1. The Governments of nations dedicated to increasing the wealth of their countries realised the importance of international trade. This is especially so after the loss of the European Empires during which a policy of Imperial Preference ensured the monopoly of imports and exports from and to the colonial territories.

2. The greatest of these imperialist countries was Britain. It became the richest and the most powerful country in the world.

3. But after WWII the imperialists of Europe lost their empires and the trade monopoly that they enjoyed. Strong competition from East Asian countries reduced their trade even more.

4. But they still enjoy good incomes from selling arms. To generate more exports of arms they need to have proxy wars being fought by unsuspecting countries, particularly between the countries they created during their imperial heydays.

5. We see today very sophisticated arms being used in the fratricidal wars, which are being fought in a number of Arab ex-colonies. There is no way for these countries to develop and produce such sophisticated weapons. They may produce primitive bombs and rockets. But the tanks, armoured cars, machine guns and missiles must be bought from the developed countries.

6. These developed countries decry the arms trade as a business. But there can be no doubt that they are the ones most involved in the trade.

7. The weapons trade is huge. The warplanes, tanks, warships, rockets, missiles, submarines etc cost billions of dollars. The income from the sale of arms can contribute much to the wealth creation of a country.

8. They are therefore not too choosy as to who they sell their arms to. Their customers may be oppressive dictators and corrupt Prime Ministers. They may condemn these people for not being democratic and oppressive. But they would tone down their criticisms if these people offer to buy expensive arms from them.

9. The moaning and decrying over the injustices and oppression of dictators are just side-shows to assuage their conscience. But it is they who promote corruption and dictatorial oppression of many Governments in the world.


1. Kerajaan negara-negara yang berdedikasi untuk meningkatkan kekayaan negara mereka menyedari kepentingan perdagangan antarabangsa. Lebih-lebih lagi selepas kehilangan Empayar Eropah di mana dasar Keutamaan Imperial (Imperial Preference) memastikan monopoli import dan eksport dari dan kepada wilayah jajahan.

2. Yang terbesar di antaranya negara-negara imperialis adalah Britain. Ia menjadi negara yang paling kaya dan yang paling berkuasa di dunia.

3. Tetapi selepas Perang Dunia Kedua imperialis Eropah kehilangan empayar mereka dan monopoli perdagangan yang mereka nikmati selama itu. Persaingan sengit dari negara-negara Asia Timur mengurangkan perdagangan mereka lebih lagi.

4. Tetapi mereka masih menikmati pendapatan yang lumayan daripada menjual senjata. Untuk menjana lebih banyak eksport senjata, mereka perlu mengadakan peperangan proksi yang diperjuangkan oleh negara-negara yang tidak menyangkanya, terutamanya di antara negara-negara yang mereka tubuh semasa zaman kegemilangan empayar mereka dahulu.

5. Kita perhatikan pada hari ini senjata yang begitu canggih digunakan dalam peperangan melibatkan pembunuhan antara saudara yang sedang berlaku di beberapa negara Arab bekas jajahan. Tidak ada cara bagi negara-negara ini mencipta dan menghasilkan senjata secanggih itu. Mungkin mereka boleh menghasilkan bom dan roket yang primitif. Tetapi kereta-kereta kebal, kereta perisai, mesin-gan dan peluru berpandu perlu dibeli dari negara-negara maju.

6. Negara-negara maju ini mengutuk perdagangan senjata sebagai perniagaan. Tetapi tidak ada sebarang keraguan bahawa mereka adalah orang-orang yang paling terlibat dalam perdagangan senjata.

7. Perdagangan senjata adalah besar. Pesawat pejuang, kereta kebal, kapal perang, roket, peluru berpandu, kapal selam dan lain-lain menelan belanja berbilion-bilion dolar. Pendapatan daripada penjualan senjata banyak menyumbang kepada kekayaan sesebuah negara.

8. Jadi mereka tidak terlalu memilih kepada siapa yang mereka menjual senjata. Pelanggan mereka mungkin adalah diktator yang menindas dan Perdana Menteri yang rasuah. Mereka boleh mengutuk orang-orang ini kerana tidak demokratik dan menindas. Tetapi mereka akan turunkan nada kritikan jika orang-orang ini menawar untuk membeli senjata yang mahal daripada mereka.

9. Mengeluh dan mengutuk ketidakadilan dan penindasan diktator-diktator adalah hanya acara sampingan untuk meredakan hati nurani mereka. Akan tetapi merekalah yang menggalakkan rasuah dan penindasan diktator oleh banyak Kerajaan-Kerajaan di dunia.



