1. Marcellus in Shakespeare’s Hamlet remarked that “something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” Perhaps from the complaints being made by Malaysians about Malaysia one might say there is something rotten in the state of Malaysia.

2. Many of these complaints reach me. I hope I am permitted to detail them here in my blog. People can decide whether things are rotten or not.

3. Some people complain that the Government seem unwilling to pay them for work done for the Government. There would always be a dispute whether the Government owes them anything at all. If the court decides that the Government has to pay there would be a dispute with regard to the amount.

4. Then there would be delays, sometimes for years. For business, delays can kill.

5. Then there are those whose contracts have been withdrawn for unknown reasons. Often it is given to someone else even after the contract documents have been signed.

6. Then there are those whose project submissions have been passed on to others. The others make bids at a higher price but the documents are identical. Frequently the first proposer or bidder has to go through tender process. This is only right of course. But the proposer as first bidder would find others have submitted what looked like his submission. Frequently he fails or has to raise his bid because the others have quoted higher prices or lower prices as the case may be.

7. Delays in getting approval costs. The reasons for the delays are frivolous and cannot stand scrutiny. Sometimes to speed up approvals gratification is offered. The party that offers pays and will not complain or report. It is unhealthy. You will need their services again and you may be blacklisted. Or you may find all kinds of obstacles.

8. Long before the permits or whatever is due to be terminated, notices for immediate termination were given. The authorities want to take over the business. The person concern may appeal. He is going to lose money. Sometimes the appeal is not answered, the authorities cannot be met and if meeting is possible, the applicant may be told that his loss is his problem, not the concern of the authorities.

9. Sometimes development permission cannot be given because some authority or powerful person wants the land. There is no one to appeal to i.e. no one with real authority. Even if you know who wants the land, you cannot do anything. He is too powerful.

10. Government-owned entities employing more than a thousand workers are suddenly given no job because some foreigner has been chosen to get the contract. The workers were sacked. And the Government facilities may just close down or get some minor subcontract from the foreign contractor.

11. Local companies with adequate competence are not considered for contracts because foreign companies can do the job, may be better, may be no better. Frequently the local companies are said to be too small to do the job. Lots of money flows out of the country.

12. We go all out to welcome FDI. But Malaysian entities with lots of money will not invest at home. They prefer to go buy properties in foreign land. The prices paid are sometimes indefensible. Again lots of money flow out of the country. And when profits are made, taxes are paid to the foreign country. Even when the money is brought back, no tax is paid to the Malaysian Government.

13. There is a need for investments at home, but that is not for local companies. Malaysians institutions with oodles of money would do better by buying foreign technology companies and bringing them home to improve our technological capacities. But there is no encouragement for doing this.

14. If a Malaysian company is in trouble, we seem to prefer bankrupting them and selling them to foreigners. Proposals to rescue by Malaysian white knights are not welcome. Due diligence cannot be done by the white knights for some unknown reasons.

15. After tin was exhausted it was assumed that there would be no more mining in Malaysia. Then we found that we still have lots of other minerals. But mining for these is not for Malaysians. They are for foreigners only.

16. No attempt is made to add value before export. Just dig the earth and export the things raw. And forests disappear along with the mining.

17. There was once some idea about being business friendly. Not anymore. The state competes with the private sector when the private sector seems to be doing well. With the power conferred on the state, there is no way the private sector can win. They lose. But the States also lose simply because business is not the business of the State. Still the trend and preference is for nationalisation.

18. Big is beautiful. So why have small business? Kill them. But big businesses were once small. If you kill small business, then they can never grow big. So how do we get big business if we kill them when they were in their infancy?

19. There is a lot of talk about the importance of Small and Medium Enterprise. But what is happening on the ground does not reflect this importance.

20. Today the actual administration seems less important than the extra administrative bodies which have been set up. This is very confusing to the public. It seems to be confusing to the administrators also. They do not seem to know what they are expected to do when policies and decisions are made by the special bodies.

21. Critics are being demonised by the mainstream media, by certain individuals and politicians who had lost. Critics risk their property being seized and auctioned, They may be bankrupted.

22. I am now being accused of forcing the Government to do things which should not be done.

23. And there are many more complaints about the state which would give it a rotten smell.

22. But not to worry. We will get use to the smell.

34 thoughts on “SOMETHING ROTTEN

  1. hafizfazillah Aug 17,2018 12:58 PM

    Tun we from the construction industry are suffering from this too, right now more than ever. There are many plans within DBKL that has been filed for approval are now pending and their future is uncertain as DBKL reshuffles and KL Draft plan is being gazzetted.

    Developers operate on taking requirements set forth by dbkl to carry out feasibility studies. Land which developers have bought in our earlier feasiblilities are no longer feasible as the new govt decides on reviewing the KL Draft plan. Some of the planning restrictions are illogical, for example a land with a kl address will have plot ratio of 2 whereas just across the street the plot ratio is 4 in selangor.

    these lands that developers and consultants have worked on are no longer feasible with the reduce plot ratio. Change of government is good , however small businesses like ours have been severely affected by the constant change in policies.

    we are an architectural firm with a staff of 30, when all of our KL projects are put on hold, we find it hard to pay for the overheads and have to layoff staff that are more like family members to us.

    i do hope that you could structure a way where businesses are not severely affected by movements in the political arena, that in the future if goverment changes, businesses and lives are not severely affected.

    to politicians maybe it is nothing more than numbers ie Gross domestic product drops 1 percent, but that drop of one percent equates to thousands of lives.

