1. A new book on Lee Kuan Yew has appeared with the title “Lee Kuan Yew – Hard Truths To Keep Singapore Going.” It is a collection of 16 interviews with Lee Kuan Yew by Singapore journalists.

2. What is the hard truth which will keep Singapore going? It is, according to Lee Kuan Yew the vulnerability of Singapore. Without saying so in so many words, Lee Kuan Yew believes that the island’s neighbours would war against it if it has no military capacity to defend itself. The United Nations would not help Singapore in the event of such an attack.

3. Even America would not defend Singapore despite the Security Framework Agreement. America went to the aid of Kuwait because of oil, but Singapore’s problem is water.

4. Kuan Yew blamed me for stopping sand supply from Malaysia. I was quoted as saying, “Even at their present size they are trouble, you let them grow some more they will be more trouble.” Rhetorically he then asked the journalist present, “We’ve got friendly neighbours? Grow up.”

5. I may have said that, though I cannot remember. But is that an indication that we intend to invade Singapore?

6. Singapore had been taking large quantities of sand from the sea-bed east of Johore and also in the Strait of Malacca. As a result the coast has been eroded in places. Taking one billion cubic meters more of sand in these seas would cause serious erosion.

7. In addition the fish-breeding ground will be destroyed and this will affect Malaysian fishermen.

8. As to the trouble caused by Singapore; in the 22 years of my premiership I was not able to resolve any of the problems with Singapore. These are the Central Provident Fund, the railway land, the operation of the Malayan Railway in Singapore and the water price. Additionally the reclamation in the Tebrau Strait was affecting the deep water shipping lane for ships to and from Pasir Gudang Port. The only problem solved was the unilateral decision of Malaysia to give up the naval base in Woodlands after Singapore kept raising the lease payments. Malaysia did not ask for even a single cent as compensation for the facilities it has installed at the base.

9. As for Singapore’s military planes flying over Malaysian air space, Malaysia had the right to disallow such flights for many reasons. Singapore would certainly not like to have Malaysian military planes flying over Singapore.

10. When we wanted to build a bridge to replace the congested causeway Singapore was not forthcoming.

11. All this while Malaysia had been supplying raw water at 3 sen per thousand gallons. Even to Melaka, Johore is paid 30 cent per thousand gallons. Negotiations to raised the price of water failed repeatedly. The first agreement will end this year. We will continue to supply raw water at 3 sen per thousand gallons until 2061 under the second agreement.

12. Yes, we buy treated water at a subsidised price of 50 cent per thousand gallons. We are willing to forego the supply and treat our water ourselves.

13. It was Malaysia which suggested that both countries submit claims to Pulau Batu Puteh to the international court. The court decided that the rock belongs to Singapore even though it is nearer Malaysia. But two other rocks further from Malaysia but nearer Singapore were awarded to Malaysia.

14. Malaysia’s willingness to go to the International Court is hardly in keeping with a country which harbours the intention to invade Singapore.

15. Kuan Yew cried when Singapore left Malaysia. We thought that it was the separation which had saddened him. But now he tells us that it was because “I left behind tens of thousands of people who had joined our rallies”. Kuan Yew might remember that despite the huge crowds attending the PAP rallies, the party won only one seat.

16. The PAP supporters immediately formed the DAP to fight the cause promoted by the PAP after the separation. The DAP is alive and well today in Malaysia. In fact it now rules Penang state.

17. But the rump UMNO left in Singapore could not survive in the hostile atmosphere created by the PAP Government. For that matter no other political party has been allowed to function properly in Singapore.

18. Kuan Yew claims all these opposition people are duds and must not be allowed to rule Singapore or even to be in the opposition. This is a frank admission that he determines who should represent the people of Singapore, not the people themselves as in a democracy. If there is any more proof needed that Singapore is a totalitarian state, this admission by Kuan Yew confirms it.

19. Now Kuan Yew is urging Muslims not to hold to the teachings of Islam too strictly. Most Muslims are in breach in their practice of Islam. But it is not for others to tell the Muslims that they should renege on their practice of Islam to facilitate integration in Singapore. In Malaysia we try to live with our differences. Our integration is not perfect because we are sensitive to the sensitivities of our people. We do not ask people to forsake their religious practices so we can integrate.

20. Malaysia has no intention to attack Singapore even if it is militarily weak. Even in my time there was no such intention. In fact we wanted to continue to supply Singapore with water, but at a fair price. I don’t think my successors harbour any intention to do harm to Singapore. These are the hard truths. Competition in trade and shipping does not mean war, or a threat of war.

21. But one thing is certain: if Singapore treats Malaysia and Indonesia as its enemies then you must expect them to prepare for their defence. Even if it may not lead to war there will be tension and there will be an arms race. And much money will be wasted.

22. It would be far better if Mr Lee, the Minister Mentor of Singapore stop thinking about being vulnerable and that its neighbours harbour the intention to invade it. As with Pulau Batu Puteh, Sipadan and Ligitan our preference is for negotiation, arbitration or an international court’s decision.

23. Remember Malaysia gave up Singapore peacefully. We did not try to use force to keep Singapore or to suppress its people.

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  1. BadalAbdal Apr 13,2011 5:46 PM

    I have read both Hard Truths and Doctor in the House. Interesting works but as an Islamic activist for more than 3 decades I was more interested in those areas which relate to Islam.
    For a start I just want to say that LKY had some good words to say about Islam and Muslims for example that his colleague Haji Yaacob Mohd was praised by LKY for his good character. He said”Perhaps it was because of Islam” In a state visit to Pakistan , he said that Muslims held up the torch of knowledge and science from the 8th to the 12th century. Unfortunately the extremists on both sides of the causeway made him have negative impressions about Islam and today with the distortions spewed by extremists and crackpots alike, it is difficult to get intellectuals to embrace Islam for the right reasons.
    And one more thing: Mahathir never made use of Islam for political purposes. Anwar did , giving khutbahs etc.

  2. amin tan Mar 26,2011 3:55 AM

    Dear Tun,
    May I refer to Jolly February 15, 2011 9.36am.
    Mr. Jolly i fully support you. one should not be a racist for the sake of racism. Please not let us allow one race to subjugate and bully another race. It is cruel, unfair and would incur wrath and anger from the Al Mighty against the bullying race. Just look at the dark side of racism in apartheid Africa.
    Racism is a crime against humanity and definitely it is not islamic. Let racial harmony and peace prevail in Malaysia. Any race or who so ever practice racism or racial discrimination or racial hatred would be cursed until end of time. These are evil people destructive bully and cruel.
    amin tan

  3. fadzireen Mar 19,2011 1:40 AM

    Salam Tun,
    LKY must be living in fear ever since Spore departure from Malaysia.
    It has not takem any toll on him.
    Today, he is in the pink of health.
    Shedding crocodile tears in deceit at the expense of its citizens.
    Apeing Israel,s success story on constant threats from its neighbors seeking sympathy in the eyes of the world communities.
    Why Israel? Both has small population,yet it can command the respect of the super power.
    Spore devoid of natural resources,foods and waters is a liability at the mercy of climatic change.

  4. Anwar Ismail Mar 5,2011 5:22 PM

    Ayahnda Tun yang disayangi, In support of your 50 paragraphs, may I add another comment/point which has been bothering me. Bukan niat nak ajar pembaca-pembaca, tetapi sekadar memberi kesedaran lest we forget:
    The Five Power Defence Arrangement (FPDA). Pardon me for dwelling into a bit of history. The forerunner of the FPDA was AMDA (1948) comprising UK, Australia and New Zealand. AMDA was to provide security for Persekutuan Tanah Melayu after WW2. AMDA then transformed into ANZAM (1957) after Persekutuan Tanah Melayu gained Merdeka. Then, after Malaysia was formed in 1963, the ANZAM was reviewed and the FPDA was inked in 1969. It was post-konfrantasi, fear of the

  5. Anwar Ismail Mar 2,2011 11:15 PM

    Ayahnda Tun yang disayangi, May I thank you for publishing my earlier comments. I stand corrected and I welcome others views. I also hope that these comments will reach those responsible. I feel that fellow citizens who care for this beautiful and beloved nation should be wary of what ayahnda has penned for the sake of national security and sovereignty. The issues that have been bothering me are:
    Lighthouse Operations. At the ICJ, Singapore had produced statistics on the benefits/achievements of their lighthouse at Pulau Batu Puteh to victoriously support their claim. Our inability to present the crucial letter made matters worse for us. Sadly, the ICJ judgement was final and there shall be no appeal. NO ONE SHOULD ANNOUNCE THAT IT IS A

  6. Ghafar Feb 27,2011 2:43 AM

    Dear ecompute ,
    You read me wrong . I rather have you annotated on the idiom of my expression . Preaching could be expounded , may be , another forum ?

  7. 2worldpeace Feb 25,2011 7:08 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Seperti cadangan adik adik, kerajaan pusat mesti memantau Pulau Pinang dengan amat rapat. Jangan biarkan orang Melayu dilayan seperti bukan orang tempatan. Orang Melayu PP saya sarankan berkorbanlah fahaman politik anda demi masa depan anak cucu anda. Jangan sekali-kali memberi undi anda kepada pihak yang hanya mahu menunggangi anda untuk mencapai cita2 mereka yang tidak berlandaskan hak2 orang Melayu di PP.
    Saya juga ingin mencadangkan kepada pihak berkuasa Tun, untuk memantau kenapa ramai wanita2 dari negara jiran sebelah utara (mungkin Laos, Vietnam, Kemboja

  8. Anwar Ismail Feb 25,2011 7:07 PM

    Ayahnda Tun, My comment is not directed at anyone. Its just to trigger some thoughts. Someone said that for a finger one points at others, three are pointing at one’s self. I have mixed feelings about Singapore. It emanates from the perception that they have beaten us in most areas. Their leaders and executives must be good then ! I know that they are cunning, brilliant, steadfast, firm, consistent (as far as I am aware, everyone of them always speak similar points on an issue WHEREAS sometimes our leaders tent to be indifferent) and most importantly they do their homework well and know their stuff. Why is it taking so long to solve bilateral issues like the provident fund and water ? Why did we lose Pulau Batu Putih at the ICJ ? I tediously followed the ICJ judgement being read by the Hon Judge. During the first 3/4 I was quite happy for it seemed that we were winning the case BUT the last 1/4 was saddening. It seemed that we lose because we could not find one important document. Did our team do their homework thoroughly ? Why did they proceed with ICJ knowing that the important document (seemed to be the most crucial evidence) was not available ? Whose head rolled for the lost letter ?

  9. Sayed Feb 24,2011 5:10 PM

    Not long ago half of Singapore was the personal property of the sultan of Siak. The remaining half belonged to Indians and Arabs. The Chinese then were just landless labourers, thugs, gangsters and opium suckers.
    I wonder how this land became theirs within a century.

  10. adik adik Feb 23,2011 11:24 AM


  11. adik adik Feb 21,2011 11:04 PM


  12. proud_but_concerned_malaysian Feb 21,2011 9:51 AM

    The Malaysian government does realise that there is a huge population of Malaysians currently working and studying in Singapore. In fact,the Singapore government is taking care of them by giving the Malaysians relatively more advantages as compared to other foreign talents/workers in term of the basic salary and priority in securing a job. Hence, people are leaving our country by simply just go across the Causeway, work and stay on the island for some years,and finally taking up the Singaporean citizenship. I am a Malaysian and currently studying in Singapore. To be honest, I am proud being a Malaysian in many ways, but I am also very sad and dishonoured when I am with the fellow Malaysians here saying to me that our own country has “disowned” them by not providing them what they suppose to have as a rightful Malaysian citizen. Years go by, and it is getting harder and harder for me to defend for Malaysia… Singapore has become more and more successful in defeating Malaysia socially, politically, and economically… that’s the hard truth. I sincerely hope Malaysia will be able to prove these people wrong~

  13. afidie Feb 20,2011 9:01 AM

    To Jolly,
    Wallauweh… Just can’t believe that you just chosed those examples as a basis of saying they are not racist ‘at all’…
    C’mon… it’s all just something in printed, you can think better than that…. đŸ™‚
    By jollyAuthor Profile Page on February 12, 2011 9:22 AM
    Hi Tun,
    To those who always like to regard Singapore as being chinese racist, they need to take the following fact into account.On all the Singapore dollar notes distributed around the globe is the head of the first President of Singapore, President Yusof bin Ishak.A racist country will never do such a thing.They even have the “..regardless of race, language or religion..” in their Pledge (something like the Rukun Negara in Malaysia), which must be recited by every person in school gathering and public functions. Looks like they are not racist at all.

  14. 6 Jahanam Feb 19,2011 5:15 PM


  15. Andrew Cheng Feb 19,2011 12:44 PM

    It’s more like “Half Truth! Screw em Singapore and get going!”
    The demigod LKY with all his nonsensical bullshit witnessed over the past few decades that i’ve been residing in Singapore only tells the world one thing; “You just have to keep securing enough money for yourself to ensure that you stay in power and yes! do not forget to castrate the peasants the moment they are born!”
    80’s we are not mature enough to handle a casino in Singapore and now in the new millennium, a casino will keep the economy afloat and bring in billions more for the welfare of the economy & the citizens: Both casinos are invested by Singapore GIC & foreign partners, employs mostly foreigners & managed by foreigners! Singaporeans are just too castrated to the point where they are mutilated to retaliate!
    LKY, the founding father of Singapore as a country! If i remember correctly from history lessons it was Sir Stamford Raffles that discovered the potential of Tumasik as an entrepot, thus convincing the East India Company to take up the island as a base for their East Indies operation, LKY simply took over after nearly 150 years with all infrastructure, systems & finance in place. Oh not forgetting the oh so tear jerking scene that kept on repeating over the years to remind Singaporeans of the bogeyman across the straits that kick out Singapore from the federation!
    Whatever happen to political struggle by all the greatmen in Singapore which are mostly Malaysian born and later convert to Singapore citizenship! Whatever happens to groundworks being done by others and LKY just took over and proclaim himself a demigod! Whatever happens to when Harry Lee survive the inspection details by the Japanese occupying force when he later worked for the Japanese and acted as a traitor for the Japanese pinpointing who to to be executed! I guess if that part was recorded & broadcasted in detail we can understand why LKY likes playing GOD!
    I remenbered when he tried to justified his million dollars salaries (GIC director fees & chairman claims resulting in more billions going to his pockets) stated that even though Bill Clinton only draws USD250.000 but he is given the best in anything at the expenses of the states. Picture these, did LKY & his croonies when sick go the polyclinic to q up and visit any random trainee doctors that are assigned! Absolutely will not happen! And will he be having his three meals in a hawker centres in a HDB estated? Definitely not! All these are provided by the states including the toilet papers to wipe his holy arse!
    In conclusion! I see no point in believing what he has said & claimed to have done because simply it was never done by him! And the day should come when Singaporeans should just revolt and pull all of these PAP dogs which are fed on taxpayers money to the Padang and have them executed and all their assets confiscated and returned to the coffer!

  16. adik adik Feb 17,2011 10:11 AM


  17. ekompute Feb 16,2011 10:53 PM

    Hi Ghafar Mohamad, your post amazes me. When one’s grounding is solid, whether it be in Islam or otherwise, nothing can shake them. Why is it that a whole voluminous text of the al-Quran cannot overcome a few thoughtless sentences from Lee Kuan Yew, as far as you are concerned? Is he as great as you made him out to be that just a few remarks by him can easily sweep away your sense of right and wrong, such that it puts you at risk of turning into a suicide bomber? Well, let me tell you that you are no better than those ultra-Muslim suicide bombers who kill innocents because they cannot face their enemies head-on. And do remember that in a democracy, not everyone agrees with their government. Thus, attacking its citizens is not necessarily synonymous with attacking their government.
    And do remember that nobody can force you to think like that… except when you are willing to think like that. Seems like you like to blame others for your own criminal tendencies, rather than take personal responsibility for your own thoughts and actions. Seek your al-Quran for guidance, not from LKY or any human for that matter. Humans, after all, are fallible. And do I even need to tell you this?
    (P/S: Ghafar Mohamad says: “When the poll results show that 90% of Singaporeans have no problem with having a non-Chinese PM, he says, it is all “utter rubbish”. Guess what UMNO will say if 90% of Malaysians have no problem with having a non-Malay PM? But we don’t even need Malaysians to say that. Islam has already said that, but so what?)

  18. MAZAI Feb 16,2011 7:22 AM

    Tun, Tumpang lalu…
    Kita banyak mencerita dan membincangkan isu pembangunan, hubungan antara negara tetangga, isu dan nasib masyarakat Islam didunia, masalah antara kaum dinegara ini yang tak pernah selesai.
    Tetapi Tun kurang memberi pandangan mengenai permohonan kewargaraan,kad pengenalan, isu berterusan tanpa kesudahan mewarganegarakan ramai orang dari benua India dan Cina.
    Benar kata Tun dulu.. Sami Velu dan MIC tak buat kerja membantu orang India selama beliau menguasai MIC. Kerana sebuk dengan kerja-kerja kontrak di JKR. Saya terperanjat kerana hampir setiap beberapa tahu akan wujud senarai nama-nama beribu-ribu orang India yang tidak berkad pengenalan- tua, dewasa dan kanak-kanak.
    Orang India bukannya duduk dalam hutan sepertia saudara-saudara kita orang Asli. telah sekian lama hampir 100% orang India adalah duduk dikawasan pembanguanan atau pun sekurang-kurangnya di estate yang dijaga oleh British sekian lama. yang mempunyai hubungan dengan dunia luar malahan mereka asalnya pun orang luar bukan rakyat sini.
    Setiap tiga atau empat tahun sekali ribuan orang keturunan India diwarganegarakan dan diberi kad pengenalan. Sekarang dikatakan ada lebih 15,000 orang India yang tidak berkad pengenalan yang hendak diselesaikan oleh MIC.. Apakah ini benar atau sengaja diatur atas matlamat tertentu. Menteri berkenaan bukalah mata dan fikiran jangan hanya mengikut desakan semata-mata kerana takut India yang telah jadi warganegara tak mendundi. Janganlah jadikan Malaysia pasar borong manusia yang boleh dijual dengan sesuka hati oleh mereka yang beri kuasa oleh rakyat.
    Kerajaan kita dan pemimpin-pemimpin kita Jangan malu belajar dari LEE KUAN YEW atau cara kerajaan Singapura menangani kehadiran orang asing atau cara Kerajaan India menangani isu orang Islam di Kashmir. Atau belajar bagaimana Kerajaan Indonesia, Thailand, atau Philipina yang tidak mempunyai isu seperti ini. Pemimpin-pemimpin mereka amat cintakan negara meraka kecuali Tak Sin yang kita tahu asal usulnya.
    Yg Berbahagia Tun….. apakah kerajaan dan menteri berkenaan tidak mempunai pemikiran yang waras…. atau telah di be….. nasihatkanlah mereka.

  19. Blogger's Companion Feb 15,2011 9:30 PM

    The real hard truth is:
    Lee Kuan Yew, who has served as the best servant of the Jew in South East Asia, if finally facing the reality that he is just counting his days… It’s perfect that such a stupid call for the Muslims actually was uttered by someone that is deservedly respected by those who will never be respected by anyone anyway.

  20. mgpunya Feb 15,2011 7:52 PM

    YABhg Tun,
    ….rule by fear….

  21. Pembela Feb 15,2011 5:55 PM

    1st: he lied to his fellow communist comrade who help him during WWII to gain power in Singapore…
    2nd: he lied to the Malays in Singapore who sincerely support him in the early election of Singapore…
    3rd: Now he is lying to the World..especially to US to support him….to stay in power in the red tiny dot in the world map….
    LKY is still in power since the day of colonial British left this land till now…wonder how rich he is…maybe he is much richer than Mubarak…time for the Singaporean and the world to see this…don’t trust this old LKY…he is a BIG LIAR!!!

  22. ekompute Feb 15,2011 5:53 PM

    QUOTE: “Kuan Yew blamed me for stopping sand supply from Malaysia. I was quoted as saying, “Even at their present size they are trouble, you let them grow some more they will be more trouble.” I may have said that, though I cannot remember.
    I wonder whether Tun can remember his slogan, “Prosper thy neighbour.” Looking at how Tun addresses the sand and water issue with Singapore, I wonder how his actions are consistent with his slogan, presumably backed up by a personal philosophy. In all honesty, I never believed in that slogan in the first place because I find it rather altruistic. Furthermore, it conflicts with Ketuanan Melayu and NEP philosophy.
    But, unlike LKY, Tun is an astute and shrewd man who will never say something for no purpose. I think my confusion arises because when Tun says, “Prosper thy neighbour”, I immediately jumped to the conclusion that it is Malaysia to do that. Now, if we were to think outside the box and practise some lateral thinking, it is possible that Tun was probably directing his slogan at our neighbours so that they can prosper us… after all, we are also one of the neighbours that is inferred to in his slogan. If this is so, then it is consistent with NEP philosophy and Ketuanan Melayu. But the only problem is that recalcitrant countries like Singapore are not heeding our call to prosper their neighbours. Thus, our deepest regrets and frustrations.
    So the next best thing then is “win-win”. I think “win-win” sounds more realistic and pragmatic. And by win-win, I guess it means we take 70% and they take 30%. 30% is still win, by the way… especially since Singapore is such a small country, so why should they take an equal share? And with their GDP per capita of US$42,653, as compared to ours of only US$7,547, they should be doing 5-6 times more to prosper us than we to prosper them. But yet, they are not so forthcoming. So why should we bother to prosper them at all? They don’t deserve our goodwill and good intentions.

  23. Netizen-1 Feb 15,2011 4:45 PM

    Salam and Best wishes to you, Tun Dr. Mahathir.
    My greetings and glad tidings to all Malaysian.
    You have a very strong, clear and contructive argument. Honestly, I’ve never heard of any Malaysian voicing out on those issues mentioned above before. For the first time; with your concise explanation, now I’m able to see, understand and weigh the difficulties faced by Malaysia.
    I believe this short article you wrote, will help widen the periphery of many Singaporeans’ perception towards Malaysia’s integrity and willingness to work together (with us).
    Thank you and best regards. =)

  24. Antikaisu Feb 15,2011 3:20 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Hari ini Pulau Pinang dah jadi macam singapura, sejak “anak buluh betung” DAP Lim Guan Eng memerintah pulau itu sejak 2008, tak habis-habis kampung-kampung dan kedai-kedai orang Melayu dan mamak dirobohnya tanpa perikemanusiaan.orang-orang Melayu semuanya melopong saja..
    Inilah kaum kafir harbi bila dah dapat kuasa dan memerintah sebuah pulau dah menunjukkan “belang”nya, belum lagi dapat memerintah Malaysia, orang2 PKR dan PAS dah jadi baruanya dan sanggup bertindak kejam terhadap saudara-saudara Islam nya yang lain. Orang macam ini akan menerima “balasan dan laknatuallah” atas perbuatan pembelotan mereka di dunia dan akhirat nanti, Insyaallah…
    Orang-orang Melayu Islam P.Pinang jangan takut memperbetulkan kesalahan depa dalam pilihanraya 2008, mereka masih ada harapan lagi dalam pilihanraya yang ke 2012, kalau sekarang depa semua bangkit beramai-ramai dan berani macam di Mesir. Barulah mai kita tengok KM dan konco2nya bertempiaran lari lintang-pukang.
    mereka nie tak habis-habis nak mencuba kesabaran orang-orang Pinang…tak tahu bila mereka nie nak insaf.
    Harap TUN dapat beri sedikit input kesedaran dan motivasi kat depa semua ini, “jangan tunggusampai nasi dah jadi bubuh”, baru nak cilik mata.” Biar putih tulang, jangan putih mata”..alai hai mami.

  25. emh Feb 15,2011 2:33 PM

    Salam Ybhg Tun and all readers,
    Selamat menyambut Maulidur Rasul S.A.W.
    I agree with WANZAH statement that what UMNO and PAS are doing now, is killing the Malay as a whole. Both are trying to persuade non Malay and at the same time forget that the Malay are still lagging far behind. I want to suggest that both UMNO & PAS forget about their ambition to win non Malay heart. Concentrate on your job to provide better living standards to the Malays. Don’t let your cucu and cicit curse you in the future. Thank you.

