing of Iraqis, Afghans, Arabs etc. They did not do […]


1. Saya amat tertarik dengan penjelasan oleh Mohd Puad Zarkashi bahawa tidak mungkin amalan atau budaya politik dinasti dalam UMNO mudah berlaku. 2. Sebabnya ialah undang-undang tubuh UMNO sudah dipinda supaya bukan perwakilan ke mesyuarat agong yang tidak ramai yang akan memilih, tetapi 146,000 perwakilan ke mesyuarat bahagian yang akan memilih. 3. Bahagian bukan sama […]


18. Mereka yang ingin menyertai UMNO perlu faham sejarah dan matlamat perjuangan UMNO. Jika mereka dapati perjuangan ini bertentangan dengan prinsip perjuangan diri sendiri, adalah lebih baik jika mereka berada di luar UMNO. 19. Walaupun demikian ini tidak bermakna UMNO beku dan jumud, bahawa perjuangannya sudah ketinggalan zaman, tidak relevan lagi. 20. Asas perjuangan untuk […]


1. Saya bersyukur kerana kesedaran yang ditunjuk oleh orang Melayu terhadap nasib mereka. Terdapat tanda-tanda yang Melayu UMNO sudah sedar akan perlunya UMNO di perbaharui. UMNO sudah nyatakan kesanggupan untuk menerima ahli baru walaupun ini akan mengancam kedudukan ahli lama. Tanpa ahli baru, terutama yang lebih muda UMNO akan susut jumlah keahlian kerana yang tua […]


I would like to convey my condolences to all families of passengers and crew on board Air Asia Indonesia flight QZ8501 1. Flight International magazine dated 14 – 20 Oct 2014 carries an article entitled, “Searching for Answers.” Together is a small picture with MH 370 written on some material. (See here for story) 2. […]


1. The economy of the world is in a state of turmoil. Not only has the oil price tumbled from USD 110/- to less than USD 60/-, but palm oil price, rubber price, share prices and the exchange rate of the Ringgit have all taken a beating, a severe beating. 2. All these things involve […]


Bagi pihak pejabat YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, pihak admin Chedet.cc ingin memaklumkan bahawa maklumat berkenaan acara “Sepagi Bersama Negarawan” di Bukit Ibam, Rompin pada hari Sabtu, 2hb Mei yang sedang diedarkan di media sosial adalah PALSU. TIDAK ADA acara berkaitan yang akan dihadiri YABhg Tun.

It has been brought to our attention that a poster related to a purported talk by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, in particular in Bukit Ibam, Rompin on Saturday, May 2, has been circulating in the social media. On behalf of the office of YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, the admin of Chedet.cc would like to clarify that there is no such event planned.


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