  2. Hajar Mar 5,2015 1:19 AM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    “Something is ROTTEN in the state of SELANGOR…”

    Again! WATER problem!

    Bravo to those who voted Penipu Rakyat! Next time please continue making this ‘stupid’ choice/decision. It’s quite fun since being in Selangor is like living in a third world state/country. Kononnya Kerajaan Berkebajikan…keperluan asas seperti air pun gagal untuk diurus dengan baik.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  3. Abu Alya Mar 4,2015 11:37 AM

    Salam Tun.

    It would seem that the Malaysian govt, as in the 1MDB case, is somewhat careless with the legal aspects of businesses involving billions of ringgit.

    The perception implied, either projected by the opposition or silenced by 1MDB officials, is that the dealings are too complicated to be explained to the common people while they look on with awe and perhaps jealousy, how the PM’s family and friends are spending like kings in foreign lands.

    The nonsense surrounding the PM must stop or the PM must exercise some political will to stop it. Otherwise, he will always be remembered as the Wife PM for not wearing the trousers or too afraid to put it on.

  4. grkumar Feb 25,2015 11:15 AM

    One needs to read the fine print in those multi lateral agreements on free trade Malaysia signed at Qatar, Chile and a host of other places. There is no such thing as “free trade”. Free trade is like a level playing field. It is free for the big to do as they please and the even bigger to bulldoze to a level playing field. And that last statement often involves flattening the small competitor.

  5. Karl Feb 24,2015 11:03 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Rotten is a physical state when something internal has gone bad. It is a manifestation of a systemic breakdown.

    Development cannot be and made appear to be at all the time on the increase. That would be a fantasy, to say the least. There are phases in the economic cycle when prudence in expenditure is required to even sustain a parity in business profit and loss. The current BN govt’s money management, or should we call it Najib-o-nomics ( the o rhymes with zero), is too obsess with making huge profits in the shortest time. The reason why, brokers and economic hitmen alike find it easy to fool them again and again.

    The big spenders of the big mama see only the bling-bling of money and think that building an economy is like building a house. They are in for a rude surprise. Soon.

  6. Joshua Lopez Feb 22,2015 1:49 PM

    A weak government gives rise to voices of Talibanism. Malaysia is decomposing where we see the rise of unscrupulous racism & extreme religious bigotry where many have conveniently forgotten that we are a Parliamentary Democracy & The Federal Constitution is the highest law of our land.

  7. Hajar Feb 22,2015 5:30 AM

    Dearest YAB Tun,


    Tun is right.

    I totally agree with Tun’s statement in point 20:

    “Today the actual administration seems less important than the extra administrative bodies which have been set up. This is very confusing to the public. It seems to be confusing to the administrators also. They do not seem to know what they are expected to do when policies and decisions are made by the special bodies.”

    A lot of redundancies exist and a lot of money/funds are wasted (‘BOROS’). In addition, even the ‘Menteris/Timb. Menteris’ are also confused (and tend to make ‘stupid’ comments).

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  8. Tanggang Feb 16,2015 11:30 AM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Allahyarham Tun Abd Razak telah mentadbir negara dari tahun 1971 sehingga ketahun 1976 yaitu selama 5 tahun. 5 tahun adalah satu masa yang singkat. Tetapi Allahyarham telah meninggalkan banyak legasi yang sekarang ini telah menjadi besar dan dinikmati oleh berjuta2 generasi seterusnya. Antara usaha peninggalan Allahyarham ialah; Penubuhan FELDA yang menjadi korporat dunia pada masa ini, Polisi Ekonomi Baru (DEB) yang telah melahirkan banyak usahawan dan professional Melayu kini, Penubuhan Barisan Nasional yang membawa kepada kemajuan negara seterusnya, pembinaan Lebuhraya Timur-Barat untuk kemajuan negeri Kelantan, pembinaan Pelabuhan Kuantan, pembinaan empangan Temenggor, pembinaan lebuhraya Karak (1st version), pembinaan lebuhraya KL-Seremban (1st version), pembinaan sekolah2 sains dan MRSM disetiap seluruh negeri untuk anak2 miskin Melayu mempelajari dibidang sains yang mana semua mereka ini kini telah menjadi pilot, engineer, pengarah, usahawan. penubuhan Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri2 untuk membina rumah2 mampu milik disetiap negeri dan sebagainya. Berbagai lagi usaha peninggalan Allahyarham yang telah menjadi asas kepada kemajuan negara. Semua ini telah dapat dilaksana dan diusahakan didalam masa 5 tahun.

    Saya berpendapat bahawa Allahyarham Tun Razak adalah pemimpin yang pakar dalam selok belok kepimpinan dan berwawasan tinggi untuk pembangunan negara ketika itu.