  26. 6 Jahanam Feb 15,2011 11:20 AM

    The Hard Truth that even the rightful owner,
    the hard earn rightful owner.
    The Singaporean did not know
    IT CANNOT BE DISCLOSED as mention by LKY,
    as if these money is his.
    Singapore Govt now n then increase everything,
    from free mother nature gifts to $$$$.
    Every thing is ON increase except for the rain,falls.
    As if right of human being belongs to them,the govt.
    Today they rob the people,
    tommorrow they say they r helping the people.
    In Europe every each the Govt increases,
    In Singapore,Govt increase,PEOPLE SILENCE.
    Singporean work,harder n hardest,
    they did not benefits the fruit of their sweats.
    My friend 1 full time job,2 part time job,still not enough.
    Each Increase Govt gain,they said oh it,s the circumtances,
    they will help the poor.They have the reserves.
    But how many did really come forward,and upon how many came forward,how much do they really get.
    It,s not that easy n how much do the govt really spent on helping against their budget.
    These is no transparency.
    They rob you today,and they say they will help you.
    And it,s your money,that you did not even know,how much,where and why.

  27. jalil7 Feb 15,2011 9:56 AM

    Salam Tun,
    On another related note, quote from current PM Najib.
    ( reference : Star Article )
    …He said it was important for the discussions to be held behind closed doors, reasoning that religion was a sensitive issue and in the current ICT age, information could spread fast.
    I totally disagree with the current government stand that such matters be discussed behind closed doors. It involves the livelihood of everyone and is of huge public interest yet is to be conducted behind closed doors ? This is no budget issue to be discussed behind open doors.
    Until we are able to openly agree or disagree on such important matters, nothing can be resolved behind open doors, nothing had been in the past, nothing ever will. It just simply cannot work like that.
    Hard truths should be out in the open. Freedom of belief is a fundamental human right, and if we cannot provide that, at least we be honest about it. I am of the opinion that if we as a nation cannot talk openly, we will not make any progress social wise. Since the government has taken on religion as one of its tasks, the public needs to know what is being talked about and what the arguments are. I am not sure what the fear is, whether it is votes or security, but if we cannot face this, we are merely postponing the problem. Postpone for whom to solve ? I don’t see any single individual able to do this. It has to be a collective open effort.
    The “global movement of moderates” is only a nice sounding idea is the moderates aren’t even allowed to witness, much less participate and voice what they want in an open platform. Only fanatics are represented behind closed doors. They may not be extremists, but surely fanatics nevertheless. And my guess is they all have good steady income and live and eat well. The people who struggle through their daily lives to make ends meet are not heard.
    Please lend the real moderates an ear and please involve the moderates in the global movement of moderates.
    Thank You Tun.

  28. HBT Feb 15,2011 9:46 AM

    Ayahanda Tun,
    I. TOP STORIES in ST for SEA News, and Ayahanda Tun knows now the rationale why this news was posted….
    1. Feb 15, 2011
    Malaysia’s Petronas finds new offshore energy oilfields
    CAPTIONED: Petronas said that in the next three years it, along with its production-sharing contractors, expected to drill more than 50 exploration wells off Malaysia. — PHOTO: AFP (Twin Tower and Petronas F1)
    2. KUALA LUMPUR – MALAYSIA’S state-owned energy giant Petronas on Monday said it has discovered new offshore oil and gas reserves in eastern Sarawak state.
    3. Successful drilling of a well last March and a subsequent appraisal well brought a significant discovery for Petronas with early estimates showing there are 2.6 trillion standard cubic feet of net gas in place, it said.
    4. The firm added that another well was drilled last December and a preliminary evaluation showed around 100 million barrels of oil and 0.2 trillion standard cubic feet of gas.
    5. Petronas said that in the next three years it, along with its production-sharing contractors, expected to drill more than 50 exploration wells off Malaysia.
    6. ‘These activities, especially if they result in discoveries, are expected to spur business opportunities in the oil and gas industry and will promote upstream investment in the country,’ it said.
    7. Petronas last June said it will scale back on foreign drilling and focus its development and extraction efforts closer to home. — AFP
    Common Sense:
    A. BP UK, as rich foreigner, did not succeed in drilling oil in the Mexico Gulf oil field because US Military, in which President USA, Mr Obama, cannot interfere, has opted to bomb this oil field with no one being killed to preserve oil for North and South USA future generations.
    B. Is US Military a selfish and unfriendly alliance to UK when comes to preserving oil field for their future?
    C. I sure hope that young DAP Tony Pua will spend more time in drilling deeper to understand the rationale on why MOD requires to spend RM6 billions on Navy Ships to safeguard our oil and gas industry beside terrorism and violence in the Parliament, not in Blog as sincere, humility and committed Member of Parliament for PJ Utara.
    D. Does Uncle Lim and big brother Guan Eng told Tony how MOD works in Malaysia?
    E. Singapore MOD opted 5% – 6% of their GDP in Military Air Force and National Service to safeguard its own and foreign owned sovereign right in the country because Singapore does not have natural resources to grow their economy.
    II. This World news from ST is specially dedicated to PAS Youth Leader to read and understand fully the complexity of Egypt’s wealth before he arrange for nationwide Egypt show by scoring highest as copy cat of DSAI which only proved him a childish and rhetoric youth leader who does not know what is happening in the world which, and if anything happens to the country politically and economically, PAS could bankrupt the country….makes me wonder what his faith to Islam teachings as Kelantan PAS leader….
    1. Feb 15, 2011
    Egypt asks France to freeze assets, not Mubarak’s
    2. PARIS – EGYPT has asked France to freeze the assets of former high-ranking officials but has not asked for a freeze on those of Hosni Mubarak, French Foreign Ministry spokesman Bernard Valero said on Monday.
    3. Britain too says it has been asked to freeze assets of Egyptian former officials but has not given names, leading to questions about Mr Mubarak, who is believed to hold billions of dollars of assets abroad.
    4. Mr Valero said Paris received the request from Egypt on Monday afternoon but added: ‘it concerns neither the former president Hosni Mubarak nor members of his family.’ Mr Mubarak quit after 30 years in power last week in the face of popular protests inspired by an uprising in Tunisia that led to the ousting on Jan 14 of Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali after 23 years as president there. — REUTERS
    A pleasant day Ayahanda Tun. Kepong Utara Umno MP has recommended MCA President to place a MCA leader there which proves that the Umno MP is more sincere in making sure BN wins in next election as national front’s coalition to continue ruling the country without asking any personal benefits.

  29. Peiseh Feb 15,2011 9:38 AM

    Salam bahagia Tun,
    Minta izin untuk memberi pendapat.
    Someone commented making a Suez canal-like at the border or north of peninsular Malaysia. He said it will stave off Singapore.
    My friend, it will not only stave off Singapore, but will also put a lot of folks out of jobs in the ports of Kuantan, Johor, Port Klang, Lumut, and Butterworth. The canal will only benefit Thailand and China especially. Who needs a port when the ships could sail directly to the west in shorter time? Come on, the canal will cripple Malaysia ! How much earning could Malaysia made from collecting “tolls” from the canal, and to share the collection with Thailand as well?
    Alamak, lebih kajian diperlukan saudara..

  30. jolly Feb 15,2011 9:36 AM

    Hi Tun,
    I wish to pass Zulkiflee_arif a message on my opinion. Thank you Tun.
    Hi, Zul,
    I don’t know why you like to categorize people based on race alone.
    I admit I am from Chinese ethnic group. In my daily life I encounter nasty people from my own ethnic group too.
    If you group me together with those nasty people and label us “orang Cina” and start criticizing us, that is unfair to me and the rest of the good people.
    I can’t apologize to you because of their behaviour, because they are they and me is me. Our souls will be judged by the Judge, the Creator, eventually, separately, each has to answer to his or her own deeds while on this earth. Are you the judge? Do you want to play the role of the Judge? Is that allowed? Because I am sure you are just a human being.
    Our Creator has put us together in this beloved land, made use of the British and Tunku to make this happen. Our Creator allows Singapore to exist and flourish. There must be a reason, and purpose. That is His plan. We as the created must accept His wish.
    See how the Malays from Singapore now become global citizens.
    All advanced countries will just admit them into their countries, everywhere they go when they just show their passports. Not bad at all.
    We Malaysians, have some room for improvement.
    Let’s work together and achieve that. We are on the same ship now, there is no turning back. If I sink, you sink.

  31. Peiseh Feb 15,2011 9:11 AM

    Salam bahagia Tun,
    Permission to shed some light into the LCS issue.
    I just did a wiki in LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) and immediately the US’s naval LCS came pictures came up.
    According to wiki, US’s very own LCS, the USS Independence have also experienced an increase in its overall cost. It was initially to be USD340million, but have since risen to USD740millions.
    If I understand the articles written, the LCS is an off shore vessel that could operate like a mini carrier. It provide rapid deployment of amphibious vessels and launch helicopters from its deck. The USS Independence looks very formidable and a sight to behold.
    If the Malaysian navy are buying such or similar crafts, I think the public would understand. It should explained it to the public. There’s not so much of secrecy anymore as information could be obtained off the internet easily.
    The public however could still ask the questions on why we needed submarines in the first place.
    Thank you Tun.

  32. HBT Feb 15,2011 9:02 AM

    Good morning Ayahanda Tun,
    Selamat Hari Awal Muharam to Ayahanda Tun, Bonda Tun Dr Siti Hasmah, Marina, Mozhani (ejaan might be wrong), Mukhriz, and other members in the family including Ayahanda Tun’s 1/2 Malay cucu, abg samuraimelayu, wajarperak, kamal ahmad (do adopt open and +ve thinking strategy by not wasting the gift, which is not a privilege, of excellent writing skill will help you do better in this career within the Malaysia society as Muslim), olwz and all Muslims in which Singapore Government does not grant this day as public holiday as celebration for Muslims and non-Muslims.

  33. 11eleventh Feb 15,2011 4:33 AM

    Dear bapak,
    ekomputer and a few others suggested that i seemed like a confused person. What they fail to do is ask what premise was i basing upon when i penned those thoughts.
    Just because both Malaysia and Singapore has a multi- racial composition, many mistakenly lump both nations in the same clubhouse. So long as anyone do that, he will always be angry why malaysia cannot be singapore or why singapore cannot be malaysia.
    Malaysia is essentially a Malay land. Naturally there’ll be certain exclusive zones where only sons of the soil get to dance, whilst others can only sit and watch. Umno and Perkasa have every right to ensure that Malaysia maintains this character, period. You can lump Taiwan and China in this same argument.
    Singapore, on the other hand, has another theme song to play. LKY wants Malaysian Malysia. Singapore is a mini Malaysian Malaysia. He says Malaysian Malaysia is about meritocracy. Well, ok, let’s play this out. But alas, this meritocracy, LKY version, takes a strange bend once you reach the top.
    Not only that, you can see racial card being played everywhere else in Singapore. My first pick would be The Straits Times classified section. Recent years you’d have seen numerous job vacancies which were racially selective.( Nowdays, it’s rather toned down, probably because MOM stepped in.)But remenber the key word : TONED DOWN.
    I don’t want to continue this diatribe lest the central point is lost.

  34. parameswara 2 Feb 15,2011 2:44 AM

    Dearest Tun
    May I..// by ekompute Feb 13 2011 6:15PM… As regards pork consumption, that is something that has been followed to the letter, not because it is the most important thing in Islam but because one need not put even an iota of effort into doing so as it is a habit that has been ingrained since young. Now, ask them to eat rabbit meat or cat meat, say, and I will think that most people, Muslim or otherwise, would say “No, thanks”, not out of religious obligations but out of mental conditioning as well.”//
    1-You are right ekompute.Most Muslims are not able to consume pork not much because of religion but due to the mental conditioning of the filth of pigs.The fact that it is a dirty and smelly creature help to make pork Bona Fide unconsumable to the Muslims.
    2-I know of a group of alcohol consuming Muslim who were very particular of the food served at this pork free restaurant.They could take in bottles of these intoxicants which is haram but they somehow were very concerned that the food served may not be quite halal.
    3-Many Muslims I know unashamedly patronize brothels and there are too many who are drug addicts.From all these baby dumping episodes you can safely say that free sex or non marital sex is already quite rampant among many Muslim men and even tudong wearing women.Many I know consult the bomoh on any flimsy matters although they also never missed the 5 times obligatory solats.Gambling activites 4D,TOTO etc are very popular among the Malays check the long queues to verify this.Its not even inconspicuosly done .Like the many Muslims who are so proud to show they are not fasting in the month of Ramadhan.
    4-Corruption is quite rampant in Malaysia judging from the poor enforcement in Malaysia.Most of the bribe receiving cops I think are Malay Muslims being the majority of the enforcement force although I may not have the proof.Assuming they do accept bribes I truly wonder if they are aware that these income is haram ,that eating with these haram money is just like eating pork?But no they can do all these but when it comes to eating they insist on halal food only.
    5-Yes the mosques are only full to the brim during Friday prayers but at other times esp Subuh you are lucky to get two rows full although the Azan in these wee hours may wake up all the little kids just across the road in the residential areas like in SS19 Subang Jaya.Islam is the official religion of Malaysia let us show to the non Muslims who is ‘tuan’in this this what the surau officials are suggesting?
    6-They will call the azan on top of their voices at max volume and after that do the ceramah Subuh using the microphone so loud the whole neighborhood consisting of many non muslims(eg near Sunway)couldn’t sleep whilst the jemaah in the masjid is only a handful.It is so loud that the lecture become quite inaudible from inside.These holier than thou Muslims are so arrogant that all they are interested in is condemn other Muslims who they think are secular of kafirs.
    7-Tell you what ekompute the Muslims not only annoy you they also annoy me very much.Islam is now a corrupted religion as its teachings may have been tampered esp the hadis,etc by the munafiqs from within and without during the entire time of the Muslims being colonized by their staunchest of enemies,the Christian Europeans.This state the Muslims are in now is the manifestation of this corruption.It has too be.There is no other explanation.
    8-There is nothing wrong with the religion.It has brought dignity to the once backward and pagan Arabs to become the most advanced people in the 7th Century AD onwards.All the Muslims in China India Europe were originally Buddhist,Hindus and Christians before, indicating that Islam was once a great religion producing examplary believers who showed God fearing behaviors.
    9-But this decay or corruption must inevitably come after many many years of its existence.But Islam the religion calling to the worship of one God in its absolute form will be restored as promised in the Quran.The hadith has prophesied the coming of the Almahdi at the end of time to bring back justice and equity to this world again.In this promise of God I put my utmost faith,there is no other way.May Allah also select you ekompute to be amongst those people with understanding to help restore Islam once again.Ameen.
    Thanks Tun.

  35. razali Feb 15,2011 1:36 AM

    As salam Tun,
    Such nice comment on that fox. One thing for sure is that..
    You are a STATESMAN, wherelse LKY is a SNAKEMAN.

  36. razali Feb 15,2011 1:27 AM

    As salam Tun,
    A nice comment… As far as i can remember, LKY is a leader with a thousand act within his sleeves. A real hypocracy…and i do hope that we will not fall into his act. He is the only one who visualised that S’pore might be attacked by its neighbours – just for the sake of getting sympathy from the great power of USA, in his course to ‘copy-cat’ Israel’s environment. So beware of his cunningness…

  37. paspros Feb 15,2011 12:26 AM

    dear tun,
    i think nik aziz can do more harm to malaysia than lee kuan yew. lee is only urging the muslims not to practise islam, but nik aziz says muslims in malaysia are worse than lee kuan yew. Allah has bad mouth. Allah can be worshiped by all religions.

  38. Singa Feb 15,2011 12:09 AM

    The Straits Times Singapore which represents the mouthpiece of the Singapore govt has been very quick to carry articles from foreign writers with malicious intent to discredit Malaysia even if the views expressed may contain biased and inaccurate opinions of the writers. The latest salvo is the supposedly doomsday scenario gripping Malaysia in its race relations among the major ethnic group as painted by former US ambassador to Malaysia, John Mallott. The article was printed in ST in its 10 Feb edition. Not until we hear of the hidden and sinister agenda and motive of John Mallot as exposed by Rachel Motte in his writing “Anwar Ibrahim’s Pet Defender” , we might have thought that John Mallots analysis represented a very objective view of someone who is very familiar with the situation in Malaysia after having served in the country as an US ambassador. ST Singapore has yet to carry Motte’s article. Yet when foreign authors make criticism about govt policies even if it comes from a UN Special Rapporteur Githu Muigai, the Spore govt has been quick in its response to counter such criticisms. This is the HARD TRUTH about Singapore’s position. I am quite surprised too that the Malaysian Commissioner to Singapore has remained tightlipped and muted. There should be a very strong response from the Malaysian authorities in expressing its displeasure.

  39. 11eleventh Feb 14,2011 9:18 PM

    Dear bapak,
    I’m a singaporean malay. I call you bapak. Always do. Always will.
    I sense the scarcasm when peter511 suggested that Malaysia has no capability to win in the event of war with Singapore.
    War is always a resource draining type of engagement, human and natural most especially. Singapore lacks these.
    If peter511 is talking about a video game type of war, where it takes probably 100 hrs of ‘all out’ conflict, he’s probably right. Given Singapore’s 3G military and awesome spending power on defence, it is a comic book material of a winner.
    But, alas, he needs to align dream with reality. So let me press the REALITY button.
    Modern day warfare is rarely a LIGHTNING STRIKE type. It’s no longer America + Allies vs Germany or America vs Japan, bomb, bomb, bomb, somebody win, somebody lose, sign surrender treaty, game over.
    Modern day conflict is now more like America vs Taleban/al aqeda. ie protracted and resource draining.It is a 10, 15, 20 years engagement. Real war starts after all millitary installations are out.Can Singapore win this type of war ?
    Malaysia’s and Indonesia’s military need only to BLITZKRIEG Singapore by choking off Straits of Malacca and South China Sea, then start a 15 years street war. Can Singapore sustain that ?
    America rescue Singapore ? Big dream ! America equally has stakes in Malaysia and Indonesia.
    America has a 5G military and spends as much as it can print money. Compare this to Taleban’s / al aqeda’s budget. Now macro view : How’s the war so far.
    Just because the media sings Singapore’s military superiority with all it’s cool gadgets, that doesn’t translate into anything.
    Let’s wrap this up. Some years ago, SAF NAVY high tech frigate hit an oil tanker. Get my point ?

  40. HBT Feb 14,2011 7:59 PM

    Good evening Ayahanda Tun,
    May I….By peter511 on February 12, 2011 4:31 PM Malaysia has no intention to attack Singapore OR Malaysia has no capability to do so today? These are totally 2 different things. Please make it clear
    Dear peter511,
    A. Have you ever been into a real war before, please make it clear so that you don’t get confuse with these totally 2 different things.
    B. In wars, there are only losers, and I am sure peter511 does know how to sum up the simple arithmetic and calculation of the cost beside human lives, right?
    C. Malaysia MOD has no intention to attack ‘Kedaulatan Singapura’.
    D. Singapore MOD has no intention to attack ‘Kedaulatan Malaysia’.
    E. Whether Malaysian political parties have the capability to attack PAP or not, we don’t know.
    F. But I am sure if Malaysian political parties intend to attack PAP, they will end up loosing more than PAP.
    G. If you don’t know how and why Malaysia is formed and structured, please refer to Pengajian Am or A Level – Malaysia Society.
    H. You will be laughed by the Form 6 and A-Level students for your childish and naive comment.
    I. Practice drilling first, then decide which coalition you want to vote as Malaysian.
    Goodnight, Ayahanda Tun.
    P.S. The comment By Hajar on February 12, 2011 7:56 PM proved that she could be BERMULUT JAHAT just to bodek Tun Dr MM. I am wondering what is her faith to Islam after her prayers in Mekah?

  41. pepatung Feb 14,2011 6:13 PM

    I watched the movie ” Shaolin” the actor Andy Lau said in one of the dialogue ” China is for the Chinese” so why cant we, orang Melayu says, Tanah Melayu is for Melayu? India for Indian and Indonesia for Indonesian? What wrong with that?
    Ohhh… I understand. Those Chinese and Indian in Malaysia cant accept that they are in Tanah Melayu. Or they been hallucinate that they are in their so call their Motherland?
    I have a story, real story. I live in Condo and every unit got own parking. There are few empty parking lots that belongs to empty shoplots. That parking lots can be used by anyone based on 1st come 1st serve.
    I parked my car there and suddenly I been approached by one old Chinese man asked me to remove my car. I asked him, “is it your parking lot?” He replied, “No. But I parked there for so many years already and you must removed your car”. So I said ” This is not your parking and it is not mine either. So who ever want to use, he can use freely. You are so lucky for occupying this parking for FREE without pay for so many years. Even you occupy this parking lot for 100 years too, it is still not yours. Shame on you for claiming like it is yours. If it is not yours, do not claim to be yours”.
    This is similar to Malaysian Chinese ULTRA KIASU mentality. And some so-call smart Indians ( some of them were from Pariah clan ) had been transmitted with these disease.

  42. 2worldpeace Feb 14,2011 5:57 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Seorang rakan saya pernah berjenaka

  43. eanisazman Feb 14,2011 4:43 PM

    Salam Tun and Bloggers,
    A fair explaination in a very humble persepective. I did not wish to comment further.
    Thank you.

  44. ekompute Feb 14,2011 3:36 PM

    Al Baihaqi says: “I wish Malaysia can do only three things to at least minimise our country’s dependency to Singapore:
    (1) We must open up Tebrau Strait [sic] and built proper bridge to replace current tambak.
    (2) Maximise our Port facility in Tg Pelepas as well as promote KLIA as hub for cargo and logistic superpower.
    (3) Let Malays in Malaysia think and planned as if they are the minority in the country and the Government has to be bold enough to ensure the comprehensive support system can beat Singapore for at least becoming a country of no corruption.”
    I do not agree with Al Baihaqi on Point 1. We have so many ports along the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia from Penang through Port Klang right down to Tanjung Pelepas and Tanjung Langsat to entice shipping lines, so why do we need to be so obsessed with opening up the Tebrau Strait to provide access to Johor Port in Pasir Gudang? The Tebrau Strait is silting, probably much much more than the North Channel in Penang. The smallest width of the North Channel is 4 km (2.5 miles), while the Johor Causeway is 1 km long and the Strait is curved, as if pressed in by Singapore. The Edge Malaysia reports in November 2009 that an investment of more than RM1.1 billion to upgrade Penang Port “will come to naught” if the port’s north channel is not deepened. So said Penang Port Sdn Bhd’s managing director Datuk Ahmad ibni Hajar recently, noting that the federal government in Malaysia had shelved the RM355 million channel dredging project “indefinitely” and that this could spell “disaster” for the port. (see
    Now if shoppers bypass all your supermarkets to go to the one right at the end, you just have to sit up and ask yourselves why. As it is, Tanjung Pelepas has proven itself to be able to give Singapore a run for its money, making Singapore jittery. In fact, the very reason why Singapore can survive and prosper for so long is because we are really damn lousy but hopefully with the Tanjung Pelepas experience, things may slowly change. Yet we must not be too happy about Tanjung Pelepas’s success because that success is probably due to the fact that it is Maersk and not Malaysians who is running the show.
    Personally, I think we should retain the Causeway as a national heritage, especially since it is cheap to maintain and is almost free-of-charge to use by the public. Why would anyone ever think of destroying something like that… unless, of course, you are one of the PLUS shareholders and are counting the toll that you could have collected if you were to destroy it. But by all means, build a third bridge or a fourth bridge, if you want, but somewhere further away from the JB city centre. As it is, the traffic jam in Johor Bahru is bad enough, so why make it worse?
    I agree with Point 2 for when one makes a general statement like “to maximize and promote” without giving any specifics, one can never go wrong, LOL. But I do not understand Point 3 where Al Baihaqi says: “Let Malays in Malaysia think and planned as if they are the minority in the country…” I cannot comment as I do not know what he means. But the second part, “to be bold enough to ensure the comprehensive support system can beat Singapore for at least becoming a country of no corruption..” Does it mean bold enough to at least become a country with no corruption?” If so, I also agree.
    It’s not easy to stop corruption. One has to be bold. Remember the show, Serpico? It is based on the true story of New York City policeman Frank Serpico, who went undercover to expose the corruption of his fellow officers, after being pushed to the brink at first by their distrust and later by the threats and intimidation they leveled against him. “It’s incredible but I feel like a criminal because I don’t take money,” says the real Frank Serpico. You got it? You are a criminal if you don’t take money but if you take, then you are not! So okaylaaa… US also like that, so why not us?