  1. amin fasei May 25,2016 3:30 PM

    intentionally losing Batu Puteh Island to Spore is treason against Malaysia. AG Gani Patail in cahoot (under orders from) w DPM Najib, was to lose the Johor state island to Spore in 2008, a 28-yo territorial dispute before ICJ. Najib became PM on 2 April 2009.

    how do u lose a case, when all the evidence point to the island belonging to Johor sultanate? simple. use a “doctored” doc n let the other party (Spore, who was told before hand of the doctored doc) exploit it to the hilt during the trial.

    why wud DPM Najib want to lose Pulau Batu Puteh under such an embarrassing circumstance when it was a sure win case. of course AG Gani Patail was bribed …. not by Spore but by DPM Najib (cash is king). PM LHL of Spore agreed to this, since the bribery occurred on the other side of the causeway, n nothing on record to implicate Spore. no one has been persecuted due to sheer stupidity_in_disguise.

    in return for this favour, in addition to abandoning Mahathir’s crooked bridge n the long standing KTM land ownership into the heart of Spore (Tg Pagar), PM LHL gave his tacit approval for NAJIB’S 1MDB money-laundering banking activities to proceed unhindered in Spore from 2009 onwards.

    does this explain why the ever diligent MAS did not act earlier? …. like in 2009 when 1MDB, Jho Low n Najib’s money laundering activities began? certainly.

    hv u ever tried to transfer even RM100,000 into Spore? see how diligent the bank officers r. so how cud billions of dollars in multiple transactions escape the ever watchful eyes of MAS regulators?

    losing Batu Puteh to Spore, under the sleeping-no-clue PM Badawi wud further enhance Najib’s claim to the PM throne. besides, the controversial loss wud also divert attn away from Najib’s Altantuya Murder trials in 2008-2009.

    at the very least it wud show sleeping-no-clue PM Badawi to be totally incompetent n that Najib wud be a better PM.

    Based on this information, and read together with his previous report, Mat Zain says there are grounds for a detailed investigation to be made against Apandi for falsifying evidence with his statement on the RM2.6 billion alleged donation.

    “The investigations can be done under Section 193 of the Penal Code, as was with his previous report,” he told Malaysiakini when met recently.

    Mat Zain also pointed out that the Pulau Batu Puteh doctored photograph was revealed when then prime minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, was in Singapore, attending the Asean-European Union meeting. No response was given to this.

    “Did Malaysia Lose Pulau Batu Puteh To Singapore Because Of A Bribe?
    Published by Esther Chung — 17 Dec 2013, 02:01 PM — Updated over 2 years ago
    It appears that the Attorney General, Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, had intentionally lost the territorial dispute case on Pulau Batu Puteh to Singapore after allegedly receiving a bribe.”

    The ICJ delivered its decision on May 23, 2008 and the former top cop said that if Malaysia wanted to appeal, it still has two more years to do so.

    Johor Sultan Ibrahim Mahmud Iskandar had on May 29, 2014, said the state wants the disputed island backand Menteri Besar Khaled Nordin said the state has set up a committee to study this. – M’kini

  2. cruze May 24,2016 7:44 AM

    amd trmz……anda benar kata begitu…..nur jazlan sungguh berbeza dengan arwah ayahnya……muka beliau terpancar aura manusia berhati kejam.

    Asalamualaikum…..teruskan luahan hati kita sebagai rakyat.

  3. malaysian1000000 May 20,2016 4:33 PM


    Is there a problem of voicing out? Then what the point of freedom of speech. When there always a threat. Well, i guess, critism and an idea is just rhetoric. Isnt it?(just like Tun topic). When the person in power to sue will be little richer when they do this(sue) just to stay relevant to one person eye.

    Healthy competition is good, indeed. What do you compete for? To be number one? Is that important for you to be number one?

    Its no joke about the PM responsibility. That is great responsibility, of course. But if the response is to sue when critism and an idea is not good to your ears. Well, then you can question his/her ability. Take it positive or negative. I dont have a problem.

    No, its not similar. Theres no need to migrate from Selangor when you can use alternative road that has no toll. The difference is when you toll your countrymen and countrywomen and let the foreigners to enjoy. Thats when you lost your votes.

    When you wish to have safe and sound election just like in Sarawak. Just follow the rules. Thats what they do.


  4. sudin May 20,2016 2:52 PM

    Assalam Tun.

    The US will have a new president soon.
    Najib will most likely be among the first 3rd world leaders to pay a visit after the presidential oath is done (doesn’t matter Clinton or Trump).

    To them, Malaysia is now another pariah state!