    Satu ketika dahulu majallah Times ada menemuramah Yg Bhg Tun ketika sebagai Perdana Menteri dengan bertanya ” What changes had you made during your tenure as the Prime Minister now as compared to the previous Prime Ministers?” Tun menjawab “The rate of change that’s changed”. Ini bermakna konsep perinsip kepimpinan dan wawasan Allahyarham Tun Razak tetap digunakan pakai oleh Yg Bhg Tun cuma ianya dipercepatkan lagi.

    Tun adalah penyambung kepada cita2 dan wawasan Allahyarham Tun Abd Razak.

    Salam Tun.

  9. sibotak Feb 15,2015 6:18 AM

    Di Dalam satu Pentakbiran , urusan Niaga urusan Kerajaan
    Kesemua aspect mesti ada Click & Chemistry
    Jika ada dari Anggota nya yg mnjadi Duri dalam Daging atau Virus
    atau Contoh yg tidak Baik
    Maka perlu anggota atau pekerja ini perlu diSingkir
    Jika Tidak ia akan menjadi Virus dan merebak pada pekerja yg lain
    Ini Perlu Ini Wajib
    Serupa jika segelompok buah Tomato ,Cili , Ikan dan sebagainya
    Jika tidak diasing dan dibuang yg Busuk
    Pasti yg lain akan jadi Busuk dengan masa yg cepat

  10. Murad Feb 13,2015 11:46 PM

    As Salam Tun,

    May Allah bless you always with longivity and wise guidance.

    1. Thanks Tun for sparing you valuable time to post a long comments and not critics as I perceive it and very valuable to me!

    2. In short Tun just to participate here, during your time there is no Pemandu, Pemudah, etc., but now with so many body set up by the Govt., how on earth those you commented happennings?

    3. Yes Tun , in my state NS I smell rotten too, but as you say not too worry we all get use to it, as usual how many will stand up to say it rotten? which most of them are afraid on the backlash and they perceive this people as ‘Demi GoD’..


  11. sibotak Feb 13,2015 9:14 PM

    I agree with Abu Alya most Chinese now Speaks Outspokenly in the Media
    They Definitely hopes for a Ruler Change to Chinese
    The reason they tried hard to Defame the Govt
    To extends of getting helps from foreigners from some of their Friends in US
    Not US as a Whole
    DAP support Anwar Not because Anwar is a Good Clean Politician
    They knows Anuar Well
    REASONS They did not invite Anwar to be the second man of DAP
    Anwar has to built his own Party
    Lim Kit Siang , Lim Guan Eng knows Well
    Anwar is just a Tool for them
    Once in Power Anwar will have his Butt out by DAP likewise Dyna Yusuf and the several
    Malay Gundus
    Its not now It will be Then Later

    Off all of much Accusations thrown by DAP to the Ruling UMNO of Corruptions
    None of them comes forward like a Real Hero to BPR Corruptions Authority
    or They will also assumes BPR is also Corrupted
    They accused like no body Business as in The Govt have no Balls

    I agreed UMNO Govt have No Balls
    They Speaks like Limousines , Like Mercedes , Like Jaguar
    BUT What I see in UMNO Govt
    Is a small Mini Morris with its Two Flat Tyres

  12. Abu Alya Feb 13,2015 11:09 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Many good things that we enjoy during your tenure as the PM are now rotting because the Chinese people are taking on a new perception from the hate politics that are being openly spread, especially by the Star newspaper ‘Bintang’ and their online media ilks. They have heavily invested on racism, and it has given them the edge over their rival who are less vocal but practise diplomacy when approaching sensitive racial issues.

    Even those moderate Chinese who supported you, in the 1999 General Election, out of gratitude for rescuing their businesses during the Asian financial crisis of 1998 are now collaborating with the detractors for reasons that they think are justifiable. We cannot simply blame them for their change of heart, but it is rather urgent that the government (UMNO) do a research on why these supporters of Tun Mahathir in 1999 refused to support Najib in 2015, despite all the goodies that the PM promises to deliver for this community.

    What is rotten is when we see right before our eyes, two person fighting for what seems to be in abundance, when people out of suspicious and greed are fighting aggressively or even viciously for sustenance that are already there for them to share. But it seems, with the hate politics peddled by the racists, nothing is enough anymore for sharing, to the extent that it is worth destroying the country in order to create a new set of rule and administration that is copied blindly from an irrelevant neighbouring city nation of Singapore.

    The same ‘meritocracy’ govt that lost its citizens money in CPF to the tune of USD108 billion gambling in the Wall Street only recently in 2008, with the amount lost almost as much as our country’s foreign reserve! With that massive capital wipeout and lost of possible income, and now facing angry citizens, they desperately needed a new approach urgently to cover up their meritorious failure. For that, the ideals of TPPA and a new copycat ruler in Malaysia is their only chance to come out of the economic shithole they are currently in after losing USD108 billion in a jiffy. In the meantime, we have managed to send a shithole-loving politician to where he deserved to be.

