1. I must congratulate Paskal, the Royal Malaysian Navy’s commandos, for their success in preventing the capture of the Malaysian ship by Somali pirates recently.

2. It seems that the Korean commandos have been equally successful in frustrating the Somali pirates from hijacking a Korean ship.

3. I wonder if this means that the anti-piracy forces of the different countries are responsible for the ships of their own countries only. Will the Malaysian or Korean commandos sit by and watch as ships of other nations are hijacked in front of their eyes?

4. I believe there is some international law which prevents merchant ships from carrying armed personnel to deal with pirates boarding their ships. If there is then it is time we change the law.

5. Armed and trained personnel on board would be much more effective than having naval ships sending commandos when the merchant ships have already been boarded by the pirates. The pirates are likely to take hostage of the crew, threatening to kill them if the boarding party of commandos do not leave. The on-board commandos would be able to prevent boarding by the pirates and thus prevent them from making hostages of the crew.

6. Perhaps ships passing through dangerous waters might take on the commandos and they can disembark after reaching safe seas. The situation is sufficiently extraordinary and dangerous that departure from the norm is justified.

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  1. Anwar Ismail Mar 16,2011 10:29 AM

    Ayahnda, May I add another concern: The pirates have amassed plenty of ransom money which runs into millions or even billions of USD. With that they would be able to acquire lethal weapons on the black market. One day they might use a shoulder-fired missile on a RMN helicopter or even cause a gaping hole in one of the RMN ships. Thus we must remain unpredictable in our modus operandi. Just another tot. WASSALAM

  2. Anwar Ismail Mar 9,2011 9:30 PM

    Ayahnda Tun yang disayangi, We are certainly proud of our RMN PASKALS to successfully protect shipping be it locally or where the Somali pirates operate. They have earned their salt and should rightfully be commended (and rewarded).However we must be careful and not get “overboard” in press releases for the sake of their safety and security. I say this because I read somewhere that the Somali pirates’ mastermind are intelligent and have access to modern communications gadgets (eg surf the internet, watch TV on-line, read news on-line etc,etc). What worries me is that some of our top brass have divulged our modus operandi that was employed in our successful operations. Such modus operandi must never be divulged and and we should always keep the bad guys guessing our moves. Just my tots. WASSALAM

  3. jolly Mar 8,2011 3:49 PM

    Hi Tun,
    I am inspired to relay the following suggestion to the UN people.
    Hope that the UN members with navy performance and equipment that have met some ISO standard, to place their navy ships along the shipping route from India to the Red Sea entrance.
    Say, one navy ship from a country take care of 10 nautical miles. Then, with 100 countries participating, 1000 nautical miles can be covered.
    The shipping companies are advised to donate certain amount of security fees, in accordace to their tonnage, to the UN peace-keeping trust fund, which can be used in future peace efforts.
    Also, if any incidents happen, SOS is sent and navies from the vicinity can swiftly attack the pirates. The navies that have participated can be compensated or rewarded with money from this fund too.
    Thanks Tun.

  4. parameswara 2 Mar 1,2011 9:27 AM

    Dearest Tun
    //By jollyAuthor Profile Page on February 10, 2011 10:46 AM
    Hi Tun,
    I wish to borrow your platform to respond to Parameswara 2.
    Hi Parameswara 2,
    You mentioned that the root cause of these pirate problem is the economic hardship of the people of Somalia.
    I disagree. I watched the satellite TV channels (thanks to Tun’s initiative), which shows video footages of the villages in Somalia.
    Among the dilapidated village houses, are BIG and LUXURY cars, which dotted the landscape. There were some people walking around with machine guns.
    If you think they are poor, think again.//
    hi Jolly,I have posted a reply much earlier but strangely it was not published.
    Somalia is the 7th poorest nation in the world according to the IMF reports.The GDP 2009 est was USD5.7billion and the per capita was only USD 600.If you think the majority is not poor,think again.
    Thanks Tun

  5. Tunku Sofiah Jewa Feb 16,2011 8:17 PM

    Beloved Tun,

  6. riverman Feb 15,2011 2:26 PM

    Dear Tun,
    It seems Malaysian armed forces is being used not only to protect the country but also our merchant ships. It is very often being called to assist the unthinkable or in situation where no other agencies could assist. For example – floods, mass casualty, evacuation from Egypt, earthquake, collapse of building and many more.
    All these are high risk job which cant be done by any other organisation independently. We have some high profile societies which never fail to grasp media attention like during Acheh tsunami but believe me, these society could not have done it without logistic supports.
    In the end, it is usually the military which is highly reliabe – just like our PASKAL.
    The point of saying this is – these group of people (military) should be given more recognisation and reward. The bad publicity of huge military expenditure is not originated from the force but probably by the businessman.
    Good Day.

  7. Lionelchee Feb 13,2011 6:53 PM

    The root of the piracy existance comes from the weak government of Somalia. I dont know why the Malaysian commandos captured them alive and spend the rakyats tax money to bring them to court. I suggest we execute them on the spot and throw them overboard. Or I suggest we send mercenaries to Somalia and eliminate the pirates. US did send the army to invade Iraq and probably we can do the same. We dont need any UN resolution because UN is just a puppet of US.

  8. Al Baihaqi Feb 13,2011 5:00 PM

    Dear YAB Tun,
    Congratulation as well to our PASKAL for doing good job to apprehend all these pirates.
    We also need to look at a bigger picture on how to protect the International sea through collaborative effort with other international agencies so that the pirates will learn a lesson when they get cought by these enforcement agencies.
    I believe, being a pirate is not a choice for them but it is kind of survival or necessaity especially for the Somalian due to political unrest in the country. wish the PASKAL one again highest appreciation for doing such a good job for our Nation.

  9. Ainaq Feb 12,2011 11:50 PM

    History has shown a very thin line between Politics,Piracy,Arm Merchant Ship,Naval/Marine Ship
    History is well Known that British Pirate and Privateer pray on British Enemy Ship – Spain, Morgan the Pirate is one of them.
    Pirate of Carabean is another example.
    Bugis pray on Dutch their sworn enemy in South East Asia.
    Under peaceful enviroment is possible to seperate the three. Under hostility……Arm Merchant Ship can be Merine contigent poise to attack if oder is given. In fact Visiting German Army hide in Visting Naval Ship in Poland Harbour….break loose as soon as Second World war declared.
    So Somalian Pirate can be political enemy of governing regime to hinder trade or privateer who take advantage of lawlessness where goverment can control their water…
    If they do not guarantee our safety then we have to do our self.
    International Law was made to define the three (Pirate, Merchant Ship,Naval/Marine Ship)so that the country feel threaten can take hostile reaction legally to suppose enemy.

