1. Today (June 29, 2021) there are 6,437 new cases. It was 5,000 plus these last few days. One hundred and seven people died today bringing the total to 5,108. There had been quite a number of suicides.

2. Clearly the lockdown has not reduced the number of new cases or deaths. But the MCO will be continued from today for more days. Will the number of new cases decrease? Probably not. But we are instructed to continue with lockdown and MCO until the new cases are reduced, But when? After that more days of lockdown and so on. And the cases will remain high and more would die and more would commit suicide. Already the strain is unbearable. But more lockdowns. More of the same.

3. It is always more of the same. The people will suffer, will die, will commit suicide. For the Government, this is okay. The Government remains in power. Parliament will not sit until the Prime Minister advises the King.

4. What about the people. They will continue to suffer. That is alright so long as the Government continue to be in power. That is important. The sufferings of the people is not important.

5. They are without money, without food. They are desperate. They are killing themselves. That’s okay. Not enough beds. Well quarantine at home. You get worse. No oxygen. You die. But that is preordained.

6. The people must appreciate that certain businesses must go on. We cannot afford to lose 2 billion Ringgit a day. If we have to starve, to die, that is the cost we must pay.

7. Now your friends and members of your family are dying. That is not the Government’s fault. The virus does not discriminate.

8. So accept the lockdown, accept the MCO. It is good for you. Eventually, the pandemic will be over. If you survive you can still enjoy life. Just imagine, you can actually vote in the next election and the Government you choose will be sold at the highest price. The backdoor is open. There is money to be made.

9. Politics are what matters. Remaining as Prime Minister, becoming Prime Minister – that is very important.

10. People getting sick, people dying, people committing suicide, starving, being broke, divorcing etc. etc. – all these are okay as long as the Prime Minister is Prime Minister, Ministers and Deputy Ministers get their good pay to do nothing.

11. Don’t have Majlis Pemulihan Negara. Let the country be destroyed. Let the new case remain high. The King must listen to the advice of the Prime Minister. The King is a constitutional monarch. The Prime Minister is the absolute King.

12. No problem. Give the same medicine i.e. impose lockdown, MCO and SOP. Make it difficult for vaccine to be imported. Can make money – why not. What is a few deaths, a few suicides? Yes. Let there be more deaths and more suicides.

13. Have more of the same.

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