  13. Praxis Feb 13,2015 2:26 AM

    “Broken lines, broken strings
    Broken threads, broken springs
    Broken idols, broken heads
    People sleeping in broken beds
    Ain’t no use jiving
    Ain’t no use joking
    Everything is broken ”

    (From a song by Bob Dylan)

  14. mubarakchan Feb 12,2015 7:28 PM


    For Wajaperak. Because Tun Daim Zainuddin is like Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, both of them do not glorify themselves or their pasts unlike the Ruler 1959 – 2015, this allows space for their detractors to libel and slander them.

    The truth is that Tun Daim is probably the one of the first original and self-made Malay millionaire in the early 1970s. He did not steal, or take baksheesh or disadvantabed others to gain wealth unlike some. His first million ringgit was made honestly through an IDEA. That IDEA is stll there for all to see in bricks and concrete.

    I like all to be rich like Tun Daim. All we need is just one good IDEA like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Li Ka Shing, Robert Kuok, Lee Kong Chian and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who had many good IDEAS which developed into good policies.

    In the creation of wealth without money, the Federal Government must provide an even playing field for all so that everyone has an even chance to gain wealth. Pour le vous Francais, Wajaperak ?

    In a FREE MALAYSIAN STYLE DEMOCRACY WITH CAPITALISITC CHARACTERISTICS like ours, we cannot have round pegs in square holes and square pegs in round holes these days. We have been independent for too long since 1957. There is no excuse anymore. The Malaysians are not stupid but only polite and courteous. Acheh !

  15. Ibnu Mukmin Feb 12,2015 3:59 PM

    This is precisely why the PR have a strong following. All is not well with the state.

    Is the present administration trying to emulate Singapore by being Malaysia Inc? Singapore is run by PAP like a business entity. And they are now running into trouble. The citizens are fed-up and angry with the PAP government.

    We certainly hope BN will not go that way or they will lose the support of more people. All the good that BN had brought to this blessed country will be forgotten if BN is not careful.

    Please heed Tun’s advice.

  16. wajaperak Feb 12,2015 12:50 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    Dear Mr Mubarak Chan.
    You qouted Tun Daim Zainuddin.
    How he is possible to get his first million?
    Please be generous unlike the trained scientist that you are.
    Methink it is high time someone follows what the Al Quran says namely..

    “Dan mereka mengutamakan orang lain atas diri mereka sendiri, sekalipun mereka dalam kesusahan. Dan siapa yang dipelihara dari kekikiran dirinya mereka itulah orang orang yang beruntung.” (Al-Hasyr: 9)

    Methink you are at the centre of wealth of disposal and can be generous in disposing them.
    Please consider more.
    Thank you sir.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  17. muhamadajib Feb 12,2015 11:04 AM

    Salam Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    izinkan sy memanggil TUN
    ni cite lama Tun, sy still igt ktika sy nk cari makan sendri bertahun dlu
    susah bebenor nk cari makan klu xde kabel nih
    nk psg kabel xdela ssh tp HALALkah? PENING2x
    even sy dh buat lain dri lain (means kemasa kan profile, submit with picture previous job, strong finance) tuk attract dpt tender n sebut harga
    Tp…….plg sedih blum nk beli dh dgr2 jgn beli kawasan tuh kawasan nih dh de org daaaa…tp try jgk n sperti diduga terbang cmtu jah duit..hahaha

    xpela…DUNIA SUME NIH…tuk sedap kan hati, IN SHAA ALLAH sumeny kan jd baik..sama2 kte PRAY FOR MALAYSIA,GAZA,PALESTINE, N OTHERS

    sy Doakan MALAYSIA menjadi sebuah negara islam yg ADIL
    perjuangan Atok sy yg xkan sy Lupa 🙂

  18. Ukrainian False Flag Feb 12,2015 9:03 AM

    I believe Malaysia was specifically targeted in the air crash disasters and that it has to do with ASEAN and controlling Malaysia and Indonesia in the larger scheme of US/EU/western world hegemony and financial control. I think I have a smoking gun that easily proves that the Kiev regime intentionally shot down MH-17. The verifiable proof is in the original audio that the Kiev authorities uploaded 30 minutes after the shootdown. It is still available for analysis in its original form on the internet. Audio experts can extract it using a basic program and place it in DAW software for analysis. The video analysis at the link I provide here shows that the audio was manufactured in a studio and shows anomalies in numerous places. The fact that Kiev released this so soon after the crash makes them complicit in the intentional murder of as they knew it was going to come down. Please help get this information to more people and help the truth come to light for all the victims and the unfortunate people caught up in the US and EU orchestrated Ukrainian Crisis. Malaysia is a victim too. Click CC for English subtitles.

    Link to my additional work on the anomalies and coverup of truth about the MH-17 disaster.

  19. mubarakchan Feb 12,2015 8:59 AM


    i ) To elaborate further on my Comment, let us compare the 2 Political Systems of Malaysia and Singapore.

    At the end of the day in 2015, the indigenous citizens of the Republic of Singapore even though their Government claimed through statistics that the income per capita is one of the highest in the World but did not achieve Swiss Standards of living, in reality, 99.99 % of this population remain poor.

    The efficient political and social political System as imposed on the citizens by the Ruler 1959 – 2015 ensured the poverty of the citizens arising from the illiquidity so created. Is this a deliberate attempt to impoverished the citizens who have no will to resist ? Only a careful study will tell.

