1. I am surprised at the report in The Star that some bloggers are attacking the critics of 1MDB. I am surprised not at the bloggers doing this. I have known about their activities for some time now.

2. These bloggers were once the critics of the Government. But for some greatly unknown reason they have changed. I had noticed this change.

3. But I accept their right to criticise me. I am therefore not surprised at their change of direction.

4. What surprises me is the report on this by The Star. Usually the mainstream media, and The Star is also one of them, would not report anything that may reflect badly on the “authorities”. But it has done the unthinkable now, although obliquely.

5. I am a supporter of UMNO. I am still a member of UMNO. But I believe in criticising any wrong thing done by anyone, UMNO included. However, I have openly stated I do not support Dato Seri Najib.

6. And one of the many reasons why I don’t support is the creation of 1MDB. Borrowed money cannot be regarded as wealth. And there are many things done with 1MDB money that are just plain wrong. Government should not be indulging in buying and selling shares to make money for itself.

7. I disagree with the 1MDB and I will continue to criticise it and anything that I think is detrimental to the good governance of this country.

8. The demonising by the bloggers is political. The intention is to undermine my credibility. But I will continue to ask where is the money which has been brought back from Cayman (Island)? Why is there a need to borrow money to pay debts when you have RM8 billion? Until these and other questions are answered the questions will keep coming.

9. I suspect that because questions cannot be answered, resort is made to demonise the questioner. Doing this simply add to the suspicion that all is not well with 1MDB.

10. This is my opinion. I don’t speak for anybody else.

41 thoughts on “DEMONISING

  1. Ukrainian False Flag Feb 12,2015 9:05 AM

    I believe Malaysia was specifically targeted in the air crash disasters and that it has to do with ASEAN and controlling Malaysia and Indonesia in the larger scheme of US/EU/western world hegemony and financial control. I think I have a smoking gun that easily proves that the Kiev regime intentionally shot down MH-17. The verifiable proof is in the original audio that the Kiev authorities uploaded 30 minutes after the shootdown. It is still available for analysis in its original form on the internet. Audio experts can extract it using a basic program and place it in DAW software for analysis. The video analysis at the link I provide here shows that the audio was manufactured in a studio and shows anomalies in numerous places. The fact that Kiev released this so soon after the crash makes them complicit in the intentional murder as they knew it was going to come down. Please help get this information to more people and help the truth come to light for all the victims and the unfortunate people caught up in the US and EU orchestrated Ukrainian Crisis. Malaysia is a victim too. Click CC for English subtitles.

    Link to my additional work on the anomalies and coverup of truth about the MH-17 disaster.

  2. sibotak Feb 10,2015 5:55 PM

    Malaysia will never progress if Govt made the Wrong Decision
    Wrong Decision need to be Amended as soon as possible regardless of saying
    Decision must not be made solely by PM
    PM does not own Malayisa
    Ruling Party does not own Malaysia
    It has to go through professional decision making
    A proper Systemic Decision Not a Sole one
    Malaysia must not allow to much Freedom of Speech
    It must be a proper organize procedure
    As much of Malaysian Time & Progress have been obstructed through most unnecessary
    Irrelevant , Irresponsible Party who is trying hard for their Agendas
    I see too much of all much of Irrelevant Freedom that not for the purpose
    I seek Govt to take more Stern Action

  3. milshah Feb 10,2015 12:55 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    My opinion on this matter is the same as yours. My main concern is the high debt of 1MDB to the tune of RM48 billion. Further, the company have twice deferred their loan payment. Further there has been changes in auditors. And there is also the sudden resignation of the CEO. Last year the company registered loses was RM600million. Rating agencies are also putting 1MDB as a contingent liability to Malaysia. This means if anything happen, Malaysia would have to bail out 1MDB. These are signs all is not well.

    On top of that, the drop in oil price, the devaluation of the ringgit, capital flight by foreigners, high domestic debt, plugging share prices adversely hitting the Malaysian economy.

    There two ways to approach this problem. One is for everyone to keep quiet and pretend everything is fine. Another is to really look into the matter and solve it fast.

  4. mubarakchan Feb 9,2015 11:46 PM


    For the edification of my friends here, and within the context of recent events, please let me quote the following :-

    1. Napoleon Bonaparte once said, ‘ In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.’

    2. Einstein said, ‘ There are two infinities in the World. One is the Universe, the other is human stupidity.’


  5. musato Feb 9,2015 9:13 PM

    Jawatan Perdana Menteri adalah simbol dia berpolitik dan politiknya mewakili rakyat.

    Sebab itu kenyataan dari pihak dirinya sendiri diperlukan untuk mengetahui hala tujuan politiknya bila orang veteran seperti Tun bertanya.

    Macamana nak menyokong kalau hala tujuan politiknya tidak jelas dan kabur apabila ditanya?

    Jawapan yang menyenangkan kalau dapat dijawab adalah kerajaan tidak berniaga cuma mengambil cukai dari perniagaan ATAU dijawab

    Kerajaan berniaga untuk meningkatkan lagi pembiayaan BR1M ATAU

    Nama Perdana Menteri tidak terlibat dalam 1MDB

  6. Karl Feb 9,2015 10:53 AM

    Salam Tun.

    This is the official answer from :

    Q1. Is 1MDB a sovereign wealth fund?

    From time to time, we see people referring to 1MDB as a sovereign wealth fund. However, the fact of the matter is that we are a strategic development company. In practice, this translates into a company that is independently run and funded, but one whose investment decisions are driven by the interests of the national economy.

    Like a sovereign wealth fund, we are wholly owned by the Government, but there is an important distinction between the two: whereas a sovereign wealth fund is directly funded by the government and invest on its behalf, we raise and invest our own capital, and have only ever received RM1 million in equity provided by the government at the time of our inception.

    So folks, dont-lah worry too much. Nanti you get migraine and cannot make love to your wife. They said it already … It is their money from their own hard work. Critics dont be jealous and do please frog off and mind your own puny business. If 1MDB fails, they’ll pay back from their own deep pockets. Maybe even pawn the US33million penthouse owned by Riza Rosmahson to cover payments. OK?


    And this is from a Bloomberg report :

    Najib is the chairman of the fund’s advisory board. 1MDB has its origins in Terengganu Investment Authority, which was created in 2009 to invest oil royalties from the state of Terengganu. When Najib became prime minister that year, it was renamed 1MDB, became a national entity and its funding source was changed to government-backed debt instead of oil income.


    “The visionary lies to himself, the liar only to others.” Friedrich Nietzche

    I say, “If the turtle dont come to Trengganu, then let Trengganu go to them in Cayman Islands.”