  10. Justin Feb 12,2011 1:30 PM

    You have lamented that the editors and producers not reprimanded despite presenting biased views.
    Its a bitter truth that news medias like TV3 is one sided,but sadly this is one tv station incites racial disharmony.This tv station becomes the platform for certain politicians including the Pasir mas katak.
    While preaching 1 Malaysia,they preach racial disharmony as well. Malaysia is not racist neither Malaysians are racist,but medias like tv3 promotes racism in Malaysia,hell with you TV3!

  11. jolly Feb 12,2011 12:24 AM

    Hi Tun,
    What made us proud for one week can quickly turn into a laughing stock in the eye of the world, if we do not handle with care.
    Just heard the news about the possible death sentence if they are convicted. Some of them are only children, and children cannot be sentenced to death.
    Places like HK has already advanced to a stage where the world knows very well what kind of graceful society they are, since they have already abolished the death sentence.
    If we can be just one step ahead of Singapore, most of us will be very proud of our country indeed.
    We need to show to the world that we are a country in the most advanced stage with respect to human rights, and the world will turn regard us very highly.
    Thanks Tun.

  12. Pelayar Di Ufuk Feb 11,2011 12:16 PM

    Acun 56
    Bagaimana lanun yang menggunakan bot kecil boleh menawan kapal dagang yang besar ? Mari saya jelaskan…
    Bot-bot kecil yang digunakan oleh lanun apabila dilihat pada skrin radar, hanyalah seperti titik nokhtah sahaja…..seperti titik nokhtah ini….pada skrin juga terdapat distortion/demon/bintik2 halus akibat awan dan ombak yang mana menyukarkan lagi pegawai navigasi di anjungan untuk membezakan objek benar ataupun objek palsu.
    dan pada paparan pemuka radar itu sendiri, terdapat blind-spot pada sudut2 tertentu yg menghalang radar dari mengesan sebarang bot kecil atau skiff..
    Salah satu modus operandi lanun somalia dalam merampas kapal dagang ialah dengan datang pada arah matahari terbit dan terbenam. Ini kerana pada waktu ini, penglihatan akan terjejas akibat biasan matahari diatas pemurkaan laut sebarang objek adalah mustahil untuk dikesan secara visual dibawah garis ufuk matahari. Anda boleh mencuba dengan melihat matahari yang berada di horizon dari tepi pantai. Adakah anda boleh melihat secara visual dengan jelas objek yang berada dibawah lembayung tersebut..
    Denagn menggunakan bantuan alam semula jadi seperti diatas, lanun somalia akan menghampiri sesebuah kapal dagang itu pada kelajuan yang tinggi +20knots dan terus menyangkutkan galah atau tali pada dinding kapal semasa rampasan berlaku.
    Seandainya jurumalim atau pegawai navigasi mengesan kehadiran bot kecil lanun itu secara visual pada waktu tersebut, semuanya telah terlambat.
    jadi apa yang dilakukan oleh Kapten kapal ialah, dengan mengumpulkan semua krew kapal ke tempat selamat didalam kapal dan kapten akan menekan butang isyarat kecemasan/ distress signal yang mana isyarat tersebut akan diterima oleh stesen pemancar daratan serta kapal2 lain disekitar.
    ketika lanun telah berada diatas kapal. Satu-satunya peluang yang ada ialah dengan menggagalkan lanun itu daripada menceroboh anjungan kapal dan komparment janakuasa gerak kapal. Bgaimana caranya, maaf tidak boleh diceritakan.
    Apabila lanun tidak boleh menduduki 2 tempat kritikal itu, maka lanun dengan sendirinya akan masuk balik ke bot kecil mereka dan beredar.
    Seandainya tidak bernasib baik dan lanun telah berada di anjungan kapal, adalah lebih baik mengikut segala kehendak lanun itu dan jangan bertindak terlebih pandai dengan cuba melawan. sebab anda bukan RAMBO. Anda mungkin akan kehilangan nyawa.
    Sudahlah anda sebagai kelasi kapal terpaksa berpisah dengan keluarga berbulan lamanya, jangan biarkan keluarga anda menanti anda beserta keranda di pelabuhan.
    Mungkin saudara saudari sekalian bernasib baik kerana tidak pernah merasa bagaimana perasaannya apabila muncung AK-47 diletakkan dikepala anda sambil tangan berpeluh talifon pejabat syarikat kapal dan mengatakan yang lanun ingin meminta wang tebusan. didepan anda juga kelihatan tubuh salah seorang crew yang mati akibat ditembak oleh lanun…

  13. Tunku Sofiah Jewa Feb 11,2011 5:38 AM

    Beloved Tun,

  14. Tunku Sofiah Jewa Feb 10,2011 11:46 PM

    Beloved Tun,

  15. Sean Feb 10,2011 12:38 PM

    “I believe there is some international law which prevents merchant ships from carrying armed personnel”
    A ‘merchant ship carrying armed personnel’ is practically a dictionary definition of a pirate ship. On what grounds is anybody to be charged with piracy if all ships are to be indistinguishable from pirate ships – independent witness statements?
    Closer to home, but on a shipping tip – did you ever consider financially / politically supporting the Kra Canal? Aren’t there some formulations of that plan which would at one stroke move Malaysia’s borders north to accommodate the mainly Muslim southern regions of Thailand, and also negate the need to make the Straits of Johor navigable? It seems it would be both politically / financially expedient for the Thais and for Malaysia, with one bank each. Not so good for Johor perhaps, but is anybody forecasting the loss of shipping once the arguments over the NorthWest Passage / Northern Sea Route are solved and large amounts of USEU/EastAsia shipping take the safer short-cut?

  16. al-Din Feb 10,2011 11:10 AM

    The Somalis have mastered the technique of superfast boat in the high seas. The warlords who trained and armed them to be desperados and prey on commercial ships will never be known. Are they in retaliation over black hawks over Mogadishu? Their country is already in turmoil and external interferences make it worse. It is another domino to fall.
    The lawlessness, poverty have driven them to the extreme limit and resort to piracy to survive and perhaps to vent their anger against injustice by the international community. This could be the root cause of piracy. Anyway, piracy is an old story practiced by nations at one time or another. One can recall the pirates of the Caribbean and of the Malay Archipelago.
    Since the piracy is non-targeted to particular nations it should be combatted jointly with efforts that reflect the volume of maritime shipping that pass the Suez Canal as per country. Apart from air, naval and satellite reconnaissance an internationally peopled commandos to be with the ships as suggested by Tun could be deployed.