    Comparatively, our FREE MALAYSIAN STYLE DEMOCRACY WITH ITS OPEN CAPITALISTIC CHARACTERISTICS may have been hi-jacked or under seige. This gives rise to the impoverishment of the Rakyat. Our Democratic System which is suppose to have checks and balances, is out of sychronisation since 2003. This led to the stagnation of pools of money being allocated for miscellaneous purposes. THERE IS NO VELOCITY OF MONEY IN THE SYSTEM especially in the Private Sector. Our Rakyat from the smaller businesses downwards to the hawkers are now feeling the brunt and the future is as yet unknown. The Rakyat are impoverished like their counterparts in Singapore. On the one hand, huge amounts of money are seen to be invested by the Government and the GLCs in all places except our beloved Malaysia and on the other, we see the inequitable handouts to selected members of the society. Our beloved Malaysia is the only country in the World which practices this NEW MALAYSIAN STYLE DEMOCRACY WITH CENTRAL COMMAND ECONOMICS – Malaysian in form but Singapore in substance.

    ii) I like to point out that those successful personalities who made good like Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Tun Daim Zainuddin, Robert Kuok, Lee Kong Chian, Li Ka Shing, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet etc, were born naked and poor like all of us.

  20. sibotak Feb 12,2015 8:19 AM

    It is important every decision making is on the Table not under the Table
    Its has to be transparent for others to see & visualize
    When Top Govt Representation has their own personal Agendas along their decision
    These will Corrupt & Bankrupt the Govt Bankrupt Malaysia

    Hopes each day ahead will be better than yesterday
    We have to keep changing to scrutinize to the Best Decision or a Better one
    Need a Thinker NOT a Talker then do the Do’s & Don’t
    Its better late than never Prevention better than Cure
    Plan A does not work then its plan B
    B does not work we will have plan A to Z
    If A TO Z does not work We meet & match our plan to make it work
    Plan AC , BZ or ABC

    Problems ,Conflicts, Disputes happens
    It is Inevitable even towards our Loves one ,our wife ,kids ,parent
    Its how we look at it How we choose to solves it
    We can tell the whole World or the whole Kampung of our Conflicts our Problem
    And Never Solves or
    We can Do it Quietly , Smart & Swift and Solves

    US now have lots of Problems around them with the World
    Problem they themselves Creates They think they are Smart & Better Human
    They think they are Military Supremacy They are on the Upper Hand
    The Whole World knows about is BUT Nothing Solves till Today
    Billions of Dollars ,Destruction everywhere ,Life Killed ,Sufferings, In Security everywhere they go & everything they do


  21. musato Feb 12,2015 6:56 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Sebelum ni pun dah ada orang datang pada Tun dan komplen pasal gaji minimum rm900 yang membuatkan produktiviti semakin menurun dan kos makin meningkat.

    Di sini saya buka payslip saya bulan May 2011.

    Basic pay. rm370
    Overnight 16days x rm2.5 Rm40
    2 day pay 1 day x rm28.462. Rm28.46
    Service charge. Rm750

    Total earning. Rm1,188.46

    Lagi mahu komplen ker?

    Tapi Syeikh Abdul Qadir Al Jailani pernah menulis dalam buku yang diberi judul wasiat dan nasihat kerohanian bahawa kamu disediakan tempat tinggal dan diberikan jiran jiran yang baik. InsyaAllah.

    Tak lama lagi anak kepada seseorang YM kerabat Perak akan menjadi jiran sebelah saya.

    Selamat datang saya ucapkan. Jawapan yang ditanya menunjukkan akan terdapat sedikit protokol kata suaminya yang humble itu.

    Walaubagaimanapun, selamat datang. Saya tak biasa dengan protokol.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  22. mubarakchan Feb 11,2015 10:36 PM


    As I have explained many times before that the Singapore’s GLCs were created for a specific purpose to develop, to create jobs and to garner revenue. These do not compete for space in a small place like Singapore. But each of the GLCs was allotted a task to fulfil and to perform. There is no necessity to create a new Bumiputra big business class in Singapore. They have already got the Ruler 1959 – 2015. And the political System is godless Ultra-Communistic in form and function imposed on the citizens by the Ruler through his Apparatchiks otherwise known as the dysfunctional Meritocratics with the smartest fellow on top.
    The whole set-up is Central Command Control by the Ruler 1959 – 2015 as confirmed by the famous guru, Mark Mobius in a Bloomberg interview with Angie Lau. He said, ‘ Both China and Singapore have efficient command investment systems as compared with the democratic system of the United States with its checks and balances.’

    As we have now discerned, our political System is Free Malaysian Style Democracy with Open Capitalisitc Characteristics. Until after 2003, standards, ethics, propriety, probity and principles were part of our political System. The citizens expected the same delivery of the goodies by the elected Government as in the days of yore. With the flood of PAP cadres into the Peninsula looking for low hanging fruits, all the principles which were practised in the past were thrown to the winds. It is the MONEY MONEY MONEY FAILED POLICIES of Singapore which took root in all the thoughts of those who rule us. We now have the Khazanah Empire and others. But the Ruler micromanaged everything from flower pots in Orchard Road to Singapore Inc. He has no time to be a sportsman like our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and other real tycoons of the World.

