1. As a result of the exposure regarding the Altantuya case and 1MDB, Najib is now getting pledges of support from UMNO division heads, BN, MIC, Senators and all kinds of groups. This is what the mainstream press reports.

2. I am not asking anybody to support me. But I am going to ask all those who support Najib to declare they all support his 1MDB, 1MDB borrowing 42 billion Ringgit and his inability to answer where the money is when asked.

3. Do you also support keeping billions of Ringgit in Cayman Islands? Do you also support that having brought back the money, it must be kept in a Swiss Bank in Singapore. Do you also support the explanation that the money cannot be brought back to Malaysia by the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance because Bank Negara will ask too many questions.

4. Do you support purchase of Government land in KL at far below market price, revaluing it to make it your asset while buying power plants from the private sector at well above market price.

5. Now there is a suggestion that this land be sold to Government companies at inflated prices so as to pay the billions borrowed by 1MDB.

6. If this sale is in order to pay 1MDB debts, that means that 1MDB which borrowed 42 billion cannot pay its debts from its investments, that it has lost the billions.

7. So what happened to the 42 billion borrowed? Why must 1MDB borrow 2 billion to pay the interest? Why must Government make available almost 1 billion Government money to pay 1MDB debts?

8. These two borrowings by 1MDB means it now has a debt of 42+3 billion = 45 billion.
9. Supporters of Najib must also support Jho Low who managed 1MDB money who is a friend of Najib like Daim is my friend. They must also be friends of Jho Low to have so much faith in him.

10. I asked Najib simple questions but instead of answering the questions he asked people to support him. I would like to ask the supporters whether their support means the disappearance of 42 billion Ringgit is okay, that there is no necessity to at least explain where the money is. If you do, go tell Daim, Tengku Razaleigh, Shahrir Samad and Khairy Jamaluddin to shut up.

129 thoughts on “SUPPORTING NAJIB

  1. Simple Mind May 9,2015 10:46 AM

    Asaalam’kum Tun,
    Happy Mother’s Day to Tun Siti Hasmah. Hope everyone is in good health.
    There is a saying, You can fooled some of the people All the time,
    or All the people, some of the time,
    You can Never fooled All the people All the time.”
    What our PM is doing is the impossible,” All the people, All the time,” or so it seems.
    He was talking about support from the people. Does the Permatang Pauh PRK shows. Are the people supporting him?
    I noticed that our DPM, and our Youth Minister is starting to speak out. Are they jumping the ship before it sinks? I’am afraid if they DON’T jump, they will all go down together with the PM, in a sinking ship.
    He asked for a little time. Now I know why, to do the magic. He has too many holes to cover, so he needs time, like using TH money. What’s next, KWSP?

  2. HBT456 May 2,2015 9:22 AM

    The minister job is to upgrade the skill and profession of this portfolio that requires funding. Gst applies to all. Tiada pilih kasih when gst is implemented. Its only a month plus since gst kicks, dah sabotage one another just to win votes. Very bad for the economy at the federal and global level.

  3. mubarakchan Apr 17,2015 9:55 PM


    For those who are not aware of our colourful local history, here is a list of activities created by the naughty Chinese. FORTUNATELY THEY ARE IN THE MINORITY WHILST THE REST ARE HONEST AND HARD WORKING !

    1. 1949-1956 – The MCA Social Welfare Lottery
    2. 1949-1960 Tontine
    3. 1959-1961 Mushroom Insurance Companies
    4. 1971-1972 Gemini Chit Fund
    5. 1976-2015 Share Rigging
    6. 1976-2015 Tax Free RM2 Incorporated Churches
    7. 1977-1981 Co-operative Societies
    8. 1982-1984 Insurance Companies Guarantees.
    9. 2002-2009 Forex Caper
    10. 2008-2011 Gold Bullion Caper
    11. 2010-2014 GLC Caper.

    The latest 1MDB Caper is one of a long line of Capers created by a few naughty Chinese.
    The majority are hard-working and honest.


  4. mubarakchan Apr 17,2015 9:40 PM


    For Josie only. You sound as though you are an old gramophone record dished out by the dished out by the Ministry of Information, Singapore. Here are the following home facts and truths from your homeland of Singapore.

    1. Since 2011, 50% of the Singaporeans want their CPF money back.
    2. The late Ruler’s (1959-2015) 2 Child Family Policy of 1970s and 1980s screwed down the indigenous population from 100% in 1959 to 62% in 2010. Vide Singapore Government White Paper on Population
    3. 1.2 million FTs and assorted Billionaires have to be imported every year to boost the GDP.
    4. The book, ‘ Big Ideas of Lee Kuan Yew.’ 2014. clearly shows that there is no separation of powers of the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. The ex-President, the ex-Chief Justice, the civil servants, the academics and politicians all lined up to pay obeisance to the Boss in haste.
    5. Our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad singlehandedly created 3 million famillies of Malay Middle Income Group without strife or rancour which up-lifted the 3 million famillies of the non-Malay Middle Income Group by the purchases of the goods and services of the latter by the former. WHO ELSE BUT OUR BELOVED TUN ? WHERE ELSE BUT OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA ? Stupid. During the same period, 300,000 supporters of the late Ruler (1959-2015) emigrated.
    6. Your late Ruler (1959-2015) with his fine legal mind created for himself the Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System imposed on the citizens by Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats. Make no mistake about this. He took more than 2 generations to fine tune it like a 12 cylinder Rolls Royce engine aided by his Politburo for his own glorification. Who is going to run this wonderful engine now ?
    7. Our beloved Malaysia has the Free Malaysian Style Democracy with its Open Capitalistic Characteristics.
    If you are not aware of the stark difference between these 2 Political Systems, please do not waste our time here.
    8. Akan Datang. I have now compiled a list of 36 policy mistakes of your favourite Ruler (1959-2015) whom you love to be enslaved by him. I will refresh everyone’s memories next month.


  5. mubarakchan Apr 17,2015 6:43 AM


    It was only recently that I observed the stark difference between the Political Systems of our beloved Malaysia and the late Ruler’s (1959-2015) tiny tropical isle of the Republic of Singapore.

    The Oxford Dictionary defines politics as ” A PARTICULAR SET OF BELIEFS OR PRINCIPLES”.

    It is obvious our great Tunku, our redoubtable Tun Abdul Razak, our staid and solid Tun Hussein Onn and yourself, the Great States and Modern Builder of our Nation understood the Political System we have practised since 1957.

    Our Political System is FREE MALAYSIAN STYLE DEMOCRACY WITH OPEN CAPITALISTIC CHARACTERISTICS AS OPPOSED TO THE LATE RULER’S (1959-2015) GODLESS ULTRA COMMUNISTIC POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SYSTEM APPLIED ON THE CITIZENS BY APPARATCHIKS AKA MERITOCRATS BOLSTERED BY the CPF_HDB-Quit Rent & Assessment-Income Tax-GST-COE-Traffic Taxes-Water Conservation Tax-Free Subsidised Water from Malaysia-Public Utilities-Civil Service-Judiciary-Military manned by mercenaries. And there is no separation of the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary vide. Big Ideas of Lee Kuan Yew. Published 2014. In this book the ex-President and the ex-Chief Justice paid their obeisance to the Boss side by side with the rest of the politicians, academics and civil servants.

    THIS IS THE LATE RULER’S (1959-2015) FINELY TUNED POLITICAL SYSTEM WHICH RUNS LIKE A 12 CYLINDER ROLLS ROYCE ENGINE. The Political System has been carefully thought out through more than 2 generations bolstered by his Politburo which also provided the inputs through the years. This is all recorded openly in print or media. But there is no recognition of this as abetted by the Western journalists.


    Our present problems today is the adoption of the MONEY MONEY MONEY POLICICES WHICH HAVE FAILED IN SINGAPORE. We have taken something from a Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System and try to make these copy-cat ideas work within our Free Malaysian Style Democracy with its Open Capitalistics Characteristics. Of course, this does not work . The Ruler (1959-2015) with his fine legal mind had tailor-fit his Political System for his own needs not our beloved Malaysia.

    Hence, our political conundrum today. This is compounded as alleged that our distinguished Prime Minister has the Mandate to rule. This translate into Power to rule or adopt any political System.

    By taking bits and pieces out of the late Ruler’s (1959-2015) finely tuned Political System for hi;s own needs, we have created not a 12 CYLINDER POLITICAL AND SOCIAL ROLLS ROYCE BUT A JALOPY OF FOREIGN PARTS WHICH CAN ONLY MOVE IN FITS AND STARTS.

    CONSISTS 50% CAPITALISM AND 50% COMMUNISM. The only such country in the World.
    Because no polititicians since 2003 were aware there is such a thing as a Political System ! Again, our political conundrum. As we Malaysians say ‘ We cannot practice our politics any old how.’ Politics is more than just raw power alone. There must be politics as defined by the Oxford Dictionary and not just quarrel and quarrel like in a market place.

    Maybe it is time for our beloved Malaysia to establish a School for Political Studies to formalize all our political thoghts and deeds.


  6. mubarakchan Apr 15,2015 10:12 PM


    Congratulations to KJ and the Youths of UMNO Youth ! The fine leadership of KJ has finally recongnised the role played by these closest aides of our distinguished Prime Ministers. In the latest caper, there is a character called Jho Low whose name is now synonymous with a minimum of RM 42 Billions of the Rakyats’ hard-earned money. No more. No less. This signal realization of KJ and his Youths of UMNO Youth vindicates the fact that all the scandals which amounted to RM53.2 Billions over the 22 years of our beloved Tun’s Administration were due entirely to the hidden agendas of his closest aides. One of them from humble beginnings was able to force my Chinese friend to resign from a Singapore blue chip company so that he could on-sold its luscious properties cheap to his personal friends. He made so much that he now collects Stradivarius violins at US$ 5 Millions a piece.

    And so it was in ancient China. A place which the Emperors relied on eunuchs to advise them for 5,000 years. There were good eunuchs and bad eunuchs. The latter brought the fall of Dynasties through greed and treachery. Fast trek to the 20th and 21th Centuries, we see our modern day closest aides or eunuchs doing the same thing. TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE TRUST OF THEIR BOSSES WHICH WAS GIVEN TO THEM. As I far as I am aware, my Chinese friend was the only person who told the Tun bluntly that the task he was given cannot be accomplished. And there was no big scandals. The other scandals were caused by the closest aide for reasons best known to themselves, like the desire to collect Stradivarius violins at US$ 5 Millions a piece..

    Thanks again to KJ and his team of Youths from the UMNO Youth. It is like a breath of fresh air that the hidden secrets of the closest aides to our distinguished Prime Ministers are revealed to all and sundry. AND COMPLETELY ABSOLVED ALL THOSE FALSE ALLEGATIONS AGAINST OUR BELOVED TUN ONCE AND FOR ALL. This was exactly what I have been propounding all these years since September 2011 !



    MALAYSIA BOLEH ! MALAYS BOLEH ! MALAYSIANS BOLEH ! It is the closest aides, stupid !

  7. scubadude Apr 15,2015 8:49 AM

    Tun, we will support you !!!!! You have the backings of all right-minded Malaysians !!!!

  8. sibotak Apr 14,2015 6:20 PM

    You too are Rascal and a Horrible person
    as someone describe the late LKY

  9. wajaperak Apr 14,2015 5:31 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    Dear Dr M.
    You are a rascal]

    That is how an earnest you must take a sputum in order to determine you are free from Tuberculosis.
    This is Tun blog.
    Since you are not Malaysian,I am going to teach you a thing or two about etiquette.
    First here in Malaysia,one asks permission to enter any domain one wish to enter.
    Ask permission the way you ask permission to be one bank account holder.
    Second says thank you after you have got what you wish. e.g service rendered in the bank.
    Thank you for your kindly service..Wait a minute..You were paid to do this right?
    So..Why should I thank you?
    Gratitude is GST inclusive?
    Finally be bold and brave as Malaysian..
    You dare to insult Tun meaning you dare to ‘invites’ me doing the same to you..
    Publish your e mail so we can settle this outside..
    I just finished reading Salem Lot by Stephen King.
    Eventhough it just a fiction maybe we can learn a thing a two about it.
    The moral of story I believe is we must finish the remnant of the Undead there and here


    Terima kasih Tun..

  10. Tuntuah Apr 13,2015 9:31 PM

    Please step down. Just like pak lah.
    You may win this battle, but for sure you will lose the war.
    For the good sake of orang melayu
    Please step down.

  11. Tuntuah Apr 13,2015 9:24 PM

    Klcc 2 billion. So we should have 22 klcc with 42billion by now.

    Petronas through it nose giving 20 to 49billion to malaysian government.

    1mdb spent 42billion whitin few years

    If 42 billion become br1m to 33 million malaysian… Each malaysian is milionnaire weh….

    Mrt project is 6billion. With 42 billion 7 mrt project can go simultaneously.
    1 ferrari is around 2 million.. 42 billion you can get ….. Wow a lot of ferraris

    So now you all know how much is 42billion?
    Hell lot of money.

  12. Tuntuah Apr 13,2015 9:06 PM

    Haiya. This old man asking a simple questions. Why you all to answer panjang lebar?

    Amin tan… Why berjela jela?

    The questions
    Where the monies, 42billion go?
    Why interest so high, 5.29%?
    Why kept the money at singapore?
    If jujur, the answers should be short.

    Kalu kurang jujur, the answer will be long. Why? Because you want to justify your answer.

    So.. Anybody can answer that? Short and sweet? None. Why? Not so jujur i guess.

    By the way, the other questions that this old man asked? Why the boss tak kene hujum bunuh? They instructed sirul to kill?

    Pernah tengok citer a few good men? Tom cruise?

    Well, chinese always said, this is bolehland.
    Satu lagi yang tak paham… Orang umno ni memang sarkis..

    Orang tanyer soalan … Dier orang sibuk kater saya sokong pm.

    They are from havard and banyak uni yang hebat.. Aper ijazah beli ker? tak paham ker soalan?

  13. MOHD.SANI RAJ BIN ABDULLAH Apr 13,2015 5:49 PM

    The best way to resolve this issue PERMANENTLY is for both leaders to have a live debate in TV with a neutral moderator and close this OPEN ISSUES once and for all.
    This is taking too much of the country time and resources, and is painting a bad picture of our country.

  14. mokhtar Apr 13,2015 4:25 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Saya setuju dengan cadangan untuk Dato Najib menyiasat semula Perwaja & juga isu Syarikat Perkapalan yang di beli oleh Petronas. Saya juga setuju Dato Najib lucut jawatan Dato Mukhriz sebagai MB Kedah dan juga whatever jawatan Tun currently holdings in GLC. Take legal action against him.. jangan bagi muka dekat Tun. Guna kuasa yang ada sebelum terlambat sebab Pak Lah tried to discredit him but failed, belajarlah daripada episode tersebut.. either him or you..Please Dato Najib gunakan kuasa President UMNO dan juga President Malaysia mengambil tindakan terhadapan TDM & keluarganya. After all UMNO & BN are all behind you..except the silent majority

  15. josie Apr 13,2015 2:51 PM

    Dear Dr M.

    You are a rascal. Your son is a billionaire and the public has never asked him to account for how he made those billions. Maybe they should start to look into it.

    In your terms as PM you have lost public money through projects like Multimedia Super Corridor and Proton National Car and no one has asked you to account for all the money you have lost. When you step down as PM in 2003 Malaysia’s GDP per capita was USD 4,427 and Singapore was USD 23,574 – more than 4 times that of Malaysia. Imagine as a PM you have failed to improve the life of the people of Malaysia relative to that of your small neighbor who has no natural resources or land.

    You will be remembered by Malaysian as the PM that build the most roads and bridges in his term in office. However building roads and bridges are for simpleton as the real challenge for a PM is to build institutions and systems such as education, rule of law and mindset that enable the people to overcome obstacles and work together to improve the life of every Malaysian and to excel in the international market. By this account you have also failed miserably.

    History will judge you as a destructive force in Malaysian politics for what you have done after you step down as PM of Malaysia. You have undermined all the successive PMs after you – from Badawi to Najib. You have created a culture of “incompetent PM” after the reign of Mahathir – as you are the chief judge and executioner of all Malaysian PMs.

    By the way you need to upgrade this website as well. The content are stale and the design is outdated. Suggest that you get professional help for this.

  16. merchanez Apr 13,2015 2:17 PM

    Yang Berbahagia Tun M,

    Saya adalah salah orang pemimpin kecil pemuda di sebuah cawagan dalam bahagian di Kelantan. Saya amat berharap Tun dapat menyelamatkan negara ini daripada mempunyai pemimpin korup yang sebenarnya berada di peringkat bahagian lagi. Saya ingin fokuskan kepada bahagian saya di mana setiap kali pertandingan di peringkat bahagian, demokrasi tidak dipraktikkan lagi. Wang ringgit dan percaturan telah dibuat dan digunakan supaya calon yang menyokong Ketua Bahagian sahaja yang menang. Keadaan ini saya telah alami semasa pertandingan ketua pemuda di mana walaupun sorang calon yang lemah dan berpendidikan SRP sahaja (pada masa itu), namun jika menyokong Ketua Bahagian/ Mantan Ketua Bahagian akan dipastikan menang dalam pertandingan. Calon yang berpotensi akan dikalahkan. Selepas dibuat aduan kepada lembaga disiplin UMNO, mereka tidak memberi respons. Bila difailkan ke mahkamah, mereka buang keahlian, lantas mahkamah menolak saman tersebut atas alasan tiada locus standi. Jadi ke mana harus saya adukan lagi? Jika ini berterusan maka UMNO akan dikelilingi pemimpin korup. Mereka mempunyai target untuk jadi calon PRU dan bukan untuk jadi wakil rakyat. Harap Tun dapat ketengahkan isu ini sehingga diambil tindakan. Saya doakan Tun dipanjangkan umur dan sihat walafiat bagi meneruskan perjuangan menghentikan sikap buruk yang ada dalam parti UMNO masa kini.