  17. jolly Feb 10,2011 10:46 AM

    Hi Tun,
    I wish to borrow your platform to respond to Parameswara 2.
    Hi Parameswara 2,
    You mentioned that the root cause of these pirate problem is the economic hardship of the people of Somalia.
    I disagree. I watched the satellite TV channels (thanks to Tun’s initiative), which shows video footages of the villages in Somalia.
    Among the dilapidated village houses, are BIG and LUXURY cars, which dotted the landscape. There were some people walking around with machine guns.
    If you think they are poor, think again.
    They are INHUMAN. If they find the chance to kill our men – look at the machine gun bullet holes on the ship entrance – they would do so in no time. Being lenient to these bandits is to betray those the brave people who protect our mens’ lives such as those from PASKAL.
    These greedy bandits deserve NO commiserations. They are more wealthy than you. The last thing you would do, if you suffer from economic hardship, is to buy a big car and machine guns.

  18. fbm Feb 10,2011 2:32 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    1. Simply a good idea.
    2. If they have air marshals, why not we have our own ship marshals. Maybe we still should have some sort of mothership in the Gulf of Aden as a support ship, but that is it. The first prevention/defence is already boarded on the merchant ship.
    3. A cost effective way in tackling pirates of the Aden. That is why you were our PM for 20 years, you never ran out of a good idea.
    4. Hopefully someone related to this matter digests this note. Thanks Tun.

  19. 6 Jahanam Feb 10,2011 1:47 AM

    Menjelang Pelihan Raya
    Saya 6Jahanam ingin menubuhkan satu parti sendiri.
    Parti menyatupadukan umat Islam/Melayu
    Bagi mengukuhkan kedudukan melayu di tanah air sendiri.
    Saya tak perlu mengata sesiapa,
    yg perlu dilakukan,menyatupadukan umat islam/melayu,
    Ini phasa pertam.

  20. ekompute Feb 10,2011 1:30 AM

    I was reading Idea’s post where he said, “There are many types of pirates.” I thought that the only pirates that I know something of are only the VCD pirates. Then out of the blue, his post triggered something in me regarding Melaka’s history (and for that matter, also Johor’s history).
    We all know that historically, Australia was a penal colony, a land of convicts. However, many of us may not know that many Malays are actually descended from pirates. No, I am not trying to put down anybody… just presenting so-called historical facts for scrutiny and possible enlightenment.
    When Parameswara founded Melaka, the Straits of Melaka was then so badly infested with pirates and he knew that the only way for Melaka to compete with the other North Sumatran ports and to become a port of choice was to make it safe for merchants. As his numbers were few and he could not effectively defeat these pirates, he decided to bring them into his fold through intermarriage and gave them high positions in his government… a very intelligent strategist, I should say of Parameswara.
    I guess some of you may already have known who these pirates that I am referring to actually were. They were the Orang Lauts. Other Malay terms for Orang Laut were Lanun, Celate, or Orang Selat. Wikipedia says:
    “Historically, the orang laut were principally pirates but they also played important roles in Srivijaya, the Sultanate of Malacca, and the Sultanate of Johor. They patrolled the adjacent sea areas, repelling real pirates, directing traders to their employers’ ports and maintaining those ports’ dominance in the area.
    Eda Green wrote in 1909, “The Lanuns, supposed to have come from the Philippines, are Mohammedans and are dying out; they were one of the most aggressive tribes in their wild piracy, raiding not only the coasts, but stealing away the children of the Dusuns and Ida’an.”
    Actually many things I do not actually know. But when I intend to post something, I do a little bit of homework… not much, but at least some, especially Wikipedia. And the last paragraph catches my attention… ermmm, “The Lanuns… are Mohammedans… who were one of the most aggressive tribes in their wild piracy, raiding not only the coasts, but stealing away the children of the Dusuns and Ida’an.” I wonder whether Wikipedia is right. Doesn’t sound like what Prophet Muhammad teaches… so how can they be called Mohammedans. Or is Wikipedia referring to a different Mohammed? Someone similar to Mohamed Mohamed el-Amir Awad el-Sayed Atta, perhaps!
    So now that we know something of our history, it’s time to stop laughing at Australia, otherwise it would just be a case of “menepuk air di dulang, terpercik muka sendiri”. No insult meant… all of us, whether be we Malays, Chinese, or Indians… all of us have our less than palatable past.

  21. det kecik Feb 9,2011 11:44 PM

    By samuraimelayuAuthor Profile Page on February 8, 2011 12:58 AM
    Mohon maaf Ayahanda, tersasar dari tajuk..
    Sdr. det kecik,
    2) Projek itu dipimpin pemaju jujur dan berjaya dan tak semestinya hebat. Saya syorkan Tuan Haji Hasan Mokhtar yang berjaya bangun Pinggir Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Beliau juga amat dihormati Tan Sri Basir.

    Tuan Hj Hasan Mokhtar adalah sahabat dan pernah sama berkerja di ibu pejabat BBMB,KL. Sememangnya beliau seorang yang ikhlas dan jujur dalam berusaha dan sikap yang kami cemburui adalah KESABARAN dan KETENANGAN nya dalam situasi tertekan. Beliau lah pegawai yang sanggup mengenalpasti wajah seorang sahabat yang terbunuh di HongKong suatu ketika dahulu..
    Kami berdua hilang hubungan setelah beliau meninggalkan BBMB dan memulakan pembangunan diPinggir TTDI dan kami ke BGrp…20 tahun lamanya
    Kami amat gembira dapat maklumat beliau berjaya..terima kasih Sdr.
    Ps. Jika tidak keberatan, kami ingin mendapatkan talian/alamat beliau.… T.kasih.
    Assalamualaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh.
    Minta izin untuk respon kepada SAMURAIMELAYU.
    1) Adakah kawan yang mati di Hong Kong itu Jalil ?
    2) Insyaallah sudah di email nombor hp Haji Hasan Mokhtar.
    3) Beliaulah satu-satunya manusia yang paling jujur dan amanah dalam mengendalikan tanah orang kampung di TTDI dll. Tapi sayang sekali Tun Dr Mahathir tak gunakan kejujuran dan amanah serta kebijaksanaannya dalam menyemarak ekonomi bumiputra dahulu.
    Salam untuk SAMURAIMELAYU.
    Bagi Tun, jgn lupa diri saya dalam doa.