  5. amd trmz May 20,2016 11:28 AM


    (larangan keluar negara kalau jentik nejib)

    1.Tabung hajji-HAK MILIK NEJIB
    2.One n deebee-HAK MILIK NEJIB
    3.Kum Wang amanah pencen -HAK MILIK NEJIB
    4.Fellda-HAK MILIK NEJIB


    P/S:Sabar la abang AFLIN SHAUUKEE. Keluar la Amno .. Amno dah busuk dari dalam….AMNO-HAK MILIK NEJIB NUAN NUAN

  6. HBT456 May 20,2016 8:25 AM

    51. I dont have hatred feelings at all.

    52. But I certainly hope not to see another economic cycle that is full of anger and hatred that make malaysia less attractive.

    53. Whatever happened in the past, we cant change it.

    54. Whatever happened in the future, we can do better and improve.

    55. Good luck to all the contestants.

    56. Politics is a life long career.

    57. Good luck and best of luck to the contestants.

    58. I wish the by elections in sungai besar and kuala kangsar with malay voters as majority held smoothly just like what sarawak voters did in their state general election recently.

  7. sibotak May 20,2016 8:05 AM

    UMNO ruling is Najib ruling
    Any good or bad Najib is mention
    He to be responsible and accountable
    But he do not like to be critics
    He even bought flags of We love our PM which this money is more appropriate to feed the stray dogs of Malaysia
    He and his Wife wants to be respected in public
    But Respect has to be Earned
    Najib and Rosmah has lost this respects badly

    Dear UMNO members
    We are Democartic Nation
    People has Right to Voice
    We also Don,t like to make critics
    We want a good Govt with understanding
    It’s a two way traffic

    Najib Failed many
    Not just Failing He is behaving arrogant
    As he or more of Rosmah his master think Malaysia belongs to them
    They did Wrong but refuses to clarify and made clear
    They hide behind and Chicken out to relevant enquiries

    Najib is being puppet by foreign Govt influence
    Himself among Malaysia history engage foreign British Advisor
    It reflects Najib is a Useless , Hopeless Horrible leader since Merdeka

    The Sultan Constituency should involves and touch on the people bitterness
    Failure of the Sultan Contituency
    It’s most it’s appropriate Malaysia should abolish it and practice Presidency

  8. HBT456 May 20,2016 8:03 AM

    48. Similarly, you have to pay tolls in selangor too.

    49. Solution is move to a place whereby you dont need to pay tolls.

    50. Naik toll sini sana, apabila pengundi2 rasa sengsara, hakikatnya you akan hilang undi.

  9. umranrc May 20,2016 1:45 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Mohon sedikit laluan Tun.

    Dear HBT456,
    I’ve read many of your writings, and honestly, there are times that I couldn’t make out what it was, and perhaps the links were a little too far in between those sentences.

    However, one thing that I noticed and I believed many others here also saw the same thing, you have a profound racial hatred within yourself, and honestly this is not positive at all. At times, your wordings are implying something is wrong with Islam.

    Whatever your perception is, try to open up and live peacefully among the various ethnics and religious beliefs that we have here. I can bet you, that you’ll sleep easily at night by removing those hatred feeling in your heart.

    Cheers HBT456.

    Thanks Tun.

  10. Hajar May 20,2016 12:08 AM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. Definitely, they are using the following concept: “You help me, I help you” / “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine”.

    2. In fact many people are applying the same concept. Sadly, in doing so, they have to become hypocrites and liars (‘bersandiwara’).

    3. Those who accuse others as corrupt sometimes do so just to make themselves look good because in reality they are more corrupt than the people they accuse (good LIARS are able to convince some people that they are clean despite the fact that they are so corrupt).

    4. Those that support wars must be criminalized including those supplying weapons/arms for citizens of certain countries to fight each other (for differences that could be solved by talking and discussing things peacefully).

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  11. HBT456 May 19,2016 10:47 PM

    40. Everyone of us is entitled to voice out, how many can you sue?

    41. If you cant even tolerate critism, then, dont contest.

    42. If you decided to contest for pm, go for it.

    43. Healthy competition is good.

    44. If you dont go for it, you will never know you can be pm or not.

    45. But if you are intersted to stick to your comfort zone, then, dont contest.

    46. The responsibility of the pm is heavy.

    47. Its not something that you can joke or play with.

  12. HBT456 May 19,2016 9:38 PM

    36. With putrajaya, malay and muslim, it is a fact only malay and muslim can be pm.

    37. Name azmin ali as the pm if opposition wins out.

    38. Whats the point of talking?

    39. Action speaks louder than words.

  13. malaysian1000000 May 19,2016 7:16 PM

    of course singaporean can be seen as “drug free”, because they enjoy in Malaysia. they just one bridge distance. for them everything here is cheap.

    solution, increase “entrance fee”.

    maybe next step Mr Tan can use the “free-trade hub” for trafficking something useful for his nation.