  17. myungtae Apr 13,2015 2:03 PM

    Tun yang disayangi.

    Siapa yang patut layak jadi PM.
    Cuba explain, ramai yang nak tahu.
    Apa syarat utama untuk jadi PM ??? ….. Please don’t tell me ” kena buat jambatan bengkok”

  18. HBT456 Apr 13,2015 9:44 AM

    DS Mukhriz, please dont get upset with one of these die hard supporters for UMNO president. He is just telling off the kerabat negeri Kedah that their Tuanku is DS Najib Tun Razak. Its simple and straight forward.

  19. almadani Apr 12,2015 11:04 PM

    Salaam buat Tun.
    Salaam jua buat pembaca budiman yg meluangkan masa d blog Tun ini.

    Soalan pokok?
    3 je….
    Masa depan bangsa kita
    Penyelesaian nya?
    Bersatu lah demi agama mu
    Bersatu lah demi bangsa mu
    Bersatu lah demi tanah air tercinta
    Tanah tumpah nya darah mu

    Teguran dan pandangan yg Tun ajukan bukan sembarangan atau suka2 je. Cuba renung akan kebenarannya.
    Menjadi seorang pemimpin bukan mudah.
    Isu2 yg berbangkit sebenarnya amat menakutkan.
    Cuba teliti dan perhalusi betul2.
    Kesan dari isu itulah yg d fikirkan oleh Tun.
    D saat bangsa kita hanya memegang kuasa yg selalu ‘terbeli’ oleh wang ringgit,
    D mana lagi kekuatan bangsa kita?

    Terima kasih Tun.

  20. myungtae Apr 12,2015 11:04 PM

    Tun yang dikasihi.

    Hentikan lah peperangan ini.
    Lagi lkerap najib dibelaasah lagi kuat sokongan kami .
    Tak tahu lah kenapa perkara ini berlaku sedangkan kami bukannya ahli UMNO

  21. Muhamad Taufiq Khalil Apr 12,2015 8:23 PM

    1 Orang ramai akan ramai datang tengok perlawanan bola sepak kalau Leonel Messi yg main di Stadium Bukit Jalil. Kalau saya yg main pasti tiada siapa yg mahu datang menonton. Begitu juga kalau saya yg tanya tentang isu 1MDB, GST dan kes Altantuya pasti tiada siapa yg mengendahkannya. Soalan yg Tun ajukan memaksa DS Najib bersuara walaupun jawapannya bukan suatu jawapan. Terima kasih Tun.

    2 Kalau Leonel Messi yang main bola di Stadium Bukit Jalil atau di mana- mana pun, sebenarnya dia sedar bahawa  orang ramai pasti datang menonton permainan beliau walaupun beliau membuat kenyataan di media mengatakan bahawa orang ramai tidak perlu datang ke stadium utk menonton permainannya.  Begitu juga Tun.

    3  Seribu kesilapan dalam menjalankan  kerja adalah kecil kalau dibandingkan dengan satu saja kesalahan iaitu tidak menjalankan apa apa kerja. Namun begitu kesalahan tidak menjalankan apa apa kerja adalah terlalu kecil kalau dibandingkan dengan pandai mejalankan kerja tetapi tidak amanah dalam menjalankannya. Itu yg Tun cuba bandingkan dalam isu Bank Bumiputera, Konsortium Perkapalan & Forex dengan isu 1MDB.  Apa pun hakikatnya ialah kesilapan, kesalahan & tidak amanah adalah suatu yg merugikan.

    4 Sama ada Tun sedar atau tidak sedar atau buat buat tidak sedar kesemua isu yg Tun bangkitkan adalah berpunca drp satu kesilapan besar Tun sendiri. Ianya ialah kesilapan Tun mendidik & melorongkan Anwar untuk menggantikan Tun. Tun mendidik Anwar macam cerita ‘Anakku Sazali’. Anwar bukan jadi pengganti Tun tetapi menjadi seekor raksasa yg mahu menelan Tun. Berpunca drp kesilapan berkenaan, landskap politik negara berubah. Tun cuba untuk menebus kesilapan Tun dgn membuat kesilapan kedua  iaitu menaikkan Pak Lah. Apabila Pak Lah jadi PM barulah Tun sedar yg Tun tersilap mencari pengganti Tun. Sepanjàng Pak Lah menjadi PM, beliau tidak buat apa apa melainkan tidur semasa berdiri. Kesilapan kedua ini  Tun cuba perbetulkan dengan kesilapan ketiga iaitu menggulingkan Pak Lah dan menaikkan DS Najib.

    5 Semasa zaman persekolahannya, DS Najib menulis dalam rekod pelajarnya mengenai pekerjaan bapanya ialah Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Sebagai anak seorang Perdana Menteri Malaysia, DS Najib tidak pernah merasai bagaimana susahnya untuk mengumpul RM10 sehari bagi seorang penjual burger. Tidak seperti bapanya, Allahyarham Tun Abd Razak, DS Najib tidak pernah merasai betapa beratnya tenggala ketika membajak sawah. Apa yg DS Najib mahu boleh diperolehi dengan membelinya saja termasuk isteri. Kalau tidak ada duit cuma minta drp bapanya. Sejak dari kecil dia dikelilingi oleh anak-anak orang kaya, pengampu-pengampu dan rakan-rakan yg bermuka-muka. Sebab itu bila negara tidak ada duit dia tidak tahu bagaimana untuk berniaga untuk menjanakan pendapatan melainkan mengambil duit rakyat melalui GST. Pemberian BR1M untuk membeli sokongan. Duit BR1M memang boleh buat beli beras tetapi belum tentu boleh beli hati orang-orang miskin. Tidak hairanlah dalam keadaan susah begini DS Najib boleh berbelanja mewah dgn membeli jet baru. Anak orang kaya! Untuk pengetahuan Tun, DS Najib ini yg juga hasil drp kerja tangan Tun, tidak ubah seperti seekor ayam daging yang tidak boleh mengais atau cari makan sendiri  walaupun ada cacing di depan mata, apabila ayam daging ini dicampak ke luar reban. Inilah orang yg Tun raikan ketika beliau menjadi Presiden UMNO.

    7 Kini Tun mula mempersoalkan DS Najib. Untuk orang seperti Tun, sudah pasti Tun faham sangat tentang kesan drp persoalan yg Tun timbulkan.  Modus operandi yg sama Tun gunakan semasa Tun menggulingkan Pak Lah.

    6 Dalam kitab munakahat bab talak, tidak ada talak keempat. Setelah membuat kesilapan menjatuhkan talak sampai tiga kali, tidak boleh rujuk semula. Tun nampaknya bersungguh-sungguh menalakkan DS Najib. Persoalannya apakah pada kali ini Tun tidak akan silap lagi.? Kalau seorang tukang yg mahir, contohnya tukang plaster dinding, sekali buat terus jadi dengan cantik. Tidak ada cerita selepas buat kena runtuhkan. Kalau buat selepas itu kena runtuhkan sampai 3 kali buat dan runtuh, itu bukan tukang yang mahir namanya. Dalam industri pembinaan kita panggil kongsikong yg baru mahu belajar jadi tukang. Biasanya Bangla yang baru 3 bulan sampai ke Malaysia buat kerja macam ini. Proses pasang kemudian diruntuhkan ini merugikan majikan. Malaysia bukan sebuah makmal untuk Tun bereksperimen.

    8 Ada sebiji kek. Di tengah-tengah kek berkenaan ada sebiji buah ceri. Seandainya Tun mengubah kedudukan buah ceri berkenaan ke sebelah kanan atau ke kiri,  ianya tidak mengubah rasa kek berkenaan. What has been done cannot be undone! This is your  total failure in a successful design story.

  22. almadani Apr 12,2015 8:06 PM

    Salaam buat pejuang bangsa ku,Tun yg d kasihi.
    Memandangkan Tun menjawat jawatan PM selama 22 tahun ingin saya bertanya beberapa persoalan.
    1. Mengapa pengganti Tun amat payah utk rujuk sebarang perkara kpd Tun?
    2. Adakah mereka ingin menunjukkan kehebatan melebihi Tun atau merasa sangat hebat sebagai PM?
    3. Sedangkan hakikatnya mereka ini amat lemah dan terpalit pelbagai isu dan skandal memalukan bangsa?
    4. Apakah mereka ini sebenarnya tidak mengenali Tun secara mendalam,melalui akal hati?
    5. Sedarkah mereka permasalahan ini bukan hanya d peringkat tertinggi,malahan d peringkat Dun juga?
    6. Berapa ramai wakil rakyat yg tidak amanah dlm berjawatan?

    Sebagai pengundi dan penyokong kerajaan,saya tertanya2 mengapa ini terjadi?
    Amat payah utk bertemu wakil rakyat,dgn alasan yg amat menyakitkan hati. Perlu bijak utk berpolitik,jujur pada diri dan sedar siapa yg melantik kalian.
    Sekian. Terima kasih Tun.

  23. sitinur Apr 12,2015 7:22 PM

    sori ayahanda…luahan perasaan tersgt streeeessss….dgn gigih (mungkin) najib cuba alihkan kestresan marhein dgn cadangan pengeluaran kwsp pd umo 60 thn..abes umo 55 keatas nak mkn hape…duit dlm bank bukan berbilion berjuta berates ghibu.berpuluh ghibu pon tarak….gaji pon kecikkkkkk kalu nak beli jam tangan najib pon duit kwsp tak lepeih aih…tp kerana tingin punya pasai berpekin ikat pewot campoq bonus 3 taon merasa lah cek jam seharga ngan ayahanda munyer hi hi hi hi….berbaloi baloi pakai beleih taon wooo…sekali tu ja buat pangai huduh buang tebiat nak makai..kwsp tu buatla sapa nak keluaq umo 60 buleh nak buat skim pencen buleh nak lamsam buleh ..nak keluaq umo 55 lagik la buleh..sbb itu duit kami…suka kami nak keluaq lagu mana…cukup2lah kerajaan dok guna duit kwsp tu(ke jln yg betoi) kalu memboros tak ketahuan semuga dapat bala yg urus kwsp…stresss…

  24. mubarakchan Apr 12,2015 6:19 PM


    Many thanks Saudara Zaman. It is good, very good you understood the meaning of our common slogan.

    However, let us pay attention to our beloved Tun’s solid and wise comments. The latest being that with every change of Government, the broom sweeps clean. IN POLITICS THERE ARE NO FRIENDS ONLY ALLIES.

    But before we even reach the change of Government, I as an ardent observer of the robust Malaysian Polictics without the folks understanding much about what Political System we practise i.e. our Free Malaysian Style Democracy with its Open Capitlaiistic Characteristics. They think we practise the Ruler’s (1959-2015) Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System imposed on the citizens by Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats. Hence, some of them worship the late Ruler (1959-2015) like a deity or god.

    But all these will be put to the wind if we now really consider what our 58 year old beloved Malaysia is facing from hegomonists across the seas abetted by little ants.

    The 2 domestic issues which wracked our brains every day are nothing compared with what is taking place arising from the new Policy of the United States to contain its purported rival China.

    Previously, I have observed Tun’s understanding and comprehension of this issue of strategic geo-politics concerning Malaysia which stands astride two important sea routes, the South China Sea and the Straits of Melaka. This issue of the importance of Malaysia in this Great Game of Hegemony as promoted by the United States is now coming home to roost as exemplified by news reports here and there.

    Right up to the fall of Communism, 1989, Malaysia was close to the United States when it was a uni-polar World. Then, Pax America of ‘Globalization, Free Trade and Human Rights’, were promoted with the ultimated benefits accruing to Russia, India and China within one decade.

    From 1947 to 1982, the Ford Foundation, the Peace Corps, the Hooper Foundation, the USIS, the US Army Medical Unit Walter Reed Hospital Washington DC etc were established in Kuala Lumpur. There was no problem with a uni-polar World of Capitalism and Communism.

    But today, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the Pax America, we have a mult-polar Word to deal and live with. No Humankind is an Island.

    The question before all of us is that whoever is responsible for the apparent shift of our Foreign Policy towards a former uni-polar World status and not a multi-polar World status and for what reasons if there are reasons. WE HAVE ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT OUR FOREIGN POLICY IS MULT-POLAR AND NOT UNI-POLARE. THIS OVERSIGHT IN A WORLD OF CHANGING FORTUNES WILL SWAMP OUR LITTLE NATION OF 30 MILLIONS IF WE WANT TO EMBARK ON THE GREAT GAME OF SUPERPOWERS. Our beloved Nation and all of us could be dispossessed overnight if we plunge willy-nilly into matters which we are not cogniscent of. Just because of a couple of forays into the salons of the Western elites. Look what happened to the Ruler (1959-2015) and his merry band of Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats in October 2008.

    And is the Singapore inspired and promoted poisoned chalice the TPPA, the weapon of last resort to fix the present democratic status of our beloved Malaysia ?

    I have given the example of neutral Switzerland when her people decided to stay NEUTRAL amidst the quarreling Powers of the day. Our beloved Malaysia should always be NEUTRAL and be FRIENDS WITH ALL STATES. Of course, we must support anti-terrorism countries as well for our own good.

    At present, our beloved Malaysia has no quarrel with any Nation and should not be dragged into other people’s conflicts or quarrels because we are too small being a Nation of only 30 millions. A NEUTRAL FOREIGN POLICY STANCE IS THE BEST. This is in keeping with the wise observation of our beloved Tun that a change of Government might bring unnecessary sufferings to the unexpected in this small World of ours in which all monies are closely monitored.

    The ancients say, ‘ Have harmony at home before you can fight and win in the streets !’

    A prominent South East Asian politician once told me, ‘ The Americans forget easily. The British try not to forget. The French never forget.’ When we visit these countries, we know what he meant !


  25. motar Apr 12,2015 4:02 PM

    Saya masih teruja dengan apa sahaja yg diutarakan dari Tun sebagai PM hingga sekarang.
    Anak2 kecil lebih mengenali Tun sbg Pm dari PM sekarang ( seperti seorang anak lingkungan dalam darjah 6 yg memanggil TUn sbg Pm di Masjid Sultan Mizan – masjid besi di Putrajaya pada hari jumaat ketika perbicaraan DSAI)
    Apa yg di utarakan oleh Tun memang nampak benar belaka. seorang PM tak kan tak tau langsung dengan perkara yg berlaku, tun pun begitu juga “…Sekilas Ikan Di Air Dah Tahu Jantan Betinanya”
    Kami menyokong TUN…
    Jika tiada perubahan pd pucuk pimpinan UMNo.. Sudah pasti masalah besar pd BN pada PRU14…
    Kami diperingkat bawah letih bekerja utk tegakkan Pemerintahan ini… Dgn segala program kecil, besar dan macam2.. Tapi ia hanya sia-sia.. Jika keadaan ini berterusan.

  26. almadani Apr 12,2015 1:51 PM

    Salaam Tun yg d hormati.
    Nampaknya teguran Tun tidak dapat d nilai oleh mereka yg buta dlm berjawatan. Dengan angkuh dan bongkak mereka ini langsung tidak mahu duduk sejenak memikirkan maksud d sebalik teguran ini. Rata2 rakyat telah menyatakan pendirian,namun kononnya kedudukan mereka langsung tidak tergugat. Sedarkah mereka mengapa mereka duduk dan memegang jawatan2 tertentu? Mereka tetap ingin merasakan kuasa rakyat yg akan merubah kedudukan itu. Apakah kita malu atau kalah, jika mengakui akan kelemahan dan kesilapan kita? Tepatlah kata guru saya, zaman ini adalah zaman menimbulkan segala yg batil yg berpunca dari sikap mereka selama ini.
    Jika rakyat tidak lagi menjadi agenda yg perlu d pertanggungjawabkan, utk apa perjuangan kalian?
    Salaam dan semoga Allah memberi hidayah dan jawapan dlm masalah yg sedang rakyat hadapi ini.

  27. Hajar Apr 12,2015 1:29 PM

    Salam YAB & Yg diKasihi Tun,

    1. PM Ah Jib Gor pernah berjanji dengan Tun untuk ’revive’ projek ’Jambatan Bengkok’ (yg Tun Lah cantas/batal walaupun projek telah bermula), tetapi ’mungkir janji’. Tiba2 boleh pula PM ungkit (dalam Soal-Jawab) perkara ini yang secara tidak langsung menunjukkan yang beliau seorang yang ’tidak amanah’ dan ’khianat’ kepada janji. Kononnya ’Janji diTepati’. Tun Lah dan PM memang ada persamaan. Pemimpin yang ’khianat’ dan suka mungkir janji akan menerima ’pengajaran’ setimpal tambahan pula mereka turut bersama Tun M semasa projek dipersetujui. Bila mereka dilantik sebagai PM mereka lupa kepada apa yang mereka telah persetujui. Banyak PEMBAZIRAN berlaku dan kebajikan rakyat diabaikan (kononnya utk kebaikan rakyat).

    2. Tun Lah sudah dapat ’pengajaran’ setimpal di dunia. Pada PRU-11, beliau mencipta sejarah mengetuai PRU yang mencapai keputusan paling baik, dan beliau jadi ’megah/angkuh’. Tapi pada PRU-12, beliau juga mencipta sejarah ’hilang majoriti 2/3’ di Parlimen kerana rakyat sudah dapat merasai (sedar) cara kepimpinan beliau yang lemah longlai, terpalit politik wang & pro-Pembangkang; dari keputusan terbaik kepada terburuk. Amat tragik. Jika Tun Lah tidak letak jawatan, ’riwayat penguasaan’ BN/UMNO sudah tamat pada PRU-13.