  45. checker Feb 14,2011 3:16 PM

    Salam Tun & Fellow bloggers,
    I fully agree with sont2728’s comment ( 10/2) that Singapore should now be thinking forward in building and establishing sincere & trusting relationship with its neighbours for the benefits of its future generation as he represents. Nothing will last but having good neihbours is essential for good of one’s self. Of course, I believe this will take place as long as LKY is alive, his heart is already too rotten inside to change for a better.
    My concern as Malaysian, is to remind the present & future leaders to be always on guard at all time for our national security, peace & harmony against greater evil than what LKY can create. He is only one of the agents in the implementaion of the zionist global plan to control the world with the help of satan, a force too great for us to oppose except by us seeking the protection of Allah SWT. Internal threat is also linked with Singapore – centre of operation for zionist propaganda in the East.
    We were not given a good picture or hope after the independence was granted to us. The British and the rest of the world strongly believe that the our multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious composition of the population will be the recipe for national disaster & constant chaos. Nobody at that time would ever believe what Malaysia will be as what it is today except small racial riot in 1969 where DAP ( a local branch of PAP )won the election in Selangor. Now they are getting smarter ( by not rioting ) by engaging the disgruntle Malays ( PKR )and vengentful PAS to form a “loose” PR with the only common aim is to politically bury UMNO, the strong base of Malays. Nothing else, otherwise DAP, PKR & PAS are just sleeping in the same pillow, pretending OK even how uncomfortable they are, with their own different dreams. This is a greater threat to our nation than the external one.
    UMNO must with no other better choice but to change their mindset if they are to survive and to be relevant. They MUST seek Allah’s protection by abiding to the true teaching of Islam as written in Quran & Hadith based on Prophet’s words ( BPUH ) ” I left thouselves 2 things, Quran & my sunnah. If thouselves follow the contents from both as thou guidance, thou will forever never astray”…. ameeen

  46. jolly Feb 14,2011 2:21 PM

    Hi Tun,
    LKY is simply trying to ask his people not to focus too much on “(race, language, and) religion” differences among his people.
    LKY might have read Tun’s comments, before making such a statement.
    I am amazed at the number of Nobel Laureates Israel has produced. I admit we have not produced even one.
    I feel sad that not a single Muslim country is classified as developed. Almost invariably it is due to Government incompetence. We see some hope in the progress made by Turkey. But even Turkey is far from being a developed country.
    I found the following sentence when I tried to google for “the religion of peace”:
    In 2007 Islam and Judaism’s holiest holidays overlapped for 10 days.
    ** racked up 397 dead bodies in 94 terror attacks across 10
    countries during this time… while Jews worked on their 159th Nobel Prize.
    Unquote, with ** replacing some word to cater to the sensitivities involved.
    Just yesterday there have been some really big rocks flying across Tun’s office in KLCC at night. Difefu is right. Hey, where is Difefu? Did someone scare him away?
    If we still focus on petty issues like race differences etc., they will eventually slow us down in our quests for the solutions to the Extinct Level Events.
    Should we not just join the rest of the countries that have been made capable by our Creator in dealing with the impending challenges to humanity, in their strife to save us all?

  47. Wara Feb 14,2011 1:02 PM

    My Salam to Tun and Tun Dr Hasmah
    I would not trust the opposition to run the country. They will buy refurbished tongkangs and world war 1 airplanes to patrol our waters and airspace. If they want cheap why not just make rafts from bamboo!!!
    And buy stealth airplanes at Chow Kit for RM7.50 each.
    Silly fools they are. Don’t know anything about defence equipment. So out of touch.
    Thank you Tun.

  48. matanahair Feb 14,2011 12:18 PM

    PETALING JAYA: DAP national chairman Karpal Singh has dared Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to give the names of opposition leaders the former prime minister met before the Ops Lalang crackdown in 1987.

  49. Ghafar Feb 14,2011 11:10 AM

    Mr. Lee Kuan Yew is trapped in his unconscious prejudice and subtly bias . The Muslims are distinct and separate , they discourage integration in the Singaporean communities . All religions can be integrated but not Islam . Singaporean were progressing  until the surge of Islam came , the other communities have  easier  integration , he says . He calls for the Muslim community to

  50. zura om Feb 14,2011 11:07 AM

    tun, you’ve always been my idol. saya sayang tun. one of the reasons why is because you are the only public figure that fights for ORANG MELAYU and i wish to continue what you have started.

  51. solve_it Feb 14,2011 8:55 AM

    Singapore do what they can to survive and aspire to prosper. They cannot accept all the fair pricing due to the size of island and limited resources. If they have the resources they wld not buy from Malaysia, so dont think they want to cheat you. They did not ask to be given the island to themselves but were given. They do work hard and due to circumstances they need lower cost to secure future due to the limited resources. Do you think playing American football is fair for Asian, look at the size of players? Ring the bell?
    Malaysia claim that Malays must have special right and cannot be fair as they are not yet competitive but actually more to lazy than not competitive. See the reasoning when you need or want something? What is fair? The best is when everyone taught to work hard and given the same amount of resources and compete healthily. Not some work and sacrifice while others lazy. Does not matter you are Singapore, Malay, Chinese or Afghanistan, America or Jews.
    God is unbias but its humans that are not. Islam is peaceful and fair but many whom claim to muslims are not.

  52. wajaperak Feb 14,2011 8:49 AM

    Ikut suka Tun..
    And I am equally amazed as to why Islam has failed again and again to penetrate the souls of Muslims, as far as racism is concerned. Why does one become a Muslim then, if one does not agree with what the Prophet taught? And would the Prophet think that racism is a comparatively minor offence in Islam than eating pork?]]
    Tut..Tut..Mr ekompute..
    I am done explaining.Let’s hear what the mature and adult bobizoma have to says about your questionaires..Of course I would like to ‘grow up’ and be ‘immpecable’ to bobizoma standard..
    By the way congratulation for bobizoma for his hits at who have reached 32 millions..Onle one short million from Tun..
    Terima kasih.

  53. T Feb 14,2011 8:06 AM

    /// By ekompute on February 13, 2011 6:10 PM
    QUOTE: “Now Kuan Yew is urging Muslims not to hold to the teachings of Islam too strictly. Most Muslims are in breach in their practice of Islam. But it is not for others to tell the Muslims that they should renege on their practice of Islam to facilitate integration in Singapore.” ///
    ekompute, you have commented a few times on this topic based on nothing but what TDM wrote here. What TDM wrote here is based on what he thought LKY wrote, or paraphrasing what LKY wrote. As you know, half truths and spin are more interesting and controversial than hard truths. I suggest you read the book first hand, instead of relying on second-hand account and started to believe the half truths as hard truths.

  54. Mis_bah Feb 14,2011 7:38 AM

    Assalamu Alaikum Tun,
    Mr Lee, don’t blame others for unreasonable reasons. I think you only afraid of your own shadow. Don’t be like that. The shadow is yours. Not the shadow of others. So why sould you afraid. We Malaysians respect other people race, believe and sensitivities. We don’t like to quarrel as long as other people don’t go overboad..understand?

  55. jalil7 Feb 14,2011 6:37 AM

    Salam Tun,
    I merely wish to set the record straight for Singaporeans who think Malays in Malaysia enjoy special rights. They know not what Malays suffer from.
    If you are a malay, in Malaysia, there are a multitude of things you are not allowed to do, among them enter Casinos to watch people gamble & enjoy Valentines Day. The elderly Malays and elected “keepers” of the culture do not want this and the younger generation Malays would have to wait several more years, perhaps many many more years, before they can be free in their own land. I can provide an extensive list of the do nots, which would make Singaporeans jaw drop, but of course Singaporeans would not like to believe it. Singaporeans think Malays here are all living in heaven. If were are not born a Malay here, and then work very hard to liberate yourself, you would not know it. So allow me to explain.
    Tolerating all these self inflicted non-sensicle laws and restrictions ( i.e. giving up their personal freedom ) is the price many malays are willing to pay in order to gain special attention by the government, in retaining Malay as the defining identity of Malaysia. This is the collective will. And this includes special efforts to “protect” the Malays, incentives, bias or affirmative action, positive discrimination and preserving traditions. The travelled Malays can only envy other countries, including Singapore, when they travel and witness how free other races are.
    The “collective will” i spoke about above is mostly the collective will of the Malays only. Of course other races are most happy to help impose these collective will. It is not a common will as in common law. It is not yet possible to have a common law, Malays want their own laws, and is happy that other races greatly assists them with it.
    If you ask me would i rather be ruled by Singapores version of meritocracy, i don’t think so, Singapore has perhaps limited meritocracy, much like as we have limited democracy here.
    If you ask would i rather do away with Malay privileges or protection in Malaysia, personally yes, but what would happen to many others who depend on it ? and where would Malays be heading ? The formation of this country is based on what was agreed by our forefathers, all Chinese, Indian and the Malays of Malaysia. To question this agreed formula is to question the very existence of Malaysia.
    So it is not like we live under sunny blue skies sipping tea by the seaside. Malays have had for very many years suffered from relative poverty and inferior education and self inflicted wounds. That has nothing much to do with the govermnent actually, the government is just a group of elected people, and in fact has done a lot for the Malays. The powers of the government is actually limited. It isn’t an easy job.
    It has to do with culture. A cultural revolution is required, but to think differently one has to first let go of personal beliefs or bias. And that is a difficulty most extreme. One might as well eat worms.
    So do not think Malays here are happy people enjoying life. That is just a surface view of a non malay. For those inside, especially for those who know what life really is and how to live, Malays are far far from enjoying life. There is a reason one of the terms used for a Malay VIP is “Yang Berbahagia”. So just take my word for it đŸ™‚
    And of course this is all just my opinion.
    Sudah Tun, Terima Kasih.

  56. adik adik Feb 14,2011 6:05 AM

    The Hard Truth about LKY is
    At age of 88.He is still holding top Ministerial Post,
    from Prime,to Senior,to Mentor,later Senior Mentor Master Minister,
    when his next son,Lee Hsieng Yang,or his grandson takes the PM seat.
    BY LKY.

  57. ekompute Feb 14,2011 5:13 AM

    Hi Alpha Tango, it is thinking like yours that makes Singapore jittery. What they are worried about are not rational neighbours, but irrational neighbours with thinking like yours. Why, Singapore is not even big enough for an army to land, so to speak, so why would they want to attack anyone, if they are not forced to do so? If you would just use a little logic and imagination, you would, no doubt, have come to the same conclusion. Remember how fast the Japs took over Singapore during WWII, despite the so-called British military supremacy. You could walk the length and breadth of the country in one day!
    As you can see, Singapore is a very vulnerable country that has no leeway for military conflict. Just one simple bomb is enough to paralyze the whole country’s infrastructure. I believe that Tun will agree with me that any military conflict can never benefit Singapore, whether they win, what more if they lose. But they won’t go down without putting a hard fight.
    The days of robbing resources are over, dear Alpha Tango. Those were colonial days where you just despatch a fleet of gunboats and you just take whatever you want, including the female citizens. So wake up and do not live in the past!

  58. jolly Feb 14,2011 2:51 AM

    Hi Tun,
    Concerning the previous posting,
    perhaps, we adopt the same method to find out the truths behind the TBH case Tun.
    Provided, of course, TBH family agrees to it.. and provided, this opinion will not be construed as a contempt of the court (or the Royal Commission etc.).
    Otherwise, please do not publish this posting Tun (for I am no law expert).
    Thank you, Tun.

  59. shahiran Feb 14,2011 2:50 AM

    Like on how some Singaporean sees Mahathir as irrelevant, I sees LKY as nothing and unimportant as well towards the growth of Malaysia.
    As for the Military, I am proud to have Malaysia with a near-outdated army equipments, at least we would never go finding and bring back any trouble: except for those international water pirates, hang you!

  60. jolly Feb 14,2011 2:30 AM

    Hi Tun,
    Only if Tun allow me to pass Wajaperak a message:
    Hi Wajaperak,
    Forget about andrewtay’s, someone said he was drunken.
    Read this instead, to find out the behaviour of some others in our world:
    Thank you, Tun.

  61. zulaff Feb 14,2011 12:26 AM

    Salam Yang Berbahagia Tun,
    Cuba kita lihat kepada Singapura sekarang. Rata – rata pendapat mengatakan Singapura maju seperti negara maju lain. Kalau negara Singapura maju kenapa rakyatnya banyak membeli hartanah di Malaysia ( dari Johor hingga ke Pulau Pinang. Kenapa tidak duduk kat Singapura saja. Kenapa pilih Malaysia. Sebab rakyatnya mana tahan, duit berjuta – juta tapi duduk apartment sempit. Umpama duduk dalam kotak berhias ( bahasa halus ) dan hidup telah diprogramkan seperti robot. Kalau sebulan dua tak pe lah, tapi bertahun lama (semua orang dapat bayangkan). Itu lah bila rakyatnya masuk Malaysia mula lepas tension. Habis dilanggarnya peraturan dan undang – undang Malaysia.
    Kalau kita kaji dengan lebih mendalam lagi kenapa perkara melanggar undang – undang ini boleh berlaku, sedangkan di Singapura mereka ini sangat berdisiplin sepatutnya di Malaysia mereka berdisiplin seperti biasa. Maksud di sini, LKY tak berjaya dalam mentadbir rakyatnya. Mereka hanya takut kepada LKY sahaja. LKY tak dapat menghasilkan rakyat yang berkualiti berbeza dengan rakyat Jepun. Itu yang LKY rasa tak tentu arah. Sehinggakan terpaksa mengeluarkan macam – macam propoganda bagi menyelamatkan distinasi pemerintahannya.
    Apa guna duit berbilion,
    kalau hati tak tenteram,
    Apa guna negara maju,
    Kalau rakyat hidup terkongkong,
    Apa guna peralatan tentera canggih terlampau banyak,
    Kalau tak guna sampai masa expired juga,
    Apa guna hidup lama,
    kalau asyik sakiti jiran,
    Apa guna ada High Technology,
    Kalau asyik tukar Chap (Made in Singapore),
    Apa guna mencampuri agama orang lain,
    kalau sendiri tidak paham,
    Fikir – fikir kan lah………
    Kepada pemimpin negara kita Malaysia. Hargailah rakyat, jangan bebankan rakyat. Nanti rakyat tersalah pangkah, buruk akibatnya…

  62. jolly Feb 14,2011 12:00 AM

    Hi Tun,
    Heard the news about your opinions during a ceramah, something about “tanahair”, “racist” etc., yesterday.
    Malaysia is my tanahair too! I was born here.
    Perhaps Tun would like to chat with Nelsen Mandela face to face.. He is a better expert in race issue I guess.
    Look at S. Africa now. Host to the world cup.. after just a few decade since the end of the apartheid.

  63. jolly Feb 13,2011 11:45 PM

    Hi Tun,
    Thanks in advance for allowing me to write to Wajaperak.
    Hi Wajaperak,
    Do you know the saying of the unspoken thought of Mr Andrewtay that is..
    Who knows, Andrewtay could be a terroritst, or an agent of another country, of whatever race who knows, trying to create a spark between the different races or religions living harmoniously, and hope that the fire will spread.
    If we take online chats too seriously, we will be tricked into the hands of the people who have hoped to achieve their agenda.

  64. sant2728 Feb 13,2011 11:44 PM

    To Apogee,
    You are obviously an apologist for the Singapore government and all things Singapore.
    It is your business to do so but I think as a reasonable person, a little note on the absurdity of your argument would not harm.
    Well, in Singapore there is a group of schools called the Specially Assisted Plan Schools (SAP).
    These are Chinese High schools that have been specially handpicked by the Singapore government. Some of these schools include: Chinese High School, Chung Cheng High, Nanayang Girls High, Maris Stella High, Dunman High…
    Note that these are “Specially Assisted” schools, which means that they are funded by the Singapore Government. Take a walk down Bukit Timah Road and see for yourself the imposing and impressive facades of Hwa Chong Instution( Chinese High) and the impressive building of the Nanyang Girls High opposite.
    Walk to these schools and the student population are near 100 percent Chinese. I say near 100 percent only because I do not have the full figures and do not want to make irresponsible statement.
    The students are usually the top in their cohort. They are trained, educated in a Chinese environment.These schools use English and Chinese as mediums of instruction. In fact, these schools offer only Higher Chinese, not higher Malay or higher Tamil.
    Of course, if you want to join this school you are most welcome.
    But by offering only higher Chinese, the bulk of non Chinese would be excluded. It is a convenient form of exclusion.
    The sad part is that these students would often go on to take civil service jobs and become policymakers. Most often than not because of their socialisation they often do not count among their friends non-Chinese.
    This is AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, NEP Singapore-style. These schools are exclusively Chinese in orientation and well nourished by the Singapore government.
    You would of course say, what’s the big deal? A Malay or Indian can also be there provided they study English and Higher Chinese.
    Would you, Apogee, allow your son/daughter to move out of SRJK Cina to join normal schools?
    Would you allow your son/daughter to join SMA instead of SRJK Cina.
    My guess is, you wont. In any case, if you are forced, you cry racism!! You definitely want to retain your Chineseness.
    So what makes you think that Indians and Malays in Singapore would want to do likewise.
    If you think that the Singapore government has semblance of fair play, think again.
    Unlike the “Specially Assisted” Plan schools, the Madrasahs in Singapore are NOT FUNDED in any way by the government.
    Their funds are mostly internally raised with MUIS ( the religious council) providing some funds.
    Unlike the SAP schools, these Madrasahs are underfunded, mostly under resourced with many untrained teachers.
    Yet, despite the handicap, the Singapore government wants the Madrasahs to measure up to the national standards. If they don’t they will NOT be allowed to take in primary one cohort.
    Last year, for example, Madrasah Wak Tanjong was told by the government not to take any Primary One Cohort.
    What it means is that if Wak Tanjong continually fails to measure up to the national standard, handicap or not, it will die a slow death.Fair play, apologist?
    If you are still not convinced, which I think you will, try to think of a handicap being ask to race with able bodied men. If you finish below the median, despite your handicap, you are out!! How’s that for fairness.
    In Malaysia, you cry foul, if the Chinese or Indian schools are not funded.
    I believe you actually employ different standards and barometer to push your argument.
    You actually have a distorted sense of justice and fair play.
    There is inconsistency in your argument.
    Still, I don’t think my reply here will convert you. Deepest down I think you are an irreconcilable bigot.
    Happy reading.

  65. wokwokwok Feb 13,2011 11:23 PM

    Dear priss01,
    I don’t know where you got the figure usd40-50million for the mosy advanced patrol boat cost, maybe u didnt get the facts right b4 u comment, Malaysia is building Littoral Combat Ship(LCS) not simply any patrol boat.
    Lockheed Martin juat got a contract to built LCS for the US nAvy few mths back for around USD437million per ship inclusing everything and Navy acquisition chief Sean Stackley stated the average cost to buy an LCS should be between USD430million and USD440million.
    And our country trying to build a much smaller ship compare to the US Navy so the costs around RM1billion(USD327million) should be alright.
    And to compare a fighter aircraft to a ship, well i hv to said quite silly, 1st a shio is much bigger than then aan aircraft the f35 can carry 1 pilot while the LCS around 70 personnel and 2 helicopter and more firepower according to the LCS that in service with US navy now.
    Pls get all the facts right b4 comment…….

  66. Benderbuzz Feb 13,2011 10:52 PM

    Well Tun, for me ..LKY is just one senile bastard … even if our military is stronger than them … just live them alone … there’s nothing in singapore apart from the israeli-mentality citizens and parasites…

  67. ekompute Feb 13,2011 10:17 PM

    I refer to the New Sunday Times’ article today, entitled “Mahathir tells why NEP must continue.” On reflection and trying to be pragmatic rather than academic, I totally support Mahathir’s stance on this matter for the simple reason that the non-Malays have been living under the abusive NEP implementation for the last 40 years and yet manage to lead a relatively comfortable life, whereas the Malays, in general, will not be able to survive, once the NEP is withdrawn. Now, why do I say abusive NEP implementation and why are the non-Malays so afraid of NEP when its objective is to eradicate poverty, IRRESPECTIVE of race, and to carry out economic restructuring so as to eliminate the identification of ethnicity with economic function? Obviously, the NEP implementation has been less than honest and sincere.
    Tun mentioned, “The New Economic Policy must continue because its objectives have not been made.” As we all know, the NEP was supposed to last for 20 years from 1971-1990. It’s now 40 years, i.e. double that duration, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. What then does it tell of the Malay race? Are they really that backward such that given triple or even four times the initially proposed time frame, they still will never be able to catch up? Where then do they stand vis-a-vis the Africans who are supposed to be among the more backward races in this world? Ethiopia, I was so surprised, is flexing its counterspace muscles, together with China and Iran, much to the chagrin of the United States, and it also has the capability to jam a commercial satelline, according to the February 6 New Sunday Times’ article. And according to Wikipedia, Ethiopia is the site of the first hijrah in Islamic history and Negash is the oldest Muslim settlement in Africa, so Islam cannot be faulted if there is no economic or technological progress.
    It’s really a shame that we are applauding our first Malaysian astronaut who helped financed Russia’s Expedition 16, thinking that we have achieved something significant. As a matter of fact, our so-called astronaut is no different from an AirAsia passenger or a passenger in one of those rollercoaster ride. Pray, tell me… what have we achieved or learned? That outer space is enormous and very dark? Who does not know that, even without spending a sen? But can we launch our next spacecraft independently, jam US satellites, and stuffs like that? We are indeed deluding ourselves with our euphoria, while the whole world laughs at us.
    There is no point proclaiming Ketuanan Melayu just in Malaysia, without trying to extend it to the whole world… a race to stand among equals at the global level. Sadly, this is unlikely to happen, with or without the NEP. Malays are not used to competition, and if they cannot even compete with homeground advantage without first tying up their competitors, what chance do they have overseas, when no one and absolutely no one will allow them to tie them up. Business, unfortunately, is all about competition, competition, and competition and that’s how laissez-faire works.
    We have a whole generation who knows nothing else other than NEP support for their day-to-day living, such that they now take it for granted and are very dependent on it for their very survival. And if you were to suddenly take it away from them, I won’t even be a bit surprised that this nation will suffer a national calamity… they will even kill, if need be, to ensure that the NEP continues because their very survival depends on it. Is it any wonder then that Najib’s 1Malaysia is not working, well-meaning as he may be? It’s exactly what a drug addict will do, when deprived of their daily supplies. Fortunately, there are a very, very small minority of Malays who are very enlightened and hopefully, these are the people who will lead their race out of this dependence eventually so that they can stand up and be counted at the global level.
    Yet, that possibility seems to me to be rather remote. (Hopefully, I am proven wrong.) On much reflection, I think it is perhaps best to allow the NEP to continue forever, without trying to deceive ourselves by saying 20 years, and then another 20 years, and then another 20 years in perpetuity. As for the two parasitic and useless race-based political parties, the MCA and the MIC, it’s high time they do something useful, rather than merely hide within their respective comfort zones under UMNO’s apron.
    China and India are two countries that will be THE major economies in this world. Why not open avenues for Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indians to go to these two countries to earn foreign exchange for Malaysia and leave the homeground for the Malays to practice competing among themselves? This way, it would be a win-win situation for all concerned.

