1. The International Trade and Industry (MITI) Minister says it will take two years to amend 26 laws to meet TPP requirements.

2. This is a clear admission that the TPP limits Malaysia’s freedom to make laws deemed necessary for the country. These laws have been passed by the Malaysian Parliament apparently because they were considered essential and god for the country. But now they have to be amended because the TPP is apparently more powerful than our elected parliament in determining what laws Malaysia should have.

3. By the same token future laws to be debated in Parliament must be subjected to the requirements or conditions in the TPP. Being right and suitable for Malaysia’s needs is not enough anymore. The needs of TPP will outweigh Malaysia’s needs.

4. Malaysia is not exactly like the other members of the TPP. We have many sensitivities because of our racial mix, our economic disparities, our poverty rates and our low levels of incomes. To correct all the economic, political and social problems certain policies and laws must be put in place. These are meant for overcoming our domestic problems. But these are no longer enough. If they don’t conform to TPP conditions they may not be passed by Parliament. A part of our independent rights will be eroded. The need to amend 26 of our existing laws carries this implication.

5. When those opposed to the TPP claim that the so-called free-trade agreement would undermine our sovereignty, and our freedom to act in our interest, they are dismissed for being emotional. But now it is clear that the TPP will stand in the way of our legislative rights, a fundamental freedom of a sovereign country.

6. Our founding fathers fought hard to gain independence; to be masters of our own affairs and destiny and now we are going sign away our rights and our freedom because of the need to obey the dictates of TPPA.

7. I have no doubt the rubber-stamp parliament will approve the TPP. That in itself is evidence that we are preparing to submit to foreign forces and give up the Merdeka that our former leaders had fought so hard for.

8. Truly cash is king.


1. Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri (MITI) berkata ia akan mengambil masa dua tahun untuk meminda 26 undang-undang untuk memenuhi keperluan TPP.

2. Ini adalah satu pengakuan yang jelas bahawa TPP menghadkan kebebasan Malaysia untuk menggubal undang-undang yang dianggap perlu untuk negara. Undang-undang ini telah diluluskan oleh Parlimen Malaysia kononnya kerana ianya dianggap penting dan baik untuk negara. Tetapi sekarang ianya perlu dipinda kerana TPP nampaknya lebih berkuasa daripada Parlimen kita yang dipilih rakyat dalam menentukan apa undang-undang Malaysia yang sepatutnya.

3. Atas sebab yang sama undang-undang masa depan yang akan dibahaskan di Parlimen mesti tertakluk kepada kemahuan atau syarat-syarat dalam TPP. Tepat dan sesuai untuk keperluan Malaysia sahaja tidak lagi mencukupi. Keperluan TPP akan melebihi keperluan Malaysia.

4. Malaysia tidak sama seperti anggota-anggota TPP yang lain. Kita mempunyai banyak sensitiviti kerana kepelbagaian kaum, jurang ekonomi, kadar kemiskinan dan tahap pendapatan yang rendah. Untuk membetulkan semua masalah ekonomi, politik dan sosial, dasar dan undang-undang tertentu perlu diadakan. Ini adalah bertujuan untuk mengatasi masalah dalaman kita. Tetapi ini semua adalah tidak lagi mencukupi. Jika ianya tidak mematuhi syarat-syarat TPP ianya mungkin tidak akan diluluskan oleh Parlimen. Sebahagian daripada hak-hak kebebasan kita akan terhakis. Keperluan untuk meminda 26 undang-undang yang sedia ada membawa implikasi ini.

5. Apabila mereka yang menentang TPP mendakwa bahawa perjanjian yang dikenali sebagai perdagangan bebas ini akan melemahkan kedaulatan negara, dan kebebasan kita untuk bertindak demi kepentingan diri sendiri, mereka dihalang kerana dianggap beremosi. Tetapi kini adalah jelas bahawa TPP menghalang perjalanan hak-hak perundangan kita, kebebasan asasi negara yang berdaulat.

6. Bapa-bapa pengasas negara kita berjuang bersungguh-sungguh untuk mendapatkan kemerdekaan, supaya kita menjadi penguasa hal ehwal dan takdir diri sendiri, dan sekarang kita akan melepaskan hak dan kebebasan kita kerana perlu mematuhi telunjuk TPPA.

7. Saya tidak ragu-ragu bahawa Parlimen Pak Turut akan meluluskan TPP. Itu sendiri adalah bukti bahawa kita sedang membuat persiapan untuk menyerah kepada kuasa-kuasa asing dan mengorbankan Merdeka yang pemimpin-pemimpin kita yang dahulu telah berjuang begitu keras untuk mendapatnya.

8. Sesungguhnya wang adalah raja.

94 thoughts on “THE TPP

  1. kalam putih Feb 12,2016 11:44 PM


    Bagi pihak yang menentang penyertaan Malaysia dalam TPP, mereka berhujah bahawa TPPA adalah satu bentuk penjajahan moden melalui dominasi ekonomi oleh negara besar seperti Amerika Syarikat terhadap ekonomi negara-negara kecil seperti Malaysia. Selain itu, TPPA juga dikatakan akan membawa banyak keburukan kepada negara seperti dasar dan polisi ekonomi negara boleh dicabar oleh syarikat-syarikat asing melalui tribunal antarabangsa ISDS (Investor-state dispute settlement). Pihak yang menentang penyertaan Malaysia dalam TPPA juga berhujah bahawa Malaysia akan mengalami defisit fiskal yang teruk akibat nilai eksport berkurang sebaliknya nilai import akan meningkat, disamping syarikat-syarikat tempatan khususnya syarikat yang dimiliki oleh kaum bumiputera tidak akan mampu bersaing dengan syarikat-syarikat asing.

    Artikel Penuh:

  2. hadry Feb 12,2016 10:06 PM

    kami sebagai anak muda amat bimbang dgn TPPA

    apa boleh buat semua sudah ditandatangani dan dipersetujui oleh menteri2 pak turut



  3. HouseWife Feb 6,2016 2:26 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    I must admit that my little brain is still in a confused and complicated situation. I do get a lot of new informations that I’ve never heard of from the ever knowledgable compatriots here, but you know Tun I’ve to read and re-read and consume bit by bit so as to really understand the aim, the attributions and what does it actually promote and represent. This ambitious and controversial issue is no easy matter for someone, a plain housewife like me to swallow everything in one gulp. The informations given here are of such intense and high degree and are well treated with factual reasonings. I thank them for being so generous and helpful.

    The controversial TPPA has been ceremoniously signed and they celebrated like they just won after a long battle.
    So what happen next Tun? What can we anticipate from the outcome of this signing off Tun? Will the Malays now can hope for the worst and die like the Red Indians of N. America because they signed without understanding? Will then the Malays have to abdicate their precious control on the political powers? Will Singapore’s goods over-ride ours? Will there be mass displacement of unemployment?
    And what is becoming of the ‘dwarfs'(SMEs) and those that could hardly survive on their own? Will the government gives equal share of assistance to them or they just will be dumped? As for sure they will give utmost support and assistance to the established GIANTS or cronies. We all cannot deny this, right Tun. Hope they will not be one-sided and give fair share to all that deserve.

    All these questions incurred by the signing of TPPA led me to uneasy in mind, confused and troubled of what is to be anticipated in the near future.
    By agreeing to and signing the TPPA they promise the stars, the sun and the moon and the heaven on earth. I will remeber their promise and if they fail I’ll claim my right to hound them for break of promise. That’s all I can do…just hound not sue, cannot afford la Tun.

    For whatever reasons for signing the TPPA I hope and don’t want to see any damage being done to my tanahair. May Allah save our country Tun.
    May Allah bless you always Tun. May Allah grant you wealth in health and happiness. Take care and thank you Tun.
    And many merry happy holidays to everybody.

  4. mubarakchan Feb 3,2016 10:26 AM


    With your permission, I congratulate Professor Dr Kwame Sundaram for his
    important essays in the Star 3 February 2016 ” Reconsider TPPA in public interest ” and the Edge 25 January 2016 ” Is there a strong enough economic case to join the TPP ?” Apart from the UNCTAD Working Paper by Banga Rasmi October 2014, here is another economics expert who gives an independent view of the TPPA.

    I have given my own reading based on the political shenanigans of the crooked conman and Dictator Lee Kuan Yew who spent a lifetime doing down Malaysia and the Malays. He considered the Malaysian Chinese intellectually inferior to him, corrupt and quite useless. This shows his narrow-minded view of others including his own native Singaporeans whom he screwed down to just 60% of the total population.

    Here is my analysis of his wicked TPPA which he sold to President Obama through his hacks embedded in the political and academica lobbies of the United States after the Crash of 2008 !

    I now state at the outset that I am for Malaysia’s Sovereignty, National Interest, Self-esteem.

    I am not anti-TPPA, anti Singapore, anti-America or anti or pro-China or anti-Lee Kuan Yew.

    At the end of the Cold War (1948-1989), Singapore had to face a brave new World as exemplified by Uncle Sam’s hegemonic spiel,
    ” Globalization, Free Trade, Human Rights “.

    Singapore’s traditional commercial activities which garnered much profit like arms trade, smuggling, money laundering, sanctions breaking of Myanmar and North Korea, salvage of Vietnam War debris, soft arms trade, etc were elbowed aside by the BRICS.

    Throughout the 1990s, Singapore sailed along on the momentum created from the Cold War. In fact, Lee Kuan Yew and his dysfunctional elites could produce no answer to the hollowing out of Singapore’s Cold War trade by the turn of the 21st Century. Dilemma set in with rising unemployment for the very first time compounded by the Dotcom Crash of 2000 and the after effects of the Crash of the ASEAN Tigers in 1997.

    Out of the blue in 2002, our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad decided to retire in 2003. This fortunate turn of events for Lee Kuan Yew turned his over-active mind into action – to create a weapon which is masked to break-down the tariff barriers of Malaysia, Singapore’s liebensraum.

    By 2004, the plan for his legacy and Singapore’s sustainability was ready. With his efficiency, Lee Kuan Yew established the International Arbitration Tribunal in Singapore in 2005 in anticipation of the famed Malaysian oversight in dotting the “i’s” and crossing the “t’s” ! At this juncture, I like to point out the legal fees are sky high in Singapore. How many Malaysian SMEs can afford to go there for arbitration ?

    The Lee Kuan Yew inspired, designed and promoted TPPA was launched by Singapore in 2006. Only Brunei, Chile and New Zealand joined. Uncle Sam was not interested. But after the Crash of October 2008, Uncle Sam was keen to grasp at any straw in the mighty ocean in financial turmoil.

    By June 2009, the wicked and cunning Dictator Lee Kuan Yew at the age of 85 traipsed into the hot and humid Ulus on the pretext of saying a last good-bye to his digits, cohorts, spies, tycoons, etc. In his efficiency in leaving no stone unturned, he even had Ceylon tea out of English fine bone china at a KL salon. In fact, Lee Kuan Yew already had Obama’s approval of the TPPA in his pocket.

    By December 2009, our Malaysian negotiators were negotiating in ultra-secrecy till this was exposed in 2013

    What is this 6,000 pages of TPPA ?

    One senior Malaysian negotiator stated publicly that he learnt a lot from the negotiations for future negotiations. To me, our Federal Government sent him to learn the ropes whilst learning.

    The United States sent their best Jewish American negotiator to represent their interests. Our Malaysia sent L-licensed drivers to learn.

    Besides, Malaysia had already kena in the 1962 Water Agreement, gave away all the software of MSA, alleged to have kena again in the India Palm Oil Tariff, gave away blocks of ocean, a tropical isle, Malaysia’s very own rail right into the heart of Singapore plus the steel rails, appointed a hard-core PAP operative as the Chief of UMNO owned New Straits Times, opened the doors of the Khazanah for the best bargains, etc. Vide The naive, hospitable and friendly UMNO owned New Straits Times Streets Central Supplement Page 8. March 8 2014.

    It seems Malaysia has missed the wood from the trees.

    To this very day, there is no mention of the flood of tax-free goods from Singapore the moment the TPPA is signed. Singapore is the sole beneficiary of the TPPA as she is part of the Malaysian geography. The other countries are thousands of kilometres away. Vide. Singapore Business Times. November 2015. claimed that Singapore will save S$1 billion from the export of tariff free goods. This is the minimum !

    The SMEs will collapse under the weight of the tariff free Singaporean imports. Before the Dewan Rakyat approval, the SME Association gave its full support. Thereafter, the SME Association wants full Government support. Politics will get these folks nowhere !

    The Malays through the Federal Government would have ABDICATED their hard-fought and hard-won Merdeka since 1946 to govern – the few groups of people in the World who succeeded to go so far after independence, to utter strangers on the promise of the Moon and the Stars !

    Did the Malaysian negotiators understand Malay historical interests and aspirations ?

    The Malays will die like the Red Indians of North America. They signed and died without understanding. For the non-Malays they die without the power to sign.

    Our domestic economy which was difficult to nurture even under the NEP will be replaced by a Colonial middle man economy like before under Colonial times. The Chinese are forced to become middle-men again with goods supplied and financed by Singapore. The promise of the NEP to provide a level playing field for all and to eradicate poverty would be in the historical dust-bin.

    And the BN Government will be beset with the closure of factories and rising unemployment leading to its fall.

    Even before the TPPA is signed, the levies for foreign workers have jumped sky high in a land of rising costs which will lead to Malaysia becoming uncompetitive !

    I state again that I am not anti-TPPA but seek the attention of those concerned to consider Malaysia to join at a later date when our politics and socio-economics are more in tune with the requirements of the TPPA which is a hard taskmaster.

    However, I would like to highlight that the Malays which are so careful with their precious control of the political powers, would have ABDICATED this power by signing the TPPA.

    The Malays would have been over-ran by the 6,000 pages of TPPA before they realised what hit them.

    As the Professor Jomo said, ” RECONSIDER THE TPPA IN PUBLIC INTEREST “.

    I certainly do not like to see the Chinese to return to become middle-men again nor my Malay compatriots being misled to do something which is not ” SOVEREIGNTY, NATIONAL INTEREST, SELF-ESTEEM ” but complete ABDICATION OF THEIR HARD-FOUGHT AND HARD-WON MERDEKA POWERS SINCE 1946 !

    Hence, my constant refrain is full of meaning always ! Without the full participation of the Malays, the non-Malays are lost in limbo !


  5. amir yusof Jan 30,2016 2:12 PM

    The reason that US is banking for TPPA to work and the “eagerness” of
    Malaysia to join , from Russia perspective .


  6. wish Jan 30,2016 8:59 AM

    Blessed thee,

    Please look into this matter Tun,

    A quote from the website says,

    “Associations are the glue of our society and economy. Like the mortar that hold the bricks of a building in place, associations go largely unnoticed, yet they do much to hold the entire structure together.”


  7. mubarakchan Jan 29,2016 5:19 PM


    For Madam HouseWife. We must all be thankful for our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for this Distinguished and Honourable Blog in which all of us are equals in a great level playing field. You are certainly not off topic.

    Take the case of wajaperak who did not understand me at first but now we are the best of friends because of our common profession in a diverse society. He has contributed much to our beloved Malaysia !

    I am duty bound as a citizen born and bred in our beloved Malaysia to disseminate the truth, the facts to all because of the peculiar nature of our multi-media’s compartmentalised system since 1957 in which certain smart politicians like lky exploited for their own gains. This is not fair. This is not the presentation of the truth.

    Also I am duty bound as a fellow citizen to express my life’s normal experiences to all so that they too realise that they are good and normal like you and me to discover their inner strength. No big deal. But the discipline to be normal is difficult. Very difficult. But impossible for some.

    The key to our happiness and satisfaction is ” Health, Happiness and Money ” Money is last. It is not the panacea to everything and more likely for Money to bring unhapiness than happiness. Look at Singapore today !






    I only become aggressive when I am attacked personally and unfairly by all sorts of snide remarks by people who should know better or complete strangers to me. Because my factual comments in this Blog have always been factual, never personal and never directed at any Blogger here unless I am attacked for reasons best known to the attackers !

    For the opportunity to defend myself here, I am forever grateful to our beloved Tun for permitting me to do so because as far as I know about him, he has always been fair otherwise he would not have been our leader for 22 years.

    Like the Tun, I have made mistakes. But who does’nt make mistakes ?

    There were many dark experiences which I experienced from others.

    But fortunately, I come from a background which gave me strength mentally and informatively. Other weaker souls would have run off to join the Opposition or emigrated to OZ.