    3. Pada PRU-13, jumlah kerusi yang BN menang semakin kurang di bawah PM Ah Jib Gor (masih terbayang wajah beliau pada pagi keputusan penuh diketahui – ’seperti ayam berak kapur’). ’I love PM’ cuma sandiwara yg sekarang ini sedang di ’lakonkan’ oleh pemimpin2 BN/UMNO –> ’We support PM’. Dari pemerhatian/pergaulan & pembacaan saya (komen2 di laman sesawang), rata2 ramai rakyat yang pernah/sentiasa mengundi/menyokong BN/UMNO sudah hilang kepercayaan kepada PM yang lemah, liberal, suka ikut cakap Pembangkang, ’blur/clueless’, terpalit pelbagai isu/masaalah, tiada jati diri Melayu/Islam, boros, tidak berjiwa rakyat, etc. (PM sudah jadi beban kepada UMNO/BN). Apakah sukar untuk meramal/menjangka apa keputusan PRU-14 dengan prestasi lemah & penuh kontroversi PM? (Jika tidak percaya, buat ’survey’ atau rujuk kepada komen2 majoriti rakyat.) Sedikit saja perpindahan undi kepada Pembangkang sudah memadai untuk BN/UMNO tumbang. Adakah UMNO/BN mahu mengambil risiko ini? Amat menyedihkan jika UMNO/BN tumbang kerana PEMBANGKANG yang ada lagi TIDAK BOLEH DIHARAP.

    Tolonglah letak jawatan wahai PM!

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  28. kalam putih Apr 12,2015 1:04 PM

    Apabila Tun Mahathir terus menerus secara terbuka memberikan tekanan agar Dato Najib melepaskan jawatan sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia, maka ianya telah menambahkan lagi kekalutan yang sedia ada dalam politik Malaysia. Kekalutan sampai ke tahap dimana sudah kurang jelas siapa seteru dan siapa sekutu politik. Ini kerana, kedua-dua seteru politik iaitu Barisan Nasional dan Pakatan Rakyat masing-masing ketika ini sedang dilanda krisis dalaman. Oleh itu, kedua-duanya tidak dapat mengambil peluang dengan sebaiknya untuk mengukuhkan kekuatan diatas kelemahan pihak lawan kerana kedua-duanya juga sama-sama sedang dilanda dengan masalah krisis dalaman yang serious.

    Artikel Penuh :

  29. Ali Akbar Hashim Apr 12,2015 12:15 PM

    Dear Sir,

    There is a hidden hand that keep splitting the Malay

    They become too demanding because they know when the Malay weak they can finished off this son of soil

    These peoples, once in total control will never respect the Malay and Islam

    Look at our neighbour country where Malay is the lowest class, they know pork is forbidden in Islam but next to nasi lemak stall or roti canai stall you can find pork soup or pork curry easily

    Is this a respect?

    These peoples keep splitting the Malay and systematically weakened the Malay

    The Malay special right must go, The Malay Supremacy must go, DEB must go

    I do not support 1 Malaysia idea

    This land is Malay land a.k.a Tanah Melayu and we graciously sharing it with others

    Raja Petra is not Malay, he can go to England if anything happen

    Ananda Krishnan is not Malay, he can go to India if anything happen

    Robert Kuok is not Malay, he can go to China or Singapore if anything happen

    But I am Malay, where can I go if anything happen?

    One of the Minister famously scrapped the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English

    Reason is to “mendaulatkan Bahasa Melayu”

    But what can he do when most ministers especially from Sabah and Sarawak, cannot speak fluently in Bahasa Melayu

    They are appointed on what merit?

  30. Zaman Apr 12,2015 10:34 AM

    Assalaamualaikuum tok janggut,

    Aiyyah janggut man Don comment like taht lah!
    In My eyes Tun Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad is the best PM in the world.
    Why I said that because; He always help the poor country, Prime Minister with a good and humble heart.It is proven when he was a general practitioner he always treat poor people free of charge.
    If Tun were to govern your Red Dot he fared 100 times much better than lky.
    there is no need to cross sword.

    jus move on don get frustrated
    as what Mubarak Chan always punctuated MALAYSIA BOLEH

  31. ayah chik Apr 12,2015 10:29 AM

    Salam TUN
    sebagai ahli umno sy bersetuju dgn saranan tun utk ds najib letak jawatan….sy mempunyai puluhan alasan utk menyokong TUN…tetapi secara ringkas hanya satu iaitu..ds najib tidak mampu untuk memulihkan umno/bn dlm pru akan datang. Para belaci umno spt salleh said keruak. Noh omar dan lain lain cuba berhajjud dan berfikiran waras dan lihat sekeliling ambil masa bertanya org bawah dan atas.. inshallah anda semua akan dpt jawapannya. Sy inshallah akan hantar surat utk keluar umno secepat jgn risau sbb sy bukan bertaraf pemimpin..kalau ada yg mengikut jejak saya mungkin keluarga terdekat dan anak2..sekitar 10 0rang je.

  32. Papar Dihatiku Apr 12,2015 10:25 AM

    Sebagai generasi yang lahir,membesar dan menjadi dewasa pada zaman Tun jadi PM kita dididik sebagai manusia yang sentiasa memandang jauh ke hadapan,mempunyai wawasan untuk maju dan berdaya saing.Kita diajar disekolah sejak kecil kamu perlu jadi sekian-sekian supaya kamu boleh mengharumkan nama negara.Bukan pula generasi yang lahir pada zaman segalanya sudah nampak mudah.Generasi yang tunggu duit BR1M.Hari ini ramai generasi muda lebih banyak menghabiskan masa mengkritik pemerintah atau membela pemerintah.Sedangkan usia muda mereka ini bukankah lebih baik digunakan untuk melakukan perkara yang lebih bermanfaat kepada diri mereka.

    Tapi tidaklah boleh disalahkan golongan muda ini kerana mereka juga rakyat.Kepimpinan yang teruk menarik mereka untuk mengkritik.Bila ada yang mengkritik ada pula yang mempertahankan.Akhirnya golongan muda lebih banyak berpolitik,membaca blog-blog politik,log in Facebook baca news feed politik,komen-komen politik.Waktu rehat berkerja cerita politik kritik PM yang teruk.Banyak masa terbuang disitu.Semuanya berpunca dari seorang ketua yang teruk.

    Dalam menilai salah betul sesuatu perkara saya sentiasa mengambil pendekatan mengkaji sedalam-dalamnya kebenaran sesuatu perkara itu.Walaupun kenyataan itu keluar dari mulut mereka yang jauh lebih berpengalaman dan boleh dipercayai seperti Tun.Pun kena kaji juga dalam-dalam.

    Bila Tun kata BN akan kalah pada PRU14 jika masih diterajui oleh DS Najib perkara itu memang berasas.Penyokong tegar DS Najib mungkin masih berkeyakinan tinggi lalu mengambil pendekatan tunggu dan lihat pada PRU14 nanti.Bagaimana kalau perkiraan kamu salah?Sudah terlambat kerana pada ketika itu kamu adalah golongan kalah.Sekarang pun kamu tergolong dalam golongan yang kalah berdasarkan peratusan undi majoriti rakyat Malaysia yang lebih memihak kepada pembangkang.Tapi penyokong DS Najib sama ada masih tidur dibuai mimpi indah atau sememangnya buta masih menyimpan keyakinan yang tinggi.

    Orang UMNO hari ini terutamanya yang menyokong DS Najib lebih banyak mengambil kira pandangan sesama mereka,orang-orang dikalangan mereka.Sudah tentulah mereka akan sentiasa cakap benda yang sama.Bercampurlah dengan semua pihak walaupun mereka datang dari parti lawan atau golongan atas pagar.Kesimpulan yang kita dapat lebih tepat berbanding perkiraan mereka-mereka yang hanya hidup dalam kelompok sendiri sahaja.

    Bila Tun kata SS bukanlah lagi fixed deposit untuk BN itu memang benar.Saya bukanlah orang yang berpengalaman dalam politik.Sejak saya cukup umur saya telah mendaftar sebagai ahli UMNO masih jadi ahli sampai sekarang malahan perwakilan Pemuda pada pemilihan yang lepas walaupun pada PRU13 saya berada di kem pembangkang dan mengundi pembangkang.Saya juga berada dalam kem SSKM juga sebagai salah seorang yang telah menandatangani online petition Sabah Sarawak Keluar Malaysia.Dan apa yang saya lakukan bukanlah untuk parti-parti atau gerakan-gerakan tertentu tapi kerana saya sayangkan negara ini.Dan kesimpulan yang saya boleh ambil adalah,ini semua berpunca dari kelemahan DS Najib dalam menerajui kepimpinan negara.Kalau Tun kata BN akan kalah pada PRU14,saya kata Sabah Sarawak juga boleh terkeluar dari Malaysia sekiranya DS Najib masih menerajui kepimpinan.Sama ada lambat atau cepat sahaja.

    Perkataan fixed deposit itu hanyalah penyedap telinga mendengar,mencipta keyakinan palsu yang akhirnya memakan diri.Bukan sahaja memudaratkan parti kerajaan tapi negara juga.Untuk PRU14,orang sudah bersedia dalam semua perkara.Termasuklah mencari mekanisme terbaik mengatasi penipuan,sudah mengesan individu-individu yang dipercayai agen-agen penipuan pilihanraya.Orang diam dan tunggu masa saja..Percayalah…

  33. bourne007 Apr 12,2015 10:17 AM

    “I have never told this before. Two years ago, a Malaysian student was detained after he was suspected to be a spy by Egypt. I told my wife (Rosmah Mansor) to appeal to the then President Mubarak’s wife. In two hours, the student was released. “, A Good Husband 2 FLOM

    “Then during Operation Pyramid in Saudi Arabia, we made an impossible request to get our students out without visa. She used her diplomatic connections and got them out. The Saudi government even offered two jumbo jets to help us extract our students”,A Good Husband 2 FLOM

    “Fazzy has a dream of being a good husband to SueSue and a lovely father to his gifted children. Gloriously! He is nicknamed as ‘Abang Asmara’, but couldnt be as perfect as Prince Charming of RahmaN”, I Adore Hubby of FLOM

  34. ayah chik Apr 12,2015 10:15 AM

    Salam TUN
    saya amat yakin segala persoalan yg diutarakan oleh TUN adalah sah dan wajar berdasarkan kpd ulasan sy sebelum ini. masih ada kalangan belaci umno yg menganggapkan teguran Tun kerana ingin membantu anak mukhriz…jawapan saya simple saja ” kalau ya pun tun ingin membantu mukhriz..maka adalah wajar kerana tiada salahnya untuk membantu anak dlm politik..lagipun Tun sudah tidak mempunyai kuasa yg mutlak dlm parti…tidak spt sesetengah pemimpin yg membela dan menaikkan anak semasa masih berjawatan.

  35. tok jangut Apr 12,2015 9:00 AM

    Aiyah, Mahathir – live and let live lah!

    There is also this article about you since 2012. You have not answer it too –
    < bref=";

    In my eyes, Najib and Abdullah are better PMs than you. All your life, you are quarrelsome. Lucky for you, except fo Lee Kuan Yew, the rest is not as articulate as or not bothered with you. As for Lee Kuan Yee, he thrashed you each time you crossed swords with him.

    Just move on.

  36. HBT456 Apr 12,2015 8:16 AM

    Thank you pm najib for bringing this issue out. Without the chinese votes in 1999, tun dr mm wouldnt have won the general election that year.
    The best way forward is to move on with what you pledge, and let the political parties decide what they they think they can do for rakyat before the next general election kicks out. all the best to the future wannabe leaders.

  37. sibotak Apr 12,2015 7:48 AM

    Malaysia PM must not kneel to Foreign Interest
    PakLah & Najib has shown such indications especially to Singapore Interest
    Much seen of all The Malaysia PM except for TUN Mahathir Ruling
    The giving of KTM Tanjung Pagar Land
    The Naval Base in Sembawang , The Causeway Bridge
    The IDR Investment , The Sale of Water for the Price as good for Free
    and the many more stupid more

    It is much seen Putra Jaya has been Invaded & Infected
    Its a call for Doctor Mahathir to drain off this Viruses & the Foreign Germs
    These is Not Good for Malaysia

    Malaysia Politics needs a Strong anti Bodies , Anti Biotics , more Supplement
    more Vitamins , Healthy Food , more Exercise and a Healthy Lifestyles
    I suggest all Minister all the UMNO MakChik , PakChiK to be Trimmed
    Have a Pleasant Good image

    PM must represent Malaysia for Malaysia
    If it goes to against the Sultan of any State
    Malaysia must not be Pawn

  38. anti-jibaok Apr 12,2015 3:01 AM

    As YM Raja Petra says it – ‘Mahathir the poker grandmaster’.., as per his blogsite ( URL column below:-

    Unlike many other card games like (say) Black Jack (or 21).., Poker is not merely a game of chance or luck. Actually it is game of skill involving pure strategy and raw nerves. In fact, poker championships just like any other sports or games has become a global event which nowadays have many of their international poker championship circuits.

    Poker is not merely a game for gamblers.., in essence it is a game for strategists who has the pure ‘balls’ or courage. Many investors would rather ‘gamble’ or try their luck in the stock-market, commodities or even the forex market which are relatively rather predictable. However, in the game of poker where most of those seasoned poker players are far from being predictable in their move or bet.

    Any idiot can play a casual game of poker for mere fun or recreation between friends and family members. However, the true poker ‘mavericks’, champions and grand-masters are those real strategists with such pure raw courage. Unlike the rather ‘mechanical’ game of Chess.., it has however been proven that even the well-programmed super-computer cannot defeat a true poker champion or grand-master, despite all the algorithms and calculations having been input to crunch all the data at hyper-speed to read the odds or the strength of the human poker opponent. This is because the even super-computers cannot be input with the human feelings or emotions that human-beings have when deciding and making the poker move or bet.

    However, I have not ever heard and would doubt that Tun Dr. Mahathir had ever indulge in the game of poker even as recreation. Nonetheless, his political ‘moves’ over the so many years as the Prime Minister and thereafter has been so well planned-out and strategized and with such great brinkmanship just like a true poker champion or grand-master.

    Anyway, in this particular blog posting or article/column apparently Tun Dr. Mahathir has made the move or bet and have gone ‘All-In’.., just like James Bond had done in this ‘Casino Royale’ movie, as below:-

    In facing such a situation, thus PM Dato’ Seri Najib has to squarely face-off or counter the move of ‘All-in’ that Tun Dr. Mahathir have posed at him. Thus now, Dato’ Seri Najib can only move to CALL or FOLD. Dato’ Seri Najib cannot evade the situation. He has to face it. Its either CALL or FOLD. Period..!!

    For the moment, apparently Dato’ Seri Najib has neither made the call nor has he yielded. So far, he has only evaded the issue as raised by Tun Dr. Mahathir. And.., he has taken too much time. Should he dare to make the call then Dato’ Seri Najib has to be dead sure that he has a better hand. If he folds then he has too much to lose. Just as in the ‘Casino Royale’ James Bond movie all eyes are watching the table.

    Anyway, judging from the past it is clear that Tun Dr. Mahathir is a very methodical, highly disciplined and no-nonsense type of a leader. Up and above that Tun Dr. Mahathir is a pure strategist and with the raw courage despite all the odds against him. This is all well proven and recorded.

    In short, Dato’ Seri Najib has perhaps forgotten who he is now really up against. Despite being an old geezer approaching his 90’s, nonetheless Tun Dr. Mahathir is full of conviction and really means business when it come to the interest of people and the nation. And.., like an old but seasoned Grand-Master he is well-prepared to chastise and punish a bungling principal cum leader of the people and nation.

    As in the movie ‘Casino Royale’.., just like James Bond made the move, apparently Tun Dr. Mahathir has made that frightening move of ‘All-in’ for all his chips. He seems so confident of his move and does not appear to be bluffing. Thus simply put, Dato’ Seri Najib must call or just fold.

    There is no other way about it. Dato Seri Najib can no longer evade the issue or recline into elegant silence. And neither can Dato ’ Seri Najib ask Tun Dr. Mahathir to retract his move or his words. Let’s see what Dato’ Seri Najib is truly made of. Does he really have the strategist mind and have the courage of steel of a true fighter.

    Or.., can he outwit the old Grand-Master..!? We shall see. Heads up…!!

  39. Tanggang Apr 11,2015 10:17 PM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Quote:” Tun Mahathir marah saya kerana tidak melaksanakan jambatan bengkok itu. Dia mahukan jambatan bengkok itu. Saya tidak melaksanakan kerana beberapa sebab yang tidak boleh dihebahkan.” Correction. It is not Tun Mahathir who wanted the crooked bridge. Tun Mahathir is more than 90 years old now and does not need that bridge anymore. It is more than 80% of Malaysian peoples wanted that bridge to be continued mainly for the environmental reasons, tourism reasons and a lot of other good reasons. Surveys can be carried out to confirm the figure. Please put the facts right.

    Pak Lah put off the project and put Malaysian peoples interests behind the foreign interest. As the consequence, he lost 5 states. UMNO/BN never learn from mistakes.

    Salam Tun.

  40. adelheid Apr 11,2015 8:02 PM

    Dear Tun,

    I am no politician just a common citizen who is tired of the present PM Najib govt. I used to support BN and UMNO in particular but after the GE13 and after seeing for myself how they mistreated some loyal UMNO BN supporters (from a govt agency) stripping them off their jobs and leaving families suffer from sudden loss of income. Najib and his tribes claim that they are the caretaker of us rakyat, but what most people don’t know is that they are actually beasts who will devour even their most loyal men. Hence I for one and my family no longer support BN as long as it is led by the present PM and his penggilap2 kasut esp his parasitic backbenchers from UMNO.

    Sorry Tun that you have to read my opinion but I guess if we the common rakyat just keep quiet just because we are afraid of being arrested that will worsen our wounds and cause the cancer to turn into timebombs waiting to explode.

    Malaysia is blessed for having people like you who are not afraid to unravel the truth. You have our full support in seeking all the answers to the truth. By the way, referring to tv3 interview with PM Najib on Soal Jawab thurs night – I could not feel more cheated when PM Najib’s answers were all so skin-deep shallow, some were ridiculous. And it’s all because he thinks he could just brush ’em all off and close book, like ‘melepas batok di tangga’ tetapi as a result he had in fact ‘membuka pekung di dada’.