  22. Ujang Feb 9,2011 11:43 PM

    Salam Bahagia Tun;
    seingat saya pasukan khas seperti PASKAL (TLDM) ditubuhkan semasa era TUN dan terbukti ianya telah menunjukkan prestasi yang hebat yang menjadi kebanggaan rakyat Malaysia.
    Seeloknya dikaji semula saranan Tun sekiranya dilihat dari segi kos efektif. Bermakna ditempatkan anggota mahir yang mampu mencegah serangan lanun mahupun dipinjamkam anggota khas seperti PASKAL kepada kapalkapal dagang Malaysia.

  23. parameswara 2 Feb 9,2011 6:28 PM

    Dearest Tun
    1-The root cause of these pirate problem is the economic hardship of the people of Somalia.Being a Muslim nation its the responsibilty of the hopeless OIC to resolve the matter.
    2-What are the roles of the oil rich Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia,Emirates,Iran,Kazakstan,etc to help out the fellow Muslims in these countries?Where is the Islamic brotherhood that is supposed to make us all one Ummah?
    3-Little wonder people like Andrewtay hate the Arabs.These people have returned to the Jahiliah days when the blacks were looked down upon by the white Arabs.They have forgotten the prophet’s last sermon.Couldn’t be that don’t know of this last sermon.
    4-In Malaysia even a non Muslim Chinese like ekompute have this sermon memorized!
    Thanks Tun.

  24. mabrahim Feb 9,2011 1:34 PM

    Though I am a Singaporean I felt proud to have a neighbour who has done the right thing. As neighbour we too can lift our heads up for being a close neighbour.

  25. parameswara 2 Feb 9,2011 8:51 AM

    Dearest Tun
    1-The piracy on our high streets has not improved a little bit.My niece just got attacked by these street pirates on a motorcycle.She had just left the Bank with some considerable cash that is to be the gaji for her employers staff.The pirate broke her window screen but my niece at the spur of the moment foolishly pressed down his hand from grabbing the cash.For this unexpected resistance the guy hit my niece with a stick before he took off without the cash.Although she was unhurt her hand was bleeding profusely before some people who witnessed what happened came to offer her the necessary help.Would you believe that this incident happened just opposite the police station?
    2-I think its about time that employers start doing auto crediting to settle their staff salary.
    3-From how these pirates know just who is ferrying big amount of cash its obvious either the bank or their security staff are accomplices.
    4-One of my best friends have been robbed and slashed by parang yielding robbers after withdrawing from the ATM machine before CNY last year,after that my cousin sister landed in ICU when she was pulled down by snatched
    thieves.Bro Amin Tan suffered the same fate as my friend very recently and now this thing happening to my own niece.
    5-So I really wonder on whose feedback is Najib relying to decide that street crimes has actually been contained?From some independent party or from the Police Department head himself.For that matter how reliable are all the KPI’s of the other divisions?
    6-Are our daughters and sons, sisters and brothers really safe out there anymore?
    7-Or is it about time we rakyat gather together at our own ‘Tahrir’ square somewhere and demand for some real effective change?
    Thanks Tun.

  26. The Company Feb 9,2011 1:50 AM

    Indeed, dear ayahanda Tun. Without suggesting which one is better, I was also told that the Korean commandoes had received assistance from the American war ship and lynx helicopter from the NATO anti-pirate squad during their rescue mission, unlike the Malaysian commandoes i.e. Paskal. May I bring your attention here, sir:

  27. SmokerHaven.Com Feb 9,2011 1:27 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Some airlines do carry armed sky marshals on board, I do not see why ships could not carry them as well. Protect our ships with commandos, assets and properties worth billions could be saved. Insurance costs would be lowered and price of goods will eventually drop. This would benefit all consumers.

  28. jolly Feb 8,2011 11:19 PM

    Hi Tun,
    Concerning the Somali issue, what the international community is doing now is “zhi4 biao1 bu4 zhi4 ben3”, meaning, applying pain killer medicine to reduce pain but fail to cure the source of the pain, or something like that.
    What has happened to Somalia? What has caused the people to do things like that?
    On the contrary, some towns in some honorable countries have newspaper, fruits etc vendors who just leave their cash cans at their stores, and the customers pay by themselves honestly without the owners’ presence.
    What a big contrast.
    This kind of practice is also not practical in countries like China.
    Maybe it is time for some research scholars to study this phenomenon and come up with honest solutions for places like Somalia and China.
    Salam 1Malaysia Boleh Keranamu Tun.

  29. uncle dee Feb 8,2011 10:54 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Congrats to our RMN troops. Just wondering whether the somalian pirates can be charged in M’sian court!

  30. Idea Feb 8,2011 10:09 PM

    Dear Tun,
    1. There are many types of pirates. Some are violent, some are less violent. Some are after valuable goods on ship, some are after ransom money.
    2. Pirates in the Strait of Malacca and the South China Sea usually use Parangs and knives. In this case, lightly armed and trained crews could be the solution.
    3. Somali pirates are said to be heavily armed. They even have rocket propelled grenades. To fight back, a merchant ship should be equipped with weapons of the same standard. The crews should also be well-trained.
    4. The operators of merchant ships will bear more cost. Shipping will be more expensive.
    5. Despite the above pre-cautionary measure, insurance companies will retain high premiums. Their argument will be