  14. malaysian1000000 May 19,2016 6:32 PM


    My simple logic in drug problem in Malaysia

    Low cigarette price, low demand drugs
    High cigarette price, high demand drugs

    Ketagihan hilang, terbang pun dapat.


  15. WandyCaswady May 19,2016 5:47 PM

    Apakah kamu ini bodoh bercakap seorang diri? Menyemak dgn point yg orang lain xfaham? Apakah kamu bodoh?

  16. WandyCaswady May 19,2016 5:40 PM

    Najib Razak Ataturk…

  17. aleh May 19,2016 3:27 PM

    Assalammualaikum Tun benar kata tun. putera saudi dah nyatakan “no background on donation to najib” 3 hari lepas masa sidang media sebelah yb nzz. Tapi dia masih cakap serupa org lain tak paham apa tok arab tu cakap…..

  18. sudin May 19,2016 2:02 PM

    Assalam Tun.

    The British and American governments are actually encouraging corruption (mega corruption) by Malaysian leaders, the best way to control the increasing Malaysian influence over the third world countries which was started by Tun and which is gaining popularity and strength, causing uneasiness to them, especially the jews.

    After Tun resigned as PM, they greatly rely on budak KJ (knowing Pak Dol’s great fondness of his son-in-law and will readily allow him to clean up government coffers, which the latter did in such ruckus manner) to create a corrupt Malaysia.

    When Pak Dol was forced to resign, a sudden and unexpected new hope come a-begging for the US and GB in the form of Rosmah who will influence Najib to satisfy whatever whims and fancies that she desires.

    The corrupted Malaysia that they envisage is well and kicking!!
    A new designation of “corrupt Malaysia” or “Malaysia is corrupt” will beckon and it will spread throughout the world like wild fire, and looking at the world corruption index and alike which have been making headlines recently, the fire has already started!

    There will be no more respect or even reference by the third world countries towards Malaysia, especially Islamic countries.

    Tun’s legacy will be gone….
    Tun’s legacy which Najib has been trying very hard and desperately wanting to sabotage is unwittingly and inadvertently unfolding.
    Najib’s stupid team were all the while thinking Proton, Putrajaya, F1, twin tower, whatnot as the legacy left behind by Tun Dr Mahathir.
    Those corrupted morons!!!

    Thus Obama and Cameron will always remain close with Najib and they will protect all of Najib’s corrupt practices by all means.
    Wall Street Journal will be told to stay away from Najib.
    The Swiss Attorney General will cease to investigate on 1MDB.
    The Singapura court will clear Yeo Jiawei.

  19. Sri Sense May 19,2016 1:35 PM

    Salam Tun

    Nak jawab HBT, aiyo am not a politician, how on earth mau pilih DSN replacement. But I can assure you he is a Malay and a Muslim. Sorry to disappoint you. 🙂

    Entah apa2 si HBT. Dah lah pointsnya mengalahkan Tun dan sering pula tiada kena mengena dengan bicara kita. 🙂

  20. Tired May 19,2016 10:18 AM

    Salam Tun,

    1. Zaman Tun, kita ada pencuri, penyangak, perasuah, perogol, komunis, UMNO dan BN. Kita juga ada Lebuhraya U-S, Proton, Lotus, MV Augusta, Perodua, KLIA, KLCC, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Sepang F1, dan pelbagai lebuh raya dan jalan raya. Guna tenaga penuh (jika tidak, hampir penuh. Yang tidak bekerja sebab terlalu malas untuk bekerja !). Pelajar kita belajar di serata dunia atas biasiswa penuh kerajaan. Tabungan dalam negeri, rizab asing, dan FDI tinggi. Petronas tersenarai di “Global 500” hampir dua dekad. Elektrifikasi KTM direalisasikan. Hollywood dan Bollywood difilemkan disini, dlll. Tetapi yang paling penting, selain kemudahan infrastruktur kelas pertama, kita hidup bahagia bersama dan senang lenang. Tanpa was2, kta selesa minum kopi di kedai mee hailam Cina. Kita bersembang ria berbilang bangsa. Kita saling mempercayai satu sama lain. Kehidupan kita baik. Kita bangga sebagai rakyat Malaysia.

