1. At a forum in UKM recently, Dr Chandra Muzaffar raised the matter of sanctions in international affairs and suggested that sanction is war by other means. Therefore it should be made a crime and that the campaign to make war a crime should include sanctions.2. I fully agree with Dr Muzaffar that sanction is a crime.

3. In the past, during the numerous wars of the European nations, one of the most effective weapons was the siege. This consisted of cutting off communication of a city with the outside through positioning soldiers all round the city so that the citizens would be starved to death or surrender.

4. The concept has been “upgraded” so that whole country could be cut off from communication and trade with other countries. The effect is to starve and deprive the people of food and medicine until the country surrenders. It is another way of killing people as in war.

5. We talk a lot about the rule of law. We know that for justice to be done everyone must be equal before the law. No one should be above the law.

6. But sanctions can only be effectively applied by the powerful against the weak. There is no way for a weak country to apply sanctions against a strong power, indeed against another weak country even.

7. Against a strong country even the whole world or the United Nations cannot apply sanctions. The strong country can just ignore sanctions. There is no equality before the law. And therefore there is no justice. The rule of law cannot be applied.

8. What is worse about sanctions is that it is not the only country under sanctions which will be deprived of their rights, other countries which have trade and even friendly relations with the sanctioned country will also suffer the loss of trade and relations. This is so because if a country continues to trade with the sanctioned country, the powerful country can punish the recalcitrant by cutting off trade, denying banking facilities etc. In effect the other countries have to suffer sanctions as well.

9. We talk about free trade. We talk about borderless world. We talk about human rights. But the big power or power can deprive weak countries of all their freedoms with impunity.

10. Truly sanction is war by other means. It is an expression of might being right. It is cruel and inhumane. It denies the claim of the big powers that they want to see nations uphold freedoms including. It negates their assertion that trade should be free.

11. Since sanction is war, it should be made as criminal as other forms of wars, conventional or otherwise.

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  1. hafizfazillah Aug 17,2018 1:02 PM

    i hope tun could extend a helping hand to turkey , at least bring to light at the world arena of the unfair sanctions towards turkey, mexico and canada.

  2. TokJanggut Aug 4,2017 10:40 AM

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  3. mubarakchan Apr 13,2015 8:32 PM


    You brought up this timely subject of SANCTIONS last year, 2014. Taking congniscence of the current events today and match these against our new Uni-Polar Foreign Policy which used to be staffed by just one anointed person who flew between Putrajaya and Washington DC, this comparison gives me the creeps. This little fact illustrates how small our beloved Malaysia really is. Her foreign reserves are just US$ 113 Billions. The capitalization of Apple is US$ 700 Billions and GE is US$ 430 Billions. Apart from this one fact about our diminutiveness with a one-man band who carried our Foreign Policy in his bag, we also read about other US Sanctions applied on Russia, Iran, Venezuela and Cuba. Saddam Hussein’s Irag was once the top whipping bag.

    What I do not understand is that the only difference between the late Ruler’s (1959-2015) Singapore which was controlled by him through the Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System imposed on the citizens by Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats and Cuba , lies in the pursuit of MONEY MONEY MONEY by Singapore. Otherwise, the political Administration of both countries is similar. And yet, Cuba has been sanctioned for 55 years with some prospect of this being lifted today.

    And Venezuela which has a democratic system, is also sanctioned.

    It is with the examples of the sanctions of countries which have been earmarked for treatment that those repsonsble for our Foreign Policy understand what all these means. In other words, it is better for our beloved Malaysia to remain NEUTRAL AND BE FRIENDS WITH ALL LIKE SWIZERLAND RATHER THAN BE INVOLVED IN OTHER NATIONS QUARRELS, CONFLICTS OR WARS in which we do not understand or these do not benefit us one way or another.

    The other day the word MANDATE came up in the meida. I would have thought that each newly elected Goverment of the day keeps up to the PROMISES AS LAID OUT IN THE ELECTIONS MANIFESTO which were normally full of platitudes and promises of good virtues. It is not so much as the POWER which the newly elected Government can or may exercise. It is the fervent hope of the RAKYAT THAT ANY NEWLY-ELECTED GOVERNMENT IS ABIDE TO DELIVER – the sooner, the better. If this is not a basic Democratic Rule of the Thumb. what is ? And now the fact that our beloved Malaysia practises the Free Malaysian Style Democracy with Open Capitalistic Characteristics as opposed to the late Ruler’s (1959-2015) Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System imposed on the citizens by the Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats, what is more glaring than the fact if a democratically elected Governement veered away from the NORM ?


  4. HBT456 Apr 12,2015 5:42 AM

    It will be better off for umno heads in epf not to mess with the current 55 years old withdrawal policy as muslim.

  5. bourne007 Mar 17,2015 12:15 PM

    Soalan : Adakah Amerika Syarikat akan memberi perlindungan ke atas wang rakyat yang di manipulasi 1MDB?
    Jawapan : Petisyen bagi Siasatan 1MDB

  6. HBT456 Mar 15,2015 3:13 PM

    if I want to be the pm of malaysia, I will not push for sukuk to bailout failed projects of bn. Jangan kata ang mo takut, aku sebagai rakyat malaysia pun takut nak beli saham2 disyorkan Pmo, dan hampir semua projects dilaksanakan pmo selepas 1998, failed. you want to achieve developed status, rule of law must be applied. sending oppostion mps to court only prove one thing, ketuana melayu failed!

  7. sibotak Mar 15,2015 2:58 PM

    Kelihatan Pembangkang manja sangat dengan US
    Sikit sikit nak menggadu kat US
    Sikit sikt nak bilang Bapa
    Masalah Sambal Belacan pun nak rujuk kat US
    Manja sangat lah
    Bertujuan memporak perandakan Malaysia untuk kepentingan mereka
    US sendiri ada masalah mereka sendiri dalaman juga dunia luar
    Hari hari US ada protest of Human Right group menandakan US pun tak Betul
    Jadi saya syorkan Pembangkan PKR, DAP
    Rujukan kemanjaan mereka kepada Mynmar, Bangladesh atau Vietnam
    Aaaa……….ah ini lagi betul
    Pembantu rumah Indon ada masalah pun rujuk pada Bangla

  8. sibotak Mar 15,2015 2:44 PM

    Siapa yg sebanarnya yg bolih mencalon PM Malaysia
    Kita perlu PM yg berkebolihan yg bersikap tegas , bijak, bolih melaksanakan
    yg Cool tapi Hot macam Dr Tun Mahathir

    Dr Chandra Muzaffar ? Apa pandangan Tun ?
    Dr Chandra berbual Cool tapi Hot tak ?

  9. Tun Perak Mar 13,2015 1:00 PM

    Salam Waja Perak,

    War should be criminalised. Killers are criminals.

    I am pretty sure , after rigorous analysis of what happened in the world, not only the muslim world, when you try to put them in the context, the way the new world order thoughts are that “sanctions” would be imposed by them onto a country after they conclude that the country had made a mistake or “mistake”. They are acting like the “Police of the World”.

    Unfortunately , some “mistakes” are fabrications and some mistakes
    are genuine. For example Sino-Japan War, Korean War, Kuwait Invasion (genuine) and Palestin-Israel conflict (fabricated).

    While I would agree criminalization of sanction against fabricated mistake, I have 2-3 thoughts about sanction against genuine mistake. For example , if a country X invade Malaysia, would you want or not want the rest of the world to sanction country X which would then allow us to be free again ?

    When we think about the Prophet alaihi salam, actually he evaded a “sanction” by making a hijrah (migrate) to Madinah , introduce and fortified muslim brotherhood by bonding between Ansar and Muhajirin, and provided the time and ability for the muslim to work and improve their life. In fact, Muhammad a.s. DID NOT resort to war when every other options has exhausted but he prefer to migrate. Changing faith from the muslim way of life to the Quraish way if life is not an option. Quraish , ever fond in making mistakes, made another mistake that is to declare a war on the muslim at Madinah. And the prophet which had a strong community due to the bonding between Ansar and Muhajirin , only fight the war after the wahyu was brought down from Allah , asking the Muslim to defend themselves and fight the aggression. You have to remember one thing – in the life of Prophet, there is no decision by him to go to any war without an instruction from the one above us.

    Since there is no more wahyu from Allah after the prophet had died, then any war decided by the Muslim leaders are actually their own decision, and there is no guarantee by Allah to them winning any war. Since, there is no guarantee by Allah that moslem could win a war, then WAR is not an option unless we are invaded or some other country declare a war on us.

    When you read Al-Qurah Surah Ar-Rum, Allah did not request the muslim to advise the arrogant and recalcitrat superpower Byzantine Empire from stopping their war against the arrogant Persian Empire ….. because the war has started and it was the Persian Empire who initiated the agression and there is no way that muslim can advise both of them after a war has started. In fact Al-Quran said, Byzantine (Roman Empire) has been defeated (by the Persian). But they will win back between 3 to nine years. True to what Al-Quran has predicted. Persian was defeated by the Roman Empire 8 years from that day.

    Of couse, when a war had not yet started, by all means … educate everyone not to start a war.

  10. Karl Mar 13,2015 12:01 PM

    Salam Tun.

    Saya fikir kita semua setuju dan sependapat dgn blogger Hajar.

    Kita sekarang ni berdepan dengan musuh di luar dan di dalam.

    Kita mungkin boleh kunci pintu dari dalam untuk sekat musuh luar daripada masuk.

    Tapi apakan daya kalau ada musuh dari dalam (yang bangang) membuka kunci dan membenarkan musuh dari luar masuk ikut sedap bini dia.

    One word, immediately come blinking to the mind : “CUCKOLD PM”

  11. Ali Akbar Hashim Mar 13,2015 12:37 AM

    Dear Sir,

    Both Prime Minister after yourself are choosen by you, thereafter they both failed you, worst still some projects like the “crooked bridge” in the south did not materialized!

    In my opinion, thus far none is capable to fit in you shoes, you have setting highly benchmark that very difficult copy, you are irreplaceable!

    Something is rotten in Malaysia

    I truly hope a grandmaster like you will save this nation and the Malay especially!

    Long live Dr Mahathir! May Allah Bless you always

  12. sibotak Mar 12,2015 11:34 PM

    Betul Hajar PM Najib
    Sila letak Jawatan dengan segala Hormatnya

    Hutang Negara dah 3 kali lipat Billion
    Bolih tak Najib , Cik Ros jangan asik diikut
    Tak Bolih Jangan Paksa

  13. Hajar Mar 12,2015 2:17 PM

    Salam YAB & Yg diKasihi Tun,

    Kita tidak perlu negara atau kuasa luar untuk ’mensabotaj’ ekonomi kita dengan mengenakan ‘SANCTION’ terhadap Malaysia.

    Ini kerana Menteri Kewangan @ PM Ah Jib Gor sendiri telah mensabotaj negara dengan kenyataan beliau mengenai duit dari ’Cayman Islands’ yang telah ditebus, dan kemudiannya disimpan di Singapura kerana beliau sendiri tiada keyakinan terhadap polisi Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) yang memerlukan kelulusan bagi setiap transaksi melebihi RM50 juta yang ingin dibuat ( .

    Jika begitu eloklah semua duit Kerajaan disimpan di luar negara kerana saya yakin Kerajaan juga perlu buat pelbagai transaksi melebihi RM50 juta dari semasa ke semasa. Kenyataan PM Ah Jib Gor ini amat memalukan Malaysia.

    Malang sungguh Malaysia kerana ada Menteri Kewangan @ PM yang sebegini. Apa guna beliau jadi Menteri Kewangan jika tidak menyokong polisi-polisi kewangan yang ditetapkan oleh BNM, dan kerana itu duit melebihi RM4 BILLION kepunyaan 1MDB (dikatakan milik penuh Kerajaan Malaysia) wajar disimpan di Singapura? Adakah ini satu ’kebangangan’ atau satu lagi ’temberang’ untuk menyusahkan pihak lain untuk ’mengaudit’ 1MDB?

    Satu soalan, jika perlu bayar hutang, adakah BNM akan mengambil masa lama (???) untuk beri kelulusan untuk melakukan transaksi untuk membayar hutang (yg tertangguh)?

    PM Ah Jib Gor, sila letak jawatan. Anda gagal.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  14. wajaperak Mar 11,2015 9:00 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    [Tun Perak
    There is nothing that we could do to advise those arrogant and recalcitrant superpower from committing their own stupid mistake]
    With all due respect.
    Allows me to offer a perspective.
    Forget the form of my opinion and the way it is written.
    See the function of my small minded opinion.
    We always forgotten that Islam offer’s everything between the earth and the heaven.
    Life solution and foremost hearafter solution.
    The principal way Islam show us is education.
    From education the erred and the wayward can be brought to reason’s.
    From reason’s wether it is fair or not we form collusion.
    This is the collected concensus form and opinion.
    Muslimin is of the opinion that..
    The non muslimin is the opinion of that..
    Regarding sanctions we can learn how Rasullulah s.a.w beat the stranglehold.
    The muslimin communities at that time suffer few years until they have to resort consuming leaves.
    This is how it must be done.
    Any diferrence of opinion must be solves through negotiation.
    The musyrikin finally worn out and ‘lost’ the will to continue pressing muslimin to change their faith.
    This is only of one instance.
    If all option finally exhusted,
    The pertinent question is always and will be..


    Terima kasih Tun.

  15. Tun Perak Mar 10,2015 5:08 PM

    Dear Tun,

    There is a story. If those criminals does not apply sanction on Japan, then we Malaysia may not even become independent.

    The story goes this way. The Asia-Pacific Second World War started with a sanction on Japan. The war which was initially supposed to be only the second Sino-Japan war escalated to become Pacific war when the United States announced that unless Japan totally withdraw from China, the States and British would not sell them oil, rubber and iron. These three items are mandatory for manufacturing tools for war.

    Japan, acknowledging that the new world order sanction would stop their imperial expansion into China, knows that they have to invade South East Asian countries such as Malaysia and Brunei to obtain the required resources. Those were the days when we Malay found that our colonial master – the British is not as strong as what they act to be and when the strong apply sanction on the strong, we the weak suffers and then benefited in the long run.

    The stories goes Japan lost the war, millions inclusive those who committed ritual harakiri died and somehow Japan rebuilt and become strong again. Japan learnt but not many other countries could learn as good as the Japs that is to go all out war to break a sanction then lost the war and become more humile and humane. Most of other strong countries being sanctioned preferred to have its slow death rather than reconcile or fight it all out. I think it is a mistake.

    So, would sanction be equatable to crime. Yes, I think so. Imagine those big countries applied sanction on weak countries like us, we would be at the negative end without even could muster some fight …. and what wrong, the innocence Malaysian would do on the world stage to deserve a sanction. Ahhh… now there is other subtle form of sanction that is the TPPA… of course they have the rules and regulations that requires us to obey and to be humiliated if we dont obey.

    But sanction between two strong countries ….. as the Malay idiom said . “Gajah sama gajah bergaduh , pelanduk mati di tengah”. There is nothing that we could do to advise those arrogant and recalcitrant superpower from committing their own stupid mistake…We could propose to criminalise sanction but it will take years for others to listen and follow what we say unless the turn of event prove to be as it is…. the end of the story.