    I prefer to stay and take life with all its joys and warts in our beloved Malaysia – the BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD DEPENDING ON OUR OWN EFFORTS ! There is no free lunch as the pundits say !


  8. wajaperak Jan 29,2016 9:08 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    Dear Madam Housewife..
    [Apakah yang ingin disampaikan? Mungkin saya dapat pengajaran daripadanya. But I believe deep down inside, hati Mr wajaperak sebenarnya lembut terhadap wanita]

    Ribuan terima kasih kerana mengerti..
    Bapa saya telah menceraikan ibu saya ketika masih mengandungkan saya.
    Begitu susah payah ibu saya hingga ada satu ketika dia mengambil upah memanjat pokok langsat dalam keadaan masih mengandungkan saya..
    Alangkah tabah hatinya..


    Kebenaran amat pahit sekali..
    Saiditina Aishah Ummatul mukminin kita pernah mencadangkan supaya Saidina Umar r.a. yang menjadi imam solah ketika Rasululah s.a.w sakit berat dan bukan bapanya Saidina Abu Bakar r.a.atas alasan “suaranya lebih lantang’..
    Marahlah Rasullulah s.a.w
    ‘Diamlah wahai saudara perempuan Yusuf’..
    Tegas sekali Rasullulah s.a.w kepada kesemua wanita kesayangannya dalam menjalankan perintah Allah..

    Begitulah puan..
    Dalam menjalankan tugas,saya pernah bertemu kisah dan peristiwa di zaman moden ini di mana saudara pejuang kita pernah hampir dipeluk oleh petugas perempuan di tempat kerjanya..Kisah yang hampir sama dengan kisah Nabi Yusuf a.s.
    Bajunya ditarik ketika dia berpaling dan melarikan diri.Tak mahu diterkam oleh perempuan itu.

    Kerana dia ‘jantan’ sejati tidaklah dia mengadu kepada sesiapa tetapi ‘serangan’ seterusnya tidaklah dapat dielakkan apabila perempuan itu datang dan menghimpit rusuk lelaki itu dengan senyap-senyap..
    Sukarnya puan bekerja dengan perempuan..
    Amat sukar lagi bila banyak berlaku ‘ujian’ demi ‘ujian’ dalam usaha dia menjalankan tugas sebagai seorang muslim di dalam dunia sekular..

    Kebenaran amat pahit sekali.
    Terlebih pahit apabila para pejuang tidak dibenarkan mengadu dan membela diri dari orang-orang awam.

    Tie Zhong iaitu wajatimur sahabat saya walapun dia kafir,dia mengamalkan ajaran Islam sejati..
    Kata-katanya yang amat mengesankan hati saya ialah..

    Menggantungkan harapan kepada orang adalah hampa..
    Oleh itu kita mestilah hidup dan bergantung harapan kepada diri kita sendiri..

    wajaperak berkata

    Hidup dengan bergantung harapan kepada orang-orang awam adalah hampa..
    Oleh itu kita mestilah hidup


    Terima kasih puan.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  9. HouseWife Jan 28,2016 1:39 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Excuse me Tun, I’m going way off topic. Allow me please a moment with dear gentlemen of knowledge. They may read or not bother at all. Anyway, it’s nothing important just a housewife shed of warmth.

    Reading through the more experienced and knowledgable Mr mubarakchan, gives me a sense of gratitude with what I have now. Mr mubarakchan do not teach me but his experiences do. I do learn many things through Mr mubarakchan’s writings, no need for me to go through what they are as most have read them.
    He maybe aggresive sometimes but they are factual and meaningful.
    Thank you Mr mubarakchan. May you be blessed with great fortunes and flourish life and be hundred times more exceedingly happy. I’m sincere.

    And Mr wajaperak, walaupun selalu berbalah dengan Mr mubarakchan tetapi bukan berbalah tidak bererti, semua ada cerita disebaliknya. Hilang sedikit my headache setelah membaca penceritaan ‘si Profesional Islam wanita & si mak cik’. Very amusing tetapi saya tak tahu nak ketawa ka nak ambil hati sebab watak utama ialah wanita, my gender. Apakah yang ingin disampaikan? Mungkin saya dapat pengajaran daripadanya. But I believe deep down inside, hati Mr wajaperak sebenarnya lembut terhadap wanita, hanya kadang2 apabila hati disentap oleh wanita luka lama kembali.
    Ignore me if you think si housewife ni merapu je. Anyway, Thank you also atas teguran dan nasihat, yang baik saya terima yang pedih pun terima.
    May Allah Bless you always.

    And also there are many others here in Tun’s blog who are with you, Tun all the way and not stingy in their comments, thoughts, opinions and ideas. May Allah Bless them all.
    We are forever obliged to you Tun. We have voiced out our concern, despair and hopes. But the fight for justice, for better leadership, for fair treatment will forever be the peoples’ agenda. May Allah Save and Protect our beloved Country.

    Till next time Tun. Forgive me if I have wrong you Tun. May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah grant you wealth in health and happiness. Take very good care and Thank you so much Tun.
    Please follow your doctor’s orders.

  10. HouseWife Jan 28,2016 2:50 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Tun, why are we so obsessed with whatever is duped as western civilization, we must follow, it is good for us. Can I say this Tun, that TPP is another system to colonize countries…in modern term what is called today, globalization. TPP is a capitalist system, the strong will devour the weak. Now. hands with baskets of roses, we graciously open our gates to the ‘hungry wolves’.

    Tun, we live in a world of economy which is still in a state of uncertainty. By joining TPP are they that confident it will boost our economic growth even further. Will they guarantee there will be no discrimination between the established GIANTS and the dwarfs (SMEs)? That TPP is our saviour and we will be left behind if we reject it? They sure feed us goodies in a gold platter. Only the ‘big fat wolf’ will devour everything it could feed on, leaving peanuts to the weakling.

    Tun, I’ve read that under TPP we will attain cooperation in 4 countries namely, US, Canada, Peru and Mexico…Mexico Tun? Isn’t Mexico is a haven to the drug cartels Tun? How do we know whom we are dealing with? Do we have to check out their every background? We don’t want to be played around by any ‘masters of deceit and deception’.
    Tun, the EU has their own antitrust regulators, maybe we should have one too to safeguard our industries from unsrupulous and dubious fixing prices by companies in alleged cartels. Oh well, what do I know. They know better than me.

    Tun, Malaysia is never lacking in great visions to move forward, but is this TPP wise for Malaysia or is this a ‘Dangerous Idea’ Tun?.
    I have the right to seek understanding and to know. I have the right to be sceptical. Anyway Tun, whatever we say landed on deaf ears. The cries of the rakyat mean nothing to them. They have already open the gates to uncertainty.
    And we the rakyat will bear the burden for any failures of their own doing.
    May Allah Save and Protect our beloved Malaysia. Amin.

    May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah grant you wealth in health and happiness.
    Take care and Thank you Tun.

  11. faridina Jan 27,2016 11:45 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Perkongsian Trans Pasifik (PTP) adalah usaha Amerika Syarikat mencengkam rantau sebelah sini dari dikuasai oleh negara China yang dilihat sebagai pesaing utama yang bakal menjadi kuasa ekonomi dunia sekiranya tidak dibendung.

    Dipendekkan cerita sudah barang tentu perkongsian ini bertujuan berkongsi kekayaan negara dengan pihak luar atau rakyat disogok pula dengan beli terlebih mahal secara paksa atau lebih malang pula ianya melibatkan ubat-ubatan untuk penjagaan kesihatan.

    Tiada lagi ubat-ubatan generik yang lebih murah untuk golongan berpendapatan rendah di negara ini kelak kerana Amerika merencanakan melalui perjanjian PTP semua ubat-ubatan negara tersebut yang telah dipaten dan berjenama sahaja dibeli rakyat Malaysia.

    Begitulah Azlan95 kalau rakyat sebelah sana tidak mampu kerepek kentang maka mereka boleh makan kerepek ubi yang jauh lebih murah tapi yang pastinya kalau mereka tak makan langsung kedua2 kerepek pun takkan menjejaskan kesihatan mereka tak gitu.

    Kesimpulannya satu contoh sahaja cukup membuktikan kita diperbodohkan mana taknya orang susah yang sakit akan bertambah sakit dua dalam satu. Fizikal dah sah sakit dan lebih perit sakit di poket yang tiada obatnya!

    Wasalam Tun.

  12. mubarakchan Jan 27,2016 12:27 PM


    For isayso, the former Malay employee of Sime Darby who made his Malaysian Dream there and eventually through his very own efforts got a substantial allotment of Gamuda shares which made he a self-made multi-millionaire.

    Thanks to your 22 year Administration Tun, you made many Malaysians, Malays and non-Malays rich, very rich ! isayso is one of the many as he himself claimed !

    What I do not understand despite their wealth and success they returned to haunt their benefactor.

    I believe isayso has a Hollywood themed Blog with an Opposition and LKY bent. Maybe I am wrong.

    But since isayso is fond of making snide remarks at me, (a former ex-non-executive Director of Sime Darby when isayso was gainfully employed and I was sacked after 18 years by the closest aides so that Sime Darby could go bankrupt twice, in 1996 at RM1.2 Billions and in 2010 at RM 2.1 Billions), I now ask him the following factual and pertinent questions.

    1 You were an ordinary employee of Sime Darby who achieved your Malaysian Dream. How you a Malay got a more than special share allotment from the relevant authorities after 1992 ? Who did you know who has such powers ?

    2. At the material time, you were one Malay amongst 10 millions eligible for share allotment on a pari passu basis. How or through what connections or hard work with the relevant authorities after 1992 that you got SO MANY GAMUDA SHARES WHICH MADE YOU AN INSTANT MALAY MULTI-MILLIONAIRE THROUGH YOUR OWN EFFORTS ?

    3. And who arranged the financing for your huge block of Gamuda shares which made you a self-made Malay multi-millionaire at the age of 38 ?

    4. I am not claiming you were a closest aide of any leader because you cannot be as you were employed by Sime Darby at the material time. But the relevant authorities allotted you a huge number of Gamuda shares which made you into an instant Malay multi-millionaire.

    Congratulations ! Please remember the NEP, the Father of Development, Tun Abdul Razak, YBM Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah, Sime Darby and last but not least our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who made all this possible.

    I am very certain you said good words about our beloved Tun in your Hollywood themed Blog with an Opposition bent and a touch of admiration for your hero LKY. And definitely, you were no crony or closest aide to any Opposition leader which I confirm. But why you suddenly appear here in this Blog which I do not understand and made snide remarks at me ALL THE TIME. Why ? isayso ipso facto ?

    5. isayso, you were the luckiest person on this Planet being at the right time and the right place ! Congratulations again. Like our beloved Tun, I love all Malaysians to be rich, very rich. No problem.

    Rich people do not make snide remarks at others. They behave with aplomb ! Only the hoi-polloi do so, Sir !


  13. wajaperak Jan 27,2016 11:18 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    [Tuan umranrc
    Akan tetapi, oleh kerana mempunyai sifat ingin berkongsi pendapat dan sebagainya, penggiat blog disini terus menerus menyumbangkan penulisan walaupun ianya lari dari tajuk yang asal]

    Tuan.Terima kasih.
    Sebenarnya di dalam Islam Allah tidak sudi membenarkan ilmu milikNya diberitahu dan dimiliki secara sembarangan.Ini adalah bersesuaian dengan apa yang difirmankanNya di dalam Surah Al Insan.

    Apabila kita rajin memberi,harap-harap adalah pula yang sudi memberi sebagai balasan.Apa yang saya beri adalah ibarat seperti melukut di tepi gantang.Masuk tak tambah,keluar pun tak kurang.Akan tetapi..
    Barang sayugia haruslah diingat bahawa..
    Redha dan pertolongan Allah itu sentiasa kepada mereka yang memperhatikan kemaslahatan umat.
    Oleh itu jika kita membenci seseorang atas sesuatu sebab maka fikir-fikir dan muhasabah diri sendiri..
    Atau kita sangka-sangka sahaja?
    Dan apa pesanan Allah tentang sangkaan-sangkaan ini?

    شَيْئًالَهُمْ بِهِ مِنْ عِلْمٍ إِنْ يَتَّبِعُونَ إِلا الظَّنَّ وَإِنَّ الظَّنَّ لا يُغْنِي مِنَ الْحَقِّ شَيْئً

    “Dan mereka tidak mempunyai sesuatu pengetahuanpun tentang itu. Mereka tidak lain hanyalah mengikuti persangkaan, sedang sesungguhnya persangkaan itu tiada berfaedah sedikitpun (sebagai bukti) terhadap (suatu) kebenaran.” – (QS.53:28)

    Saya suka membuka suatu cerita mudah-mudahan ia memberi manafaat kepada kita.
    Ada seorang PROFESIONAL ISLAM perempuan.
    Telah ditakdirkan ia ‘memerintah’ sesuatu kawasan.
    Ia membahagikan waktu-waktu pemerintahnya mengikut temu janji masa,hari dan bulan.Amat pantang bagi dia ‘fleksibiliti’.Mengikut kepala otak dia, maaf tuan-tuan dan puan-puan..Maksud saya,mengikut pendapat dia sebarang perubahan pada ‘schedule’ akan merosakkan keharmonian pemerintahannya dan ‘if it ever allowed,when it will stop?’
    Ringkasnya hari untuk persoalan dan permasalahan kebajikan adalah hari ke 15 dan 30hb tepat pukul 8 pagi hingga 5 petang sahaja.SHARP!
    Nak dijadikan cerita maka datanglah seorang ibu tua yang tidak mengerti segala macam karenah dan persoalan dan permasalahan biro ‘KERA’si.Ibu yang malang ini datang pada 16hb kerana masalah meruncing anaknya.
    Kata oghang Peghak..Kalau aku tau..


    Dengan sinisnya boss perempuan ini berkata kepada makcik itu..
    Makcik kena tunggu cukup bulan.

    Maka meranalah makcik ini kerana telah gagal dan bertindak sebagai pengacau.
    Makcik ini telah merosakkan program boss ini yang SEMPURNA..hehe..

    Tun tidak pernah menolak makcik-makcik yang sebegini.Bukan senang nak jadi pemerintah dan pemimpin malah amat sukar untuk berlaku adil melainkan dengan PERTOLONGAN ALLAH.

    Pertolongan Allah bermula dengan ilmu.
    Ilmu ini marilah kita seragamkan.
    Saya melihat usaha untuk menjatuhkan kezaliman tidak pernah berjaya melainkan dengan doa yang berkat dan..


    Terima kasih tuan.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  14. wajaperak Jan 27,2016 9:43 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    Dear Mr Mubarak Chan.
    [I was going to whack you for saying you did nothing for our beloved Malaysia]
    Thank you sir..Oh..Thank you.
    I have managed to ‘coak’ you to give your unsung anectodal deed.Please sir..we need more of your good deed and for whacking me please wait until I finish all my anecdotal evidence.

    The second incidence of my fight for justice for the underling and minion goes like this.

    We had a meeting chaired by Dato’ B in the Orthopaedic Department.He was the HOD.(Head of the Department ).He lambasted us because of some ‘undesired’ element in our service.My blood boiled because he have knowingly or unknowingly shielded his clerk a Madam P who have stolen some medical report money from the patient.

    I raised my voice to certain unsurbodinated level.They got all shocked and the staff nurse said I should have not said to Dato’ B that kind of tone.

    His staff stole money from the patient and WHAT AN OUTRAGE AT THAT and I got the brunt of ‘Administrative’ excuse?
    So..what the punishment befitted my crime of CBR?
    ( Criminal breach of respect )
    Strangely I got scot free AGAIN..
    Maybe my outburst pinch their conscience?
    Nevertheless..Dato’ B is a nice man.
    From that day onward every time we met Dato’ B will raised his hand as a mark of respect and recognition.
    I am trully flattered.
    Such a nice Dato’ B are hard to come by this day..
    There is more.
    Hope you will entertains us more Mr Mubarak Chan.
    You deserves all the pat in the back.
    If not you know very well how huge is a clinical achievement.
    The clinical aspect of life is and will be always

    Beyond the layman comprehension and understanding..

    Thank you sir.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  15. mubarakchan Jan 27,2016 6:51 AM


    isayso. Thanks for reminding me whether I cheated others. I did not. But I can give you a comprehensive list of who cheated me beginning with my eldest brother and my late son-in-law who died age 39.