  31. ekompute Feb 8,2011 8:52 PM

    When it comes to pirates, I really have nothing to say, unless you talk about VCD pirates, LOL. And my guess is that many of Tun’s posters are like me, judging from the less than enthusiastic response. But it is good that Tun comes out with such topics on and off to show how ignorant we can be on certain issues that haven’t touched us directly… until they do.
    Just to comment a little about parameswara2’s post. Yes, the Tunku was a great man in his own way. He never lost sight of the fact that Malays must play a dominant role in Malaysian politics, but he also did think of the non-Malays in whatever he did… and I totally support his philosophy. This is in constrast to Tun who appears to me to be thinking ONLY of the Malays and nobody else. Sad to say, any benefit received by non-Malays from his long tenure as Prime Minister were merely incidental and were not intentionally done. To that extent, I would rate the Tunku as a far better Muslim, despite his bad habits which I agree are sinful, but not as sinful as intentionally violating Islamic values to amass more material wealth.
    Until today, I still cannot accept the crooked bridge which has no rationale whatsoever, other than to enrich PLUS shareholders. All the so-called reasons given for the bridge are merely rationalization. But still, I am not objecting, so long as it does not burden our people. But have anyone ever thought about those Malaysians who use the causeway daily to bring in foreign exchange for the country?
    Many may have forgotten that the Tunku was the man who founded PERKIM in 1960 for the purpose of promoting Islam as a national religion as well as promoting Islam to the non-Malays without compulsion. How much effort has other Prime Minister carried out such dakwah activities on behalf of Islam?
    Parameswara2 says: “You will only not make any mistakes when you don’t do anything at all.” I beg to disagree. Our AAB did practically nothing, but he made more mistakes than any previous Malaysian prime ministers, LOL. According to decision-making theory, “doing nothing” is also a decision and all decisions have its attendant fruits and consequences.

  32. eijard Feb 8,2011 7:27 PM

    Salam Tun
    berita kejayaan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia menangkap lanun-lanun Somalia menjadi antara isu-isu hangat dalam negara kita. Begitu juga dengan kejayaan pasukan bola sepak Malaysia dalam menjuarai kejohanan Piala Suzuki baru-baru ini. namun terdetik dalam fikiran saya, sekiranya berlaku kekurangan-kekurangan dalam setiap badan, pasukan atau apa-apa sahaja dalam negara kita, janganlah dicemuh kerana setiap perkara ada kekurangannya…keep on writing Tun, you always make me proud of be the citizen of lovely country.peace.!

  33. bayu Feb 8,2011 4:01 PM


  34. bobizoma Feb 8,2011 3:55 PM

    Pelayar di ufuk,
    Penerangan anda tentang pengalaman berada diatas kapal dan kaedah mengelakkan lanun juga memberi kefahaman yang lebih kepada kami operasi di laut. ingin saya menambah (tiada niat untuk membangkang atau menunjuk pandai) dalam perkara tersebut jikalau saudara setuju dengan pandangan saya.
    Bagi senjata api yang boleh mencetuskan kebakaran pasti amat difahami tahap kebahayaannya. Juga pihak IMO melarang pemilikannya diatas kapal dan oleh anak kapal.
    Guideline pihak IMO untuk meningkatkan kesedaran kapal dagang dari ancaman lanun adalah seperti mengadakan slipery wall, 24 hrs watchman, barb wire dan tactical manouvering untuk hasilkan ombak yang tidak konsisten. Ini adalah dgn mengandaikan bahawa lanun terhalang dan tidak boleh naik ke atas kapal., well thats the zero barrier for that MO .
    Jika, lanun mengadaptasi setelah gagal percubaan berkali – kali dan akhirnya dapat mengatasi masalah tersebut dan berjaya naik ke atas kapal. Adakah ketiadaan senjata menjadi masalah untuk melawan. Atau, ketika berada di shooting range (walaupun tidak menaiki kapal lagi) dan mereka mula menggunakan senjata api secara melulu, bagaimana cara untuk kita melawan?
    jika, dan hanya jika, seperti Tun katakan, undang2 tersebut boleh diubah untuk menjamin lebih keselamatan. Menggunakan senjata yang tidak berasaskan explosion triger (firearm)(kerana ada muatan kapal yang mudah terbakar) tetapi secara alternativenya menggunakan senjata dari ‘gage pressure’ gun yang menggunakan ball bearing untuk diletak (mounted)di sisi sisi kapal (menggunakan kompressor yang besar) dimana ianya boleh menembak , menakutkan atau membunuh jika bot lanun telah terlalu hampir dengan kapal dan berniat merampas kapal. (saya cuba bayang concept permainan paintball tetapi untuk senjata yang di letakkan seperti meriam).
    ** Revolver ball bearing sebesar biji guli (gas trigger) juga telah ada di gunakan oleh gangster di thailand – bayangkan jika kita menggunakan compressor yang besar contohnya (**bukan pengiraan accurate) berkapisiti 2.4 cfm (3000 PSI) – saya yakin ball bearing boleh ditembak sehingga 400 km/h (cukup untuk bunuh orang ). ianya juga boleh digunakan sebagai canon (menggunakan ball bearing yang lebih besar) untuk memusnahkan dan meneggelamkan bot (seperti The Flying dutchman menembak black Pearl dlm Cerita Pirate of The carribean) 🙂 saya suka mengambil contoh yang ekstrem sikit hahaha
    Soalan saya, adakah cara2 alternative seperti ini effective dari dari tidak bersenjata ?(jika kita bayangkan undang2 boleh membenarkan perkara ini)
    Saya bercerita tentang serangan awal kerana saya pernah menonton dokumenteri tentang 1 kapal aktivis cuba memprovokasi 1 kapal jepun yang menangkap ikan paus secara haram di perairan Australia. (**saya ingin memahamkan konteks dan cara dalm cerita ini, tidak mengambil kira perbuatan betul atau salah**) kapal aktivis tersebut mengejar dan memprovokasi kapal paus haram jepun itu dengan membaling bahan bahan busuk, asap dan sebagainya supaya dengan haraan kapal jepun itu lari dari perairan Australia tersebut dan tak menangkap paus lagi. setelah banyak kali dan berhari hari provokasi ini berlaku, kapal jepun tersebut mngeluarkan amaran yang mereka akan lawan balik. sebaik sahaja kapal aktivis tersebut menghampiri sekali lagi, dengan tak semena mena, seorang dari anak kapal aktivis tersebut sedar yang dia telah ditembak.(tapi tak mati sebab pakai bullet proof vest – kapal jepun tersebut membawa senjata api) operasi provokasi tersebut dihentikan serta merta. seolah2 mereka terkejut dengan kapacity melawan kapal jepun tersebut dan untuk meneruskan seperti membahayakan nyawa mereka sendiri.
    Dalam konteks ini, jika kita membuat serangan awal terhadap kapal atau bot lanun yng menghampiri, tidakkah ini akan mengakibatkn mereka pikir dua kali untuk meneruskan niat mereka?
    Dan jika, dan hanya jika, mereka berjaya juga naik keatas kapal, bukankah senjata – senjata yang lebih ringkas dan portable (seperti yang saya contohkan revolver di thailand itu). dan jika, mereka tidak berundur juga, terpaksa, senjata api perlu juga diadakan (Senjata api hanya perlu komponen menembak dan peluru – tidak perlu di cas atau kehabisan kebolehan menembak).
    Jadi kesimpulan saya disini, apa cara sekalipun kita cuba menghalang lanun dari merapat, atau menaiki kapal kita. dengan apa cara kita buat sekalipun. masih ada, Walau sedikit, tapi ada, untuk risiko mereka berjaya juga menaiki kapal (Mungkin kerana kapasiti mereka yang ramai , atau taktikal skill mereka yang bagus). Senjata api masih perlu diadakan dan disimpan diatas kapal dan ianya berbalik kepada saranan Tun tersebut.
    Sekian terima Kasih