  7. Gen Patton Feb 8,2015 10:55 PM

    Assalamualikum wbt Tun,

    I have read the article that Tun have wrote and it spark an interest in me to see what 1MDB. I have always admired you and hope that I can continue your work to take Malaysia to a more higher standing.

    The problem with 1MDB is the transparency. What happened to being honest? Is 1MDB is afraid that a little hiccups in their projects will tarnished their reputation as well as the goverment who wholly owned the company in the eyes of the public? Probably, “yes”. With the political situation now in Malaysia is kind like BN is in a choke hold, walking on with a noose on it’s neck that people are watching with the slightest mishap they would turn their trust of governance to someone else.

    I say “well business is business”. There is always ‘ups and downs’ on the road. If 1MDB can pulled it off, wouldn’t it seem 1MDB is the hero and further consolidate the people trust in the current governance. Should 1MDB need to succeed, the company need to have a good, wise, up-to-date towards the world situation CEO that could make plans on which path of investments that could produce lucrative profits.

    By the way, I have a profound question of why 1MDB have an association with Cayman Island? The business there is kind of shady with alleged money laundering is the play of the economy. Is 1MDB that desperate to obtain some funds to repay its RM 2 billion debt it cannot repay last year which it has been postponed to pay twice? Seriously 1MDB need to rethink it’s business plan to propel itself.

    As for the demonising thing, I know Tun is a strong, hard-headed person. Let them say what they want to say. If you are standing up for the truth, people would come to notice to the fact and will stand by your side would it not? If Tun is still in power I think you would have settle this problem of 1MDB ages ago. lol :p

  8. Murad Feb 8,2015 9:24 PM

    As Salam Tun,

    May Allah bless you always and I pray for your good health and longivity and continue guidance by Allah to contribute in this blog.

    1. May I share a piece of advice that Tun should not be distracted by the critic as each of them may have own their specific agenda. Point here whether the critic is relevant or not and as bloggers we should know to sieve and value it, otherwise we just thrash it!

    2. Khairuddin Hassan of UMNO Batu Kawan says in Astro today ” Semua kaki bodek sudak tidak relevan in UMNO”. I reckon it applys to all critics too which is “bodek” mentality.

    3. It is interesting to note that I perceive UMNO is more matured now as no disciiplinary astions taken against him till now.Those days when I was criticising Anwar Ibrahim (AI) I WAS SACK WITHOUT TRIAL! ( that time AI was UMNO Dep. Presiden and Dep. PM & Finanace Minister, and a lot of members perceive him as DEMI GOD, and for Tun at that time was your most trusted person as those days if we see Tun and agreed with us , but when AI see Tun and brief you back on our views, you change your decision, this can be vouch by Sanusi Junid which Tun trsted person long before long AI join UMNO),
    [On record maybe I was the first one against AI in this beloved country which he is now trying bring it to the drain!]

    4. [I am a supporter of UMNO. I am still a member of UMNO. But I believe in criticising any wrong thing done by anyone, UMNO included. However, I have openly stated I do not support Dato Seri Najib.] Yes indeed, whats wrong with the critic, if nothing wrong person been critize should answer or just ignored as it won’t stick. On not supporting Najib I reckon Tun have more things in your sleeves that you are not sharing, such as corruption issue when Tun mention during out meeting recently plus others too ‘yang tersirat’.

    5. On 1MDB in newpaper today the new CEO Arul Kanda said the critics is “politicatical sabotage”, its puzzle me, he just new and know about Malaysia politic, I join UMNO at age of 17yrs and now 59yrs still blurr on UMNO people politics, perhaps shuold ask Arul specifically the meaning of “politacal sabotage”.

    6. [This is my opinion. I don’t speak for anybody else.] Indeed Tun, but the rakyat listen!

    Salam hurmat,


  9. Abu Alya Feb 8,2015 11:48 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Akhbar “Bintang 3” merangka satu serangan politik ke atas Tun dengan mengguna kaedah, “Mencuri keris yang dipinjam untuk membunuh lawan dan/atau rakan.”

    Tidak heran sama sekali kerana “Bintang 3” sejak azali lagi memang memusuhi UMNO. Hanya mereka lakukan dengan lebih tersembunyi tatkala UMNO gah, tapi sekarang dengan kepimpinan yang boros, lembik, hidonistik dan tiada muhasabah diri – ini KALI lah, komunis dalam “Bintang 3” mula mengeluarkan kuku dan taring di atas arahan remote control Bapak 13 May..

    Hati-hati Tun, mereka ni cuba mencalar dan mencakar kredibiliti Tun sebagai negarawan yang menjadikan Malaysia sebagai negara Islam paling berjaya di dunia. Mereka lebih takut kepada Tun daripada parti UMNO yang telah lembik akibat dadah rasuah dan kemewahan hidup yang keterlaluan. Ingat lagi, kondo berharga USD33 juta yang dibeli oleh anak Ms Rosmah Mansor – dia beli dengan duit bapak dia ka?

    Sekarang ini, hampir semua pemimpin tertinggi UMNO bungkam, bisu, pondan dan tak mampu jawab soalan mudah dari Tun – isu 1MDB dan wang 2 billion yang hilang dalam transit dari Cayman Island.

  10. amin tan Feb 8,2015 9:48 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Please allow me to post this encouraging piece of news from The Star, yesterday

    Dr M takes Jokowi for a fast spin – and president cool about it

    President of indonesia Joko Widodo took a ride in the new proton Iriz driven by Proton Chairman Tun Mahathir Mohamad during his visit to Proton centre of Excellence in Shah Alam.
    President of indonesia Joko Widodo took a ride in the new proton Iriz driven by Proton Chairman Tun Mahathir Mohamad during his visit to Proton centre of Excellence in Shah Alam.

    SUBANG JAYA: Being driven by a senior citizen at rather high speeds is not something many people would be comfortable with, but Indonesian President Joko Widodo demonstrated perfect calm when the “treat” was served.

    Jokowi was one of the rare few who had the privilige of being taken on a three-lap spin at Proton’s testing track by company chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as part of the president’s programme at Proton’s Centre of Excellence here.

    Dr Mahathir, who put a Proton Iriz at a brisk pace throughout, expressed admiration for Jokowi.

    “Normally, people do not like to be driven on a slope by a 90-year-old, but he was not frightened — he was happy and smiling,” Dr Mahathir told reporters.

    Jokowi also witnessed a memorandum of understanding signing between Proton and Indonesia’s PT Adiperkasa Citra Lestari to study the possibility of developing an Indonesian car.

