THE 2017 BUDGET 79

1. The 2017 budget will be presented to Parliament on 21st October 2016.

2. No doubt huge sums of money will be allocated to the Ministries and agencies of the Government. Parliament will surely pass the budget because it is the budget presented by the Government party which has the majority in Parliament.

3. But the people know that the Government has not got the money to meet the budget. They know that Ministries in the last two years have been told that the money is not available and therefore they must spend less than what is budgeted for.

4. The budget is actually meaningless because the Government knows it will not have the money.

5. Why will the Government not have the money? It is because Government money is not used for good governance, for the development of the country and the well-being of the people.

6. The money is being used for winning popularity for the Prime Minister.

7. For this the Prime Minister has created sinecure jobs for a lot of loyalists. There are now nine Ministers, three Deputy Ministers in the Prime Minister’s Department.

8. There are now 51 divisions in the Prime Minister’s Department. The budget allocation for the Prime Minister’s Department has risen from RM5.2 billion in 2000 to RM20 billion in 2016, a four folds rise. It is 13 per cent of the 2016 budget of RM267 billion. It was less than four per cent between 2000 and 2008.

9. A large portion of the Prime Minister’s Department fund goes to unspecified programmes which the PM controls. If we see the PM giving away money to organisations and individuals not named in the budget they must come from these allocations.

10. Under BR1M, 7 million people got initially RM500 each. Now they are promised RM1,000. There will be more increases next year.

11. At RM500 it will cost the Government RM3.5 billion. At RM1,000 it will cost RM7 billion.

12. Perhaps the very poor would benefit but for most of the recipients RM500 for a year is meaningless. The better thing to do is to give the really needy, the hard core poor sufficient monthly allowances to support their lives. For the rest create jobs and train them. But the Government is not encouraging job creation. Local industries are not supported. But imports are encouraged.

13. Emoluments have also increased, rising from RM26 billion in 2003 to RM89 billion in 2016. But Federal revenue is decreasing relative to the GDP. Because the Government believes in high income as the indicator of the level of development, salaries are increased without any regard for revenue or productivity.

14. In the first place per capita income is not the real criteria of the level of development. Many oil-producing countries have very high per capita income but are not considered as developed.

15. What is important is the purchasing power of the income. The rise in the cost of living has negated the benefit of high income. The new budget is likely to cause the cost of living to rise. It will affect the standard of living adversely. This will be especially so if the GST rate is increased.

16. The depreciation in the value of the Ringgit will also affect the purchasing power of the income. Since the Government does not believe in local industries which can benefit from a cheaper Ringgit but encourages imports, the cost of these would go up as the Ringgit depreciates. There will be a greater outflow of funds, resulting in trade deficits.

17. The Government has been increasing the minimum wage. This will increase the cost of production much more than anticipated. Not only will those earning less than the minimum pay get a rise in their pay but those earning above the minimum wage would expect and demand their pay to be increased to maintain parity against those working under them. Overtime pay and holiday work will have to be increased. All these would increase the cost of doing business in Malaysia. Already many foreign-owned manufacturing companies have left Malaysia, contributing towards unemployment.

18. The real economy will continue to suffer, and along with it the well being of the people. Many professionals are leaving the country to look for jobs in other countries. We are going to be one of those countries dependent on remittances by our people abroad.

19. The level of borrowings by the Government has reached record levels. Future generations will have to pay these loans.

20. All these will not show up in the budget. But the people will know as they struggle to make ends meet.

21. This is the real 2017 budget.

79 thoughts on “THE 2017 BUDGET

  1. Tun Perak Nov 6,2016 11:05 PM


    Singapore is a small country. That is why MRT system is sufficient.

    However, Singaporean are made paralysed by their government for having to pay 300% more for cars compared to Malaysian and have to pay a lot of toll within the city center just for driving cars through toll gantry. That is why we Malaysian said that Singaporean own cows but they get only the bones because the cows milk, meat and skin are taxed by their government. Pity them having “good transport” but bad life after retirement.

    Malaysian has freedom of movement because most Malaysian have car to go to nearest TESCO or Giant supermart, they can use their big car space to buy foods for one month stock and they save time for not needing to go to the same groceries store 4 more times in a month. Malaysian saves more money by transporting the goods that they bought by their own car without need to hire transporter to move their goods around.

    Malaysian enjoy life more, with car we have freedom to go anywhere we want without being dependent on MRT. Imagine the people in the villages and Felda settlement. It causes a bomb to built MRT lines and stations in villages. Malaysian government will go bankcrupt if it does that. Building MRT is not financially practical and not feasible. But if you deprive Malaysian citizens from owning a car, then you deprive them the basic necessities of movement within their area. So Proton came in – with cheap price cars – Now Everyone Can Drive in Malaysia. Pity, Singaporean will only dream this “luxury”.

  2. nevin Nov 5,2016 3:48 PM

    Do not miscontrue my comment, But I did mentioned, helming 22 years as premier should have done a lot more of development during tun’s tenure. I did said, I am not in absolute supportive of the current government. But, the truth was bad planning on our transport infrastructure landscape under his leadership. Singapore or Japan built subway all through the malls. We only build LRT up to Masjid Jamel and KLCC(wonder if u live in KL). Look at mega mall, LRT stop only at Abdullah Hukum, u called it good planning? How come you did not comment on my statement in regards to Malaysia taxis industry and system? You know it was an obvious flaw right? 22 years here!! Here, we talk about execution. Citizen don’t care who plan 1st , who followed.. we sees result.. again 22 years wasted where?

  3. Tun Perak Nov 4,2016 9:09 PM


    It was during Dr.M administration LRT was built, ERL was built, commuter lines were built and double track electric train system was built to Ipoh.

    During Pak Lah time, double track project was cancelled and the MRT proposal was delayed. Najib is just a follower of Dr.M public transport system development and Najib is actually the implementor of PakLah’s plan on MRT lines.

    If Najib want to claim something that he created on his own, he needs to come out with an idea, out of the box , which has no beginning yet.

    So, find other idea. Be brave, and be intelligent. Dont be a follower and dont wait till Duterte go to China before you go

  4. nevin Nov 4,2016 4:05 PM

    Dear Tun,

    I am one of the many Malaysian who lives through time when you were helm as our Premier during your 22 years as premier. Truth to be told, I have to said this. You may have created tall monuments, symbolic nature like Putrajaya BUT however I am truthful to say. You were a BAD BAD premier (This does not mean, I am in absolute supportive of the current government). Every nation needs a good public transport infrastructure. You didn’t !! instead, Your ego eats into your pride that we should have a national car by putting more cars on the road….Proton. If you were a good leader, You would have improve Malaysia Public Transport Infrastructure. A nation with good public transport breeds nation development. A good public transport infrastructure create new development on all surrounding areas or district affiliating to the nearest station. Singapore, like LKY. He has very good wisdom and vision, he sees that if Singapore need to be a metropolitan city. It needs to build a robust public transport. They built their MRT back in 1993, wheres we were still commuting in “Mini Bus”. Look at our pathetic public taxis!! Is so shameful and it is world renown in-famously and well known to global tourist by many cheating drivers, unkempt taxis because the taxi drivers were under the modern day slavery created by your administration.

    Here, we may say what we like under the current premier. But again, truth to be told. The current government indeed built MRT station, hoping to improve the livelihood of all fellow Malaysian. Imagine, MRT linking all the way to Kajang, which I can’t believe it actually happen!!

    Again, TUN, Admit your mistake! KLCC, Putrajaya is nothing to shout about! is only shiok sendiri, Have you ever thought for all fellow Malaysian then…?

  5. anti rasuah Oct 31,2016 9:24 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Esok 1 Nov 2016 petrol naik sekitar 8.5%, minyak masak naik sekitar 50% dan yang lain menyusur Tun.

    Usia saya sudah hampir cecah 5 abad tetapi tidak pernah dengar di dunia ini PM yang bodoh dan banyak masalah tetapi rakyat masih bersabar dengan lakonan bodohnya?

    Jika esok PRU14, saya yakin najiS dan umno boleh dikapankan Tun. Saya cukup yakin dalam hal ini.


  6. HouseWife Oct 29,2016 1:20 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Tun, kita pun buat budget supaya senang hati kita untuk urus perbelanjaan harian. Selalunya selepas plus minus ada surplus tetapi hampir2 akhir bulan budget lari pula. Selalunya lebih daripada lari, dah macam lari lompat kijang! Salah urus? Yele, orang tak pakar urus mesti terlajak, lagi pula kos sara hidup semakin meningkat, duit semakin kecik. Mana nak korek? Berhutang dengan ceti, kad kredit, akaun anak2, mak bapak…mungkin ada pak arab ‘budiman’ nak ‘derma’?

    Perbelanjaan kerajaan sekarang lebih kepada mengurus daripada pembangunanan negara, so buget mesti lari kan Tun. Kerajaan nak korek dari mana, kalau tak berhutang lagi. Macam mana kerajaan creates money? Cop dan cop banyak2 kot. Siapa nak bayar hutang kerajaan? Oleh kerana angkara kelalaian dan ketidakpandaian urus tadbir kewangan negara oleh pemimpin2 terlajak bijak, rakyat jadi mangsa. Rakyat disuruh bayar hutang dia. Kona kanan nampak hutang, kona kiri nampak hutang, pi depan hutang sekat, undur belakang langgar hutang.

    Era MO1 ni banyak melahirkan penghutang2 muda dan tua. Sepatutnya banyak create jobs untuk bangsa sendiri, ini tidak bawa masuk ramai orang luar, ada yang dah jadi rakyat negara ini, duit pun banyaklah keluar. Macam mana ekonomi negara nak berkembang. Disuruh pula rakyat jadi dreba uber, jadi usahawan tepi jalan. Belajar sampai ke menara gading ini saranannya kepada anak2 muda bangsa sendiri?!
    Tak tahulah jenis economist apa dia ni.

    Ni orang2 MelayuUmno millionaire, billionaire tak ada ka idea buka bisnis untuk maju bangsa sendiri? Tak bolehkah kongsi kekayaan dan buka bisnis nasi lemak macam kfc ka, wujud koperasi atau persatuan ahli nasi lemak (anak dara ka, anak teruna ka) keuntungan share semua. Takkan dah jadi million/billionaire tak mahu kongsi kekayaan, nak kedekut sampai bila. Janganlah nak monopoli pula. Tapi saya lihat orang MelayuUmno ni kayakan puak2 dia je. Kalau ada yang tak kedekut pun seconit je. Tun, ini pemandangan daripada yang melihat bukan yang jeles.

    Semoga Tun diberi kesihatan yang baik dan dilindungi Allah selalu. Terima kasih Tun.

  7. Tun Perak Oct 28,2016 11:30 PM


    UMNO adalah organisasi, begitu juga DAP, PAS dan PKR dan Pribumi Bersatu. Organisasi pada dasarnya bersih, tetapi manusia yang berada di dalam organisasi mungkin tidak bersih. Jadi ramai manusia ni sebenarnya bukan anti UMNO , bukan anti mana-mana organisasi. Cuma mereka ni anti manusia yang menyeleweng duit ke dalam poket mereka di dalam organisasi tersebut.Kebetulan mereka itu ada di dalam UMNO. Sekiranya mereka tiada di dalam UMNO dan UMNO diketuai oleh manusia yang tidak menyeleweng, semua akan suka mereka.

    There are three types of people. First are people who is in denial that the country is having a problem, Second are the people who is in acceptance that the country is having a problem and Third, the people who had accepted that the country is having a problem and had moved to correct it.

    Karl, you are in denial that the country is having a problem.