    2. Zaman Pak Lah, kita juga ada pencuri, penyangak, perasuah, perogol, UMNO dan BN. Tetapi tidak sama dengan zaman Tun. Tiada pembangunan. Kita serahkan “Blok L & M” di Laut China Selatan (kepada Brunei dengan nilai komersialnya sejumlah AS$100biliyon). Kita terpaksa serahkan Pulau Batu Putih kepada Singapura (walaupun kita yang memulakan tindakan mahkamah). Kita kehilangan “Jambatan Bengkok” (sambal membayar ganti rugi RM800miliyon kepada kontraktor); projek landasan keretapi yang menyambungkan Singapura, Malaysia dan Negeri China (sekaligus kita kehilangan berbiliyon ringgit lagi kegiatan ekonomi hasil sampingan projek tersebut). Kita kehilangan AV Agusta dijual kepada “pembeli rahsia” dengan harga jualan sejumlah 2 Dolar Euro sahaja (yang kemudiannya dibeli oleh “Harley Davidson” dengan harga AS$800miliyon!). Kita kehilangan berbiliyon ringgit lagi duit rakyat dengan keujudan projek2 tak berfaedah seperti ECER, NCER, Iskandar Johor (SCER), Mesjid Besi Putrajaya, Mesjid2 Contoh Kuala Terengganu, Monsoon Cup, dlll.

    3. Zaman Najib, kita menjadi terkenal di seluruh dunia! GST diperkenalkan (walaupun kebanyakan negara maju masih belum atau tidak pernah memperkenalkannya). Subsidi minyak dikurangkan (walaupun kita negara pengeluar minyak. Harga pam minyak lebih tinngi daripada harga belian minyak!) Tol dinaikkan (sebab kerajaan tiada wang lagi untuk membayar subsidi bagi pihak rakyat!). BR1M diedarkan (termasuk kepada hartawan dan miliaywan!). Biasiswa dikurangkan (kerana pelajar kita telah fasih berbahasa Melayu!) ISA dan EO dimansuhkan (walaupun ancaman keganasan dan gejala samseng masih berleluasa!). Kebebasan dipertingkatkan (hanya kerajaan dan yang berkuasa sahaja yang boleh bersuara dan memberi pendapat; walaupun hampeh dan bodoh!). Keamanan negara diwar2kan menurut piawaian negara maju (walaupun ianya suatu pembohongan semata2!) Harta benda mewah rakyat Malaysia bertambah banyak di serata pelosok dunia. Filem keluaran anak tempatan tertayang di Hollywood. Kita mendapat Menteri2 dan Timbalan2 Menteri, baru; AG, baru; Pengerusi PAC, baru; Ketua2 Polis, baru, dan Ketua2 Kementerian, baru (walaupun yang lama masih aktif dan efektif!). Anak tempatan terkenal mempunyai koleksi tas tangan jenama paling luas didunia. Anak2 tempatan memiliki koleksi jam tangan2 mewah, kereta2 mewah, dan rumah2 mewah dan besar (sementara rakyat jelata merempat!) Anak2 tempatan mempunyai simpanan di dalam bank2 di serata dunia. Berita Najib tersiar di dalam media cetak dan atas talian setiap hari diserata dunia, dlll.

    Mohon maaf, Tun. Kalau dibandingkan pencapaian Tun dengan Pak Lah dan Najib, pencapaian Tun paling burok! Tun banyak menghabiskan duit rakyat untuk memaju dan membangunkan negara! Rakyat semua bekerja keras; tiada masa untuk beriadah dan bersuka ria! Semua belia, dipaksa belajar sehingga ke luar negara! Rakyat terlampau mewah, dan saling mempercayai (sehingga tidak meninggalkan ruang untuk dieksploitasi!) Negara kita mundur, dan dicemburi oleh negara2 lain termasuk negara2 maju!

    Sekian, Tun, terima kasih. Wassalam.

  21. Sri Sense May 19,2016 9:20 AM

    Salam Tun

    Ada kawan kata yang ku nan kata DR ramai student sain, so tak ada apa. Kawan juga beri komen ini, apa punya thinking tu – kalau senior citizen ramai sain, no hal, 5 tahun 10 tahun padam, UMNO boleh joli. 🙂

  22. HBT456 May 19,2016 8:49 AM

    24. If sri sense want to talk, name out the candidate choice of your pm to replace dsn.

    25. If you cant, then its talk only.

    26. Limiting cm term in penang by dap only reconfirm they cant make malaysian malaysia a reality too.

    27. Dah banyak kali dilempang, it wont make any differences if dsn continue to be the pm.

    28. He too will get tired one day.

    29. His choice is on the same page with umno and bn.

    30. Kesetiaan kepada raja dan negara.

    31. Even if umno and bn loose, the opposition parties will have hard time to implement their malaysian malaysia consensus too.

