1. A personal letter to his friends by Tan Sri Dato Seri Paduka Lee Kim Yew has gone viral.

2. It is a sad story; a story of the depths to which the Government of Malaysia, it’s Prime Minister and civil servants have sunk. It is about daylight robbery in which tax is levied on money without legitimate reason, in which a willingness to pay the tax was basically rejected after many negotiations in which LHDN (Inland Revenue Board) has agreed on the terms but subsequently reneged on it’s agreements, in which money earned through legitimate business in the savings of the victim was labelled as money obtained through criminal acts and the victim is to be charged under AMLA, Anti Money Laundering Act for trying to launder money. Under AMLA, the victim can be arrested, detained and charged in a court of law. In the meantime the savings, all RM126 million would have been seized by LHDN.

3. This money will no doubt become a part of Government revenue and will be spent by the Government. If later it is found that the victim had not done any money laundering and the money should be returned, the Government will have used all this money for free while the victim would lose earning on fixed deposit. The Government will of course not pay any interest on the money it detained. Recovery would take years.

4. There are very many instances where wrongful taxes are levied and threats of black listing or seizure of passports are made. We read about companies and individuals being asked to pay back – taxes in the tens and even hundreds of millions. There did not seem to be documentary proofs of the amount of taxes owed. But nevertheless they are harassed into admitting and paying. It seems to be a way for Najib’s Government to raise funds and to prevent the opposition parties from getting funding for the election.

5. But with regard to the RM2.6 billion in Najib’s account, no investigations are made as to money laundering being done by him. Yet the Dept of Justice of America has stated clearly that the money was stolen from 1MDB. Claiming that it is a gift from the Arabs is clearly an attempt to legitimise the source i.e. Najib should not be charged with money laundering.

6. The A.G. acting as judge as well as Public Prosecutor has passed judgement on what is believed to be criminal reports involving 1MDB and the money in Najib’s personal private accounts. He declared there is no evidence of wrongdoings by Najib. And then the A.G. placed the reports under the Official Secrets Act. Now not only can the public have no access to the reports but may not quote from the reports even if they have read them without risking being charged under the OSA.

7. Usually it is the people who try to flout the law. Now we see in Malaysia the Government and in particular the Prime Minister blatantly flouting the law.

8. When the custodians of the law flouts the law, the people can do nothing. Reports against the Government could just be dismissed. The courts will not hear the charges. There will be no judgements. The criminals will remain free to commit more crimes.

9. Some people say I destroyed democracy. They must be glad of Najib’s restoration of democracy.

10. Quo Vadis Malaysia.

13 thoughts on “LEE KIM YEW

  1. sc Jun 4,2017 11:03 PM

    Dear Tun,

    I respect you now. You are now an ordinary citizen and can now at least see things from a ‘citizen’s’ perspective – albeit a privileged citizen… But you and your family may have extreme wealth and may choose to protect it which ever way you can. I believe what’s more important is your legacy….

    Your Singaporean LKY adversary had left a remarkable legacy… Not only did he transform Singapore from being a third world unsophisticated squatters hole, he has managed to top his country in the LEAST corrupt index stake.
    He has left this earth leaving his country in the First World. An advanced, efficient and technologically sophisticated country akin to Japan. People respect Singapore. People look up to Singapore. People admire Singapore. A diamond in the rough….

    I understand that many years ago, you quoted rhetoric fearing that Malaysia would turn into Singapore if the DAP were to take charge. Well, I think Malaysia being classified as ‘third world’, and one of the most corrupt countries on earth – has a thing or two to learn from Singapore. Your Prime Minister does not have the balls to even front a Bloomberg or Reuters Interview…. He is as reclusive as the North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un….

    Such Corrupt Prime Ministers who are supposed to represent their country but have to hide from main stream international media because of their shameful Corrupt ways, deserve the highest levels of punishment so that crimes of this nature can never be part of Malaysia’s future. Even the Chinese adopt such repercussions….

    Malaysia now has no choice but to concede power to the DAP to clean the sinking mess left behind by UMNO and their disgusting filthy corrupt ways….

    Remember, to do business with the Lords of the Rubber and Palm Oil plantations, the Chinese owners must pay off their Malay fiefdoms…. This cancer can no longer be the way…..

    Common bloody sense, Rule of Law and Reform must urgently be put on the Agenda. The Country is in dire need of a shake up because it is …. a ….. mess.
    Shame Malaysia ! Shame!

  2. asahamat Jun 2,2017 3:14 AM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun.

    Sejarah SAW di awal perjuangannya, menantu dan anaknya (?) sekalipun kena lari ke Ethopia (?) pd mulanya sebab tak tahan disiksa Jahilliah Quraish. Samalah Bilal bin Rabah, perutnya ditindih dgn bungkah batu bila kebenaran dia peluk.