    According to Dr Mahathir, Jokowi was impressed with Proton.

    “He seemed pleased with what he saw and experienced, and I think he is a man dedicated to his work.

    “He wants to make Indonesia better and he thinks that in some areas, Malaysia might serve as a good model,” Dr Mahathir added.

    This is what I hope and dream of what will happen with TPPA. May TPPA contribute to increase prosperity to all nations.
    May Malaysia experience political stability, racial harmony, religious tolerance and an economic prosperity for many years to come.

    amin tan

  11. sibotak Feb 8,2015 3:48 AM

    Malaysia are Different now then after Tun Mahathir Ruling
    We use to stand Tall , Progressive , Cheerful & Galant
    Its all in the Chemistry of UMNO during Tun era
    Tun proven capable to drives Malaysia with his chemistry of Leadership
    especially my credit to Tun Rafidah Aziz
    Rafidah though those MakChik MakChik images with her outdated Baju Kurung
    her Big Specs her eyes quite blinking delivering her Speech
    She did Delivers for Malaysia and She Did IT
    I say A BIG THANK YOU TO TUN RAFIDAH AZIZ May Allah bless Rahmat to her & family

    Anwar was part of it But Sadly when he has he personal agendas under his Sleeves
    Truth are Revealed

    Time Changed UMNO Change Climate Change
    UMNO now are Sliding downhill , Opposition took the advantage of lubricating the slides
    Malaysia Needs a True Leader
    Paklah are proven Wrong , Najib not a Strong Leader
    Who could be next ?

    Lim Kit Siang ? A definite Lim Dynasty will emerge , A confirm Racist
    Whom will speak all good thing but will do different to narrow his Agendas
    And Malaysian will Pay & Pay ISA will be ReBorn Defamation will be his God
    And He will be the next God of no Mercy A very Heartless God indeed

    Anwar Abraham ? Well …His True Color has been Revealed out of his own Character His Very own Doings Though Forcibly if he manage to Rule It won,t be a Pride to Malaysia
    EvenA Pride to Himself…Things are already ugly for him

    Nik Aziz ? Malaysia will be a Dull place to live But its Ok perhaps better than a Monster of their own Personal Racists Agenda Ruling Malaysia

    So Who will be the Next Savors of our Beloved Malaysia ?
    Vote me ! vote me …..Datuk Tun Seri Botak
    I,ll make sure every Friday morning Malaysia will be Fed 1 Roti Prata Kosong each
    Sorry no Kuah no Teh Tarik….. Budget low Duit Rakyat

  12. musato Feb 7,2015 8:41 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Selain saya mengaku idea saya berjaya selesaikan MH17, saya juga mengaku bahawa idea saya juga digunakan untuk selesaikan krisis ekonomi 2008.

    Apabila disebut 1MDB, ia berkait secara langsung dengan Negeri Terengganu iaitu Lembaga Pelaburan Terengganu.

    Setahu saya duit kerajaan Negeri Terengganu simpan itu adalah hasil dari royalti minyak.

    Kerajaan perlu ingat, tindakan saya menyalurkan idea menyelesaikan masalah ekonomi 2008 adalah bagi kerajaan menjaga kestabilan negara ketika itu dan seterusnya bagi memenangi pilihanraya 2013.

    Perkara pokok adalah KESTABILAN negara!

    Dan perlu saya ingatkan kembali bahawa saya adalah salasilah Tokku Pulau Manis dan berkait dengan Tokku Paloh. Mereka adalah ulama yang mengajar dan memimpin/mentadbir.

    Ada masa nanti saya refreshkan balik bagaimana idea 2008 itu tercipta ilhamnya.

    Arul Kanda dalam berita tadi menjawab tuduhan 1MDB adalah bermotifkan politik.

    Tetapi harus diingat, nama Dato’ Najib ada disenaraikan secara rasmi di dalamnya dan beliau adalah PM Malaysia yang terlibat dengan urusniaga ini.

    Jangan berdiam diri sahaja Dato’ Najib. Silakan jawab.

    Dan ingat pada tahun 2008, kepala anda hampir berada di bawah meja ketika sidang akhbar berkenaan ekonomi oleh Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  13. amin tan Feb 7,2015 4:35 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Saya hendak mengucap terima kasih kepada Saudara hafizkenedelete kerana menegur seorang yang bersikap perkauman

    “”hafizkenedelete’s GravatarhafizkenedeleteFebruary 7, 2015 at 8:41 AM | Permalink
    Salam Tun…
    Salam semua..
    Mintak laluan..

    Saya kenal Amin Tan.. Tapi tak kenal Tan Amin..
    Ini lagi sorang kiasu tak ada otak..
    Setiap kali kita mention pasal sikap peniaga cina yg tamak dan suka ambil kesempatan atas dasar kerajaan..diorang akan salahkan Syed Mokhtar..””

    amin tan

  14. Terang-terang Feb 7,2015 11:26 AM

    Salam Tun,

    DS Najib cannot just keep quite on IMDB issue as he has the responsibility to respond as Prime Minister. Why is it so difficult to answer if 1MDB set up is actually good for the people? He has yet explain many issues brought up by opposition during last general election and yet his administration bring up new issues that he could not answer.

    I would just like to bring up the toll issue. Yes it is true that the Government cannot afford to take over all highways because too costly and budget concern but at least they can reduce the number of tolls of some short distance highways in the city. It is very annoying when driving a car from one place to another place you have to make toll payment several times. I have the opinion that those short distance highway within city should be abolished while for North South Highway, toll collection start farther from the city such as to shift Kuching toll after Rawang while Sg Besi toll should shift to after Bangi. I don’t think that will costs Government the figure as they mentioned.

  15. hafizkenedelete Feb 7,2015 8:41 AM

    Salam Tun…
    Salam semua..
    Mintak laluan..

    Saya kenal Amin Tan.. Tapi tak kenal Tan Amin..
    Ini lagi sorang kiasu tak ada otak..
    Setiap kali kita mention pasal sikap peniaga cina yg tamak dan suka ambil kesempatan atas dasar kerajaan..diorang akan salahkan Syed Mokhtar..
    Ya memang betul data yg ini orang sebut berkenaan list syarikat milik Syed mokhtar..
    Kalau ada yg tertinggal i boleh email bagi u..

    Tapi problemnya Tan Amin.. Satu orang ini, kalau dia billionare pun.. takda kaitannya dengan pengguna melayu.. U beli nasi lemak Rm 2.. Saya pun beli dengan harga sama.. U beli takrif eletrik ikut takrif meter, kami pun sama.. U pergi puspakom , saya pun pergi puspakom.. U igt saya dapat discount meh??!!..