    32. Is the glass of water half full?

    33. Is the glass of water half empty?

    34. The choice is in your hands.

    35. All the best to the contestants in this coming by elections.

  23. HBT456 May 19,2016 7:28 AM

    21. If you close the gate, there is a window of opportunies out there.

    22. No man is an island.

    23. The choice is in your hand.

  24. HBT456 May 19,2016 7:20 AM

    18. Sri sense, I am just a voter, not a contestant.

    19. Its up to the political parties to select their candidates to contest.

    20. If you do not have the heart to serve the public, it would be better off for you not to contest.

  25. malaysian1000000 May 18,2016 11:34 PM

    Maaf, ralat.

    “Sebab dalam keratan artikel itu cuma tulis Government of Malaysia”

    Ditukar ke

    “Sebab dalam keratan artikel itu cuma tulis Malaysia dan Malaysian”


  26. Sri Sense May 18,2016 11:18 PM

    #HBT, you must be very lonely, you self-talk so often 🙂

  27. malaysian1000000 May 18,2016 11:17 PM

    Mungkin anda boleh tanya Menteri Luar Negeri pada masa itu.

    Menteri Luar – 1991-1999- Pak Lah

    Oooppss, dia sebelah siapa ya?

  28. Sri Sense May 18,2016 11:14 PM

    Salam Tun

    Amboi banyak pula komen berbaur anti-Mahathir.

    Tun Mahathir jadi PM 22 tahun. Tun Abdullah? Datuk Seri Najib? 🙂

    Kalau dah sudi nak komen sini, jangan lupa tanda tangan DR kat sebelah kanan. 🙂

    Tun, ada kawan kata memang patut turunkan BN at least sepenggal, bukan apa nak kasi ajar.

    Memang ada core supporters, semua parti pun ada, tapi menang kalah adalah ditangan pengundi atas pagar.

    PAS dan Amanah jangan nak gaduh, this is not about ego, this is about winning. Please don’t confuse your voters. 🙂


  29. malaysian1000000 May 18,2016 10:51 PM


    To doc j.

    Menteri Kewangan – 1991-1998 – DSAI
    Menteri Pertahanan – 1990 – 1995 – DSN
    Perdana Menteri, well, u know who during this time.

    Saya tertarik dengan durasi masa dan jenis perniagaan yang dijalankan. Dan tempoh kontrak dimulakan. Anda nampak siapa yang berkuasa dalam kementerian yang terlibat seperti yang dinyatakan dalam artikel anda.

    Saya tidak pasti Artikel 117 wujud pada masa ini. Dan saya fikir, tiada bukan.

    Jadi, dalam anda cuba menegakkan benang anda, adakah anda membuka lembaran skandal yang lebih besar.

    Kerana, di zaman Tun, tiada penasihat tingkat 4 yang berasal dari negara yang terlibat seperti yang dinyatakan. Cuma, baru – baru ini sahaja (dalam 6 tahun kebelakangan) wujud penasihat tingkat 4 dari negara yang terbabit.

    Adakah ada 1 perjanjian lama. Tak tahulah. Sebab dalam keratan artikel itu cuma tulis Goverment of Malaysia. Dan menteri – menterinya boleh menjadi wakil kepada kerajaan malaysia bukan?


  30. musato May 18,2016 9:26 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Najib boleh saja menjadikan UMNO sebagai perisai. Sehingga MT buta dan pekak serta bisu. Bahkan menganggap Najib adalah panglima Islam dan sanggup mati kerana Najib.

    Najib adalah pemimpin. Pemimpin wajib ditaati. Pemimpin mesti dilindungi. Pemimpin adalah kuasanya ditentukan oleh Allah.

    Jadi mengapa perlu derhaka dan meninggalkan pemimpin?

    MT bertegas melindungi UMNO. Jangan ganggu pemimpin kami. Itu semua adalah fitnah. Ini semua adalah politik.

    Kita orang Melayu ada rahsia. Kita orang Melayu ada adab dan santunnya.

    Kami Melayu Bugis. Kami berdarah pahlawan. Pahlawan pantang berundur. Sekali kami melangkah pantang kami menoleh ke belakang.

    Kami menjaga negara. Dunia kami makin mencabar. Bukan dunia macam dulu. Kini adalah dunia siber. Ini zaman kami bukan zaman lama macam kamu.

    Setiap manusia ada kesilapan. Kesilapan boleh diperbetulkan. Dulu kamu pun ada kesilapan, jadi mengapa kamu tergamak menikam kami begini?