    I look high and low for your name which is not there.

    Congratulations once again for being a multi-millionaire ex-employee of Sime Darby due to a share allotment of Gamuda shares after 1992 and you succeeded yourself with the Malaysian Dream whilst in Sime Darby which arose out of my concept of 1972 supported by the Father of Development Tun Haji Abdul Razak and YBM Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah. The whole acquisition of the British assets were completed by our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad by 1982.

    Congratulations again for being a self-made Malay multi-millionaire at the right time and place otherwise it would not have been possible.

    I never cheated anyone in my life like you isayso and out beloved Tun. We never think of it.

    For your political information, the total emoluments I got from Sime Darby for 18 years as a non-executive Director were RM540,000 before tax.


    I did not own a single Sime Darby share even though a relative of your hero ? tempted me by offering to finance me. However, this is another story about the rise of some Malaysian tycoons via Singapore during this period.

    Congratulations again isayso. I did Sime Darby for you and all who profited from it 1976-2016. Please do not forget.


  16. azlan95 Jan 27,2016 6:25 AM

    Nampaknya ada pilihan samada usahawan ingin menjual kerepek ubi di pasar-pasar malam ataupun terus eksport ke Peru.

    Kerepek ubi boleh dieksport ke Peru cuma perlu bayar tariff kepada kerajaan Peru. Kerepek ubi Malaysia dan Indonesia yang dieksport ke Peru akan menjadi lebih mahal berbanding kerepek ubi dari Singapura disebabkan Singapura tidak bayar tariff selepas menjadi ahli TPPA.

    Minyak sawit ke Jepun pun sama. Minyak sawit dari Malaysia dan Indonesia adalah lebih mahal daripada minyak masak Singapura jika Malaysia tidak memasuki TPPA.


  17. faridina Jan 27,2016 1:07 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Rakyat Malaysia hari ini hidup dalam sindrom “tak hairan pun” semasa pemerintahan rejim Najib kerana kali ini pemimpin no. 1 ini yang menjuarai slogan Malaysia Boleh! ( ini kepada SayaKataBegitu takde kena mengena dengan PakCik MC ya 🙂 tapi terima kasih kerana terangkan pada En Alfred siapa PakCik tu.. Lagi satu tulis dalam BM PakCik tak faham walau hampir se abad jadi rakyat Tanah Melayu, Malaya dan Malaysia.. kesian).

    Apa nak dihairankan kalau Mukhriz yang tiada salahlaku digugurkan dan apa yang nak dihairankan kalau Najib yang sarat salahlaku dibersihkan. Bersesuaian dengan slogan Malaysia Boleh! Najib Lagi Boleh!

    Najib boleh selfie dengan Obama dalam The Beast, Najib boleh main golf dengan Obama jadi apa nak dihairankan kalau Najib jadi pemangkin Malaysia menandatangani TPPA.

    Budak azlan95 pun dah terangkan tak hairanlah TPPA bakal lahirkan jutawan2 dan billionwan2 keropok lekor dan kerepek ubi dan tak ketinggalan pengusaha belacan dan tempe. Apa yang nak dihairankan TPPA pun telah berjaya melahirkan budak sewel macam azlan95.

    Apa nak dihairankan dalam kabinet pecahlah piring hilang sudah harapan Najib ada macam2 karakter tapi pegangan dan ajaran semua ikut acuan Najib yang pandai mempermainkan lidah dan menjual madu di bibir nan pink!

    Wasalam Tun Berdua.

    p/s – La ni saya dah buleh nyanyi sambil main gitar lagu kegemaran Tun berdua ‘Jangan Ditanya Kemana Aku Pergi’ memang seronok layan lagu orang2 lama. Terima kasih.

  18. malaysian1000000 Jan 26,2016 11:04 PM


    Bila hasil bumi Malaysia didagangkan dengan platform TPPA tanpa cukai, apa akan jadi dengan PETRONAS? FELDA? FELCRA?

    Kartel-kartel dari Mexico dan Peru boleh berdagang bebas dalam Malaysia. Adakah sebab itu hukuman mati ingin dimansuhkan?

    Tak mustahil NFD akan wujud kembali dengan wujud lembu di New Zealand.

    Pelabuhan siapa lagi terror? Singapore atau Malaysia?

    Langkawi? Labuan? Johor? Bukan kah sudah dipusatkan perdagangan bebas cukai?

    Rokok Dunhill, Marlboro turun harga tak? Tu kan jenama USA.

    Vape jadi halal balik ke?

    Burger Ramly dah ada saingan dari luar negara pulak dah.

    KLIA 2 pun terlalu sempit nak tampung kadar import Malaysia. Buat KLIA3 pulak barulah jadi AEROPOLIS.


  19. malaysian1000000 Jan 26,2016 9:34 PM


    Jika anggota ahli TPPA ingin meneroka hasil bumi di Kelantan, adakah undang – undang negeri akan lagi tinggi dari undang – undang parlimen?


  20. daeng Jan 26,2016 9:15 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    TPPA ????

    Pengamatan saya, semua sedar bahawa kita bersetuju dengan TPP atau apa sahaja bentuk perdagangan bebas di peringkat global.

    Selama ini pun 99% negara di dunia pun mengamalkan perdagangan bebas kecuali Myanmar atau lebih dikenali sebagai Burma pada satu ketika dulu.

    Yang merisaukan kita ialah wujudnya “A” iaitu perjanjian? Mengapa adanya “A”?

    Bagi saya disebalik huruf “A” atau “agreement” LEBIH BANYAK TERSIRAT DARI TERSURAT.

    Apa yang kita risaukan ialah :

    1. Adakah pemimpin kita akan ditipu oleh A? atau
    2. Adakah pemimpin kita akan terperangkap oleh A? atau
    3. Adakah pemimpin kita tidak cukup bijak bermain politik di peringkat global? atau
    4. Adakah pemimpin kita tidak mampu meramalkan apa akan berlaku pada negara jika TPPA ditandatangani? atau
    5. Adakah pemimpin kita kurang yakin pada diri sehinggakan semua idea perdagangan yang datang dari barat diterima sebagai sesuatu yang “baik” untuk diterap kepada masyarakat yang unik di negara kita? atau
    6. Adakah pemimpin kita memiliki semua sebab 1 hingga 5 di atas sehinggakan terpaksa TPPA ditandatagani?

    Apa yang saya risaukan ialah akibat pemimpin yang kurang bijak, dikhuatiri suatu pemilikan kerajaan atau bumiputera satu-persatu akan tergadai.

    Kita sedia maklum pemilikan kerajaan seperti tanah TRX bertukar milik dari kerajaan kepada 1MDB, akhirnya kepada pemilikan asing?


    Minta perkara seperti ini tidak terjadi Tun.

    Wassalam Tun.

  21. HBT456 Jan 26,2016 8:59 PM

    23. Sir mubarak chan, dont expect everyone to think like us.

    24. You know the true story why saddam hussein was hunted down by his own people?

    25. He was a dictator and declared wars to his neigbours due to oil and gas businesses to run his exclusive lifestyle.

    26. When he knew the world was against him, he and his sons planned and robbed us1billion from iraq central bank by threathening the bank clerks that they would kill them if they disobey their instructions.

    27. The money was never discovered, most probably, this robbed money was spent in buying weapon of mass destruction to protect himself and his families.

    28. Saddam is gone, but iraq got their democracy to choose their president today.

    29. There are many untold stories, and even if we know, what can we do?

    30. Its up to the political parties to scratch their heads to sell their plans to get votes since they are paid by taxpayers.

  22. isayso Jan 26,2016 8:47 PM


    For Mubarackchan.

    I have not harmed anyone or cheated the Inland Revenue because like our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad we are born this way.

    Hi Boss, Glad to know you have not cheated the Inland Revenue.

    What about others? Tee hee.

  23. isayso Jan 26,2016 8:38 PM

    Dear Tun,

    May I repeat what I said on Dec5, 2015 9:39 AM?

    I think the only hope lies in the supposed investigations by the Swiss, Singaporean, British, Hong Kong and the US authorities. They can sit down and trace the movement of funds, to the date and time. They can show whether 1MDB grandfathered the RM2.60 billion via the Petro-Saudi deal or the other hilarious deals that went on. An international body, like Transparency International, must demand that the results of the investigations be revealed to fight corruption and theft. What other hope is there?

    Thank you.

  24. mubarakchan Jan 26,2016 7:21 PM


    For wajaperak. So you were a trainee nurse in your human form. I was going to whack you for saying you did nothing for our beloved Malaysia. I now hold back. We have something in common. Hear my true story.

    I was on call at the KLGH. My consultant physician was one Dr Hardy formerly of the British Military Medical Corps. My Ward was Ward 14. As with emergency cases, these usually arrived past mid-night. My first emergecy case was a Malay boy, 12 years old from Kampong Baru, Kuala Lumpur, in coma.

    What to do ? My very first emergency case because in London I was never permitted to handle any patient because of legal reasons. When I saw the comatosed boy who was a diabetic with his mother, my hands shook like a leaf. I knew what I had to do from the clinical history and my diagnosis of the patient. I had to put in a saline drip fast. But the very fine veins of this 12 year old boy were all collapsed. This gave me a further problem to the fact that I have never been permitted to handle a drip as a medic in London. With my unpreparedness to deal with this very first emergency case of mine during my first 24 hour emergency call in the KLGH, I was really lost for a moment.

    But somehow something clicked inside me, I began to look for a vein, any vein where I could introduce the drip. The search went on and on. Eventually, I found just one after near a 60 minute search. I inserted the drip. The Malay boy lived. His mother was happy with joy. I glanced over my shoulder, There was Dr Hardy giving a thumbs up and a smile. I was so glad I succeeded and was in Seventh Heaven.

    From this singular case, I went on to save 9 more sure to die cases. They all lived and left without saying thank you as they did not realise they were on death’s bed. But only one case concerning a huge Eurasian gentleman caused me to cry.

    It happened this way. I was on call in Ward 14 KLGH at 6 pm.. A huge mountain of a Eurasian man was wheeled into the Ward unconscious. I worked on him for a full 60 minutes before he died. As I moved away from the dead patient, his son who was just as big as his father, came and said to me, ” I thank you very much for easing my father’s suffering.” On hearing these words, tears freely flowed down uncontrollably from my eyes. I have never heard of such kind words of appreciation before. This was the very first time. I was very happy, very satisfied with my calling.


  25. umranrc Jan 26,2016 4:10 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Terus terang saya katakan soal-soal yang dibawa oleh Tun pada kali ini diluar daripada kebolehan saya. Cuma yang saya ketahui, setiap perjanjian semestinya ada perincian yang khusus. Apakah perincian-perincian ini? Sudahkah ianya disebarkan kepada Rakyat umumnya? Saya tidak tahu.

    Tetapi daripada penulisan Tun, nampaknya Barat (US khasnya) mungkin akan berjaya untuk menakluki kita secara ekonomi dimasa hadapan. Malang sungguh.

    Izinkan saya Tun untuk mengulas sedikit komen-komen yang terdapat disini.

    Secara pasti, kita semua tahu bahawa kita semua bukannya pakar dalam segala bidang. Ya, mungkin sebilangan dari kita adalah seseorang pakar tetapi kepakaran itu hanya tertakluk kepada bidang yang diceburi sahaja. Tidak pernah lagi saya berjumpa dengan seseorang yang mempunyai ijazah kedoktoran dalam pelbagai bidang-bidang yang berlainan melebihi dari 5 bidang. Sekiranya ada, saya ingin bertemu dengan beliau untuk menanyakan apakah rahsianya beliau boleh membuat kajian yang mendalam mengenai pelbagai jurusan ini.

    Baiklah, ulasan diatas bermaksud, apa yang dibawa oleh Tun, para pembaca mungkin boleh atau mungkin tidak boleh mengulas secara lebih terpeinci. Akan tetapi, oleh kerana mempunyai sifat ingin berkongsi pendapat dan sebagainya, penggiat blog disini terus menerus menyumbangkan penulisan walaupun ianya lari dari tajuk yang asal. Pada pendapat saya, lebih baik begini dari terus diam tanpa bicara. Saya kira Tun juga bersetuju, maka diterbitkan juga penulisan-penulisan ini.

    Baiklah beralih sedikit kepada isu ‘pengacau’ yang dibawa oleh salah seorang penulis disini. Para ‘pengacau’ ini mungkin datangnya dari penyokong sesuatu pihak, akan tetapi selagi penyampaian mereka tidak merapu, apa salahnya jika pandangan serta isi penulisan mereka diberi perhatian yang sewajarnya?

    Dalam pada itu, ingin saya mengulas serba sedikit mengenai ampuan. Pada saya, mudah sahaja, cukup-cukuplah mereka-mereka yang dilahirkan sebagai “kaki bodek” ini. Cubalah luaskan daya fikiran dan janganlah hanya bersetuju tanpa menimbang sesuatu perkara itu dalam-dalam demi mencapai status pengampu. Saya kira semasa Tun menjadi PM mungkin ramai yang ingin jadi pengampu, tetapi sekarang selepas bersara juga masih ramai lagi yang mahu menjadi pengampu.

    Terima Kasih Tun.

  26. mubarakchan Jan 26,2016 3:40 PM


    For those Bloggers who read wajaperak’s comments on me, it is best they read my comments of 25 January 2016 to have a balanced view of the World. There are lots more which I cannot say. We leave it at that.

    I am a Malaysian Chinese whose father came to this country via Port Swettenham in 1889. He washed dishes in Towkay Loke Yew’s kitchen. I could not say that he was a lorry driver, etc because there were no lorries then.

    I had the fortune to witness happenings from the mid-1930s till 2016. I have not harmed anyone or cheated the Inland Revenue because like our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad we are born this way.

    I am exceedingly happy in this country in which I was born.

    I do not understand why Malaysian Chinese especially from the MCA emigrate to a certain country which is only good for ‘Steaks, oysters and girls’ any order you like ! And the 1% establishment of the Civil Servants, the Church, the industrialists, the big landlords, the unions, the universities, the Jewish and new European lobbies, miners, farmers etc rules the 99% !


  27. isayso Jan 26,2016 2:24 PM

    Is anyone surprised?

  28. ilioni Jan 26,2016 12:25 PM

    Salam Tun,

    It’s all cleared by our honorable AG aka “Malaysia Highest level Judge” – Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali.

    Najib cleared by AG on RM2.6b and RM42m from SRC International

    What do you say. Completely ridiculous! No trial needed. No accountability required. I pun cari makan saja. Tau??!!

  29. ilioni Jan 26,2016 11:25 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Just want to share with the rest of the fellow readers here. Such a sweet lovely couple! A wife who has always been supporting his husband quietly from behind. So elegant.. Love both of you! I wish and pray for the good health for you and your family in many years to come!

    Tun Dr. Mahathir & Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah – Sweet ❤️couple❤️..”ku bayar tunai (dengan GST)”

  30. wajaperak Jan 26,2016 9:11 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    Mr Mubarak Chan.
    It is crystal clear that you are just a dummy hiding behind a pseudonym making snide remarks at others whom you think you can bully. Sir, you have got the wrong victim. What have you done for our beloved Malaysia ?]

    Oh dear Mr Mubarak Chan.
    We will resort the dummy issue in our exchange of e mail.Thank you very much Sir for your promise in writing to me…:)

    I have not done nothing for our beloved Malaysia.
    I am incapable of doing so.
    Allah have chosen you over me in bestowing such talent and gentlemanship that I can only dreamt of.

    For your kind perusal.
    The stab at secular adminstration.
    When I first landed my present job, I was under the ‘care’ of Dr M in Hospital G.
    Dr M have marital problem acknowledged by herself.In my part of opinion, I believed that she was seeking for ‘Toy Boys’ for an exit for her turmoil emotion.So..
    We ( the whole hospital staff ) brunt her ’emotional distress’ where I refused to be one of his toy boys..
    Finally she demanded explanation over one petty issue and wanted my probation extended another 6 months and 10 days.

    I rebelled and seek audience from Datin B our Pengarah Kesihatan Negeri that time.
    She called me and she reminded me of the consequences ‘revolt again the boss’.
    What she didn’t know is this Dr M have abused her position when she bought saree from the petty cash.And who could persecutes her?

    Mr Mubarak Chan.
    I stood against her when the whole Hospital G suffered.
    Do you think Pengarah Kesihatan Negeri will take my side?