  16. sibotak Mar 10,2015 9:17 AM

    Defamation ,Sedition , Sanctions,Boycott ,Protest,Suppression,Invasion,Influence
    Instigation , Propaganda & many more are modes to weaken to destroy
    To weaken to destroy will narrows to chaos to destruction
    Destruction adds to Military leads to Killings
    Military need weapons
    Weapons Kills Weapons Destroy
    Weapons are Never design to solves Problems

    Its seen DAP oppositions has been all out war to defame the Govt
    Its their very Right BUT Its their very wrong that is my concerns
    They are fooling PKR , the Cashless Malay , the Nothing to do better Malay
    the Improvident Malay ,the Lepak lepak Malay to do all the dirty jobs for them

    It is seen much on the Riots much of the Malay contributes to the Protest
    Whilst DAP leaders Lim , Arbiga suddenly all busy to attend to something when they are the one that Triggered all these. As such ISA is important is a Must

    S,pore have it and its known as very Democratic Malaysia drops it ? STUPID RIGHT
    It sounds much the same as Israel feared Iran have Nuclear that could be a Threat to the World making sure Iran will never built Nuclear
    Yet they themselves have 300 Nuclear Warheads with a Ready Button

    And those who instigates these have a the route to escape left the innocents to be the victims
    I see the Defamation , Protest are actively orchestrate by DAP
    I see most of the Malay are doing the Dirty jobs participating in the Demo
    Its in the Malay culture , they loves to kepo kepo , join the Blind , don,t know what is their objectives , mostly loves Berkumpul & lepak lepak
    Its more of a Party to them not knowing their objectives
    BUT A Slight mistake it can creates to Chaos

    This is what the DAP leaders wants to see to advantage their Political Millage
    UMNO govt , Najib must be Stern on these before it goes out of Control
    This is Not a Game

  17. Abu Alya Mar 9,2015 1:54 PM

    Salam Tun.

    Sanction juga membawa maksud, “give official permission or approval for (an action)”, di mana seperti komen blogger Tanggang @ – ianya berupa izin bagi pemaju untuk melaksanakan agenda Spore ke atas Selangor.

    Nampaknya tak sia-sialah wawasan Lee Kuan Yew mengadakan kunjungan ‘melawat sambil merembat’ Malaysia pada tahun 2009.

    Melayu Mudah Lupa.

  18. Tanggang Mar 7,2015 4:31 PM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Nampaknya langkah Kajang telah membuahkan hasil. Berita kaki disiaran berita TV baru2 ini menyatakan kerajaan Selangor akan menarik lebih banyak pelabur Singapura. Tidak dinyatakan tetapi mungkin pelabur Singapura daripada sektor perumahan. Sekarang ini terdapat banyak flat2 rumah murah mampu milik yang didirikan oleh kerajaan UMNO/BN lama dahulu untuk rakyat disekitar Keramat, Pandan, Wangsa Maju dan sebagainya. Tapak2 perumahan ini kini sangat berpotensi dan mempunyai nilai pulangan pembangunan yang tinggi dan bertaraf ‘open title’. Flat2 rumah murah ini boleh dirobohkan dan digantikan perumahan kondominium berharga tinggi seperti RM900,000 seunit. Sekiranya harga unit lebih RM 1 juta maka dibolehkan dibeli oleh pembeli luar negara seperti Singapura misalnya. Ini akan memberikan pulangan yang lebih tinggi. Penduduk asal boleh diberi pampasan sebanyak RM250,000 dan mereka boleh cari rumah lain yang berharga RM250,000 di Selangor atau Kuala Lumpur ini jika ada. Kerajaan Selangor juga tetap membatalkan pembinaan lebuhraya KIDEX seperti yang telah disuruh oleh DAP kerana lebuhraya itu bising dan banyak asap.

    Pilihan rakyat Selangor. Selamat tinggal Selangor.

    Salam Tun.

  19. anti-jibaok Mar 5,2015 10:20 PM

    HBT 456..,

    Assuming that even if a Malay/Bumi can become the Secretary General of DAP.., and also assuming that DAP can win the majority electoral vote in the next General Election in Malaysia.., then rest assured that the Bumi Status shall surely be abolished.

    Even if PKR (and DAP) can win the majority electoral vote in the next General Election.., and assuming the new President of PKR happens to be Tian Chua.., then rest assured that the Bumi Status shall be surely be abolished.

    Yes.., selagi ada Raja-raja dan negeri-negeri Tanah Melayu dalam Malaysia.., maka rest assured that Melayu Takkan Hilang di Dunia. Begitu juga, kalau masih ada negara-negara Cina, India, Jepun, Arab, German, Itali, Perancis, etc, etc…, maka orang-orang Cina, India, Jepun, Arab, German, Itali, Perancis, etc.., juga tidak akan akan hilang di dunia.., and so, on & so, on.

    But.., you fail to remember that.., the (Figure) Head of State of Singapore was once a Malay. Tapi sekarang ini.., orang Melayu di Singapore.., itu Kuah pun Tak Dapat..!! Apa hat..!?

    So HBT 456…, Malaysia memang Bagus to all..!

    Bye.., bye for now.., Ahso.

  20. musato Mar 5,2015 5:42 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Di sini saya copy apa yang saya katakan dulu bahawa tidak dapat dibaca kembali kerana ia ditulis di private blog. Mohon izin untuk sebaran umum.

    Setelah menulis beberapa ketika di sini, rencana ini dapat saya baca kembali.

    The Heroic Dozen Person

    Just after midnight on July 22, 2014, Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has made an important announcement with regard to the three main contentious issues pertaining the shooting down incident of a Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Boeing 777-200ER (r/n: 9M-MRD) of Flight MH17 near to the Ukrainian-Russian border on July 18 with the loss of all 298 people on-board.

    After conducting ‘back-door’ negotiations with the Pro-Russian rebel leader Alexander Borodai, the Prime Minister has managed to secure the release of 226 remains of the crash victims which have been collected by emergency rescuers and stored in train carriages, the handing over of two black boxes retrieved by the rebels as well as access for the investigators at the crash site to look for clues and evidence which could explain the tragic incident.

    As a result, a group of 12 Malaysians drawn from various agencies, with various specialties and expertise was assembled to be quickly deployed to Donetsk and meet up with the rebels for the handing over of the black boxes as well as the repatriation of the remains found.

    The group, known as the “Dozen Person” consist of team leader and Head of the National Security Council (Majlis Keselamatan Negara – MKN) Assistant Secretary, Lt Kol Mohd Sakri Hussin, Army Odontology Specialist, Brig Jen Datuk Dr Ilham Harun, Pathology Specialist, Dr Mohd Shah Mahmod, Lumut Military Hospital’s Trauma and Emergency Specialist, Mej Dr Hafizi Abdullah, Army Medical Officer cum Translator, Kapt Dr Mohd Zainizam Zainal, Special Malaysian Assistance and Rescue Team (SMART)/ Royal Malaysian police (RMP) officer, Insp Abd Rahim Abd Aziz as well as the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Special Air Unit (Pasukan Khas Udara – PASKAU) commandos Mej Muhammad Mustaffa Omar TUDM; Sjn (U) Shahrizal Abu Bakar, Kpl (U) Rosli Mustaffa, LUK Mohd Afendy Ahmad Zaini as well as a military chaplain from the Armed Forces Religious Corp (Kor Agama Angkatan Tentera – KAGAT), Mej Nadzri Musman.

    Despite the fact that Mej Mustaffa is an Air Force engineering officer, he had undergo basic commando training with the Malaysian Army’s elite Grup Gerak Khas (GGK) commando in 2011. During the course, he was awarded as the best commando trainee of Basic Commando Training Course Series 2/2011. (here)

    Kapt Dr Mohd Zainizam on the other hand had undergo his medical studies in Ukraine some years ago making him the ad-hoc translator for the team while deployed to the country.

    A comunication specialist from Sapura Secured Technologies, En Rosli Shaari who is also the company’s General Manager for Customer Management was also part of the team. He was also responsible for the Government Integrated Radio Network (GIRN) system during the operation in Ukraine.

    In order to be not considered as threats as well as to tone down the hostilities from the rebels, only two Malaysian officers from the team were wearing uniform with Malaysian flag patches while the other were wearing plain cloth without any ballistic vest on them.

    On early morning of July 22, at around 0611H, the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) ‘officials’ showed up at their ‘government’ building along with the Malaysian representatives.

    Speaking to the press, DPR leader Alexander Borodai thanked Malaysia and the Netherlands for sending teams here on Monday to resolve the MH17 matter.

    “(Our) thanks to Malaysia and Netherlands for coming here without protection or help from Kiev (the Ukrainian government),” he said, according to a rough translation by a local.

    A handover ceremony then took place between the DPR and Malaysian officials.

    Both parties were seen signing various documents.

    The DPR then produced a white sack containing the black boxes and showed them to the Malaysian officials.

    The boxes were then inspected and later accepted by the Malaysian officials.

    Following the handing over, Lt Kol Mohd Sakri thanked Borodai for handing the boxes back to Malaysia.

    “I would like to convey our sincere appreciation to Borodai for giving us the opportunity and entertaining our special request to hand over the two black boxes to Malaysia,” he said.

    The group was then escorted by 5 personnel from the Organisation for Security and Cooperations in Europe (OSCE) as well as 10 armed men until at the train station where the remains have been stored. As the black boxes, consist of Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) have been one of the most contested things taken from the crash site with many factions are eyeing on them, they were brought back to Ukrainian Government held Kharkiv with great secrecy.

    black_boxes.transformed_3 Malaysia Airlines plane crashes in eastern Ukraine

    The train, along with five refrigerated carriages, the Malaysian team and the two black boxes left Donetsk at around 0300H. After 5 hours ride, 2 Ukrainian soldiers boarded the train and some 4 hours later, they had safely arrived in Kharkiv thus accomplishing the two crucial tasks that have been negotiated before. Nevertheless, they were only allowed to disembarked from the train at around 1900H.

    For safety reasons, the black boxes were escorted by special tasks RMP officer(s) throughout a specially chartered business jet flight to London where the subsequent downloading of the data from the recorders would be conducted by experts.

    Following the success of this highly complex and sensitive mission, Prime Minister Nahib has said that the team should be praised as they negotiated with the separatist leader, Alexander Borodai.

    The team brokered the release of 226 coffins from Torez to Kharkiv as well as recovered the black boxes.

    The Malaysian Prime Minister further added that, ” there was no ransom paid, nothing in achieving the deal”.…c-dozen-person/

    Dah lama tak baca surah Ad Dhuha. Semalam di masjid kebetulan saya terbaca dalam sembahyang Maghrib sorang-sorang Surah Ad Dhuha. Dan kebetulannya ustaz juga memberi tazkirah berkenaan Surah Ad Dhuha dalam siri ke-2 semalam.

    Ad Dhuha ayat 11 :

    “Adapun nikmat Tuhanmu, maka hendaklah engkau sebut sebutkan (dan zahirkan) sebagai bersyukur kepadaNya.”

    Terima kasih Tun.

  21. sibotak Mar 5,2015 4:03 AM

    US White House Cannot cope with Divorce
    They cannot deal with Separations
    When they get separated they tends to threatens their Wife
    I’ ll take our Children away I will destroy the House
    I make sure you will not lead a Happy life
    I will threaten those Close to you
    I will burn everything DOWN


    The best deal of Separations with Wife or with other kind Relations with Nation , with Neighbour, with Friends etc etc
    Both have to leads their own way accepting the fact they can’t be together anymore
    Making sure to moves forward taking care the well being of their Children
    Not using the Children as a mode to get into each other Difference & Anger

    When Divorce It is all X
    This is my x wife , this is my x father or mother in law, my x sister brother in law
    There are no such This is my x Son my x Daughter
    Yr Son yr Daughter there are No X

    Wishing both all the best , even befriend after Divorces
    Taking care of Children who are Victims to Divorce is a Beauty
    Than both have verge & revenge making use the children as the instrument to get Even

    These is what I see in United States of America Foundations
    They cannot cope with Separations
    They take Separations as a Threat as A Failure
    They Cannot accepts Facts
    They do not see there are Beauties behind separations of how one look at it
    Then later They uses Knives uses Weapons to get to their ways
    TO threatens to Solves their Hatred But again It Never Pays & they will never be satisfied
    And it never Ends

    This is where US lose out to its Enemy
    The Enemy within themselves
    Its the Evil, its the Satan , its in them

    US needs a lot to learn a lot from me Si Botak
    Pay lah !

  22. HBT456 Mar 4,2015 9:54 PM

    Malaysia bagus, even if pkr president become pm, the bumi status will remain unchanged, therefore, the acceptance of tppa wont affect the bumi status. Dont forget, we have gone through many financial crisis, and in each state, the head is malay in peninsula, jadi melayu tak akan hilang di dunia.

  23. Malaysia Bagus Mar 4,2015 11:14 AM

    Salam Tun.


    Are you alluding to the powers that will be bestowed upon the more powerful and controlling partner countries of TPPA? In regard to this, the US and Singapore will have the advantage of their litigation expertise.

    9. We talk about free trade. We talk about borderless world. We talk about human rights. But the big power or power can deprive weak countries of all their freedoms with impunity.

    Even in the local courts, the government seems to lose more cases in trade/business disputes.

  24. mubarakchan Mar 4,2015 12:11 AM


    Maybe I need to explain to the fake HBT456 from the Ministry of Information, Singapore why I love to spell out our wonderful slogan, “MALAYSIA BOLEH ! MALAYS BOLEH ! MALAYIANS BOLEH !

    MALAYSIA BOLEH ! Even though we may have some giant hiccupsi in our tested and resililent FREE MALAYSIAN STYLE DEMOCRACY WITH ITS OPEN CAPITALISITIC CHARACTERISTICS, this is due entirely to the competency and the efficiency of the digits in place in our political System. The Ruler 1959 – 2015 managed to delude all Malaysians until now that his godless ULTRA COMMUNISTIC POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SYSTEM IMPOSED ON THE CITIZENS THROUGH HIS APPARATCHIKS is the same as Malaysia’s. It is now proven this is a false belief. A comparison of the 2 political Systems is just like comparing chalk with cheese ! The godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System has turned toxic whereby at least 50% of its citizens demanded their hard-earned CPF contributions be returned to them. THIS CONFIRMS THE FAILURE OF THE TINY REPUBLLIC OF SINGAPORE AS A FAILED STATE. Hence, we are proud to shout ‘ MALAYSIA BOLEH !’

    MALAYS BOLEH ! Unless the fake HBT456 comes from Singapura or Mars, the body politic of Malaysia has always been Malay biased from centuries ago. The UNITY OF THE MALAYS is paramount to the stability peace and harmony of Malaysia. This is why all sorts of attempts have been made to divide the Malays or crudely finish the Malays off with the Singapore inspired TPPA !
    Why the fake HBT456 dropped in a few Bahasa Melayu words in the comments ? Also, Singapore’s Malaysian Trojan Horse DAP leader was alleged to have said that he was only too happy to be the 3rd Deputy Prime Minister in anticipation that he would not be the Prime Minister, the 1st Deputy Prime Minister or the 2nd Deputy Prime Minister. This is a fact. He said it, not me !

    MALAYSIANS BOLEH ! Malaysians of whatever creed or origin cannot do the tango of stability harmony and peace without the Malays ! In 21st Century Singapore, the Ruler 1959-2015 still holds sway wherever he is. It has always been a ONE MAN SHOW 1959 – 2015 !


  25. Tanggang Mar 3,2015 7:44 PM


    Thank you mubarakchan. I slipped. Actually proton city is at tanjung bungah, peneng.


  26. mubarakchan Mar 3,2015 6:28 PM


    I mentioned about the genuine ability and professionalism of the elite of India in my previous comment. Yes ! I experienced the professionalism when I was an eight year old boy in Bombay. I had constant stomach pain of a psychogenic origin. I was taken to an X-ray clinic where a professional looking Indian doctor gave me a Barium meal and took the X-ray picture. This event embedded in my memory to this day. Nothing was found about my painful condition which eventually subsided over time.

    I have long noticed that the strength of India today and in the past was based on her huge English speaking middle class, 350 millions of them

    I will always remember about the Doon School, Dehra Dun and the Himalayan college town of Mussoorie because as a boy I lived in a house next to the Doon School and spent time up in Mussoorie where I attended the Convent of Jesus and Mary. I have told no one about this until now.

    What is so interesting about this bunch of 350 millions English speaking Indians ? Why get so excited about them ?

    Since India gained her Independence in August 1947, she did not attempt to decry the English language but to improve on it. And why am I so excited about Dehra Dun and Mussoorie ?

