1. In Singapore the Straits Times reports that MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) slaps fines on UOB and Credit Suisse for 1MDB related transactions.

2. MAS said it completed its two-year review of banks involved in 1MDB – related transactions.

3. Previous to this, two banks were shut down and seven people were arrested, fined and jailed for involvement in criminal acts related to 1MDB.

4. In America, the Department of Justice issued a 132-page statement regarding money laundering of 1MDB money done by Riza Aziz and Jho Low. The department stated that 3.5 billion dollars of 1MDB money was involved and 1 billion US of property, paintings and receipts from a film produced with the stolen money have been identified and frozen.

5. The Attorney General of Switzerland had investigated illegal acts involving 1MDB money and requested the cooperation of the Malaysian Attorney General to progress the investigations. The Malaysian Attorney General agreed to cooperate but subsequently refused.

6. Media reports throughout the world made it clear that stealing on a massive scale was done by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, referred to as Malaysian Official 1 in the Department of Justice report.

7. The reports were defamatory and if not true should have been sued by the Malaysian Prime Minister. But no summons have been made by the Prime Minister in any jurisdiction.

8. But at home all that happens is that the Attorney General simply declared that the Prime Minister has not committed any wrongdoings. This was corroborated by the Prime Minister.

9. The Attorney General then ordered that no more investigations on 1MDB should be carried out. Although he later said that he did not say this, the fact is that the Attorney General has not requested the Police, or the MACC or any other body to investigate 1MDB. Instead all the reports mentioned above were put under the Official Secrets Act. Access to the reports is now denied to everyone including Government agencies and institutions.

10. But we now hear fabulous reports by the MACC about people being caught with huge sums of money obtained corruptly. There seems to be a drive to clean up the country of corruption. This is great.

11. But no investigation, no media report is made of the 2.6 billion Ringgit which got into Najib’s private account. Is it because MACC believes the stories told about this money, which include;

a. Statement by Nazri Aziz on 11th Aug 2015 that “the money was a donation from a friendly country to help UMNO win the 13 General Election”.

b. Ahmad Maslan, on 30th July 2015 said, “Not true. There was no flow of funds in the personal accounts of the Prime Minister”.

c. Najib himself on 25th Jan 2016, “It is true that RM42 million went into my account, but I do not know who put it in”.

d. Najib, on 4th July 2015 stated, “I deny receiving any money in my account”.

e. Aziz Kaprawi, commenting on the allegation on 20th Aug 2015, stated “The donation was meant to help UMNO against DAP which is supported by the Jews”.

12. In the face of all these allegations, reports, statements and worldwide condemnations, shouldn’t the Attorney General open again the police investigations on the shenanigans involved in the management of 1MDB money and remove the reports by Bank Negara, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and the Auditor General, from the Official Secrets Act.

13. It is well-known that criminal acts in the Government do not constitute official secrets. In fact it is the duty of everyone in the Government or outside the Government to report such crimes.

14. It is absurd if the Malaysian Government insists there is nothing wrong with 1MDB when other countries are arresting people, closing banks and declaring that massive money laundering is done involving 1MDB money.

15. If really there has been no wrongdoings then the Attorney General must show proof that the money is all there, safe and sound.


  1. Lanun Johor Jun 14,2017 1:34 AM

    “Sad but True” bak kata Metallica…

    Kalau AG pun dah berpendirian macam tu…

    “Apa lagi nak dikata” bak kata XPDC…

    Semuga dibulan yang Mulia ini, ALLAH swt berikan kesihatan pada Tun M untuk terus berbakti dan juga kesihatan kepada kita semua untuk berbuat baik di bumi ALLAH swt.

  2. RiaRz Jun 10,2017 12:49 PM

    Salam semua..

    Peguam negara boleh selamatkan najib sekarang tetapi peguam negara tidak boleh diselamatkan oleh najib selepas najib tak jadi PM lagi kerana rakyat jelata pun tak sabar sangat nak sumbat peguam negara ke ‘dalam’ bersama dengan najib sekeluarga. Tunggguuuuu…..

  3. zulu Jun 6,2017 10:37 AM

    The ultimate comedy here is..

    c. Najib himself on 25th Jan 2016, “It is true that RM42 million went into my account, but I do not know who put it in”.

    Even a thief with low IQ would not tell like this…

    Malaysians don’t have choice but to live under these kind of dumb thieves.