  68. SmokerHaven.Com Feb 13,2011 10:07 PM

    Malaysia is a better place because Tun Dr Mahathir.
    There is no other place we’d rather be.

  69. Ghafar Feb 13,2011 9:31 PM

    Mr. Lee Kuan Yew is trapped in his unconscious prejudice and subtly bias . The Muslims are distinct and separate , they discourage integration in the Singaporean  communities . All religions can be integrated but not Islam . Singaporean were progressing  until the surge of Islam came , the other communities have  easier  integration , he says . He calls for the Muslim community to

  70. Ghafar Feb 13,2011 8:57 PM

    Mr. Lee Kuan Yew is trapped in his unconscious prejudice and subtly bias . The Muslims are distinct and separate , they discourage integration in the Singaporean  communities . All religions can be integrated but not Islam . Singaporean were progressing  until the surge of Islam came , the other communities have  easier  integration , he says . He calls for the Muslim community to

  71. Wara Feb 13,2011 8:44 PM

    My Salam to Tun and Tun Dr Hasmah.
    The idiot who said that Dr Mahathir fears lky is not only an idiot but also a lunatic.
    Thank you Tun.

  72. ekompute Feb 13,2011 6:10 PM

    QUOTE: “Now Kuan Yew is urging Muslims not to hold to the teachings of Islam too strictly. Most Muslims are in breach in their practice of Islam. But it is not for others to tell the Muslims that they should renege on their practice of Islam to facilitate integration in Singapore.”
    If someone really believes in their religion, they will follow the teachings of their religion very strictly and no amount of persuasion will make them do otherwise. And if they do not believe in their religion, then there is no necessity to tell them at all not to follow too strictly, if this is what is intended, because they are already doing that.
    As such, I totally agree with Tun and I am indeed amazed that such an intelligent man like LKY would make a statement like that. It is not in good taste and pointless, especially for a man of his status, to tell anyone not to follow any religion too strictly (be it Islam or Buddhism, say) as it only generates uncalled-for friction, even among those who are already doing what LKY is urging. When it comes to religion, hypocrites are a dozen a penny.
    In Malaysia, even though no one tells any Muslim not to hold to the teachings of Islam too strictly, they are already doing that, especially the younger generation, what with the globalization process, with its internet and Western culture, taking a foothold in the country. Nay… I would like to think, instead, that Muslims in Malaysia MUST be told to hold to the teachings of Islam more strictly. A Malay dentist recently lamented to me that building all those mosques seems to be futile, what with attendance for the Friday mosque prayer dwindling. Many mosques are not even half-filled and some, even almost empty, according to him.
    I think LKY must not have read much about Islamic teachings, for which part of its teachings is wrong or detrimental to a multi-ethnic society. I guess he must have been influenced by what some prominent Muslims (al-Queda, Abu Sayyaf, and Jemaah Islamiyah, for example) are doing throughout the world (and making even Singapore as one of his hiding grounds for terrorism), thinking that what these Muslims do are what Islam taught. Yes, I used to think like that too. And that made me decided to read about Islam to find out what kind of religion is that that encourages its followers to kill in the name of jihad, when Judaism, Christianity, and Buddhism says, “Thou shalt not kill”. And then I found out that, just like those Israelis and Christians, all these religions with the possible exception of Buddhism is as what Yogi Berra succinctly puts it, “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But in practice, there is.”
    And we do not even have to talk about Islamic values, something that is intangible… let’s talk about Ramadhan. In a nation where more than half the population is Muslim, you would expect national food consumption to fall during the month of Ramadhan but insteady, national food consumption shoot up, making a mockery of the purpose of fasting. As regards pork consumption, that is something that has been followed to the letter, not because it is the most important thing in Islam but because one need not put even an iota of effort into doing so as it is a habit that has been ingrained since young. Now, ask them to eat rabbit meat or cat meat, say, and I will think that most people, Muslim or otherwise, would say “No, thanks”, not out of religious obligations but out of mental conditioning as well.

  73. priss01 Feb 13,2011 6:05 PM

    “To a question by DAP national publicity chief Tony Pua on the Government

  74. Justin Feb 13,2011 5:15 PM

    Re.11eleventh Feb12,the spore media consistently projects an image of racist Malaysia,because Malaysia gives priority to its Malay population
    How pathetic?
    Its the media again,not only in Spore but in Malaysia as well.Certain medias are here to provoke the minorities and the majorities.One hand one Malaysia the other hand incite racial disharmony,this is a work of certain medias in Malaysia.
    My dear Spore,please take note the Malays in Malaysia dont really enjoy the special rights that you are talking about.
    All these while politicians after politicians campaigning for Malay special rights,what are these rights?
    One could see the Malays are working as guards,dispatch boys,drivers and some as laborers.There are Malays living in squatters till this day!What special rights the politicians are talking about!
    Does the rights really exist? or its a political ploy to win the Malays or stir the Indians and Chinese,which is which?

  75. Al Baihaqi Feb 13,2011 4:33 PM

    YAB Tun,
    I used to visit Singapore a few times becoz my auntie was born in Singapore. The development that we see in Singapore is something that probably Malaysia wants to achieve.
    Everytime we see forum and discussions in media, we always refer to what has Singapore achieved to the extend that relate Singapore as one of the powerful nation who practiced the Blue Ocean strategy.
    However, there are many ways that Malaysia can do to ensure that we are not too much depending on Singapore particularly with regard to trade.
    I wish Malaysia can do only three things to at least minimise our country’s dependency to Singapore:
    (1) We must open up Tebrau State and built proper bridge to replace current tambak.
    (ii) Maximise our Port facility in Tg Pelepas as well as promote KLIA as hub for cargo and logistic superpower.
    (iii) Let Malays in Malaysia think and planned as if they are the minority in the country and the Government has to be bold enough to ensure the comprehensive support system can beat Singapore for at least becoming a country of no corruption.
    Alternative source to financial freedom…

  76. MAZAI Feb 13,2011 3:22 PM

    YAB Tun,
    Saya hanya mampu mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi tahniah diatas usaha TUN untuk terus mengingatkan generasi masa kini akan apa yang sebenarnya berlaku – mengenai perhubungan antara dua negara yang asalnya satu. Untuk makluman adik-adik dan anak-anak sekalian Singapura adalah sebahagian dari Semenanjung Tanah Melayu sehingga berpisah pada 1965.
    Kita masyarakat Malaysia amat bertuah kerana memiliki Tun yang saya anggap sebagai ‘The living history book of Tanah Malayu’. Saya berharap Tun dapat menulis sebanyak mungkin, mendedahkanlah kebenaran sebanyak mungkin agar menjadi khazanah rujukan yang amat berharga dimasa akan datang.
    Kita kini memerlukan semangat Hang Jebat bukan semangat Hang Tuah yang telah ketinggalan zaman.
    Saya sudahi dengan iringan doa semoga Allah SWT memberikan kesihatan dan kecergasan kepada Tun sehingga kia menemui seorang penggantinya …. Amminnn

  77. acez Feb 13,2011 2:41 PM

    “Now Kuan Yew is urging Muslims not to hold to the teachings of Islam too strictly. Most Muslims are in breach in their practice of Islam. But it is not for others to tell the Muslims that they should renege on their practice of Islam to facilitate integration in Singapore. In Malaysia we try to live with our differences. Our integration is not perfect because we are sensitive to the sensitivities of our people. We do not ask people to forsake their religious practices so we can integrate.”
    Salam Tun, semoga Tun sekeluarga sihat sejahtera. Saya suka statement di atas. ” we try to live with our differences”, tetapi masih ada yang tidak menghargai pengorbanan Tun dalam megekalkan situasi ini. Semoga Tun terus memberi tunjuk ajar kepada kami =)

  78. Asvocalasyou Feb 13,2011 12:50 PM

    1)Hooray,the hard truths is Mubarack is down and out of power!
    2)The hard truths is that power currupts.
    3)If you look around,some dictators are forced out.They never admit they are the ones until the head was severed or killed himself or found guilty of mass murder.
    4)while some are smart enough to loot the “fort knox” of their countries before “lari kuat”.
    5)But in our country,there is still someone who does not know what is enough and still looting.
    6)And the hard truths is LKY ,though may be branded as dictator,he did not raid the wealth of the country and instead built up a “gold mountain’ for her people to enjoy or even can purchase 2.4 times over our currency!Singaporean should stand tall and proud of LKY instead of becoming unappreciative creatures.
    7)You still say Malays must still given help.You said the policy is still good but the implemention is wrong.
    8)This is exactly wrong here.Whose majotiry mends the civil service ? You know it.You also know very well what is Article 153 and how it was totally implemented.Therefore how could it possibly the implementation can get it right given the recipients are the Malays and the one who approves the allocation are also Malays?
    9)Really,given the ambit of the policy,is there any diferrence,apart from legality,between corruption and given the cluthes?
    10)who runs the GLCs and benefit from it?
    11)Put to you to a challenge,call in the IRB’s invetigation,without fear or favour and do a capital statement on the politicians of this country and BNM should also come in on anti money laundering on them and publish what are the outcome of their investigations.

  79. Alan Feb 13,2011 12:11 PM

    In your recent symposium on The Malay Dilemma: Perspective and Conclusion , you are inconsistent and ironic.

    • In one statement, you mentioned tht the NEP must continue even though it had been abused
    • In another, you were quoted that “the Malays should not rely too much on the Government

    In an analogy, if you had given pocket money to your son and found out that yr son is abusing the money to buy drugs, would you continue giving him money and allowing him to buy drugs still? What you are saying here is preposterous!
    I am glad many sensible persons do not think like you do! You may be advising Petronas but you defy logic and reminds me, if you were a businessman, tht you wld continue running a company despite suffering heavy losses.

  80. adik adik Feb 13,2011 9:20 AM

    LKY Book Hard Truth
    There is Soft Lies that hides under the carpet.
    This soft lies is harmful.
    We cannot be soft on it.
    It is meant to damage.
    The book cannot be name Hard Lies.
    Soft Truth,Hard Lies
    Will reflects His Lying.

  81. det kecik Feb 13,2011 4:13 AM

    Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh.
    1) Bila seseorang ahli politik bercakap akan pasti bercampur dgn pembohongan/penipuan demi keselamatan kuasa politiknya.Begitulah LKY di dalam temubualnya dengan beberapa wartawan.
    2) LKY berpegang kepada kata-kata mendiang bini dia agar jgn percaya kepada Malaysia yg di pimpin Bangsa Melayu. Strategi yg di guna pakai LKY untuk meraih simpati dan bantuan kewangan dari USA adalah sama saperti Israel.
    Bangsa Melayu dan Bangsa Jawa yang beragama islam harus di’takuti’ kerana keislaman mereka.Bantuan kewangan dan kepakaran membangun Singapura didapati LKY dgn menjaja betapa bahayanya Indonesia dan Malaysia kepada kewujudan Singapura. Walhal LKY hanya menipu USA semata-mata untuk mendapatkan apa yg di hajati.
    3) Masaalah sebenar LKY adalah dirinya. Dia terperangkap dgn rasa curiga kepada orang lain tak kira bangsa cina, melayu atau india. Beliau hanya percaya kepada dirinya sahaja. Dan setelah beliau berkahwin beliau banyak bergantung kepada buah fikiran mendiang isterinya memandangkan isteri beliau lebih ‘bijak’ dalam mengatur langkah dalam menguasai Singapore.
    4) LKY kini amat ‘vulnerable’ setelah isterinya mati. Biasanya mereka yg rasa ‘vulnerable’ akan melakukan sesuatu di luar jangkaan. Berwaspada sentiasa langkah yg dibuat LKY. Kerana ada lagi agenda untuk negara ini yg belum selesai.
    5) Jgn lupa daku dalam doa mu wahai Tun…..
    p/s. sofi…bila hang nak blanja makan niiii…dah lama dahh tunggu.

  82. ekompute Feb 13,2011 1:40 AM

    I personally agree with 11eleventh that Prof Jayakumar should not have been disqualified from the shortlist of would-be Prime Ministers. Whether he would eventually be selected for the post or not, to me, is another story altogether.
    It is obvious clear to me that LKY’s standing on this matter is not meritocracy. I would consider that as racism too. But the way 11eleventh put it, he seems to be saying that if a Chinese cannot become a PM in Malaysia, it is not racism. Or did he say it is? Well, to me, it is racism too. It does not mean that when one is, then the other is not, and vice versa. Both are one and the same.
    11eleventh seems to come off as a very confused person to me. While complaining about racism, he seems to me to be supporting racism at the same time, so long as it is Malays that practises it, as when he says: “In Singapore, the media consistently projects an image of a Racist Malaysia basically because Malaysia gives priority to it’s Malay population. But come to think about it, which country wouldn’t do the same?” So why is he complaining? I wonder whether he knows who the current President of the United States is. And I can only conclude that if 11eleventh were the Prime Minister of Singapore, he would also act like LKY by justifying his own action with, “which country wouldn’t do the same ?”
    11eleventh is quite confused as to what constitutes racism and what does not. While calling himself a Malay and presumably a Muslim, he seems to be at peace with what Malaysia is doing, although what Malaysia is practicing is obviously a serious and fatal transgression of Islam. And I am equally amazed as to why Islam has failed again and again to penetrate the souls of Muslims, as far as racism is concerned. Why does one become a Muslim then, if one does not agree with what the Prophet taught? And would the Prophet think that racism is a comparatively minor offence in Islam than eating pork?
    In ending this post, I would like to quote Yogi Berra: “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But in practice, there is.”

  83. Jaquar Feb 13,2011 12:47 AM

    In 1965, Singapore was asked to leave the Federation of Malaysia by Tunku’s talak tiga. Yes, LKY’s PAP wanted a Malaysian Malaysia and that would mean that if this idea takes off, UMNO would loose power base. LKY is a formidable politician and Dr.M himself knows that and always fear him. I still remember the day when Singapore was “kicked” out and the empty feeling of what is going to happen now with no natural resources but a free entreport to sustain the economy. Families like mine were torn right down the middle with my maternal side stuck in Singapore and paternal side in Malaysia. We were always one until then. Fortunately the ties between the familes are still very strong till today as it shares a common culture, language and ancestry. Yes, the Chinese and Indians of Malaysia have a more postive attitude towards Singapore as they will recruit them to work in Singapore if they are qualified enough through meritocracy. The talent pool from Malaysia is unlimited for Singapore to take from. I’m speaking from experience as my relative was recruited to fly fighter jets in SAF in 1972 afer his GCE. Another was the former Chief Supreme Court Justice of Singapore who was born in KL. A close classmate of mine who graduated top of my class in KL was given a scholarship to study medicine in NUS and is now running a top hospital in Singapore.
    If Singapore is suspicious towards Malaysia, it is towards the politicians who runs Malaysia. It is not towards the people as we are one. Singapore has a right to defend itself as it is surrounded by nations who can turned fanatical with their religion. The ridiculous statements from UMNO politicians that it will soak the streets with their enemies blood to upkeep their rights does not help either. I once ask my relative if he would bomb Malaysia if there was a war between the 2 nations and his reply was always no of I have to bomb innocent people of Malaysia but would not hesiste to bomb UMNO.

  84. Alpha Tango Feb 12,2011 11:12 PM

    Dear Tun
    The other night, I had a friendly debate with a neighbor who questioned the need for Malaysia to build 6 warships.
    This is the situation that plaques us. PKR and PAS believers believe that nothing the Government does is right.
    We arm ourselves not for the offense towards Singapore but as a defense against Singapore. The minute Singapore believes Malaysia is politically, economically and militarily week, rest assured they will “draw first blood” by attacking Malaysia. Remember, we have resources Singapore would die for.
    We have never trusted K Y Lee and we should never ever trust K Y Lee and Singapore.
    Dear Tun, Live Long and Prosper.
    Best wishes, from ATM and clan.

  85. wanzah Feb 12,2011 10:16 PM


  86. Pena VTEC Feb 12,2011 9:05 PM

    Salam Tun. I totally agree with you. Especialy on the part where LKY ask muslims to be less strict when practising our religion. What right he has to utter such thing to us. As a muslim, one should really strengthen our faith in our religion. And that goes to ALL religion as well. Religion is a check and balance system. Without religion, we are nothing but animals.

  87. Jo Feb 12,2011 8:54 PM

    The hard truth is that its simply a case of sour grapes. TDM will never admit that LKY has been more successful than him in building a nation. Singapore, despite it having no natural resources whatsoever has become more prosperous and well developed than Malaysia. No doubt it is much smaller and easier to control but the fact is that they have succeeded in surpassing Malaysia in almost every aspect.

  88. nase2 Feb 12,2011 8:53 PM

    Salam buat Ayahanda Tun,
    1. Berapa banyak warga Singapura terkorban mempertahankan Malaya semasa perang dulu..? Dan berapa banyak warga Malaya yang bermati-matian untuk Singapura..? Kalau boleh bangkit roh Lt Adnan (Al-Fatihah buat arwah), mungkin arwah menyesal…
    2. LKY mungkin sekarang ada terfikir apakah akan berlaku Mesir kedua di negaranya..? Segalanya mungkin…!
    3. LKY terlalu taksub dengan kuasa sehinggakan siapa yang menerajui Singapura selepasnya mestilah mendapat restunya (dinastinya..?). Jika mati pun, mungkin bakal pengganti kena pergi ke kuburnya memohon restu sebelum ditabalkan sebagai PM..?
    Entahlah.. Harap-harap dipanjang umur oleh Tuhan untuk menyaksikan perkara sedemikian..

  89. Hajar Feb 12,2011 7:56 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,
    1. The hard truth is the fact that Mr. LKY thinks that all Singapore

  90. ekompute Feb 12,2011 7:22 PM

    QUOTE: Kuan Yew cried when Singapore left Malaysia. We thought that it was the separation which had saddened him. But now he tells us that it was because “I left behind tens of thousands of people who had joined our rallies”. Kuan Yew might remember that despite the huge crowds attending the PAP rallies, the party won only one seat.
    I totally agree with Tun that the separation of Singapore from Malaysia saddened LKY then, NOT the leaving behind of tens of thousands of people who had joined LKY’s rallies. Nay, actually that is also not quite correct. LKY was, in fact, overwhelmed by chronic fear, the separation scaring the hell out of him, if you were to watch his spontaneous reaction and body language from this Youtube video at very carefully. Dumb-struck, dryness of mouth and throat, licking of tongue, blah, blah, blah… these are irrefutable signs of chronic fear.
    Obviously, he was totally unprepared for such an eventuality, as my guess is that based on his calculation, he never believed that the Tunku will make such a decision. Personally, I believe that the Tunku did not meant it either. It was merely the Tunku’s strategy to frighten Singapore into submission. In actual fact, both the Tunku and LKY believed that Singapore could not survive as a nation. As LKY mentioned then, “Singapore is an absurdity in every sense of the word… strategically, geographically, economically,” blah, blah, blah (can’t remember the exact quote). Thus, the Tunku did not suffer great pain in making the decision to ask Singapore to leave because he thought that Singapore would be back in no time, crawling on its knees and on UMNO’s terms… a no-lose situation to UMNO. And that would have been, had it been ANY other leader in the world, the Tunku included, had there been a role reversal.
    Only one man and one man alone in this whole wide world could make Singapore survive AND become one of the most economically successful nation in the world and that is LEE KUAN YEW. That, we have to accept and give him credit. For he was a man of considerable pride, self-respect, personal integrity, and enormous energy and drive, not to mention considerable brains, as witnessed by his Double Starred First Class honors from Cambridge. Yes, I said “AND” because maybe a few, a very, very few can make Singapore survive but they will be busying themselves explaining why the Singapore dollar is rupiah-like, citing their lack of natural resources, not even drinking water, as the reason. And yes, I agree that this is a very, very valid reason why Singapore should fail and the Tunku had anticipated that.
    I believe the separation was indeed good for both Malaysia and Singapore, just as the separation of Pakistan and Bangladesh from India was probably also good for all parties concerned. It was also good for LKY personally because it made his adrenaline pumped vigorously and brought out the very, very best in him. He was like a world class runner being chased by a hungry tiger. And just like the woman who lifted a truck to save her child who was pinned under it, LKY’s feat is not repeatable even by LKY himself, now that age catches up and his energy sags. I would also like to think that not many people would have been able to take that stress that LKY underwent and would have succumbed to a heart attack, probably within a year or two.
    “Leaving behind tens of thousands of people who had joined our rallies” is what LKY would like us to associate his crying with. But he was a full-blooded Machiavellian, and I would like to think that the death of those tens of thousands of people who had joined his rallies would not have moved him even an iota, just like Mao Zedong, if it could not further his purpose.
    As mentioned by Tun, “the PAP supporters immediately formed the DAP to fight the cause promoted by the PAP after the separation. The DAP is alive and well today in Malaysia. In fact it now rules Penang state.” What is admirable of DAP is its strong political conviction of a Malaysian Malaysia for all citizens, a concept that is consistent with Islamic values, although it is not Islam that DAP is fighting for… just purely universal humanitarian values. That it is consistent with Islam values is merely incidental. This world is for all humans but it is humans, with their greed and creative rationalization, that create nations and try to kill one another. In this respect, we are no better than monkeys howling in the morning to mark their territories. DAP leaders, as we all know, are not after personal benefits, unlike GERAKAN which quickly discarded their so-called political philosophy and so-called principles the very moment they were offered a chance to ride on the bandwagon and be given some janitorial Minister posts. As history stands, the DAP is the one and only party in West Malaysia which was invited to join the Barisan Nasional but rejected the offer. And action speaks louder than words.

  91. adik adik Feb 12,2011 6:16 PM

    YALAH !
    MERITROCRACY ! Hmm……………m
    Ya,yalah meritrocracy

  92. Walinong Sari Feb 12,2011 6:04 PM

    Your coment onr PM najid to giveup Tanjong Pagar ?

  93. zoljalurlebar Feb 12,2011 5:27 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Tlg tinggalkan pesan pada generasi pimpinan tanah air tercinta ini :
    1.Adat berkorban jangan sampai terkorban
    2.Adat memerintah jangan sampai diperintah
    3.Adat bergaul jangan sampai terlalu malu
    Semangat Tun akan tetap bersama saya selagi hayat dikandung badan. Ya Allah, sejahterakanlah Tun Mahathir dunia & akhirat.

  94. apogee Feb 12,2011 4:52 PM

    I am directing this comment to 11eleventh.
    You claimed to be a Singaporean. However, you show total ignorance of the Singapore system of meritocracy. You mentioned that Jayakumar is qualified to be the PM of Singapore. I know Jayakumar personally. I can tell you that he is not PM material. In the first place, Jayakumar is SM he is because LKY put him there. This goes for the Malay MPs as well. They are there because they are put there. Not because of their own merits. I remembered when a Malay opposition politician used the word “insha’Allah”. He was attacked by Wong Kun Seng and many other ministers. None of the Malay politicians dared immediately to tell WKS to shut up as there is nothing wrong in using that word. It is the same as deo volente used by the Christian. Where is the qualification of these people to be the PM?
    Your statement that the Singapore Govt runs numerous all-Chinese schools in Singapore is a complete lie. Your so called Chinese schools’ medium of instruction is English. There are Indians and Malay students in these schools. In fact, if you have a school that teaches in the Malay medium, experience proves that such schools fail to attack students and soon closed. Singapore Malays are cleaver than Malaysian Malays. They are now spending time learning Mandarin instead of wasting their time asking for special treatment. There are top Malay students. They are there on their own merits. They do not require a special and more lenient marking system.
    You alluded to China and Taiwan. I do not understand your point when you mentions that these countries “give priority to it’s Chinese residents over it’s non-Chinese residents”. Should this not be so? I do hope that Malaysia will give priority to Malaysian residents as against non-Malaysian residents. At one time, Malaysia used to give Bangladeshi priority to work in Malaysia because they are Muslim. This has now been withdrawn because the Malay girls prefer them to their husbands. What a laugh!