    With business, there is always a risk. A risk to fail big time for big bets placed by the Government.

    There is a saying, ‘ An apple a day keeps the doctor away !’

    The APPLE on Wall Street just topped the market capitalization of USDR 700 billions whilst that of EXXON MOBIL is only a lowly USDR 380 billions. The foreign reserves of our beloved Malaysia which is just announced, is only USDR 110 billions. Where does our beloved Malaysia stand in comparison with these behemoths of capitalism ? What do they mean to us ?

    First, our beloved Malaysia’s foreign reserves is only a small part of these behemoths annual revenue. Second, THIS ILLUSTRATES THE MENTAL CAPABILITY OF HUMANKIND IN AN ORDERLY AND ORGANISED EFFORT TO ACHIEVE GREAT SUCCESS WITH FOCUS AND TRANSPARENCY. No opaque hanky-panky !
    Third, this also shows that round pegs should fill round holes and square pegs fill square holes. There are no politicians or civil servants in APPLE OR EXXON MOBIL !

    Unless our FREE MALAYSIAN STYLE DEMOCRACY WITH ITS OPEN CAPITALLISTIC CHARACTERISTICS has been hi-jacked like what the Ruler 1959 – 2015 did surreptiously without informing the citizens, then it is still not to late to revert to the HISTORIC NORM. I believe it is still not too late to do so.

    History has shown us at least two instances whereby Ministers did their own thing at the expense of the Rakyat and conveniently forgot the words ‘ Rakyat and Sacrifice ‘ The only political party I know is UMNO which always reminded us of their SACRIFICE :-

    1. The previous Minister of Tourism was like a Minister for Tourism. The Minister toured the Southern Antipodes in style, in a thinly populated part of the World which knows us well instead of dusty and dirty India and China. Her Majesty the Queen awarded this Minister with a Gold Medal for promoting well-endowed London for the tourists and not the other way round for KL ! Kudos to the present Minister of Tourism.

    2. Another Minister attempted to wrest the age-old and traditional right to prescribe and to dispense medicines by the hard-working doctors in their clinics in collusion with a couple of traders. This Minister wanted to revamp our efficient and patient friendly system which is even better than that of the United States. An itchy mind has itchy fingers.

    3. Miscellaneous.

    HAS ANYONE TURN OUR FREE MALAYSIAN STYLE DEMOCRACY WITH ITS OPEN CAPITALISTIC CHARACTERISTICS INTO THE RULER’S 1959 – 2015 GODLESS ULTRA COMMUNISTIC POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SYSTEM MANNED BY APPARATCHIKS ? In October, 2008, even though the latter System was micro-managed by the Ruler 1959 – 2015, Singapore lost an official USDR 108 billions in a jiffy in October 2008’ which I reckoned was due to the fables and foibles of Humankind.


    As far as I have known, money can only be created through ideas, not through money. The following are good examples of what I mean and besides, these gentlemen are all focussed on their tasks at hand :-

    1. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad – His creation of the 3 million families of Middle Income Malays who up-lifted the 3 millions Middle Income Malays through the purchase of their goods and services, and many more.
    2. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jack Ma, Robert Kuok, Lee Kong Chian, Tun Daim Zainuddin, Li Ka Shing etc.etc.


  23. azlan95 Feb 11,2015 4:41 PM

    A two-paragraph statement from the EU from this link :

    The conviction and sentencing of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim raises serious questions regarding due process of law.

    The European Union regards Malaysia as a key political and economic partner in South East Asia. In that spirit of partnership, the EU wishes to underscore that trust in the administration of justice is an essential component of the democratic process.

    My comment:

    Apparently only European nations know how to implement a trusted justice administration.


  24. MerbokTimes Feb 11,2015 4:24 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Saya lihat di antara isu ini berlaku juga di bawah pentadbiran Mukhriz. Beberapa pegawai sekeliling seperti membina sebuah benteng yang besar. Permohonan untuk temujanji dengan MB begitu sukar. Ada surat dan whatapps yang langsung tidak berjawab pada hal awal-awal ketika ingin menguasai kerajaan dahulu pantang sebaris ayat sms begitu cepat respon nya. Tetapi kini sudah terbalik.
    Ada cadangan yang di bawa kepada MB dan sudah dijanjikan untuk diberi perhatian tetapi janji tinggal janji. Di kalangan setiausaha sekeliling tercangak-cangak tidak tahu apa-apa. Atau istialah terkenal ‘janji politik jangan diharap sangat”. Ada juga temujanji yang sudah di buat 3 minggu sebelum apabila tiba masanya setiausaha tidak ada di pejabat malah yang sedih ada di luar negeri.
    Saya rasa mungkin trend peipimpin muda sebegini pentadbiran mereka.
    Sekian. Wasallam.
    Terima kasih.

