TPPA 172

1. The Government could not care less for whatever opposition that is voiced by anyone in Malaysia or abroad against signing the TPPA. It will go ahead and sign.

2. The MITI Minister assures us that we can get out of the agreement anytime we want.

3. Yes indeed we can. But it is not going to be easy and the cost would practically bankrupt us.

4. In the TPPA agreement companies can sue Government for loss of profit including future profit if Government action results in the loss.

5. In one case in a Latin American country, for reasons of massive pollution, the Government decided to stop the mining operation granted to an American company. The company then sued the Government for loss of profit, including future profit amounting to several billion US Dollars.

6. A decision to withdraw from the TPPA will obviously result in loss of profit and future profits by companies investing in Malaysia or trading with Malaysia.
7. The withdrawal will involve numerous companies and the purported loss will run into hundreds of billions. The court will not be ours where we can count on sympathy and concern for what will happen to our economy and finances. There is also no way we can pressure or bribe the courts. We will just have to pay the billions.

8. So please don’t talk about extricating ourselves from this treaty for controlling trade and investments called the TPPA. It is not for promoting free trade. It is entirely dedicated to regulating trade.

9. Against this perhaps we should remember that when we had entered into no such treaty we became the 17th biggest trading nation in the world. We were free to protect ourselves and to devise policies beneficial to all of us Malaysians. We grew fast at that time. We traded with whomever we liked.

10. I can say a lot of other things which are bad about the TPPA. But the Government wouldn’t care of course. The Government will do what it wants to do. Don’t ask why. You know what answer tou will get when you ask the Government any question.



1. Kerajaan tidak kisah apa jua tentangan yang disuarakan oleh sesiapa sahaja di Malaysia atau di luar negara terhadap menandatangani TPPA. Ia akan terus menandatanganinya.

2. Menteri Kementerian Perdagangan Antarabangsa Dan Industri (MITI) cuba meyakinkan kita bahawa kita boleh keluar daripada perjanjian itu pada bila-bila masa yang kita mahu.

3. Ya, memang kita boleh. Tetapi ianya tidak akan menjadi semudah itu dan kosnya boleh mufliskan kita.

4. Dalam perjanjian TPPA ini syarikat boleh menyaman Kerajaan kerana kehilangan keuntungan, termasuk keuntungan masa depan, jika tindakan Kerajaan mengakibatkan kerugian itu.

5. Dalam satu kes di sebuah negara Amerika Latin, atas sebab-sebab pencemaran besar-besaran, Kerajaan telah memutuskan untuk menghentikan operasi perlombongan yang diberi kepada sebuah syarikat Amerika. Syarikat itu kemudian menyaman Kerajaan beberapa bilion Dolar AS kerana kehilangan keuntungan, termasuk keuntungan masa depan.

6. Sesuatu keputusan untuk menarik diri daripada TPPA sudah pasti akan menyebabkan kehilangan keuntungan dan keuntungan masa depan oleh syarikat-syarikat yang melabur di Malaysia atau berdagang dengan Malaysia.

7. Penarikan diri ini akan melibatkan banyak syarikat dan jangkaan kerugiannya dikatakan boleh mencecah beratus-ratus bilion. Mahkamahnya bukan milik kita di mana kita boleh bergantung untuk simpati dan prihatin terhadap apa yang akan berlaku kepada ekonomi dan kewangan kita. Tidak ada cara di mana kita boleh memberi tekanan atau merasuah mahkamah. Kita akan terpaksa membayar berbilion-bilion.

8. Oleh itu, tidaklah perlu bercakap tentang melepaskan diri daripada perjanjian bagi mengawal perdagangan dan pelaburan ini, yang dipanggil TPPA. Ianya bukan untuk menggalakkan perdagangan bebas. Ia adalah khusus untuk mengawal selia perdagangan sepenuhnya.

9. Berbanding dengan ini, mungkin kita perlu ingat bahawa apabila kita tidak memeterai sebarang perjanjian seperti ini, kita menjadi negara perdagangan ke-17 terbesar di dunia. Kita bebas untuk melindungi diri kita sendiri dan merangka dasar yang memberi manfaat kepada kita semua rakyat Malaysia. Kita tumbuh dengan pesat pada masa itu. Kita berniaga dengan sesiapa sahaja yang kita suka.

10. Saya boleh banyak berbicara tentang perkara-perkara lain yang tidak baik mengenai TPPA. Tetapi Kerajaan sudah tentu tidak akan mengambil berat. Kerajaan akan melakukan apa saja yang ia mahu lakukan. Jangan soal mengapa. Anda tahu apa jawapan yang anda akan dapat apabila anda bertanya kepada Kerajaan sebarang soalan.

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  1. HBT456 Jan 20,2016 9:25 AM

    149. When dm of miti said he is having 3 jobs, this is the feedback.


    151. He must give assurance to help these smi in making them more competitive because smi is competing themselves in these disipline markets.

    152. If these smi are not exposed in these markets, theh will forever stuck in local market which bound to saturate due to price cutting.

    153. Myr depreciate meaning we can attract fdi from these countries that need to find cheaper production costs.

    154. Sooner or later, umno will face competition from their rivals.

    155. Meriocrity and race and religion supremacy is not the answer.

    156. Political will is the answer to integrate all races under 1 malaysia is the key.

  2. isayso Jan 20,2016 6:51 AM


    For my ‘ex-Boss’:

    It was kind of you to re-produce the news item on the Singapore’s Straits Times WITHOUT the headline ‘ S$ 1 Billion saving for Singapore.’ You left out the headline ! Thanks for getting the right date. I refer you to read Rasmi Banga’s Work on TPPA October 2014. UNCTAD Geneva in which Malaysia will lose US$5 Billions per year. The Straits Times article is self-serving.

    I am pleased I found the right article. The Straits Times article is self-serving indeed. You used it, remember?

    Unfortunately for me, on all my devices, the only visible headline in the link,, simply reads TPP: What’s in it for Singapore?.

    Please accept my apology for leaving out the headline about the S$ 1 Billion saving. It wasn’t intentional. I am ashamed that I do not have the ability to read invisible ink. I congratulate you, Boss, for having such a special skill.

    Anyway, anyone can visit the link I have provided above and confirm what a great gift you have. Pilgrims will soon flock to your home to witness such a miraculous gift.

    Rashmi Banga’s UNCTAD study can be accessed here: Is this the right work?

    Assuming it is, most people will not have the time to read through the 38 pages replete with technical jargon, so please highlight for those of us keen to prove you are right the page where Malaysia’s loss of US$5 billion per year can be found. You may find it easier by downloading the PDF file and then conduct a search within the file. I tried that and failed. It must be that blasted invisible ink again! So Boss, please show your skill again.

    Anyway, on page 27, there is this blurb, followed by Table 6 (parenthesis mine):

    The results show that post tariff liberalisation, Malaysia’s exports may rise to TPPA partner countries from $93.7billion to $95.2 billion, but imports will rise from $73.8 billion to $76.8 billion resulting in adverse BOT (balance of trade) of around $1.4 billion per annum (net). Malaysia’s BOT post TPPA will deteriorate the most with respect to Japan, followed by USA, Australia and Singapore. Malaysia gains with respect to Vietnam in terms of improving its BOT by $ 460 million.

    Did you mean 1.4 billion instead of 5.0 billion? It’s okay, Boss, if you made a typo error or simply bloated a FACT to back up a false narrative. No surprise there.

    Let me provide a quick analysis of Table 6 (in US Dollars, per annum):

    Malaysia loses 2.0 billion in total against 6 of the TPPA countries. Japan accounts for 68% of the loss (1.36 billion) followed by USA (300 million – 15%), Australia (243 million – 12%) and Singapore (58 million – 3%). The key Malaysian sectors responsible for these losses are vehicles (Japan), iron and steel (Japan, USA and Australia), machinery and equipment (Japan and USA). We lose against Boss’ favourite whipping boy (Singapore) in the plastics sector.

    Malaysia gains 600 million against 5 other TPPA nations, with the bulk (76%) accounted for by Vietnam.

    I hope readers can now see the narrative against Singapore (TPPA is the poisoned chalice blah blah blah to kill off the SMEs la de da) is totally absurd. US$58 million per annum is US$ 160,000 per day more in imports per day. If such an amount can wipe out our SMEs, Malaysia is a basket case already. We are not throwing away money. SMEs are buying plastics to make things to sell. You know, your Honourable and Distinguished Prime Minister Najib Tun Abdul Razak received a ‘donation’ of US$681 million, 12 times the annual loss against Singapore. Perhaps you should write to him to donate the balance of 650 million frozen in Singapore to the country. You will easily convince him that his stupid closet aides are responsible for the RM4.0 billion (revised upwards lately from RM2.6 billion).

  3. HouseWife Jan 20,2016 1:04 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Now my little brain is getting the right message and even more convincing that our beloved country is not ready at this time for TPPA, not ready to sell her sovereignty just to please the Big Boss, US or for the sake of Money Money Money. I’m being brainwashed? No, I don’t think so, I may not be smart but thank Allah my little brain can still think and figure out the good and the bad. And also thanks, directly and indirectly, to the ‘war of words’ between the ‘gentlemen of knowledge’, you know them very well, Tun. I have nothing against them but my utmost respect and admiration for their stands, rights and beliefs. Pepatah Melayu kata: Mereka telah banyak makan asam garam.

    So whatever these promoters of TPPA say will fail to convince me because they are stuffing sweets that just taste sour…or no taste? But then again, Tun who am I to tell them, ‘please stop hurting and killing my beloved country with your unwise moves, or you’ll regret it for the rest of your lives’.
    I have sphere of concern but not sphere of influence.

    Please if I may Tun,
    Every person has different direction of thoughts. I respect people who use their brains to think for the good.
    As always, a person with humble feelings, no matter how great his knowledge or wealth, will always to be the first person to extend his handshake of may I say ‘friendship’, nobody is waving a white flag here.
    It is the most honourable thing to do. Only a wise, learned and unselfish person of articulate culture and upbringing will forgo his ego to be so humble to mend the wear and tear.

    It doesn’t matter who started the ‘war of words. Most importantly, as for myself, I learnt many things from you, Mr mubarakchan. Thank you.
    I wish with all my heart and hope….please please dear ‘gentlemen of all knowledge’…embrace friendship love and peace. May Allah Bless you all.

    May Allah Protect you and May Allah Bless you always Tun. May Allah grant you wealth in health and happiness. Thank you so much Tun.

  4. mubarakchan Jan 19,2016 8:10 PM


    For isayso. OK. You have established the following FACTS which were different in your previous Comments :-

    1. You have established that I did not employ you personally. Right, I agree. BUT THE BOARD OF SIME DARBY DID EMPLOY YOU THROUGH ITS MANAGING DIRECTOR. I was on the Board as a non-Executive Director for 18 years and the Malays/Malaysian ownership and control came about from my 1972 concept and efforts with other Malaysians and the full support of our Father of Development, our Prime Minister Tun Haji Abdul Razak and the Minister of Finance, YBM Tengku Tan Sri Razaliehg Hamzah. Their significant support made the opportunity for employing you possible in the 1980s-1990s and for you to achieve the Malaysian Dream with great success which you deserved. The ruling party was/is BN led by UMNO !

    2. It was kind of you to re-produce the news item on the Singapore’s Straits Times WITHOUT the headline ‘ S$ 1 Billion saving for Singapore.’ You left out the headline ! Thanks for getting the right date. I refer you to read Rasmi Banga’s Work on TPPA October 2014. UNCTAD Geneva in which Malaysia will lose US$5 Billions per year. The Straits Times article is self-serving.

    3. You have indeed established the fact that you are very rich by the block of Gamuda shares in your hands. Thanks to your sojourn in Sime Darby 1980s-1990s. Congratulations ! Like our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, I like all Malaysians to be wealthy.

    4. Please note I have always said I am not anti-TPPA, anti-America, anti-Singapore or anti-Lee Kuan Yew. I just want our beloved Malaysia not to sign in haste and join later – even at a higher cost will be worth it because we are not ready politically and socio-economically. That’s all.

    isayso. Shall we let this matter rest ?


  5. isayso Jan 19,2016 5:28 PM


    In search of the truth. My ex-Boss said:

    For those who do not believe that tariff-free goods from Singapore after the signing of the poisoned chalice TPPA for Malaysia will do well to refer to the November news item in the Singapore Business Times which claimed that Singapore will gain a minimum of S$ 1 billion from the export of tariff free goods after Malaysia signed the TPPA. Where else but Malaysia !

    I cannot find this November news item in the Singapore Business Times to support the above and invite Mubarakchan to show the link that will back this up.

    There is, however, an article published on October 14, 2015 under the title “TPP: What’s in it for Singapore?” (

    Below is an excerpt from the article:

    Still, the additional benefits to Singapore, which already has 21 free trade agreements and economic partnership agreements in force, may be incremental.

    For instance, while the TPP will lift curbs on foreign ownership of companies in sectors such as private healthcare, energy and telecommunications in Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam, these industries tend to be dominated by domestic incumbents, with a first-mover advantage. Singapore and other foreign firms could find it tough to make real headway.

    Second, Singapore will be a relatively small beneficiary of the TPP compared to regional neighbours Vietnam and Malaysia, partly because of its existing free trade agreements with major economies like the US, said Credit Suisse economist Michael Wan.

    Vietnam could see a 10 per cent boost to its economy by 2025, while Malaysia could experience a 5.5 per cent expansion in the same period, based on a Peterson Institute for International Economics study.

    In comparison, Singapore will get an expected boost of 1.4 per cent.

  6. isayso Jan 19,2016 10:47 AM


    For Mubarakchan.

    I do not take bull-shitting by isayso a dummy hiding behind a masque seriously. And from being my employee in Sime Darby, he claims to have a vested interest in Gamuda from the 1990s. My congratulations for realising the Malaysian Dream !

    Excuse me. I was not your employee. Sime Darby Berhad was my employer. You were merely a non-executive director who comes to Raja Laut once a month or so and sit around the table voting ‘yes’ (maybe a ‘no’ every now and then) when the time came. You do not determine my compensation or have the power to sack me. Get over it.

    I declared my interest in GAMUDA to pint out a conflict of interest in the statement. I did not say it was from the 1990s (time to invest more when the prices are low now!). This shows how easily you make up your ‘facts’.

  7. HBT456 Jan 19,2016 7:55 AM

    139. The sovereign owners of land are the kerabat and the voters.

    140. Without their permission, there is no way to ask for bailouts again and again.

    141. Dulu, cina dilabelkan pendatang.

    142. Hari ini cina dilabelkan penumpang.

    143. Will umno ever admit their struggles are wrong.

    144. They wont, and they will do anything at all costs just to win.

    145. They forgot they are no longer street fighters.

    146. They are lawmakers.

    147. Sadly, they dont trust anyone other than themselves.

    148. Hanya mereka saja yang betul, semua adalah salah orang cina.

  8. HBT456 Jan 19,2016 7:36 AM


    131. To umno, malay and moslem must come first.

    132. Look at mercy malaysia, moslem must come first.

    133. Umno can keep their struggle as long as they want with anti chinese sentiments.

    134. Look at utusan, the debts are so high that they still want to main its core struggle.

    135. How they do it?

    136. Just bangs.tkan kemarahan orang melayu so that they disqualified as players.

    137. The real challenge with umno is their mindset.

    138. As long as they dont see themselves as part of malaysian, they will eventually loose more votes to its rivals, that is pkr and pas in peninsula.

  9. mubarakchan Jan 19,2016 12:53 AM


    For those who do not believe that tariff-free goods from Singapore after the signing of the poisoned chalice TPPA for Malaysia will do well to refer to the November news item in the Singapore Business Times which claimed that Singapore will gain a minimum of S$ 1 billion from the export of tariff free goods after Malaysia signed the TPPA. Where else but Malaysia !

    If goods from Singapore now do not pay tariff, why not those responsible say so in the interests of transparency.

    I do not take bull-shitting by isayso a dummy hiding behind a masque seriously. And from being my employee in Sime Darby, he claims to have a vested interest in Gamuda from the 1990s. My congratulations for realising the Malaysian Dream !

    All Trade Agreements must look after the interests of all Rakyat, especially those who are underprivileged and weak. I place the SMEs in this category !


  10. isayso Jan 18,2016 12:20 PM

    Dear Tun,

    No one has questioned the effect of the flood of Singaporean tariff-free labelled or re-labelled goods into the Federation. Why ?

    Because that’s bullshit.

    Firstly, I import things for my business. So I am not running my mouth for publicity.

    The fact is, there is hardly any tariff barrier left under the existing Asean Free Trade Area (AFTA). This link sums up AFTA pretty well: Trade Area (‘AFTA for Dummies’).

    Tun, AFTA came into force during your tenure on 1st January, 1993. What happened to the SMEs for the past 23 years? They grew in strength, not necessarily because of AFTA but AFTA did not finish them off. I have not read the rules of engagement but even if there is no Rule of Origin in TPPA, repackaging and relabeling costs money. On top of that the Singapore exporter will have his profit and he is unlikely to settle for peanuts for all the work done. The end result is it may be better off for the Malaysian importer to buy directly from the non-Asean and non-TPPA exporting country. People who know how to conduct business will not go bankrupt.

    Under AFTA’s Common Effective Preferential Tariff (CEPT) scheme, goods exported by an Asean member to another Asean member must have Asean content of at least 40% of the FOB (Free on Board) value of the transaction to qualify for the preferential tariff (0-5%, mostly zero by now). A generous provision grants that the 40% content can include inputs by other Asean countries. OMG! Asean members have been a real chummy lot. Quite a number of Malaysian Ministers are widely regarded as stupid judging from the remarks they make, consistently, but I doubt professionals who negotiated on Malaysia’s behalf are that stupid as to allow wholesale bombardment of the Malaysian economy under TPPA. Have faith in our Malaysian negotiators.

    TPPA will not worsen things for Malaysia from the standpoint of goods from Singapore or any other Asean country into Malaysia. If Malaysia is a cow, she is already being milked under AFTA. There is no need to wait for TPPA lah.

    If the concept of TPPA is the same as all the FTAs of this world, that is to say import duties trending towards zero intra-bloc, then certain industries in Malaysia can be affected if there are no counter measures. What the government gives away, it takes back in another form. Japanese and Korean cars may have 0-5% import duty eventually because these countries are in the bloc. This won’t kill off Proton if the AP system stays. In fact the AP becomes even more prized! Great for the favored few! Malaysia boleh!

    TPPA grants fair and open access to markets within the trade bloc. There will be wins and losses. I buy electric motors from China, through a Malaysian dealer (by the way, THOUSANDS of items can be imported into Malaysia at zero %, courtesy of the ASEAN-CHINA FTA and no one screams) although there are great and better ones from the US, say. If TPPA makes it feasible for me to import from the US I will do just that and that is no skin off any SME’s back. Businesses will always find a way to survive. SMEs under your leadership survived. You know what can happen to stupid businessmen.

    TPPA is not just goods and services. That’s like a frog in a well. There are Malaysian companies that have great expertise in the construction sector – like GAMUDA** with great tunneling skills equal to the best in the world. Under TPPA they can go to the US and have a fair fight. Right now it cannot because there are too many rules and hindrances.

    ** I have a financial interest in Gamuda.

  11. Hajar Jan 17,2016 9:01 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    1. Pembangkang sebenarnya menyokong TPPA. Adalah sekali-sekala mereka bangkitkan isu TPPA, tapi tidak nampak kesungguhan sebab suara agak ’sumbang’ dan tidak lantang.

    2. Pembangkang ’play safe’ sebab tidak mahu menyakiti hati ’mentor’ mereka yaitu Singapura.

    3. Kita sedia maklum yang Singapura memang perlukan TPPA untuk melebarkan kuasa, pengaruh dan penjajahan mereka ke atas Malaysia. Begitu juga USA.

    4. Singapura sentiasa berpura-pura dalam apa saja tindakan dan perbuatan mereka. Mereka ’berlakon’ seolah-olah prihatin (Pembangkang pun serupa – hipokrit), tetapi sebenarnya menunggu masa saja untuk ’ngap’ Malaysia.

    5. Pernahkah Singapura mahu BERALAH atau BERTOLAK ANSUR dengan Malaysia? ’Jambatan Bengkok’ yang kita mahu bina di kawasan kita pun mereka bantah. Adakah kita perlu minta izin Singapura untuk bina jambatan di perairan kita?

    6. Jadi, tidak mungkin Malaysia mendapat apa2 manafaat atau kelebihan dari TPPA. Percayalah!

    7. Singapura yang KIASU tidak akan mahu rugi apa2. Tanah KTM milik kita pun mereka boleh REMBAT di hadapan mata kita…Pulau Batu Puteh pun melepas! Air kita mereka dapat hampir2 percuma. Apa lagi mereka mahu? Ini soalan yang pemimpin kita patut tanya kepada diri sendiri.

    8. Habislah kita ‘dijajah’ oleh Singapura jika TPPA di tanda-tangani. Tambahan pula PM kita ialah Ah Jib Gor.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  12. mubarakchan Jan 17,2016 11:45 AM


    When I switched on the TV this morning, the first news item which hit my eyes were the lifting of the sanctions imposed on Iran by the United States and the EU since 1979.

    This is one good deed of President Obama’s Administration.

    The other is the normalization of diplomatic relationship between the United States and Cuba after putting the latter in a freezer since 1962.

    These two events are the best that has happened in our World and have put the United States back on its track as regards her views of ideals like freedom for Humankind.

    The Americans die for freedom, the British and the French die for money as it is commonly believed.

    To his credit, President Obama recently admitted in Kuala Lumpur that the United States in its political and commercial interests sometimes supported authoritarian regimes, eg Singapore included.

    Yes Tun ! These two nations, Iran and Cuba, each with its own ideals and philosophies of living have regained their full freedom to regain their rightful place in the Sun.

    But our beloved Malaysia will soon lose her Merdeka or Freedom which the Royal Sultans and the UMNO fought so hard for beginning 1946 to 1957 by signing in haste the poisoned chalice TPPA inspired, crafted and promoted by the cunning and crafty Lee Kuan Yew from the moment when you declared you would retire in 2002 !

    At the outset, I declare that I am not anti-TPPA, not anti-America, not anti-Singapore and not anti-Lee Kuan Yew ( I only like to call a spade a spade by studying his public policies based on facts )

    In fact, I think the TPPA is good if our beloved Malaysia is ready politicallly and socio-economically. But I am of the opinion we are not given the back-drop of internal developments since your retirement in 2003.

    I am against a hasty signing of the TPPA. Why ?

    1. The major issue is the game-changer of World events which happened after 2003 to 2016.

    Right in the middle of this period, the greatest cataclysmic financial event since the Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression of 1931 hit the World beginning in 2007 and reached a crescendo in October 2008. Some pundits believe this was part of the Kondratieff Curve which happens once every 80 years or so. The US$3 trillion balloon so created and how to deflate it, is still unresolved as you are aware, Tun. Our Malaysia went headlong into investments all over the World during this period !

    Against this back-drop of financial tumult, the TPPA was inspired, crafted and promoted by the crafty and cunning Lee Kuan Yew which originally was designed as a mask to hide his true intentions or motives which was to subjugate our beloved Malaysia by a flood of tariff free goods from Singapore.

    This is the ONLY LEGAL WEAPON WHICH SINGAPORE HAS TO THIS VERY DAY eg. the goods or re-labelled goods.

    After the Crash of October 2008, Lee Kuan Yew was riding the American Donkey with Obama’s approval in his pocket.

    Hence, he made that audacious thrust into the hot and humid Ulus at the age of 85 ! To exhort his spies, digits and cohorts for the final putsch of his brain-child the TPPA !

    Alas ! the preparations and negotiations for the TPPA took so long from 2002 to 2016 that by the time the TPPS is signed, the Order of Battle for the World of contending forces changed.

    The TPPA now is not only a weapon to finish off Malaysia if it does not work within Malaysian confines and UMNO kena but also finish off indefensible Singapore because of its demographics eg. 3.2 millions locals, 1.2 million FTs and 800,000 millionaires and billionaires.

    At the slightest sound of unrest, these worthies will decamp for greener pastures. Bilahari Kausikan’s opus, ‘ Singapore is not an island ‘ in the Sraits Times 5 October 2016 in which he kicked the ‘Delusional Chinese’ in the butt. And his essay in ‘Lee Kuan Yew’s Legacy’ Fitzwilliam College Cambridge 31 October 2015. One sentence at the end in this 6 page opus is worth a thousand words !

    Against this external backdrop and how the TPPA now affects Singapore’s defence too are the game-changers which have NEVER BEEN CONSIDERED BY MALAYSIA UP TO TO-DAY.

    In other words, the calculations made by Malaysia as regards the expected volume of external two-way trade with the World are way off course because of the seismic economic movements in the markets have affected our major trade partners like China, Singapore, Japan and the United States. And this is the latest.

    At the beginning of the negotiations in December 2009, the price of oil was above US$100 a barrel. In January 2016. the price is below US$30 a barrel. Certainly, this astounding figure has not been factored into our overall trade balance which is now real and not an assumption !

    If only your words of caution were taken as GOLD ! Our beloved Malaysia can now mop up a few motor-car factories again and be KING OF THE HILL AND NOT A KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR !

    2. But in practice, the real commercial or economic life is of FOUR DIMENSIONS ! Lee Kong Chian, Tan Sri Robert Kuok, Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng, Tun Daim Zainuddin, Tan Sri Syed Kechik and Tan Sri Azman Hashim would tell us (Listed according to seniority).

    Has our beloved Malaysia left this out in their considerations to sign the TPPA now ? I have not observed anyone sticking his or her head out to GUARANTEE OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA AND HER RAKYAT THAT THIS TPPA IS A CERTAINTY FOR SUCCESS !

    Many retired minor Civil Servants have written that we should sign in haste without an iota of fact to support their contention. Many minor employees in conflict of interest by working for foreign firms have expressed sweet nothings for the TPPA. Active civil servants claimed they learnt on the spot by taking part in the TPPA negotiations. No wonder they did not become doctors ! Some assured us that Bumiputras interests are protected if we sign the TPPA. I wonder how to separate a
    Bumiputra ringgit from a non-Bumiputra ringgit ! The finest is the official expression of exuberance that with the signing of the TPPA the World will our oyster. But where is the MONEY MONEY MONEY to enjoy it ?

    At the end of the day, all our efforts to create a level playing field and eliminate poverty since 1971 will come to nought with the hasty signing of the TPPA.

    Our politics and socio-economic landscape which was once fertile before 2003 is in the danger of turning barren.

    We need to strengthen ourselves and given sometime to deal with the World. Our education needs to do a catch-up. The right pegs have to be placed in the right pigeon holes. We are a diverse population which has been neglected since 2003 and our skills and inclination have not been utilised to the fullest. What we see is a lot of billions of ringgits sloshing here and there ! We are not Singapore which has an entirely different political System from us. We are a Malaysian Style Democracy.

    Our many SMEs are weak and financially under capitalised and stress in an economy which had no fizz since 2003. With the sudden collapse of the oil price, hundreds of enterprises connected with petroleum are affected. This is the facet of just one industry out of many.

    These are the supporters of the BN. And the rural folk with their dependence on good governance, a good palm oil price and a low cost of living ?

    Let us not sign the TPPA in haste.

    I know a friend who could not buy a piece of land when the price was only RM2 psf. But he could when the price was RM500 psf. The higher cost to sign the TPPA later is worth the wait.

    3. No one has questioned the effect of the flood of Singaporean tariff-free labelled or re-labelled goods into the Federation. Why ?

    What was offered dealt mainly with the sky in the pie type of benefit or the advantages of far away markets in North America which will only have a gain for Malaysia of US$2.4 billions. But Rashmi Banga worked out that after the TPPA, Malaysia will lose US$5 bilions per annum in domestic trade terms in his UNCTAD Paper October 2014. The Suez Canal garners US$5 billions a year before expansion.

    In November 2015, the Singapore Business Times boasted that with the TPPA signed by Malaysia, Singapore saves a minimum of S$ 1 billion from tariff free exported goods ! Where else but Malaysia ! This means Malaysia loses a minimum of S$ 1 billion per year on tariffs levied on Singaporean goods.

    4. As I said before I am not anti-TPPA, not anti-America, not anti-Singapore and not anti-Lee Kuan Yew. I just want our beloved Malaysia to be treated fairly, honestly and transparently. No smart alecs for us, we are Malaysians !

    I have known the Americans since I was very young. I have many friends and relatives living in the States. I have observed their military power long long ago in New Delhi when it was flooded by GIs. Their transport planes, C-45 Commandos landed at the Palam Airport every 15 minutes day and night. Then, I had my fix of comics and chewing gum. I worked for the Americans in medical research from the 3rd Mile Jalan Gombak to the 13th Mile on leptospirosis, malaria and scrub typhus. They are easier to work for than the British.

    By not understanding how the Americans approach certain ideals, we Malaysians will lose out in our dealings with them. I have observed how Lee Kuan Yew dealt with them – through all possible avenues so that he would not lose his influence – the Political-Academia-Business Nexus since 1959 ! Quo Vadis Malaysia ? 19 rounds of golf ? The slightest excuse Lee Kuan Yew would be sitting next to the President in Washington DC ! He was nearly crushed in the US-Suharto caper of 1997 ! He appeared in Washington the following day !

    So, guys and gals, please hold your horses for a while ! It is not high noon at OK Corral yet ! The TPPA can wait for a while to the relief for us the Rakyat, our beautiful land and society, stable living in peace and harmony for centuries !

    As a reminder, Malaysia was closely associated with US Agencies, the Ford Foundation, the Hooper Foundation, the Peace Corps, the USIS, the US Army Medical Unit, Walter Reed Military Hospital, Washington DC, from 1947-1982 !


  13. HBT456 Jan 17,2016 8:49 AM

    123. The main task of pnb is to work hand in hand with state governments to implement policies to build affordable homes.

    124. This function is similar to that of singapore government.

    125. Unfortunately, pnb, just like social contract, are being exploited fully to rich bn.

    126. The factor to delay or do not want to sign up tppa is mainly political.

    127. It is because non of our politicians really have the passion to manage the economy including tdm.

    128. They put party interests above the people.

    129. With this kind of attitude, no one will want to deal with putrajaya.

  14. HouseWife Jan 15,2016 1:48 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Tun, you mention the government wouldn’t care to hear your thoughts on TPPA. You led Malaysia out from her financial crisis in 1997/98, how could they not care? They are the losers.