    Sedarkah dengan siapa kamu berhadapan. Siapa pemimpin kamu wahai pemimpin?

    Sedarkah dengan siapa kamu berhadapan?

    Laluan kami akan terbentang luas sepertimana Musa a.s membelah lautan. Pinggir!

    Pokok bergoyang, akar tiada lagi kukuh. Daun daun luruh, tunduk padi kerana beratnya isi.

    Sesungguhnya manusia itu selalu berada dalam kerugian.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  31. HBT456 May 18,2016 8:57 PM

    17. Is winning that important until you can exploit the faith and trust of your own country people?

  32. HBT456 May 18,2016 8:27 PM


    11. Singapore foreign minister representing singapore government already made their choice clearly and firm in un that is singapore is drug free, not drug tolerant.

    12. Where are you heading?

    13. Drug tolerant?

    14. Meaning you are supporting drug traffickers to use malaysia as the halal hub to expand their influence?

    15. I dont know what is the president of singapore mr tony tan and his chamber will do.

    16. But in this country, our political parties will do everything just to win votes just to stay relevant?

  33. musato May 18,2016 8:20 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Ada beberapa perkara saya sematkan dalam ingatan kerana ada masa kita belum lalui pengalaman seperti apa yang Tun ada. Termasuk apa yang tercatat dalam artikel ini.

    Saya berpeluang melihat apa yang berlaku semasa sidang media putera Arab dengan Nazri. Masih ada yang percaya bahwa duit derma adalah untuk kesejahteraan negara. Malaysia masih ada kawan baik maksudnya.

    Orang Melayu perlu ada misteri. Mesti ada rahsia.

    Walhal tiada rahsia yang perlu disembunyikan hatta dalam hubungan antara hamba dengan Allah sekiranya dibenarkan untuk hebahan awam.

    Itulah tujuan mengapa Rasul diutuskan kepada manusia. Untuk menerangkan dan menyebarkan ajaran yang benar. Jika tidak mahu menerimanya, maka itu bukanlah urusan kita kerana hidayah adalah milik Allah.

    Jadi mengapa orang Melayu perlu ada rahsia dan misteri?

    Mungkin misteri itu wujud kerana pepatah Melayu berkata makin berisi makin tunduk mengikut resmi padi.

    Diam itu lebih baik atau diam itu kerana tidak tahu?

    Terima kasih Tun.

  34. joetachi May 18,2016 8:02 PM

    telor pindang, telor tembelang
    telor dipegang, apa temberang?


  35. joetachi May 18,2016 8:02 PM

    Menggagau gagau mencari kisah…
    Kisah lama hendak dihebah…!
    Kisah sekarang negara musibah..!!
    maruah tiada, pemimpin…..?

    Berdekah dekah gema sedunia..
    warisan dikekah, negara dijaja..
    memanda rasuah muka selamba,
    perdagang maruah negara Malaysia…!

    kusuruh jual, turut menjual…
    kusuruh beli, Ikut membeli…

  36. daeng May 18,2016 7:32 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Rasuah vs Naji$ Razak, orang tua dulu kala cakap 2×5 saja.

    Sejak akhir-akhir ini Naji$ Razak dan menteri-menterinya ini telah lama TIDAK menyebut perkataan rasuah, menyeru rakyat menjauhi rasuah, rasuah adalah perosak akhlak no 1 negara, rasuah punca kemerosotan akhlak dan banyak lagi. Ini kerana rasuah adalah umpama elemen penting Naji$ Razak dan menteri-menterinya terus berkuasa dan bertahan sehingga kini. Tanpa rasuah Naji$ sudah pasti bukan sebagai PM Malaysia dan presiden umno lagi. Firasat saya percaya 99% ianya benar dalam hal ini. Tanpa rasuah siapalah Naji$ Razak????

    Selaku pemimpin no 1 negara, Naji$ Razak wajar menunjukkan sifat anti rasuah. Tetapi apa yang berlaku adalah sebaliknya. Adakah kita sebagai rakyat mahu terus menyokong pemimpin seperti ini? Sesiapa yang terus-terusan menyokong kepimpinannya kita anggap mereka bersubahat. Dikemudian hari jawablah mereka di akhirat kelak.

    Usah kita hiraukan dosa pemimpin lalu itupun jika mereka melakukan perkara yang sama, barang yang lepas usah dikenang lebi-lebih lagi perkara yang mungkar. Yang penting kita sedar pemimpin no 1 sekarang ini sememangnya mengamalkan rasuah. Sudah terang lagi bersuluh, hanya yang “pekak”dan “buta”sahaja seperti neezam72, pak_pandir08 dan Dr Jafri saja yang mengaggungkan pemimpin perasuah seperti Naji$. Kalau tidak amalkan rasuah dikhuatiri kita akan terpaksa mencari makanan dalam tong sampah pulak.