    Dehra Dun is a small green and verdant town located about 200 miles to the North-East of New Delhi, the capital city of India and it is at the foot of the Himalayas in which Mussoorie is 7,000 feet above the plateau. This area which emcompasses the 2 towns is the Silicon Valley for the best education in India since 1947. An area which is cherished by all as a educational platform for the elites and those who could afford a better education for their children. There are many schools, colleges and Government institutions like the Institute of Forestry, the Institute to train High Civil Servants etc in this Dehra Dun – Mussoorie Region with an adjunct to the west, namely Simla. Many Malaysians should make use of this World Class Indian faciltiy which has more in common with us and the Asian values.

    The Indians not only retained the use of English but improved on it. The best Indian students stay at home. The elite are trained to rule by the schools like the Doon School and other famous schools in the cities. Of course, there have been allegations that some Indian students take in volumes of books to the examination halls. These are the minority.

    We would have noticed also that unlike China at the present time, India could depend on its professors and lecturers to do the job. But it seems there are more foreign academicians in China than India.

    All in all, education and the English language in India is one of the best kept secrets in the World even though many of our Malaysian students attended Indian universities all over India.

    As a much smaller country, I have high hopes that our beloved Malaysia can achieved much in future for our generations to come.


  27. mubarakchan Mar 3,2015 5:40 PM


    For Tanggang. Kudos to you Tanggang. You noticed the shenanigans of the fake HBT456. It is just a creature of the Ministry of Information, Singapore. Their comments are stiff, cold and stilted, The comments are written in a style which tried to emulate the other fake HBT456 of old. Then, they select a few words and translate these into Bahasa Melayu. No more. No less. Please mark my words. There will be no spontaneous response from this Singaporean fake at any time soon. They do not even know the most famous place which produces the Proton. As you rightly pointed out, these dopes should be in Tanjong Rambutan where they rightfully belong !


  28. HBT456 Mar 3,2015 5:29 PM

    I feel ashame if I am one of the management staff, already in this for 30 years now, masih tak berkembang dan rugi Like bn mubarak chan claimed, malay boleh, malaysia boleh, malaysian boleh.

  29. HBT456 Mar 3,2015 5:02 PM

    Thank you for your information, tanggang. I believe the land price offered by perak state government to proton must be affordable and good. But why the price charged in malaysia market is higher than those priced in europe market? I dont think proton management can answer that. If opposition parties asked, they will be drag to court.

  30. Tanggang Mar 3,2015 3:04 PM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    HBT 456,

    You mentioned “Even the proton city is built in rawang, selangor, there.”

    May I correct you. Proton city is not built in rawang, Selangor but is actually built nearby tanjung rambutan, Perak. Thank you.

    Salam Tun

  31. sibotak Mar 3,2015 12:05 PM

    Racist Exists everywhere but very mild scale in Malaysia
    Opposition Portrayed to the World as if Malaysia is critically very Racists

    Racists are Played by Losers
    Its is a very Dangerous Game
    Anwar plays it DAP plays it to earn their Millage
    Its good that Seditions is in Act and it has Risen now
    Again Opposition take it its Racist that the charges are on the Rise
    They deny it is their own doings of why the Charges is on the Rise
    If one do not steal one will not be Charge
    If one do not want to be charge for Sedition
    Simply Don,t commit the Offence
    I wonder is Sedition Act is not on Law
    Now with Sedition they dare to accuse on whatever they think of
    What if Sedition is abolished ?
    I believes they will steps on Govt Head
    Govt mud be Stern on Seditions
    ISA must be Enforced
    Those Opposition who always praises Singapore
    Never questions Why S,pore still embraces ISD & Defamation
    Is it Not AGAINST HUMAN RIGHT as always they Potrayed

  32. grkumar Mar 3,2015 8:43 AM

    To suggest that the campaign to “buy Chinese last” is racist is to not understand what racism is. The Chinese can be Chinese by nationality (which is what the campaign necessarily refers to) or even if it does not, the campaign slogan simply means do not support a specific ideology, in this case Chinese specific ideology or to raise a protest against particular group and what it stands for.

    If one adopts the conclusion that to “buy Chinese last” similar to buy British last is racist then one must also draw the conclusion that the “buy British last campaign” was racist as well. It was not.

    The boycott of Israel and the products of those companies owned by powerful foreign Jewish corporations because they supported Zionism was not racist either but more race specific in its objects. The same applied to the boycott of south Africa under the Apartheid regime.

    Margaret Thatcher and other apologists for the Apartheid government in south Africa at that time used the same reverse racism argument to support their indefensible position on Apartheid.

    These are two different issues and have nothing to do with racism especially where a large number of Chinese human rights groups also call for the boycott of Chinese manufactured goods because of the inhumane working conditions the Chinese are subject to in factories.

    Last night the Australian ABC TV programme “4 Corners” featured the downright inhumane and barbaric conditions Apple subjects its workers to in China. It contained disturbing footage of the whole Apple production chain and its corporate character. Disgraceful!!

  33. mubarakchan Mar 3,2015 2:40 AM


    Let us forget about the fake HBT456 (654TeohBengHock) for awhile and put our attention on a good read called ‘Capital in the Twenty First Century’ by Thomas Piketty, a renowned French economist. The book is so good that the Prime Minister of a neighbouring country even took points from it and called them his own in a recent speech. A good read will put our minds off from our daily chores and stimulate good thoughts which are productive and creative and innovative. It is to this end that every country’s holistic education system nurtures the young and the innocent to a better and healthy mental level as they grow older. Unfortunately, the racism and the bigotry of later years are the seeds implanted in the juvenile minds by their peers or parents as they moved from puberty to adolescent which I have observed.

    The virtues which we should have learnt in the schools like standards, propriety, probity, logic, ethics, rule of the laws etc , should have been ingrained in us in our adulthood and not make a fool of ourselves when we moved even higher into the realms of public office responsibility.

    There have been so many fools born in the World, well before Napoleon and well after Einstein that both of them commented off the cuff on stupidity. Napoleon Bonaparte once said, ‘ In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.’ and Einstein said, ‘ There are two infinities in the World. One is the Universe. The other is human stupidity.’

    In my life, I always tried to see and not to look at things supeerficially. One thing I noticed is that most Malaysians do not even have a book or magazine in their homes. Only some have the Star newspaper as the sole source of reading material. Most of the news or information so engendered in our fellow citizens comes from rumours or gossips. This behaviour is probably inculcated in the school system whereby a form of lazy reading is encouraged through illustrations with few written words. Reading focuses and stimulates the mind which is a good habit with immeasurable self-developments.

    Some gauge a country’s literacy by the number of books published annually. Universities of note are gauged by the number of books and articles produced or published in recognised academic journals. There is no gauge on smart professors or winning debates which are impossible to qualify. To be able to publish an article in a recognised international journal which is always carefully vetted by the peers, is a great honour in recognition of the standing of that particular academic in his field of study. Hence, in every developed country there are all types of institutions like scientific and literary academies to maintain the proper standards and to give due recognition to the real professionals and not to fakes or plagiarists. India is a country where there are many copy-cats but the genuine and good professionals are really good. But Malaysia seems to have her fair share of Doctorates of indeterminate origin who call themselves doctors.

    With the advent of the Net, the World of books and reading changed. But I still opt for the good thick volume with the nice smell of paper. Reading is a good habit which I picked up as an adolescent. I read so many books a week which I borrowed from the Kuala Lumpur Book Club, I had to use my sister’s quota to satiate my reading desire. Even today. the cinema and the TV apart from the news have no attraction for me.

    Maybe the World is a better place if everyone took up reading as a source of relaxation, betterment and stimulation of our minds like our good Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who inspired the establishment of the Kinokuniya and Borders bookshops. And to this very day, even the good doctors do not understand how our naive, friendly and hospitable Malaysian minds work. Hence, we as the good people seemed to be exploited by all sorts of Tom, Dick or Harry to the extent that we built the World’s biggest laundry machine without realising it and have the World’s longest Opposition party without a thirst for power within our very borders. There are many more World First’s if we care to look and see.

    And Sanctions of the 21st Century kind is exactly like the sieges of the ancient World dating back to over 2,000 years. The siege was applied in ancient times to immovable fortifications. Instead of using jet aircraft, catapults with rocks were used. But the application of Sanctions to huge countries like Russia with thousands of miles of borders seems futile and unrewarding in a multi-lateral World. Maybe the perpetrators of Sanctions need to do some reading on the ‘ History of World Sieges through the Ages, 5,000 BC – 21st Century AD.’ – to be published in due course !


  34. anti-jibaok Mar 2,2015 10:22 PM

    HBT 456..,

    Wooi Ahso aaah..! Why you talk lai dat one..? Why you say that how weak that the Malay Minister is in charge now..? Why the insult to the Malays lai dat one.., huh..? If you behave lai dat aah.., maybe satu hari nanti you might even insult the Malay Sultans & Raja-raja. Ada mungkin tak..!? So be very mindful.., OK..?

    Mana satu Malay Minister ada cakap rasis punya.., wooi..? Tolong kasi tau dekat sini.., OK..?

    Lagi satu aah.., mana Malay Minister sudah kasi itu Anwar Ibrahim masuk dalam itu jel punya.., haah..? Tolong kasi tau..! Ahso tak boleh cakap tiga-suku selupa itu pesakit Hospital Bahagia, Tanjung Rambutan.

    Yang kasi masuk itu Anwar Ibrahim dalam jel adalah Shaiful Bukhari Azlan.., bukan mana-mana Malay Minister. Dia sudah kasi hantam itu Shaiful punya belakang, bukan itu Najib punya backside.., lo..! Ada paham ka..?

    Lagipun.., apa pasai Ahso manyak susah-hati kalau itu Anwar Ibrahim sudah masuk jel..? Dia adalah penjahat (criminal). Itu Mahkamah sudah kasi confirm punya. Correct or not..?

    Anyway, other than his sexual deviancy and illicit acts.., however it is fools like you and many of those ignorant ones who do not know that much about the political antics of Anwar Ibrahim. Perhaps this particular political ‘novel’ as below can enlighten you a little bit more:-
    (The ‘I’ Files)

    Also.., maybe you would like to observe some of the video versions of Anwar’s political antics, as below:- (Chapter 1/10 – Part 1) (Chapter 1/10 – Part 2) (Chapter 1/10 – Part 3) (Chapter 1/10 – Part 4) (Chapter 1/10 – Part 5) (Chapter 1/10 – Part 6) (Chapter 1/10 – Part 7) (Chapter 1/10 – Part 8) (Chapter 9/10 – Part 1/2) (Chapter 9/10 – Part 2/2) (Chapter 10/10 – Part 1/2) (Chapter 10/10 – Part 2/2)

    So.., what more do you want to know about Anwar Ibrahim..?

    Haaiiya Ahso.., awak jangan kasi kecuh-kecuh dan kacau-kacau dalam ini blog forum.., maah..! You shall only make yourself to appear more stupid and foolish. OK..!?

    Bye.., bye.., for now.

  35. Karl Mar 2,2015 11:48 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Sanction. There is an ongoing attempt by some Malay pressure group to boycott or sanction Chinese goods and services. It is called “Buy Chinese Last”, a copycat of Tun’s own “Buy British Last” govt policy in the 80s.

    This campaign, however, is not working as it should be because Malays are not racists at heart. You will see that the Chinese businesses, products, services and even the food joints are being frequented by all sorts of the Malays be it Islamists, Liberals, Secularists, PAS, UMNO, PKR.

    But a common observation is that, the Chinese on the other hand will never be seen paying for GARDENIA bread due to their silent but solemn “Buy Malay Last” strategy.

    So, you know who the real racist is.

  36. Hajar Mar 2,2015 4:43 AM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    I was in a taxi from KLIA Saturday morning. From my conversation with the taxi driver, I concluded that he’s a very confused person (Malay) because he wishes that a WAR occurs in Malaysia as he thinks that Malaysia is not a democratic country.

    He mentioned about a 12-year old kid being detained under ‘ISA’ (???). I told him that ISA has been abolished, but he kept on claiming that ‘ISA’ still exists (in another form). He also said that if one criticizes the government, then that person will be detained under the new ‘ISA’. I said that I also criticize the Government, but I am still ‘free’.

    I automatically assumed that he is one of those ‘stupid’ supporters of Anwar/PKR, and I was right. But I pretended as if I did not know his political inclination when he said that those ‘stupid Malays’ (according to him even highly educated Malays…saya pernah dengar penyokong pembangkang kata perkara sama kepada saya; tapi malangnya yang bercakap cuma ada SPM/sijil saja; kalau yang kata saya ‘stupid’ ada PhD degree, mungkin saya boleh terima) were the ones who elected the current government; he also said something about ‘BR1M’, which many have not yet received (including him I guess).

    I responded by saying that I do not care about BR1M, and I believe that those who support Anwar/PKR are the ‘real stupid Malays’ because everyone knows that as a Muslim we must not elect/support a leader who has been found guilty of ‘l*wat’ (perbuatan terkutuk yang dilaknat oleh Allah SWT).

    But to my surprise he said that he also believes that Anwar is a ‘pel*wat’ (ever since Anwar was in MCKK – also according to him), but he said that is Anwar’s personal problem & it is between him and Allah SWT (in other words he can accept a leader like Anwar). He added that Anwar ‘mewakili suara rakyat’ (his exact words). I just managed to ‘geleng kepala’.

    Now I understand why DS Wan Azizah, family and some Malaysians still support Anwar because to them his ‘l*wat’ case is his personal problem. They can accept a ‘pel*wat’ as a PM. Now I think BN/UMNO has a BIG problem. I believe that those who support the Oppositions do not care about this country’s stability (some want WAR) and even some Malays/Muslims believe that only Anwar (‘penjenayah l*wat’) ‘mewakili suara rakyat’ (‘bingung/bangang?’). I just do not understand in what way Anwar ‘mewakili suara rakyat’. What I know is that he is a ‘Ketua Penipu Rakyat’. He managed to make those ‘real stupid Malays’ believe in his lies.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  37. HBT456 Mar 2,2015 1:31 AM

    All component parties in bn will be just sit and watch as long as umno baru and pas want to make malaysia an islamic state with the help of mic. Tell me tok det, will you like to be forced to do something that you dont like? Even your cucu also do not want to enter public university run by melayu. There is no 2 way about it, either you go for secular, meaning, anak bulan is used to determine our aidifitri and lunar new year, or you want to continue with your islamic state at putrajaya with the help of mic? For me, I will choose secular, not islamic state of putrajaya. Even the proton city is built in rawang, selangor, there.

  38. HBT456 Mar 1,2015 9:16 PM

    It is pathetic that our pm najib needs to use the word ‘cheap’ in selling the health services assuming us dollar will crush, everything will be cheap. harga petrol semalam turun, hari ini naik, that shows how weak the malay minister is in charge now, langsung tak paham how the forex run. Cakap besar pandai, cakap rasis pun pandai, masuk anwar dalam jel pun pandai. buat kerja, tak erti.

  39. sibotak Mar 1,2015 7:45 PM

    HBT ….Wah ! Gua punya anak tiri sudah balik , loh
    Gua banyak happy lah lagi ini Chinese New Year
    Gua pasti dapat Ang Pow dari HBT
    Sayang …Muach !
    Happy Chinese New Year
    Maaf Zahir Batin
    Semoga Bahagia ke anak cucu dan dijauhi siksa kubur

  40. amir yusof Mar 1,2015 7:15 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.
    Saya rasa Tun lebih arif .,boleh kah Tun jelaskan samada apa yang berlaku di dumia amnya dan di Malaysia khasnya sekarang ini ada kaitan dengan ‘ Bilderberg Group ‘ ? Adakah polisi-polisi yang diguna pakai oleh DS Najib spt pengapungan harga minyak,pengstrukturan lembaga air, pemansuhan ISA dan terkini idea penubuhan Komuniti Ekonemi Asean benar-benar untuk kebaikan rakyat Malaysia khasnya atau keuntungan sebelah pehak ( golongan elet ) sahaja .
    Pada pendapat saya ( jika benar ) ,DS Najib telah masuk perangkap yg mungkin akan meghancurkan nengara .
    Harapan Tun untuk Malaysia pada tahun 2020 tidak akan menjadi kenyataan .

  41. anti-jibaok Mar 1,2015 12:14 PM

    HBT 456…,

    Waah Ahso…, long, long time no hear from you one. Where you been..? Makan angin ka..?