    Tun, you said TPPA is not for promoting free trade but entirely dedicated to regulating trade. The promoters of TPPA said otherwise. TPPA will create more open markets and international investments which will eventually lead to more productivities, exports and job opportunities.
    But as the ever knowledgable Mr mubarakchan mention, free flow of tariff free goods from S’pore is the weapon that will finish off the SMEs and replaced these with imported S’pore goods. There will be no tariff barriers for S’pore or her labelled goods and will flood into Malaysia. Malaysian manufactured goods caters only for the very small markets, domestically, because of the high cost of production, and lack of funding and workers will therefore unable to export her goods. Thus, TPPA will create bankruptcies, unemployment and chaos. Of course, big companies will get preferencials from the government and survive, no restrain to fly around the world.
    Has this predicament ever been raised or mentioned by miti to the people? Now, people should we worry or not?
    This is some food for thought.

    Let’s say, once upon a time TPPA was signed. Malaysia gave bauxite mining to an American company. Malaysian government stopped the mining operation because of massive pollution. What happen then? Who sue who? Who is at the losing end?
    Did it end with a happily ever after or happily never who? I leave it to anyone to finish the story.

    Mr musato cakap pasal gst, teringat pula cerita filem Melayu dulu-dulu dimana hulubalang2 raja memeras ugut rakyat jelata, yang hanya petani dan nelayan, membayar cukai atau ufti. Tak bayar kena belasah, anak2 dara dibawa lari, rumah atap rumbia dibakar, harta benda di rampas.
    Kita ni balik ke zaman feudal ka Tun, mungkin ikut zaman moden tak teruk sangat kot, hanya kena denda atau dihadap ke mahkamah. Ya, kenapa orang susah tak berduit pun dikena gst? Kerajaan tak fikir panjang2 ke pasal ini? Tak kesian ka?

    I end by saying: ‘Everybody wants to rule the World’..Tears for Fears.

    ‘Some people are more certain of everything than I am of anything’ ..
    Robert Rubin, In an Uncertain World

    May Allah Bless You Tun. May Allah Protect you and grant you wealth in health and happiness. Take care, follow doctor’s order, don’t work too hard and Thank You Tun

  15. cruze Jan 14,2016 8:46 PM

    Sabar sabarlah semua yang sudah sudah lah. Kita semua di sini umpama datang ke rumah orang (blog hak milik Tun).
    Tak elok kita bersengketa dan sindir menyindir.

    Masing masing punya kelebihan dan terpulang pada kaedah mereka sendiri untuk meluahkan di rumah Tun ini.

    Media sosial adalah dunia tanpa sempadan dan amat terbuka.

    Kita harus jadi kuat untuk mengharungi media sosial..

    Jangan begitu lagi ya, nanti semua silent reader hilang hormat pada kita.

    Mohon maaf dan asalamualaikum untuk semua yang berugama islam.

  16. musato Jan 14,2016 8:34 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Majlis Fatwa Malaysia menghukumkan harus untuk GST sekiranya terdapat keperluan untuk kemaslahatan negara dan rakyat.

    Hukum harus GST ini dimainkan blogger upahan kerajaan.

    Sudah tentu muzakarah berkenaan hukum perlu dibincangkan oleh golongan agama dan yang professional.

    Namun untuk memanggil ahli politik untuk turut serta dalam menetapkan hukum saya kira satu perkara subjektif.

    Kerana kita tidak dapat menetapkan ‘nilai kehebatan pentadbiran’ seorang ahli politik melainkan yang kita tahu sekarang ini cuma seorang yang telah buktikan kecemerlangan dalam pentadbiran iaitu Tun Mahathir.

    Sedangkan Tun Mahathir sendiri tidak menolak untuk GST dilaksanakan (untuk hukum yang harus), namun beliau juga mencadangkan cara cara yang lain selain GST, untuk mengelak pelaksanaan GST kerana ia memberi kesan besar pada setiap lapisan rakyat.

    Pemantauan dan pelaksanaan GST perlu betul betul mantap dan tegas kerana jika berlaku kelonggaran dalam pelaksanaan dan pemantauan terhadap GST ia akan jatuh pada hukum HARAM! kerana ia turut memberi kesan pada golongan miskin.

    BRIM bukan satu jalan penyelesaian pada keharusan hukum GST.

    Bukan semua dapat BRIM. Malah keselesaan rakyat terhadap perlindungan asas seperti rumah, makanan dan keselamatan perlu dijamin.

    Soalannya setelah GST adakah perkara asas seperti rumah, makanan dan keselamatan makin meningkat setelah GST.

    Adakah memiliki kenderaan atau menaiki komuter yang murah tambangnya juga bukan satu keperluan asas?

    GST boleh menjadi harus dan bertukar kepada HARAM.

    Untuk menjaga negara kerajaan bergantung kepada GST. Jika negara semakin merudum jika ditadbir oleh kerajaan sekarang dan semakin bergantung pada hasil cukai GST dari rakyat, maka saya hukumkan GST (semua orang kena cukai termasuk orang miskin) adalah HARAM!

    Yang benar,

    Terima kasih Tun.

  17. Hajar Jan 14,2016 4:17 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    1. A booklet on TPPA was launched recently. I hope it would be successful in explaining TPPA issues to the public; hopefully the explanations are accurate and the people in charge are telling the truth (Can we trust them?). But then what can we expect from all leaders under the current regime…‘Bodoh sombong & cakap berbelit’.


    2. Sometimes we just need to do our part in reminding others about some important things/facts, but if they are not willing to learn or listen by taking appropriate actions, then we can simply say “lantak kamulah, jika kamu masih mahu menunjukkan KEBOD*HAN dan kejahilan di khalayak ramai… ha..haa..haa…”.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  18. novo Jan 14,2016 2:36 PM


    TUN RAZAK termasuk dalam katogeri OK


    Anaknya Najib Razak termasuk dalam katogeri KO.


  19. wajaperak Jan 14,2016 11:14 AM

    Assallammaualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan..

    Tun..seperti biasa..


    Penat la kita suruh mereka mengamalkan ajaran Islam iaitu FARDU KIFAYAH..
    Belajarlah mengerti akan sifat ALLAH yang 20 sebelum mengamalkan ajaran sekular dan kafir..


    [wajaperak. A dummy using a non-islamic name to give unsolicited religious advice]
    Tun..seperti biasa..Profesional beginilah YANG MENINDAS MUSLIMIN YANG LEMAH..SIFAT ANGKUH DAN SOMBONG MEREKA ENGGAN MENGAKUI KEBENARAN melainkan mendapat restu loya ( ? Lawyer ? ) mereka..Saya setuju Tun..

    LOYA saya dibuatnya..:)

    [Is this proper for a dummy to do so ?]

    The word fool are no longer mentioned..Maybe he got STUNG???..:)

    [Are the religious quotes correct and permissible by the use of a dummy ?]

    [Has he/she broken any religious rules ?]

    [Could a dummy be seditious ?]
    The secular have spoken..
    [What religion does this dummy profess ?

    Surah Ali’Imran. Ayat 118.

    Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Janganlah kamu mengambil orang-orang yang bukan dari kalangan kamu menjadi orang dalam (yang dipercayai). Mereka tidak akan berhenti-henti berusaha mendatangkan bencana kepada kamu. Mereka sukakan apa yang menyusahkan kamu. Telahpun nyata (tanda) kebencian mereka pada pertuturan mulutnya dan apa yang disembunyikan oleh hati mereka lebih besar lagi. Sesungguhnya telah kami jelaskan kepada kamu keterangan-keterangan itu jika kamu (mahu) memahaminya.

    [For all I care , this dummy could be an Eskimo from the coldest reaches of the Arctic or Antarctica]

    Yes..It is true..but the coldest region in the world is not from this place but


    Seperti biasa orang-orang muslimin akan sentiasa berbeza pendapat antara satu sama lain.Perbezaan ini boleh diatasi dengan semangat musyawarah dan muzakarah.Caranya kita berjumpa..bersalam-salaman.Solah berjemaah bersama-sama.Baca Al Quran bersama-sama.Merujuk kepada yang pakar dan fakih seperti Dr Lukmanul Hakim dan kesemua Hafiz-Hafiz.

    Oleh itu jangan segan-segan untuk hubungi saya di sini


    Kalau anda pengecut dan ops..maaf..Kalau anda tiada ‘TELOR’ ayam atau apa-apa sahaja tidak perlu jawab salam ukhwah saya.

    If you have NO BALL to the exquisite of your nature or to whatever reason thus make you unable to get the BALL rolling..just ignore my ukhwah proferred hand.

    To whom it mays conscience..

    “Jika kalian berselisih tentang sesuatu, maka kembalikanlah ia kepada Allah dan Rasul-Nya, jika kamu benar-benar beriman kepada Allah dan hari kemudian. Yang demikian itu lebih utama (bagimu) dan lebih baik akibatnya.” [An-Nisa’ : 59]

    Tun..saya suka orang-orang BERANI!!!

    Terima kasih Tun.

  20. balance Jan 14,2016 10:42 AM

    mubarakchan Jan 14,2016 2:01 AM

    How are you?
    Are you getting enough sleep?
    Pls cool down a bit lah, boiling hot is not good for health.
    I may be a dummy to you and i feel ok
    Ok OK OK you are telling the truth and all other things you mentioned are correct and perfect. I dont know as I am dummy and ball-carrier of LKY only so pls excuse me can or not? Please….

    I not not wish to see you in this situation and i will simply agree to all you said and will be saying.

    Smile and Joy to

  21. mubarakchan Jan 14,2016 9:15 AM


    My heartiest congratulations to you for establishing this Distinguished and Honourable Blog the eye to the World or backwards into our beloved Malaysia ! Why ?

    It is because very soon this Blog of freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of expression will have 20,000,000 visitors. It has become an icon to all the World. And why am I so exuberant about all this.

    From learning about the brainwashing technique applied by Lee Kuan Yew on our naive, friendly and hospitable Malaysian minds, I decided to try out Pavlov and his dogs experiment of the 1920s right here in this Blog.

    The preliminary results give hope that this Distinguished and Honourable Blog will soon be a recognised academic reading for doctorate aspirants in SOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY ! How ?

    There were two significant reactions to my factual comments since September 2011.

    1. The First Reaction was when I delved into the facts of the brilliant, meritocratic and visionary Lee Kuan Yew. The first 6-7 Failed Policies which were commented by me brought out the Singaporean dummies from the Ministry of Information, Singapore. They have not appeared since eg

    mnm. rocket scientist from Singapore, yusof12. saxykorma, etc.

    2. The Second Reaction by the Pavlov Pets or dummies eg. isayso, wajaperak, balance, O, wendycassidy, The, etc. ( ilioni and faradina have since dropped out when they realised they were backing not the wrong horse but a bad horse. Well-done and welcome to the BN, ladies )
    was to the following :-


    As I told a rich friend once when he wanted to be a politician, ‘ 50% of the population are jealous of you, when you join politics, the other 50% will hate you. 100% of the population dislike you.’ This is just one facet in the study of social anthropology.

    ii) My discovery of the 47 Failed Policies of the brilliant, meritocratic and visionary Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015) derived from facts which show that he was really a crooked conman and Dictator which will embarass the alumni of the herald of Western freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of expression, the University of Cambridge.

    iii) And the 3 EASY STEPS TO PUTRAJAYA eg.

    a. In 1997, if the Distinguished and Honourable DPM had taken a holiday in the United States. He would have returned as the Distinguished and Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    b. In 2008, if the Opposition had sorted out the 32 Aduns BEFORE AND NOT AFTER THE GENERAL ELECTIONS, they would have been in Putrajaya since and won the 2013 General Elections as well. It would have cost them no money.

    c. In 2013, if the Opposition had boycotted the General Elections and checked into the First Class Ward of the KLGH and declared a 100 day fast to death ( not even Gandhi had tried this ) with the international media in tow, they would have been in Putrajaya since April 2013.

    These THREE COMMENTS were set-up to act as the ringing bells in Pavlov and his pets, 1920s. WHENEVER I BROUGHT THEM UP THE BRAINWASHED DUMMIES WILL START BARKING AT ME ! Recent events here have proved my experiment on the dummies worked.


    Why do I do this ? First it is a new form of study of how the Net is used to brainwash naive, friendly and hospitable minds easily. This is just an adjunct from how Lee Kuan Yew used a cheap and efficient method with the advice by the best Western agencies on how to fix up the Malaysian Chinese minds and others. This worked for him.

    With this Distinguished and Honourable Blog, sooner or later, it will be seen as a threat to the Opposition if FACTS, SOUND ARGUMENTS AND DECENT LANGUAGE ARE BROUGHT UP TO COUNTER FOR THE GOOD OF THE BN !


    Even when I said ‘ I did not get any money, favours or titles from our beloved Tun.’ This statement itself struck a bell in the brainwashed dummies but not otherwise ! Interesting but not strange in scientific terms. Acheh !

  22. mubarakchan Jan 14,2016 6:42 AM


    For the World, and the Opposition/Singaporean dummies, isayso, wajaperak, balance, wendycassidy, 0, and other serial dummies to come.

    Let us dissect the important conspiratorial dummy from our nearest and dearest Singapore hiding behind the masque The, he/she is featured in the naive, friendly, and hospitable UMNO owned New Straits Times, Streets Central Supplement Page 8, March 8 2014.and Wikileaks – spying on the sexual peccadilloes of Malaysian politicians.

    This chief dummy is the ‘jack of all trades’ with the Third Estate and monitors the going ons in this Blog. He/she wants to prevent the revelation of the 47 Failed Policies of the crooked conman and Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015).

    He has no objection to what I normally say


    But isayso does not like what I say about both our Distinguished and Honourable Prime Ministers.

    As I said before, what I comment on this Distinguished and Honourable Blog with facts, there are 50 % detractors and 50% supporters. In a honest and factual comment like this, there will be 100% detractors.

    The interesting fact is that these idle Opposition he/she dummies have embedded here due to the lack of interest in the Opposition leadership which has cracked up and now gone awry ! Foe want of a better subject to keep the dummy troops together !


  23. joetamchi Jan 14,2016 5:49 AM

    Bila TPP dimeterai….
    Mungkinkah Malaysia akan dikenduri..?

    berdagang kita Timur & Barat…
    Utara & Selatan moga bertempat….

    Sanggupkah kita hidup terikat…
    Dlm perjanjian penuh rahsia & syarat….

    Takut nanti yg dikejar tak dapat….
    Rakyat & keturunan yg
    tanggung MUSIBAT….


  24. malaysian1000000 Jan 14,2016 2:44 AM


    Ku tengok telatah DSN umpama Dato’ Vida. Lagi dicemuh makin menjadi – jadi. Qu Puteh Qu Puteh Barulah Putih Ppttuuii.

    TPPA? Apa kesan jangka masa panjang/sederhana/pendek? Dengan harga minyak yang tengah jatuh teruk. Sampai bila nilai RM boleh maintain. Dikala kadar USD jatuh di forex tapi nilai USD jadi makin besar dengan nilai RM.

    Bagus untuk medical? Umum tahu ubatan dari barat hanya ‘mengawal’ penyakit tetapi tidak ‘mengubati’. Perlukah kita rakyat Malaysia benda macam ini?

    Bagus untuk education? Banyak ke budget gomen nak hantar student Malaysia ramai – ramai keluar negara? Berapa Billion pula hendak diseludup keluar guna akaun student – student ni?

    Bagus untuk perdagangan? Dengan currency teruk macam sekarang, consumer boleh beli apa dengan gaji RM1000?

    Bagus untuk industri? Industri apa lagi? Tulis di kotak memang made in USA tapi hakikatnya Made in China juga.

    Bagus untuk banking service? Umum tahu taktik perbankan barat tersangatlah licik. Contoh sudah diberi sendiri oleh DSN dalam kes 1MDB dimana kena bayar komisen 10% pada syarikat kewangan barat.

    Bagus untuk industri perfileman? Mungkin juga. Sebab tu menteri jadi pengerusi FINAS sekarang yang dikawal selia oleh SKMM. Sebab boleh cuci duit buat filem ratus – ratus juta.

    Umpama gajah depan mata tak nampak, kuman diseberang laut diagung – agungkan.

    P/S : Banyak lagi tanah boleh gadai. Putrajaya pun boleh gadai juga. Daripada beri pada pembangkang baik bagi pada barat. Betul tak Bang Ajib?


  25. mubarakchan Jan 14,2016 2:01 AM


    Fresh troops are recruited by the Opposition led by isayso to deal with my factual comments in this Blog with the support of wajaperak, balance, wendycassidy and 000. I expect more of the same – serial bombardment of my facts with abuse, insults and vilification aimed at me personally. No problem !

    Good ! Very Good ! You fellows are providing me with a platform to stand at the next General Elections !

    This is a very small army indeed. Why so many dummies to deal with a flesh and blood person who just use brain-power normally ?

    These dummies hiding behind pseudonyms think they can use extreme language behind the safety of a mask ! It is OK as my learned lawyer advised.


    It is obvious that these wooden dummies are lining up and serially poised to attack me for SAYING THE TRUTH by the use of insulting, abusive and vilifying remarks. Good !

    I give you all full marks if you can say a sentence without abuse, insults or vilification. But it is obvious your education limits you, dummies !

    Let these made in Malaysia or Singapore dummies show to the World who visits here how our Malaysian democracy is practised.

    How Malaysian Opposition dummies use jack-boots to stamp out dissenting facts or opinions right here in this Distinguished and Honourable Blog ? Enjoy !

    Let us dissect these wooden dummies, one by one. Let the World look in ! Look at a gathering of conspiracy now developing in this very Blog !

    wajaperak. A dummy using a non-islamic name to give unsolicited religious advice. Is this proper for a dummy to do so ? Are the religious quotes correct and permissible by the use of a dummy ? Has he/she broken any religious rules ? Could a dummy be seditious ? What religion does this dummy profess ? For all I care , this dummy could be an Eskimo from the coldest reaches of the Arctic or Antarctica

    isayso. This dummy does not like me to say ( because he is the closest aide to an Opposition leader.)


    (I definitely do not see anything wrong with the above which I thought is honest and frank. I am not a hypocrite.)

    He was my former employee in Sime Darby where he found his Malaysian Dream and praised me sky high in his Blog in 2010 when I wrote an article on Sime Darby in the New Straits Times. This shows what politics of the irrational and emotional kind can do to a dummy.

    balance. This dummy could not believe that his Singaporean hero could be a crooked conman and Dictator based on the facts of his failed public Policies which I produced – 47 of them. His senile dementia plays pucks with his/her writing and turned him/her into an old fool of a dummy.

    wendycassidy. This is the most irrelevant he/she dummy of all. Go home to your Daddy in Singapore or the sub-continent. You speak Urdu or Hindi ? I do.

    000 = 0. This he/she dummy could be stripped of his/her mask which leaves BLANK. He/she is a semi-professional of sorts from the Ministry of Information, Singapore which loves to employ Malaysians.

    Dummies are of no use to me, he/she.

    The following words are for the good of all Rakyat, bad he/she dummies excluded.


  26. Hajar Jan 13,2016 11:21 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    Mohon izin Tun untuk buat ulasan mengenai adab dan sopan-santun dalam penulisan di blog:

    1. Pada artikel ini Tun utarakan isu dan permasaalahan berkaitan TPPA yang besar kemungkinan akan diluluskan di sidang Parlimen pada penghujung Feb 2016 nanti.

    2. Mana mungkin ada ahli Parlimen BN/UMNO yang akan ’ingkar’ perintah diktator DSN -TPPA akan ditanda-tangani. Rejim PM Najib bukan jenis yang mahu mendengar pendapat rakyat biasa. Inilah kelemahan ketara DSN & gang…syok sendiri dalam membuat apa2 keputusan. Mereka tiada keprihatinan langsung terhadap rintihan rakyat.

    3. Tapi yang peliknya, ada yang masuk blog Chedet (almost all the time) bukan mahu memberi pendapat berkaitan isu2 / topik2 yang Tun utarakan; jika sipi2 pun ok juga, sebab kadang2 ada perkara atau isu semasa yang berkaitan dengan topik yang Tun bincangkan.

    4. Jika sekali-sekala melencong setelah pendapat berkaitan topik artikel telah diberikan, mungkin boleh diterima.

    5. Ada orang yang kerjanya asyik MENGKOMEN dan mengutuk penulisan orang lain sehingga sampai ke tahap membelasah individu yang dikutuk. Sebenarnya mereka sebegini tidak tahu adab dan sopan santun dalam perbincangan di blog / Internet.

    6. Lagi satu, jika kita ingin menulis, sekali sekala ada keperluan untuk guna stail boldface – bold pada sesetengah perkataan, tetapi adalah satu perkara yang tidak beretika untuk menggunakan ’boldface’ pada ayat2 penuh (menyakitkan mata pembaca..). Ada yang (mungkin si polan ini rasa ini satu keperluan) pada pengakhir penulisan sentiasa ada ayat2 (ayat penuh) yang di ’bold’ kan. Mungkin si polan ini kurang arif tentang etika (adab) berkomunikasi di Internet / blog/ etc.

    7. Penggunaan ’boldface’ biasanya ialah untuk penekanan atau untuk tajuk (untuk ’highlight’ tajuk); jika disamakan dengan percakapan, suara kita dikuatkan, dan jika terlalu kerap digunakan akan kelihatan seolah-olah kita menjerit kepada pembaca2 lain untuk mendapat perhatian.

    8. Sama juga dengan penggunaan HURUF BESAR. Sebenarnya adalah juga tidak begitu beretika untuk menulis ayat dengan keseluruhannya (ayat penuh) menggunakan huruf BESAR (juga sama seperti menjerit). Cuma sesuai untuk tajuk kepada sesuatu artikel. Jika digunakan di tempat2 yang spesifik untuk tujuan penekanan perkataan (bukan ayat penuh), ianya boleh diterima.

    9. Harap ’sesiapa yang makan cili, akan terasa pedasnya’…

    10. Saya doakan Tun sihat sejahtera hendaknya…dan saya harap Tun akan terus membela nasib rakyat untuk kebaikan semua rakyat Malaysia. Katakan TIDAK kepada TPPA!

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  27. cruze Jan 13,2016 10:48 PM

    Musato good, di samping menteri2 juga tidak pintar kerana kemaruk menggunakan media sosial hingga mata jadi panda (salleh kruak & khairy ).
    Untuk mencari jalan penyelesaian pun menggunakan internet, di mana kah otak yang katanya pandai hingga mendapat kelulusan tinggi (ahmad maslan), setakat mengajak rakyat berjimat dengan post gambar memasak dan beri pandangan melalui media fb dan tweeter.
    Najib dan anggota2 kabinetnya yang telah salah gunakan media ini.
    Menteri dahulu lebih bijak, berhemah tinggi dan berwawasan walau menjadi pemimpin dengan tiada kemudahan hand phone.

    Media elektronik sudah lengkap pun masih gagal menguruskan 1mdb…hingga hutang jadi banyak berbilion2, apa maknanya?

    Asalamualaikum semua yang berugama islam.

  28. sroom Jan 13,2016 10:18 PM

    Salam Tun

    TPPA can be a bad idea that may turn out great with Allaah’s blessings.

    About TPPA, most countries are concerned with how physical trade are to be dealt with. New Zealand and Australia wanted one schedule, so all participating countries would agree to the same things, but the USA said many of these countries already had free trade deals with each other, so existing deals should remain, but those countries that didn’t already have trade deals with each other should begin negotiating bilateral deals now. Malaysia cannot undo TPPA but it can take advantage of the situation now!

    There are also ample opportunities for some countries like Malaysia to do a bilateral deal outside the TPPA citing the fears that the full TPPA will never be agreed to. So in the eyes of US, Malaysia do agree with TPPA but behind their backs Malaysia can do whatever it wants. Malaysia can also cite the example that the agreement between Japan and Australia will still stand even after TPPA.

    We must also take the opportunity to review existing Bumiputra policies. I don’t mean abolishing Bumiputra policies in totality but start collating statistics to measure its efficiency, effectiveness and remove wastages. We must be brave to tell the world as a rational people that Bumiputra policies are not “sacred cows”. Those policies that tend to reduce our Bumiputra economic performance, reduce the options available for handling any crisis, and slow down the government’s response to crises will have to be reviewed or abolished.

    There’s a lot of work and thinking ahead. Malaysia should not wait for TPPA. Surely everybody is fooling anybody in this TPPA! We have unprincipled leaders running the nations.. so whatever policies dictated by these leaders, it is ONLY for their own glory. Like you mentioned, the government cares less for the people.


  29. musato Jan 13,2016 9:19 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Tak payahlah sesapa nak bandingkan zaman Tun Mahathir takde internet dan zaman Najib ada internet sampai kata maklumat dan fitnah cepat tersebar.

    Kalau tak reti nak gunakan kebaikan internet, maka jadilah benda yang bawa kemudaratan.

    Bukan hal zaman internet ataupun tidak. Pandai guna atau tidak?

    Usahlah guna alasan alasan faktor luaran sebab ekonomi kita tak begitu menggembirakan.

    Dengan internet la, krisis kenaikan harga minyak global tahun 2008 dapat diselesaikan.

    Siapa yang melakukan usaha penyelesaian? Mestilah Tun Mahathir kita. Tun kata beliau jadi posmen jer.

    Siapa yang guna internet? Sayalah.

    Setiap zaman pasti berubah, tetapi yang pasti jalan penyelesaian sentiasa wujud mengikut kesesuaian zaman seperti yang kita diajar dan pelajari.

    Tolonglah jangan bagi alasan mudah mudah macam zaman Tun takde internet, masalah ekonomi sebab faktor luaran.


    Terima kasih Tun.

  30. WandyCaswady Jan 13,2016 8:02 PM

    Dear MubarakChan… The Intelligent man of all men in this world including Buddha or Respected Toa.. As a non-lawyer… N as a 12 old kid… Why dont u Try follow your respected Lawyer… Ignore us dummies… Can you sir?? Haha… Empty can always noisy… Why dont you read a little about Ching Dynasty… International Jew by Henry Ford… Book written published on 1920.. Compare yourself to Henry Ford…A Jew… Typical muslim ofcourse hates jews..Musa bin Nusair was also a jewish man whom convert into islam n became hero to African Soil n Andalus in Islam war History… Do you know where was Andalucia my Teacher MubarakChan.. it is Portugal n Spain… Can you look at Greece now… TTPA… I guess you should just ignore us respected mr MunsrakChan… Just follow your lawyer’s instruction… If you reply… Then i guess you better give your money to charity to chineese orphanage or christian orphsnage…instead of wasting it onto your lawyer… Anyway.. tq sir.. for your input about Malaysia n comments.. really give me more idea to think wisely… Tq teacher…

  31. sibotak Jan 13,2016 12:35 PM

    Setuju dengan amd trmz

    SHAH ALAM – Pentadbiran Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak tidak sewajarnya cuci tangan dengan menyalahkan faktor luaran khususnya kejatuhan harga minyak dunia yang mempengaruhi ekonomi negara.

    Satu Dunia harga minyak jatuh begitu juga Singapura
    Harga minyak jatuh tapi kerajaan mereka jatuhkan sikit saja
    Kalau naik mereka naikan lebih lepas tu mereka berdiam diri
    Hanya tunggu rakyat terpekik
    Kerajaan mereka lebih mengawal rakyat hingga menjadi baruah terhormat
    Tapi itu urusan mereka

    Yg jadi soal pada Kerajaan Najib
    Mereka pun serupa kita ,harga minyak mereka juga turun
    Tapi Ekonomi mereka tetap mantap
    Jadi , Mana silap nya ?
    Kangkung tak menjadi ke ?

  32. HouseWife Jan 13,2016 12:20 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Tok Pa happy because opposition MPs show happy faces to him, does this mean all system go?
    So no more fears and worries, questions asked, questions answered, nothing to hide, now all is fine..really Tun? Can anyone for sure guarantee this, Tun? This is a huge huge deal. Our freedom and sovereignty is at stake. Yes, of course we want our country to move on, bbc chairman.
    But not under you and your Boss’s leadership, because he has lied to us before and you all defended him more than you care for us people. How can I ever really really trust him again.

    If the pros and cons of TPPA are to weigh, which is heavier, Tun? Will it brings more benefits to our economy, Tun or it is just a matter or geopolitical implications, that’s why the government favour it so much. How not to worry when we are signing away our sovereignty, pride and dignity, not like we are some kinds of goods for them to auction off.
    I don’t know. I still need reassurance to off-set my worries because my future generation’s lives will be affected. I want to leave them in good hands, don’t everyone.

    Tun, si arul says 1MDB’s worst days are over. It is no longer an issue. But still got billions of debts to settle.
    What is the purpose of 1MDB, anyway, to create billions of debts to pay back billions of debts by buying and selling whatever their greedy hands can get hold on to on the expense of the rakyat’s sweat, blood and tears?
    Is that what you call good business?
    What is the good that 1MDB has given to us, to the country, Mr PM?

    I am no politician, nor an economist or an environmentalist, why sometimes I crack my head concerning issues clouding our country, I don’t know, maybe it’a a woman’s instinct..she cares too much. To feel better, woman talk about past problems, future problems, potential problems, even problems that have no solution.
    But rather she seeks relief by expressing herself and being understood. If she feels she is being heard, her stress disappears. To forget her own painful feelings she may become emotionally involved in problems of others. This is the way a woman operates, she has her sense of self. sorry Tun, I’ve derailed. I hope I’ve not redicule myself.

    Now back to the real world.
    Mr PM, please educate your people, in Putrajaya and outside, not to take money from strangers, like our mother used to teach us, “adik, jangan ambil duit gula2 daripada orang tak kenal”.
    Pesanan ini kita ingat sampai ke tua, kita pula sampai pada anak2 kita and so on and on.
    But no worry kan Tun, people appointed to power now have high ethical and moral values, so they can shoo shoo temptations and allurements. May Allah Save us, Tun from the deceitful temptations of the dajjal.

    Oh yes, also congrates to DSN for being one of the friendliest Malaysian to Singapore. Good for you, DSN. Tell me your secret, how did you do it? by giving up everything that should be ours to them? So to stay forever ‘friendly’, what else should you do, Mr PM? But please don’t sell us off to them again to gain their accolades. May Allah forbids.
    Nothing last forever in this world, right Tun.

