1. Hasmah and I are deeply saddened on hearing news of the passing of Tan Sri JJ Raj on Saturday, Nov 6.

2. He is to us a towering figure not only for the force he had served so loyally since pre-Independent Malaya, but also to the rest of the nation.

3. I had written to him in July, firstly to wish him a Happy Birthday and secondly, to congratulate him on reaching his centennial.

4. At my age, not many are older than me. And JJ Raj was sprightly at 100!

5. We shared some common habits in our lifestyle such as eating in moderation. And as an author himself, both of us believed in reading and writing to keep the mind and body healthy.

6. JJ Raj replied to my letter and proposed that once the pandemic was over, we could have “a nice cup of tea or healthy makan together as we take a stroll down memory lane”.

7. I was really looking forward to it. As I said, not many are older than me left to share that path down memory lane.

8. To those who knew him, we have truly lost a model citizen, a man of integrity and courage. Rest in peace my friend.

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