    (2) Utk sentuh Tun secara langsung, Najib MO1 tak berani. Dia boleh, cuma tak berani. Maka dia atur strategi, di mana pertama2 dia tibai Mukriz, kerana Mukriz not yet a fighter of his own. Pastinya kini dia tibai mereka di keliling Tun esp Cina2 n India2 yg kelihatan sebagai “kroni” Tun. Sebabnya mudah, Najib MO1 bukan sekadar bermain wang, dia sekali lagi racist yg jelas. Dia tibai puak2 ni sebab puak2 ini dulu2 masa Tun adalah “kaki belit Melayu”. Najib MO1 sedang tunjuk kekuatan utk semai rasa “puas dan padan muka depa” di mata Melayu. Najib MO1 pasti “muncul” sebagai juara Melayu baru!

    (3) In Shaa Allah, saya yakin Tun hendak dan tekad utk berbuat perubahan ie Reform. Reform yg benar2 reform yg saya ingin lihat Tun perjuangkan adalah Melayu kena jadi Professional Islami. Islam kena ditanam kental dalam diri Melayu biar wajah mereka hanya sekadar Melayu ie tidak Yamani, Saudi apa lagi Farsi. Turkey sedang ke arah itu. Kesilapan Tun dulu adalah kelemahan dlm “dasar dan perlaksanaan penerapan nilai2 Islam”. Pd masa Tun, Islam marak disemai di kalangan rakyat umum tetapi tidak digasak pd anak2 muda professional Melayu. Mereka ini kini jadi pengikut Najib MO1 menyamun di merata peringkat malah jadi Montoya2 tersendiri.

    (4) Saya yakin jika Tun dapat ketengahkan idea2 to reform and transform the Malays to be truly Islamic Professional, maka In Shaa Allah itulah jln penyelesaian paling ampuh ke atas pemasalahan yg sedang kita hadapi. Saya yakin, pemikiran sebegini pasti memikat anak2 muda, mereka yg lulusan Arab, dan paling penting para pendikong PAS dan mereka yg sayangkan Islam dan Melayu dlm UMNO.

    (5) Saya memohon Tun lupakan dulu cara tibai dlm segala bicara Tun selepas ini. Rungkaikan idea pembentukan Professional Islami Melayu ini dgn teliti dan menyeluruh, In Shaa Allah you will turn the Malays to Bersatu n PH. Saya percaya both Amanah dan PKR akan seronok mengempur dan berdebat dlm hal yg sama. Dgn itu, saya yakin PH benar2 dpt memberi HARAPAN ie vision n wisdom perjuangan PH ke arah Kjaan yg Bersih, Amanah dan Adil.

    (6) Tun, jgn goyah. Terus bangkitkan kesadaran rakyat dan sama2 kita bina Professional Islami Melayu dan Negara.

    Tun Boleh! Makaysia Boleh! Rakyat Boleh! Kita Boleh!

  3. zulu Jun 1,2017 11:18 PM

    All time thief Najis and his family must be chased out to get a prosperous Malaysia that looked during Tun M era..

    Now there is no money in govt. coffer, all money swindled by MO1 thief Najis and his family.

    Najis and his slaves are just giving lip service and portray the economy if good and going well…hope Malaysians know that.

  4. z2z Jun 1,2017 10:02 PM

    Yes, all affected people should publicise their predicament if they face similar harassment, intimidation and unfair treatment from IRA and other government organizations.

    Soon the rich will divest their business and flee, overseas investors withdraw and professionals migrate.

    Malaysia under Najib’s Umno will undo decades of progress made under Tun’s administration. Perhaps Najib’s TN50 goal is to bring Malaysia 50 years back in time…

  5. musato Jun 1,2017 11:03 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Hari ini ada orang bertanya, adakah anda terlibat dengan aktiviti kemasyarakatan?

    Adakah anda kenal saya?

    Saya mintak maaf bebanyak. Saya tak kenal anda lee kim yew.

    Saya benar benar minta maaf di atas kelemahan saya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  6. Fariq Islam Jun 1,2017 9:33 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    It is so obvious that IRB is targeting a particular ethnic group for tax revenue collection.

    When it comes to General Election, the ethnic group casts their votes towards the Opposition, they accuse them for not appreciating the Government’s efforts.

    Then, they start to retaliate for the refusal to support, by making discriminative efforts, and worse still, instigating the majority race to hate as well. Race and religion cards start to be on the play.

    We are moving backward. The vicious cycle is on-going. In fact, the elite young Malays, especially who receive tertiary education overseas under JPA’s scholarship, can see the picture more clearly. Others, who are brainwashed and can’t understand, still hate and worse still, act barbarically.

  7. rimba.emas Jun 1,2017 12:14 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Nabi Muhammad s. a. w dari kecil , remaja sehingga dewasa terkenal dengan jolokan al-amin di kalangan bangsa Arab.