    May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah grant you wealth in health and happiness. Take care and Thank You Tun.

    Excuse me Tun, allow me a moment:
    Please don’t redicule or underestimate si botak. He has his own way of stating his mind on issues he knows. He is not ting-tong kosong but penuh berisi dengan gayanya a poetic way. I like.

    Anggaplah atau lagi baiklah kalau apa-apa hendak dikongsi dibuat sebagai pendermaan ilmu, moga-moga Allah terima sebagai amal jariah. Wallahuaklam.
    Ujian Allah datang dalam pelbagai cara. Sebahagian daripada kita pula bagai tidak berhenti berdepan dengan cabaran yang menguji diri.

    Terima kasih Tun. Terima kasih semua.

  33. amd trmz Jan 13,2016 11:57 AM


    Berita hari ini,

    SHAH ALAM – Pentadbiran Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak tidak sewajarnya cuci tangan dengan menyalahkan faktor luaran khususnya kejatuhan harga minyak dunia yang mempengaruhi ekonomi negara.

    Naib Presiden PKR, Rafizi Ramli berkata prestasi ekonomi negara sebenarnya berada dalam kawalan kerajaan Umno-BN susulan setiap keputusan yang memberikan keuntungan atau kerugian kepada negara dibuat oleh pentadbiran Najib dan setiap Perdana Menteri sebelum itu.

    Kredit berita, sinar harian














    HE HE HE


  34. sibotak Jan 13,2016 1:36 AM

    Mengapa Meritocracy di utamakan olih Pembangkang
    Juga dialau alaukan olih Kerajaan Singapura

    Meritocracy adalah senjata utama mereka
    Mereka tahu akan Kelemahan orang Melayu
    Yg memang nyata tidak bijak membangun
    Meritocracy lah yg akan melemahkan kedudukan orang melayu
    Hujungnya Melayu dipersalahkan kerana tidak berjaya

    Begitu juga pembangunan di Penang , Singapura
    Mereka memberi alasan untuk membangunkan ekonomi juga mengadakan perkerjaan
    Tapi untuk Kepentingan Siapa eh ? tanya orang malayu
    Ia akan Lebih mengkayakan mereka ,dengan melayu terpaksa gadai tanah dek kerana kos hidup yg berekonomi yg tinggi

    Pekerjaan pun Ahmad dapat gaji lebih kecil dari si Ah Leng
    Dengan nyata juga dengan secara sembunyi
    Itu pun cukup makan kadang kala Miss

    Maka Saya selalu Berpendapat
    Apa guna Pembangunan jika Pembangunan itu bukan milik kita
    Kita orang Melayu hanya menang Shiok saja
    Lebih Berangan dari Kenyataan

    Adakah kita pemalas , kita ni bodoh ?
    Agak agaknya ada tetapi dan akan tetapi

    Kejayaan adalah ukuran masing masing

    Orang Cina ingin membeli bulan dan bintang
    Mengahmpuskan Alam Semesta untuk kepentingan sendiri
    Hingga fasal Harta Anak tidak hormat Mak Bapa
    Dan Harta mereka yg memisahkan hubungan keluarga

    Si Ahmad dia lebih relax
    Masa bersama keluarga, sesama kawan ,punya tedur, pakaian ,bumbung
    Masa beribadah adalah pengertian bagi kita umat Islam
    Di sebab inilah Islam tidak pentingkan pembangunan Militia
    Bukan keran tidak pandai dan malas

    Tidak Siapa yg Salah juga Tidak Siapa yg Betul
    Ini Hak masing masing

    Jadi kenapa kita berkerjar mengikut budaya mereka ?
    Mengapa pula kita tidak membendung mereka mengikut Budaya kita

    Ajar mereka lebih Relax ,mereka akan Kepanasan
    Sebab itu bukan tujuan hidup mereka
    Kenapa pula kita nak ikut irama lagu dan permaianan mereka

    Inilah punca kenapa Melayu di pandang Gagal
    Kenapa jika kita tahu kita akan kalah bermain BasketBall kita masih nak ikut permainan mereka
    Mengapa tidak kita ajar mereka bermain Sepak Takraw jika kita mahu jaga
    Hak dan Kepentingan kita

    Saya Racists ? Ya saya Racist. Racists itu nyata tapi lagi mulia dari Hypocrites
    Cuma kita perlu juga menerima Kewujudan masing masing dengan hormat
    Bukan dangan hast dengki
    Yg selalu jadi rosak urusan manusia adalah sifat tamak
    lagi lagi jiran sebelah .Baik ….baik ? Baik ada makna tu

    Ni sekejap lagi HBT mesti hantar telur kat saya

  35. sibotak Jan 12,2016 8:39 PM

    I read Mukhliz recent speech
    I see future of Mukhliz Mahathir
    A smiling Tiger just like his father
    We are looking forward for Mukhliz

    He is young ,quiet but a smiling Tiger
    The kind of leader I,m looking forward for Malaysia
    Not yelling and hiding
    Empty vessels makes the most noise

    Malaysia needs a change for Good
    No change for Bad

  36. wajaperak Jan 12,2016 6:01 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    [All fakes talking rubbish to attract attention. Stupid.]

    Tun..adab orang beradab bila masuk rumah orang berilah salam.
    Minta izin.
    Semua ini ada di dalam Al Quran.
    Dan setelah selesai syok sendiri di dalam Blog Tun kita ucap terima kasih..
    Malu lah belajar tinggi-tinggi..


    Sebelum kita MATI kenalah kita insaf..
    Bak kata orang melayu..
    The old fool is a complete fool..


    Terima kasih kepada semua pejuang..bantai Najib dan penyokong-penyokongnya YANG TAK SEDAR DIRI..SUKA HISAP DARAH DAN ANIAYA RAKYAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Terima kasih Tun.

  37. Hajar Jan 12,2016 3:27 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    Mohon izin Tun untuk melencong dari topik:

    News about starving student and dear demands:-

    I just wonder how those starving students look like (physically). Do they look very thin and skinny like those who are really starving (in Afrika, Syria, etc…)? Or are they obese/overweight?

    How do they manage their money? Do they know the difference between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’?

    I also wonder if they have ‘expensive’ smart phones with data plans (or other items that are not considered as basic necessities). In my opinion, if we have very limited amount of money, then just act like one.

    I hope their (starving students) smart phones are not more expensive than their lectures’ hand-phones. Many students nowadays are too obsessed with hand-phones. Some spend time playing with hand-phones while lecturers are giving lectures. What do we expect from these students? Miracles?

    Our fees (public universities) are heavily subsidized. For comparisons, please refer to our private universities’ fees…patut bersyukur. Malas belajar & berfikir, semua mahu secara percuma.

    Just look at our PM. He ‘throws away’ money easily (‘tabur duit sana-sini’) because he used to receive ‘donation’ from good-hearted ‘Kabilah Arab’…percuma…tapi hasil kerja ‘hampeh’.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  38. milshah Jan 12,2016 2:35 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Saya ingin komen berkenaan isu hangat sekarang ini iaitu pakatan antara UMNO dan PAS. Sememangnya secara prinsip ianya harapan orang Melayu sejak sekian lama agar UMNO dan PAS yang merupakan parti terbesar melayu untuk bersatu. Ini supaya apabila parti-parti ini bersatu maka bersatulah juga bangsa melayu.

    Secara prinsip saya setuju dengan penyatuan ini, tetapi melihat keadaan sekarang saya rasa bukanlah keadaan yang sesuai untuk bersatu.

    Sekarang ini kita dapat lihat Najib dan pesukannya sibuk menonjolkan merekalah pembela agama Islam dan orang Melayu. Macam-macam kenyataan diberi untuk menunjukkan merekalah hero orang melayu dan pembela agama Islam. Kenyataan seperti kita perlu bersatu demi anak cucu kita, hak-hak orang melayu dan Islam semakin dicabar, perlu ada lowyat bumiputra, salahkan membela orang melayu, dan macam-macam lagi.

    Saya rasa agak kelakar. Dahulu masa Najib mula-mula naik jadi Perdana Menteri, perkara pertama yang diperkenalkan ialah 1Malaysia. 1Malaysia adalah sama dengan slogan DAP iaitu Malaysian Malaysia. 1Malaysia bermakna semua rakyat adalah sama dan meritokrasi.

    Pada masa itu semua parti berebut hendakkan undi-undi orang cina. 1Malaysia diperkenalkan untuk mendapatkan undi-undi cina.

    Orang melayu ketika itu takut untuk pertahankan hak mereka kerana orang cina adalah king maker.

    Alhamdulillah, Tun tampil membela orang-orang melayu dikala parti-parti menjual hak orang melayu untuk mendapat undi cina. Maka tertubuhlah PERKASA.

    Jika UMNO takut untuk membela hak orang melayu,maka PERKASA lah yang akan bersuara membela orang melayu. Dengan keadaan parti parti berebutkan undi cina, orang melayu berduyun-duyun memberi sokongan PERKASA.

    Hasil campurtangan Tun Mahathir dan tertubuhnya PERKASA, barulah UMNO bertukar haluan menyatakan hak-hak orang Melayu pun perlu dijaga.

    Kalau Tun Mahathir tidak campur tangan, dan orang buta tuli ikut Najib, saya rasa Malaysia sudah jadi seperti Singapura dimana semua rakyat adalah sama dan meritokrasi.

    Kemudian berlakulah PRU13, jelas orang cina tetap tidak mahu juga sokong UMNO. UMNO menyedari tidak mungkin mereka akan dapat undi cina, tetapi mereka dapati mereka akan tetap dapat memerintah jika mereka dapat sokongan orang Melayu.

    Maka sebab itulah kita lihat UMNO begitu ingin sangat jadi hero orang melayu sebab mereka ingin terus memerintah.

    Kalau orang cina dapat beri mereka memerintah, UMNO perkenalka 1Malaysia. Kalau melayu dapat beri UMNO terus memerintah mereka ingin jadi hero melayu.

    Jadi tujuannya bukanlah betul-betul ingin membela orang melayu. Tujuannya asalkan dapat terus memerintah.

    Demikianlah penyatuan dengan PAS, bukan supaya orang-orang Islam bersatu tetapi supaya UMNO terus memerintah dan Najib kekal sebagai Perdana Menteri.

    Apabila Timbalan Presiden PAS, meletakan syarat sebarang bentuk kerjasama UMNO/PAS, Najib terlebih dahulu perlu direhatkan sebagai Perdana Menteri sehingga siasatan habis dan didapati todal bersalah, terus senyap sepi bahasa dari UMNO.

    Kalaulah niat supaya orang Islam perlu bersatu, apalah salahnya berehat sementara. Inilah pengorbanan terbesar, melepaskan jawatan Perdana Menteri supaya UMNO dan PAS dapat bersatu.

    Tetapi apabila disyaratkan supaya Najib berundur, terus senyap dari UMNO.

    Ternyata Najib sebagai dikekalkan sebagai Perdana Menteri lebih penting dari orang melayu dan Islam bersatu.

    Jadi tujuan jadi 1Malaysia, hero melayu, bersatu ni sebenarnya supaya Najib kekal sebagai Perdana Menteri. Tidak kira apa cara, asalkan Najib kekal PM.

    Kadang-kadang sebagai hiburan saya akan lihat youtube di kala Najib melaungkan 1Malaysia tiga kali. Inikah pembela bangsaku?

  39. mubarakchan Jan 12,2016 1:47 PM


    For imbalance. You are just a fake dummy hiding behind a stupid pseudonum to insult, abuse and vilify innocents. This is exactly what these scoundrels like you did to our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad since 2003 !


  40. mubarakchan Jan 12,2016 1:42 PM


    For WendyCassidy. My learned lawyer advised me to ignore all you DUMMIES HIDING BEHIND PSUEDONYMS eg Fakes like isayso, wajaperak, 000 and you Wendy. All fakes talking rubbish to attract attention. Stupid.


  41. balance Jan 12,2016 10:31 AM

    mubarakchan Jan 12,2016 12:03 AM

    Dear MC, I did not accuse you of anything. I ONLY ASK YOU. I ask because i felt pity for you, why the board (they) treated you badly after you done so well and give great ideas as you mentioned. Are they stupid or the other way around? If only you can calm down and just tell me why the board do whatever to you and i can learn something from you. There is no necessity to ask lawyers what “nice name” to label me. You can use whatever word to label me and i am ok with it. Please dont view questions as insults. If i use the word “negative” please dont say I insult you again. Negative mind take us no-where and bring us no-things. Open you heart if you want an open discussion.

    Smile and joy to you

  42. wajaperak Jan 12,2016 9:13 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    Abū (father) or Umm (mother) precedes the son’s or daughter’s name, in a genitive construction (ʼiḍāfa). For example, the English equivalent would be to call a man whose eldest son is named John, “Father of John”. Use of the kunya normally signifies some closeness between the speaker and the person so addressed, but is more polite than use of the first name. The kunya is also frequently used with reference to politicians and other celebrities to indicate respect.

    A kunya may also be a nickname expressing the attachment of an individual to a certain thing, as in Abu Bakr, “father of the camel foal”, given because of this person’s love for camels.

    Orang-orang Islam mesti pilih jalan hidup Islam.Cara Islam.Kefahaman Islam.
    Bila kita orang-orang Islam memilih jalan lain dari Islam tetapi mendakwa diri kita Islam..alangkah anehnya seperti yang di katakan Imam Ghazali di dalam Ihya Ulumiddin.”Mereka mendakwa menuju ke Kaabah tetapi mengikut jalan ke Turkistan”..
    Jadi Tun..apa tugas kita?
    Lantak kau la Labu?
    Atau amat marah kerana professional-professional ‘Islam’ ini memperdayakan orang-orang awam muslimin?
    Begitulah Tun.
    Najib berjaya menganiayakan rakyat kerana ramainya ‘profesional-profesional ISLAM ini’yang BERSUBAHAT dan BERSENGKOKOL dengan Najib.
    Apa yang malangnya Tun?
    ‘Profesional-Profesional’ ini menghina orang-orang yang lemah seperti saya TIDAK LAYAK untuk menegur mereka.
    Kenapa tidak layak?
    Begitulah sistem sekular yang diamalkan mereka menyuruh mereka sebegitu dan NAFSU BUAS mereka amat menyukainya..
    Islam tidak memaksakan umatnya untuk berlaku adil.
    Ikut suka hati merekalah nak menganiayai orang-orang awam muslimin..
    ALLAH telah mengharamkan DIRINYA KEZALIMAN.
    ALLAH benci kezaliman dan mereka-mereka yang bersubahat dengan kezaliman..
    Wahai anda semua yang bersubahat dengan Najib..
    INSAF sebelum terlambat..

    فَلَوْلَا إِذَا بَلَغَتِ الْحُلْقُومَ



    Kepada semua pejuang-pejuang di chedet cc.Teruskan perjuangan.
    Terimakasih housewife,Daeng,Faridina,Cruze,WandyCaswady dan lain-lain..
    Terima kasih Tun.

  43. sibotak Jan 12,2016 7:03 AM

    From Day 1 of HBT ting tong
    Remarks are obvious racists and Liars
    Typical character of pro DAP n PAP
    Throwing niece words with hidden intentions

    His point to point 1- 101 , then comes back to 78
    Tomorrow 103- 137 next day after line 27- 46 , then next line after 103-135
    Typical Lies to Lie
    Never consistent

    HBT my advise
    It’s better to make Surah by yrself which you yrself understand
    Surah Al Ting Tong Chapter 12 Verses 3/4

  44. mubarakchan Jan 12,2016 12:50 AM


    Perhaps, it is appropriate now for all Bloggers to peruse proper professional studies on the TPPA and why I touted it as a poisoned chalice TPPA as crafted by the crafty and cunning Dictator Lee Kuan Yew.

    I am not anti-TPPA, anti-America or anti-Singapore.

    I am against the undue haste and hectoring by amateurs in the international business. Malaysia can signe later at a higher cost, prudently.

    I find it odd that 11 members of the TPPA can provide such wonderful goodies for our beloved Malaysia in the future with the knowledge that our education system has to do the catch-up.

    Yet, the most important question which bugs our minds is the free-flow of tariff free goods from our Gemini Twin, Singapore, is ignored and never answered. This is the rub. This is the weapon that will finish off all the SMEs and replaced these with Singapre imported goods.

    As someone recently pointed out also, why Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines are not members ?

    The Malays will surely be killed like the Red Indians of North America. For the non-Malays, worse, a fate worse than death as they have no power to sign their own death warrant.

    Irony of all ironies, Bilahari Kausikan and his dysfunctional crew have found that what is poison for our beloved Malaysia is now poison for Singapore too due to their demography of 3.2 millions locals, 1.2 millions FTs and 800,000 millionaires and billionaires ! The Achilles Heel, these foreigners.

    Hence, for INDEFENSIBLE SINGAPORE THE FIRST AND LAST LINE OF DEFENCE IS UMNO IN KL. due to the change in the Order of Battle.

    The following are required reading for those who are going to approve and sign the poison chalice TPPA for our beloved Malaysia.

    1. ” IN 2016, LET’S HOPE FOR BETTER TRADE AGREEMENTS AND THE DEATH OF TPPA – STIGLITZ. The TPPA may turn out to be the worst trade agreement in decades,” Vide. The opinion of a Nobel Prize Winner.


    Rashmi Banga. Working Paper October 2014. UNCTAD Geneva. Centre for WTO Studies, New Delhi. It was highlighted that Malaysia will lose US$ 5 billions a year with the TPPA. The same amount as Egypt’s Suez Canal for one year before expansion. A powerful study.

    4. ” TPPA : NOT ABOUT FREE TRADE ” Philippe Gastonne. The Daily Bell. 22 April 2015.

    5. ” S$ 1 billion of savings for Singapore ” The Singapore Business Times. November 2015. This is a boast on how much Singapore will benefit before the TPPA is signed by Malaysia. This figure should be considered the minimum !

    Our beloved Malaysia has a poor record of having a fair deal with legal agreements concerning Singapore.

    1. 1962. With the depreciation of the Malaysian Ringgit, Malaysia now pays to deliver raw water to Singapore.

    2. 1972. Malaysia gave away all the MSA software to Singapore.

    3. 1980s. It was alleged Malaysia bungled with the India Palm Oil Agreement.

    4. 1965-2000. Malaysia’s money was sucked out like a yo-yo by the CLOB.

    5. 2004 -2015. After 2003, we ran off to the ICJ to give-away territories free, ocean blocks free, the 25 mile KTM and rail free, Khazanah assets at bargain prices etc.

    Recently, an ennobled Civil Servant claimed that he learnt how to negotiate on the job concerning the TPPA. He added that this experience will help him in future negotiations !

    A political pundit stated that an 8 page document signed by the Sultan brought in the British, what do we expect of the 6,000 page TPPA document ?

    Vide. The naive, friendly and hospitable UMNO owned New Straits Times. Streets Central Supplement. Page 8. March 8. 2014.


  45. mubarakchan Jan 12,2016 12:03 AM


    For old imbalance. You accused me of having bad or foolish ideas when I was in Sime Darby ?

    In 1982, I proposed that Sime Darby corner all the bunkering facilities in China. But the Management established a small palm oil facility in Port Said, Egypt. Instead of doing battle in the East, Sime prefers to do business in the West. By 1992, 3 other Malaysian palm oil companies controlled all the bunkering facilities.

    Finally 3 years ago, Sime Darby decide to do property development for RM 2 billions in the backside of China, Shandong.

    What do you know, stupid dummy ! My learned lawyer advised me to call all these pseudonyms stupid dummies if they insult me because they are dummies, not live human beings.

    MALAYSIA BOLEH ! MALAYS BOLEH ! MALAYSIANS BOLEH ! THE WORLD, CHINA, AND SINGAPORE NOW LOVE VERY MUCH OUR ICONIC UMNO ! UMNO BOLEH ! Any objection or insult, old fool balance ( as advised by my learned lawyer )

  46. cruze Jan 11,2016 10:50 PM

    Asalamualaikum semua bagi yang beragama islam.

    Sejak saya masih lagi bergelar pelajar di kolej dahulu, walau tahap pemikiran tidak seperti seorang ahli politik, telah saya fikir dan sangat meyokong akan konsep penswataan oleh Tun untuk beberapa badan dari pihak kerajaan.
    Sokongan saya terhadap penswastaan adalah menjurus kepada sikap penjawat awam apabila lable mereka adalah penjawat awam.

    Harap semua faham bagaimana sikap mereka kebanyakannya tidak perlu saya perincikan agar mereka tidak marah terhadap saya.
    Hingga sekarang mereka masih di tahap itu saya lihat oleh kerana saya masih berurusan untuk mendapatkan sijil kelulusan bangunan bermula dari proses kemasukan pelan bangunan.

    Berbagai bagai pindaan mereka lakukan sesuka hati adakalanya kelihatan ianya pindaan itu tidak di buat secara rasmi dan adakalanya mengikut rentak negeri masing2 walhal ibu pejabat jabatan di putra jaya keseluruhannya.

    Itulah sebahagian kelemahan mereka dan memang patut Tun mencadangkan penswastaan.

    Tidak bijak jika kegagalan sebahagian sektor itu Tun yang di persalahkan.

    Bukalah minda seluas luasnya… tidak terkawal oleh Tun untuk memantau semua ketua pengarah atau ketua jabatan yang mengamalkan pilih kasih atau rasuah yang mereka amalkan.

  47. cruze Jan 11,2016 10:38 PM

    Betul tu bang faridina. Mengapa tebuan tidak menyebut kejayaan telekom malaysia apabila di swastakan dan projek projek mega kumpulan TNB di luar negara?

    Kegagalan Mas adalah kerana pengurusan yang tidak cekap oleh yang di sebutkan @ management kurang bijak, hingga ke hari ini saya juga ada berurusan dengan syarikat yang menguruskan air port, saya lihat pengurusan mereka sangat lemah kerana masih ramai yang mengamalkan sikap sambil lewa dalam menjalankan tugas.

    Apa yang tebuan mahu risaukan jika najib letak jawatan kita masih ramai lagi pemimpin yang berkebolehan, jujur dan tidak tunduk pada kuasa barat.

    Saya sendiri pun membayar cukai dan tidak mendapat BRIM pun, saya tidak kecoh akan hal itu sepertinya.

    Dahulu semasa dalam tugas kebanyakan pembangkang berkata gelaran TUN ada kekebalan untuk di heret ke mahkamah apabila membuat kenyataan bukan bukan tentang Tun.

    Sekarang Tun sama seperti kita. Apa lagi, mengapa diam, kurang bukti? Atau saja merekakan cerita?

    Janganlah memandang serong pada kami semua..saya yakin bang faridina, saya dan lain lain memiliki semangat untuk menjaga maruah melayu sejati, bukan seperti lain lain yang telah dan sedang menjatuhkan martabat bangsa tanpa di sedari atau mempunyai niat untuk kepentingan peribadi.

    Asalamualaikum semuanya yang beragama islam.

  48. WandyCaswady Jan 11,2016 9:33 PM ….. Please read… Mubarak Khan… Buddha also follows sunnah you know.. if you are really interested in Islam… You should read… Or follow Dalai Lama… Are you religious to your life sir?

  49. WandyCaswady Jan 11,2016 9:22 PM

    Assalamuaalaikum… Siapakah Tuhanmu? Siapakah Rasulmu? Apakah kitab mu wahai saudaraku… Tidak yakin kah kamu kpd Tuhan yg satu? Ingin ku tanyakan kpd mu saudara yg dihormati mubarakchan… Malah mungkin akan menjadi guru ku… Apakah begini tatacara dan peradaban Nabi Muhammad? Kamu pengikut siapa sebenarnya cikgu? Adakah Tuhan atau Muhammad SAW? Cara bagaimana utk ke syurga selain mengikuti Rasul? Beginikah caranya org yg menjadi cikgumu iaitu Muhammad Saw? Beginikah cara tatabahasanya? Jadi cara percakapan siapa yg engkau ikutkan ini wahai org yg ku hormati… Kerana Tuhan telah memberi ilmu kepadamu melebihi diriku yg kerdil ini… Jazakallah khairan kathira saudara mubarachan… Assalamualaikum… Sesungguhnya… Allah tidak pernah tidur…

  50. HBT456 Jan 11,2016 9:13 PM


    121. When comes to land issue, it is the peroggative of mb representing sultan negeri to aprove, not umno youth.

    122. Dah banyak kali dilembang, siapakah akan percaya kepada umno youth lagi?

  51. HBT456 Jan 11,2016 9:06 PM


    110. Even south korea pm granted invitation to jack ma who learned english himself to speak to young koreans on entrepreneurship.

    111. I feel sorry for pm dsn and pmo, their job is like a baby sister after 3 years of br1m.

    112. Pride and prejudice, only you have, others dont have?

    113. Stop complaining sibotak, you will see lots of opportunities there.

    114. Re-implementing jawi ala arab language to replace bahasa kebangsaan is meludah ke langit jatuh ke atas air muka sendiri.

    115. The failure rate is too big that no leader of the day will take such risk especially when voters and foreigners are paying gst regardless who they are to the federal government.

    116. During tdm era, cash is bn political parties that made him won almost 90% of the votes when internet knowledge in malaysia was in baby stage.

    117. Pak lah era, cash is islam hadhari, terhilang kerusi 2/3 majoriti undi jugak.

    118. Najib took over before ge was called by pak lah, bn won less than 2/3 majority when pkr exposed failed projects of umno.

    119. I already said, umno cannot stand alone.

  52. mubarakchan Jan 11,2016 6:53 PM


    For imbalance. Why are you so pompous and make judgements on only me here in this Blog ? Why ?

    From September 2011 to 11 January 2016, I conciously made no comment on others unless attacked personally or minded other people’s business.

    Just read your own insulting comments on me which are actually applicable to yourself, A DUMMY, who forgot you are a DUMMY OF NO LOCUS STANDI OR CONSEQUENCE. You minded other people’s business by trying to be smart by giving advice. I never did.

    Your big mouthings arose out of the insulting remarks by my former Sime Darby employee, isayso, a close aide to the Leader of the Opposition (2015) who has his own Opposition Blog ! How can you be smart when your pseudonum is BALANCE ? And you are the DUMMY HIDING BEHIND BALANCE ?

    ALL THIS HOT AIR FROM YOU, DUMMY, IT IS BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO MATERIAL TO COMMENT HERE IN THIS DISTINGUISHED BLOG. FOR CONVENIENCE YOU USE ME AS YOUR PLATFORM TO ATTRACT ATTENTION. STUPID ! Don’t make an old fool of yourself, Sir ! Don’t try to bully me, dummies I fought in my life based on MERITOCRACY ! My view on money, favours and titles what has it got to do with you, overbalance ? So far, our beloved Malaysia recognises FREE SPEECH, FREE THINKING, FREE EXPRESSIONS. I am exceedingly happy !


  53. WandyCaswady Jan 11,2016 6:38 PM

    I hope all people please follow @ahmadadamsmith in instagram n please read “The International Jew” by Henry Ford… Jazakumullah khairan khatira…

  54. faridina Jan 11,2016 6:06 PM

    suhanAssalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Mohon izin ayahanda Tun berbicara dengan Tebuan yang tidak berbisa seperenggan dua.

    Pertama sdr silap sama seperti pak cik Mubarak Chan menyangka penulis adalah seorang wanita kerana ini adalah gabungan nama kami suami isteri yang mempunyai aspirasi yang sama cuma platform berbeza.

    Hari ini majoriti rakyat biasa telah mula sedar kemungkaran Najib dan hari ini juga semua rakyat Malaysia adalah pembayat cukai dari bayi baru lahir sehinggalah ke warga tua secara tidak langsung melalui GST.

    Kami di blog keramat ini juga adalah antara kalangan majoriti senyap yang selama ini mengundi kerajaan BN.

    Ya sebagai rakyat, sebagai pembayar cukai & pengundi kita perlukan jawapan kepada salahlaku PM hari ini yang telah menghina taraf kecerdikkan rakyat.

    RM2.6 billion adalah angka yang besar yang perlu ada jawapan belum diambilkira RM40 billion penyelewengan 1MDB yang menyebabkan harta dan tanah warisan negara tergadai. Mujurlah Najib dijangka memerintah hanya 7 tahun kalaulah tempohnya menyamai pemerintahan ayahanda Tun maka angkanya akan mencapai ratusan billion agaknya.

    Elok rasanya Tebuan senaraikan ratusan billion penyelewengan Tun menurut kacamata guruji anda Raja Putar Kalam di blog keramat ini dan kita lihat samada Tun selaku PM ketika itu memegang dua jawatan penting Menteri Kewangan dan Penasihat dan samada segala keputusan dibuat secara rahsia dan membelakangkan kabinet atau jemaah menteri.

    Sepanjang pemerintahan Tun semuanya telus dan kita tahu ke mana pergi duitnya dan untuk apa dan tiada agenda tersembunyi.

    Tebuan harus ingat Tun adalah pemimpin telus yang berwawasan dan bertanggungjawab menggalak serta menjadi pemangkin dalam mempelopori perlaksanaan rangkaian internet malah mengujudkan MSC dan Cyberjaya.

    Rumusannya Tun tidak bertuah dan beruntung menjadi PM ketika media sosial tidaklah sehebat sekarang walaupun beliau yang mempelopori perlaksanaannya.

    Yang bertuah dan beruntung menjadi PM ketika media sosial sehebat sekarang sebenarnya adalah bro Najib mana tidaknya platform Facebook dan Twitter dimanfaatkan sepenuhnya dan masih segar dalam ingatan sambutan bersama pengikut2nya apabila mendapat capaian 1 juta pengikut.

    Namun kalau banyak sangat salahlaku dan ada banyak agenda tersembunyi yang dah terbongkar maka platform ini juga akan memakan tuan. Tebuan yang selalu singgah di FB PM tersayang mungkin sedia maklum bagaimana respon rakyat dalam media sosial tersebut dewasa ini.

    Tun amat khuatir tentang politik wang sewaktu pemerintahannya dan budaya Wang Tunai Itu Raja bukan budaya Tun tetapi diasaskan PM Najib dengan jayanya. Dan budaya ini akan diwarisi pemimpin seperti Zahid sekiranya Najib letak jawatan tetapi minta dijauhkan kerana harapan kami TSMY akan diberi kepercayaan menjadi PM ke 7 memperbetulkan parti UMNO dan negara Malaysia tercinta ini.