  35. 2worldpeace Feb 8,2011 3:39 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Our commandos has made us proud for their action to prevent the ship being hijacked. In fact, our armed forces has been excellent all these years. In the UN peacekeeping missions, they have always made Malaysia proud. i remember in one of the mission in Somalia, our military saved US personnel from being ambushed. But of course we dont see that in Black Hawk Dawn movie which is supposed to retell the story.
    i agree on Tun’s idea for the ships to have their own armed and trained personnel. For the military to cover so many ships a bit impractical. We may need them for other assignments.

  36. pesaraprihatin Feb 8,2011 3:09 PM

    Yes, I also would like to congratulate our Paskal. They had done a good job. But, to my mind, the Korean commandos did the job better ‘coz they manage to kill some of the pirates. Why Paskal didn’t just finished off the pirates? They are pirate anyway where dying is part of their business. The whole world knows about it, and they deserved to die. In the process we save our money, time, manpower dan ofcourse wasted justice!
    Bravo Malaysia!

  37. Shahisma159 Feb 8,2011 2:47 PM

    Salam Tun,
    I wonder what is the Somali govt doing about the pirates issue. Are they condoning the act? I know they are poor and have not much resources, but they certainly cannot resort to hijacking ships and squeezing ransome money.
    In Islam there is a saying “kefakiran membawa kekufuran”, if this is true in the case of Somali, then other nations should consider helping Somali to develop, create jobs, increase health standards, etc. The world would be a better place. Insyaallah.

  38. HOT ZOOM Feb 8,2011 1:55 PM

    Hebat..hebat…kalau Tun puji maknanya memang hebat
    Tahniah kepada PASKAL
    Komando 69 pun hebat

  39. bobizoma Feb 8,2011 1:38 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Izinkan saya berbicara.
    The Ships or vessels that passing thru the hot spot water zone should carry 1 standard heavy massive weapon (assuming fixable at any non military ship – by any method imaginable that make it may sound practical .. haha.. and provided international law would consider permitting it) that can sink ‘Jack sparrow – black pearl’ ship within 1 or 2 blasts, which controlled by 1 commando personnel, at least before the ship is being hijacked or boarded by them.
    For the sake of self defence we attack in advance. Pirate ships can come in disguise for example like fisherman boats, local enforcer or many others. maybe if the boarding commando is well trained to smell or anticipate movement of enemy in any kind of verbal and physical language or sign or manuovering style, telling that they are pirate, Just use the big gun then blow them away. i dont think u have time to shoot them 1 by 1. That way we dont have under men issue.
    Sorry it sounds stupid, but it just a thought. 🙂
    Terima Kasih Tun

  40. acun56 Feb 8,2011 1:28 PM

    Salam Sejahtera Tun,
    Lanun…lanun….lanun, hanya berapa kerat je lanun yang menawan kapal-kapal dagang yang melalui laut berkenaan. Selaku orang awam, saya berpendapat bahawa lanun naik kapal kecil boleh tawan kapal besar. Rasa pelik juga ya, seolah-olah kapal yang begitu besar yang agak sukar dipanjat, pun boleh dipanjat lanun ye… Anak kapal seolah-olah memberi izin lanun tu naik tanpa tentangan. Kenapa terjadi lagu tu… Walaupun lanun tu bersenjata, takkan mudah sangat nak tawan kapal besar. Lanun naik boat kecik je… kapal besar ombak pun besar, cuma hati kapten dan anak kapal je yang kecik kut.. ATAU ADA UNDANG-UNDANG LAUT / DAGANG KATA, KALAU LANUN SERANG, BIAK PI LAH, KASI APA DEPA MAU…, lagu tu ka.. Tun boleh komen kit ke hal ni… kami ni tak reti sangat bab-bab macam ni.

  41. Jamal Feb 8,2011 1:19 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Malaysia along with Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan should work together to start a joint initiative to tackle the Somali Pirates problem.
    These can be the precursor to forming a UN sanctioned Task Force to looking into this scrouge.
    Given that the appropriate focus be given to this problem, I am sure all avenues will be explored by this Task Force to eradicate this problem; which will include fine-tuning the International Maritime Laws, having joint exercise and patrols, using satellite monitoring, working with the Somali authorities, etc…
    This is but a small problem, if only the world working together and with the available advance technologies..can solve…pronto.

  42. samuraimelayu Feb 8,2011 12:58 AM

    Mohon maaf Ayahanda, tersasar dari tajuk..
    Sdr. det kecik,
    2) Projek itu dipimpin pemaju jujur dan berjaya dan tak semestinya hebat. Saya syorkan Tuan Haji Hasan Mokhtar yang berjaya bangun Pinggir Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Beliau juga amat dihormati Tan Sri Basir.

    Tuan Hj Hasan Mokhtar adalah sahabat dan pernah sama berkerja di ibu pejabat BBMB,KL. Sememangnya beliau seorang yang ikhlas dan jujur dalam berusaha dan sikap yang kami cemburui adalah KESABARAN dan KETENANGAN nya dalam situasi tertekan. Beliau lah pegawai yang sanggup mengenalpasti wajah seorang sahabat yang terbunuh di HongKong suatu ketika dahulu..
    Kami berdua hilang hubungan setelah beliau meninggalkan BBMB dan memulakan pembangunan diPinggir TTDI dan kami ke BGrp…20 tahun lamanya
    Kami amat gembira dapat maklumat beliau berjaya..terima kasih Sdr.
    Ps. Jika tidak keberatan, kami ingin mendapatkan talian/alamat beliau.… T.kasih.