    It’s surprising to see that…he, his family, his corroborators do fasting after looting people money. On what conscience???!!!

  4. musato Jun 6,2017 8:51 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Kaunter cadangan.

    Saya ada menerima email. Satu langkah yang lebih baik nampaknya.

    Tapi terus terang saya katakan saya memang tak pernah menonton ceramah video sampai habis.

    Semoga PPBM dapat mengadakan wartawan siber professional bagi menjalankan kempen alam maya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  5. paan Jun 5,2017 8:00 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Sy stuju sgt dgn apa yg ditulis saudara MRezal82..ini lah ape yg dilalui n dirasai oleh stiap rakyat Malaysia kelas pertengahan..bkn rakyat yg dduk rumah 2tingkat, pakai kereta 2-3biji..bkn luahan rakyat yg bising2 sana salah sini salah sana korup sini mkn duit rakyat tp ujung bulan cucuk bank balance account ada belas2 ribu..

    Ni lah luahan pnderitaan rakyat yg brhempas pulas bkerja siang mlm hnya utk pastikan mknan ada atas meja utk anak2, sewa umah ujung bln dpt byar, mnyak moto stiap hari tak kering dlm tangki..rakyat kelas bgini yg trsepit di antara politik n khidupan sharian..mereka tak nak dgr janji, harapan dr pemerintah atau bakal pemerintahan tp mereka inginkn tindakan yg membawa prubahan..kata2 dh tak membawa makna pd mereka..

    Rakyat kelas pertengahan ni membawa pd peratusan yg besar dlm senarai pengundi seluruh malaysia..mereka yg sbnarnya membawa pengaruh bsar pd pengundian..

    Dengarlah luahan mereka, simpatilah pd mereka, lakukan lah sesuatu pd mereka..

  6. umranrc Jun 5,2017 1:14 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Allow me to respond to Nehru posting.

    Dear Nehru,
    I read in deep interest of what you’ve pointed out. I just hope, and I’m serious about it, that your notion there is wrong although in the reality of the world today you just could be 100% right.

    Yeah, we could even see the so called ‘clerics’ also at times lost to the worldly material gains… more so for the ordinaries like many of us.

    Anyway, it is all from each individual level minded consciousness and good parenting. Above all, those ‘rezeki’ which were fed to oneself from the day he or she was born will somehow take the effect on one’s behavior in the adult life.

    High probability that many of us here were well fed with ‘halal’ source of ‘rezeki’ when we are growing up and therefore we are NOT susceptible to material gains… Just hope that a great majority of Malaysians are in similar boat.

    Thanks Tun.

    p/s – The ‘halal’ term quoted above is not making reference to Islamic Halal, it is actualy being used to reflect the source is legitimate in the eyes of the Worldly Law.

  7. nehru Jun 4,2017 7:50 PM

    they say that up to 8 million malaysians take BR1M. Even if we say that half of those people actually need the aid, it still leaves about 4 million malaysians who see nothing wrong with taking money you do not deserve.

    Outside the country, maybe its wrong to take money you do not deserve, but t in malaysia, at least 4 million ppl, or about a third or a fourth of all adult malaysians, have no problem taking money that they didnt earn.

    I suspect that most malaysians say that they are outraged by najib taking millions, chiefly because thats what we think that others wants to hear, or at least, what others expect to hear from us.

    In truth, i dont think we are outraged. In our hearts, i think most of us are impressed and wish to emulate najib’s ability to swindle with billions of dollars and get away with it.

    If most of us are outraged at all, i reckon we are outraged out of envy – we are outraged, because we wish it was us that got away with those billions, instead of najib.

  8. SSLEE Jun 4,2017 5:06 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Allow me to share my sadness, puzzlement and helplessness on how 1MDB was treated within and outside the country.
    As Tun point out Singapore, USA and Switzerland had initiate legal action on those involve in 1MDB scandal and those found guilty as charge had been sentence.
    And yet back in Malaysia every apparatus of government is abused and misuse to hinder any meaningful and through investigation into 1MDB. Worse of all, those highly educated government servants and politicians are allowing themselves to be abused and misused in an unprecedented massive scale to cover up the wrong doings and corruption of 1 man (MO1).
    How will history judge Malaysian? If we with irrefutable mountain of evident still act as nothing is wrong with 1MDB and it is business as usual. Will us able to face our grandchildren when they ask us why we had allowed 1MDB scandal to go on for so long without finding out the truth and punished the guilty party. (The day will come when MO1 is gone and our future generation will be told the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth on the whole 1MDB scandal).
    I appeal to the three Tan Sri again; ex-MACC chief Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed, ex-Attorney General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, ex-Bank Negra Governor Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz please do the right things now and tell us the whole truth on 1MDB.
    Till then I can only cry for you my beloved Malaysia.
    Thank you