    Bukan DAP yang telah berjaya memecahbelahkan orang-orang Melayu tetapi Najib sendiri tebuan oiii itulah sebab mata ni dah terbuka besar kdangkala sampai lewat malam menyedarkan orang macam kamu bro Tebuan.

    Sedar juga Tebuan gejala rasuah dan penyalahgunaan kuasa ketika ini adalah ibarat penyakit kanser tahap empat tetapi masih lagi membela PM yang sewaktu dengannya yang turut ada penyakit TB (takut bini) dan STD (suka tabur duit).

    MAS adalah masalah dunia pengkorporatan yang sngat kompleks sehinggakan orang kesayangan Najib iaitu Idris Jala pun tak boleh buat apa itupun bernasib baik dapat dilantik menjadi drebar dalam Pemandu dengan gaji lumayan.

    Orang Melayu hari ni khususnya juruterbang komersial tidak bergantung harap pada MAS sahaja malah jiran kami orang Melayu adalah seorang juruterbang SIA dengan gaji jauh lebih lumayan. Peluang kerjaya dengan syarikat penerbangan antarabangsa lain masih terbuka luas kerana pilot Melayu didikan Tun telah dipandang tinggi kebolehannya.

    Apakah faedah & kebaikannya yang dilakukan oleh Najib dengan membeli IPP dalam 1MDB? Jawapannya semua orang dah tahu iaitu adalah untuk dijual kepada syarikat China dengan menghalalkan penubuhan 1MDB.

    Ok dah fikir betullah tebuan cakap kenapa semasa Pak Lah jadi PM, pilihanraya pada tahun 2004 mencapai kejayaan yang cemerlang bagi BN dari pilihanraya sebelumnya? Sebab rakyat gembira Tun sudah tidak PM (ha..ha..ha.. jawapan kelakor tebuan). Pilihanraya selanjutnya pada tahun 2008 dan seterusnya, BN kalah teruk sebab rakyat sangat sedih dan menyesl kerana Tun sudah tidak menjadi PM dan dapat Pak Lah yang kaki tidur dan Najib kaki main duit. Dan menjelang PRU 14 rakyat akan menjadi tersangat marah dan terkuburlah BN kalau Najib masih memerintah.

    Yang pahit itu ubat, semua rakyat telan dan yang manis itu semuanya pergi pada Najib, Ros dan gang yang sewaktu dengnnya.

    Gerenti manis untuk menyingkir Najib bukan mungkin lagi Tebuan. Tapi… penggantinya gerenti lagi pahit sekiranya Zahid! Minta dijauhkan dan semoga TSMY menjdi PM ke 7 hendaknya.

    Sekian sahaja buat Tebuan and I rest my cse. Kalau nak berbalas2 orang mcam sdr buang ms sahaja sebab sah dah tak boleh diselamatkan lagi. Anggap gone case sajalah.

    Wasalam Tun dan semoga cepat sembuh. Amin.

  55. amd trmz Jan 11,2016 4:28 PM

    VERSI 2.O
    Sambungan komen the paris attack



    Perdana Menteri, yang juga Menteri Kewangan, berkata, faktor-faktor luaran yang di luar kawalan akan mempengaruhi ekonomi negara dan ia bukan kesilapan atau kelemahan negara.

    Kata Najib, faktor-faktor itu adalah seperti harga minyak dunia, kenaikan kadar faedah Amerika Syarikat dan kelembapan ekonomi China.

    “Semua kena faham ia bukan kesilapan kita, bukan kelemahan kita tetapi faktor-faktor di luar kawalan kita. Sebab itu, apabila kita memasuki tahun 2016 ini, kita mesti beri tumpuan kepada apa yang kita boleh lakukan sebagai sebuah negara, kerajaan dan pentadbiran,”


  56. Hajar Jan 11,2016 2:39 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. DSN claimed that “public funds were not being used in settling 1MDB’s financial woes”. Another lie?

    2. Did he forget that he as Finance Minister and PM @ 1MDB Chairman of Board of Advisors sold TRX and Bandar Malaysia lands far below market prices to 1MDB?

    3. Too bad we have a liar as our PM. He also lost our KTM land to Singapore – what did we get in return?

    4. DSN is such a stup*d and weak leader. He still thinks that he’s doing Malaysia a favor by continuing to be our PM despite being pressured to resign by the majority of ‘rakyat marhein’.

    5. I believe that DSN and gang are sabotaging Malaysia and our local industry. What will happen to Proton and Perodua (automotive industry) once TPPA is in place (if signed)?

    6. I heard recently that incentives are given to several imported car brands such as Mercedes (Benz). Why do we have to help the rich? They are already very rich and yet our stup*d leaders are assisting them further by helping them to save money when buying foreign cars.

    7. I also heard that Proton is imposed high taxes by the Government. I hope this is not true. Is our Government working for us or against us? The Government must provide incentives for Research & Development (need to assist Proton). A developed nation must be good in R & D. We need to instill the culture of R & D in our people’s mind (good investment).

    8. DSN is no longer competent to be our PM. He must resign immediately! We are going backward.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  57. balance Jan 11,2016 10:06 AM

    mubarakchan Jan 10,2016 4:37 PM

    Yes we are very aware and know you get nothing or no benefits as you mentioned many times.
    Have you ask yourselves why you get NO-things?
    Ask why:-
    Is it because yr services are not appreciated due to foolish or bad ideas?
    Are they really so bad and stupid people to remove you from SD when you are doing so well or there are the real hidden reasons?
    Are they so bad people to pay you so little money for a great job done or is there other reasons?
    Are they insane or you insane?

    MC, again i would like to say it to you, no one is insulting anyone in this blog. If you can have a views because you are smart, others can have views too as they are smart too. The end is all are views and it is educational and interesting to read and know other people views. Pls do not think that you are the only one that can have good or correct or greatest views and opinions.

    If i like to make-a-fool-of-myself then it is my choice. Are you making a fool of yourself unconsciously is the big question?

    Anyway good day to you and best wishes

  58. Tebuan Jingga Jan 11,2016 8:31 AM

    Lin k RPK di Malaysia today.

    Saya harap jika Tun tak dapat beri penjelasan, somebody here could.

  59. sibotak Jan 11,2016 6:07 AM

    We have lost a Good Govt under Tun Mahathir
    Najib Govt is a Weak Govt
    Not able to uphold upright
    More Submissives than Demanding
    More Spendings than Earings
    These will Bankrupt Malaysia

    Not able to put Malaysia Interest aboves all
    More Submissives to Foreign request
    Not in control of Oppositions
    I bet Malaysia is not able to Militarily Defense ourselves
    As Malaysia Military has no advancement
    Najib incompetence of being a Defense Minister has shown the results today
    Worst He is now the Prime Minister

    How much more loses Malaysia has to Bears ?
    How able is our defend in our economic policy with foreigner?
    What are our Gains ?
    As a Malaysian I did not feel any Security nor Comforts in Economic nor Military

  60. HBT456 Jan 10,2016 5:53 PM

    101. Pengkalan angkatan tentera liberation army of china di kepulauan spatley perlu diwujudkan di lautan china selatan.

    102. Lautan ini, usa memang tak ada hak asasi ke atasnya sejak dulu2 sampai sekarang.

    103. Pengkalan angkatan tentera perlu duwujudkan untuk keselamatan negara2 yang berhak ke atasnya seperti untuk keselamatan kapal2 minyak, cargo, cruise atau nelayan yang berlayar di sana.

    104. Cuba bayangkan, jika kapal2 ini disamun, ditimpa masalah teknikal atau bencana semasa belayar di sekeliling lautan ini, siapakah akan tolong mereka?

    105. Jika negara2 nak pakai kubu pengkalan ini, mereka hanya minta permit, itu saja macam kita kena dapat visa apabila kita melawat negara asing.

    106. Jika mereka ingin buat testing on their war planes, submarine or kapal serang, mereka hanya minta izin daripada mereka.

    107. Jangan lupa, angkatan jepun imperialists pernah serang china, korea dan tanah melayu pada during pada 40an.

    108. Rakyat jepun dengan undi mereka tidak akan membenarkan angkatan tentera mereka mengulangi kesilapan ego dan dasyat yang telah mengundangkan angkatan tentera amerika syarikat melepaskan 2 biji atom bom ke atas hirosaki dan nagasaki.

  61. mubarakchan Jan 10,2016 4:37 PM


    For balance, imbalance or unbalance. Tut ! Tut ! Sir ! Please do not make a fool of yourself on this Distinguished and Honourable Blog which is the envy of the nay-sayers who benefitted much from our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. They want more and more and more.

    I did not get any benefit, money, favours and titles from Tun.

    I am exceedingly happy. There are folks who benefitted much from the PNB-owned Sime Darby and our beloved Tun. The best we can do is to contribute to this Blog on any topic in a proper and decent manner as an ordinary citizen.

    Why make me a lightning rod when I am only a unimportant messenger of facts concerning the good and the great, the bad and the ugly ? Why be personal when one should express objectively and constructively only for mutual benefit ? I learnt all these the hard-way in my life.

    I always talk up to people unlike some of the pompous types here in this Blog who love to talk down others as are their habit. Worse ! Hiding behind pseudonyms !


  62. HBT456 Jan 10,2016 4:09 PM

    93. It is alright to feel more superior than me, sir mubarak chan.

    94. My english is not as good as you, but my malay, putonghua, nihon-go, mandarin and cantonese for sure so much above your level.

    95. Therefore, when comes to pr and communication, I for sure will be better off than you.

    96. Whatever you do, there is nothing wrong with it.

    97. Why?

    98. Each one of us has a life to live.

    99. I already said, I am not muslim or member to any political party in malaysia, or singapore.

    100. If you prefer allah loves you kind of lifestyle, I wish you all the best and success in life and businesses for many years to come.

  63. mubarakchan Jan 10,2016 2:05 PM


    For HBT000. On your unsolicited comment 82. ” Sir, Mubarak Chan, why get frustrated ?”

    1. I am going to denude you of your pseudonym’s alphabets and digits into ‘blank’ after all you are just a ‘dummy’ from the Ministry of Information, Singapore according to my learned lawyer adviser. One ‘dummy’ recently claimed all dummies assume pseudonyms. He is right. He confirmed he is a ‘dummy’.

    2. Please refrain from giving me any title like the Queen of England. You are only the Queen of Geylang at best.

    3. With your serial frustrated complaints about our beloved Malaysia and its people, you should check into the Woodbridge Mental Hospital, Singapore, OUR NEPHEW is there ! I am exceedingly happy !


  64. intaiintai Jan 10,2016 2:01 PM



    Salam kasih sayang anakanda rakyat sekelian.

    Kami intai intai dan nampak ramai pembahas tidak gemar dengan penulisan Uncle Mubarakchan yang sangat kami hormati..

    Hanya kami ingin katakan bahawa bila meneliti pendapat/pandangan beliau hendak lah difikir dalam2 ibarat ” apabila dibaling batu ke dalam kolam jangan hanya nampak percikan air sahaja tetapi juga alunan airnya ketepian”

    Semoga Ayahanda Tun disempurnakan kesihatan dengan Sinaran Zat Sempurna Allah Swt hendaknya..termasuk juga anakanda rakyat terutamanya Uncle Mubarakchan.


  65. intaiintai Jan 10,2016 2:00 PM



    Salam kasih sayang anakanda rakyat sekelian.

    Kami intai intai dan nampak ramai pembahas tidak gemar dengan penulisan Uncle Mubarakchan yang sangat kami hormati..

    Hanya kami ingin katakan bahawa bila meneliti pendapat/pandangan beliau hendak lah difikir dalam2 ibarat ” apabila dibaling batu ke dalam kolam jangan hanya nampak percikan air sahaja tetapi juga alunan air ketepian”

    Semoga Ayahanda Tun disempurnakan kesihatan dengan Sinaran Zat Sempurna Allah Swt hendaknya..termasuk juga anakanda rakyat terutamanya Uncle Mubarakchan.


  66. musato Jan 10,2016 12:13 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Begitu juga dengan 1MDB. Arul kanda ditugaskan untuk melakukan penjelasan.

    Padahal isu tersebut adalah besar melibatkan aset strategik negara.

    Semua isu besar sekarang diberi sub kontrak pada orang perseorangan.

    Sedangkan hal besar melibatkan pentadbiran negara perlu dijelaskan sendiri oleh PM.

    Cukai GST (semua orang dlm negara kena cukai).
    TPPA (isu politik strategik benua)
    1MDB (aset strategik dalam negara – berkembang menjadi isu strategik benua)

    Tapi bagaimana PM mahu menyatakan pendirian jikalau PM sendiri tidak reti? Cuma buat buat pandai.

    Bila lagi nak sedar?

    Betul zaman sentiasa bergerak. Zaman Mahathir dah lepas.

    Tapi perlu kita ingat, wali Allah swt adalah sentiasa hidup di alam mereka. Dan wali Allah ini bukanlah malaikat, sudah tentulah mereka adalah manusia.

    Dan perlu juga kita ingat tanpa sejarah, tidak mungkin kita berada di sini hari ini.

    Walau di zaman siapa kita berada, rasuah tetap dipanggil rasuah, mencuri tetap dipanggil mencuri, membunuh tetap dipanggil membunuh.

    Yang bezanya, berapa ramai orang yang masih punyai nilai baik yang tinggal hari ini?

    Terima kasih Tun.

  67. musato Jan 10,2016 11:59 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Apabila dislogankan ‘janji ditepati’ maka sudah nampak sudah bahawa orang yang mewarwarkan slogan itu adalah munafik.

    Orang yang berpegang pada janji tidak sekali kali mudah melakukan janji untuk menunaikan kerana fikirkan betapa beratnya apabila telah berjanji.

    Berapa banyak kerajaan telah berjanji dan berapa kali sudah ditunaikan janji?

    Ahmad Maslan diberi tugas melaksanakan GST. Apa janjinya? Betul atau tidak.

    Sekarang Tok Pa diberi tugas untuk TPPA. Tok Pa kata bukan dia seorang yang melakukan tugas itu.

    Tapi Tok Pa silap lagi. Ini politik dan hal pentadbiran negara. Orang dengar cakap Tok Pa. Orang tak kisah siapa yang berada dibelakang Tok Pa.

    Harap Tok Pa pun jangan jadi bodoh.

    Ucapan Tok Pa pasal TPPA ada logiknya. Tapi dalam logiknya ada hal kebodohan hujahnya hasil dari virus kerajaan sekarang.

    Jawab soalan saya. Betulkah kenyataan Tok Pa apabila Tok Pa kata bukan Tok Pa seorang dalam hal jelajah penjelasan TPPA ini jika dilihat dari sudut politik.

    Jangan jadi bodoh Tok Pa. Apa yang Tok Pa jelaskan dan putuskan hari ini adalah hasil dari keputusan Tok Pa. Bukan dari hasil PM Najib.

    Duduk tenang tenang dan mundur diri Tok Pa.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  68. balance Jan 10,2016 11:05 AM

    mubarakchan Jan 9,2016 2:00 PM

    Ha ha what a good original opinion! Well can be balance or imbalance or unbalance is for me to know and you to find out lah. Our opinions cannot be always correct and agreeable by others lah. You know ugh it is ok if someone dont agree even after lengthy and/or long-winded explanation. Now that you change my Pseudonym or think i am actually or truly imbalance I still dont mind lah as imbalance is a nice Pseudonym too or maybe you should try it. Well dont ask me what others think about your opinions they are written all over and i think it is very very good lah. Please continue as we need more of your *&#$%^ blame game, finger-pointing and name-calling without solution. Love it so much and since many GLC are in trouble hope they will engage you as blame consultant.

    Nice day and can please smile more ka?

  69. Tebuan Jingga Jan 10,2016 10:27 AM

    Wahai fardina sayang & adik cruze, saya bukan haiwan peliharaan DS Najib atau Rosmah Mansor. Saya hanya rakyat biasa, pembayar cukai dan pengundi Kerajaan.

    Tidakkah sebagai rakyat, sebagai pembayar cukai & pengundi kita perlukan jawapan.

    RM2.6 billion adalah satu angka yang besar yang perlu ada jawapan. RM ratusan billion adalah lagi besar, lebih-lebih lagi jika diunjurkan nilainya lebih dari 10 tahun lepas.

    Tun bertuah dan beruntung menjadi PM ketika media social tidaklah sehebat sekarang. Jika tidak mungkin Tun tidak akan capai tempoh 22 tahun sebagai PM.

    Apa yang berlaku ke atas PM-PM kita selepas Tun adalah ‘breed’ atau budaya yang telah lama dihidupkan dari zaman Tun. Sekiranya DS Najib letak jawatan, bakal penggantinya juga akan melakukan perkara yang sama. Siapa yang untung? Melainkan parti pembangkang seperti DAP yang telah berjaya memecah belahkan orang-orang melayu. Bukalah mata sedikit oiii.

    Gejala rasuah dan penyalah gunaan kuasa ketika ini adalah ibarat penyakit kanser yang telah capai tahap empat. Tahap satu bermula dari zaman Tun. Lihat apa berlaku kepada Syarikat penerbangan kita, MAS. Penyakit kansernya bermula apabila ia diswastakan dengan tujuan tertentu. Akibatnya kini, setelah capai tahap empat, ramai kakitangannya termasuk juruterbang yang kebanyakan adalah orang-orang melayu terpasa dihentikan.

    Cuba tanya pakar dari kakitangan TNB. Apa untungnya penswastaan IPP? Apakah faedah & kebaikannya yang dilakukan oleh DS Najib dengan membelinya dalam 1mdb? Tanya kepada yang a’rif dan pakar untuk jawapanya. Jangan tanya ahli politik.

    Cuba fikir, kenapa semasa Pak Lah jadi PM, pilihanraya pada tahun 2004 mencapai kejayaan yang cemerlang bagi BN dari pilihanraya sebelumnya? Sebab rakyat gembira Tun sudah tidak menjadi PM. Pilihanraya selanjutnya pada tahun 2008 dan seterusnya, BN kalah terok, sebab sel penyakit kanser sudah mencapai ke tahap 3 atau mungkin 4. Tahukah anda selepas tahap 4 itu apa? Akan berkuburlah BN sekiranya sesuatu yang drastik tidak dilakukan. Ubat untuk ubati penyakit memang pahit. Menyingkir dan membuang pekerja memang pahit. GST memang pahit. Penghapusan subsidi memang pahit.

    Mungkin manis untuk menyingkir DS Najib. Tapi … penggantinya mungkin lagi pahit.

  70. musato Jan 10,2016 10:18 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Jikalau Tebuan Jingga dapat bagi link RPK kan senang nak saya baca.

    Dah lama dah tak baca RPK sejak kes apa ye…dah tak berapa ingat.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  71. Orang Lama Jan 10,2016 8:50 AM

    Mohon izin penambahan
    TPP ini walaupun asalnya bukannya secara rasmi cadangan US tapi oleh sekumpulan 4 negara kot . Tapi perlaksanaannya dan polisinya boleh dikatakan dikawalselia oleh US. Kadang-kadang pembaca komen lebih emosi daripada fakta.

  72. Orang Lama Jan 10,2016 8:39 AM


    1. Kebaikan dan Keburukan
    Apakah sebab utama kerajaan berminat TPPA? Sudah tentu pihak kerajaan telah menilai kebaikan dan keburukannya. Sudah tentu kerajaan sudah bersedia dengan pelan kontigensi sekiranya berlaku diluar jangkaan.

    Adakah dengan menyertai TPPA ekonomi negara lebih berkembang atau sebaliknya?

    Saya sokong TPPA jika lebih banyak kebaikan daripada keburukan tanpa mejejas agenda bumiputera.

    Adakah kerajaan telah mengambil kira semua pendapat dan pandangan pegawai-pegawai kerajaan, pakar-pakar (ekonomi, perundangan, ndustri dan lain-lain lagi) sebelum membuat keputusan. Kerajaan juga tentu mengambil kira tentangan NGO dan parti pembangkang. Dan yang semestinya pandangan Tun sendiri selaku mantan PM Malaysia.

    Tansri Rafidah kata TPPA bagus???

    3.Pengaruh US/China
    Mungkin TPPA diwujud khas untuk mengekang pengaruh ekonomi/politik China ?

    Malaysia cukup kuat untuk berkecuali jika persengketaan antara US dan China semakin bertambah?

    Malaysia perlu bergantung kepada siapa? Tentera China pun dah syiok di Laut China Selatan terutama di Kepulauan Spratly.

    Sekadar pendapat.

  73. HBT456 Jan 10,2016 1:26 AM

    92. We are not slaves, we are taxpayers who has the right to vote.

  74. HBT456 Jan 10,2016 1:20 AM


    72. The influence circle of local politicians is small due to cronism and nepotism.

    73. They are short sighted, racist, inferior, weak and still stuck in the 90s.

    74. They think giving this free here and there, they will increase vote base.

    75. They should thank dsn for taking the political risks in transforming the economy via gst to broaden federal government tax revenue and petrol subsidy rationalization plan to sustain growth.

    76. Dah berapa lama kah kerajaan persekutuan kita tidak nak harga servis mereka?

    77. Democratic party of japan won because they played corruption issues, and they can only last for one term.

    78. The sino relationship of usa and china already long established even before tdm was born.

    79. Isayso, will you feel comfortable and secure to be lead by maverick politicians?

    80. Parti Amanah Negara, muslim lead party, in johor said dap cannot field malay but pkr can field malay.

    81. Will dap accept this condition?

    82. Sir mubarak chan, why get frustrated?

    83. Never put all eggs into a basket.

    84. Weak people revenge.

    85. Strong people forgive.

    86. Intelligent people ignore.

    87. The failure of 1mdb is not a surprise.

    88. Why?

    89. Its because of nep.

    90. When failed, it is always the chinese voters got thd blame.

    91. Therefore, there is nothing to be proud off being a malaysian.

  75. faridina Jan 10,2016 12:31 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Izinkan anakanda rakyat Tun yang kerdil ini menjawab haiwan perliharaan Pak Najib dan Mak Ros Dot iaitu si Tebuan Jingle Bell.

    Apa kelas ayahanda Tun nak menjawab lagi satu si kucing kurap bernama Raja Putar Kalam (RPK).

    Apa bendanya pendedahan berani woi si Jingle Bell? Sesiapapun boleh tulis merapu atau merepek meraban pasal Tun dan dijamin tidak akan dikenakan tindakan bawah Sosma dll. Makanya tiada istilah pendedahan berani di sini cuma penyataan cari makan.

    Apa pasal nak jawab? Tun cuma rakyat luarbiasa dan bukan lagi PM dan yang penting Tun tak dak terima derma 5 duit pun yang masuk dalam akaun peribadi sepanjang menjadi PM tak macam PM kamu berdua tu yang ada 2.6billion ringgit dan penyakit SukaTaburDuit.

    Tebuan pi balik sarang jangan jadi macam Tebuan satu lagi dah masuk muzuim.

    Wasalam Tun.

    p/s – For pak cik Mubarak Chan, it’s better for you to spend more blogging hours at RPK’s blog where you will be an instance hit and be their distinguished guest! By the way don’t butter your toast both sides over there ya pak cik.

  76. Hajar Jan 10,2016 12:28 AM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    Saya doakan Tun cepat sembuh.

    Tun sudah buat yang terbaik untuk sedarkan rejim PM Najib mengenai risiko yang tinggi dan masaalah yang negara akan hadapi jika TPPA ditanda-tangani, dan Tun telah beri contoh perkara2 negatif mengenai TPPA yang negara mungkin hadapi jika menarik diri dari TPPA.

    Di TV baru2 ini PM Najib bangga kononnya GST menjadi penyelamat ekonomi negara (atau penyelamat sikap boros rejim PM Najib?). Mereka lupa yg GST telah menyebabkan kos sara hidup meningkat dengan mendadak walaupun pada awalnya bukan main ’confident’ lagi mereka dengan mantera ’GST akan menyebabkan harga barang turun’. Bersahut-sahutan lah mereka menguar-uarkan mantera ’hampeh’ mereka. Bila berlaku sebaliknya, mereka salahkan orang lain. Cuma pemimpin2 hapr*k saja yang menuding kepada orang lain bila timbul masaalah yang mereka cipta sendiri.

    Saya yakin perkara sama akan berlaku kepada TPPA. Mereka kata TPPA akan membuka peluang2 pasaran yang lebih luas kepada produk2 Malaysia; tak sertai rugi…Dan kononnya ada yang kata harga sesetengah barang akan turun (ini kedengaran macam mantera GST saja).

    Sebagai perbandingan, semasa Tun M PM, harga minyak lagi rendah, juga tiada GST, dan beri lagi pelbagai subsidi kepada rakyat (yg sekarang telah ditarik oleh rejim DSN), ditambah pula dengan segala macam pembangunan pesat (nampak bukti), namun rakyat masih lagi dapat hidup selesa dengan pendapatan yang ada. Apa2 kenaikan (contoh tol, harga minyak,etc) tidak keterlaluan. Ini perbezaan ketara antara pemimpin yang BERHEMAH (berjimat-cermat) dalam berbelanja, dan pemimpin BOROS (rejim DSN) yang suka membazir. Wang bertimbun pun akan habis jika lihat cara rejim PM Najib berbelanja.

    Tunggulah harinya di mana rejim PM Najib tumbang disebabkan kebeb*lan mereka. Kita lihat kesudahannya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  77. cruze Jan 10,2016 12:25 AM

    Bang Tebuan, rasanya umum ramai yang telah mengenali bahawa raja petra sejenis manusia yang bermuka muka atau talam dua muka, rasanya seolah tidak perlu untuk kita meminta Tun menjawabnya…
    Jika saya begitu keadaannya, ada kalanya kita perlu dan ada kalanya perlu, kita lihat pada tahap keperluannya.

  78. Tebuan Jingga Jan 9,2016 8:13 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun, semoga Tun sihat.

    Sejak akhir-akhir ini, kita semua saksikan Tun tidak henti-henti mengkritik pentadbiran Perdana Menteri DS Najib.

    Dalam masa yang sama kita baca siri pendedahan berani oleh YM Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) di dalam blognya Malaysia Today mengenai salah laku Tun semasa pentadbiran Tun sebagai Perdana Menteri. Saya tidak fikir Tun tidak baca tulisan-tulisan YM RPK dalam Malaysia Today atau tiada sesiapa pun memberitahu Tun mengenai tulisan-tulisan RPK di dalam blognya. Apa yang didedahkan oleh YM RPK mengenai Tun semasa menjadi Perdana Menteri adalah lebih dasyat dan jijik dari yang Tun cuba dedahkan mengenai salah laku DS Najib.

    Saya hairan, mengapa Tun berdiam diri dan tidak menjawab semua pendedahan dan tuduhan yang ditulis oleh YM RPK di dalam blognya. Dengan berdiam diri, bermakana apa yang didedahkan oleh YM RPK adalah benar.

    Sebagai seorang Negarawan, Tun sepatutnya jawab. Tun mempunyai ruang di dalam blog chedet untuk menjawab setiap satu yang didedahkan, atau menjawab melalui komen dalam blog YM RPK.

  79. HouseWife Jan 9,2016 3:13 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Oh my PM! you’re back. Welcome back to reality. After setting foot on your ‘heavenly luxuriance’ overseas, why don’t you try set foot on Mars! It’s on your own state of birth, it’s like landing on the Red planet. And the people joked that you’ll find Martians there! You like people to joke about other people’s miseries, Mr PM? I don’t. In fact I feel damned angry with the ‘red’ situation there.

    As was said Tun, DSN and his little nepoleons only have desire to be clever than honest. They embroilled and glorify so much on TPPA, 1MDB that they forgot they have messed up again their own backyard. Tun, the environment and the people are suffering physically and mentally. And these are the very people that are chosen and trusted to lead and manage our beautiful country.

    Oh my PM! were you not told and warned that the economy is plunging. And you profusely proclaimed that all is fine. Now you want to review the 2016 Budget?. What kind of think-tank advisors have you employed..ting-tong kosong? It is so depressing to keep telling over and over again to buckle up or off you go..soon. They only woke up after the people’s protest and outcry. And they will come to the rescue and feed you with all sorts of solutions and resolutions, in return for your votes to power. But we don’t want anyone to create more big messes again, do we. Let’s be wise and sensible.

    Tun, we’ll never find happiness and piece of mind when we abuse our beautiful land for our selfish means. These are just short-term wealth. Do you know what is the greatest wealth, Tun? To me, apart from knowledge the greatest wealth is health.
    May Allah Bless you always Tun, and May Allah Protect you always. Take care, stay healthy and Thank You Tun.

  80. mubarakchan Jan 9,2016 2:00 PM


    For balance only. You do not understand English ugh ? When people call you an imbalance nut, you still say “thank very much ugh” ?


  81. balance Jan 9,2016 10:46 AM

    mubarakchan Jan 8,2016 2:48 PM

    I think no one is attacking anyone in this blog. I think it is only a short discussion with different understanding, experiences and views. It will be ok with explanation and better with understanding of the all other views.