  95. Praxis Feb 12,2011 4:36 PM

    A fourth rate democracy his. Obama’ must be second rate, and ours first rate. I don’t know what grade Egypt’s is but their problems with voting systems seem no different from the US. So, I’ll award them a two, still higher than Harry Lee’s.

  96. peter511 Feb 12,2011 4:31 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Malaysia has no intention to attack Singapore OR Malaysia has no capability to do so today?
    These are totally 2 different things. Please make it clear

  97. Rimba Emas Feb 12,2011 4:30 PM


  98. adik adik Feb 12,2011 4:24 PM


  99. Adam Feb 12,2011 3:47 PM

    We need the crooked bridge for ship to pass through, or else we will continue to be dependent on Singapore.
    We are already kind enough with water and everything else

  100. musato Feb 12,2011 3:26 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Alhamdulillah sebab Presiden Hosni Mubarak dah letak jawatan di Mesir.Tengoklah kebaikan yang sukar dicari pada pemimpin yang ingin ditumbangkan oleh rakyat Mesir itu.Tahniah.
    Berdasarkan artikel di atas,kebanyakan kita mengagumi Tun Mahathir sebagai orang yang lantang,tetapi HARD TRUTHS mengatakan bahawa kita orang Malaysia tak menjalankan program merosakkan negara jiran.
    Kalau nak buat,setakat tengok PASKAL lakukan misi pun dah cukup dah.
    Begitu juga apabila kita mendesak kerajaan yang tersalah haluan.Usah terkesima dengan cerita ulama zaman dahulu kala yang sanggup dipenjarakan kerana memperjuangkan sesuatu yang difikirkan betul olehnya.
    Berada dipenjara bukanlah matlamatnya apabila desakan tidak berjaya.Desakan bukan dengan kekerasan untuk menghancurkan sesuatu negara.Tetapi desakan adalah kelembutan untuk membangunkan negara.
    Bagaimana nak menjalankannya apabila hukum Islam mengharamkan sesebuah kerajaan Islam digulingkan?Ia adalah sesuatu yang rumit,perlukan kesabaran dan banyakkan berserah diri pada Allah s.w.t
    Rasulullah s.a.w pernah bersabda menyuruh kita menggigit sunah baginda.Oleh itu saya turut merasakan untuk menyarankan kita juga patut menggigit cerita-cerita dan pengajaran dalam Al-Quran.
    Seperti contohnya dalam bab ini,cerita 3 pemuda yang terperangkap dalam gua.Setiap seorang menyatakan kebaikan setiap diri masing-masing sehingga pintu gua terbuka dengan sendirinya.
    Kisah ini dipadankan dengan tawasul dalam tasawuf.Tetapi jika dikupas dari sudut kenegaraan,seseorang penentang tidak perlu kepada kekerasan yang kalut dalam tujuan menggulingkan kerajaan yang tidak bertanggungjawab sehingga dipenjarakan.
    Kerana penjara bukanlah tempat tertinggi bagi seorang alim dalam mempertahankan negara.Tetapi tempatnya adalah dipenjara Allah s.w.t (seperti dicontohkan gua tersebut).
    Laksanakan tanggungjawab anda sebaik mungkin dengan patuh kepada hukum-hakam Islam.Walau tidak memihak kepada diri sendiri.Lama-kelamaan amalan yang patuh kepada Allah s.w.t akan ‘dipenjarakan’ dan akan berlakulah keajaiban seperti yang dicontohkan,pintu gua terbuka.
    Sekali imbas,penulisan sebegini kelihatan defensive,tetapi aktivitinya amatlah offensive.
    Orang kagum dengan Tun pun sebab Tun ni offensive dan HARD TRUTHSnya ialah Tun tak sangat nak mengulingkan orang lain.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  101. NOM Airbus Feb 12,2011 3:00 PM

    Salam Tun and fellow Bloggers
    LKY has nothing compare to you Tun – Statesman. LKY is just an old mandarin Orange – Outside bad looking , inside bad and sometime Sour.
    Maybe if the Singapore people live to leard the fat swiss account bank he had in Zurich then they will know.
    Another thing can we Malaysian/Thai make a channel at the upmost north at the Malaysian Thai Borders like the Suez. Then Both Thai and Malaysia will benefit the port facilities and vessel from Japan/Korea/HK/China/Russia did not have to pass a Malacca Straits where Singapore enjoys the port position due to its location.
    Singapore had nothing to offer and in fact all the water/food /rice/fish/bread and other food stuff come from Malaysia. Even the animals in the Singapore zoo does not belong to them except maybe the big old crocodile.
    I for sure would like to offer to start this idea

  102. mattradin Feb 12,2011 1:35 PM

    its “”GAME OVER” for kuan yew,
    SALAMMM SIR !!!!

  103. jat2011 Feb 12,2011 12:58 PM

    assalamualaikum tun,
    kuan yew has his own version of “history”.in my last comment in your blog “sejarah” i mentioned the history of liutenant should have been written as a “malayan version” not “singapore or malaysian version”.
    today, i will again mention history.
    the singapore version of “lim bo seng history” is that lim bo seng was a war hero:- but the hard truth is lim bo seng was a double agent working for the british and japanese during the war.he was made hero by those that “believe” he was.
    kuan yew was a hero to the chinese communities during the time when gangsters roam freely in the back alleys of singapore – he made used of the gangsters in order to detain them-that was the hard truth that the gangster learned about kuan yew.they learnt too late.he even befriended the communist; devan nair was made a president even though he got a communist background.that is a hard truth that every singaporean should remember.
    kuan yew will never stop playing with the his neighbours’ sentiment.singapore was called the “little red dot” because of his words but as usual the “little red dot” is still arrogant just like kuan yew himself.maybe he will stop being arrogant when he experience the fate of ariel sharon just like the fate of some one that he love dearly.
    may tun be in the best of health. amin.

  104. jong52yuara Feb 12,2011 12:15 PM

    The Zeitgeist Movement is not a political movement. It does not recognize nations, governments, races, religions, creeds or class. Our understandings conclude that these are false, outdated distinctions which are far from positive factors for true collective human growth and potential. Their basis is in power division and stratification, not unity and equality, which is our goal. While it is important to understand that everything in life is a natural progression, we must also acknowledge the reality that the human species has the ability to drastically slow and paralyze progress, through social structures which are out of date, dogmatic, and hence out of line with nature itself. The world you see today, full of war, corruption, elitism, pollution, poverty, epidemic disease, human rights abuses, inequality and crime is the result of this paralysis.
    This movement is about awareness, in avocation of a fluid evolutionary progress, both personal, social, technological and spiritual. It recognizes that the human species is on a natural path for unification, derived from a communal acknowledgment of fundamental and near empirical understandings of how nature works and how we as humans fit into/are a part of this universal unfolding we call life. While this path does exist, it is unfortunately hindered and not recognized by the great majority of humans, who continue to perpetuate outdated and hence degenerative modes of conduct and association. It is this intellectual irrelevancy which the Zeitgeist Movement hopes to overcome through education and social action.
    The goal is to revise our world society in accord with present day knowledge on all levels, not only creating awareness of social and technological possibilities many have been conditioned to think impossible or against “human nature”, but also to provide a means to overcome those elements in society which perpetuate these outdated systems.
    An important association, upon which many of the ideas of this movement are derived come from an organization called ” The Venus Project” directed by social engineer and industrial designer, Jacque Fresco. He has worked nearly his entire life to create the tools needed to assist a design of the world which could eventually eradicate war, poverty, crime, social stratification and corruption. His notions are not radical or complex. They do not impose a subjective interpretation in their formation. In this model, society is created as a mirror of nature, with the variables predefined, inherently.
    The movement itself is not a centralized construct.
    We are not here to lead, but to organize and educate.

  105. jolly Feb 12,2011 11:56 AM

    Hi Tun,
    Today the photo on the front page of Sin Chew Daily can be nominated for the Pulitzer prize. If won, Malaysia will be famous in no time.

  106. JB_FROM Feb 12,2011 11:48 AM

    Lee Kuan Yew is already 87 going to be 88 years old this year.
    There are things uttered by him that displease us. Like-wise it is also most likely that there are also things being said from our-side that displease them.
    What you are referring is something that was from the past.
    At present there are new dynamics in the relation-ship between our PM and their present administration. We hope that this is an improvement from previous one and will continue for the benefit of the people to both countries.
    About the water issue, I think the average people in Malaysia pays more in electricity bill, Astro, Telephone, internet, toll, compared to water. The Singaporean does not control our electrical generators. Therefore the water issue does not have a substantial effect on the majority or the average people.
    Another thing about LKY is that I used to think that he alone is the mastermind responsible for shaping Singaopore. I have learned now that it is not true. There are others in the backgound, who played a mastermining role in shaping the small country. What is wise that we should emulate from LKY is that he select the best minds,a team of people who are exceptional in terms of academic and others from the small country to run the country.
    There are a lot of books being written about LKY, this is because I think soon he will no longer be very relevant in the political landscape in Singapore due to his age.

  107. wajaperak Feb 12,2011 11:48 AM

    Ikut suka Tun..
    [[Adalah benar kata mufti Mesir supaya tidak mengulingkan Presiden Mubarak – dengan alasan yang lebih besar kesan keburukannya (masih ada yang tak bersetuju dengan pendapat mufti Mesir)]]
    Tun minta maaf..
    Chis Mufti Mesir..Apa fatwa anda berkenaan rakyat Palestin yang menderita akibat kekejaman ‘Israel Hand’??
    Anda pun subahat??
    Terima kasih Tun.

  108. wajaperak Feb 12,2011 11:33 AM

    [[But one Singapore friend told me that he shares the same opinion, but not when they grow their beard.
    Perhaps our Malay friends could enlighted us about the last sentence]]
    Ow..Mr Jolly..this can be the double edged sword.Do you know the saying of the unspoken thought of Mr Andrewtay that is..
    The only good Muslims is dead one??
    We can ‘joke’ the same about many ‘kafirian’ too.The only good kafirian is dead one..Now..
    Where will this leaves us??
    Terima kasih Tun.

  109. wajaperak Feb 12,2011 11:27 AM

    Semoga Tun mengizinkan..
    [[I’d say, don’t read too much into people’s mind but look at the facts. That Dajal company called Pfizer made billions upon billions out of a scam little pill called viagra after they apparently learnt about my private research years ago]]
    First and foremost I must salute your ‘behind the scene’ act of researchs.I would like to reminds you sir that your are not alone but yet alone.Not alone in the sense that thousands upon thousands have embarked on researchs upon research in Malaysia in all kind of attempts to ‘breaks the new horizon’ especially in AIDS.
    And alone meaning that everybody especially muslims scientist and researcher does not form a pact of brotherhood to share resources.Of course you must protect your intellect properties but where sharing is concerns I say that we must be more open and helps each other out.Imagine that Bill Gates the so called ‘kafirian’ are willing to share their ‘secret’ for a little price and yet the so called Muslim scientist is utmost reluctant to do so.
    See how lethargic if not pathetic that a ‘newcomer’ researcher have to go find all requirement of material that their ‘older’ brother have at their disposal the resources and material..
    I am saying..share’s and share’s alike.Allah will bestows us more Rahmah here. are one of the malay professional that we needs and prouds of.But as sharing is concerns maybe we should strives for more..
    Thank you.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  110. Wara Feb 12,2011 11:12 AM

    My Salam to Tun and Tun Dr Hasmah.
    Many years ago a certain PM from Malaysia went to Singapore for a meeting with lee kuan yew (does not deserve capital letters). This Malaysian PM was made to wait 10 minutes, a clear breach of protocol. Well, this Malaysian PM is not someone you fool around with, as lee kuan yew found out. When he, lee kuan yew, came to KL for a meeting, he was asked to wait 15 minutes before he was allowed in.
    Need I say who this Malaysian PM is?
    Thank you Tun.

  111. Jamal Feb 12,2011 11:00 AM

    Dear Tun,
    The title of the book should really be “Its Hard for LKY to accept the Real Truth except his own!”
    Ha Ha Ha! he never tires of trying to control the minds and souls of Singaporean with his antics…He is trying to scare Singaporeans just before he goes under. Mind you the Singapore General Election is coming and he wants to make sure PAP aka his son is comfortably in control.
    What did someone say Meritocracy? Do you call a country which has the Son as a PM, the father as the MM (his also hold the purse strings of Singapore GIC, Goverment Investment Corp which is not transparent, and the daughter in law heading Temasek Holdings, the pseudo public listed investment company (which can be used to get funds thru the stock exchange)…a country run on MERIT….than we can call Mubarak a democratically elected President of Eqypt … ha ha ha!
    Its funny…very funny…but very scary indeed.
    They say Temasek is not influenced by the Goverment policies. It is purely comercially run….What a big Sham…just so that they can hoodwink investors and get these investors to invest in Temasek.
    Hello…the Goverment SLEEPS with TEMASEK..literally.

  112. zaman Feb 12,2011 10:55 AM

    Salam Sejahtera Tun dan Keluarga.
    Tun kami salute you,you simply marvellous and outstanding demi mempertahankan kedaulatan kita.
    Kalau lah Tun lagi memimpin perkara sebegini takakan terjadi.
    Selama 22 Tahun Tun memimpin Pak Lee merasa gerun dengan Tun.
    Saya tak payah nak megupas apa yang Tun telah katakan dalam artikel ini kerana ia begitu padat dan sangat berkesan.Things speak for itself
    Lets straight to the point.
    Masaalah negara kita ada lah MASAALAH ISU KEPIMPINAN.Itu sahaja mudah.Apa bila kita menjadi pemimpin rakyaat boleh melihat dan menilai kecenderungan pemimpin.
    Salah satu perkara yang sangat mujarab adalah JADIKAN TUN SEBAGAI PEMIMPIN KITA SEMULA nescahya gejala ini akan selesai INSHAALLAH.
    Kita dapati apa bila di nasihat Tun yang juga Negarawan Negara ia tidak di hindarkan.Bak kata pepatah Melayu kalau sesat di hujung jalan balik semula ke pangkal jalan.Tetapi apabila nasihat ia tidak di hiraukan.
    Isue yang paling ketara sekali ada isu JEMBATAN BENGKOK.Di mana letak nya maruah kita hingga untuk membuat nya di tanah sendiri pun tidak tercapai.Sungguh mengaibkan.
    Sekali lagi saya ingin mengajukan,Wahai pemimpin dengar lah nasihat NEGARAWAN KITA YANG SELAMA INI BERHEMPAS PULAS MEMPERTAHANKAN NEGARA KITA. Suatu masa dahulu saya masih ingat lagi apabila Tun memberi ucapan tentang Singapura, Tun ada megatakan DENGAR! DENGAR! DENGAR!. Kepada pemimpin kita pula DENGAR!DENGAR!DENGAR!
    Tun terima kasih may ALLAH Bless You and Fanily

  113. bangsaMSIA Feb 12,2011 10:48 AM

    Yet another HARD TRUTH we have to contend with…
    Anwar Ibrahim

  114. OrangLama Feb 12,2011 9:24 AM

    Saya amat tertarik kenyataan Tun no. 16 dan 17 berikut:
    16. The PAP supporters immediately formed the DAP to fight the cause promoted by the PAP after the separation. The DAP is alive and well today in Malaysia. In fact it now rules Penang state.
    17. But the rump UMNO left in Singapore could not survive in the hostile atmosphere created by the PAP Government. For that matter no other political party has been allowed to function properly in Singapore.
    Izinkan saya memanjangkan cerita:
    1. ****Pemimpin Melayu UMNO****
    Orang Melayu dah terhakis harta pusaka di Singapura. Parti yang menjaga kepentingan Melayu di Singapura pun tak ada. Profesor Melayu kat Singapura ada berapa ratus? PAP kata hang pa Tak layakkkkk!!!
    Ketua Jabatan kaum Melayu kat Singapura ada berapa? PAP kata hang pa Tak layakkkkkk!!!!! PAP kata orang Melayu di Singapura semua jawatan tinggi Tak layakkkkkkkk!!!! Orang kedah kata pula kata orang Melayu Singapura lembikkkkkkk!!!!!, tak dak “*****”.Bukan anak jantan.
    Hak peribumi yang ada kat KTM di Singapura pula pun dah nak dilepaskan oleh pemimpin Melayu Malaysia yang diamanahkan. PAP telah berjaya memecahkan perpaduan orang Melayu di Malaysia sekarang ini. Jambatan kasih iaitu Jambatan Bengkok JB-Singapura pun pemimpin2 UMNO yang ada sekarang pun ramai tak minat dan tak ada kasihan kepada nelayan dan penduduk tempat depa seniri. Nak harap beberapa Ketua Bahagian UMNO di Johor pun tak boleh harap sebab depa dah jadi 1Malaysia. Kalau pemimpin UMNO rasa dia bukan pemimpin Melayu cepat2 lah bungkus pakaian dalam beg plastik naik kalpal DAP. Atau pun sukarela menawarkan diri bertanding di kawasan majoriti bukan Melayu, kalau rasa diri tu hebat sangat. Pemimpin Melayu Malaysia pun dah hilang belas kasihann kat saudara seagama dan sebangsa di Singapura. Apatah lagi di Thailand dan Filipina? Orang melayu kat Tanjong Tokong pun depa tak kasihan. Tak kena cara nanti hang pa pula jadi tok-kong. Dato Najib kalau nak pilih ketua orang Melayu mesti pastikan dikalangan bersungguh2 nak majukan orang Melayu. Kalau yang rasa depa tu hebat seprti akauntan bertauliah, CEO itu dan CEO ini dlam korporat itu dan koporat ini dan sebagainya suruhlah depa buka syrikat sendiri tanpa bantuan kerajaan.
    Juga mana2 orang Melayu yang rasa diri hebat, jangan tandakan taraf “melayu” dalam mana2 borang yang memberi keutamaan kepada bumiputera. Orang PAS dan PKR ramai tak mengaku diri depa Melayu, bolehlah buat lepaskan status Melayu kamu itu dan bagi peluang lebihan kepada Melayu lain.
    2.****Harta Pusaka PAP di Malaysia******
    Kasihan orang Melayu kat Singapura. Berbeza pula di Malaysia. DAP adalah “legacy” peninggalan harta pusaka Lee Kuan Yew khusus untuk penyokongnya di Malaysia. DAP berjaya mendapat banyak kerusi atas jasa baik sokongan padu tanpa berbelah bagi daripada pemimpin Melayu Pakatan Rakyat yang diterajui oleh PAS dan PKR. Pemimpin PKR dan PAS lansung tiada perasaan sedih berjuang bersama2 DAP/PAP , mengkianati peribumi mempertahankan “legacy” PAP di Malaysia. Depa mendewa2kan kepimpinan Tok Guru Lee Kuan Yew.
    Orang Melayu fikirlah betul-betul adakah kita sanggup membenarkan PAS dan PKR bersengkongkol dengan DAP menjadikan Malaysia sebuah negara seperti Singapura?

  115. jolly Feb 12,2011 9:22 AM

    Hi Tun,
    To those who always like to regard Singapore as being chinese racist, they need to take the following fact into account.
    On all the Singapore dollar notes distributed around the globe is the head of the first President of Singapore, President Yusof bin Ishak.
    A racist country will never do such a thing.
    They even have the “..regardless of race, language or religion..” in their Pledge (something like the Rukun Negara in Malaysia), which must be recited by every person in school gathering and public functions. Looks like they are not racist at all.

  116. HBT Feb 12,2011 5:19 AM

    Good morning Ayahanda Tun,
    May I….comment comment By TuaCheng on February 10, 2011 4:14 PM….So far the Hard Truths was, Singapore managed to get above Middle-class economy trap and raised to become developed nation is 40years. We have upstart of 13year ahead but end-up still behind. Could you handle the real truth, that Penang will be greater than KL.
    Dear TuaCheng,
    A. After 13 years, you dumped MCA and Gerakan, are you 100% sure that Penang will be greater than KL when you have a choice to dump DAP just like MCA and Gerakan, or is it you are Day Dreaming 2020 and Hallucinating 2020 of ekompute’s culture shock, sekejap saja?
    B. MM Lee Kuan Yew himself admitted that the outlook of Singapore is not real, it is an illusion that may not last long.
    C. MM Lee even thinks PAP will fail one day, and you think DAP will not fail one day?
    D. Is Singaporeans as patriotic with Chinese in China?
    E. The Chinese in China is willing to die for the country, are you willing to die for this country as Chinese?
    F. If you can’t, DAP will be voted out one day, and that’s hard truth for you and Lim Guan Eng to swallow.
    G. The hard truth about Chinese civilization is, similar to those of Islamic civilization, that the utmost and most difficult tasks to maintain its civilization within 3 generations is we are not trained and willing to sacrifice our part without asking for any benefits.
    H. If we can’t sacrifice for the country, then there is no way DAP can lead Penang forever.
    I. There is a Chinese saying that says, ” The length of the road will determine the strength of the horse”, have you heard of that?
    J. Practice drilling first, then decides what you want as Malaysian.
    K. By jive (vegetarian) talking will not make you more Malaysia Malaysian just because DAP said so.
    L. What is Uncle Lim’s response to Tun Dr MM’s answer on Opps Lalang?
    Good day Ayahanda Tun. Now, DAP Tony Pua will need to provide solid facts to MACC on how he assumed that the budget for the navy ships are over-priced as claimed in his blog.

  117. hang nadim 2020 Feb 12,2011 4:15 AM

    Dear Tun
    If I may, I would also want to say about the ‘hard truth’ that we must accept as Malaysian;
    If, let say Malaysia were to wage war against the Singaporean. Economically, it will hurt us more than them, each of their Singaporean Dollar will buy more bullets than our Malaysian Ringgit. It’ not a big secret, Singapore is the 17th country in the world Army Expenditures.

  118. helmykl Feb 12,2011 2:57 AM

    The hard truth now is that Malaysia has very weak leaders eversince Abdullah Badawi became PM. Najib follows Abdullah’s weak behavior in governing Malaysia. His 1Malaysia has no followers. People are confused on what are the actual ideals of this concept. It is not 1 language, not 1 school, not 1 anything. It seems anything goes. Najib speaks English in most government functions especially when his audience are non Malay Malaysians while abolishing English for science and math in schools. Najib is a lousy leader and must be replaced quickly by Muhyidin before the damage is done which may be irreversible like what Abdullah did to the country. Abdullah Badawi should be charged for treason and crimes against tanah melayu.

  119. 11eleventh Feb 12,2011 2:29 AM

    Dear Bapak,
    I’,m a Singaporean malay.I call you bapak. Always do. Always will.
    LKY purportedly runs Singapore on meritocracy. Yet, time and time again he says ( he says…not ALL SINGAPOREANS SAY ) Singapore is not ready for a non- Chinese PM. He sings that meritocracy gives everybody equal opportunity, yet no matter how qualified you are, you can never be PM if you are brown / black. Factually, he said this to reason out why Prof Jayakumar was not given the post despite being qualified.
    It shudders me over the thought that if Tunku Abdul Rahman had given him the entire MALAYA to rule, he would eventually say the same thing…that is MALAYA is not ready for a non – Chinese PM !
    Next, he regretfully said that Singaporean Malay-muslims fail to integrate fully with the rest of the society. But integration is a two way process. The Singapore Govt runs numerous all-Chinese schools in Singapore. In such schools, no non- chinese are allowed to enrol. If you have all whites school in the US, people will cry racism. In Singapore, it is called meritocracy.
    In Singapore, the media consistently projects an image of a Racist Malaysia basically because Malaysia gives priority to it’s Malay population. But come to think about it, which country wouldn’t do the same ? Wouldn’t Taiwan or China too give priority to it’s chinese residents over it’s non-chinese residents ?
    If a Chinese cannot become a PM in Malaysia, it is called RACISM. If a Indian / Malay cannot become a PM in Singapore, it is called MERITOCRACY.

  120. ekompute Feb 12,2011 1:34 AM

    Hi SuppressedSingaporean, glad you have high respect for Malaysia. How about trading place for one year and tell me after that whether you still think the same, LOL.