    Ada juga company di KLIA nama KLAS.. juga Syed Mokhtar punya.. u fikir kalau sebab i melayu boleh dapat special threat ka??

    Lain kalau chinese businessmen sama customer chinese.. confirm discount.. kalau takda discount, bukak saja buah ,kenal diri tokong mana..sudah dapat discount pakage..

    the problem is.. Ur low mentality.. U tak boleh hukum pengguna sebab u marah sama satu melayu yg berjaya… bila harga naik,harga turun.. semua chinese akan cakap semua salah syed mokhtar psal monopoly..
    U tak dpat franchise roti gardenier(pun milik syed mokhtar) pun u hukum pengguna dan pembeli..
    Semua blog dan social network orang cina pun hantam syed Mokhtar..
    Hoi kawan.. Syed Mokhtar yg kaya.. bukan kami!!(ada 10 juta orang susah yg tak dapat apa faedah dr syed mokhtar)

    Kawan…jangan jadi bodoh(sohai) macam ahso hbt..lain isu,lain yg u cerita.. u all bercakap seperti sudah ada script.. budak cina tingkatan dua juga cakap benda yg sama di facebook..lama lama nanti babi naik harga pun u cakap ‘ini syed mokhtar sudah bukak kilang jual babi’ ini smua salah dia..

    jadi ho.. tolong piker dulu sebelum u tulis ho.. jgn hati busuk sama satu orang.. lu mau musuh sama semua orang.. kalau u tak suka..u jangan jual atau bukak kedai bagi orang melayu beli.. tulis depan kedai u,“melayu dilarang beli,kamu semua saudara syed mokhtar”…

    U orang hanya akan puas hati kalau sudah monopoly semua skali… lepas tu nanti baru tutup mulut…tak kira siapa monopoly.. pengguna dan rakyat yg jadi mangsa.. jadi tutup mulut busuk lu.. simpan dalam.drawer..

    t.kasih tun..

    ps: ada lagi clown dalam ini tmpat.. mungkin saya kene consider untuk jadi trainer semula..

  16. mubarakchan Feb 7,2015 3:10 AM


    A small Amendmen on my comment. Please note that ‘ EX-CHIEF PRESIDENT ‘ should read ‘ EX-CHIEF JUSTICE.’ This error was inadvertent due to the fact that the words, ‘ EX-CHIEF JUSTICE.’ did not slip from my lips but from my mind at that instance !

    THE BOOK ‘ TEN BIG IDEAS OF LEE KUAN YEW.’ IS A COLLECTOR’S ITEM WHICH SHOWS ONCE AND FOR ALL HOW THE TINY ISLE OF SINGAPORE FUNCTIONS WITH ITS FULL MILTARY TRAPPINGS FOR A NATION WITH AT LEAST 30 MILLIONS POPULATION ! There is no separation of the powers, Executive, Legislative and Judiciary as the book clearly shows. These are all under one roof, so to speak.

    President Obama in a recent CNN interview with Zakaria Fareed said, ‘ Some of our authoritarian allies to not meet our test of DEMOCRACY and HUMAN RIGHTS.’ With Singapore in mind, Mr President ? Cuba, no ?

  17. Tanggang Feb 7,2015 12:17 AM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Last time somebody made great issues of goods price increases. The issues became the favourite issues to their bloggers and their main stream medias to tarnish the PM and the ruling party. The Prime Minister then spoke to the public “harga kangkung pun dah turun”. They saw an advantage to this statement. They manipulated it and started to sing the song called PM Kangkung. Everyday they played that song either in the streets or in their blogs and medias. It was a daily hit. PM Kangkung was the no.1 hits in the nation. They laughed and laughed while singing the song. They sang the song in the Kajang by-election and won.

    Now I understand your irony that they are now no more singing the song PM Kangkung but a new song called ‘Hey Mr Ex-Prime Minister, move your butt! Leave our beloved PM alone’.

    Salam Tun.

  18. sitinur Feb 6,2015 7:09 PM


  19. mubarakchan Feb 6,2015 6:58 PM


    It is good we now draw the line in the sand. The days of demonising others without remorse or brainwashing or self-glorification throught the media are now out of date via the Net.

    The opposite effect of demonising must be self-glorification. Since the early 1970s, we Malaysians and the Singaporeans had been subjected to all sorts of ‘smarter than thou’ remarks from across the Causeway. By the use of the scientific method of brainwashing human beings like Pavlov dogs, many Malaysians especially the Chinese and the Singaporeans responded to anything to do with the Ruler 1959 – 2015 as always in the superlatives.

    The political fissures of the Malayain politics of today cannot avoid not to be at the level of this crass interference with innocent and naive minds by the Ruler 1959 – 2015.

    But unfortunately for the Ruler 1959 – 2015, his debits were greater than his credits which did not amount to much.

    When Malaysia and Singapore parted company in 1965, it was alleged that there was a tacit agreement between the 2 countries not to print sensitive news about each other especially in the political arena. But from the early 1970s onwards with the change in the ownership of the Straits Times Singapore, this unwritten agreement was conveniently forgotten and the capabilities of the Straits Times were fully utilised. From then, the Malaysian media until now had been silent on Singaporean news with the exception of the Star in recent years. In one issue, the Star kow-towed to 2 Prime Ministers, Malaysia and Singapore. It is understandable that the Star does business in Singapore with the PAP owned media as well. Vide. Star Annual Reports.

    The latest self-glorification must be the published work, ‘ Big Ideas of Lee Kuan Yew.’ A Festschrift written by the Apparatchiks, the ex-President and the ex-Chief President, and the Apparatchiks in honour of the Boss. This clearly confirms that there is no separation of Executive Powers, from Legislative Powers and Judiciary Powers in such a tiny isle.

    Demonising others through the use of money to buy up the hacks is as old as the hills. This is an expression of desperation in the resolution of problems by the perpetrators. A sure sign of frustration by those concerned.

    It is best for all to present facts in their proper form and substance and not twist or spin anything at all.

    NO ONE WOULD HAVE BELIEVED THE RULER 1959 – 2015 MADE 32 POLICY FAILURES NOT TOO LONG AGO. But thanks to the Net, we can see and check whether these 32 Policy Failures are true or not. There is nt necessity for DEMONISING THE RULER 1959 – 2015. We just present the facts in the most transparent form.


  20. amin tan Feb 6,2015 6:56 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Please allow me to quote the opposition sycophant as follow,
    “”tan amin’s Gravatartan aminFebruary 6, 2015 at 1:04 PM | Permalink
    Saya nak makan nasi lemak, beras dibeli dari siapa?! BERNAS!!
    BERNAS milik siapa?! Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari!!””

