1. By now everyone should know that the best way to reduce the number of new cases of infection by COVID-19 is to inject vaccines. It does not matter which vaccine, whether Western, Russian or Chinese. Vaccination has reduced the number of new cases in the UK, US and apparently in China.

2. But in Malaysia, so far only 3% of the 32 million people have been vaccinated. It is 40% in the US, a much more populous country.

3. People want to be vaccinated. Yes, there are those who believe in coconut water or that vaccination kills. But there are lots and lots of people who are anxious to be vaccinated.

4. But the process is tedious. You have to make online registration. You have to go to the small number of centres for vaccination.

5. Old people in the kampung may not have mobile phones, may not know how to register online, may not have good transport, may be unwell, etc. So if they cannot go to the vaccine centres why not bring the vaccines to them.

6. I have seen pictures on TV of people driving cars being vaccinated, while still sitting in the driver’s seat. It must have speeded things up. So send the teams to the people. Don’t wait for them to come.

7. The Government has the power to seize property under the emergency. There are properties to be seized for use as a vaccination centre. In Langkawi we have the huge LIMA exhibition centre and several hotels which are empty. Seize them and add more vaccine centres.

8. Malaysia has more public dewan, than any country in the world. Also we have more hospitals, public and private, where there would be space to convert to temporary vaccination centres.

9. Good to reduce the passengers on train but when trips are also reduced the trains are crowded.

10. The Government should stop its monopoly of import of vaccines. Let registered pharmaceutical companies import the vaccines and let them do the vaccination. There are responsible companies which will not cheat. Records should be kept of course. The important thing is to increase by many times the rate of vaccination.

11. The need to vaccinate is urgent. Forget politics. You are killing people by being dilatory. You will not be popular for that.

12. With new cases at 9000 per day there will be not enough beds and other apparatus. People are being sent home and some of them have died. More will die. No matter how you speed up vaccination, the number of new cases will take time to diminish. The reason for easy infection is due to the people not observing social distancing. This is especially so when working, when going to work, when returning and in workers buses. There is no one ensuring that the people stay far apart.

13. Please Government, please do not let so many be killed.

The Sputnik

14. No. It is not the space craft. It is the Russian vaccine. It is used in Russia and in many countries. Germany has approved it. And I believe reputable medical journals have approved it.

15. Why is Malaysia not using it. The Russians have offered 6 million doses. They have been told to answer 400 questions. We want to know if the monkeys have been saved.

16. We will wait for the 400 answers. A few hundred people may die. But that is okay.

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