  121. maae Feb 12,2011 12:28 AM

    Salam Tun,
    1.Orang meroyan ni nampak bayang-bayang sendiri dalam ketakutan.Sebenar nya hati yang sakit sebab terlalu egoistik dan tiada orang konon nya serupa dan sehebat dia.
    2.Jiran yang baik sentiasa mengambil berat.Tapi jiran kita yang ini hidup dalam kesunyian,dalam rumah kaca nya tersendiri.
    3.Lawat blog
    Cerita dia menarik juga.
    4.Harap Tun jangan lupa anak didik nya kat utagha sana…Tun mampu merubah keadaan sebelum suhu rakyat yang di aniaya naik mendadak… Taku-takut buruk padah nya.Ini Negara Malaysia.Tanah tumpah darah orang-orang melayu.Kita tidak rasis,tapi sudah kerap di api-apikan.
    Saya dah baca Dumping the fallacies LKY created…

  122. joehenry Feb 11,2011 11:36 PM

    Tun, Tunku had been wary of Lee Kuan Yew

  123. bobizoma Feb 11,2011 11:23 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Well said Sant2728!

  124. jolly Feb 11,2011 11:10 PM

    Hi Tun,
    Though off topic a bit, but I just could not understand, so I write, regarding the ISA incident two decades ago.
    What was the big problem there, having teachers not knowing the mother tongue of the students, to teach in the vernacular schools? I find it perfect alright. The language skills of the students may even improve due to the use of only one language in teaching the language.
    Secondly, why the police has so much power, even people’s elected representatives can be apprehended. It totally doesn’t make sense at all. People elected them to represent their voice. By detaining them under ISA, it will definitely leave a deep cut in the people’s heart.
    Does it mean that the police, which is not elected by the people, has more power over the people’s representatives? Then, Malaysia is a police state and not a democracy anymore, if that is the case.
    ISA gives a newly formed country some time to formulate its laws.
    With the passing of time, all the laws should have been enacted to cater to almost all the situations.
    And there must be a time to let go the ISA.
    Otherwise, it will one day come back and bite the people who once supported it.
    Tun, if it is unlawful to even discuss about this topic (something like, it is unlawful to discuss abt the death penalty in Singapore – strange country), then please ignore my this posting. Thanks Tun.

  125. Peiseh Feb 11,2011 10:52 PM

    Salam bahagia Tun,
    The other hard truth is that we are living in denial. We are denying that there is any issue at all with the citizen of Malaysia.
    Almost daily political inclined tv media played its propagandas and inciting racial disharmony by “berlaga-lagakan kaum” with trivial issues, and by reporting half of the story. The tv reporting was made worse with edited words that are “keras” even for the smallest issue.
    I am amazed that the editor and producers of the main tv news can so profoundly presenting a biased view of the situation and yet was not reprimanded. It is so one glaring that the media is citing a political party, so much so that it disgusting. On one hand, we need to be 1Malaysia. On the other hand, government arms are aligning the rakyat towards a racial collision course.
    Sudah-lah. Like LKY, the present government constantly warn its people of the danger of loosing their foot hold and privileges if they do not maintain this government. Political agendas were designed to put in fear in ordinary folks just like LKY doing for his fellow countrymen.
    So, afterall we are all alike..same motive, same agenda, but different parties and race.
    1Malaysia telah wujud semenjak sebelum Merdeka lagi. Siapakah yang memecah-belahkan kita?
    Salam bahagia Tun.

  126. parameswara 2 Feb 11,2011 10:22 PM

    Dearest Tun
    1-Actually Tun what you have achieved for Malaysia within your 22 years is much greater than what LKY has also achieved in his entire career.Singapore was already a world class city even during the time of the British that the Tunku had called Singapore the New York of Malaya a nation with the third highest GDP in East Asia.
    2-Malaya after independence had an income per capita of only USD200 the same level as Ghana and were regarded as one of the low income agricultural nation.Although we had rubber and tin they were mainly owned by the British conglomerates.
    3-Our economy was capital based and dependent on raw materials where the margin of return is very to very very low in the case should the US dump their tin and rubber stockpile.But Tun succeeded to transform this economy singlehandedly from agriculture to manufacturing based during his 22 years of administration and that is surely an awesome and great feat.
    4-Singapore on the other hand was very dependent on a fee based Port services and trading wholesale,retail economy where the margin is huge.The majority of their people are the Chinese people who are already a good trading race whose forte is exploiting opportunities to make more money with or without LKY.To invite FDIs into Singapore was a breeze for them due to their already good infrastructure esp a world class port facilities.
    5-Tun have got to think of addressing the majority race of Malaysia that is generally economically backwards since the time of European colonization in 1511.Our infras like the NS highway etc need to be built first.Yet inspite of this immense challenge Tun succeeded to make Malaysia stand as proud as Singapore.Trust me Tun had a tougher job than LKY.
    6-But LKY is also great to be able to achieve a few firsts in the World for Singapore but he is blessed with a less headache demographic problem.But Malaysia must thank LKY for the pressure he gave to our Govt that left us no choice but to succeed too in whatever that we do.I am sure Tun would agree to this too.Malaysia would not have arrived to our level today had it not been for the Singapore factor.
    7-Tommorow (12th Feb)is the birthday of the man who had been courageous enough to bring back Tun Mahathir into power after he had been sacked from UMNO.Allahyarham Tun Hussein Onn had shown that Malaysia has always had sincere leaders who are not power crazy but will only do whatever is right.May Allah bless his soul and forgive him for all his errors.Ameen.
    Thanks Tun

  127. ekompute Feb 11,2011 8:28 PM

    QUOTE: “All this while Malaysia had been supplying raw water at 3 sen per thousand gallons. Even to Melaka, Johore is paid 30 cent per thousand gallons. Negotiations to raised the price of water failed repeatedly. The first agreement will end this year. We will continue to supply raw water at 3 sen per thousand gallons until 2061 under the second agreement. Yes, we buy treated water at a subsidised price of 50 cent per thousand gallons. We are willing to forego the supply and treat our water ourselves.”
    All businessmen will agree that an agreement is an agreement and one has to abide by it, whether it is advantageous to do so or otherwise. Had it been otherwise, what is an agreement for? To comply when it suits our purpose and to ignore when it doesn’t? And if we end up in a court where the judge is not a Malaysian, guess who is going to lose?
    Words have power, more so the choice of words used. Tun says: “Negotiations to raise the price of water failed repeatedly.” This sentence seems to suggest that the unreasonable party is the other party. But is it really true? On what basis can a previously agreed-upon term be renegotiated? Can a landlord set aside a tenancy agreement and unilaterally increase his rental when real estate prices suddenly shoot up? Or can a supplier increase his price under a long-term supply agreement when demand exceed supply?
    Melaka, as we all know, is a sister state of Johor, and trying to cite it as a basis to renegotiate an existing agreement with a non-sister state is akin to a supplier telling you that his grandmother is now paying him 10 times more than what you are paying him. And what does it matter if his brother is paying him 100 times more? Isn’t that laughable and downright childish? And given that both Melaka and Johor are receiving arbitrarily funds allocation from the federal government, isn’t it a case of left pocket into right pocket such that if the left pocket is empty, the federal government will increase its allocation to the left pocket by taking it from the right?
    Now supposing we are a country that do not honor our agreements. In other words, words coming out of our mouth are nothing more than wind coming out from the other orifice. al-Din says: “Malaysia is game and has been a blessing to them – a confused neighbour, poor in arithmetic [sic] …” Aptly said!
    First of all, the raw water supplied to Singapore was never 3 sen per thousand gallons. It never has been! It is 3 sen plus the amount subsidized by Singapore on treated water. I don’t know how much the subsidy is but SAJ is charging RM2.96 per cubic meter for all usage in excess of 35 cubic meter, whether for commercial or domestic use. One UK gallon is 0.004546 cubic meter (or 1 cubic meter is 210 gallons), so SAJ is charging us 1.41 sen per gallon or RM14.10 per thousand gallon for usage in excess of 35 cubic meter.
    How much does SAJ earns? Well, we obviously have to factor in the cost of water distribution and management overheads. I don

  128. Halim Feb 11,2011 7:04 PM

    Dear Lovely Tun,
    I wonder about the truth what i read in the intenet.
    Because of that,i want to ask you,it is true malayan have a great history that hidden in the British government library in London.According to what i read,that malaysia government under Tun had tried to ask permission to be allowed to enter the library, but only one allowed to enter, and without any entry of goods.Is it true??

  129. Justin Feb 11,2011 6:34 PM

    I refer to the point written below.
    We are sensitive to the sensitivities of the people.
    Tun,is this relevant at this point of time?
    Remember some years back,one Singapore political leader poked the Singapore Indians by saying,Serangoon road is dark even in day time, was received heavy bomb shell from both sides of the causeway.
    We were very sensitive by then,but the latest events speaks other wise.
    What balik pulau has to do with this elements?
    Creating unnecessary tension,splitting the races,provoking one another!
    this is happening in this beautiful country?
    In the name of NGO a learned MP taking one sector of people to his side for his political purpose,certain printing medias campaigning for their races by provoking each other and some news portals attacking the government blindly….
    tell me,are we sensitive,to the sensitivities of the people?

  130. Redhuan D. Oon Feb 11,2011 6:00 PM

    There is this one word that you have not learned when it comes to Singapore as it is a Hokkien word. That word is Kiasu. Which in Hokkien means “Afraid to Lose”. So Tun, please understand. You stay in a peninsula with a large part of gigantic island to the east. They only have a very small island with even smaller rocks.
    Redhuan D. Oon

  131. Justin Feb 11,2011 5:45 PM

    May be LKY,is referring to Abdullah Ahmad,the former minister and the one time ISA detainee,who publicly said in a forum in Singapore that Indonesia and Malaysia may invade Singapore if situation warrants.Apparently there was no reaction from Malaysian side by then instead he was defended when he was criticized by the asian media…some truths…some where!

  132. hushio san Feb 11,2011 5:32 PM

    You’re saying the TRUTH Tun, tnx.

  133. jalil7 Feb 11,2011 5:17 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Extracted from Tun’s writings above….

    The United Nations would not help Singapore in the event of such an attack.

    3. Even America would not defend Singapore despite the Security Framework Agreement. America went to the aid of Kuwait because of oil, but Singapore’s problem is water.

    Even he (LKY) knows war is very expensive and best avoided at all cost. But he does not want to say such things, it will make people complacent and thus less competitive. The sand lorries may slow down.
    Thank You Tun.

  134. Shahisma159 Feb 11,2011 4:06 PM

    Salam Tun,
    So much have been said not little have been done. I think the govt should stop being nice to the Spore govt. Impose taxes where appropriate, charge each vehicle from Spore entering M’sia with very very high duty, etc. Create jobs for thousand of m’sians that work in spore. Stop allowing Sporean buying property in Malaysia. Kick them out of Iskandar Malaysia.
    Ban the media from promoting Spore as a tourism destination,etc, etc. Actual fact, Spore is more dependent on us than we on them. Why are we not resorting to this ? Simple because, we are being stupidly nice !! Hope DS Najib is reading this – there is no Singapore in 1Malaysia !! Singa Porah !!

  135. priss01 Feb 11,2011 2:26 PM

    ’11. All this while Malaysia had been supplying raw water at 3 sen per thousand gallons. Even to Melaka, Johore is paid 30 cent per thousand gallons. Negotiations to raised the price of water failed repeatedly. The first agreement will end this year. We will continue to supply raw water at 3 sen per thousand gallons until 2061 under the second agreement.’
    Tell me who agreed to this.
    Which PM sign this contract.
    Which party support this agreement. BN or PR

  136. asmadayana Feb 11,2011 12:08 PM

    assalamualaikum tun.
    may Allah bless u.
    about the second agreement of water.. why it will continue till 2061? why not this case be carried out to the international court? or is it no other solution for this problem. we should not be so generous especially to those who are never expect us as neighbour!
    50 years to go.what a long time!
    thanks tun!

  137. mazlan Feb 11,2011 11:57 AM

    Sejarah yang sebenar adalah berdasarkan firman ALLAH dalam AL-Quran. Tiada ahli sejarah orientalis yang akan menceritakan kisah sebenar kehidupan manusia. Mereka akan memesongkan cerita untuk kepentingan mereka, ini tidaklah menghairankan kerana mereka juga memesongkan agama mereka. Mereka ini bukanlah orang yang benar dan seharusnya kita sebagai umat ISLAM tidak mempercayai mereka. Sejarah Tanah Melayu juga mereka pesongkan untuk meruntuhkan jati diri MELAYU kerana MELAYU itu ISLAM. Bukan MELAYU jika seseorang itu tidak BERAGAMA ISLAM. Inilah MELAYU satu kelompok MANUSIA AGONG YANG DIBANGSAKAN SEBAGAI MELAYU. Keagongan ini lahir kerana ISLAM, tanpa ISLAM TAK WUJUD MELAYU. Inilah maksud Hang Tuah ‘TAK MELAYU HILANG DI DUNIA’.
    Sebagai pewaris NEGARA tercinta ini kita BANGSA MELAYU hendaklah mempertahankan ISLAM daripada ancaman orientalis yang sentiasa cuba merosakkan kesucian AGAMA. Mereka akan menggunakan berbagai kaedah dan strategi untuk mencapai objektif ini. Akan ada pada setiap ketika pengkhianat yang akan bersekongkol dengan mereka ini. Mereka inilah yang dikatakan sebagai puak-puak munafik. Puak-puak munafik ini biasanya lunak berkata-kata dan sentiasa menonjolkan diri sebagai orang yang baik dan berilmu tetapi hati mereka sekejam serigala dan zahir tindak tanduk sebagai munafik. Perhatikanlah tanda-tandanya agar kita semua tidak tertipu.
    Lanun dan aktiviti haram yang lain seperti kongsi gelap dan kumpulan mafia telah wujud sejak sekian lama dan masih aktif hingga kini. Pada peringkat permulaan kewujudan ini adalah atas desakan ekonomi dan sosial politik. Di Tanah Melayu aktiviti lanun boleh dikatakan telah berjaya dihapuskan kerana peningkatan ekonomi dan sosial penduduk. ISLAM memainkan peranan penting kerana kebanyakan lanun ini adalah Melayu, namum kegiatan kongsi gelap yang kebanyakan ahlinya adalah Cina masih wujud hingga kini. Mereka bergerak secara sistematik sekarang. Banyak persatuan dan perniagaan ditubuhkan untuk melindungi aktiviti ini. Kongsi gelap ini melahirkan ramai peniaga dan pemimpin kaum Cina. Cara pentadbiran dan pengurusan kongsi gelap masih diguna pakai dalam organisasi ini dan terbukti mampu mengwujudkan organisasi yang kuat dan berjaya.
    Lee Kuan Yew seorang yang pandai dan beliau telah mengguna pakai sistem pentadbiran kongsi gelap ini dalam pentadbiran Singapura. Singapura dalam erti kata yang lain adalah satu organisasi kongsi gelap yang paling teratur dan berjaya di dunia. Sistem pemerintahannya begitu unik, bukan demokrasi atau komunis tetapi keduanya. Inilah formula kejayaan Lee Kuan Yew yang masih diteruskan oleh pemimpin yang ada pada hari ini. Pertimbangan kemanusian amat sedikit dalam urusan mereka, yang penting kewangan dan kelangsungan kehidupan mereka. Strateginya mudah iaitu menyerang sebelum diserang. Jadikan pihak lawan sibuk mempertahankan diri seolah-olah peperangan akan berlaku bila-bila masa. Mereka cuma menghantar biduk-biduk untuk menghura-harakan keadaan pihak lawan sedangkan panglima dan hulubalang sibuk bekerja mencapai objektif mereka. Kesetiaan adalah aset utama mereka. Inilah yang kurang dimiliki oleh Malaysia. Tidak ramai warganegara ini sanggup berkorban untuk NEGARANYA.

  138. Bingo Feb 11,2011 11:00 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Its remind of 1960’s when Singapore still part of Malaysia. Quite frequently you were at each other throats with LKY in parliament. If i am not mistaken, you was disgusted with his attitude over his self promotion in the debate. To show how good he is, while treated other MP’s as not important, it was an act of blatant arrogance. Luckily, UMNO/Perikatan have you to interject him whenever he is going to make his speech or debate.
    Malaysia was lucky to have you as PM when LKY still being PM of Singapore, consequently your disagreement extended to another level. When Malaysia need most a “kiasu” PM to fend-off a “kiasu” neighboring country. This is what you have done, even until now.
    Thank you Tun, me and fellow citizen indebted to you.

  139. lextcs Feb 11,2011 10:31 AM

    its the island mentality…kiasu so they themselves term it…dont be overly bothered about their impending breakdowns…the two casinos will take care of them eventually…social breakdowns etc are beginning to surface more evidently now.

  140. apogee Feb 11,2011 10:07 AM

    I am directing this comment to Azlan95. It is pointless for Malaysia to impose additional taxes on its export. Every country is trying to keep its export cheap. That is why USA is trying to get China to let China’s currency to rise and China is resisting.
    Singapore need not buy Malaysia’s vegetables. She can buy them from many other countries like Indonesia, Thailand and Australia. If Singapore stop buying vegetables from Malaysia, Malaysian farmers will suffer. As it is now, Singapore do not buy its chicken and eggs from Malaysia. Who losses? When Malaysia is not in a strong bargaining position, it is pointless to talk big.

  141. 6 Jahanam Feb 11,2011 9:37 AM

    Tun,ellobtartes his opinion correctly.
    You describe LKY, PRECISELY.
    All in all, HARD TRUTH remind me of the fairy tales about a dog who thought that every dog he saw was his enemy without realising that it is his own image. It worries the others will try to snatch the bone from him just like he had done to others.
    But who can blame “THE DOG”?, he really work hard to make sure that everybody think the bone belong to him alone.
    I think of getting LKY in Bollywood movie.
    Let me talk to Shah Rukkhan first.
    Or get Lat,s to draw,make a Lats, book,
    LKY.A Dog and it,s image.

  142. apogee Feb 11,2011 8:57 AM

    Dear Dr Mahathir
    Please do all of us a favour while you are still able to. Write a book about the relationship between Malaysia and Singapore and the leaders of the 2 country while you were PM.
    It is unfortunate that the Tengku, Tun Razak and Tun Ismail passed on without writing any book on their dealings with Lee Kuan Yew. We have only Lee Kuan Yew’s version. Lee is just fortuitous that he outlived them and so many other protagonists. Therefore, there is no one to contradict him. For example, it was only at the funeral of Goh Keng Swee that he disclosed it was GKS who mooted and arranged for Singapore’s departure from Malaysia. Can a Minister of Finance alone take Singapore out of Malaysia? Alas, GKS is not around to agree or disagree. Before then, the official Singapore’s stand was that she was booted out.

  143. HBT Feb 11,2011 8:52 AM

    Ayahanda Tun,
    By al-Din on February 10, 2011 2:58 PM
    The hard truths:
    …6. Unlike Hong Kong it will regain its Chineseness with time since the mainland took over the former British colony.
    A. Yes, he is right on surface only but Singapore is lead by government from all races.
    B. Currently, Hongkong people have no other economic choice to survive except moving back to her mama’s arm, mainland China, due to their weak English, arrogance and ignorance of the past and depreciation value of HK$ peg to US$ since US Federal Reserve has opted Quantitative Measure in printing US$ to revive the US economy.
    C. Sir Run Run Shaw has sold his shares in TVBI to Taiwanese billionaire, and this means that Hongkongers at the moment are not ready to be controlled economically by Central Communist Government (CCG).
    D. Will Hongkongers willingly to be controlled by CCG politically and economically, it will depend on the performance of the current and future chosen Premier, Vice Premier and Presidents of China and ROC, Taiwan.
    E. In Malaysia, the story is different because of multi-ethnic society.
    F. Because of arrogant and ignorant style of Umno without respecting democracy and constituents, Pkr is formed and is governing Selangor State.
    G. Because of arrogant and ignorant style of MCA and Gerakan without respecting democracy and constituents, Dap is governing Penang State.
    H. Because of arrogant and ignorant style of Umno without understanding the Kedahan woes, Pas is now governing Kedah State.
    I. Because of the issue of ‘katak lompat’ mentality due to monetary reward, Umno won over Pas to govern Perak State without proper democracy and constituents.
    J. Confidence crisis requires longer time to heal with good/acceptable strategies to regain people confidence as long as the MPs are sincere, committed, humility, know what the people want and able to relate to constituents.
    K. Look at Egypt, due to poverty, corruptions and high unemployment rate, Egyptians have no choice and gathered at Tahril Square to tell the President to step down now.
    L. The Dog with famous attitude of loyalty and friendliness from OSMAD can be anyone.
    N. As Muslim, it is rather amusing to read his comment by labeling normal competitor as dog just because the dog works hard and loyal to get his fair bid and pie.
    O. Nevertheless, In Malaysia, Islam teachings is under JAKIM and State Rulers.
    P. If people find that they cannot adapt rigid Islamic states, they will not invest in these states due to basic human rights and freedom.
    Q. Which coalition will win GE13, they can only work hard for it.
    R. Pas will remains as Pas and Dap will remains as Dap.
    S. There will be no forming of Pakatan Rakyat in Malaysia due to flip flop and weak Pkr, Pkr was formed due to frustration, dissatisfaction and inequality within Umno.
    T. When it comes to a equilibrium point, HK$ will peg with Yuan/Reminbi because Hongkongers are Chinese originated from mainland China to stabilize its property and financial markets since Hongkong is uder the sovereign of mainland China.
    U. Singapore was granted independence by Tunku Abdul Rahman as a republic country due to different ideology and policies in governing.
    V. As Malaysians, we should accept Singapore as a country and Umno has no intention of invading Singapore by force or military aggression because of 5 Rukun Prinsip.
    W. Whatever is it, Singapore under PAP until today still maintain and respect her Istana though it was colonized by British and governed by Chinese as Commonwealth Region as an independent country.
    X. Malaysia is formed from alliance of political parties with Istana Negara and no political parties can changed this structure including Umno.
    Y. MM Lee just said what he thinks as hard truths, and from his quote, he will remember what his enemy had said against Singapore and that’s the hard truth to keep Singapore Going as Singaporean.
    Good day Ayahanda Tun.

  144. L_J Feb 11,2011 8:07 AM

    Pada permukaan, apa yang dikatakan oleh Tun tampak munasabah dan sah, tetapi jika kita kaji lebih dalam apa yang dikatakan oleh LKY, saya rasa ada satu dua perkara relevan yang tidak disentuh oleh Tun dalam hal ini.
    Yang pertama, kita tidak patut lupakan bahawa tentera Indonesia ala Sukarno telah meyerang Semenanjung dan Singapura pada waktu Konfrantasi dan jikalau negeri2 tersebut tidak dipertahankan oleh askar2 ANZUK, tidak mustahil Sukarno boleh jadi pemenang dalam pertempuran itu. Iktibar yang didapati oleh LKY daripada peristiwa itu ialah Singapura (dan juga Malaysia) mesti berkemampuan untuk mempertahankan diri sendiri dengan tidak mengharap pertolongan dari sesiapa pun. Bukan kah itu tugas murni dan pertama sesebuah pemerintah?
    Berkenaan Malaysia vis-Ă -vis Singapura, seorang pemimpin berwiba sebuah pulau-kotaraya yg kekurangan sumber2 semulajadi & manusia seperti Singapura, memandangkan sejarah perhubungan antara dua2 negara itu (yg dipenuhi oleh demonstrasi2 anti-Singapura oleh UMNO dari 1965 sampai sekarang dan perkataan2 yg berpotensi mencetus merusuhan yang lebih teruk yang mengeluar dari ahli2 UMNO dalam masa yg sama) sewajarnya mengambil tindak2 untuk mempertahankan diri sendiri dengan apa cara pun. Termasuk menanamkan kedalam rakyat negara itu suatu kesedaran ketakutan negara2 jiran.
    Pada pendapat saya, Tun, dalam keadaan tersebut, tindak-tinduk dan perkataan LKY memang wajar sampai de riguer.
    Berkenaan kisah air, Tun sungguh tahu bahawa perkara itu tertakluk kepada persetujuan antarabangsa dan undang2 antarabangsa dan bukan kemurahan hati Malaysia.
    Walaupun begitu, saya sebagai warga negara Malaysia amat bangga mengetahui bahawa Tun, bila PM, tidak ada apa2 niat jahat terhadap Singapura, sebuah jiran yg begitu kecil.