    Why you come back here and merapu about.., Putin, Russia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.., etc..? Putin is a very good leader lah…, Ahso. Why you talk bad about him.., ah..?

    Why you also merepek about visiting Thailand where there are 2 types of toilets, one for Thais and the other for Chinese. ..? Waah.., in Thailand they also have special toilets for Chinese.., is it..? Why lai dat one..?

    Anyway.., the US Dollar is about to be frozen or crash this month.., as some people have forecasted. So what do you think about that.., huh..?

    Bye, bye for now.., Ahso.

  42. mubarakchan Mar 1,2015 11:59 AM


    After an absence of many months, the pro-Ruler 1959-2015, ‘HBT456’ has re-appeared using a different type of English which tries to mimic the worm HBT456 of yore. The re-vitalization of this moniker can only come from an official source, be it domestic or foreign (Ministry of Information, Singapore). Both of these entities have an intense interest in brainwashing our normal thoughts.

    Why the resurrected HBT456 re-appeared again on this distinguished Blog at the present time ? Is it because this distinguished Blog is distinguished and well-read or is it because of some sinister motives to confuse the minds of us, the Malaysians with naive, hospitable and friendly minds in anticipation of future events to come ?

    The style of the HBT456 writing is stiff, cold and stilted as though it has been edited by many. The purpose is probably to catch the new readers of this distinguished Blog with its usual HBT456 buffoonery.

    I dare say HBT456 has through its many re-incarnations since my arrival here since September 2011 is a FAKE.



  43. HBT456 Mar 1,2015 10:12 AM

    Mainland china had 1.3 billion people. Asean, berapa? Russia now only have 143 millions people, and under kukuh besi putin presidency, russia is losing 1 million population every year. I can forseen if isis, russsia, india, indonesia and china push for pemerintahan ala kukuh besi, many of their prople will migrate, jika ada wang. Takda wang, either you get kill or kill for living to change the government. By numbers, kita dah kalah kepada indonesia.

  44. HBT456 Mar 1,2015 9:54 AM

    What azlan95 said is true, and he sees death penalty as righteous way to punish. Similarly, australia has choice not to merge with umno baru, betul? Isis cannot slaughter russians and chinese because if they do that, who supply weapons to them for their future ambition of islsmic states. For huge population emerging economies, they need outside factors to reform. Similarly, bn needs external factors for them to transform kl to greater city. if i were to visit thailand, there are 2 types of toilets, one for thais, the other one for chinese. Will i be allowed to use thai toilet? Yes, i will be allowed because i hold malaysia passport, not prc passport. Thai and us are asians.

  45. anti-jibaok Feb 28,2015 4:02 AM

    Addendum issues to my previous comments in this forum…,

    1) What if the US Dollar collapse..? Answer as below:-

    2) What Currency Will Be Used After The US Currency Collapses..? Answer as below:-

    3) “That Couldn’t Possibly Be True”: The Startling Truth About the US Dollar. Read as below:-

    4) What could happen in The US should all the above could rang true..? Observe this controversial video as below:-

    5) Should those scenario happen.., then which authority shall be in charge..? Answer as below:-

    I’m no prophet of doom.., but just trying to connect the dots of past and current events.., and things seems not to be getting any better for the USA.., that may surely affect the rest of the world. What gives..?

  46. Ali Akbar Hashim Feb 27,2015 7:43 PM

    Dear Sir,

    I agreed 100% with Arod

    Customer service at PROTON is disgusting!

    I bought a NISSAN brand for my taxi company and also a NISSAN van for my school bus because PROTON not produce a commercial vehicle

    Why NISSAN?

    Superb service from bottom up


    Why SIA so profitable even charging at premium rate?

    Top service

    Please note poor service will bring your company down and faded into the oblivion of times!


    I personally admired MUBARAK CHAN – one of top commentar at

  47. musato Feb 27,2015 7:39 PM

    Ya, deposit saya rm88 sampai sekarang tak dapat balik. Dulu ada pergi opis kedai jual Proton untuk amik cek sebab salesman dia kata dah siap. Tapi kerani dia kata bos dia takde masa ni. Cek pun belum siap lagi. Kena tunggu bos. Sampai kesudah dengan bos bos dia sekali kaki kencing…

    Sekarang saya lebih senang ke pusat servis Proton kelolaan Ah Chong. Cepat, cekap, komunikasi dengan anak tauke lagi beradap…

    Perbezaan antara bisnes dengan kerja cari makan. Kerja cari makan tapi cari bisnes dari tepi…gitulah jadinya.

  48. Karl Feb 27,2015 10:34 AM

    Salam Tun.

    TPPA could be a new weapon to sanction trade with countries considered recalcitrant and are against the idea. If Malaysia wish not to sign up for this agreement, perhaps our economy will face dire consequences that will need another round of Golf diplomacy in Hawaii to straighten things up.

  49. Arod Feb 26,2015 4:41 PM

    Assalammualaikum Tun,

    Saya sedih dengan standard salesmanship Proton.
    Saya Ada bercadang nak membeli sebuah Proton tapi standard servis dan tatacara jualan wakil jualan Proton amat menyedihkan. Lansung tidak professional.
    Dahlah kereta tak dapat. Duit deposit tak diberi balik. Bila ke pusat jualan tu, macam-macam alasan diberi. Sikap orang Melayu ( yang menjadi jurujual Dan pengurus ) itu sendiri secara tidak terusnya member tafsiran buruk terhadap penjenamaan Proton. Plan jualan Dan pemasaran Proton perlu diperhalusi. Serik Dan jelak dibuatnya. Harap Tun dapat turun padang Dan melihat lebih lanjut bagaimana salesmanship Proton Dan customer.

  50. sibotak Feb 26,2015 8:38 AM

    Of all the comment here
    There are points & remarks that are beneficial that could be Tun Duty
    To highlight to the relevant Authority as Tun is in the better shoes to Deliver
    I see the overall issue of problems needs to be solve with the Right answer
    As proven of much of the Muslim Nation when you are Weak you will be Preyed
    So are we Prepared & Dared to make Changes
    Not to be Supreme BUT to be able to Defend our Sovereignty

    We Need Military We need Cohesion We need Unity

    Upon us there will be dangerous element which will be a Venomous Threat
    That needs to be Eliminated first before the Venom weaken us


  51. sibotak Feb 26,2015 4:30 AM

    Tun kenapa Kami berada dis sini di blog Chedet
    Kesmua ada tujuan masing masing mungkin demi Kebaikan Malaysia bersama

    Bagaimana kita bolih berhubungaan sama Tun secara Private
    Madsud saya menerusi private email atau sebagainya
    Ada perkara yg bolih dipublish di CHEDET
    Ada perkara yg perlu tidak publish di Chedet
    Bagaimana kah Kami bolih bercommunikasi sama Tun ?
    Sebab Tun lah Pemimping yg bolih menyumbang pada Negara
    Dan sudah Bersara maka kami juga ingin menyumbang bersama Tun

  52. anti-jibaok Feb 26,2015 4:11 AM

    All must watch out for the date of March 18, 2015. It could be the most important event of 2015, as forecasted here:-

    Apparently.., it shall be the end of physical money and the beginning of electronic money and cashless society.

    So.., since I have uttered a number of times that the U.S. Federal Reserve rules the world’s ‘Reserve Currency’ and the global economy. But the question is again asked – “…Who are those that owns and control The U.S Federal Reserve..!?’

    So.., who dares to ‘sanction’ the US Federal Reserve..? Clearly, not the US President nor even the US Congress. How quaint..!

  53. wajaperak Feb 25,2015 3:30 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    Mr grkumar.
    Since I am uneducated man I don’t understand what are you trying to say.
    But I would like to offer a perspective from my friend experience as a fighter pilot.
    He was on patrol for that particular day on certain particular region.
    Suddenly out of the blue an American Warthog plane..see definition..

    [The Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II is an American twin-engine, straight-wing jet aircraft developed by Fairchild-Republic in the early 1970s. It is the only United States Air Force production aircraft designed solely for close air support, including attacking tanks, armored vehicles, and other ground targets with limited air defenses]

    Approached and sounded omonious that my friend is a threat now since he is within the American WEZ.

    [Weapon Engagement zone (WEZ).In air defense, airspace of defined dimensions within which the responsibility for engagement of air threats normally rests with a particular weapon system.?50km radius perimeter from American Aircraft Carrier].

    After a few minutes of anxiety my friend said the Fairchild left in the wake of wonderment..
    See Mr grkumar.

    1)Truth is stranger than fiction.
    2)The minion take the bullet and will learn to like it or get used to it.
    3)In this vicious cycle of banality,only miracle can put you out of the vicious circle.
    4)Last but not least..


    Terima kasih Tun.

  54. grkumar Feb 25,2015 11:06 AM

    I omitted to include in my previous posting the reasons why I think both Dr. Muzaffar and Tun are not quite correct in their definitions and therefore conclusions about sanctions and that sanctions constitute “war by other means” (Dr. Muzzafar) and that it is or” should therefore be made illegal” when compared with a siege. (Tun Dr. Mahathir).

    At the outset it must be corrected that the word sanction does not always mean a prohibition against something. It could also mean a blessing or approval to do something. If a court or government is said to sanction an act it means they have given their blessing or they approve the commission or carrying out of an act. That is one definition or use for the word sanction.

    The contrarian definition or when used in contradistinction with the previous definition(blessing or approval) Sanction means the exact opposite. It means in its negative sense a prohibition against doing something. A prohibition often carrying with it a legal or official Sanction (disapproval) the breach of which carry other Sanction ( a third meaning which means punitive action. Punishment).

    Sanctions must be distinguished from the more extreme form of sanction (which broadly could mean punishment or penalty) an example of which is a siege.

    A siege is prima facie an act of belligerence (war by force) which under international law is not unlawful subject to meeting certain conditions. One must remember that war is recognized as a form of negotiation. Where oral and other non coercive forms of negotiation fail to achieve a desired non belligerent outcome, where self defence is required, the prosecution of war is lawful.

    A sanction which is accompanied by the use of force is not necessarily a siege although sieges are often sanctions of physical isolation accompanied by the very real use of force as a sanction to enforce.

    The Palestinians of Gaza are both under sanction and siege.

    Iran on the other hand faces sanctions which are not enforced through threats or the use of force. They attract a tit for tat response by the UN states that support the sanction (economic and scientific embargoes) in its breach, but not the use of force to stop the breach.

    To suggest that sanctions (and by this I think Dr. Muzzafar meant trade or other embargoes not enforceable through the use of force) is a crime is not quite right. A case in point is the controversial trade and scientific sanctions currently outstanding against the Iran. But to use force to enforce a sanction cannot be made illegal. Supplying ISIS in its current form will by any measure of the yardstick will overwhelmingly and across the political spectrum elicit approval for sanctions of the broadest possible kind imaginable (trade, arms, food if necessary life support, movement and communications amounting to a siege) with enforceable provisions. I don’t think there can be argument on this point.

    The language of the UN embargoes (which the mainstream media erroneously term sanctions for convenience and effect) is in fact not sanctions against Iran. They are not strictly enforceable against the larger nations such as India or China, France or Russia, Germany or Japan all of who have breached the UN prohibitions against trade and scientific exchanges with Iran.

    Neither India, China, Japan nor Russia have suffered sanctions (of the third variety) for breaching the sanctions (of the first kind being embargoes) imposed on Iran by the UN via a security council motion that was carried some time back and went into force years back.

    India earned significant amounts in foreign exchange trading Iranian oil with the world by purchasing excess quantities of the commodity during the period of the embargo selling off the excesses of oil it could not use for itself making it one of the larger traders of crude oil over the past 2 years. India paid Iran with hard foreign currency which Iran needed and dare I say the practice endures to this day without sanction (punishment).

    Without having to play with semantics I hope the point is made that if one wishes to move to make sanctions illegal one has to clarify which aspect of sanction one seeks to make illegal and under what conditions.

    International law as it stands renders unlawful those sanctions that have no legal force, imposed against any country which are unilateral and without legal merit where the end result is suffering of any kind. The question is how could they enforce such illegal sanctions?

    International law is more often recognized in its breach than it is for its observance. The Nicaragua case amongst others demonstrates that the powerful states like the US only recognizes the jurisdiction of international law over them where they have an advantage but not otherwise.

  55. sibotak Feb 25,2015 9:54 AM

    Sanctions , Instigation , Influence , Surpression , Propaganda & Other Threat
    Can be encountered by UNITY
    These is Where Muslims goes Wrong NOT Islam

    Saya bershukur kepada Illahi
    Kedengaran UMNO & PAS ingin berbaik , ingin Bersatu atau sabagainya
    Hujungnya mesti Bersatu dari diperalatkan Parti Racist yg lain

    Kita Berkalimah Allah Tuhan yg Satu , Nabi Muhammad S.A.W adalah Rasullulah
    Ini Pegangan Islam Ini Kallimah Ini Sahadah

    Namun ada juram perantaraan Suni ,Shiah ,Mazhab, Pandangan , Kerpercayaan , Keyakinan & pelbagai lain pada Saya ini urusun masing masing
    Urusan Manusia dengan Allah BUKAN Urusan Manusia dengan Manusia

    Hujungnya Kita WAJIB berpegang pada Kallimah
    Perkabungan UMNO & PAS atau Hubungan Baik antara UMNO & PAS adalah
    Mulia & akan di Rahmati Allah…. Insyallah semuanya
    Bermula dengan Niat Ikhlas Berkalimah Berbismillah
    Namun akan ada perselisihan pandangan yg akan mengugat Emosi & Akidah
    Seperti PAS ingin menwujudkan Hukum Hudud mungkin UMNO
    perlu menimbang nimbang dek Keadaan penduduk Berbilang Kaum
    TAPI itu tidak semesti jadi Halangan Hubungan
    Ini terserah pada cara kita nak Huraikan masalah dengan Permikiran & Dialog yg Ikhlas
    Masing masing ada cara masing masing
    Amerika menghuraikan masalah mereka dengan Bunyi Melentum
    Satu Dunia Tahu Satu Kampung Tahu
    Hingga sekarang masalah mereka Bertambah Rumit walau mereka mempunyai segalanya Teknology , Military dan yg lain yg Canggih

    Ukwahlah Kita Bersama demi Ummah
    Jadi Kita berpercah Belah Pihak Kafir ambil Kesempatan
    Seperti berlaku PKR & DAP
    PKR lebih pada Parti bertujuan menjatuhkan UMNO demi muslihat Anwar
    Tidak langsung kelihatan Demi Ummah hingga Beliau sanggup memperhambakan diri
    dengan si Kafir dan atas sanggup Perbelahan Kaum sendiri

    Saya ingin lihat Pemimpin UMNO Pemimpin PAS
    Berjemaah di Masjid yg sama Berkiblat Satu Arah…Amin

  56. grkumar Feb 25,2015 9:00 AM

    Under Article 51 of the UN Charter, military force may only be used against another state in self defence or with Security Council authorisation where there is a threat to international peace and security (Chapter 7, UN Charter).

    War is not illegal unless it fails to satisfy the legal requirements for the “justified or justifiable” use of force. However even in a state of war there are rules. The Geneva convention is one of these which applies to a number of situations including the treatment of combatants as prisoners of war and the types of approved weapons for use in a war.

    I think what the Tun perhaps means when he and Dr. Muzzaffar (and I have not Dr. Muzzafar’s comments in this regard) means is that the unjustifed and unjustifiable use of sanctions against a nation as a means of coercion to achieve a poltiical outcome is wrong. it is wrong on a moral basis though it is known to be effective.

    The invincibility of South Africa’s Apartheid regieme especially after it successfully detonated a nuclear device (atmospherically with Israel’s assistance) is a case in point. It was in the end sanctions which brought Margaret Thatcher’s own government’s investments in south Africa undone that assisted in the rapid demise of Apartheid. But in the case of Apartheid there was world wide condemnation for the practice of Apartheid. There was worldwide (with some exceptions) for the use of economic, cultural and military sanctions against the state which brought it down.