  82. sibotak Jan 9,2016 8:35 AM

    Saya sering utamakan persoalan Tanah

    Pentakbiran Najib menjual Tanah
    Untuk menembus hutang ,kemaluan ,juga Najib mudah di bodek

    Menjual Tanah pada China untuk menembus Kebodohan beliau, persoalan 1MDB
    Tidak menampakan kepandaian beliau malah terserlah kebebalan beliau lagi
    Nak tutup Kemaluan dengan Maruah bukan dengan Wang
    Habislah Tanah Malaysia seperti juga beliau memberi seolah percuma Tanah KTM pada Singapura . Najib memang Bebal berlagak Pandai
    Bodoh lama tak hilang Bodoh baru bertambah

    Begitu juga Lim KiT Siang , DAP
    Menjual keseluruhan Tanah Milik Melayu
    Pada Asing kebanyakan pada Cina Singapura
    Bertujuan Mengahalau Identity Melayu di Penang
    BUKAN bertujuan untuk mengadakan ekonomi untuk membuahkan perkerjaan
    Itu cuma satu alasan begitu juga sebagaimana bila Singapura ingin mendapatkan
    Tanah KTM Singapura mereka memberi alasan kononnya landasan KTM berlaku banyak penyeludupan .Kalau ia pun pasanglah lebih kawalan .
    Apa di Airport Changi ,di Pelabuhan World Trade Centre , di Port Terminal yg lain TIDAK ADA PENYELUDUPAN ? Si Bodoh Najib bolih termakan alasan mereka

    Begitu juga Lim Kit Siang
    Tujuan beliau menjual tanah pada Cina asing terutama Singapura
    Adalah untuk menghalau Melayu dan Identity Melayu

    ORANG MELAYU TIDAK PERLU PERKERJAAN sampai dipaksa mengadaikan Tanah
    Ini cuma alasan yg bernas Alasan sebenar Beliau sendiri tahu
    Lihat perlahan lahan ,Nama nama Jalan ,nama nama sekolah akan ditukar nama
    Singapura adalah modal beliau malah tali barut DAP,PAP

    Orang Melayu tidak perlu perkerjaan
    Sebab orang Melayu tidak perlu hidup seperti orang Kafir
    Yg memperhambakan diri pada Wang dan Masa
    Orang Islam golongan Manusia yg tahu Bershukur
    Bukan Jenis yg nak beli Bulan dan Bintang
    Dah Mati pun Nak bawa harta bersama
    Tak dapat bawa harta bersama, riplika harta kertas pun jadi
    Hutang member pun Burn macam kertas mereka Burn
    Orang Islam Hutang di Tuntut
    Malah Waris belau di pertanggung jawapkan

    Tuan Kerajaan Juga Tuan Pembangkang
    Jangan Kamu Memperbodohkan kami Rakyat Malaysia
    Mengkayakan Orang Asing Memiskinkan kami
    Dengan alasan anda yg tidak luhur

  83. wan brats Jan 9,2016 1:23 AM

    Hidup Tun M!

  84. sibotak Jan 8,2016 8:07 PM

    Hari hari kalau ada berita fasal Najib
    Pasti kisah 1MDB kisah tidak berkebolihan Najib terserlah
    Tak perlu dari suara Chedet atau Tun

    Ini hari fasal beliau nak ubah budget
    Soal tidak percayakan Najib timbul
    Rakyat sudah tak confident

    Sudahlah Najib
    Kalau tak tahu menari
    Jangan salahkan tanah tinggi rendah
    Jangan salahkan orang lain
    Memang anda tidak layak

    Menjual Tanah untuk menembus Kegagalan 1MDB dengan berhutang pula
    Bukan cara Wira bukan Pemimpin yg Bijak
    Kami bukan Bodoh .Itu bukan Huraiannya
    Berapa banyak Tanah yg kau nak gadaikan ?
    Hai tak habis habis…

    Janganlah Hidung tak Mancung
    Pipi terserung serung
    Tak Malu ke Najib ?

    A respectful leader is one who can admit his failure and amend it immediately

  85. sudin Jan 8,2016 6:12 PM

    Assalam Tun.

    To “isayso”, you sounded exactly like a typical ‘liar lawyer’.

  86. mubarakchan Jan 8,2016 2:48 PM



    You were an employee of Sime Darby when I served on the Board of Directors amongst the good and the great for 18 years until I was sacked by the ‘closest aides’ in 1992.

    They carried on until Sime Darby went bankrupt for RM 1.10 Billions in 1996 and RM 2.10 Billions in 2010.

    You forgot that the acquistion and ownership of Sime Darby for the Malays arose out of my 1972 Concept which was supported by our Father Development, Tun Abdul Razak and our Minister of Finance, YBM Tengku Tan Sri Hamzah Razaleigh so that the Malays need not put on the Red Shirts and the others the Yellow Shirts giving a leeway in business to the Malays and the non-Malays.

    On 13 May 1969, the British owned 70% of the best assets in the Malaysian economy, the Chinese 25% of the third rate and the Malays 2%. You forgot, ugh ?

    My total financial gain was RM 30,000 Director’s before tax per annum for 18 years. You work this one out. Nowadays, the executives may take up to RM 500,000 a month or more ! I did not own a single Sime Darby share in my life !

    Why you attack me personally which I never did to you ? It was because of Sime Darby you found your Malaysian Dream, right ?

    Or you are sore because the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP did not provide the leadership and brain-power to secure Putrajaya for the Opposition ? Why blame and attack me when you should be my very good friend ? Like

    1. In 1997, if the Distinguished and Honourable Deputy Prime Minister had taken a holiday in the United States, he would have returned as the Distinguished and Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia. ONE EASY STEP.

    2. In 2008, if the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP and the Opposition had sorted out the 32 Aduns BEFORE AND NOT AFTER the 12th General Elections, they would have won Putrajaya twice already. ONE EASY STEP.

    3. In 2013, if the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP and the Opposition had boycotted the 13th General Elections and fasted to death in the 1st Class Ward of the KLGH, they would have been in Putrajaya since April 2013 because they would had 51% of the electorate supporting them. ONE EASY STEP.

    I am apolitical and not a political activist like you and your Blog who PERSONALLY appears here to make BN fight BN.

    What I commented is sheer commonsense !

    You should try to make me a friend instead of attacking me personally for my factual comments, not that I care ! You do not want to win the next 14th General Elecctions, ugh ? By understanding one’s mistakes, then there is progress.

    Those who attack me in the distinguished and honourable Blog are only making a mockery of themselves ! There are many things which we do not know about one another. I leave it at that.


  87. Hajar Jan 8,2016 2:41 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    1. Hari ini di akhbar ada berita mengatakan yang PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor yang juga Menteri Kewangan akan membuat perubahan (menyemak semula) kepada ’Bajet 2016’ kerana keadaan ekonomi yang semakin tidak menentu.

    DSN juga ada beri ’nasihat’ kepada Kabinet supaya ’berhemah & bijak’ dalam membelanjakan peruntukan. Layakkah beliau memberi ’nasihat’ tersebut?

    2. Buat permulaan, DSN & gang patut bermula dengan diri sendiri – kurangkan PEMBAZIRAN. Saiz kabinet yang besar patut di kecilkan. Ada juga bekas2 Menteri yang dilantik menjawat jawatan2 bertaraf menteri atau jawatan2 lain yang tidak perlu – ini juga satu pembaziran. PEMANDU dan mana2 agensi/badan yang sewaktu dengannya juga patut dibubarkan kerana tidak nampak hasil ’positif’. Mereka semua sekadar ’syok sendiri’, seperti DSN.

    3. DSN & gang juga patut kurangkan aktiviti ’melencong’ ke luar negara. Saya kata ’melencong’ kerana kadang2 (several times) PM hilang beberapa hari, dan tiba2 baru tunjuk gambar di mana beliau berada tapi jika dilihat pada tarikh2 beliau ’hilang’, rakyat meneka-neka di mana beliau berada sebelum itu. Sama juga dengan ‘hikayat wedding of the year 2015’. Dalam pada ada ‘wedding’ yang dihadiri (satu kapal terbang pergi khabarnya..), ada juga gambar dengan pemimpin negara tersebut (konon tujuan utama jumpa pemimpin tersebutlah…alahai, DSN ingat rakyat boleh diperbodohkan setiap masa).

    4. Jika DSN & gang guna wang negara / rakyat untuk kegunaan peribadi, saya secara peribadi boleh persoalkan apa2 wang yang saya sendiri ada bayar / carum / labur / deposit dalam pelbagai organisasi. Saya ada caruman KWSP, TH, ASB/ASN, etc. dan jika ada wang yang dipinjam dari organisasi2 tersebut dilabur dan hasil pendapatan menyumbang kepada pendapatan negara, saya ada hak sebagai pelabur / pendeposit untuk mempersoalkan kewajaran segala macam penyalah-gunaan dan pembaziran wang negara/rakyat.

    5. Berdosa besar seorang pemimpin yang menyalah-gunakan wang rakyat dengan pelbagai pembaziran dan juga untuk kepentingan peribadi, sedangkan rakyat bergelut dengan masaalah kos sara hidup yang semakin membebankan…

    6. Saya doakan yang TPPA tidak ditanda-tangani oleh Malaysia. Dalam hal amat penting seperti ini jika ada keraguan, lebih baik ditangguhkan. Jangan tergesa-gesa dan bersikap tamak, kononnya takut ‘terlepas peluang’. Orang tamak selalu rugi. – jika tersilap, rakyat juga yang menanggung kesan buruknya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  88. isayso Jan 8,2016 9:26 AM

    For Mubarakchan:

    At the age of 5, my right hand was caught in the door of a car which slammed shut. My little finger is crooked to this day. But this did not turn me into a crook !

    It depends on how you define crook, does it not? I guess it is okay not to repay borrowed money in your book.

    For wajaperak. First you operate under a pseudonym. Second how do I know what you talk about is correct or not ? Third I thank you very much for your religious guidance. Fourth, my learned lawyer said I should ignore you. In fact, he said you are just a dummy ! But I said ‘never mind, we are Malaysians’ !

    Well, a lot of what you said can’t be verified. Show me hard evidence to back up your claim about LKY’s sterling role in TPPA. Not just a story. As a story teller you have no peer! That’s how good you are. You can fool your cheerleaders, certainly, but not everyone.

    Along with millions of others I use a pseudonym. Even your cheerleaders in this blog use a pseudonym. Counter punch with reason not by insults. If the learned lawyer has not performed well in court on your behalf, then please cut your losses and run. This is not an insult, just sensible advice.

    Lest I forget:


    PM Najib has his RM2.60 billion. Go on, just provide one case where Tun Mahathir was so damn clueless that reulted in a gargantuan scandal. If you cannot, then you should expunge the reference to Tun Mahathir in a statement that, as it sits, allows you to butter the toast on both sides. It is also not fair to Tun Mahathir as it gives the impression that there had been a number of scandals during his administration.

  89. HBT456 Jan 8,2016 7:46 AM

    58. I will leave it to you to pounder for the rest of your life for the statement of Allah loves you, sir mubarak chan.

    59. It will be great if you convert yourself into muslim.

    60. If you cant, then you cannot force others to accept your way of life.

    61. But there is a thin line between a gentleman and ordinary street man.

    62. A gentleman when loose out in a game, he will respect and accept the verdict without questioning.

    63. An ordinary street man when loose out, he might drag his supporters into defence, protest, or war depending which country they come from.

    64. We can have ruling and opposition parties in federal parliament.

    65. But we cannot have 2 political systems.

    66. Israel is ruled by modern jewish nationalists.

    67. Pm benjamin is the first pm of israel being born on the soil of israel, are you aware of it, sir mubarak chan?

    68. Even his beloved dog sent to jail for biting the ministers to show law must be upheld regardless who you are.

    69. The female stray dog of 17 years adopted and loved by king of thailand that died recently resembled our local ordinary stray dogs, I dont know whether you read the news or not.

    70. As long as the muslim prejudice against other religion faith, they are not fit in administrating and managing billions ringgit malaysia economy.

  90. HBT456 Jan 8,2016 7:33 AM

    58. I will leave it to you to pounder for the rest of your life for the statement of Allah loves you, sir mubarak chan.

    59. It will be great if you convert yourself into muslim.

    60. If you cant, then you cannot force others to accept your way of life.

    60. But there is a thin line between a gentleman and ordinary street man.

    61. A gentleman when loose out in a game, he will respect and accept the verdict without questioning.

    62. An ordinary street man when loose out, he might drag his supporters into defence, protest, or war depending which country they come from.

    63. We can have ruling and opposition parties in federal parliament.

    64. But we cannot have 2 political systems.

    65. Israel is ruled by modern jewish nationalists.

    66. Pm benjamin is the first pm of israel being born on the soil of israel, are you aware of it, sir mubarak chan?

    67. Even his beloved dog sent to jail for biting the ministers to show law must be upheld regardless who you are.

    68. The female stray dog of 17 years adopted and loved by king of thailand that died recently resembled our local ordinary stray dogs, I dont know whether you read the news or not.

    69. As long as the muslim prejudice against other religion faith, they are not fit in administrating and managing billions ringgit malaysia economy.

  91. sibotak Jan 8,2016 5:52 AM

    It’s Ok to venture out in dreams to progress
    But deal with the right people ,the right partner

    Dealing with S,pore and US is a Big questions here ?
    S,pore known as the most Kiasuism Govt in the World ?
    Every single cents matters to them
    Even for few cents unpaid of a decease from Town Council
    The Govt demand from the family member
    They care for themselves
    They be Good to us when they are in need
    They look down on you once they have it
    These is Clear These is No Assumptions

    US are little quite OK
    They have much means of Technology and Brains
    But they have the ambitious to control the world
    And they are known to use military to get into their way
    Like in Syria, Iraq , Libya and many They will make you to be Submissive
    They will be in the upper hand

    Other Neighbour are quite in par with us
    And Ai,m quite OK with it

    But the main problem is us Malaysia
    Are we prepared with these all Uncertaintess under Najib rule
    Which has been seen as incompetence
    A weak Govt in deed
    Strong in Spending
    Weak in Gaining

  92. yince Jan 8,2016 1:40 AM

    Please allowed me to post a massage to Tuan….because I don’t know who can I find now..
    I want complain about proton staff and company poor service and terrible attitude problem when they handle my case..
    On 28 October 2015,my husband buy a proton Exora (JRD2582) from bayu puteri proton outlet at Johor. I believe on proton system records can show that after a few days we collect the car,we find out the car got stealing and balancing problem. So we send our car to Permas Jaya bayu puteri Proton outlets to do service. But after we collect the car,the problem still not fixed,it only becomes better but not fixed. And after I call in service hotline complain 2 times,they finally call me go back to check my car. I send my car to same service center on 12 December 2015 to do checking. They telling me waiting for 1 week. I even never asked must faster.. I just waiting their calls. But until 31 December 2015,I still haven’t received any call from proton. I call service hotline again,they ask me wait. Until 5pm finally someone call me and ask me bring my car go to do service on 2 January 2016. In this case,there’s no one apologize about the period I wasted for waiting call from Proton, and nobody give me a reason why I should wait for 19 days to let KL head office report? They only telling me maybe KL side many staff on leave so nobody follow up my case.. Can imagine that if I never call in asking my case, I will still waste my time to wait,wait,wait….! What use for Proton hired many staff? Proton can just hired 2 or 3 customers service staff, Forman,technicians…already enough..Because even Proton hired many staff,they also doing nothing!
    I sent my can to service outlets in 2 January 2016. But even they do service, We feel our car still is same like before, I already tired to argue with their,I just admit that I buy a terrible car. Okay ,I accepted I unlucky because I choose Proton car!
    But Tuan, there are not the ending of my story…
    On 6 January 2016,when I started my car, I find out my car glass in front is broken ! I quickly went to Permas Jaya proton outlets again. But they just said they don’t know the glass problem,ask me go to Plentong Proton Edar outlets.
    At Plentong outlets,I waiting the Forman checked and they tell me they confirmed the glass is broken itself,so they need send a report to KL,and waiting the response from KL. I have asked the Forman is possible my car glass will broken down?because I every day need bring my child go to school . He said not.
    But Today I find out the glass broken longer than yesterday! I quickly calling proton service hotline and telling the girl what I worry about and hope her can help me feedback to KL head office about my situation and help me change the glass as soon as possible!
    The girl telling me I wrong calling! Because they only assistant not service department, ask me calling back to proton Edar Plentong. She said nothing they can do,and suggest me don’t drive the car for 2 weeks!
    Isn’t possible?
    Why we bought the car?
    Because we need to use.
    Now proton customers service asking me don’t use the car 2 weeks? Who will send my child to school?
    What use we buy a car?
    I call to Permas Jaya proton outlets, because I buy the car from there.. But when I telling the service advice
    My problem,they even don’t listen to me. They just ask me call the Plentong,this not they responsibility!
    I really really very angry!can I asking if anything happens to us between this 2 weeks, who responsibility to us?
    I just requested proton staff help me to inform the department which will handle my case,telling their my situation: I need to bring my 3 year old son go to school every Monday till Friday, and I got another one baby girl. Every time I go out I need bring them together. If my glass in front broken down on the time I driving, any accidents happen, who will responsible? Will proton guarantee the glass just broken and never fall down? If confirmed, I don’t worry anymore..but if proton also can’t give a promise, can request the department which handle my case please process my case first?
    Because I really worry our safety!
    What I need they doing for me only this! Just passed a message to the department !
    But I don’t know why they rejected my request! Even they don’t want listen want I said, they just said there is no their business!
    I really very disappointed with Proton!
    And can proton give me an answer why the new car I buy only for 2 months the glass in front will broken itself?
    I can’t accept as a customer!
    As a dealer , proton should check all the products is good quality before doing deals!
    Don’t proton trying telling me it’s because weather problem! Because I parking my car inside my house car park everyday!
    Isn’t this is proton problem?
    Why proton sell a problem car to customer?
    Why didn’t settle customers problem as soon as possible?
    This is proton after service? After service don’t listen customers anymore?
    If consider from customers situation, would anyone use Rm66k to buy a product like this? Will anyone accept after sales service like what me face it?
    Because my father telling me maybe can feedback my situation to Tuan. So I trying to telling what I face up now with proton… I really hope Tuan can give me a help to settle my problem,because I don’t know who can I find now…
    Thanks for reading my messages and I hope Tuan sihat and sejahtera always!

  93. mubarakchan Jan 7,2016 5:23 PM


    For HBT000.

    On your comment 50. ” I am glad sir mubarak chan is exceedingly happy now.”

    My retort to your observation HBT000 is that I have always been happy ever since I was a child. I am always exceedingly happy because all human problems are Humankind made. It is up to Humankind to undo all these problems ! Something specially for you.

    1. At the age of 5, my right hand was caught in the door of a car which slammed shut. My little finger is crooked to this day. But this did not turn me into a crook !
    2. At the age of 6, I stepped into a bucket of boiling water. Fortunately I did not get 30 degree burns. Otherwise, I would not be here.
    3. At the age of 7, I fought with a school bully who harassed me. He defended himself with a pencil which nearly pierce my left eye-ball.
    4. One morning whilst in a rubber plantation, I heard the sound of a very low flying airplane. My servant led me quickly into the air-raid shelter amongst the rubber trees. As I looked up, I saw a large silver twin engind airplane with red roundels (Mitsubishi Betty). I heard the sound of fire-crackers and the rubber tree leaves were whistling.
    5. A bomb fell on the garden of the house at Ridout Road, Singapore. Afterwards, I could see shrapnel marks on the tembusu trees and the walls of the house.
    6. A large pair of white hands lifted me onto the swaying wooden ladder which led up to a ship (MV Felix Roussel). The sky was full of dark clouds. There were pools of water along the quayside. That evening 6 February 1942, the Japanese Imperial Guards landed at Kranji. The MV Felix Roussel was the last boat to leave Singapore.
    7. The following morning with sunshine and blue skies, a flight of 17 Mitsubishi Betty bombers bombed the convoy of 2 passenger ships and 2 destroyers passing through the Banka Straits. They missed.
    8. I was often ill in Mother India until my tonsils were removed. Two of my nieces died.
    9. One Saturday, I walked on the road outside the Wembley Salon after my $1 haircut. An old man on a bicycle crashed into me on the right. I looked left.
    10. Suddenly, I heard a very loud bang from behind me in the classroom. I saw a bullet hole after the bullet passed through my desk which missed me by inches. My over-aged classmate, a Sutton Auxillary Police boy was fiddling with his revolver behind me.
    11. I gave my English friend a lift back to the University. As I overtook the car in front, a lorry coming from the opposite direction also came out to overtake. There were only 3 lanes in those days. We missed each other by centimetres. My English friend turned deathly pale and whispered, ‘ Oh ! Charlie !’ I just ignored him and drove on. I must have been the subject of his conversation with friends at his college that night.
    12. At 6 pm every Tuesday, I would be passing the Wisma TV along the Federal Highway next to Kampong Kerinchi, on my way home from the Subang Shooting Range. 13 May 1969 was a Tuesday. I did not go to the Range that day as my right eye was injured due to an accident and my friends warned me to go home at 2.30 pm. Instead of selling short, I rang up all my relatives and friends to go home before 4 pm. None of my relatives and friends remembered my telephone call.
    13. As I was an instructor at the Shooting Range, a couple of times, novices with guns would accidentally point at me.
    14. Finally, in those days, I would play badminton at the Kelana Jaya Sports Complex on Sundays at 7.30 pm. One Sunday, my plane for Milan took off from Subang at 7.30 pm. As it took off I glanced at the Complex and thought that I would be playing with my friend then if I was available. The following morning after checking into the Hotel opposite the main Railway Station, Milan, I crossed the road to buy some newspapers. Suddenly, I heard the sound of screeching brakes on my left as I looked right. A young Italian on a Vespa hit me on the left. I slipped. He fell down. He looked pale and was shivering like a leaf. My head did not hit the pavement. Otherwise, I would have fractured by 2nd cervical vertebra, like dying by hanging ! I continued onto to the Station. Later, in my room I rang up my friend. His secretary told me he died on the badminton court the previous night.

    When I told my friend of my youth recently the above incidents, he said.
    ” Allah loves you ”


  94. mubarakchan Jan 7,2016 4:32 PM


    For wajaperak. First you operate under a pseudonym. Second how do I know what you talk about is correct or not ? Third I thank you very much for your religious guidance. Fourth, my learned lawyer said I should ignore you. In fact, he said you are just a dummy ! But I said ‘never mind, we are Malaysians’ !


  95. isayso Jan 7,2016 2:29 PM

    Malaysia will be one of the nations that will benefit the most from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), says Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

    Malaysia’s economy would swell by 8% as its exporters acquire an advantage over regional competitors that aren’t part of the bloc, including Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia,” read the business publication’s article published yesterday.

    This is based on its reading of the latest World Bank report on the possible macroeconomic impact of the TPPA for both members and non-member countries.

    The World Bank study also predicted that other than swelling the Malaysian economy, the trade pact will boost our exports by a whopping 20 percent.

    “Japan, Vietnam and Malaysia are set to get a big economic boost from a sweeping Pacific trade agreement concluded in October, while the US and other North American countries would see much smaller gains from the Trans-Pacific Partnership,” opined WSJ.

    I find this too rosy.

  96. wajaperak Jan 7,2016 10:42 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    [Dear Mr Mubarakchan
    Some are born good. Some are born bad. In my experience, I have never been able to make a good person bad or a bad person good]
    Let us make one point clear.
    Whatever I said and commented about you will never take or undermine your status here in Tun blog.
    We are so fortunate that you are willing to write your thought here free of charge.Man of your calibre can and should charge your valuable deed and experience and Allah knows many are willing to pay you by the thousand in the appointed hour’s.
    If I pay you less in any respect just forgive me and my status ok..
    Dear Mr Mubarak Chan..
    In Islam, Al Quran have stated quite contrary to what you have said.
    All human are good because they were borne in their FITRAH.
    Their parents are responsible in shaping them up and even then by the GRACE of Allah all human are keep reminded of their role here in earth.
    Unfortunately most ignored the signs..
    As a doctor and scientist you should have not said that.
    How many people humanely owed you their life favours?
    Uncountable,immeasurable but in whole pleasurable.
    We feels good in having our hands in helping people..just being useful.
    Even then Allah favoured you more than I am in term of talent,knowledge and skills.
    You have made them in good use and as inferior being than you, that is only just a few speck that I can adress you.
    We do not and not capable of making people good or bad.
    It is their own choice and they will be accountable for their deeds in hereafter.
    What we can do is INFLUENCED them of the good choice or bad one.
    Like I said most of us shaped by our education and childhood upbringing.
    Alas,sometimes this have lead us to false sense of security.
    Eg like my recitation of Al Quran verses.I am so damned sure that the recitation is right but by Allah MERCY after year’s only Allah willing to pointed out to me that certain phrases and my pronounciation is wrong.
    I am glad that Allah did not allows me to be in perpetual error.
    I never said you are wrong in your life principals.
    Life belongs to us and up to us how to spend them wisely or we so tought wisely.
    But Allah through Al Quran have provided relief for us in our social and civic obligations.
    And using this mean I inferiorly believe that maybe..just maybe you give should give my lowly sought after


    Thank you Mr Mubarak Chan sir.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  97. Praxis Jan 7,2016 9:59 AM

    I thought only God did things without a why! Mortal man is answerable to his fellow beings, to ensure objectivity and good science. But if beasts in charge, what humanity would it be answerable to?

  98. HBT456 Jan 7,2016 8:00 AM

    48. Bagi saya, serban atau songkok, sama saja, abang musato.

    49. Jika hati mereka adalah berkhidmat untuk negara bukan untuk parti, syarikat atau kaum sendiri, tak pakai pun rakyat akan mengundi mereka.

    50. I am glad sir mubarak chan is exceedingly happy now.

    51. In fact, the political power struggling within umno now wont affect us so much like that in 1998 crisis.

    52. None of the next in line after president najib is qualified to be the pm.

    53. Let the malay cum bumiputera decide who they want to choose to lead them, bankrupt, loosing money or not making money, the general auditor report, forex and share market will show the figures.

    54. As for mic, let them compete who will be their president.

    55. Mca stands for malaysian chinese association, and they must keep it that way with the tradition of wearing baju kebangsaan batik and kurung when they officiate national festivals to show the world that we are malaysian as role model.

    56. Integration of races is the best way forward.

    57. Our obligation is to vote in every 5 years to tell the mps how we rate them accordingly.

  99. azlan95 Jan 7,2016 3:04 AM

    After so many years since the EU was established, they have come up with a proposal for a new Investment Court System for TTIP

    The TPPA should just adopt a similar system which assures fairness for all member states, big and small.


  100. HouseWife Jan 7,2016 1:22 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    I just have to let go a piece of my mind.
    Tun, you really made this man, the new AG got all fired up. See Tun, what influence you had on a person, without having to face him just by merely opening your mouth, its like a fireball to him, he feels the heat. An innocent person will only feel the cold.
    Tun merely gives an innocent comment and its like Tun, you’re firing reverse psychology on him, that’s what he said. That you’re also putting him under pressure. He should know Tun is a doctor, so that’s how Tun speaks, Tun speaks like a doctor. He who eats the chilli feels the heat, isn’t that so Tun.

    Now this new AG, he has got no manners. So conceited! Tun, when a person sits proudly at the top see how he talks like…like a Snobbish Big Shot! Arragontly proclaiming himself to the whole world that he is a law man. What a stuck up person. If he had politely answered you back Tun, I would have been quite forgiving.

    Anyway, this is what I think of Mr new AG:
    Yes, you are not a law man but a new AG,
    Yes, you will not study the cases under the law but over the law,
    Yes, you surely are under pressure not by Tun but under blood-pressure,
    Yes, you are appointed to protect DSN, and
    Yes, you will ignore the findings of the MACC investigations on the Billions Corruption.
    Mr new AG, did you not by your own findings according to your own law, found the said defendant not guilty, he is cleared on any wrongdoings and is free to roam in and out the country as he pleases?
    So why should we believe you now, Mr new AG?
    Yes Mr new AG, as you said, you will decide according to the law but you know we already know, don’t you.

    We are patiently waiting and forever watching you.

    Tun, whatever the outcome, please don’t ever blame yourself. Let’s pray for the best, for Malaysia’s independence in corruption.
    Tun, there is no better place than home, and our home is here, Malaysia. May Allah forever Protect our HOME.

    May Allah Bless you always Tun. May Allah grant you wealth in health and happiness. Take care and Thank You Tun. Don’t forget to follow doctor’s order.

  101. mubarakchan Jan 6,2016 4:07 PM


    For HouseWife. I am sure Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah will agree with me, we are all the same under the skin. And we are also different from each other in many ways than one otherwise we are all robots. Someone asked me whether I have seen the Star Wars. I have not and do not mind others enjoying the series.

    We all have good and bad points. We are all not perfect. The important is to find your inner strength which only you yourself know and build on this. Some are born good. Some are born bad. In my experience, I have never been able to make a good person bad or a bad person good. From my observation of the people for so long, many of us do not realise how valuable and precious LIFE is. I leave it at that. I am exceedingly happy.


  102. mubarakchan Jan 6,2016 3:54 PM


    As I have stated before that I am not anti-TPPA or anti-America or anti-Singapore.

    I am of the opinion that our beloved Malaysia is not quite ready in political and socio-economic terms and should join the TPPA later like Thailand and Indonesia even at a higher cost. By joining now, Malaysia may become an embarassment to this important Grouping of 12 Independent States if she fails to deliver politically and socio-economically.

    Surely America does not want the most important strategic and geo-political Malaysia to founder through the effects of the TPPA in its latest grouping of independent States ? The TPPA is as strong as its weakest link which is Malaysia now !

    Malaya/Malaysia has always been close to America since the Cold War (1948-1989) beginning with SEATO which became non-functioning in 1977.

    Many United States Agencies were in Malaya/Malaysia until 1982 from 1947.

    Many of our Rakyat died or wounded in the Cold War which was known as the Communist Insurgency between 1948-1991.

    And for the very first time the SME people through the Malay Chambers of Commerce chided, ” REMEMBER HOW JOHOR TREATY LED TO BRIT CONTROL, TPPA CRITICS WARN. ” Malaysiakini. Syabas !

    Our iconic UMNO has a key role to play here notwithstanding the fact that without its political leadership in the distant misty days of 1946 of our Malayan/Malaysian history, there would have been NO MALAYA/MALAYSIA, OUR BELOVED YANG DI PERTUAN AGONG, THE ROYAL SULTANS, THE CHERISHED CONSTITUTION, THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND THE RAKYAT TODAY.

    Why the haste to join when we could join later at a higher cost when our beloved Malaysia is ready in political and socio-economic terms ?

    Actually, no one opposes the TPPA if Malaysia joins at the right time in its own NATIONAL INTEREST. Timing is of the essence and will win the day !

    And of all the 47 failed Policies of the Dictator Lee Kuan Yew, this TPPA inspired by him to finish off our beloved Malaysia is even worse than his 2 Child Family Policy. Both are self or Lee Kuan Yew destructive ! OMG !

    He created the TPPA which not only may become the Sword of Damocles for Malaysia but for his very own Singapore as well. It is no longer a legacy but like the death traps surrounding a Pharoah’s tomb !

    Killing two birds with one stone as they say !

    But in this instance, it is no laughing matter. It is dead serious so much so that Bilahari Kausikan and his dysfunctional crew had to draw the line in the sand as regards Singapore’s new Foreign and Defence Policies in relation to Malaysia because Singapore has become INDEFENSIBLE DUE TO ITS DEMOGRAPHY.