  37. Dr Jafri May 18,2016 1:16 PM

    In other words, “How Arms Suppliers Bribe A Malaysian PM”

    Timothy Bell, who had been a consultant to Margaret Thatcher, after the fall of the Conservative worked for, among others, the Malaysian offshoot of GEC, which was part of the Pergau Dam controversy, in which British aid for the building of a dam was linked to £1.3bn in arms contracts to Malaysia.

    The construction of the dam (and the arms deal, of course) of which Tun must be fully aware of, started in 1991 and completed in 2000.

    Tun, must be writing from his personal experience. No?

  38. sibotak May 18,2016 12:14 PM

    Bolih lah Tun
    Keluarkan satu buku manual
    Guides : How to bribe Govt
    Written by Dr.Tun Mahathir Mohammed

    Rasuah sudah jadi Budaya
    Di kalangan negara besar yg tidak berperlajaran juga yg tidak maju
    Tapi tidak kurang juga di negara kecil dan maju
    Cuma nampak tak nampak saja

    Pada saya
    Tidak ada bezanya Kerajaan Rasuah dengan yg tidak rasuah
    keduanya akhirnya saya kena makan juga

    Seperti Singapura yg kurang rasuah
    Duitnya masuk satu kocek besar
    Malaysia masuk banyak kocek tapi kocek kecik

    Di kata olih mediang mereka
    Johor ramai perompak
    Ya benar , Tapi perompak kecil saja
    Disana Cheif perompak berkuasa jadi takdalah perompak kecil

    Sekurangnya Malaysia agak terkawal rasuah dibanding negara besar lain

    Tapi kalau Pemimpin dah tak betul
    Macamana Pula ?


  39. Sri Sense May 18,2016 9:17 AM

    Salam Tun

    I tengok tajuk How to Bribe Government today.

    Kalau nak kata pasal bribe ini semua level of society pun sedikit sebanyak ada terlibat. Bagi duit 10 rgt bawah slip saman and so on 🙂

    Since I pernah buat business I boleh kata ini yang small business selalunya tak deal direct with big politician, big business yes and selalunya behind closed doors.

    IMAO, the big problem sini when politician juga nak jadi businessman. Running a country and a business at the same time, well that is so tamak. 🙂

  40. Fariq Islam May 18,2016 9:11 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    We are thankful for living in a peaceful, politically stable country, where weapons and arms are not so much of our Rakyat’s concern. All Malaysians must sustain the peace, inter-racial harmony and unity. Hopefully, the nation is still in time to catch up and accomplish the Vision 2020 as advocated by Tun.

    We all pray for Tun’s long life to witness the moment of pride of Malaysia, being upgraded to the status of advance nation.

    By the way, we could hear rumours of scandal in buying war equipment, including helicopter, submarine etc at high, unreasonably high cost. The nation could have saved a lot of money for nation’s development, if we managed to curb misuse/ abuse/ corruption.

  41. dukuhead May 18,2016 8:05 AM

    quite so, but we cannot blame others for our own problems all the time. If our own people are corrupt and war-minded in the first place, then we ourselves are equally blameworthy. Outsiders cannot force us to buy their arms, it is we ourselves who got ourselves into this fix and we ourselves who must now untangle ourselves from the mess that we have created, wittingly or unwittingly.

  42. sibotak May 18,2016 4:13 AM

    British ,US and the West
    They coalitions with each other well
    They are mostly none Muslim leader
    But they hold fast together well in economic ,politics , military and all

    The Muslims has the Surah to in the Quran
    Hold Fast the Rope of Allah
    Be not be Divided among Ummah
    Is where and why the Muslims gone wrong today
    These wrong doings have caused severe disaster to Muslim Nation today
    It was never he British , US , West nor Israel to blame
    These are just excuses
    The bottom line is
    Muslim Failed to Hold the Rope Of Allah and divides themselves
    We see these in Middle East
    We see these in Malaysia itself

    The Coalition of China ,Malaysia ,Singapore Chinese blends well
    In economy ,Social and also politics
    Whereby the Malay Indonesia , Brunei , Malaysia , Singapore
    Most bothers of themselves , self importance and are much divided among though its quiet . See today UMNO itself tells a thousands story

    End say
    Selamat Hari Raya
    Maaf Zahir Batin

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