    Sanctions against states for not complying with the unilateral desires and impositions of larger and more powerful states who manipulate the narrowly held power of veto at the UN Security council is what needs changing. It is still work in progress but I doubt an equitable and fair solution will emerge from current negotiations.

    Sanctions where directed by powerful states without proper and open debate about issues that give rise to the threat of sanctions should be made illegal. It is the same where executions and penalties inflicted upon a party to negotiations without proper debate and the right to respond is wrong.

    The US and Britain, France and Germany join and insignificant Australia in imposing sanctions where others do not bow to their demands. A weak UN under an even weaker secretary general is at the centre of this dysfunction.

  57. Hajar Feb 25,2015 12:55 AM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    Yes, sanction is WAR; therefore it is a crime.

    When we boycott a product, it is also a form of war. But I guess it is not a crime.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  58. Karl Feb 24,2015 10:46 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Economic sanctions when not effective will be upgraded to include internet/communications sabotage that will be used to create conflict, confusion and chaos for the targeted country. This is already happening for Iran.

    Malaysia will have to learn from Iran, how to counter such attacks. As it is now, even is very vulnerable to an e-sanction. Admin just have to be more careful and upgrade the apps.

  59. sibotak Feb 24,2015 7:24 AM

    Tun Kelihatan The Malaysia Insider begitu aggresives sangat tuduhan & fitnah atas Kerajaan
    Hingga tujuan mengapi apikan Rakyat supaya Bertindak untuk agenda mereka
    Saya syorkan ISA perlu di wujudkan semula dan untuk selamanya
    Ini perlu ini Penting sebelum Perkara Buruk belaku
    Si Bodoh mana yg Bubarkan ISA sedangkan Singapura Negara yg Aman
    masih mengamalkan Defamation & ISD Internal Security Department serupa ISA

  60. musato Feb 24,2015 6:37 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Dulu cikgu marketing kata pada satu masa graf jenama akan sampai ke satu tahap mendatar atau tepu. Grapnya tidak menaik lagi.

    Beberapa penambahbaikan diperlukan seperti contoh menukar nama. Terdapat satu dalam ingatan iaitu Ubat gigi DARKIE telah ditukar nama kepada DARLIE.

    Bagaimana persembahan DARLIE sekarang perlulah dirujuk pada kompeninya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  61. Feb 23,2015 4:38 PM

    Tun let us plant trees that bears fruits and proudly present to Mr Alfred Willner in a platter maybe a silver one.


    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    reader wajaperak,

    I am astonished, flattered and embarrassed alike by the praises this posting containes.

    Also, dear wajaperak, despite the many years I have I have spend in Malaysia on and off as a visitor and much to my shame I do not read or write Bahasa Malaysia so I am not in a position to appreciate your words when you say ..DAH BERBUAH DAH PUN!..:).

    I will have to let a friend tell me what it means. Give and take a day or two and I will know.

    As for your remaining comments and while I am sure you make them in a heartfelt way I can not respond since I am a foreigner to your lands and should thus refrain. My endeavour is business not politics. But I do appreciate positive and benevolent approach.

    Hopefully the dialogue and exchange of ideas here will bring my aims further and someone will contact me to pursue matters.

    May God bless you all!

    Alfred Willner

  62. wajaperak Feb 23,2015 8:52 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    What Mr Alfred is facing is indeed very sad.
    Here is a man who willing note the word willing,even offered his expertise in helping Malaysia in motor industry.
    And what is the respective people who have been entasked have been doing??
    And Tun self have witnessed many such ‘predicament’.
    Things happen because we made them or allows it happened.
    Not much have been happening that we can trully shout about.
    Mr alfred is an influential man.
    We cannot ill afford losing his venture’s among many other professional who are willing and can help us.
    Please do more.
    Please defied Mr balance who inferred that your blog is nothing but a ‘coffe shop blog’.
    All in glory but cannot affected the real time,real situation and real people.
    Many other’s share Mr balance in believing you is a ‘have been’.
    Please again Tun.
    Show them you are more than Rocky or Rambo.
    American propaganda hero that actually does affected Malaysian in some way.
    You actually as a human can be perfect.
    Humanely perfect.
    Human is the most wonderful creation that can achieve more and more in Islamic term.
    Please leave us Tun more than a memory but a living legacy.
    Tun have done enough?
    Let him rest?
    Pity us the commoner who have no access to the ‘PALACE’.
    Let the mantan ‘BENDAHARA’ take our voices to the kink..
    Err sorry.
    I meant the KING..
    Tun let us plant trees that bears fruits and proudly present to Mr Alfred Willner in a platter maybe a silver one.


    Terima kasih Tun.

  63. Feb 22,2015 9:07 PM

    Your core business Mr Alfred is motoring.
    Please tell me what you can contribute for Malaysia.
    A bigger issue indeed.

    [Dialogue and exchanging opinions and ideas are the all important matter]
    Yes.Enlighten us.

    Assallammualaikum Tun,
    and dear reader “wajaperak”!

    Our core business is indeed motoring.

    Whether I or my company can contribute anything to Malaysia will depend on Malaysia and how it can view or approach any suggestions we might be able to make once we found someone there to discuss it with.

    Not that what we could suggest might necessarily be so “enlightening” to any one in the Motor Trade or Industry in Malaysia though for we know that there are competent and able individuals engaged in the Malaysian Automotive Industry who, like anywhere else in the world, will struggle with their political environment so that their ideals will not always prosper to their expectations.

    In the past I have personally tried several times to reach the decisions makers to discuss investments in this industry in Malaysia, alone my endeavours got stuck on the politic level.

    You, dear Tun Dr. Mahathir, will remember that I have even addressed you here on this blog as recent as may a year and some months ago -at a time when you also addressed me here directly and personally with a message entitled LETTER TO ALFRED WILLNER which was in response to some of my comments regarding certain of your views about 911-and that I once even mentioned our interest in investing in Malaysia to you personally during a quite accidental encounter on a social function held in KLCC around the same time.

    I never managed to bring this any further though!

    I had spoken to former Heavy-Weights in the Malaysian Automotive Industry who had the direct access to you, dear Tun, but somehow they seem to have lacked the courage to forward our request for a meeting with you on the subject. This may have been politically motivated, I am not sure, but at least in retrospect this is how it looks like to me.

    We know and recognize that in Malaysia the Automotive Industry is a matter of National Pride!

    An option that is still open to us today and where we could indeed contribute to the further development in the Malaysian Automotive Industry is to sit down with some one ready and interested to discuss the building of a RHD-Car-Manufacturing Plant of a Chinese Car Manufacturer for which purpose we have financing to the extent of EUR 400 million in place. A Joint Venture can be envisaged.

    I have been discussing this matter as recently as last November 2014 with a cousin of a Sultan who was said to be interested in providing the land.

    A formal agreement was signed with him, we had it stamped at LHDN Malaysia on 15th December 2014, but to-date nothing came of it – apparently because our counter part can not perform.

    We are quite interested in pursuing this matter and will welcome if you can be helpful there or if you, dear Tun, can agree for us to meet to discuss the subject. I am currently stationed in Europe, but ready to move any time this is required.

    For any further communication on the subject I do suggest that you use our e-mail address as indicated below.

    Thank you
    Terima Kasih dear Tun Dr. Mahathir!

    Alfred Willner

  64. Ali Akbar Hashim Feb 22,2015 7:30 PM

    Dear Sir,

    PROTON logo is nothing to do with market acceptance

    The problem is your marketing department not aggressive enough to conquer the market

    We Malay are very proud if PROTON can associate itself with Malay legacy and dignity

    PROTON…We export Malay innovation, talent and techology to the world!

    Malay Boleh! Malaysia Boleh! Malaysian Boleh!

  65. musato Feb 22,2015 3:20 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Tak pernah ke Tun terfikir nak tukar lambang/logo Proton?

    Saya rasa semua orang takut nak bagi cadangan ni sebab Proton tu ‘Tun yang punya’.

    Semua kereta lain logo diaorang simple dan nampak lebih kurang sama kecuali Proton, seperti logo patriotik bukan untuk komersil.

    Mungkin itu salah satu sebab Proton dipandang rendah oleh rakyat Malaysia sendiri. Bukan kerana service atau kemampuan prestasinya mungkin.

    Kelihatan seperti seorang Perdana Menteri duduk di depan komputer lama dalam tahun 1980-an (gambar Tun dalam pejabat).

    Terima kasih Tun.

  66. sibotak Feb 22,2015 1:31 PM

    Sanctions, Instigation,Defamation,Lies are also Weapons to Destroy
    Besides the Military Equipment , Bombs ,Missiles ,Nuclear etc
    These are all Weapons to Destroy
    Syria Iraq have faced these Weapons
    They are Destroyed

    The most Distinct Weapons is Instigation with Lies to Defame
    Building Hatred & Revenge Between Rebels , between Shiah & Sunni
    between the community, that has been a Tremendous impact to Iraq ,Syria
    Besides being fuel with US intentions to Destroy supplying more & more weapons
    to both Party That INTENTS to Built the Flames instead of extinguish with Water
    Which is Common Sense Which is the Correct Answer
    Syria Iraq are Dooms
    I do not believes US mistakenly gives the Weapons to ISIS
    It was all well intended as both should have the weapons to kill among themselves
    These weapons are Harmless to US on Air as US will only Boots on Ground
    when everything is Destroyed and Safe for Boots
    They will not allow their Boots to be Slaughtered as every ISIS is prepare to Die

    US Western Never Meant Peace in Middle East in Muslims World
    as much as They intends in Ukraine
    Evidence have shown of their Actions NOT of their Words
    Their Words Lie Their Led Lies have Killed Many
    Reasons Muslim World should not Fall on US nor United Nation
    Palestine Fate is the Living Examples

  67. sibotak Feb 22,2015 6:18 AM

    Sanctions & Defamation
    Both had its objectives & agendas
    That is to weaken by all means to the target purpose
    Sanction is commonly born by US not UN
    UN is just a Puppet UN is just a Display Showcase
    See how strong US influence can be NOT only puppet most of the Middle East Nation
    most Weak Un Militarises Nation They even Puppet
    United Nation which Failed to uphold
    The Foundation of Mankind Human Justice Human Civilisation
    Likewise how they Defame the Targeted purpose
    They Lied to the World of Iraq WMD
    Of Libya , of Syria , of Iran ,North Korea , Russia & many more
    US is messing with a Dangerous WarFare
    And They Feared of getting hit back
    When you hit a Punch one must be prepared to get a Punch
    Smart US fool others to be their Punch Bag like as in the Car Air Bag

    Here in Malaysia
    Much of the Opposition
    Took a Ride of a Weak UMNO Govt
    They accuses UMNO as Corrupted Govt ,Racists, Un Democratic ,No Freedom of Speech
    And Disrespects PM Najib as a Leader
    They are all out for War All out efforts to Pull UMNO down
    They keep digging the old graves ,creates a new graves of what comes not their liking
    Again Sleeping Beauty UMNO , Half Boiled Egg PM Najib Silence of the accusations
    Both must Roar aloud for no one to advantage & obstructs Malaysia Progress
    The reasons I also look down on UMNO on PM Najib
    The inability to stand Upright as a Leader as a Ruling Govt

  68. musato Feb 21,2015 10:38 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Dato’ Seri Husni Hanadzlah dah menjawab bahawa 1MDB adalah seiring dengan matlamatnya.

    Mr Arul Kanda juga telah memberitahu bahawa pinjaman telah dijelaskan.

    Politik tetap politik selagi nama PM berada di situ.

    Ada untung pun kontroversi, ada rugi lagilah kontroversi.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  69. wajaperak Feb 21,2015 7:38 PM

    Alfred Willner
    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan..
    It is a terrible keyboard here in this cybercafe.
    So my writing must have spelling error and weak grammar.
    Yeah yeah like alway’s an excuse..

    [lesser or minor arguments but this is of course a matter of our relative perspectives which differ in cultures and location so I will give this all the benefit of my doubts]

    Your core bussiness Mr alfred is motoring.
    Please tell me what you can contribute for Malaysia.
    A bigger issue indeed.

    [Dialogue and exchanging opinions and ideas are the all important matter]
    Yes.Enlighten us.
    Thank you.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  70. milshah Feb 21,2015 3:09 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    In a military strategy, sanctions are the first phase before a nation is actually invaded or attacked. When you want to attack an enemy nation, you attack when they are at their most weakest state. During sanctions phase, the aim is to deprive the enemy state of resources and destroy its economy.

    A good example would be the gulf war. Iraq was accused of bullying the smaller arab nations like Kuwait. For years, Iraq was sanctioned and it economy in ruins. Without adequate resources, the once powerful Iraqi army became weakened with outdated old and rusty weapons, ammunition, tanks, etc. During the sanction phase, the United States would constantly monitor Iraq and plan for the right time to attack and invade. Finally the time is right, the United States would create an excuse to invade by accusing that Saddam Hussein has kept weapons of mass destruction. The United States, with all the state of the art satellites, tanks, drones, patriots missiles, etc was unleashed against the impoverished Iraq nation. The outcome was inevitable. In less than 3 months, the once powerful Iraq army was defeated.

    And so history repeat itself.

    Now, the United States are saying the same thing about Russia and China. The United States are accusing Russia of bullying its smaller neighbor, Ukraine. And so, just like the Iraqis, now its Russia that is being sanctioned.

    The Russians are smart. They know if they do not do anything, their fate will be like the Iraqis. They know, the Ukraine crisis is just an excuse. Just like Iraq, the enemy plan to invade and dominate Russia.

    And so the Russians responded by have upgrading their nuclear capabilities. They have also changed their war doctrine, that they reserve the right to use nuclear weapons in the event that the enemy attack Russia that is detrimental to the Russian state, even if the enemy is not using nuclear weapons. A plan is being made by the Russians to strengthen their army to full strength, to be ready so that by the year 2020, which is just 5 years from now. China too is upgrading its nuclear capabilities. China has successfully tested long rang misses to could reach continent to continent range.

    The same modus operandi is also being used against China. The ‘theme’ which is big country bullying smaller countries has always been the same. On China, the United States are accusing China of bullying smaller asian countries like Japan, the Philipines, etc.

    Like in Iraq, the United States is not helping the Ukrainians or the Asian countries out of the goodness of its heart to be the champions of the weak. Rather they are doing it for a bigger goal and agenda. Without Russia and China, their path to rule the world will be much easier.

    Any nation that does not follow their values and beliefs, can be sanctioned. Once weakened, they can always create an excuse to invade and dominate that nation.

    Some have argued, why should smaller countries like Malaysia interfere with the United States plan to attack Russia and China. Its none of our business. Let just say, the United States were able to defeat Russia and China, does this mean the world will at last know world peace? Will the whole world rejoice that finally the world will have peace? I doubt that will happen.

    Once the bigger and powerful nations are defeated, it will be the smaller nations turn. Smaller nations will be required to follow what the United States wants. Failure to do so, will result in the smaller nations to face the consequences. Malaysia is not as strong as China or Russia. If Malaysia were to one day face similar situations like what China and Russia is facing today, we would probably be destroyed. And if such a day do come, then we have indeed been colonised once more, as we have to follow what the United States wants.

    So it is in our interest, to ensure Russia and China is not defeated. The United States wants to rule the world, and we and other smaller nations to unite and prevent this from happening.

    p/s: I would like to thank Amin Tan and Balance for their comments about my posting in Tun’s article “Western Justice / Perkasa”. I’m glad we share the same view. I do enjoy reading your comments as well. Keep it up.

  71. balance Feb 21,2015 10:28 AM February 20, 2015 at 6:25 PM | Permalink

    I agree with the comment and opinion “This is the business Soros and Hedge Funds operators are in – they are in making money”
    Just another occupation. They are just doing their job and we should be doing our job too.
    If anyone leave their door open or unlock then dont complain when someone else rob you. If someone believe that the world should be like a few books recommendation then that someone need to re-look again. It is nature and nature is such that there is no wrong or right as it is always changing or evolving. If a tree need to survive the tree knows that it need to grow fast, have strong roots, shed their leaves or grow new leaves at certain time to suit the climate or weather or conditions. Trees know it how come human claiming to be highest intelligent living thing still dont understand it. I wonder is it because of complacent or egoism or something else?
    Anything not going our way is WRONG
    Anything going our way is RIGHT
    Correct always means “My Way or My Opinion” to most
    Correct can also means “Free of error”
    Correct can also means “Put it right”

    Happy Happy Easy Easy

  72. Feb 20,2015 6:25 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    SANCTIONS, like the ones currently imposed on Russia by the European Union and by the U.S.A., are more a DEFENCE MECHANISM than a CRIME or at least they are as yet not defined as such by any international treaty or understanding.