    Emphatic no and you know that.
    We and I mean the less fortunate underling and minion always suffers because of this kind of oppression..
    AND I HAVE BEEN FIGHTING THEM all through the belief that this is a job for just a simple muslim.
    What are those?
    If getting 2.6 billion ‘donation’ is an achievement surely I am NOTHING.
    I am nothing too compared to your achievements.
    But we are here to contributes something.
    My small contribution is not worth for your and your PROFESSIONALS MUSLIMIN achievement.
    It is just it.
    There is a hierachy of skill.
    The degree of comprehension.
    I am in the lowest rung.
    But Dear Mr Mubarak Chan.
    I have the right here as I mentioned in Surah Maryam.
    Maybe we will not become friend.
    Maybe we will continue at odd of the definition HONOURABLE and the role of aides..
    But spare me my right of the smallest ‘prick’ in Tun blog..
    You find my writing insufferable..
    They are not for you..
    Your level and your all professional friends who have the education different from mine..
    Skip my small and mindless writing..


    Thank you Mr Muabarak Chan.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  31. wajaperak Jan 26,2016 8:44 AM


    Izinkan saya ruangan.

    [HORMATILAH penulis blog dengan membincang isu2 yang penulis blog utarakan. Jika ‘adab’ ini pun tidak boleh dipelajari, eloklah buat muhasabah diri]

    Tun..amat hairan saya?..


    Tun..banyak sudah ayat Al Quran saya notakan untuk kita hayati bersama..
    Kalau ada perselisihan..mari kita bersilaturrahim..
    E mail..bertukar-tukar pendapat..
    TETAPI MALANGNYA ( seperti biasa..:)
    PROFESSIONAL-PROFESSIONAl ISLAM ini yang mendapat ajaran agama lain dari kita amat suka menggunakan

    KEPALA HOTAK SENDIRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maaf Tun.
    Tolong pesan kepada profesional-profesional ISLAM ini jangan..


    Tulisan saya disini UNTUK SAUDARA-SAUDARA MUSLIMIN SAYA DI MANA ada hak saya untuk mereka.

    Izinkan saya menghargai mereka-mereka ini sebagai

    P( Pejuang ) T( Tulin ) U ( Ugama ) I ( Islam )


    Minta maaf Tun..
    Ribuan terima kasih..:))

  32. musato Jan 25,2016 9:17 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    IS bermatlamatkan menegak Daulah Islamiah melalui sistem Khalifah seperti dahulu, katanya.

    IS ini menggunakan nama belakangnya Al Baghdadi yang difahami maksudnya asal dari Baghdad.

    Di Malaysia, Tanah Melayu, juga terdapat orangnya yang menggunakan Al Baghdadi, iaitu Syarif Muhammad Al Baghdadi.

    Asalnya adalah dari Baghdad. Meninggalkan takhtanya di Baghdad menuju ke Mekah dan seterusnya ke Tanah Melayu. Dan dikatakannya adalah asal antara raja Empayar Islam Abbasiyah.

    Ini adalah seperti yang tertulis pada papan tanda makam beliau yang siap dengan logo Tourism Malaysia.

    Salasilah beliau ini terus menerus kepada Tok Pulau Manis (Syeikh Abdul Malik) yang saya selalu sebut itu.

    Siapa yang kamu berikan ancaman wahai Katibah Nusantara?

    Mesej Awam Kepada Malaysia?!

    Berani kamu menceroboh!

    Terima kasih Tun.

  33. musato Jan 25,2016 9:03 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Kepada Puan Housewife, saya kira puan telah dapat jawapan melalui tulisan Kunta Kinte mengenai masalah percukaian negara Malaysia sekarang.

    Hari ini saya ada terbaca dalam the star mengenai kenyataan ancaman ketua IS Malaysia Indonesia untuk menyerang Malaysia kerana menahan anggota mereka.

    Saya semakin berminat kerana IS ini berani mengeluarkan ancaman kepada Malaysia dan IS berkata demikian kerana ingin menegakkan daulah Islamiah melalui sistem Khalifah.

    Saya mungkin menulis sesuatu yang tidak berkenaan dengan topik semasa. Seingat saya dalam Kitab Hikam juga ada menyatakan ‘mungkin juga apa yang kamu cakapkan itu belum sampai kepadanya’ – begitulah maksud yang saya fahami.

    Percakapan mengenai sesuatu perkara itu, sedangkan diri sendiri belum lalui lagi.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  34. musato Jan 25,2016 8:51 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Bila tengok tukang komen bagi alasan kenapa TPPA perlu, adakala merendah rendahkan akal orang lain.

    Setakat nak jual keropok lekor dengan kerepek ubi sampai nak sain TPP untuk jadi jutawan.

    Saya tak kisah jika Datuk Seri Najib kita nak sain TPP jika beliau berkata kita mahu menakluk Amerika!

    Menakluk itu bukan bermaksud dari segi ekonomi sahaja, bahkan termasuk budaya dan dakwah mungkin.

    Itu menunjukkan kita kuat. Tapi kalau setakat berfikir kita akan lebih maju kehadapan dengan sain TPP dan dengan sebab itu kita perlu setuju dengan negara serantau yang mungkin lebih cerdik dari negara kita, maka saya fikir ia adalah SATU MASALAH.

    Jika Datuk Seri Najib memberi kenyataan swperti yang saya utarakan, saya setuju Malaysia sain TPP.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  35. joetamchi Jan 25,2016 4:23 PM

    Laut dalam…!
    Dilabuh sauh, bahtera tenggelam…!



  36. johnmansfield Jan 25,2016 4:06 PM

    Unlike your good self I am not an expert on the trade agreement. I am glad to see that Proton has addressed the issue of their engines International compliance. At least they will be in a position to export their models abroad.
    If they are good and reliable and meet International standards this trade agreement may well be to their benefit.
    Time will tell.
    All the best.
    John Mansfield

  37. HouseWife Jan 25,2016 2:37 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Izikan saya bercakap tentang kemelut di Kedah. Saya bukan orang Kedah tetapi bapa saya orang Kedah, maka dari kecik saya anggap saya orang Utara lah. Lagi pula ia melibatkan anak Tun, DSMM maka saya rasa tersentuh dengan apa yang berlaku pada beliau.

    Tun, saya nak tanya, adakah Tun dan rakyat Kedah sedia dan sanggup menerima MB baru dari gerombolan 13 ini?. Tak kiralah mereka ini ikut perlembagaan Umno ke tak tetapi mereka telah mencemarkan demokrasi, yang mereka sendiri dilantik melalui demokrasi, dengan menghalalkan pemberontakan/mutiny. Jika perkara ini dibiarkan dan tidak dibendung dengan bijak, ia akan berulang dan berulang oleh mereka yang hanya pentingkan diri sendiri dan bukan kerana rakyat.
    Apakah komplen utama gerombolan 13 ini Tun? Pada saya mereka ini seperti orang tua berkelakuan merajuk macam budak2 kecik sebab ‘bapa’ selalu keluar rumah pi outstation kerana tugas. ‘Budak2 tua’ ni tak paham ka ‘bapa’ pi cari rezeki halal untuk kesenangan depa semua, bukan pi joli sana sini, tabuq duit merata tempat tak tentu hala.

    Orang baik, bijak, rajin, jujur pun depa nak buang juga? Apa sudah jadi dengan orang Kedah Tun? Apa pasai dengan orang Umno Kedah Tun?
    Mereka berlaku tidak adil pada DSMM.
    Apa kata wahai gerombolan 13, buat forum ‘Nothing2Hide’, bincang dan debat dengan DSMM apa yang DSMM tak lakukan untuk kemakmuran Kedah sehingga tergamak nak rampas kerusi MB Kedah. Biar rakyat Kedah menghakimi siapa yang benar siapa yang salah.
    MB adalah seorang yang akan mentadbir seluruh rakyat negeri Kedah, bukan untuk ‘rakyat Umno’ Kedah saja.

    Tun, saya nak berterima kasih kepada Mr daeng yang telah memberi sedikit input tentang karektor sebahagian gerombolan 13 ini. Tun, salah seorang kata tak perlu ada pendidikan, tinggi?rendah?, untuk jadi MB, cukup sekadar punyai pengalaman. What utter nonsense! From which planet are they from?! Look, you are to represent a State of a Country that will have to deal within and outside the State, of course rakyat Kedah deserves an educated leader. Ini bukan zaman dulu2 zaman buta huruf. Semua berhak timba ilmu. Tetapi untuk jadi leader, please take the initiative to educate yourself. Semua gerombolan 13 ini excuses. Go and get educated!Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih.

    Tun, saya baru terbaca berita terkini daripada Mr daeng. Sultan Kedah mahu DSMM kekal sebagai MB Kedah kerana disenangi oleh rakyat Kedah.
    Alhamdulillah. Amin. Allah SWT lindungi orang-orang yang benar.
    Tun, saya sangat setuju dengan buah fikiran dan komen Mr daeng tentang penambahbaikan industri kecil bumiputra untuk hadapi gelombang TPPA globally. He puts it nicely in a way I could not express because my ilmu is limited…now I should get myself educated. Dan juga dengan nasihat Mr daeng kepada DSN. Mudah-mudahan dia dengar.

    May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah grant you wealth in health and happiness. Take care and Thank you so much Tun.

  38. Hajar Jan 25,2016 2:19 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    1. Nampaknya DS Mustapa Mohamed masih lagi enggan mendengar keluhan dan keresahan majoriti rakyat tentang kesan2 negatif yang kelihatan lebih banyak dari kesan2 positif dari TPP.

    2. DS Mustapa sudah mula MERAPU (sama dengan ahli2 Kabinet rejim DSN yang lain) dengan menyamakan tentangan terhadap TPP dengan tentangan dan bantahan terhadap projek2 mega Tun M dahulu seperti pembinaan Putrajaya, Jambatan Pulau Pinang, etc. Beliau patut sedar bahawa sekarang ini banyak penyokong2 Kerajaan membangkang TPPA.

    3. Dahulu, yang sentiasa membantah & mengacau projek2 & idea2 kemajuan pada zaman Tun M ialah parti2 PEMBANGKANG (mereka ini boleh di gelar PENGACAU) yang kerjanya 24 jam setiap hari membangkang / mengacau apa saja yang diilhamkan oleh Kerajaan BN tanpa menilai kebaikan2 projek2 & idea2 tersebut. Sekarang mereka tanpa rasa bersalah menikmati semua itu. Bertan-tan kutukan mereka terhadap Tun M & Kerajaan, tapi adakah mereka insaf?

    4. Tapi, jika dikaji, di mana2 pun ada PENGACAU yang kerjanya sentiasa mengacau pihak2 lain untuk kepentingan pihak mereka sendiri.

    5. Izinkan saya Tun untuk beri contoh pengacau2 di blog Tun ini:

    Ada yang kata kononnya ada orang yang tidak ’reti adab dan sopan santun’ dalam memberi komen di blog Tun. Namun, bila ditegur ’melenting’ sebab yang TIDAK TAHU ADAB adalah orang yang mengata orang lain tidak beradab. Ada pula seperti ABC123 yg kerjanya ialah membangkitkan perkara2 dan soalan2 (selalu tanya ’Why?’ sebagai salah satu point dalam penulisan) untuk mengacau di blog Tun. Mereka ini adalah contoh pengacau di blog Chedet.

    Pengacau2 dalam blog Tun sentiasa mahu MENGALIH PERHATIAN pembaca2 dan pengkomen2 dalam blog Tun supaya usaha Tun dalam membincang dan mengutarakan pendapat dan kritikan terhadap sesuatu isu terbantut & GAGAL (hilang tumpuan atau fokus). Ini kerana jika dibaca komen2 di bawah sesuatu topik, ada pengkomen2 yang langsung TIDAK MENGHORMATI pandangan dan penulisan Tun dengan membincang hal2 lain yang tidak berkaitan dengan tajuk artikel yang Tun tulis. Pembaca2 senyap yang menjenguk ke blog Tun pun mungkin jadi keliru apa sebenarnya inti-pati atau fokus penulisan Tun dalam artikel tersebut.

    Bagi saya mereka ini BIADAB (tidak tahu adab). Maaf Tun sebab saya sudah bosan melihat mereka yang tidak faham bahasa ini yang sentiasa menjadi PENGACAU di blog Tun. Jika mahu ‘syok sendiri’ buatlah blog sendiri dan tulislah apa saja yang anda suka.

    HORMATILAH penulis blog dengan membincang isu2 yang penulis blog utarakan. Jika ‘adab’ ini pun tidak boleh dipelajari, eloklah buat muhasabah diri.

    Terima kasih Tun kerana memberi saya ruang untuk mengutarakan pendapat2 /kritikan2 saya. Saya cadangkan supaya komen2 yang TIDAK BERKAITAN dengan tajuk artikel supaya TIDAK LAGI DISIARKAN.

    P/S: PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor & koncu2 beliau turut mahu mengalih perhatian rakyat terhadap segala2 isu negatif dan skandal2 mereka dengan menimbulkan isu MB Kedah (yg tiada isu).

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  39. mubarakchan Jan 25,2016 1:09 PM


    For wajaperak.

    It is crystal clear that you are just a dummy hiding behind a pseudonym making snide remarks at others whom you think you can bully. Sir, you have got the wrong victim. What have you done for our beloved Malaysia ?

    Not only have I done Sime Darby, I did many more in the NATIONAL INTEREST in keeping with the stabilitiy, peace and harmony of our beautiful country and its good people !

    I am proud to be the only Malaysian Chinese who assisted the Malays and non-Malays through my 1972 concept of the capture of Sime Darby for only RM23 millions when the Malays had only 2% of the economy, the Chinese 25% of the third rate and the British 25% of the best right at the beginning of the NEP in 1971 !

    Sime Darby became so rich that it could go bankrupt twice in 1996 for RM1.2 Billion and in 2010 for RM2.10 Billions.

    My idea was to bring the Malays right into BIG business with the support of our Father of Development Tun Abdul Razak and our Minister of Finance YBM Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah. ALSO TO GIVE THE CHINESE THE LEEWAY TO CONTINUE TO DO BUSINESS AS USUAL BECAUSE THE MALAYSIAN ASSETS WERE CROWDED OUT BY BRITISH OWNERSHIP.

    The acquisition of British assets at fair market prices was completed by our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with his vision in 1982.

    The MCA Mandarin-speaking small-town boys use this Sime Darby controlled by the Malays as an excuse to go into business, 1974-1986. By the mid-1980s, Tun Ghaffar Baba became the MCA President.

    The ennobled Chinese called me a Malay bum-sucker not knowing my real belief is to make it unnecessary for the Malays to put on their red-shirts and give the Chinese a leeway to do business in the National Interest which Tun Abdul Razak, YBM Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah and our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad understood always. This shows the lack of intelligence amongst these ennobled Chinese who also call Australia their home.



    My very good friend isayso confirmed that as an employee of Sime Darby in 1980s-1990s he achieved his Malaysian Dream and after 1992, through a share allotment he made millions of ringgits himself. I am very happy this happened to my very good friend. Like our beloved Tun, I want everyone to be rich. It is still not too late ! It can still be done because IDEAS MAKE MONEY NOT MONEY MONEY MONEY MAKE MONEY !

    I must apologise to wajaperak that we did not meet earlier. However it is still not too late.

    However, ” I STILL SAY THAT ALL THE CLOSEST AIDES CREATED ALL THE SCANDALS AND BLAMED THEM ON OUR DISTINGUISHED AND HONOURABLE (YAB) TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD AND OUR DISTINGUISHED AND HONOURABLE (YAB) PRIME MINISER DATO SERI NAJIB BIN TUN HAJI ABDUL RAZAK. ” I am confident this statement will be proven correct in the near future. I have always said that money lost can be recovered or created. No problem.


  40. isayso Jan 25,2016 12:41 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Please allow me to put this response to Alfred Willner.

    The cars are good, only they are not LIKED and there we eventually come to terms between us in as much as it might be people’s PERCEPTION. What must be done is to find out THE REASON WHY!

    Mr. Willner, are you saying that after all these years the management of Proton are still in the dark as to why the cars are not LIKED? If this is true, it is a terrible indictment of the management, including the Godfather of Proton. How can Malaysians who now run Proton be so dense? Feedback from dealers and customers are not difficult to obtain and can be re-validated at any time.