    Thank you Tun Mahathir and take good care.

  41. grkumar Apr 11,2015 7:38 PM

    The point seems lost on many that it is not the money alone but the way in which the whole 1MDB structure was created and arranged. Thats where the vice of the PM’s 1MDB lies. Not in whether he is a good man a bad man or someone associated with a Mongolian prostitute who posed as an interpreter she was not.

    Government’s run losses onshore and offshore everyday. Our currencies and their value are inter related to and intertwined with the currencies and economic performance of our major trading partners.

    A sovereign debt never dies. The late professor Anthony Sampson researched and wrote volumes on the subject and analysed the first international debt crisis of the 1970’s when everyone from Poland to the former Yugoslavia, Zaire and Rumania were indebted to international banks holding hundreds of billions of Arab petro dollars were imply sitting on credits and debits and nothing more as the adjustments between creditor and debtor nations were what cured the problems eventually.

    In the case of 1MDB no gunboat will come collecting the debt if indeed the debt is surplus to the assets of the structure called 1MDB. It is the issue of not knowing and not knowing because government contracted out the rights of parliament and the auditor general to a secretive jurisdiction such as the Caymans in order to conceal the workings and the sources of debt and credits in the 1MDB fund. Thats where the sin lies. Not in anything else.

    A nation (even the richest) makes huge surpluses in a day and looses it in a matter of seconds the next and then recovers from those losses it made the day before. Thats the nature of international finance and trade.

    Petronas is what we ought to be looking at right now. it is ideally poised to take full advantage of Malaysian relations with both Ira and Venezuela out of which it could arbitrage its own position for its relative neutrality and control oil flows and its prices through shrewd trading. it can’t because it is not an organization that has been profitable because of the skills of its team. It is profitable or has been because of the inelastic of the price, supply and demand patterns of oil to the world.

    There are some aspects of industry and some industries and institutions within countries like Malaysia where the NEP should be exempt from application. Whilst like many others I fully support the NEP and its further extension for few more decades if required, certain functions should be only merit based (that does not mean excluding Bumiputeras. it means not excluding others because they are non Bumis).

    The Tin cartel idea was a good one. I worked with Michael Milken and Ivan Beoskey during that period when I was a novice investment banker sent to work with Drexel briefly. Nothing is as it seems.

    JH Low found a loophole and worked on it to his benefit. You can’t blame him as much as you cannot blame a scorpion from stinging you. Why? because thats what scorpions do.

  42. lowywei Apr 11,2015 7:05 PM

    Dear Tun,

    I’m lighted up to see your outspoken thoughts, marking progress with the first step in raising the public’s awareness through your support by framing simple questions for our PM to answer. On the flip-side, although that I’m not in position to understand what exactly is holding you back, effort without a plan or an effective goal can come will soon turn to hot air. I’m sure you’re amongst the few Malaysians leaders that we have that I believe understands this and have the ability to live up to own expectations. In admonishment, the giants of your stage – from Suharto to Wang Qi Shan, got their nation to where they are through effective action. Please, again I urge that with all your might – do not leave Malaysia, your legacy, to go backwards.

  43. wajaperak Apr 11,2015 6:19 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    [Mungkin pasal inilah Islam tidak iktiraf bersumpah]
    Ada seorang bogger yang kurang mengerti memperkatakan sesuatu tentang Islam.
    Bila kita kurang mahir di dalam agama maka kita belajarlah.
    Salah satu sumpah yang dibenarkan di dalam Islam ialah Li’an.
    Suami dibenarkan berbuat demikian terhadap isterinya.
    Isterinya juga dibenarkan membela diri.
    Allah juga bersumpah dengan masa,peredaran bintang-bintang atau tempat turunnya masa-masa Al Quran dan lain-lain.
    Memang sunah kita mempertahankan diri dengan bersumpah.
    Kepercayaan agama selain dari Islam adalah meniru ajaran agama kita yang suci ini.
    Sebagaimana maklum memanglah manusia itu berbeza pendapat.
    Tetapi adakah kita mengambil ikitibar dari ayat-ayat Al Quran?

    Ayat 7
    Quran, Surah Az-Zariyat, Ayat 7
    Demi langit yang mempunyai jalan-jalan,
    Ayat 8
    Quran, Surah Az-Zariyat, Ayat 8
    sesungguhnya kamu benar-benar dalam keadaan berbeda pendapat,
    Ayat 9
    Quran, Surah Az-Zariyat, Ayat 9
    dipalingkan daripadanya (Rasul dan Al-Quran) orang yang dipalingkan.
    Ayat 10
    Quran, Surah Az-Zariyat, Ayat 10
    Terkutuklah orang-orang yang banyak berdusta,
    Ayat 11
    Quran, Surah Az-Zariyat, Ayat 11
    (yaitu) orang-orang yang terbenam dalam kebodohan yang lalai,
    Ayat 12
    Quran, Surah Az-Zariyat, Ayat 12
    Mereka bertanya bilakah hari pembalasan.

    myungtae BT ABDULLAH..
    Tahniah kerana anda seorang muslimah.
    Tidak seperti muslimah-muslimah tertentu yang terkinja-kinja dengan K-POP dan memeluk pengacara kerana taksub dengan ‘All thing Korean = Korean Phile”.
    Jangan membenci Tun keterlaluan kerana ini hanya mengundang kebencian saya kepada anda..


    Terima kasih Tun.

  44. ihatesandiwara Apr 11,2015 5:17 PM

    YB-yb Ahli Parlimen yang menyokong tu ada balik kawasan tak? Ada tanya rakyat apa pandangan dan perasaan mereka? Rakyat walau di ceruk mana sekali pun amat celik tentang isu-isu semasa di zaman Internet ini. Kalau mereka tak berkomputer pun anak-anak, saudara mara, sahabat handai mereka yang makan gaji di kilang-kilang, kedai-kedai, toko-toko besar mau pun kerajaan membawa khabar berita kepada orang kampung. Jangan sangka mereka “naive” atau lurus bendul.

    Anda mewakili mereka. How dare u gve your support without going back to grassroots – feel the pulse of the rakyat. Nah, di mana perjumpaan-perjumpaan terbuka untuk meminta permisi rakyat sebelum memberi sokongan on their behalf? Ini bukan isu-isu jalanan. Ini ada impak besar ake atas negara dan masa depan rakyat.

    Kalau YB-yb nak jadi lurus bendul, go ahead. In yr personal capacity plz. Come pilihanraya, you can answer ke soalan-soalan “naive” rakyat? Terduduk nanti!

  45. andyja Apr 11,2015 4:17 PM

    Salam sejahtera.

    Kritikan perlu terbuka dan jelas. Begitu juga dgn pentadbiran kerajaan khususnya perlu telus dan deskriptif. Tindakan Tun M membuat kritikan terbuka adalah sihat dan menggalakkan keterbukaan. Rakyat masa ini bukan lagi seperti rakyat 20 tahun yg lalu. Zaman ini segalanya dapat dilihat di laman web. Telah terlalu ramai golongan intelek di kalangan rakyat, terlalu ramai.

    Soalan2 yg dikemukakan oleh Tun sepatutnya telah dijawab, akan tetapi jawapan tidak dapat diberi. Ini seolah2 berbaur kepincangan dlm pentadbiran dan kelemahan dlm perlaksanaan yang mungkin disebabkan oleh kepentingan segelintir individu.

    Dalam hal yg lain, saya merasa kasihan kepada rakyat yg berpendapatan rendah. Petani2, penternak dan nelayan kecil2an yg sekali-sekala turun ke pekan utk berbelanja, kini terpaksa membayar cukai. Anak2 dari sekolah2 di pedalaman membeli brg2 sekolah, mungkin setahun sekali juga dikenakan cukai.

    Bagaimanakah agaknya nasib mereka ini dibela?

  46. vester Apr 11,2015 3:40 PM

    Orang Melayu rata rata memang tak pandai.

    Pembunuh, penipu, pencuri, perompak, kalau boleh sumpah, memang dah lama bersumpah tak bersalah.

    Just becoz a person bersumpah, don’t be so naive to accept everything he says as the truth.

    If only the Rakyat can be more objective and stick to the issue please.


  47. wswa Apr 11,2015 2:09 PM

    Cara teguran Tun tak berapa molek jika sayangkan UMNO….cara tun seolah-olah menjadi ketua pembangkang..ingat tun kita semua adalah hamba Allah..ada kekkuatan dan kelemahan masing2.Tegurlah dengan cara tertutup jika betul sayang UMNO…Sejarah membuktikan zaman TUN lah Bermulanya kehancuran UMNO..
    (KULI dgn UMNO LAMA dan DSAI dgn keadilan ) impaknya sampai kehari ni…adakah Tun tak merasa bersalah??

  48. J.AH Apr 11,2015 1:54 PM

    When Tun Mahathir speaks his mind, he doesn’t ever look over his shoulder to see if anyone is giving him support. His belief in what must be said and what is to be done is unshakably strong once he has understood well a situation. The world has recognized this “recalcitrant” and independent trait in him, and until today he continues to speak his views openly and adamantly on the floors of many international and home podiums. And of one thing I am certain is that, when Tun decides that the time has come to speak he has already weighed the pros and cons if he chose to remain silent. An astute politician, he knows the political game -its means and ends, for the nation, for the people, and even for himself and his children. I mean, he could well go down in history as the world’s most famous interfering ex-PM and some even say manipulating, but for all that, Tun has never turned away from upholding integrity first and foremost, and I might add, the kind of integrity normally demonstrated by a concerned and informed citizen. I have huge respect for Tun’s proven steadfastness, although one realizes that even he, like the majority of us, can only have the right to question and to have answers to those questions even as his reach of influence swings up and down.

    I would like to believe that when Tun nominated DS Najib, he saw in the man a promising leader. It would be misleading to say that Tun did not know of any past blemishes (or some of them) or personal weaknessess (or some of them) of the men whom he himself had named as his successor (Anwar, Abdullah, Najib), but he believed (like most doctors tend to believe in a scientific, but highly simplistic way) that if one knows one’s disease, one ought to be able to find a remedy. But then UMNO leaders too also had their opportunity to speak their minds on the matter of succession, didn’t they, but they chose to go along with the leader (Dr M in this case). Today they invoke the same clause of submission “to support the leader” (DS Najib in this case), What they fail to realize is that at pre-election, leadership selection is indeed a due process. Post election however, leadership is all about being held publicly accountable to a nation, and not just to a party. 1MDB is a call for public accountability, perhaps BR1M might one day be one as well, and that is the bottom line that UMNO and BN must adhere to.

    These are my personal views. My hope and prayer is that DSNajib honorably rises to public expecta

  49. mustaqimabdulrahman Apr 11,2015 1:34 PM

    i am very sad on how minister and bn members take ur point wrongly …..some of the were ur minister…is that the quality they had all the time…..???????

    its very clear that u did not ask najib “why you kill altantuya?” but most of the anwer is based on this question including pak lah statement…..

    it is very clear to me why u didnt name najib successor because u wanted to give najib time and chance to remedy his mistake….

    it is very clear politic is about perspective…BN suppose can win because of hudud saga between dap pas and pkr but voters esp chinese(malay angguk sahaja) still did not turn to BN because najib is full of scandal….

    it is very clear u still love him and feel terrible to his late father so you give more time to najib to clear his name from those scandal and lead BN to victory…

    but its clear to me not to najib n his supporter…

    anyhow….ur question on who ordered sirul to kill altantuya must also answered by datin seri rosmah mansor because if really sirul is pm bodyguard than he also responsible to guard rosmah………. read on

  50. Murad Apr 11,2015 12:57 PM

    As Salam Tun,
    I Pray to Allah you in good health, longevity, courage and sharp mind! I saw you in good health yesterday at the Masjid Negara friday prayer at the same spot for umpteen years.

    In short just to touch Atlantuya murder case.

    Pak Lah confirm PM not involve, so do the IGP and ex IGP. PM in the interview with TV3 two days ago says he already take oath twice , Wallahi, Wabillahi & Wataalahi, which give some comfort but necessary true , we need to see the effect of the SUMPAH if its genuine. Allah only knows, and will take sometime.

    Can we also ask Rosmah and Razak Baginda do the same?

    I reckon the rakyat just want the truth, as there are loose ends as TUN highlighted.

    If really PM not involve , my opinion he should be crucified as not fair to him, real culprit must be exposed, probably there are others involve too.

    Continue with your own investigation TUN , the rakyat is with you to know the truth once and for all.

    Firman Allah below even you alone but for truth and patient you will defeat the mass:-


  51. mubarakchan Apr 11,2015 12:53 PM


    For fellow Blogger Denis Haye. Not too long ago in Page 2 of the naive, friendly and hospitalbe UMNO owned New Straits Times, the headline, ‘ Big Business in Circumcision.’ I was surprised that our beloved Malaysia has sunk so low as to rely our ‘CIRCUMCISION TOURISM.’ For those who want to know more, most Americans are circumcised at birth to prevent cancer of the prepuce.


  52. LeoSabri @ Apr 11,2015 12:15 PM

    Assalammualaikum Tun,

    Org ckp Tun dah “Nyanyok” TAPI xplak nampak Tun sama mcm org ckp tu malah kehebatan tu makin terserlah.

    Org ckp lg suruh Tun tinggalkn Politik utk bykkn bekalan akhirat sptmana sy pn rasa mcm tu jugak TAPI dlm usia lebih 80thn xpulak Tun dikembalikan zaman baby malah dipanjang umur yg membuatkan sy trtanya byk mana amalan Tun mampu jd sehebat ini.

    Itu semua kuasa Tuhan malas nak fikir cuma agak muskil politik utk apa? Bknkah politik itu demokrasi TAPI mcm xde je sbb apa yg sy nampak mcm Tun soal xde yg mampu jwp lg pulak pd Kuasa makin ramai yg dah jd gila yg disebut Gila Kuasa.


    Sy rasa jika niat Tun jahat sy xrasa Tun boleh hidup dah sampai 88thn malah xnyanyok pn & xpulak dikembalikan zaman bayi. Bkn tu aje Tun mampu jd PM dr sorg Doktor & leh bertahan selama 22thn pulak tu.

    Apa kata Tun kongsikan apa niat Tun & apa yg ada dlm hati & diri Tun supaya kami semua boleh contohi Tun terutama pd mrk yg nak/dah jd Ketua supaya dah Tua nanti leh jd hebat spt Tun jugak.


    Sy ni berharap sgt supaya Tun dpt didik org selepas Tun agar xmudah lupa. Ingatkan mrk bahawa langit itu xselalunya cerah & darah yg mengalir itu pekat merah sama warnanya maksudnya, wpn besar periuknya besar jugalah keraknya xpula beras itu dr emas boleh mkn utk fhm Kuasa & Kekayaan itu xbawak mati pn.

    Suruhlah semua sedar Kekayaan itu bila dikongsikan bersama sama-sama jd Kaya sptmana Tun bijak buat kira2 & berikanlah formula supaya semua fhm mcm mana Kekayaan itu boleh terjadi.

    Tun yg hebat,

    Kehebatan seseorg itu dtgnya pd insan yg hebat bilamana berkongsi sama.

    Sekian, salam hormat.

  53. daeng Apr 11,2015 11:03 AM


    Ayahanda Tun yang sangat saya hormati dari dulu hingga ke hari ini.

    Tun, izinkan saya simpulkan ulasan Najib tentang berhubung isu politik dan ekonomi semasa yang disiar secara langsung dalam TV3 dan mungkin channel lain.

    Pemerhatian rambang mereka yang tiada kepentingan politik dan pro kerajaan menganggap point yang Najib beri adalah hampeh dan tidak memuaskan. Ia adalah one man show.


    Saya cadangkan debat antara TUN dan Najib diadakan dalam masa terdekat dan disiar secara langsung. Pastinya siaran ini mendapat sambutan hebat dalam dan luar negara.

    Ada berani Najib? Menteri lain yang suka membodek Najib jangan ulas. Lagi kamu ulas lagilah orang ramai benci. Biar Najib sahaja yang jawab.

    Saya cadangkan biarlah masa perdebatan selama 2 jam. Tajuk perdebatan ialah POLITIK DAN EKONOMI SEMASA MALAYSIA.

    Saya dan ramai lagi yang selama ini pro kerajaan cukup kecewa dengan pentadbiran Najib.
    Yang anti kerajaan usah kita pertikaikan. Baik dia pertikai apatah lagi yang kurang bijak.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  54. peryton Apr 11,2015 9:37 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Without any position at politic, Dr.M as a normal citizen of Malaysia. He voice out what people don’t dare to ask. Even some people asking, how the respond of the government?

    Do you see that, if other citizen voice out those thing, what will happen next? Our dear police will come to visit you. This is the way their suppress the citizen.

    For era of Dr.M, Malaysia need stable and this already passed. For current era, Malaysia need business minded government. But what now? the government seem bring the Malaysia back.

  55. vester Apr 11,2015 9:15 AM

    Salam Tun,
    I admire your sharpness and structured approach that point out all these issues with clarity. Thank you for that. I am ashamed that current Malaysian leaders have lost that. Your questions are so logical.
    I am a Malaysian and above all, I am a Malay. It saddens and anger me that the current UMNO leaders are without common sense. My immediate feeling to this is UMMO leaders are only for themselves and don’t have concern about anything else and the people.
    I am sorry but UMNO has lost my vote.