    That sanctions can be felt as a criminal action may be legitimately argued, alone for this to be acknowledged by the International Community and so that it can subsequently also be legally pursued would require to enter into pertaining Treaties and Agreements which have as yet not been established

    Thus, sanctions are still legitimate as a defence mechanisms.

    In violation of Public International Law, Russia has annexed the Crimea and is effectively supporting the separatists in the Eastern Ukraine albeit their denial. The Ukraine’s friends and allies are responding to that with sanctions for they think that an outright conventional war over it can not be won by either party.

    This way sanctions do at least spare the people of the country they are imposed on the pains and sorrows of a conventional war such as the people in Eastern Ukraine are currently suffering without a proper war ever even having been declared.

    If we want to see SANCTIONS considered a CRIME we must first include them as an offence in our pertaining Codes of Rights.

    May Allah bless you and keep you healthy – your comments an inspiration all your readers even if and when they disagree with you at times.

    Alfred Willner

  73. Feb 20,2015 5:18 PM

    Please forgive me.
    I believed that you erred in this statement.
    Soros and many other ‘banker’s’ are more dangerous terrorist than Israel and less so Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi.
    You know what they says about men and their toy’s.

    Dear reader “wajaperak”,

    there is nothing to forgive. Your opinion is yours to make known.

    But I do not think that I have erred in my statement there in as much as Soros and certain ‘bankers’ simply are not in the business of launching wars, not effective wars of the sort Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is now leading anyway.

    Soros et all will have led commercial and financial wars and there I am entirely with you!

    Malaysia and our beloved Tun Dr. Mahathir stayed away from him and his alikes when he banned them from operating in Malaysia way back in 1997/98 – the Ringgit was pledged at 3,80 to the U.S. Dollar and Malaysia got out of the economic down turn on its own steam and without the help of IMF and Soros and other Hedge Fund gurus were shown their master.

    Months before that incident only Soros had attacked the Russian Rubel successfully and Russia has never recovered from it to date – with the latest events with Russia only adding oil to that fire.

    This is the business Soros and Hedge Funds operators are in – they are in making money. Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is destroying money he is either donated or which he has robbed and stolen from others.

    You say: “My opinion is we leave the ‘lesser’ argument aside and concentrate a bigger issue’s at hand.” I am not sure whether the points raised here are lesser or minor arguments but this is of course a matter of our relative perspectives which differ in cultures and location so I will give this all the benefit of my doubts.

    Dialogue and exchanging opinions and ideas are the all important matter.


    Alfred Willner

  74. wajaperak Feb 20,2015 12:35 PM

    [Charlatan like Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi who has proclaimed himself Khalif of said ISIS and is today the most dangerous Terrorist in the world we all live in]

    Dear Mr alfred.
    Please forgive me.
    I believed that you erred in this statement.
    Soros and many other ‘banker’s’ are more dangerous terrorist than Israel and less so Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi.
    You know what they says about men and their toy’s.
    Abu Bakar Al Baghadi only have few toy’s to play with namely a little cache of weapon, a little disposal of men and women and a little ‘wet’ dream.
    Whilst Soros and other’s of his kind have a bigger wealth of toy’s at his disposal.
    If ever Soros wants to eliminate Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi equation, he can simply choose any number of toy’s at his disposal.
    A bigger resources than Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi.
    My opinion is we leave the ‘lesser’ argument aside and concentrate a bigger issue’s at hand.
    The macroscopic of your role can be beneficial to all of us.
    Thank you.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  75. Feb 19,2015 6:13 PM

    The emergence of militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) is caused by Israeli atrocities which oppress Muslims and the Muslim governments’ inability to solve their problems, says Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. – See more at:

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    the above post appears today. I thought I would have been extracted from your blog, alone I can not find it here.

    Be this as it may though I just wanted to comment on it and make sure my comment reaches you so I am commenting on it here.

    While I agree with the second part of your statement where it says that “the emergence of militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) is caused -at least partially it should say- by the Muslim governments’ inability to solve their problems”, I disagree with the first part of your statement which says that “the emergence of militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) is caused by Israeli atrocities which oppress Muslims”.

    This part of your statement may be partially correct where it concerns oppression of Muslims which is something that does undoubtedly take place, be it by action of Israel or by others, however, it can not be said that “the emergence of militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) is caused by Israeli atrocities” – the emergence of militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) is first and foremost due to an Iraq Army that was left alone to fend for itself as best as they could after the U.S. Military Forces had left Iraq, a palace they should never have invaded in the first place.

    The Iraqi Forces were left with High-Tech weapons which the U.S. had left behind. And they were left with no purpose, with no function, with no ideology and with not enough income for their soldiers. This was the feeding ground for a Charlatan like Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi who has proclaimed himself Khalif of said ISIS and is today the most dangerous Terrorist in the world we all live in.

    Israel has nothing to do with the emerging of this figure who is the creator of this so called ISIS. The U.S.A. has caused this to happen.

    Sadam Hussein, whether we liked him or not, had the State of Iraq under control and people had their legitimate income – be it for reasons we like or not, but at least he had everyone taken care of and there was no political up-rest in sight.

    It was George W. Bush’s and Colin Powel’s phobia that Sadam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction and was about to use them which gave them their “legitimation” to invade Iraq – not before having convinced the United Nations Security Counsel, based on false evidence that was then presented, that this was the case when, as was found out only much later, this was never ever so.

    Like in the aftermath of so many other wars they have fought, most of which they have lost, unable to handle the mess they had created, this then created civil war in Iraq.

    The U.S. just left the field, leaving it all to a Iraq Army that was in now way prepared to handle the situation. The soldiers had become missionaries as it were who would do the job for whoever paid them and it was Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi who brain washed them with an ill-fetched version of his Self-Imposed-Rules-of-Islam, rules that have nothing to do with the Islam as you and the majority of Muslim believers world wide practise it – a peaceful religion aimed only at the well-being of it’s followers.

    Now Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is managing to have the left-alone-and-lonely-soldiers of the former Iraq Forces paid. He orders them to go out looting, fighting against Christians and Muslims alike, leaving burned soil behind where-ever they step on the ground.

    It was not Israel who created this mess, it was the United States of America – someone I understand you equally oppose. What needed to be done though was to make it clear to your readers that proclaiming Israel responsible for the Emergence of ISIS is not correct at all. Saying this is ignoring and discarding realities.

    The U.S. have fought a war in Iraq for twelve (12) years which cost them something like 900 million U.S.-Dollars DAILY – an expense they could not afford in any way but nevertheless they did so just the same. As a consequence the then had to find ways and means to increase their income which lead to their crusade against International Banks which they accuse of having violated U.S.-Laws – another far-fetched argument to impose their view of things onto the entire world.

    Sure, Bank will have harboured illicit funds at times – no doubt about it.

    But the U.S. also has the most corrupt juridical system of any countries in the world and this is not my opinion but was just publish by THE ECONOMIST recently and I do believe it when I see in which way Century Old Swiss Banks were ruined – banks who had before been beyond the shadow of any doubts, owned and managed by decent Swiss Citizens.

    This all, as well as the emergence of militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis), was caused by the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA! Like so many of their crusades they have also over-done this one.

    Alfred Willner

  76. sibotak Feb 19,2015 4:39 AM

    Sanctions , Invasion , Influences , Freezing , Abetting to support Opposition Rebels
    Political Interference & the many aspects that Disrupts & Chaos A Nation intended
    as much had happen in Middle East , Africa & more much to the Muslims Nation

    The Hazardous Facts of these US Influences ,Sanctions , Invasion & the many aspects
    is absolutely Illegal & Brutal bloody Crimes
    The hazardous aspects in these Illegality Brutality Crimes are made Legal by US
    To the eye of the World . And the World Buy it
    These are utterly very Dangerous Very Criminals Very Inhumane

    It all falls when one are Weak & Not Submissive to US Demand
    Westerns are abetting to it as they has part of the later shares
    United Nation which meant to uphold Human Civilizations
    Failed its Foundations as it allows itself to be Puppet by US interest

    The Facts is here
    When one is Weak ,Refuse to be Submissive They will be Destroyed
    Its a Gangster World I would say
    And you can’t go to the Seek Justice as the Whole system is Corrupted by US
    So what can one do ?
    What can a weak innocents Victim do to fight for these Un Justice
    When Justice are represented by Monsters

    What will ONE do in Future if its Sovereignty is being Rape ?
    By these assumes Legal BUT In fact it is a Crook
    We have to be United against their threats of Military Invasion
    Unite is Not Strong if we also not prepared Militarily

  77. musato Feb 17,2015 9:21 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Kalau betullah sekatan diistiharkan sebagai perang, janganlah pulak bila tengah berperang kita berundur ke belakang kerana 2,3 orang mati.

    Sudah adat berperang ada orang mati.

    Jepun pun dah tahu rakyat dia akan mati bila diberi amaran bom atom. Tapi tetap diteruskan perang, kerana nyawa bukanlah perhitungan utama dalam perang bagi orang berperang.

    Kemenangan adalah segala galanya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  78. Je Suis Ahmed Feb 17,2015 2:07 AM

    Can anyone here explain how Iran managed to survive economic sanctions by the United Nations?

    All their govt assets in the US have been frozen, and Malaysia 1MDB must not overlook the possiblity of our investment in the US will meet the same fate, if we do not bow to the White House. Example, if we dont release DSAI.

  79. mubarakchan Feb 16,2015 10:46 PM


    For the very first time, the United States seems to face adversaries which are difficult to deal with using conventional warfare methods – those methods based on more and more effective fire-power designed to destroy more and all effectively. Because of the lack of understanding of the Islamic people and the terrain which the American military operated in throughout the Middle East, there seems to be a war with no end.

    Nearly 25 years of American military operations in the Middle East and Afghanistan have cost trillions of US Dollars and thousands of Ameerican lives. Worst of all, millions of non-military Arab peoples have been displaced, hundreds of thousands died and just as many injured or maimed for life. And yet, there is no end in sight for Pax America.

    Right up to the end of the Cold War, vast areas of the Middle East had inhabitants living in peace and harmony for centuries. The wars waged by the Western powers never reached them. Then, overnight, ‘ Poof ! ‘, these poor Arab inhabitants found they have lost their ancient homes and if still alive, just fled away as penniless refugees, unwanted and unaided in strange lands. And with this great up-heaval of the ancient Arab lands, comes the great TRANS-MIGRATION to Europe and America. Thousands will arrive on the door-steps of the West – the price of disrupting and destroying these ancient lands and homes of hapless people.

    This TRANS-MIGRATION of Arab and African peoples to the West will add more distortion to the once normal and placid political life of Western nations. These deprived Arab and African peoples cannot be thankful for what had happened to them in their homelands which were destroyed by wars not of their asking or making. There will be a burning grudge against the perpetrators whoever they were. This is the rub. This is the time-bomb of hate in the bosoms of these dispossessed migrants which are now in their thousands displaced around the World, especially in Europe and North America.

    It will not take many generations for the West to have a huge security problem in their hands. It is a given that the new migrants being poor and at the bottom of the social heap in these Western lands have no way out or up if their host nations do not quickly assimilate them into their societies.

    But with the present state of turmoil in international financial affairs, which Western nation can take such bold wherewithal to forestall what is to come in the future ? The rise of pockets of terrorism here and there.

    And this War on Terror which the Americans finally discovered in 2005 as mentioned by Lieutenant General Mike Flynn, the ex-Chief of US Military Intelligence, he said in an interview in Al-jazeera that the elimination of the enemy was not the conclusion of the operation because more would replace the dead to take on the Americans. In other words, all the recalcitrants had the same belief, Islam, and body counts did not matter, as others would join the fray.

    Can we blame anyone for military intervention in the Middle East arising from Saddam Hussein invasion of Kuwait after the Iran-Iraq War ? It is alleged a book was published which stated the the United States lady envoy mentioned in passing to Saddam Hussein that the United States would have no objection to further military adventures by Iraq – and Saddam Hussein took the bait by invading Kuwait. We may put a date to how all these deaths and destruction began.

    Maybe Israel will not have despotic Rulers as her neighbours. But did anyone foresee the arrival of thousands of African and Arab peoples on their front door steps in the West and America ? Some one, somewhere did make a grave mistake by not considering the TRANSMIGRATION OPTION together with a WAR WITHOUT END, both in the Middle East and the new abodes of the refugees ? It is going to be tough, very tough with the easy accessibility of fire-arms everywhere and the young unemployed as the foot-soldiers.


  80. sibotak Feb 16,2015 10:36 PM

    Sanctions is practice by US for US

    US Sanction Russia North Korea more to hurt Relations
    Sanctions to Islamic Nation is to force to be Submissive
    If Not I will invade giving False excuses to legalize their illegal Crimes
    UN are Abetting to these Crimes

    When Muslim killed US MARINES against their invasion
    They will be term as Terrorists as Barbaric as Cowards
    When US bombs Children Babies above their Dad Shelter
    US will term it as A Call of Duty as Braves Heroic Militants

    When Islamic World intends to Develop Nuclear Capability
    They will term it as Illegal very Dangerous a Threat to the World
    They themselves and their Alliance have hundreds of Nuclear Threat
    They term is as necessary and a meant for World Security
    Not forgetting US uses Atomic Bombs on Japan ,Chemicals in Iraq and
    has Threaten Russia with Nuclear Bombs once

    When they are not happy with Arab Nations that never listen to them
    They term it as Regime as un Democratic as Murderer
    Saudi was never a Regime to them

    In Malaysia
    When Govt do something to the Malay or post given to Malays
    DAP term it as Racists
    When DAP gives priority to the Chinese
    They say its Meritocracy

    When Govt takes legal actions against Illegal activity
    They say its against Human Right

    When UMNO representatives buy something extra like Cars Houses etc
    They say its Corrupted money
    When they bought a bigger one its their Hard Earn Money

    Now Anwar is with them Anwar was mention a Hero
    A man of honor ,non corrupted , non racists, very Democratic
    Never heard of this when Anwar is our Deputy PM
    Lets see later if Anwar makes a comeback to UMNO for the Good of All for Malaysia
    What will they say the about Anwar
    A Setan , Sodomiser , a Racist , a Corrupted person ?

    There are lots of English term use by US by DAP
    That was never in English Dictionary

  81. wajaperak Feb 16,2015 12:17 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    Mr balance.
    [“It is very clear, Tun, that SANCTIONS only cause suffering to the ordinary folk who do not care about politics in any form. SANCTIONS are also ineffective as a War weapon in the present day 21st Century”]

    I respectfully disagree with you and Mr Mubarak Chan with this opinion.
    In Islam,Allah ordained Rasullulah s.a.w. sanctions for certain ‘correctional measure’s’.
    You can see this applied when one suspected the inclination of one wife less obedience.
    Now,now..The feminist will join the ‘crusader’s’ to crucify me..:)
    I did not make any law.
    I only follows rule and regulation.
    But the contention will always be there.
    What is the best way to live one life?
    I only know I follow’s Islam to the best of my comprehension and limited understanding and the supporter’s on no sanctions erred.
    Let take back a moment of reflection and ask ourselves an honest question.


    Terima kasih Tun.