    2. Sifat mulia dan jujur inilah sebenarnya menyebabkan sebahagian bangsa Arab memeluk agama Islam. Seterusnya patuh kepada perintah Allah s. w. t bila Rasulullah s. a. w menyuruh mencontohinya berpandukan wahyu yang tertulis di dalam al-Quran.

    3. Rasullullah s. a. w. pemurah sehingga dirinya sendiri sanggup menahan diri berlapar kerana sifatnya tidak mengikut nafsu tamakkan harta benda atau kemewahan dalam kehidupan.

    4. Sifat kepimpinan selepas Rasullullah s. a. w diteruskan oleh para sahabatnya dengan gambaran yang sama sebagaimana di lakukan baginda.

    5. Di negara kita pula yang agama rasminya tertulis sebagai negara Islam. Islamnya sebab bangsa Melayu dari Rajanya sehingga rakyat jelata telah memeluk agama Islam dan menjadi majoriti dari agama lain.

    6. Singapura terpisah dan di dapati majoriti kaum cina di sana.

    7. Pemimpin bangsa cina ini sudah lama tahu bahawa bangsa Melayu yang tamak harta serta wang ringgit boleh di jual beli.

    8. Malah dari dulu lagi mereka tahu bahawa bangsa Melayu Islam terutama pemimpin yang tidak sebagaimana Rasullullah s. a. w mudah di sogok untuk menjual negara.

    9. Pemimpin Singapura sudah berjaya melakukannya dan tidak mustahil aktiviti dari Malaysia ini boleh merebak ke negara mereka.

    10. Inilah yang sedang mereka lakukan agar aktiviti buruk ini tidak merebak dalam negara mereka.

    11. Selagi pemerintah ini memerintah negara Malaysia tidak mungkin negara Malaysia dapat mengatasi mereka Singapura.

    12. Hanya kembali kepada tuhan dan mengikut perintahnya sahaja kita akan di hormati dan tidak berani di kotak katikkan.


  8. Kamarulaznan May 31,2017 11:53 PM

    I reckon that the government of Najib is so corrupted that there is a need to find ways (strategies) to deal with it.

    If Malaysians deserve him to be the leader, he must be the thick skinned kind.

  9. Tun Perak May 31,2017 10:57 PM

    What about the tax on the reception of RM 2.6 billion by MO1 ? Not collected ?

    What about those money frozen in USA and Singapore. Cant bring back home ?

  10. nehru May 31,2017 7:37 PM

    I reckon there are three ways to respond to the najib government. One, you can resist them, two, you can retreat from them or three you can change yourself and join them.

    I think many Malaysians will consider retreating from the najib govt – go to a different place perhaps and start over – and many more will choose to change themselves and join the najib govt – but I doubt whether the number of Malaysian who will resist the najib govt to be anything but insignificant.

    For one its not the Malaysian way to resist something as a matter of principle, and for two, if we were the resisting sort if people, a person like najib would have never had a chance to be our leader,much less reign for so long.

    They say, we get the sort of leaders we deserve I suppose . in a way, perhaps najib is the sort of leader we Malaysians deserve

  11. RD. May 31,2017 2:19 PM

    Kerajaan cuba nak jadi Robin Hood kot?
    Merompak dari businessman Kayaraya dari golongan Cina untuk ditabur sebagai dedak kepada Melayu yang menyokong UMNO-Najib.

    Duit yang disamun dari 1MDB sudah tiada… dibekukan di Singapura atau sudah habis dibelanjakan untuk melobi di Amerika dan Negara Kapir, mengambil-hati Rakyat dan konsert Ya Na Na bersama Orang-Agama. Banyak juga duit yang digunakan di Australia untuk ‘tutup-mulut’ Sirul, pembunuh Altantuya.

    Juga dihabiskan oleh Riza Aziz & Jho Low. Selain dari beli hartanah dan asset, juga untuk berjudi, berparty-liar dan mewah dengan arak berpuloh-ribu USD sebotol, sambil bergomol dengan celebrity Hollywood seperti Paris Hilton.

    PRU dah dekat, selain untuk ‘memutuskan’ sumber pembiayaan pembangkang dan melemahkan mereka, dapat juga sumber untuk tabur lebih banyak dedak. Sudah sangat terdesak. Mana tidaknya… kalau kalah PRU14, ke penjaralah jawabnya.

  12. Fariq Islam May 31,2017 11:40 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    This article seems to deliver an implied message that the authorities are going after Tun’s friends/ cronies for actions.

    We do hope that the authorities act fairly, not on politics/ race grounds.

  13. Fariq Islam May 31,2017 11:36 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Many on the street claim that the Government spends lavishly, emptying nation’s funds coffer, in need of more tax revenue now.

    Sadly speaking, we can see IRB targeting Chinese entrepreneurs for more taxes. How can our 1Malaysia Government promote national unity, while the Chinese ethic group is seen as being the target to raise tax revenue?

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