  56. sibotak Apr 11,2015 7:46 AM

    PM seat is not a Musical chair
    It must not be change here & then
    It is an important Commitment , Responsibility & Accountability
    It is meant for those who are Sincere , Into it Heart & Soul demi Negara Tercinta
    Its not about pay or taking advantage of their post

    We ask our Doubts of 1MDB , Why our money was in Singapore
    Its a National Doubts
    We did not ask Najib to Steps down
    He might have a good reasons which need to clear the air
    If not Action to be taken
    My opinion is Najib must not allow Rosmah to play with Malaysia politics
    She is his wife She has the right to go anywhere her husband go
    But She must not interfere It will tarnish Najib image
    Najib must made up to all this to clear the air

    Najib don,t need to answer any doubts of Altantuya case
    Its the responsibility of of those concerns , their family members perhaps
    Not those concern for Political Agendas , like DAP needs to tarnish Najib

    It is right for Malaysia to Stricter Sedition act or perhaps
    Najib now realize the importance of ISA
    Preemptive measure to Secure Malaysia

    Its A Wake up Call for Najib
    He must know the reasons to be PM
    He must not act like one But be like one

    Tun Mahathir has proven
    But He Failed to secure PM Seats & Secure Cabinet to Secure Malaysia
    Though He needs to Retire He must Not let the String go
    The Kite ha no Directions
    Now it has to starts again

  57. Idea Apr 11,2015 6:18 AM

    Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun,

    Semoga sentiasa berada dalam keadaan sihat sejahtera.

    1. Sejak tahun 2009, satu demi satu kepentingan orang Melayu dihakis. Alasannya ialah Dasar Ekonomi Baru yang dibuat selama itu tidak berkesan.

    2. Sebenarnya, Dasar Ekonomi Baru telah memberi kesan. Tetapi kesannya amat sedikit. Ini adalah kerana kemajuan ekonomi yang hendak dicapai oleh orang Melayu bergantung kepada kerjasama sektor swasta. Di sektor swastalah terletaknya aktiviti-aktiviti ekonomi.

    3. Sektor swasta yang dikuasai oleh bangsa lain tidak memberi kerjasama penuh dalam membantu memajukan ekonomi orang Melayu. Banyaklah yang boleh disebut tentang hal ini. Rata-rata orang Melayu mempunyai pengalaman bagaimana mereka dilayan disektor swasta yang bukan dikuasai kerajaan. Tinggallah kerajaan yang berusaha memikul dasar tersebut.

    3. Pahit getir yang dilalui oleh orang Melayu dalam memajukan ekonomi keluarga mereka tidak dirasai oleh golongan bangsawan Melayu. Apabila golongan bangsawan ini memerintah, mereka tidak dapat menghayati masalah sebenar orang Melayu. Mereka membakar kelambu dek kerana nyamuk yang ada di dalamnya; meluputkan dasar-dasar yang dirangka hanya kerana isu-isu pentadbiran yang sebenarnya boleh diperbaiki.

    4. Penghakisan kepentingan orang Melayu tidak berhenti setakat itu. Ada juga usaha untuk berjanji dengan negara-negara luar agar kerajaan pada masa akan datang tidak bebas untuk merangka dasar-dasar yang difikirkan perlu, terutamanya dasar yang melibatkan kepentingan orang Melayu. Malahan, dasar-dasar sedia ada mengenai kepentingan orang Melayu juga perlu dirombak mengikut kehendak negara-negara luar apabila hendak memeterai perjanjian tersebut.

    5. Alasan yang diberi adalah demi merangsangkan perdagangan bebas. Perlukah kita berjanji dengan negara-negara lain hanya semata-mata untuk merangsangkan perdagangan bebas? Perlukah kita mengorbankan kebebasan untuk mencorak dasar-dasar negara hanya kerana hendak meningkatkan jumlah dagangan? Lihatlah perjanjian-perjanjian perdagangan bebas yang telah kita tandatangani selama ini. Apakah kita telah memanfaatkan perjanjian-perjanjian tersebut?

    6. Lihatlah pertumbuhan perdagangan (trade growth) negara kita dengan negara-negara yang telah kita meterai perjanjian perdagangan bebas (Free Trade Agreement countries). Kadar pertumbuhannya adalah perlahan berbanding kadar pertumbuhan perdagangan dengan negara-negara yang tidak kita meterai perjanjian perdagangan bebas (non-Free Trade Agreement countries).

    7. Walaupun tanpa perjanjian perdagangan bebas, kita mampu melonjakkan pertumbuhan perdagangan. Mengapa perlu kita meterai perjanjian perdagangan bebas yang menetapkan pelbagai syarat sedangkan kita mampu meningkatkan kadar pertumbuhan perdagangan tanpa perjanjian berkenaan?

    8. Juga, kadar pemanfaatan perjanjian perdagangan bebas (Free Trade Agreement utilization rate) amatlah rendah. Biasanya dalam sesuatu perjanjian perdagangan bebas, kadar cukai import akan diturunkan. Untuk menikmati kadar ini, barangan dagangan perlulah dihasilkan di negara asal (country of origin) dengan sejumlah kandungan tempatan (local content) dan sijil negara asal (Certificate of Origin atau CO) akan dikeluarkan. Cubalah lihat nisbah jumlah sijil negara asal kepada jumlah dagangan (CO to Trade Volume ratio). Nisbah yang rendah dari tahun ke tahun bermakna kita masih belum memanfaatkan kemudahan perjanjian perdagangan bebas tersebut. Mengapa mahu mengikat perjanjian lain sedangkan perjanjian-perjanjian yang ada masih belum dimanfaatkan?


    9. Kata putus terhadap Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) akan dibuat sebelum hujung tahun ini. Nampaknya, negara Malaysia begitu beriya-iya untuk menyertainya. Sebab yang diberikan ialah negara ini tidak mahu ketinggalan dalam mencorak perjanjian perdagangan bebas era baru. Ada juga yang menyatakan bahawa mereka tidak mahu dikecam oleh generasi akan datang sekiranya negara ini tidak menandatangani perjanjian TPP. Untungkah negara ini pada masa akan datang sekiranya kita meterai perjanjian TPP? Sudahkah negara ini membuat kajian yang menyeluruh mengenai TPP? Jika sudah, di manakah hasil kajian mengenai TPP?

    10. Perjanjian TPP terbahagi kepada 29 bahagian. Setakat ini, separuh daripadanya telah selesai dirundingkan dan separuh lagi hampir selesai. Tetapi sebelum ini tiada kajian dijalankan. Kajian mengenainya baru sahaja dimulakan dan keputusannya masih belum ada. Apabila keputusannya keluar kelak, kita tidak mempunyai masa untuk membincangkannya kerana kata putus akan dibuat sebelum hujung tahun ini.

    11. Adakah kajian ini dibuat sekadar melepaskan batuk ditangga? Adakah wajar tindakan kita menyelesaikan rundingan sebelum mengetahui keputusan kajian? Inikah caranya kita menyertai perjanjian jangka masa panjang? Buat keputusan dahulu, kemudian baru buat kajian?

    12. Sebenarnya kita perlu risau. Generasi akan datang sudah tentu akan mengecam kerana kita menyertai rundingan TPP tanpa membuat kajian terlebih dahulu. Apatah lagi menandatangani perjanjian TPP apabila kajian mengenainya dibuat secara tergesa-gesa dan keputusan kajian tersebut tidak dapat dibincangkan secara mendalam kerana kita hendak cepat menandatanganinya.

    13. Saya khuatir perjanjian TPP ini akan menjadi satu lagi beban kepada negara.

  58. generasi 2020 Apr 11,2015 4:22 AM

    Maaf kiranya rakyat yang pernah berada dibawah pimpinan mu ini satu tika dahulu mencelah ruangan Tun. Ilmu tidak sedalam mana kalau dibandingkan dengan Tun mahu pun pemimpin-pemimpin yang ada. Namun niat hati hanya ingin berkongsi pandangan demi tanah air. Ada antara yang merasakan Tun sudah tidak layak bersuara. Yang merasakan suara yang datang dari Tun adalah suara yang membuatkan telinga mereka kurang selesa. Yang merasakan Tun hanya cuba mencetuskan kontroversi dan bermacam lagi tanggapan negatif pada saat ini. Mengapa? Kerana Tun berkata untuk sesuatu yang benar. Kerana Tun menantikan jawapan yang akan memakan diri yang disoal. Berani kerana benar takut kerana salah…pepatah orang lama ternyata relevan sampai bila-bila. Jadi jangan pandang rendah pada orang lama, tanpa orang seperti Tun hala tuju negara ini belum tahu sampai ke tahap yang ada kini. Malangnya kemajuan yang Tun usahakan buat negara ini musnah ditangan pemimpin selepas Tun. Kami rakyat hanya mampu melihat,mendengar dan membisu namun sampai satu saat suara kami akan bersatu dengan suara Tun maka sebaiknya hadapilah kenyataan dan akuilah kesilapan. Bukan semua orang layak memimpin, kami rakyat faham akan keadaan ini. Seperti pengurus kepada pasukan bola, kalah menang memang pada nasib namun kebijaksanaan pengurus itu penentu kepada kekuatan pasukan. Disini belum ada….layak menggantikan Tun. Bererti kerja Tun belum selesai selagi pimpinan negara ini masih berada dalam genggaman mereka yang rakus. Orang seperti ini jangan kata jadi pemimpin kalau jadi peniaga pun lingkup. Kurang ilmu Tun, silap hari bulan apek tua kedai runcit lagi pandai fikir. Sekian

  59. sudin Apr 11,2015 3:56 AM

    Assalam….. Tun.

    DAP was very critical when Tun relentlessly campaigned for Pak Dol’s resignation.
    Kapal Sink even surprisingly commented (as it seemed to the populace), “…he won the election, he must become the PM!!”
    (Liar lawyers at work!)
    They were angry at Tun for instigating Pak Dol’s removal, because Pak Dol was actually their main weapon to win PRU13!

    Now that self-proclaimed “Aku memang ba_i” called HBT whatnot, is repeating Kapal Sink, “Najib won the election, he……”.
    Because it (that HBT whatnot) knows Najib is clearly the opposition’s main secret weapon!!!

  60. sudin Apr 11,2015 3:31 AM

    Assalam….. Tun.

    When TS Muhyiddin sided with Tun in telling Pak Dol to go, Pak Dol foolishly replied, “…dah tak sabar nak jadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri”.

    Now let’s hope TS Muhyiddin will support openly Tun’s “Najib must go” call.
    And hopefully Najib will similarly reply, “…dah tak sabar nak jadi Perdana Menteri”, since Najib is actually Pak Dol’s mirror image!!!

    Some high ranking UMNO VVIP must start supporting Tun, and then only Najib will go.

  61. sudin Apr 11,2015 3:12 AM

    Assalam….. Tun.

    Tun had initiated the downfall of Tunku who seemed to forget that the Malays also need money.
    Tun also initiated the shameful downfall of that “never do good” Pak Dol PM5, except to his son and son-in-law.
    Now it’s that “no-good” Najib’s turn!!!

  62. khairul1965 Apr 11,2015 2:24 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Sebenarnya kami tidak nafikan jasa dan usaha Tun untuk membawa Malaysia ke arah sekarang.
    Tetapi saya amat tidak setuju dengan cara Tun menyuarakan ketidakpuashati pada cara pentadbiran
    DS Najib kerana sebagai org yg telah membina sesuatu kemajuan janganlah menghancurkan semula
    pembangunan tersebut.

    Tun boleh aje memanggil DS Najib dan membuat teguran utk kebaikan. Dengan mendedahkan kpd
    umum ianya lebih kpd suatu yg menunjukkan ego dan riak kpd rakyat.

    Tun sepatutnya membetulkan akidah anak Tun sendiri yg secara terang terangan (Marina) mengaku sebagai seorg yg Liberal. Islam tidak menerima liberalisasi. Itu lebih bahaya utk akhirat Tun dari terlalu
    gusar pada dunia.

    Dengan baki usia yg diberi ALLAH Tun gunakanlah utk membetulkan keluarga Tun sendiri. Tun tak
    takut ke dengan soalan ALLAH terhdp Tun nanti.

    Bersyukurlah dengan nikmat usia yg diberikan ALLAH dan jangan jadikan kita dilaknat
    oleh manusia pada usia sebegini.

    Kalau saya jadi Tun tak payah lagi masuk campur urusan pentadbiran negara konon utk
    menunjukkan rasa sayang pada nasib rakyat. Tun sayanglah nasib Tun di hadapan
    ALLAH dengan bentuk didikan Tun pada keuarga Tun sendiri yg jelas tidak menunjukkan
    jiwa Islam.

    Ingat … Tun bukan semuda dulu dan secara matematiknya Tun yg akan dipanggil ilahi
    dahulu dari Najib.

    Sayangilah diri sendir lebih dari menyayangi rakyat.

  63. east Apr 11,2015 12:04 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Please give us a new fresh government. No need friends or relative of past government official. I feel like this they work from middle class up to rank. They will understand the value of the life of the rakyat.
    What i am voting for is not to see people yell and shout at each other in parliment. To do harmfull things n said bad things about other people party or race. To march to the street to prove once innocent.
    If a good leader is merge. Fair, clean and help our country prosper. It can be from either party is good enough for me.
    Since Tun is still here, please give us a candidate. I will support.

  64. KHEFREN Apr 10,2015 11:11 PM

    Salams Tun,
    What really puzzled me was why do you need a Mongolian translator when you are buying a French submarines? MAS never needed one when they bought Airbus aircraft as the French also can speak English.
    Am I being naive here?

  65. amin tan Apr 10,2015 10:24 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I have no doubt whatsoever that Tun, being the mentor, sifu, cabinet chairman for 22 years, was the best Prime Minister we ever had. DS Najib was not even DPM.
    But that is not the point. Let us be patient and give PM a chance to disentangle himself through AG and the defamation suit against Tony Pua, chief of Selangor DAP. If we ask PM surely he would plead innocent. Let us be fair, compassionate and circumspect and let us not jump the gun. Many allegations are hurled at him. I am sure these allegations may be false, some may be exaggeration and some may be true. Being human, PM has his own shortcomings.

    amin tan

  66. Ron Haslam Apr 10,2015 8:33 PM

    Salam Tun

    Agreed without prejudice
    Simple Query yet Reply from DS Najib still foggy
    In fact we are normal citizen understand your queried

    Long live Tun, Insyaallah the truth will arrive sooner or later


  67. myungtae Apr 10,2015 7:52 PM

    Tun yang disayangi,

    Janganlah terlebih emosi. Najib tak suruh sesiapa pun menyokong beliau. Cuba faham betul-betul kenyataan najib apa yang dimaksudkannya.

    Sumbangan tun terlalu banyak pada negara ini jadi janganlah sampai kami yang begitu kuat mempertahankan tindakan tun pada tahun 1998 dulu memandangkan tun dengan rasa nak termuntah bila melihat gelagat tun sejak akhir-akhir ini.

  68. myungtae Apr 10,2015 7:17 PM

    Selagi tak buat jambatan bengkok selagi itu lah tun akan melalak,
    Jd selagi tun hidup, PM akan datang perlu bina jambatan bengkok jika tidak bersiap sedialah untuk jadi sasaran tun.
    Pak lah dah kena dan najib sekarang sedang menghadapinya

  69. Silentki77er Apr 10,2015 6:45 PM

    Assalam Tun dan pd sume….

    Utk pd sape yg x setuju dgn ape yg tun m tnye pd dsn…hrp berfikir menggunakan akal fikiran…. mmg x sume org sempurna trmasuk la tun m dan dsn…. tapi ape yg tun m tnye tu adalah soalan drp rakyat bwhan ni yg suaranya x didengar dan memangkah undi ketika pilihanraya dan smmgnye berhak utk mndpt jwapan drp soalan itu… x dinafikan pd zaman tun m dlu ade jgk kekurangan dan pd mase tun m mlepaskan jwatannye,sumenye dlm keadaan baik…rakyat x la papa kedana mcm skrg ni…ekonomi stabil…negara x huru hara…skandal x berleluasa… trmasuk zaman pak lah.. tp bile ditampuk pemerintahan dsn…mcm2 yg jdi… come on la…. bukak mate bukak hati… pd saat2 genting mcm ni dwan rkyat luluskn kenaikan gaji@elaun mp…. ape bnda tu sume… rakyat terkontang kanting survive psl gst x abes lg.. itu lg penting ke drp rakyat?? Klu dsn seorg yg berjiwa pemimpin… dan merasakan diri tu layak utk memimpin… sptutnye dsn jwb soalan2 tun m…. beri kepuasan kpd hati rakyat yg inginkn jwapan… jgn lari2 lg… tun m tnye,dsn jwb…selesai… jgn bg alasan bodoh…. sekian… maaf andai ade salah silap kata dlm penulisan ini….

  70. azim Apr 10,2015 6:44 PM

    Salam Tun, I’m with you on this.. Najib wajib jawab soalan2 Tun M. Bukan tanya lain, jawap lain tak kena mengena dengan soalan, sengaja hendak kaburkan rakyat konon nya PM sudah beri jawapan. Rakyat bukan bodoh, utusan malaysia pula keluar berita yang manipulate rakyat, semua nya baik saja PM, menteri2, etc, orang lain sahaja yang tidak betul..

    Sekiranya najib, rosmah, anak tiri Riza tu kaya berbillion sekali pun duit mereka kerana mereka sama dengan Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Facebook, etc brilliants, work on their own, rakyat tak kan kisah sedikit pun. Tun M juga tak kan timbul kan soalan2 ni semua malah akan support mereka lagi.. Tapi ini masalah duit rakyat!

    Bertahun saya kerja di USA ni – Silicon Valley California.. hati saya rasa makin susah mencari rezeki di tanahair sendiri. Amat sedih..


  71. ayah chik Apr 10,2015 6:27 PM

    Salam Tun
    saya amat bersetuju dengan pandangan TUn bahawa ds najib wajar letak jawatan atas dasar banyak skandal yang dihadapi beliau Spt 1MDB dan lain lain. Ini adalah kerana daripada pengamatan saya drpd sepuluh orang sy jumpa atau tanya..saya pen8h yakim hanya 3 orang shj yg akan bersama ds najib. Diantara persepsi yg negatif adalah
    1. Isu 1 mdb
    2. Isu rosmah yg mmg sudah menjadi bualan dimana mana samada dikalangan ahli dan pemimpin umno
    3. Isu gst…yg membuat rakyat rasa amat terbeban dgn kesannya.
    4. Cara pentadbiran ds najib memperkenalkan BRIM lebih kpd membeli undi drpd membangun ekonomi malaysia. Ini kerana BR1M akan menjadi duri dlm daging kpd ekonomi dan politik.

