A Weak Government is not good for Multi-racial Malaysia 7

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With regards to my first posting on the appointment
of judges, most commentators disagreed with my comment that when
Government works with the opposition it is a sign of weakness, and that
I consider the opposition as the enemy.

Politically, the
opposition is the enemy. Being forced to work with the opposition is
not undemocratic but it shows up the weakness of the Government.

weak government is not good for multi-racial Malaysia. It leads to
unwarranted challenges against its authority. Governments cannot please
everybody. If a Government cannot be firm and is forced to flip-flop
there will be a lack of confidence which does not augur well for the
smooth implementation of policies or project. Some people might already
have noticed this.

A Government with little need for opposition
support would be better able to disregard the sniping that all
Governments must face. It should however take note of opposition views
and respond where necessary.

In today’s context, the Federal
Government is unable to initiate necessary changes to the constitution
and would be held to ransom every time.

One of the most
important things about a two-thirds majority is that there would be
hardly any threat of defection. Today we hear of this threat everyday.
The leadership of the Barisan Nasional is like a cat on hot bricks. And
cats on hot bricks cannot achieve anything.

Previous Federal
Governments had never failed to obtain the two-thirds majority. As a
measure of strength, a two-thirds majority allows a Government to do
everything on its own and be totally independent.

But perhaps the proposed request for opposition support is made with sincerity in the spirit of democracy.

question is why now? Why not when the Government had 90 percent
majority after the General Election of 2004? Changes to the way judges
are picked could have been done after the 2004 resounding victory.

have always been of the opinion that this country must have a strong
and independent Federal Government which can then serve the country and
people without fear or favour.

But I have been on record in
advocating a strong opposition. This is to ensure the Government does
not stray from the right path, or abuse its authority.

combination of a strong (two-thirds majority) Government and an
Opposition with the capacity and willingness to check abuses by the
Government would serve Malaysia well.

As to the Government’s
latest proposal to set up a judicial commission, is it because it now
thinks it is a good thing or is it a desperate attempt to win back the
support it has lost?

As for my criticisms of the leaders of the
present Government, I believe I have every right to do so. Retiring
from the Government simply means giving up authority and power. It does
not mean I must abdicate my role as a citizen. I have every right to be
concerned over the flip-flopping mismanagement of this country and that
of the party I helped to revive in 1987. The party does not belong to
Dato Seri Abdullah alone. Nor is it meant to support him as leader even
when he mishandled the elections and the country. The party does not
belong to me either. It belongs to all its members. Presently the
members are not permitted to be critical. They can merely say yes to
what Dato Seri Abdullah says or does.

Since the opposition is
also supporting Dato Seri Abdullah, if I do not criticise, then no one
will. And without criticisms the Government and Dato Seri Abdullah can
really go wrong.

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7 thoughts on “A Weak Government is not good for Multi-racial Malaysia

  1. EllenBooth Sep 28,2020 3:28 PM

    This is an online chatting area where people of different societies can communicate with each other. This is the platform that gives a chance to understand each other’s culture by understanding each other language.

  2. shahrina Mar 4,2020 4:01 PM

    “Politically, the
    opposition is the ‘enemy’. Being forced to work with the opposition is
    not undemocratic but it shows up the weakness of the Government.”

    What you were afraid of is now in action. Yes, you are right when you said weakness in goverment. It does shows that, when PH is separated into two teams which finally lead to the downfall of kerajaan PH.

    I guess, whoever initiated and kept pushing for you to announce the goverment transition is now with regrets. But since Tan Sri Muhyiddin is still from Bersatu, and Azmin upholds the integrity of Bersih from the GE. There is still chances that the next goverment to be form is clean from bribery.

  3. Shaikh Feb 1,2010 4:32 PM

    Assalamualaikum WBT.
    Tahniah dan Terima Kaseh. Thanks Tun for all.
    Sekolah kebangsaan 1 aliran adalah yang terbaik untuk menyatukan semua kaum. Saya sendiri adalah seorang Muslim berketurunan India/Gujarati dgn sdkt campuran Arab/Africa (2nd Generation Proud Malaysian), (mcm rojak) namun dibesarkan dalam suasana semua kaum bersatu padu tanpa ada halangan (tergigit lidah sekali sekala itu perkasa biasa) secara ‘bertoleransi’ dan mengamalkan “healthy competition”. Tetapi kebelakangan ini sudah kelihatan agak goyah dengan gangguan “anasir-anasir” luar dan sikap mementingkan diri sendiri masing-masing. Harapan saya agar semua Muslim bersatu dan ingat kembali ajaran Islam yang menuntut kita saling hormat menhormati bukan shj sesama sendiri tetapi dengan umat sejagat… Harap2 kita jangan terlalu taksub dan terpengaruh.. Insyallah.. Terima kasih atas peluang ini.

  4. kalyisah atiqah Dec 29,2009 11:27 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun…
    I heard about this blog when i was watching ‘Mahathir’ @ History Channel….quite interesting…
    well, I just want to know and i’m so curious….What Do You Think of the 1Malaysia concept? if u can, please answer me.

  5. azimah abu bakar Oct 7,2008 7:57 PM

    i’m commenting on what catwoman commented 2 months ago!
    im a 21 year old malay who had attended 7 years of chinese schooling which includes 1 year of kindergarden and also 6 six years of primary.
    and being able to converse in mandarin has definitely serve me well
    i think it’s crucial that malays chinese and indians truly understand each other (in this case understanding each others mother tongues )for malaysia to become a united country.
    having said that, i agree with catwoman and Tun that we only need one sek kebangsaan.
    Maybe i could propose that we offer chinese and tamil classes for this one sekolah kebangsaan?
    Eid Mubarak & may Allah bless our beloved Tun!

  6. catwoman Jul 26,2008 9:08 PM

    tun pernah bg comment yg bermaksud bahawa m’sia sebenarnya tak perlu ada kan sekolah2 kebangsaan mengikut mcm2 kaum. cukup lah satu jenis sekolah untuk semua kaum. Oleh itu tun kata m’sia dah cukup baik layan semua kaum dan bina mcm2 jenis sekolah tak mcm negara2 lain. kalu nak tahu langit tinggi rendah tun kata try lah pegi negara2 org lain selain msia.
    tun cakap bersahaja, tapi tegas and justified and smooth flow of words. tun knows how to put things at the right places.
    saya SUKA sangat ciri2 yg tun ada tu…..kdg2 saya tepuk2 tgn sendiri bila tgk tun kat tv bagi justification and comments…tak kiralah dlm atau luar negeri lawan ‘mat salleh2’ tuuu…

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