    If Malaysia is doing good, no banks in Singapore will need to closed. Now two banks are forced to close by Singapore government and about 5 banks are fined by the Singapore government. The reason – these banks are linked with 1MDB money transfer.

    In Switzerland, one bank is facing criminal proceeding due to its dealing with 1MDB.

    In United States, 1 billion USD of assets are frozen , linked with 1MDB.

    In Hong Kong, Millions of money in bank account is under investigation.

    The investigations are also deeply conducted in UAE, Australia, United Kingdom, Luxembourg and a few other country.

    Khairi Jamaluddin had famously said, “Kalau tiada angin, tak kan pokok bergoyang”…. but now banyak pokok bergoyang, Khairi is infamously keeping quiet.

    Of course, when you are keeping quiet, you can be misconstrued as being a partner in crime.

    Evidence is abundance that Jho Low and Datuk Shahrul had done significant efforts in influencing bankers and the Board of Directors of 1MDB.

    The only way for Najib to clear his name is to conduct an investigation on Jho Low and Shahrul Helmi. We may think that he being “naive” was under influence of a 29 years old financial advisor. But if no investigation is done on Jho Low and Shahrul Helmi, assumption could be made that he works in cohort with Jho Low. Now , that is what Husni Hanadzlah tried to hint when questioning 1MDB in Parliament the last few days. Husni Hanadzlah orang UMNO – ada sesiapa anti dia kalau dia bercakap benar ? Tidak ada kan, gitu kan kita harus bersikap.

    Janganlah harap sangat dengan hutang yang ditawarkan oleh Tekun, dan badan-badan yang lain. Kerana kurang daripada 2% pengundi yang berminat untuk berebut mendapatkan wang tersebut. Daripada 2% pengundi yang berminat untuk mendapatkan wang tersebut, 50% adalah penyokong pembangkang. 98% pengundi adalah makan gaji, atau telah pencen, atau pun telah mempunyai bank tertentu yang telah menawarkan pinjaman.

    Setiap 1 ringgit hutang ditawarkan oleh Tekun dan bantuan pinjaman lain, 1 ringgit bantuan lain (seperti subsidi) yang akan dikurangkan kepada rakyat kerana Malaysia bukannya bajet surplus tetapi bajet defisit. Bantuan ini diberikan kepada 98% pengundi dan bukannya 2% pengundi.

    Jika dibanding dengan zaman Tun dan Anwar jadi Menteri Kewangan, Growth adalah 8% hingga 10% tetapi ada surplus, jadi hutang berkurangan; jadi zaman tersebut the growth in Malaysia is sustainable growth. Sekarang ni, growth around 3% tapi hutang bertambah puluhan billion. This type of growth is not sustainable growth.

    Era 1990an, harga petroleum rendah. USD 18 – USD 30 per barrel, tapi tak ada harap sangat pun dengan petrol untuk tampung perbelanjaan. Tapi selepas 2003, harga petroleum antara USD 30 hingga USD 103 per barrel, tapi hutang pun bertambah 200%. Nampak sangat duit ada sebenarnya,tapi pengurusan kewangan tidak cekap.

    Begitu juga ramai orang menuduh Tun sebagai penyamun tetapi tuduhan tersebut tidak datang dengan bukti. There is no evidence that can relate any money goes into Tun’s account or pocket. If you have prove show it to me, and I would critics Tun for his crime. So, boleh percaya ke tuduhan kalau tiada wang masuk akaun ?

    Now, in Najib case, ada evidence duit masuk account walau pun pada mulanya Najib kata tiada. Kemudian bila ada wang sudah masuk akaun, katanya derma Pak Arab. Ya lah kita percaya derma pada mulanya, tapi trace link DOJ menyatakan duit tersebut datang dari Tanore, yang mana datang dari 1MDB bukan Pak Arab. Duit ni bukan pun datang dari SRC. Derma ke gitu kalau datang dari Tanore ? Bukan dari Pak Arab dan bukan dari SRC…. Kemudian, bila keluar link dari DOJ, Najib kata namanya tidak ada dalam report DOJ… Tapi Pak Rahman Dahalan kata MO1 tu Najib, ada dalam report.

    Ini sudah jadi macam cerita P. Ramlee…. daaaa …. Aku bukan marah , ini nasihat…

  8. Hajar Oct 27,2016 2:02 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang Amat DiKasihi Tun,

    1. ‘BAJET 2017’ membuktikan yang rejim Najib telah GAGAL.

    2. Rakyat yang dahulunya rata-rata sudah pandai BERDIKARI dan ramai yang berpendidikan tinggi, sekarang dididik pula oleh rejim Najib untuk jadi lebih mundur dengan budaya meminta-minta @ minta sedekah @ minta derma. Budaya MALAS.

    3. Sekarang semua kaum diajar “budaya haprak meminta-minta – jadi PEMALAS”.

    4. Kita sudah diundur kembali ke zaman PM-1, PM-2 dan PM-3 yang mana rata-rata rakyat mundur dan miskin. Amat menyedihkan.

    5. Lagi teruk, sekarang rakyat ‘MISKIN bandar’ pula telah bertambah banyak.

    6. Menberi ‘derma’ BR1M berbillion-billion ringgit (menyuap secara terus) amat membazir kerana yang tidak layak pun diberi ‘derma’. Yang muda belia dan sihat walafiat dan boleh bekerja lebih masa untuk dapat lebih wang pun diberi ‘derma’ (dulu pun saya sudah bantah BR1M yang nampak tidak cerdik).

    7. Kita ada Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (umum kepada rakyat Malaysia) dan kita ada ZAKAT untuk umat Islam. Jadi yang LAYAK sepatutnya dibantu menggunakan cara sedia ada, cuma pelaksanaan mesti diperkasa (ternampak banyak yang buat kerja sambil lewa).

    8. Cara rejim Najib beri BR1M ketinggalan zaman dan satu langkah kebelakang.

    9. Lebih baik ‘educate’ (beri pelajaran atau kemahiran), dari beri wang tunai kepada mereka yang layak.

    10. Tapi apa nak buat, inilah ‘BAJET 2017’, hasil ‘idea’ hampeh dari rejim Najib yang dung* dan korup.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  9. Karl Iskandar Oct 27,2016 7:43 AM

    “Melayu Miskin, Kerajaan UMNO Prihatin”

    Ada baiknya dan lebih bermanfaat jika orang Melayu yang anti-UMNO kurangkan marah dan komplen, tapi tingkatkan usaha serta rebut peluang yang telah disediakan di depan mata. Berfikiran positif dan bersangka baik sesama kita. Tak gitu? 🙂

    Bajet 2017: RM1.52b perkasa ekonomi Bumiputera

    Kerajaan memperuntukkan RM1.52 bilion untuk memperkasakan ekonomi Bumiputera dalam Bajet 2017.

    Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak berkata, peruntukan berkenaan merangkumi RM500 juta menerusi Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera (Teraju) untuk membantu syarikat-syarikat Bumiputera mengembangkan perniagaan atau memulakan perniagaan baharu.

    Najib berkata, Teraju turut diperuntukkan RM100 juta bagi Tabung Eksport untuk syarikat-syarikat Bumiputera menembusi pasaran antarabangsa.

    “Pokoknya, selagi hayat di kandung badan, agenda pemerkasaan Melayu serta Bumiputera akan terus kita perjuangkan,” katanya ketika membentangkan Bajet 2017 di Dewan Rakyat di sini hari ini.

    Turut menerima peruntukan, katanya adalah Bank Perusahaan Kecil dan Sederhana Malaysia Bhd (SME Bank) iaitu sebanyak RM100 juta bagi meningkatkan pe1uang usahawan Bumiputera dan Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (RM100 juta) bagi pelbagai program keusahawanan.

    Katanya, Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera turut diperuntukkan RM100 juta bagi program Peneraju Skil dan Iltizam, Peneraju Profesional serta Peneraju Tunas manakala RM300 juta diperuntukkan kepada tekun bagi membantu usahawan kecil memajukan perniagaan termasuk skim baharu, TEMANITA, yang khusus untuk usahawan mikro wanita.

    Tambahnya lagi sejumlah RM200 juta diperuntukkan kepada Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Bhd bagi melaksanakan Program Pembiayaan Keusahawanan dan Premis Perniagaan dan RM120 juta kepada Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) bagi pelbagai program keusahawanan, antaranya perusahaan industri halal, pembangunan usahawan belia dan Program Latihan Bersepadu Keusahawanan. – BERNAMA

  10. anti rasuah Oct 27,2016 6:45 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya setuju dengan saudara shah berkaitan dengan adik “neezam72”.

    Neezam72 mungkin tidak faham apa itu fakta, apa itu fitnah, tak faham politik, cetek ilmu ekonomi/kewangan, kurang bergaul, kurang ilmu, kurang pengalaman dan kurang membaca buku-buku yang ilmiah.

    Maafkan dia. Mungkin mentah lagi.

    Dia ibarat tidak kenal siapa Tun Mahathir.


  11. rodin Oct 27,2016 12:40 AM

    Bajet najib cuma untuk memastikan dia terus berkuasa. Tanpa kuasa dia akan merengkok dalam penjara. Dia akan dihina sehingga ke kubur. Sejarah negara akan tercalar dengan seorang perdana menteri yang buruk sahsiah dan kepimpinannya.
    Bajet najib hanya meneruskan perbelanjaan tanpa menghiraukan pendapatan dan hutang. Pendapatan semakin kurang maka rakyat dipaksa membayar cukai yang tinggi. Cukai yang tinggi biasanya ketika negara berperang dan membiayai keborosan pemerintah.
    Sumbangan tunai yang diberikan hanya untuk menggula-gulakan rakyat yang masih buta dan degil. Bayaran sumbangan setiap tahun akan menjadikan negara sebagai negara korup. Memang memberi joran akan lambat mendapat hasil tetapi joran ini akan menjadikan insan tersebut tidak lagi menghulur tangan setiap masa.
    Tun menggunakan pendekatan memberi joran dan bukan ikan setiap tahun. Bonus pula bila kemampuan kewangan baik untuk berbuat demikian. Najib ikut cara ini tetapi dengan tujuan yang salah.
    Selama kepimpinan Tun negara mengharungi pelbagai masalah tetapi dapat ditangani dengan bijaksana. Sesiapa yang pernah berada di luar negara pada masa Tun akan berasa bangga mendapat pujian. Keistimewaan layanan juga diperolehi hanya menyebut kita datang dari Malaysia. Begitulah kehebatan Tun. Ketegasannya sangat bijaksana. Kehidupannya juga sederhana.
    Kepada pemakan dedak dan penyokong najib, renunglah dengan hati yang ikhlas. Buatlah perbandingan secara jujur dan bukan berdasarkan kepentingan diri dan keluarga sendiri.

  12. Tun Perak Oct 26,2016 4:20 PM

    Bajet is bajet, whatever being presented may not be relevant to the real happiness of the people on the ground.

    To check whether people is happy – look at pre-festival shopping for festivals like Chinese New Year or Deepavali . Are people spending as much or not ? From the grapevine and local newspaper reports, the people are not spending as much as they would , years ago.

    These facts point to one conclusion. The rakyat especially the minorities races are saving their money. They know life is hard and will be getting harder.

    Government calculate debt index as Percentage of Debt over GDP and it said that it would not reach 55%. While there is growth, it looks ok. But, when financial turmoil kicks in, such that the world enters recession, growth is negative, GDP contracts, and government would need more debt to sustain their expenditure, so the 52% debt over GDP at present would shoot up to more than 60% in the event of recession.

    Will there be a recession, God willing – no , but anything can happen. China and India is slowing down, Saudi Arabia and middle east are taking up foreign loan maybe for the first time in decades. Discount rates in the US had been record low, waiting for time to move up. Salary has not catch up with housing price and reduction of subsidies. Not only that, some Ministry needs to find own money. So charges would increase to institutions, there would be cost pass through to the consumer. Consumer will pay for the charges.