    Yours truly,
    SS LEE

  9. Fariq Islam Jun 4,2017 1:04 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Wahai… ahli-ahli politik di Negara kita nampaknya berani sebut apa-apa sahaja, tanpa sokongan fakta, tanpa pertimbangan ke atas analisis umum – Mazlan, Nazri

    Kita berdoa agar semangat 46 UMNO dulu-kala yang begitu mengutamakan kepentingan ibu pertiwi, perpaduan antara kaum, pembangunan ekonomi dan penjagaan kos hidup akan dipulihkan.

  10. Fariq Islam Jun 4,2017 12:52 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Your article is informative. The problem with our country is that mass medias are not free to publish or report foreign news related our country, as license may not be renewed.

    Rakyat are waiting for the culprits involved in 1MDB issue being arrested and prosecuted. Why until now, is there no action on the past 1MDB Management? Prima facie evidences have already been on the desk!

    Actually from what Tun wrote, it invoked my memory on PKFZ scandal, where in the end, the principled MCA President Ong was made to leave after unveiling facts and calling for actions. (Maafkan sahaja kerana memberi komen yang budaya lindung-melindungi di kalangan kroni-kroni ini diwarasi sejak era Tun!)

  11. anti rasuah Jun 3,2017 11:03 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Setuju dengan saudara MRezal82:

    Yang terbaru ialah syarikat dari CHINA. Tapi nak memohon kerja d syarikat itu punyalah susah nak mampus sebab nak mesti pandai berbahasa Cina. Di sarawak pun sesetengah syarikat cina cuma akan ambil mereka yang fasih berbahasa cina atas alasan kerana client2 mereka orang2 dr china.

    Saya pernah alami hal ini masa habis pengajian mencuba kerja kosong di kilang milik China tetapi selepas lepas interview pertama, mereka pnggil interview ke dua. Sakitnya hati saya apabila dia bertanya saya boleh berbahasa China. Dia mengatakan keutamaan akan dipilih dari mereka yang boleh bertutur bahasa China. Persoalannya mengapa dalam iklan tidak dinyatakan perkara tersebut?

    Saya meramalkan kesan jangka panjang pelaburan besar dari China masuk ke Malaysia merupakan satu PENJAJAHAN ALAF BARU OLEH CHINA TERHADAP MALAYSIA. Saya khuatir jika tidak dibendung dan Najis Razak berterusan membuka seluas-luasnya pelaburan khususnya dari China, saya cukup yakin MALAYSIA AKAN MENJADI CHINA DI ASIA TENGGARA dalam masa 15 hingga 20 tahun dari sekarang.

    Semuga Allah melindungi Malaysia dari di Chinakan seterusnya Malaysia tidak bertukar dari negara maju Islam kepada negara maju kafir.

    Untuk itu kita kena turunkan Najis Nazak dari terus berkuasa.


  12. sibotak Jun 3,2017 6:17 PM

    Tunggu PRU akan datang
    Pastikan Najib tidak keluar Negara
    Anggota UMNO juga akan tahu kesudahannya
    Anggota UMNO juga mesti pastikan Najib tidak Cabut Lari

  13. sc Jun 3,2017 2:35 PM


    It has been some time since I last commented on your blog. My I just say, the stark contrast between Malaya and Singapore.

    For one, the Malaysian judiciary is completely corrupt. The bedrock and cornerstone of the rule of law has indeed been destroyed. This does not bring any level of business or citizenry confidence… Malaysia is a place where only criminals can do business. Is this good?

    When Malaysia split with Singapore based on ideological differences, we see Singapore today, one of the top 4 socially progressive economic out-performers in the world being neighbours with a corrupt, mismanaged basket case of a failed state…. Shame… Malaysia and BN are nothing but pathetic third world corrupt destroyers of progress, destroyers of the rule of law, truth, destroyers of all that is Good and Righteous.

    There is nothing sad about Malaysia. It is what it is. Malays had their chance. The results of history is open for all to see. No body respects Malaysia…. It is the joke of Asia, quite possibly the world as we know the PM has managed to steal from his own people and yet pay his cronies to support him… and his yes men lick his boots.