    The username “Tan Amin” is a pseudo name used by somebody to irritate and annoy me.
    This fake personality is very dangerous and unscrupulous. The content is against Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari who is my friend. It is done in bad taste and unethical. It clearly shows the writer has no class and no character at all except resort to some sort of sick joke only he himself is capable of distorted and weird laughter.
    Let us be fair and gentleman. Tell the story as it should be told without dragging other people into the mud. With this kind of blogging, it has poisoned the excitement and lower our morale to write and comment. this is clearly an act of desperado to upstage the government.
    The commenter must be an anti government traitor out to do mischief. Wallahu alam.

    amin tan

  21. grkumar Feb 6,2015 5:50 PM

    Firstly a well deserved congratulations on the national car initiative with Indonesia. It gives Proton a different perspective and dimension and takes the whole car industry initiative your introduced to a higher level. Today it is not Mitsubishi mentoring a developing nation towards production of its national auto mobile for all the reasons you espoused when you introduced the first indigenous car decades ago. It is another developing country which is nearing its 20/20 vision.

    Getting to the core of the current debate on 1MDB the failure of opposition and government to have raised the critical issue of the lack of transparency in the 1MDB fund is disturbing because it points to ignorance on the part of opposition and members of government and those noisy so called NGO’s who otherwise demand transparency in such situations.

    The Caymans like Jersey, Bahamas, Lichtenstein and the Cooks are popular offshore financial centres because they do not require the type of stringent disclosures open governments and compliant banking systems require. In fact they are loved by pirates, smugglers, drug dealers, arms traffickers and dictators because they do not demand too much in the form of disclosure and they certainly do not provide any disclosures even to proper authorities anywhere unless threatened by countries like the US.

    Interestingly most drug and terrorist money flows through jurisdictions controlled by Britain. They include the Caymans, Montserrat, Turks and Caicos, Jersey, Gibraltar, Bahamas, Antigua, Belize, the British Virgin Islands, the Cook Islands, Guernsey and the list goes on.

    What these places do is to protect not only the identity of their depositors but also assists in concealing their transactions and the nature of those transactions. It shields depositors from the rule of law and the control of their jurisdictions.

    What PM Najib has done can and ought to be challenged in court. He has in fact outsourced part of the national budget to a country that does not meet the requirements of scrutiny of parliament. There are other issues all of which are actionable but for which it would be too tedious to describe here.

    The fact is that whatever it is he says about a debt of such massive proportions he has incurred on behalf of the nation was not properly debated in parliament for the simple reason the disclosures required for a proper debate was concealed in a foreign jurisdiction whose laws do not permit for disclosure.

    This is about as close as one could come to the Whitlam fiasco of 4 decades ago when then Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam (now deceased) tried to by pass the senate and parliament to borrow $4 billion from Iraq through an intermediary by the name of Tirath Khemlani ( a Pakistani Financier intermediary). Whitlam thankfully was caught out and sacked and the money did not reach Australia’s shores.

    But given the state of Malaysia’s legal fraternity who pose as the “know it all” opposition one cannot be surprised that this move by PM Najib has escaped their scrutiny. The reason being that they simply do not know.

    Thank you all the same for bringing the matter up for the public to scrutinize again.

  22. azlan95 Feb 6,2015 2:10 PM

    Perhaps Dato Najib is looking at restructuring the power industry as a whole via 1MDB. Perhaps 1MDB is being used to buy up all the independent power producers, which means all contracts with Tenaga are to be re-evaluated.

    1MDB is just a company, probably a holdings of many smaller companies, listed companies I would say. That means 1MDB and its subsidiaries will have to pay 30% income tax to the government.


  23. tan amin Feb 6,2015 1:04 PM

    Saya nak makan nasi lemak, beras dibeli dari siapa?! BERNAS!!
    BERNAS milik siapa?! Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari!!

    Makan nasi lemak, takkan tanpa minuman, so order kopi o! Air buat kopi, jika tinggal di Johor beli dari Aliran Ihsas Resources, milik siapa? Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari!
    Minum kopi mesti campur gula! Gula di Malaysia, dua pengeluar sahaja MSM & MSR, MSM milik felda, 20% saham dimiliki Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar; MSR milik TanSri Syed Mokhtar sepenuhnya!

    OK, cakap banyak sekarang nasi sudah sejuk, mahu panaskan! Guna gas stove, Gas Malaysia milik siapa? Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari!

    Guna microwave oven, elektrik, TNB beli elektrik dari siapa? IPP! IPP terbesar di Malaysia Malakoff, milik siapa?! Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari!!

    Sekarang tak nak makan nasi, pergi McD sahaja la… naik motor! Motor Kriss, keluaran MODENAS! Modenas milik siapa?! Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari!!

    Tak nak naik motor, naik kereta! Kereta apa? Proton! Proton milik DRB HICOM! DRB HICOM milik siapa?! Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari!!

    Tak nak beli Proton la.. Beli Honda saja… Honda Malaysia milik siapa? Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari!

    Beli kereta nak buat pinjaman perbankan islam, pergi Bank Muamalat! Bank Muamalat milik siapa?! Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari!

    Kereta kena ada insurans coverage! Insurance beli dari siapa? Uni Asia Insurance! Uni Asia milik siapa?! Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari!!

    Nak ambil road tax, kena pergi PUSPAKOM! Puspakom milik siapa? Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari!!

    Ok la tak nak naik kereta! Naik keretapi lagi senang! Landasan keretapi siapa buat?! MMC! MMC milik siapa?! Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari! Sekarang, dia pun nak ambil alih KTMB!!

    Ok tak nak guna keretapi ambil kapal terbang saja la… nak pergi Johor! Senai Airport milik siapa? Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari!

    Tak nak ambil keretapi, kapal terbang, naik kapal laut sahaja la… Pergi Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas! Tanjung Pelepas Port milik siapa?! Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari!
    Tak nak pergi Tanjung Pelepas, pergi Johor Port! Johor Port milik siapa? MMC! MMC milik siapa?! Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari!!

    Ok la… orang iKL, naik MRT sahaja la… (apabila siapa)
    Projek MRT, siapa kontraktor terbesar?! MMC! MMC milik siapa?! Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari!!

    Macam ni la… tak nak keluar rumah langsung! Duduk rumah, hantar surat sahaja! Apabila nak hantar surat, kena lekat setem! Apabila kita lekat setem sahaja, kita sudah bayar Tan Sri SyedMokhtar Al Bukhari, kerana POS Malaysia pun sudah diswastakan!!