    At the end of the day, it is better for the consumer to be prudent in spending. When the time come such that recession struck, spare cash on hand is very helpful.

  13. Shah Oct 25,2016 4:52 PM

    Bukan salah adik Neezam72. Mungkin beliau kurang membaca dan mungkin tidak pernah mengalami zaman kemelesetan. Maaf kan beliau, InsyaAllah.

    Akan tapi, mungkin beliau akan menjadi bijak dan mula bertanya soalan-soalan yang lebih berkualitu di masa hadapan. Adik Neezam boleh bermula dengan mencari bahan sejarah berkenaan:

    – Malaysia di tahun 1998.
    – The Malay Delima (cari dalam Bahasa Malaysia).
    – Kenapa Mahathir Menyinga.
    – Bagaimana kejayaan Tun M menangani Negara Argentina yang hampir
    – Bagaimana strategic Tun M mengambil alih Guthrie dari UK ke Malaysia.
    – Bagaimana masyarkat desa dibantu dari segi pekerjaan.
    – Giat MARA untuk anak-anak tempatan.
    – Dan lain-lain

    Terus mencari dan bila dah cerdik, baru bertanya ya !!

  14. hafizkenedelete Oct 25,2016 1:56 PM

    Salam Tun..
    Salam geng chedet.

    Salam saudara neezam72

    “Saya nak tanya sikit pada Tun. Semasa Tun memegang tampok kerajaan dahulu, apa sumbangan Tun kepada rakyat bagi membantu mengurangkan beban rakyat? Ada tak Tun memberi apa-apa sumbangan terus kepada rakyat semasa zaman gawat dahulu? Saya rasa apa Tun sudah lakukan untuk menaikkan nama negara dengan membina berbagai-bagai infrastruktur memang ramai yang ada rasa berbangga tetapi kepada rakyat secara amnya apakah Tun sudah lakukan dahulu bagi mengurangkan beban rakyat? Tahap kemiskinan pada zaman Tun dahulu saya rasa mereka tidak ada langsung pembelaan. Ini kerana ramai dikalangan rakyat miskin tegar kerap mengeluh dengan apa yang mereka dapat. Bukan tak bersyukur dengan apa yang Tun sudah lakukan tetapi kepada diri mereka sendiri apa sumbangan Tun kepada mereka? Saya sekadar bertanya. Harap Tun boleh berikan jawapan terhadap persoalan saya ini.”

    Hmmm… Saya tengah pike yg saudara nizam ni serious atau bergurau dgn Tun…

    Kalau begurau atau nak mania manna buat lawak OK la.. Tapi nmpaknya macam betul2 die tengah conpuse tuu..

    Soklan saudara ni biar la saya yg cincai cincai ni bagi jawab..soklannya bangang,biala yg jawabnya org yg xcerdik macam saya..


    Utk pengetahuan saudara yg bangga dgn brim pemberian najib, sumbangan Tun adalah beribu Kali besar dari sumbangan berbentuk Wang kpd rakyat jelata…Infrastruktur yang saudara sebutkan kebanyakannya tadi TELAH membuka banyak peluang pekerjaan kepada rakyat… Sbgai contoh, supaya otak saudara tak stress utk bepike, KLIA..

    Memberi beribu kekosongan jawatan kpd penduduk di kawasan sekitar melewati 4 buah negeri… Bila wujudnya lapangan terbang, kawasan sekeliling maju dgn cepat dan tumbuh la bandar bandar baru… Yg juga membuka peluang pekerjaan kpd penduduk setempat n rakyat… Bayangkanlah , individual yg asalnya xbekerja, tak mempunyai pendapatan, sudah mampu untuk mempunyai pendapatan sekurang-kurangnya RM 1000 /sebulan(pada waktu tersebut, sekarang lebih tinggi) . Dengan kata lainnya terkeluar dari jurang KEMISKINAN…
    Kalau nak dibandingkan dengan pemberian BRIM yang purata bayaran sebulan sebanyak RM 100(bagi tahun 2017).

    Saudara neezam… Saya xnak ulas pasal GST,tapi Saya harap saudara lebih banyak membaca dan kurangkan tengok berita TV3 n RTM… Dikhuatiri boleh membantutkan perkembangan Otak…

    Banyak lagi sumbangan Tun yang tak kan saudara boleh bayangkan… Ingatlah pesan saya ,Tun tak buat perkara sia-sia, semuanya mempunyai sebab n faedah untuk rakyat… Dan yang paling penting , Tun tak aniaya rakyat..


    T.kasih Tun…

    Cincai cincai tulis..


  15. Hajar Oct 25,2016 11:59 AM

    Salam YAB dan Yang Amat DiKasihi Tun,

    Kerajaan BERHUTANG dengan saya (ribuan ringgit saja) sebab saya ada lebihan CUKAI yang LHDN pegang. Surat yang dihantar kepada saya sahkan ada wang lebihan cukai di LHDN, tapi peliknya masih mahu tangguhkan pembayaran kepada saya, kononnya masih lagi mahu buat ‘audit’. Alahai, berapa kali lagi mereka mahu ‘audit’ saya. Ataupun mereka mahu saya minta ‘sedekah’ @ ‘derma’ dari mereka untuk dapatkan balik hak (wang) saya sendiri?

    Rejim Najib memang hampeh. Ni nak habaq mai…

    Nampak ‘bebenor’ Kerajaan kesempitan wang, tapi masih lagi mahu menderma berbillion-billion ringgit kepada mereka yang ramai TIDAK LAYAK dapat ‘derma BR1M’. Memang hampeh ‘Bajet 2017’ yang DSN bentangkan. Dung* betul Menteri Kewangan @ MO1 ini, tapi ada lagi yang memuji-memuja kedunguan yang tidak berkesudahan ini…

    P/S: Alahai…ada pula ‘gang dung*’ yang mempersoalkan sumbangan Tun. Ramai orang kampong (susah) yang jadi terpelajar semasa zaman Tun. Tun banyak membantu (naik taraf kehidupan) orang kampong yang dulunya hidup dalam kesusahan (daif) – sekarang ramai yang senang lenang, termasuklah saya! 🙂

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  16. faridina Oct 25,2016 11:48 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Buat Neezam72 yang suka bertanya tapi soalan lebih baik dari beri kenyataan tahap dedak macam karl ke kedai tu.

    Adikku Zam, kalau kita bagi sumbangan mana boleh nak bangga diri beritahu orang biarlah orang lain menilaikannya.

    Pertama sekali Tun tidak pernah beri duit secara langsung berbentuk wang kepada berjuta rakyat macam brim broom tu yang kemudian membuat rakyat jadi malas manja dan sentiasa bergantung harap.

    Barangkali Zam sudah terbaca pepatah Cina yang terkenal sejak beratus tahun dahulu iaitu kalau kamu beri seseorang itu seekor ikan maka dapatlah dia makan untuk hari itu tetapi sekiranya kamu berikan dia kelengkapan memancing dan tunjukkan lubuk sekali maka dia akan makan sepanjang hayatnya.

    Apa yang dipraktikkan Tun M semasa pemerintahannya ialah menukarkan penggantungan negara dari asas pertanian kepada perindustrian.

    Cuba adik Zam fikir kalau awak ada tanah kebun 1 ekar awak dan bini pun sudah boleh mengusahakannya tetapi dengan tanah yang sama keluasan kalau didirikan kilang maka ia boleh menyediakan 500 peluang pekerjaan.

    Jadi tanggungjawab kerajaan bersih cekap amanah dahulu adalah memberikan tumpuan peluang pendidikan tertinggi dengan bantuan biasiswa kepada anak bangsa, menarik pelaburan asing untuk mengujudkan peluang pekerjaan dengan suasana politik yang stabil dan membuka peluang untuk rakyat berniaga sebab permintaan dan kuasa membeli sudah ada pendekkata kalau awak rajin berusaha awak akan berjaya tak ada sebab.

    Pendidikan juga boleh mengeluarkan kita dari tahap kemiskinan maka tak ada sebab untuk menyuapkan makanan ke mulut mereka tetapi memberi peluang pelajaran kepada anak2 mereka supaya generasi seterusnya boleh bersaing dan keluarkan diri serta ibubapanya dari kelompok kemiskinan.

    Namun kita mesti terima hakikat bahawa ada golongan miskin tegar yang sukar atau lambat ditukarkan mind setting dia maka zaman Tun dahulu telah diwujudkan Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat yang mana bantuan elaun bulanan diberikan (lebih tinggi dari brim broom) nah ini baru betul pada kumpulan sasarannya bukan nak pancing undi dan perangkap GST.

    Adik, zaman gawat dahululah Tun M jadi superhero kamu tak tahu ke atau ialah masih pakai lampin lagi kot sebab tu tak tahu, takpe ceritanya macam ini PM masa tu telah menetapkan paras terendah 400 mata untuk BSKL, tidak tunduk pada IMF dengan tidak menaikkan kadar faedah pinjaman, tidak memendekkan NPL dari 6 bulan ke 3 bulan dan paling gempak dunia menetapkan pertukaran matawang ringgit RM3.80 bagi setiap USD 1 (1 dollar Amerika) dan duit not ringgit hanyalah RM100 (dulu ada duit not RM500 dan RM1,000 sekeping tau tak Zam – maknanya Tun M dah pandang jauh ke alaf 21 sebab sekarang ni kalu ada not seribu sekeping En Najis tak payah susah payah masukkan 2.6 billion ringgit dalam akaun peribadinya dia simpan cash je dan sampai la ni pun kita tak tahu cerita tahu tak!).

    Berhubung ura2 GST zaman Tun M memang dah ada tak percaya tanya Tun Daim sebab hal sebegini dia tak boleh diam membisu atau menipu fakta macam budak Hitam dari Segamat tapi mengaku budak JB kunun yang tulis buku masa tengah high (mabuk) silap2 keluar surat bahan bukti macam Tun M tunjukkan dan seronok dengar ada orang komen ini bukan kena penampar dengan selipar jepun tapi selipar jamban huhuhu..

    Sekian sahaja Zam kalu ada lagi soalan jangan segan bertanya lebih baik tanya kami dari Zainuddin anak Maidin tu.

    Wasalam Tun.

    p/s – Second time baca RD punya cerita pasal Musa London asal si tanggang Segamat – terbaik dan harus dibukukan.

  17. YouCanDoBetter Oct 25,2016 11:44 AM

    The other day I spoke to someone who compared Tun M’s loss of investments while in government with our current PM’s. The only difference is that our current PM used his account as the holding bay for the money. It makes no sense at all. Why did our current PM not go through official channels as if the government has no bank accounts of its own to handle the money?

    The current government tries to take the easy way out by telling people to get hand outs from the government, drive Uber and open nasi lemak stalls. Is this the best we can do? Is there enough demand for ride hailing services to begin with? i.e. Ride hailing services are iffy. They work on supply and demand. If there is oversupply, they pay pittance to the drivers. Hence why the shine of working for ride hailing services have diminished considerably. In the past, one could make RM8-10,000 but now it is half that or less. It doesn’t help that bad attitudes follow on from taxis or even from the Malaysian mind set to such services.

    Based on the above, how does the current government intend to evolve us? I mean, is there a plan to move us up? We should really have chartered our own course (very much like what Tun did in the past) when it comes to defining ourselves whether that means to become developed or not.