  25. Tired Feb 11,2015 10:20 AM

    Salam Tun,

    1. There is something rotten in Malaysia, definitely!

    2. When Astro begun, we were promised “no advertisements, strictly (but you have to pay for it lar!)”

    3. When it increases monthly subscriptions, advertisements began to appear (but it argued those were “in-house programs, and not advertisements (?!).”

    4. Later, not so in-house advertisements began to appear. Again, Astro told us, “Costs of good programs are expensive (?)” Now, I know why Astro keeps showing us those reruns after reruns! Gosh.

    5. Yet, Astro reported it had never ever had lost money. In fact, it had made billions of ringgits instead! (Take That, You Suckers, Bolehland!)

    6. Today, I saw a notice, “Effective 26 February 2015, golf programs would not be shown on Channel 815 anymore, but it shall be on ala carte…” Really? A’la Carte? Why? Is Astro too embarrassed to say it aloud again that “if you wanted good show, you must pay for it, again, and again, and again…!” Where is your heart, Astro?

    7. Should not making billions from businesses due to good business acumen, and not through fraud?

    8. Regrettably, I could not terminate my Astro “SERVICES!” Apparently, I had entered into a Contract with it when I upgraded to HD! Damn, Astro!

    9. Obviously, if I were to bring this matter up with the Government, it would tell me to watch government propagandas channels instead, which is free! Pity.

    10. I feel cheated and abused living in Bolehland!

    Sekian, Tun, terima kaseh. Wassalam.

  26. dukuhead Feb 11,2015 10:08 AM

    Dear Tun,

    I hazard a guess that your frustrations are very much shared by the common man. The current administration’s ineptness has reached almost monumental proportions and we can take a wild guess as to what will be the likely outcome of GE 14 which is due in about 3 years’ time. Granted that much can happen in 3 years, but at the rate that things are going, unless something improves or changes for the better DRASTICALLY, i doubt that the R.A.H.M.A.N. prophecy can be avoided. Which only leaves one big question: Who will become Prime Minister afterwards? In whose hands will the stewardship of our beloved country fall? In doctorspeak, Will the treatment kill the patient? Is the patient in a terminal condition already?

    with fond regards,

  27. Fariq Islam Feb 11,2015 9:41 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Kami berharap Tun memberi sedikit sebanyak maklumat tentang syarikat-syarikat dan kementerian-kementerian yang terbabit. Pendedahan kes 1MDB telah menginsafkan Rakyat and kerajaan. Kerajaan dinampak mengambil inisiatif memperbetul.

    “Sometimes to speed up approvals gratification is offered.” Gratification yang disebut sememangnya haram di sisi Islam. Yang memberi dan yang menerima patut ditangkap dan dihukum. Kalau mampu lari dari undang-undang, maka si berdosa harus bersedia menjawab Allah SWT nanti.

    Dalam pada ini, kami berharap juga Tun dapat membincang kes-kes ini dalam “closed door” mesyurakat dalaman UMNO. Kutukan tertubi-tubi terhadap Dato’ Seri PM akan meninggalkan kesan yang tak berapa bagus ke atas masa depan BN.

  28. halisma Feb 11,2015 9:05 AM

    Bagi kami yang berada di bawah, banyak dari perkara yang disebut oleh Tun bukanlah hal baru. Sejak zaman Tun, bahkan sebelumnya lagi, perkara yang sama telah diperkatakan. Namun hal-hal seperti ini berlegar di kalangan rakyat-rakyat kecil dan tidak berdaya. Tiada yang berani mengangkatnya ke atas. Maka ada pemimpin yang tidak sadar. Ada pemimpin yang diam dan membiarkannya kerana menganggapnya sebagai ‘perkara biasa’. Dan ada pemimpin yang diam, barangkali kerana dia juga dapat manfaat dari situasi yang ada.