  82. balance Feb 16,2015 8:43 AM

    wajaperak February 15, 2015 at 3:30 PM | Permalink

    Very good, nice and motivating sentence. “If I can change, and you can change, then everybody can change!”.
    Well the oil price have changed and what are the changes for Malaysians?
    The Berlin Wall there or not, Germans go on living. Maybe accessibility is better. Had the changes transform Germans to become Martians. Then again, first we must understand why there was a wall? Is it all because of belief or mindset of their leaders? If it is “YES” then it is not the wall that separate the people but the “mind”. The root cause of the all effects is the dirty MIND. Ha ha Dirty as too political and opinionated. Dirty mind make unhappy man.
    Maybe we are too small and insufficient to be taken into consideration but then again we feel big and important. So what can we do? We make noise or we just live within our capabilities and go-on with our life in smarter/wiser ways? (remember human evolution)
    I agree to disagree with your style of “fight back” or the law of retaliation. We live in conditioned world. My conditioning are different from yours, so it is fine or no problem.

    I agree with mubarakchan February 15, 2015 at 5:00 PM | Permalink
    “It is very clear, Tun, that SANCTIONS only cause suffering to the ordinary folk who do not care about politics in any form. SANCTIONS are also ineffective as a War weapon in the present day 21st Century”

    Anyway nice discussion and pls write more.

  83. sibotak Feb 16,2015 8:10 AM

    Sanctions towards Anwar Ibrahim & Tun Mahathir

    There are no Sanctions towards Anwar & Mahathir by the UMNO Ruling
    Both are given Right to Express
    Malaysia are Democratic as Falsely Accused by Opposition

    Anwar was given Right to Contest though even Convicted
    In Singapore Anwar name will be Gone will be Black Listed in Politics
    Anwar was given Right to form its own Party even to contest in PRU
    What a Beauty of Democratic Malaysia
    He went overboard his Voice to extends of Falsely Defame the Govt
    Accusing the Govt of Corruptions yet He is in the best shoes to file to BPR Corruptions
    Why He never did so as a Men of Foundation ?
    I am not against Anwar
    During Tun era
    Tun has the Right Chemistry of Anwar , Musa , Rafidah & the many more
    But something goes Wrong that needs to be Amended

    Tun Mahathir was also given Right to Express though He is Retired and perhaps quite a Disturbance to Ruling UMNO now
    Tun Mahathir Bersuara Lantang
    Lantang Beliau untuk Malaysia Tercinta

    Saya Kasihan melihat Anwar
    Anwar di persimpangan melawan Kerajaan UMNO
    Juga di Persimpangan menjadi Perkakas untuk DAP khususnya

    Saya Tidak Benci Beliau Tetapi Perbuatan Beliau sudah Melebih Batas
    Kerana Beliau Melayu Berpecah Belah dan Party DAP mengambil Kesesmpatan atas Perbelahan ini juga mengamabil Kesempatan atas diri Anwar
    Anwar di Peralatkan sebab Anwar perkakas yg Bernas untuk Melawan UMNO
    Jadi Siapa sebenar yg Menzalimi Anuar ?
    Kerajaan UMNO , DAP atau diri Anwar sendiri

    Adakah DAP mengadap Anwar sebagai Peminpin yr Dediacasi , Democaratic
    yg Tulin, yg memperjuangkan Kemerdekanaan yang yg Bukan Racists ?
    Pemimpin DAP Lim Kit Siang & Guan Eng ada Jawapannya tersirat di bawah carpet
    Cuma meraka Hypocrites mengagong ,meng Dewakan Anwar
    Sebab Anwar lah senjata yg Bekesan untuk menumbangkan UMNO
    Begitu juga segelompok Melayu seperti Dyna Yusuf dan yg lain
    DAP sekarang kasi mereka Shiok saja
    Memperalatkan meraka sahaja sementara
    Lihat saja Besok Tidak perlu Besok ..Sekarang sudah Kelihatan
    Mengapa tidak ambil Anuar sebagai Pemimpin atau Pemimpin Kedua DAP ?

    Saya tersentuh Keluarga Anwar
    Isteri beliau juga Anak Beliau
    Meraka memperjuangkan Pembangkan Politik Bukan untuk Malaysia
    Meraka lakukan kerana Taat pada Suami Taat pada Ayah yg bernama Anwar
    Ini Ciri Keluarga Bahagia tetapi hendaklah berdepan dengan Kenyataan
    Apakah Niat Perjuangan anda sebenar ?
    Akan lebih Abdal menjalin masa Ayah anda yg sudah perlu Bersara bersama dari melihat Beliau seolah tak tentu arah Walau pun esok Beliau jadi PM
    Sampai berapa lama dan untuk apa ? Dan maaf saya
    Pelamin pun sudah Kotor Sudah Tidak Berseri

    Adakah tulisan saya Racist terhadap DAP ?
    Ya , Saya Racists . Racists Wujud
    Cuma Hypocrites atau Tidak ?
    Tanya Lim sudah tentu jawapanya DAP Tidak Racists
    Teraju Utama , Pangkalan penting siapa ? Kenapa tidak pelawa Anwar masuk DAP ?
    Takut Sakit Kepala ?
    Pembawakan Pelabuh Cina Singapura di Tanah Penang Menghalau Penduduk asal Melayu
    Tidak Rcaist ?

  84. mubarakchan Feb 15,2015 5:00 PM


    The word ‘Sanctions’ has been part of the American vocabulary since 1807 ! In 1807, Thomas Jefferson sponsored the Embargoe Act for domestic purposes. By 1861-1865, the Civil War brought about blockade by the Union navy of the Confederate ports. In the Spanish-American War 1899, both Havana, Cuba and Manilla, the Phillipines, were subjected to sea blockades.

    Blockades or embargoes were 19th century words which have the same meaning as ‘Sanctions’ in the American vocubulary in the 21st century.

    By 1940, an oil embargoe which also included other materials essential for War was declared on Japan which forced her to create her own ‘Co-Prosperity Hemisphere’. War followed on 7 December 1941 at Pearl Harbour.

    With the advent of World War II, America built up a huge stockpile of strategic materials essential for the War effort through the establishment of the General Strategic Administration (GSA) eg. rubber, tin, etc. to forestall any counter blockade by the U-boats of Nazi Germany.

    Out of the Cold War sanctions, 1948 – 1989, similar sanctions were applied to Cuba 1962, Burma 1962 and Iran 1979. At this point in time , sovereign states with a modicum of national interest and self esteem have stoodfast against such tactics as is exemplified by Cuba. Yet, there is normalization of relationships between the 2 countries without a single iota of political change by Cuba. Was the Cuban 1962-2015 sanctions meaningless after causing much human suffering amongst the ordinary Cuban folk who really do not care about the difference between Karl Marx and George Washington ?

    Sanctions are still being applied to Iran, an ancient civilization amongst equals. Then, the other sanctions on Libya and Iraq which hit the general civilian populace but gave rise to all sorts of wheeling and dealing on the side.

    Since the 1990s, Pax America with its post Cold War slogan, ‘ Globalization, Free Trade, Human Rights’ has brought death and destruction to the Middle East which may have been better ruled by the disposed Rulers. Do we see an example of a well-established Ruler 1959 – 2015 next door to us ?

    Just a few days ago, the ex-Chief of US Military Intelligence, Lieutenant General Mike Flynn admitted that they were hitting at the wrong targets before 2005 with the age-old conventional strategic mind-set. At that point, the Americans discovered they were fighting a belief which is a part of the make-up of their adversaries. Unlike the previous conventional wars, the Americans really have no targets. They are now thinking out the options in 2015 according to Lieutenant General Flynn.

    With the huge paraphernalia for War, America is now caught in a long war as a result of the advice of her strategic advisers which forgot about the long, long history of the Arab nations and their peoples and most important of all, their Islam religion. As of the last report, America is going into the Middle East for the 3rd time in 25 years.

    Not only that, the Arab Spring phenomenon was an event which moved against American interests and hegemony. I would reckon during this period, American diplomacy was not functioning at its peak in Uncle Sam’s interests. And with the arrival of the Americans in East Africa, all manner of regional Wars sprung up with the easy acquisition of weapons everywhere.

    Finally, there were so many ways to bake the Ukranian cake. The worst option was to do a Ukranian Spring next door the the huge bear of a Russia. Given the opportunity, anyone would have grabbed Crimea. Sanctions again for Russia. Is this a case of too big to sanction Russia ? Some pundits have said that the Russian sanctions will last 10 years.

    Maybe I do not understand international politics ? HAS ANY LITTLE BOY FROM HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSON’S FAIRY TALES ASKED, ‘ Uncle Sam, you fought against Communism from 1948 to 1989 and the Soviet Union imploded. And yet, you are now creating conditions for a return to the 2nd Cold War after the World had found its feet on free trade and democratic ground for the very first time since 1990 ! ‘

    Maybe the answer to why America seems to be in one war after another is the fact that America grew stronger and stronger through Wars. Even Senator McCain mentioned that America seems to be warring all the time. There was the War of Independence 1776, the Civil War 1861-1865, the Spanish American War 1899, the First World War 1914-1918, the Second World War 1939-1945, the Korean War 1952-1953. the Vietnam War 1962-1975, the Afghanistan – Middle East War 1991 – ? . The latter will probably turn out to be the longest War undertaken by the American war machine.

    America has not won a War since the Second World War. In the latter War, I could see her power. At every 15 minute intervals the Republic C-45 Commando transport aircraft would land at the Jhelum Airport, New Delhi, day and night. The house where I lived was right under the landing flilght path. And the whole of New Delhi was taken over by the GIs.

    It is very clear, Tun, that SANCTIONS only cause suffering to the ordinary folk who do not care about politics in any form. SANCTIONS are also ineffective as a War weapon in the present day 21st Century.



  85. wajaperak Feb 15,2015 3:30 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Mr balance.
    [With the power now rest at USA and Europe there is nothing anyone can do.]
    Tut tut Mr balance..what a pitiful observant from you..:)
    Read carefully Mr balance..
    A bloody and battered Rocky gives a victory speech, acknowledging the mutual disdain at first between himself and the crowd. He says it is like the wider disdain between Russians and Americans, but that he and the crowd have come to respect and admire each other during the course of the fight. Rocky adds that the crowd has seen “two guys killin’ each other, but I guess that’s better than 20 million”. Rocky finally declares, “If I can change, and you can change, then everybody can change!” The Soviet General Secretary stands and passionately applauds Rocky, and his aides follow suit.
    And a sucker like always..
    I am sorry.Let me rephrase that.
    A sceptic..again.Allow me to rephrase that.
    A critique, that is better said..
    And all these people willing to do time in Siberia for appreciating Rocky Balbore? Rocky Balboa??
    That was the time that we believed that Russian is not ‘human’ unlike the American and their supporter’s of value..They cannot change..The world over..AHEM!..
    People did change Mr balance.
    The Berlin wall tumble because this is a manifestation of human oppresion.
    We resent oppression of any kind.
    Note the wording in the ‘Wind Of Change’.
    I follow the Moskva
    Down to Gorky Park
    Listening to the wind of change.
    An August summer night
    Soldiers passing by
    Listening to the wind of change..

    Those was the time this ideas is wishful thinking.
    And what were you saying?
    Only USA and Europe can say something because only they are the monkey’s?
    Monkey ape and monkey do?
    We must be and act like the monkey’s and go banana because USA and Europe says that is what we must do?
    Pay us peanut?
    Monkey hear and see no evil..
    Life is all we have to do.
    Subjected to the mental torture of refusing your voice of conscience will make you as evil or as funny like the monkey’s too..
    We are all here because we all are diferrent but yet agreeable to one thing.
    This is a fair blog.
    The owner a fair man.
    We can said all vicious and bitter comments and yet I believe it all the concept ‘I am cruel to be kind’.
    Suggesting that we lay down and turn another eye is what made the world not turning around the ways it should.
    Why is the cries of


    Terima kasih Tun.

  86. anti-jibaok Feb 15,2015 2:27 PM

    YABhg. Tun Dr.,

    The issue of ‘sanction’ is an old story that has been going on for more than a hundred years ago.

    In modern times (20th century) the first nation to be threatened and fell victim by sanctions or ‘universal boycott’ (i.e. via some ‘hidden’ forces) was the nation of Germany.

    Listen to this Jewish man’s speech (an ex-Zionist) with regard to the sanction against the nation of Germany, DURING the period of the 1st World War.., as per this URL below:-

    Mind you.., way back in the year 1961 the above mentioned speech was made by Mr. Benjamin Freedman when he had boldly said that:-

    “… that here in The United States of America, The Zionists and their co-religionists have complete control of our (US) government…”

    He goes on to say that:-

    “…The Zionist and their co-religionists rule this United States (of America) as though they were the absolute monarch of this country…”

    As history will tell us that the 1st World War broke out in the Summer of 1914. The said war was waged on one side by Great Britain, France & Russia while on the other side was by Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey.

    As elucidated by Benjamin Freedman, within two years of bloody war & fighting, Germany (and her allies) had almost literally won the First World War. Thus, it was Germany who had offered Britain for negotiated peace terms and let matters remain as it was before (prior to the war).

    By Summer of 1916, Britain was seriously considering the offer by Germany, because they had no choice other than being totally defeated in the war. However, while that consideration by Britain was going on, the Zionist forces (in Germany as well as in Britain) went to the British War Cabinet offering Britain that the British can still win the First World War if they (the Zionists) can guarantee and get The USA to join into the war to be allied with Britain.., but with certain conditions and ‘strings’ attached for such an offer.

    And.., the ‘condition’ was that Britain shall have to hand over the land in Palestine (under British mandate territory) to the Zionists.., AFTER Britain shall win the war (with the help of USA) against Germany. In other words, the Zionist made this deal with Britain that the price is the land in Palestine to be handed to the Zionists.., after WW-1.

    Thus, when the deal was finally struck between the Zionists and the British, that was when the ‘sanction’ or the universal boycott by those Zionist and Jewish forces against the nation of Germany had begun.., to such an extent that even most of those very wealthy Jews living in Germany was involved in the sanction and economic campaign against Germany.

    This revelation was elaborated in the above YouTube URL audio from minutes 7:00 onwards. As such, the USA was duped and was railroaded into being involved in a World War that had NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with them. Thus, the sanction against Germany by those wealthy Jews and Zionists (especially their merchants & Bankers) in Germany, Britain and in the USA had completely turned the tide of World War-1 against Germany.

    Germany had thus eventually totally lost in the WW-1.., while subsequently the land in Palestine was ‘handed over’ by the British to the Zionist powers under the promise of the so-called ‘Balfour Declaration’.

    The lesson to be learned here is that ‘money’ (i.e. Bankers money and finance) controls people and rules the world. No sanction against any nation can be triumphant without the issue of money & finance as being the principle tool of such sanctions. Thus, the question remains – Who are those who really controls the flow of money & finance around the globe..!?

    Nations large or small would surely need money and finance for their development and sustenance. Even the average man on the street would also need money for his daily means of living. So.., who then controls all these so-called money..? Is it not so that those who have control over money are therefore in control of those who need money..?

    Who was it who had once said – “…”Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws…” Go figure..!

    Sanction is nothing new. Who are those who have control of all the money the world over..? Who else but those filthy International Banksters..! But then again, who are those who really owns and control those International Banks..?

    Answer that simple question then only can the issue of sanctions can be unraveled and be overcome. Plain and simple. Otherwise, all the verbal rants and outrage are merely antics of beating about the bush.


  87. balance Feb 15,2015 9:58 AM


    Good subject “SANCTIONS” for discussion but only as discussion and always remain as discussion. With the power now rest at USA and Europe there is nothing anyone can do. It is their “TIME”. Wait until India, China and Russia rise up or combine or group-up then we can see some changes. Then again it is changes only not necessary fairness and rule of law. I think it is impossible to understand, hold and execute “Fairness” and “Rule of law” as there are always to side of a coin. One side is the view of beholder and the other view from bystander. It will never end the argument and discussion. From history we know that to be self reliance, to be moderate, do not take side and do not be a “HERO” is the only way to live happily in this world. Everyone can express view and hold the meaning of fairness but all will have different versions, views and interpretations. SO IS THERE AN END OR ANSWER? I think definitely none. I can understand your good intention and the fire burning inside you for righteousness but there is no right or wrong in this world but there are only differences. A small fish can swim safely in a small pond and the big fish swim and hunt in lakes and sea.
    Do what we can to live is a solution.
    Know our limit is an answer.
    Righteousness is only a “word” and we must understand ‘Righteousness to me or to you”
    SANCTIONS is only a “word”. It can mean discriminate to some and fairness to others.
    Clear our mind and do the best for ‘NOW” is the better way.