    I am not saying that it is not respectable to be a taxi driver or a glorified one or that doing a road side business is any less demanding than working in an office but if everyone is doing their own thing, who is going to do the work that needs doing? Productivity will drop if people are holding 2 jobs. You can’t focus on 2 things. I know so many people doing two or three things at once and they neglect their primary job that gives them a steady income.

    Is it because the work is uninteresting in the office? And whose fault is that if there is no growth industries and instead of moving forward with research and design we are only manufacturing and reproducing. It’s not expanding the mind.

    And what about prudence in running a government? If only excesses and corruption … i.e. if people didn’t ridiculously inflate prices, then I imagine we could do more with what we have.

    Also, the government wanting to spruce up low cost housing is silly when the mentality of those people need to change. What makes them think it is the role of the government to care for their premises? And if that is so, they should pay up their monthly maintenance fees because that’s what responsible and grateful people do. Malaysians need to learn to care for their environment and things. Whenever I see ill-maintained buses, lorries and trucks, spewing out black smoke, it makes me upset. When I see dirty public toilets, warungs and the like, it makes me upset because what is in our minds is what is displayed for all to see.

  18. neezam72 Oct 25,2016 3:45 AM

    Assalamualaikum kepada Tun.

    Saya nak tanya sikit pada Tun. Semasa Tun memegang tampok kerajaan dahulu, apa sumbangan Tun kepada rakyat bagi membantu mengurangkan beban rakyat? Ada tak Tun memberi apa-apa sumbangan terus kepada rakyat semasa zaman gawat dahulu? Saya rasa apa Tun sudah lakukan untuk menaikkan nama negara dengan membina berbagai-bagai infrastruktur memang ramai yang ada rasa berbangga tetapi kepada rakyat secara amnya apakah Tun sudah lakukan dahulu bagi mengurangkan beban rakyat? Tahap kemiskinan pada zaman Tun dahulu saya rasa mereka tidak ada langsung pembelaan. Ini kerana ramai dikalangan rakyat miskin tegar kerap mengeluh dengan apa yang mereka dapat. Bukan tak bersyukur dengan apa yang Tun sudah lakukan tetapi kepada diri mereka sendiri apa sumbangan Tun kepada mereka? Saya sekadar bertanya. Harap Tun boleh berikan jawapan terhadap persoalan saya ini. Dan juga betul ke semasa dizaman pemerintahan Tun sudah ada perbincangan mahu melaksanakan GST semasa Anwar masih lagi menjadi menteri kewangan dahulu? Harap Tun boleh berikan jawapannya sekali.


  19. loveDrM Oct 25,2016 3:15 AM

    Budget 2017 is nothing.

    Just give dedak yang beracun

  20. Karl Iskandar Oct 24,2016 4:49 PM

    Bajet 2017 ini adalah bajet mesra-BR1M.

    Pihak pembangkang sudah tentu rasa tertekan apabila 7 juta penerima BR1M disumbat dengan dedak secara paksa oleh Najib.

    Apapun, suntikan RM2 billion setiap tiga bulan di dalam pasaran pastinya akan merancakkan ekonomi negara, terutama sektor peruncitan.

    Cuma dikesalkan, kerana RM7 billion itu tidaklah masuk terus ke dalam poket kroni, seperti amalan kerajaan pra-Najib.

  21. asahamat Oct 24,2016 4:44 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun

    Samseng Jamal Vs Khairuddin …

    Kalau Jamal nak ludah tangan Tun, tak apalah. Biar dia ludah. Yg penting lepas ludah, Tun cuci tangan tu elok2 dan hulur salam balik dia dgn senyuman istimewa Tun ….

    Apa BERSATU perlu buat, standby rakam peristiwa itu dan sebarkanlah. In Shaa Allah akan ada hikmahnya.

    Orang gila, kalau kita layan cara gila, pasti yg lebih gila adalah kita. Kita kena faham budaya Melayu. Playing under dog character kadang2 sangat memenangkan ….

    Melayu tak suka melampau. Bukan Melayu jika suka Melampau …. termasuk terlalu dayus dan apa bala yg berkaitan ….

  22. asahamat Oct 24,2016 4:38 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun.

    Sarawak Vs Najib MO1:

    Saya orang Sarawak. Jati Sarawak. Soal orang Sarawak sokong BN dlm PRN lepas tak perlu diungkit2. It is not about BN, all is about “a change”. Macam undi PRU 11. Pak Llah dpt the best vote ever. Sentimen di PRN Sarawak sama. Not so
    much of BN @ Najib MO1. Itu orang Malaya kena faham. It is our strategic consideration for our future. Melayu Sarawak tak boleh dan In Shaa Allah tak berpecah. Sebab itu saya usulkan BERSATU tak perlu ke Sarawak. No need. Wastage. Saya yakin Tun n TS Muhhyiddin tahu n bijak menilai ….

    Hak kita kita akan tuntut. Zaman Tunpun kita tuntut n Tun layan cara dia dan berkesan. Sebab itu, tuntutan itu tidak ketara, sebab kita lebih kurang dapat apa kita mahu …..

  23. tok jangut Oct 24,2016 4:25 PM


    Don’t complain.

    Singapore has 1 PM, 2 DPMs, 1 Coordinating minister, 1 minister in the PM office. Each are paid between RM3 million to RM6 million a year. Singapore is even smaller than Malaysia about the size of KL. Malaysia got its ministers cheap. Malaysia is very lucky to get such cheap labour.

  24. zulu Oct 24,2016 12:08 PM

    Nine Ministers and three Deputy Ministers in the Prime Minister’s Department. All those getting salary from tax payer’s money.

    Everyone knew this number is not at all needed for a small country like Malaysia.

  25. Chu mat Oct 24,2016 11:59 AM


    1. Kena beri peluang kepada PPBM buat belanjawan yang rasional.

    2. Cari satu dewan, bentangkan

    3. Mampukah belanjawan PPBM menanggung beban hutang yang ada

    4. Kalau ada kekangan dalam pembentang sebarkan melalui media cetak atau


  26. zulu Oct 24,2016 11:50 AM

    MP’s walkout during the 2017 Budget is strong slap in the face of MO1. No head of state in the world have experienced this.

  27. sibotak Oct 24,2016 6:20 AM

    Nak Budget Apa ?
    Najib tunjuk Tauladan yg tak Baik
    Amik duit Negara , jual Tanah Nagara sesuka hati beliau tanpa segan silu
    Nak Budegt apa ?

    Rembat je lah anggota UMNO bawah hingga Kepala UMNO
    Amik saja duit depan mata , Kalau kena tangkap
    Cakap saja Arab Dugul dari Pasir Berdegung yg kasi

    Kalau Najib bolih
    Yg lain pun bolih
    Zahid bolih , Hisahmuddin bolih , Pak Lah pun bolih sekaki

    Malaysia semua Bolih
    Depan bolih , Belakang pun Bolih
    Najib bolih , Rosmah lagi Bolih
    Semua Bolih

    Sinagpore Tak Bolih & Serba Bolih
    Bolih kena Saman

    Indonesia Asal Bolih
    Selagi bolih Hembat….Hembat kasi rabak

  28. faridina Oct 24,2016 3:55 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Kami sekeluarga seronok betul malam tadi pakai baju merah PPBM bersama2 kalangan ribuan penduduk Jasin, Melaka yang sememangnya menanti2kan kehadiran ayahanda Tun dan pimpinan tertinggi PPBM.

    Bukan apa usaha membawa Tun, TSMY dan DSMM telah beberapa kali berjaya digagalkan oleh dak Idris sebelum ini termasuklah malam tadi ada satu lagi majlis sengaja diadakan di Stadium Jasin untuk menarik perhatian penduduk Jasin.

    Namun terbukti sambutan hangat tetap diberikan kepada PPBM yang telah dibenarkan menggunakan Dataran Hamas milik PAS Jasin satu petanda yang baik dalam hubungan PPBM dan PAS.

    Terima kasih juga kepada pasukan polis Melaka yang telah memberi khidmat mengiringi ayahanda Tun sepanjang perjalanan di Melaka.

    Insya Allah kalau sokongan rakyat Melaka berkekalan maka sudah barang tentu Melaka akan dikuasai Barisan Bersatu menjelang PRU 14 nanti.

    Macamana reaksi Idris Harun agaknya sebab lepas Jasin berjaya digempur maka giliran Tangga Batu pula jadi sasaran.

    Wasalam Tun.

  29. Ali Akbar Hashim Oct 24,2016 12:04 AM

    Dear Sir,

    Please kindly organized a road show to every corner of this country, every district, every town, every states

    Help the citizens to joined the new party PRIBUMI

  30. rakyatmy2020 Oct 24,2016 12:03 AM

    In advanced countries, Minister who are suspected in crime are suspended from position while pending investigation. In Malaysia the PM who call the investigate of 1MDB crimes can declare the investigation outcome as government secrets. AG can be sacked and replace by a incompetent AG that wave evidences to the public and declare no case.

    In advanced countries, every crimes are investigated and offenders are brought into justices. In Malaysia, people can be blowed into pieces with TNT, gun down in day light in temple, stuff into oil drum, investigation with no result and justices is just put up for shows.

    In adcanced countries, election are true and fair, they are free to voice out and challenge anyone who wants to be PM. In Malaysia, you are banned to ask or say anything about your party leader or else you will be sacked.

    In advanced countries, a President cannot be the Finance Minister the same time, is a conflict of interest and lack of segregation of duties. In Malaysia the PM can have full control of the Ministry of Finance, overwrite Bank Negara authority in billions of overseas transfer within a day.

    In advance countries, they protect the aborigins. Education, food and shelters are given to support non-competitive aborigins. in Malaysia, real aborigins are chase out from their lands and steal the countries treasures.

    In short, please don’t quote advanced countries if a person does not know know what is advanced county. Even he has studied in London, he did not practice the good side of advanced countries but taking advantage of the poor and ignorance with a gang of crooks. All the talented resources are slowly expelled to avoid critics.

    When the titanic is sinking, you hardly feel anything because it is too big to feel the movements. You will know when it reaches the end. Wise man will observe the surrounding and find for safety before is too late.

  31. Ali Akbar Hashim Oct 23,2016 11:55 PM

    Dear Sir,

    Now the cooking oil subsidy has been taking out too, sooner there is no more subsidy for the peoples of Malaysia

    Through GST the present government continue to legally robbed the rakyats every second

    This is the government lead by Najib the man that you personally choose to be a Prime Minister

    He is chosen not because of track record but because of cronyism, nepotism and bias and double standard by you

    In return he make you like a pariah

    He too got support from 9 out of 10 Rulers of Malaysia

    That is what Raja Petra claimed

    What good has he done since taking over a Prime Minister post?

    Why citizens of Malaysia still support him and ready to die for him?

    Why all Rulers are defending him? Is he a royal blood too?

    Why Royal is so special?

    It is ashamed the all components parties in National Front are keeping quiet and support Najib

    They must out from National Front and joined the opposition

    That will left PAS which still loyal to Najib

  32. Hajar Oct 23,2016 9:55 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB Tun,

    I’ve nothing much to say (comment) on the recently tabled ‘2017 Budget’ (Bajet hampeh!).

    My only comment is that our PM @ Finance Minister @ MO1 is a total failure.

    Allow me Tun:

    The following article about Tun’s son, TS Mokhzani is so inspiring. We need more ‘exemplary – successful’ businessmen like him in Malaysia.

    /// An excerpt:

    To give this some perspective, when Mohzani and Yeow started Kencana Capital in 2001, they had put in capital of RM30mil.

    Today some 15 years later, Kencana is valued at some RM1.5bil. Its safe to say that its been a successful and fruitful journey that few can dream off.

    Mokhzani and Yeow’s first major venture into the O&G sector was through Kencana Petroleum Bhd back in 2001, and boy, was that a success.