    Akhir sekali persoalan yg diajukan oleh TUN adalah sah dan kenyataan sokongan oleh pimpinan umno dan BN adalah permainan politik semata mata dan hanya menjaga periuk nasi masing2.

  72. bumi berjasa Apr 10,2015 5:29 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Tun diharap jangan la memaparkan komen saya..saya hanya nak jadi mata dan telinga Tun sahaja walaupon peringkat paling bawah seperti azan diseluruh dunia bersambung-sambung menyatakan kebenaran..nie hanya untuk Tun jeh..(holistic)(persepsi)
    OK Saya faham sekarang..`Biar masa yang menentukan’..bila najib keluar kan kenyataan mcm tue br 3 juta ahli Umno(betol keh?walaupon saya bkn ahli tp hati saya dah dicop untuk orang-orang isalam& melayu) boleh menyangkal dayah-dayah pembenci kerajaan dgn pembenci kerajaan memainkan politik yg halus dan kasar…bila pembenci kerajaan main politik kasar bermakna ada tgn2 ghaib dibelakang mereka(dan kebetulan permimpin mereka seakan permikiran bdk2 senang disuruh cth mat sabu)

    ttg gst kita bkn bangsa yang cepat melatah..(najib pertaruhkan jawatan dia sbgi pm)

    ttg brim-ikhlas tp jauh..Tun kita pernah berjumpa di rumah Tan Sri Shamsuddin walaupun masa tue saya hanya budak pembuat ABC…;-)

  73. Hajar Apr 10,2015 4:42 PM

    Salam YAB & Yg diKasihi Tun,

    1. PM tidak menjawab soalan2 Tun secara spesifik pada sessi ’Soal-Jawab’ (9 Apr 2015), dan ada yang tidak disentuh langsung. Beliau masih lagi mahu menggunakan ayat ’Aset 1MDB melebihi hutang, dan modal permulaan yg Kerajaan beri kepada 1MDB cuma RM1 juta’. Buang masa saja selama 1 jam tercongok kerana ingatkan jawapan2 yg diberi akan lebih jelas, tapi sebenarnya cuma ulang tayang. Tentang RM1 juta saja yg Kerajaan beri sebagai modal, adakah RISIKO Kerajaan cuma RM1 juta saja jika 1MDB bungkus/gagal? Tentu jawapannya tidak. Kepada PM, berhentilah memperbodohkan rakyat.

    2. Lagi satu PM asyik ulang ayat, yang beliau PM Malaysia. Hebat sangatkah beliau rasa walaupun majoriti rakyat menilai beliau sebagai PM yang gagal (’Blur/Clueless’)? Beliau perlu diingatkan bahawa jawatan PM cuma sementara.

    3. Saya rasa tidak patut PM membuat kenyataan bahawa beliau menghormati Tun M sepertimana beliau menghormati ’rakyat’ (’biasa/kebanyakan’; lebih wajar beliau tukar perkataan ’rakyat’ kepada ’bekas2 Pemimpin/PM lain’), seolah-olah pandangan/soalan/kritikan Tun M sama nilainya dengan kritikan rakyat, dan boleh di ’bakul-sampahkan’ oleh beliau sewenang-wenangnya. Atau, beliau mahu umumkan kepada rakyat Malaysia (dan dunia) bahawa Tun M dengan beliau tidak setaraf kerana beliau PM & Tun M rakyat biasa? Tapi, mengapa perlu buat satu rancangan KHAS semata-mata mahu menyanggah kritikan Tun. Adakah beliau takut dengan ’bayang-bayang’ kejatuhan yang semakin jelas? Jika tidak, takkanlah beliau melilau untuk mendapatkan ’sokongan’ dari pelbagai pihak. Sudah tentu sekarang semua yang ada kepentingan (jawatan, projek, duit..atau ada buat salah) akan menyokong sebab beliau PM. Lihatlah nanti bagaimana mereka yang menyokong beliau sekarang beralih-arah dalam sekelip mata bila beliau bukan lagi PM Malaysia. Pada masa itu, kekuatan & prestasi sebenar saja yang dapat membantu. Jika tidak, bersedialah untuk dipinggirkan oleh ’rakyat biasa’ & ’kawan semasa senang’.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  74. denishayes Apr 10,2015 4:33 PM

    Either by accident or mischief the arrangement of the Sun newspaper headlines today posed a humerous question.
    The top headline read ” Set for first full head transplant.”
    Below that was ” Give Najib a chance”
    What do you think?
    Subtle suggestion or a mere coincidence?

  75. Tanggang Apr 10,2015 3:47 PM

    Salam yg Bhg Tun,

    In today’s Utusan mentioning that TS Muhyiddin pledging “Berilah Najib peluang”. Please dont mistake us as the normal citizen. Our concerns are not about about DS Najib’s issues whether he is right or not but our great concerns are actually whether UMNO/BN can survive or not in this coming PRU14 election. If DS Najib’s and the latest GST’s issues only brought down more to the downfall of UMNO/BN, then all those should be rectified immediately. 3 years more time to the election are no more for the testing ground. Orang putih say, Do the right thing at the first time. Is increasing the peoples daily expenditure be the right things. Are abolishing the ISA and the intention to abolish the Sedition Act were right things and brought more harmony and stability to the nation. Chances to do the right things were given in the first 5 years time.

    The good records of UMNO/BN to develop the nation and its peoples since merdeka cannot be denied even by the opposition if we look carefully by opened eyes and open hearts. For the Malays, the downfall of UMNO/BN this time shall mean the same as like the downfall of the great Malacca Sultanate to the Portugese, to the Dutch and to the British last times. The nation shall be ruled by the DAP-lead pakatan. No more privileges to the Malays as the sons of soil. For thw Malays, it will be like during the selection roll-calls in those Nazi concentration camps those days, to the right shall straight to the gas chamber while to the left shall be for the hard labours or experiment specimens which shall be dead anyway.

    Salam Tun

  76. Husna Nizrina Apr 10,2015 2:52 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun …
    What I see the question and answer yesterday at TV3 is not sure that Tun is on the right …. Tun earnest to safeguard the interests of the people … Hope Tun always under the protection of Allah swt .. I yearn for the administration of Tun like as before … we are always behind Tun …

  77. EQ Apr 10,2015 2:30 PM

    Dear Tun,

    I am a 28 year old starting and trying to understand politics in this country. I used to not care about it, thinking of it as monkey business. To be honest, i didn’t care who the PM was, or which party was in ruling. But now, with the current economic situation in this country, I am starting to feel the pinch in my everyday life and i come to realize politics = government = economy of the country = affects me negatively.

    So i started reading more on the internet, talking to people who knows politics and reading your blog. I feel angry when i find out about the issues of our current government. But what can i do ?

    In this democratic country that we live in, besides casting a vote every 5 years (does it even make a difference who i vote?) and leaving a raging comment on every blog on the issues of bad governance today, what is your advise as the ex-PM to a commoner like me so the equation of politics = government = economy of the country = affects me positively. What else can i do ?

  78. sibotak Apr 10,2015 2:26 PM

    Maaf Tun
    Ini Pendirian saya
    Masalah 1 MDB , masalah simpanan wang Malaysia di Singapura
    dan juga masalah lain seumpamanya
    Adalah masalah National Interest , National Agendas
    Kita Rakyat perlu dan berhak tahu

    TETAPI dan akan Tetapi
    Masalah pembunuhan Ayatulakhir yg kononnya ada kiatan dengan Najib
    Saya rasa ia seharusnya dicategorikan sebagai masalah Peribadi
    Begitu juga masalah Perlabuhan PerDhuburan Anwar Ibrahim
    Ia masalah Peribadi , Private Crimes
    Bukan Beliau saja yg di hadapkan ke Mahkamah
    Saya pun pernah dihadapkan ke Mahkamah tapi bukan kes ahem ahem
    Yg jadi kaitan jika di sabit dan terbukti kesalahan menerusi process Kehakiman
    The Rule Of Law Ia bakal mengugat Kedudukan masing masing

    Ini Penting bagi kita melihat Sudutnya
    Kenapa Pembangkang isu Liwat Anwar di gombar gambirkan ke isu Politik ?
    Begitu juga mengapa isu sekiranya Najib bersalah di gombar gambirkan isu Politik ?

    Ini soal Peribadi , Personal Crimes that one has to face the music if found Guilty
    And it will affects their Reputations
    These are the Price

    Waris Ayatulakhir berhak jika mereka yakin Najib bertanggung jawab atas pembunuhan
    mendiang, mereka bolih bertindak menerusi process Kehakiman, jika mereka ada bukti yg kukuh terhadap Najib . Saya hanya dengar di pasaran Siapa yg boilh keluarkan Bom C-4
    Kalau tidak Najib ,tetapi bagaimana pula Jet Enjin di dalam Kawalan Ketat pun bolih hilang
    Najib lagi ke ?
    Begitu juga Anwar ,jika Keluarga beliau yakin dengan Bukti
    Mereka berhak menembusi sidang Kehakiman lagi dan tutut setuntutnya jika
    Anwar terbukti bersalah

    Madsud saya
    Air tidak bolih di campur dengan minyak
    Jangan kaitkan isu tidak berkenaan untuk mengambil kesempatan atas agenda Politik agenda masing masing

    Malaysia kini di Berlenggu dengan Andaian yg tidak seharus nya
    Ia mengelirukan dek kerana Agenda masing masing

    Kalau gini cara Malaysia berterusanan
    Eh Suar ! Asik Bangkang saja bila nak game ?

  79. jessiejames Apr 10,2015 1:47 PM

    …what Mahathir mentioned were pertinent questions from any man/woman on the street and should be answered by the Person involved!

  80. 1CintaMalaysia Apr 10,2015 1:11 PM

    Salam Yang Berbahagia Tun, Thank you for highlighting the problems that irritates many Malaysians all these years…referring to Tun’s point…… [“Do you support purchase of government land in KL at far below market price, revaluing it to make it your asset while buying power plants from the private sector at well above market price,” he wrote.] …this practice is not new…it has been around also in Tun’s time as PM…. unfortunately, YAB Najib now also inherited this monster practice which has plagued the government for eras and numerous PMs… now that this unhealthy practices have been highlighted,hopefully Tun & YAB PM can discuss and come out with some concrete actions and preventions to correct such ill practices that eats away like cancer growth!! well done Tun!

  81. Org Kg Apr 10,2015 11:45 AM

    Salam Tun Yg Dihormati ,
    Baguih la Tun hentam ,bantai dan taruk cukup2 kat Pak Jib ni.
    Banyak sgt kecelaruan.Kalau nak harap org2 besar dalam kerajaan dan BN akan kelaut lah kita. Semua dok kira nak jaga periuk nasik sendiri.
    Suara marhain mcm kami ni sapa nak dengar , bila Tun tegur ,semua gabra habis…

    Oh Malaysia ku ……

  82. Tired Apr 10,2015 11:30 AM

    Salam Tun,

    1. DSN looks pathetic. In his ‘live interview’ our TV3 (where else?) last night, not only did he not reply to your questions (answered, merely!), he revealed to us what were discussed at that private meeting you had with him, which I find unethical. What would be next? Is he is going to tell us what medicine you ate at that meeting too? Some ‘private meeting’ they said. Gosh.

    2. Nevertheless, what is wrong with Tun asking DSN to build the Crooked Bridge? Is it not good for Malaysians, in general, and Johoreans, in particular? Are we not ‘the Rakyat’ that is the Government’s priority, supposedly? Moreover, is not the implementation of the Crooked Bridge good for the ecology of the Johor Strait too? Would it not create endless economic possibilities too along the way? If DSN (and his Cabinet, as claimed) is against it, may we know why? Pls reply, and not answer (this simple question, as we know your answer already).

    3. The Tun NEVER accused DSN of having ordered the killing of Altantuya or whatever, yet he was so defensive. Can anyone hazard a guess?

    4. Why was DSN so evasive with 1MDB? Why cannot he tell us pointedly, why it ‘borrowed so much money for the Rakyat (supposedly)’ without asking us? Did we ask for it? Last, I heard both the Dewans too did not discuss it even. Why make the Rakyat repay those loans when we did not ask for it in the first place? Why did not TNB take over those IPPs? Is it not its responsibility to supply electricity to us? The same goes with property development. Why it wants to develop those lands when there are many other reputable property developers that could do it more efficiently with better profitability? Would it not be strategically prudent for the Government to collect taxes from these successful corporations (and defray it to the Rakyat thereafter) instead of exposing itself to business risks, which is not its functions?

    5. Is BR1M fool proof? All I know is that those that received it purchased unnecessary household items that they would not have purchased otherwise. Who benefits from it actually? Is it the poor rakyat really? Why not channel it into developing better infrastructure, industries, businesses, etc. where everyone could benefit? Why discriminate ‘the not-so-poor rakyat’ who is already burden with income tax, high cost of living, etc.?

    6. Aside, I was a proud Malaysians under your premiership. After you left, I am embarrassed to identify myself as Malaysians even! Enough is enough. There is no way I would allow my children, and my children’s children to live their life miserably due to my sins today (for not voicing my objections towards government’s wastages, pilferages and excesses, which I am doing right now!).

    Sekian, Tun, terima kasih. Wassalam.

  83. Hajar Apr 10,2015 11:20 AM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. I pledge my support to Tun. I know/believe that Tun is sincere in whatever he is doing. ‘Demi Agama, Bangsa dan Negara.’ No one can say that I am Tun’s ‘Pembodek’ because a ‘Pembodek’ always wants something in return from the person he/she is ‘bodeking/ampuing’ (money, power, position, projects, etc…). Tun is no longer the PM, and Tun also has no idea who I am.

    2. Those ‘Oppositions’ who now prefer to see PM Ah Jib Gor stays in power are currently attacking Tun M. It means, they really need the current PM (still ‘syok sendiri’) to stay put so that they can capture Putrajaya in PRU-14. They are really desperate and I believe the ‘Oppositions’ will soon pledge their support for PM Ah Jib Gor without being asked to do so.

    3. The scores are now 3-0. (As for the ‘Soal-Jawab’ session yesterday, nothing new; Tidak menjawab soalan dan semata-mata ‘penafian’; and to make things worse, our PM actually failed to understand several SIMPLE questions and because of that he still talked about ‘sumpah laknat’, etc. bimbang ‘termakan sumpah’; jika ambil ‘exam/test’ yang Tun M sediakan, mesti gagal).

    I suggest Tun to ask only objective questions: Multiple-choice, Yes/No, True/False.

    Kesian saya tengok PM Ah Jib Gor yang masih lagi di alam fantasi kononnya semua keputusan beliau adalah demi kebaikan parti, negara dan rakyat.

    Questions for PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor:

    Adakah pembelian JET baru oleh Kerajaan untuk kebaikan rakyat? (Yes/No).

    Adakah keputusan untuk meminjam RM42 BILLION dan melabur macam ‘main judi’ oleh 1MDB di mana anda adalah Penasihat @ Menteri Kewangan juga untuk kebaikan rakyat? (Yes/No)

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  84. bourne007 Apr 10,2015 11:19 AM

    Ini cerita 2008…dah lama dah. Sebenarnya saya dah lafazkan sumpah Wallahi Wabillahi Watallahi, tiga kali termasuk di sebuah masjid di Permatang Pauh pada 2008…bahawa saya tidak mengenali Altantuya dan saya tidak terlibat sama sekali sama ada secara langsung atau tidak langsung. Dan pihak polis telah jalankan siasatan. Dan pada masa itu Pak Lah (Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) sebagai Perdana Menteri dah laporkan, dan Ketua Polis Negara dah buat kenyataan bahawa saya tak terlibat. Dan tak ada bukti sama sekali yang timbul bahawa saya kenal Altantuya. Tak ada langsung…tak ada gambar, tak ada tulisan, tak ada saksi dan sebagainya. Mahkamah telah tentukan prosesnya sampai ke Federal Court. Apakah kita nak persoal integriti mahkamah kita yang kita pertahankan sebelum ini?, PM Najib Razak

    Sirul Azhar Buat Pengakuan, Razak Baginda bersama Pengakuan Bersumpah, DNA Dr Setev Shaariibuu dan “cucu” keturunan bugisnya.
    Skandal Kapal Selam Scorpene

  85. suararakyat Apr 10,2015 11:07 AM

    Dear Tun

    I know you have an analytic skill and logic but tun have to consider PM Najib too.
    You know this late father’ son. He accepted u back in UMNO when you is not accepted.

    For PM Najib, the overbudget is his problem. When he see country profit is more. it’s like “i will share this profit to rakyat”. Then today, our economy is down. Then, i think the government introduce gst because want to cover this messy economy issue to cover “rakyat gift”.

    I think u should give him time and support. This is my only opinion.

  86. Tanggang Apr 10,2015 10:55 AM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    You are right Tun. It means that most of them seemed did not have the what we always called the life principles. Life principles are important. By holding them throughout our life, they will maintain our standards of integrity and also our standards of mentality and later the standard of our own personality. By maintaining the standards of integrity and the standards of mentality, they will always brought us to betterment.

    We must always hold our life principles. If in a case which is not to our principle, then we must avoid it or at least not to support it. Last time I once crossed swords with an RBA in this blog mentioning that peoples in some foreign developed countries always hold their life principles. For example, they hate it if they discovered we actually tell lies. They will immediately turn their back on us. It means that we are not in their class. They have higher standard of mentality and integrity. In one western country sometime ago, the people rejected their leader who committed unusual sexual scandal. The leader willingly stepped down even though the case was not proven in court. The life principle of moral and integrity always their utmost to be hold.

    Among the life principle quoted by Rasulullah SAW was ” Sekiranya tidak dapat menghalang satu kemungkaran itu dengan perbuatan maka halangilah dengan lidah. Jika tidak terdaya juga maka cukuplah dengan hati”. Another Hadith quoted by Rasululah SAW was “Sekiranya satu perkara itu masih ragu-ragu, maka jauhilah”.