  145. ekompute Feb 11,2011 1:45 AM

    QUOTE: “Singapore had been taking large quantities of sand from the sea-bed east of Johore and also in the Strait of Malacca. As a result the coast has been eroded in places… Additionally the reclamation in the Tebrau Strait was affecting the deep water shipping lane for ships to and from Pasir Gudang Port. The only problem solved was the unilateral decision of Malaysia to give up the naval base in Woodlands after Singapore kept raising the lease payments. Malaysia did not ask for even a single cent as compensation for the facilities it has installed at the base.”
    I am ignorant about international laws. But if taking sand from the sea-bed of Johor and the Strait of Malacca is wrong, why didn’t we stop them? Did Malaysia send a “stop-work” protest note to Singapore or seek help from the International Tribunal… stuffs like that?
    As regards the Tebrau Strait, I personally feel that the incident could have been turned to advantage for Malaysia. But we were so engrossed in making life difficult for Singapore that we apparently lost that opportunity. Had we requested Singapore to dredge the Strait for us, I guess it would have been mutually beneficial. They get the sand and we get a deeper shipping lane for ships to and from Pasir Gudang Port. As it is, the Tebrau Strait seems to me to be silting. In the past, we could even swim along the waterfront but now, it is mud for a hundred feet or so from the shore.
    Also in the past, buildings were not allowed along the Tebrau Strait’s waterfront because of what was claimed to be adverse environmental impact on the Strait, but now with the Iskandar Malaysia project, we will not only have only a few buildings, we will have an entire city, the waterfront city of Danga Bay, along the seafront. This makes me utterly confused… one day say one thing! Is it any wonder then that I don’t trust ’em anymore.
    Tun says, “Malaysia did not ask for even a single cent as compensation for the facilities it has installed at the base.” Well, if compensation is indeed due, our leaders ought to be shot. In a democracy, the government is merely the trustee of the people. They are not monarchs. And they can’t simply do things according to their whims and fancies. A democratically-elected leader should be answerable to the people, not like AAB trying to hide the Limbang ‘settlement’ from the people as if Limbang belongs to his great-grandfather. If compensation is due, the government’s duty is to pursue it, period. It does seem that the government had been remiss in carrying out its responsibilities, period.

  146. SuppressedSingaporean Feb 10,2011 11:11 PM

    Dr Mahathir Mohamad, I am a pure Singaporean Chinese. I respect you and your enlightening comments. However, understand that not all Singaporeans think our neighbours are unfriendly. Singaporeans like me, I have good nice friends from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam etc… I think peace is the way to go for total progress, not just as a nation, but as a whole continent together…
    The other thing I would like to say is that Singapore PAP controls the media, which means to some extent, Singaporeans were brainwashed… including when Singaporeans go to serve NS, the government engage people to talk about why PAP do this, what is the real reason behind these things, and all the propaganda. So if Singaporeans think in a certain way, it is possible because of the media and the brainwashing…
    Singaporeans are suppressed by PAP in certain ways, think about Dr Chee who have been fighting for our causes for so many years, he was jailed and made to suffer simply because he oppose PAP. I do not need anybody to tell me that democracy is a sham when oppositions are constantly under threat and jailed.
    Although I think PAP did a decent job at the progress of Singapore as a whole, but I still dislike how they control the thinking of its people, through its media and other channels of propaganda, and even worse when they jail oppositions and prevent freedom of speech.
    Thanks for your hard truths! Some of the things mentioned, was never told to us EVER. PAP only allow Singaporeans to hear mostly what’s good about them. Sometimes, I wonder as a Singaporean, I should be happy or sad about being one.

  147. 6 Jahanam Feb 10,2011 11:08 PM


  148. Peiseh Feb 10,2011 11:00 PM

    Salam bahagia Tun.
    In a country where it does not have natural resources and is solely dependent on human resources, I could understand why LKY need to instill some fear into the state’s people. Human by nature is either driver or pushed to perform their best. Lacking in the continuation to make aware that they need to exile in all forms of living, Singapore can just collapse overnight and its government perhaps pro-temp-ly taken over by Malaysia or the UN.
    Governing a country with natural and human resources is liking to managing a manufacturing plant. You need to see to your raw materials’ inventories, and you need to ensure you have enough working laborers to work your machines. Raw materials, you can control by buying more or less. Human resources’ productivities too can be control with constant training and appreciation.
    We have both, but was not well managed. We spent much future monies to subsidise for poor output.
    We take empathized too much with certain laborers. So much so that every mistake done and every excuses for not performing well are taken in whole heartily without a hint of punishment or reprimands. And instead cautioning them, we allow these laborers to take an extra day off. Thus, the output of the plant for the day is lowly desirable even to make a break-even level.
    When the fund runs dry, we borrow future monies from our customers. We skimped on raw materials. We make the handful of hard working laborers perform more overtime to compensate the rest who did not turn up. When it comes to rewards, they are not duly rewarded and was told to leave if they can’t leave with it, but the poor performing laborers were maintained and encouraged with lots of goodies and perks. Hoping that they will turn around and work hard for the plant.
    Singapore on the other hand, does not manufacture. It relied on its human capital to earn a living. With good sales strategies, and brain capital, it sells such expertise to the world, and in return earned a living from it. As the head, he need to constantly remind and train his staffs to constantly improve themselves and not slide down the chute where they become lazy and complacent.
    The company will not progress if its human capital degraded in providing their expertise to the world. They have nothing to fall back to if the human capital failed to live up to its standards. No safety net.
    And thus, Singapore thrives on its only resources available, that is its human capital.
    Tun, human nature is such that when they are left alone, and idled and not pushed to perform, they will become complacent and lazy. Materialism and monetary that was gained easily will only make these people even more complacent, and lack of will power to exile on their own.
    And on the issue of selecting the right candidate to represent the government effectively, I would have to agreed with LKY. We need professionalism in our government. We need folks who can think and analyze professionally about the needs and plights of the people who voted them in to parliament. This representatives need to know how to balance the need to service his constituencies and as well as how to move the country forward.
    We do not want MPs who only argue about trivial things like “leaks”, APs, name calling etc which does not benefit the country in any way besides being a good show piece to the constituencies of the MPs in question. In the name of democracies and freedom to choose etc., we need to know if the person chosen have such calibre to represent them professionally, and also to help make the country progress.
    Not for the sake of democratic’s name where every ah kau, muthu, or ahmad can be voted into parliament which in the end does not know what was debated nor there is any plan on how to move the government forward. I am sure these representatives are clueless about how the government should progress, but I am sure they are no fools when it comes to getting “rewards” for being one of the gang in the shouting match. I am sorry, but to me, this is the perception that most of the Ahli Berhormat have given me.
    Dear Tun, perhaps with your wisdom and learnt knowledge, this for once you could see it from the south side’s perceptives, and find deep in your heart whether there is any sense into what LKY is saying.
    Salam bahagia.

  149. Ataturk Feb 10,2011 10:54 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I think your Perkasa goons can anytime finish the red dot off.
    Best Regards,

  150. wmwi Feb 10,2011 10:29 PM

    Perenggan 20 …… Sebenarnya kita masih ingin membekalkan air kepada Singapura, tetapi dengan harga yg berpatutan……, menarik perhatian kita utk difikirkan. Sampai bila kita perlu berlembut/beralah dengan Singapura? Kita tidak perlu berperang dengan mereka, kerana kalau berperang pun belum tentu kita akan menang kerana Big Ben di belakang mereka. Tanah KTM telah diserahkan kpd mereka. Pangkalan laut pun telah diserahkan kepada mereka. Tiada apa2 lagi kepentingan kita di sana.

  151. jolly Feb 10,2011 10:27 PM

    Hi our beloved Tun,
    Thank you for telling us the hard truth about the ISA incident,
    that it wasn’t you who tried to catch LKS et al.
    Now we love you even more.

  152. bulan terang Feb 10,2011 10:24 PM

    YB Tun Dr.M,
    We are tired to be in defensive side….
    Let spill the bean…..
    And fight till our last blood!!!

  153. shahrul Feb 10,2011 10:23 PM

    is it a hard truth or a half truth?

  154. Antikaisu Feb 10,2011 10:11 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Masih dalam ingatan saya dan keluarga semasa tinggal di kampung Jawa, Singapura. Habis kampung orang Melayu di sodok tanpa peri kemanusiaan oleh pak lee. Tanah wakaf MASJID SULTAN terus di tipu dan dirakus oleh LKY untuk membina gereja besar mengadap Masjid Sultan. Pihak masjid tak boleh nak laungkan azan, sampai begitu sekali, tanda-tanda begini sudah kelihatan di Selangor dan P.Pinang.
    Kami orang-orang Islam kariah Masjid Sultan,Singapura sudah bertahun-tahun menangis tak berlagu dan hanya berdoa serta buat sembahyang hajat, hingga sekarang gereja itu ditimpa sumpahan dan malapetaka dimana sudah ramai orang mereka jatuh maut dari bumbung gereja untuk memperbaiki kerosakan bangunan tersebut.
    Inilah pengajaran buat kita semua terutama orang Islam di Malaysia dan Singapura.Jangan percaya sangat dengan orang kafir terutama mereka yang bersekongkol dan agen zionis.

  155. HOT ZOOM Feb 10,2011 9:57 PM

    usahla di ikut cara LKY …memang ia merosakkan negara kita…kerana beliau singapore keluar dari malaysia..macam2 dia buat…biarlah kita tadbir cara kita

  156. Antikaisu Feb 10,2011 9:54 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Today we can see all the bullsit comments, viewer communist fans and anti Malaysia newspaper likes..” Malaysia Insider “…I thinks goverment need to banned this paper from publishing.
    Anti Malaysia.

  157. bangsaMSIA Feb 10,2011 9:33 PM

    Salam Tun,
    The plain SIMPLE HARD TRUTHS for all to see and that we have to swallow like or not are:
    1. Singapore or rather ‘Singapura’ will never ever be and can never be a friend, an ally, a good helpful neighbor for as long as BN remains in power under MALAY LEADERSHIP [ps: there isnt and has never been such thing as ‘Malay Supremacy’ … it never existed, we never had it…’Malay Leadership’ yes … ‘supremacy’ it is something coined and created by none other than the ‘enemies of the state’ to arouse anger, fear, animosity towards the Malays and destabilize the country]
    2. Totalitarian-autocratic Singapore will continue to instill fear in the hearts and minds of its people the prospect of conflicts or war with its neighbors to ensure PAP continues to rule the island state the way it does and that it continues to arm itself to the teeth
    3. Racist-nepotistic Singapore will continue to be ruled by Chinese as they believe that only the Chinese are deemed fit enough, are far more superior to rule the country than any other race
    4. Undemocratic-dictatorial Singapore will never allow the new bridge to be built to replace the old Tambak Johor. Frankly, I think the country fears [and will never allow] any form of competition from its neighbors especially Malaysia…
    5. PAP will continue to lend support openly, directly and indirectly in cash and kind to chauvinistic racist communistic DAP Penang aka Pulau Pinang to ensure that the party stays in power until it successfully takes over Putrajaya, of course with the help of the raja mandaliars and the kitols in the country…the sundals, the kampangs and the kimaks in the pakatan..oh yes..including the malotts amongst us…who, acting under the guise of the so called ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’, are literally sodomizing and raping the very peace and stability built over the years since our independence…
    6. Singapore has evolve to become a dangerous neighbor [very much like what Israel is doing and has been doing to the Palestinians,is a actually a threat to itself and its neighbors esp peace-loving country like Malaysia and that being fully armed, it is more than ready to attack Malaysia, to wage war at the blink of an eye…I m sure the battle plans have long been drawn
    7. Beyond trade, we should abandon Singapore, we must leave Singapore out of the equation, we must forget Singapore forever as nothing good and meaningful can ever come out from this paranoid, arrogant, vengeful island state
    8. We need and must continue to be be vigilant of the enemies within and amongst us. We must continue to vigorously and relentlessly chart our future and ensure that future generations learn and learn well from our past and present failures as well as successes to chart a meaningful,terrific and wonderful future for all…we need to educate our young ones esp the Malays to have the ‘courage to compete and succeed on their own two feet’ so to speak…driven by the ‘Malaysia Boleh’ battle cry which I think is the right motivation for all the country moving forward
    9. Yes, arm we must up to fulfill our security needs but more importantly we must arm our hearts and minds with thots and actions that will ensure an enormously great future for all for years and years to come…
    May ALLAHswt bless our country, our people, you, your family and all your loved ones..take care Tun

  158. Naguib Feb 10,2011 9:26 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Pure chinesse bred who using his Malay step father’s name as his last name had joined DAP. What a shame to late step father who is known as UMNO fighter. He should drop his step-father’s name if he really wanted to fight for DAP.

  159. NASH Feb 10,2011 9:05 PM

    Salam Tun,
    I still remember what the late Sultan Ibrahim of Johor said: “Aku mahu Melayu merdeka bukan Malaya merdeka”. He left Malaya after he was pressured to sign agreement with the British by late Dato’ Onn.The problem came up nowadays and grow bigger and bigger.First they take Penang. Next will be Malacca. What’s next? All this through the support of sleeping Malays and with the cooperation of Singapore. We should realise that once four states (now three) felt to opposition, Mr.LKY did not waste time to visit his associates in Malaysia including Pak Lebai.What transpired in their meeting only God knows.Anyway Malays must be prepared,

  160. musato Feb 10,2011 8:52 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Pemimpin bukanlah seorang pengikut yang baik.
    Ramai orang fikir Lee Kuan Yew seorang pemimpin yang bagus kerana menjadikan Singapura lebih maju dari Malaysia.
    Tapi kedengaran terlalu berdisiplin bila berada di Singapura.Dalam erti kata lain Lee Kuan Yew memperkenalkan peraturan mengikut kefahaman beliau sebagai seorang manusia dan mendesak rakyat bawahan mengikutnya dengan menggunakan kuasa undang-undang.
    Kesannya,Singapura maju dengan rakyatnya menjadi seperti robot.Cuma seperti biasa,wang menjadi nyawa kepada yang berjaya dalam hidup.Maka mereka-mereka ini membebaskan hawa dalam diri ke negara jiran (Malaysia).
    Sampai satu tahap,Lee Kuan Yew menjadi was-was dengan matlamat akhirnya dalam membangunkan Singapura (juga dalam hidupnya).Maka kaum Melayu disalahkan kerana mengamalkan ajaran Islam.
    Pada saya,akhir-akhir ini Lee Kuan Yew cuma dalam proses menghadapi sakratul maut (mati) dan hatinya ragu-ragu dan mencari-cari ketenangan hati.
    Lee Kuan Yew pernah melalui peritiwa hitam yang pernah dilaluinya.Perkara inilah yang menghantuinya pada akhir hayatnya.
    Tak apalah tak memeluk Islam dan tak mahu beragama kerana hidayah bukan hak kita sebagai manusia.Itu hak Allah s.w.t.Tetapi menyalahkan pegangan agama orang lain bukan caranya ketika menunggu saat kematian.
    Begitu juga dengan apa yang berlaku pada negeri Selangor,Perak dan Pulau Pinang.Ada Menteri Besar Melayu pun tak berguna kerana di belakangnya adalah DAP.
    Untuk mengekalkan kuasa memerintah negeri,sebagai orang Islam kita tak boleh melanggar dan menderhaka Sultan (penguasa/ketua setiap negeri)(Begitu juga apabila supervisor cuba menderhaka pada majikan dalam perniagaan).Berhenti kerja je la kalau hati dah tak ikhlas.
    Setiap hukum yang dilanggar ada hukumannya.Terutamanya dengan tulah yang dimiliki oleh sultan sejak zaman berzaman.
    Samada penguasa pernah berbuat dosa atau tidak,tetapi selagi penguasa tersebut tidak menyuruh melucutkan pegangan agama Islam,maka wajib kita sebagai rakyat patuh kepada peguasa tertinggi.
    Beratnya hukuman yang bakal diterima oleh penderhaka adalah nyata.
    Adalah benar kata mufti Mesir supaya tidak mengulingkan Presiden Mubarak – dengan alasan yang lebih besar kesan keburukannya (masih ada yang tak bersetuju dengan pendapat mufti Mesir).
    Kerana masih ada cara memperbetulkan pentadbiran selain apa yang kita pernah tahu tetapi tidak pernah terfikir.Sedangkan manusia berbeza akalnya apabila mengikut umur kematangan.Kalau 30 tahun sudah menunggu,apa salahnya tunggu lagi.Umur 30 tahun pun tak ramai boleh jadi kaya dengan usaha sendiri.
    Renungkanlah kekuasaan Allah s.w.t dan lihatlah bagaimana Allah mentadbir alam.Kepada yang menderhaka tu,kembalilah ke jalan yang benar selagi hukuman belum tiba.
    Politik tidak berdiri dengan sendiri tanpa ilmu Islam.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  161. sant2728 Feb 10,2011 8:09 PM

    As a Singaporean, I am quite ashamed that a leader, whom I still hold deep respect, still has consistent and sustained misgivings on Malaysia.
    It is amazing that LKY’s hatred and suspicion have not gone away after so many years.
    This hatred is not serving Singaporeans, young Singaporean like me, any good because it will only entrench and consolidate Singapore’s future policy towards its neighbours.
    LKY’s perception only serves to colour Singaporeans view of its neighbours and this view is damaging strategically.
    LKY’s arrogance baffles me.
    Just today, the Straits Times (Singapore) ran a report that Singapore attracted 11.6 million visitors and that the tourism industry raked in 18.8 billion Singapore dollars in 2010.
    Guess where the bulk of the visitors came from? Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Australia and India, in that order..
    No matter how much Singapore wants to be a ‘global’ city, its economic sustenance comes from its neighbours. So it is best that Singapore weans off its arrogance and starts building “bridges”.
    LKY is not serving young Singaporeans any good by harping on old issues and stoking fear that Singapore’s neighbours are out to overwhelm it.
    TRUST….DEEP TRUST is seriously lacking in Singapore’s leadership.
    Despite its first world status, Singapore sadly, has a third world mentality.
    There is another side to LKY’s Hard Truths.
    Dig deeper and LKY’s hard truths are deeply grounded on racism.
    He hides it very well, but every time he makes a remarks about neighbouring countries (we all know it is Malaysia and to a lesser extent Indonesia) that element of racism rears its ugly head.
    Truly, LKY is trapped in a time warp.
    Finally, to see that Nik Aziz and Anwar actually come to the aid of LKY is laughable.
    Remember, Nik Aziz and his brand of politics, will never, never, never, see the light of day under Singapore’s political sunshine.
    To those learned Malaysians, there is a lesson to be drawn from Singapore.

  162. Hazman Abu Bakar Feb 10,2011 7:47 PM

    LKY has nothing compare to you Tun. LKY is just an empty shell.

  163. rakyat marhaen Feb 10,2011 7:43 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Wow…!!! Ulasan yang sangat tajam dan sangat BERANI!!!!
    Bravo Malaysia..!!

  164. parameswara 2 Feb 10,2011 6:55 PM

    Dearest Tun
    1-LKY emulated South Korea very well on how to use the perpetual threat from North Korea as a reason to suppress political freedom and to boost economic development of Singapore.
    2-Although that threat in the Korean Peninsular is real South Korea eventually became a true liberal democracy in 1987.But LKY somehow dared not offer more political freedom to their people as though the threat coming from Malaysia is even much greater than that North Korea had posed its neighbor.
    3-But with him autocratically controlling Singapore and the media he had succeeded to fool many people around the World and many Chinese in Malaysia that he had transformed Singapore from an unknown ‘poor’ fishing village into what it is today.If that is true he is definitely the greatest person who have ever lived in the 20/21 st century.
    4-But bringing Singapore 2 ladders up from no 4 in 1963 to no 2 now over a period of 30-40 years is also a great achievement,but what else is there for LKY to do after not having any raw materials or agricultural lands.If they flounder on this strategic legacy the British have left them then they are really stupid.
    5-Anyway Tun LKY is still a Minister Mentor for Singapore so he has an obligation to contribute whatever he can to justify the need to suppress political freedom in Singapore in lieu of the imminent and perpetual threat from their ‘terrorist’ neighbor,and help his only begotten son win in the coming general election.
    Thanks Tun

  165. Onn Feb 10,2011 6:31 PM

    15. Kuan Yew cried when Singapore left Malaysia. We thought that it was the separation which had saddened him. But now he tells us that it was because “I left behind tens of thousands of people who had joined our rallies”.
    I was one of those who watched LKY sob profusely on TV during the time of separation. I genuinely thought he was sad due to the separation……evidently he was “happy” to have Spore but really sad to leave his Malaysian PAP members behind…..nothing to do with separation and Malaysia divided.

  166. checker Feb 10,2011 6:28 PM

    Salam Tun & fellow bloggers,
    The “Hard Truth” – LKY is a liar, cheat, cunning, shrewed, coward being hidden characteristics that overshadowed by his “successes” to build Singapore to what is today through their efficient & effective propaganda machine.
    Begging for world sympathy that the tiny island nation is surrounded by large Muslim population which they claimed as hostile nations, he manages to sell Singapore and can get away what they did with impunity as what Israel have achieved with great success in dealing with the people of Palestine. ( BTW what happen to Sharon the butcher? lying like vegetables to be witnessed by the world for hid deed )
    LKY thinks he is GOD just like Firaun did during his time. With his “superhuman” policy, Singapore is now experiencing a -ve population growth. Of course, with their citizenship policy – have money will stay – Singapore will be invaded by the likely people will be Zionist that will make finally Singapore as their centre of operation to control the EAST. Just the final fit into their jigsaw puzzle of their global grand plan.
    LKY will use any means to justify the ends. Need to arm themselves with sophiticated weapons through their teeth for what? Of course the weapons will come handy to respond to any possible “attack” from the hostile neighbours. If they don’t, Singapore will invoke its 2nd plans of provocative action or policy to justify of their retialiative response… for security & self defense? sold and bought to the world. That’s not a problem to Singapore to do just that. Therefore, I hope our present and also future leaders must be on guard at all time and be aware about such treachery provocation and do not easily fall into its trap as what Saddam did – a good example how Zionist machine at work.
    Now LKY is calling for Muslims in Singapore not to practise the true teaching of Islam as an excuse that it prevents national integration as LKY wants to design it just like on the previous “superhuman” policy. Now may be …. he want to become GOD to a new religion.
    May Allah protect us all …. ameen.

  167. jolly Feb 10,2011 6:26 PM

    Hi Tun,
    I think LKY is a bit of a paranoid.
    He once told the world that Tunku sent army to protect him right after the separation, to show to him that Tunku was still the one in charge.
    But, if he was positive instead of being a paranoid, he would have thanked Tunku abundantly because during the transitional, his most vulnerable period, when there was still no proper army yet in Singapore, indeed the protection offered by Tunku might have saved his life, from the communists’, and other opportunists’ threats.
    One minister in Singapore once told the people that, if Americans wanted to occupy the whole world, they could have done so right after 1945. But they did not, so they can now be trusted as a responsible country and an ally.
    The same can be applied to Malaysia too. If Malaysia wanted to do something to LKY during his most vulnerable time, she could have done so. But she did not. So, now she should be trusted as a trusted ally.
    I always tell my friend overseas that the Malays are the most friendly people in the world. But one Singapore friend told me that he shares the same opinion, but not when they grow their beard.
    Perhaps our Malay friends could enlighted us about the last sentence.