    They put in a substantial amount of money in the Lumut Fabrication Yard, which was Kencana’s major fabrication yard located at Lumut Industrial Park, Perak.


    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  33. anti rasuah Oct 23,2016 9:35 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Setuju dengan pandangan saudara Fariq Islam berhubung dengan bayaran balik pinjaman ptptn oleh peminjam dan pemberian BR1M kepada gulungan muda yang mampu bekerja tidak sewajarnya diberi.

    Saya melihat kerajaan BN yang diketuai oleh Naji$ Razak ini sememangnya bahalol.

    1. hutang negara terus meningkat
    2. br1m diberi kepada golongan tidak sepatutnya
    3. harga rumah gagal dikawal
    4. kos sara hidup terus meningkat
    5. rasuah terus berleluasa
    6. rumah pelacuran bertambah
    7. penyeludupan gagal dikawal
    8. pembalakan haram gagal dikawal
    9. gagal menjana pendapatan negara
    10. penyelewengan dana badan-badan berkanun demi menutup kelemahan 1mdb
    11. banyak projek bernilai ratusan jutaan ringgit dibuat secara rundingan terus kepada kroni politik, dan banyak rundingan terus harganya tidak masuk akal, 5 hingga 10 kali ganda. contoh terbaik adalah pembongkaran sprm di sabah baru-baru ini.
    dan banyak lagi…


  34. zulu Oct 23,2016 9:01 PM

    The opposition walkout during the budget is a real slap to the face of Najis. No head of state in the world would have experienced this kind of insult.

    This shows how UMNO went down to low level under Najis and his slaves.

  35. Politicalamity9 Oct 23,2016 8:03 PM


    1. how do you explain the over budget to the sports as compared to healthcare? the 2b allocation to Jakim and its relative contribution towards vision 2020?

    2. that is common sense. The rakyat have no money to spend more on any increase in GST.

    3. that would be the biggest gambling in placing your bets on the unknown,

    4. are you sure that we are taking the moderate route in aligning ourselves with the west? with the hot-dog issue, the gymnast attire etc?

    p/s: not sure whether you are trying to explain or trying to be sarcastic, but in the online world you dont capitalize everything to voice out your opinion in a positive way.

  36. WandyCaswady Oct 23,2016 11:59 AM

    ﻓَﺘَﻠَﻘَّﻰٰٓ ءَاﺩَﻡُ ﻣِﻦ ﺭَّﺑِّﻪِۦ ﻛَﻠِﻤَٰﺖٍ ﻓَﺘَﺎﺏَ ﻋَﻠَﻴْﻪِ ۚ ﺇِﻧَّﻪُۥ ﻫُﻮَ ٱﻟﺘَّﻮَّاﺏُ ٱﻟﺮَّﺣِﻴﻢُ

    Fatalaqqa adamu min rabbihi kalimatin fataba AAalayhi innahu huwa alttawwabu alrraheemu

    Then Adam received from his Lord [some] words, and He accepted his repentance. Indeed, it is He who is the Accepting of repentance, the Merciful.

  37. Fariq Islam Oct 23,2016 9:59 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Peminjam-peminjam PTPTN memikul tanggungjawab untuk membayar balik duit pinjaman. Mereka kenalah faham bahawa duit yang dikembalikan itu akan dipinjam kepada “adik-adik” yang ingin menuntut di institusi pengajian tinggi. Ini soal akhlak, moral dan sejauh mana kita menunaikan Sunnah.

    Sekandar memberi diskaun untuk menggalakkan pembayaran balik tidak memadai, haruslah kerajaan mengamalkan mekanisme yang lebih komprehensif, untuk menuntut balik duit. Apakah kakitangan kerajaan yang menikmati pendapatan dan pekerjaan terjamin tidak mampu membayar balik, sedangkan segolongan besar memakai kereta mewah?

  38. Fariq Islam Oct 23,2016 9:50 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Kalau hari ini Malaysia mempunyai rezab berbilion-bilion, mungkin pengagihan duit BR1M kepada semua Rakyat secara sama rata dipandang satu langkah berkongsi kekayaan Negara.

    Namun, apa yang terjadi pada hari ini, hutang Negara melambung tinggi dan nilai matawang menyusut teruk. Sedekah BR1M masih diagih kepada pemuda-pemudi yang seharusnya digalak tekun bekerja untuk meningkatkan pendapatan, dan bukannya bergantung kepada sedekah BR1M.

    Kita haruslah berfikir panjang. Sekiranya hutang Negara terus melonjak, apakah yang akan terjadi kepada anak cucu kita? Apakah mereka akan menanggung hutang Negara di luar kemampuan membiayai?

  39. faridina Oct 23,2016 4:32 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Dalam sejarah Melayu moden tidak pernah lagi dilahirkan seorang pemimpin tertinggi Melayu yang berkulit setebal DS Najib.

    Orang Melayu terkenal dengan sifat malunya – malu untuk tidak berkata benar, malu jika apa dicakap tidak sama dengan apa yang dilakukan (cakap tak serupa bikin) dan tersangat malu kalau tembelang telah pecah dan diketahui umum.

    Orang Melayu macam kami pun kalau ikut hati malu nak tengok Belanjawan 2017 secara langsung kerana tak sanggup (malu) nak tengok muka orang yang tak tahu malu membentangkannya.

    Lebih memalukan mendengar petikan ucapan bajet berikut dari mulut beliau tanpa rasa malu ;

    [Saudara dan saudari. Maksud perbelanjaan berhemah oleh Kerajaan di sini, kalau hendak dipercontohkan dalam sesebuah keluarga, seorang bapa atau ketua keluarga harus bijak dalam menguruskan kewangan untuk keperluan seisi rumah.]
    [Ertinya, jika dulu,..dapat dibelikan mainan yang agak mahal untuk anak-anak,… dalam keadaan sekarang,… beli tetap beli juga…tetapi yang bersesuaian dengan kadar kemampuan.]
    [Manakala, makan minum,…kalau sebelum ini boleh sedikit bermewah dan makan-makan di restoran mahal,…kini boleh bersederhana serta berjimat, barangkali di restoran-restoran berpatutan, namun tidak kurang enak makanannya.]

    Pasti tuan2 sakit hati dengar petikan ucapan pembuka kata itu kan tapi penulis teks ucapan patut tambah lagi ;

    ^Saudara saudari sebagai ketua keluarga dan timbalan ketua keluarga juga sebagai contoh hendaklah gantikan bahan kecantikan muka berjenama dengan bedak sejuk sahaja,…ialah kalau dahulu pakai botox sekarang makanlah botok-botok,…kalau dahulu laki bini berbelanja berjuta ringgit untuk produk anti-penuaan sekarang mungkin boleh ganti dengan memakan tempe dan ulam-ulaman,…kalau dulu belikan bini beg tangan berjenama ratusan ribu ringgit sekarang belikan juga beg tangan berjenama tapi kat Petaling Street lah,..kalau dahulu setkan rambut isteri sampai beribu sekarang mungkin kita boleh belikan dia kain tudung tak perlu set rambut lagi,..kalau dulu buat kerja kahwin mewah untuk anak di hotel lima bintang sekarang buat juga di hotel tapi hotel bajetlah,…kalau dulu belanja bunga hidup sampai berjuta ringgit sekarang gunakan juga bunga,..bunga kertas atau plastik,…lagi satu saudara saudari kalau buat kerja kahwin tak payahlah beri tetamu hadiah mahal2 cukuplah dengan telur puyuh sebiji seorang,,.. akhir sekali ada orang Malaysia saudara saudari yang sangat prihatin bukan kata anak sendiri tapi anak tiri pun dihadiahkan wang beratus juta untuk buat filem lucah sambil berkasino,…sudah2lah lebih baik ajak dia JV dengan Syamsul anak Yusof Haslam tak habis RM3 juta sambil boleh mendalami ilmu agama dengan Syamsul Yusof atau Syamsul Ghau-Ghau 🙂 ]

    Wasalam Tun.

    p/s – MP Malaysia setakat keluar dewan masih beradab,…kalau luar negara dah lama kena campak kerusi dan siap bertumbuk lagi,…

  40. WandyCaswady Oct 22,2016 9:38 PM

    Indeed, Allah is not timid to present an example – that of a mosquito or what is smaller than it. And those who have believed know that it is the truth from their Lord. But as for those who disbelieve, they say, “What did Allah intend by this as an example?” He misleads many thereby and guides many thereby. And He misleads not except the defiantly disobedient,

  41. sibotak Oct 22,2016 2:29 PM

    Tok Jangut

    What comes around goes around
    Respects has to be Earned

    Najib failed to earn the people respects nor the opposition respects
    Blame not others but Najib is to be Blamed
    Indeed when Najib should be thrown out as he failed to clarify
    The Truth of 1MDB

  42. RazK Oct 22,2016 2:08 PM







  43. tok jangut Oct 22,2016 11:53 AM

    This is a great budget. He gave so much money to the poor. This even after the allegations of misappropriation at IMBD It is such a big sacrifice. The opposition MPs are a disgrace:


    KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has hit out at opposition lawmakers for walking out as he was delivering the budget speech for 2017, saying they were unprofessional and had disrespected the parliament.
    By –
    October 21
    KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has hit out at opposition lawmakers for walking out as he was delivering the budget speech for 2017, saying they were unprofessional and had disrespected the parliament.

    “They have humiliated themselves in front of the country. I hope people can see how they are against the concept of democracy,” Mr Najib told reporters when he left the parliament on Friday (Oct 21).

    “In advanced countries, they can have a different opinion but they don’t act the same way,” he said adding that the opposition’s actions had tarnished the image of the Malaysian parliament.

    The Premier said respect should be given even though one may have differing views and ideology. “Leaders should have good manners and attitude so that they are respected by the people.”

    Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin also echoed Mr Najib’s sentiments and claimed the opposition had disrespected the budget itself by their actions.

    “That was a little bit unfortunate. It wasn’t very professional. They should have stayed until the end. This is the tabling of the budget, they should have acted more professional and at least listen till the end,” the United Malays National Organisation (Umno) youth chief said.

    He added that the budget speech only happens once a year, and if the opposition had disagreed with what was tabled, they could still debate it and not stage a walkout.

    The opposition walked out of the presentation after Mr Najib made a remark about former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    “Recently, there were allegations that the 2017 Budget is of no substance and the government has insufficient funds,” he said.

    “In fact, an opposition leader stated that Malaysia will face a difficult economic situation this year. Ladies and Gentlemen, now, who is without substance? Where did the storm originate?” Mr Najib said, without directly mentioning his mentor turned critic.

    At that juncture, Members of Parliament (MPs) immediately stood up and interrupted the budget speech.

    The interruption by the opposition prompted Mr Najib and parliament speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia to ask the lawmakers to leave the house if they were not going to listen to the speech.

    A majority of opposition lawmakers later walked out holding placards reading “who is MO1 (Malaysian Official 1)”, referring to a civil lawsuit filed by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) to recover more than US$1 billion (S$1.4 billion) in assets embezzled from state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

    Opposition Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice-president Chua Tian Chang said in a tweet that “the opposition MPs walked out of Najib’s speech because we can’t stand the hypocrisy of a scandal-ridden kleptocrat”.

    Mr Najib has been plagued by a corruption scandal for the past year involving 1MDB.

    He has denied any wrongdoing in the 1MDB scandal following reports that RM2.6 billion (S$864 million) had been deposited into his private accounts, as well as of financial irregularities in the state investment vehicle.

    Opposition leader Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said the lawmakers had walked out in order to voice their dissatisfaction with the budget.

    “The budget has to be realistic. It looks good with many handouts, but where is the money coming from?” she asked.