  29. zafre Feb 11,2015 1:40 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun, di doakan sihat sejahtera.
    Artikel Tun adalah suatu pendedahan yg diketahui umum dan seperti biasa sukar dibendung dan hanya boleh dikeluhkan.. Mungkin ini semua berkenaan dgn Atitude problem yg telah menjadi tabiat dan amalan tanpa RASA BERSALAH..
    Saya sendiri mengalami perkara begini dengan Perbadanan Pembangunan Kg Baru. Pihak kami ada mengutus surat kepada Tun sendiri setahun lebih yg lalu dan orang yg menyampaikan surat telah pulang ke rahmatullah pada tahun lalu. Masaalah kami adalah berkenaan bencana tanah mendap dan banjir di Kg Pindah, Kg Baru yg berlaku pada April 2011. Bencana berlaku akibat palong pintas bawah tanah Sg Bunus yg melalui beberapa lot tanah kampung kami telah rosak dan pecah. Palong ini mula dibina pada 1968 dan pembaikan pada tahun 1978. Palong telah melebihi jangka hayat dan tidak diselenggara. Kami tidak pernah menerima sebarang pampasan dan kami tidak dapat membangunkan atau memajukan tapak rumah kami dengan adanya palong ini disamping keselamatan yg tidak terjamin.
    Pada masa ini dimaklumkan dana sebanyak RM12 juta telah disediakan dengan tujuan untuk kami berpindah sementara untuk membongkar palong yg rosak dan kembalikan tanah kepada keadaan asal.
    Kami ditawarkan untuk mengambil wang gantirugi mengikut nilai rumah dan dalam masa 3 tahun selepas kerja pembongkaran dan penutupan palong siap, kami dianggap dapat membina kembali rumah dengan gantirugi yg diberikan.
    Kami dapati tawaran PKB adalah berat sebelah yg mana rumah kami dinilai mengikut nilai semasa dan dana yg diberi adalah utk digunakan membangunkan semula rumah tiga tahun yg akan datang. Utk makluman Tun rumah kami di Kg Pindah ini dinilai dengan harga sekitar RM30 sekaki persegi. Dengan kos pembangunan yg terus meningkat sangatlah tidak masuk akal untuk membina rumah dua tingkat sederhana dengan tawaran demikian.
    Disinilah kita lihat pemikiran singkat mereka2 yg memegang jawatan dlm agensi kerajaan dan hanya melepas tangan. Apa pilihan yg kami ada? 47 tahun laluan palong telah banyak mengelakkan banjir besar dari berlaku dikawasan Chow Kit dan Kg Baru.. tiada sesen pun pampasan yg diterima, keselamatan tidak dijamin, tiada hak untuk memajukan tanah sendiri dan kini terpaksa menanggung rugi.. Apalah nasib Melayu Kg Pindah yg telah teraniaya .. Kami nak maju.. tapi pihak yg bertanggung jawab sangat mengeciwakan.. Sekian

  30. mustaqimabdulrahman Feb 11,2015 1:02 AM

    i have minimal education level….but i have many brilliant friends…with them i always ask a right question to get the right response……thats my specialty…..but in front of you im speechless i want to cry but i dont want ur sympathy, i want to hug u but i want u to judge me as person not apple polisher….:):)…..

    to this topic my friends graduated from hawai universty told me in 2004 his faculty make an economy research and the result is malaysia was amongst 10 last destination for foreign company to invest because the monarchy/royal family involved in business in malaysia where they assume royal businessman is a threat to their business…..a business competiton they will never won they claim…

    GE 13 result is very bad for BN which might resulted to what happen today ie uncontrolled royal families in business activities….and also uncontrolled gov “decision maker” group where Prime Minister shud anticipate to such possibilities and act first with solution before your “king chess” get “checked”……..

    yup i also feel something rotten but i think najib is out of hand already…he cannot manage or recrify it as the problem is very very messy, deepen and its too late already….

    as a pyramid system administration culture…Prime Minister shud be the highest rank amongst government staff, amongst political leader, amongst business opportunity but toooooo bad he is not anymore for more than a year alreaady………

    and tell me how you want to command a ship with 3 captain????maybe jack sparrow and barbosa can but if najib is the third captain i wonder how rotten the ship will be….;p;p

  31. immoralequivalence Feb 10,2015 11:49 PM

    ‘rottenness’ have made many entities ‘ lucky’ thru their DNA makeup.
    The ‘ rotten’ Dap bcame the largest Oppo party.
    The ‘ rotten’ PAP made Spore the Swiss of the East.
    The ‘ rotten’ West we benchmark our Achievement
    The ‘ rotten’ Whites colonizers we fawn for their offsprings for a pat on our backs ‘ well done brown men’
    The ‘ rotten’ zionists which we can’t do without to 2020.
    The ‘ rotten’ Israelis with their unbounded ingenuity to humanity we can do without.
    The ‘ not so rotten’ India n china being too near we chummy pretend.
    The ‘ best ripen’ left be the Arabs n personally lobert Mugabe 90 yr n 9000% inflation.
    We have got use to the smell. Ad nauseum

  32. musato Feb 10,2015 10:58 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Begitu juga bilamana PM dengan bangganya menyebut harga kangkung pun turun harga.

    Seterusnya menjadi viral.

    Kemudian PM mengaku orang yang beri penerangan kepada dia berkata demikian, sebab tu dia pun bagi contoh yang sama.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  33. musato Feb 10,2015 9:29 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya kira komplen di atas biasa biasa je. Kerajaan memang terkenal dengan komplen macam tu walaupun masa zaman Tun (ni kena konfem ngan orang lama lama).

    Berkenaan dengan 1MDB, saya berpendapat itu adalah salah satu kerja penasihat lama kepada Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak.

    Mungkin sekarang cara Dato’ Najib ada sedikit perubahan.

    Ia boleh dilihat kewibawaan PM kita bila cadangan terperinci untuk menyelesaikan kes MH17 dituruti 100 peratus.

    Andaian saya ialah Tun memberi terus preskrepsi cadangan saya secara raw tanpa tambahan atau penerangan lanjut.

    Preskrepsi saya itu adalah detail dan digunapakai di lapangan tempat nahas dan dicadangkan kepada negara-negara yang terlibat.

    Penerangan di atas untuk membuktikan bahawa PM kita ini berani dan yakin apabila ada cadangan detail diberikan. KECUALI

    Cadangan 1MDB itu dari penasihat beliau adalah suatu kebodohan jika dibenarkan dipanggil begitu di dalam blog ini.

    Terima kasih Tun.

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