    By the meant of what written by Tun, maybe we are lead by leaders who have no life principles in their minds. Unless they explain and justify back to peoples why they supported those. We are doomed if we are lead by leaders who the good life principles are not their utmost to be hold.

    Salam Tun.

  87. peryton Apr 10,2015 10:52 AM

    Good day Dr.M.

    I am ordinary workforce where earn 4-5k a month. My post here may same as majority Malaysian thought.

    Point 1:

    What I was thinking, the Dr.M do not aim to oppose any members of BN or gov, he just raise out what peoples are thinking now. He is part of the Malaysian.

    As the fund of 1MDB from people of Malaysia, we are the owner of the money. As the owner, we have right to know what happen? how well the gov doing this 1MDB?

    Since 1MDB was own by gov, this 1MDB have the easiest way to do business but somehow it still lose money. How it compare with the person start own business?

    We hope to know what it happen, not the “solution”.

    Point 2:

    As the Wawasan 2020 or high income country or what ever it name.

    I agreed with Dr.M. If Malaysia going reach the target. we should have a intelligent or capability to gain money. No depend on selling those oil, Kayu balak or etc.
    Selling those think like selling the “soul” or “meat” of Malaysia and it will finish at someday.

    With current direction or policy, I cant imagine how to achieve it.

    Do not forget, other counties also developing their country. We need to have double or more speed.

    If everyone have 1 million what the meaning of you have 1 million? But if everyone have only $10 and u have $100, this make difference.

    We, Malaysia want to be “top” not normal. Can our gov make it?

  88. cakkuncak Apr 10,2015 10:50 AM

    when will our politicians realise that the people are not as dumb as they think

    ask yourselves BN,

    Do you really want to be ousted as government in the next general election? seriously?

  89. cakkuncak Apr 10,2015 10:50 AM

    when will our politicians realise that the people are not stupid..

    ask yourselves BN,

    Do you really want to be ousted as government in the next general election? seriously?

  90. wajaperak Apr 10,2015 10:24 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    Until such time the death of Altantuya can be properly attributed to the PM it should not be mentioned in context with him as it is both unfair and speculative to the point of being defamatory]
    Dear Mr.
    Since I am a stupid man,my statement will lingers around the perimeter of my level of intelligence.Tun blog is populated by people of form that tremble me instead of functions.
    The question of Tun Mr grkumar,I believe is regarding of why the order of liquidation was ‘executed’ by the said ‘commando’.Note the word ‘command’..’do’.
    I was made to understand that Sirul and Azilah was Tun personal bodyguard or the member’s of Tun body guard.Or Tun knew them then.”Qoute”.”In my time they did not kill anybody”..:)
    The crux of the matter Mr grkumar is not the PM involvement in any kind.
    The point of contention is the statement..”In my time..they did not kill anybody”..
    Whose order powerful enough to authorize the withdrawal of C4 from the Armoury??
    And the signature in the form?The purpose usage of C4 is??
    And the oath?
    I hereby withdraw these dangerous item from it safe place to ‘preserves’ the safety of Malaysian governement from ‘threats’.( A major threat from a pregnant female from Monggolia that deserves such firepower!) Whenever and whatsoever left from the remainder of these dangeorus item will be returned and I will never be implicated from anywrongdoing of whatever nature..:)
    There Mr grkumar.
    Tun pointed out the obvious the way my friend a TUDM pilot Leftenant Colonel pointed out.
    What is the motive for Sirul and Azilah for her ‘removal’?
    They did not even know her from Adam!
    And the ability to stay in Australia..
    Can normal gorvernment servant of limited resources reside in Australia in certain amount of time within this limited capacity?
    These is issues Tun concerned concerning us too in term of transparency.
    Finally all said and done,in yesterday DSN interview what is conspiciously missing?


    Terima kasih Tun.

  91. Tun still kicking Apr 10,2015 10:22 AM

    Fakta menarik tentang sumpah..

    klu ade yg berani dan mampu buat dosa besar maka tak mustahil dia mampu buat sumpah palsu beribu kali..

    Yelah kalau dh buat dosa besar maknanye dia tak takut hukum Allah maka macam mana nak harap dia takut kat Allah dgn bersumpah saja..Mungkin pasal inilah Islam tidak iktiraf bersumpah dan hanya diamalkan oleh Kristian guna Bible dan Hindu guna Bagawat Gita..

    Pelik mufti tak bersuara..

    1MBD bagi saya macam money laundering je..Duit kuar negara camtu dan masuk camtu dan park kt sana sini..Klu silap sorry ye..Mungkin Tun rasa this is money laundering at highest level..Mungkin pasal tulah negara kita mencatat money laundering activity yg paling besar di rantau ini..Yelah gov pun leh main2 kuar masuk camtu..Nak jawab bank negara bagi kemasukan setiap 50m pun susah ke?Jawab lah dari park wang negara kt singapore..X ke pelik masa negara perlu cash dlm bank tuk stabilkan mata wang ,duit kita plak park kt Singapore..Hehehehe

  92. mubarakchan Apr 10,2015 10:21 AM


    I congratulate you in advance as I observe the number of participants at this distinguished Blog is shooting past 14 millions in a few days time. Also, these days, I have to queue to get my comment heard. Now to the serious business of the day which is the common kopitiam talk.

    All these events began after 2003, when our local folks in their haste to emulate the go-go State of the tiny Republic of Singapore which used to hit above its weight, jumped headlong into accepting what was supposed to be good, very good as trumpeted by these bluffology speciallists. The aping of the MONEY MONEY MONEY policies was easy after all these folks had the MANDATE to do whatever they like because they were elected to their seats in TRUST. This was our Malaysian experience right up to 2003 from 1957.

    Lo and behold ! We now discover that the Devil is not in the details but in those folks from the South and further afield like Pennsylvania who showed them the Way to riches.

    By chance, I began to notice the raw billions of ringgits which I was not accustomed to. These ringgit signs flashed more and more often and in greater intensity as we moved from 2004 to 2015 until a sum of borrowed RM 42 Billions is no problem for just one immovable project. Has the MONEY MONEY MONEY gone to our heads ? Definitely, my mind could not take it being the simpleton I am. But as a simple fellow living in the Ulus, anything which I could not count with the fingers of my hands is BIG !

    With greater curiosity, and this urged me on in 2014 to discover what sort of political System our beloved Malaysia practised as compared with the late Ruler’s (1959-2015) brilliant Administration which had been blaring with full trumpets for decades. To my horror, I discovered we are actually not abang adeks but something else. I discovered we are the true Democrats and that the isle of trumpeters are just a bunch of Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats overlorded by a Ruler (1959-2015). Our folks have been so gassed and brainwashed for 2 generations that they thought that the tiny tropical isle is our beloved Malaysia and the late Ruler (1959-2015) their leader even though they gained Datoships and Tansriships aplenty. Strange.

    With the discovery of the fact that we Malaysians practise the Free Malaysian Style Democracy with Open Capitalistic Characteristics ( all practising and arm-chair Malaysian politicians except Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Tun Daim, please take note of your very own political System for the very first time in 2014 ) as opposed to the Ruler’s (1959-2015) Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System imposed on the citizens by the Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats otherwise known as Singapore Model, Authoritarian Capitalism or Benign Dictatorship (there is no such thing), we Malaysians are the true Democrats. This leads us onto the next stop in our odyssey of discovery.

    The big folks in Ulu Malaysia jumped at this low hanging fruits Singapore idea and the boys locked themselves up on the 4th floor of their Uncle’s office and for the very first time our Malaysian ruling clique BECAME EXCLUSIVE, VERY EXCLUSIVE because they have found the answer to FINANCIAL NIRVANA OR ETERNITY. They soon woke up when a stone felled on one of the young heads supposedly having spent just 1 year at Cambridge and tasked with the evaluation of the treasure vaults of our Khazanah.

    From the 4th Floor boys who were always locked up in their rooms, we were told that the Age of the Consultants have arrived who would not lift a finger without sighting the billions of ringgits at play. So far so good. Nothing wrong with money. We like people to make honest money all the time holistically (I copy).

    The exclusivity into the Corridors of Power became more exclusive unlike the open democratic days before 2004. It was alleged that to gain attention, tickets have to be bought like going to the Rex Cinema in downtown KL.

    As far as I could discern, the elected digits of Democratic Malaysia is now operating the Free Malaysia Style Democracy with Open Capitalistic Characteristics like the late Ruler’s (1959-2015) Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System WITHOUT MANY APPARATCHIKS aka MERITOCRATS as regards the money.

    I CAN VOUCH FOR THE HONESTY AND THE INTEGRITY OF OUR HONOURABLE PRIME MINISTER DATO SERI NAJIB BIN TUN ABDUL RAZAK AS I CAN VOUCH FOR THE HONESTY AND THE INTEGRITY OF THE LATE RULER (1959-2015) but it is difficult to vouch for the rest as they are deemed to be faceless. Let us recall that the late Ruler (1959-2015) micro-managed everything including the flower-pots at the Istana according to his eldest son. This was his forte.

    Is our tested and reliable Free Malaysian Style Democracy with the Open Capitalisitc Characteristics able to stand the weight of the billions of ringgits a’la Singapore style ? The answer is that our political System cannot because the late Ruler (1959-2015) until 2011 ALWAYS had 70% support from the Rakyat. Trouble comes from the nay-sayers when this figure drops below 50%. THIS IS DEMOCRACY AS WE KNOW IT.

    And why did I say Free Malaysian Style Democracy ? We are Asians. We are Malaysians. We have our centuries old Asian values, history, traditions, heritage and religion. As Malaysians there were attempts to take what is best from the West and meld into our Malaysian Society with Asian values. But of late, what I see is a loss of GRATITUDE, HISTORY especially about the deeds of our good and the great, PROPRIETY, PROBITY, ETHICS, STANDARDS, MORALS, HUMILITY ETC as a result of aping the failed MONEY MONEY MONEY POLICIES OF THE LATE RULER (1959-2015). His unique self-created mumbo-jumbo Political System has become toxic with 50% of his citizens demanding the CPF contributions returned. THIS IS THE DEATH KNELL FOR SINGAPORE WITHOUT THE TPPA !

    In our beloved Malaysia today, it is the CLASH OF POLITICAL SYSTEMS WHICH GAVE RISE TO OUR PRESENT PROBLEMS by the adoption of the master bluffologist, the late Ruler (1959-2015) MONEY MONEY MONEY FAILED POLICIES without a proper understanding why he set-up such a System. His was a microscopic method of garnering the populace money legally. But in our case, it is macroscopic in billions of ringgits. Here lies the difference.

    Further, on the erosion of our Asian or Malaysian core values. a prominent ASEAN politician once told me,’ The Americans forget easily. The British try not to forget. The French never forget.’ The answer is to be found when a person visits these countries.

    Hence, our beloved Malaysia should be friends with all and down-grade our bloated sense of POWER which very clever outsiders flatter us ALL THE TIME. See what happened to Singapore’s falilure to fend off flattery from the very clever flatterers ! You pay. They collect.


  93. asiabrokerclub Apr 10,2015 9:04 AM

    Government business is to manage the country.. Balance the wealth of a nation. Look after the people.
    Govt must not and should not venture heavily in business. Business should be given to capable business community. If they are capable n prudent.. They make profit and therefore govt make tax income to pay for her expenditures.
    To sum it all. If every new generation of govt machinery or state agencies are formed and non.performance . You may have good intention n objective but if leader assigned to the project failed due to greed. Integrity and judgement or influence and collision to default. The subsequent coup be political scandals.. This would impact credit rating of a nation. Such shames and negative coup take years to repair for works done on tourism. Trade n investment ministries. A visionary nation leader is to hire the talented people . Groom the younger leadership first n not of his political incline . In this transparent world of social networking. Millions of eyes watching . What being said can be good n bad influences.
    For 58 years . We had seen many personalities and in many turbulence years. Tun had lead us more good than a minor defects. His simple philosophy is to create wealth for govt. N people. As it developed into many mega business mega projects our economics is not doing good simply bcos 80% household debt. Salary not in tandem with growth. Currennt govt must focus on wealth growth. Look at figures. Look at balancing good governance . Bring good strategies for nation development. Reshuffle the team and there is only few years left. I would decide who I should vote for then. We had 13 votes. The next is not a simple challenge . Change is imminent but people always have eyes. Ears n brain to think n decide.

  94. I.D.A. Apr 10,2015 8:36 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    45 bilion itu wajib dijawab TANPA gagal. Orang kampung yang pengundi BN pun nak tau. Di zaman ICT serba canggih ni, yang motong dan pi ke laut pun dapat maklumat dengan cepat sebelum TV3 & Utusan jengoi. Toksah dok pusing-pusing kona kot jauh. Jawapan bagi spesifik. 45 bilion tu banyak, takkan boleh meresap dan hilang macam tu saja. Jawablah, dengan segera. Jalan nak ke Balik Pulau pun dah dinaiktaraf supaya mengurangkan kona sebab banyak kona banyak bahaya…, risiko jatuh gaung.

    Sindrom Kurang Daya Tahan

    Benang basah boleh ditegak
    jika dibaringkan atas meja,
    -usapkan perlahan ke atas.

    Kucing boleh bertanduk
    jika dibedah kepalanya,
    -pacakkan tanduk kambing.

    Bangkai gajah boleh ditutup
    jika digali lubang besar,
    -timbuskan dalam-dalam.

    Kaedah dan pendekatan terkini
    boleh membuat candu persepsi,
    -sembunyi penyakit sebenar.

    : Wahan!

    Mac 2015
    Batu Kawan, Pulau Pinang.

    Apakah terlalu cintakan dunia???

    Terima kasih Tun. Wassalam!

  95. marina Apr 10,2015 7:37 AM

    We support Najib same as we support you when you was in trouble in 1998. Now i fill that when i support you in 1998 it was a wrong dicission i made because now only i know who are you.

  96. sibotak Apr 10,2015 7:13 AM

    Kalau Najib Razak tak boleh handle Rosmah Mansor, macam mana YAB PM nak pimpin 1 Malaysia..?
    Setuju dengan pandangan Adam Gsixth

    Saya tak kenal Rosmah juga kedengaran fasal Rosmah
    Terlihat juga Najib tunduk pada Rosmah
    Itu perihal rumah tangga mereka , itu urusan peribadi mereka
    Tetapi apabila seorang Pemimpin di pimping olih pemimping yg tidak di sah
    tidak di pilih rakyat , ia serupa Boneka
    Maka ia bakal merosakan pentakbiran Malaysia
    Ini amat Penting

    Behinds A man Success is always a Women…… LKY has it
    Behind A man Failure is also a Woman
    Malaysia cannot rely on such a Man

  97. HBT456 Apr 10,2015 6:53 AM

    Kami rakyat malaysia wajib mengundi pada pilihan umun raya yang akan datang. The 6th pm has already declared, people first, performance now. if a pm is not open to critism, then he is not qualified to be the pm.

  98. HBT456 Apr 10,2015 6:36 AM

    The rest of the questions are aleady answered by bn mp in baling.

  99. HBT456 Apr 10,2015 6:25 AM

    The question that I want to raise is why sirul could escaped, and was intercepted in australia by interpool? This is a serious security question of national and international community concern, can tun dr mm and tengku razaleigh answer this as veteran of umno?

  100. grkumar Apr 10,2015 5:35 AM

    An inquiry into JH Low’s (Low Teak Jho) academic achievements at University of Pennsylvania does not appear to correspond with his claims to being a Wharton whiz kid. At least one publication last year made the claim ostensibly on JH Low’s behalf that JH Low is a Wharton School of Business (University of Pennsylvania) MBA Graduate. This was discounted by the University on an inquiry. They would not comment further except to say that the information can be obtained on payment of a fee of US$15 online from a website called:

    JH Low is known as a party guy linked to a PR firm in New York who link businesses and business wannabes together in places like New York here people pay to meet influential people and get them to invest in their ideas. And New York being the fickle place it is, there are many wannabes who will pay a few thousand for the privilege.

    JH Low is believed to have told people at these functions he is connected to the Dubai Royal family (showing photos and video clips of him with members of the Dubai Royal Household, the Saudis and of course Malaysia’s PM).

    As a result he as cultivated by funds managers at Wall Street (Another fickle group) and got an intro to Goldman Sachs according to sources within the media.

  101. Ali Akbar Hashim Apr 10,2015 1:47 AM

    Dear Sir,

    They keep milking the cash cow who knows tomorrow never come…

    We are weak and helpless

    We can scream and jumping but that that the limit

    Malay proverb say: “sa perti anjing menyalak bukit, bukit tidak akan runtuh”

    You are irreplaceable

    What kind of leader after you when they have no say in managing this country

    My heart was sinking after the BRIDGE PROJECT stopped

    But the fact is you are weak and powerless, there is nothing you can do about it

    We cannot direct the wind Sir!

  102. Daniel Noor Apr 10,2015 12:08 AM

    All roads lead to Ro(s)ma. Hehehe. I think that speaks for all the problems that Najib carries now.

  103. Joker21 Apr 9,2015 11:58 PM

    Summary of the interview session of our PM on TV3

    – Our PM didnt know who is Altantuya
    Question arise: Who ordered the execution of Altantuya instead PM knowing her or not.. Sirul and Azilah are working in Armed Force and i believe the execution are based on orders from higher authority.

    -1MDB: The money is not in caymann Island.
    Question Arise: SO where is the money???

    The rest of the interview session: Not much useful info can be obtained…

  104. immoralequivalence Apr 9,2015 11:41 PM

    Your whining questionings of malpractices , irregularities could very well be applied to your days. What is practiced now is just a regurgitation n continuation of discriminatory hanky panky policies of your time now set in stone. The only thing ‘ positive’ consolatory is the ‘ muhibbah’ participants that should have been more practiced in your days..
    How a Muslim led govt got fooled by pious Muslim Saudis in cahoots with a swine eating kaffir using Zionist supporting Jewish bankers, appointing a new ‘ saviour’ a Arul ‘ beragama islam’ , bailed out by a idol worshiper. This is all so unislamic n unchristian like.