    Recently, Tun quipped that Proton windows “go up nicely and come down nicely”. It is an item that does not require rocket science technology. There are many competing cars around and they could have found out why their windows work properly. Proton does not make the system; it just buys from a manufacturer who specialises in the product, am I correct? But it took Proton quite some time to rectify the problem and Tun’s remarkable statement underscores what an indelible stain the power windows had left behind. Why did it take so long to rectify the problem? Poor Management. Poor Problem Solving Skills.

    When the Proton Saga was first launched the lead time for delivery from booking date was in the order of a few months. Price was good, of course. Design would not have won any prize. And no one knew what problems would lay ahead. Yet there was great demand, fueled by pride in the national car. The major foreign makes are well made and buyers are willing to pay the high prices. If Tun and the merry men in Proton believe the car is now up to the challenge, well, they have to sell that assertion or fact to the potential buyers. It is a job worth the proverbial six million dollar salary.

    And you come in handily:

    And there is when we can come in – me myself my assistants and my associates; we can help you to tell the people at PROTON the right things to do.

    I tried once upon a time and the item is highly visible and very important from a safety standpoint. I am talking about tyres in the VERY early days. Proton cars were then shod by Dunlop and Goodyear. Still the case, I suppose but Dunlop, previously owned by Sime Darby, has been taken over by Continental, Germany. There may even be a third player now. Anyway, when the Saga tyre specifications arrived we were thoroughly deflated (no pun intended). They were old! Both suppliers were producing tyres that were much more suitable in terms of thread pattern design, width and in profile. Ride comfort and handling would be enhanced if they accepted what we were producing. Hell no! They must go with the specs provided by Mitsubishi.

    Proton must be careful with making big deals. The purchase of MV Agusta was so disastrous and needless, remember?

    You mentioned the father-in-law of a good friend of yours (and also a good friend of Tun and by extension a good friend of Mubarackchan (Faridina’s “Uncle MC”), the named Tan Sri and even the party that may have a link to the Sultan of Kelantan had all declined to advance your cause and you seem to believe NATIONAL PRIDE is the reason behind the failure? Well, I am truly baffled by this reasoning but let’s leave it at that.

    I admire your tenacity, your willingness to expose your desire to help Tun and Proton and find sympathy from Tun via his blog. For financial gain, of course, but that’s perfectly alright because there is no such thing as a free lunch. I would rather have you than a loud mouth who sits around telling tales with manufactured facts written with invisible ink. It’s fun though.

    You should temper your desire to bring along a horde of people because the lunches are costly. In mitigation, the expatriate housing market will do well. You may find one or two locals who can be just as good and with better ideas. Uncle MC may even be up to the job. He knows just about everyone and everyone, including your lawyer friend, the son of the Prime Minister of Gibraltar – forgive me if the name dropping makes you giddy. It does me. What nausea if can open doors for you!

    Seriously, why do you deem you and your horde are so uniquely qualified to bring Proton back to the glory days of old?

    A bit more depth in your presentation may help to win that elusive meeting you yearn for. I suppose the Tan Sri and your friend’s FIL were granted more information that what you have exposed in this blog to dummies in hiding. You may have great ideas and achievements. But you have to market it well. Dummies can be rather demanding too.

    Allow me to be ponder a few things from your ‘presentation’:

    We are engaged in the automotive industry since 1990. We currently have a written Loan Agreement already signed by an institutional funding enterprise to the extent of EUR 400 million to launch a Chinese automotive brand in Europe. With the manufacturer in China we have an understanding that we are their General Importer to the European Union as well as to Central American from Panama to Mexico.

    The automotive industry has a lot of different layers and players. What exactly does your group concurrently do for a living?

    You have a 15 year track record. What great achievements are there to date that people whose job it is to decide whether to meet you should know about?

    Your organization has been granted the exclusive right to distribute a Chinese-made car to the EU, and from Panama to Mexico. Do you intend to do the same for Proton?

    What is the status of this Chinese thingy? Going great guns or stuck somewhere?

    Can you name the Chinese manufacturer and the brand?

    With this institution and with our Chinese manufacturer we also have an understanding that if we find an opportunity to build a RHD factory in an ASEAN country we’d be provided with an additional EUR 400 million to do so. The loans are extended for a period of 10 years. The General Importer Agreement covers a period of twenty years as of May 2014.

    Why would the Chinese manufacturer rather see you build a R&D facility outside China? Manpower is not a problem in China and I am not sure the standard of England in Malaysia these days at the blue collar level is more better than China.

    You are not a manufacturer of motor vehicles at this point, so why are you interested to develop a R&D facility? How would this facility serve your future and broader interests?

    You think Malaysia is ideal. We can drink to that, and I mean coffee. Alcohol is not me. Seriously, what concessions are you seeking?

    What is the magnitude of the funding required from Proton? And what about Proton’s own R&D facility?

    I fully understand if you are not willing to let the cat out of the bag but failure to do that could mean you are still between a rock and a hard place. A Man in Waiting.

    I wish you good luck.

  41. daeng Jan 25,2016 9:53 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Setuju dengan kenyataan HouseWife. Yang menyokong TPPA hanyalah usahawan atau ahli perniagaan yang berjaya sahaja.

    Ahli perniagaan yang berjaya sudah melepasi tahap “dugaan dalam perniagaan”.

    Yang belum melepasi tahap tersebut adalah sebahagian besar peniaga bumiputera yang bakal menempuh ekonomi “persaingan sempurna” di peringkat global.

    Adakah mereka ini dan selama ini dijaga dengan tambahan dasar-dasar kerajaan mampu bersaingan dengan pesaing yang jauh lebih maju di peringkat global?

    Secara logiknya, jika kita berniaga barangan atau servis yang sama diperingkat global, sudah tentu peniaga yang telah maju dan berjaya akan terus mendominasi perniagaan tersebut.

    Di sinilah kita seharusnya risau tentang usahawan/peniaga bumiputera.

    Saya melihat kemajuan perniagaan bumiputera boleh pergi jauh jika mereka mampu mencari keunikan berniaga barangan/servis yang mana tidak sama apa yang ditawarkan di peringkat global.

    Persoalannya adakah sebahagian peniaga bumiputera sudah bersedia dalam ekonomi persaingan sempurna di peringkat global?

    Di sini tanggungjawab kerajaanlah sewajarnya kena bijak memikir dan melaksanakan “DASAR-DASAR YANG TIDAK BERCANGGAH DENGAN KEMAHUAN TPPA ILHAM AMERIKA” agar dasar-dasar kerajaan selama ini membantu usahawan bumiputera tidak ditelan oleh dasar TPPA yang Najib dan MUSTAPHA persetujui.


    Dengar berita terkini tentang isu MB Kedah, Sultan Kedah mahu Dato’ Muhriz kekal sebagai MB Kedah sekurang-kurangnya sehingga PRU14 kerana Mukhriz disenangi majoriti rakyat Kedah sebagai MB.

    Terputihlah mata Ahmad Badshah yang tidak berpendidikan tinggi itu untuk menjadi MB Kedah.

    Nasihat saya kepada Najib, jika kita kurang bijak memerintah ngeri/negara, maka carilah atau kekalkanlah mereka yang lebih bijak dari diri kita agar beban kita berkurangan.

    Jika kita melantik MB atau pembantu yang jauh lebih bodoh dari kita, maka kesannya rakyat akan terus menghukum kita dek kebodohan orang yang kita tersalah lantik.

    Wassalam Tun.

  42. HBT456 Jan 25,2016 8:04 AM

    20. Does putrajaya think it is ugly and unfair for highway users and taxpayers to pay few tolls simulatenepusly in a small zone kajang, but not other states, sir?

    21. Why internet slow?

    22. Will the minister in charge be able to solve this problem?

  43. HBT456 Jan 25,2016 7:27 AM

    14. Banning media as a must have to connect local readers of all communities to asia, asean and the world is irrelevant to malaysia.

    15. Why?

    16. Because malaysia is a small population country which needs to be resillient in IT.

    17. When we are 50 to retirement age, work for the young because they are better equip than us, invest in them.

    18. Each mistake made is revenue, income to any economies going into adulthood.

    19. Tell me how to have national pride when we have leaders allowing the malaysian nationals to fight among themselves just to win votes in 21st century?

  44. azlan95 Jan 25,2016 7:25 AM

    TPPA allows kerepek ubi and keropok lekor free access to Peru, Mexico and Japan markets. More millionaires and billionaires will be created by joining TPPA.


  45. HBT456 Jan 25,2016 7:12 AM

    9. Who will be the mb kedah to replace ds mukhriz mahathir?

    10. The best person is datuk ahmad bashah, is the ejaan and title betul?

    11. Why?

    12. Biar negeriku berhujan batu.

    13. As members, they treat the leaders like celebrity as if their jobs is to entertain them using taxpayer monies.

  46. Hajar Jan 25,2016 12:19 AM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    /// Utusan Online

    “TERLALU banyak cakap yang dilihat tertumpu hanya untuk memburuk-burukkan Perjanjian Perkongsian Trans-Pasifik (TPPA) tanpa memberi ruang kepada sebarang perkara yang positif mengenainya.

    “Walhal apa yang dilakukan ini adalah demi kepentingan dan kelangsungan negara pada masa hadapan,” itu luahan tokoh politik yang sering berpegang pada prinsip dan integriti dalam perjuangannya. TAN SRI SHAHRIR SAMAD.

    Pengerusi Kelab Penyokong Barisan Nasional (BNBBC) itu sudah lebih empat dekad bergelumang dalam asam garam dan sepak terajang politik pada awalnya agak skeptikal tentang TPPA. “Saya curiga dengan AS kerana kebimbangan saya bahawa dalam soal TPPA, mereka akan juga mengubah asas-asasnya ataupun change the goal posts!

    “Bagaimanapun, Mustapa berusaha meyakinkan saya bahawa Perdana Menteri tidak akan berganjak daripada dasar-dasar penting negara seperti dasar afirmatif pro-bumiputera dan sedia keluar rundingan sekiranya negara dipaksa membatalkan dasar-dasar penting itu. Ketegasan Perdana Menteri itu menyejukkan hati saya.”


    Alahai! Saya tergelak membaca kenyataan TS Shahrir Samad pada perenggan yang ke empat (di atas) tentang ketegasan PM terhadap ”dasar-dasar penting negara seperti dasar afirmatif pro-bumiputera…”

    Bukankah PM yang dipuja oleh TS Shahrir ini (sebab bagi pada beliau wang derma kot…) yang mengetepikan DEB?

    PM ini juga tidak teragak-agak menjual aset2 penting/berharga negara (termasuk plot anah TRX yang sepatutnya untuk Bumiputra) kepada warga asing. PM ini juga sudah tiada lagi kredibiliti (lemah, korup, pembohong, mungkir janji, etc.) di mata majoriti rakyat Malaysia.

    Majoriti rakyat sudah HILANG KEPERCAYAAN terhadap PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor. Letak jawatan sajalah… Jangan tambah lagi kesusahan dan beban rakyat dengan TPPA!

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  47. joetamchi Jan 24,2016 9:35 PM

    Penuh syarat.!, apa yg rahsia?
    hendak dijanji nasib negara…
    teroka khazanah siapa? gembira?
    Digadai bumi, erti merdeka…!

    Kail memancing naik bahtera…
    Laut dalam $uka $uka nak duga..
    Layar dikembang, entah kemana?
    Dibiarnya sauh labuh melata..!


  48. HouseWife Jan 24,2016 2:33 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    “TPPA tawar akses pasaran lebih meluas”. Siapakah yang kata ini Tun?
    Sudah tentu oleh towkey2 syarikat2 industri gergasi Malaysia, Presiden Persatuan Pengeluar Sarung Tangan Getah Malaysia (MARGMA) dan disokong oleh Presiden Persekutuan Pengilang-Pengilang Malaysia (FMM).
    Dan tentu disokong ramai lagi oleh towkey2 kaya raya, bumi dan non-bumi.
    Ditambah dengan laungan sokongan slogan Idris Jala: “Ya, kepada TPPA! Ayuh Malaysia, kita boleh!

    Tentulah towkey2 billionaire yang sudah established dan banyak funds dan labour machinery ini tak rasa gundah gulana, no pinch no pain. Yang jadi kerisauan ialah industri2 yang kechil, baik bumiputra dan non-bumiputra. Apa kata mereka?

    Dan Idris Jala ada menyebut Bank Dunia telah menerbit model simulasinya dalam Prospek Ekonomi Global 2016. Mereka MERAMAL kdnk negara anggota akan meningkat menjelang 2030. Dan PwC pula membuat analisis firma yang berorientasikan import DIJANGKA catat pertumbuhan susulan akses pasaran yang lebih luas. I won’t elaborate further because I think everyone has done their own studies and analysis.
    Yang saya nak tekan disini Tun, mereka hanya boleh meramal dan menjangka. Tak seorang pun bercakap “kami berani MENJAMIN TPPA sukses…” Ini perkara melibatkan kedaulatan dan keselamatan negara, bukan boleh buat main-main macam jongkang jongkit. Ada seorang kata TPPA lebih banyak pros dari cons..I read somewhere but can’t remember who. Really? Maybe he’s one of the negotiators. Anyway, what are the many pros?. Kalau banyak pros takkan ramai, baik dalam dan luar negara, nak bantah. Tapi kan kadang2 suara rakyat bukan nak dengar sangat. Yang mereka dengar nampak hanyalah…$$$$$.

    Apapun rakyat dah bersuara, rakyat dah laksana tugas demi negara, rakyat tak berdiam diri, tapi yang nak pegang PEN tu bukan rakyat. Kuasa PEN ditangan yang berkuasa sekarang…siapa?
    Tuan yang pegang PEN tu nanti sebelum sign baca Bismillah banyak2 dan bayangkan juga muka rakyat jelata. Ingat tu.

    May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah grant you wealth in health and happiness. Take care and Thank you Tun. Please follow doctor’s orders ye Tun.

    Excuse me Tun, a moment with Mr wajaperak: Thank you for your concern and advice. You meant well in your own way and style. My headache has subsides a bit. Thank you again. May Allah bless you.

  49. Fariq Islam Jan 24,2016 11:58 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Kita harus mengakui bahawa pendirian golongan progresif dan berpendidikan agak berbeza dalam isu sama ada Malaysia harus menyertai TPP.

    Sila bayangkan. Sepuluh tahun yang dulu, Malaysia jauh lebih maju daripada Thailand, kini Malaysia ketinggalan. Apakah yang akan terjadi sepuluh tahun kemudiannya?

    Menjual hak kepada US itu hanyalah satu andaian. Apakah Singapura, Brunei dan Vietnam begitu bodoh, rela menjual hak kepada US?

    Dalam hal ini, baik kerajaan kita mengadakan satu pengundian umum, di mana suara Rakyat menentukan sama ada Malaysia harus menyertai TPP!

  50. Orang Lama Jan 24,2016 11:07 AM


    1.Pindaan undang2
    Apakah 26 pindaan undang-undang yg bakal terlibat?
    Jika perlu pindaan pun perlu melalui Parlimen. Lebih baik diperincikan untuk perbincangan umum demi kebaikan negara

    2. Apa dah jadi ekonomi negara?
    Selama berpuluh tahun pendapatan negara amat bergantung kepada sumber asli terutamanya minyak, kelapa sawit, getah dan sebagainya. Negara kena perlu lebih daya saing dalam pelbagai sektor untuk melonjak ekonomi negara pada tahap maksima.

    Kita bukanlah sebuah negara yang hebat sangat. Minyak jatuh harga terpeleok negara. Nilai mata wang jatuh ramai yang melilih air mata.

    Negara ramai ahli ekonomi yang bijak2. Ramai belajar kat Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford dan pelbagai Universiti ternama dan berpuluh tahun pengalaman dalam dunia korporat serta disokong sijil2 pengiktirafan terhadap kebolehan mereka seluruh dunia. Mintalah khidmat nasihat mereka. Gaji dan elaun pun tinggi mengunung. Tentu mereka sedia menyumbang tenaga dan buah fikiran.

    3. Pelan SosioEkonomi untuk TPP(A)
    Dengan adanya TPP(A) adakah pihak kerajaan telah buat pelan bersepadu untuk mendapat faedah maksima TPPA untuk faedah negara selain daripada peluang pelaburan dan pekerjaan.

    Kerajaan perlu ada satu pelan halatuju yang konkrit dan daya saing untuk negara mendapat faedah maksima dari TPPA termasuk pelan kotingensi.

    Saya paling risau ialah tandatangan TPPA tanpa suatu pelan konkrit persediaan peralihan sosioekonomi yang bersesuaian. Unjuran dan pemantauan perlu diperincikan.