    The Lee Kuan Yew inspired TPPA is now Singapore’s urgent problem which also should be the United States problem. And it has become very serious if Malaysia fails with the TPPA !


    Surely, the United States will be unwilling to see our beloved Malaysia, the most important member of the Group of 12 ends up in chaos due to the effects of the TPPA and be like Vietnam before 1975 when CONTROL WAS A NON-STARTER ?

    As I see it, it is better to accede to the fact that if Malaysia is not ready, then it should have the special dispensation to join when she is ready without extra cost due to her strategic and geo-political importance. Is this clause in the 6,000 page TPPA Agreement ?

    The uniqueness in this caper is that SINGAPORE like the Gemini Twin could be lost to the United States as well through the Lee Kuan Yew inspired TPPA ! Acheh ! Uncle Sam please wake up !

    As I have said many times previously, some Chinese are so very clever as to be stupid ! Lee Kuan Yew tops the list because of his 47 Failed Policies. This is a fact. vide

    AND OUR BELOVED TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD WHO LED A NORMAL LIFE WITH NORMAL IDEAS AND POLICIES NOW STANDS TALLER AND TALLER SMELLING OF ROSES. Lee Kuan Yew was like the Tun too – frugal, hard-working and honest. These virtues were the only commonality between these two Statesmen.


  103. HouseWife Jan 6,2016 2:20 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    MITI minister gave an assurance that TPPA provides more good than bad, more advantages than disadvantages, more benefits than loses. TPPA is not yet into force, and yet he could predict everthing will be fine. If any policy has got more negative ingredients in it, than shouldn’t it be delayed futher or disassociate from it completely. I’m no economist but I still feel reserve on this whole issue no matter how much ‘feel good’ explanations MITI is going round to gain the peoples’ trusts and to ease their worries.

    If I’m not mistaken, TPPA popped out when Rafidah was the minister of trade. During that time I was not too concerned as I put full trust in the government of that time, Malaysia was in very good hands so I let it slipped away from my mind. But now when Malaysia is in the hands of the men who are so oblivious to the real situation when all uncertainties are surrounding them, then this really awaken my concern. Their decisions will have either a good or an adverse effect on the interests of the nation.

    I am concern for the prosperity and sovereignty of my beloved country and the wellbeing of her people.
    But alas I only have sphere of concern and not sphere of influence. Tun and friends, are people with wisdom, versatile men of knowledge, capable of dealing with many subjects, are the gems of Malaysia, will not only have concern but also great influence to convey the understanding and the reality of the matter to those yearn for it. The reality on the ground is far from what has been made out to be. These people holding posts in today admin have the desire to be clever than honest. I hope I’m wrong for the nation’s sake.

    Tun, yes I agree with Mr Mubarakchan we must not harm others, our neighbours. I remembered during your administration, you said, “to enrich yourself you must also enrich your neighbours” or something like that, I can’t remember the exact phrase you said, sorry Tun.
    May Allah Bless you always Tun. May Allah grant you all the wealth in health and happiness. Take good care and Thank you Tun.

    Excuse me Tun, please give me a moment with Mr Mubarakchan:
    Thank you, Mr mubarakchan for your full-length info and explanation on the origin of TPPA, how it was ‘born’ and came into existence and its purpose.
    My little brain may take some time to capturelize and grasp everything you said, but your information do serve a high penetrating power to my little brain. These details cannot get from anyone unless he is of a knowledgeble person with vast experience and deep understanding of reality. It does console my uneasiness, if not wholly but partly. But then when it comes to the part about the Malays, my heart started racing again. May Allah forbids it from ever happening.
    Mr mubarakchan, people do have different directions in thoughts, opinions, ideas, eg. in engaging the ‘war of words’. To me it is not detrimental to anyone’s reputation or egocentricity, but in fact it leads to open doors to healthy free expression of words in a very articulate manner.
    Yes, of course the feeling of disappointment, despair, discontentment, discord is unavoidable. We are only human.
    Thank you, Mr mubarakchan for your time. Wish you in great health.

    For Mr wajaperak: Thank you for sharing with me your past experiences in the happy and adventurous days and lifetime. May Allah Bless you always.

    I also like to take the opportunity to wish everyone here many happy returns in 2016 and years to come.
    Thank you again, Tun.

  104. musato Jan 6,2016 11:58 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.


    Adakah HBT maksudkan pasal imej bila memperkatakan tentang Haron Din?

    Saya tidak pakai serban. Mungkin juga saya suka tinggal di kampung. Nyaman dan tenang.

    Di ‘kampung’ saya, saya tahu di pusat karaoke terdapat ‘katalog’ wanita beratur untuk tempahan cuma rm30 (mungkin tanpa extra servis).

    Bercerita pasal imej, saya juga segak, macam Tun. Sebenarnya Tun ada puji la sikit sikit saya ni. Kata Tun, bolehlah di bawak ketengah…berwarna warni.

    Terima kasih sebab puji saya Tun Mahathir. Bukan senang Tun nak puji. Lebih lebih lagi kat blog ni.

    Sebab apa Tok Pa bersetuju dengan TTPA adalah kerana tak mahu ketinggalan dengan negara lain.

    Rugi sikit takpe, sebab untung banyak, katanya.

    Apa yang rugi tak tahulah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  105. HBT456 Jan 6,2016 8:00 AM


    67. What aid?

    68. You mean as regulator you are know how to compensate in the hope of they will give you votes?

    69. You mean as regulator, you dont know how to regulate with clear cut policies because you are clueless in regulations?

    70. Malay leadership is weak, thanks to nep.

    71. They are weak because they are pampered.

    72. They are weak because they prejudice against their own people by blaming other races hoping that they will get votes from the malay.

    73. The most horendous leaders when they killed we dont see blood.

    74. What is there to be proud off if the malay leadership continue chanting ketuanan melayu dan islam to stay in power?

    75. Dont blame the people, blame yourself for ignorant and egoism for loosing support from the people.

  106. sibotak Jan 6,2016 7:35 AM

    I agree
    Not against anyone
    Agree on Wajaperak n Mubarakchan of their stands much against S,pore
    We talk of S,pore as a relation to TPPA especially to deal with them

    Agree they do things at our expense since the very day of separations
    Basically we have since an incompetence leader especially now Najib the worst of the kind. Najib has no vision and Don,t even know what he is doing
    His first moves of giving up KTM land in S,pore already confirm my opinion
    In exchange for a vast land a ratio of perhaps 1 to 1000 or more is simply bloody fool of Najib .yet indeed the contra of 1 we shared with S,pore meaning it’s 1/2 to 1000 or more
    What an Idiot Najib is . I sternly look down on such a stupid idiotic leader

    Now TPPA sense we be a fool again

    As it is not what we want
    It is what they want
    They sure have done thier vision and positive about it
    Najib is just like The Lembu kena Tarik Hidung
    Initially I quite see Najib could be OK but now I confirm as much as Tun and most Malaysian Najib is Horrible .Najib has lost our respect and vision
    How many more stupid mistake can we allow him to do so ?

    Simply these are Malaysian Fear ?
    We are also idiot as much as Tun to pick on an idiotic Leader
    We and Tun are part to be Blame also

    To Hell or to Heaven
    Najib must take this as a Wake Up Call , I hope or not just leave
    It’s not about TPPA or anything else

    It’s about our Foundation our system
    We can only moves forward if we have the chemistry of the right leader and people
    If not we should just stay low , do what we can do first

    To build A Nation
    It takes decades with hardship ,blood ,tears and many
    To destroy it just takes a moment
    We have to stay on the line ,Be together first before
    We can
    Maju Kehadapan

  107. HBT456 Jan 5,2016 11:13 PM

    48. Do you know the main actor of star wars is a nigerian boy, sir mubarak chan?

    49. The special effect of this movie is done by singapore, you aware of it?

    50. Even ip man invted mike tyson to demonstrate wing chun vs boxing.

    51. Sir mubarak chan, you can take your own sweet time as and when you want to go into tppa.

    52. No ill intention?

    53. If really got no ill intention, isa would not be used at all.

    54. If no ill intention, nsc will not be approved.

    55. No imf means malaysians will tanggung the national debts.

    56. The conversion case of puan indira gandhi’s children has shown islam bully minority, the hindu.

    57. What is there to ve proud at as malaysian boleh?

    58. Penjual vaper is entrepreneur, mereka bukan penipu atau perompak.

    59. Mereka ini adalah pengundi malaysia.

  108. mubarakchan Jan 5,2016 8:47 PM


    For HouseWife.

    Madam you commented ‘my little brain knows so little or nothing at all about TPPA’.

    The TPPA is just a simple tale of the shenanigans of a crafty and cunning Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015).

    At the outset, I state that I am not anti-TPPA, or anti-America or anti-Singapore.

    I am of the opinion that Malaysia is not ready for the TPPA due to political and socio-economic considerations. And Malaysia should join later like Thailand and Indonesia with prudence even though the cost of entry maybe higher.

    The TPPA is a simple tale of the shenanigans of a Dictator who in his twilight years wanted to protect his legacy and sustain the survival of his tiny Republlic of Singapore at the expense of our beloved Malaysia.

    Man proposes. God disposes.

    The TPPA and its negotiations took so long, 14 years, that instead of being the Sword of Damocles for our beloved Malaysia, it became the Sword of Damocles for Singapore as well. I always said never try to harm others.

    The Genesis of the TPPA began after the end of the Cold War (1948-1989) in which Capitalism battled Communism in all aspects but a Hot War. After the end of the Cold War in 1989. Uncle Sam came up with his hegemonic spiel, ‘Globalization, Free Trade and Human Rights’.

    These virtues were anathema to the traditional commercial activities of Singapore eg. smuggling, soft and hard arms trade, money laundering, breaking Myanmar and North Korea sanctions, salvage of Vietnam war debris etc. After the Cold War. the World changed from a uni-polar one to multi-polar. For example, the market for the AK47 became a free market.

    Without taking notice of the fast changes to come in the 1990s, Singapore found to its dismay by the turn of the 21st Century after the DotCom Crash of 2000 that her GDP was in free fall with concomitant rising unemployment.

    By chance, our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced his retirement in 2002. Thereafter, the Dictator’s brain began to work overtime. This produced 2 casinos and the TPPA which was up and running by 2006.

    But with his usual fine legal mind, the Dictator established the International Centre for Arbitration first in Singapore in 2005 – to catch the lackadaisical Malaysians in neglecting to cross the ‘t’s’ and dot the ‘i’s’ in the fine print of agreements. The Malaysians are famous for losing all legal arguments arising from agreements with Singapore.

    At the launch of the TPPA, only Brunei, Chile and New Zealand were members. Uncle Sam with a Republican President was too busy to join.

    But after the Crash of October 2008, Uncle Sam was ready to grasp at any straw in the tumultous financial ocean. Hence, the TPPA became associated with Uncle Sam – the ant could now ride the Donkey !

    By June 2009, the crafty and cunning Dictator Lee Kuan Yew at the age of 85 visited the Ulus to hector his digits and cohorts on the pretext it was his last visit. He even had tea out of fine English bone china in a KL salon so anxious was he to make his inspiration the TPPA a success. I now know why he traipsed into the Ulus. He had Obama’s approval for the TPPA in his pocket. Crafty and cunning.

    The TPPA means the unrestricted entry of tariff free re-labelled goods or otherwise from Singapore as soon as the Agreement is signed. Singapore is geographically a part of Malaysia. The other members are thousands of kilometres away.

    The sole beneficiary of the TPPA is Singapore with its Dictator inspired origins.

    The decades of work on the NEP will become nought (with the advent of the TPPA) which purpose was to build an even level playing field for all and the eradication of poverty of all. Why ?

    Our SMEs now owned by Malaysians will go bankrupt with concomitant retrenchment of workers due to the influs of cheap foreign goods. The unrest by jobless workers may unseat the BN Government.

    Malaysia now exports petroleum and palm oil to sell in open markets. The FTZ electronic products are already under siege to move elsewhere and are owned by foreign investors. Textiles and garments have migrated over 20 years ago to Cambodia, Ceylon, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. Our SMEs are struggling due to a small market and dumping. At the moment, only the glove manufacturers stand to benefit.

    The facts do not show immediate benefit for our beloved Malaysia but only for Singapore.

    Vide. 1. TPPA Implications for Malaysia’s Domestic Value-Added Trade. Rashmi Banga. UNCTAD. Geneva. Centre for WTO Studies. New Delhi. October 2014. 2. TPPA : Not About Free Trade. Philippe Gastonne. The Daily Bell. 22 April 2015

    By the end of 2009, the negotiators from the Federal Government began their 19 ultra secret negotiations on the TPPA before their exposure in 2013. It was crystal clear the Dictator gave a kick to the Malaysians to join the TPPA negotiations using his best charm to prevail on them.

    The Malays will die like the Red Indians of North America. They signed without understanding. They died without a whimper. For the non-Malays a fate worse than death because they had no power to sign their own death warrant. The Chinese will be forced to become middle-men again with goods provided and financed by Singapore !

    The Malays would have lost their SMEs and the hard-earned 3 million famillies Middle Income Group created by our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad during his 22 year Administration.


    Suddenly, like the petir or lightning strike, the Sword of Damocles the TPPA for Malaysia has become the Sword of Damocles for Singapore.

    The negotiations and genesis for the TPPA took so long 2002-2016, 14 years that the Order of Battle for the Defence of Singapore changed.


    The Dictator screwed down the indigenous population of Singapore 100% in 1959 to 62% in 2010. The deficit had to be filled with 1.2 million FTs and 800,000 PRs of millionaires and billionaires to add on to the present local population of 3.2 millions to make up a credible GDP !

    Demographically, at the slightest sound of unrest, the foreigners, 2 millions of them will decamp leaving the locals, 3.2 millions to hold the can made in Singapore leaving Singapore INDEFENSIBLE. The Achilles Heel these foreigners !

    With this realization of INDEFENSIBLE SINGAPORE, the non-delusional Bilahari Kausikan and his dysfunctional elite crew came out with the opus with the delusional title, ‘ Singapore is not an island ‘ which main purpose was not to kick the ‘DELUSIONAL CHINESE’ in the butt but to re-draw the line of defence for INDEFENSIBLE SINGAPORE.

    THE FIRST AND LAST LINE OF DEFENCE FOR INDEFENSIBLE SINGAPORE IS NOW UMNO IN KL and not the 19th Century Maginot or Siegfried Line of the old Dictator at Batu Pahat-Muar-Muar River. Overnight the humongous military of Singapore became as obsolete as the dodo of Mauritius.

    With the important change of Foreign and Defence Policy by Singapore.



    Hence I now say I am not worried about the TPPA anymore.







  109. Hajar Jan 5,2016 4:43 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    Menurut DS Mustafa Mohamed penarikan diri dari TPPA tidak akan memufliskan Kerajaan Malaysia (sebagai memjawab artikel Tun ini).

    Betullah agaknya sebab kalau ikut kefahaman dan cara rejim DSN ’merasionalisasikan hutang 1MDB’, menjual aset dan harta berharga negara kepada negara asing adalah tindakan cemerlang yang amat RASIONAL, dan amat wajar dilakukan dalam melunaskan hutang-piutang (yang lesap entah ke mana). Tidak muflis, tapi aset/tanah berharga sudah jadi milik orang luar.

    Saya rasa jika nanti TPPA bermasaalah, dan kesannya Kerajaan bermasaalah, rejim DSN tidak akan ragu2 untuk melelong Malaysia dalam ’plan rasionalisasi’ masaalah mereka. Agaknya, mereka akan ’celebrate / bersorak’ setelah selesai melelong Malaysia…

    Sia-sia saja lah usaha keras Tun (satu contoh usaha Tun, rujuk kepada sejarah ’Guthrie Dawn Raid’ pada 7 Sept 1981 semasa Tun menjadi PM – Guthrie diambil alih oleh Kerajaan Malaysia dari British melalui pembelian saham secara besar-besaran di London Stock Exchange secara mengejut dalam masa 4 jam sahaja), dan usaha pemimpin2 terdahulu yang telah cuba sedaya-upaya mempertahankan tanah dan aset negara dari jatuh ke tangan orang asing.

    Tapi ada pula PM yang dengan amat sukacitanya menjual/menggadai aset/tanah berharga negara kepada bangsa/negara asing.

    Sebagai rakyat Malaysia, saya tidak tahu samada mahu gelak atau menangis melihat tindak-tanduk dung* rejim DSN.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  110. Tanggang Jan 5,2016 11:36 AM

    AsSalam Yg Bhg Tun,

    MSN News for readings;

    More than 20,000 employees from various sectors were made redundant as of September last year, the Malaysian Employers’ Federation (MEF) said, pointing to a challenging year ahead for big companies in the country.

    With no indication of improvement to the gloomy economic outlook, MEF executive director Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan said the trend was set to spill over to 2016, which could see more retrenchments and companies ceasing operations.

    In 2014, it was reported that there were more than 10,000 retrenchments.

    At the same time, Shamsuddin said, hiring slowed significantly this year with only necessary positions filled.

    Shamsuddin told that the figure, obtained from the Human Resources Ministry, covered employees from various key sectors, including oil and gas, banking, retail and manufacturing.

    MEF, however, said it did not have details on the number of companies involved in retrenchment exercises in 2015.

    “In the Malaysian context, even though the economy is expected to grow by 4.7%, the outlook for most sectors is not very encouraging, and it has been very challenging.

    “To be fair also, 6,000 (employees retrenched) was the result of Malaysia Airlines’ (MAS) restructuring and that contributed quite a huge percentage to the total retrenchment (in 2015).

    “By end of 2015, we expected it to touch 25,000 (of total retrenchments). This is expected to continue in 2016 because it is not seen as a positive year,” he said.

    MAS’s retrenchment of nearly 6,000 employees was part of Khazanah Nasional Berhad’s plan to restructure the loss-making national carrier.

    The Edge Weekly also reported that Shell Malaysia would cut 1,300 upstream jobs over the next two years, adding that job cuts in the oil and gas industry were expected because of the collapse of oil prices.

    Retrenchments in 2015 also saw the banking sector cutting down its workforce, starting with Standard Chartered Bank laying off its Malaysian workforce by 11%, followed by CIMB Group Holdings Bhd (3,599 employees or 11% of its headcount) and RHB Capital Bhd (2,700 employees or 15% of its workforce).

    It was also reported that manufacturers, such as Naza Automotive Manufacturing Sdn Bhd laid off 255 workers from its plant in Gurun, Kedah, and CCM Fertilisers Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Chemical Company of Malaysia Bhd, announced the dismissal of 232 employees as part of plans to shut down of one of its plants by June this year.

    Besides private sector retrenchments, Shamsuddin said the government sector froze hiring.

    “The government is a very good example (of slow hiring), they actually have frozen intake in 2015, except for critical positions, so that alone closes 15,000 job opportunities in the public sector.”

    AsSalam Yg Bhg Tun

  111. wajaperak Jan 5,2016 9:41 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    To whom it may conscience.

    1) وَقَاتِلُوا الْمُشْرِكِيْنَ كَآفَّةً كَمَا يُقَاتِلُوْنَكُمْ كَآفَّةً وَاعْلَمُوْا أَنَّ اللهَ مَعَ الْمُتَّقِيْنَ
    “ Dan perangilah orang-orang kafir secara keseluruhan sebagaimana mereka memerangi kalian secara keseluruhan.” (QS. At-Taubah:36).

    2)وَقَاتِلُوهُمْ حَتَّى لاَ تَكُونَ فِتْنَةٌ وَيَكُونَ الدِّينُ ِللَّهِ فَإِنِ انْتَهَوْا فَلاَ عُدْوَانَ إِلاَّ عَلَى الظَّالِمِينَ
    “ Dan perangilah mereka sampai tidak ada fitnah dan agama itu hanyalah untuk Alloh.” (QS. Al-Baqoroh:193).

    3)عَنْ بُرَيْدَةَ بْنِ الْحُسَيبِ اْلأَسْلَمِي قَالَ: كَانَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّه عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ إِذَا أَمَّرَ أَمِيرًا عَلَى جَيْشٍ أَوْ سَرِيَّةٍ أَوْصَاهُ فِي خَاصَّتِهِ بِتَقْوَى اللَّهِ وَمَنْ مَعَهُ مِنَ الْمُسْلِمِينَ خَيْرًا, ثُمَّ قَالَ (اغْزُوا بِاسْمِ اللَّهِ فِي سَبِيلِ, اللَّهِ قَاتِلُوا مَنْ كَفَرَ بِاللَّهِ, اغْزُوا وَلَا تَغُلُّوا وَلَا تَغْدِرُوا وَلَا تَمْثُلُوا وَلَا تَقْتُلُوا وَلِيدًا, وَإِذَا لَقِيتَ عَدُوَّكَ مِنَ الْمُشْرِكِينَ فَادْعُهُمْ إِلَى ثَلَاثِ خِصَالٍ أَوْ خِلَالٍ, فَأَيَّتُهُنَّ مَا أَجَابُوكَ فَاقْبَلْ مِنْهُمْ وَكُفَّ عَنْهُمْ.
    ثُمَّ ادْعُهُمْ إِلَى الْإِسْلَام,ِ فَإِنْ أَجَابُوكَ فَاقْبَلْ مِنْهُمْ وَكُفَّ عَنْهُمْ ثُمَّ ادْعُهُمْ إِلَى التَّحَوُّلِ مِنْ دَارِهِمْ إِلَى دَارِ الْمُهَاجِرِينَ وَأَخْبِرْهُمْ أَنَّهُمْ إِنْ فَعَلُوا ذَلِكَ فَلَهُمْ مَا لِلْمُهَاجِرِينَ وَعَلَيْهِمْ مَا عَلَى الْمُهَاجِرِينَ. فَإِنْ أَبَوْا أَنْ يَتَحَوَّلُوا مِنْهَا فَأَخْبِرْهُمْ أَنَّهُمْ يَكُونُونَ كَأَعْرَابِ الْمُسْلِمِينَ يَجْرِي عَلَيْهِمْ حُكْمُ اللَّهِ الَّذِي يَجْرِي عَلَى الْمُؤْمِنِينَ وَلَا يَكُونُ لَهُمْ فِي الْغَنِيمَةِ وَالْفَيْءِ شَيْءٌ إِلَّا أَنْ يُجَاهِدُوا مَعَ الْمُسْلِمِينَ.
    فَإِنْ هُمْ أَبَوْا فَسَلْهُمُ الْجِزْيَةَ فَإِنْ هُمْ أَجَابُوكَ فَاقْبَلْ مِنْهُمْ وَكُفَّ عَنْهُمْ. فَإِنْ هُمْ أَبَوْا فَاسْتَعِنْ بِاللَّهِ وَقَاتِلْهُمْ. *
    Dari sahabat Buraidah bin Husaib Al-Aslami radiyallahu ‘anhu :
    “Adalah Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa salam jika mengangkat seorang amir (komandan) atas suatu pasukan atau sariyah, beliau memberinya wasiat secara khusus supaya bertaqwa kepada Allah Ta’ala, dan memperlakukan pasukannya dengan baik.
    Beliau lantas bersabda,” Berperanglah dengan menyebut nama Allah, di jalan Allah, perangilah orang yang kafir kepada Allah ! Berperanglah, janganlah mencuri harta rampasan perang sebelum dibagi, jangan membatalkan perjanjian secara sepihak, jangan mencincang mayat musuh, dan jangan membunuh anak-anak ! Jika kamu menemui musuh dari orang-orang musyrik, maka serulah mereka kepada salah satu dari tiga pilihan, pilihan mana saja yang mereka pilih maka terimalah dan tahanlah dirimu dari (menyerang) mereka.
    Serulah mereka kepada Islam. Jika mereka memenuhi seruanmu, maka terimalah dan jangan memerangi mereka. Lalu serulah mereka untuk berhijrah dari negeri mereka ke negeri hijrah, dan beritahukanlah kepada mereka bahwa jika mereka melakukannya maka mereka memiliki hak seperti hak orang-orang yang berhijrah (muhajirin) dan mereka mempunyai kewajiban sebagaimana kewajiban kaum muhajirin.
    Kalau mereka menolak maka serulah mereka untuk membayar jizyah. Kalau mereka menyetujui maka terimalah dan janganlah menyerang mereka.
    Kalau mereka menolak maka memohonlah pertolongan kepada Alllah Ta’ala dan perangilah mereka.”

    4)عَنِ ابْنِ عُمَرَ أَنَّ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّه عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ قَالَ (أُمِرْتُ أَنْ أُقَاتِلَ النَّاسَ حَتَّى يَشْهَدُوا أَنْ لا إِلَهَ إِلا اللَّهُ وَأَنَّ مُحَمَّدًا رَسُولُ اللَّهِ وَيُقِيمُوا الصَّلاةَ وَيُؤْتُوا الزَّكَاةَ فَإِذَا فَعَلُوا ذَلِكَ عَصَمُوا مِنِّي دِمَاءَهُمْ وَأَمْوَالَهُمْ إِلا بِحَقِّ الإِسْلامِ وَحِسَابُهُمْ عَلَى اللَّه)
    Dari Ibnu Umar radiyallahu ‘anhuma bahwasanya Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa salam bersabda,” Saya diperintahkan untuk memerangi manusia, sehingga mereka bersaksi bahwa tiada Ilah yang berhak diibadahi selain Allah dan bahwa Muhammad adalah utusan Allah, mereka menegakkan sholat dan menunaikan zakat. Apabila mereka mengerjakan itu semua, mereka telah menjaga darah dan harta mereka dariku, dan perhitungan (amal) mereka di sisi Allah.”

    Surah AtTaubah. Ayat 123.

    Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Perangilah orang-orang kafir musyrik yang berdekatan dengan kamu dan biarlah mereka merasai sikap kekerasan (serta ketabahan hati) yang ada pada kamu dan ketahuilah sesungguhnya Allah berserta orang-orang yang bertakwa (dengan memberikan pertolonganNya).

    Why interest in the TPPA who are not much maligned compared to 1MDB?
    Who cares?
    Muslimin who are hurting will care for their brethren well being.

    Iconoclastic like another terminology termed like moral police is not Islamic.It is just another ploy in the western education to undermine the principal of muslimin practices.The westerner found it the hard way in their crusade battle against muslimin so how to win against the sturdy muslimin?What make them strong?
    Education of course.We cannot dismantle the whole muslimin education principal..why not undermine them with erosion?We erode their belief,principal and practice through education.What we know that general muslimin did not know that our practice have managed to stop the emergence of new Salahuddin Al Ayubbi.You know we utmost dread Salahuddin and his band of muslimin fighter.They practice and understand muslim core practice and belief. to undermine muslimin strength?
    I know..we pitted them against each other.
    We introduce secular education that muslimin professionals will stamp their authorities against lower hierarchy more new Salahuddin Al Ayubbi!!
    Mission accomplished!..
    Tun what is the most tragic effect to our muslimin cause?
    Like always it is the diferrence of how we understand the muslim way and belief itself.
    Most of us refuse to compromise and back down.
    We forgot Allah command in Al Quran..

    فَإِنْ تَنَازَعْتُمْ فِي شَيْءٍ فَرُدُّوهُ إِلَى اللَّهِ وَالرَّسُولِ إِنْ كُنْتُمْ تُؤْمِنُونَ بِاللَّهِ وَالْيَوْمِ الْآخِرِ ذَلِكَ خَيْرٌ وَأَحْسَنُ تَأْوِيلًا

    “Jika kamu berselisih pendapat tentang sesuatu, maka kembalikanlah ia kepada Allah dan Rasul, jika kamu benar-benar beriman kepada Allah dan hari kemudian. Yang demikian itu lebih utama dan lebih baik akibatnya.” (Surah An Nisa, 4: 59)
    Let us all stand down and backtrack and view all our current maladies through muslimin practices..


    Terima kasih Tun.
    Terima kasih Mr isayso..

  112. Hajar Jan 5,2016 9:38 AM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. Our Ringgit is now very low compared to Saudi Riyal (SAR). Now, RM100 = SAR 86. I still remember when I was in Saudi Arabia 6 months ago; I received SAR102 for RM100 when I needed Riyal in Makkah (now for every RM100 we lose at least RM16). Sudah terbalik…And of course as a result we have to pay more for Umrah and Haj.

    2. Yesterday, the KLCI (Bursa Malaysia) lost 39.14 points. Ringgit depreciated against USD and other currencies.

    3. But amazingly, DSN & gang still believe that they are doing very well, and have the guts (‘muka tak tahu malu’) to blame Tun M for all the mess that they have created so far.

    4. With TPPA, we are going to suffer further.

    5. DSN must step down immediately. Until today I do not know what his contributions are to Malaysia as PM. So far, he only managed to ‘donate problems’ to the nation and Malaysians.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  113. sibotak Jan 5,2016 8:11 AM

    Malaysia are Dull
    We are chained with problems after problems
    Be in the crowd Mr. Govt You will understand

    You guys got paid An affordable pay
    Yr meeting now and then is much of what to makan
    Yr approach to yr superior is slavery
    I observes when Big guys comes
    Every staff was concerns of the well being of their superior
    What to give him to makan ?
    What did he want after ?
    Who should entertain him ?
    Who should hold the flag We love PM ?

    These is an absolute Nonsense

    We respect them Yes
    We should,nt humble slaves to them
    They on their part also are paid Govt servants and are paid
    to deliver good jobs good decisions
    Not moving around being pampered , Yaya Papaya like Buaya

    I kind of of disagree of too much respects being given to them
    Like in a speech its too bored nothing straight to the point
    Yg berhormat blah ,blah ,blah
    Yg dipertuan blah , blah , blah ,blah aiyoh mahu tidur leh
    Its wasting time and very irritating ,non productive
    Just go straight to the point
    This is the 21st century
    Make them work not work on them

    Malaysia Govt system needs lots of revamp
    From Head to Toe
    Its not functioning well ,very disorganize
    It reflects its Leadership and it is

    The very questions
    How are Malaysia prepared to go for TPPA
    We failed so many how can we moves forward with matters we are not prepared
    Yet we are entangled with so many obstacles
    We did not have the right people as US and S,pore have
    The right professionals
    Within UMNO itself is already Rojak

    Settle one at a time
    Be sure of our doings and know what we are doing
    Not doing things blindly then after blame each other
    It will be a never ending problems if this leadership continues

  114. HBT456 Jan 5,2016 8:10 AM

    36. I personally think pm najib wants to be as transparent as possible is not clueless, brainless, stupid or careless when he banked in us700 dollar into his personal account as prime minister of malaysia in supporting a local bank though it is chaired by iranian.