  168. HBT Feb 10,2011 6:19 PM

    Good evening Ayahanda Tun,
    A. Malaysians’ hearts will be melted and integrated as long as our government is pushing for 1 Malaysia as reported by Bernama news in mstar.
    B. Many Malaysians do not belong to any political parties, hence, they are not interested with politics.
    C. Whether we like it or not, confidence crisis requires time and good strategies to heal.
    D. KLCI plunged over 2% (30+ points) may have something to do with share pricing adjustments/short selling transactions between 1st board and 2nd board, legally.
    Khamis Februari 10, 2011
    TLDM Pertingkat Usaha Tarik Penyertaan Bukan Melayu
    KUALA LUMPUR: Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (TLDM) akan mempertingkatkan usaha untuk menarik minat bukan Melayu menyertai pasukan itu, kata Panglima Tentera Laut Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Jaafar.
    Beliau berkata antara usaha yang akan diambil ialah menggunakan pegawai kanan bukan Melayu untuk mempromosikan peluang kerjaya dalam TLDM kepada komuniti sebangsa mereka.
    “Usaha berterusan akan dilakukan oleh ATM (Angkatan Tentera Malaysia) dalam menentukan bahawa ramai lagi anggota berbangsa lain dapat menyertai ATM keranakita harus menghayati semangat 1Malaysia dilaungkan oleh Perdana Menteri.
    “1Malaysia apabila ia menjadi realiti akan menentukan keharmonian berpanjangan berterusan di dalam negara,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas Upacara Pemakaian Pangkat Pegawai TLDM di atas Kapal Diraja (KD) Sri Gombak, di sini Khamis.
    Pada majlis itu, empat pegawai kanan TLDM dinaikkan pangkat daripada Laksamana Pertama kepada Laksamana Muda manakala seorang berpangkat kapten dinaikkan kepada pemangku Laksamana Pertama.
    Mereka termasuk dua pegawai kanan berketurunan Cina iaitu Laksamana PertamaDatuk Tan Eng Seng yang dinaikkan sebagai Laksamana Muda dan Kapt. Wah Yuen Mai kepada pemangku Laksamana Pertama. – BERNAMA
    Do not worry too much, Ayahanda Tun and May Allah Be With You Always.

  169. superyusrie Feb 10,2011 6:13 PM

    To Encik Al-Din :
    **5. With English (not Chinese) as the national language it is losing its Chineseness more and more. Language is culture. More so with the influx of English speaking aliens coming to work and intermarry. It is becoming more of a melting pot of an internationalised state. **
    You prefer a more Chinese Singapore than a melting pot my friend ??
    Now, that is surprising coming from an Al-Din of a mind ! Haven’t we billions of Chinese within Asia already, that you prefer more at your doorstep ?? Sorry, but I’d prefer diversity (as God had intended it) over a certain racial monopoly anytime. đŸ˜‰
    **8. Malaysia is game and has been a blessing to them – a confused neighbour, poor in arithmatic, law, marathon (that’s why we have to depend on tongkat ali – 2.2B has been allocated). After the durian diplomacy not only you have a foul mouth but lost more land and sand. **
    Hehehe…someone is obviously not happy with his Ginseng, thus trying to put down Tongkat Ali. Or is it because your jackass of a company called bio-watchamacallit & a handful of others (created during PakLah’s time) became an epic failure out of utmost greed & persistent act of treason towards the small entrepreuneur ?? As the saying goes my friend “Mendengar Guruh di Langit, Habis Air Tempayan Di Curahkan” ! ;P
    “Orang tamak sentiasa akan rugi” in the end, as always !
    I’d say, don’t read too much into people’s mind but look at the facts. That Dajal company called Pfizer made billions upon billions out of a scam little pill called viagra after they apparently learnt about my private research years ago. Thank God it has gone bust recently, otherwise more & more people would have become sick consuming that devilish product repeatedly out of ignorance. It’s even legally prescribed by doctors, in case you are not aware.
    Just relax…I do believe Najib & team knows what they’re doing. If they ignore me & my project this time, as PakLah&Co did back then (not a single govt biotech initiative in my state, not even a tissue culture lab, imagine that! :@), then I assure you, you’ll have a cause for worry ! tsk tsk tsk đŸ˜‰
    You’ll never know what luck might strike you out of those humble little plants from that “belukar” behind your house, al-Din Sir. BUT don’t go rush into things when you hear thunder ! Appreciate your scholars, study those plants first, lest your medicine will not work….or worse, becomes poison instead !
    God put those plants there for heavenly purposes that most people don’t care to see…just wait a while & you will be pleasantly surprised, insyaAllah. đŸ˜‰
    So it’s 2.2 billion huh?? Let me see…my entire biotechnology outfit will probably cost not more than…. RM10 million? initially ! Whoa..BANYAK lagi tu wehh ! hehehe ;D
    Thanks ayahanda Tun.

  170. Anwar Ismail Feb 10,2011 6:06 PM

    Ayahnda Tun, You have said much with just a few words. You struck my heart. I would like to use this opportunity to ask our defence planners and policy makers to evaluate our defence cooperation with Singapore, vis-a-vis the 5 Power Defence Agreement (FPDA): one of the aims of the FPDA is to keep the Singapore-Malaysia relationship in “sensible terms”. Malaysia may have bent backwards to accomodate Singapore. Eg: during FPDA defence exercises, we allow Singapore jets to use our airspace. In fact the exercise planners have drawn an imaginary line (Muar-Rompin) and declare areas south of this as Singapore’s area of responsibility. Then, outside these exercise times we have allowed Singapore to use our low flying area. On the contrary, NATO members do not allow member-nations to use each others national airspace (maruah,maruah). Even rukun tetangga members just patrol the streets and do not enter others house compounds.

  171. Octopus Feb 10,2011 5:35 PM

    You should tell the whole truths instead of half truths
    1. Malaysia and Indonesia held a joint military exercises involving fighter jets and dropping paratroopers during Singapore National Day in 1991. Isnt this an indication of war?
    2. You also jokingly mentioned about bombing Singapore during your speech in Johor before you stepped down as PM. Isnt this an indication of war?
    3. You forgot about the Malaysia-Indonesia confrontation (1962-1966) during the 60s. Singapore was not spared.
    4. LKY said you keep trying to alter the MOU agreement that you have concluded with him and try repeatedly to alter them when Goh Chok Tong took over as PM. This is why no deal was concluded during your tenure.
    With so much war rhethoric from you, Singapore has no choice but to deploy 400 fighter jets protecting this island, our surrounding territorial seas and future 320km EEZ around Pedra Branca ISLAND (not rock-PULAU Batu Putih)

  172. PucukPaku Feb 10,2011 5:08 PM

    Tun yg dihormati lagi dikasihi.
    Kalau nak cerita bab LKY tu memang byk sgt propaganda yg cuba dibangkit oleh beliau. Tapi Tun, saya amat dukacita apabila ada orang Malaysia khususnya kaum ultra kiasu tu kerap kali memuji Singapura. Kadang kala hampir bertegang urat juga bila berbicara dgn mereka di pejabat. Yang pasti Tun mereka yg kerap memuji Singapura di dlm pejabat saya adalah mereka yg bersekolah di sekolah bukan kebangsaan dan melanjutkan pelajaran di Singapura.Lebih menyakitkan hati Tun bila mereka menyatakan bahawa Malaysia pasti tidak akan dapat melawan pembangunan di Singapura kerana pemimpin Malaysia ialah Melayu…
    Harap sangat adalah sebuah buku yang dapat menjelaskan siapakah atau apakah negara Singapura itu…mungkin penulisnya adalah dari Tun.

  173. zulkiflee_Arif Feb 10,2011 4:44 PM

    Assalamu’alaikum Tun,
    ini adalah kelemahan Kerajaan Malaysia sendiri yg tanpa sebab munasabah memberi kerakyatan kpd bangsa pendatang yg secara terang dan jelas adalah kaum supramacist,yg begitu bangga dgn keupayaan mereka sehingga apapun kebaikkan kita tidak dipandang sebelah mata pun.
    pada asal nya mungkin nenek-moyang kaum ini yg baru-baru datang,tunduk terbongkok-bongkok menghormati orang Melayu sebagai Penguasa Tanah Melayu,tapi pada saat mereka sedar kelemahan kita,maka secepat kilat mereka mengeksploitasi kelemahan itu untuk kepentingan mereka.
    dan hari ini,ketika cacing sudah menjadi naga,mereka menunjukkan kesombongan sebenar sebagai suatu bangsa yg lebih berhak memerintah Bumi kita.sistem meritokrasi S’pura adalah bukti nyata tiada nya rasa hormat kpd Bumiputra.orang dari India dijadikan Presiden dan syarat-syarat diperketatkan untuk menghalang jawatan itu terjatuh ke tangan Melayu.dgn 90% pengundi berdaftar adalah bangsa china yg bersatu-padu untuk mencegah kuasa undi Melayu,yg dipecah-pecah menjadi undi-undi yg tidak bermakna apa-apa,ditambah pula sekali ganda jumlah yg sama undi pekerja-pekerja dari china sebagai askar simpanan LKY,bumiputra S’pura tidak mungkin dapat bersuara apa-apa.padahal bangsa pendatang china Malaysia begitu lantang,sekejap-sekejap berteriak memintak,sekalipun perkara yg bukan hak mereka.
    masa’alah kita berpunca dari Tunku.seandai nya Tunku berani mengikut jejak Almarhum Presiden Sukarno dan Almarhum Presiden Suharto atau bekas Presiden Dr B.J Habbibie,yg bertegas enggan memberi kerakyatan kpd orang-orang asing,kita tidak akan menhadapi masa’alah ini.baik LKY,PAP,DAP atau siapa saja orang asing akan tetap kekal sebagai orang asing,keturunan demi keturunan sehingga lah mereka kembali ke bumi nenek-moyang mereka.
    kini,hanya keberanian pemimpin kita lah yg akan menentukan penakatan Bumiputra Malaysia.dan Nusantara.LKY bukanlah satu-satu nya masa’alah kita.dia cuma pencetus idea.kejayaan nya mendorong kaum nya untuk berusaha lebih gigih lagi untuk meminggirkan kita.sebab itu Lim kit siang,guan eng,difefu,ekompute dan sebagai nya begitu teruja untuk mengulangi kejayaan LKY diMalaysia pula.dan tanpa Pemimpin yg Berani Bertindak,kita akan mengalami nasib yg sama dgn Bumiputra Singapura,dipinggirkan di bumi sendiri.
    terimakasih Tun.

  174. TuaCheng Feb 10,2011 4:14 PM

    The truth was, Malaysia could not handle PAP popularity & Malaysia Malaysian.
    Secondly, our true Bapa Malaysia Late Tunku, do not want to have bloodshed or war, decides to extricate Singapore from Malaysia.
    Honestly, MM Lee was lucky, then the Malaysian PM is Late Tunku. If others, I doubt it will be peaceful. Look at how high-handed OPS Lalang was done towards Opposition leader.
    But the real Hards Truths is results. Results spoke louder than rhetoric.
    So far the Hard Truths was, Singapore managed to get above Middle-class economy trap and raised to become developed nation is 40years.
    We have upstart of 13year ahead but end-up still behind. Could you handle the real truth, that Penang will be greater than KL.

  175. Dr Syed Alwi Ahmad Feb 10,2011 4:05 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I agree with your views and hope that one day, UMNO will return to Singapore. To me – it is clear that only UMNO can look after the Malays. After all – how can a Muslim follow Non-Muslim leadership ? In the end we have LKY asking us to compromise Islam ! Only Malay-Muslims can lead Malay-Muslims. I urge Malaysian Malays to throw their support behind UMNO. And I urge PAS to learn from this experience and unite with UMNO.
    Looking forward to the return of UMNO,
    Dr Syed Alwi Bin Ahmad (Alsree)

  176. TunTuah Feb 10,2011 4:01 PM

    Singaporean oppositions hope he dies soon…
    if he still around, the opposition cannot do anything, they will be jail if they try to say anything… yes anything.
    singaporeans are living under dictactorship.
    why LKY still want to become senior minister? becoz he love power so much and the singapore PM that they have now is merely a puppet.
    poor singaporean…they are afraid of themselves.

  177. superyusrie Feb 10,2011 3:47 PM

    See…the more I learn about the truth, the more disgusted I get with that old man. I now strongly believe that this UFO/human hybrid of a person along with his lizardskinned allies in the old US govt administration & that monster country UKNOWHERE made a pact with the devil (which they thought was the Supreme Being of a Higher Order apparently gahaha LMAO XD) to control the world !
    And now that things are not working quite as beautifully as outlined in their grand master plan, his best bet now is probably by courting our most “respected” lebai clown of all time, TGNA in Kelantan.
    Batu Puteh should have been ours ! Knowing how those lizardskinned punks in the ICJ worked, they must have rigged the outcome of that Batu Puteh dispute ! Dang, these people are crooks ! :@
    Those tears that LKY shed when Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia, it’s crocodile tears, make no mistake about it !
    Maybe the domino effect extending from Tunisia & Egypt should make a friendly pass through Singapore & it’s evil allies also eh ?? LOL ;D
    Oh ye lost sheep of yore, ye shall be brought back to your barn soon. ;P
    Thanks ayahanda Tun.
    FindMeOnYoutube&FacebookFolks! ;D

  178. ambrose Feb 10,2011 3:42 PM

    Asalamualaikom TUN,
    I am amazed at how Tun has analysed the cold truth what the minister mentor of Singapore LKY objective is in his new book. I fully aggree on your view of how the PAP government of Singapore has consistently been playing on this seigh syndrome, from its “unfriendly” neighbours as a mean to rally the continued support by people of singapore towards the PAP government.For how long the people of Singapore will continue to be deceive by the PAP Government using this tactic, is dependable on the people of singapore itself. The PAP has been very successful in suppressing the people and any opposition that dare to challanged them, using the ISD and the court. The HARD TRUTH OF WHAT MADE SINGAPORE GOING is that the Government could not careless of the world opinion on their human rights record and the sensitivities of the human race, and that of its immediate neighbours. So when he made the insinuation “WE HAVE GOT FRIENLY NEIGHBOURS: GROW UP” he should look himself in the mirrow: then he would see the naked truth that he has developed Singapore into an unfriendly and cold state and scared of its own shadow. The policy addopted by the PAP government of Singapore is akin to the era of the cold war between US and Russia, with all the icing of ‘perceived threat’, seigh syndrome and ‘deterrent action’ and leading to the escalation of the armed race. In my humble opinion, for as long as the Government of Singapore continue to maintain this policy, the felling of distrust will persist withinn the ASEAN state. I suppose Singapore has no alternative, not solely because of security reasons but most importantly the survivable of the PAP in singapore itself. And for that reason they engaged ISREAL as their defence advisor, which I think need no eloberation. I do not forsee any change of policy for as long as the mentor is still in charged, but i hope when that era is gone Singapore might become more adaptable to its surrounding and be more down to earth, my 2 cents view on your latest article. And I hope the people of Singapore should really look at themself and buck up, or are they contented to continue to be govern as outline in para 18 of your article above? Thanks YAB TUN, semoga ALLAH sentiase memberi rahmat dan hidayahNYA kepade TUN dan keluarga.

  179. anitamn Feb 10,2011 3:38 PM

    Salam Tun
    Orang yang busuk hati akan sentiasa bersangka buruk terhadap orang lain. Walaupun kita berbaik budi, bertoleransi dan menjaga hati & perasaan jiran namun LKY ini berhati batu. Selalunya orang begini mengalami zaman kanak-kanak yang tidak bahagia atau ’emotional abuse’ atau tidak mendapat kasih sayang yang sewajarnya.
    Kesian! orang begini nampak hebat diluar, tapi jiwanya kosong.

  180. OSMAD Feb 10,2011 3:08 PM

    Assalam Mu Alaikum Tun Yang di sanjungi.
    I’ve been waiting for this reply from you since first day HARD TRUTH appear on media.
    You well said it.
    Your statement does not need 300pages to said it all.
    All in all, HARD TRUTH remind me of the fairy tales about a dog who thought that every dog he saw was his enemy without realising that it is his own image. It worries the others will try to snatch the bone from him just like he had done to others.
    But who can blame “THE DOG”?, he really work hard to make sure that everybody think the bone belong to him alone.
    Biar lah dia dengan bayang2 dia TUN. Tapi sampai sekarang saya heran kenapa cuma TUN aje yang berani keluarkan teguran ini? What happened to others?
    Walaupun Saya rakyat Singapura, But it really hurt me when I saw his statement about our neighbours.
    Sekian Terima Kasih

  181. al-Din Feb 10,2011 2:58 PM

    The hard truths:
    1. The beacon of light has gone for him. Light without light is darkness.
    2. A tiny state wants to act big has to create the bigness which sometimes leads to false pathways and mental states difficult redress. The mind is a devil’s workshop.
    3. To maintain nationalism and cohesiveness it has to constantly alert people of cannibals out there ready to pounce. New enemies real or imagined have to be created. Islam is the bogeyman he wrongly perceived.
    4. The Kandang Kerbau effect the highest birthrate at one time has overlast. Those babies are not interest to make babies but more on economics hence the dwindling population. It has to rely on expatriates and foreign workers.
    5. With English (not Chinese) as the national language it is losing its Chineseness more and more. Language is culture. More so with the influx of English speaking aliens coming to work and intermarry. It is becoming more of a melting pot of an internationalised state.
    6. Unlike Hong Kong it will regain its Chineseness with time since the mainland took over the former British colony.
    7. What else to unite the people in the would be internationalised state? The future is in Islam!
    8. Malaysia is game and has been a blessing to them – a confused neighbour, poor in arithmatic, law, marathon (that’s why we have to depend on tongkat ali – 2.2B has been allocated). After the durian diplomacy not only you have a foul mouth but lost more land and sand.

  182. RA Feb 10,2011 2:57 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt. Yg Bhg Tun,
    I feel more comfortable commenting the issue in Bahasa Malaysia (Bahasa Ibunda) brought out by former Prime Minister of Singapore. Mr. Lee Kuan Yew mempunyai rasa tidak percaya, bimbang yang amat sangat terhadap keselamatan Singapura yang pada anggapan beliau bahawa negara jiran terdekat seperti Malaysia dan Indonesia sebagai suatu ancaman. Oleh yang demikian Singapura sentiasa disiapsiaga dengan kekuatan angkatan tentera yang mungkin berlipat kali ganda tahap kekuatannya dari Malaysia dan Indonesia.
    Kemajuan negara Malaysia negara jiran yang paling hampir hanya dihubungi dengan tambak Johor amat dicemburui oleh Mr. Lee Kuan Yew dengan berterusan mengeluarkan berbagai kenyataan seolah-seolah memperkecilkan usaha Malaysia untuk membangun seperti Singapura. Jiran yang benar-benar ikhlas seharusnya tidak menyimpan rasa cemburu dan iri hati terhadap usaha negara jiran yang lain untuk mencapai kemajuan, malah lebih dari itu sepatutnya menjalankan usahasama dengan semangat kejiranan yang jitu.
    Singapura hanya berpihak kepada keuntungan negaranya sendiri sahaja. Malaysia membekalkan air mentah dengan harga yang begitu rendah sehinggakan nampak tidak rasional langsung. Pada peringkat awal perjanjian pembekalan air mentah ke Singapura, pemerintah Malaysia terlalu bersifat murah hati dengan mengambil kira kepentingan semangat kejiranan yang tinggi dan menjual air mentah ke Singapura dengan harga yang begitu rendah dan membeli semula air mentah yang telah dirawat (treated water) dari Singapura dengan harga yang begitu tinggi. Segala rundingan untuk mengkaji dan menaikkan harga bekalan air mentah ke Singapura tidak mendapat persetujuan dari pihak pemerintah Singapura. Ini jelas menunjukkan bahawa Singapura tidak begitu berminat melayan permintaan negara jiran yang terdekat berpaksikan kepada semangat ketulinan kejiranan. Namun demikian negara Malaysia yang mengamalkan semangat kepimpinan dan rakyatnya yang amat perihatin terhadap kepentingan negara jiran tetangganya tidak membantah dan berterusan membekalkan air mentah ke Singapura dengan harga yang amat tidak berpatutan dan Kerajaan Malaysia terus menerus menjalinkan hubungan baik dengan kerajaan Singapura. Apakah contoh pembekalan air mentah yang begitu penting bagi kehidupan rakyat Singapura dengan harga yang begitu murah tidak dijadikan pertimbangan oleh Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, kepimpinan dan rakyat Singapura untuk rasa amat bersyukur dan berterima kasih kepada kepimpinan dan rakyat Malaysia yang murah hati.
    Malaysia seperti negara-negara lain di dunia juga perlu memajukan negara dan rakyatnya untuk hidup lebih selesa, selamat dan sejahtera. Untuk mencapai kemajuan ada kalanya sesebuah negara amat memerlukan khidmat sokongan dan bantuan negara-negara lain, apatah lagi negara terdekat seperti Singapura dengan Malaysia. Hakikat hidup sebenarnya setiap individu, organisasi dan negara amat perlu saling bantu membantu diantara satu sama lain bagi mencapai kemajuan dengan semangat rakan taulan dan kejiranan yang tinggi tanpa mengira bangsa, anutan agama dan perbezaan budaya. Hindarkan rasa curiga, syak wasangka buruk terhadap jiran.
    Kita rakyat Malaysia mengharapkan negara jiran terdekat seperti Singapura dengan kepimpinan yang ada dapat merubah pendirian dan pendekatan dengan semangat kejiran yang tinggi. Singapura selain dari sumber air mentah banyak lagi yang diperlukan dari Malaysia, hargailah sumbangan murah hati kepimpinan dan rakyat Malaysia.
    Sekian, terima kasih Tun.

  183. azlan95 Feb 10,2011 2:54 PM

    To offset some of the diesel subsidies given to lorries, Malaysia should impose vegetable tax on all raw vegetables exported to Singapore.
    There’s no reason why a rich nation such as Singapore should enjoy subsidised vegetables.

  184. T-Rex Feb 10,2011 2:49 PM

    Bapa Syaitan – dok di pulau hujung semenanjung
    Anak Syaitan Berkembaq – dok d pulau utara semanjung
    tu pun orang Melayu tak kesedaq diri lagi sampai ke hari ni…

  185. ekompute Feb 10,2011 2:16 PM

    QUOTE: “What is the hard truth which will keep Singapore going? It is, according to Lee Kuan Yew the vulnerability of Singapore. Without saying so in so many words, Lee Kuan Yew believes that the island’s neighbours would war against it if it has no military capacity to defend itself. The United Nations would not help Singapore in the event of such an attack.”
    This is the kind of articles that I like to read. But that doesn

  186. Idea Feb 10,2011 1:38 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I refer to the point written below:
    ’11. All this while Malaysia had been supplying raw water at 3 sen per thousand gallons. Even to Melaka, Johore is paid 30 cent per thousand gallons. Negotiations to raised the price of water failed repeatedly. The first agreement will end this year. We will continue to supply raw water at 3 sen per thousand gallons until 2061 under the second agreement.’
    Is it true that we will continue to supply raw water at 3 sen per thousand gallons until 2061 under the second agreement? I just cannot believe this.

  187. AZIF Feb 10,2011 1:14 PM

    YB Tun,
    A very interesting topic on LKY. Accepted all the facts of what was highlighted. LKY is PAP and PAP is for chinese only. They made the Malays first Singaspore President.PAP will be be the only ruling party in Singapore for as long as the Lee’s are around.
    As for the CPF, I for sure know that this issues is now close. I have withdraw my CPF in 2007.Singapore will, not give way and would always win because LKY has got the 3 C, which is Cunning, Crooked and Coward. They get sympathy from the big power because being a small tiny island, and are really afraid of their neighbours thinking their neighbours would attack them.Unfortunately Penang is in the hands of DAP. If BN could not win Penang in the coming election, those wishing to go to Penang would require a Passport.YB Tun take care will always seek from Allah for your Health and Panjankan Umor,sentiasa memberikan ingatan yang amat diperlukan.
    AZIF & Family

  188. Solo Bear Feb 10,2011 12:56 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Here are some lies from LKY, including “we were kicked out”. There a lot of hard lies in his book, Hard Truth.
    Dumping the fallacies LKY created

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