  105. Adman Md Salleh Apr 9,2015 10:56 PM

    Salam Dr M.
    Saya pengunjung tetap blog chedet. Kagum dengan sikap keterbukaan Dr. M. Ada ketikanya tentang keilmuan. Kefahaman hal-hal sejarah yang meluas. Politik. Kemanusiaan.

    Kali ini walau pun ianya menjadi teramat kecoh pada pandangan saya ianya adalah berkenaan pemimpin dan kepimpinan. Malangnya kali ini Dr M bersikap terlalu telus dan terbuka. Ada pihak tidak suka kepada keterbukaan pada ketika ianya tidak memberi faedah atau keburukan.

    Walau Dr M bersungguh-sungguh berterus terang, tetapi masih terdengar disana-sini ; ” selagi anaknya tidak jadi menteri, selagi itu dia tidak akan berhenti ! “, ” masa zaman dia, jangan-jangan lagi teruk..? ” dan macam-macam lagi.

    Selisih faham selalu berlaku jika kedua pihak tidak bercakap dalam kontek nilai yang sama. Yang berilmu dan berpengalaman pun mungkin boleh terlupa tentang perkara asas kemanusiaan. Selalunya kita hanya ingin melihat dan mendengar apa yang kita hendak lihat dan dengar, hanyalah bila diperingati.

    Pada Dr M nilai seorang pemimpin adalah seorang insan jujur dan amanah. Dr M terlupa nilai yang diletakkan terhadap seorang pemimpin bagi jenerasi sekarang sudah pun berbeza. Itu maksud saya bercakap dalam kontek nilai yang berbeza. Saya rasa Dr M juga yang terlibat kepada perbezaan nilai itu dalam usaha membentuk malaysia menjadi negara maju.

    Mungkin rakyat jenerasi sekarang sudah memadai dengan mendapat seorang pemimpin yang dapat menyediakan keperluan dan kepentingan masing-masing, tidak perlu lagi jujur dan amanah !

    Rasa saya amat sukar Dr. M mendapat sokongan dari jenerasi sekarang. Di harap Dr. M teruskan supaya ianya menjadi satu perjuangan ; mengembalikan nilai yang sebenar.

  106. instafamous Apr 9,2015 10:55 PM

    sometimes i cant understand y some ppl like to support “buta tuli”!!

  107. sitinur Apr 9,2015 9:54 PM

    malangnyew dorng hanya bijak serang dan perlekehkan org yg bertanya….kalau najib dan mentri dok meratip minta ayahanda beri peluang pd najib(walhal bkn ayahanda ja yg tertanya2 berjuta marhein pon dok tertanya2 cuma tak sapa yg nak dengaq) pru akan dating saya takan g ngundi buang masa…

  108. sibotak Apr 9,2015 9:25 PM

    I importance yr approach towards Najib
    You are Good so is Najib
    My hope as Malaysian is you guys works thing out together
    Make an open heart both, be sincere with Bismillah
    Is all I ask from you guys
    Don,t Breaks Apart

  109. Apr 9,2015 9:25 PM

    Dr M, You have a brilliant brain than others, clear and sharp, hope you can create another miracle for Malaysian . With respect.

  110. Adam GSixth Apr 9,2015 9:04 PM

    Sebelum menjawab isu-isu nasional, ada satu isu besar mengenai kepimpinan Perdana Menteri Malaysia:

    Kalau Najib Razak tak boleh handle Rosmah Mansor, macam mana YAB PM nak pimpin 1 Malaysia..?

  111. Bhaskaran Nair Apr 9,2015 9:03 PM

    Tun, despite all that you’ve asked, it seems that nothing is happening. What should the Rakyat do forthwith? Do we not have a solution to this dilemma, ie straddled with a govt of murderers and thieves? Do we have to wait till the next PRU? If this keeps on, will it not be too late for this beloved Malaysia?

  112. lembucat Apr 9,2015 8:24 PM

    I thought the comity who make decision borrow 42bil should responsible to paid all debt.

  113. Violet Wildblood Apr 9,2015 8:23 PM

    Apa yang Tun tanya pada PM itu adalah soalan2 yang rasanya Tun sendiri kena bagi jawapannya dalam bentuk objektif iaitu A,B,C dan D supaya PM kita boleh memilih sendiri jawapan yang telah disediakan oleh Tun.Jadi rakyat x perlu tertunggu2 jawapan dari mulut emas PM kita ni.Negara ini memerlukan pemimpin yang TEGAS.Biar orang panggil dictatorship asalkan rakyat tidak susah,nasib rakyat terbela,tidak menghabiskan wang rakyat dan kebajikan rakyat terjamin.Biar pemimpin negara ini ganas,tegas,garang tetapi kena pada tempatnya.Kalau kita dapat pemimpin yang tegas,garang tetapi dengan rakyat sentiasa bekerjasama dan ADIL tiada satu pun rakyat akan mengkritik pemimpin jenis ini.Berlembut perlu kena pada tempatnya begitu juga tegas mesti vice versa.Kuku besi ke,dictatorship ke jika pemimpin ini ADIL dan tahu bagaimana menjadikan sesebuah negara ini balance dari segi kemajuan,paradigm thinking,moral dan attitude dan menjaga kepentingan rakyat maka sudah tentu inilah jenis pemimpin yang dicari rakyat.

  114. rawahah Apr 9,2015 8:08 PM

    semoga tun panjang umur dan sihat, selalu, terima kasih tun atas jasa tun pada kami rakyat malaysia, kami bangga jadi melayu dan malaysian masa zaman tun.

  115. kaizer Apr 9,2015 6:49 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Biasalah tu mereka yang menyokong penuh tu semuanya nak survive untuk diri sendiri dan itulah sikap sebenarnya pemimpin di masa ini. Mereka tidak tahu apa yang akar umbi mahukan. Masaalah GST ini pun sudah kedengaran di kalangan rakyat yang tidak berpuas hati dan ada kemungkinan PRU14 kedudukan BN akan goyang. DS Najib kena jawab semua persoalan.Rakyat menunggu dan jangan sekadar retorik sahaja.

  116. adikk Apr 9,2015 6:39 PM

    Ayahanda Tun

    Spot on, bullseye!
    Jangan dok berdolak dalik lagi. Soalnya sekarang sama ada nak jawab ke tak nak jawab. Jangan jadi macam budak sekolah, bila cikgu tegur dia mengelat. Balik rumah mengadu kepada bapa, ibu dll. Suruh dia orang datang sekolah bagi amaran kat cikgu jangan tegur atau berhenti menegur.
    Mana boleh buat macam tu. Ini soal negara, soal kesejahteraan rakyat, soal wang negara, soal hutang negara, soal tanggungjawab pemimpin nombor satu negara. Mau ada malu sama. Come out and defend your policies and actions like a pemimpin nombor satu negara should. If you cannot do that it means you cannot live up to what is expected of you as the pemimpin nombor satu negara. Another way of saying this is you want your position but you do want to be accountable to the position.
    Berhenti sajalah.

  117. bumi berjasa Apr 9,2015 6:35 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    `Pemimpin diatas yang main game…Rakyat dibawah yang kena Game’
    maaf kalau itu bukan jawapanya”..
    Tun mempunyai hak untuk tidak memaparkan Comment saya

    terima kasih

  118. Tired Apr 9,2015 6:23 PM

    Salam Tun,

    1. I am an ordinary Malaysian. I am in full support of you! I wish I could have visited your blog more often.

    2. I believe those in support of DSN by attacking you with irrelevant superfluous statements are ‘missing the point,’ simply.

    3. Why had they singled you out too, is astonishing. However, where were these heroes when the opposition party members attacked their Boss? It makes me wonder if these charades are by design or by chance!

    4. The gullibility of some Malaysians especially those learned personalities (supposedly) in understanding these simple questions, is amazing, to say the least.

    Sekian, Tun, terima kaseh. Wassalam.

  119. grkumar Apr 9,2015 6:21 PM

    The issues relating to the death of Altantuya must be distinguished and separated from the 1MDB controversy for two reasons. Until such time the death of Altantuya can be properly attributed to the PM it should not be mentioned in context with him as it is both unfair and speculative to the point of being defamatory.

    Secondly the death of Altantuya from the court proceedings and the evidence put before the court including the admissions of Sirul and his co accused, do not support the proposition there was involvement in the death of Altantuya by Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

    The fact that Sirul has absconded and is in a safe haven in Australia where he is safe from being deported back to Malaysia, does not by any of his subsequent statements about “orders from above” lessen his guilt or his culpability in the murder of Altantuya any more justifiable or lawful. He was found by a competent court to have murdered the woman and his subsequent statements do not appear to deny that finding. His recent statements instead seeks to mitigate his guilty act although it does not.

    There is no defence at law that carrying out a crime on the orders of a third party makes one less culpable of a crime such as murder. Sirul is being led up the garden path by the opposition again. Even if as many in the opposition would like to believe that if Datuk Seri Najib may have ordered the killing of Altantuya (or that his wife Datin Rosmah was at the scene of the crime) it does not render Sirul any less culpable of Altantuya’s murder.

    On the other issue of 1MDB it would appear that in the absence of a compelling reason by the government for its creation of the 1MDB account, it has made a fatal mistake likely to bring down prime minister Najib Razak. I say this for a number of reasons which go to accountability, transparency and financial responsibility.

    Unless parliament authorised such an account the PM may have acted on a frolick of his own into uncharted waters which have implications beyond profit and loss statements alone.

    1MDB by all accounts was a privately engineered financial arrangement whereby state money was appropriated without it being passed through parliament without the express consent of both houses of parliament. That amounts to an appropriation of state authority by the prime minister and whoever is reputed to have acted with him without the proper protocols and procedures being followed as sanctioned by law (and the constitution). That goes to his conduct as regards parliamentary and ministerial responsibility and authority are concerned as well.

    This situation has all the characteristics of the fatal mistakes of Whitlam government’s venturing into private finance to borrow “to advance several projects” without parliamentary authority in 1975 resulting in the sacking of his government by the governor general of Australia Sir John Kerr on the advice of the Chief justice of the day Sir Garfield Barwick.

    The actions of the Najib government cannot be retrospectively perfected, made good or legitimised. It is something that beggars belief for its audacity in breaching the constitutional obligations of a sitting government to the law, to the people and to the sanctity of parliamentary sovereignty.

    As for the interloper JH Low…….well it should come as no surprise to anyone. It is the continuation of years of outsiders benefiting from lapses the business of government and government probity.

    The sin of government in the whole 1MDB affair is the fact they set it up in a place like the Caymans whose legislation prevents anyone without the consent of government inquiring into the business of 1MDB. Not that it would have been much different if it was done locally except that parliament would have been able to query its existence and its accounts.

    To deny parliament that authority and right it has is to be in contempt of parliament. And by UMNO, MCA and MIC supporting Najib in this regard the offence is not expunged or sanctified. it simply makes it worse.

    What the government has done by creating 1MDB and placing it offshore in a foreign country where Malaysia’s parliament has no authority or capacity to transparently examine something as financially big as 1MDB is to have contracted out the sovereignty of parliament to a foreign state (the Caymans).

    Datuk Seri Najib has more than a moral obligation to table the accounts of the 1MDB in parliament on a proper motion put to parliament for the purpose. He cannot abrogate his responsibility to parliament in this regard no can he hide behind the laws of the Caymans or shirk his responsibilities to the Reserve Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara) which is an independent authority independent of government.

    But has anyone yet properly worded a motion calling on the Najib government to explain the 1MDB account, the structure and the accounts to date?

    This is very much a case of mice chattering about the menace of the cat but not being courageous or able to do anything that will check the cat’s menace in “who will bell the cat?”

    Thank you for raising the issue.

  120. megatrahmat Apr 9,2015 5:58 PM

    Well said YABHG Tun, kita lihat apa explaination PM Najib mlm ini. RM 42bil is huge sum of money. Mana dia nak cari ganti?

  121. kerajaan langit Apr 9,2015 5:44 PM

    andaikan duit RM50 yang bernilai Rm5000 disusun rapi mempunyai ketinggian 1/2 inchi,
    maksudnya RM 1 billion akan berketinggian 8333kaki bersamaan lebih kurang 833 tingkat bangunan. Jadi RM42 billion mempunyai ketinggian 35,000 tingkat bangunan !!

    Sekarang saya faham kenapa Najib tak boleh jawab semua soalan daripada Dr M dan rakyat….. kerana duit yang hilang adalah terlalau banyak dan melucukan

  122. Fariq Islam Apr 9,2015 5:35 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Mungkin objektif 1MDB ini, pada asasnya, adalah untuk kebaikan negara. Mungkin orang yang kurang berupaya disalahpilih untuk mengurus. Sama juga dengan Proton, yang pada asasnya, ditubuhkan untuk kepentingan negara. Pada satu ketika dulu, Proton juga tidak diurus baik sehingga menanggung kerugian.

    Dalam soal 1MDB, bekas pengurusan atau CEO tidak boleh lepas tangan begitu sahaja, dengan perletakan jawatan. Haruslah mereka juga dipanggil jawab.

  123. wanhalim Apr 9,2015 5:34 PM

    Soalan-soalan Tun adalah wajar dijawab atas dasar kepentingan awam. Tiada sebarang pertuduhan peribadi, hanya pertanyaan. Memang aneh apabila soalan tidak dijawab berasaskan fakta, sebaliknya lebih cenderung kepada serang balas berbentuk “character assasination”. Perhas 42+3 billion is too much to answer!

  124. RD. Apr 9,2015 5:24 PM

    Salam Tun.
    Jaga diri dan kesihatan baik-baik Tun. Saya harapkan Tun berjaya ‘mengubat’ UMNO sebagai doctor merawat pesakit, seperti mana yang TS Sanusi Junid dilaporkan berkata.

    Hidup Tun.

  125. amir yusof Apr 9,2015 5:20 PM

    Seseorang yg susah sangat hendak menjawab soalan yg di ajukan kepadanya samada ;
    1: “Malas melayan cerita-cerita karut ” atau .
    2: Cuba menutup “pekong” di dada , mungkin juga .
    3:Adanya “strateji” tertentu.
    Takut nanti ada yg terkena “getahnya” .

  126. Fariq Islam Apr 9,2015 4:57 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Kalau ada bukti, maka haruslah Jho Low didakwa. Memandangkan Najib kini dibebani dengan pelbagai isu, POTA, Hudud, TPPA, kejatuhan harga minyak antarabangsa disusuli dengan kemerosotan pendapatan negara, maka wajar Najib diberi sedikit masa untuk mengumpul fakta bagi menjawab Tun.

    Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak seorang negarawan kesayangan Rakyat, di mana budi Allahyarham akan dikenangi seluruh Rakyat Malaysia buat selama-lamanya. Kami percaya Najib, selaku anak Allahyarham, akan meneruskan usaha baik bapanya.

    Setahu Rakyat, firma terkemuka dunia KPMG telah mengaudit akaun 1MDB. Mungkin dalam soal ini, pihak berkenaan boleh mengumumkannya, untuk pengetahuan Rakyat. Laporan audit tahunan mungkin boleh dijadikan rujukan berguna.

  127. MsEmma49 Apr 9,2015 4:41 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Saya pon faham kemarahan Tun, sebagai seorang yang mahir tentang dunia kewangan, kita familliar juga dengan produk2 kewangan yang memang dicipta untuk keuntungan berganda tapi mostly hanya bersifat manipulative jer untuk mencipta keuntungan atas angin… dijanji keuntungan berjuta malah berbillion tetapi hanya lah manipulasi di atas kertas semata… belum jana apa2 keuntungan pelbagai pihak sudah claim bahagian masing2…. 1MDB sangat berisiko tinggi lebih2 lagi pengurusan nya pon “entah siapa2” …apa kepentingan PM Najib dalam 1MDB? Perlukah dana negara dilibatkan dalam perniagaan berbentuk manipulative seperti 1MDB? PM Najib bukanlah pakar pelaburan jadinya pengurusan 1MDB tanggungjawab siapa? atau PM Najib hanya boneka dalam skandal 1MDB? kenapa perlu merisikokan kewangan negara dengan melibatkan dalam activity 1MDB?

    Saya juga dah menonton filem “the wolf of wall street”, Masya-Allah sangat memalukan image orang Islam. Saya harap PM Najib dan semua Menteri kabinet (dan ahli ahli UMNO)dapat menonton filem itu dan kenalilah dunia sebenar dunia kewangan yang dipenuhi banyak manipulasi dan penipuan. Orang melayu ada sebut “jika kail sejenggal jangan diduga laut yang dalam”, jika tak mahir dalam selok belok dunia kewangan/pelaburan elok sahaja proceed “exit plan” lebih2 lagi jika melibatkan kewangan negara.

    Saya harap PM Najib dapat bertanggungjawab ke atas 1MDB … saya berharap tugas sebagai PM tidaklah telah menjadi beban dan menyusahkan bagi PM Najib… sesungguh nya negara kita ini sangat memerlukan tokoh pemimpin yang dapat menjaga kepentingan negara bukan menjudikan nasib pelbagai pihak…

    Terima Kasih Tun,

  128. amin tan Apr 9,2015 3:48 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Your extrapolation of those who support YAB DS Najib must also support 1MDB is plausible but it is extrapolation nonetheless.
    1MDB looks like a rotten deal, or a con job, but at this juncture, we cannot be 100% sure, whether it is a genuine enterprise or just a vehicle or conduit to siphon good money from our treasury by shady individuals and con men . Our YAB PM may or may not have the answer too to answer the questions posed by Tun. He has already put into motion an inquiry team under the Auditor General to investigate 1MDB. Let us be a little bit patient and wait for the outcome of the investigation of Auditor General.

    amin tan

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