    Without doubt a country that has lost all moral fibre…. Such a brilliant example of Muslim Progress. If I were Malaysian I would be crying. Look around you. What do you see? An advanced intellectually developed society?
    No. All I see are third world squatters….

  14. hal Jun 3,2017 6:57 AM

    Salam Tun moga Allah kurnia sihat dan afiat sentiasa…amiin.

    1. Kisah penyelewengan 1MDB telah berlarutan tanpa kesudahan. Berbagai cerita telah timbul.

    2. Pihak Kerajaan khususnya anggota pelaksana pengurusannya siang malam bertegas mengatakan tidak ada berlaku sebarang penyelewengan. Malah mereka menyatakan pihak pembangkang irihati dan ingin jatuhkan Kerajaan dan Raja-Raja Melayu (Islam)?

    3. Di pihak mereka yang menentang Kerajaan pula mereka yakin penyelewengan MEGA ke atas Perbedaharaan Negara telah dilakukan Kerajaan pimpinnan Perdana Menteri dan para Menteri yang dipilih oleh Rakyat.

    4. Cerita penyelewengan ini telah tersebar di seluruh dunia. Lebih memalukan penyelewengan ini juga dilaku di negara seperti Singapura , Amerika , Hong Kong dll. Negara berkenaan telah mengambil tindakan undang-undang keatas pihak yang bersekongkol dengan pihak Malaysia.

    5. PELIK DAN MALANG Kerajaan Malaysia tidak ada mengambil tindakan sewajarnya untuk menyelesaikan MASALAH NEGARA ini? Peguam Negara sendiri mengesahkan segala tuduhan ke atas Kerajaan adalah tidak berasas. PM bersih.

    6. Kerajaan wajib mengambil tindakan ke atas tohmahan (?), yang dibuat oleh ‘neilkeenan update what goes up must come down’ seperti berikut:

    a. Harta dalam negeri seorang billionare rakyat Malaysia yang telah diistihar sudah meninggal? (sebenar masih hidup) oleh Kerajaan telah dipindahkan kepada nama isteri seorang pembesar negara.

    b. Kerajaan juga telah cuba menuntut segala harta luar negara billionaire malang itu dari UBS Switzerland. Nasib baik UBS Switzerland menyedari bahawa pemilik harta tersebut masih hidup.

    c. Percubaan Kerajaan Malaysia untuk menukar nama hakmilik harta ‘billionaire malang’ itu dapat digagalkan.

    7. Sekiranya laporan yang ditulis dalam NEIL KEENAN.COM ini satu fitnah maka Kerajaan Malaysia wajib membawa perkara ini kemuka pengadilan dengan segera.

    8. Sebagai orang (juga semua yang Islam) saya mohon kepada Allah diberikan hidayah dan kekuatan kepada Raja-Raja dan Pemimpin islam Malaysia yang bertanggung jawab ke atas Agama Islam dan Bangsa Melayu membersihkan segala perbuatan Kerajaan yang bertentangan dan melemahkan Islam.