    Mungkin kerajaan dah ada dan bersedia kot????

  51. Fariq Islam Jan 24,2016 9:36 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Analysis has shown that pros are beyond cons for Malaysia to join TPP.

    Changing laws in line with globalization seems inevitable. If TPP goes by the trend in today’s business world, we see no harm in changing.

    Tun is encouraged to be more specific in how TPP can harm our beloved nation. As part of economy transformation programme, we need to upgrade our skills, be more confident to take advantage of the trade alliance! We can’t object just for the sake of objecting!

  52. Jan 23,2016 8:57 PM


    To us, Malaysia is the place to be and we believe that in joint efforts we can make PROTON the SUCCESS it deserves to be at long last.

  53. Jan 23,2016 7:34 PM

    Assalamualaikum, dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    P R O T O N

    When surfing yesterday on history of Proton’s market shares over the years, I came up with this speech

    you held on Jun 24, 2015 at an event they call “The Cooler Lumpur”

    What vitality! What vibrations! What wisdom! What knowledge! And what TALENT with which you address and explain all the DANGEROUS IDEAS you had when you were Prime Minister and in this wonderful and humorous manner! Admirable and enviable alike. May God give that we all live to do the same at a similar age!

    Essential and elementary though is what you say there about common sense and accepted wisdom and how dangerous it was considered at the time when you went against this when it was advocated by financial wise guys like currency traders and how, by doing so, you saved Malaysia from much greater damage by fixing the exchange rate of the Ringgit.

    Well done Tun albeit at the time against all conventional wisdom!

    The wisdom it took to do that did indeed fit on the back of a postage stamp for all it took was guts at the time which you showed you had; guts and commons sense. The currency traders were left without any business. You expelled the George Soros and alikes from Malaysia, well knownig that shortly before 1997 they had just attacked the Russian Rubel successfully. You prevented that from happening with the Ringgit.

    There are some similarities with PROTON here were common sense, accepted and conventional wisdom, were knowledge, guts and dangerous ideas are concerned.

    You are the God Father of PROTON and you are now also the Chairman now, no longer just a simple adviser. Your word at PROTON does now have the same weight as your word once had as Prime Minister. What you say at PROTON now will be done – there you do not have to sit side lined gritting your teeth.

    And there is when we can come in – me myself my assistants and my associates; we can help you to tell the people at PROTON the right things to do.

    You explain to the public that what democracy is all about is to accept when you loose. Well, with the policies that were run lately PROTON has lost market shares – it dropped from 79% in the good old days to 17 today. PROTON is now the number five performer. PROTON has LOST.

    This must be ACCEPTED. But this can be changed.

    The Father-in-Law of a good friend of mine in KL who is said to also be a very good friend of yours told me a few years ago when we approached him to arrange a meeting with you to talk about PROTON, that this was a tricky subject because PROTON was a matter of NATIONAL PRIDE.

    He didn’t “buy” as it were what we said we wanted to expose to you for PROTON and did thus not arrange for a meeting with you. Another good friend of yours, namely Tan Sri Taru Tarumagnannum who was at your side with the initial negotiations with Mitsubishi 30 years ago or so once told me the very same thing: NATIONAL PRIDE – he even wrote a book about it which he gave me to read. He too was not in favour of arranging a meeting with you adn he didn’t volunteer to do so.

    Our attitude and abilities regarding the matter not having changes over the years and seeing that you are so active here on your blog, I have decided to now expose here what our wishes and desires were then and still are today.

    Here is what we can and would like to do for PROTON.

    We are engaged in the automotive industry since 1990. We currently have a written Loan Agreement already signed by an institutional funding enterprise to the extent of EUR 400 million to launch a Chinese automotive brand in Europe. With the manufacturer in China we have an understanding that we are their General Importer to the European Union as well as to Central American from Panama to Mexico.

    With this institution and with our Chinese manufacturer we also have an understanding that if we find an opportunity to build a RHD factory in an ASEAN country we’d be provided with an additional EUR 400 million to do so. The loans are extended for a period of 10 years. The General Importer Agreement covers a period of twenty years as of May 2014.

    Late 2014 it was suggested to us that we expose this to the Sultan of Kelantan who apparently wants to see a car manufacturing plant installed there. We didn’t come to terms with the party who suggested it so we left it be; knowing anyway that if anything substantial was to be done in the auto automotive industry in Malaysia it better find your sympathy which is what I am now trying to achieve here.

    PROTON CITY is established and can be made to produce cars designed to properly fit the market in order to then thus become a PRIDE TO EVERY ONE WHO BUYS THEM.

    We have material and money available for it, Malaysia has the location and the manpower. To us Malaysia is the ideal location for in Malaysia English is still the languages of business and every one speaks it, Malays, Chinese and Indians alike. The same is not elementary in places like Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or Myanmar. To us, Malaysia is the place to be and we believe that in joint efforts we can make PROTON the suggest it deserves to be at long last.

    Please let us talk about it. Business comes from talking is the saying. So, lets talk! Use my e-mail address to have me contacted to arrange a meeting. I am available at relatively short notice.

    Thank you for giving us you attention of reading this and

    Salam, dear Tun, Dr. Mahathir!

    Alfred Willner, Managing Director,

  54. wajaperak Jan 23,2016 1:07 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    [Dear Madam Housewife
    Tun, I’m getting a headache now, maybe too concern on Malaysian politics. I hope I won’t get short-circuit. No, I’ll get by, insyaAllah.
    How do you ever manage Tun?]

    First we must adopt the muslimin life truly and in entirety.
    And you realizes that Islam gives you more remedy in life than just headache.

    Revaluate your stand and principal.Are they trully because you stand and understand them perfectly or you have been deceived by something Imam Ghazali said GHARAR??

    Be bold because the coward and timid one will condenmed to hell.In Quran these people ask the Angel why they should reside in hell because they are the one who have been persecuted and opressed? Arent’s Allah world expanse in it’s vastness?..So the oppressed reside in hell because they have complicitly abetting the tyrant..

    Ask the fakih ( Hafiz and all our learned Islamic Scholars ) for guidance.
    You will learn how Islamic understanding very much diferrent from what we stands

    The musyrikin condemned Rasullulah s.a.w saying that ‘What is this religion Muhammad (s.a.w ) that you brought upon us?You claimed that it unifies but instead it separates childrens and parent,it separates husbands and wives and it even made son kills his father!..What is all this Muhammad ( s.a.w )?

    The answers is:
    Islam separates the Haq from the batil.
    That is why Abu Ubaidah said..
    I did not kill my father..I only kill..’Kemusyrikan di dalam dadanya’..

    We at present did not requires such test of faith.
    But WE CANNOT ALLOWS NAJIB supporters and henchmen got scot free and attacking us with such royal condescension!!

    Madam Housewife..
    For me a certain ‘HONOURABLE’ blogger here cannot teach us much but
    arroggance and snob but act


    Thank you Madam.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  55. rimba.emas Jan 23,2016 9:32 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Rimba Emas telah menjadi dan akan menjadi mangsa TPPA. Siapakah yang dapat membantu keluarga Rimba Emas dan rakyat yang terkesan dengan tindakan ini ?.

    2. Kehadiran Rimba Emas ke bantahan TPPA bukan mewakili parti pembangkang atau parti lawan kerajaan, tetapi mewakili ahli keluarga yang daif ini yang memerlukan bantuan.

    3. Kepada siapakah suara kecil ini hendak mengadu . Mengharapkan kerajaan sebaliknya telah mendaulatkan bangsa asing mencampuri undang-undang yang mempertahankan hak-hak keluarga kecil seperti kami ini.

    4. Rimba Emas mencari yang boleh membantu dalam perhimpunan bantahan TPPA hari ini (23Jan 2016). Pihak berkuasa tempatan harus paham yang datang ini bukan musuh negara sebaliknya suara rakyat yang tiada kuasa membuat dasar bekerjasama dengan bangsa asing.

    5. Bantulah kami rakyat Malaysia wahai pihak berkuasa tempatan sebagaimana anda semua membantu rakyat asing untuk menyamakan hak-hak kami di bumi Malaysia yang kami cintai ini.

    6. Di negara inilah kami dilahirkan kemana lagi dapat kami membawa diri bila sesuatu musibah melanda dalam kehidupan. Perjuagan mesti diteruskan menanti sisa-sisa hidup kembali ke illahi.


  56. HouseWife Jan 23,2016 2:30 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Do you find it odd, Tun that so many things happen that is at a disadvantage situation to this nation? It all started after he launched his brainchild the infamous Rm42b@1MDB in 2009..correct me if I’m wrong, Tun then in 2013 the ‘donation’ Rm2.6b into his own bank account. And it goes on to give unwanted ‘births’ like the cut-throat GST, the deceptive TPP and now the Kedah mutiny by DSN’s power-greedy hulubalangs…they secretly pakat and decided to frogged out from their balangs!…to divert attention from the peoples’ famous topics on the many scandles to a little soft issue like the oust of DSMM which is of non issue to bring damage to the country, then comes DSN galloping to the rescue acting like a humane gentleman to DSMM, so that you Tun would feel indebted to DSN and think highly of him.
    Tun, I believe deep down inside him, he’s longing for your love and respect and recognition for his so called achievements. Maybe I’m wrong then maybe I’m right.

    I don’t understand Tun. Why are they doing all these things? Are they being instructed to do so? They have to fulfill their obligations as promised?
    Oh dear, I think I read too many X-file stories or the Jefri Zain movie.
    I just can’t help feeling why they, especially the Umno Malays brasses are so loyal and obedient to him when they know he has lied in Parliment and dishonest, run and hide instead of confronting the people to tell the truths or untruths. If his advisers had been smart they should have told him to face the people earlier than never, then all these scenes after scenes in every episodes weren’t be in the spotlight. Now this 1MDB and ‘Donation’ saga is escalating and beranak pinak into something that is so obnoxious, unnecessary and chaotic.
    If only DSN has been wise, if only his advisers have been wise, if only his hulubalangs have been wise, and most importantly behind every man is a wise woman..if only she has been wise to his man..I can’t say much because I don’t know her..oh if only..if only…
    Frustrated? Tired? Ya, very much so Tun. I actually don’t like to say not nice things about anyone of them because I too are not free from faults. But when they are trying to pretend to be nice as if we mean the world to them, pretend that they have done no wrong and that we are the one who are wrong, never admitting to have done wrong, never say sorry, that’s when my heart bleeds.
    Ya Tun, we have to be loyal to the pemerintah.
    But if they are trying or making me their loyal-fool, might as well make me their blind-deaf-fool with no heart, at least I won’t see or hear or do or feel any foolish things, then I won’t feel so guilty and so stupid, right Tun.

    I would rather wish all these sad hurtful episodes disappear, vanish, extinguish fast..the sooner the better, then I won’t have to worry, be anxious what to say, to write, to read the next day.. and the next day…

    We deserve a better company of good, honest, intelligent, diligent people to be our leaders. We don’t want leaders who are so arrogant, so self-centered, so power-hunger, so so dishonest. What we need now is CHANGE. But change comes with a heavy price, there’s bound sactifices to be made. If we love our HOME so be It. May Allah forgive us for all our wrongs. Amin.

    I’m sorry Tun, I’ve derailed again.
    May Allah Bless You Tun. May Allah grant you wealth in health and happiness. Take care and Thank you Tun.

  57. Hajar Jan 22,2016 4:30 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    1. In the past (past articles) Tun mentioned that all of the previous FTAs (Free Trade Agreements) are not in favor of Malaysia’s trades/businesses. We have (almost) always been at the losing end.

    2. We must LEARN from past mistakes & experience in order to become better in whatever we are doing. “Orang dung* saja yang asyik buat kesilapan yang sama.”

    3. Of course the WTO requires all countries that become members to abide to certain rules and regulations/laws of international standards (global rules). So, there is no problem here – understood.

    4. But TPPA is another FTA that is initiated by we-know-who, and supported by we-know-who.

    5. Most of us are fully aware about the motives / objectives behind TPP.

    6. Malayia MUST NOT make the same MISTAKE again (ever) especially when we have very weak, incompetent, and stup*d negotiators. We have lost so many valuable assets within the last 12 years under PM-5 and our current weak / corrupt PM Ah Jib Gor.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  58. sibotak Jan 22,2016 3:11 PM

    Ternyata Najib takut akan Cabaran
    Beliau berpaksa pada sekutu beliau walau is merugikan Malaysia demi
    Kepentingan diri sendiri

    Alasan kononnya Mukhlis gagal bersatu untuk UMNO
    Sama sekali tidak Bernas
    Mukhlis tidak kelaur dari UMNO atau
    Berdamping dengan Obama ,Lim Kit Siang
    Beliau hanya memberi pandangan beliau dengan tegas akan tidak benar
    juga tidak nyata akan pentakbiran Najib
    Jadi madsudnya jika ada yg tak betul diperlakukan olih Najib
    UMNO mesti membisu , rakyat tutup mata ,Sultan mesti membeku
    Lainlah kalau Mukhlis didapati cuba memecah belahkan UMNO
    Benda tak betul mesti di jelaskan
    Ini baru darah perwira
    Berani menegakan kebenaran

    Sejarah Laksamana Hang Tuah
    Berjasa dan Taat pada Raja tidak bertempat
    Hang Tuah taat pada kehendak Sultan tanpa menilaikan kebenaran
    Begitu juga sekutu Najib
    Hang Tuah saya nilaikan sebagai Mak Andam lebih pada Perwira
    Habis Sultan asik nak kawin je , Hang Tuah layankan
    Tidak ada sejarah Hang Tuah jelajah tanah luar seperti Dynasty , Empire yg menjajah negara jiran semasa zaman dahulu

  59. cruze Jan 22,2016 2:57 PM

    I like botak, belasah je penjawat awam dan saj yang masih rendah tahap pencapaian tu bersama 14 orang bodoh dari kedah, terutama menteri yang buat kursus kahwin di luar negara tu….bangang tahap khir toyo

  60. HouseWife Jan 22,2016 2:48 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Saya memang minat membaca buah fikiran daripada Mr Kunta Kinte dalam BH setiap jumaat. Mungkin Tun kenal atau sudah baca pun tajuk buah fikirannya hari ini. I like to share a bit of it here.

    Dibawah tajuk: Wajib ambil tahu hal ekonomi. Mr Kunta Kinte says:
    “…Tapi kalau kita ambil konsep Islam, tugas kerajaan atau pemerintah lebih besar dan lebih mulia daripada itu. Tugas kerajaan adalah menjaga kebajikan semua rakyat jelata, khususnya yang memerlukan bantuan.
    Kita kena akui bahawa dalam keadaan ekonomi yang lembap macam sekarang inilah golongan miskin paling memerlukan campur tangan kerajaan.
    Ironinya banyak kerajaan dan pemerintah abaikan tanggungjawab kebajikan dalam usaha mereka tangani krisis ekonomi. Mereka lebih utamakan isu cukai dan mata wang daripada kebajikan rakyat jelata.
    Kita ambil contoh negara Greece yang orang dulu-dulu panggil Yunani. Akibat rakyat jelata silap pilih kerajaan atau tak ambil peduli hal politik, mereka hari ini menderita. Negara muflis dan yang terpaksa tanggung beban kesalahan kerajaan adalah rakyat jelata.
    Kerajaan yang hambar dan ahli politik yang korup sekadar kalah dalam pilihan raya tapi yang menderita tinggal sehelai sepinggang adalah rakyat jelata Greece. Duit pencen pun hilang.
    Apa yang berlaku di Greece sekarang dah lama berlaku di Afrika, Amerika Selatan dan Asia. Negara muflis, rakyat menderita tapi ahli politik yang jahanamkan negara hidup bebas dan senang.
    Kunta Kinte tidak mahu memandai-mandai. Memadailah kalau Kunta Kinte kata, sekiranya kita tidak ambil peduli hal politik, pemerintahan dan ekonomi, janganlah salahkan sesiapa kalau kita jadi macam Greece dan Zimbabwe.
    Kita wajib berusaha dan ambil tahu. Doa dan sungutan saja tak cukup. Kita kena masuk campur demi diri kita dan anak cucu kita. Bagi kebanyakan kita, inilah bumi tempat hidup dan mati kita. Kita tak mampu dan tak berhasrat nak lari ke mana-mana. Wallahuaklam”.

