Malaysia is a country which practices the rule of law. Our laws must
cover every aspect of our societal life, so we will know exactly what
we can do and what we cannot do. Prime Ministers in particular must
have everything spelt out for them in this respect. This will enable
them to be charged if they had breached the rule of law long after they
had retired.

Governments, serving Prime Ministers and
Ministers are well placed to initiate action against others. But when
the Government, the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister do
something wrong, like cover-ups for example, then police reports may be
made against them. But how can the person reporting be sure that the
police will investigate without fear or favour.

believe some reports have been made but so far there have been no
results. Public confidence would be undermined if investigations by the
proper authorities are not made. If the investigation is only to clear
the name, then can we say the rule of law is being properly practised?

therefore need to have more Royal Commissions manned by people of
impeccable character like the ones on the Lingam tapes. The Commissions
can then make proposals based on speculations and possibilities can
then investigate the possibilities and probabilities and help clear
those in power. When this is done we can say that this beloved country
practises the rule of law.

4 thoughts on “THE RULE OF LAW

  1. Hewlett Sep 25,2011 3:41 PM

    I attended a seminar yesterday and our speaker was a person from our region’s Civil Service Commission. I learned a lot from him regarding the different laws, decrees and orders that I was not made aware before. I stumbled on this post of yours and I somehow realized that the very important thing that our government must be doing is never done. They should keep the public and its people informed regarding the new and existing laws of the land to guide the people on what to do and what not do to. I also share the same sentiment as you do when it comes to law making and implementing.

    Hewlett from Prix pose carrelage

  2. DelimaMasamManis Jul 24,2008 1:12 PM

    Asalamualaikum wbt,
    Semoga tun sentiasa gembira & senyum selalu… jemput minum teh “O” halia tun..(untuk buang angin tak baik).
    Ini mungkin ada pasal penyakit gatal2 kat badan ini.. terutama kat tangan tu..saya bukan doktor .. ini kena jumpa DR.M baru boleh baik.
    Walau bagaimana pun kebenaran dan keadilan adalah seperti melalui lorong2 yang sempit.
    terima kasih

  3. Anwar Basir Ahmad Jul 9,2008 7:30 PM

    Asssalammualaikum TDM,
    First of all I hope that Tun is in good health,may Allaw s.w.t blessing be upon Tun..
    I’ve just started reading your blog 2 days ago and ever since then whenever I have free time,I’ll be glued to my laptop for hours on..I was totally amazed how for someone your age(jgn marah Tun) can keep up to date with the technologies that we have today is really really something..You’re doing a good job and pls keep us(the Rakyat)informed about things going on to our beloved Malaysia.Especially since I’m working abroad and I too like millions others,don’t believe in the main stream media that is controlled in evry way to get the ACTUAL news frm Malaysia!
    For me,I feel sad,anger,hatred,happy,not satisfied with the current political situation in Malaysia.Happy because the People have suddenly realized that there is something really going wrong with the current government under Abdullah Badawi and we as the citizen of Malaysia must really do something about it.All the negative emotions(e.g sad hatred and anger) are all because the way Abdullah Badawi’s party ABDULLAH BADAWI a.k.a the party formerly known as UMNO have run the country dictatorial style without any care for the Rakyat.They have swindle all the hard earned money of the people and “masuk pcket” for their own self.I was shocked when I heard the news about the petrol hike which I think is ridiculous!For an oil producing country we(the Rakyat) shouldn’t be the ones to take the burdened.The “cash back” offer from the Government is laughable and when I told this story to my foreign workmates they too think the same!I’ve never felt ashamed about my country this much in my entire life!
    So,I say ABDULLAH BADAWI…pls step down.U tak rasa malu ke?Everyone wants u out so pls just go quietly and leave us alone!We don’t need you!
    HIDUP TUN Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

  4. penukul Jun 26,2008 12:24 PM

    Asssalammualaikum TDM,
    Ini adalah undang undang ciptaan pak dol & co.

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