  43. parameswara 2 Feb 8,2011 12:18 AM

    Dearest Tun
    1-Today is the birthday of the Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman.To me the Tunku is the second ranking PM after you Tun.And many I know may disagree.I personally find the Tunku a sincere man who trusted every race in this country equally.
    2-He was born at a time religious awareness was generally low as a result of 500 years of colonization.He grew up in a non Islamic surrounding,he studied many years in the UK where he read law.Futhermore he was brought up in a palace surrounded by a lot of falsehood and hypocricy yet inspite of all these the Almarhum was a simple and humble person.
    3-I cannot believe a man of this sophisticated background can be as foolish as he has been made out to be.He may understandably be ignorant of Islam but surely not anti Islam.
    4-He introduced the Musabaqah AlQuran that lasted until today.He was one of the men behind the OIC.Our football team was most glorious during his time.He agreed to a controversial constitution of the country at a time the country was having its worst civil war,during the communist insurgency when we were very weak and lacking in bargaining power.If citizenship had not been awarded the non Malays, the communists may have a cause to prolong the insurgency and may even recruit more members from amongst the disgruntled non citizens.He made sure that all Malays will remain Muslims.
    5-He is the guy who kicked Singapore from the Federation so that the Malays may still have political dominance over Malaysia.If Singapore is still in Malaysia KL may not have been turned into an alpha world city that it has become today.
    6-Tun Mahathir could not have performed so well as the PM of Malaysia had it not been for the political infrastructure that has been layed down by the Tunku.
    7-The Tunku has made a lot of mistakes just like Tun himself but that only mean that these two guys actually work and have made decisions.You will only not make any mistakes when you don’t do anything at all.
    8-My hope is that we Malaysians should forgive our Tunku for the sincere genuine mistakes he made and thank him for his farsightedness in laying the foundation for Malaysia to leap into the 21st century with all the right human materials and with great confidence.
    May Allah SWT bless his soul and forgive him for his all his wrong doings.Ameen.
    Thanks Tun

  44. Rimba Emas Feb 7,2011 11:21 PM


  45. samuraimelayu Feb 7,2011 11:15 PM

    Many years ago we came out with this crazy idea of ‘remolding’ ex-UTKs and ex-Commandos into a ‘Missionary’ Unit and amongst the objectives is to deploy D’Rambo’ personnels to handle/control ‘crisis’ situations. The crazy idea wud have been commercially viable…now!
    But alas, the patronage to this Unit lost the ‘egg’ before it is even hatched.
    Ps. Our potential ‘Rambos’ even designed D’Rambo’ Cap for us..perhaps the Persatuan ex-polis/askar can pick up the pieces…

  46. Pelayar Di Ufuk Feb 7,2011 8:57 PM

    Syabas dan terima kasih kepada International Coalation Forces dan khasnya kepada Angkatan Tentera Malasyia kerana menjaga keselamtan kami sepanjang konvoi pelayaran di Gulf Of Aden.
    Bagi mereka yang tidak faham tugas sebenar Angkatan Tentera Malaysia ketika keadaan aman, biar saya beritahu bahwa ini adalah salah satu tugas Angkatan Tentera Malaysia semasa negara didalam aman dalam memastikan aset2 strategik negara sentiasa didalam keadaan selamat agar kita yang berada didalam negara dapat hidup dengan tenang,aman dan bahagia.
    Syabas sekali lagi kepada Angkatan Tentera Malaysia.

  47. Pelayar Di Ufuk Feb 7,2011 8:46 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Telah ada didalam International Maritime Organization yang mengatakan bahawa sebarang senjata api tidak di benarkan berada diatas kapal dagang dan anak2 kapal juga dilarang memiliki/membawa senjata api diatas kapal.
    ini kerana, crew kapal ditakrifkan sebagai orang awam dan latihan khas pengendalian senjata api oleh crew kapal perlu mendapatkan kebenaran daripada Flag State kapal. Flag State ialah negara/tempat dimana syarikat kapal mendaftarkan nama kapal. Flag State boleh dilihat pada bahagian belakang kapal contohnya Port Kelang,Panama,Singapore, dan lain-lain.
    Adalah amat membimbangkan sekiranya penggunaan senjata api diatas kapal dagang disalah gunakan oleh krew kapal sendiri yang mana boleh menyebabkan kecederaan atau kematian pada krew yang lain. Selain dari itu, ia akan menarik minat lanun untuk merampas kapal tersebut dengan menggunakan senjata yang lebih banyak dan akan mendatangkan bahaya kepada kapal dagang dan krew didalamnya, lebih-lebih lagi jika kapal dagang tersebut membawa muatan yg mudah terbakar…?? Tentunya pihak syarikat perkapaln tidak mahu kehilangan kargo bernilai tinggi dan nyawa krew kapal yg terlatih dalam sekelip mata. Antara kargo yg dibawa dan kapal bernilai RM25 Juta dengan wang tebusan Rm2-3 Juta, mana yang akan dipilih..? Sudah tentunya bayaran tebusan.
    Ada beberapa cara yang diberi oleh pihak IMO (International Maritime Organization) dalam usaha menggagalkan rampasan kapal dagang. Antaranya ialah,
    – memasang kawat berduri di sekeliling kapal.
    – menghidupkan pam hos air kebakaran (fire hydrant), agar dinding luaran kapal menjadi licin, dan menyukarkan pergerakan lanun.
    – meningkatkan pemerhatian 24 jam sekeliling kapal.
    -meningkatkan kelajuan kapal keatas 25knot sekiranya kapal belayar tanpa konvoi bersama tentera laut.
    – mengubah haluan kapal secara sistematik agar ombak yg terhasil dari pergerakan kapal tersebut mampu memperlahankan atau membahayakan bot lanun yang sedang mengejar.
    – berlayar bersama-sama dengan kapal dagang yang lain dalam satu-satu konvoi sambil diapit oleh pasukan tentera laut antarabangsa.
    Walaupun cara diatas mungkin dianggap primitif oleh sesetengah orang darat, nama cara tersebut sangat efektif dalam menggagalkan serangan lanun.
    Sekian dan terima kasih kepada Tun yang mengambil berat mengenai kebajikan pelayar-pelayar seperti kami.

  48. Adamok Feb 7,2011 7:38 PM

    Looks like the Somalian pirates are getting bolder and bolder. Hope more countries start fighting back. That’s the only way to deal with these people.