    Tahniah Tan Sri! You earn this all, on your own!! Malaysia is not Malaysians anymore, its YOURS!! Entirely yours!!

    And the Malays complain the Chinese are oppressing them???

    So kalau dia tak turun harga, macam mana orang lain boleh turun harga?

  24. KLlite Feb 6,2015 6:52 AM

    “I disagree with the 1MDB and I will continue to criticise it and anything that I think is detrimental to the good governance of this country.”

    Terima kasih Tun yg dihormati. We depend on someone of your stature to criticize when other officials are too weak, fearful or simply don’t care enough.

    These people who attack you and other 1MDB critics and hide behind anonymous blogs are nothing but cowards.

  25. musato Feb 6,2015 6:13 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Gudang emas tidak akan dihebahkan betapa lumayannya.

    Saya fikir cukuplah kerajaan terlibat dengan situasi sebegini. Pulangkan balik kepada idea asal penubuhan – lembaga pelaburan Terengganu.

    Kerajaan usah terlibat dengan urusniaga untung rugi. Tak perlu berusaha sangat nak balas budi/berterima kasih pada Terengganu.

    Ada idea dari bekas Pak Lah yang perlu diundurkan kembali.

    Kamu tidak akan berupaya menjaga gudang emas. Tiada rugi, hanya ada keuntungan semata-mata.

    Ibarat semut dan gula.

    Panjatkan selawat pada Rasulullah s.a.w sudah cukup. Jika itulah niat anda memberi BR1M, semoga Allah s.w.t memudahkan lagi bagaimana mahu menguruskan rezekinya yang melimpah ruah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  26. musato Feb 6,2015 5:52 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Kamu Malaysia ingin membalas budi kami Negeri Terengganu?

    Setiap apa yang kami sentuh menjadi emas. Dan setiap apa yang kami cemuh menjadi abu.

    Sanggupkah kamu menjaga gudang emas dengan amanah?

    Apa yang kamu jaga adalah gudang emas wahai sahabatku.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  27. sibotak Feb 6,2015 1:20 AM

    People who do not understand , People who dislikes Mahathir
    Has the saying This Old Man is Retired so He must Keep Quite
    I don,t think so
    He is a True Leader A Genuine Leader
    He din not warmth the seat for his son Mukhlis
    He could have done so during his Ruling as Lee Dynasty has done
    PM Goh warmth up the seat while LKY is above the PM as Mentor Minister
    There is no Mentor Minister ever existed in any part of any Nation
    Mahathir have not done so Malaysia did not do so

    He touches on now Politics in Pak Lah & Tun Najib
    As both proven Incompetence
    He is not against them much as both have a good manners unlike Anwar Abraham
    He is against their important wrong decision making

    Myself not a Politician sees Pak Lah as Incompetence
    His more to Mr Yes Sir to Foreign Influence
    Najib is Cool but He is a Stunt Men who plunge to a Dangerous spending
    Being a Santa Claus pleasing blindly to Opposition & afraid of losing Voters
    That is not What a PM should do

    PM must dare to make decision to make the difference
    He is also Responsible for wrong decision made
    AND Wrong Decision has to be amended ASAP regardless of people saying
    That was what Rule & Law It always have to narrow to the Right Decision

    What did Tun Mahathir an Old Retired PM gets interfering with Malaysia Todays Problem ?
    NOTHING I would say Nothing not even for his Son
    He did it for the Loves of Malaysia
    Thanks Tun Mahathir Mohamed

  28. musato Feb 5,2015 8:42 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    1MDB itu adalah Lembaga Pelaburan Terengganu semasa Tun Abdullah dan Dato’ Najib jadi TPM?

    Saya ada dengar semasa itu yang duit Negeri Terengganu ada dilaburkan dengan banyak di suatu tempat. Tapi takdelah pulak saya ambil kisah.

    Kalau tak salah saya keputusan tersebut dilakukan selepas masalah besar ekonomi 2008 dijumpai jalan penyelesaiannya.

    Mungkin 1MDB (Lembaga Pelaburan Terengganu) Dato’ Najib mahu mengembangkan lagi pelaburan melalui perniagaan untung rugi. Kerana ia adalah hasil Negeri Terengganu?

    Pada pandangan saya ia berkaitan 2008. Apa pendapat Tun seterusnya?

    Terima kasih Tun.

  29. balance Feb 5,2015 6:21 PM


    Can we compare 1MDB and the gambling at the tin market during Tun era?
    Are both happening the same in nature?
    Are both desperation for money?

  30. immoralequivalence Feb 5,2015 6:13 PM

    This ” sovereign” fund thingy is a recent invention n copied by over rich ,less developed , smaller countries without safeguards n invariably abused by many.
    Our MDB is such though ‘ over rich’ is relative. Now it is being led by a a/l Kandasamy, kept ‘alive’ by a ‘ lord ‘ Krishnan after being allegedly ‘raped’ by the champagne swilling, swine loving J Lo who is connected with Arab owning alcohol fueled football clubs n ‘ advised’ by Zionist lover Goldman Sach. Ur first response should not have been to close it down but rather’ it is not Islamic’ after ur presumptuous ‘ Malaysia is an Islamic state’. Please b consistent, ur credibility is slipping.
    To paraphrase Qaradawi ‘ behind every rock ( sovereign fund) there is a Jew ( fraud) come n kill ( expose) him ‘

  31. anti-jibaok Feb 5,2015 6:09 PM

    In response to…, ‘Lee’…, as commented on February 5, 2015 at 10:04 a.m.

    In this particular blog column (or any other columns hereabouts in this regard), the blog-owner (Tun Dr.) had never raised the issue of the negative impact of 1MDB should it ever fail. Neither did the blog-owner ever deny or reject the idea that 1MDB can be successful. So, please do not put words in other people’s mouth. OK..!?

    What was raised is the issue that the blog-owner (Tun Dr.) does not support the creation of 1MDB.., by virtue of the fact that borrowed money was used and that such money cannot be regarded as wealth. True enough, because borrowed money is pure LIABILITY.

    Furthermore.., Tun Dr. also said that the Government should NOT indulge in the buying and selling of shares to make money for itself. In short, the government should NOT be in the business of Profit-making. Period..!

    If there are some of those ambitious projects (as you say) such as the Bandar Malaysia and Tun Razak Exchange have the viability to succeed, nonetheless the business and/or financial RISK of such endeavours must not be shouldered squarely on the Government entirely. And.., what more by venturing in such business endeavours on borrowed money shall ultimately render such huge financial liabilities on the Nation as a whole. Is that prudent governance..!? You tell us. OK..!?