    Tun, itsn’t this is what you have been telling and talking and preaching but landed on deaf ears. If they won’t stop to listen and hear you, Tun then they will have to face the rising of the rakyat. The rakyat have been so lenient to them all this while but when it comes to bread and butter, no..rice and fish…no compromise. The rakyat’s mission will change dramatically from being complacent to senteng lengan to fight injustices for justices and their rights. So the rakyat’s pleasent mood now must not be taken for granted. Never misuse your power to abuse the rakyat.

    Tun, I’m getting a headache now, maybe too concern on Malaysian politics. I hope I won’t get short-circuit. No, I’ll get by, insyaAllah.
    How do you ever manage Tun?

    Anyway Tun, work got to work but kesihatan physically and mentally kena jaga ye Tun. May Allah Bless you and Protect you Always Tun. Take care and Thank You Tun.

  61. sitinur Jan 22,2016 1:19 PM

    bertabahlah ayahanda tun..sentiasa saying n doakan ayahanda sebaris ngan arwah makpak…hanya ini yg mampu..lebiu ayahanda n bonda tun…semuga Allah lindungi n selamatkan Negara n rakyat Malaysia dr pemimpin munapik n yg menzalimi rakyatnya …amin amin yaAllah amiiinnn…lebiuuu..

  62. faridina Jan 22,2016 1:16 PM

    hkAssalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Manusia boleh merancang namun Tuhan yang menentukan..

    Namun manusia bernama Najib Razak percaya dia boleh merancang dan dia sebagai PM juga yang menentukan..

    Jawatan Perdana Menteri di tangan orang yang bertuhankan duit amatlah berbahaya dan terbukti ketidakwarasannya dalam mencantas pemimpin yang tidak seajaran dengan beliau.

    Terbaru dan terkini di mana semua sudah sedia maklum giliran anakanda kandung Tun untuk dicantas.

    Kalau Najib dah merancang tiada sesiapa boleh merubahnya maka kita terima dan redha kerana ada sesuatu yang lebih baik sedang direncanakan Yang Maha Esa untuk anakanda Tun.

    Tun pernah berkata UMNO hari ini memperuntukkan tempat hanya bagi pemimpin2 yang bodoh dan Najib tambah janji setia. Maka yang ada semua setiatolol termasuk yang bakal menggantikan DSMM.

    Kelulusan akademik Ahmad Bashah dipertikaikan tapi apa yang hendak dihairankan kerana kebodohan memang kriteria dan pra-syarat untuk berjaya dalam UMNO hari ni.

    Penyakit ini telah menular keluar dari UMNO dengan Najib mahu generasi muda disekat peluang melanjutkan pelajaran ke peringkat ijazah dengan memansuhkan segala biasiswa supaya anak2 kita jadi bodoh dan kemudian masuklah parti bodoh dan boleh dapat jawatan memperbodohkan rakyat.

    Salam Jumaat Tun.

    p/s – Jom ramai2 kita ke Skypark Subang menyambut wira kita yang akan dikorbankan Bapa Kebodohan pada jam 5 petang ni 22/1/16. Hidup Dato’ Seri Muhkriz Mahathir perjuanganmu belum selesai.

  63. sibotak Jan 22,2016 9:30 AM

    Saya ulangi lagi
    Apa guna pembangunan jika pembangunan itu bukan milik kita
    Kena hanya menang Shiok sahaja
    Mengundang perlabur asing serupa mengundang penjajahan

    Kita mesti bijak memutuskan keutamaan
    We must know our Priority
    Apa yg perlu di lakukan dahulu
    First In First out
    Kala seorang perniaga atau perkerja atau ahli politik atau ahli masjid
    Perlu tahu keperluan apa yg perlu diutamakan
    Jika kat rumah ada masalah berat mesti utamakan rumah dulu
    begitu juga pencarian kita seharian mesti pandai menimbang nimbang keutamaan

    1MDG Gagal ,Malaysia Airline terkuntang kantil ,Pentakbiran negara macam tidak ada haluan , anggota UMNO berpecah dalam senyap dan sayu dan pelbagai lagi

    Mengapa Tidak Perbaiki dahulu infrastructure dah kelemahan kita sebelum
    kita terjun botol dengan tidak ada keyakinan pulak tu dengan penyagak Dunia terbesar

    Air kita jual Singapura serupa kita kasi percuma
    Dah gitu kita beli pula air process bersih balik dari Singapura dengan harga yg mahal
    Apa Pentakbiran Air Johor sampai sekarang masih tidak bolih process sendiri ?
    Apa kurang Tanah , Takada Modal , Bodoh tak ada Ilmu atau
    Simply Otak mati Pemalas ?
    Common bro . wake up bro wake..wake up

    Pembangunan pesat di bangunkan olih perlabur asing
    Bandan Pentakbiran Pembangunan masih tidur leyak dek kekenyangan
    Terlalu banyak pembangunan hingga banyak bangunan ,dan perumahan yg kosong
    Hujungnya di jual pada asing kerana terdesak
    Seharusnya Authority Pembangunan mesti control infrastructure pembangunan
    Lebih Productivity dan gunakan sebaiknya apa yg ada dulu
    Tak cukup barulah buat plan baru phasa kedua ,ketiga
    Kelihatan Pembangunan infarstructure Malaysia
    Seperti orang yg bergigi bogel ,berjarak jarak ,kotor dan berbau
    Seolah Pembangunan Malaysia tidak BerTuan

    Dan banyak lagi kita perlu perbetulkan dulu sebelum melangkah pada project asing
    yg hujungnya merugikan kita menguntungkan mereka
    Mengkayakan mereka memiskinkan kita sendiri

    So Jib
    You must know what is priority
    What must comes first
    Jangan orang berbini dua kau pun nak berbini dua kalau satu masih fail
    Jangan orang main Golf kau pun main Golf…ajak lah main Sepak Takraw
    Nak tengok juga Obama lipat maut macam mana
    Jangan orang pakai Coat kau pun nak pakai Coat
    Ajarkan LSL pakai pakai Baju Kurung Melayu Bersamping
    Sebelum itu Sunatkan dia dulu

    Kenapa perlu kita ikut Budaya mereka , Permikiran mereka ,cara hidup mereka
    Kenapa tidak kita ajar mereke Budaya ,Permikiran dan fahaman kita
    Jika kita ikut permainan Golf atau BasketBall
    Pasti kita Kalah , Kita ajak mereka main Sepak Takraw
    Mari kita lihat siapa yg menang
    Ini hanya khiasan saja

    Yg saya madsudkan adalah Perjuangan Kita sebagai Ummah

  64. amd trmz Jan 22,2016 8:56 AM


    Ape dah jadi dengan PM Nejib kita ni tun oii
    Ari tu 2.6 Billion sekarang timbul 42 juta pulakkk. Terang-terangan ambik duit. Sian SPRM buat kerja betul orang ganggu.



  65. The Hidden Secret Jan 22,2016 6:06 AM

    Umno….. Double standard!

  66. cruze Jan 22,2016 4:57 AM

    Like bang daeng….
    Asalamualaikum Tun dan semua pembaca dan penulis yang berugama islam.

  67. HouseWife Jan 22,2016 1:44 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Masalah dalam rumahtangga, jabatan, organisasi, negeri, negara pun susah nak jaga ni tambah pula lagi masalah luar, TPPA la TPP la TokPaPi la…yang korang sendiri tak berani jamin sukses ke tak…tak habis2 korang kasi tambah sakit sama negaraku.
    Korang berani buat berani tanggung ye. Kalau negara lingkup jangan korang lari hide bawa cash ribu2 ka, juta2 ka, billion2 ka, tau tau. Itu bukan hak korang lagi, ia adalah hak negara dan negara ini bukan hak korang untuk buat sesuka hati lagi.
    Korang can say goodbye to $$$$ is King…or korang can never say goodbye to $$$$ is King?
    Korang punya problem.

    Sorry Tun, rude sikit tone lain sikit, guna ‘korang’ macam budak2 ni cakap, sebab geram sangat.
    Tun, nak tanya sikit, mana pi duit JPA dan Kementerian Pendidikan? My son nak apply biasiswa, tiba2 dapat berita no scholarships for degree and pre-U this year. For kelulusan metrik pun dah tak bagi biasiswa. How come Tun? Where have all the money gone?Now my son has to search for private scholarship. My children nak lanjut pelajaran kena tangguh la or berhutang la ye Tun. Tak suka la anak2 belum kerja dah berhutang, tapi apakan daya…dah terpaksa demi pelajaran. Katakanlah DSN kesian so bagi duit daripada ‘donation’ dia,…oh tidak!…tak akan saya ambil masuk kocek saya. Tak berani ambil dari sumber yang saya yakin tak halal. Tun, so how now?…budak2 yang berhak ni kena bersaing berebut2 untuk dapat biasiswa daripada pihak2 lain la ye. Oh well, what to do.

    Tun, my little brain still says, ‘don’t get yourself into a huge huge mess where you yourself for sure don’t know if there is a way way out’. So silly to succumb yourself to be colonized again, this time economically…and mentally? This is not being paranoia but being very true to reality. They cannot bluff us always anymore. Eyes wide open now. Thanks to Tun and friends and everyone here.

    Sometimes all these happenings do make me nervous, anxious and trapped. These people that I thought could be trusted are like scavengers. There are times I feel like retreating in my own far faraway nest and cuddle my children from these sad sad episodes.
    But where to go, here is home, there is no home like Malaysia, my beloved beautiful land of diversities.

    Dear Tun, can we feel and taste the peace and love and harmony like in the yesteryears? How I long for those days. But Allah knows best. Ada hikmah disebalik semua kejadian ini, Tun.

    May Allah Bless you Tun. May you succeed in all your undertakings. Take care, follow doctor’s orders and Thank You Tun.

  68. sibotak Jan 22,2016 12:57 AM

    One clear vision TPP is simply a mechanism for US interest US agendas
    As physically seen the formation of United Nation is puppet by US
    So as IMF and others

    US will control all regardless of what agreement made
    UN supposed to be the voice of the World was also again and again
    Ignore US wrong doings even UN against of US invading Iraq
    US disrespects UN and forward with its objectives though not being approves

    So if US can always over right United Nation
    Tell me Najib
    What will be of TPP ?
    They will prosecute , ignore whatever agreement you made before
    They will gives irrelevant excuses to meet their interest aboves Bombs aboves yr head . History has proven . Facts reality one cannot deny of UN being fooled and made just an instrument
    That will put US and its Allies on the upper hand
    Malaysia is better to be Beggar than being in the lower hand of any agreement

    US Agendas US interest will be aboves all
    So Malaysia will be the lowest all and just being fooled and used
    As much seen in United Nation formation

    Israel fooled US
    US fooled UN its Allies and Wolrd for their benefits and agendas
    They will always be on the upper hand than a true partner

  69. daeng Jan 21,2016 9:44 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Jamil Baharom yang kotor kerana menggunakan dana anak yatim piatu untuk kepentingan peribadi. Tokoh agama perosak agama.

    Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim yang sanggup mencium tangan Rosmah bagaikan Rosmah tu emak saudaranya. Nampak baik tetapi hati macam bangk@#.

    Bashah ahli parlimen paling tidak berpelajaran. LCE pun tak lulus boleh jadi timbalan menteri?

    Lebai Seman ni berangan nak jadi MB Kedah dan cemburu dengan prestasi Mukhriz yang makin diterima rakyat samada pro UMNO mahupun pembangkang.

    Mahadhir Khalid, bekas cikgu haprak semakin disayangi najib.

    5 watak badut di atas sedang memainkan peranan dari kerajaan pusat untuk menjatuhkan karier politik Mukhriz tetapi mereka ini tidak faham apakah kesan di sebalik permainan bodoh mereka.

    Wassalam Tun.

  70. rkmh226 Jan 21,2016 5:14 PM


    YABhg. Tun,

    I am Kedahan and vote in Kedah and I don’t wish to discuss about TPP here – very sorry…

    I am going to touch on the latest development about UMNO Kedah, not because of YAB MB is your son. Most Kedahans are waiting for the right time to act for the sake of the state n our country. Enough is enough with their sickening drama.

    We, Kedahans know very well what is good for the state and who are reliable as UMNO leaders. We have to ensure our leaders are free from corruption, rakyat oriented, with leadership qualities (vast experience and good academic qualifications) and no personal interest.

    We reject UMNO leaders who have personal interest n treat cash as their king. To us, money is not everything although everything needs money.

    Hidup Datuk Seri Mukhriz Tun Mahathir!!!

    Take care, Tun.


  71. musato Jan 21,2016 5:04 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.


    Saya ada tengok link seperti yang diberikan saudara pada masa lepas.

    Berkenaan TPPA rasanya ini kali pertama kita akan sain perjanjian dengan Amerika.

    Yang sebelum ini kita tak pernah lagi terlibat kalau tidak silap pendengaran saya masa tv3 sebut satu persatu perjanjian yang pernah dimeterai oleh Malaysia.

    Amerika adalah kuasa besar utama dan kita perlu ubah peraturan kita untuk mereka?

    Agak agaknya ia untuk perdangan sahaja atau untuk menjajah?

    Jajah benua, jajah ekonomi mungkin?

    Seperti kita tahu Presiden Amerika dilobi oleh bangsa Yahudi.

    Yahudi sentiasa ingin mencari dan menghapuskan Ahlul Bait. Kerana ahlul bait ini adalah benteng umat Islam.

    Lihatlah apa yang terjadi di Timur Tengah.

    Minyak, adalah faktor yang nampak.

    Tapi sekarang sunni berperang dengan syiah.

    Selepas Taliban kini muncul pula secara tiba tiba IS?

    Terima kasih Tun.

  72. sibotak Jan 21,2016 5:03 PM

    It’s not about TPP or what ever
    Simply the lost confident of Najib Ruling is the very reason
    Not TPP even if Malaysia want to invest on Goreng Pisang Corporation
    We as Malaysia have no confidence no more
    Najib have Failed us many

    If our Govt are there at the right track
    We would not worry of whatever investment ahead
    Even to buy the moon , the star or Rosmah want to honeymoon to the moon
    We would not worry of Malaysia

    I,ve heared too much coffee talk negative of Malaysia under Najib Ruling
    Even in S,pore the opinion of Taxi Driver and the many
    Mr.Govt do yr duty .Do some homework
    Check on people opinion of Malaysia Govt now
    Then you know what truly went wrong

  73. sibotak Jan 21,2016 4:51 PM

    To Invest
    1. One First have to have knowledge
    2. Capital Finance
    3. Good Capable Govt

    What have Malaysia
    1. Najib Govt Failed many .1MDB , Malaysia Airline ,and the many
    Blame not the price of fuel others price of fuel also drop

    1MDB don,t know what they selling ? Goring Pisang ? Kang Kong ?
    Set up by Najib for what purpose ?
    Copyright from S,pore Capital Land, Temasek Holdings .
    They have professionals ,they made billions
    Najib have his Gundus led by Gundus
    2. Capital Financing ? What Malaysia was burden with triple debts since Najib rule
    Now no money ,debts triple ,want to invest in TPP ?
    Is it Najib money that he is investing or he is pawning more States Land
    3. Govt Stability ?
    Ya Malaysia very stable since Najib Ruling
    All like Rojak. UMNO has Division among them
    People no longer respect Najib leadership
    His disciples are mostly half past six
    I thing HBT 3/4 are better than them

    Najib ,Najib …….Aiyah Ini macam punya PM Bolih Belah

  74. faridina Jan 21,2016 2:59 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Now let the rakyat tell Tok Pa @ TPP that it will take 2 years and 6 months to amend the 26 laws by then it will be the 14th GE whereby the rakyat will oust the infamous 2.6 billion Pee M.

    Don’t worry ayahanda by then we will not be having the notorious rubber-stamp parliament!

    Wasalam Tun.

  75. Buddies_Man Jan 21,2016 1:39 PM

    No more hope Tun…

    Now is time for action…

    Create New Party & Win Sarawak Election…sure you can

    People now are clever already…they take the “donation” but vote for a better future. Now people are suffered by economic crisis…they will think before they enter the ballot box…

    Cakap pun sudah, usaha pun sudah…
    Now impact time Tun…

  76. azlan95 Jan 21,2016 12:57 PM

    In 1995 Malaysia joined the WTO. Malaysia had to amend its rules and laws for doing so.

    The same applies with the TPP agreement. There’s no need to be paranoid over these as every nation has a say in the negotiation process.