  49. musato Feb 7,2011 7:37 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Kelihatan macam cerita perwira bilamana ada tukang iring elit dan wira dalam kapal dagang.Bila misi dah selesai,semua bertebaran berpecah bawa haluan masing-masing.
    Macam cerita pencuri elit siri Leverage.
    Kerja komando taklah besar sangat gajinya.Tapi wang ringgit tak boleh mengukur sifat patriotisme.Jangan terlalu fikir pasal gaji bila sertai komando,tapi kalau itu buat kita gembira dengan kerja/hidup,teruskan.Itu nasihat saya kepada adik yang mulakan langkah pertama sertai latihan.Next month dia akan berkahwin.Semoga bahagia ke anak cucu.
    Menjadi lanun juga adalah satu pekerjaan.Saya fikir ia elok untuk individu somalia tersebut berusaha untuk hidup.Mungkin dengan tak mencederakan krew kapal walau bawa senjata.Cuma berharap.Semoga rezeki mereka akan diberkati Allah s.w.t ke arah yang lebih baik.
    Dalam tasawuf apa yang saya tahu,berkerja adalah antara isu yang dipandang serong oleh masyarakat.Dulu pun saya berfikiran demikian.
    Mahu tak mahu saya sendiri mengaku ia adalah suatu perkara yang sinonim dengan tasawuf.Ia adalah satu proses kerohanian.Sepertimana,ada pandangan mengatakan bahwa pendapat sheikh yang mursyid tidak boleh disanggah (kerana ia tetap benar).Betul atau tidak,kita akan tahu bilamana ia adalah sesuatu perkara yang kita kerjakan.
    Pengamal tasawuf juga adalah antara orang terkedepan dalam mempertahankan negara.Seperti yang kita tahu,manusia hanya merancang tetapi tuhan menentukan.
    Apabila tuhan menentukan,usaha kita hanyalah tinggal usaha.Umpama suatu perbezaan antara pemimpin yang dilahirkan dengan pemimpin yang dibentuk.
    Walaupun diselubungi dengan tohmahan tentang isu pekerjaan,dalam tasawuf berkerja adalah antara tempat letaknya zikir.
    Berlaku jujurlah dalam pekerjaan.Jagalah rezeki dengan bekerja mengikut masa.Bantulah rakan sekerja.Dan gembirakanlah hati dengan berkerja sambil menuntut pengetahuan yang tiada dalam diri.
    Apabila menyebut tentang proses kerohanian,sedar atau tidak ketika kita menjengah laman beberapa kali dalam sehari,kita telah meninggalkan kerja kita yang lain kerana perasaan kecintaan.
    Sedar atau tidak,sebenarnya kita hanya menatap sebuah laptop yang tidak bersuara dan tidak berperasaan.
    Degan itu,nikmatilah proses kasih sayang dari Allah yang Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang dengan apa yang kita lakukan sehari-hari.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  50. mgpunya Feb 7,2011 7:29 PM

    YABhg Tun,
    ….pirates???? It’s so pale…in comparison to the actions of powerful nations which attacked and took over independent sovereign countries. Don’t you think so…..sir???

  51. det kecik Feb 7,2011 7:24 PM

    Assalamu ‘alaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh.
    Syukur lah Tun mengucapkan tahniah kepada Paskal di atas kejayaan mereka tempoh hari. Ia nya akan memberi semangat yang lebih kepada ke semua anggota Paskal walau pun Tun bukan lagi Perdana Menteri Malaysia.
    Memang tak masuk akal sekiranya ada undang-undang yang melarang kapal perdagangan membawa bersama anggota-anggota keselamatan di atas kapal bertanggung jawab ke atas keselamatan barang dagangan yang di bawa dan krew-krew kapal berkenaan serta kapal itu sendiri.
    Telah berlaku banyak peristiwa perampasan oleh lanun-lanun yang bersenjata di perairan tertentu. Apa yang boleh di lakukan adalah men’grade’ kan keselamatan perairan yang di lalui oleh kapal-kapal perdagangan itu.
    Perairan yang tinggi risikonya di ‘hire’ kan Paskal, dan yang paling rendah risikonya boleh di hire kan anggota syarikat keselamatan yang dilatih ala tentera laut. Ini pandangan saya je.
    Kalau susah-sah sangat bila ada kapal kena rampas oleh lanun-lanun yang bersenjata boleh lah kerajaan Malaysia telephone 007 James Bond….sure setel punya….lanun-lanun mampus dibunuh (jimat duit kos masuk penjara) dan James Bond dapat meniduri wanita Malaysia ?
    Doalah untuk kesejahteraan/keselamatan dunian dan akhirat saya selepas Tun selesai sembahyang tahjud malam nanti yer…..dan sofi, bila hang nak blanja aku makan di restoran Kalimullah kat Bangsar tu ?

  52. Budi kita Feb 7,2011 5:11 PM

    Dear Tun
    Compared to korean we are better because neither the troops nor the pirates got killed. It seem we have a better strategy and skills. That the true nature of malays, do not like to kill people unnecessarily, happy malaya happy malaysia. Before the Japanese came, we were friendly to the British, when the Japanese came were were friendly to the Japanese and when british came back with revengeful towards Malays, finally British melted towards the malay and bombed MPAJA and Bintang tiga. Many people can be friendly towards malays, except the Singapore MAYOR

  53. Alpha Tango Feb 7,2011 4:44 PM

    Dear Tun
    I fully agree with your suggestion for us to be pro-active rather than just reactive.
    It will definitely be cost-effective, help enhance international relations and cooperation as well as minimize and mitigate any potential dangers to the crew.
    I also hope our AG can propose this to the UN or the relevant international body.
    Live long and prosper.

  54. jolly Feb 7,2011 3:41 PM

    Hi Tun,
    May I borrow your platform.. thanks Tun.
    Dear Paskal, the Royal Malaysian Navy’s commandos,
    My heartiest congratulations to you!
    You made us feel proud.

  55. shah55 Feb 7,2011 3:14 PM

    salam, tun
    gerat idea, i 100% agree, at least our army wont get boring doing daily training only, they will feel empowered to handle a ship and all the crew onboard.
    Than as u said its time to change the law.
    I also would like to add abeat on this army personel who retire after their contract over. IT will be good if they are swap in to Police, i believe they will play a vital role as a good policemen from the one that we do have.
    Please give a thought of it and propose if my thought is acceptable. Thank you. you are the best

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