    Therefore, whichever non-government entity should venture of such ambitious projects (on borrowed money), nonetheless the GDP, jobs and other economic benefits still remains the same for the nation and the people. The government shall benefit and ‘earn’ from taxation should such endeavours are successful and profit-making when ventured by other business or corporate entities. And.., furthermore without having to endure any FINANCIAL RISKS whatsoever by the government, the nation and the people.., if such business endeavours should fail.

    So.., what say you..? Cheerio for now.

  32. anti-jibaok Feb 5,2015 1:56 PM

    YABhg. Tun Dr.,

    Do not be surprised and please do not get upset if you do find that some bloggers are now instead attacking those who chide or criticise 1MDB.

    Why not we just let some other bloggers.., like (say) Helen Ang (i.e.., who have so frequently counter-attacked the proponents of The Star newspaper.., which are these days apparently being heavily influenced and controlled by those Kiasu DAPsters.

    Let us give Helen Ang (and her blog ‘followers’) the opportunity to do whatever she (and others like her) have courageously and wonderfully been doing to put things in its proper perspective as exemplified in these blog URLs, below:-­mists-perkasa/


    Anyway for the moment, why not we just cherish and relish the good days when our beloved nation Malaysia that was once under your very able, capable leadership and good administration. Let us remember of those wonderful days via this patriotic song:-
    (Sejahtera Malaysia – Lagu Patriotik Malaysia – Original)
    (Sejahtera Malaysia – Piano by Gaius)
    (Sejahtera Malaysia – by Wincci & Daniel)
    (Sungha Jung – Live in Kota Kinabalu – ‘Chan Mali Chan’ & ‘Sejahtera Malaysia’)

    As far as I concern, that song reminds me and can only relate to the times when you were at the helm of our nation, leading us through very challenging but wonderful times.

    Let us appreciate the intro lyrics of the song, that goes: –

    “…. Puji dan syukur pada Illahi.., anugerahNya tiada terhingga…,
    ….Kedamaian, kemakmuran.., Malaysia Ku Bahagia….”

    I would dare say that particular patriotic song ‘Sejahtera Malaysia’.., is quite synonymous to your accomplishment and achievement of our nation. Thank you sir.., Tun Dr.


    P.S.> The words and melody of that song ‘Sejahtera Malaysia’ often bring tears to my eyes.

  33. sibotak Feb 5,2015 1:50 PM

    Social Media seems Not Healthy to Political in Power
    Like the US , Singapore , Western Nation and all parts of the World
    Govt images will be Tarnished through Social Media
    Govt in Control will be able to Control the excessive Defamation intended

    Freedom of Speech is Not Freedom to any Blunt False Assumptions Speech
    It must be of Facts & Open Mind of Acceptance & Discussion
    Like The France are Proud of their Freedom Expression till They do not know the Limits
    If such a Freedom then Its Barbaric and All can do any they want
    Their insults on Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is Intended to Defame
    Is Not Freedom of Speech like there are No Better Figures to make Fun of
    Like Their own Parents their own Religion their own President or many Public Figures
    They can Kill each other , They can Shit & Pee everywhere They want
    They have Sex with the same Genders ,Sex with their own Pet Dogs , Pigs
    They Term it as Pet Lovers NOT Pet Abusers
    And these They call Freedom of Expression
    S,pore Media , Talking Point & several of their Media Exposure
    Seems very much interested of Disposing Malaysia Political Weakness
    But Kept their own Political Weakness under the Carpets
    Theirs & outside Media will face Stern Actions from the Authority
    Even Tun Daughter was on in the Talking Point
    Marina felt proud of being interviewed BUT She is being a Fool of Disclosing much
    Malaysia Stories further She is Tun Daughter A very Good Tool
    To the Digging & Smiling
    Waste No many Time to entertain these Media
    As it will be a Never Ending News They needs News for Revenue
    Yet Authority must have a Body to Monitor To Execute those Excessive Ill Intentions

    Focus on Development , Focus on Enrichment , Focus on The True Meaningful Lifestyle
    These will Slaps all Nasty Media

  34. Jones Hard Feb 5,2015 1:04 PM

    Well, to my beloved Tun Mahathir. I believe that your criticism over Najib is merely political nature.

    Yes no doubt that, you are the supporter of Umno, loving Umno, but also love your son Mukhriz the most. That is why you trying your best to path the way for your son to become the PM.

    Well, I don’t blame you for what you did to some politician during your time. But, from what i had seen, you are a guy who will never accept any criticism, that is why ISA is meant for you. Even until now you still couldn’t accept any criticism?

    Dear Tun M, your time is past, just let your successor to do his job. PM know what to do and of course his every action is based on the current situation. Not the Past. Accept the fact Tun Mahathir. However, you are still my respected PM. Thank to all the development you had brought to the country, but I just couldn’t accept your stubborn attitude. Well, old yet cute.

  35. lateepa Feb 5,2015 10:52 AM

    Salam hormat dan sayang kepada Tun M,

    1. Kami merasa bimbang apabila Tun M bersikap sinis terhadap kepimpinan DS NAJIB sejak kebelakangan ini, sebagai seorang rakyat Malaysia dan penyokong UMNO/BN harus tahu dan kenal siapa musuh disekeliling kita.

    2. Jika dulu Tun M mengamalkan sikap kuku besi dan tidak mempedulikan pandangan dan kritikan orang lain terhadap usaha Tun M untuk membangunkan negara tercinta kenapa pula sekarang Tun M begitu sinis dan menjadi pengkiritik hebat kepada kepimpinan DS Najib.

    3. Apakah bg Tun M bahawa DS Najib tidak layak dan sengaja mencipta sesuatu untuk menjatuhkan negara Malaysia yang kita semua cintai, apa jua saranan dan kewibawaan yang dipamerkan oleh DS Najib adalah bersandarkan kepada pengetahuan dan kebijaksanaan beliau dan mungkin beliau memerlukan penasihat dan pengkritik hebat seperti Tun M melalui cara yang lebih berhemah dan bukannya memberi peluang kepada musuh politik untuk menghangatkan api permusuhan sekaligus melemahkan UMNO/BN.

    4. Tun M sedar bahawa pembangkang di Malaysia bukanlah pembangkang yang membangkang untuk kesejahteraan negara tetapi untuk berkuasa dan menghapuskan perdamaian sesama kaum, ketuanan melayu dan Islam pada masa akan datang dan mereka juga lah yang Tun M berhadapan dahulu, tetapi Tun M hanya berhadapan dengan PAS tetapi tidak PKR dan DAP secara berleluasa.