    The meaning of problems:
    Anything that not going our way is “problem”
    Anything that going our way is “no problem”

    Happy Holidays

  88. azlan95 Feb 15,2015 7:42 AM

    A link to a report about two Australians facing the death penalty for drug smuggling in Indonesia .

    According to the NST report, PM Tony Abbott of Australia pleads to Indonesian President Joko for clemency for both convicts. He is quoted saying “We abhor the death penalty, we regard it as barbaric.”

    Well PM Abbott is entitled to his opinion. In fact anyone is entitled to his own opinion.

    As for me I don’t see the death penalty as barbaric. Also neither are there elements of barbarism in any part of the Indonesian law, nor that the ones executing the death penalty are barbarians.


  89. Ali Akbar Hashim Feb 15,2015 12:44 AM

    I truly supported your article Sir!

    But the powerful nations and their affiliates is just too strong and keep consolidating their strength decade after decade

    We just helpless and weak

    What we can do is writing and demonstrating to show our anger

    We don’t have expertise to build air fighter carrier, modern and sophisticated weapon and even a single bullet we don’t have know how technology to manufactured it

    The worst things was we do not have ambition and effort to be the most powerful country in the world

    We deserved to be bully

  90. mustaqimabdulrahman Feb 15,2015 12:08 AM

    sanction is war…?? we are at war and its the war is never end…holy war or perang salib has many edition and for muslim it was over….but for “them”….its never end….

    fight against muslim wasnt easy for anyone since they fight to die not to live so its come to the conclusion beating muslim by making them killing each other, kill their value, make them liberal, make them believe in human right, speaking right, economic right, right to kill innocence, public, woman and child in the name illusion WMD so on and so fore…

    and guess what, they successfuly killing islam not physically but islam value in muslim heart…..and what muslim do about that??????N.O.N.E

  91. sibotak Feb 14,2015 10:02 PM

    I Simply Do Not Understand
    World Know US lied so many YET No want Dares to make Right
    Instead of looking at the very Facts The very cause The Roots of All Evil
    World look at what US want the to Look
    Not Looking to the Roots & Facts of US Intentions towards the Muslims Nation
    The Betrayal of Muslims against Muslims as Muslims are very Confused now
    Again the Muslims Betrayed their own Brothers Their own Good Leader
    Allayarham Gadafi ,Osama , Saddam now they are after Assad later will be Iran

    Don,t you see it all goes in Series . It was Well Planned
    This does not happen in Saudi , Kuwait in US favorite Pet
    Does Arab Spring spring by its Citizens itself or Instigation from Foreign Influence ?
    Does ISIS created by the people of Syria itself or by Foreign Creations the US

    Its proven US only able to Bully Weak Nations
    Nations that Bores Peace No Weapons to Defend

    Till Today US Balls Shrink hearing North Korea
    I don,t see much North Korea & South Korea have much Frictions
    But I see Sparks made by US in between both Korea
    Days before I don,t see much Hatred between Sunni & Shiite
    Both have been living Donkey Year together despite their Differences
    Now US pictured to the World as if This Two will never be together
    Potray to the World as if These two are Cats & Dogs
    Now Cats & Dogs can live together in the same cage
    US have Spikes them with Hatred with Confusion Fuming more Flames
    End Day US walk with a Smile

    Its Like the DAP of Malaysia
    They are up to no Good to Anwar , PKR even PAS
    Infront of cause Anwar the Hero, Anwar the True Leader , Anwar the Democratic Leader
    Behind Anwar I need you to Fumes the Malay with the Malay

    Do you think Lim Kit Siang or Guan Eng much Bothered of Anwar Imprisonment ?
    Yes they are Bothered Only because they have lost their important Tool

    Sanctions are Like Imprisonment
    Its imprisonment yr Freedom of movement , Economic , Infrastructure
    thus it will have an Impact
    Sanctions are also meant to Weaken before they could Attack
    It has proven
    Senior Bush sanction Iraq for 10 years to weaken
    Junior Bush does the Attack after they are sure Iraq is Weak
    They are now Testing on Russia , North Korea
    Of cause These Two are No Toy to Play with

  92. teratai Feb 14,2015 4:15 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Bravo to Tun and Dr Muzaffar to point out that sanction is a crime.

    Those who wish to read Tun’s writing in BM, kindly click below

    Thank you.

  93. PKRshit a.k.a. DAPshit Feb 14,2015 10:23 AM

    Salam Tun,

    We must never ever forget the fact that:

    (it is recorded in Parliament’s hansard for eternity)

    Now we can see why politics is a dirty game.

    DAPshit@the ultimate hypocrites!

  94. PKRshit a.k.a. DAPshit Feb 14,2015 10:08 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Sorry out of topic but this is interesting news.

    It seem that Tan Sri Shafiee has thrown the gauntlet and succeeded in making the Bar Coucil look like stupid bumbling fools. In the exclusive NST article he has made all Anwar sympathisers appear idiotic conniving and insincere with evil hidden agendas.

    It would be interesting how the shameful Bar Council, especially Christopher Leong will try to recover their dignity and respect which has deteriorated badly in the eyes of the ordinary rakyat.

    Tan Sri Shafiee has also called a spade a spade. ANWAR IS A COWARD. I quote:

    ” KUALA LUMPUR: Those intent on continuing to politicise the Federal Court’s unanimous decision convicting Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of sodomising his former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan will not have a leg to stand on if Anwar had been called to the stand.

    The grilling by the prosecution team, Tan Sri Dr Muhammad Shafee Abdullah said, would have been incessant. The torrent of questions would have come in rapid-fire, staccato bursts, withering and unrelenting. Anwar, Shafee said, would have been cut to pieces.

    The scale would have also tipped in the prosecution’s favour from the start, had Anwar’s alibi witnesses taken the stand, he said.

    Shafee began leading the prosecution team only when the case was brought to the Court of Appeal in 2012. He said if Anwar had, at the High Court in 2010, agreed to subject himself to questioning by the deputy public prosecutor, it would have been like bringing the proverbial knife to a gunfight.

    “If the prosecution had been cross-examined, I think he would have fainted in the witness box because he would not be able to explain a lot of things, like why he put in his defence of alibi and then backed off.

    “He made silly remarks from the dock, saying this was because his alibi witnesses would be interviewed by the police. Look, that’s the whole idea of a notice, isn’t it? You give a notice of alibi so that the police can interview the alibi witnesses as provided for by the law (under the Evidence Act 1950).

    “I can easily tell you hundreds of facts that would have been zoomed in on if he was cross-examined. He knew that, so that is why I believe he took the cowardly step of giving a statement from the dock,” he told the New Straits Times in an interview, a day after he secured the conviction against Anwar under Section 377B of the Penal Code.

    Anwar is now serving a five-year jail term at the Sungai Buloh Prison.

    Shafee, who during the trial at the High Court was just an observer, said it was clear to him that Anwar retracted his list of alibi witnesses as he knew it could go pear-shaped in a hurry under his cross-examination.

    “His main defence was his alibis. Yet none of his 13 alibi witnesses, including his own wife, was produced.

    “We even got the closed-circuit television camera calibrated to the very second, showing the exact time Anwar and Saiful arrived and left the apartment on separate occasions. It was clear that Anwar’s alibi had been cooked up.

    “He said he was never in apartment No. 1 but was in apartment No. 2. Yet they were just next door to each other and were owned by the same person, who was his friend,” he said.

    Among the names in Anwar’s list of alibis that the prosecution were looking forward most to grilling, he said, would have been the owner of the apartment, whom Shafee was confident would have been able to contribute significantly to the facts of the case, and the maids who were apparently present in apartment No. 2.

    “And, of course, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who was on the top of the list of alibi witnesses. We wanted to know why she was significant to the alibi when she was never even there.

    “At the end of the day, to me, Anwar hid behind a skirt. He didn’t dare come into the witness box to be cross-examined and he never provided any defence at all.

    “Instead, he hatched this idea of a conspiracy when he knew we had all the hard, incontrovertible evidence which was clinically true. Crying political conspiracy is a convenient way of hoodwinking the public, so that they get all excited and readily subscribe to the ‘Anwar is a victim of political conspiracy’ theory, so he can blame everyone else,” Shafee said.

    But the lynchpin, the cornerstone of Shafee’s methodical, surgical, legal hammerblow that blew Anwar’s arguments clean out of the water was the strength of the DNA evidence the prosecution team had at its disposal.

    This, coupled with the credibility of the two chemists produced as prosecution witnesses.

    Shafee said with the stellar track record from scores of criminal cases, nobody had been able to poke holes in the result of the evidence examined by the Chemistry Department.

    He asked those who bought into the conspiracy theory to look at the case purely on facts.

    “Anybody with half a brain, when he finally reads the full judgment, would know that the Federal Court came with a judgment based entirely on facts, not fanciful ideas like the ones the opposition and the Bar Council are entertaining.

    “I will politely tell them to go and read the judgment. I have read the compressed summary of the judgment and can gauge what is coming, and I’m sure the full version of the judgment will be very thorough.”

    Shafee said he had guessed as much, that if the verdict were to go his way, he would be accused of having fixed the judges.

    “My answer to them is: ‘that’s utter rubbish, go and read the judgment’.

    “Have a debate with me. I am game for a public debate with the Malaysian Bar Council or whoever.

    “I will tell the public why Anwar is guilty and why the Federal Court was right.”

    Shafee said he wanted to make it clear that Section 377B of the Penal Code (offence does not require lack of consent of the complainant) was preferred instead of 377C (lack of consent must be proven), which comes with harsher penalties, was not a misstep on the part of the attorney-general.

    “If the A-G had gone for 377C, Anwar would still have been convicted and the sentence may have been more than five years because five years is the minimum.

    “Maybe the A-G was being sympathetic and exercising his discretion as a public prosecutor, because under 377C, you will not escape caning even if you are above 50 years old.”

    To those arguing why action was not taken against Saiful, Shafee said if they had the two previous two judgments, they would find the answers staring at them right in the face.

    “Saiful resisted, he was not willing, he did not go willingly to be sodomised by his dominant employer.”

    Shafee said he fought to the best of his ability to convict Anwar with a clear conscience and that he was 100 per cent sure of the latter’s guilt.

    “If you ask me if I am satisfied that Anwar was found is guilty, I say yes. But I had argued with the court that as he was a repeat offender, he should serve a longer prison time.

    “If I had the chance, I would have told Anwar in court that day ‘to stop this habit and repent’ and use his prison time to do that.”

    WOW THAT MUST REALLY HURT! HAHAHA! eeeee…tak malu penyokong Anwar seluar terlondeh, half-brainer idiots.

    PKRshit@ apa kejadah PAS sokong orang mcm ini!

  95. PKRshit a.k.a. DAPshit Feb 14,2015 9:48 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Long time no comment.

    To ignorant adikk, please check your facts and sources. Do you not recall that Tun personally approved RM 600 million loan to Kelantan during the PAS years to help resolve the dirty water crisis? It was done without publicity and the mostly ignorant PAS jumud and taksub supporters never knew about it.
    Do not make a fool out of yourself.

    PKRshit@ Nabi tak mengaku umat

  96. sibotak Feb 14,2015 3:06 AM

    Sanctions are Meant to Weaken

    Weapons are Made in U.S.A
    War are also Made in U.S.A
    Sanctions are also Made in U.S.A

    It is all Business Inter Related
    Its like Mak Chi sells Goring Pisang must also sells Teh Tarik at her Warung
    If Not Wait Tercekik

  97. sibotak Feb 14,2015 2:54 AM

    Kelantan Mundur sebab Pemimpinya pilih untuk Mundur
    Bukan Salah BN atau Tidak Sehaluan Agama
    Penang pun Parti Pembangkang tapi Maju
    Salah dan Betul Siapa ? Ini pilihan masing masing
    Is what you want it to be
    Alfateeha pada Yg Berhormat Nik Aziz
    Takziah pada Kelantan Takziah Pada Malaysia
    Takziah pada Keluarga Allahyarham

    Lagi satu Saya yakin jika Cina tidak ada di Malaysia
    Melayu masih Berkaki Ayam , Ber Keris di Pinggang ,Keris pun Made in China
    Beratap Rumbia , Si dara Jelita masih mandi di Sungei

    Tapi akan tetapi Tuan Hamba , Saudaraku yg bergelar Adik
    Tidak Salah bagi masing masing cari tujuan matlamat hidup masing masing
    Apa hendaknya kamu itulah Kemajuaan
    Bukan orang ke Bulan , Kita pun nak ke Bulan

    Yang Penting ini Amanah si Botak dari Semenanjung
    Jangan sampai Bergadai Tanah
    Habis Tanah Maruah akan di Tebus

    Lagi satu pesanan Hamba kepada Teruna yg bergelar Adik
    Orang Cina ada satu Berpatah Hidup mereka

    Mana Lebih Baik ?
    Tidur Bersama Mimpi Berlainan ?
    Mimpi Bersama Tidur Berlainan ?

    Saya perhatikan Cina satu Dunia Tidur Berlainan Mimpi Bersama
    Adakah Aduka si Adik Tidur Bersama Isteri anda Tetapi ada mimpi tersendiri ?
    Jangan Dik , Bahaya ! Mesti Serumpun Sepakat untuk Menuju ke Matlamat Hidup

    In Masalah Permikiran Orang Melayu
    Merela Tidur Bersama Tapi Mimpi Brelainan
    TIDAK Serumpun TIDAK Sepakat

    Sekian Salam Hamba untuk Malaysia
    AllahuAkhbar !

  98. immoralequivalence Feb 14,2015 1:06 AM

    You are missing the point.
    Y wait for criminalizing war sanction? Prevent war.
    The West have tossed into the dustbin using religion as the basis for warring. So too the communist with their ideologies. So too buddhists. Hindus responds to past foreign religious intrusions but are genetically peace like.
    To criminalize sanction u first have to go to the root cause. Criminalize using religious text as pretext for warring—- ‘ there is a Jew behind, come n kill him’ so said the rock; ‘ they are the worst of creatures’; when in the minority smile to them outwardly, but curse them inwardly; Darul Islam must conquer Darul harb ( house of war ). Criminalize those who misrepresent- Qaradawi, IS, Saudis, Iran,. Distribute your free updated translated Quran to Muslims rather than the already converted.
    Israel have been subjected to Boycott, Divestment, Sanction to no effect. Learn n emulate the Jewish state their policies to make sanction a sanctimonious quicksand.

    Making sanction a war crime? Y wait for a war?

    Making sanction a war crime is going after the effect not the root cause.
    The west have relegated using religion as the basis for war to the dust bin.

  99. adikk Feb 13,2015 10:45 PM

    Ayahanda Tun- may I ask in all sincerity; why Kelantan state govt has been sanctioned from enjoying development to such an extent the state has become so poor just because the state is an opposition state. Acute non availability of treated water, road asses to other states like highly linkage not available, lacking of business opportunities due to lack of support of federal funding, deprived of oil royalty. Is this islamic? In His world (duniya) Allah almighty does not sanction men who are non muslims, those who are fasiq and those who are munifiqoon.
    Why torture the Kelantanese people who are Muslim brothers as well all these while.

  100. Fariq Islam Feb 13,2015 5:43 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Sekatan ekonomi sememangnya tidak adil dan mendatangkan mundarat dan sengsara kepada rakyat negara-negara yang tertakluk kepadanya.

    Namun, sekatan ekonomi adalah pengajaran/ hukuman yang lebih “ringan” berbanding dengan peperangan di mana nyawa-nyawa yang tak berdosa terkorban.

    Apakah negara-negara yang mempraktiskan nilai-nilai yang bercanggahan dengan kemanusiaan dibiar begitu sahaja? Jangan lupa juga segelintir rakyat Malaysia termangsa dalam tragedi penerbangan tahun lepas, yang diakibatkan agenda politik haram.

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