    Former deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin said the budget tabled on Friday is flawed and the government is lacking funds to deliver what has been promised.

    “This budget is unrealistic. Although on the exterior it looks nice, with the goodies and the boost of BR1M (1Malaysia People’s Aid), the root issues which are the shrinking funds and how the government plans to settle its debts and liabilities, were not addressed,” he told reporters.

    Mr Muhyiddin, who is the president of new opposition party Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PBBM), was sacked by Mr Najib last year during a Cabinet reshuffle.

    PBBM was formed by Dr Mahathir and it will ally with opposition parties to take on Umno in the next general election. AGENCIES

    Click here to read the full article on TODAYonline

  44. faridina Oct 22,2016 3:29 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Ha.. ha.. ha.. Siapa MO1 keluar dalam dewan disaksikan sendiri Pee M @ Menteri Kewangan @ Penasihat 1MDB bersama jutaan rakyat prihatin secara langsung di kaca TV.

    Lepas suasana riuh rendah yang tidak dapat dikawal oleh Pendekar Mustar maka majoriti MP pembangkang meninggalkan dewan yang tinggal hanya beberapa MP Pas dan seorang Pahlawan sempurna dengan renungan mata tajam penuh makna.

    Rumusan kami ini bukan budget pilihanraya maka PRU 14 hampir pasti akan dilangsungkan pada 2018.

    Budget 2017 adalah hanyalah untuk memanjangkan tempoh pembayaran balik hutang 1MDB DSN dengan menggantikan DEB dan Wawasan 2020 kepada Transformasi Nasional 2050 (TN 50) bersamaan dengan Tanggungan Nasional hingga 2050 (TN 50) atau Tanggungan Najib 50 billion (TN 50). DSN mengkhianati dua tiga generasi mendatang untuk menanggung hutangnya sehinggalah 2050 🙁 .

    Kemahiran kami adalah percukaian dan tanyalah pakar2 percukaian jawapnya tiada apa yang menarik pada budget kali ini tapi melucukan adalah iaitu pengurangan cukai bilamana ada pertambahan keuntungan hahaha yang pasti banyak kalau tidak rugi sekalipun sah berkurangan keuntungan contoh terbesar ialah Petronas.

    Lain2 seperti individu pelepasan gaya hidup dan beli peralatan bayi dan menghantar anak bawah 6 tahun ke taska tidak membawa erti jika harga2 dah melambung dengan GST dan waimanya RM1,000 hingga RM2,500 itu bukan tolakan pada cukai kena di bayar macam zakat dan derma sebagai contoh tetapi hanya di pendapatan bercukai maka tiada banyak bezanya.

    GST memang tidak akan dinaikkan kali ini tetapi akan diturunkan 2% – 3% pada budget 2018 untuk budget piliharaya PRU 14.

    BR1M naik dan pembayaran one off kakitangan kerajaan dan pesara sudah dijangka. PERMATA semah dapat RM80 juta sikitnya tidak mengapa sebab peruntukan PMO mesti naik lagi kot.

    Geram bebenor apabila Menteri Kebaswang menutup budget 2017 dengan kata2 pujangga pahlawan bugis aka lanun penyamunnya.

    Hidup Tun dan wasalam.

  45. furqan Oct 22,2016 12:40 AM

    Salam Tun
    MO1 claimed that our economy is in good shape and Malaysians are now in the higher middle income band.. but he advised that rakyat become Uber drivers? LOL. How innovative and transformative job/thinking. If MO1 only knew about what is really high income nation and real productivity that can contribute to real GDP. Ignorants do not realize of their own stupidity.

  46. rakyatmy2020 Oct 21,2016 9:31 PM

    Budget spending RM260.8 billion with deficit RM40.3 billions, likely to borrow from banks or public.

    Did anyone knows what is current government Assets and Liabilities in the Balance Sheet?

    Bank current account balance 1.8 billions
    International Reserves 405 billions
    Investment asset 1.570 trillions
    Investment liabilities -1.575 trillions
    Loan -848 billion

    Net position -446 billion liabilities.

    I may be wrong some way.

    Budget 2017 is stimulating the economy by increase borrowings 40 billions.

    Net Investments is a negative. Meaning even sold everything will still a loss 5 billions

    The future government and our future generation will suffer with such heavy debts.

    Let’s pray for the best.

  47. Fariq Islam Oct 21,2016 7:39 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Budget 2017 has come out. A big group of people – BR1M alms recipients, civil servants and pensioners may be happy for what they will get.

    Generally, if one concerns much the long-term well-being of this nation, the Budget doesn’t yield positively. The Government needs to address-
    a. Contingency for unemployment
    b. Stimulus for foreign investment/ fund influx
    c. Escalating living costs
    d. Depreciating currency value

    Nevertheless, the shadow Budget of the Opposition is equally disappointing, in particular, the proposal to upgrade minimum monthly wage to RM1,500. At RM1,000 minimum wage level, so many corporate entities are already running at a loss. Can we imagine what will happen to this nation if minimum wage is subject to such a big hike in 2017?

  48. SemmakPala Oct 21,2016 8:13 AM

    Slm YBhg Tun,
    BUDGET 2017 sebenarnya sama saja dgn BUDGET2 2016 & dpt yg lepas2. cuma jumlah sahaja yg menunjukkan berbeza. Tiap2 PERTENGAHAN TAHUN belum pun sampai ke hujung tahun Budget yg dijanjikan/diberikan dipotong. dari situ kita sudah mengetahui bhw KERAjaan sudah tidak mempunyai wang.

    PIBG diminta utk membantu memberikan sumbangan kpd pihak sekolah yg agak berbeza dari sumbangan yg sepatutnya mengikut fungsi PIBG itu sendiri.

    pemberian BR1M patut dielakkan krn ianya blh membuatkan rakyat menjadi malas & sentiasa bergantung harap pada bantuan. ini akan melemahkan daya fikiran utk berdaya saing atau berdiri di atas kaki sendiri yg satu ketika kelak keupayaan berdiri di atas kaki sendiri diperlukan.

    kenaikan gaji adalah dialu-alukan bg mengantikan BR1M w/pun sedikit ianya dpt membantu pendapatan rakyat dimana ianya adalah tetap & feadah kenaikkan gaji dpt rasai tiap2 bulan.

    GST & cukai2 lain telah menurunkan rasa kelebihan kenaikkan gaji yg diberikan oleh KERAjaan kpd kakitangannya. kakitangan swasta juga tidak terlepas dari merasai bebanan yg sama. ini boleh diibaratkan kenaikkan gaji tahunan tidak memberikan apa2 faedah & kesenangan w/pun sedikit. wbagaimana pun, rakyat masih bersyukur kdp Allah atas rezeki yg dikurniakan. ini diperjelaskan dimana rakyat tidak memberontak spt di negara2 lain utk menyatakan ketidakpuasan hati mereka. hanya perarakan secara aman, itu pun bkn kerana kekurangan gaji atau pendapatan dlm perniagaan tp hanya menuntut utk pemerintah sedia ada turun dari kedudukan mereka bg mengantikan pemimpin yg baru.

    pelbagai kemudahan awam dpt diperhatikan tidak diselenggra dgn baik. keuntungan syarikat2 konsesi, kontraktor dll tlh dinyatakan dlm pendapatan tahunan kasar & bersih. ini ternyata pembidaan yg dibuat dgn kos yg tinggi diluluskan tanpa mengira kebaikan kpd rakyat. akhirnya negara terpaksa membayar harga yg tinggi & berlipat ganda.

    banyak projek2 yg telah diluluskan ditunda samada tiada wang atau dgn sengaja hanya utk setahun atau beberapa bulan kemudian ianya dilaksanakan semula dgn jumlah bidaan yg baru dgn jumlah yg amat tinggi sekali tetapi ini tidak memeranjatkan rakyat dgn wayang sebegini. rakyat telah mengetahuinya.

    negara kita telah berubah dari menuju kearah negara berteknologi tinggi & maju kpd negara yg BERGANTUNG HARAP SECARA TOTAL kpd pengeluaran minyak. hasil bumi ini lama kelamaan akan habis dgn cara rakus disedut oleh pemerintah sedia ada. sekiranya sumber alam ini mulai kering maka kita tiada alternatif utk terus berssaing dgn negara2 lain. dgn jelas negara ini tiada BACK-UP PLAN atau CONTIGENCY PLAN sekiranya perkara ini berlaku. kerapkali sekiranya sesuatu berlaku, barulah ditubuhkan komiti utk memikirkannya. lantas ianya akan mengambil masa yg panjang utk baikpulih seperti sediakala.

    kebanyakkan tuntutan yg dibuat oleh kakitangan kerajaan lewat dibayar & adda yg tidak dibayar dgn pelbagai alasan yg diberi. ini menunjjkan dgn jelas bhw KERAjaan tidak mempunyai wang utk membayar tuntutan yg dibuat.

    kelayakkan penerbangan tahunan secara percuma bagi kakitangan kerajaan yg berkhidmat di Malaysia Timur juga dihadkan. kenapa ini berlaku, ternyata KERAjaan tiada sumber wang utk membiayainya. jd apa yg dikatakan oleh pemimpin sekarang bhw ekonomi Malaysia naik adalah tidak betul sama sekali. bila kenyataan menyangkal dibuat oleh mereka maka ianya adalah 1 pembohongan besar dimana kakitangan mereka sendiri yg merasa masalah terbabit & kakitangan mereka sendiri yg mereka bohongi.

    membuat perbangingan dgn negara2 jiran juga dgn negara2 lain adalah kurang tepat krn rakyat Malaysia ada di mana negara. jd fakta atau kenyataan yg diberikan adalah tidak tepat sama sekali. perbandingan blh dibuat dgn negara2 ini bertujuan utk bersaing adalah lbh baik dari mencerca dgn fakta bohong.

    pembelian aset2 negara di malaysia juga berbeza jika dibandingkan dgn negara2 lain spt contohnya pembelian aset pertahanan. pembelian aset terutamanya jenisnya dibuat oleh org yg bukan pakar dlm bidang tersebut. jabatan2 yg terlibat dlm pertahanan negara hanya menerima aset utk digunpakai. ada aset yg dibeli tidak sesuai utk digunakan oleh negara ini malah terlalu mahal jika dibandingkan dgn negara jiran yg membeli aset yg sama, jumlah yg sama dibeli oleh negara ini & mereka lbh lengkap. di negara2 lain dalam isu membeli aset2 ini, kepakaran & pandangan dari jabatan tersebut diberikan keutamaan tapi di Malaysia TIDAK. negara2 jiran yg 1 ketika dahulu miskin dari negara ini mempunyai ketumbukkan yg lebih mantap dari pelbagai segi.

    suara rakyat tidak didengari langsung. sekiranya didengari maka ada sebahagiannya diikuti. sayangnya TIDAK. rakyat faham bhw tidak semua BOLEH MEMENUHI KEHENDAK RAKYAT tp sekurang-kurangnya sedikit daripadanya dpt dipenuhi.

    BELANJAWAN 2017 GAH diperkatakan tapi pd hakikatnya pemotongan belanjawan akan dipotong secara senyap & spt biasa yg berlaku sekarang. rakyat sudah muak dgn belanjawan 2016 juga gah tapi akhirnya utk membayar tuntutan pun duit tak ada.

    disini saya ingin mengucapkan tksh kpd YBhg Tun kerana memberikan ruang kpd semua taidak mengira apa jua pandangan utk diluahkan diruangkan yg disediakan Tun. Tksh Tun

  49. Aisyah Oct 21,2016 8:04 AM

    Alas, the government is transforming itself into 1984 Orwellian Big Brother.