    5. Isu 1MDB yang masih muda dan merupakan pelaburan ekonomi jangka masa panjang harus diberi peluang dan 1MDB bukan lah Dewa yang berkuasa untuk menepis segala permasalahan, tetapi ada juga kebaikan dan kebajikan yang di bawa oleh 1MDB sepanjang 3 tahun kebelakangan ini yang Tun M dan semuanya penyokong UMNO/BN wajib diceritakan kepada rakyat untuk terus menerus mendapatkan kepercayaan mereka.

    6. Kami sokong Tun M terus menjadi pengkritik dalam masa yang sama mendokong perjuangan DS Najib kerana beliau adalah PM seperti Tun M juga.


  36. Lee Feb 5,2015 10:04 AM

    Chetdet. You have always mentioned the negative impact if 1MDB fails. But what is the positive impact if 1MDB succeeds and successfuly restructures the IPP industry in Malaysia and becomes the number one IPP owner as planned and if the ambitious projects of Bandar Malaysia and Tun Razak Exchange succeeds? What would be the GDP, jobs and economic benefits would Malaysia get if 1MDB succeeds?

  37. teratai Feb 5,2015 9:49 AM

    Salam Tun,

    I noticed about this as well and I think you point well in your writing.

    Those who wish to read BM version of Tun’s writing, kindly click below

    Thank you.

  38. Fariq Islam Feb 5,2015 9:40 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Pada umumnya, pembangkitan isu ini untuk perbincangan dialu-alukan.

    Pelaburan 1MDB mungkin salah satu faktor hutang negara mencecah 700 billion. Hutang ini membimbangkan, memandangkan pendapatan negera terjejas ekoran kejatuhan harga minyak.

    Semoga-moganya kerajaan dapat mengurus baik pelaburan dan memberi penjelasan kepada Rakyat, demi menghilangkan sebarang keraguan.

    Isu 1MDB ini sememangnya satu faktor penentu kepada masa depan negara dan BN.

  39. nabila Feb 5,2015 9:24 AM

    Assalamu’alaikum wbt…
    Tun, maafkan sy mencelah d ruangan ini…
    Apa yang sy ingin sampaikan tidak berkaitan dengan post Tun di atas…
    Sebenarnya dah lama sy mencari masa untuk menulis kepada Tun…belasan tahun…
    Sy sangat kagum dengan Tun dan menjadikan Tun sebagai idola sy dalam menjadi insan yang berguna kepada Agama dan Negara kita…since I was little kid, everytime there was a visit from you to my area, i would b so excited n waited for ur car to pass by…even tak pernah nampak pun muka Tun and tak pasti pun whether it was u or not…but da feeling was so great…coz u r one of my idols till now…:)
    To sum up…i hope one day i managed to see Tun in real person…:)
    Sy doakan Tun sentiasa sihat n ceria selalu…
    Assalamu’alaikum wbt…

  40. amin tan Feb 5,2015 7:38 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Please allow me to quote you below.


    2015 Leave a Comment Written by Che Det

    1. I am surprised at the report in The Star that some bloggers are attacking the critics of 1MDB. I am surprised not at the bloggers doing this. I have known about their activities for some time now.

    2. These bloggers were once the critics of the Government. But for some greatly unknown reason they have changed. I had noticed this change.

    3. But I accept their right to criticise me. I am therefore not surprised at their change of direction.

    4. What surprises me is the report on this by The Star. Usually the mainstream media, and The Star is also one of them, would not report anything that may reflect badly on the “authorities”. But it has done the unthinkable now, although obliquely.

    5. I am a supporter of UMNO. I am still a member of UMNO. But I believe in criticising any wrong thing done by anyone, UMNO included. However, I have openly stated I do not support Dato Seri Najib.

    6. And one of the many reasons why I don’t support is the creation of 1MDB. Borrowed money cannot be regarded as wealth. And there are many things done with 1MDB money that are just plain wrong. Government should not be indulging in buying and selling shares to make money for itself.

    7. I disagree with the 1MDB and I will continue to criticise it and anything that I think is detrimental to the good governance of this country.

    8. The demonising by the bloggers is political. The intention is to undermine my credibility. But I will continue to ask where is the money which has been brought back from Cayman (Island)? Why is there a need to borrow money to pay debts when you have RM8 billion? Until these and other questions are answered the questions will keep coming.””

    I salute you for your courage to criticise the Prime Minister and your sense of fair play. The moment you personalise the criticism, Najib’s position is threatened and his creditability is at stake. You have become his enemy and all your supporters become fair game and halal for Najib’s snipers. I too do not support 1MDB. For his own sake and well being he should make peace initiative towards Tun before it is too late, not to obliterate and stone wall legitimate and sincere criticism and advice.

    amin tan

  41. johanm Feb 5,2015 3:51 AM

    Salam Tun,

    This 1MDB saga has taken a rather unfortunate course.

    By their own official statement dated 13 Jan 2014, I quote: “1MDB can confirm that it has now redeemed the US$2.318bil invested by the company in a Cayman Islands-registered fund”.

    How and why, then, can they default on loan payment yet again, much less seek the assistance of a purported “white knight” from the private sector? Especially as the sum owed (approx. RM2 billion) is less than the sum redeemed? Where has the money gone?

    The sum is not small; and 1MDB cannot pretend it is an opaque private enterprise. It cannot shrug off questions. Its liabilities, if unmet, would become a national burden that the rakyat would end up shouldering.

    The government’s silence on this matter not only reduces the rakyat’s confidence, but also that of the international financial community.

    Yet, the government, like Don Quixote, tilts at imaginary enemies of its own making, or scapegoats ethnic minorities to cover its own mismanagement.

    Thank you for your strong and principled statement yesterday in the current “racial boycotting” controversy; as you have rightly said, the issue has nothing to do with ethnicity. I find it ironic that a retired statesman such as Tun has the courage to say what is right, rather than what is politically expedient, which is precisely what the current inhabitants of Putrajaya did later on in the day.

    The Malays (and other races) must not fall for the overused “racial scapegoating” tactics that are now being employed, in seemingly mounting desperation. It is a distraction, a deliberate diversion.

    As the rakyat, we must continue to press for answers on 1MDB, and a host of other matters.

    If we ourselves, are “elegantly silent”, we are cheating no-one but ourselves.

    These are dark days for Malaysia.

    The lack of scruples, principles and moral integrity of politicians has plumbed new lows in our history (I believe).

    Only our vigilance, calmness and unity can see us through – to better times, one hopes.

    Best regards, Tun.

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