  77. Daniel Noor Jan 21,2016 11:52 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Its a trick. Its a game by Najib. This is how I see with the vote of no confidence declared by the 14 Divisional heads in Kedah and asking Mukhriz to step down. And all of them are Parliamentrian and not ADUN.

    Next, Najib will announce he still want to retain Mukhriz as MB Kedah.

    This way he is able to cleanse himself a little bit and gain the confident of the Rakyat

    As Thaipusam is just a few days away, why not Najib cleanse himself at Batu Caves.

  78. exa Jan 21,2016 11:25 AM

    No Tun….for this regime Cash is no longer King….to them…”CASH IS GOD!”

  79. HouseWife Jan 21,2016 9:53 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Tun banyak2 sabar dan kita doa agar anak Tun Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir (DSMM) dilindungi Allah SWT. Orang yang baik akan mendapat ganjaran yang baik dunia akhirat, insyaAllah.

    Sekarang topik hangat adalah TPPA.
    Tetapi Umno..oh..Umno!…let’s say DSN dan hulubalang2…baik yang dalam balang dan luar balang.
    Pandai you all cari isu baru untuk alih pandangan rakyat, terutama orang Melayu, dari isu TiTiPi, titi DSN pi roboh! Now you all declare mutiny di Kedah! Awat, DSMM tu terlalu baik sangat ka sampai hangpa rasa rimas? Nak orang macam hangpa dan DSN yang menipu, menyamun, menyalahguna kuasa, lari from everything-to-hide..macam tu ka..untuk jadi ketua, pemimpin?
    Dunia Umno dah terbalik kot? Tak tau nak kata apa lagi. Masuk angin keluar asap.
    Ni..sapa bashah dan lain2?…tak kenal pun…awat, kuasa depa lebih besar daripada MB ka? Hukum rimba mana depa guna? Siapa kuat dia berkuasa gitu?
    Misi hidup untuk berkuasa inilah yang melahirkan diktator dan pepimpin yang gila kuasa, melahirkan banyak krisis dalam organisasi, masyarakat dan negara.

    Tun, adakah mereka ini menggunakan wang, undang2, resolusi dan pelbagai cara untuk menindas orang lain?
    Mereka ini kejam menindas DSMM yang hanya melaksanakan tugas sebagai MB dengan ikhlas dan jujur.

    Maaf Tun, saya pun dah off topik.
    Ini hanyalah apa yang saya rasai sekarang, kecewa plus geram dengan mereka2 ini dan sewaktu dengannya.
    Akhir kata saya ingin berkongsi dengan Tun dan rakan2:
    “Ya, manusia hidup, bukan sekadar hidup-hidupan. Tidak seperti serangga, rumput-rumpai dan lain-lain yang hanya hidup-hidupan. Oleh itu amat penting sekali kita pastikan benar-benar apa visi dan misi hidup kita ini”.

    May Allah Bless you and Protect you Always Tun. May Allah grant you wealth in health and happiness. Follow doctor’s orders ye Tun. Take care and Thank you so much.

  80. Hajar Jan 21,2016 8:29 AM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    All I can say is that Malaysia’s TPP NEGOTIATORS are STUP*D!

    Why do we have to amend our own laws just to suit the TPP requirements?

    Are we that desperate?

    Malaysia has been independent since 1957, but now suddenly we are given instructions by foreigners to amend our laws that we have to strictly follow. “Masih Merdeka kah kita?”

    I believe from time to time, more laws must be amended just to meet the TPP future new requirements. I don’t think the requirements will be static – will change from time to time.

    I bet our PM is so ‘proud’ of his ACHIEVEMENT in turning our country to a colony of the US /Singapore.

    It looks like we are going be stuck with the TPPA forever (once signed).

    Memang betullah macam “Pak Kaduk, menang sorak (Yeah! WIN-WIN situation…as always…clap..clap..clap..), negara dan maruah tergadai..”

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  81. musato Jan 21,2016 8:05 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Najib pernah cuba RASUAH TUN.

    Tapi tak berjaya.

    Najib pernah berkata, jangan cuba korek.

    Adakah Najib memang beranggapan politik sememangnya kotor? Sememangnya kena menipu?

    Mungkin kini kita kembali ke zaman hamba abdi.

    Tubuh badan yang bebas dijamin kebebasannya apabila tandatangan diberikan.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  82. daeng Jan 21,2016 7:02 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Maaf Tun lari dari tajuk. Isu usaha balaci Najib mendesak Mukhriz disingkirkan:

    1. Inilah senario politik kotor Najib dan kuncunya.
    2. Saya sudah menduga perkara ini akan berlaku dan pasti berlaku sebelum PRU14.
    3. Antaranya mahu mencantas semua individu dalam UMNO yang ada potensi berpengaruh dan mampu menggugat pengaruh Najib.
    4. Jika penyingkiran Mukhriz menjadi kenyataan, inilah detik bermulanya KEJATUHAN UMNO.
    5. Khir Baharom yang ternyata korup menggunakan “pengaruh” kotornya bersama Mahadhir untuk menjatuhkan pemimpin negeri yang disayangi majoriti rakyat Kedah dan lainnnya.


  83. rimba.emas Jan 21,2016 12:45 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Teringat Rimba Emas dalam sebuah filem ‘Amok’ pada akhirannya digambarkan budaya hippies oleh orang Inggeris berkeliaran di pantai-pantai Malaysia. Adakah golongan ini sudah atau akan membudayakan masyarakat Malaysia ?

    2. Jawapannya sudah dan akan menjalar dengan lebih berleluasa lagi bila TPPA dimeteraikan. Betul kebebasan yang kita mahukan untuk memasuki negara Amerika sebaiknya mengikut cara budaya kita terutamanya yang tidak melanggari kehendak agama dan sensiviti rakyat Malaysia.

    3. Dulu kita berkecuali dalam sebarang pertelagahan antara kuasa-kuasa besar dan menjadi prinsip utama dasar luar negara kita. Sebab itulah kita mengadakan perhubungan juga dengan seteru negara Amerika Syarikat seperti China dan Russia.

    4. Rimba Emas terkesan sebenarnya kita berjaya bila bersikap berkecuali iaitu berjaya menghalang krisis yang melanda negara kita dengan tidak membenarkan cara yang diguna pakai negara Amerika iaitu pelopor TPPA.

    5. Setiap krisis yang pernah melanda kita semuanya bermula dari negara Amerika Syarikat iaitu pemandu sistem dunia kapitalis.

    6. Kalau tidak salah jangkaan Rimba Emas pengaruh paksi kapitalis Amerika telah menular melalui 1MDB. Kalau tidak bagaimana boleh ada nama Goldman Sach. Syarikat ini pernah bankrap dalam pasaran bursa ketika krisis 2008.

    7. 1MDB dengan bebanan hutang 4.2 billion telah menyamai keadaan sekarang hutang yang dtanggung negara Amerika 16.3 trillion iaitu 108% dari hasil keluaran negara.

    8. Sehinggakan kerajaan Amerika ‘bail out’ turut di tiru kerajaan kita iaitu berjumlah 6.9 billion Nov 2008 dan 60.93 billion Mac 2009.

    9. Sistem ekonomi kapitalis tidak stabil dan kini ada petunjuk yang ia akan kembali lagi dilanda oleh Amerika. TPPA ialah satu strateji negara itu untuk mengekalkan penguasaan negara itu sebagai kuasa besar dari kuasa besar yang lain.

    10. Jadi dengan keadaan kita sekarang dengan kekurangan dana akibat kejatuhan harga eksport dan hutang yang bertambah maka ringgit akan jatuh dan tidak berkesan oleh tebatan ringgit.

    11. Risiko oleh pedagang asing sebagai pelabor juga memerlukan kawalan ketat dan perlulah jaminan bertulis mengikut polisi kita terutama aspek keselamatan.

    12. Malah contoh terbaru telah dialami oleh isteri Rimba Emas yang kehilangan kerja akibat penutupan kilang. Pelabor telah bertindak menyalah guna wang keuntungan dengan menyebabkan bebanan hutang untuk wang kos produk.

    13. Pada masa yang sama negara kita juga menghadapi risiko pelabor yang bukan pelabor jangka panjang dan makan duit atas angin (orang tengah). Mangsanya pekerja-pekerja rakyat tempatan (termasuk isteri Rimba Emas yang bekerja dalam tempoh yang singkat.

    14. Para pembuat dasar perihatinlah kehendak kami rakyat bawahan yang terpaksa menanggung beban dek tindakan anda semua.

    15. Cara lama tidak selalunya buruk kalau mengembirakan rakyat semua.

    16. Idea baru bukan satu kebaikan kalau ada yang tertindas.

    17. Tunjuk hebat dengan idea baru tidak bermakna kalau hanya membawa kebaikan kepada golongan tertentu sahaja.

    18. Allah s.w.t maha berkuasa kita manusia hambanya. Gunakan kurniaanya dengan sebaik-baik demi agama bangsa dan negara.


  84. WandyCaswady Jan 20,2016 11:46 PM

    Assalamuaalaikum Tun…mohon ruangan… Can we start a new topic my teachers… Is there any act or law or someone above YouKnowWho?… The topic is… “How to Change” #YouKnowWho?” ? im sorry… Coz there is a saying… “To kill a snake… U need to cut the head… Then all body will die” something like that… Assalamuaalaikum… May Allah SWT gives you all knowledge n increase your deeds my teachers?

  85. tok jangut Jan 20,2016 9:20 PM

    The TPPA is for the interest of USA and not the Fed of Malaysia. Obama in his State of the Union speech had this to say:

    “That’s how we forged a Trans-Pacific Partnership to open markets, and protect workers and the environment, and advance American leadership in Asia. It cuts 18,000 taxes on products made in America, which will then support more good jobs here in America. With TPP, China does not set the rules in that region; we do. You want to show our strength in this new century? Approve this agreement. Give us the tools to enforce it. It’s the right thing to do.”

    It’s all USA’s interest. Like the colonial masters of old – it is to open markets for USA. It is to create jobs for American workers not Malaysians. The TPPA is tool to enforce the advancement of USA’s interest. America “set the rules” that is why Malaysia must amend its laws to obey the rules.

  86. mustaqimabdulrahman Jan 20,2016 8:52 PM

    rakyat kedah undi BN juga undi mukhriz sebagai MB kerana mukhriz dilantik najib sebagai MB sebelum PRU 13… sebarang peralihan, rampasan dan pengulingan kuasa yang dipilih rakyat melalui hanya boleh dibuat melalui pilihanraya….bukan saya cakap…najib dan penyokongnya yang cakap….
    baca di

  87. Daniel Noor Jan 20,2016 8:50 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Seens the Gment is trying to rush this TPPA to be officially endorsed and accepted in a very short time.

    The TPPA benefits only to those who have plans to seek asylums to friendly countries that they have collobrated in ernest.

    Once they feels the heat on their backsides or being shown the door, they will immediately seek protection from the mover and proposer of this TPPA thing.


  88. musato Jan 20,2016 7:55 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Nampaknya orang orang Najib dah sentuh Datuk Paduka Mukhriz.

    Panas benar hari hari kemudian ini.

    Muka seperti Jamil Khir, Abdul Azeez sepatutnya lebih matang.

    Dato Mashitah juga saya dengar baru baru ini pernah mengeluarkan kenyataan ceramah dalam tv bahawa di mana letaknya kematangan orang dewasa kalau tengok cerita kartun.

    Kekadang betul juga seperti yang dikata. Nilai orang agamawan yang sertai UMNO ini adalah tidak tulen. Hanya perjuangan bermuka muka. Bukan kerana agama dan bangsa.

    Berbalik cerita kartun tadi, saya sebenarnya layan juga dulu Dragon Ball, Spongebob, Hagemaru, Legend of Kora (sikit sikit la walau tak habis).

    Kekadang seronok juga kalau tak jadi matang. Lebih mudah untuk bercampur gaul dengan masyarakat.

    Lagi seronok kalau kita dapat lihat kesudahan yang terjadi di depan mata akan peristiwa yang sedang berlaku di negara kita.

    Al Quran pernah menceritakan berkenaan pemerintahan yang terpesong dan akibat akibatnya.

    Saya fikir amatlah bertuah kita di masa ini kerana berkemungkinan Allah swt ingin menunjukkan secara praktikal seperti yang dirakamkan di dalam Al Quran.

    Benarlah kata kata Allah swt.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  89. adelheid Jan 20,2016 5:06 PM

    Dear Tun,

    How are you Tun? Praying that you are in the pink of health and doing well.

    Tun, our people and country are heading for colonization again, this time would be for as long as it would take. The current administration of DSNajib sure has destroyed everything that the country has built from the time of independence to your era of 22 years when you brought Malaysia to the eyes of the world.

    Segala penat lelah membangun negara dengan sekejap mata sahaja dimusnahkan oleh pentadbiran DSNajib apabila beliau mengikis segala milik negara dan darah rakyat.

    With the TPP our country has to change our laws just to conform to their regulations on how trade should be done in our country? We have to be in submission to this foreign force? Already now sightings of the US military since last November in Sabah! But most people are just too blind to see.

    DSNajib and his current administration must be replaced. I am not sure with the present situations of UMNO made rift between melayu-cina and the incidences of the ISIS in Jakarta and around the world, that in fact we would be having the next GE on time or at all. The MKN act could be abused by the tyrant PM DSN to put Malaysia in a state of security and emergency. For as long as it takes to sustain him to power.

    I hate our present government Tun. Is there no way you can come back to save us all and rebuild this beloved home of us?

    I love you Tun Mahathir. Take good care always. Semoga Tun dan Tun Siti Hasmah panjang umur untuk melihat negara bangkit semula seperti di zaman Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

  90. wajaperak Jan 20,2016 4:09 PM

    Assallammmualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    [Dear Mr balance
    When do you think we will be allow to learn to be normal and live normally like all other people of this world?]

    First we must agree to disagree.
    Our mutual agreement should be that an agreement of our value in life.
    In Islam we must greet the owner of any domain like salam..meaning peace offering.Yet you see the so called ‘HONOURABLE BLOGGER’ refused to submit this very basic of Islamic principal..MUKA TAK MALU KE??
    The verse salam,askum and akum all are invalid.
    But for you Mr balance the rule is not applied.

    Second in Islam,every able body muslimin is bold and sincere.
    Hence you will see the so called NOT dummy will give you their e mail adress and hp number for ukhwah and solidarity purpose.

    But yet again the VERY MUSLIMIN DUMMY HIDE behind their very archaic prose in disguise of very NOT WALKING THEIR TALK..No no Mister..Not Hippocratic Oath in their profession but HYPOCRITIC OATH in their action.

    Thirdly admitting the very different of our faith and believe.
    We have once a Fahrenheit (symbol °F) is a temperature scale based on one proposed in 1724 by the German physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (1686–1736), after whom the scale is named.

    At present..

    Celsius, historically known as centigrade,is a scale and unit of measurement for temperature. As an SI derived unit, it is used by most countries in the world.

    The issue is the ‘have been’.

    We now prominently use Centigrade instead of Farenheit.
    We used Imperial Units once and have been replaced by Metric System.
    Do you realizes the implication in our daily life Mr balance?
    The very issue of being ( at present ) and the have been.

    There is Najib Abdul Razak who was once NOT VERY CHOKING PRESENCE.
    But now he is very DOMINANT in not very ‘HONOURABLE’ to most Malaysian.
    But to them who find him ‘HONOURABLE’ can do so and can even kiss his hash..
    I mean hash tag..:))
    Let agree to disagree.
    But don’t you or anybody tries to suffocate us and I mean a very big us, and shoving down our throat ‘HONOURABLE’ and


    Thank you Mr balance.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  91. sejati Jan 20,2016 3:39 PM

    Dear Sir.

    TPPA is indeed a ‘musang berbulu ayam’..what should we expect as we have another ‘musang’ helming the country. wish I could go to Dataran. Am far away from Kuala Lumpur. Please, all those who could make your voices heard, please go. I can only pray that our beloved Malaysia will not go to the dogs..

  92. rainman Jan 20,2016 1:58 PM

    Afternoon Tun,
    Your piece above was truly vintage and makes sense.
    Exchanging TPP for our hard fought independence!!
    But I still like Item 8, thought!!

  93. balance Jan 20,2016 12:53 PM


    Yes You got a good point. Malaysia should not change our law to suit others and Malaysia is not like other countries. Are we that unique? When do you think we will be allow to learn to be normal and live normally like all other people of this world?

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