    9. Dengan kudrat dan iradah Allah jua segala perbuatan mungkar dapat dijauhkan. Kepada ALLAH JUA KITA BERSERAH. AMIIN.

  15. MRezal82 Jun 3,2017 2:04 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Saya ni bukan penyokong tegar Tun atau mana2 parti politik. Malahan saya x suka pada politik sebab politik ni memang kbykkannya kaki tipu. Tetapi sejak najib memerintah saya ambil tahu tentang pergolakan politik. Di zaman Tun memerintah selama 22 tahun, masih byk keje2 kosong yg dpt di cari oleh rakyat. Bagi yg meniaga kecilan masih dpt berniaga dan beban tidak kerterlaluan. Bagi syarikat2 melayu atau bumiputera ada wujud d sini sana termasuk di sarawak. Cuma masa Tun memerintah kita di sini berdepan dgn masalah Ketua Menteri yang sama seperti najib yang penyamun! Tapi tetap beban rakyat masih dpt di kawal. Malahan orang tua saya yang gaji nya cukup2 makan masih dpt membesarkan kitaorang. Tapi pada zaman najib memerintah nak dpt kan keje pun susah sb syarikat2 melayu semua dah gulung tikar. Yang terbaru ialah syarikat dari CHINA. Tapi nak memohon kerja d syarikat itu punyalah susah nak mampus sebab nak mesti pandai berbahasa Cina. Di sarawak pun sesetengah syarikat cina cuma akan ambil mereka yang fasih berbahasa cina atas alasan kerana client2 mereka orang2 dr china. Pada pendapat saya ini satu alasan tidak munasabah sebab di peringkat awal di sekolah atau universiti, bahasa melayu dan inggeris adalah subjek utama yg perlu LULUs. Tapi bila dah tamat belajar, nak mohon keja jd kenapa mesti syarat utama sesetengah syarikat yang beroperasi di malaysia mensyarakat mesti fasih berbahasa cina?… Bagi sektor syarikat petroleum pula masih byk kontrak2 dn byk menghasilkan usahawan2 syarikat melayu untuk menerajui syarikat petroleum dan gas. Tapi sekarang byk syarikat yg gulung tikar. Sebab tak byk kontrak d tawarkan, kalau ada pun kontrak di tawarkan tp client utama petroleum tu takda duit nak support. Ada sesetengah org yang berkata dari dulu2 zaman emak dan bapak kita takda yang cakap brg2 murah. Pada pendapat saya org yg bercakap begitu seolah olah dia sendiri pun x pandai membuat penilaian.. zaman dato nenek kita sendiri memang brg2 masih murah. X usah cakap zaman dato nenek lah, zaman mak bapak kita beri kita makan pun harga brg2 masih terkawal dan dpt d beli meskipun gaji org tua kita ciput je. Bawa 100rgt ke pasar, mcm2 boleh beli. Tapi sekarang cuba bawa 100 rgt pergi pasar tengok berapa biji brg yang boleh di beli. Di sarawak, minyak masak dlm botol saja 5kg 24 rgt atau 25 rgt, manakala minyak paket di hadkan dan harganya sekitar 2.50 ke 3.20 sepeket. Itu pun 2 bulan sekali baru ada stok. Dan had 2 paket utk 1 individu. Dan ada sesetengah kedai tu 5 paket 1 individu. Jadi macam mana peniaga kecilan nak hidup dan nak meniaga? Dn mcm mana keluarga yang berpendapat rendah nak membeli.. itu baru sikit contoh. Belum lg harga beras,ikan sayuran dan lain2 serta harga petrol.

    Najib dan sekutu2 dia sibuk makan duit juta2 billion tapi raykat hidup mcm mana? Mereka suruh kita jimat cermat dan ikat perut tapi mereka najib dan sekutu2 berhabisan enjoy dgn duit dgn memberi rasuah sana sini dan perabis duit rakyat dan tambah beban ke rakyat dgn gst2, incometax2, dan barant

  16. rimba.emas Jun 2,2017 8:00 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Tidak salah lagi penguatkuasa negara kita bertindak atas arahan Menteri-Menteri Kementerian masing-masing.

    2. Menteri-menteri itu pula bekerja atas arahan Perdana Menteri.

    3. Rakyak kena maklum bahawa di sini tiada badan bebas yang di tugas untuk mengawasi kesalahan atau menghakimi salah laku seorang Ketua Negara Malaysia.

    4. Kita manusia ada tuhan yang bebas menghakimi segala perbuatan yang kita lakukan di dunia ini.

    5. Kita sendiri membiarkan pemimpin-pemimpin mengatur semua perkara tentang undang-undang dan hak milik yang ada di muka bumi Malaysia ini.

    6 Kebebasan kita berikan kepada pemimpin sehingga boleh bertindak berlawanan dengan hukum tuhan.

    7. Sejarah dalam perjuangan Islam contohnya ketika dalam pemerintahan Firaun hanya dapat di atasi dengan pertolongan Tuhan dengan mukjizat yang tidak dapat di lakukan manusia di dunia.

    8. Iktibar jika kita biarkan sehingga seorang seperti Jh Low yang terang-terang di gambar melakukan perkara haram menguasai kepimpinan negara tampa tindakan sewajarnya sehingga setaraf Firaun. Apa boleh berlaku?

    9. Bertindaklah sekarang sebelum nasi menjadi bubur. Hidup hanya menanti pertolongan tuhan yang akan mengubahnya pada hari kita di adili nanti.

    10. Demi masa manusia dalam kerugian kerana membiarkan ia berlaku. Penyesalan tidak berguna lagi kerana masa tidak berulang kembali.


  17. tebing tinggi Jun 2,2017 6:50 PM

    It’s a sad – sad things that happened in Malaysia .

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