  50. joetachi Oct 21,2016 2:42 AM

    #kiamathariapa? #apagamesiapa?

    Blanja hemah, negara cemerlang..
    Blanja semah, negara kecundang..
    Tidor sebantal, apa nk bentang?
    apa yg bahas? Siapa tkontang?


    ..salamJumaat, bukan sembarang…….

  51. cruze Oct 21,2016 2:10 AM

    Saya hanya mengharapkan agar nazri aziz dan mereka2 yang mengelarkan Tun bodoh dan hilang akal, menghina sumbangan Tun agar nazri, saleh kruak, azalina, hishamuddin dan lain lain yang telah menghina Tun akan diberikan balasan yang setimpal seperti yang mereka ucapkan agar mereka bisa rasa tinggi atau rendahnya dunia ini.

  52. Afizi ahmad Oct 21,2016 1:56 AM

    Salam semua… boleh translate ke Bahasa Melayu tak (THE 20Q7 BUDGET)

    Sekian….. wslm…..

  53. Jonah Oct 21,2016 1:19 AM

    Salam Tun,

    As the old saying says, with regards to BR1M:
    ” Give a man a fish, and he will live for a day.
    Teach a man to fish, and he will live forever”

    May Allah SWT bless you and your family always.


  54. Hajar Oct 20,2016 9:32 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB Tun,

    The following statement by Tun is very true:

    “6. The money is being used for winning popularity for the Prime Minister.”

    Ever since DSN took over from Tun Abdullah, he simply continues Tun Abdullah’s (wrong) strategy, which is to gain or win “popularity for the Prime Minister”.

    DSN’s policies are pro-Oppositions (similar to the Oppositions’ manifesto during PRU-12 and PRU-13).

    The Oppositions proposed ‘Negara BERKEBAJIKAN’ – a lot of ‘CASH HANDOUTS’ were promised. They even proposed ‘Free education’, but at the same time promised to lower/reduce taxes (income), abolish tolls, etc. (impossible to attain!)

    I have said many times here (even before Tun openly criticized Najib’s regime) about DSN’s tendencies of pleasing the Oppositions.

    He’s trying very hard to please (until today) those who support the Opposition parties (DAP/PKR/PAS). DSN is a very confused PM. He acts as if he’s from the Oppositions (not from BN/UMNO). This is his first biggest mistake. Sadly, at the same time he displeased/annoyed the BN/UMNO supporters (or now ex-supporters).

    And, now he is associated with so many negative scandals (wrongdoings) that involved billions ringgit of money (cash).

    So, ‘The 2017’ Budget’ is planned in such a way that DSN can continue what he has been doing ever since he became our PM – use more money (cash) to gain popularity for himself. He doesn’t care about the rakyat’s hardships.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  55. WandyCaswady Oct 20,2016 5:59 PM

    Quantum Medikal Solution… QMS…

    Mendapat tender kerajaan daripada Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia tanpa persaingan…

    Jazakumullahhu khairan kathiraa

  56. amd trmz Oct 20,2016 4:59 PM



    1. Teringat tun kata hari tu tuntutan sarawak, sekarang dah jadi realiti. Mereka tengah menuntut. Jangan salah faham orang sarawak. Tuntutlah hak anda jika anda rasa itu hak anda. REALITINYA… NEJIB ANDA TELAH GAGAL DISARAWAK..

    2. 1MDB..Mahathir kata anak-anak kita sengsara. Akhirnya biasiswa anak kita dikurangkan, kerja susah dapat, barang mahal, TUN KEMUDAHAN KESIHATAN KITA PUN DAH TERUK TUN.. kesian anak kita. #KEMBALIKAN DUIT GST KAMI. KAMI BUKAN BALACI BAYAR HUTANG NEJIB NUAN NUAN.


  57. zulu Oct 20,2016 9:59 AM

    The Star news: “No more cooking oil subsidies”

    Food price in restaurants will be increased. One of the gift from Najis to Malaysians.

  58. JPB Oct 20,2016 9:54 AM

    Salam Sejahtera Ayahanda Tun.
    A very good day to you.

    I am in total agreement with the well written statement of Othaman Ahmad. Under your leadership, our beloved country went through tremendous transformation.

    There was once when I was in Manchester UK, when i met a student from Gambia. The moment I told him I was from Malaysia, he was so exicited. He said that his entire country was so proud of Dr.Mahathir and their leaders saw Dr.Mahathir as the greatest leader of the muslim world. He kept on praising Dr.Mahathir. I was so proud of being a Malaysian.

    Sadly today everything about Malaysia is evil in nature.

    We still believe in Tun that you can restore the glory days we once enjoyed. We hope you can get the Opposition allience to work in concert to win the next GE.

    Our love n prayers are always there for you dear Tun M.

    Thank you for not giving up on us.

    God Bless

  59. faridina Oct 20,2016 8:13 AM

    Assalam Dearest Tun,
    ∆ Many decades ago whenever yearly budgets were to be tabled there will be a lot of real excitement from everybody from all walks of life be it the corporate, private and public sectors even the normal peasants on the streets.
    ∆ The normal peasants concern will only be whether there will be an increase of cigarette and liquor prices.
    ∆ The corporate and private sectors main concern will be on tax reliefs, tax reductions, tax insentives, tax exemptions and various tax allowances.
    ∆ The public sectors concentrate on 2 important matters bonuses and salaries increment.
    ∆ The opposition will check on the government expenditures and whether enough provisions were given for basic infrastructure needs, education, healthcare and social development for the rakyat.
    ∆ Fast forward today everybody have to think about their own monthly budget as fuel prices fluctuates, tol hikes, GST’s, electric tarifs, children educations without scholarship and high cost of living under MO1.

  60. sibotak Oct 20,2016 7:51 AM

    APA ! Perlukah Malaysia punya Budget seperti politik Negara Luar ?

    Accounting procedure Malaysia Lintang Pukang , semua macam main buat Karangan
    PM Najib pun suka suka dengan tanpa rasa bersalah Salah gunakan Kuasa
    Curi duit rakyat depan mata , Jual Tanah Negara macam Bapak dia punya
    Entah brapa commission atau percent setiap kali beliau REMBAT dengan menjual Tanah Malaysia


  61. Othaman Ahmad Oct 20,2016 7:27 AM


    Ayahanda Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Assalam mualaikum…

    You have always been controversial and transformational. Many misundertood you as leader extraordinaire. As an avid reader of a wide range of subjects, you used to be passionate about science. It was during your tenure tenure as Prime Minister that science assumed prominence & you remain a strong believer in the power of science and innovation in nation building.

    Under your leadership, the Barisan Nasional won landslide victories in the 1982, 1986, 1990, 1995, 1999 & 2003 General Elections.

    As prime minister, your thoughts and ideas were put to the test. Though many initially criticised your many so called mega projects for development, they later had to swallow their words. It soon proved that those mega projects were the ones which helped Malaysia achieve commendable progress. It was during your time that Malaysia experienced rapid economic growth and achieve modernization on par with some of the developed and industrial countries of the world. There is no doubt now that science played an important contributing role in that resounding socio-economic success.

    The mysteries of science continue to excite your goodself. This has inspired you to suggest that Science and Technology programmes be focused on local experience. You believe Science and Technology is a simple, easily understood project. You interprets science as knowledge that can explain all of Almighty Allah’s creations to Man, and should be appreciated.

    At the launching of the New Economic Policy (NEC), You emphasised the role of Science and Technology to induce rapid economic growth and overall productivity and to create a strong industrial base for the nation. This effort continued under the National Development Plan (NDP), the 6th Msia Plan (6MP) and the 7th Msia Plan (7MP). Under this long term plan, Malaysia is set to be a fully developed nation in line with Vision 2020.

    It is through your vision that Malaysia has risen to great heights in the industrialization drive to put Malaysia ahead as a nation.

    Tun… it was also under your leadership and vision that moved Malaysia one step further along the road to industrial progress. The launching of the National Car, Proton on 9/7/85; the blast into orbit of MEASAT1 on the night of 13/1/96; the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) that is equipped with an integrated telecommunications network to meet sophisticated and value added needs, are just a few of the projects on Science and Technology that were implemented under your leadership.

    Malaysia used to progress under the strong socio-economic foundation that you helped establish. Malaysians continuously enjoyed the prosperity that came from the industrialized economic growth that you initiated. Tun your enormous contribution has left an unforgettable legacy for our future generation.

    Tun… you’ve made me proud to be a Malay, Muslim and Malaysian. You’re not only a leader to us Malaysians, but also to the developing nations & Muslim countries. You are indeed a World Class Leader. Thank you and may Allah SWT always bestow the best place here and hereafter.

    Sadly all the good cause and harvests are now gone. Your 2 successors have back peddled the country from World 1st Country back to 3rd World Country. The worst of all is the shameful image & heavy-bad debt created by Najib & Rosmah.

  62. Daniel Noor Oct 19,2016 11:26 PM

    Salam Tun

    Apa pun yg akan di bentang pada Okt.21 ini pada pendapat saya tidak akan di implementasi kan to the last dot.

    Perbentangan Budget sekali ini ibarat membaca satu puisi ataa poetry yang indah saja. Tapi secara reality tidak akan merubah nasib rakyat dan mungkin menambahkan sengsara dan bebanan lagi.

    Kita dan seluruh dunia tahu…This country have a cash flow problems and it continues spiralling downward.


  63. rimba.emas Oct 19,2016 11:17 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Selama 22 tahun pemerintahan Tun kita tidak pernah mengikut negara-negara lain yang mengenakan GST , malah semasa gawat kita tidak mahukan bantuan IMF dalam bentuk hutang.

    2. Kita ikut cara kita sendiri tampa membebankan rakyat untuk memulihkan ekonomi negara kita Malaysia.

    3. Bermakna Tun ada formula lain tampa membeban rakyat .

    4. Berlainan dengan PM sekarang beliau sendiri mengaku kalau GST di hapuskan negara akan lumpuh. Maknanya yang akan menyelamat Malaysia ialah kita rakyat Malaysia.

    5. Apa guna kita lantik beliau sebagai PM , sudahlah beliau membuatkan
    negara Malaysia hutang berbillion yang sepatutnya beliau menangung hutang ini.

    6. Ini tidak kita pula yang di bebankan dengan GST untuk menyelamatkan negara dari lumpuh. Apa yang menyebabkan negara boleh lumpuh adakah kerana turunnya harga minyak atau hutang oleh 1MDB ?

    7. Kalau harga minyak tidak mungkin kerana selama ini kita rakyat Malaysia yang membeli minyak bukannya mendapat secara percuma.

    8. Kalau di ambil kira rakyat yang akan menyelamat negara Malaysia kenapa kita pilih seorang PM yang membebankan rakyat dengan hutang yang di buatnya.

    9. Wira negara dari seorang bayi dengan harga susu di kenakan GST sehingga seorang tua berbasikal tua hidup susah rupanya yang akan menyelamat Malaysia dari lumpuh.

    10. Malunya pegawai kerajaan dan pemimpin yang hidup mewah berkereta besar, gaji besar tidak sanggup hidup susah sebagaimana mereka yang terbeban GST.

    11. Rimba Emas yang bersama-sama Tun dalam PPBM penuh harapan kepada rakyat Malaysia yang selama ini menyihatkan negara kita Malaysia dari lumpuh memenangkan Pakatan Harapan dengan formula tidak membebankan rakyat sebagai ganti GST.

    12. Rakyat boleh mengubahnya melalui PRU 14. Selama ini kita rakyatlah yang menghidupkan ekonomi negara dengan jual beli sehingga tampa sedar kita membiar adanya manusia yang akan melumpuhkan negara yang kita cintai ini.