    37. He didnt expect his mentors and members could turned the table around, and if he hide and sneaky, he wont bank in ambank,

    38. Thats why 2 international auditors managed by malay due to nep got their service terminated.

    39. Why you hire smart consultant, I mean smart people?

    40. Steve jobs said it doesnt make sense if you hire smart people to tell them what to do. You hired them so that they tell you what to do.

    41. I am wondering if tdm’s son become pm, najib as ex pm set up a blog to criticize his son, you think tdm likes it?

    42. Make up your mind, if you only interested to win vote by promising them free this and that, then be prepared to loose votes when the economy is not doing well due to global uncertainties beyond our control.

    43. You think putting pkr as pm, the economy will do well?

    44. If pkr wins, more young people will be out of jobs.

    45. Syurga atau neraka, itu saya terpulang kepada abang musato.

    46. Jika abang musato rasa agama teaching is more important than creating value, or job to the economy, lebih baik abang stay kat kampung.

    47. Kat kampung, at least you tak perlu risau tentang kewangan, atau bayar income tax anda kerana siapakah yang jadi pm, beliau kena cari wang untuk menyambung memberikan free textbooks, free schools from std 1 to form 6 and free health welfare kepada pengundi2 rakyat malaysia yang berbilang kaum.

  115. sibotak Jan 4,2016 10:56 PM

    DO We have the right chemistry to moves forward to TPPA ?
    The right people who truly knows what TPPA is all about ?
    Have they done their homework ?
    Is Najib decision terjun botol ?
    Well we can do anything IF we are in the position

    MAS ,terlingkup
    1MDB terlingkup . Selling of land to cover yr incompetence and stupidity
    Is not the answer . It s more foolish and rubbish moves
    Do not think we the people are idiot
    As it,s already solves and no questions ask
    Go and fly kite .It again indicate what a horrible management Najib Govt is
    Hutang Negara tripple
    Currency drop to a very shameful drop throughout Malaysia history
    Many of Malaysia Govt body still very much incompetence
    UMNO is Drunk
    Its a very fear high risks if Najib did not have this answer

    Above is signing of International Agreement every has to abides
    Failure Malaysia will be in huge troubles
    And to have US on the upper hand
    Is known to have many capabilities ,very capable to paint black to white
    Malaysia will be stripped Naked

    Najib must be accountable & responsible for every decision he made
    Its not just by signings of paper in front the media and feel good about it
    How many much big mistakes at the expense of Malaysian as a whole
    These is not selling peanuts by the side of the road
    Did he really knows what he is doing ?
    That is the very questions

    In simple malay
    Ukur Baju dengan Badan

    Koleh koleh di olak olak
    Najib kalau tak bolih
    Mesti kena tolak

  116. HouseWife Jan 4,2016 7:00 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    My little brain knows so little or nothing at all about TPPA but my clear head and mind wants to throw out a few thoughts in this area.

    Tun, we are dealing in a do or let die issue here. After all the handlings of this issue, it leaves me a feeling of uneasiness. Tell us, Tun how should we tackle this situation. Do you think Malaysia should be more watchful and not be tricked or trapped by TPPA.

    Tun, I believe once you are in an agreement and signed in black and white then you’re forever bind by it.
    It’s like a declaration that you are for him and with him. Who is this him?..only he who signs it knows.
    You are forever obedient to the ‘Authority’. You cannot challenge to combat or refuse or express defiance. There’s no way you can get out of it unless you’re willing to sacrifice something for that precious freedom. Isn’t that how’s business goes about, Tun. I don’t know. I have sold biscuits for charity during my school days, that’s about it. Tun, business is a gamble on risks and hopes. Allah forbids gambling but this is just a figure of speech. Good or bad fortune depends on how that person manages his business, either through honesty or deceit. DSN is not only a top civil servant of the government of today but he also ventures into business..what is it..wheeling and dealing hartanah of Malaysia, the buying and selling of land in Malaysia to cover up debts?

    Anyway Tun, is Malaysia really10x ready for TPPA. My confidence in DSN and his chiefs has been dented by their ignorance of the people’s disparages, worries, grouses about the facts, controversies, questions that still linger in their minds. I hope we will not be thrown into a den of thieves, swindlers, deceivers, imitators and fakers. I think there’s a lot of the nays than the yeas. DSN and his chiefs should stop and listen to the peoples’ worries and exasperations first before he does anything that might ruin our beloved nation, who knows only Allah knows best.
    DSN should not create anymore pains to Malaysia in 2016. Give due and fair consideration to the peoples’ fears and tears, our thoughts matters and relevant. Malaysia is not his, or anyone, to do as he pleases.

    Tun, isn’t it better to be a free country, be free to trade with any country according to our own trade and commercial laws that give benefits and profits to all fairly and equally.
    Is Malaysia free, Tun?. Eventhough the western culture, muzik, food are here to stay, but our strong eastern culture and religious beliefs help us from falling to their preys.
    Our future generations will judge us on the compassion we showed. But we should not submit ourselves and be like slaves to the so called superpowers and their doctrines. We are only slaves to Allah and to Him alone. May Allah forgive us and save us from the turbulances of the dunia and the hereafter.

    Tun, May Allah forever Protect you. May Allah Bless you Always. Take care and Thank You Tun.

  117. mubarakchan Jan 4,2016 5:10 PM


    For wajaperak. You find it OFFENSIVE reading the only person who dares to say


    Hence, by reading the spiel once, you agree with me. Thanks ! I am sorry ! Please do not read it again if you find a second reading OFFENSIVE because I appreciate your agreement to all that have been said

    All distinguished and honourable personalities are our ICONS which will be part of our long HISTORY as those who contributed to the building up of a Nation.

    If we become iconoclastic at every turn of the captalistic cycle in a small country soon we will have no one left.



  118. mubarakchan Jan 4,2016 4:54 PM


    For isayso,

    Many thanks for your excellent response to the use of the honorifics, Distinguished and Honourable Dato Seri isayso.

    Actually my learned lawyer advised me to ‘ignore dummies’ (his words, not mine) who use pseudonyms on Blogs. However, we have been friends since your Sime Darby days and you now have achieved the Malaysian Dream and we are Malaysians. I have no hatred for you, I told my learned friend, “Never mind !’

    On 1MDB, it is not my concern because to me it is just one of the 100 GLCs now sloshing around in our beloved Malaysia. I am not interested.

    Let me tell you a true story.

    One morning in the early 1980s, the younger sibling of Lee Kuan Yew rang me up and said without the usual felicitations, ‘ Tell your brother not to bring young girls to the Balmoral Park flats. He is so old and they are so young !’ (Apparentley this is not the Norm in Sinagpore as the 2 Child Family Policy was still in operation) With this, he cut-off the line. I was not perplexed or upset because I thought that since I was not the MORAL POLICE OF SINGAPORE, it was not my job to be one. I did not do anything because it was also not my business.

    However, a few months later, I hired a limousine which was owned by a Singapore Government company complete with an ex-Police Sergeant as the driver to spy on my sexual peccadilloes. I did not have any ! I asked him whom he worked for. He replied, ‘ The Big Boss’s brother.’ ‘Oh! Oh! Oh!’ I said. Out of curiosity, I asked him again, ‘ What did you do for this Big fellow’s brother ?’ He replied nonchalantly, ‘ Sometimes, I ferry his friends to his place.’ It is a small, small World. This is the truth and nothing but the truth. I do not tell lies.


  119. isayso Jan 4,2016 2:05 PM

    Dear Tun,

    For Mubarakchan, your distinguished and honourable commentator in your great blog.

    Well, I’d rather be a Conservative. To be sure, I am a Moderate. I am for free speech as well and I have no qualms whatever honorific you choose to paste on Prime Minister Najib. I also do not mind the racism propounded by certain individuals in this blog. But it is my right to deem any honorific you choose as inappropriate under the circumstances that we are confronted with, whether you like it or not. Accept the fact we can disagree on matters and do so without branding people who disagree with you as a member of the opposition or LKY is my hero. Nothing you say can rankle me or anyone else for that matter.

    If you are right that the RM2.60 billion that went into PM Najib’s personal bank account had been caused by closet aides, what is the most charitable take from such a (ridiculous) claim?

    If what you say is true then, in essence, we have a PM who cannot tell right from wrong, who cannot think or who does not how to control his closet aides in a matter as big as 2.60 billion. I agree with you the PM or a huge corporation’s CEO may not know everything but this not pocket change we a talking about or trifling cases of directors being told to hand in their lesen beras. PM Najib is a highly educated and intelligent man. How could he have been so careless, clueless and brainless? And to provide his bank account details just like that? And all the acts to stymie the investigations, etc were committed without his knowledge were also aides gone wild? To make a claim as you have done is thus an insult to PM Najib’s education and intelligence.

    He knew what he was doing!

  120. wajaperak Jan 4,2016 9:20 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.


    Your most HONOURABLE AND DISTINGUISH BLOGGER KEEP grinding and grinding his fact that we and I mean we the majority of your blog find it odius if not offensive..

    Please use the magic word IN MY HIGHLY SOUGHT VALUABLE OPINION!!!
    Hidup ini serius.Amat serius tetapi keseriusan hakikat ini amat tidak dimengertikan oleh kebanyakkan diri kita bak kata orang melayu..
    Life is so serious.The severity of life escape our understanding and comprehension until death come knocking..but it will be too late then..
    Dalam mengharungi hidup ini kita mesti pilih apa panduan hidup yang ingin kita percayai dan pegangi.Saya dan rakan-rakan serta saudara muslimin saya memilih agama Islam sebagai pegangan dan kepercayaan.
    Dalam memahami Islam yang mudah ini ada tahap kecekapan masing-masing mengikut darjah atau kata lain there is the degree of understanding and the hierachy of comprehension.
    Dalam hal ini saya amat tidak bersetuju dengan Mubarak Chan.
    Mungkin satu masa nanti saya dan Mubarak Chan serta pengikut-pengikutnya yang ramai dan ‘DISTINGUISH’ and ‘HONOURABLE’ berbeza kefahaman akan mencapai satu kefahaman.
    Sebelum kami mencapai tahap itu saya dengan tegas menyatakan


    Terima kasih Tun.

  121. sibotak Jan 3,2016 10:55 PM

    The claim that DAP would be offered money in exchange for an Israeli naval base
    Lim Kit Siang denied this as accused ? It’s his right anyway
    The Questions is
    Did he receives the money though not in exchange for naval base ?
    Smells same as Najib receives Donation

    Well to Hell or to Heaven
    We Malaysian will not allow our Govt nor Opposition
    to have affairs with others even our neighbor
    Its a Betrayal to our Nation

    UMNO must work hand in hand with PAS
    As much as seen DAP as have been working along with PAP an outsider

    I Hope 2015 is a Wake Up call for Najib
    To be serious in handling foreign affairs
    He must put Malaysia interest , Malaysian importance above all

    Nor be Mr.Niceman to Foreigner
    Local Swears and Curse him
    He must learn this from Lee Hsien Loong , perhaps Lee Kuan Yew years before
    As they are very good at protecting their interest
    As much heard as Kiasuism
    Najib must not be the Asal Bolih Pemimpin

  122. mubarakchan Jan 3,2016 10:43 PM


    For isayso. As an ordinary Malaysian, I say to you Distinguished and Honourable (YAB) Dato Seri DM and also to your leader the Distinguished and Honourable (YAB) Leader of the Opposition, I have always addressed our Distinguished and Honourable Prime Ministers of our beloved Malaysia since 1957 to this day 2015. I do not know of any other form of honorifics which you may have. I mind my own business. However,


    isayso Distinguished and Hononorable (YAB) Dato Seri DM do not force others who have the freedom of speech, the freedom of thought and the freedom of expression like all the Rakyat to have your OPPOSITION view of others whom you do not like.

    I thought you folks are LIBERALS AND MODERATES. Have I got you wrong ?


  123. musato Jan 3,2016 8:22 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.


    Tun pernah berkata seorang pemimpin boleh bekerja dengan sesiapa sahaja.

    Tiada alasan. Kalau kita salah, kita terima. Kalau orang bawahan kita salah kita bangkanglah.

    Kalau kita tak suka, maka kita tinggalkan, jangan mencaci.

    Ia bukan berkenaan politik atau perniagaan. Ia berkenaan sikap dan karakter pemimpin.

    Berjawatan PM tidak semestinya anda punyai karakter dan sikap sebagai seorang pemimpin.

    Seorang pemimpin sepatut ambil tahu semua hal berkenaan agama, budaya, sosial, ekonomi (untung rugi) dan keselamatan.

    Bukan senang untuk menerima sebarang jawatan terutamanya jawatan PM.

    Disebelah kiri dan kanan seorang pemimpin adalah NERAKA dan SYURGA.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  124. isayso Jan 3,2016 5:11 PM

    Salam Tun and Happy New Year to you and your esteemed family.

    Greetings to Mubarakchan. I hope you will stop insulting our distinguished and honourable Prime Minister Najib.

    You need me to elaborate?

  125. Hajar Jan 3,2016 3:42 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. DSN & gang don’t care about the common people’s welfare and also the well-being of our beloved country.

    2. To those BN/UMNO leaders who support TPPA, all of you are also traitors (‘pengkhianat’) to our ‘bangsa and negara’.

    3. I believe the majority of the Oppositions leaders are quite happy to see DSN & gang mess up this country further by signing the TPPA. More Malaysians will reject DSN & gang, and the Oppositions can easily win PRU-14.

    4. DSN & gang are sabotaging themselves…Clap..clap…clap…”bod*h tak boleh diajar, sombong tak boleh ditegur, pandai tak boleh diikut…”

    5. News about PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor (it is an embarrassment to still have DSN as our PM):

    After ‘missing in action’ for several days especially on 1 Jan 2016, now he is in Saudi Arabia. Hopefully, he and Co. used their own money while on holidays…

    6. Can the PM and his family members /gang use our ‘official jet’ (Government’s facilities and money) for their own ‘personal agenda / gains’?

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  126. mubarakchan Jan 3,2016 2:31 PM


    For isayso. Felicitations to you and all for 2016.

    Since you, who is a closest aide and Distinguished and Honourable Dato Seri (Kedah) to the Opposition leader, I must explain about certain words which were used by me in my Comments and taken out of context by you in your profound expressions of discontent in this distinguished Blog.

    I still say that it was the CLOSEST AIDES which put the blame for all the scandals on our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, a Great Statesman of the World, and our Distinguished and Honourable Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak.

    Facts. In the case of our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad,

    i) he did not know about the intricacies of the BMF Scandal. It began before his Premiership.

    ii) he did not know what trading on the London Commodity Exchange entailed in the tin caper. It was the closest aide who wes the expert.

    iii) he did not know that the Japanese associate was unwilling to pass the technology to build the engine for Proton. Who did ? It was the closest aide.

    iv) he did not know that Perwaja was supplied with unsuitable machinery.
    Who did ? It was the closest aide.

    v) he did not know that outside forces would put a stop to the Bakun Dam which would have been a great success because Britain is considering laying down a power line from Iceland to Britain.

    Fact. In the case of our Distinguished and Honourable Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak.

    i) he was completely misled by a closest aide who should have better ideas than bungling to create embarassment to all and sundry..

    ii) he had to rely on his closest aides as we could see in the Press Reports in recent days. IT WAS ALL ABOUT HIS CLOSEST AIDES.


    isayso, Sir. Just like you, our Distinguished and Honourable Prime Ministers expect their CLOSEST AIDES OR FLUNKEYS NOT TO BETRAY, EMBARASS AND BLAME THEM BY CREATING SCANDALS THROUGH BUNGLING DUE TO THE LACK OF EXPERIENCE OR INFORMATION ! In every case, this has happened with only one exception !

    And your hero, Lee Kuan Yew mentioned in the 1st Volume of his biography that as he lounging with his wife drinking tea out of fine English China on the Istana lawn one lazy afternoon, he saw his butler picking the ball for his kids. isayso, Sir. Different strokes for different folks !

    Please note that you, isayso and our Distinguished and Honourable Prime Ministers are on a different status level from me. With this realization, I hope you view my factual Comments in a different light.


  127. sibotak Jan 3,2016 12:58 PM

    Very much seen Najib could not lead
    He himself don’t know where he is heading
    He just know He is a PM and act like one

    Seen Najib just follow the flow not knowing his directions
    S,pore wants Apple he give Apple
    Obama want orange he gives orange
    Rakyat Malaysia left with Kangkong

    It’s out most important A Leader must know his directions
    He must braves the waves to reach our destinations
    One must know when to say Yes when to say No for an answer

    We cannot allow Leader to continue to make huge mistakes
    One after another
    Najib settling of selling lands to China to cover his weaknesses, debts on 1MDB
    Is indeed another stupid ,irresponsible, clumsy decision
    It does not solves
    It does not solves to clear his image also at the expense of Malaysia

    I,m quite speechless seeing my leader continues his stupid clumsy repeated mistakes
    It very mush seen as irresponsible
    An easy way out to solves his personal image problems
    He is Done . Once Bitten Twice Shy

    What a waste . This is what the malay saying Bodoh Sombong
    Tun Mahathir is proven an excellence leader
    Regardless of Tun retirement Tun is always for Malaysia
    His Blogs proves , his voices proves , his intentions tells it all
    Unfortunately Najib Bodoh Sombong instead od listening to Tun
    He turn his back on Tun
    Tun Mahathir may not be a perfect Leader as none exists a perfect Leader
    Tun is Mature ,Experience and He is still around for Malaysia
    Najib should by all means take advantage of Tun
    This to my opinion that causes the goes wrong

    So what’s next ?
    Expecting for Miracles to happen ?

    It is now UMNO has to make that moves
    UMNO ,Malaysia ruling needs a Big Revamp a Big Reshuffling

    TPPA or whatever next is never important
    If we are unable to have the Right Leadership , the Right People
    The Right Chemistry for Malaysia

  128. Fariq Islam Jan 3,2016 12:42 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Memandangkan TPPA ini memberi kesan yang begitu besar ke atas masa depan Negara, baik kerajaan mempertimbang adakan satu sesi pengundian umum sama ada Rakyat mahukan TPPA atau tak.

    Yang dipandang sekarang, jika Malaysia tidak menyertai TPP, kemungkinan Malaysia akan ketinggalan. Sepuluh tahun yang lalu, Malaysia jauh lebih maju daripada Thailand, tetapi Thailand nampaknya lebih berjaya sekarang. Apakah dalam tempoh sepuluh tahun yang akan datang, Vietnam yang dipandang ketinggalan sekarang akan berkembang dan menjadi lebih maju daripada Malaysia?

    Malaysia kini terlalu berfokus ke atas isu-isu politik, daripada polisi-polisi kerajaan yang boleh memajukan Negara. Dan, yang mengecewakan ialah adanya sekumpulan yang mahu mengapi-apikan keadaan dengan isu perkauman seperti PERKASA dan ISMA!

  129. HBT456 Jan 3,2016 12:15 PM

    24. You are absolutely right, sir mubarak chan.

    25. Malaysia has unique free malaysian style and free capitalism under iconic umno.

    26. It will be better off for mca to mind their own business.

    27. Why?

    28. When mca makes noise, it will always the chinese voters sufferred most.

    29. Once bitten, twice shy.

    30. If mark zuckerberg could gave 100% speech in putonghua in chinghua university in beijing, I dont see any reasons why chinese banana cant learn chinese language.

    31. After sg50, next year singapore government is renewing diplomacy and bilateral ties with japan as sj50 because the japanese tradition and culture have a lot of similarility with china, taiwan, hk, and korea too.

    32. The late lky invited the independent chinese educationists to work with singapore government by donating his wealth in sin dollar 50 million.

    33. He told them singapore’s national language will stay put with english due to multi ethnic races, but as government, it is their responsibility to enhance chinese language mother tongue to higher level without pride and prejudice.

    34. Why?

    35. Because singapore needs to master english and mother tongue language to keep the kinship to move forward singapore.

  130. HBT456 Jan 3,2016 11:50 AM

    18. Abang musato dan joetamchi, hang rasa haron din akan bekerja dengan rayani airline?

    19. Saya rasa beliau pasti tidak akan merasa selesa bekerja dengan syarikat ini.

    20. Kerja ahli peniaga adalah bikin untung.

    21. Kerja ahli politik adalah bikin party.

    22. National cow gate failed.

    23. It has made umno bn loose 2/3 votes in last ge when parti keadilan rakyat played on this issue.

  131. STEVE8562 Jan 3,2016 10:27 AM

    i understand govt debt is OVER RM 800 Billion. Just sell off all our assets & property (1MDB,KLCC,SENTRAL,KHAZANAH,KLIA,SEPANG,BANDAR MALAYSIA etc) to foreigners to settle these debts. PROBLEM SOLVED. MALAYSIA BOLEH

  132. daeng Jan 3,2016 8:21 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Baru-baru ini saya berkunjung disatu majlis kesyukuran keluarga sebelah isteri.

    Selepas majlis terselit perbualan situasi semasa kos sara hidup yang menghimpit negara tika ini dan berlarutan kepada cerita politik.

    Setahu saya hampir semua keluarga sebelah isteri sebelum ini adalah penyokong tegar UMNO walaupun hanya 2 daripada 20 orang adalah ahli UMNO.

    Kami bertukar-tukar fikiran dan diahkhir pertemuan apa yang saya boleh simpulkan bahawa kesemuanya selepas ini tidak akan mengundi UMNO atau BN lagi selagi Najib kekal sebagai Presiden UMNO atau PM.

    Rata-rata dari mereka menyalahkan ketua-ketua cawangan dan bahagian UMNO yang bersekongkol mengekalkan Najib sebagai presiden UMNO.

    Jadi dari sample 20 kumpulan ini dan kesemua 20 orang (suami dan isteri) bertekad mahu mengundi bukan UMNO pada PRU14, keyakinan saya bahawa PRU14 akan memberi keputusan yang buruk kepada kekalahan BN semakin nyata.

    Kepada ketua-ketua cawangan, bahagian UMNO dan yang bersekongkol dengan Najib, saya mensahitkan agar bersedialah kerana selepas ini UMNO SUDAH TIDAK BANGUN SELEPAS PRU14. Kerana PERJUANGAN KAMU SEBAGAI AHLI UMNO BUKAN KERANA NEGARA TETAPI HANYA MATERIALSTIK SEMATA-MATA.

    Sekian Tun.

  133. adelheid Jan 2,2016 9:38 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Wishing you, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah and family a happy new year 2016, may this year be filled with hope and blessings for you both and family. Even though most of us do not look forward to a year that’s any different from the last 7 – 11 years (Pak Lah – Najib), we are still thankful to God for this life as a whole, and for having you still around for us!

    Tun, the TPPA will make the country a subject of the US. Our economy will be subject to the US’s trade regulations for this region. We are forced to accept something that will enslave our nation to a foreign power. Our PM is selling this land and its people to outsiders. Generations to come will have to pay for what our PM has done today. And even as the agreement is yet to be signed, some citizens in the capital of the land below the wind have sighted foreign white species with trained built bodies, tattoed arms and legs and sometimes visibly on back of the neck, and army crew cut hair! They are eye catching alright, just like what we sometimes see on tv. To what extent or how long of their stay or how frequent of their sightings by locals…big Question mark. Just for your info Tun.

    Tun, let us all be hopeful and pray that our Malaysia would still be our home sweet home for generations to come.

    Take good care Tun Dr. Mahathir. Happy new year 2016!

  134. sibotak Jan 2,2016 5:16 PM

    Saya berharap walau ramai Yg sangkal akan Pentakbiran Najib
    Harap Najib faham Benar madsud kami
    Kami memerhatikan dan kami akan Bersuara
    Di harap Najib sedar akan Kepentingan Malaysia bersama
    Teutama running an Kerajaan sama Kerajaan Asing

    Jangan lah Tanah Jadi Habuan Dan Penyelesai masalah
    Tentu banyak jalan keluar Jika Kita Bijak memikir Dan me laksanakan
    Tanah Bukan untuk di Gadai , Perhitungan Atau untuk menembus Kesilapan

    Urusan perniagaan TTPA Yg di teraju Amerika amat membimbangkan
    Sebab Amerike akan Mengunakan Kekerasan ,Ugutan , Ketenteraan
    Jika Kehendak Mereka tidak dapat di laksanakan

    Ini lah Politik Amerika
    Ini lah undang undang Amerika Yg di Gelar Demokrasi
    Polis Putih membunuh orang Hitam di depan ramai dengan bukti Yg nyata
    Masih Tidak Bersalah Begitu juga
    Para Pemimpin politik Mereka Yg membunuh ratusan ribuan Manusia Yg Lemah Dan tidak bersalah termasuk Bayi Dan Anak anak juga Mereka tidak Pertikaikan dan terus membunuh se harian

    Adakah Pembunuh Kejam bergini Kita Nak jadikan rakan kongsi ?

  135. musato Jan 2,2016 5:04 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.


    Sudah tentu apabila ditanya Tun, siapa akan ganti kalau Najib diturunkan? Jawapannya tentulah Muhyiddin Yassin yang menjadi orang nombor dua jawatan semasa itu.

    Adakah kita fikir Yahudi juga tidak dapat agak siapa akan gantikan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi selepas beliau?

    Dan apakah kita fikir Yahudi juga tidak tahu siapa yang akan gantikan Tun Mahathir selepas bersara? Tentulah orang nombor dua.

    Apakah kita fikir setiap kejayaan negara kita menangani krisis adalah nasib semata mata tanpa sebarang perancangan?

    Jadi semua orang tahu siapa akan ganti siapa.

    Datuk Paduka Mukhriz? Kenapa kita tidak pergi sahaja kepada Marina Mahathir?

    Tun Abdullah? Kenapa kita tidak pergi sahaja kepada KJ?

    Semua orang tahu.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  136. isayso Jan 2,2016 2:18 PM

    Weather we like it or not, Malaysia under Najib is very much pro-United States. Malaysia is very much involved in assisting the US pivot to Asia by signing the TPPA.

    Does it surprise anyone that Najib will lick Obama’s ass given the ongoing investigations by the FBI? If TPPA is bad let’s be comforted by the fact that, according to Mubarakchan, Malaysia is led by an honourable and distinguished Prime Minister who sings the praises for TPPA. Or maybe the close aides made him do it. A PM who cannot think.

    Honourable and Dustinguished. Give me a break.

  137. cruze Jan 2,2016 2:16 PM

    Saya turut bimbang hal ini oleh kerana saya mempunyai anak yang masih bersekolah, bagaimanakah nasib mereka akan datang sedangkan jika najib, ahmad maslan, salleh kruak dan lain menteri telah tiada di muka bumi ini, anak anak mereka tidak akan menghadapi kesusahan oleh kerana harta peningalan ibu bapa mereka tidak akan membuatkan mereka terkena tempias pada perjanjian yang berat sebelah itu.

  138. cruze Jan 2,2016 2:13 PM

    Saya juga masih menanti dan bimbang ianya akan lenyap begitu sahaja seperti kisah highland tower yang lenyap begitu.

  139. cruze Jan 2,2016 2:10 PM

    Ini sungguh fakta oleh kerana sudah tertera di dalam buku sejarah sekolah di zaman saya, akan tetapi di waktu itu kemungkinan kekurangan idea dan jentera penggerak yang baik maka mereka terpaksa menandatanginya di zaman itu

  140. cruze Jan 2,2016 2:08 PM

    Saya sukakan ini juga kerana saya amat menghargai dan menjaga agar tanah milik negara kekal ke pemilikannya.

  141. cruze Jan 2,2016 2:06 PM

    Saya juga masih menanti penerangan yang jelas

  142. cruze Jan 2,2016 2:06 PM

    Saya juga sukakan ini kerana saya masih belum memperoleh jawapan yang jelas

  143. daeng Jan 2,2016 9:07 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Mengulas tentang TPPA ini Tun seperkara yang bermain difikiran saya:

    1. mengapa PERJANJIAN PERDAGANGAN ini dicipta oleh Amerika?

    2. mengapa sebelum berlaku PERDANGANGAN wujud PERJANJIAN?

    3. adakah PERDAGANGAN SEDIA ADA selama ini tidak cukup adil untuk semua pihak?

    4. adakah TPPA ini satu dari PENJAJAHAN EKONOMI ABAD BARU oleh Amerika?

    5. adakah selepas TPPA diterima oleh Najib, kesannya kita terpaksa bersekongkol dengan Amerika bukan sahaja dalam kontek perdagangan malahan politik, dasar luar negara, dasar ketenteraan dan dasar keagamaan global?

    6. mengapa BLOK PERDAGANGAN perlu ada dan ini seolah-olah TIADA LAGI PERTANDINGAN SEMPURNA ujud dalam ekonomi moden?

    7. alangkah baiknya jika Najib memikirkan kewujudan BLOK PERDAGANGAN ANTARA NEGARA ISLAM agar kekuatan ekonomi negara Islam digeruni dan disegani oleh dunia.

    8. jika kesilapan penerimaan TPPA oleh Najib ini memberi impak yang lebih negatif dari positif, satu anugerah yang patut kita berikan kepada Najib iaitu PERDANA MENTERI TERBODOH DUNIA ISLAM.

    Sekian terima kasih Tun.

  144. sibotak Jan 2,2016 8:42 AM

    Kelihatan Tun Sudah menukar Topik hangat
    Mungkin teguran Dan amaran Dari pihak atasan Dan polis

    Ok , ok Lah
    Namun apa jua Topik Yg Tun hidangkan
    Akan memercik ke Muka pentakbiran Najib
    Sebab pentakbiran Negara Amat mustahak
    Yg menuju Malaysia pada Kemakmuran
    Maka Kita perlu memastikan Kita mempunyai
    Pentakbiran Kerayaan Yg Layak

    Saya amat suka Kesemua filem P.Ramlee
    Beliau manusia Luar biasa
    Bukan sahaja sebagai penghibur Malah Beliau layak Jadi Pemimpin Negara
    Nak menjadi Pemimpin Negara tidak perlu Manusia Yg berperlajaran Tinggi
    Lebih Tinggi pelajaran Beliau mungkin Lebih tinggi penipuan Beliau pada negara
    Keikhlasan . Ketulinan adalah Kunci utama bagi sesorang Pemimpin
    Pemimpin Kita Nabi Muhammad s.a.w pun Bukan lah ber Degree holder
    Malah sesorang Yg Buta huruf dimasa beliau

    Saya suka sedutan Cerita Ahmad Albab , Hari Jadi Bapa
    Dimana Kedua menantu A.R Tompel menghadiahkan
    Sedulang emas Dan 100 Ekor Kibas
    P.Ramlee hanya menghadiahkan sebungkus Gula Dan Garam disertakan
    Masakan Dan Minuman Yg tidak punya Gula Dan Garam

    Begitu juga Pentakbiran Najib
    Jangan kau fikir Cash is King
    Dah Tak percayakan Tuhan lagi ke ?
    Dimana Keimanan kamu ?
    Cash 2.6 billion Yg telah MengHina kamu Bukan kami

    Harap Pemimpin Kita tidak terbeliak dengan Sumbangan Agenda Luar Yg akan menghancurkan Kita .Mereka memberi harapan , memberi Habuan dengan Tujuan
    Bukan Keikhlasan .Ini akan menghancurkan Kita .Ini Yg saya sebut
    Pentakbiran Najib Tidak punya Foundation


  145. umranrc Jan 2,2016 4:33 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Mahu juga rasanya untuk mengulas tentang TPPA ini, tetapi rasanya saya tidak cukup ilmu untuk ini. Cuma dalam item yang kesembilan penulisan Tun, pada pendapat saya adalah sangat benar terutamanya diawal tahun sembilan puluhan. Tanpa terikat dengan mana-mana pihak, kita benar-benar menjalani kehidupan sesebuah Negara yang merdeka.

    Baiklah, saya ingin mengalih sedikit dari tajuk disini dan ianya lebih kepada persoalan mengenai kemalangan yang berlaku pada 4hb April, 2015.

    8 bulan telah berlalu, apakah kesudahan siasatan mengenai kemalangan helikopter yang dinaiki oleh Tan Sri Jamaluddin dan Dato’ Sri Azlin serta beberapa lagi insan? Dari lapuran awal, ianya disebut ada letupan kedengaran sebelum helikopter menjunam.

    Berkemungkinan saya terlepas pandang berita susulan mengenai hasil siasatan, sekiranya ada, saya berharap ada pembaca disini lampirkan pautan berita itu disini, terima kasih.

    Terima Kasih Tun untuk laluan ini.

  146. faridina Jan 2,2016 3:17 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    During the 1997/98 economic turmoil you don’t even bother to accept offers from the IMF.

    You rejected a lot of treaties which are not in our favour.

    You never kowtow to nobody.

    You got nothing to lose or nothing to hide so nobody could blackmail you.

    Today all hell breaks loose and we the rakyat will have to accept TPPA if Najib is still around because minister like Mustapha Mohamed or Tok Pa whose kampung image and close to the rakyat now turns villain because of Najib and RM.

    Now Tok Pa has become part of TPPA himself – Tok Pa Pleases America!

    Lastly Tun like our mentor TSSJ says doesn’t feeling like celebrating New Year until Najib steps down.

    Well its gonna be SAD NEW YEAR 🙁 everybody!

    Wasalam Tun.

  147. milshah Jan 2,2016 1:12 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    We have discussed in great length with regard to the TPPA in your blog sometime ago. To know what is TPPA, we need to understand the origin of TPPA, how was it conceived.

    TPPA was conceived the same time Obama announced “the US pivot to Asia” policy.

    The United States of today is far different from the United States of old. The nation is technically bankrupt with debts in the trillions. On the other hand, China is the rising super power. One of the few countries that can destroy the United State hegemony of world politics is China. China is fast catching up on the United States as the new super power. If nothing is done to stop this, China will soon overtake the United States as the new superpower.

    Will the United States allow China rise as the new super power of the world?

    Of course not. And so the ‘pivot to Asia’ was conceived. The pivot consists of two prong strategy, one being military and the other economic. On military we are seeing large US military build up in Asia. US military presence in South Korea and Japan to North, Australia to South East, and Singapore to South. The idea was to contain China by encircling China. Should a war arise between the US and China, the US can attack China from all sides.

    The US would need the help of Asian nations to achieve this. To achieve Asian nations to side with the US portrays China as the big bully of Asia. The US is capitalizing on two conflicts i.e the North South Korean conflict to the North and the Spratly Islands conflict to the South.

    In this very blog I have informed we must not fall in this trap laid by the US. Why do I side with the US instead of China? For the simple reason the US is very much pro-Israel, providing financial and military aid to Israel. This is in contrast to China and Russia which are pro-Palastine.If the US is able to win over China, the US will be the undisputed superpower of the world and rule the world with a New World Order.

    My foreign policy is very simple. To know who are the enemies of Islam, find the countries that support Israel. It just so happen the US is the No. 1 supporter of Israel.

    With the fall of the United States, so will Israel.

    Another strategy of the US pivot to Asia to contain China would be the TPPA. Ironically the TPPA is open to every Asian country EXCEPT China. Is this not strange? Has this not triggered into the minds of our cgpa 3.85 leaders? TPPA is designed to control/regulate Asian countries economies while at the same time contain China by excluding China from the TPPA.

    When we first discussed in this blog, I would have NEVER thought Malaysia would ever sign the TPPA. My own country, is now a supporter of the United States. Now we know that Najib and Obama are not mere golfing buddies. Golfing buddies with significant meaning.

    Weather we like it or not, Malaysia under Najib is very much pro-United States. Malaysia is very much involved in assisting the US pivot to Asia by signing the TPPA.

    May Allah help us. They can plan what whatever they want but it is Allah that decides what will happen.

  148. Fariq Islam Jan 1,2016 11:35 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Kami amatlah berbesar hati sekiranya Tun dapat meluahkan pendapat secara terperinci bagaimana TPPA memundaratkan kepentingan Negara.

    Kenapa negara-negara seperti Vietnam, Singapore dan Brunei nampaknya mengalu-alukan penandatanganan TPPA?

    Apakah rakyat hati harus juga berfokus ke arah menguatkan daya saing diri?

  149. Daniel Noor Jan 1,2016 10:26 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Anything that the American proposed including TPPA will only benefit them bei Politically, Militarily, Economy,etc.

    Once this country has been sucked and drained of its wealth it will be left in ruins and sufferings.

    As it is now, with Najib at the helm and being very pro Western, Malaysians are already sufferings.

  150. rkmh226 Jan 1,2016 9:55 PM


    YABhg. Tun,

    Our current leaders are ruining our country with economics turmoil due to the flip flop decisions. They have betrayed our trust in governing our dear nation. Too many to mention here, though.

    I remember almost every morning and evening (about 33 years ago) we (students before leaving for overseas to further studies) had to sing WARISAN song. Well… Look what happen now. Those hopeless leaders are selling our country to others, for instance the latest news about 1MDB. What more about TPPA – so scary! Not sure what happen to Tok Pa now. He was very reliabe and was well respected before.

    As for 1MDB or any other GLCs, you don’t simply sell the company’s asset to pay off the debt. What a joke! Any clown would be able to run any companies – no need to acquire MBA /PHD to do so. Ainina is very right when she said AM could also become PM. Most of us, rakyat are very sick and tired with their unbecoming remarks – truly insult our inteligent!

    Hopefully, 2016 is the year for major restructure / overhaul. Enough is enough!

    Enough said, dear Tun. Take care…


  151. HBT456 Jan 1,2016 6:31 PM

    11. I just want to ask this question to umno baru, is christmas is a public holiday for decades?

    12. Today, pendatang moslem dari negara asing kata kita sebagai rakyat malaysia tak boleh wish them merry christmas kerana mereka moslem.

    13. What is opposition parties stands on this issue?

  152. daeng Jan 1,2016 2:36 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Arul Kanda dengan bangganya berkata “PELAN RASIONALISASI 1MDB TELAH LENGKAP”.

    Kita ingin bertanya siapa yang paling beruntung dalam urusan “pelan rasionalisasi 1mdb” ini?

    Antara 3 pihak iaitu 1MDB atau kerajaan atau pelabur asing, yang mana paling untung dan yang mana paling rugi?

    Setahu saya Tun, yang paling rugi adalah kerajaan kerana 1mdb membeli aset kerajaan dengan kos yang jauh lebih rendah dari harga pasaran, dan yang paling untung dalam jangka pendek adalah 1mdb dan yang untung jangka panjang adalah pelabur asing.

    Siapa ketua kerajaan pada masa urusniaga menjual aset kerajaan kepada 1mdb berlaku dan siapa pula penasihat 1mdb pada masa urusniaga ini berlaku?

    Majoriti rakyat tahu bahawa ketua kerajaan adalah Najib dan Penasihat 1MDB adalah Najib.

    Ini adalah antara dosa Najib yang paling jelas dilihat oleh majoriti rakyat Malaysia.

    Wassalam Tun.

  153. sibotak Jan 1,2016 2:09 PM

    It is seen Najib Ruling is more to submissions to Foreign proposals
    Foreign Request , Foreign Interest ,Foreign Agendas
    More than to the benefits and interest of Malaysia
    That truly Malaysia will be at Stakes and it will affects us in long run

    In simple English
    Najib has No Foundations
    Has no vision for Malaysia
    He is Mr Yes Man for Foreigners ,for foreign political needs
    Indeed he engage Foreign British Advisor
    Adds up to Israel ,S,pore Quietly Creeping Malaysia

    Nothing that he ever did prioritize to Malaysia Importance
    Foreign Influnece has been taking a Ride on Najib Weakness and Stupidity
    His first decision giving up the KTM Tanjung Pagar
    Says it All

    How could we then able to mount the importance of Malaysia
    If our own leader was not aware of this facts
    We are in a Dangeours Zone
    We have not feel it But it will comes eventually
    By then where will Malaysian be ?

    S,pore Govt are very tackful and capable
    They call it investors ,they call in foreigners
    They reaps all the benefits and fruits of it
    Najib brings in Foreign Investment , Foreign Influence
    Much of it Malaysia is always at a Loss

    Simple reasons is
    We have a Stupid Govt Run by A Stupid Leadership

  154. Umar Azhar El-Hassan Jan 1,2016 1:28 PM

    Assalamua’laikum Tun,

    Sekarang langkah terbaik adalah berdoa agar Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) tidak ditandatangani oleh Malaysia.

    Memanglah, malang sekali pun kita dapat Perdana Menteri (PM) yang dungu dan kini jelas tidak layak jadi PM lagi. Sudahlah selepas tindakan mansuh Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) sekarang bergiliran mereka-reka akta yang baru merugikan Melayu dan Islam padahal ISA itu sudah kemas utuh menjamin negara. Ini pula mahu menangguk di air keroh memuji-muji TPPA melalui menteri-menterinya yang turut sama hampir dungu.

    Adakah setelah merasai kesedapan keberkatan kemakmuran kebijaksanaan hidup 20 tahun era pemerintahan Tun Mahathir kini pula merasa pemimpin penuh kebodohan dan hanya mahu penuhkan poket sendiri.

    Sekian sambil itu semoga Allah S.W.T. memberi kesihatan berpanjangan kepada Tun Mahathir. In sha-Allah. Wallahua’lam…

  155. Hajar Jan 1,2016 9:36 AM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    1. Tun mesti teruskan usaha untuk menurunkan PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor kerana beliau seorang pemimpin yang lemah, liberal, ’blur’, boros, korup, boleh dibeli dengan ’cash’, etc.

    2. DSN akan membawa Malaysia ke ZAMAN KEGELAPAN yang mungkin akan selama-lamanya menjadikan Malaysia sebuah negara yang dikawal oleh kuasa asing. Kita mungkin akan hilang kemerdekaan negara/diri yang selama ini pemimpin2 terdahulu telah perjuangkan dan pertahankan.

    3. Jika TPPA ditanda-tangani, lengkaplah sudah misi DSN untuk menjadikan Malaysia sebuah negara yang bakal ’tunduk’ kepada kuasa2 asing. DSN cuma ’boneka’ saja.

    4. Kononnya boleh keluar dari TPPA bila2 masa, tapi adakah AKIBAT buruknya telah difikirkan dan dikaji??? Sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian tiada berguna…

    5. DSN ialah ’pengkhianat negara’ dan ini akan tercatat dalam sejarah tanahair.

    ’Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru 2016’ kepada semua.

    Dengar berita DSN & RM meraikan tahun baru di Dubai (mungkin tidak betul kot…). Dua bulan lepas saya ada jalan2 di Dubai…barang2 mahal. Yuran untuk naik ke ’top of Burj Khalifa’ pun dalam RM600.. nasib baik ’sold out’..jadi saya jimat duit…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  156. tok jangut Jan 1,2016 8:41 AM

    The TPP is more a political agreement than an economic one. It is to contain China and Indonesia.

    If it is really a great and wholesome treaty, why is it covered in so much secrecy? Why are the negotiating texts out of bounce to the parliamentarians and citizens of the negotiation countries? This is unusual. The conclusion is that big brother USA is going to be the biggest benefactor of the terms of the TPP – so that they continue to be No 1 country.

  157. daeng Jan 1,2016 7:25 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Selamat menyambut Maal Hijrah dan salam tahun baru kepada semua di blog chedet.

    Bagi saya sesebuah negara seperti Brunei, Singapore dan Hong Kong amat sesuai dengan TPPA tajaan Amerika. Maksud saya negara seperti ini kurang hasil sumber asli dan industri bersumberkan bahan asli di negara tersebut.

    Di negara kita dan juga negara lain seperti Thailand dan Indonesia, banyak hasil sumber asli dan industri bersumberkan bahan asli. Selama ini khususnya pemerintahan Tun, tanpa TPPA Malaysia tetap makmur dan ekonominya berkembang baik.

    Dari sudut ekonomi bebas, dengan adanya TPPA ini seolah-olah perdagangan “bebas” negara yang bersetuju dengan TPPA terdapat sekatan dengan perjanjian yang menguntungkan negara besar dan kaya seperti Amerika.

    Saya khuatir masa depan industri kereta Malaysia misalnya. Jika pengeluar kereta nasional gagal berdaya saing dengan pengeluar kereta negara lain khususnya Amerika, tiba satu peringkat syarikat pengeluar kereta yang lebih hebat akan membeli syarikat kereta negara kita. Di sini dalam perniagaan adalah menjadi amalan biasa syarikat besar “menelan” syarikat yang lebih kecil. Begitu juga dalam industri dan perniagaan lain.

    Ianya berbeza dengan perdagangan “bebas tanpa sempadan tanpa perjanjian” iaitu BUKAN TPPA.

    Pemikiran Najib yang banyak masalah dan isu umpama PEMIMPIN YANG BODOH DAN TAKUT PADA BAYANGNYA SENDIRI.

    Saya lihat tiada idea yang benar-benar cerdik yang dilakukannya oleh Najib khusunya selepas PRU13 lalu melainkan kaedah menjilat Obama dan suka dijilat oleh orang yang di bawahnya.

    Mengapa Najib semakin BODOH Tun ??????

    Adakah dia ni terlalu banyak dosa Tun ?????

    Mengapa saya cakap Najib bodoh Tun?

    Kerana TERLALU RAMAI RAKYAT DI LUAR SINI MENGATAKAN NAJIB SEORANG YANG BODOH. Saya hanya seorang dari jutaan yang mengatakan begitu Tun.

    Wassalam Tun.

  158. sibotak Jan 1,2016 6:43 AM

    Apakah Benar DAP Lim Guan Eng ada bersekutu dengan Zionist Israel di Singapura ?
    Berita Terkini

    Saya percaya Dan yakin
    S,pura adalah Talam Dua Muka
    Saya yakin Mereka dan DAP dengan Bantuan pakar Israel ada Agenda di Malaysia
    Ada juga Kenyataan Lim menerimanya Bantuan dan Manisan dari Israel

    Adakah 1 Malaysia Bolih membiarkan perkara Ini berlaku ?

  159. wish Jan 1,2016 4:20 AM

    Blessed thee,

    I realised that China is moving out huge amount of money into Malaysia. I’m guessing it will force us to trade even more with the US to balance the books, else we may hack Labuan’s when the price of gold is revalued. That seems like an old trick but clearly how this normally goes, even you know politics can only puts pressure & never was a solution.

    Tun, you have voiced your opinion on vision 3030. I may know why & I might have exactly what we need. If people needs food while the industry needs power to survive, then war is a crime or was it not?

    We know the answer, only on what can be done within a thousand years when we have less then a hundred to become meaner & lenr to face the challenges or worst just before TPPA hit our shores.

    There’s a reason why China sent a thousand ships to Melacca & the same thing we need to have right now, even you knew mat adib is from the chinese lineage.

    For those who tought, please think wisely & lenr.


  160. Fariq Islam Jan 1,2016 2:19 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    It’s too subjective and early to conclude that TPPA is harmful to our nation. Experts have given their views on this topic.

    In fact, not to mention TPPA, AP system is also harmful to Rakyat, as Rakyat are compelled to pay for AP holders’ (middlemen’s) gains, at the expense of Rakyat.

    However, it’s most welcome for Tun to establish a new political party, to allow Rakyat more options, for a good government.

  161. rimba.emas Jan 1,2016 1:30 AM

    Salam Tun

    1. Sejarah silam banyak mengajar kita bagaimana perubahan akan berlaku bila sesuatu perjanjian di laksanakan contohnya perjanjian Pangkor. Tidakkah ini menjadi satu pengajaran dan iktibar ?

    2. Sejarah lama penguasaan oleh Syarikat Hindia Timur Inggris dan sejarah terdekat negara jiran Indonesia yang memilih IMF, tidak sebagaimana negara kita memilih jalan sendiri tampa menanggung hutang yang lebih besar.

    3. TPPA yang di anggotai 12 negara dengan contoh dikatakan telah menyebabkan kerajaan Equardor disaman USD 2.3 Billion, Jerman disaman USD 1Billion, Kanada 2.41 Juta dan Peru USD 800 Juta.

    4. Semua petunjuk ini dengan ulasan pakar-pakar adakah ini juga akan menjadi sebagaimana kerajaan menjalankan perniagaan yang mendatangkan hutang dan tertebusnya tanah-tanah yang asalnya milik negara Malaysia kepada bangsa asing ?

    5. Disebabkan ini pilihan yang tepat makna sebenar TPPA ialah Perjanjian Perkongsian Trans Pasifik yang penuh rahsia dan penuh tipu muslihat.

    6. TPPA sebenarnya penjajahan ekonomi alaf baru yang mencagarkan kebebasan hak dan kedaulatan sesebuah negara anggota.

    7. Dikatakan Syarikat2 Malaysia terpaksa bersaing dengan Syarikat lain yang lebih besar ‘Dana’ serta keupayaan teknikal.

    8. Hilang keistimewaan dinegara sendiri dan upaya diperingkat antarabangsa dalam persaingan. Padang permainannya tidak sekata dan sama rata.

    9. Bagaimana dengan nasib kontraktor (68,394 berdaftar CIDB Mac 2013)dan perolehan kerajaan Rm 90 Billion.

    10. Tiada lagi keistimewaan untuk rakyat Malaysia. Contohnya kos ubatan akan meningkatkan kos rawatan 3 kali ganda.

    11. Pesakit tidak dapat akses ubatan murah kerana TPPA telah meluluskan cadangan untuk memanjangkan tempoh paten keatas ubat-ubatan.

    12. Kerajaan tidak berani bertindak kerana bimbang disaman. Lebih-lebih lagi semua ubatan di kuasai oleh pihak farmasi angtarabangsa.

    13. Bagaimana nasib warga tua yang selama ini mendapat rawatan harga Rm 1 ringgit keatas ubat generik yang ramuannya sama dengan ubatan paten antarabangsa yang lenih mahal.

    14. Subsidi dihapuskan kerana terpaksa mengikut hak tuntutan sama rata TPPA. Syarikat Antarabangsa akan menyaman kerajaan jika menggunakan paten yang murah.

    15. TPPA lebih menggutamakan Syarikat Koperat yang lebih besar daripada Syarikat yang kecil.

    16. Tanggungjawab Pemerintah di anggap menghalang perdagangan yang saksama.

    17. Lebih membimbangkan TPPA boleh mengancam kedaulatan negara. Negara terdedah dengan kusa yang lebih besar.

    18. Semua yang berbentuk bantuan, geran dianggap menghalang perdagangan secara saksama ini.

    19. Raja berpelembagaan telah tergugat dan dianggap lebih rendah. Malah undang-undang yang telah tersedia ada akan tergugat dengan hak sama rata yang di tuntut oleh TPPA.

    20. Adakah kita sudah bersedia dengan kehendak sama rata TPPA ini ? atau kita ada pilihan lain sebagaimana kita bentuk acuan kita sendiri dalam menghadapi kemelesetan ekonomi yang menjadi sejarah yang lalu.

    21. Allah s.w.t mengatakan didalam al-quran serta sejarah yang berlaku pada umat terdahulu sebagai ingatan kepada umat yang akan datang jika ingkar akan perintahnya.


  162. joetamchi Jan 1,2016 12:02 AM

    salaam sejahtera kpd semua…

    Dua ribu 15 melabuhkan tirai…
    Banyak lagi masih belum selesai…!

    Dua bilion 600 juta duit prdana mentri…?
    42bilion duit hutang yahudi…?

    2ribu 16 TpP nak dimeterai…!
    Mungkinkah Malaysia akan dikenduri…?



  163. Hajar Jan 1,2016 12:00 AM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    1MDB just sold part of ‘Bandar Malaysia’ to foreigners – Year-End Sale!

    I think DSN is willing to sell ‘NEGARA Malaysia’ to those (including foreigners) who give the highest bid to reduce our country’s debt (if for whatever reason we encounter problems in the debt payment).


    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  164. ir.miringila Dec 31,2015 11:23 PM

    salam tun,

    izinkan saya.

    saya amat setuju dengan point no. 8 tun…

    mengapa perlu perjanjian sekiranya ianya perdagangan bebas? perkataan perjanjian itu sendiri memberi maksud tidak bebas kerana di dalam sesuatu perjanjian wajiblah ada terma dan syarat. sekiranya sesuatu pertukaran atau perdagangan itu memerlukan perjanjian bermakna pertukaran atau perdagangan itu tidak bebas..

    bukanlah saya ingin mengatakan dalam perniagaan itu tidak boleh ada perjanjian seperti hari ni ambil barang esok bayar… bukan.. itu perjanjian hutang tiada kena mengena… yang saya maksudkan kebebasan dalam urusan jual dan beli.. you tak boleh paksa i beli, dan i tak boleh paksa you jual. jadi setiap pertukaran adalah berlandaskan i suka jual kat you, dan you suka beli kat i.. kedua-dua pihak masing-masing merasa dia untung dari urusan pertukaran itu…

    begini… pembeli tak akan beli kalau dia merasa sesuatu barangan itu dijual lebih mahal daripada nilai yang dia fikirkan, tak untungkan dia. dan penjual tak akan jual pada harga tertentu sekiranya dia fikir dia tak untung dari jualan itu. bila berlaku transaksi bermakna kedua-dua pihak untung… pihak membeli untung kerana dia dapat membeli pada harga yang murah dan penjual untung kerana dapat jual pada harga yang paling untung… transaksi jual beli tak akan berlaku sekiranya sebelah pihak sahaja untung…

    ini adalah amat berlainan sekali didalam situasi monopoli, iaitu sesuatu perniagaan yang diberi lesen oleh kerajaan atau pihak berkuasa (sistem perlesenan). sekiranya lesen yang dikeluarkan adalah terhad atau lambat diluluskan (tiada persaingan) maka akan berlakulah situasi dimana pembeli terpaksa membeli sesuatu barangan kerana terpaksa.. sebelah pihak mendapat untung dan sebelah pihak lagi terpaksa menanggung rugi.

    namun begitu kewujudan persatuan-persatuan perniagaan juga mewujudkan situasi monopoli dimana perniagaan-perniagaan yang berpersatuan berpakat didalam menentukan harga yang menyebabkan sebelah pihak untung akibat tiada persaingan dan pembeli rugi akibat daripada terpaksa juga membeli sesuatu keperluan…

    walaupun kerajaan ada membuat sistem kawalan harga, akhirnya kerajaan terpaksa tunduk kepada desakan kumpulan ini dengan terpaksa memberi subsidi.. begitu juga dengan halnya akta anti pencatutan yang sangat dibangga-banggakan itu. sepatutnya kerajaan menggalakkan persaingan dengan menekankan sistem perdagangan bebas yang tulen supaya peniaga dapat bersaing dan akhirnya peniaga yang mengenakan harga berpatutan akan maju dan peniaga yang mengambil untung berlebihan akan lingkup..

    jadi tiada sesiapa boleh menyalahkan kerajaan baik pihak peniaga mahupun pihak pembeli kerana masing-masing akan bersaing dengan adil dan saksama yang akan menguntungkan rakyat…( rakyat termasuk semua wakil rakyat, kakitangan kerajaan, peniaga,pekerja,petani dsbgnya..)

    memanglah benar kerajaan akan berkata sistem perlesenan ini adalah suatu bentuk kawalan yang akan menentukan kualiti dan kuantiti.. tetapi haruslah diingat yang tangan kerajaan terikat… kerajaan akan dipaksa menanggung kerugian peniaga sekiranya kerajaan inginkan sesuatu barangan itu dijual pada harga yang lebih rendah yang telahpun mewujudkan situasi dimana kerajaan terpaksa memberi subsidi.

    bukankah orang-orang yang dilantik menjadi wakil kepada rakyat itu juga pembeli dan peniaga? bukankah kakitangan kerajaan itu juga ada yang menjual dan membeli? mengapa kita harus mengzalimi sedangkan kita boleh menggalakkan perdagangan yang menguntungkan kedua-dua belah pihak? hanya peniaga tamak sahaja yang akan tersungkur dan pembeli yang silap menilai sahaja yang akan rugi… dan dengan kuasa pembeli yang akan menentukan kualiti dan kuantiti.. siapa nak beli barang sikit harga mahal? semua orang nak beli bayar sikit dapat banyak… siapa nak beli barang tak bermutu.. semua orang nak beli barang bermutu dan berkualiti.. maka barangan berkualiti akan mendapat tempat dan barangan yang murah akan mendapat tempat didalam pasaran.

    siapa yang akan membeli daripada peniaga yang menjual mahal? dan peniaga mana yang hendak menjual mahal sekiranya sesuatu barangan itu memang mahal? permintaan dan penawaran yang menentukan.. apabila kerajaan melepaskan ekonomi berlangsung secara bebas maka undang-undang tuhan yang satu akan menentukan siapa yang rugi dan siapa yang untung…

    saya amat berharap kita janganlah menjerumuskan diri didalam perjanjian yang berlabel free trade.. kerana asasnya perdagangan bebas adalah perdagangan tanpa perjanjian…

    terima kasih, tun.

  165. sibotak Dec 31,2015 8:55 PM

    When I,m not sure of my decision
    I will delay my decision until I,m very sure of it
    Very sure of it could proves wrong also
    But I am making decision on my own
    I am responsible and accountable for it

    Again and again Najib is Not
    No it’s Never a good leader
    He is Mr Yes Man for the No answer
    We must know when to say Yes when to say No
    Even He is our Boss
    We must have reasons and clarify our opinion

    I buy things when I need
    At times I do impulse buying and I may be wrong
    It’s simply right to buy things we need
    Not things being approach by the seller
    I may not use it but the seller knows it better and need to sell

    As much seen TPPA is an approach by others to Malaysia
    They have done their homework well as it will benefits them for sure
    We are not sure Najib is Gambling putting Malaysia in High Risk
    As also seen
    It was S,pore that really want Tanjung Pagar KTM eagerly from Day 1
    They did not get it from Tun Mahathir
    Najib is easily Fool as He is a Fool
    A foolish leader ruling Malaysia….Wow What a Bad Luck

    So how many mistakes we can allow him ?
    One after another and it cost Malaysia Billions of losses
    No wonder our Debts is getting a Burden
    What is it that Najib really do that truly benefits Malaysia ?
    What is it ?
    We can understand to balance it up

    As much seen and written
    We tried to understand Najib
    Repeated losese of Billions of Ringgit one after another
    Najib must go

    Next Election
    Najib will pull UMNO to the Graves

  166. daeng Dec 31,2015 8:54 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya setuju dengan Tun.


    Wassalam Tun.

  167. KK Dec 31,2015 8:24 PM

    Tepuk dada tanya selera. Kita mungkin tak lama hidup tapi bagaimana nasib anak, cucu cicit kita? Sanggupkah kita perjudikan masa depan mereka di atas kebodohan pemimpin kita hari ini? Jika ada kesedaran lakukan sesuatu sebelum terlambat. Jangan ikut resam pak kadok menang sorak kampung tergadai.

  168. ismadi Dec 31,2015 7:58 PM


    What the hell with the Government? We will be tied to western power and obeyed forever and becoming the slaves.

    Somebody should tell Dato Mustapha Mohammed to tell us the truth since he seems quite an honest man and put his country above self interest.

    What is TSMY doing now? Is it hs fight is on Najib recieved personal donation only? He and Shafie Apdal should go around tell UMNO members on how this TPPA agreement would torn the Malay Supremacy.

    Thank you.

    Allah swt Protect Us, Najib must go.

  169. Tired Dec 31,2015 6:09 PM

    Salam, Tun,

    1. For the sake of our future generations, please set-up another political party where we could vote for in GE14.

    2. It is a foregone conclusion that BN would be defeated in GE14. Hence, discussing BN now is a waste of time. We have to move forward. We need a fresh political party to pull us out of this enigma we are in, currently!

    3. YBs Azmin and Mukhriz could head this New Party. It should focus on grooming next generation politicians who are honest and hardworking with good academic qualifications (especially in the fields of economy and management).

    4. You, Daim, TSMY, Ku Li, Sanusi, Zam, Zaid, Sak47, LLSik, LALek, LLTye, TSGiaw, and LMToyad should serve as “The Elders” for this new party (until life returns to normalcy for Malaysians).

    5. I am certain that the New Party would receive tremendous supports in GE14, and more so from the new voters who are your “grandsons and granddaughters,” Insyallah!

    6. Do not waste your time and effort in trying to rescue and rebrand BN. Moreover, they too do not want you anymore!

    Wishing you, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah, and your family, “Happy New Year 2016!”

    Sekian, Tun, terima kasih. Wassalam.

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