    13. Apa yang kita lakukan di dunia ini adalah sebagai bekalan yang akan di bawa pada hari yang mana akan diadakan satu pengadilan oleh yang maha adil lagi bijaksana.


  64. Sharol Oct 19,2016 10:58 PM

    It seems the future for Malaysia in addressing these issues will take the longest time or unsuccessful. I hope so chedet will have the support of the public to correct this country leadership system.

  65. rakyatmy2020 Oct 19,2016 9:24 PM

    This is why Najib don’t care about local industry
    1) by import, he can hide all the markup and tunnel the funds under his control. You can’t trace oversea transactions.
    2) the least competitive the local industry, the better he can control these weak society. He then use govern money to buy loyalty
    3) more import he gains more popularity overseas, foreign countries thank him for giving contract to supply goods and services. That is why he is building his reputation overseas now to attract attention

    What will be the implications?
    1) skilled Labour in Malaysia will shrink as there is no need of such skills anymore, direct impact will discourage foreign companies to setup business in Malaysia to produce goods and services
    2) Malaysian will becoming less and less competitive as their parents or manager has not much skils and knowledge transfer to them.
    3) the more import will further devalue Ringgit, simple economic logics, Riggit is less in demand therefore need more to buy foreign currencies. All materials and services will be more expensive include houses, food and utilities

    Ask your friends, compare the price of Nasi Lemak in Singapore and Malaysia, why the same number of SG dollars can buy more goods and services than with RM in Malaysia? Currency values are government responsibility and if the currency value is lousy so do the government.

    Read about Greek, why the country becoming bankrupt. In simplicity the government just spent with multiple credit cards to use borrow funds to pay loans. When the bank refuse to borrow any further the country gets into financial crisis. Ask your government, how much money have they borrow and how much ‘you’ can repay.

  66. kapital Oct 19,2016 8:46 PM

    Dan taukey2 semua ambil Foreign workers sebab produktiviti tinggi kerana mereka kurang komitmen di Malaysia. Org lokal yg tidak pergi sekolah tinggi-tinggi bakal bersaing lebih teruk dengan pekerja luar. Apalah nasib di negara sendiri tapi begini

  67. asahamat Oct 19,2016 3:07 PM

    Saya cukup heran kenapa Rosmah harus disebut-sebut bila membicarakan kelemahan Najib MO1. Cuba ingat kisah Ismail, bila Ibrahim bertandang ke rumah beliau, Ibrahim tidak berbicara apapun tentang isteri Ismail, melainkan meninggalkan pesan untuk ceraikan secara kias. Samalah soal Noh, Lut, bahkan banyak lagi isteri2 para nabi. Allah tidak menyalahkan para isteri dlm apapun melainkan menumpu pd tindakan dan sikap si sang suami.

    To me, there is nothing wrong with Rosmah. In Islam Rosmah is Najib MO1 shirt. Buying or even having a wrong shirt has nothing to do with tge shirt but onseself. So to bring Najib MO1 down, is to focus on Najib MO1. All the rest must only be presented as his grand weaknesses and as such not fit to lead. Islam tak suka lelaki dayus jadi khalifah ….

  68. asahamat Oct 19,2016 2:55 PM

    Jika tidak silap, salah satu tujuan perlaksanaan GST adalah untuk “track down” mereka yg lari dari cukai koprat dan individu. Bagus itu.

    Zakat adalah cara Allah lengkapi para khalifahNya tentang kekuatan ekonomi rakyat pimpinanan mereka. Jika zakat tinggi dan tumbuh baik, maka ekonomi ummah kian baik. Zakat adalah wajib dan voluntary.

    GST sebenarnya ubahsuaian kpd zakat. Namun zakat cuma 2.5% dari yg wajib. GST 6%. Di atas GST sudah ada cukai Koprat dan Individu bernilai 25-28%. Dgn GST bebanan ini melata dan jadi sangat berat.

    Soalnya, jika zakat cuma 2.5%, dan GST adalah ubahsuaian zakat, maka (1) jika Maqasid adalah tujuan Najib MO1, maka kenapa GST tidak mendekati zakat dari segi perlaksaan dan pengurusannya? (2) Yg lebih penting, dikatakan tanpa GST 20-24% kebocoran Cukai Koprat dan Individu berlaku, maka setelah GST dilaksanakan, apakah kutipan Cukai Koprat n Individu kian lebih baik? Jika itu benar, maka GST harus turun kadarnya menghampiri zakat dan tidak terus bertahan dan atau naik ….

  69. asahamat Oct 19,2016 2:39 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun.

    Tumpuan kita sekarang adalah utk paksa Najib MO1 turun dan atau tumbang. BN dan atau UMNO mesti dikalahkan. In Shaa Allah.

    Pertama2 saya berkira DAP dan BERSIH perlu hanya jadi penyokong, bukan lagi pengerak. Sekarang BERSATU, PKR, Amanah, Warisan dan (PAS) sudah ada. Bukan kita nak singkirkan DAP dan BERSIH, this is about strategy. The strategic concern is to win majority support of the Malays. The Chinese n Indian are already with DAP and some with PKR. So their strength is already there BUT not yet the Malays. Strategically I would say let the Malays gearing a head and taking the lead to handle the Malays. The fear factor in the Malays mind must be defused. Such should be left to the Malays. If DAP n BERSIH are being too aggressive, then I can say, is going to be counter productive.

    Marilah bersatu utk kemenangan. Tidak perlu buru-buru jadi jaguh tetapi kalah.

    TS Muhhyiddin patut now ke depan. Tun jagalah fortress. Cara perang SAW patut dituruti. Orang2 muda BERSATU now harus ke depan. Tidak lagi perlu sembunyi di belakang DAP, BERSIH atau sesiapa. Umar Al Khatab saat dia sudah masuk Islam, dia berjuang terang-terangan ke depan. Contohilah perjuangan sebegitu.

    In Shaa Allah, dgn sifat sadar dan jujur, kita pasti break in n walk thru’.

  70. master Oct 19,2016 1:57 PM

    a. Some economists say, ‘figure speaks better than words’.

    b. This ‘cash is king control” might use this magic words to manipulate and to obscure the people/rakyat by showing off how he cares them so much.

    c. All his wrongdoings are void and null as big figure will be allocated for the welfare of rakyat. People don’t bother whether government got money or not. He is thinking all people are same foolish like him.

    d. Prosperity is no.2, popularity is for the champion. (same like reality tv programmes).

    e. A large portion of Prime Minister’s Department fund for unspecified programmes is crucial because the money can be used for emergency or for any unexpected risk event and somehow he has already spent a lot from his own pocket to feed bran to his men.

    f. He has no knowledge about economy. He only knows how to use money and making fun of it. Not fund but fun. He has no creative thinking and only corrupted ideas.

    g. Fun, spent, bribes, steals, eat, sleeps, cheats and nonsense are all what in his head.

    h. He has a symptom of mental sickness. Someone should bring him to a psychiatrist. His wife and all his men too are advised to take the same step.

    i. 2017 budget, I think, will be an organize crime budget and will be presented by a psychic criminal.

    j. He will always be remembered what Leornado de Caprio has taught him………….catch me if you can… but he forgets 1 thing, we no need to catch you, because you’re digging your own grave……

  71. zulu Oct 19,2016 12:26 PM

    Now all can expect replies from Najis’s slaves for this article.
    Since those slaves are with sinecure jobs and may be one of 12 ministers in the Prime Minister’s Department.

  72. zulu Oct 19,2016 12:24 PM

    Tun M revealed the real pic now.

    Ringgit depreciated a lot.
    Spending power also reduced. We can see less crowd inside shopping malls. People only walk here and there inside the mall and don’t buy anything. Kudos to Najis for bringing Malaysia to this level 🙂

    Najis give RM1,000 and earn $$$$$Bil for his family. Those who get RM1,000 should think how many days they can survive on that money and vote intelligently in next GE.

  73. zulu Oct 19,2016 12:09 PM

    “Jamal, who is also Sungai Besar Umno division chief, said he was detained at about 8.30am after arriving from Dubai”

    Police should investigate what sort of business he is doing that needs a travel do Dubai. Any transaction from main thief?

    These type of drainage worms are disgrace to Malay community I think.

  74. faridina Oct 19,2016 12:01 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Sadly true indeed Sir as per your point No. 20 : All these will not show up in the budget. But the people will NOT know as they struggle to make ends meet.

    Wasalam Tun,

  75. Fariq Islam Oct 19,2016 11:17 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Our National Audit Department has done a good job in unveiling cases of abusing/ misusing Government’s allocations by many Government agencies and departments.

    It’s disappointing that no drastic action was made to rectify. By right, such agency/ department heads should have been sacked.

    Our MACC has done a good job recently, in unveiling the corrupt practices in Sabah Water Department. Rakyat do hope that the Government won’t sit and wait for MACC to take action. Once negative findings are made in NAD’s report, prompt actions can be taken to rectify promptly.

    Sack those agency/ department heads who have not acted responsibly on managing Government’s allocations. Save the country’s resources for other more meaningful uses, for nation’s growth and Rakyat’s welfare.

  76. Fariq Islam Oct 19,2016 10:51 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    As far as GST is concerned, the Government can’t keep on saying that it is something needed to save the nation, to avoid going into bankruptcy and so forth.

    In the past eras, our economy grew so well consistently, without GST. Why suddenly the nation can’t survive with GST?

    Our nation is full of natural and human resources. And, such resources are there to contribute revenue to fuel development and administration costs. We can’t also put the downfall in international oil price as the excuse for implementing GST. During Tun era, the international oil price was also low, but Tun didn’t call for the GST implementation. Why? Because the resources were managed well to meet the spending needs.

  77. Fariq Islam Oct 19,2016 10:42 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    The way our nation runs the GST system is not really right. If we scrutinize how other nations run the GST/ VAT system, we can easily notice that when they put GST/ VAT system into force, they immediately adjusted downward the individual/ corporate tax, to reduce taxpayers’ burden, to sustain disposable income and purchasing power of the nation.

    We need to do this, in view of the fact that the nation needs domestic consumption to stimulate and sustain economic growth. The Government seems to have neglected the importance of this.

    Let’s see if the Government addresses this issue in 2017 Budget.

  78. Fariq Islam Oct 19,2016 10:31 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    The provision, and enhanced provision of BR1M alms show the failure of economic transformation programme which promises upgrading in Rakyat’s income.

    Even though many of our relatives enjoy it, BR1M alms provision is not justified from the economics viewpoint. The Government should create more jobbing opportunities in the private sector and encourage the workforce to strive hard for higher productivity, in exchange for better income.

    We do not want to see the Government keeps on burdening itself with BR1M alms, ultimately landing the nation with deeper and deeper debts.

    We urge the Government to selectively provide BR1M to the real needy group consisting of retirees, single mothers, OKU etc.

  79. amd trmz Oct 19,2016 9:54 AM


    Pandangan panda nejib

    1. Negara berpendapatan tinggi.
    Orang yang dapat gaji tinggi. Tabur je duit tanpa ada unsur peningkatan produktiviti akhirnya inflasi mencanak naik disebabkan lebihnya penawaran wang dipasaran.

    2. Indeks harga pengguna NEJIB.
    Senarai IHP NEJIB
    2.1 Beg birkin
    2.2 Cincin rosmah
    2.3 Pesawat boeing
    2.4 Rolex
    P/S:IHP digunakan sebagai petunjuk inflasi negara (makroekonomi)

    Pandangan cerdik cendekiawan

    1.Negara berpendapatan tinggi.
    Produktiviti meningkat berkadar dengan peningkatan kadar upah buruh.
    Kemahiran meningkat upah diterima bertambah.

    2.Indeks harga pengguna.


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